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W I'


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Volume 4 - Number 8 CONTENTS Notes From The Editor . .. . ..... ..... . . . .. 5 Chalk Talk .... ..... .. . .. ... . . . ...... . ... 6 Canadia n Championships .... . . .. ....... .. . 8 World Games ...... ....... ............... 10 R eturn to M alma hed .......... . .. ... . .. . . 12 National Summer Gym Clinic . ....... ..... . 18 Northern California Camp-Clinic ........... 20 C a mp Snaps . ... . . ... ....... . . ......... . . 22 Gym Camp Anyone .............. . . . . . .. .. 24 Gymnastics in Physical Education ..... . . . . . . 25 M echanics of a Back Double .. . ... . . . .. .. . . 26 Gym Forum ......... . ..... . .... . .. . .. . . . 28 L etters ... . .. . ... .... .. . .. .... .. . .. . .. . .. 29

Bruce A. Frederick and your M.G . Editor

NOTES .. FROM THE EDITOR T HI S EDITIO " Gymnastics in Physica l Education" is the title of a n ew M .G. feat ure by A. Bruce Fred ericks, coach of the vVilmington, Delaware, Turners. Bruce will, in this series, report on gymnastic news, instru ctional ideas and trends of special interest to all teachers a nd students in the Physical Education Field .. . . Every year there seems to be a wonderful increase in the number of summer camps acrosS the U nited States devoted to a program of gymnastics . With this edition we feature photos and reports from many of these camps plus our persona l report of the great Sca ndinavian Gym Camp " M alma hed" at M almkoping, Sweden, which we attended in August after covering the World Championships In Prague . UNITED STATES GYM TASTICS FEDERATION: The USGF movem ent is growing fast with many vital m eetings and decisions due shortly. 'vV e expect to report in the M .G . soon specia l USGF news of great importance and interest to everyone in gymnastics . .:+

COVER: Colleen Valacho , IS yea raid "A" Student from the Beaver Falls Turn ers . Colleen's main desire is to be on the 1964 Olympic Te am and she is train in g hard to make it .

M ax

J. Ruderian . . .. . . . . . . . Publisher

Glenn Sundby ... .. .. . .. . ... .. Editor F eature Contributors: George Szypula Irvin E. Faria Bud M.arquette, Carol. Keil and Edith No~o tny , A Bruce 'Fredericks, a nd Yoshuo H atano .

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NEXT EDITION: A possible announcement of a International Invita tional Gymnastic Championship to be held in the U.S.A. . . Photo report of the Sokel Centennial in Pittsburg (promised for this edition, but sp ace did not a llow ) . . . . More photos and routines of the World Championships ... plus photo sequence photos of Art Surlock in action.



The '64 Tokyo Olympic Gymnastic Tour is presently being arranged by Frank Endo. This will be a non-profit tour sponsored by the W es tern Gymnastic C li nic. Those who are or will be interes ted shou ld contact Frank Endo, 12200 So. Berendo Ave., Los Angeles 44, Cali f. A complete information brochure is presently being prepared and wi ll be avai lable to all interested p arties.



NCAA GUIDE Dick Holzae pfel informs us that the NCAA Gymnastics Rules Committee h ave made a number of revisions in the NCAA Guide and they are now available. Just send 75¢ to D a nny Hill , Associate Director of the National Collegiate Bureau, 68-61 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills, N.Y., to receive your current copy.


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DAN ISH P.E. TEAM TOUR Lyle Welser of Georgia Tech. writes that Flensted Jensen is planning another tour of the USA, Canada and Mexico in the Fall of '63 . If you would be interes ted in seeing the Danish system of Gymnastics in Physical Education make an appearance a t your school, contact Mr. Flensted Jensen , Kongevijen 147B, Virum , Denmark. Th e plans for the itinerary are as follows: FALL: New York area , New England, Canada, Michigan , and Central States down to Mexico. AFTER CHRISTMAS: Mexico, Southwestern States, California, Oregon, Washington and maybe British Columbia.' ABROAD Dr. Ralph Piper, Gymnastics coach at the University of Minnesota and his wife Zora are on a Fulbright Lectureship in Ira n this year. Dr. Piper will be teaching at the Univ. of Teheran and Zora will be teaching at the Nat ion al University and consu lting with the Ministry of Education regarding their secondary school programs in Physical Education.

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DID YOU K N OW? Accordin g to Dr. Clement Martin , Medical Director of the Continental Casualty Co., ignoring exercises spoils your chance to live to 100 . . . . That Temperance Crusader Andrew I vy, University of Illinois clinical science expert reports, Americans spend $1 1 billion a year for alcoholic beverages. J ust imagine if these people spent the same amount of time and money on preserving their health with exe rcise instead of in alcohol.

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Would you like to see the dates of your important meets published in the M.G.??? Then do not hesitatesend them along to us right away so we can include them in the next edition.


Under the direction of coach Dick Flood the Gymnastic team of Lakewood High School presented an outstanding display of Gymnastic ingenuity in their recent show "Spacemen." With the assistance of th e girls' modern dance department and a few extra Gymnasts


from the Long Beach and P asadena areas as well as a couple of top Trampolinists for Trampoline Inc. in Burbank the show was out of this world. Numbers such as "Flight of the Astros" (Vaulting ), "Galaxies" ( Modern Dance), "Molecular Motion" (Side Horse & P. Bars) , "Comets & Meteors" ( Tumbling ) , "Gravity Defied" (Trampoline ) "Weightlessness" (Floor-X ) and "Men In Orbit" (High Bar ) made it an exciting program.


By Paul A. Fina The 196 2 Midwest Open Gymnastics Championships will be h eld at the University of Illin ois- Navy Pier, Chicago G ymnas ium , on Friday and Sat urday, November 30th and D ecember 1st. This Meet wi ll be a three session Meet with Preliminaries on Frida y Eve ning and Saturday Afternoon. Th e Finals wi ll be on Saturday evenin g. The M idwest Open is one of the larges t com petitions in the Un ited States. The December Meet will be the 10th Annual Competition for M.G.A. During the year th ere are pl a ns to conduct an Olympic D eve lopment Meet for those under Olympic age. There will be J lInior and Senior Championships in April. Every year a National Summer C li n ic is cond uc ted This com ing yea r ( 1963 ) the Na tion al Summer C lini( wiil begin on August 19th. Mr. Geo rge Szypula of Micr.igan State U ni ve rsity ca n be contacted for further inforInation.

It ha s bee n the poli cy of th e Midwest Gymnastic Ass:)ciation for the p ast ten yea rs to promote Gymnastics. Th e Midwest Gymnastic Association is a means of bringin g a ll gym nasti c bodi es in the Midwest Area together for a free exc ha nge of id eas. Whereas the M.G.A. spons()rs events in Gymnastics, it stimulates enrollm ent of prospec tive gymnasts in the va rious gymnastic clubs throu ghout the Chicago Area. Every gymnast ic organization in the Midwest Area sends d elegates to the M.G.A. meetings so as to coordinate their activities. The M.G .A. does not control gymnastics but as ks th e organizations how it ca n best serve th em. In the Midwest Area th ere arc thousands of young gymn as ts working out daily. The Midwes t Arca has contributed greatly in n ow-famous gymnasts. Such names as Wi lli am Roezheim , Joh n Culbertson, R ay H a dley, Wi lli am Buck, Art Shurlock, Meta Elste, J ac kie Kl ein Uphuges, J oyce Race k, etc. , a re just a few of the big time gy mnasts. Top notch coaches such as Charles Pond , H a rold Frey, Robert Kreidler, Joe Gia ll ombardo, Ben Montcalm, George Szyp ul a , Bud Beye r, Willi a m M eade, etc., are of Midwes t organization. The HM.G.A. cond ucts four meetings per yea r with interim m ee tings for special events. This yea r the president is Robert Bohl. Form your M .G.A. loca ll y a nd follow the internat ion al rules of the Federation International for Gymnastics ( F .I.G . ) .


The School of H ea lth , Physical Education and Recreation and Athletic D epartment of the University of Oregon in conjunction with the Eugene School District No.4, are sponsor in g a gymnastic clinic for men and women physical educators and college physical education majors at the Un ivers ity of Oregon on Saturday, J a nuary 19, 1963. This clinic is to be an all day fun ction from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p .m.



APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP INTO THE NAGC Enclosed find $2 .00 for 1963 dues.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GYMNASTIC ASSN. WOMEN'S DIVISION CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1962路63 Season Season's First: Saturday, November 17 . 1:00 P.M . to 4:00 P.M. All age group workshop and clinic . (8 yrs. to 18 and above.) Place: Santa Monica City College Gymnasium. 1815 Pearl Street. Program will include instruction in all th e girls events. Saturday, December 15 . 9:00 A.M. to Noon. Trampoline and TumblLng Clinic. (All age groups.) Place: Trampoline Inc. 1525 W. Magnolia Blvd .. Burbank : Calif. Mr. Jess Robinson, Direc to r. D ECEMBER 26 to 30 , WESTERN GYMNASTIC CLINIC. University of Arizona. Tucson. Ari7.on~. A MUST FOR EVERYONE. January 12, 1963 , 1 :00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M . S.C ,G.A. Lo wer age group development meet. (8 yrs. to 16 yrs. of age.) Place: Pomona Y .M .C.A . Mr. Frank Lansford , Gymnastic Director. J anua ry 19, I :30 P .M. to 4:30 P.M. S.C .G.A. Upper age level development meet . ( 13 yrs. of a~e an d above . ) Place: Sokol Hall Gym nasium , 500 N. Western Ave., L.A. Mrs. Florence Palas, Gymnastic Director. February 9, 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. All age group workshop and clinic. (8 yrs . to 18 and up .) Place: Lakewood High School Gymnasium , 4400 Briercrest Ave. , Lakewood. Program will include all the girls events. February 23> 9:00 A.M. - 1 :30 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. California State Federation Championships. (All around events plus tumbling and trampoJine.) Place: Berkelev Y.M.C.A. , Berkeley , Calif. Mr. J;:rnest Marino ni. Gymnastic Director. A~e group divisions for the State meet will be 10 & 11 , 12 & 13, 14 & 15. March 16, 1:00 P.M . and 7:30 P.M. Un ited States Gymnastic Federation "" estern Sectional Cham?ionships. An aro und events plus trampol in e and tumbllllg. (Age group divisions for this meet shall be 14 & 15. and 16 and above . ) Place: Los Angeles State Coll ege. Mr. Gordon Maddux. Prog-ram Coordinator. Mr. C . Bud Marquette , Director. U .S. GYMNASTIC FEDERATION NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Place and date to be announced Added otation: . F!->ur judging and technique sessions will be held dUring the season to certi fy competent women officials for future s t~te , an.d national gymnas tic func tions. If YOLI are Illtcrested III thiS phase of g irls gymnastic and 18 years. o f age o~ older , a Phys ical Education Major, o r a PhY51c?-1 .Educat lon Teacher and serio usly concerned notify me wIt lun the next two weeks. A sc hedule wi ll then be ~~~~~ up and se nt to all who respo nd to thi s most urgent Should al~y changes occur in th e above schedule due to un,f0rsce'"! Circumstances you wi ll be no tified immediately. r.entatlve plans also call for a gymnastic banquet in the Spnng and a 4 or 5 day summer gym clinic at one of our beautiful beach sites. li s~~dbe:lso\:~ 1 inquiries and correspondence to the address

Mr. C. Bud Marque tte Women's Director , Pr~ - T emp . U.S.G.F. , 262 Coronado Ave., Long Beach 3, Calif.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS For a further report on the World Championships see the latest edition of The GYMNAST which is published 111 England. Send 25c to M.G. Billboard for thi s current copy ,?r send $1.00. to Editor, Jim Prestidge, "Glenwood,' The Park, Sldcup. E GLAND for a one year subscription . NOW ! ' ,


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M ailing Address

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Send to:

SAM BAILIE Gymnastics Coach University of Arizona Tucson. Arizona


RESEARCH AN D PROFESSIONAL LIAISON COMMITTEE Nat ional Gym nastic Clinic & N"t io nal Association of Gymnast ic Coaches (N.A.G.C.) CHAIRMA N : Dr. Hartley Price, Floricla State University , Tallahassee. F lorida. ANNOUNCEMENT: The [(lIlo,,-ing awards will again be offered thi s year. GYMNASTIC RESEARCH AWARDS FOR (1962 -1963) at the Nat iona l Gymnastic Cl inic at Sarasota , Florida. I. The C. H. McCloy Honor Research Award of the Natio nal Gymnastic Clinic - $100.00. ( President- Frank Cumiskey , RFD ' Vcst\\"ood, Rockleigh , Ne,,' J ersey ) . 2. The Honor Research Award of the N.A.G.C. (NatIOna l Association of GYlJl nastic Coachcs ) - $100.00. ( President- G e ne ""ett ston e , Gymnastic Coach , Pen n State Uni versity. U ni versit y Pal-k, Pa. ) At the GYlll nastic C linic a t Tucsoll. Arizona . I . The GYM MASTER CO~IPANY Reseat'ch Grant$200.00. T he cOlllmittee "'ishcs to !}trcss that studies that benerit a large group rather than a sma ll group will be favored. PROCEDURE OF CAND IDATES: Can didat es canllol submit th eir outli nes to both clinics. A c ho ice lIlust be made. Last year th e salllC ca ndidate WOI\ awards at "both clinics. In this way we defeat our purpose . 1. A prospectlls of the problclll IIHlst be submitted by December 1. a. Studies for cO llsidcratioll for the Honor Re search Awards of the Natio nal GYlll nastic Clinic or thc N.A.C .C. (Nat io nal Association of GYlllnastic Coaches) IIlltst be submitted to Dr. Hartlcy PI-ice , Florida Statc Unive rsity , by D ecc mber I . The prospectus w ill thcll he passcd 011 to th e sub-committee of the Rest'arch Award COJllmittee ill ordcr to decide the ,,"innin g calldidates. It will faci li tate mattcrs if se vl'ral copies of the prospectlls a rc sent to me. h. Studies for consideration for the Research Award at Tucsoll, Arizona. Illust be ~ lIbl1ljtted to D r. Fred Rob)' , Ulli\lcrsit y of Arizona. 3. Th e Pro spec tu s IIf th e R(~ Jearch: a. The candidates should include tlte following points in their prospectus:

(I ) (2) (3) (4 )

Outline the problem State the hypotheses Indicate the methods to be uscd Report the bihliography that \,"as used III approach ing th e problen1 (5) J llSlify the research b. The dcadline for the prospectus for this ycar's award will be: D ecember 10, 1962. c. I ndicate the progress th at has been made IIp -to-date on the research. d . The members of th e sub'-committec wi ll decide what candidate wi ll receive the award after studying the prospecti. ThercfO!'c, thc prospccti should be very complete. 3. A report of the ,,路ianers of all awa rds wi ll be made at the N .A.G .C . Annual Meeting at the N.C.A.A. Gymhastic Championships.


1962 CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Th e 1962 Canadian a tion a l Championships we re held a t Montreal, Quebec, on Ju ne 22 nd a nd 23rd. In th e se nior di vision fin a ls the re were nin e men a nd ten women comp etitors . Wilh elm W eil er representing th e Ontario Gymnastic Associ a tion was th e top scorer for the men, a nd Ga il D a ley of th e Sas katchewa n Gymnas ti c Associa ti on was the hi gh scorer fo r th e women. Th e Sas katchewa n Gymnostic Associ a tion won .the Women's tea m tr9ph y wi th the Sca rborough Amate ur Athleti c Assoc ia tion placin g second a nd th e British Columbi a Gymnast ic Assoc iation pl acing third. Th ere were nin e boys entered in the Ju nior divi sion competition. Andre Sima rd pl aced on top with 50.50 po ints. Yvo n Lesa ux was seco nd with 49 .75. Yvan Beiscla ir pl aced third wit h 48 .75. Ste-Agathe of th e Quebec G ymn astic Associa tion won th e top team honors. Twen ty-two girls en tered th e Juni or co mpetition._ G len na Sebestyen of th e Sas ka tchewa n Gymnastic Associa tion p laced fi rst in Floor-x, and Unevens along with a third on th e Beam to take first place All-Around with 33 .499. Elsb eth Austin from th e Sca rborough Amateur Assoc ia tion with a first in Vaulting totaled 32 .766 to take second pl ace All-Around. Lind a W aller of th e Ouebec Gym Associ a tion totaled 32. 699 for third pl ace. The Quebec Gym Associa tion won the tea m titl e.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Wilh elm Weiler, Ontario Gymnas tic Association Ri cha rd M on tpeti t, Quebec Gymn astic Association Gilb ert L arose, Quebec Gymnastic Associa tion Roger Dion, Quebec Gymnastic Association C alvin Gira rd, Harmony Club Bill Vennels, British Columbia Turners Erich R eiger, Calgary Gymnastic Association


1: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Gail D a ley, Saskatcheman Gymn astic Association Susan M cD onnell, Scarborough A.A. A, Leissa Krol, Windsor (unatt) Maureen McDona ld, Saskatchewa n Gymn astic Associ a tion Lynn e Wozniak, British Columbia Gymn astic Association Irene Howart, Saskatchewan Gymnastic Association Edith Weil er, Ontario (unatt) Bonnie Dertell, Saskatchewan Gymnastic Associa tion

