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Issue #78 Spring 2010

Notes from the Director ...

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A 2008 report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project predicts that by the year 2020, the majority of people world-wide will be using a mobile device as their primary means for connecting to the Internet. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated. SmartPhones, iPhones and Androids allow users to communicate, search the Internet and manage documents. 3G networks and wifi make Internet access much faster with these devices. Third party applications extend the usefulness of the devices. Applications are being developed for educational purposes, with the ability to listen to lectures via podcasts and/or view videos of procedures. Mobile devices allow users to access information in various locations including the bedside. Readily accessible, quality information can improve patient care and increase the health care professional’s knowledge. The Biomedical Library (BL) has been offering reference service via text for several months. Many of the BL’s electronic resources either have mobile access or an interface that has been optimized for mobile devices. In this issue of Biofeedback, those resources will be highlighted. In addition, the BL has developed a mobile web page devoted to mobile technologies . This page will be updated as more applications and access becomes available.

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Judy Burnham Director

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The National Library of Medicine Develops

Mobile MedlinePlus The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has recently developed a mobile version of MedlinePlus. Users can now access the information resources of MedlinePlus anytime, anywhere. NLM has also created an FAQ that includes set-up instructions for Blackberry user. 1

USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

New mobile website PHONE NUMBERS Administration Director: Judy Burnham ............ (251) 460-6886

by Andrea Wright

Hospital Services: Geneva Staggs (251) 471-7855

Use the mobile site to call, email, text, chat, or map a visit to a reference librarian. The Biomedical Library has a new website optimized for mobile devices available at

Public Services: .......................... (251) 460-7044 Justin Robertson .......................... (251) 460-7045

The mobile website includes information about our locations and hours and features links to library resources optimized for small screens. One can also use the mobile site to call, email, text, chat, or map a visit to a reference librarian, or to read the library’s news blog. While the site was designed with touch screen devices in mind, it has been tested and can easily be used on most phones with internet capabilities. If you have any questions about or suggestions for the Biomedical Library’s mobile website, please contact Technology Librarian Andrea Wright at or (251) 461-1424.

Secretary: Bonnie Seibert ............ (251) 460-6885 Collection Management: Jie Li .... (251) 460-6890

Libraries: Campus (Baugh) .......................... (251) 460-7043 C&W ............................................. (251) 415-8586 HIRC at USAMC ......................... (251) 471-7855 Interlibrary Loan ........................... (251) 460-6891 Fax Numbers Campus (Baugh) .......................... (251) 460-7638 C&W ............................................. (251) 415-8587 HIRC at USAMC ......................... (251) 471-7857 REGULAR HOURS January 4, 2010 - -May 10, 2010 Charles M. Baugh Library (Campus) Monday-Thursday 7:15 am - 11:45 pm Friday 7:15 am - 5:45 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 5:45 pm Sunday 1:00 pm - 9:45 pm UMC Health Information Resource Center (staffed) Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday & Sunday Not staffed Children’s and Women’s Site Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday & Sunday Closed

DynaMed and Skyscape for iPhone by Andrea Wright

Holidays and Extended Hours

Skyscape is a free app for the iPhone that includes several useful clinical tools, but also allows access to DynaMed, an evidence-based resource provided to our users by the Biomedical Library. DynaMed is a clinical reference tool for use primarily at the point-of-care. It is updated daily and monitors the content of over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases. To use DynaMed through Skyscape, continued on page - 10 -

The libraries will be closed Mardi Gras Day, Tuesday, February 16, 2010; Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010; and Memorial Day Monday, May 31, 2010. Extended hours at campus site for exams April 30 - May 1, 2010. See website for Spring Break hours. Email: Web site: http:/

The Biofeedback can be accessed as a PDF file and printed for readers who prefer a hard copy. Questions? Please contact Beverly Rossini at or 460-6893 for help.


NLM Mobile

USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

by Clista Clanton

Applications for mobile devices are offered free by the National Library of Medicine The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has several applications for mobile devices such as Palm Powered and Pocket PC devices (Figure 1) available at To search PubMed with the web browser of any mobile device, there is the PubMed for Handhelds web site at There are five different ways to search in PubMed for Handhelds: a search using PICO components (Figure 2), a natural language search, a term search that can utilize clinical queries, a journal browser search, and a disease association search. Another mobile application provided by NLM is AIDSinfo, where users can access HIV/AIDS federallyapproved medical guidelines by downloading them in PDF format to use as a on-the-go Figure 1 reference tool. Also available Figure 2 is the Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM) application (Figure 3), which provides guidance on diagnosis and treatment for healthcare providers during radiation events. The NCBI Bookshelf (Figure 4) is a mobile application that will allow users to download NCBI books. Titles that are currently available for download are Blood Groups and Red Cell Antigens, Clinical Methods, Genes and Disease, Health Services/Technology Assessment Text (HSTAT), Inflammatory Atherosclerosis: Characteristics of the Injurious Agent, and Medical Microbiology.

