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up and shoot both legs to left, releasing left hand and regrasping, Qvergrip, in long hand (flank cut). 7. Swing forward and bock, place left foot on low bar and bring right foot to high ba r. Shoot right leg up and push with left f oo t on low bor to r ise to free front support on high bar (single leg kip or stem to free front suppor t) . 8. One-half circle backwards and shoot over low bar, releasing grasp with 3,4 turn t o

sidestand sideways. SIDE HORSE VAULT Without pommels-height inches.

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right arm from side position down and raise it fore-upward to the horizontal , palm up and arm extended , left arm remains out to side. Right leg extended to rear, right toe pointed on the floor-pause . 16. Run right, left , hurdle, dive cartwheel. Finish in lunge position left leg bent, r ight leg extended backwards, right arm extended over head, left arm extended forward, body arched bock, head back-pause. 17 . Left leg straightens, right leg clo"es to left (5th position), left leg in front . Right arm curves overhead , left arm open to side. FINIS

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FL~~Ll~Eiglsitt body ascent squat vault. I . Jump from bath feet slightly to right, left leg extended diagonally backward, land on right f oot-left leg maintaining position


-arms raise to horizontal circle in front of body and open to sides. Left leg crosses in front of right to sma ll or close lunge position (fourth position ballet), right foot in front, arms remain out to sides. Bend both knees sl ightly and jump from both feet backward, right leg extended forward , land on left foot, right leg mainta ining position , right arm lowers to circle in front of body and rai ses to crown position above head, left arm lowers to ci rcle in front of body, raises to horizontal and extends out to side. Close right foot to left foot in fifth position, right foot in front . 2. Repeat number 1. After closing right foot in fifth position immediately spring to toes, feet closed tightly. Right orm opens to side and both arms IQwer to circle in front of body and raise to crown position overhead . 3. Step right and displace right foot with left foot (chasse ' ) step right , step left, lift right leg backwards, jump from left f oot, land on right foot while lifting left leg backwards (bock hitch kick) . Arms to sides. 4. Turn (3/a) to left o n right foot, step left-right-feft--hurdle, fro n t handspring landing on left leg , arms lowering to sides of body. Step r ight, left. Step on right foot (on toes) and close left fo ot behind right foot (still on toes), arms rai sing forward and overheod-ex tended-pouse. 5. SI ide left foot bock and kneel on left knee (slowly) , arms lower down and bock and finish diagonally backward, sit on left heel , body bent forward , head touching k nee. 6 . Stand up (slowly) on right leg , arms lower down and forward and rai se to horizontal position, extended forward, palms up . Left leg extended in back, toe pointed on floor . 7 . Step back left, right, left; arms lower down and bock to back horizontal position, body leans forward, head down. Extend right leg forward , toe pointed on floor arms move down and forward and rai se overhead-back walkover. 8 . Land on right foot, Y2 turn to left on right foot. Continue turning to left (1 & %) on left foot keeping straight right leg next to and against left leg , arms out to sides. Step right sidewa rd and cartwheel r ight. UpOn iand ing on ie f f iOOT, i/ 4 turn to r ight , step right, raise left leg high in rear , up right arm diagonally fore-upward, left arm diagonally backwa rd , body and head turned to left-hold. (arabesque) . Lower left leg to closed position behind right foot (5th posi t ion) and raise up on toes, right orm remains diagonally fore-upward, left arm moves down and raises in front to the horizonta l, both arms extended, head and body twisted to the left. 9. 3fa turn to left on right foot while stepping on left fo ot, arms move out to sides. Run r ig ht, left , leap from left leg, right leg bent, then extended , land on right leg , arms move down, fore-upward to the horizontal and then out to the sides (stag leap ). 10. Run left, right, left, kick right leg fore -upward while lower ing orms to circle in front of body and raising them overhead in crown position. Spring from left leg and turn (V2) to left in the air . Land on right leg while lifting left leg up in rear, arms open to sides (tour jete'). 11. V2 turn to left on right foot, 1 & % turn to left by springing on toes of left foot, right leg bent and toes of right foot ogainst left knee, arms move to circle in front of body-horizontal. At completion of turn, step forward on right foot, hop on right foot, while extending left leg in rear and raising extended right arm diagonally foreupward and extending left arm farwardhorizontal. 12. turn to the left on right foot , arms open to sides. 13. Step left sidewa rd on toes of left f oot, V2 turn to left. Step on toes of right foot, Y2 turn to left, closing arms in horizontal circle in front of body and opening them again to sides (chene' turn left). 14. Repeat number 13. 15. Step left with '!4 turn left , left knee slightly bent. As left knee straightens, sweep I



Floor Exerc ise Fl oor Pattern Th ese exercises were composed . by Muriel Grossfeld.