S i de Hors e

F r ee


Paralle l Bar s

Long H orse

H o r i z o n ta l Bar

Still Ring

18.45 18.80 17.95 15.65 I i.45 17.65 17. 10

18.75 18.40 18.35 18.10 17.65 17. 10 17. 30

18.75 18.75 18.80 18.60 17.75 17.95 17.35

19.00 18.55 18.1'5 18.45 18.35 18.40 1.8.30

18.60 18 .00 17.95 18.00 17.80 17.55 16.60

18.05 18.45 18.80 17.80 17.05 16.05 16.90

Exercis e

U nev e n Para ll e ls

18.366 16.899 18.733 17.466 15 .500 17.233 14.63 3 15.466

18.600 17.400 14.266 16.233 15.899 14. 799 12 .733 13.700

Floo r

S i de H orse Vaulting

18.3 66 17.499 17.033 ' 17 .066 14. 299 13.500 16.499 11.03 2

Bal a nc e B ea m

17.266 16,233 17.032 15. 399 16. 249 15.899 12.866 14.566

All A ro und

111.60 110.95 110.00 106.60 106. 05 104.70 103.55

A ll A ro und

72.598 68.031 67.064 66. 164 61.89 7 6 1. 431 56.731 54.764


ABOVE: Sequ ence 0/ th e lirst part of Ono's H-Bar routinc: Cast . . stool} through immediate stoop (shown enlarged, not e extre ln e lig ht pike) . . . shoot. . reach unde r . ca t ch . .

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Tit ou in Si aide r shoot.

. ,j'/wol to eagle. . hop change . . . . . lull t w ist. 14.brise . lull pirouett

More World Championship pictures and routines: HORIZONTAL BAR

Ona-Stem cast, stoop through, eagle giant, hop, immediate stoop through, shoot full twist reach under, swing to back uprise full twist, swing forward , back kip to double German, on second German giant Y2 turn free hip circle ha ndstand , giant to cross change, a t top of mixed grip giant full twist turn to reach under, rear vau lt, kip, change to reverse grip, giant, pirouette, back gian t, reverse pirouette, gian t (forward) to high' h ech t dismount. Stolbov- Cast, back uprise, rear vault, to back kip, double German giant, disengage, shoot Y2 twist, swing to straigh t arm and body kip to 1 reverse giant ,cris-carri, shoot out Yo twist, swing forward, stoop through, shoot to inverted giant, dislocate at top to eagle gia nt, hop to 1 reverse gian t, Y2 turn to back giants, straddle-in, straddle-out, 2 giants to pike fly-a-way. Cerar-Stem cast, stoop through , shoot to 2 inverteds, dislocate to .e agles, hop, immediate stoop through, shoot to full twist reach under, rear vault, back kip to double

Stolbv u in high cl'is-carri

Cerar in tight in verted gian t

German, shoot Y2 twist, straight body kip to 1 reve rse giant, pirouette, back giant, straddle in a nd out, giant, reverse (blind ) turn , to 2 reverse giants, high hecht d ismount. SIDE HORSE

Cera r- From a side stand facing croup of horse, moore on pommel to a support on croup of horse, double in, 2 double leg circles, moore immediate double-ou t, double, Russian moore, immediate travel, double-in, 2 high scissors, 2 reverses, 1 reverse scissors, travel, 3 loops, Chakline, to high Y2 layout turn dismount. Chakline (2 nd ) -Side stand facing croup, moore, double-in, 3 doubles to moore, bre'lk into forward scissors (2) , reverse doubles to doubl e-ou t, loop on end, stra ddle leg backward turn into saddle, reve rse scissors, doubles, travel, 'doubl e-in, travel, 3 loops C ha klin e Yo layout turn di smoun t. Lu Fing- Side stand facin g croup, mount w ith doubl e leg circle on croup, 14 turn to three loops, 14 turn to uphill tromlet ( travel ) , 2 doubles, reverse moore, moore, double-out, do uble-in, bn,ak into 2 forward scissors, reverse double leg circle, break into reverse scissors, 1 double leg circle, travel to end, 2 loops, 14 turn to moore one end without pommels ( Cha kline ), to high lo op, V2 turn dismount.

Cerm in hig h for ward scissors

Endo in a high giant piked handspring


RETURN TO MALMAHED It was not our intention ot do anoth er r eport on the Swedish Gymn as tic F ed eration C a mp a t M a lm a hed when we visited there aga in this p as t summ er. W e had only mea nt to relax for a few d ays durin g ou r tour of Europe to pi ck up a few id eas a nd thoughts for futu re instructiona l hints a nd ca mp progra ming . However, with two ca m eras a nd a ca mp fill ed with close to 450 G ymn as ts and instru ctors, there was too mu ch ac tion to sit sti ll. Th e M a lma hed ca mpsite is loca ted a t M almkoping, Sweden, whi ch is ab out 50 mi les southwes t of Stockholm. This yea r th e F ed era tion ha d a m ore ex tensive progra m which, bes ides th e regul a r Elite competition tra inin g, includ ed exhibition a nd Rhythm gymn as tics, K eep Fit classes a nd a Hou sewives tra ining g roup. All in a ll there were 420 registra n ts ( 3 15 g irls a nd 105 m en, plus sta ff a nd instru ctors) from N orway, Swed en , D enm a rk a nd Fin lan d wi th a few oth er countries bein g represented such as So uth Afri ca a nd th e U .S.A. (Olympi an L a rry Ba nn er ) . Th e day started with th e ra ising of th e fl ags (a nd gymn as tics ) th en a lig ht b rea kfast of h ot ch ocol a te, roll s


and j a m. Next, a ll joined their resp ec tive groups and ran throu gh the woods or around on e of th e fi eld s, afte r which th ere was a tim e of limbering up ca listh eni cs a nd right in to the class work; three cl asses in th e m orn ing , then lun ch, a nd two classes in th e afte rnoon foll owed by a free time a nd a Basta (steam room a nd shower ) . The g roups a ll staye d togeth er mO\'in g from one a ppa ratu s to th e next as a unit. After dinner eac h eve ning a tim e of sing in g, da n cin g a nd enterta inm ent plus more ta lk of gymnastics, com pleted the day. Pictured h ere an d on the next coup le of pages a re scenes from th e camp activities: Th e fl ag ra ising; Morning run ; Hou sew ives calisth eni cs; Roofed over training a rea; H elmut Rohnish' s Gymn astic Shop a t the ca mp where you could buy a nything from ha ndgua rds to a Horizonta l bar ; Side horse action ; In st ru c tor rece ivin g the undivid ed a tten tion of his pretty class; The staff sp illing out of the doorway of the adm inistration building; the chow lin e-up ; M a rieLundgren winner of the women 's elite com petition ; USA L a rry Banner guest instru ctor rece ivin g a couple of bea utiful ski swea ters from instru c tor G ene Cronsted t as a memento a nd prize for winnin g the m en 's elite competition; The Ba ll et class.


Sa turday night was a tim e of fun for a ll and the local townsp eopl e were invited to watch th e big sh ow as the different groups and cou n tries entertained with m usic, group 'a nd individu al gymnas tic displays, exhibitions an d comedy a n tics. In a ll ou r travels I do 'not believe we have ever seen anythin g qu ite like the bon e crushin g


comedy vau lting put on by the Norwegia n group of men (like comedy diving without water ) or the hilarious anctics performed (a nd a ttempted ) on the Parallels, Ba la nce Beam an d Un even bars by some of the other groups (we still don ' t believe it ) .

The Swedish Gymnastic F ederation is to be congra tula ted for its unselfish effor t of tim e, expense and just pla in ha rd work to orga nize a nd ma intain such a wond erful Gymn as tic camp as M a lma hed.


FURTHER SCENES OF INSTRUCTIONAL INTEREST FROM MALMAHED: Above: Chris Jonsson d emonstrated an unusual trick in the spotting belt. As in and out stutz twist to a handstand, notice the left ha nd never releases the grip on the bar. Study the pictures well, over and over before you try it, and then only in a belt. At Right: Instru ctor Ulf Almgren (white T shirt) shows teach a cast to forward giant swing. Using a low bar instructor helps pupil cas t to han dstand where he fa lls forward stretched out safely into the a rm s of the spotters. On the U nevens: Below: Swed ish gymnast Brigi tta Gulberg demonstrates a jump back free seat circle on th e high bar to a drop catch forward free seat circle on the L ow bar to a reg rasp of the high bar.

P.S.- Brigitta would like to come to the USA to college and fmthe?' training with U.S. girl gymnasts. If any college having a women's gJlmnastic program is interested in contacting this top ranking S we dish gymnast, you can drop her a line, c/ o The M.G. and it w ill be forwarded.