Figure 4

Figure 3


USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

New Books Now Available

- Robert Britton

Location in brackets following the call number. [B]Baugh Biomedical Library (Campus) [CW]Children’s & Women’s Library [HIRC]Health and Information Resource Center (formerly Medical Center Library) [Ref] Reference collection at indicated site. SOUTHCat catalog access here. QS HUMAN ANATOMY QS 4 J52a 2010 [B] Anatomy and physiology : from science to life / Gail W. Jenkins. QS 4 T712p 2009 [B] Principles of anatomy and physiology / Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson. QU BIOCHEMISTRY QU 4 G239b 2005 [B] Biochemistry / Reginald H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham. QU 26.5 H481p 2008 [B] Principles of computational cell biology : from protein complexes to cellular networks / Volkhard Helms. QV PHARMACOLOGY QV 607 G618 2007 [HIRC] Goldfrank’s manual of toxicologic emergencies / Robert S. Hoffman ... [et al.].

W 18.2 L164 2005 [B] Exploring medical language : a student-directed approach / Myrna LaFleur Brooks. W 20.5 G355w 2006 [B] Writing the NIH grant proposal : a step-by-step guide / William Gerin. W 21 P9643 2006 [HIRC] Professionalism in medicine : critical perspectives / Delese Wear, Julie M. Aultman, editors. W 21 P9645 2010 [HIRC] Professionalism in medicine : a case-based guide for medical students / John Spandorfer ... [et al.], editors. W 21.5 P5775 2008 [B] Physician assistant : a guide to clinical practice / Ruth Ballweg ... [et al.], editors. W 26.5 F316h 2006 [B] Health care informatics : a skills-based resource / Bill G. Felkey, Brent I. Fox, and Margaret R. Thrower.

QW MICROBIOLOGY IMMUNOLOGY QW 25 F692b 2007 [B] Bailey & Scott’s diagnostic microbiology / Betty A. Forbes, Daniel F. Sahm, Alice S. Weissfeld.

W 26.5 H251h 2006 [HIRC] Healthcare informatics / C. William Hanson III.

QY CLINICAL PATHOLOGY QY 39 P128 2007 [Ref] [HIRC] Mosby’s diagnostic and laboratory test reference / Kathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy James Pagana.

WA PUBLIC HEALTH WA 30 A5126a 2007 [B] ANA’s principles of environmental health for nursing practice with implementation strategies / American Nurses Association.

QY 39 P128 2007 [Ref] [B] Mosby’s diagnostic and laboratory test reference / Kathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy James Pagana. QZ PATHOLOGY QZ 50 G32805 2009 [B] Genetics and ethics in health care : new questions in the age of genomic health /Rita Black Monsen, editor. W HEALTH PROFESSIONS W 18 R475 2005 [HIRC] Residents as teachers : a guide to educational practice / Neal Whitman, Thomas L. Schwenk.

W 26.55.C7 P719e 2009 [HIRC] Evidence-based medicine for PDAs : a guide for practice /Allan F. Platt.

WB PRACTICE OF MEDICINE WB 17 A8817 2010 [HIRC] The atlas of emergency medicine / Kevin J. Knoop ... [et al.], editors.

WB 39 P964 2009 [HIRC] Professional guide to diseases / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. WB 39 W3175 2009 [HIRC] The Washington manual general internal medicine subspecialty consult / Geoffrey S. Cislo, Thomas M. De Fer, editors. WB 102 C641 2006 no.15 [B] Clinical evidence concise : the international source of best available evidence for effective health care / BMJ Publishing Group.


WB 102 Z999 2009 [HIRC] The 5-minute Clinical Consult 2010 / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. WB110 .M67 2006 [HIRC] Mosby’s family practice sourcebook : an evidence-based approach to care / Michael Evans, editor. WB 205 M894 2006 [B] Mosby’s guide to physical examination / Henry M. Seidel ... [et al.], eidtors. WB 310 S783 2006 [HIRC] Faces of life / Quint Studer. WC COMMUNICABLE DISEASES WC 250 C456m 2008 [HIRC] MRSA and staphylococcal infections / by Hernan R. Chang.

WL NERVOUS SYSTEM WL 101 K47b 2005 [B] Barr’s The human nervous system : an anatomical viewpoint / John A. Kiernan. WM PSYCHIATRY WM 34 M414 2010 [B] The Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital residency handbook of psychiatry / James Niels Rosenquist ... [et al.], editors. WM 100 K173 2009 [HIRC] Kaplan & Sadock’s comprehensive textbook of psychiatry / editors, Benjamin J. Sadock, Virginia A. Sadock, Pedro Ruiz. WM 270 A35614 2007 [CW] Alcohol, drugs and young people : clinical approaches / Eilish Gilvarry and Paul McArdle, editors. WO SURGERY WO 178 C641 2008 [B] Clinician’s guide to surgical care / John P. Pryor. editor. WO 950 N532 2004 Suppl. 2007 [HIRC] A supplement to new frontiers in geriatrics research : an agenda for surgical and related medical specialties / Joseph LoCicero III ... [et al.], editors. WS PEDIATRICS WS 39 P37125 2009 [HIRC] Pediatric emergency medicine / Gary R. Strange ... [et al.], eidtors. WS 100 G6683 2006 [CW] Management of disorders of bladder and bowel control in childhood / Alexander von Gontard ; Tryggve

USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

New Books, continued Neveus.

