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USA Dance Members Reach Out Several chapters used the power of dance to reach out to organizations in their areas and give back to their communities.

Two Months and Counting The 2013 USA Dance National DanceSport Championships are going to be held April 5-7 in Los Angeles, CA.

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A new column for social dancers!

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Cruising with USA Dance

March - April 2013

Issue 41

On the Cover 10 Cruising With USA Dance USA Dance members recently returned from a December cruise to the islands of Aruba and Curacao. Nightly dances and daily workshops accompanied the unforgettable scenery.

14 Socially Yours A new column introduced in the 2012 January-February issue. This issues article addresses the topic of deciding which type of dance lesson is right for you.

16 USA Dance Members Reach Out Several charities and communities benefited from the generosity of USA Dance members all over the country in recent months.

38 Two Months and Counting Time is ticking, and with only two months left before the most prestigious amateur competition in the country, organizers, dancers and spectators are all gearing up.

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The time is drawing near for chapters to again consider holding an event in conjunction with Olympic Day. Last year the Orlando Chapter organized an excellent event at a local mall which included inspiring words from an Olympian who was invited to speak on the purpose of Olympic Day, interspersed with dance demonstrations and a dance lesson for the general public. The United States Olympic Committee was very pleased with this event and was intrigued with the possibility of using dance to celebrate Olympic Day and its message of physical fitness for all. As a result, this year the USOC has contacted me and asked USA Dance to assist them in choreographing a simple dance that Olympians can learn and in turn teach to children and adults attending Olympic Day celebrations all over the country. We have submitted the name of an excellent choreographer to the USOC, and as this effort unfolds, we will provide more information on this exciting project and this wonderful opportunity to partner with the USOC. In announcing 2013 Olympic Day activities, the USOC has requested that we share the announcement below with all our chapters in the hope that they will be inspired to organize Olympic Day activities in their communities: “What is Olympic Day? Olympic Day, held annually on June 23, is celebrated by millions of people in more than 160 countries. Commemorating the birth of the modern Olympic Games, Olympic Day is not only a celebration, but an international effort to promote fitness and well-being in addition to the Olympic ideals of fair play, perseverance, respect and sportsmanship.

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This year, the window of Olympic Day celebrations in the United State is June 21-30, 2013. Communities across the United States will celebrate Olympic Day through educational programming and other activities, or they may include Olympic Day as part of a preexisting event.” The message from the USOC continues: “A local Olympian or Paralympian in your area may participate in an Olympic Day event to share their personal story and inspire those in attendance with Olympic messaging. To learn more about Olympic Day and to register to host an event, please visit” - United States Olympic Committee USA Dance of course promotes physical fitness and well being through ballroom dancing and DanceSport, and it is through the demonstration and enjoyment of this wonderful activity that we tell our story best. This links perfectly with the Olympic movement’s message of physical fitness for all ages, so let’s support Olympic Day 2013 at our social dances, at demonstrations in malls, in schools, and everywhere our dancers gather.

Lydia T. Scardina National President, USA Dance


2013 mARCH - aPRIL



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Contributing Writers Jean Krupa Jean Krupa currently serves as the Social Vice President for USA Dance. She served as Region VI Vice President in 1999. She was a founding member of the Greater Daytona Chapter in 1990.

Angela Prince Angela Prince is the National Public Relations Director for USA Dance, responsible for all integrated PR programs, organization publicity and communications, national media relations, social media relations and brand development. She is also the editorial advisor for American Dancer magazine and other publications.

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Cover Photo USA Dance Cruise Photo By Danny Daniels

Announcements Correction to Jan/Feb Issue of American Dancer On page 26 of the previous issue of American Dancer we stated that Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski placed 6th at the WDSF World Championship Junior II Ten Dance competition. This was incorrect. Patryk and Anna in fact placed 5th at the competition. Congratulations again Patryk and Anna.

DanceSport Membership Processing System USA Dance is currently operating two different membership-processing systems. When member information was transferred to the new DanceSport system last fall, chapter affiliation did not transfer. USA Dance is relying on all DanceSport members to update their information as they renew their memberships to be able to determine their correct chapter. Please encourage DanceSport members to log in to their record and choose their chapter affiliation to speed this process along. Note: the DanceSport system provides members the ability to print their own membership card so USA Dance will no longer mail a card to those members. Recreational/Social dance members will continue to have a card mailed to them as in the past.

2013 National Chapter Conference March 7-10 The 2013 National Chapter Conference will be held at the Wyndham Airport in Richmond VA. Make arrangements with the hotel and sign up on line to secure your place.

USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championships April 5-7 The three-day continuous dance event will be held at the JW Marriott at LA LIVE in Los Angeles, starting at 8 am until 11 pm each day. Tickets and additional information can be found at


2013 mARCH - aPRIL


Social Corner How to Take a Dance Lesson By Daniel Calloway When an adult student takes a dance lesson, whether he or she knows it or not, both dancing skills and a set of essential learning skills are integral parts of that student’s learning. A student must implement learning habits in addition to the dancing in order to become a successful dancer. Learners often become frustrated and quit because without these learning skills their learning stagnates. On an academic level, most universities recognize this problem and require freshmen to take a basic study skills course to teach them these learning skills. Developing study skills in dancing is similar to developing good habits early in life. Developing disciplined habits at dance rehearsals enables any dancer to get more out of each rehearsal. Good preparation for any lesson is more than just arriving early. “On time” for a lesson is actually fifteen minutes late. The dance teacher’s maxim, “early in life, late in dancing,” conveys the image that on the dance floor most dancers rush the music, failing to get the most out of the dance experience; it also suggests that it is better to be early than late so the rush of preparation doesn’t cheat you out of the full value of the experience. There can be a lot to do before a lesson: some socializing is to be expected; shoes need to be brushed and put on; the body needs to be warmed up; and notes from previous lessons should be reviewed as part of your 8 Dance Floor

preparation. When a partner is involved, warm-up can take longer and the agenda for the lesson should be discussed as a partnership before the teacher arrives. Individual work between practices is extremely valuable so the lesson can begin with a quick discussion of your individual efforts since the previous lesson. Normally, questions about choreography and technique arise when new material is rehearsed, especially when you have practiced them on your own. Get in the habit of composing a written list of questions about prior material. The highest compliment to the teacher is the value beyond the lesson that the student places in what is being taught. Because most dance students must fit their lessons into an often hectic and unpredictable life, these habits of being early for a lesson, practicing between lessons and taking notes on that practice can’t always be maintained to perfection. The important principle is that they are habits worth cultivating. Learning to dance is most enjoyable when accompanied by the feeling of accomplishment and progress enjoyed by those who have developed these habits.


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Dancing Down Broadway Members of the Greater New York chapter participated in the annual New York City dance parade.



Chapter of the Year Reaching Out and Creating Smiles

Figure it Out! Michelle Yiu and Kinsley Lin, members of the San Francisco chapter of USA Dance were chosen to compete on Nickelodeon’s gameshow “Figure it Out!”

Crowning Champions

Sail Me Away The USA Dance National Dance Cruise traveled t oAlaska for some exciting adventures and unexpected events

2012 Nationals Recap The Nationals Competition in Baltimore was the largest in its 32-year history. There were many unique aspects to this year’s competition. If you weren’t able to be there, be sure to read all about it.