NATIONAL SUMMER GYMNASTICS CLINIC By George Szypula G)lmnast ic Coach, Michigan Stat e Univ. The fifth National Summer Gymnastics Clinic held at Michigan State University for the second year witnessed a fine growth. Nearly 150 people participated in a truly educational experience. Peop le from 1路7 states and Canada attended . The C linic opened with a development meet directed by Joe Schabacker, University of Wisconsin and Paul Fina from Chicago. Two boys from Decatur, Georgia, were outstanding. One boy, Skip Smith, won the all around, high bar, parallels, still rings and tramp, the other, Bobby Fay, won the vau lting and side horse and placed.second in most of the other events. Roger Webb, formerly of Florida state won the Floor Exercise. Larry Butts, fourteen, of Los Altos, California~ easily won the tumbling. H e warmed up with a near triple twist on the mats. His coach is Jim Rozanas from Chicago who conducts acrobatic and tumbling clinics all over the country. Jim was on the Clinic staff this year. Another fine youngster, Bobby Carroll, only thirteen of Chicago won a tie with Smith on the tramp. Marilyn Minaker, twelve, of suburban Toronto easily won the all around, beam and floor exercise in the junior division. Potentially one of the future great Canadian gymnasts she can become one of the great gymnasts in Canada. Sandra Bolton of Grand H aven, Michigan, was run ner-up all around, in vaulting, on beam and unevens. Sherry McNeal, another Grand Haven girl, won the vaulting. M elba Rolf of ' Ninchester, Illinois, was first on the unevens. Eight-year-old Blythe Bauer won tramp and sister Barb, ten, won tumbling. Bev, another sister, wo n tramp in the o~der divi sion. This family, from Blue Island, Illinois, is probably the leading gymnasts family in the United States. Susan McDonnell, of suburban Toronto, won all around, floor exercise and unevens in the senior 路division. She was scheduled to compete for Canada in the World's Championships at Prague, J

Ernestine Carter

Marie Walther

but cou ld not make the trip because she was too young. She is the provincial all around champion and runner-up in their National competition. Ruth Ann Inskip, C hampaign, Illinois, was second all around and winner in vaulting. She was a demonstrator at the C linic. Sally Noble, a local girl, won the balance beam and took third all around. Pat 路Cerney, of Dayton, won tumbling. Schabacker and Fina conducted an evaluation of the judging as part of the judges training prograin. This was one of many fin e professional presentations for coaches, judges, and physical educators. The climax of the C linic was the show produced and directed by Bob Bohl. The performers did a fine job and got well deserved applause from a fine crowd . Your editor, Glenn Sundby, concluded his four day stay at the Clinic by performing a handbalancing act with Roger and Tamara '''' ebb. Just like the old days. The staff and demonstrators, besides those mentioned above, were J ack Carr, program Director, Ernestine (Russell ) Carter, Eddie Cole, Jerry George, Bill Meade, Betty Meyer, Mildred Prchal, Bob Stout, Herb Vogel, Marie Walther, and George Szypula, Clinic Director.

Belo iU: . Larry Butts, age 14, a pupil 0/ Rose Ann Taylor Danc e Studio ill At/c illo Park , Cali!., alld James Rozanas 0/ Chicago is shown doillg a round-off back ha1id spring and a double twisting back sommie. Larrv wo n th e Oil/stall ding G)lmnast award at th e Cli1lic.


Bill Roelzheim giving instructioll to ROll Burke, a Ell cilla High in Sacram ento. Abo v e L eft: J\1iss I nger/se de Dolllk from D enmark . At L e/I: Gordie ;\1addux and H al Frey spoiling J int Da vid in a double back un the mal. B elow L e/t: Pop ular instructor A1r. Bill D ie/enback taking a. little Test bet ween teac hing classes. Below: gymnast from

Jl'h c re th ere's g y mnastics )Iou'll find this greal hel/JeT Erw in

Volze .


l ustru c llo nal Staff- Back R ow : L Oll P ersc hke, H al Frey, j l1rry Pe rsollius, Bob Crisl, Earl H ob bs, T e rry Nev ill , Dr. H' alls, Ste ve S o uth we ll. j im. D av id. Go rdie A1addux. Ami L eso. S ec ond R ow: Paul inc Faria, lv/artha TuscJlllja, ~Va'Vne Ta'vlor. Erni e Marinoni. D o n N elson , Rose Ann Saylor. B ill Di e fenb ack . Frank H oiland. Front Ro w : Ca th v Graham, AIrs. Crist, lne crlse D I1 BIalik. Caro lyn fJ ailand, l rv Paria. Not Sho w n: Bill Ro e lz heim and Erwi n Volz e . .

THE FOURTH ANNUAL NORTHER T CALIFORNIA GYMNASTICS CAMP-CLI TI C By Irvin E. Faria Each year the Northern California Gymnastics Camp-Clinic is held in J:he month of August. The site of the camp is among the Ca lifornia redwoods making for a most p leasant atmosphere in which to take part in the great sport of gymnastics. This year 13 7 took part in the program along a n instructional staff of 25 plus 22 junior and senior counselors. Ernit: Marinoni of the Berkeley YMCA was the camp director, Irv F aria, gymnastics coach at Sacramento State College, was the clinic director, and Hal Frey, gymnastics coach at the U niversity of California, offered extension course work in gymnastics technique and methodology. A welcome addition to the staff this year was Bill Roetzheim, member of the 1948 a nd 1952 U.S. Olympic T eams and now the gymn astics coach at Maywood High School in Illinois. Each year Bill has a top notch gymnastics team and is considered one of the top high school gymnastics coaches in the nation. H e presented, during the camp lecture series, his unique philosophy of coaching and training of gymnasts which has brought success to his team. Perhaps the most popular instructor at camp this year was Miss Ingelse de Blank, a sweet and charming little gymnast from Denmark. Ingelse was a member of the Danish National Team a nd is at present

attending the University of Montana. She and Mr. Erwin Volze added th e international fl avor to the camp. A highlight of the camp \-vas the level of skill shown by the tumblers. Three gymnasts , Frank H ailand, coach at Montana University, Jim David, sophomore at the University of \Vashington, and Paul Mayer, a sophomore at Berkeley High School, performed high controlled double backs on the mat. Paul was able to gain the confidence he needed by having Gordie Maddux, who is an excellent tumbling spotter, give him the little extra support he needed. Ballet instructor, Mrs . Rose Ann Saylor, was voted by all to be the most valuable instructor in the camp. Her versatility and enthusiasm is beyond words. Each year Mrs. Saylor does an outstanding teaching job in boys', men's and women's ballet free exercise classes. This year's camp was quite strong in the women's instructional program. The credit goes to instructors like Rose Ann, Ingelse and Carolyn H ailand . Special recognition was given to Mr. Bill Diefenback for the outstanding contribution he has made to gymnastics during the past many years in the Bay Area. Were it not for his interest and assistance many high schools in the Bay Area would not have gymnastics teams today. The Torthern California camp was once again a great success and everyone is looking forward to next year. 21

WASHINGTO N'S HIGHLINE GYM KAMP 1962 Pi ctured h ere arc scenes from another wo nderful sunpner of Gym.naslics at the H igh lill e Gym Kamp in Washington. Show n above is Miss Carol CaTup doing a Straddle vault a1ld to th e l eft the main buildings 0/ the ca mp sit e. At lelt posi1l g for I.h e came ra are young ladies from th e camp , Sandra j ejJie.s otl, lv/ario n Garner K i llg, M arie H uffman and } o L ynll ~V;ll ia11JsJ while belo w the camera ca tches th e m en holding an " L " on th e single rail 0/ th e P-Bars, and instructor R ex Davis with a )'oil1lg student on th e R illgs.


CENTRAL ATLANTIC AREA GYMNASTIC CAMP Th e second annual Gynwaslic Camp at t h e W ashin g t01l ;> D.C. , Y.M. C .A . Cam!} at Edgewater, Ma rylan d, was a greal


Pictu red abo ve are t h e ca m/Jers an d th e stalf (including /J/tol ograp h e r J erry K rawi tz, w h o t oo k this and th e olher pictures s hown h e re) . At J"igltt is Mrs. L e roy Marl in 0/

Balt imore, con du cting a group on th e B eam.

Also at right

is Barb ara K lz on th e B ea m.. Belo w : V J} and co m ing yo ung Gymnast Nlike Ku rtz of Pate rso n, N . } 'J does a d o uble leg c ui all th e P-Bars . And at lowe r right. ve t era n illstr uct or George Puglia also 0/ Pat erso n, is worki1lg wilh a Tra mjJoline class.


T he Gym C ampers-l lI stru c forJ J ean, F red all d Pla y tim e alld Balallce B eam Ballet Barr tim e .