American Nurses Association.

WS 342 H819o 2007 [CW] Orthopaedic management in cerebral palsy / Helen M. Horstmann and Eugene E. Bleck.

WY 152 H828h 2007 [B] Hospice and palliative nursing : scope and standards of practice / Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association [and] American Nurses Association.

- Jie Li

WS 350.8 .A8 P419 2007 [CW] People with hyperactivity : understanding and managing their problems / Eric Taylor, editor. WY NURSING WY 26.5 N9739 2008 [B] Nursing informatics : scope and standards of practice / American Nurses Association. WY 85 G946 2008 [B] Guide to the code of ethics for nurses : interpretation and application / Marsha D.M. Fowler, editor. WY 85 N9742 2008 [B] Nursing and healthcare ethics : a legacy and a vision / Winifred J. Ellenchild Pinch, Amy M. Haddad, editors. WY 87 H434f 2005 [B] Faith community nursing : scope and standards of practice / Health Ministries Association. WY 87 S666f 2008 [B] Faith community nursing : developing a quality practice / Carol J. Smucker with Linda Weinberg, ‘ contributing author. WY 100 T772 2007 [B] Transforming nursing data into quality care : profiles of quality improvement in U.S. healthcare facilities / Isis Montalvo and Nancy Dunton, editors. WY 101 A512L 2006 [B] Legal nurse consulting : scope and standards of practice / American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.

WY 101 S741 2008 [B] Specialization and credentialing in nursing revisited : understanding the issues, advancing the profession / Margretta Madden Styles ... [et al.], editors. WY 105 N97419 2009 [B] Nursing administration : scope and standards of practice / American Nurses Association. WY 113 S3726 2005 [B] School nursing : scope and standards of practice / National Association of School Nurses. WY 115 A512hm 2008 [B] Home health nursing : scope and standards of practice /

WY 152.5 C2679 2008 [B] Cardiovascular nursing : scope and standards of practice / American College of Cardiology Foundation, American Nurses Association. WY 159 N2765p 2008 [B] Pediatric nursing : scope and standards of practice / National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. WY 160 P974 2007 [B] Psychiatric-mental health nursing : scope and standards of practice / American Psychiatric Nurses Association, International Society of PsychiatricMental Health Nurses. WY 161 I61 2009 [B] Transplant nursing : scope and standards of practice / International Transplant Nursing Society. WY 170 I61f 2009 [B] Forensic nursing : scope and standards of practice / International Association of Forensic Nurses. WZ HISTORY OF MEDICINE WZ 345 P976 2010 [B] Publication manual of the American Psychological Association / American Psychological Association.

MD Consult Mobile is a browser based version of the full MD Consult with an interface that is optimized for the small screen. MD Consult Mobile allows users to browse Quick Reference using an easy to use listing of common medical topics; search reference content focused specifically on Reference Books, Clinics, Practice Guidelines, and Journals/Medline; view full-text of all of the searchable content in MD Consult plus images included in the articles and books; and share content links by email with a colleague. Mobile devices iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry Storm 9560, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Pearl (8220), HTC Fuze/Touch Pro, T Mobile G1, Nokia N85 and Palm Treo are supported by MD Consult Mobile. An individual username is required to access MD Consult Mobile. Create your account at the top right corner of the MD Consult online version from your computer and use it to login from your mobile device at

“has taken the place of the CRISP database.” - Judy Burnham The NIH RePORTer (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool) has taken the place of the CRISP database. It can be used to locate reports, data, and analyses of NIH Research Projects. In addition to topic searches, various search filters are available including year, congressional district, state, principal investigator, funding agency and study section. Results can be sorted by category. Frequently Requested Reports are available. A Categorical Spending table presents the annual support level for various research, condition, and disease categories. A tutorial is available. 5

USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

Faculty Publications Listed below are journal publications by USA faculty indexed in MEDLINE, CINAHL, and Web of Science for August through December, 2009. Department chairs are asked to submit citations of recent publications by their department members. If we missed your latest contribution to the literature, please notify the editor so it can be included in a future listing. New faculty are encouraged to submit their latest publications to the editor ( Abi-Saleh B, Soltani P, Husain NM, Ali M, Khawaja SN, Ahmed SH. Prophylactic use of manual thrombectomy in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. Cardiovasc Revasc Med 2009;10(4):224-8. Alexeyev MF. Is there more to aging than mitochondrial DNA and reactive oxygen species? FEBS J 2009;276(20):5768-87. Arrieta MI, Foreman RD, Crook ED, Icenogle ML. Providing continuity of care for chronic diseases in the aftermath of Katrina: from field experience to policy recommendations. Disaster Med Public Health Prep 2009;3(3):174-82. Bailey SW, Ayling JE. The extremely slow and variable activity of dihydrofolate reductase in human liver and its implications for high folic acid intake. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2009;106(36):15424-9. Ballard ST, Martens CJ. Measurements of unidirectional liquid secretion and absorption across porcine bronchial epithelium. Pediatr Pulmonol 200;44(S32):97. Beach PS, Bar-on M, Baldwin C, Kittredge D, Trimm RF, Henry R. Evaluation of the use of an interactive, online resource for competency-based curriculum development. Acad Med 2009;84(9):1269-75. Boudreaux CW, Laurini JA, Zuo Z, Kahn AG. High risk human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing in surepath liquid based pap test specimens: Differences in results among pre and peripostmenopausal women with atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS). Cancer Cytopathol 2009;117(5):389-90. Bruheim S, Xi YG, Ju JF, Fodstad O. Gene expression profiles classify human osteosarcoma xenografts according to sensitivity to doxorubicin, cisplatin, and ifosfamide. Clin Cancer Res 2009;15(23):7161-9. Carrao ACR, Chilian WM, Yun J, Kolz C, Rocic P, Lehmann K, van den Wijngaard J, van Horssen P, Spaan JAE, Ohanyan V, Pung YF, Buschmann I. Stimulation of coronary collateral growth by granulocyte stimulating factor role of reactive oxygen species. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2009;29(11):1817-22. Carter JE, Goel S. Nonkeratinizing undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma a case report. Acta Cytol 2009;53(4):449-53. Colletti RB, Baldassano RN, Milov DE, Margolis PA, Bousvaros A, Crandall WV, Crissinger KD, D’Amico MA, Day AS, Denson LA, Dubinsky M, Ebach DR, Hoffenberg EJ, Kader HA, Keljo DJ, Leibowitz IH, Mamula P, Pfefferkorn

MD, Qureshi MA, Pediat IBDNRI. Variation in care in pediatric crohn disease. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2009;49(3):297-303. Corlew-Roath M, Di Palma JA. Clinical impact of identifying lactose maldigestion or fructose malabsorption in irritable bowel syndrome or other conditions. South Med J 2009;102(10):1010-2. Csiszar A, Labinskyy N, Olson S, Pinto JT, Gupte S, Wu JM, Hu FR, Ballabh P, Podlutsky A, Losonczy G, de Cabo R, Mathew R, Wolin MS, Ungvari Z. Resveratrol prevents monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertension in rats. Hypertension 2009;54(3):668-75. Das S, Harris LG, Metge BJ, Liu SH, Riker AI, Samant RS, Shevde LA. The hedgehog pathway transcription factor GLI1 promotes malignant behavior of cancer cells by upregulating osteopontin. J Biol Chem 2009;284(34):22888-97. Di Palma JA, Rodriguez R, McGowan J, Cleveland MV. A randomized clinical study evaluating the safety and efficacy of a new, reducedvolume, oral sulfate colon-cleansing preparation for colonoscopy. Am J Gastroenterol 2009;104(9):2275-84. Driskell LO, Yu XJ, Zhang L, Liu Y, Popov VL, Walker DH, Tucker AM, Wood DO. Directed mutagenesis of the Rickettsia prowazekii pld gene encoding phospholipase D. Infect Immun 2009;77(8):3244-8. Elzarrad K, Haroon A, Reed D, Al-Mehdi AB. Early incorporated endothelial cells as origin of metastatic tumor vasculogenesis. Clin Exp Metastasis 2009;26(6):589-98. Estis JM, Coblentz JK, Moore RE. Effects of increasing time delays on pitch-matching accuracy in trained singers and untrained individuals. J Voice 2009;23(4):439-45. Fillmore RA, Mitra A, Xi YG, Ju JF, Scammell J, Shevde LA, Samant RS. Nmi (N-Myc interactor) inhibits Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and retards tumor growth. Int J Cancer 2009;125(3):556-64. Fogger SA, McGuinness T. Alabama’s nurse monitoring programs: The nurse’s experience of being monitored. J Addict Nurs 2009;20(3):142-9. Gillespie MN, Pastukh V, Ruchko MV. Oxidative DNA modifications in hypoxic signaling. In: Peers C, Haddad GG, Chandel NS, eds. Hypoxia and consequences from molecule to malady; 2009:140-50. Goel S, Carter JE, Culpepper M, Kahn AG.


