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1 13.100,


11 2.975 ,

T. Kato , 111 . 125 , Tskuahara 110.425 , tie be-


PARALLEL BA RS : Outside grip on mount. Baske t - arms straight on gras p and body above horizonta l and stra ight. Body preferably lowe red to glide straight (late pike). Bod y not necessaril y arc hed at end of glide (so me arched slightly). Kip was completed with pike a nd hips well above the bars. Ba ck stutz was completed with feet above head level in slightly piked position (no one's trunk was horizonta l). Swing up an d lower softly to shoulder sta nd , rolling over with slight pike. Only Nakayama did very high back upris e straddle cut L; many were low. Press was slo\\l and even (the best pressed high). Pirouettes were completed in a handstand posi tion. Stutz had excellent form a nd were gene ra ll y very high (so me landing in a ha ndstand pos ition). Most front uprises we re high (not too ma ny o utstanding ones), the front off was squa re , and most were free (two or three did regras p ba r) . HORIZONTAL BAR : The best shot mOllnt with straight (or almost straight) a rms to at leas t a 45-degree a ngle. A se mi layed-out va ult (o pposed to a deeply piked one) is preferred . (So me did it with normal pike, a nd so me did it with a layout - a ll had hori zontal legs over the bar.) Kip cast with straight a rms, back pirouette was mostl y executed aro und a 45-degree angle (two did it close to a ha nd stand ). Bod y was arched at com pletion of back pirouette .... Straddled kehre was pelformed through a straddled ha nd sta nd. Few showed a straddled L pos ition (o r even th at they passed through one). Drop was pe rformed in th e two manners - by keepin g the feet up and by dropping the legs toward th e horizont al before bringing them in for the back kip . Legs were straight. Trunk was pulle d we ll above the bar on first part of back kip . ... Mos t dropped shoulders in casting for German giant . Although the end was picked up we ll. The drop kip into the fo rward roll was done continuously (perhaps with a slight pa use) . Both early and late changes on

the forward roll were acceptab le. Most changed ea rl y. Some top gy mn asts changed late. The cast up to ha ndstand was with straight arm s (a lthough Kenmot su bent his arms). All forw ard pirouettes were well executed - near a handstand. C ross-c hange was late and s mooth. A norma l forward giant was performed into a piked through the bottom giant, arched and the ascend , released on the ascend , push to a straddled hecht di s mount. Most stuck the landing (e ven with poor posture) which seemed to rea lly help their store.

Nakayama ... " Number One."

NHK CUp and Final Trials for the Japanese World Games Team Report by Dan Co nnelly After the las t elim in ation before the final tria ls the top 8 gy mnasts a nd their scores were :

tween Hayata a nd Miki 1 10.200 a nd Kasamatzu 109.725. The compulsory eve nt bega n at 3:00 in the afternoon at Tokyo gy mnas ium, 3 men's events a nd 2 wo men 's eve nt s were run s imultaneou sly. FX, SH & Rand UPB & Vaulting. The men were divided into three groups of six participants. Each group lined up in front of the judges for their even!, bowed and went into the 3 minute warm-up and co mpetition . Floor-x we nt well with no performer having an extremely bad exercise. The high score was 9.45 received by Kasamatsu. Side Horse as is not unusual had a number of falls , but not a mong the top pelformers. Both N a kayama and Kasa matsu received the highes t sco re here of 9.35. Kasamatsu is an extremely tall (for a J a panese gy mnast) , 5'8l/:2" a nd weighs only 140 Ibs. He has a very long ex tended look simular to that of Kenmotsu only longe r. My personal opinion is th at if he becomes a little cleaner and more co nsistent he wi ll be a gold med alist in the AIIAround. Rings was th e most difficult event as the Ring compulsory is extremely difficult. Hayata was very impress ive doing each s kill to its ultimate, yet he blew the dismount and rece ived a score of 8.9. N a kaya ma received the highest score here of 9.5 (Rings was the onl y event in which any of the top 8 received below 9.0). Long Horse, Parallel bars a nd the Horizontal Bar were quite good and H ayata finished the compulsory competition with a 9.6 High Bar routine. In the Optiona l exercises Floor-X was highlighted by a triple twisting back flip and a pike open full dismount , both performed by Kenmotsu. There was a lso a number of double twists a nd all tumbling was very high as FX was perfo rmed on a regulation Rueter Floor-X area. Side Horse was sparked by several very difficult sequences and behind the back work equalled only by our USA s pecia lists. Those pelfo rmers who were most extended received the highest scores. Kemotsu and Kasamatsu were super stretched and performed difficult routines. N akayama performed a n equa lly difficult routine equally as well yet received his sco re on the bas is of difficulty rather than beauty as the others ha d. The Ring work was excellent, many straight arm shoots, giants and bac k uprises. T sukahara and Nakayama were very strong, and Kenmotsu again shocked many by throwing a front flip with 1\--2 twist di s mount. The Long Horse showed low prefli ght , very high a nd long after flight a nd many twi sts which included \--2s, fulls, I \--2s and then shock when Okamura stuck a double front Yanashita. (He is a member of the University team for this year.) Para llel Ba rs was not quite as exciting as High Bar which took place at the sa me time. High Bar as usu al was phenomenal with even th e bottom pe rformers having tremendous difficu lty. The only difference between top and bottom was s moothness. The top gymnasts pelformed the exercises effortlessly and showed many 路 inlocates, eagles, T a kemoto's , Ono's, Stalders, hecht full twists a nd pike f1 yaways with full twist. The final standings and scores are listed below. (Pre-Meet total) , N AKA Y AMA The final standings a nd scores were as follows (Pre-Meet total) , NHK C up Total and Final Total. I. N a kaya ma (112.975), 112.900=225.875 2. Kenmotsu (113.1 00), 112.700=225.800 3. Tsukahara (11 0.425), 112.250=222.675 4. Kato (111 .125), 111.400=222.525 5. Hayata (110.200), 111 .650=221 .8 50 6. Homma (109.725), 111 .100=220.825 7. Kasamatsu (11 0.200), 110.450 = 220.650 23

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Modern Gymnast - October 1970  

Modern Gymnast - October 1970