Crowning National Champions and World Team

On the Runway

Preaparing for a World Stage USA Dance members swept the competition in Cali, Columbia, at a recent international competition that was held in preparation for next year’s World Games.

New USA Dance Ambassadors

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & four top fashion designers sponsor 10 USA Dance DanceSport couples at Nationals

USA Dance has created a new program where members have more opportunities to share the passion and benefits of ballroom dancing with more people than ever. Official Publication of USA Dance

Official Publication of USA Dance

National Ballroom Dance Week 2012

May - June 2012

Dance Chapter Holds Special Olympics Competition

Issue 36

September-October 2012

Official Publication of USA Dance

Official Publication of USA Dance

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Senior II & III World Championships

July-August 2012

USA dance 2011 national dancesport championships Issue 37

May - June 2011

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2013 March - April


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Cruising with USA Dance

on the Caribbean


The 4th USA Dance Cruise brought together 130 members and future members from across the US to the exotic ports of the Dutch owned islands of Aruba and Curacao. Princess Cay offered a chance to play on a private beach, in Aruba we snorkeled, went on city tours and visited the sights. Curacao’s history was fascinating and most colorful. I hope you can take the time to visit the photo website with some of the beautiful pictures taken by our photographer at http://ddphotoalaska.

On Friday night we once again had a Bon Voyage dance party at the beautiful Gold Coast Ballroom. Then Saturday morning we were up and ready to board the buses to take us to the ship. We had three full days at sea in which we had 45 dance workshops covering all levels and styles of dance with instruction by Dan and Silke Calloway and Mary Evans, who also took the time to teach private lessons. The theme nights along with two formal nights brought out everyone’s imagination. On “Super Heroes Night” we had Poison Ivy, Bat Man and Bat Girl, witches, policewomen, prisoners, Zorro and so many others I can’t remember them all. The Gentlemen host was in effect each evening. We danced in Club Fusion each evening on a nice wood floor, and some people would gather at the Piazza before dinner for some dancing as well. I want to thank my fantastic group of volunteers, dance hosts and instructors who helped make this cruise “smooth sailing”. We had two cocktail parties, fantastic dancers, a long distance marriage proposal, beautiful weather and smooth seas. What more could you ask for? www.USAdance.ORG

2013 March - April


We also had several area coordinators aboard the cruise ship this time, and we were able to take the opportunity to meet with our Senior VP, Bill Rose, for a very productive meeting. Remember, these cruises, while a chance to meet fellow dancers from across the nation, also help to support our USA Dance programs. So while you are doing something nice for yourself you are also helping support USA Dance. Mark your calendar for our next cruise to Bermuda on October 27 departing Cape Liberty, New Jersey, on yet another cruise line, the Royal Caribbean, with an ice skating rink that magically turns into a 2400 square foot wood dance floor. Check out the ad and article in this issue. The number will be limited so we can all dine and dance together. By Jean Krupa

12 Dance Floor

Photos By Danny Daniels


2013 March - April


Socially yours

Group vs. Private Lessons – Which is Better?

So, you have decided to learn to ballroom dance. You have taken on a hobby that will provide years of enjoyment, exercise and social interaction. Before you start, you should decide what your goal is in learning to ballroom dance. Do you just want to go out on Saturday night and have fun, or do you want to get serious and learn enough to perform or compete? You also need to decide what your budget is for ballroom dance lessons. Then, you can weigh the pros and cons of group, semiprivate and private lessons.

14 Dance Floor

Different Types of Lessons There are three types of lessons to choose from: group, semi-private and private. Choosing the right lesson depends on your learning style or level of experience. With the right type of lesson, dancers can improve dramatically over a relatively short period of time. This guide breaks down the benefits of each type of lesson.

Group Lessons One of the best things about group lessons is that they are affordable and you get exercise and socializing to boot! At group classes, you will have the chance to dance with several different people and make new friends. Group lessons are a good way to learn patterns (steps). Group lessons are also extremely fun, so beginners benefit from an entertaining, semi-social group environment. Group lessons are the most affordable type of dance lesson and they often take place in the evening so they don’t interfere with work. The downside to group lessons is that you are sharing the teacher with 10 to 20 other people. You will get little individual attention if you are having trouble, and the pace of the class may be too fast or slow for your liking.

Group lessons are an excellent introduction to dances of all types and the social experience of partner dancing that allows you to concentrate on a single dance. You probably should take group lessons before you take private lessons. The costbenefit ratio for private lessons is much more favorable after you have the basics under your belt. Group Lessons – Advantages: Less expensive Social time Learn from others Disadvantages: Less personalized attention Different skill levels can be difficult Difficult to teach more advanced techniques

Semi-private Lessons Semi-private lessons are ideal for learning dances. While group lessons may not offer enough coaching or practice time, semi-private lessons allow dancers with similar abilities to share the cost of the instructor whether with a partner or another couple. With fewer people in the lesson, you have more oneon-one time with the instructor and can address specific issues.

Private Lessons Private lessons are necessary for serious dancers trying to reach the next level. Through private lessons the teacher has the ability to teach the six elements of dance: Step pattern, Footwork, Timing, Lead and Follow, Style and Continuity. In a group class however it is really only possible to teach the first three effectively, step pattern, footwork and timing. These lessons can be expensive, but are worth it. They are a great way to learn good technique, www.USAdance.ORG

because the teacher has more time to go into details. If you want to get good enough to perform or compete, private lessons are a necessity. The lessons will move at the right pace for your needs, and you can learn exactly what you want. Private lessons are good for pre-wedding polish, especially after you have taken some group classes. In one or two private lessons, you can polish the little things that aren’t fixable in a group class; work on styling, dance in wedding clothes and deal with “first dance” choreography (how to pattern the moves across the floor so you look good).

Private Lessons – Advantages:

Personalized attention

Pace is customized

Faster progress

Easier to schedule


More expensive

Hot Tip: A Common Blend By looking at private lessons and group classes as a perfect partnership you can have the best of both worlds. Learn a step pattern in your group class and then take it to your private lesson instructor to help develop it. Use your private lessons for personal knowledge that is essential for progress and then use group classes as a way to fill in the gaps when a private lesson is not financially possible. In the end, when you are learning to dance the key to improvement is repetition of the correct techniques. Group lessons should represent what is being taught in private lessons, and vice versa. Ultimately, dancers should enjoy their time on the floor. However you decide to learn, have fun! See you on the dance floor. By Jean Krupa 2013 March - April


USA Dance Members reach out to those around them...

16 Dance Floor

Top Photo: Pam Vaughn, Jane Hester, Tiyanna Nixon, Sylvia Rose, and Robert White. Bottom Photo: LeBonheur representative, Sylvia Rose, Robert White, Pam Vaughn, Jane Hester, LeBonheur representative. Photo By Tiyanna Nixon

the facilities and to learn more about the Child Life program, which their donation will be benefitting.

