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United Spirit Association

The USA is truly at the next level when it comes to camp companies.� Clear Creek Cavaliers Coach – Houston, TX

Take your dance skills to new heights with the USA!

Curriculum to meet all of your dance training needs

Choose from 3 types of camps... We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that your

cHoose YoUR caMP teaM caMPs Dance intensiVes sPeciaLtY caMPs Usa staFF



camp experience prepares you for the upcoming season.

Dates & Locations

Dance/Drill Team & Dance Team Camps

Jr. High Camp, Officers Camp & Home Camps

THE USA CAMP Usa MateriaL • Customized material in the styles of your choice! • 3 routine classes – providing even more level & style options! • More routines than other summer training programs! • USA camp dance unique to the dance program! • Each student receives one-on-one feedback from a USA instructor to help them develop their performance skills.

Your TEAM will be


shoWtiMe Usa Bring a routine from home to be evaluated by a well-trained panel. This performance is non-competitive and is a great opportunity for your team to get into the spirit of the year to come! Every team receives an award!

for a great season ahead!

“Our team leaves USA camp with incredible routines, technique and a new sense of unity to carry us through the year.” Archbishop Mitty HS Coach – San Jose, CA

Teamwork • Unity • Leadership • Technique • Cutting-


St. Bonaventure HS Coach – Ventura, CA

cHoose YoUR caMP

“This was the most fun dance camp I’ve ever been to as a coach!! We loved the ‘coach warm-ups,’ and dance classes!!”

teaM caMPs

• Officers work to improve their voice clarity & projection in the Drill Down Calling Class. • Through several team building classes, the USA Staff provides feedback to the officers throughout camp on how to lead a strong team. See Specialty Camps for more details.

Creative games & bonding activities are scheduled throughout camp to generate the most unifi ed team to start the school year!

The USA “Directors” Workshops are offered at most overnight team camps. These workshops are held throughout camp, focusing on creative ideas and team management strategies to help make your year more successful. eXaMPLes oF “DireCtors” WorKshoPs:

• • • • • •

Organizing Your Year Cleaning Competition Routines Discipline & Rules : How to Set Them & Stick to Them Breaking Down Technical Skills Fundraising: Keeping It Positive Strengthening and Conditioning

• First Aid & Safety

Edge Material

USA will conduct the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) dance technique credential course at select camps (see camp locations for details).

For more information about NFHS, log onto

Dates & Locations

Students earn several ribbons in individual classes as well as team-based plaques for their unifi ed team efforts.

Usa “DireCtors” WorKshoPs

Usa staFF

Positive aWarDs

Special “Offi cers” Workshops are offered at every dance & drill team overnight camp (with a new topic each year) to help jumpstart the leadership of your offi cers.

sPeciaLtY caMPs

Unity & teaMMaKer WorKshoPs

Dance intensiVes

FoCUs on oFFiCers

– A more customized experience for your TEAM than other summer training programs offer.

Usa CaMPs Choose the perfect dance camp training curriculum for the unique needs of your team.

STEP 1: Choose a dance camp...

DanCe/DriLL teaM or

DanCe teaM

DanCe/DriLL teaM STEP 2:

Select which routine style best suits your team

Style Options: Military, Kick, Dance/Drill, Jazz, Stylized

Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Character, Dance/Pom

Technique: All levels of fundamental Jazz, Ballet & Drill technique

Drill Downs Class: Foster marching abilities for a strong fi rst impression as your team takes the fl oor to perform. • Marching Styles, Formations & guiding • Enhance Team Discipline & Listening Skills Skills Enhancement: Precision & Linework,

Leaps, Turns, Kicks, Flexibility & More


Rock Springs HS Dance Team Springs, ID

cHoose YoUR caMP

“You always meet our expectations and needs. Keep it coming because we love it!”

teaM caMPs Dance intensiVes


South HS Coach – Torrance, CA

Lyrical, Contemporary, Character, Dance/Pom

Technique: All levels of fundamental Jazz & Ballet technique

Choose Your Challenge Class:

• Leaps & Turns • Kicks, Flexibility & Leg Extensions • Strengthening & Conditioning, Yoga, Pilates & More!