Primary renal zygomycotic infarction mimicking renal neoplasia in an immunocompetent patient. Am J Med Sci 2009;338(4):330-3. Gonzalez RP, Cummings GR, Mulekar MS, Harlan SM, Rodning CB. Improving rural emergency medical service response time with global positioning system navigation. J Trauma 2009;67(5):899-902. Gonzalez RP, Cummings GR, Phelan HA, Bosarge PL, Rodning CB. Clinical examination in complement with computed tomography scan: An effective method for identification of cervical spine injury. J Trauma 2009;67(6):1297-304. Gore EM, Jones BS, Marques MB. Is therapeutic plasma exchange indicated for patients with gemcitabine-induced hemolytic uremic syndrome? J Clin Apheresis 2009;24(5):209-14. Harpen M, Barik T, Musiyenko A, Barik S. Mutational analysis reveals a noncontractile but interactive role of actin and profilin in viral RNA-dependent RNA synthesis. J Virol 2009;83(21):10869-76. Heins A, Liang S, Richardson LD. Epidemiology of prolonged emergency department length of stay. Ann Emerg Med 2009;54(3):S19-S. Heins A, Rask K, Houry D. Trends and disparities in emergency department asthma care, 19922006. Ann Emerg Med 2009;54(3):S50-S. Hooks SB, Rutland TJ, Di Palma JA. Lubiprostone neither decreases gastric and small-bowel transit time nor improves visualization of small bowel for capsule endoscopy: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Gastrointest Endosc 2009;70(5):942-6. Howard DD, White CQ, Harden TR, Ellis CN. Incidence of surgical site infections postcolorectal resections without preoperative mechanical or antibiotic bowel preparation. Am Surg 2009;75(8):659-63. Huang TT, Solano J, He DS, Loutfi M, Dietrich WD, Kuluz JW. Traumatic injury activates map kinases in astrocytes: Mechanisms of hypothermia and hyperthermia. J Neurotrauma 2009;26(9):1535-45. Iliodromitis EK, Downey JM, Heusch G, Kremastinos DT. What is the optimal postconditioning algorithm? J Cardiovas Pharmacol Ther 2009;14(4):269-73. Irion G. D/C to home care. Acute Care Perspectives 2009;18(3):3-23. Karwa R, Wargo KA. Efungumab: A novel agent in the treatment of invasive candidiasis. Ann Pharmacother 2009;43(11):1818-23. Kittredge D, Baldwin CD, Bar-on M, Trimm RF, Beach PS. One specialty’s collaborative approach to competency-based curriculum development. Acad Med 2009;84(9):1262-8.

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USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010 Radfar S, Wang YX, Khong HT. Activated CD4(+) T cells dramatically enhance chemotherapeutic tumor responses in vitro and in vivo. J Immunol 2009;183(10):6800-7. Ramsey AJ, Russell LC, Chinkers M. C-terminal sequences of hsp70 and hsp90 as nonspecific anchors for tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) proteins. Biochem J 2009;423:411-9. Ravula S, Kahn AG, Hollingshead TE, Lasecki MA, Tucker AJ. HER-2 gene analysis by dualprobe chromogenic in situ hybridization (DCISH) in 19 invasive breast carcinoma cases. Am J Clin Pathol 2009;132(4):44. Reidy DE, Dimmick K, MacDonald K, Zeichner A. The relationship between pain tolerance and trait aggression: Effects of sex and gender role. Aggress Behav 2009;35(5):422-9. Rex DK, Deenadayalu VP, Eid E, Imperiale TF, Walker JA, Sandhu K, Clarke AC, Hillman LC, Horiuchi A, Cohen LB, Heuss LT, Peter S, Beglinger C, Sinnott JA, Welton T, Rofail M, Subei I, Sleven R, Jordan P, Goff J, Gerstenberger PD, Munnings H, Tagle M, Sipe BW, Wehrmann T, Di Palma JA, Occhipinti KE, Barbi E, Riphaus A, Amann ST, Tohda G, McClellan T, Thueson C, Morse J, Meah N. Endoscopist-directed administration of propofol: A worldwide safety experience. Gastroenterology 2009;137(4):1229-37. Richards W. Commentary on “Single-incision transumbilical laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy’’. J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech 2009;19(6):755- 759. Rocconi RP, Matthews KS, Kemper MK, Hoskins KE, Huh WK, Straughn JM. The timing of normalization of CA-125 levels during primary chemotherapy is predictive of survival in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer. Gynecol Oncol 2009;114(2):242-5. Rocic P. Differential phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling: Implications for PTCA? Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2009;297(6):H1970-1.

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Rutecki GW. Top papers of the month: Articles you don’t want to miss. I’m leaving on a jet plane... When will I be able to sleep again? Consultant (00107069) 2009;49(8):514.


