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IV. The hi ghlight of the youn ger age gro up was the Gi rls Program and Meet which was directed by Mr. Bud Marquette and the Boys Meet which was directed by Ernie Maranoni. Seeing this fine gro up of yo ung boys and girls, we are sure that these will be among our future Olympians. The Clinic ended with an organizational meetin g at wh'ich time an executive board was elected to shape the policies for next year's Clinic. Other appointments were al so made. At present the Clinic organization looks like this:

Clinic Bare, Glenn Faria,

Instructors: Erwin Volze, Jerry Todd, Frank Bob Justice, Don Carney, Martha Tsucheye, Wilson, Bud Marquette, Gordie Maddox, lrv Mike Pickering and Sam Balie.

WESTERN GYMNASTICS CLINIC By Sam Bailie, Clinic Director The first Western Gymnastics Clinic, held at the University of Arizona in Tucson , was blessed with fine weather and 210 registrations from all over the West. The first clinic must be termed a success, and at present many are already workin g toward ma~ing next year's clinic even better. We did have our first year problems, such as havin g more instruction for the younger groups and more areas for the women. Many of these problems are already bein g solved. Next year the women wiII have their own gym complete with apparatus for all classes as well as having some apparatus in the men's gym for informal workouts. Clinic Highlights 1. The Research Committe~ headed by Dr. Fred Roby of the University of Arizona, and assisted by Dr. Dunn of Washington State University and Dr. Gustafson of San Jose State College, announced that the recipient of the Gym Master Research Grant in the amount of $200.00 was to go to Mr. Pat Bird, Graduate Assistant at the University of Illinois, for his study entitled: "A Comparison of the Physical Fitness Characteristics Between a Varsity Gymnastics Team and Superior Olympi cLevel Gymnasts." II. Clini'c sessions which drew much prai se were the judging classes which were directed by Gordon Maddux of Los Angeles State and assisted by Jerry Todd of Pasadena City College and Irv Faria of Sacramento State_ III. The Clinic hi ghlights for the public was the Championship Met which was directed by Glenn Wilson of the University of Colorado- and despite two equipment mishap s was very well run in 2% hours. Gold watches were awarded to the event winners in each event. Some of the championship standouts were Bill Wolf of Pasadena City College on the Still Rings; 1st p lace, Harvey Plantt of Arizona State University and 2nd place, Don Carney of Iowa on the Trampoline; and Terry Hale, the All-Around winner from the University of Southern California. 12

PERMANENT OFFICERS Sam Bailie ... ............ Clinic Director Frank Bare ..... ...... Assistant Director EXECUTIVE BOARD lrv Faria ... .......... ..... .... .... ... .Clinic President Sacramento State J erry Todd ..... ............ .. .............. Vice-President Pasadena City College Don Robi~ s~ ;l ... Vi ce-President

" A~;;~~~' c;i~;;;i;

Bud Marquette .................... ....... Women's Director Dr. Ruby .... Head of Research Committee Unive rsity oj Arizona Dr. Dunn ..... ............. Research Committee Washington State University Dr. Gustafson ............. ..... ......... Research Committee San Jos e State College Marion Kin g ... ........... Recreation Chairman T exas City, Texas Glenn Wil son .. .. ...Director of Competitions University 0/ Colorado


Held December 27 , 1961 - University of Arizona By Glenn Wil son, Meet Director Approximately 600 people in Tuscon attended the Western Gymnastics Clinic Championships held at the University of Arizona's Bear-Down Gymnasium. These people got a glimpse of the great thin gs to come in this Clinic, and of course, they witnessed 2 hours of the West's finest gymnasts. No team championship was computed as this meet was to be for individuals only. However, a casual observer could easily see that the fine gymnasts from Pasadena City College were dominant on the victory stand. 1;'he All-Around Champion, with 486.5 points was Terry Hale from the University of Southern California. Gold watches were given to the event winners, so I believe I can say that Terry will have no trouble tellin g the time: Mr. Hale won three watches. Terry Hal e

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Modern Gymnast - January 1962  

Modern Gymnast - January 1962