Lincoln HS Coach – San Jose, CA

Where Teams Come TrueTM

Dates & Locations

“We loved the variety of choreography and the levels!”

Style Options: Jazz, Stylized Jazz, Hip Hop,

Usa staFF

“The USA provides inspiration, motivation and a love for dance in such a FUN way!!”

Select which routine style best suits your team

sPeciaLtY caMPs

DanCe teaM

l a ic n h c e t e c n da d n a l ia e r e t B a m n r u a o y C e r u t s i n E t s e B e h t . f f a t S A S U training is e h t with ” Technique Routines – All

Style o i d u t S “ • s e ls & All Styl



“We loved USA! We’re looking forward to coming again next year!” Premiere Dance Studio – Hurricane, UT

“The USA dance staff continues to push forward with industry trends!” Westview HS Dance Coach – San Diego, CA

Together... Setting the Trend!

intensive CaMPs We offer a specialized dance experience for students

at every level. Teams and individuals attend camp where they learn from top choreographers, many of whom are dance majors or hold degrees in Dance Education. During the non summer months, instructors teach at dance studios and college dance departments throughout the nation. Many choreograph for award-winning high school dance teams and professional teams in the NBA and NFL.

San Pasqual HS Coach – Escondido, CA

USA Camp Dance

Choose Your Challenge

(Subject to the specialty expertise of staff at each camp. Groups may be teamed up with other teams.)

Supersensational Competition

Each Dance Intensive Camp offers students the opportunity to learn 3 complete routines, in addition to the Camp Dance.

“Master Teachers” at Select Dance Intensive Camp Locations!

This showcase focuses on dancers gaining performance experience by performing camp routines in front of their peers. There are no evaluations, which makes the showcase stress-free and fun (family and friends welcomed as spectators).

Dates & Locations

Routines are offered in levels ranging from beginning to pro and are designed to be both innovative and “cutting edge”.

Routine Showcase

Usa staFF

Take home four or more routines!

Dancers are recognized with ribbons for their effort, attitude and performance in routine classes. Selected fi nalists will perform a piece of the USA Camp Dance along with their own choreography.

sPeciaLtY caMPs

Work one-on-one with a USA instructor! Each team chooses a specialty they want to master at their level. Possible classes include jumps and leaps, turns, basic lifts and partnering combinations, tap, hiphop, ballet, modern dance, African dance, character dance and across the floor progressions. Always a camp favorite!

Dance intensiVes

An exciting and challenging routine for your team to learn together. The camp dance is taught to a popular, upbeat song and has optional sections that vary in degree of difficulty.

teaM caMPs

Dance Intensive Camp Highlights:

cHoose YoUR caMP

ng •


e-Condi r o C & s p U Warm

“‘Choose Your Challenge’ class really brought our team together!”

The USA is “UnstoPPaBLe” with these specialized camps to meet the unique needs of various programs! Non-Eval Camps!

oFFiCers CaMPs USA “Offi cers” Camp provides leadership and technical training to develop today’s dance and drill team leaders. The focus of the camp is how to be an effective leader on your team. In addition, offi cers receive extensive training on composition and choreography, using the latest techniques found in the best university dance departments. eXaMPLes oF CLasses oFFereD:

“USA camp shows you what you can really do!!” Home Street Middle School – Bishop, CA

JUnior CaMPs The USA’s focus for junior high, middle school and junior independent teams is to encourage team unity and provide extra attention on technique basics and the breaking down of choreography. The instructional staff at these camps are specifi cally chosen for their expertise in working with younger teams. What We oFFer: • Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Level Routines • All Levels of Technique Training Classes • Fun Unity & Team Building Activities Our Jr. Camp program offers the same quality instruction, awards and opportunities that our high school camps receive. Jr. High camps are non-evaluation (Non-Eval) based camps; however students all receive one-on-one feedback from a USA instructor to help them develop their performance skills. Look for the

next to these camp locations.

• • • • • • •

Choreography Cleaning & Critiquing Problem Solving Teaching Warm-Ups & Technique Voice Projection & Calling Drill Commands How to Be An Effective Teacher And Much More!

