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CALIFORNIA WINTER GYMNASTIC CLINIC December 27-30 , 1966 University of California Harman Gymnasium Berkeley, Californ ia Enc ina High School.

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Dear Glenn : Enc losed are some dra wi n gs! Hope ·you will u se and pointers on learning a glide kip han dsta nd . I've also listed the results of twoO meets of interest. Another important item I'd like to ment ion is Brooklyn Central's 35th A n nual Gy mnasti c Hom e Exhibition u nder the dir ection of the one and only Rene J . Kern. I'd say it was one of the best shows h e's put on in years. Guest perfor mers included Abie Grossfeld, Don T,on r y, Jim:nie Amer in e an d many oth e rs. Th e N .Y. YMCA Gy mnastic Champ ionships a t Coble Skill, New York: Free X : Mike Wein s tein, B ill H lad ik , Dave Jacobs. S . H.: Jimmi e Yearwood , Joe Francois , B ill Hladik. P , B , : Bill Hladik , W a l t Ca mpagn a, Frank Mogavero. H,B , : Bill H ladik, Dave Ja cobs, Bill All egre tti. L . H .: Dave Jacobs, W a l t Campagn a . T . U. : Dave Jacob s , Scott ''Vagne r. T . R.: Bill Doyl e, B ob Nun ziata , John R obin so n. A .A . : Bill Hlad ik, Brooklyn Ce ntral YMCA; Dave Jacobs, B r ooklyn Ce ntral YMCA ; Bob Stek el, Broolyn Cen t r a l YMCA. W inning Team: Brook lyn Central YMCA. The New York City PSAL Gym nastic Championships at Queen 's College : FX : J ose Camacho, Larry S:J lomon , Tom Nelson . SH : Myron Glu ck, Ed A lbright, Bill Hollinsed. PB : Tom Carter, Wayne Cla irborne , Tom Connell . H B : John Crosby, Bruce Banks, Ala n Zeithne r . TU : John Crosby, Jose Camacho, L a rry Solomon . Rop e : Sta.n Moy 4 :55 , AI White 4 :85, Ri ch Landi 5:1. Winning Te a m : Brooklyn Tech Hig h Sc h ool. John Crosby was the outsta n d ing performer of the Meet . He is a Freshman a t Brook lyn Tech and is expected to l ead th e m in t o m a ny c hampion s hip meets. J ohnny also works out a t Bro:Jkl yn Centra l YMCA u nder t h e exp ert coaching of 'Red' L anc ton . Johnny l'ece ived the h igh es t score in th e meet (18.1 comp osite ) for his three tumbling· p asses : 1. Front sommy stepo u t rou n doff f lip fl o p flip flop d,Quble fu ll. 2. Roundoff flip flop layout w ith a h a lf roundoff flip f lop full twister. 3. Front s ommy s t ep ou t r ou n d off flip fl o p layout flip flop full. I'm sure many of your subscriber s i n the east e rn part o f the U.S . will enjoy reading these r seu lts. Sincer ely, Vin cent Pozzuoli Brooklyn , New York

Dear Glenn . I th orou ghly enjoyed th e attention given to high school gymnastics in your last issue. Having been a s u bscriber since way back w h en, I can appreci a te the u nb eli eva.b le prog ress that ' \1.G . h a s made. Enc in a High School , the 1966 Northern ~ 1 c::!(')

proba bly one of the most improved t eams in the northern section las t yea r. Th ey r e a great group of guys with dedication, sacrifice, and a love f or gymnastics t h at is truly inspiration a l. A s their ex - coach , I'd like to tak e this opportunity to th an k th e t ea m fnr th e b est four y ears of my I ife a n d to wi s h th e m the best with their n ew coac h and my good fr iend, Ray · Golrlba r. And Glenn, if possible cou ld you run a t eam pic ture in your next issue (enclosed). The guys I'm sure wou ld rea lly appreciate i t . Sincerely. D ick Wolfe Gymnastic Coach E n c i na H igh Sch oo l 1962 - 1966

Dear Sirs: Th ought you may be i nterested in u s ing this photo of o ur boy i n the M.G. He is, Odess Lov in, Jr. age 15, and is a member of the Maverick Boys' Club Gymnastic Tea m coached by Ralph Dyk e m a.n , Director of t h e Club. He h as work ed in Tumbling a nd Free X for the past 5 years and has s tarted Appa r atus this year. He has won the Southwestern A .A. U. Sr. Men's Open C hampionshi p in Tumbli ng for the past two years and placed second in Jr. Free X in the sam e Meet. Enjoy your m agazin e very much and look forward to each new issu e. S in cerel y , Mrs. Odess L ov in Amarillo, T exas














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Instruction - Training - Judging • Tops in Instruction and Coaching for all age groups • Ballet and Modern Dance • 10 Trampolines 10 Beams - 8 Horses and 6 each of all other oieces of apparatus • Pre-Clinic Invitational Competition in Compu lsory and Opti<5tlal exercises for Men and Women on Dec. 26th. • Instructional FilmsPius World Championship films • Social events and Tour of San Francisco For Further information Write: Harold Fry Physical Ed. Dept. University of Calif. Berkekley, Californ ia

CENTRAL NEW YORK GYMNASTIC CLINIC DATE: Saturday, December 17, 1966. PLACE : Phys ical Educa t ion Bu ilding State Uni vers ity College, Oneonta , Ne'; York. PROGRAM: 1. Instruct ion f or int ermediate and advanced gymnast s; 2. Lect ureDemonstrat iors a n teaching and coa ching intermediate and a dvanced gymnast ics; 3. Coaches t heor)! sess ion (cri tique, f ilms, routine composition, etc. ) 4. Informal workouts for a ll part icipants. STAFF: Bud Beyer, Jef Cardina li , Walt Dodge, Joe Fodero, Ed Ka no pa , Paul Romeo, Milon Trnka, Ph il Voas. FEES: Coaches, $5.00; Stude"ts, $2.00. For further reg ist ration informat ion write: J oseph M. Fodero, State University College, Oneont a, N. Y.


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Modern Gymnast - October 1966  

Modern Gymnast - October 1966