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JAPAN USA TOUR 1972 Repolt by FRANK BARE, USGF EXE' c-utive Director

The finest ambassadors of gymnastics won most of their competitions, and thousands of friends. The japanese men 's and women 's national team came to the United States in mid-january to tour from the West Coast to the East Coast. The tour was maginificent from every aspect; the teilms performed before a packed house at every stop. Received standing ovations for the last two performers at every stop, and in general were outstanding good-will ambassadors for gymnastics and their homeland that it will be difficult for others to match their performance even off th e gymnasium floor. Hard-mane y-wise there is another facet of thi s tour that needs and deserves mention. Thi s tour marked the first real maturity gymnastics has ever reached from a busin ess standpoint. Every stop met the guarantee and every stop made monies for their horne area for the promotion of gymnastics. included The tour began in Los Angeles. Disneyland and Hollywood, and then got down to serious busine ss. Bud Marquette teamed with Dick Wolfe at Fullerton State College and together th ey did a great job hosti ng the women 's event. More than 5,000 sea ts where filled and some 400 others had to stand to witness the Southern California ' All-Stars ' mad e up of team membersfrom the SCATS and th e KIPS edge out the japanese women 's team by a narrow margin. The presentation of the meet was excellent and it was a pleasure to see good gymnastics in a gymnasium with not only . . no empty seats, but no place to move! Next evening, at San Fernando Valley State College, under the able guidance of coach jack Medina , and team coach jack Beckner, the men's teams met. The USA ' All-Star' men 's team was under th e gun from the very begining in meeting the finest men 's team in the world, but did a creditable job and showed signs of greatness in spots that could not be denied. Naturally, the japanese men 's team won the event but the situation of significance . .another standing room only appreciative crowd with standing ovations when deserved , which was often. Les Sasvary, President of the So. California judges Association was in charge of this app ea rance and he was a perfect ho st, everything was handled professionally and with proper courtesy and diplomacy. From Los Angeles to Den ve r. It was perfectl y timed and the host Colorado Gymna stic Association even managed to take the visitors to see a real Rod eo . .. and issu ed for official wear ,typical cowboy hats. Th e japanese Team wore th ese hat s for the remainder of th e tour! The visiting tea m s perform ed in D enve r and th e following night at Colorado Springs, both purely ex hibitions but both ve ry we ll received and att ended again by ma ximum capacity cro wds. Tothe CGA man y th ank s for being th e b .••cious hosts they have alway been to visiting tea m s and in thi s case, bett er th an ever! Bre nt Sim m o ns


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Gymnast Magazine - February 1972  

Gymnast Magazine - February 1972