At Offi cers camp, special “Directors” classes are offered to aid coaches and directors on how to help develop the leadership of their offi cers throughout the season. Classes include: How to Outline Officers’ Duties, Goal Setting, How to Motivate Your Team & more!

Look for these camps at:

UC Santa Cruz, Northern California Cal Lutheran, Southern California

Usa DanCe resort CaMPs! For more information, c all the USA offi ce.

instrUCtor ratios 1 instructor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-20 students 2 instructors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21-35 students 3 instructors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36-50 students 4 instructors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51-65 students Each home camp must have a minimum of 12 students.

2 Day CaMP ForMat

$135.00 per student

Let the USA Come to You! hoMe CaMPs

$161.00 per student

We build confidence, leadership, energy, spirit, unity and most importantly...TEAMS!

Bring your school groups together with a program designed specifi cally to promote unity among school activities – spirit/dance/band auxiliary units. Specifi c hours of the camp will be designed to bring all programs together to work on common challenges that all activities face. This camp is designed to set a foundation for groups working together all season, building campus wide unity. Look for

next to these camp locations.

Day 3 Warm-ups Workshops Lunch Workshops Awards & Closing

Dance Intensive day 3 ends at 1:45pm

USA home camp prices include all staff housing, travel and food expenses, as well as workbooks and awards. Home camps may not be available in all areas. Extra travel cost may be incurred depending upon camp location.

To schedule and customize your camp, call the USA at:


WorKshoPs inCLUDe: • • • • • • •

Group Communication Defining Roles Promoting Campus Unity Respecting Differences Role Model Responsibilities Unity Builders Team Dynamics

Dates & Locations

A Hallmark of the USA!

Day 2 Warm-ups Workshops Lunch Workshops Workshops Review

Usa staFF

Unity CaMPs

Day 1 Warm-ups Workshops Lunch Workshops Workshops Review

9:00 9:30 12:00 1:00 3:30 4:30

sPeciaLtY caMPs

What We oFFer: • A Lower Cost Overnight Camp Alternative • Experienced & Well-Trained Instructors • A Customized Schedule to Meet Your Needs • Personalized Attention / Superior Staff-to-Student Ratio • Useable Material • Comprehensive Technical Training in All Programs

3 Day CaMP ForMat

Dance intensiVes

We offer dance camps that focus on technique and choreography.

Day 2 Warm-ups Workshops Lunch Workshops Awards & Closing

teaM caMPs

Day 1 Warm-ups Workshops Lunch Workshops Workshops Review

9:00 9:30 12:00 1:00 3:30 4:30

cHoose YoUR caMP

New for 2010:

gET READY FOR THE USA You will not find a more enthusiastic, well-trained and fun group of instructors anywhere. “I couldn’t be more happy with this camp! The staff was awesome and we will bring routines home this year that we will really use!!” Flintridge Prep Coach – Flintridge, CA

al n o i s ofes r P ive t Experie i s o P nced Talented The USA Staff is composed of not only talented individuals,

but most importantly, people who love to teach. They come to you from all over the United States, bringing you the hottest choreography and technique training from across the nation.

cHoose YoUR caMP

Monta Vista HS Coach – Cupertino, CA

San Jose, California Dance Program Director

dly Disiplined Qualified n e i r F g Caring n i r i p s n e I l b a p Ca

sPeciaLtY caMPs

Nicole graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Santa Clara University, where she studied on scholarship in Dance and Interpersonal Communications. Now in her 14th year with the USA, she has been an instructor and choreographer to teams throughout the Western United States. Nicole has served as a judge at numerous high school and collegiate dance competitions at both the State and National level throughout the United States and abroad in Japan. She has also choreographed and assisted in the production of several NFL and collegiate halftime productions for the 49ers, the East West Shrine game and the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii – where she choreographed all of the numbers for the featured dancers. She has traveled to Tokyo, Japan multiple times on behalf of the USA to be a master teacher at dance clinics, judge at USA Japan’s Dance Nationals, and also to direct and instruct a dance camp to over 200 students. Nicole has worked extensively for over 10 years as an independent master teacher, and choreographer for several nationally ranked competitive dance teams and soloists throughout California and the Western U.S. She has traveled to dance conventions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston to teach master classes and choreograph for hundreds of the most top ranked dancers in the state.