Recently, several members of USA Dance Chapter 2012 met Tyanna, a happy cute six-year old girl. She played with the ladies’ earrings and wanted to try them on. She asked a lot of questions and chattered away. What makes Tyanna so special is that while she acted like a typical kid, she was undergoing dialysis, an exhausting treatment in which she is hooked up to a machine that removes toxins from her blood because her body is not capable of doing so on its own. Chapter president Robert White, vice-president Pam Vaughn, dance director Gail Mays, and publicity and instructor relations chair Sylvia Rose, were at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital where Tyanna receives her treatment to donate the proceeds from the chapter’s Mavis Stanley Memorial Charity Benefit Ball. They were also there to take a tour of www.USAdance.ORG

The purpose of the multi-level Child Life program, as explained by Michelle Stubbs, the Director of Development and Annual Giving of the LeBonheur Children’s Hospital Foundation, is to rebuild the social, emotional, and educational needs of the children while they are in the hospital. The program helps pay for two teachers, pet therapy, counseling with parents and siblings, as well as art, music, and other social distractions to help the children learn to live and cope with their conditions. This year marked the fifth Memorial Charity Benefit Ball hosted by Chapter 2012 and the second year in which the beneficiary was LeBonheur. Ms. Mavis Stanley was instrumental in the organization of the Memphis chapter and served as the president for many years. Over the past five years, Chapter 2012 has raised close to $9,000 and given donations to the Cancer Society, the Shrine Children’s Burn Center, and the Berclair Civic Club. By Nastasya C. C. Hnat 2013 March - April


Photo Courtesy Of George Drake

USA Dance Easton Ballroom Dancers Raise $600 for Hurricane Sandy Victims Ballroom Dancers of The USA Dance Easton MD Chapter (6099) wore red and white on December 1 and danced and donated $600 to the American Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Donations were collected from donation jars and a percentage from each paid admission. The YMCA of the Chesapeake (Easton) generously donated the facility rent money for the evening and Ms. Shirley Windsor, owner of Seasonal Flowers, donated a beautiful floral arrangement to one lucky guest. Ms. Dotty Hessinger sold slightly used dresses and shoes and donated the monies collected. Ms. Mary Lou Keller provided festive red and white table decorations. Treasurer Don Blad reported a total of $555.25 donations. The chapter, upon approval at the January board meeting, rounded the donation figure to $600.00 and sent the money to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Dancers enjoyed a Waltz lesson by instructor Valentine Hodgman. Ms. Agieszka (Aggie) Beletsky (an instructor for Amanda Showell-Cook’s Dancing On The Shore) provided DJ services for the 45 dancers in attendance. Dancers meet at 7:15 p.m. the first Saturday night of each month at the Easton (MD) YMCA to enjoy a lesson followed by social ballroom, Latin, swing, and 18 Dance Floor

country western dancing. New dancers and dancers of all levels are invited to attend. By George R. Drake

Ready, Set, Go! My passion for dance has led me to set a New Year’s goal of competing for myself. This July, I will compete for the first time at the Twin Cities competition for Cha Cha, Rumba, and Swing – and I will win first place for the cause of Sharon Pechacek. When I first met Sharon Pechacek we were attending a funeral reception for the mother of our mutual friend, Melissa. Sharon’s upbeat personality reminded me of my close girlfriend, Denise, who died several years ago of a rare breast cancer. I told Sharon about Denise and how much I still miss her. Sharon then shared with me that she had recently learned she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow that causes portions of bones to wear away, leading to bone complications. Sharon is a single mother with a limited income and an auxiliary member of the Veterans of Foreign

Wars. Her cleaning business, “Housecare Pros,” is Sharon’s only source of income as she struggles daily with her cancer. The illness has affected her collarbone, which has ended up breaking. The movement in her arm is limited, making it difficult for her work at her cleaning business. For five months she was unable to work while undergoing cancer treatments. Nevertheless, she is blessed, she says, with one daughter and three fun-loving grandsons who are her best medicine. I needed to do something, so I prayed about Sharon’s predicament, and the thought of entering a dance competition for Sharon came into my mind. I needed to find a way to get this message out to others. When I get thoughts like this, I know my Higher Power has sent them to me and I always follow through. A website called www.caringbridge. org.sharonpechacek is set up for updated reports on Sharon’s progress. Please send your donations to Wells Fargo Bank, 600 Second Street, Hudson, Wisconsin, 54016 , in care of the Sharon Pechacek donation fund. To win, I knew I needed to start now and I needed to maintain a balance of spiritual, physical, and mental wholeness. For guidance in all three areas I contacted the following team: my Higher Power (for spiritual), Stacy Otto (for physical), and my dance instructor, Martin Pickering (for mental wholeness).

Bicep curls? Ouch! Ouch! Cha! Cha! Cha! Throughout my frustrating moments of sticking with the diet and workout plan, I thought about how hard it must be for Sharon to handle not only her job but her daily fears and pain of her illness. I can do this I told myself. The last guidance piece I needed was given by my Cinema Ballroom dance instructor, Martin Pickering. He taught me how to work on my muscle memory. This involved not only the steps in the routine, but the movement of my legs, arms, inner core, and smile. “Shoulders down, shoulders down,” Martin repeated. Everything needs to be rehearsed over and over until I can dance it without thinking. In the back of my mind, the fear of performing would pop in my head and then I would visualize Sharon struggling with her illness and recent announcement that the doctors found some tiny holes in her skull. I can overcome my fears and get me routine down to perfection. Yes, with the help of my team -- my Higher Power, Stacy, and Martin-I can do this for Sharon. Ready, Set, Go! See you at the 20l3 Twin Cities Open held at the Marriot Hotel in July, in honor of our veterans and volunteer auxiliary members, my Latin dance wear will be red, white, and blue. By Chris Trask

Working from the inside out I started with spiritual wholeness by attending an event called, “Bountiful Blessings” in mid-November at the Shepherd of the Valley Church. The guest speaker, Kristen Taraszewski, pointed out that internal wholeness never goes out of style, nor do mentoring relationships. For my physical guidance I called on Stacy Otto, a personal YMCA trainer located in Woodbury. She started me on a high protein diet and an aggressive workout plan that varied and changed for the months ahead. Because each person is different, Stacy came up with a personal plan to help a senior woman such as myself develop muscle tone. After dinner snack? Chocolate? No! No! Cha! Cha! Cha! www.USAdance.ORG

Chris Trask and Sharon Pechacek Photo Courtesy Of Chris trask 2013 March - April



While some people were watching an NFL Playoff Game one Sunday night in January, dancers from the Orlando FL Chapter were dancing in the aisles of Macy’s Furniture Gallery in Altamonte Springs, just outside Orlando. Thanks to Vincent Zincone, a ballroom dancer and Macy’s salesperson, Macy’s partnered with our Chapter to hold a fundraiser in the furniture gallery for nine preteen dancers who will represent our Chapter at the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships in L.A. in April. The youth team from Giving Dance Inc. and their coach Aimee Allen performed several exhibitions to show the crowd their competition routines. Our Chapter is very proud, because this is the second USA Dance National Championship that our preteens have attended. They loved competing in Baltimore last year, and are looking forward to the Los Angeles event. The proceeds from this dance help with their travel and registration expenses. The Gallery’s Center Court was a popular place to Swing and Salsa, but everyone loved following the arrow signs for “Waltzers Way” and “Tango Trail” as 20 Dance Floor

they danced on the wide aisles throughout the store -- always following Line of Dance, of course. DJ’s Bobby & Judi Chapman provided speakers all over the store, so everyone could hear the fabulous dance music. Dancers could relax on Macy’s fine furniture between dances. One of our dancers even bought the sofa he was sitting on during the dance! USA Dance District 9 Coordinator Marta Pascale stopped by to dance, and to surprise everyone by presenting our Orlando Chapter with the District 9 2012 Chapter of the Year Award! Our next fundraiser dance at Macy’s Furniture Gallery will raise funds for the Altamonte Springs Advisory Board for the Disabled, which partners with us in our 8-week Special Needs Dance Program twice a year. For four years/eight sessions, our Chapter volunteers have partnered with 35-40 individuals with intellectual disabilities, to share the joy and elegance of ballroom dancing with them. n Photos Courtesy of Judi Chapman

“Macy’s partnered with our Chapter to hold a fundraiser in the furniture gallery for nine preteen dancers who will represent our Chapter at the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships in L.A. in April.”


