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Army Community Service Real-Life Solutions for Successful Army Living

May 2013 Relocation Assistance Program Title Community Newcomers’ Orientation (Open to all – Soldiers, Spouses, and civilians)

Date(s) May 20




Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

Sponsorship Training

Available on-line: CAC access required

Lending Closet: Announcement

Please call to reserve your Lending Closet Kit, 730-3107/730-4005

Financial Readiness Program/Army Emergency Relief (AER) First Term Soldier Training

May 2


Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

Getting Insurance Large Purchase Consumer Scams and Getting Help Planning & Budgeting Saving & Investing/TSP Using Credit Wisely/Credit Report Identity Theft

May 9

0900-0945 0945-1030 1030-1115 0900-1000 1000-1130 0900-1015 1030-1130

Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

May 16 May 23

Family Advocacy Program Anger Management Stress Management Parenting Techniques (Ages 3+) Couples Communication Skills Victim Advocacy /Domestic Violence Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)

May 8 1200-1300 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 May 15 1200-1300 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 May 22 1200-1300 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 May 29 1200-1300 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Services available upon request. Call the 24/7 Domestic Violence Victim Hotline DSN 153 or 05033-64-5997 Call 730-3107 for more information.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) EFMP Respite Care Provider Training

Available online

New Parent Support Program Binging Home Baby, New born Care

May 14


Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) Training

May 8


Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

Volunteer Orientation

May 15


Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

Volunteer Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) Training

May 22


Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451


May 7-8


Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451


May 28-29


Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

May 7 May 14 May 21 May 28

1330-1430 1400-1500 1330-1430 1330-1430

Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451 Casey ACS Classroom, Bldg 2451

Volunteer Program

Army Family Team Building (AFTB)

Employment Readiness Program Federal Government Job Search and Resume Prep Writing a Winning Private Sector Resume Cover Letter Writing Interviewing Techniques

Mobilization and Deployment Family Readiness Training

Available online at

Military & Family Life Consultants Military Family Life and Child Consultants

AFAP Military One Source

By appointment

Red Cloud 010-3147-0756 , Casey 010-8691-3666 010-4991-1572 (Child Consultant) A grassroots, Army-wide initiative to identify and prioritize issues to enhance standards of living for Soldiers and their Families. -This DoD portal is available 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year. It offers confidential assistance by master’s degree level counselors at no cost to you. From a military base dial 550-3663, follow the instructions to make a toll free call to the US. Dial 800-342-9647 for your US toll free number.

Army Community Service Real-Life Solutions for Successful Army Living

May 2013

ACS CLASS DESCRIPTIONS COMMUNITY NEWCOMER’S ORIENTATION - Provides newly-arrived civilian employees and all spouses’ information on: Ration Control and Black Marketing, SOFA status and visa requirements, NEO, OPSEC, Safety, installation support facilities such as Medical, ACS, Commissary, MWR and AAFES, Korean culture and customs. FIRST TERM SOLDIER TRAINING - This important class covers budgeting and basic money management, saving, credit, insurance, and other financial topics. This class is mandatory for all first term soldiers. This training is also available online at GETTING INSURANCE - Life, health, auto, homeowner’s and long term care insurance are designed to protect against financial loss. This class will explain the different policies that exist and which ones you might need at different stages of life. LARGE PURCHASE - Learning to be a wise consumer will help you in making affordable purchases. The more expensive the purchase, the more you have to lose. This lesson will teach you how to prepare, and research for such spending decisions CONSUMER SCAMS AND GETTING HELP - This class will give you the power to be a savvy consumer. Learn how to protect yourself against identity theft and computer fraud. Be aware of common frauds and scams, particularly those that target military personnel. Leave the class with confidence in your ability to enter contracts and make large purchases. PLANNING & BUDGETING - This class covers the importance of preparing a budget, setting goals, sharing family financial responsibilities and you’ll be able to recognize some financial aspects unique to military life such as frequent relocations, deployments, and transition to civilian life. SAVING & INVESTING/TSP - This class will show you the importance of building savings and why saving early is beneficial. Learn about the Thrift Savings Plan in detail and how to get started. USING CREDIT WISELY/CREDIT REPORT - Credit cards have benefits, but they can also lead to debt and poor credit scores. Find out whether using credit is a good idea for you, how to manage your credit cards and debt, and the importance of protecting your credit history. IDENTITY THEFT - Identity theft occurs when someone uses your name, social security number, or credit card number without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes. Learn how to deter, detect, and defend against this crime that affects nine million people per year.