Dance intensiVes

The USA Staff is currently dancing throughout the country, coaching nationally ranked teams and performing on professional sports dance teams and championship college squads. They choreograph their own material in order to bring you the largest variety of cutting-edge moves available.

Nicole Foisy

teaM caMPs

“The USA staff sets challenging objectives and high standards!”

Usa staFF Dates & Locations

2010 Dates & Locations

Abbreviations: DD - Dance/Drill DT -Dance Team DI - Dance Intensives O - Officers OC - On Campus COM - Commuter (Instruction Only) NP - Non-Participant Symbols:


July 16-18 August 5-8


DD $265 DT (C, B) $354

Chapman University, Orange Jul 30 - Aug 1



- Junior High Camps COM


$130 $235 $160 $324

UC Santa Cruz

July 20-22 July 23-26 August 7-9

$130 $235


$345 $175 $285 $239 $140 $179 $339 $160 $309 (by invitation only) $345 $175 $285


$239 $357 $268

July 8-11



- Unity Camps (w/ Spirit (S) and/or Band (B) Camps)



Lincoln High School, San Jose June 24-26



Boise State University, Boise July 14-17








(commuter) $175

July 19-22





$160 $248 $160 $243




Cy-Ridge High School, Houston August 4-6



Utah State University, Logan DD (C) $271



$160 $241

Southern Utah University, Cedar City NP

$160 $235


University of Oregon, Eugene July 15-18


- Day Camp

UTAH July 5-8

(commuter) $175

Lewis and Clark College, Portland $140 $179 $160 $327 $130 $238

Poway High School, Poway Date TBA

Cal State Sacramento


California Lutheran Univ., Thousand Oaks

July 9-11 July 20-22 July 23-26 Jul 29-Aug 1 August 6-8

- Elite Camps (by invitation only)

(commuter) $175

June 23-26

DT (C)


$275 OC

St. Martin’s College, Lacey July 9-12

DD (C) $277

$160 $245 COM


$160 $247

Mead High School, Spokane July 15-17


(commuter) $175

*NFHS dance technique credential course offered during these dates/location.

GoTo: for the

most current camp dates and locations.

Note: Dates and locations are subject to change.

Can’t stay overnight? USA offers commuter participant registration at any of its overnight camps. The commuter option provides instruction only at most locations. (No lodging or meals are included). 1. RESERVATIONS a. Once you have selected your camp date and location and have an estimated number of students who will attend, you may make reservations by calling the USA office. b. Your final numbers will be confirmed when you have submitted your Enrollment Form and per person deposit. 2. REGISTRATION a. In order to secure your reservation, please complete the attached Enrollment Form and mail it in with your $50.00 per person deposit and Camp Policy Form no later than 45 days prior to the start of your camp. The form may be duplicated for additional names. b. If the deposit, Enrollment Form and Camp Policy Form are not received at least 45 days prior to the start of your camp, then the reservation is subject to cancellation. There is no guarantee that a cancelled reservation will be reinstated for the original camp date request once a deposit and Enrollment Form are received after the 45 day due date. Reinstatement will only occur once all “holds” for the camp are cleared and the USA office has received a deposit and Enrollment Form. c. Send one Enrollment Form per team/squad (include all participants and non-participants). d. A $50.00 per person registration deposit must be sent with the Enrollment Form. e. The $50.00 non-refundable deposit secures your place at camp and is applied to the total camp fee. Full payment may be sent with the Enrollment Form if desired. Please see item #3 for detailed information regarding payments. f. The “On Campus” fee includes all housing, meals, and instruction. g. The “Commuter” fee includes instruction only. (Meals may be purchased for “commuters” on a per meal basis at most facilities – contact the USA office for more information). h. The “Non-Participant” fee includes housing and meals and is used for all advisors, coaches, parents, etc. attending the camp. i. Due to contractual obligations with host facilities, camp fees will be charged to all attendees regardless of age or participation. Adults may also audit student classes and attend director’s workshops. j. Participants must be at least 10 years of age to attend a Junior High Camp and at least 12 years of age to attend a High School Camp. k. Once the USA office has received your Enrollment Form, Camp Policy Form and per person deposit, a camp packet will be emailed to the person designated to receive correspondence. This email will include