2013 March - April



New Year’s Gala By Ray Smith

The Tidewater Chapter #6008 held its 22nd Annual New Year’s Gala of events from Dec. 28th – Dec. 31st, 2012. The event was well attended with 265 attending the Saturday Dinner Dance and 216 attending the New Year’s Eve Dance. The Friday and Sunday night dances averaged more than 150 attendees each night. Over 600 people took advantage of the 65 workshops held throughout 3 ½ days. In addition to the main ballroom dances, we tried new specialty dance rooms aka “Club Rooms” which included two additional rooms for dancing; Shag and Salsa. The various dance venues utilized more than 7,000 SF of competition grade dance flooring, including 5,600 SF for the main ballroom. Our newest addition to the event this year, a special youth-oriented workshop program, was well received. The workshops were hosted by Anna Kaczmarski & Patryk Plosza, participants in the newly established National USA Dance, Inc. Ambassador’s Program, finalists on the 2010 “America’s Got Talent” TV show and, most recently, the 2012 National Dancesport Junior II 10-Dance, Latin and Standard Champions. This special event included Tango and ChaCha workshops, practice sessions, an interactive question and answer session with Anna and Patryk, and a photo session for the youth attendees with the stars. Local professional dance instructors Wesley Acker, Alan Hedgpeth, Rebekah Klyukin and Marie Rants helped develop and execute the program. Four $75 Dance Scholarships were given to participants just 22 Dance Floor

for attending and were awarded at the Dinner Dance held Saturday night. During the 4-day event, there were 31 exhibitions, including two by the Youth Workshop hosts, Anna and Patryk, two by a professional couple from Italy, Simone Carabellese & Lucia Cafagna, and several by our featured instructors, Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova. During the New Year’s Eve dance we conducted a brief memorial in memory of Wanda Smith, one of the founding members of the Tidewater Chapter, former Chapter President and longstanding Chairperson of this event, who lost her battle with cancer in March, 2012. In her memory, we presented Jean Krupa, National Vice President for Social Dance, with the 1st annual Wanda Smith Youth Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be presented to the national organization each year at the New Year’s Eve Dance and will be earmarked for use by USA Dance in support of youth participating in the Ambassador’s Program. We were also presented with the Region 11 Chapter of the Year Award, which we accepted with appreciation. We acknowledge that the long hours of hard work and dedication given by many volunteers, chapter members and local studios have helped make this past year a success. As you read this article, our team has planning underway for the 23rd Annual event. Look for details later this year to attend our next event. n

Top Left: Ray Smith (Pres), Anna Kaczmarski, Gretchen Allen (VP),& Patryk Plosza Top Right: Youth Workshops, Casey Fish & Samantha Lee, Marie Rants & Anna Kaczmarski Bottom: COY Award, Phil Sisk Area 11 Coordinator, Ray Smith, Jean Krupa Photos By Nathan Chidester, Sky’s The Limit


2013 March - April


s n o i t s e u


Are you getting what you want or need from your current music director? For many chapters, issues with the music or DJ seem to be at the top of the list of concerns. This is incredibly unfortunate, as you can have a dance without food, decorations, special lighting, experienced dancers, or even a proper venue; however, you truly cannot have a dance without music. It can quickly make or break your event. The DJ can be a tool to increase your

membership and improve the attitudes and appreciation of the members, or the DJ can drive people away. Whether you pay your DJ or you have a motivated volunteer, you want to have the best person for the job. Most people believe anyone can turn on a CD player or i-Pod and crank out some good ballroom tunes just through sheer enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is definitely very important; however, much more is needed to be a good DJ and to have a well-run, successful dance. To start this process, you need to know who you are and what you want.

You should already know or get to know what your current demographics are for your organization: age ranges of members, level of dancers, styles, musical preferences, and other relevant information. There are numerous ways to assess this information of your ballroom dance community. These can 24 Dance Floor

to ask your DJ be as simple as informal, visual observations over some period of time at your events. They can be as formal as polling or surveying your organization members. You can also attend dances at successful chapters and interview them to determine how they became successful. Next, ask yourself the following questions: Are you currently successful? Are you happy with the status quo, or do you see the need for change? What is the general philosophy of your club? What are your goals? Do you want to change in any way such as be more social-oriented, more partner-oriented, or more competitionoriented? Once you have done this self-examination, you are ready to talk to your current or prospective DJ(s). Below are a series of representative questions that you can ask that should give you keen insight into how your music director or volunteer will work with your organization.

1. What is your background? Why did you decide or want to become a DJ? 2. Describe your music library. 3. What is your ballroom knowledge? 4. What equipment do you have/ use? www.USAdance.ORG

5. What is your general philosophy about running a dance? 6. What is your backup plan? 7. What kind of relationship do you have with the local dance community? 8. Are you a professional? Asking the above questions should give you a good sense of what the DJ is like and how he or she would run a dance. It may also give clear feedback to both you and the DJ where there might be opportunities for improvement. Not having a perfect answer to every question certainly does not preclude someone from being a good DJ; however, it will certainly highlight areas of strength and weakness.

The bottom line is anyone can turn on a CD player and play music; however, not everyone is well suited to be a good DJ. A good DJ is invaluable, and a bad DJ can

be incredibly expensive money-wise as well as reputation-wise or even perception-wise in the general dance community. A poor DJ can even result in decreased attendance at regularly scheduled events and problems with member retention and new member recruiting. Being a DJ takes a lot more work, preparation and dedication than most people realize. The good news is that if you have the right kind of person, creating a good DJ is very doable with time, experience and a willingness to improve. By Maria McStravick St. John 2013 March - April



Stop Dreaming Start Cruising

Come explore Bermuda with USA Dance on our 5th National Dance Cruise this October!