Norma ;

IIGym Camp A First for Americ:an Sokols By: Carol Keil, Sokol Fuegner, New York Edith Novotny, Sokol Little Ferry, New Jersey

This year, for the first time, the E astern District of the American Sokol Organization conducted a one-week Gym Camp from August 26 to August 31 a t Camp Sokol, East Haddam, Connecticut. Any gymnasts in the intermediate or high division striving for gymnastic self-improvement were welcomed . A class of twenty teenage students were instructed by twenty-five-year-old Fred Orlofsky, member of the 1960 U . S. Olympic Gymnastic T eam and the ' Vorld Championship Games T eam this summer. Also instructing were Jean Blaha, N .Y. Sokol member who tried out for the 1956 Olympic T eam and Norma Zabka, Sokol director of the Gym C amp who is an instructor a t Hunter College of the City University of New York and a member of the T echnical Comm. of the National A.A.U. Gymnastic Comm. A very capable staff, indeed! Each camp day commenced a t seven-thirty followed by a pparatus training till noon . The girls worked on uneven parallel bars, balance beam, a nd floor exercise composition, while Fred Orlofsky ta ught the boys on rings, parallel bars, floor exercise, and horse vaulting. An hour's rest after lunch, and we were once again on the go. A two-hour period was devoted to a pparatus again followed by a coed class of tumbling on a grass covered field. Sta rting from the basic cartwheels, somersaults, splits, and handstands the students were soon being coached for ha ndsprings, back handsprings, head springs, and a multitude of trick combinations used by Fred Orlofsky in his Olym pic moves . It is still deba table as to who was the most elated at the progress made - the teachers or the students . 24

Soon the most refreshing hours arrived . A quick change and scramble for towels, bathing caps and sunta n lotions and off we fl ew to Bashun Lake. There was no question as to the popularity of these relaxing hours for if you didn' t swim, there were always swaying pyramids in which to engage on the soft sand . Since we only had access to two cars, getting to the beach was a pu zzlement. But our enthusiastic group wouldn't give up hope, so off we rode in ,a mattress delivery-man's truck, carpenter's truck or any visitor kind enough to take us. Yet, surprisingly enough , with our transportation problem , we traveled about Connecticut quite extensively even visiting a Turner C lub one evening some fort y miles away. Even an energe tic group like ours becomes a bit weary and so by the time a nippy night settled in, the busy day's ch atter died away to a peaceful song as we all huddled by the dancing flam es of a campfire lost in the pine woods. Sokol songs with both a southern and northern accent were sung in a ha rmony only possible around a blazing fire. And as the flam es slowly gave way to glowing embers, we all retired anticipating the next eventful day. On the last night, however, we gym campers were already looking forward to the n ext summer with the hope of m eeting you, the readers of this article who are interested in a combined gymn astically educational and social camp . Please address an y inquiries to: N orma B. Zabka Sokol New York 420 East 71st St. New York 21 , N .Y.

GYMNASTICS IN PHY. EDUCATION BY A. BRUCE FREDERICK USE THE UNEVEN PARALLEL BARS FOR BOYS TOO One criticism forwa rded by som e educa tors in th e a rea of gymn astics h as been directed a t the use of p a rallel bars for younger boys in physical educa!ion cl a ss ~s. I t h a s been said that support work , often mcluded m parallel bar work, m ay be presented to boys who h ave inadequa te upper a rm strength for sta ndard stunts on this apparatus. I believe the critics a re justified altho.ugh I mus t qu ickly note th a t we do see, from time to tim e, very young boys wh o have developed th e necessa ry musculature for parallel ba rs. (See pic of John Crosby-MG J uly-August 1962, p. 11) . Th ese boys represe nt a small m inori ty, h owever. The type of stunts which m ay be safely at tempted by the beginner are limi ted to various "pose" supports in which th e legs a id the youngster p erforming. Among th ese are side riding seats, straddle seats, straddle travles, and other elementary stunts. Teachers of physical education co uld more eas ily d efend the use of the uneven para ll el ba rs for younger boys and for those old er boys who are just ge tting their first ta ste of gymnastic app aratus . As strength develops, a more ch allenging routine may th en be attempted on standa rd p a rall el ba rs. T he reason girls and women h ave adopted the uneven bars in r~cen t years was due to this same problem of support stren gth. The writer h as discovered that th ere are m any more challenging stunts for girls on this appa ratus. G irls do not have the necessa ry strength to develop naturally in even bar work. Th e sa me a rgument is th erefore valid for young or in experienced boys who m ay find much more satisfaction in a greater va rie ty of movements which they will be able to p erfo rm . W e could a lso elimin a te th e p a inful bruises which often develop und er the upper arms of boys who are first introdu ced to th e even bars. The writer has of ten observed that th e p a in experienced by th e novice h a s made h im unreceptive to fu rther p articipa tion. The u n even bars' encourage h anging and swinging movements w h ich are perfec tly acceptable for. novices. Th e elements of various circles su ch as th e hip Circl e may be learned and climbing ski lls m ay be developed. T h e supports wh ich may be, a ttempted a re of the na ture that the w h ole body weigh t is not ca rried on the arms. T he resu lt is usua lly that as strength develops, boys wi ll be attracted to the more difficult support work associa ted w ith even bar work. Bo th sexes may test a nd overcome their fear of h eight which has a positive effec t on the m ental set for accomplish m en t later on other apparatus su ch as th e h orizontal bar and rings.

"Gym nastics in P-h ysical Education," is a new regular M.G . featur e colu mn report by Bru ce A. Fred erick which will co ver such P.E. aspects as: J. tA bstracts of resea rch in g)'mlUlstics; . 2. De velopment in scho ol aspects of gymnastlcs ( School programs, club programs) reported through the professional literature including articles and new books; 3 . Elementar,' pr ogression techniqu es of special value to teachers of ph)lsical education in t h e public schools; 4 . Equipment and supplies de veloped for gymnastic programs; 5. New ideas faT gymnastic units in ph)lsical education. Background on Bruce A. Frederick : B.S. We st Chester State College ; M .S. in P.E., Temple U., AAHPER Fello w, Fellow American School Health A ssoc.; I nstructor and coach Wilmington Turners, Member NAGC, Supervisor of P.E. - Oak Gro ve School D ist .,' Elsmere, D el. Shortl)l, Prentice Hall, I nc. WIll pub lish M r. Frederick's manuscript on homemade eqUlpment for ph ysical education . The gymnastic chapter in cludes many suggestions for safet y de vices as well as methods for impro vising and makmg gymnastzc equipment. . R eader.,. of MG are encouraged to w nte to M r. Frederick concerning specific equipme nt problems that they may have at their schools . Some Future I deas and Subjects to Be Co vered by Mr. Frederick in His M.G . Articles: - A Side Horse (FI G Standard) made for $23. 00! - Laws of Learning as Applied to Gymnastics - Creativity in Gymnastics - Educational Gymnastics in England



.n. .u.~u

, _. . . . . . . la'M ..

::-~:r ::"J..'!::"jij ~


( lII .... ll: req ... )



" ~'





!f ....':::r.~~::... , • .u. .u.kU. t . ~

t il.-

"JIU.u.l"'-'-~ • .u1.l __ _


_s..uUfllt.uUriU,. ... , _ ............ .. u ~

nu ...


... ""'"

For very young boys (K -6th Grade) , standard para llel bars may be a djusted to sui t the needs of th is group by ra ising one ba r to its maximum height and th e other. to its min im u m h eigh t setting. For J r. H igh an d High School students, a n a da pter m ay be constru cted loca lly a t sm a ll expense. An extension ba r m ay be m a d e from cold roll e d steel. A ma ch ine sh op or school shop ca n be a pproache d to do the wor k for yo u. Simply remove on e of the tuhes from your set of p a rallel ba rs . You accoml?lish thi s by pull ing out on e bar ra il and tw'o tubes whi ch a re attached at the ends. Once out, remove th e bolt from one of th e tubes which sec ures it to the ba r ra il. This pi ece of pipe wi ll then be used by th e machinis t to get meas urements for the size of ste el you will requ ire and a lso th e la th e work whi ch mu st be done at on e end . The diagram w ill supply furth er d eta ils.



TIME AROUND, S t eve J oh1/ so 1/ 0 1/ th e secoll d revo /u tiull oj a back d ouble snmmie bei ng spo il ed by Coac h Geor.f!e S:;Y/JlIla.



