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s. ADVANCED GYMNA STICS FOR WOMEN By Herb Vog~l An illusion is an advanced acrobtic skill which can be incorporated into a free exercise routine with ease. It blends well with dance element and more difficulty, but with beauty. with acroba tic stunts. Due to its nature it should not be attempted unless you have patience and excellent fl exibility of both back and legs. Note that #4 illustrates a full , if not greater than full split position). PREPARATION: Develop total body fl exibility fully. LEADUPS: (1) Mastery of front work路overs. (2) Mas路 tery of split. PROGRESSION: (1) From standin g position raise arm s and left leg forupward. (2) Swing arms down and simul路 taneo usly with the left leg downward and backupward. (3) Swing the head and body down toward the right leg, swing the left arm between legs continuing backupward, the left swings back and up as high as possible. (4) The left leg continues upward, through the "split" position; elevate to the tow of the right foot, pivot on the right foot to the left. (5) Left leg continues swinging "over the top" so to speak, as the full pivot left on the right foot is com路 pleted. The swin ging left leg as the arms continue on to the original starting position or to various options indi ca ted. HELPFUL HI NTS : (1) Coach or assistant gra sp left hand and arm of the performer loosely so that as the illusion is attempted the per form er is kept in allignment in proper positi on and removes the fear "of bein g lost" durin g practicing the stunt. (2) By placement of left ha'nd along the side of the right foo t total body position and balan ce is maintained. Some performers use this " crutch" in actual competitive performance of the stunt . . . thi s then is not a true illusion. The performer must rely on the "crutch" as another mea ns to learn the stunt.








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Modern Gymnast - January 1962  

Modern Gymnast - January 1962