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USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010


- Trey Lemley

DynaMed, an evidence-based, point-of-care decision support tool, has recently added over 500 clinical calculators designed to aid health care practitioners in all aspects of clinical decision-making, from forming a diagnosis [or prognosis] to estimating a patient’s particular risk of disease.1 All of these resources are designed to help clinicians choose diagnostic tests and then interpret the results of these tests. To access DynaMed Calculators, go to the homepage of the Biomedical Library and click on “Database List.” Next, click on the link entitled “DynaMed.” When the DynaMed search page opens, click on the “Calculators” link on the top right corner. When the main search page of DynaMed Calculators opens, note that the left sidebar is divided into ten hyperlinked sections, as follows: 1. Medical Equations 2. Clinical Criteria 3. Decision Trees 4. Statistics Calculators 5. Units & Dose Converters 6. Search by Specialty 7. Math Calculator 8. Glossary 9. References 10. Send Comments to Editor

Dynamed Medical Calculators

Clicking on any of the first seven section results in the opening of a new page, which is further subdivided. For example, the first category, “Medical Equations,” is subdivided alphabetically into two hundred and fifty three [253] equations, from “A-a Gradient” to “Z Score to Percentile Estimation.” As an illustration, the “A-a Gradient” medical equation window is reproduced above: The second category, “Clinical Criteria,” is subdivided alphabetically into two hundred and eighteen [218] criteria, from “Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Toxicity Assessment” to “Waterlow Scale for Stratification of Pressure Sore Risk.” As an illustration, the “Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Toxicity Assessment” window appears at the right: Dynamed Medical Equation Calculator “Decision Trees,” the third category, contains thirty-six [36] links, from “Anthrax Screening for Exposed Patients TreeCalc®” to “Warfarin Dosing TreeCalc®,” while “Statistics Calculators,” the fourth category, contains forty-six [46] links, from “Bayesian Statistics I MultiCalc®” to “Z Score to Percentile Estimation.” The fifth category “Unit and Dose Converters” contains twenty-nine [29] converters, from “Area Unit Conversions” to “Weight Unit Conversions.” To demonstrate, the “Weight Unit Conversion” tool calculated “718 drams [avoirdupois]” as being equivalent to “0.1 pood [Russian],” while the “Area Unit Conversion” tool calculated 40 square centimetres as being equivalent to 4000 square millimeters. The “Search by Specialty” category allows the user to search by thirty-one [31] medical condition/disciplines across all other categories of calculators. To illustrate, clicking on “Hematology” allows the user to search all subcategories related to Hematology in Medical Equations [Category 1] or Clinical Criteria [Category 2]. see DynaMed Calculators continued on next page


USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

- DynaMed Calculators continued

DynaMed Calculators also includes the “Math Calculator,” a helpful online calculator (see illustration at right). Finally, there is an extensive “Glossary” and “References” section, plus an e-mail link to the editor. In conclusion, DynaMed Calculators are a very helpful and easy-to-use tool for the clinician. The amount of information presented is truly extraordinary. (Footnotes) 1 See

EPOCRATES RX: Free mobile drug reference Epocrates Rx is a free comprehensive handheld drug guide for Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and BlackBerry (Android compatibility is promised soon). It includes monographs for more than 3,000 drugs and is updated at least once a week. Epocrates Rx for Windows Mobile Smartphone instantly accesses drug prescribing and safety information for more than 3,300 brand and generic drugs. Search for a drug by name or class; then you can review: •Adult and pediatric dosing for FDAapproved and off-label indications. • Black box warnings; contraindications, and cautions; • Serious and common adverse reactions, and drug interactions organized by clinical category; • Approximate retail drug pricing for patients paying out-of-pocket; • Safety and monitoring information, such as pregnancy risk categories, lactation safety ratings, monitoring parameters and therapeutic drug levels; • Manufacturing information including DEA/FDA status; • Pharmacology information, including metabolism, excretion, drug class, and mechanism of action; and, • Notes section for your personal notes.

The powerful MultiCheck feature enables you to check for interactions among up to 30 drugs at a time. Potential interactions are organized by category to help you

determine the appropriate action. Epocrates Rx contains up-to-date, detailed formulary information for national and regional healthcare insurance formularies, including all Medicare Part D plans, and provides easy access to therapeutic alternatives. Select and download the insurance formularies you use most often. Quickly check to see which drugs are covered. Find planspecific details on: Copay tiers; Prior authorization requirements; Quantity limits; Step-therapy

guidelines; and Search for preferred therapeutic alternatives. Win Mobile edition includes additional references and tools to help you every day. These include: MedMath - dozens of useful medical calculators, including STAT Cholesterol, BMI & Obesity, and Opioid Analgesic Converter; Association guidelines and reference tables; and Optional add-ons to suit your needs. 9

- Geneva Staggs

Epocrates Rx for Palm includes all the above functions. Epocrates Rx for BlackBerry includes all above function and a Pill ID function: Ever have a patient call or come to you with a pill of unknown origin? With this feature, you can identify a drug based on its physical characteristics such as color, shape and imprint code. Simply select some key characteristics and quickly see a list of drugs that match the criteria, with a convenient visual reference guide. Tapping on a drug image enlarges the picture, making it easier for you to see any imprint codes found on the drug and thus confirm the match. Epocrates Rx for iPhone includes all the above functions plus the Mobile Resource Centers, which can help you stay current and save time. Find all the relevant clinical news and research articles for many medical conditions or specialties in one place! Added bonus: Expert commentary from leaders kin each field. For more information about free Epocrates RX go to:

USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

continued from page - 2 search for and download Skyscape to an iPhone or iPod Touch from the App Store. Contact the Biomedical Library at or (251) 460-7044 to ask for a DynaMed Serial Number. (You must be affiliated with the University of South Alabama to use DynaMed.) In the Skyscape app, choose the “Tools” menu, then “Install Resource.” Enter the number you were given into the “Skyscape Serial Number” field. Then click “Continue.” Skyscape will download DynaMed data, and it will then be available from your home screen. Skyscape also comes with several free medical resources built in. These include the Archimedes Medical Calculator, Outlines in Clinical Medicine, RxDrugs Dosing Companion, and MedAlert current awareness tool. DynaMed is also available for Android and Blackberry phones, as well as some Palm, Windows Mobile, and Pocket PC devices. To use DynaMed on these devices, follow the directions for contacting the library for a serial number above. Then visit http:// technical.php and follow the link

for your device for further instructions. For more information about mobile device resources, contact Technology Librarian Andrea Wright at or (251) 461-1424.

Bay Area Food Bank “Serving the Central Gulf Coast” Alabama, Florida, Mississippi

These three entities were recipients of fund raising efforts by the library personnel of the USA Biomedical Library during the late part of 2009. We are happy to help! 10


The Biomedical Library won the 2009 Distinguished Library Award from CONBLS (Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries) for their participation in the STARS and STRIPES enrichment programs managed through the University of South Alabama’s Center for Healthy Communities’ Center for Excellence. Judy Burnham and the University of South Alabama College of Allied Health faculty Dennis Fell, Department of Physical Therapy; K. Adams and K. Greathouse, recent graduates of DPT program won first place in the research poster competition for their poster Comparing and Contrasting Physical Therapy-Related Article Tags from a Social Bookmarking Site to Library Database Terminology at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Southern Chapter/ Medical Library Association. Geneva Staggs has received a certificate awarding her a Level II Designation in the Consumer Health Information Specialization Program from the Medical Library Association. Judy Burnham has received funding from the National Library of Medicine for her proposal Empowering Health Ministry Leaders, an outreach project which will collaborate with the University of South Alabama (USA) Center for Health Communities (CHC) to provide train-the-trainer session for Community Health Advocates and for targeted health ministry leaders in local urban African American churches in the 36617, 36610 and 36603 zip codes of Mobile County. The project will also provide technology tools (laptops, printers, jump drives) and health check tools (and any needed training on those tools) for health ministry leaders to monitor the health of their congregations and to encourage members of congregation to develop a personal health record (PHR) using free Internet PHR tools. Other goals of the project are to provide technology and technology training for health ministry leaders so as toimprove communication, to work with the USA CHC to develop a speakers’ bureau on health related topics, and to host health fairs for congregations.

USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010

WISER is a system developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. WISER provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice. It is available via the web or can be downloaded to a computer or a Windows mobile device. The substance identification module helps to identify an unknown chemical based on: physical properties of the substance, signs/symptoms from exposure to the substance, NFPA 704 full or partial placard values, substance categories (flammable, meth lab, etc.), transport identification: DOT placard and/or type of rail car or road trailer. WISER also includes a WMD Response Guidebook, triage procedures for both adult and pediatric, and radiological tools (dose estimator, radiation unit converter, emergency contacts, initial onsite activities, manual for first responders and an Emergency Management Pocket Guide for Clinicians for radiologic terrorism.) When using via real-time, WISER will show protective distances for spilled substances overlaid on a map, based on wind direction. WISER is a project of the Specialized Information Services Division (SIS) of the NLM. WISER is available for download at There is no charge to access WISER. - Judy Burnham