Compulsory Exercises for the 1966 National YMCA Gymnastic Men's Championships Composed by Mr. Don Tonr y SIDE HORSE (May be reserved in entirety only) 1. From a side stand frontways , left hand on neck, right hand on neck-pommel , jump to a support passing right leg forward under left hand and then backward under right hand . 2 . Pass left leg forward under left hand , right leg forward to straddle-wpport on right arm , pass left leg backward over neck and grasp neck pommel with left hand. 3 . Bock scissors to the right and grasp croup-pommel with right hand. Pass left leg bock under left hand, right leg forward under right hand. 4. Front scissors to the left and then to the right. 5. Pass left leg forward around left arm, pa ss right ieg backward over croup-pommel with a % turn right with support on left a rm . Place right hand on neck pommel, continue to turn another '!4 turn as both legs pass over croup to rear support with left hand on croup-pommel. (single leg or Baby Moore.) 6!. Pass left leg rearward under right hand and forward under left hand. 7 . Pass both legs back under right hand, forward under left hand, bock under right hand and forward under left hand. (2 doubleleg circles.) 8 . Pass left leg under right hand, then around left arm and 9. Pass right leg rearward over neck-pommel and croup with % turn right with support on left arm. Place right hand on croup, join legs in the rear and pass legs over crouppommel to flank vault to side stand rearways. FLOOR EXERCISE (May be reversed in ent irety only) 1. Raise arms forward-upward while rising on toes. Continue moving arms side-downward as knees are bent slig htly. Throw arms backward and jump backward into a backward handspring . (Flic Floc.) 2. Step on right foot with left f oot held high and to the rear. Ex ecute V2 turn left step forward on to the left foot and fall to front support position with bent arms and right leg held high to the rear. 3. Push body upward by straightening arms, place right leg forward t o lunge position with V. turn left. Arms are held - horizontally sideward in line with the shoulders. V. turn t o the left with support on right f oo t . Raise left leg and toke 1 t o 3 running steps forward to a skip step into a forward handspring to stand with the feet together and arms overhead. 4. Raise right leg forward and V. turn left to wide straddle position, arms sideward.

Place hands on the floor and slowly ra ise body to a handstand with bent arms and hips. HOLD. Legs are straddled during the press and are joined at the hand-stand position. 5 . Execute Va turn left by moving the right hand around the left hand . Roll forward with straight legs to stand. 6. Raise arms forward and upward. Raise left leg and step forward o n left leg while lowering arms sideward-downward. Kick right leg upward and raise arms forward-upward, and then left leg upward as right leg returns to the floor. (scissors kick). 7 . From stand on right f oot, hop to the left foot . Lower body to f orward scale position with arms mov ing sideward as trunk is lowered . HOLD. 8. Raise body to stand with % turn right while raising arms vertically overhead and join the right leg to the left leg . Step forward with the right leg and m oving arms sidewa rd-downwa rd, take 1 to 3 running steps to a skip-step into a front handspring to one foot and step into another front handspring at stand with feet together. PARALLEL BARS (May be reversed wholly or in part) 1. From a cross-stand between the bars with an outer or inner grip, execute on under-bar backward somesault. (basket). Body should be completely straightened above the bars. 2 . Grasp the bars and swi ng f orward below the bars and execute a glide kip to a hand support above the bars. 3. Swing rearward and straddle legs forward over bars and under hands to a half lever ("L") position. HOLD . 4. Press slowly with bent arms and hips and with legs straddled to a handstand. HOLD . Legs are joined as the handstand is reached. 5. Swing downward and forward and V2 turn in support to hand support above bars. (Stutz-Kehre with straight arms). 6. Swing forward and drop bock into undercast to upper-arm hang. 7. Swing backward and execute a backward uprise into a double reor vault dismount to a cross stand. HORIZONTAL BAR (May be reversed wholly 路 or in part) 1. Jump to hang, left hand undergrip and right hand overgrip. Execute high underswing forward and swing rearward to support and V2 turn around left hand with legs in straddle position. (single leg Kehre) The right hand is displaced during the turn to overgrip opposite the left hand. 2 . Swing rearward in straddle position while disengaging legs forward and execute Y2 turn around the left arm . (Cast out with V2 turn). Join legs during V2 turn and displace right hand t o avergrip. 3 . Swing forward and change left grip to overgrip and bring legs between arms and swing forward and upward to free rear support over bar. Swing backward and bock seat circle to free rear support (Back kip). A.

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engaging legs, and execute cast outward with V2 turn around left arm . Right hand to avergrip. 5. Swing forward and kip to handstand changing right hand to undergrip as body moves from front support to handstand . 6 . Execute 1 and % forward giant circles and change to overgrip with both hands simultaneously. 7 . Free backward hip circle to handstand and two backward giant circles. 8 . Place both feet on bar and swing backwards below bar while disengaging feet on forward portion of swing and release grasp. Touch both hands to toes and extend hips before landing. (cast toe-touch) . RINGS 1. Pull to inverted hand with straight body and slightly bent arms. 2 .F lex hips and extend rearward and dislocate to hand and 3. Shoot legs upward to a shoulder stand. HOLD. 4 . Lower body to support straightening arms and cast legs forward a r.d lower body to a hanging position. 5. Continue swing rearward and inlocate to half-inverted hong position . 6. Cast Jawn and rearward to backward uprise to " L" position . HOLD . 7 . Slowly raise body with bent arms and hips to a handstand. HOLD. 8. Lower body and turn rearward through a support and backward through a straight inverted hong to a bock hanging lever. HOLD. 9. Dislocate and swing forward to V2 inverted hand and shoot legs backward into another dislocate. 10. Swing forward into high straddle cutaway dismount to stand. LONG HORSE Stoop vault from neck. Vault No. 4 per A .A.U. Gymnastic Rule book code of po ints.

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Modern Gymnast - March 1966  

Modern Gymnast - March 1966