Departing from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, we are keeping our promise to make the cruises more convenient to all members at one time or another. For some of us, the chill of autumn brings preparations for the winter, but now that USA Dance is offering a cruise, fall means something entirely new. Discover what all the fuss is about, take time to relax poolside, enjoy dance workshops and reconnect with friends. Bermuda sits alone in the Atlantic Ocean about 600 miles east of North Carolina. Its food, architecture and customs are British rather than tropical. It’s not hard to daydream about a USA Dance cruise where you’ll be learning new dance steps, meeting new friends and exploring new places. Watch the ocean turn from jade to turquoise, see pink-sand beaches, and hibiscus and bougainvillea blooms in front of pretty pastel cottages as Bermuda approaches and the average October temperature is 75-80 degrees. We will port in King’s Wharf, Bermuda, which is often referred to as the West End or the Royal Naval Dockyard and is rich in naval history with an endless array of activities. Trek up nearly 200 steps to the top of a historic lighthouse, shop duty-free inside

26 Dance Floor

the Clocktower Mall or pick up a scrumptious rum cake at the Bermuda Rum Cake Company. While there, hop a ferry to anywhere, or stroll through the Arts Centre to view the works of Bermuda’s premier artists. We will be aboard the Explorer of the Seas, with a 2400 sq ft ice rink which, when covered with a unique wood floor, turns into a magnificent ballroom, along with the Maharaja’s lounge, a Disco and the Viking Crown lounge we’ll have lots of opportunities for dancing the day and night away. If it’s adventure you seek or a restful retreat. Royal Caribbean is home to an array of innovations that give you whatever type of vacation you desire. Climb a rock wall that overlooks the sea, or find your adventure on the basketball court, ice-skating rink or mini-golf course not to mention Broadway style entertainment and a Casino Royale. Plus, we will have our popular dance host program for the single ladies, an excellent team of instructors that won’t disappoint and an eager volunteer staff waiting to make sure you enjoy your cruise. By Jean Krupa

USA DANCE heads to beautiful Bermuda! Aboard Royal Caribbean International




Departing Bayonne, NJ, Sept. 29 - Oct. 6, 2013

ermuda, ‘the jewel of the Atlantic’ with its incomparable weather, pink sand beaches, breadth of historic sites and warm, friendly people, is the exciting destination for the Fifth USA Dance National Dance Cruise, September 29 - October 6, 2013 on Royal Caribbean International’s beautiful Explorer of the Seas. Leaving from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ, the cruise will feature seven days of fun, food, friendship and more than 60 hours of dancing—including a full schedule of ballroom, latin and club-style dance classes—with America’s top professional instructors. The cruise will also include our popular Dance Host program.

Cabins are limited, so make your reservations NOW! *Based on double occupancy. Cruise taxes and insurance not included.

Travel Themes and Dreams is a licensed and bonded Florida Seller of Travel (#ST-37225)

Book now by calling 866-391-2680 or go online to

USA Dance, Inc., a 501c3 non profit organization, is the national governing body for DanceSport in the United States and representative organization for social dancers across America. Cruise organizer is USA Dance Social VP Jean Krupa.

DancingDiscoveries “Eli Lankford, a professor of Health and Human Performance, recently conducted some research on social ballroom dancing...

The results? Every dance qualified as a moderate-intensity level aerobic activity.”

By Michael Mecham

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) children and adolescents should get 60 minutes a day of moderate- or vigorous-intensity aerobic activity while adults should get 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate- or vigorous-intensity aerobic activity weekly. Eli Lankford, a professor of Health and Human Performance, recently conducted some research on social ballroom dancing. His research supports what many social dancers inherently know: social dancing is great form of moderate- or vigorous-intensity aerobic activity. In his study, Lankford recruited 24 college-aged ballroom dancers to perform four dances: Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, and Swing. Lankford monitored the dancers’ oxygen uptake to determine how many calories were burned and compare that number to the CDC/ACSM measurements for aerobic activity. The results? Every dance qualified as a moderateintensity level aerobic activity with swing dance pushing into the vigorous-intensity range. “When somebody turns on music at wedding, what happens?” Lankford asked, “People, especially 28 Dance Floor

some of the older people, get up and start dancing.” This wedding phenomenon is one of the reasons Lankford began looking into researching social ballroom dance as a potential form of aerobic activity that would be especially beneficial for older generations. One aspect that Lankford found particularly interesting about his study was the fact that the level of dance proficiency didn’t have a major influence on the amount of energy consumed. Whether the dancers had been dancing for a couple of months or several years, as long as they were out there dancing, they got the exercise they needed. Throughout his career Lankford has repeatedly spoken to different groups encouraging them to eat right and exercise. Lankford said that when most people think about exercising, they think it has to be on a treadmill or in the gym, but that’s not the case. With social dancing as a legitimized source of aerobic activity, children and adults of all ages can continue dancing their way into healthier futures. * Lankford, D.E., Sterling, S., Lee, L., Zollinger, K., King, J., Heil, D. The energy expenditure of ballroom dance. Med Sci Sport Exerc, 2011, 43 (5):S (2260).

The Health Benefits of Physical Activity — Major Research Findings • Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many adverse health outcomes. • Some physical activity is better than none. • For most health outcomes, additional benefits occur as the amount of physical activity increases through higher intensity, greater frequency, and/or longer duration. • Most health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking. Additional benefits occur with more physical activity. • Both aerobic (endurance) and muscle-strengthening (resistance) physical activity are beneficial. • Health benefits occur for children and adolescents, young and middle-aged adults, older adults, and those in every studied racial and ethnic group. • The health benefits of physical activity occur for people with disabilities. • The benefits of physical activity far outweigh the possibility of adverse outcomes. From 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans,

Courtesy of Eli Lankford


2013 March - April



PUBLIC EYE Angela Prince

Ernest Borel Sponsorship of USA Dance Officially Celebrates The Company’s Return to America and the Romance and Legacy of Dance At the USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championships in LA, we are pleased to announce the continuation of Ernest Borel as USA Dance National Brand Sponsor. Ernest Borel, a legendary Swiss watchmaker, returns to America in celebration of the traditions that launched and have sustained the company’s brand for more than 155 years – the romance, passion and elegance of dance. Many of our senior members will remember the Ernest Borel name. The company was exceptionally prevalent in the United States for many years, and known especially for its famous Cocktail model. 30 On Beat

The company’s worldwide success and reputation are especially strong in Asia, India, as well as throughout Europe and in South America, where its beginnings date back to the 1860s. Ernest Borel watches have won numerous and the most prestigious of Swiss and International prizes. The brand sponsorship of Ernest Borel and USA Dance is an ideal alliance, represented by the mutually shared and symbolic qualities of precision, movement, timing, artistic expression and the pursuit of excellence.

Announcing Brand New Ernest Borel Fundraising Incentive Program for USA Dance Members At the USA Dance 2013 Manhattan Amateur Classic in January, Ernest Borel announced a new funding program to support USA Dance. Although details will be officially announced at Nationals, Ernest Borel will donate to USA Dance 20% of the retail cost of any of its watches sold to a USA Dance member (with active membership status) during 2013. Essentially, if a watch retails for $500, the donation would be $100; and if the watch retails for $10,000, the donation would be $2,000. Needless to say, USA Dance is extremely pleased with this generous funding program and encourages members who would be buying a watch during the year, to consider the offerings of our sponsor Ernest Borel. Members can view the watch collections online at and either write to the company via its website “contact us” section or write to USA Business Development Manager Thomas Huggler at

Throughout the year, the support of Ernest Borel brings important funding to many USA Dance initiatives, including the support of the upcoming athlete training camp at the USOC training center in Lake Placid, NY, scholarships for athletes, support to National Qualifying Events, advertising in American Dancer magazine and other programs. Advertising by Ernest Borel showcases USA Dance DanceSport couples in competition. Photographs of dancers at Nationals and NQEs in Charlotte, Chicago, Manhattan and Culver City, CA, are candidates for the next Ernest Borel ad series and two couples will be invited to become Ernest Borel ambassadors as well. Last year, photos of two MAC couples were selected and also showcased the work of photographer Ryan Kenner.