instructions on how to download important camp information and forms from the On-Line Registration Tracker. 3. PAYMENT INFORMATION a. Payment can be made by credit card, school or cashier’s check, money order or school purchase order. Personal or organizational checks are not accepted. b. Make all payments payable to “USA Summer Camps.” c. Please no cash, personal checks, or payments made by individual squad members. A $25.00 fee will be assessed for each returned check. d. If you are paying with a purchase order, it should be written for the entire camp balance and submitted with a completed Enrollment Form. Make sure the school name appears on the purchase order. Teams submitting purchase orders without a completed Enrollment Form will not be registered. e. As an added convenience, payment can be made with MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express. For deposit paid by credit card, use the space for credit card authorization on the Enrollment Form. f. The balance of the camp fee is due and must be received in the USA office no later than three weeks prior to the camp opening date. Any registrations that have not been paid in full after this date will be subject to cancellation and any associated deposit paid will be forfeited. Payments will not be accepted at camp. 4. CANCELLATION/ADD/CHANGE POLICY a. Any changes/cancellations after your Enrollment Form has been processed will need to be submitted in writing to the USA office. b. All payments, except the $50.00 per person deposit, are fully refundable if written notice of cancellation is received in the USA office at least 14 days prior to your camp opening. c. If you do not receive an invoice confirmation reflecting your revised numbers within 48-hours of submission, please follow up with the USA Registration Department. d. Cancellations are official only when received in writing and confirmed by the USA office. e. USA will ONLY accept cancellations in writing. f. Because of facility deposits paid by USA, “no-shows” at camp or cancellations received less than 14 days prior to camp will not receive any type of refund and will be responsible for the full tuition. Payments may be applied to substitutes that are added at the same time of the cancellation; however, if there is no alternate person, the

$50.00 deposit cannot be applied to the balance of those attending. Should a “no-show” individual at a camp have an outstanding balance (e.g. unpaid school purchase order, etc.), full tuition will still be due for the individual even though she/he did not attend camp. 5. REFUND REQUESTS a. A separate refund request for cancellations received in writing at least 14 days prior to the camp opening must be submitted in writing to the USA office by October 1, 2010. Again, the refund request is separate from cancellation request. No refund will be issued before the end of camp or after December 31, 2009. 6. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS a. Room assignments will be made by the team representative upon arrival at camp. b. To expedite this process, please prepare your own rooming list (two to a room at most locations) and bring it to camp. 7. CAMP CAPACITY a. Many USA camps fill to capacity. If bed space is not available when you register, you will be notified immediately regarding alternate camp dates. 8. CAMP CHAPERONE a. Each school is required to bring at least one adult chaperone that is over 21 years of age. The camp chaperone fee is $125.00 and is limited to one per school/organization. b. Chaperone responsibilities primarily involve assisting and supervising students at night. Chaperones are assigned to areas with their own students; however, they may be asked to oversee students from other teams. c. Any additional adults (directors, coaches, etc.) should register on the Enrollment Form and pay the “Non-Participant” fee. 9. COMMUTING COACHES/ADVISORS FEE a. Commuting teams may register one (1) coach/advisor to attend camp at no cost. b. Any additional coaches/advisors/non-participants may attend at the rate of $25.00 per person. c. Please be sure to list all commuting adults on the Enrollment Form.

USA Customer Service Representatives are ready to answer any questions regarding camp locations, dates, program details, or registration procedures. Please contact us at 1.800.886.4USA (4872) or

CUSTOMER# _______________________________________________ SESSION CODE(S)# _______________________________________________


DATE REC’D_____________ DEPOSIT AMT______________ CC______________ CK#___________ PO#________________________________ENTERED BY________________ DD________ DT________ DI________ O________ NP________ CP________ COMM________ MALES_________

2010 USA DANCE/DRILL, DANCE TEAM & DANCE INTENSIVE CAMPS • Enrollment Form Please print or type information and send to: USA Camps, 11135 Knott Avenue, Suite C, Cypress, California 90630 FAX: 866.761.9365 INDICATE CAMP TYPE: ❍ On Campus ❍ Commuter (Instruction Only) School_ _________________________________________________________________________

