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SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GYMNASTIC ASSN. WOMEN'S'DIVISION" Dear Gymnast s & Coaches: A definite gymnastic program has been scheduled for you by the S.CG.A. Exec . Com-

mittee and now the success of o u r young Lady Gymnasts r ests entirely in you r hands, either as

a gymnast, coach, judge or even a spectato r. A ll are equal ly important. Let us work together in h armony and unison

to promote and further the couse of Women ' s Gymnastics not only in our Southern Califo rnia

a r ea but throughout t he United States as we l l.

The association's program is gea red not only to the champion cal iber g y mnast but also to the overage closs participant Sincerely, Bud Marquette 'UNITED STATES GYMNASTIC FEDERATION WESTERN SECTION Regions 1 and Regions 2 Girl's - Women's 1964 - 65 Schedule Oct. Sth-7 :00 P.M .- "Demonstration Workshop. " Lakewood High Schoo l, Lakewood , Calif. OCT . 17th-l0:00 A .M.-Workshop Co mpulso ry Routines. North T orrance Hi gh, T or rance, Calif. OCT. 17th-l :30 P.M . "Demonstrati on Workshop". Mc Lane High School , Fresno, Cal if. NOV. 14th-10:00 A.M .-Age Group Meet . Campulsories on ly . North T orrance High Schoo l. DEC. 5th-7 :30 P.M.-"Gymnastic Carousel" by the "Scats." Southern California Aero Team. Lakewod Hi gh Schoo l. DEC . 12th-10:00 A.M.-Age Group Meet. Campulsories only. Corona Del Mar H igh School, New port Beach , Ca lif. DEC. 26th-Westearn Gy mnastic Clinic. Tu cson , Arizona. Sam Bail ie, Director. JAN 16th-Age Group Development Meet. Optional Routines. 10 - 11 & 12 and 13 - 14 & 15. (Site to be anno unced.) JAN. 23rd-1 :00 P.M.-Age Group Development Meet. 13 - 14 & 15 a~d 16 & above. Optiona l routines. Jordan High School , Lang Beach. FEB. 6thl:00 P.M . -" AII Comers" Meet. Optilonal routines. Westminster High Schoo l. West-

minster, Calif. FEB . 20th-10 :OO A.M. - Southern California Championships. Compulsory and optio nal rou tines. 3 age gro ups. Corona Del Mar High , Newport Beach , Ca lif. MARCH 13th-10:00 A .M. -Califo rnia State Champ ion ships. Compulsor y and optio nal. A ll age gorups. Sacramento State Co llege , Sacramenta , Calif. MARCH 20th-10 :00 A.M .-Regio n 2 Championships. Boys and g irl s. Berkeley, California April 10th-Western Section Grand Championships. Regions 1 and 2. Lakewood High Schoo l, Lakewood , .Calif. APRIL 16th - 17th-U.S .G. F. Nationals. Da v id Lipscomb Co llege , Nash v ille, Tennessee. APRIL 17th- Nev ada State Championships

Ren o, Ne vada. APRIL 30th - MAY Ist- ( Tentati v e) Optiona . Routine Meet. Mt. Dia b lo High Schoo l, Concord , Calif. MAY 29th-S:00 P.M.-No rth - South Inv itational, La ng Beach State Co llege, Long Beach, Calif. JUNE : -Local Associati on Acti v ities. Awards, Banquets.

JULY 3rd- Nev ada Inv itatio nal , Sparks Nev . JULY - AUG.-Summer Gym Champs. Vaca -

ti o n Please send dates and sites o f yo ur State Cha m pi onships t o Bud Marquette, 262 Cor onado A v e., Long Beach; Calif. , if yo u ha v e no t already

d o ne so. Highline Junior College, Seattle, Washington COMPETITIVE SCHEDULE H igh Schoo l Age Junior Hi g h Ag e

Dec. 5-

Bcllcv ic

N ov . 21-Sea hurst

Jan. 30- 0 ly mpia Jan . 16-W immett Feb. 27- Botthe ll Feb . 13- Sunset March 27-Champ ianship Meet f o r Junior Le v el of both Junio r High and Seni or Hi g h optio nal

ro utines.



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Modern Gymnast - November 1964  

Modern Gymnast - November 1964