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WHAT IS A GYMNAST ? Between the innocence of boyhood and the dignity of manhood We find an intrepid creature called the gymnast. Gymn a sts come in assorted weights, h eig hts , s h apes,

jersey colors and insignia, but all have the same burning drive: t o compet e eve ry second







of power a nd determination in their make· up.


P-59 GYMNASTIC PANTS. New imported lightweight knit fabric, made from imported yarns with elasticized weav· ing. Half the price of other imported pants! Zipper on side, and elastic waist· band. Crease sewn in. Special formed ankle cuff with elastic strap in off· white only. State waist and inseam measurement when ordering. Available in waist sizes 24", 26", 28", 30", 32" , 34" and 36". Price prepaid................ ....... $11.50 O~DER



HIGH SCORE SHOES Long·wearing leather sole. Heavy duty canvas top , 3"·wide elastic instep strap keeps shoes extra snug. Available in white only, no half sizes. S·6 SHOE, pre· paid , per pair ....................$2.40



LAMPWICK HANDGRIPS Soft·but·tough lampwick ma· terial provides protection and relief from sore, blistered and calloused hands . Com· plete with straps. LH HAND · GRIP, prepaid , per pair. .$1.50

ORDER NOW BY MAIL! LEATHER HANDGRIPS Heavy duty two·piece hand· grip with buckle and rivets. OB HANDGRIP, prepaid , per pair .............................. $1.50

J )RDER NOW BY MAIL! IMPORTED CHALK Fi nest imported, soft I nd light type preferred by gym· nastists and athletes every· where. Eight 2·oz. bars to the lb . CM2 CHALK, per lb . plus postage ..........~ ..... $1.50

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-----------------GYMNASTIC SUPPLY CO" INC,


250 W. Sixth St. , San Pedro, Calif. Send P·57 Pants . Size _ _ _ _ __ . LH Handgrip. S·6 High Score Shoes . Size OB Handgrip . CM2 Chalk. _ _ _ _ _ Ibs . Enclosed is

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SHOCKED ACTtON D ear Mr. Sundby: In 1960 I started r eading "The Modern Gymnast" in California and ever since I h ave e njoyed your wo nde rful magaz ine very muc h . Like Mr. Pond I was also s h ocked w h en ·I read the number of M .G . subscrib e r s in yo ur last editio n . Therefore, I am ver y g la d t h at four of m y fri e ndsgymnas t s of the Amsterdam gymnastic team a nd o ur coach, as k e d m e to arrange f or them to get a s ubsc riptio n to th e M.G. Below you'll f ind t h e five n a m es and addresses o f our n ew M.G. s ubscribe r s: Wim Zwa ff, Sje f Willems, Gerry Praams tra, Ad van Noord, and J a n Koopman. I h o p e tha t these new s ub scriptions will help k eep the M.G. a live. Wilnis, The Netherla nd s Sin cerely, J a n Regi e m ED: Thanks Jan for your enthusiastic support. Many oth<lr subscribers have also taken action in response to Charles. Ponds article. If all continues at this rate the M. G. should be breathing much easier in 1965 . (By the way how are all you other M.G. subscribers progressing in getting new subscribers, rem<lmber each ·one gets one will double our list for a h<lalthier M.G .)

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Dear Ed itor : vVe hav e been I'ece iying y,our exce ll e nt m agaz in e f o r t wo years n ow and are satis fi e d with i t t o th e ext e nt t h at i t is ge n-

e rally info rmative. T h e on ly mnjor c riticism \I·e h ave is t h a t i t d oes not include e nough l'out i ne~ for interm ed iate a n d advanced Gymnasts . Althou g h , we h ave r e ce ntl y fi tarted a Gymnast ics Teanl here Ht V .M.I. it wo uld b e mos t beneficial fo r u s to pick up ideas in t h e var io u s cornpet it iye "au t in es, The Gym s llaps a r e excell e nt and add "') much to the maga zin e. ''Ie h ave diffic ult y in d e t e l'lninin g what A, B. a nd C Inoves a l'e and what ro utin es ,H'e top leyel. P hys icaf' Educatio n Si n cere ly yo urs , J o hn J. Re illy Instructor ED . See Code of points, top international routines. Win ning High Sch o ol routines . Apiil MG.

