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"y" Team Trophi es at Maritime Championships


The following a l'e the first two place w inners from the 3rd Annua l Maritim e Gymnast ic C hampion s hips held at the H a lifax YMCA, Saturday, ~~~~~b~~in~~r~nd th e first three all JUNIOR BOYS Bob Currie, YMCA, 1st All-Aro und - vauiting, high bar, 2nd free cali sth e nics, rings and para ll e l bars. Chick Wadd ell, YMCA, 1st Free Cali sth enics r ings, parallel bars, 2nd All-Around, high bar. Wayne Dacey, YMCA, 2n d Free Calisthenics, 3rd ' All-Around . Paul Theri a ult and Pat Delaney (City Recreation), tie for 路 2nd v a .u lting. INTERMEDIATE MEN Don Engle, YMCA, 1s t All - Around rings, fr ee ca listh enics, p a rall e l bars. Bob' Coombes, YMCA, 1st high bar , 2nd All-Around, s till rings. Harry Dunbar, YMCA, 1s t vaulting , 2nd fre e calisth e nics, 3rd All-Around . D avid O 'Connell, YMCA, 2nd high bar. Bob Waddell, Independent, 2nd vaulting and parall e l bars. SENIOR MEN Staff Sgt. Mac Dona ld , Army, 1s t . .All -A r o und - fre e calisthen ics, vaulting, rings, . 2nd high bar and para lle l ba rs . Ernie Smith, Navy, 1st high bar, 2nd free calisthenics, vaulting, A II -' Arou nd. Cpl. Cliff Vandal e , Army, 1st para ll e l bars, 2nd rings, 3rd All - Around. TROPHY WINNERS L . R. Hayter Trophy, Junior Tea m , YMCA: Takashi Ono Trophy (Ja p a nese ), Interm ediate Individual, Don Eagle; Boris Sh.akhlin Trophy (Ru s-


s ia n), Inte rmediate T eam , YMCA: Masao T a k e m oto Troph y (Japan ese),' S e nior Indiv idua l, Staff Sgt. MacDon- , a id ; J a n\ es Hoyle Trophy, Senior . Team , Army: .Joseph Stald e r Trophy (Swiss ) , Best Cluh. YMCA. ' . COMPETI NG CLUBS Army (Gage town), Navy (H.M.C.S! Gatine a ux) , C ity Rec r eation (North Dear Sirs: End Gymnastic C lub) , School for the Here in Lovington our students are Deaf (Amh e r s t) , YMCA (Ha lifax). SACRAMENTO INVITATIONAL

The meet took place on December 4 at Sacra mento State College a nd was called the Camellia Bowl Invitational Gymnastics Championships. There w e r e 1500 people a t the meet so it was quite successful. We h ad T .V. coverage and all turned out well for a ll. H er e are the results of th e meet: ALL-AROUND: Bob Lynn, USC, 548; Terry Hale, USC, 525 ; Roy Davis, S.F. Olympic Club, 459. FREE EXERCISE: Bob Lynn, USC; Curt R e bh a n , Sac ramento State; Bill Borden, U. of California. TRAMPOLINE: Bob Ju s tine, S.F. Olympic Club; Jerry Person ius, Sacramento Sta te ; D ave Loskutoff, U. of California (tie for 's econd). ROPE CLIMB : Paul D a vis, U. of Californ ia, 3. 0 sec. ; Mik e Nelson , U. nf California, 3.7 sec. ; Bill Brady, U. of California, 4.1 sec. . SIDE HORSE: Jim FairChild, S.F. Olymp ic Club ; Bob Lynn , USC (tie for first); T e rry Rale, USC, 3rd . HORIZONTAL BAR: B o b Lynn, U SC ; T elTY Hal e, USC; E'arl Hobbs , Sacra m ento State . STILL RINGS: Rich'a rd Schmidt, U. o f California ; R. Golden, U. of California ; S. Zahm, U . of California. PARALLEL BARS: Bob Lynn, USC; E a r l Hobbs, Sac ramento State ; Terry Hal e, USC. TUMBLING: M . Suthe rla nd , U . of Ca lifornia; Bob Lynn, USC; B ill Bor- ' de n, U. of Ca.l ifornia,

very interested in Gymnastics. At the first of the school year we had 227 girls and boys turn out for our Gymnastic Club in the lunior High . . . this from a student body of approximately 500 students. Sincerely, Miss Vonnie Robinson Instructor Lovinl!ton lunior High New Me:tfco

* Dear Glenn: * My instructor at the Lincoln Turners told me his November-December issue of "Modern Gymnast" arrived on the 30th of November. On the same day I received my luly-August and SeptemberOctober issues. Since late deliveries mean missing out on some of the important current' activities, I would appreciate it if y_ou would account for not sending mr November-December issue and whr the preceding two issues were sent so late. I remain a loral sup parter of "MG" Roy K. Uenishi ED. : Your instructor seems to get M.G. before we print them. (We're sure he just presumed it to be the Nov.-Dec. issue because of the timing)

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Modern Gymnast - January 1962  

Modern Gymnast - January 1962