ANGER MANAGEMENT – learn to identify the causes, physical signs and consequences of your anger. Find healthy and assertive ways to express anger and improve your relationships and job performance as a result. STRESS MANAGEMENT – How you handle stress can make all the difference in your quality of life. This class helps you identify your stressors; learn new techniques to deal with stressful situations and practice ways to find calm in an otherwise hectic day. PARENTING TECHNIQUES (AGES 3+) – This class teaches parents about children’s development after age 3 and effective methods of age-appropriate child discipline to encourage harmony and healthy living in the home. COUPLES COMMUNICATION SKILLS – assists couples to identify roadblocks to communication and to handle them effectively. This class can be attended by individuals but works best when couples attend together. BINGING HOME BABY, NEW BORN CARE – Bringing baby home is both exciting and challenging. Learn about the basics of new born care in this class, Moms and Dads are welcome. VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (VMIS) TRAINING - Learn to use the VMI System where you can register as a volunteer, search and apply for volunteer opportunities, track your volunteer hours and store volunteer records (hours, positions, awards, training).

VOLUNTEERS ORIENTATION – Learn about the Army Volunteer Corps Program and what services ACS can provide to you as a volunteer. VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION POINT OF CONTACT (OPOC) TRAINING - Learn how to manage volunteers in the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS).

Army Community Service Real-Life Solutions for Successful Army Living

May 2013 ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING (AFTB) Level II – In this level of training, AFTB can help you “grow” personal skills that will make you an asset to any organization, such as Family Readiness Groups, religious organizations, within your Family and amongst co-workers. It can help you become a valuable asset to your military community as well.

ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING (AFTB) Level III – Course is for emerging leaders within the Army community. Course topics include Communication Skills for Leaders, Understanding Needs, Leadership Styles, Building Cohesive Teams, Managing Group Conflict, Leader Assisted Problem Solving, and Delegation for Leaders, Meeting Management, Coaching & Mentoring and Family Readiness Group Leadership. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JOB SEARCH AND RESUME PREP – learn about the ins and outs of Federal employment and apply federal government resume writing skills to get the Federal job you really love. WRITING A WINNING PRIVATE SECTOR RESUME –Looking for opportunities outside the government? This class helps you grab the attention of contractors and private employers and make the most of your experience and skills. COVER LETTER WRITING – the cover letter is the first thing employers see so this class teaches you the basics of letter writing and helps you highlight your skills and experiences with confidence. INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES – this class helps you prepare for interviews and discuss your job experience with ease and comfort.

HOTLINE PHONE NUMBERS Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Hotline Calling from on post ~ 730-1101 Calling from off post ~ 05033-30-1101 or 031-869-1101 Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Hotline Calling from on post ~ 153 Calling from off post ~ 05033-64-5997 Abandoned Military Spouse Hotline Calling from on post ~ 730-3635 Calling from off post ~ 05033-30-3635

NOTICE For Passport or Report of Birth Abroad processing please contact the following office directly U.S. Embassy (Seoul) 721-4114(DSN) 02-397-4114(from cell) By Appointment Only U.S. Embassy Outreach Office (USAG Yongsan) 738-8111 Wednesdays, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (except U.S. & KN Holidays

2012 ACS Telephone Book: Book 2012.pdf Join USAG Area I – ACS Facebook This calendar can also be downloaded at: Registration is required for all classes. Class schedules are subject to change. Please contact your local ACS to confirm scheduled times, 730-3107.

ACS Classes and Events  

ACS Classes and Events