The Story of Dance Behind The Ernest Borel Logo As the story is told, at a noble dancing party, the young Ernest Borel, son of one of the company founders, met a beautiful girl. Their graceful dance attracted envious eyes of other dancers. A picture was taken of this romantic moment, suspending time. Elegant dance, in the romantic moment, inspired the company’s trademark logo, which they say“immortalized this magic moment in time.” And since the turn of the 20th century, the iconic dancing couple has become the Ernest Borel brand’s trademark and inspiration – a trademark signifying the guarantee of Swiss Quality and the enduring spirit romance, passion, elegance and traditions.


2013 March - April


Carrie Ann Inaba, Celebrity Judge on ABC-TV’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Joins USA Dance Once Again As National Celebrity Ambassador, Honorary Judge

Photo By Felix Mack

USA Dance and Carrie Ann have enjoyed a close working relationship since 2009 when the USA Dance Star Quality Awards were first launched at Nationals in Baltimore. She served again as Honorary Judge at Nationals 2010 in LA and 2012 Nationals in Baltimore. Nationals 2013 will be her 4th presentation of the annual Star Quality Awards to couples with special star performance qualities.

Carrie Ann’s involvement with USA Dance expanded in 2011 as she was named National Celebrity Ambassador, supporting the following programs and initiatives: - Celebrity Honorary Judge for the USA Dance Star Quality Awards. - Advisor to USA Dance Public Relations and the Governing Council, working through the DanceSport VP and PR Director for USA Dance. - Support to all public relations and media relations programs, including social media.

- USA Dance spokesperson on issues of interest to the dance and entertainment/celebrity worlds; also lending social media support. - Support to USA Dance missions and initiatives, helping to increase exposure and involvement for DanceSport and Social Dance programs. - Support of USA Dance membership growth objectives. - Guest appearances at USA Dance events as schedule permits. - Resource to USA Dance in support of various programs and initiatives.

Photos By Carson Zullinger and AD Staff

32 On Beat

USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championships Showcasing America’s Top Ballroom, Latin & Salsa Dancers JW Marriott Hotel at LA LIVE • Three Days • April 5-7, 2013

Highlights at Nationals: - Carrie Ann Inaba (DWTS), Honorary Judge for USA Dance Star Quality Awards

- 2013 National Salsa Championships - Qualifying Athletes for The World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia

RETURNING TO LA! More than 1,100 of

America’s top ballroom and Latin dance competitors – DanceSport members of USA Dance - will return to Los Angeles, April 5 – 7, 2013, to compete at the 33rd annual USA DANCE 2013 National DanceSport Championships, to be held at the JW Marriott at LA LIVE! The USA Dance Nationals was held at LA Live in 2010 with great fanfare and memories, and it promises to be another whirlwind event, running from 8 am until nearly midnight every day.

Tickets are already available to the general public, and a sell-out crowd is expected to attend. USA Dance members and friends should go online at soon to register and/ or purchase tickets. Any questions can be directed to Nationals Chairperson Daphna Locker at 646-734-9666.


2013 March - April


USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championships JW Marriott Hotel at LA LIVE • Three Days • April 5-7, 2013

Photos By AD Staff

The USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championships is the official National Championships for Ballroom and Latin competitive dancing, a recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). And with Ballroom and Latin dancing popularity at an all-time high globally, the USA Dance Nationals continues to be the most prestigious and largest competitive dance event of its kind in America. For the first time at the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships, USA Dance will sponsor the Salsa 2013 National Championship, a World Qualifying Event, where the top salsa dance couples will be invited to represent the United States at The World Games 2013 in Cali, Columbia, South America’s third largest city and the undisputed Salsa Capital of the World. Under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, the Salsa World Games will be held the weeks of July 25 through August 4, 2013. The United States is one of only 24 countries invited to send competitors to The World Games. At Nationals, USA Dance will also select one Latin and one Standard couple to represent the U.S. at The World Games in Cali. USA Dance will be inviting nationally recognized salsa dance judges for this event. The winning couple will need to be top of their game because when you dance salsa in Cali, you’re dancing against the best in the world. USA Dance is excited about this opportunity! For more information: co/en/sports/artistic-dance-sports/dance-sport

34 On Beat

USA Dance welcomes Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing With The Stars), as Honorary Judge for the 4th annual USA Dance Star Quality Awards and also continuing as National Celebrity Ambassador for USA Dance. A special attraction at USA Dance Nationals will be the participation of Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing With The Stars), who will continue as National Celebrity Ambassador for USA Dance throughout the year, and will serve as Honorary Judge for prestigious 4th annual USA Dance Star Quality Awards, to be held Friday and Saturday evenings at Nationals. The coveted Star Quality awards are presented to the one couple who makes finals in their Championship division, and exhibits exceptional star performance qualities. Carrie Ann will make several guest appearances on the Red Carpet at Nationals, where athletes, guests and fans can meet/greet, obtain autographs and have their photo taken with DWTS’s most beloved celebrity judge. The USA Dance 2013 Star Quality Awards are once again sponsored by Ernest Borel, legendary Swiss watchmaker, whose programs and involvement with USA Dance has expanded throughout the past year to include scholarships for championship level athletes, support to the upcoming DanceSport Athlete Training Camp at the USOC training facility in Lake Placid, NY and sponsorship of several of the USA Dance National Qualifying Events throughout the year. USA Dance is most appreciative of their support and participation with our organization!

According to Daphna Locker, Nationals Chairperson, “The USA DANCE 2013 Nationals will be a star-studded destination event in LA, on the floor and in the audience. You can expect to see celebrities from the LA and Hollywood areas. We all love watching Dancing With The Stars and other dance shows on TV. But at the 2013 Nationals, spectators and media will get to see America’s finest ‘real life’ dancing stars in action.”


2013 March - April


Supp l e m e n ts an d En e rg y D r i n ks : Sh ou ld you u s e th e m? One of the most common inquiries is regarding the use of dietary supplements and energy drinks in and out of competition. Three authoritative websites that have a wealth of information are World Antidoping Agency (, World DanceSport Federation ( and United States Antidoping Agency ( Anti-doping authorities find themselves in a difficult situation. “Clean” athletes rely on anti-doping authorities to remove performanceenhancing drug use from their sport, including those performance-enhancing drugs found in certain dietary supplements. We also recognize the dilemma facing athletes. It’s not surprising that athletes turn to those who manage their anti-doping programs for direction about dietary supplements. After all, WADA and USADA provide a straightforward directory that allows individuals to find what medications are prohibited and which are not prohibited. Why isn’t there similar advice for dietary supplements and energy drinks? They are regulated differently than medications and there are more than 75,000 products on the market. As a result, it is impossible for any organization to say with 100% confidence what substances a supplement contains. When an athlete or consumer cannot be absolutely certain what their supplement contains, the door is left open for two very real possibilities: • A positive anti-doping test result • Negative and potentially dangerous health issues Energy drinks are different from sports/electrolyte drinks. All of the names for drinks can be confusing. Look closely at the ingredients. If you 36 DanceSport

