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A -169-W UNEVEN PARALLEL BAR PAD Ideal for practicing hip circles. Only 15". Long enough to provide ample protection yet will not interfere with hand position. 9.50

A -169 PARALLEL BAR PADS Ny-a-Lite filler with bonded Powerhyde fasteners. Lightweight padding allows bar complete protection for beginners as well formers attempting difficult routines. Set sections.

cover , and velcro to flex, yet gives as advanced perof four, five foot 59.95

A -164 PARALLEL BAR UPRIGHT PADS Manufactured to fit late model parallel bars . Provides added protection while practicing skills and under bar work. Will not interfere with adjustment and locking devices. Manufactured from tubular Ny-O-Lite filler with bonded Powerhyde cover. Velcro fasteners secure pads to uprights. Set of 4 pads. 39.50

1 A -170 BALANCE BEAM PAD Added protection in learning backward rolls, hand stands, and other skills. 5'5" in length for partial bea m covering . 21.00


U-35 GYMNASTIC HEAD PROTECTOR. Lightweight 'foam plastic protector. 5.00

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Modern Gymnast - November 1970  

Modern Gymnast - November 1970