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sc isso rs, o n revers e sc isso rs, doubl es, tr avel down , lo ops , sc hwabenf lan ke, walk-aro und to loops, sc hwabe nwende off. HB: Tim LeFleur: Starting w ith reve rse gr ip , stemm e to hand sta nd , giant , jam to two eag le giant s, hop o ut , giant , pirouette, come into ba r, under cast half turn , str add le regrasp , kip, ca st, free hip to hand stand , back giant , direct change, giant , pirouette, back giant, flyawa y with full twist. PB: Bill Niedermeyer: Cast support, sw in g to hand stan d, pirouette, high st ut z, drop cast w ith half turn , front upri se L, stradd le press to hand stand, back toss, stut z, cast to upper arm hang, b ack upri se cu t-ca tch, layaway front upri se, sw ing pirouette, back off. SR: Tim LeFleur: High d o ubl e di slocate, shoot to hand stand , backwa rd gia nt, lowe r down to back kip to front lever, inl oca te, back uprise to L, hollo w ba ck press, fro m hand sta nd , gian t to full twisting dismount.


MINNESOTA STATE GYMNASTICS MEET Marc.h 16-17, 1973 by Dan Cragg, RobbiDsdale High School

Tim leFleur, Champion.





WISCONSIN STATE HIGH SCHOOL BOYS GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS March 10, 1973 Waukesha High School Th e 1973 State Meet was for many reason s probabl y one of th e best eve r. Due to a chan ge of rul es regarding t o urnam ent parti cip ation that is more in lin e w ith national and intern ation al practice (ra w sco res and re al " team " co mp et ition ), more and better qu alified judges, and many exce llent gy mn as ts, and a wo rkin g co ac he s assoc iat ion, th e future loo ks goo d for better gymnastics in the sta te high schools. The batt le for the all-around title was reall y between two bo ys, Bill N ied erm eye r of Preble and Tim LeFl l;' ur (o ne of four gy mn ast brothers) of Greenfield. TwtJ powerful performances by Niedermeyer,in vau ltin g (9 .05 ) and parall el bars (8 .50) h elped him w in th e all-around wit h a 7.67 average, compared to LeFl eur's 7.45 average. In th e finals Lef leur and N iederm eye r accou nted for fi ve first pl aces o f th e six event s (that spea ks we ll for the AA). Team Scores: Green Bay Preble (G BP) 131.47; Homestead (H) 125.59; Greenfield (G) 123.55 ; Milwaukee Madison (MM) 121.25. AA: Bill Niedermeyer 7.67; Tim LeFleur 7.45; Pete Wittenberg (H) 6.69. V: Bill N iederm eyer 8.95; Bill Wright (M il. Jun ea u) 8.85; Tim LeFleur8.70. FX: Tim LeF leur 8.4; Gregg Kalkhoff (Mi l. Marshall) 8.2 ; Bill N ied erm eye r 7.95. PH: Mark Dani els (G) 7.25; John Mentz (MM) 7.0; Tim LeFleur 6.95. HB: Tim LeFleur 8.4; Bill 7.95; Mark Larse n (M il. N iede rme ye r Washington) 7.85. PB: Bill N iede rm eye r 8.4; Paul Cl emente (MW) 8.0; Ron Lessmill er (P) 7.05. SR: Tim LeFl eur 8.4; Ri ck Adams (MM) 8.05 ; Ra y Klein (Brook fi eld East) 7.95. Winning Routines : V: Bill Niedermeyer: Yamashita. FX: Tim LeFleur: Run, RO, ff, full tw ister; turn, RO , ff, b ack w ith a half twi st (p iked), hand spring, jump to handstand , snap down to split s, stradd le press to hand stand, dow n to stand , turn, run , front hand spring front so mi e, head kip out, step to hand sta nd w ith reve rse pirouette, d own to stand, run , RO , ft, full tw ister. PH: Mark Daniels: Starting at neck, jump to doubles, travel up th en down to croup , schwabe nfl anke, travel up, two forward 16