are drinking something that advertises itself as an Energy Drink, you are probably helping yourself to a hefty dose of stimulants. To learn more about the supplement and energy drink dilemma, challenging the reasons why risk exists, and reducing the risk, Refer to the USADA. org site and select “Substances” from the menu bar. Beware that it is possible for an athlete to follow every one of the steps to ensure that the products they are taking are safe and still test positive for a prohibited substance or fall victim to negative health effects. If you cannot be 100% sure of the ingredients or don’t know the status of a substance - DON’T TAKE IT! Finally here is an excerpt from the document Obligation of Athletes: “Take responsibility, in the context of Anti-Doping, for what they ingest and use. It’s the athlete’s own responsibility when certain (forbidden) substances are found in the athlete’s samples. That responsibility cannot be transferred to coaches, trainers, medical personnel or any other athlete support personnel or supplier of products used.” 1. supplement411/supplement-dilemma/ anti-doping-authoritys-dilemma 2. 3. reduce-the-risk 4. The Rulebook (USA, DanceSport tab, Athlete Information) By Jean Barbour

CO M PE T I T I O N S C ALE N D AR 2 0 1 3 *March 2-3, 2013 Star of the North Minneapolis, MN

*March 17, 2013

June 15, 2013 River City Ball Portland, OR

June 28 - 30, 2013

NJ DanceSport Classic - Spring Fling Hackensack, NJ

Gumbo DanceSport Championships - NQE Baton Rouge, LA

March 22-23, 2013

*July 27, 2013

National Youth Formation Show Dance and Cabaret Championships Rexburg, ID

*March 23, 2013

Southern Star Mid-Summer Classic Tampa, FL

August 10-11, 2013

Heartland Classic - NQE

Phoenix DanceSport Challenge Phoenix, AZ

Indianapolis, IN

April 5 - 7, 2013

Kansas City Dance Classic

2013 National DanceSport Championships Los Angeles, CA April 12-13, 2013

National Adult Cabaret and Formation Championships Logan, UT

April 13, 2013

Royal Palm Winter Frolic DanceSport Extravaganza Coconut Creek, FL Events listed with an asterisk (*) do not accrue proficiency points. Competitions noted as “NQE” are National Qualifying Events for the National DanceSport Championships.

look for future event updates at

*September 7, 2013 Stanley, KS

September 28, 2013

New England DanceSport Championships - NQE Danvers, MA

October 4-6, 2013

Carolina Fall Classic - NQE

Charlotte, NC

October 12-13, 2013

Northwest DanceSport Championships - NQE Portland, OR

collegiate events on Facebook sign onto Facebook, click on “Groups,” and type in “USA Dance Competitions” www.USAdance.ORG

2013 March - April


Two Months and Counting! Nationals 2013 By Daphna Locker

In two months the 33rd USA Dance National DanceSport Championships will commence. In the last edition of the AD, I talked about why people should come to LA and what new events will be presented. To recap, at Nationals you will see some of the best dancing in the world, you’ll get to see some of the up and coming young dancers starting on their DanceSport journeys; the current USA Champions both young and old, coming back to defend last year’s victories; and our Seniors showing that age is NOT a defining limitation in DanceSport.

How can you enjoy your experience at Nationals? Let me count the ways:

I. Your viewing


The Salsa National Championship – where we will be choosing a couple to represent the USA at the IOC (International Olympic Committee) World Games in Cali, Columbia. These Games are organized under IOC rules; therefore, both members of the couple must be US citizens. Further, the top IOC Eligible Adult Standard and Latin couples will be selected at Nationals to represent the USA in Cali, Columbia. In addition to the Salsa Championship, we will be choosing couples for the following WDSF World Championships and Cups: * Junior II: Standard, and 10-Dance Championships (two couples to be sponsored to compete at the Standard and Latin Championships, and 1 couple to be sponsored to compete at the 10-Dance Championship)

38 DanceSport

* Youth: Standard, Latin, and 10-Dance Championships (two couples to be sponsored to compete at the Standard and Latin Championships, and 1 couple to be sponsored to compete at the 10-Dance Championship) * Under-21: Standard, Latin and 10-Dance (two couples to be sponsored to compete at the Standard and Latin Championships, and 1 couple to be sponsored to compete at the 10-Dance Championship) * Adult: Standard, Latin, and 10-Dance Championships (two couples to be sponsored to compete at the Standard and Latin Championships, and 1 couple to be sponsored to compete at the 10-Dance Championship) * Senior I: Standard and Latin Championships (two couples to be sponsored to compete at the Standard and Latin Championships)

In addition, there will be another first at Nationals – the WDSF World DanceSport Games in Kaohsiung, China that will be taking place in September. For this event, we will be choosing Adult couples to represent us in Standard, Latin, and Showdance. Rules for this event only require residency status that allows both members to leave and return to the US. For the WDSF World DanceSport Games, the Showdance, Standard and Latin events may be an invitational event, so if any couple is interested please contact me at: organizer@ or at nationals-chair@ So, for the first time, there are three different world-class events for which couples will be vying for the top spot. These events will allow us to choose the best couple to represent us at each event and should certainly add a level of excitement to the entire event.

* Senior II: Standard (two couples to be sponsored to compete at the Standard Championship) For the WDSF Championships at least one member of the couple must be a US Citizen and the other has to have residency status that allows the individual to leave and return to the States. www.USAdance.ORG

2013 March - April


Photos By AD Staff

40 DanceSport

Ernest Borel, legendary watchmaker


Social Events:

Tired of watching some of the best dancing in America. Attend workshops, the Social Dance Events and Tours, Social Dancing, and Welcome Cocktail parties throughout the entire weekend. In addition, I’m sure that Jean, the Social VP, is planning some special events just for you, the social dancer.

III. Volunteer:

Don’t think that you can afford to attend Nationals, but really, really want to be a part of this amazing event, VOLUNTEER! Volunteering is a great way to get the inside view of Nationals, how its run and what happens behind the scenes. Volunteer for 1 shift and get a ticket to a day session, volunteer for 2 shifts and get an evening session ticket. Unfortunately, due to previous past experiences, we must ask that everyone complete their volunteer shift work before receiving their session tickets. However, since volunteer shifts start on Thursday, it will be very easy to complete 2 shifts and still get your Friday evening session tickets and see the Salsa Championship finals. If you are interested in volunteering at Nationals, please email Kai Kang at volunteer@ www.USAdance.ORG

from Switzerland, will be sponsoring the “Star Quality Awards” and will help Carrie Ann present those awards.