Johuon'a Sca.eI"l!lault (.v.I'1 15 tr • .." duration. 10, and the bat, 8)

eJ:cept the firet

STUDY OF THE MECHANICS OF THE BACKWARD DOUBLE SOMERSAULT By Yoshiro H at ano M ichigan State Uni versity Th e bac kward doubl e some rsa ult is one of th e m os t d iffi cult tri cks in tum bling. Th e prese n t stud y was unde r taken to analyze thi s tri ck m echa ni cally. M otion pi ctu res of th e bac kward do ubl e som ersa ult of fi ve subjec ts were ta ken by a 16mm camera, w ith a speed of 64 frames per seco nd . I n th e to tal a na lys is, th e m os t imp orta nt p ar;) meters turn ed out to be the tiJ,l1e of fl igh t, th e time of take-o ff, the di stanc eo f fli ght , the lift of th e ce nt er of the g rav ity, th e body a ngle of takeo ff, the fli ght a ngle of th e cente r of th e gravity, the in itia l veloci ty of the ce n ter of g ravi ty fli ght, th e force at the ki ck, th e a ngle of the ki ck, th e acce lera tio n whi ch th e cente r o f g ravi ty ob ta ins a t th e ki c k, the hi p a nd knee fl ex ions, th e deg ree of body tu ck, th e angle of body rotatio n, a nd the angular velocity of the body ro tation. Th e tri ck co uld be to tall y desc ri be d usin g th ese terms .

-----------T ' ~------~----_+ , -----------m" 6'11 ~


Jl'iechanic&l eluente ot the locU8 of the center ot the gravity ot JohruloJl'e Double-back Somersault

A n illustra ti on of a p erfo rma nce a nd th e m ech ani cs of Steve J ohn son , one of the sub jec ts, a re seen in Figures I an d II. Figures III a nd I V sh ow th e mech ani cs of th e body rota tion of J ohn son a nd H yma n. T a ble I is for m a th ema ti ca l ex pl ana ti on of th e p erforma n ces of th ese two subj ects. ~.

III Rip and Knee


_. _ _ _ Johnson i _ _ _


Hip Flexion

ID.. nnloll



~ 100 ~ 00

.'" ··..e









'" 'il





100 00 60

40 20


1 4


4 '/4



Sum ma ry: It is not ice d th at in spite of consid era bl e differences of m ec h a ni cal elements am ong th e subjects, th e a ngle of force a t th e ki ck is always ap roximately 68 d eg rees.

John son a nd H ym a n represe n t th e two d ifferen t types of body rotation in p erform ing th e doub le-back some rsa ult. John son 's body rota ti ona l ve loc it y in c reases g ra du a ll y un til it reach es the ma xi mum a t a p p rox imately 80 '70 of th e fli g ht time. H ym a n 's body rotation a l vel oc ity increases soo n a nd a la rge veloc ity is kept a ll throug h th e mi dd le of th e fli g h t. Th e body tuck h as a lso two diffe ren t typ es. J C?hn so n in creases his degree of tuc k all th e way until the bod y rota ti :>I1 a l veloc ity reac h es to the max im um . H yma n , a ft er reac hin g to a ce rta in degree of tu ck, d ecreases his. tuck slig htl y, then aga in in creases d uring th e latte r ha lf of the fli g ht. Th e h eight a tt ain ed by the ce nter of g ravity in fli ght was more th a n 3 feet 4 inc h es above th e center o f g ravity at the ta ke-off. Th e first some rsa ul t n eed s more t ime th a n th e seco nd in eve ry subj ec t. A m ong the su bj ec ts, J ohn son perform s th e slowest first somersa ult with sp ending 7 1.6 % of his fli gh t ti me. ?ie.

IV J.ncular Velo elty of lIod1 lI.otation




1 ----






/ l--;'../ ./'" V







V '\



'~ -- \

--------, 4



~ l.e.


All the subjec ts showed th e following mechanics III th eir p erforma nces of the tric k. Th e body ang le o f ta keoff is a pprox im a tel y 75 d eg rees and th e in itia l fli gh t a ngle of th e cent er of g ravi ty is a pprox imately 80 deg rees. Th e c:;enter of grav ity m oves by a speed of 15 fee t p er seco nd before th e ki ck, a nd is projected into th e ai r by a speed of 22 fee t p er second ri ght aft er th e kic k. In th e subj ec t studi ed , it wo uld be im poss ibl e to p erform a double- bac k som ersa ul t wi th ou t a p reced in g bac kh a ndsprin g . In order to coach th e trick successfull y, the fo ll owi ng thin gs should be recommen ded . 1. Necessa ry h eight of. fli g ht. 2. E n ou gh ini tial velocity. 3. A tig ht tuc k should be ma in ta in ed a t th e 1.: .er h a lf of th e fli gh t. T able I M ech a ni cal El ements of Th e Double-bac k Some rsa ult: J ohn so n and H yman H yma n J o hn so n Tim e of Fli gh t (sec) .795 1047 Tim e of T a ke-off (sec) . 102 .086 7'10 " Di stance of Fli ght 6'11 " 75 ° Body A ngle of T a ke-off 69° 4'1 " Lift of Cen ter of Grav ity 4'6 " Flig ht Angle of Center of 77 .5 ° 79 .5 ° Grav ity 20'5" Ini tia l V elocity of Body Fl ight 25 ' 7" (ft.!sec) Force a t th e Kick (lbs.) 78 1 1320 An gle of Force a t th e Ki ck 68 ° 68 ° Acce lera ti on a t the Ki ck 67.5 22 1 (fee t. / sec .' Per Cent of Flight Tim e U ntil 68.4 % 71.6 % th e Body R o ta tes 360 ° M ax imum Ang la r V elocity of 17.3 15.7 Body R ota ti on (R adiu s/ sec. 11 4 ° 137 ° M ax imum An gle of Hip Flex ion M ax imum An gle of Kn ee 11 9 ° 137° Flex ion


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Where you the reader (coach, g'ymnast or booster) can present your opinions, suggestions, improvement gripes, etc. on Gymnastics. The opinion do not necessarify reflect the opinions 0/ the M.G. publishers and need not pertain to articles published in past M.G.'s.


There hasn't bee n a gymnastics meet held yet where at its conclusion a gymnast, or severa l gymnas ts, or for that matter, whole teams have not indi ca ted faults in the judging. In many cases, a bitter feeling towards gymnastic.s h as been developed because the individu al did not rece ive his or her just reward at the termination of th e com petition. After seeing this sort of thing repeated ly, one begins to wonder where the trouble li es. The first quest ion that comes to mind is, "Are the judges capable?" I n many cases the answer is no . But in just as m~n y cases, where the answer is yes , (because of the judges' background ) we never theless get the same complaints about the scores by both gymnasts and spectators. In some a reas, judging clinics have been set up to try and arrive a t 'some common ground amongst the va ri ous judges. These a ttempts are isolated by a rea, therefore m a king it conceivable that four of the best judges from respec tively different areas of the U.S.A., assigned to judge a national competition , would be way off base at that particular mee t. I t has been assumed thus far, that if an indiv idu a l has achieved great heights in the world of gymnastics as a competitor, no matter how many years ago , that individual is automatica lly a good judge of modern gymnastics . Not only is this sometim es fa lse, but there h ave been insta nces wh ere I would venture to say that an inverse relationship ex ists betwee n this fact, and the ability to judge. The second question that usually arises is; "Are not th e people who criti cize the judges prejudiced in fa\'or of their own work?" With the exception of an occas ional eccen tri c, I feel th at it is safe to say th a t gymnast, are the first to recognize a job well done, regardless of affi li ation . Surely, yo u h ave seen situations whe re the complaining was for an individu a l or tea m not known persona lly by the compla in ers. Of co urse, this ' is not to say that scme prejudice is involved. But the fa ct th a t gymnasts are hum a n beings is unavoidable. To say th a t prejudice is the sole factor for the d iscontent wtih gymnastics scoring, is just as wrong. A third point to consider is, "Which level does most of the controversy a ppear? " This is a n impOI路ta nt factor in that one ca nnot make a distinction. Consider all leve ls of A.A.U. competition ( novi ce, junior, and senior) . Consider the las t few Big Ten Championships, National Collegiate C hamp ionships. etc. Consider the intern ationa l competition s. Cons id er the Olympic Games. At each and everyone of th e aforementioned, th ere has been controversy over th e quality of th e judging. Yes, even at the O lympic Games ! Anyone of our Olympic gymnasts will support this statement from their first h and experience. Whi ch was th e bet ter tea m in 1956, th e J apanese or th e Russian s? The official record says the Ru ssians. but the film reco rd was in favo r of .th e J apanese. When you find this sort of thing recurring from th e lowes t of nO\'ice mee ts to the epitome of gymn asts com petition , the Olympic Games, there must be a serious flaw in our present system of judging.


