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Yo u' re looking at 3 big reasons more s C h a aI's buy G:::J 0 Q3 0 rn G:::J gym apparatus th an a II at her brands cQmbined! With Nissen's new Adjusto-Lock feature, all adjustments - for width and height - are handled more conveniently than ever before. Precision ball bearings positively hold the piston at the desired height, yet allow the piston to rotate freely for frequent width adjustments. A quick turn of the T-handle and the piston is locked in place. Perm a-Wood top bars are made by an exclusive lamination process, fusing wood together under extreme pressure. Breakage is practically eliminated, yet they offer optimum resiliency for championship performance.



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Every Nissen floor apparatus has a unique base pad to compensate for uneven floor surfaces. The circular part of the pad turns freely to adjust the height. These exclusive features point up the fact that no Nissen gym apparatus ever becomes obsolete. New features we develop are designed to fit all previous production models. In most cases, they are available in kit form to be installed in the field. For more information about Nissen gym apparatus, write : Nissen Corp. , 930 - 27th Ave. S. W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406.

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Modern Gymnast - March 1966  

Modern Gymnast - March 1966