Camp TYPE:

School Phone ( ) ________________________________________________________

Camp Location: _ ____________________________________________________________________

School Address___________________________________________________________________

Camp Dates: ________________________________________________________________________

❍ Dance/Drill Team

❍ Dance Team

❍ Dance Intensive

CITY ______________________________________ State ____________ ZIp_ _________________ Director_________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone ( ) _ ________________________________________________________ E-mail___________________________________________________________________________ FAX Phone ( ) ___________________________________________________________

Mark YES or NO to the following questions:

Is the advisor/director attending camp? Is the advisor/director employed by the school? Is the advisor/director over 21 years of age? Is the contact person the advisor/director?






Routine Style Requests: (Rank each style individually, showing your level of interest in each style at camp) Please circle one level per style, 5 = the highest interest, 1 = no interest Hip Hop: 2 1




















Dance/Drill: 5





Stylized Jazz: 5





Contemporary: 5





Program abbreviations:

dD - dance/drill team

dT - dance team

dI - dance intensive

o - officer

Program Customer’s Name (Please include NP & CP) (DD, DT, DI, O, NP, CP)

NP - Non-Participant


❍ NO ❍ NO ❍ NO ❍ NO











Dance/Pom: 5





CP - Chaperone (1 Per School/Group)

Amount Enclosed Per Person

❍ F ❍ M 1. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❍ F ❍ M 2. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❍ F ❍ M 3. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❍ F ❍ M 4. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❍ F ❍ M 5. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❍ F ❍ M 6. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❍ F ❍ M 7. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❍ F ❍ M 8. _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Form may be duplicated for additional names) ($50 deposit is non-refundable) Person to Receive Correspondence:___________________________________________________ E-Mail___________________________________________________________________________ Home Address____________________________________________________________________


PAYMENT: Payable to: United Spirit Association (PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH) Forms of payment accepted: money order, cashier’s check and credit card. Personal checks, organization checks, cash or individual payments are not accepted.

CITY ________________________________ State ____________ ZIp________________________

m CHECK# _________________________Total Amount of Check $_ _________________________

Daytime Phone ( )________________ –_ _______________________________

m Credit Card Payment: ❍ VISA ❍ M/C ❍ AMEX ❍ DISCOVER (Deposits or complete payment only)

Evening Phone ( )________________ –_ _______________________________ ❍ PLEASE SEND A SET OF INVOICES TO: ________________________________________________ (If different from PERSON TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE)

Card #__________________________________________________________________________ Cardholder’s Name_________________________________________________________________


Expiration Date _________________________ Amount Paid: $_______________________________

Address_ ________________________________________________________________________

Cardholder’s Signature_____________________________________________________________

CITY _______________________________ State ____________ ZIp_ ________________________

Cardholder’s Billing Address_________________________________________________________


City____________________________________ State ______________ ZIP_ __________________

FAX ( )________________ –_ ________________________________________

Cardholder’s Phone ( )________________ –____________________________________



Cypress, CA 90630 Permit #29

11135 Knott Avenue, Suite C Cypress, CA 90630


Attn: Dance/Drill or Dance Team Advisor/Director

USA SPIRIT RALLIES Competition opportunities to showcase your team’s hard work. Perform with the best at the biggest competitions in the west!

Dance/Drill nationals All-Star nationals High School Spirit nationals Junior nationals Cal State Championships Great America Showcase

Learn fresh new material for basketball season and give your teams the opportunity to perform at a collegiate or professional sporting event!

Denver Nuggets Rally Denver, CO

Golden State Warriors Rally Oakland, CA

Phoenix Suns Rally Phoenix, AZ

Sacramento Kings Rally

LONDON TOUR Attention USA All Americans! Perform in london AnD at USA nationals!

Sacramento, CA

San Francisco 49ers Rally San Francisco, CA

UCLA Rallies

Los Angeles, CA

Want to know more? We’ll see you at camp for the details!

Check out our website for more information!


Summer camp brochure, information and dates/locations. Registration material/.


Summer camp brochure, information and dates/locations. Registration material/.