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Region 6 - ArJrcmsas, New Mexico, Texas.


HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS JOHN H. REAGAN HIGH SCHOOL, AUSTIN TEXAS April 27-28, 1973 Brian Schenk meet director Thirt y-seven high schaa ls were represented by 160 high schaal ath letes at th e seve nth Te xas Hi gh Schaa l Gymnastics Champian shi ps held April 27 and 28 at Ja hn H . Reagan High Schaal in Austin. L.D . Bell Hi gh Schaal af Hurst and Richland Hi gh Schaal af Fart Wa rth repea ted as state champi a n teams, w ith Austin Reagan as bay 's runner-up , and Amarilla Tascasa as g irl s runner-up. State campu lsary exe rcises were judg ed in th e Friday afte rnaan sess ian , and aptianals judg ed an Sa turd ay marning, determining team tat als, all araund ran king s, and tap six indi vid ual s for th e finals. Fallawing the grand parade at th e apening af th e finals, the mare than 1,000 spectatar s we re treated to. twa dauble bac ks an the flaar b y the bays, flipflaps an the beams, and sa lta s an the unevens b y the g irls. State Gymnastic Caaches Assaciatian Pr es id e nt Emil Milan af Hurst Bell was hanared far his se rvice to. the Assaciatian and Bill Cre nshaw of Nissen Carparatian received a pl aq ue far Gearge Nissen ' s cantr ibutian s to. th e develapment af hi g h sc haal gymnastics in Texas. Twa complete panels af wamen 's jud ges and twa camp lete p ane ls af men ' s judg es, including 11 natian all y certified judg es, were used , with a total af faur events ga in g on at ane tim e. Superiar jud ges included: Lauan ne Roge rs, Tulsa , Oklahama; Allen Crane, Fart Worth; Dick Swindler, La w r ence, Kansas; and Bob Manning, Law re nce, Kansas. Campulsary and aptianal sess ian s lasted about five haurs each, with abautl45 co mpetitors per eve nt. Fi ve reg ianal qualifying meets were h eld priar to th e State m ee t at Eul ess, Callege Station , San A ntania, EI Paso. and Abilene. Two tea m s, three all-arounds, and six indi vidual s per eve nt thu s qualified in eac h regian far hanor s at the state meet. Team m em ber s nat qu alifi ed far medals co mp eted in the sta te meet far tea m paints anly. Girls Results: Team: North Garland 164.2; Amarillo Tascosa 162.15; Austin Reaga n 160.6; San Angelo Central 158.75. AA: Dawn Helms (NG) 62.3; Raberta Mann (Haustan Westbury) 59.9; Chris Cawan (R ic hland ) 59.35. B: Helms (NG) 22.25. V: He lm s (NG) 24.95. UPB: Leslie El stan (AT) 22.2. FX: Li sa Martin (NG) 24.5.

Boys Results: Team: L.D. Bell , Hurst 264.8; Jah n H. Reagan , Austin 250.9; Central Hi gh , San Ange la 249.65; Caaper Hi gh, Ab il ene 232.5; Trinit y Hi g h, Euless 230.25; EI Paso. I sleta 162.85; Odessa High 149.6. AA: M ik e Wilsan (NG) 96.65; Danavan Sparhawk (AC) 96.1 ; Dick Hancack (AR ) 89 .8. FX: M ik e Wilsan (NG) 26.4. PH: W il san 20 .0. HB: Wil san 24.45. V: Dick Hancock (AR ) 26.3. PB: Dona van Sparhawk (AC) 24.7. R: Rick y Agui rre (SAC) 26.5.


., ReUion Seven Region 7 - Arizona. Coloraao, Montana, Utah, Wyoming.



Th e State m eet was he ld in Pr esca tt , A ri zo na. The m ee t ran ve ry slaw ly because af judging prab lems. But despite the judging and slaw ness a f the meet, th e gym nasts did autstandi ng jabs. In the team campetitian, Caranada wa n w ithaut much appasitian. Th e autsta ndin g performances af Gary Adrig , Dan Stanle y, an d a perfarmer wham I wa s mast impresse d w ith Frank Cardella , and th e coac hin g af Harve y Plant we re the reasans for th e easy team w in by Caranada a f Scattsdale, Ariz. Oth er fine perfarm ances were gi ven b y Jeff Everett, Chuck Steigall , Jeff Lagan , and Rick Bl yth. All in all it was a gaod yea r far hi gh sc haa l gymnastics in A ri zona. Results: Team: Caranada (C) 132.46; Tu csan (T) 118.82; Prescatt (P) 114.24. AA: Gary Adr ig (C) 7.35 avg; Dan Stanley (C) 6.63 avg; Dennis Ortiz (T) 6.41. FX: Fran k Cardella 8.65; Rich She ld a n (Pa lo Yerde) 8.3; Adrig 7.95. PH: Jeff Ever ett 8.05 ; Albert Kazal 6.7; Jeff Bleakney 6.55. R: Jeff Lagan 8.55; Rabert Patze 8.40; Stanley 8.25. TR: Ti e betwee n Jim Nelson and Tim Rabbins ; ti e between Rick Lyfard and Rick Wa ldeck . PB: Ortiz 8.10; Jim Ju ve ra 7.95; Cardella 7.70. HB: Rick Blyth 8.25; Adrig 8.05; Cardella 7.75. AAA


HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS STATE GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS May 4-5, 1973 Coronado High School, Scottsdale, Az.