Le t's look now a t th e judges' job a nd see just wh at his responsibili ties a re: I- H e must know the va lu es of all the indi\;idual moves involved in the competitors routin e. (Obj ec tive ) 2- H e must pl ace a potentia l valu e on the difficulty of complete routine. (Objective ) 3- H e mu st differentiate between major and minor form breaks, a'nd deduct accordingly. ( This shou ld be objective, however, after d iscussing this with many judges, I am convinced that it is a subjec tive judgment. ) 4- H e must be familiar with the variations of the F.I.G. rules, depending on which m ee t he is judging ( H.C.A.A. , Western Conference, Big Ten , etc.) 5- H e must place a value on the exec ution of ea ch stunt and the total routine. (Subjective) These five points arc the crux of the judges' dtlties. This is a lot to expect from anyone. What usu all y happens is that there isn't enough time to cons id er all of this, so the judge makes an "educa ted " guess. ""hen there are und er ten compe titors per event, this system ca n be us ed with an ex pected accuracy of between eig hty-five and ninety-five percent. ( My estimation ) . But when th ere are more tha n lapel' event, as in a qua lifi cation meet, where th e number of competitors sometimes reach es over seventy competitors per eve nt, our present system goes compl etely haywire. The concept of the superior (5th judge who h as th e a uthority to raise or lower scores, to keep the spread of points within a designated ra nge ) a lso is not rea lly fair to th e competitor. For exa mple, the score that is lowered to co nform to the others, may be the fair score. What is the answer? To continue using our present system simply beca use it has a lways been done this way, will be detrim ental to the sport in its entirety. A plan in use now, a nd one we co uld eas ily adopt, is the system by which di ve rs a re judged. The judges on the flo or a re responsible for tW0 things only: I-Form . 2-Execution . The value (difficul ty ) of the dive ( routine ) is computed with the judges' score at the scorers ta ble. In gymnastics, we co uld have two judges to compute the difficulty a nd two judges to rate the execution a nd form. Then, the fin a l treatment of these scores would be identical to that of diving. By simplifying the judges' duties , we are giving him the opportunity to be truly objective. No longer would we h ave to worry about the number of competitors a ffec ting the qua lity of the judging. In my humble opinion, this pl a n is worth a try. If there are inherent flaws in this, I would like to h ear about them. If you can suggest altera tions w hich would make this system fun ction more smoothly, let us hea r them. If yo u know of an other system, by a ll means let tl)is be known.

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Gymnastics to our fillc ful.ur e 3 we !!row wi th

is gro w ing v ery rapidly and th anks coach es of the past, present, a nd have been and will be ab le to if. Si llcerel y yo urs, A N .T.H.S.W . '62 gradua t e Sko kie, Illinois.







GYMNASTIC SURVEY Dea,. A1r. Sundby : 1 am writing this leiter in hopes that ) 1011 will be in a jJosition 10 h elp me. Presen tly I am a graduate st ud ent worki11g 011 a Mast cr 0/ Science d egree in Physical E ducatio1l. For my thesis topic I haue chosen wo men's g)'11tlloslics.

As I






am interested in th e growing program ill t h e

colleges and 111liversilies in the United Slates. I h ave been corres/Jon ding wi th marlY gym nastic coaches. etc, D r. Newton L oken has referred m,e /,0 you. ~-o do a valuable survey 1 should hke to com /nie as complete a list 0/ colleges Gnd ulIiv ersilies thai do have a program. in wo m en 's gymnastics as possible. I am a subscriber 10 th e MODERN GYMNAS T a1ld the resu lt s of my survey will be made available [0 your ma~azille. If it is at all possib le 3 IJ~ease send me a mailing list of th e collepes that do sponsor women's gymnas tics. 1 hank )IOIl so ve ry much . Sillc erel), Y01l rs. Afrs. J oanne Pasquale. Physical Education D eparllne 1i1 Northwest ern Sta te College Natc h iteches, L ouisiana Attentio n all sc hools tha t have a wome n ' s program in Gym nas tics. Please drop Mrs. Pasquale a card l an d w hile you are a t it dro p us a line at the ~1f.G . te lling us abo ut yo ur women' s ·program. EDI TOR.

D ear Gl enn: 1' 111 see k ing infor for a lello w gym 1lOSJ. (S tig Lilldevall) w h om you've met on di//ere llt oc casio n s. H e wa llts to study ph ),sical education a t (Ill American Uui versity n ext Fall ( 1963 ); howeve r, t o make th is /Jossibl e h e' ll need finan c ial assista1lce. Prefe rabl)l h e' d like to I. eac h g y m nastics w h ile work ing to w ard his ini tia l deg ree . P e rhaps t h e M.G. ca n h el p him get this assistance·, do )IOU suppose so? H e re are th e quest ions he's see k ing answers for: 1. Are sc holarships available to for eign students of gymnastics, and if so, at w hat univ ersities? 2. Are teac hin g assistan tshi ps availableWh ere! 3. Other /JOssibilities for financia l aida th letic clubs, etc? Any h el jJ )IOU can gi ve Stig w ill be grea tly a pp recia t ed . Olii, Askew Lillsve d Gy"",astikfolkhogskola Lillsv ed, S ue rige.

E D.·

Schoo ls take note.




D ear Glen n : ~ I was just. wonde ring- D o co lleges. g~ve sc h olarships for Gymnastics? I am a JU1Ho r in hi.~h sch ool, and I u.'ould lik e to kn ow, as I am interested in O}'nlllaslics ve ry milc h . If scholars h ips are I!iven for Gymnastics, do you a JJ ply, or w hat? Sincerel)l3 Barry pU llkeson Farm.ington, Ne w ·Mexico


Some do to a limited degree.


yo u become a top Gy mnas t they' ll find you , o r yo u may get more informa ti o n by writing to some of the Gym nas ti c coaches mentioned in the M . G.



D ear A4r. Sundby: FOllr )Iears ago Niles To w ll sh i/J H ig h School West purchased gymnas t ic aJJparatus and began to produce a gymnastic t eam.. Un d er th e sll/Jcrvisio1l of h ead coach J oll1l Cress, Mr . My/an Tri1lka, and 1\ll r. T o m oneka. cac h 0/ w hich has aJJjJeared ill th e iW.C. se ve ral times, H,'e achie ve d a fine caliber status lor th e 161.. '62 sc hool yea r in the country's highest caliber leaguc of gymnastics. ~Ve WOIl almost all of ollr meets. had th rde men with 20-0, 110 d efea t. records for t he seasoil, and had seve ral mel! in th e slale finals. W e produce d th e Ill inois sla te ring cham/Jion aud t wo nUl1! cr- ujH 10 the slate t ra mpoline c ham piollshijJ. Many 0/ us last 'year seniors are ?IO W on co ll ege t eams. It is for this 'r eaSOll th at J wou ld like 10 cautio n YOIl an d your st.aff t o make room for us in th e future At/.C. ISsues and 10 ask th e readers 1.0 w atch (or us. This group includes Brian H ardt and ·Elliot Pea rl (lllillois stal e ring champion ) of th e Slat e Uni ve rsi ty of l owa 3 Gary T e1lnys011 of t h e Ulliversity 0/ IlI illois (Urba lla ), myself, a lld sevelal o th er nam es I am Sure you will also hear a lot about in th e future. We will be ilZ ope 1/. meets and clinics this )!ear and in reg ular big fen competition next }/ear. I am looki ng for w ard t o )lour future HSlles wit h eagenless and h oJJe that t h·ey m ee t th e high slalldard th e M.G. has set in the past..

D ear Charlie Simms;. Just been reading back through the April M.G. R ea d w h ere Mitchell of SIU WO II Tumblin !; and placed 8t h All-Around. Unusual (eal? I kno w of a man w h o not 01l ly l('0 '1 t he T umbling event but also W01l th e A.ll-Arouud Not only one year, but for th ree years i" a ro w , 1938-39-40. F rom th e Uuiver.ii ly 0/ 11Iiuois. Th at Gym.nast? " Little Ol e Me." Sincerely, J oe Giallombardo ~V ilm elfe, Illiu ois


You' re

I"i ~ht !

VICTORIAN? D ear Sirs: Please selld me a copy o f the "G YMNAST " magazille publish ed in En gland . , . H ow do you thillk Bill "Ca rl" Wolf wo uld do Ilgainst Yuri T it.ov. could be beat h im? , Is th ere such a mo ve as a "Vic torian" 011 th e Rings? (It is su/JIJOsed to be a reve rse Ma lt ese. ) Gymnasticall), Yours, Bill B eirne.



think Bill wo uld stand a good

chance of beati ng Titov on th e Rin gs . . . . I have heard mention o f a " Victorian " as you desc ribe it, but have never seen one accomplished or atte mpted.

HOW ABOUT YOU. ~~~ ~ -\\\ \t~ ~" ~~ \'--~ f.ti~jl \ :T"",\ee' fi. (~'



/ \




c." ~"

.. to..10'"

\~~~ ~


To '


" '" /ItX ~


of The Modern Gymnast With


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U. S. and Cana d a, $ 3.50)

1962 NATION A L A.A. U . WO MEN ' S FIL M, SEA T TLE , WASH 8,' 0 feet of 16mm film n ow avail ab le. P hotographed by G le nn Sundby and ed ited by Van Dixon & B u d Marquett e . It . is one of t h e very best to date. A ll of o ur top girls in action. Out standing are Muri e l Davis in Free Exercise. Gail Daley on t h e Un evens, Betty Matcock and Dale McClements Vaul t ing . Highly r eco mm e nd ed to all coaches and asp irin g National com petitors. ($7 .00 3-day r e n tal.) G YM NA S T ICS HI G H SC HOOL S.