IV. Meet the celebrities:

For the 4th time Carrie Ann Inaba, the judge for Dancing With The Stars, will be joining us as the Star Quality Award judge. She will be judging a number of different events in order to determine which couple has that “special star quality” which, while very difficult to define, is what every judge looks for. The couples that Carrie Ann picks as having that “star quality” are not necessarily the winner in their division, but they are usually a couple that the audience also agrees has that “certain something” that makes you want to watch them perform. Come to Nationals and see if you and Carrie Ann agree. In addition to Carrie Ann, for the 2nd year, Ernest Borel, legendary watchmaker from Switzerland, will be sponsoring the “Star Quality Awards” and will help Carrie Ann present those awards. Get VIP tickets and join Carrie Ann at a welcome cocktail reception on Saturday night prior to the start of the evening session. And since we are in LA, and if the past is any indication, we fully expect many of our past champions, now dancing as Pros on Dancing With The Stars, to be joining us. 2013 March - April


Behind the Scenes at the 23rd Annual Manhattan Amateur Classic On a chilly January morning I sat in a room overlooking the Hudson River. I could hear the faint sound of a Jive ending in the adjacent room as the emcee announced for the next heat to take the floor. Next to me was my fellow co-volunteer coordinator, Daniel Libatique. We sat eating our breakfast and planning out the day’s volunteer positions. It was the final day of the three-day 23rd Annual Manhattan Amateur Classic, more commonly known as the MAC. The competition, hosted by the Greater New York chapter of USA Dance, took place for the first time at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers, a beautiful new space January 18 - 20. The competition brought 950 ballroom dancers to New York City for this National Qualifing Event for the USA Dance Nationals in Los Angeles this April. The entrance of the venue led competitors and spectators down a long hallway that opened up into a room of vendors. The color and sparkle from the costumes and jewelry filled the room next to the shoes lined neatly in rows on tables. Following the vendors, spectators walked into the ballroom, which featured large windows and natural light. The competitors dazzled throughout the day and night on the dance floor. The floor and most of the details for the competition did not arrive at Pier Sixty on their own. The MAC, like most other ballroom competitions, would not be possible without volunteers. It is volunteers that helped to assemble the floor piece by piece, sat at the registration desk, 42 DanceSport

collected tickets at the doors, ran the on-deck area, and kept the competition running so that everyone could enjoy a great day, or three days, of dance. It was fellow competitive ballroom dancers, social dancers, dance enthusiasts, and people new to the world of ballroom who came together to volunteer their time toward this common effort. Over 90 individual volunteers from 13 years old through the wisest of years volunteered from the set-up early Friday morning through the breakdown on Sunday night. The volunteer effort for the MAC began even before the floor was assembled. The volunteer effort for the MAC began even before the floor was assembled. Volunteers helped to raise nearly $24,000 in cash and prizes for the competitors, thanks to the all of the sponsors and donors, and Ernest Borel, renowned Swiss watchmaker and USA Dance National sponsor, in particular. Yang Chen, president of the Greater New York Chapter and one of the emcees of the MAC, said, “It's great to be able to bring MAC to New York City once again for its 23rd consecutive year. Recovery from Hurricane Sandy is still ongoing, and Pier Sixty itself was closed for renovations for about a month after the storm. Some of our local dance studios were hard hit. In many ways, this MAC has been the most challenging to produce. We were particularly fortunate to have the dance community come together in a spirit of charitable

Photos By Ryan Kenner

giving that helped us raise the highest amount to date for the MAC Fund. Thanks to the volunteers and to everyone who participated in and supported MAC 2013!� As I looked out onto the river, the waveless waters reflected the feeling I had as I entered the final stretch of the competition in my first year as a co-volunteer coordinator of the MAC. I was feeling calm, or perhaps it was the exhaustion that was www.USAdance.ORG

finally getting to me after almost three days of non-stop moving. I had organized and run events and groups in the past but nothing compared to the extraordinary volunteer effort that went into making the MAC possible. By Nicole Barron

2013 March - April


Photos By Bill Rose

44 DanceSport

Southwest Regional National Qualifying Event By Bill Rose The latest edition of the “Southwest Regional”, one of the older dancesport competitions within USA Dance, was held on February 1-2, at the Veterans Auditorium in Culver City, California. Nearly 200 couples danced throughout the weekend on the auditorium’s large multipurpose floor, which resembles floors found at many major European competitions. The raised theatre-style seating gave spectators an uninhibited view of the competition and many of the best amateur dancers in the country. With the National Championships only 2 months away and also being held in Los Angeles, this was a perfect warm-up experience. The largest heats of the competition were the Youth and Adult Latin, and Adult Standard, with many youth and student couples coming from Utah and New Mexico. Also, included for the first time, as a run-up to nationals, was an Open Salsa event … with the OC chapter awarding $150 to first place. An innovation which is now in its second year was the “Teddy Bear” division … aimed at the youngest couples, seven years old and under. The entry this year tripled over 2012, and it is felt that with continued exposure this division will continue to grow, as there are quite a few very young couples in Southern California. Each competitor was awarded a Teddy Bear and participation medal. These couples received among the largest applause of the weekend from the audience. Trying to find a long-term venue for the Southwest Regional has been an on-going journey for the Orange County Chapter Board, which has changed venue virtually every year of the event’s history. This unique venue, with its 750 theatre-style seats, full stage, and 5000sqft hardwood floor may be its www.USAdance.ORG

future “home”, as the auditorium management was absolutely thrilled to have an event of this nature visit their facility. Special recognition goes to Bruce McCombs the event chairman; Vic Waki, ticket sales and finances; Aydin Aksoy, publicity; Sandra Cullum, volunteers; and Diane Rose & Pam McCombs, awards. This was a truly cooperative undertaking between USA Dance chapters. Close neighbor, the Los Angeles Chapter, not only provided some valuable volunteers, but held a special Friday Night social dance after the first round of competition. The OC Chapter is especially appreciative of the key contribution of Herb McGurk (Area Coordinator & LA VP) and Jerry Hernandez (LA President). Over $3000 in scholarships was offered to our adult, youth and Senior 1 competitors. A special thanks goes to those who donated to make this event a success including WorldTone, Dore Designs, and USA Dance national sponsor Ernest Borel.

“The largest heats of the competition were the Youth and Adult Latin, and Adult Standard, with many youth and student couples coming from Utah and New Mexico.”

2013 March - April



DRESSES Size 0-2 Black velvet and illusion. High neck, long illusion sleeves, keyhole back. Swarovski crystals. Photo. $325.00 includes shipping. Size 0-2-4 Red velvet and chiffon. Stoned spaghetti straps. Stoned arm bands with floats for Standard and stoned gloves for Smooth. Bodice stoned. All Swarovski crystals. Cut out on side with nude illusion and stoned. Photo $400.00 includes shipping. Size 0-2 Red organza with silver fleck throughout. High neck, long sleeves and keyhole back. Large Swarovski stones and crystals forming a large V on bodice and large stones on lower sleeves. Float. Photo. $400.00 includes shipping. Patti at 561-740-9589 or [1] WANTED New or gently used competition jewelry. Must be in good condition. Any design or style considered. Please send pictures and asking price to [2]

DanceMart DanceMart continues to serve members of USA Dance as a free space to advertise and sell personal costumes, shoes, etc., or search for a partner. To be included in DanceMart, please limit your classified ads to 50 words or less. You must include your membership number and name to ensure compliance with the free space for members only. Classified ads will run in American dancer for two issues. If you wish to run it longer, you must resend the ad. To place or renew an ad, Please send it to:

46 InStep

Photo By Ryan Kenner

USA Dance National DanceSport Championships


National Sponsor

Los angeles, ca april 5 - 7, 2013

NATIONALS Crowning Champions

American Dancer March/April 2013  

Official Publication of USA Dance

American Dancer March/April 2013  

Official Publication of USA Dance