Th e Minnesota State Gymnastics Meet was held at Williams Arena on th e U ni ve rsity of Minnesota ca mpu s. Meet director was Fred Roethli r, coach at Minnesota. Through hi s leade rship and ' organization , thi s yea r's meet proved to b e one of th e smoo th es t run meets eve r. Minnesota adopt ed the " ra w score " sys tem thi s yea r for th e state m ee t, and for 6,000 spectators, it proved to be ve ry exc itin g. On Friday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m. th e first tea m champion ship sess ion began w ith a grea t amount of ant icipation and exc it em ent as to w het her th e d efe ndin g champion team fro m Armstrong High School co uld fight off th e ch allenges from sister school Cooper and a stron g team from Anoka. Anoka bega n the ni ght in phase o ne of sessio n one on the still rings showin g th ey we re ready to do battle w ith th e crest by sco rin g 22.30, led by junio r Steve Schwandt 's 7.85. Anoka led after phase o ne w ith a sco re of 62.20 fo llo we d by Moorhead w ith 44.75, St. Paul John so n w ith 43.55 and M inn eapol is Henry w ith 35.75. In the seco nd ph ase, th e four teams had been ran ked in the top ten all yea r lo ng, led b y number one ranked A rm st ron g. The o th er three tea ms we re Cooper, Alexander Ramsey and Fairmont. Cooper ca m e out f lyin g and co mpl etely dominated this sess ion w hil e th e Falcons from Armstrong appeared a littl e tight and nervous. Cooper's floor exerci se team of Bob Brown , Kev in Pepp e and Randy DeBruyn sco red 8.2, 8.1 and 8.7 respecti ve ly, to ga rner 25.00 points. Armstrong had th e bye o n round one and had to watc h as Cooper hit all four routin es o n the floor. Cooper then mo ved to th e pommel horse whe re they scored 20.05 points led by the eve ntual stat e champi o n, Pat O 'Rourke w ith a 7.2. Meanwhile, A rm stro ng floundered throu gh floor exercise, but still m ana ged a 23.35 due in large part to Greg Jo hn so n's so lid 8.55 performance. Cooper fini shed out th e eve nin g w ith two outstanding performances on th e still ring s by juniors Tim Baa rd son and D ennis Ripi cz in ski w ho both re ce ived 8.6 and h elped th eir team score 22.85 bringing th eir team sco re to 67.90. Armstrong sco red 18.45 o n the pommel ho rse and began sho w in g sign s of se ttling down. Fini shin g on one of their better eve nt s, th e still rings, the team scored a respectab le 22.95 behind Greg Jo hn son ' s 8.4. A rm strong 's team sco re for the evenin g was 64.75.

Greg Johnson, Armstrong H.S, - 1973 Minnesota State All-Around Champion.

Th e ot her two schoo ls in this sess ion both sco red we ll in floor exe rcise. Fairmont was led by Jerry Norma l's 8.0 and end ed th e ni ght w ith a tea m sco re of 54.40. A lexa nd er Ramsey got a 7.9 fro m Pat Timm o ns o n floor exe rcise and end ed w ith a tea m sco re of 53.50. On Sa turd ay, Ma rch 17 at 1 :30 p.m. the seco nd team sess ion bega n w ith tea ms work in g in reve rse order from the previous ni ght. Cooper, A rm strong, Ramsey and Fairmont we re in th e first sessio n. Cooper started w here it had left off the night before by scoring 24.4 on tumblin g wit h Randy DeBruyn sco rin g 8.B. A rm st ro ng, on the o th er hand , sta rt ed on th e parallel bars and aga in did not hit we ll. Greg John so n received an 8.15 w hich helped th e team to score 20.85 points. Things changed w hen th e gy mn as ts from Armstrong wo rk ed th e ho ri zonta l bar and tumblin g w h ere th ey were ve ry cons istent in sco rin g 23.15 and 24.4 respectively. A t th e sa me tim e, Cooper began to lalter somewhat, scorin g 21.35 on th e trampoline and o nl y 20. 55 o n th e horizo ntal bar. Going into the last even t, Cooper held a sli gh t .65 lea d. Both sq uads we re finishing on event s th ey had been successf ul o n all yea r. Cooper, o n the parall e l bars, did not hit we ll and finished w ith an eve nt score o f 21.3 to en d th e day w ith a tea m sco re of 155.0 (7 .5 average score per man). Mea nw hile, th e team from Arms tr o ng demonstrated an in spir ed performance o n th e tramp o lin e w ith Chuck Osborne 's 8.35, M ickey Johnso n 's 8.4 and Scott Erdmann 's 8.65 for an event sco re of 25.4 to bring th eir tea m sco re to 158.55 (7.55 · average p er man) an d w hat proved to be th e team champ io nship to coac h Harlo we Beyer and hi s Falcons. In pha se two of sess io n two , Anoka tri ed va li antl y to ca tch th e two leade rs w ith Jay Hogv ik 's 8.45 o n trampolin e, Bri an Bennett 's 8.0 on the parallel bars, Tim Lege r's 8.35 and Steve Sch wa ndt 's 8.1 in tumbling lea ding the way . But, it was to no ava il as A no ka finished third in th e meet w ith an exce llent team sco re of 148.80. Thi s marked th e fourth straight year the teams from A rm stron g and Cooper had fought it o ut fo r tea m laurels at th e sta te meet. Cooper wo n th e m ee t in 1970 and '71 w ith A rm strong w innin g in '7 2 and thi s year. Th e all-aro und champi o n was also

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Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973  

Gymnast Magazine - August/September 1973