HIGH SCHOOL D e a r G le nn , Afte r lea fing throug h many fine copies of yo ur Inagaz in e. I fo und t h at the scorin g' of many of the s tate hig h sc h ool meet,: o u t of Ca liforn ia a r e lower in co nl pal'ison with the senr ing of mo s t of our r egional h ig'h se hool 111eets h e re in Los Angeles. n :Jes t hi s m ea n that gene r a ll y, o ut o f Ca lifornia, th e sco l~i n g' is o n a nl or e rigid sca le t h an o urs in Los Ang'e les or th at w e (in Lo s Angeles) tur n ou t better gy mnasts . S incerely, B il Morgnn . Los Ange les, Cn lifo rni a ED .- Flve of the seven members of this years Olympic Team all went to High School In th e Los Angeles area . This should indicate something.

ENJOYED D ea r G len n: I e njoyed La wrence Gridges'· " I ns id e a Young Gymnnst" in the May-June iss ue of Th e Mod ern Gymnast. Here is somethinl{ yo ur r ead e r s may a lso e njoy. As .in d icat ed O il t h e bottom o f t h e shee t , I adopted it fl'Om ",Vhat I s A Boy" by A lan Beck.

Gymnasts are found everywhere, running , swi ng ing, h a nging, jumping, vaulting, mou nting, d ismou nti ng , doi ng calesthen ics

Or falling off. Teammates kid them , op. ponents psyc h them , students ignore them, judges disqualify them, kid brothers won· der at them, coaches critic ize them , girls can ' t





them ,

mothers worry over them , and f a ther's can ' t under s tand why they are n' t out for footb a ll or basketball.

* is*behind *

When your team

in a

m eet


gymnast is incompetentl, lazy, uncoordin . ated, b reak ing training , quitt i ng, careless

and stupid. Just when your team is abou t to win a meet he breaks form , mi sses his

grip, pulls a muscle , leaves out his best move , falls off, or f orgets to show up fOI' the finals.


A gymnast Is a composite creature. He eats like a co llege squa d , sleeps lik e one, and performs like a grammar school boy. To opponents he h as the gr ace of a gull, the speed of a gazell,e, the agility of a spider monkey, the strength of a n ox, the endurance of a camel and the a bility of B eck ner , Ono , Az a rian, Vega and ner all in one!

B a n-


To his coach he h as grace of an elephant , the endurance of a sloth and the a g ility of a stranded wha.le .. He's - held together by ad h esive t ape " ·nd has a·s ·much chance of winning the big meet as h is grand· mother . To the alumnus who knows gym· n as tie St a gym n ast is someone who will never score as high, be as daring, or have

the fin e ness or the spirit of the gymn as ts of h.i s own yesteryear.


A gymnast iikes days off, trips away from home , getting off from classes for a meet, light





medals, ribbons, scholarships and the quiet sa ti s f ac tion that comes from help i ng his te am to win.


A gymnast is a wonderful character , he can be criticized but not discouraged . He can be beaten but can't be made t o quit. You can get him out of an event, but not out of the gym·. He can be dead on his feet or injured but he ' ll complete the event he is in . He may not be olympic material , but he is an example of the American way of life. He is judged not for his religion, not for his racial strain , not for his social ·standing, not for his finances , but by the democratic yardstick of how well he vaults , swings,

individual team.


competes or sacrifices







He is a h ard.working, untiring , determined

kid doing the best he can for h is school all by him self without the adulation of a crowd . And when you· leave the gym or read in th e newsp a per that your team did not win a nd you feel upset that your schaal is not top dog, he can make you feel alm Ighty ashamed with just four sincerely spoken

Adapted Boy ?"


words-"We did


Beck ' s


our best. "

" What



I wis h so m e gal would tnk e it a nd ado pt it es p ec ially for girl s . I am s ure o n e of our g irl s co uld do a good job o n it ! Hope you ca n get it in if s p ace p e rmi ts. Sincerely, J a m es SweeneY Gymnasti c Coach Washington State Un iv. Pullman, Washington

Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - November 1964  

Modern Gymnast - November 1964