Test Prep Resources

- Robert Britton

in our collection Did you know that your Biomedical Library offers both electronic and print test prep resources, including the renowned Lange Case Files series, Exam Master, the First Aid™ series (Cases for the USMLE Step 1, First Aid for the® USMLE Step 1 2009: A Student-to-Student Guide, and Q&A for the USMLE Step 1), anatomy quizzes in Primal Pictures, various surgery resources (First Aid for the® ABSITE, Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery: Self-Assessment and Board Review, Surgery Board Review Tests from Access Surgery, and Surgery Review Illustrated)? Cases within in the Case Files series of books are designed to simulate a patient encounter with open-ended questions. Texts available electronically includeCase Files Anatomy,Case Files Emergency Medicine,Case Files Microbiology, Case Files Pathology, Case Files Pharmacology,Case Files Physiology,Case Files NeurologyCase Files Neuroscience. When using Exam Master for the first time you will be prompted to fill out a brief registration form, after which your username and password will immediately be emailed to you. Exam Master includes thousands of questions pertaining to USMLE Step 1, 2, and 3, medical subject review and certification review questions. The First Aid series includes First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2009: A Student-to-Student Guide, along with supplemental texts Cases for the USMLE Step 1 and Q&A for the USMLE Step 1. Together these offer a comprehensive preparation strategy for the USMLE including analysis of the test, study and test-taking strategies, revisions based on recent student testing experiences, over 1000 commonly tested facts and useful mnemonics, nearly 200 photos, and a list of hundreds of recommended examination books. The Biomedical Library also provides via AccessMedicine Harrison’s Online Self-Assessment and Board Review, which includes over 1,000 multiple-choice questions, answers, explanations, and references to Harrison’s Online, Williams Obstetrics Study Guide, containing over 2600 questions and answers, linked to Williams Obstetrics online for further study, and Hurst’s Imaging Tests, featuring cases which present images and video for interpretation. Anatomy review may be performed via “Product Quizzes” on Primal Pictures’ home page, and don’t forget that Lange’s Case Files series also contains an Anatomy component. Surgery resources include Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery: Self-Assessment and Board Review, Surgery Review Illustrated, their accompanying Surgery Board Review Tests from Access Surgery, and USMLE Easy Lite. Note that the each of these also require you fill out a brief registration form. We also offer Davis’s NCLEX-RN® Success, which includes a 500 question pre-test with test-taking tips, and sections on management of care, infection control, bioterrorism agents and associated syndromes, herbal medicines, complementary and alternative therapies, calculations and conversions in medication administration, a pediatric safety and injury prevention chart, and an updated CPR section. Additional resources to help you prepare for the NCLEX-RN may be found in the Nursing portal of the Biomedical Library’s website: Lastly, our print test review material consists of the following from Lange: Case Files Biochemistry,Case Files Emergency Medicine, Case Files Family Medicine, Case Files Gross Anatomy, Case Files Internal Medicine, Case Files Neurology, Case Files Obstetrics and Gynecology, Case Files Pathology,Case Files Pediatrics,Case Files Pharmacology, Case Files Physiology,Case Files Psychiatry,Case Files Microbiology, Case Files Neuroscience, Case Files Surgery. A list of all our test preparatory material may be found here:


USA Biomedical Library Biofeedback Spring 2010


The Virtual

Biomed Research Just a few years ago the PDA was the king of portable applications and about Into Practice the only way to keep your contacts, - Fletch Bowling

- Judy Burnham

The TRIP Database is a clinical search engine designed to allow clinicians to quickly find answers to their clinical questions using the best available evidence. Begun in 1997 in South Wales, UK, TRIP searches the following categories of publications: • Evidence Based Synopses • Systematic Reviews • Guidelines (from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA) • Core primary research • E-Textbooks • Patient information The free resource can be searched using either a basic or advanced search. A list of search tips is available. You can register for a free TRIP account to keep track of your searching. There is not a special mobile interface, but TRIP has been optimized for the iPhone and also works with smart phones and Androids.

appointments and various other personal data with you at all times. These devices were handy but required being physically connected to a desktop computer to update data such as outlook contacts or calendar events. The original PDA soon gave way to smart phones which combined the cell phone with the PDA and offered the ability to keep your data up to date over a wireless network (phone or access point). Though it was not the first on the market, the one smart phone that has caught everyone’s eye and is probably the most popular is Apple’s iPhone. The iPhone is Unix based and there are thousands of applications (~127,000)1 available via Apples online store, iTunes. The one drawback with the Iphone is it is a closed system, and all new applications must be approved by Apple: users can only install the applications approved by Apple. Last year, Apple blocked an application that allowed users to make free voip phone calls over the AT&T network. The VOIP application was produced by Google and rather than continue to have to deal with Apple’s closed system, Google decided to build their own smart phone operating system called Android. The Android OS is built using parts of Linux so in a technical way it is similar to the Iphone, but that is where the similarity ends. Google designed Android to be an open system where any company can use the OS for their own smart phone hardware without cost. Application developers are also given free reign to develop applications with almost none of the restrictions imposed on Apple developers. This open system should speed development of both phone hardware and applications. Within about a year and a half since it’s debut, Android has appeared on half a dozen new phones and released approximately 16,000 applications.2 Google has recently turned up the heat by releasing it’s own phone, the Nexus One. While the Nexus One appears to be only incremently superior to the Iphone, it’s openness could be a big draw to end users. Unlike most traditional cell phones, the Nexus One can be purchased directly from Google without any contract and can be used on several different phone networks. Later models promise to work on more networks so end users can switch providers with ease if all goes according to plan. Whether Android knocks the Iphone off the smart cell phone throne or not, this competition between open and closed systems should offer more choices and be good for both hardware manufacturers and end users. 1. 2. palm-pre-total-cost-of-ownership/

Biofeedback Spring 2010  
Biofeedback Spring 2010  

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