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JUDGING CORNER Renee Hendershott USGF/ DGWS HAS NEW CRITERIA FOR THE RATING OF JUDGES OF WOMEN'S GYMNAST,ICS Effective june 1st, 1973 National Official 1. Min imum grade - th eo ret ica l exam in at ion: 90% 2. Minimum g rade - practica l exa minati on: 90% 3. Age 20 4. Durati o n - unti l D ece mb er 1976 (thro ughou t th e O lymp iad ). Must judge three mee ts pe r year o r a tota l of six meets wit hin a two-year p erio d to maint ain status. 5. Recommended m inimum fees - $'10.00 per sess ion, transportat ion , and $15.00 per d iem. 6. Qua li fied to judge any competit ion in ANY GEOGRAPH ICAL AREA (N EW DGWSGU IDE IS IN ERROR ) (C hecked thi s out wit h Shirl ey Bryan .. . new purple g uid e says a na,ti o nal judge can not judge " El i/e" level ! Wro ng!) Regional Official 1. Min imum grade - theoret ica l exam in atio n : 80% 2. Minimum grade - practica l examina ti o n : 80% 3. Age 18 4. Duration - until Dece mb er 1976 (thro ugho ut th e Ol ympiad) Must judge three meets per year or a total of six m ee ts w ithin a two-y ea r period to maintain status. 5. Recomme nded minimum fees - $7.50 per sess io n and tran sportation . 6. Qualifi ed to judge any competiti o n w ith th e exce pti o n of th e "E li te " d ivision in any geographica l area. State Official 1. Minimum grade - th eo retical exa minati o n : 70% 2. Minimum grade - pract ica l examination: 70% 3. Age 18 4. D'urati o n - until D ece mber 1976 (through ou t the Ol ympi ad) Mu st judge three meets per yea r or a to tal of six m ee ts w ithin a two yea r peri o d to maint ain sta tu s. 5. Reco mm ended minimum fees - $7.50 per' session arid transpqrta ti on . 6. Qualifi ed to jud ge any co m'pet iti o n w ith th e except io n of the " Eli te " division in any geog raphica l area. Associate Official 1. M ini mum grade - theoretical exam inati o n : 28

60% 2. Minimum grade - pra cti ca l exa min ation: 60% 3. Age 16 4. Dur ati o n - until D ecem b er 1976 (t hroug hout the Ol ymp iad) M ust judge three meets per yea r o r a tota l of six meet s w ithin a two-year period to m aintain statu s. 5. Qu al ified to judge an y sec tional or local co mp et iti o n w ith th e excep tion of the " El ite" div isio n. Apprentice Official 1. Minimum gra de - th eoretical exa min at io n: 50% 2. Minimum gra de - practi ca l exa min ation : 50% 3. Age 16 4. Durat ion - unti l Decembe r 1976 (thro ugho ut th e O lympiad) Must jud ge three meets per yea r o r a to tal of six meets w ith i n a two-yea r peri od to main tain statu s. 5. Qu alified to ju dge any loca l co mpetition wi th th e except ion of the " Elite" divisio n. The information was taken from th e new DGWS Gymnastics Guide (73 ' -75' ), now ava il abl e from th e AA HPE& R, 1201 16th St. N.W., Was hi ngton, D .C. 20036 at a cost of $1.75 per copy . Th e fron t of the guide is all new and very wo rth w hil e having . If yo u ha ve th e cla rifi ca ti ons to the compulsor ies th ere is nothin g new in th em that I ca n see. On e nice new feature is t hat each important part is underlin ed all through th e com pul so ries for eas ier stud yin g... and, of co u rse, rem ember th at names and addresses of co ntacts are always cha ngin g, so, eve n if yo u have the old purple guide, it wo uld be wort h yo ur w hil e to o rd er a new one. Th e stock number is 243-25392 and thi s gu id e wi ll be good til May 1975.

no .5 limit. B. Concern in g th e p enalt y of a .2 for p oo r body waves: Thi s pen alty is take n for every poo rl y executed bo d y wave in the routine. C · Bent arm s and bent legs : Ar e th ese co nsidered techni ca l er rors? Ye s, but they also affect th e st retch of th e w h o le body, so th ese errors are also amplitudi na l. Th ey are rea ll y o ne and the same. Many tim es th e two ca tego ri es o f technique an d amplitud e can be lum ped toge th er in one 3 po int ca tego ry.


EXCERPTS FROM JUNE ISSUE OF FIG BULLETIN From minutes of Stuttgart Meeting, jan. 31 Feb. 3, 1973 Executive Committee of FIG Beca use th e Ol ympiad is already so large, th e requ est to includ e Mode rn Rh yt hm ic Gymn asti cs as an Ol ympic spo rt was n ot granted. It is even being co nside red th at th e number of gy mnasts per tea m be red u ced (To be d iscusse d fU'rth er at th e O lympi c Congress at Sophi a thi s yea r). Anot her ques tion di scu ssed is w heth er the alt ernat e sho uld b e all owed to enter th e co mpetiti on once it has start ed . The minimum age for fem ale gymna sts compe tin g i nternatio nall y is to be k ep t at age 14. Minutes of Meetings of Women's Technical Committee •.. Stutlgart jan 21 -20, Notes on th e 20th Olympiad Vaulting: The repu lsi o n phase is still weak o r non -existe nt.


About new rating criteria " All persons already rated thro ugh th e USGF / DGWS judge's ce rtifi ca tion system w ill maint ain the ratings th ey have earned un t il the nex t O lympi ad. " Jack ie U. Fi e - Chairman USG F-WTC. " Perso ns already rated through th e old sys tem w ill not b e re rated usin g the new cr iteria ; i.e. , a person who did not pass th e exa m for eve n a loca l rat in g before w ill not be reco nsid ered for one of th e new " Associate " or " Apprent ice " ratin gs. Th ey mu st retak e th e exa m to be reconside red. " Shirley Brya n, Chai rman USGF -WC " All exa ms w ill now b e graded thro ugh a new ce ntral co mput er sys tem and results w ill be se nt back mu ch sooner." Shirl ey Bryan , Chai rm an USGF-WC.



Turn s: Po ssi bl e faults 1. Fall ing out of turn to supporting h ee l. 2. Com in g down to supporting h eel before co mpl etion of a turn . 3. Turning o n flat o f foo t. 4. Lack of co ntrol or plac em ent during turn. There is a .2 pe nalty for co mmi ss io n of any one of the above fau lts w hil e executing a t urn .. . o n floor exercise or o n bea m . If a gymnast co m es down to her 'heel during the turn and th en fall s to her nex t pos iti on wi th no co ntro l she w ill be dedu cted.2 for each fau lt (to tal of .4). Sh e w ill be deducted .2 fo r each fa ult sh e co mmit s durin g turns in her routin e. Th ere is

Beam: Too many ac robat ics. Th ese shou ld be rese rved for a floor exercise ro utine. A beam routine shou ld in clu de a minimum of acrobatics link ed w ith b alance pos itio ns, turn s, rh ythmic steps etc. Acroba ti cs are not on l y endan gerin g our gymn asts but make th e routin es j erk y and lack in g in ,c ont inuit y. Th e W. T.C. still wan ts th ere to be six gymnasts on each team eve n tho ugh it is being co nsid ered that th e number be red uced to fi ve. Th ey fee l that if it is reduced to five, all scores mu st be used. M ada me Nagy requ es ts th at th e padded beam be tr ied by all Federation s who wi ll be co mp eting in European Champ ionships in Lond o n. Th ere wil l be so me new va ults in vo lvin g twist s. Now it is necessary for a jud ge seek in g to

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Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973  

Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973