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$10 million every four years from t he American

Thi s type of activi ty at a board meeting is common. Let me give you something th at wi ll shock yo u (from the Boa rd of Directors of the USOC). They hired a stenographer to come in (a cou rt type stenographer w ith a littl e machine by w hich she stenotypes the notes. She sat there for the two days that we were there. When we wrote for the minutes of the meeting Mr. Lynch wrote back and sa id that there was a problem because the st enographer couldn't interpret her minutes; therefore there are no minutes of the meeting.

public to administer our Olympic and Pan American effort. This is the way business affairs are conducted. Up until two years ago it was impossible to get a financial report from the USOc. The public chartered that organization ... a Congressional cha rt er but you couldn't get a financial report until two years ago and then only because of grea t pressure from the universities, co ll eges, and high schoo ls.. .. to see where the money was. They found that $2.1 million of stocks and bonds are in the pension fund. And the big question we all ask is " pensions for whom? " They only have two full time employees. True, they have a multitude of people who work in the office, but they have only two full time employees! This is the type of thing that the organ izat ion has developed into in the la st four yea rs.. .. c1osed business doors. The College and University spo rts program in America has one ve ry leg itimate complaint and I' ll close this politi ca l discussion on that point. There are a littl e ove r 4000 votes on the USOC. .. and w hen you hear that the AAU , and perhaps Mr. Kelly a little more i n particular, say that it's a power grab ..... it is not a power grab any more than it was when they used that same term against us. It's a work grab , because when the USGF became the governing body, our work load increased many times over. The lower ELBA Park District of New York has three votes on the Olympic Committee ... and I think that most of you don't even know w here th at is because I found it las t February when I was at a sk i compet iti on at La ke Placid, New York. It's just below Lake Placid. They have three votes on th e USOC and so does the Big 10 Conference in total. Every AAU District (there are 58) in the United States has three votes on the USoc. The Big Eight Conference has three. The Big 10 Conference has three, the NCAA with 168 universities has three. Every past President of the USOC has one .... automat ica ll y. When you count up the number of sm all AAU subd ivisions and put those all together it comes into the man y hundreds of votes that they get ... but all of these powerful conferences wh ich ha ve the fa cilities and possess the coaches, the funds, and the programs in many sports .. .not in all. ... all lumped together have three! The same number as the Southern Ar izona AAU which has neve r conducted a gymnastics meet in the history of the state! With this type of structure, how can the co ll eges be expected to put millions and millions of dollars into the program? .... and then when they as k that they be given only fair representation , be told that " We don ' t want you here. " And they flatly look them in ttie eye and say it just like that , " Why are yo u people always making trouble? "

Mr. Sullivan, the attorney for the USOC came to the microphone and his ope ning comment was, " I' m a man of principles, and my first principle is exped ience." Tha t set the tone for the meeting. At one time during the meeting there was an item that th ey wanted to vote on which was co ntradictory to the USOC constitution. Mr. Sullivan went to the microphone and said, "Ge ntlemen, why don ' t we have a motion that we rescind that paragraph from the co nstitution for this meeting. Someone said, " I so move". It was seco nded and done! When you sit out there looking at this! These are the administrators of the total Olympi c movement who get about

I know that this is an all too brief discussion on what is going to be a big fight, but I wanted you to know some of the points that have brought the NCAA to withdraw from the Olympic Committee. Now we meet in Chicago next Sunday in the planning committee to try to come forth with a recommendation for re st ru ctu ring. We will meet different colleges, some high sc hool s, some business leade rs and several senators with the hope that we won't simp ly say that the OC is not functioning correctly, but that this is how maybe it will work better. We will try to take a constructive role. Editor's Note: Mr. Bare's address at the USGF Congress was transcribed from tape by Associate Editor Renee Hendershott.

More than 200 people attended the Denver Congress and participated in numerous discussion groups and meetings; most of which were aimed at improving gymnastics in the United States. Olympic games. The total was around $43,000. My office is charged with the select ion ot judges and as you all know ... in our spo rt it is important that the United States put American judges on the floor. We were entit led to two men and one woman judge. To this day ... as I stand here before you, I have never heard trom the USOC as to how they got there . So finally, because the judges were concerned ... they ca lled me severa l days before the final departure time to leave for the games and said , " How do we get to Munich? " So I ca ll ed the Olympic Committee director in Wash in gton and asked, " How do the judges get to Munich? " He sa id, " We ' re not sure yet." " Maybe one or two can go on an Olympic charter, but if t hey do, yo u must pay their way to Washington and if they spend the night in a motel before they go to Munich , you have to pay the hotel bill and you pa y their room and board in Munich. " I said that I was under the impression that they were Ol ympic Game s judges. He sa id, " Well none the le ss, that 's how it is and we ' ll on ly pay for two. " So, as Frank Cumiskey went from our offices, we paid hi s expenses totally. We re imbur sed Mr. Sasvary and Mrs. Fie for th eir expenses connected with getting to the Washington D.C. area and then their expenses in Europe. Jack ie will tell you that she wanted to fly commerc iall y to get over ea rl y for the meetings of the FIG Women's Committee. They said, " Well , if you fly comme rci all y, you have to pay the difference. We are going to give you only the amount it would cost you to fly wit h us from Washington. Now of this with a large orga ni zat ion that has already declared at the end of this year a 1.3 million dollar surplus to go with th e 5.7 million dollar surplus they already have in stocks and bonds. And we as gymnastics people have cont ributed more than our fair sha re to the sport ... don 't get any support whatsoever .. ..from them either politically or financially. Now, how dirty this has become IS hard to believe unless you have been a part of it. I attended a Board of Directo rs meeting of the USOC in Oklahoma. Our president, Gordon Chalmers from Indiana State is actually the board member and he was out of the country, so I went in his place. When I ca me out of the meeting, I told Mr. Chalmers that I will never go again.



At no time does the USOC board allow sports and athletics to interfere with their meeting. They had a caucus the night before the meeting began on Saturday morning and made a sign ificant trade. Basically the stru ctu re of th e board is 1/ 3 AAU , 1/ 3 independents (that is, speed skating, field hockey, figure skatin g,) in which catego ry we appropriate ly fall. They had a ca ucus between the AAU and the independents. Th e other 1/ 3 are the Jr. Co ll eges, the High Schools and the NCAA . The AAU sa id, "We wi ll vo te for your nominee for President of the Ol ympic Committ ee if ~ou wi ll vote for us against the federations (wrestling and basketball in parti cu la r) They shook hands and said, " fair dea l" and it was done .. .in March. So, during th e voti ng, for the wrestli ng federation and the basket ball federation to get one to three votes out of 4000 on the Olympic Committee, they were defeated . The Olympic Committee had it s elec tion of officers just about two weeks ago, and stran ge ly enough, Mr. Crumb who was the man the y pushed for President was elected President.

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Gymnast Magazine - December 1972  

Gymnast Magazine - December 1972