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to the distance from the floor to the bottom of horse body minus the thickness of the steel plate. This string is then used as a guide. Take a broom stick or any straight stick of appropriate length and place it on the floor perpendicular to the floor and right alongside the string. At this point, tilt the stick at 70 degrees to the left or right. Then tilt it 65 degrees through a plane which is perpendicular to the first plane and mark the stick where it contacts the string. The horse is easily portable. One need only loosen the turnbuckle, take out the legs and there you are. Pieces of rubber (rubber sink stoppers-wide, flat variety) are placed under each leg. Padding and Covering-The padding used was of the type of material commonly used for rug underlays. It is brown and hairy-looking. Often times rug dealers will be able to let yOU have what you will need at little cost.



Experiment to see that you build up the padding and the covering material to exactly equal %". This may be done by experimenting with small squares of the materials. The top cover was an imitation leather. Since Steve uses his horse out of doors, he felt that this waterproof. rna: terial was best. The material may be obtained in most department stores. Since I spoke with Steve, I talked with a retired shoemaker who gave me some excellent ideas about finishing the ends. The folds shown in the photograph are adequate however. Homemade Pommels-Information on the construction of homemade pommels is found in Figure F. Additional information and dimensions are located in the 1962-1963 AAU Gymnastic Rule Book. Good luck. Let us know how you made out.





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5/8 " steel rod


Side View

Three pieces of oak were cut to shape on the jig sa·...·• These pieces ·...·e re then lam i nated using a c ontact ce!:'lent 'K it h a rubber bas e. It is suggest e d t.'hat the side vi ew of th e :)omnel be blown up with the opaqu~ projecto r unt il the exact dim e nsions are obtained . The shape may then be copied or traced directly on the ..... ood . The pomme Is were rou g h finished with a wood rasp and fine finished with 3r-! emery cl oth in strip fO Tm. The strips were placed a r ound the pommels and pu lle d back and forth until th e d esir ed roundness a nd size were obtained .

A piece of steel plate was bent to the shape of the bot to!!! side of the pommel and screwed in place . To this alate was welded a steel rod as sho~·n. It is off ce nte r so tha t minimum and maximum pommel wi dths might be obtained according to t . I.G . r ules . To chang e Widths , simply pullout po~mel and replace after giving TI half a turn . In this manne r three widths may be used . The st eel rod is !:lade to fit through the horse body and is !" ecured on t he unde r side by large thumb sc rews.

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Top Vie .....

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Pommel before and

snap~ng sand1-ng


Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963  

Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963