Two divisianals are held a week befare the state me et-an e in Tu csa n, and ane in the Pha eni x area. Th e top five in each even t, and th e tap five all ara und s in each di v isia n advance to. th e state m eet. The team champian ship is decided by t he tatal of the sca res accu mul ated by each team ' s m emb ers who. have qualified. Th e w innin g tea m this yea r had 2 gi rl s qua lify in all faur

1973 Texas High School Gymnastic Coaches .Association All State Team. L-R: Donovan Sparhawk, Abilene Cooper; Dick Hancock, Austin Reagan; Ricky Aquirre, Central High-San Angelo; Raul DeAnda, Central HighSan Angelo; Mike Wilson, North Garland; Danny Morris, Hurst Bell; Caesar Garcia, Hurst Bell; Randy Hairston, Hurst Bell; Lisa Martin, North Garland; Roberta Mann, Houston Westbury; Chris Cowan, Richland High; Dawn Helms, North Garland; Leslie Elston, Amarillo Tascosa.


even ts, and 1 g irl qualified in twa events. Camp ul sory exercises were perfarmed an the fir st even in g, and ,aptional scares we re added to. th ese the n ext day. Results: Team: Saguaro, Scattsdale 160.60; Rincan , Tucsan 11 5.60. AA: Jeane tt e Christensan (R in can ) 66.85 ; Rabin Maish (Sag uaro. ) 65.85; Kare n C hri sten sa n (R in ca n) 64.15. FX: Sa ll y 16.70; Shell ey Bristaw Ha yt (Sag uaro) (Cara nada ) ; tie-Jeannette Chr istensan , Kitty Ken ned y (Su nn yslope). BB: Karen Chr istensan 16.75; Jean nette C hri stensan; Kitt y Kenned y . SHY: Robin Ma ish 17.70; Pam Le Van (Saguara); Debby Caaper (Catalin a). UPB: Jeannette Chr isten san 16.85 ; Rabin Ma ish; Kar en C hri sten sa n.


COLORADO HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS STATE GYMNASTICS MEET by Pat Druggan Bear Cr ee k Hi gh Schaal paced by juniars Ruth Dahnerand Ma rcia C heseb ro., dominated the Ca larada Hi g h Schaal Act ivit ies Assac iat ion Girls ' State Gymnastics m eet. Dahner and Chesebro placed first and seca nd respectivel y in th e advanced al l-around campet iti an . Raby Ragers af Baulder High Schaal led the int erm ed iate all- ara und e rs, fallawed by M ickey Shull af Bear Creek and Karen Perkins af Wassan. Bear Creek qualified eight girl s far the state m eet and all eig ht managed to take hame medals. The y captured a tatal af 19 places. Adams Cit y was secand in tatal places wit h fi ve. A tatal of 130 gymnas ts representing 50 sc hoa ls ta ak part in th e meet. Results: Advanced All-Around: Ruth Dahner (Bear Creek) 66.70; . Marcia C hese bro (BC) 61.95; Grace Francel (Pu eb lo. Central) 61.90. BB : Dohner, Debbie Gahagan (Adams City), Linda Minihan (Air Academy). FX: Dahner, Chesebro., Francel. UPB: Dahner, Robbie Brawn (Ga ld e n), Jack ie Bartley (Wassa n ). V: Da hn er, C heseb ro. , M inih an . Intermediate All-Around: Roby Ragers (Ba uld er) 59.70; Mickey Shull (BC) 57.55 ; Karen Perkin s (W) 57.55. BB: Ragers, Kathleen Haimes (BC) , C hri s Trowski (AC). FX: H a im es, Claudette Thamas (BC)' Carol Hancock (Lakewoad). UPB: Kim Keelan (Ab rah am Lincaln) , ,Bilrb MacKenzig. . (Fairview) , Missy Maare (L). V: Beth Burgesan (BC), Ja dy Dallas (Jeffersan), Jan Foresc h (Ca ran ada). 1973




In th e fifth annu al Mantana State Gymnastics Champianships, the Billings West Hi gh Schaal girl s grabbed their faurth title by accumulating 165.5 paint s, w hil e Kalispell finished seca nd w ith 152.5 points, and Billings Seniar Hi g h Schaal third w ith 148.65 paints. Juli e Peden (B illing s West) captured th e floar ex. titl e, w hil e the uneven bars, balance beam , and all-araund titles we nt to. Jan Madel (B illing s West). Cathy Searight (G rea t Fall s) taak th e va ultin g han a rs. In the men 's campet itian , Billings Seniar was first w ith 265.4 points, Kalispell pl aced seco nd w ith 237.9 paints, and Missa ul a H e llga te was third wit h 215.65 paints. Th e men 's indi vidu al ha nars were as fallaws: AII-Araund - Bruce H all (CM Russell) ; Va ultin g - Da ug Pet e rsan (M issau la Sentinel); Parallel Bars - Pete Naudit t (Missau la Sentinel); RingsPat Neil san (Ka li spe ll ); Side Harse - rim Dapp (Ka li spe ll ); Flaar Exercise - Bruce Cranstan (Billings Seniar); H a ri zon tal Bar - Les Smith (B illin gs Se ni a r).

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Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973  

Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973