The final co mpeti·tion of the c ity schoo ls . Com p e titors ar r a n ged in order of t h e ir scores, the b est one las t. E ·x cellent fo r s howing th e leve l of gymnas tics in the L A. C i ty Sch oo l. A li st of t h e co mpetitors g iv ing their pl aces an d sch ools, i s ava il a ble by request. (800 feet, $7. 00 for 3 -day rental; $59.00 to purchase.) G YM N AST I CS JA P A N ES E


LONG BE ACH, CA LIFORNI A : Made at Long Beac h State Co ll ege o f the men a nd women members o f the Ja.panese O ly mpi c team, durin g the ir 1961 U.S. tou r. Th e m e n u se the s ix pieces of OlY l11 p ic apparatus . The ,,' on1en are s h o ,vn on the ba lance bean1, une ve n s a.nd fr ee exerc ise. (1000 fee t, $7.00 for 3 -day r ental ; $73.00 to purc h ase) OL Y MPI C C H A MPION S HIP S FOR MEN AND WO M EN , 1960, R O M E , IT A L Y: The film co n s is t s of co mplete

r o utin es of the n1en 'w inn e r s o n each event; for W0111e n, the uneve n bars exerc ise of T anaka (Japan) a .nd a Ru ss ian g irl , a n d work on t h e balance b ea m . . It was photogr a ph ed and e dited by Ken Bartl ett. gymnastic coach at Long Beac h State Co ll ege . (1400 f eet , $10 .00 for 3 - day rental ; $100 .00 to purc h ase) . N A T IO N A L AA U C H AM P 1 0 N S HIP S FOR W O M EN , 1959, KENT , OHIO : The f ilm s how s all of t h e 1960

Olympic compu lsor y exerc ises . It begins with the c0 l11pul so l" Y a nd o ptional h orse vau lting and the co mpul so r y uneven !:o\ The optiona:l rout in es a r e s h own by Martha Nagy, Lill e mor Medig, M uri e l Davis (Grosfeld)' J oyce Race,k, T eresa lVIo nte fu sco, Ernest ine Ru sse ll a nd Betty Maycoc k. It e nd s with a few b ea utifu l t umblin g ro utines. Edited by Van Dixon and B ud Marquette . (800. feet, $7.00 for 3- day renta l ; $59 .00 to purc h ase). N A TION A L AA U C H AM P I 0 NS H IP S FOR MEN , 1958, SA N FER N A NDO , C ALI F O RNIA : A co mplete docu mented r ecord in c luding the o pening ce rerlloni es , c0 l11pet itors , offic ial s, co mpul so ry exellCises fo r the a ll -ar ound, s pec iali st eve nts, b ea utiful free exercise by O lymp ia n Muriel Da.v is (Grosfeld), t h e n e nding with the best optional routin es of the cham pions. , 'Vith each film is the m eet brochure , in c luding th e names of all t h e co mpe t i tors and a d eta il ed descri pti o n , 1110ve by 1110ve, of a ll t h e c0 l11pu lsory exer c ises . Thi s written 111ate rial h as a trell1enclou s va lu e to the n ov ice as we ll as t h e expert. (1200 f eet, $7 .00 for 3 -day r e nta l; $78.00 to purc h ase). G Y MN A ST ICS SW I SS ST YLE, LOS AN GELE S, CA LIFORN IA : It was f ilm ed in 1956, during co mpetition be t,,'een the visit in g S,viss O lYl11p ic team. The U S . t eam in c lu ded fou r team members; J ack Beckner, R ic hard Beckner, Charles S inlll1 s and "Villiam Tom . (800 feet, $7.00 for 3 day rental; $59.00 to purc ha se).



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M .G .




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Physical Fitness is FUN on an



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of the

W0 RLD GYM NASTI ( (H AMP ION SHIP SPRAGUE 1962 All the world's finest t;Jymnasts, both men and women , performing their compulsory and vo luntary exercises, appear in this 16mm black and white silent fi lm. There are over 180 exercises, in c ludin g a ll the f inalist s, the Japanese and Russians, and the best exercises from the USA, Finnish, Swiss, Hungarian, Czech, Jugoslav, Swedish, British, Chinese, Italian, German and Luxem burg teams. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to see these superb gymnasts in action. Price for purchase : £ 20 or $56 U.S. per reel £ 75 or $210 U.S. for the w hole film The film is in 4 reels: Reel 1- 800 ft . Wo men's set and vo luntaries Reel 2-800 ft .

Men's - Freestanding & Vau lt

Reel 3-800 ft .

Men's - Rings & Pommel Horse

Reel 4- 800 ft.

Men's - Parallel Bars & Horizontal Bar

Running time: 30 minutes per ree l (ap proximate ly)

For further details or for hire , please write to : U.K.

G. C . Kunzle 67 Ea stern Roa d Selly Oak Birmingham 29, England U.S.A.

G lenn Sundby P.O . Box 611 Santa Monica Califor nia, U.S.A.

Darlene Anderson, 18-yr.-old Freshman from Den ver, C olo., holds the "Outstanding Performer" trophy to be awarded at the East-West Championship. Fred Shantz, 22-yr.-old senior gymnast from Tucson, and Frank Bare.

General Schedule December 26 (Wednesday) 9 :00-12 :OO-Registration (General Workouts) 12 :00-Lunch 1:00-Films 2:30-0rie n tation f or judging classes 3:30-0rientation for Instructor trampoline class 8:00 P.M.-Men's c h a mpion s hip qualifying meet for East vs. West a ll-star meet . December 27 (Thursda~) 8: 00- 9:00-(Breakfast - coaches and officials) . 9:15-l1:45-Classes (men and women) 12:00--Lunch 1:00-Films 2:30 - 3 :45-Classes 3 :45 - 4 :45-Judging 4 :45-5 :45-Sup ervised workouts December 28 (Friday) 9 :15-1l:45-Classes (men and women) 12 :00- Lunch 1:00-Films 2:30-Girls championships, up to age 15. 2 :30 - 3 :45- C lasses 3 :45 - 4 :45-Judging Classes 4:45-5:45-Supervised Workouts 8 :00-East vs. West All-Star Meet. (Open to public . ) December 29 (Saturday) 9:45 -l1: 45-Classes (men a n dwomen) 12 :OO-Lunch 1:00-Films 2:00-Girls c h amp ions hips, age 15 and over. 2 :30-3 :45-Cl asses 3 :45-4 :45-Judging Classes 4 :45-5 :45-Supervised Workouts S:OO-All-American Football gowl game, University Stad ium . Dece路mber 30 (Sunday) General workouts a nd pictures outs ide , weather permitting (last year we h ad plenty of sunshin e) . l1:15-Trip to Old Mexico for dinner, shopping, a nd Bull Fight at 3 p.m. Information w ill be avail a ble at the c linic. (Possibility of group transportation.)

2nd Annual Western Gymnastics Clinic -UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, DEC. 26.30, 1962

The second Annual Western Gymnastics Clinic, scheduled for Dec. 26路30, at the University of Arizona in Tucson, is shaping up for week-long gymnastic festival. Reservations and registrations have been received from many schools and areas that were not represented last year and enrollment is expected to reach the 500 mark. Universities of Iowa, Southern Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, and many others have indicated they will be there. Instructors are preparing their lessons, and Joe Giallombardo, Dick Holzaeofel, Bill Meade, Art Shurlock, Bud Marquette, John Culbertson, Mildred Prchal, Ross Black, Gielln Wilson, Ken Bartlett, Irv Faria, Gordon Maddux, Lt. Jim Tanaka, and a staff numbering nearly fifty strong, will be present to aid in the practical application of gymnastics learning. Two gymnasiums are to be set-up and those attending should see the largest group of gymnastics apparatus ever assembled in one area. The East-West Championship will award the "out standing performer" with what is probably the largest trophy ever awarded a U.S. gymnast. (See picture.) Other highlights of the week-long clinic are: All the extras you could ask for are crowded into a five-day long gymnastic festival. Championship meets for Boys, Girls and a Men's Open championship all boil down to a spectacular EAST-WEST CHAMPIONSHIP. Nogales, OLD MEJICO, is one hour's drive away, and a Bull Fight is scheduled for your convenience. Bask in the sunshine if you prefer, . or drive to snowy Mt. Lemmon and enjoy skiing to your bottom's content. The ALL-AMERICAN BOWL FOOTBALL GAME is scheduled for Saturday of the Clinic, with obviously, a half-time show by gymnasts. TO MUCH TO MISS! . . . SEE YOU THERE!!!

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Modern Gymnast - November 1962  

Modern Gymnast - November 1962