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U.S. Army Garrison - Main Post (Grafenwoehr) / Rose Barracks (Vilseck)

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In the Spotlight Who: Grafenwoehr Military Community What: Town Hall Meetings - Consolidation of Services Where: Main Post Theater & Rose Barracks Theater When: 3 Oct, Main Post & 4 Oct, Rose Barracks - 1800 hrs Purpose: These Special Town Halls are hosted by USAG Grafenwoehr Commander, COL Avanulas Smiley, to provide an overview briefing of The Garrison’s Services Realignment/Restructure Plan the Staff is currently working. The discussion will focus on potential Garrison services consolidation, expansion, realignment or relocation in order to Improve & Sustain Quality Service Delivery in light of our Fundamentally Different Fiscal Reality. All ID card holders are invited to this event.

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What is‌‌.. Go to to submit online comments to improve services on the installation. Everyday services are being rated and your comments are very important ICE provides a place for Customers to make suggestions, and provide feedback to Garrison Leadership and Directors to facilitate improved Services and Programs, give praise to good Customer service and voice concerns over programs and services. ***Note: ICE should not be use for personal attacks and remember to use your Chain of Command for individual unit issues***

Bring on the ICE Praise Vehicle Registration/Comment: I am shipping my POV to the States. The staff was outstanding at the POV transportation office. They helped me with everything. At the Vehicle Registration Office, although there were 50 people in line in front of me, the staff were hard-working and I was at the desk and taken care of promptly. All of the people in line were good-natured about the long line and it inspiring that the people waiting and the employees struggling to see everyone were able to keep such a positive attitude. MWR Event/Comment: I wanted to thank the MWR staff for hosting the Graf. Half Marathon on 13 August. The event was well organized and the staff made the event a huge success. There were water stations and clocks displaying the time for participants at every mile. I really think the event was conducted professionally and will lead to more participation from active runners in our community. Again, Thanks for your effort. CYSS/Comment: My coworker and I had the opportunity to visit the Rose Barracks FCC office for ideas on how to reorganize our FCC set-up. Both my coworker and I were very impressed with the staff’s organizational skills, attention to detail, teamwork and positive attitude. We left their FCC office feeling motivated, energized and focused. My coworker and I are very grateful for all of their assistance and inspiration 2 of 4

Bring on the ICE Praise Housing /Comment: I'm stationed in Wiesbaden and have been away from my wife and children for 2 years. I have worked long and hard to get them here with me and finally they will join me in Graf, but this could not had happened without the help of your amazing staff from MPD, and Housing specifically Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Robinson, and Mrs. Misch all three took my issue and made it personal, they worked on it and kept me updated thru all the steps and contacted Wiesbaden to walk them thru the steps they needed. It's civilians like them that help the Army run successfully, and keeps my family and I happy that someone is looking out for us. We are grateful to be going to an assignment where our first impression was amazing. I could not say enough Thank You, to them for their hard and speedy work.

Education Center/Comment: Mr. Michael WATTS continues to be exceptionally helpful and pro-active.

ID Cards/Comment: Mr. Hahn was extremely helpful and courteous. He went above and beyond what was asked of him. He gets 2 thumbs WAY up.

Housing/Comment: The staff was very professional and very welcome atmosphere. I would recommend all to this facility.

Housing/Comment: Thank you for all the help with our move to Germany.

Everyone is so helpful-THANK YOU!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Excellent Service!!! - ICE ASAP/Comment: I have been working with the Graf ASAP team for almost 2 years. The information and service provided by the team is outstanding. Whenever I have needed help with a difficult situation i.e. legal or if I had questions in regards to testing they made themselves available to me for answers. Receiving UPL results have always been timely given the number and location of companies they have to work with. I truly appreciate the service they offer . CDC/Comment: I would like to thank the fine staff at the Grafenwoehr CDC, My almost one year old daughter has been going since November 29, 2010. I have never seen a staff who are so great with the children and who take an active interest in them and their well being. Knowing that this staff are with my daughter on a daily basis eases my mind greatly! They should be HIGHLY commended on their work and their dedication to the children. 3 of 4

Grafenwoehr Military Community Issue Tracker

For a full listing of all Community Issues go to: ISSUE






Childcare restructuring - hourly care in only 1 location can be problematic, inconvenient

There is a new program part-time verses part day. Part time allows customers to drop off their children for 5 hours in the morning verses 3 hours



Can EFMP physicals count as a CYSS sports physical; since families w/ EFMP children have to get those physicals before they arrive, and they're basically the same

The scope of the EFMP screening might be very specific which would not meet the definition of a CYSS physical. However, if the child had a need for CYSS enrollment, the family member could request to add a CYSS physical to the enrollment appointment


Command Group/ISO

Are Air Force Airman allowed to wear earphones while in uniform running or walking around the Garrison

Air Force Instruction AF191-207 22 May 2007; Wearing portable headphones, earphones, or other listening devices while operating a motor vehicle, running, jogging, walking, bicycling, or skating on roadways is prohibited


AFAP Army Family Action Plan:

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It’s never to late to let your voice be heard! Submit your Issue TODAY and increase your quality of life. DSN 476-2237 or Civ 09662-83-2237 4 of 4

Boots on the ground  
Boots on the ground  

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