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Gymnastics Coaches NAGC NEWS by Glenn Wilson Gymanstics Coach, University of Colorado

of California, Berkeley 4, California. Whether yo u participate or not the reports will be mailed to each member, but it would be much more accurate with yo ur help. For those who aren't familiar with the N.A.G.C. statistics pro gram I'll attempt to give a brief explanation. Each week colleges report the results of their dua l meets to the statistics chairman who in turn computes them and puts them in final report form each week. The weekly reports include: (1) dual meet results; (2) gymnasts with the best season average; (3) teams with best averages; and (4) unbeaten teams, etc. The reports were mailed to participating coaches only last year, since the program was merely experimental. Those coaches in the program felt that it is was good, so it prompted us to send the reports to all of our members.

1962 N.C.A.A. RULES The 1962 N.C.A.A. Rule Book is now available. If yo u haven't already received a copy yo u can do so by writing to the American Trampoline Company.

NEWS ITEMS Durin g the Christmas holidays your SecretaryTreasurer attended the Western States Gymnastics Clinic, held at the University of Arizona. I'm sure the Clinic will be reported elsewhere, but there are several observations about the Clinic which may be of interest. Many fine 'pieces of gymnastic equipment from several companies, includin g experimental apparatus, were made available for practice durin g the Clinic. Speaking from the coaches' point of view, I don't believe we have ever had it so goo d. The equipment shown at this Clini c was made to be better lookin g, move easier' and more qui ckly, and had a better engineering desi gn. Also, the manufa ctu rers' representatives seemed to be eager to hear our suggestions and comments about each piece of equipmen t. The most interestin g pieces of equipment were presented by Nissen-Medart and th Gym Master Corporation. The Nissen Medart Company demonstrated an experimental twistin g belt which promises to be a boon to the body landin gs on the trampoline and a useful aid to teachin g on Parallel Bars and the High Bar where other belts could not be used. The Gym Master Corpora. tion (formerly Fenner-Hamilton Co.) presented a new portab le Horizontal Bar with an attachment for the Still Rin gs . In a gymnasium where the 18 foot han g is inadvi sable this is exceptionally fine. The Hi gh Bar was very stable w1th only one drawback - the rubber pads sitting on the floor were a littl e slippery, but the bar did not need people standing on it to keep it still. Nuff sed about the Clinic.

I'm sure that many I.A.G.C. members have interestin g news items, but so far I heven' t received them. Any news yo u have would be appreciated, including reports of meets, clini cs or camps. In order to get yo ur items printed in the next issue you should get them in to me before February 1,


MEMBERSHIP (j UESTIO NNA IRE Returns from the questionnaire sent out by Mr. Wettstone are comin g in rather slowly, I'm sorry to say. So far only 67 member have returned the card. Since this is a very important building block for the state of gymnastics I would urge yo u to return this ca rd immediately. Part of our campaign depend s upon our organization presentin g a united front. The N.C.A .A. officials who need this information co uld use it late in January, so hurry.



APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP INTO THE NAGC Enclosed find $2.00 for 1961 dues. N'~~~"""" " """"' ('pi~~~~' ~~~'~"~~" ~;i~~i'"' '''

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STATISTICS The statistics chairman tells me that the response to the initial letter is good, but not 100% yet. So , all yo u coaches get on the ball and send your team roster and two copies of your schedule to John Ostarello, Dept. of Physical Education, University

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GLENN WILSON Gymnastics Coach University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado


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Modern Gymnast - January 1962  

Modern Gymnast - January 1962