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JULY 2011

“Voice of the Customer” ICE provides feedback to Directorates & the Garrison Command on Services & Programs

Bring on the ICE Praise Auto Skills Shop/RB- Comment: The manager Larry should receive a thumbs up for outstanding service and outstanding attitude (which is very rare at Auto Crafts Shop's Staff.) If we could only have 3 more of Larry's in the world of auto craft this would be a better world. MWR needs to invest in his shop which is needing an upgrade, the building is code yellow. All I can say is Go Larry GO keep up the good work! _________________________________________________________________________ Housing/RB - Comment: I would like to say that Mrs. Zeilman at housing is awesome. In all my years of any civilian run office she has been the most knowledgeable, helpful and respectful. Many civilians are rude to soldiers but like I said she made me feel comfortable that she was taking care of my situation. I'm glad to have encountered her in my trip for housing. ______________________________________________________________________ CDC/RB Comment: I just love Jeanine S because she always makes things easier on me. When I am running late or when I need anything. Thanks a Million. Please let them know about this. __________________________________________________________________________ ODR/MP - Comment: I would like to ask that Hans Hathaway be commended for his outstanding support during last weekend's Eger River Hunting Trip. I travelled from Heidelberg, and Hans' efforts made the trip worth going for. Great job and thanks! __________________________________________________________________________ Teen Center/RB - Comment: Postal Service/MP - Comment: Mr. The best part about the Goodloe made an informative and Warner Brothers trip was the practical presentation for mailing scary rollercoaster . That ride downrange to our FRG group. He was off the chain. did an outstanding job.

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Bring on the Praise Fitness Center /MP- Comment: Bravo!! Bravo!! on another GREAT Army 10 Miler Qualifier. I would like to thank everyone for putting such a great event together. Thank you for changing the route(as a runner it is very disappointing to see the finish line and you still have a mile to go), for all the water stops, and for the AFN announcement. This was my 7th year running the ATM qualifier and this year was the BEST!!! again THANK YOU!!!! and see you next year!!! ______________________________________________________________________________________ Bowling Center/MP - Comment: I would like to thank the Bowling Center management and staff (especially Robin) for the excellent customer service on Thursday, 7 July. The Grafenwoehr CDC's prekinder program and staff had an enjoyable time bowling on their field trip. The children can't wait to return for a future trip! Sincerely, Randy Lambert Facility Director Grafenwoehr CDC . _______________________________________________________________________________________ CDC/Netzaberg - Comment: I would CPAC/MP - Comment: I came into the like to thank Toddler A, Veronica, CPAC office today after going to SATO Trina, Tonja & Toddler B Fetija, for travel plans for my daughters. I Jennifer, & Ms. Lindsay for taking was directed to Ms. Nicola Hoffman such wonderful care of my daughter for assistance and was treated and the other children. professionally and courteously. Ms. Hoffman handled my request quickly Comment: I love bringing kids to the and with compassion. I highly Netzaberg CDC, because I know they commend her for this. are in good hands _______________________________________________________________________________________ VAT Office/MP- Comment:. I want to thank Frau Inge Spoeth for the outstanding service she provided me in dealing with the reconciliation of my E.ON bill and the time and effort she took to speak to E.ON on my behalf. All the visits I have made to the VAT Office, she is always friendly, helpful, and goes the extra mile for each customer. In my opinion, its employees like her that makes Grafenwoehr a Community of Excellence. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Legal Services/RB - Comment: Daniel Lindsey went above and beyond to try and contact me, since my husband was out of the country and couldn't be reached, and follow up with me regarding our taxes. Normally people give up when the contact information on file isn't sufficient, but Daniel looked me up on global to track me down to be sure we didn't miss out on getting out taxes turned in. Awesome customer service. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Housing/RB - Comment: I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Vilseck housing office especially to Mrs. Rosemarie Wiesheu, whom I think should be awarded the “thumbs up” award. Her selfless service and dedication to servicing the Soldiers and family members surpasses even the highest standards. Mrs. Wiesheu went above and beyond for services of myself and my family. Outstanding job! Keep up the great work! And don’t forget, that it is Mrs. Wiesheu that should receive this prestigious award. Thanks. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2 of 5

Grafenwoehr Military Community Issue Tracker

For a full listing of all Community Issues go to: ISSUE




DPW Housing

Gm端nd Leased Housing Area Fence



Pedestrian routes between Netzaberg Housing and Village Center



Bus Shuttle for outer lay communityWeiherhammer

STATUS Currently under review with USAG leased housing real estate office. Pending response from owner Update: City of Eschenbach approved the installation of 4 signs, pending work order Closed: New route schedules have been published; 1 July 2011

UPDATE on Services Provided by the Bavarian News July 20, 2011

VAT forms applicable to TKS Services HEIDELBERG, Germany - Installation Management Command Europe officials announced today that eligible U.S. Forces Telepost Kabel-Service customers will be able to use Value Added Tax forms to avoid paying VAT taxes on their landline telephone and Internet service beginning Aug 1. All U.S. DoD personnel or ID card holders that normally qualify for German VAT exemption will now also be able to save 19 percent on their monthly TKS bills. The authorization to use VAT forms applies only to existing and new TKS services that run on a month-tomonth basis. Contracts with a minimum duration of one or two years do not qualify for a VAT exemption. The basic premise is that TKS adjusted their product offering so that the landline phone service can now be put on a month-to-month subscription rather than a 1- or 2-year contract. Members are responsible for tracking, proper processing, and turn in of used VAT forms. White and pink copies of the VAT Forms turned in to TKS for processing tax-free landline phone service will be mailed back to the customer. For more information call your local VAT office, TKS outlet, or the IMCOM Europe program management at DSN 370-7503. For the full article go to The Bavarian News: 3 of 5

Things about ICE? Put your suggestions or comments on ICE Where do you find ICE: Go to the Garrison Webpage: www. or Fill out a hard copy comment card and place in the black box suggestions or comments on How are we doing? ICE is your direct link to management. We promise to respond to your submission In 3 business days when you ask for a response.

THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to serve you better! Go online to make a submission or


ICE Poster

ICE comment card example

What is ICE: 

ICE is a web- based tool that allows Customers to evaluate Services, Products, and Staff performance

It provides a place for Customers to make suggestions to improve Services and Programs, give praise to good Customer Service and voice concerns

Voice of the Customer” provides continuous feedback to Directorates and the Garrison Command on Services and Programs

Feedback can implement changes almost immediately as all comments are reviewed, thus providing quick solutions and improvements to Services and Programs

The Customer is anyone who uses Services and Programs on the Garrison

ICE Trends can be addressed at the Community Huddle 4 of 5

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Satisfaction Questions (Percentage): 100%-85% 84%-65% 64%-0%

__________________________________________________________ Follow-up Percentages by Directorate Garrison standard to respond to comments within 3 business days is 85% Report date: 13 June - 17 July 2011 Service Provider Army Community Services (ACS) Civilian Personnel Office (CPAC)

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Boots on the Ground - CMS Update  

Boots on the Ground - CMS Update

Boots on the Ground - CMS Update  

Boots on the Ground - CMS Update