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the N-ational Yeast Company, Inc. He is the founder and President of the American Society for the Aged, a research organization dedicated to making life on "this earth healthier and happier for all of us. He is widely known in the Palm Beaches and in this country for his generous contributions to worthwhile charities. The Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws was recently bestowed upon him by the Institutum DiVi Thomae of Cincinnatti, Ohio, in recognition of his numerous humanitarian contributions and untiring efforts on behalf of mankind. Frank J. Hale is also a showman_ He has known and been associated with all phases of the theater as a performer, director and producer. Without his globecircling "connections and friendships, his dynamic energy not to mention his strong financial backing, neither the Royal Poinciana Playhouse, nor the Academy Royale Theater Inc. would have become a reality. _ THE ACADEMY ROYALE THEATRE, INC. The Academy Royale Theatre, Inc., is a non-profit educational foundation established by Frank J. Hale in 1958 for the purpose of developing a program for the performing arts which would make Palm Beach one of the outstanding cultural centers of the nation_ The immediate aims of the Academy have been two-fold and may be best summarized by the words performance and training_ In the area of performance The Academy has made possible the presentation of two notable original work.s. THE PRINCESS, a full length ballet with score by Mario Bragiotti and the Libretto Choreography by JoAnna demonstrated that work of great originality could be produced in Palm Beach before a highly di,scriminating and appreciative audience. In 1961 the Academy 'made the facilities of the Playhouse available to the THEATRE GUILD AMERICAN REPERTORY CO. for the preparation of three plays which were sent to Europe by our State Department. The value of this service to the performing arts in our country may be summed up in the statement of the Theater Guild's Lawrence Langner when he said . . . "without a theatre plant like the Royal Poinciana Playhouse at our disposal it would have been virtually impossible to prepare a project of this scope."

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Since it has been the firm belief of its director that no cultural project is complete without an educational commitment The Academy has included training goals for its program. In pursuit of this aim, to date, over $11.500 has been given in ballet scholarships utilizing the outstanding and unique ballet and dramatic training method.s developed by Ted and JoAnna Kneeland at their Imperial Studios in Palm Beach. The use of these new methods for their ballet scholarships program has been fully justified by the outstanding success already enjoyed " by the first group of scholarship recipients. These include Miss Victoria Leigh, Miss Donna Rae and Mr. Ted Kivett, now with Lucia Chases's American Ballet Theater. And of course, Miss Claudia Cravey was a scholarship student. Mr. Hale knows that the gymnastic performance of our athletes can be vastly improved by this already proved ballet program. He is bringing it to you, an honored group of six, at no cost to you. Recognizing that its accomplishments to date represent only the beginning for a performing arts program- which have tremendous far reaching significance, the Directors of the Academy propose the following: 1. The continued sponsorship of production projects which will bring new and original dramatic, balletic and musical works to Palm Beach. 2. A continued and expanded scholarship program which will serve to train young people for the ever-increasing demand for excellence in the performing arts. 3. The development of a self-perpetuating fund which will meet the financial needs of this program. 4. To combine the purpose of performance and training in such a manner that we may create A FESTIVAL OF THE PERFORMING ARTS as a continuing attraction for one of the most exclusive and cultural communities of the world: Palm Beach, Florida. In conclusion, I wish to add that Mr. Hale is aware of the fact that you are amateurs and must maintain your amateur status. He intends to assist you in any way he can to improve your performance as gymnasts in national and international meets. Let's all get together and work for the best gymna&tic performance yet in 1963 by submittin~ your applications for admission to this six-member scholarship program.

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Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963  

Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963