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University of South Alabama ARMY ROTC September 2012

Jaguar Battalion

Volume 7 Issue 7

Commander’s Comments - LTC Nowak

“If Excellence is a Possibility, Then Good is Not Good Enough”

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Roo Corner 2nd Annual Alumni Golf Tournament

2012 USA ROTC Freshmen Orientation and Mini-Camp Summer 2012 Commissioning University of South Alabama 50th Anniversary Clubs and Organizations

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Cadets, welcome back to the start of another semester as you continue to work hard in pursuit of your goal of becoming a commissioned Officer in the US Army. All of the Cadre here are excited to be back on campus and back to work after a great summer break! I hope all of the alumni, Cadets and friends of USA’s Army ROTC program had a good summer too. We continue to successfully motivate and challenge each of our 134 ROTC Cadets to success academically, physically and with robust leadership training and have made great strides in recruiting and retaining quality Cadets. We will continue to remain focused on preparing our MS III Cadets for success at the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) and contracting Cadets who are motivated and determined to meet (or exceed) our new standard for contracting…a 3.1 cumulative GPA and a score of 260 or higher on their Annual Physical Fitness Test (APFT). I am extremely proud of the eighteen MS III Cadets we sent to LDAC this past summer. Each and every one of them not only passed the rigorous training and successfully completed the course but many met or exceeded their personal goals across a variety of categories. We had 3 Cadets receive an “E” or excellence rating, fifteen score an “S” or satisfactory rating and zero “N” or needs improvement scores. In addition, our Cadets had a very impressive 274 battalion average on their APFT with one Cadet qualifying for the coveted RECONDO badge. Those Cadets are all now MS IVs and the Cadet leadership of this Battalion. They have set the bar (and goal for the Battalion LDAC APFT average) very high for our current group of MS III Cadets as they prepare for success at LDAC next summer. GREAT job to all! We are off to another excellent start this semester and have over thirty new Freshmen (MSI) Cadets enrolled in our program. Each of these students and Cadets are special as they accepted the challenge and are eager to learn more about the opportunities and training available through the Army and Army ROTC. Back in August during mini-camp, I spoke with all of the incoming Cadets and their parents. I said “Army ROTC isn’t for everyone. Some of you may only spend a few weeks here…others a few months. Ultimately, you may decide Army ROTC isn’t for me…and that’s OK! However, if you stick with us, I guarantee you will learn something about yourself and take away some life-long skills”. If you have the desire, discipline and strong work ethic the Army has a vast array of opportunity. I commend those of you who have accepted the challenge and already see some of those Cadets stepping up to the plate and working

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Commander’s Comments - LTC Nowak Cont. We have a very exciting and busy semester ahead. Our Cadets will continue to represent USA and our Battalion well during numerous scheduled events with our Color Guard. We will also continue to reach-out to our Alumni and supporters of Army ROTC through a robust Public Affairs program, social media and our University website. We are really excited about our 2nd Annual Alumni Golf Tournament 19 October and invite Alumni, friends and those interested in golfing to join us at the Spring Hill College golf course for a four person scramble. Your tournament entry fee of $75/person ($300/team) includes lunch, range balls, door prizes and awards for the top placing foursome and will benefit all of our Army ROTC Cadets. Look for a sign-up sheet and sponsorship form in this newsletter. We look forward to seeing you there. Congratulations to four Cadets who worked extremely hard and achieved their goal of becoming Second Lieutenants on 17 AUG 12. I am very proud of 2LT Bullock, 2LT Presley, 2LT Roberts and 2LT Taylor and their tremendous accomplishment. Always remember, never forget the Army Values, listen to your NCOs and take care of your Soldiers. I wish you well at OBC and hope you have a long and successful military career. I’d like to welcome our newest member of the Jaguar team. 2LT Allison Burke, a National Guard officer, has joined us this month as our new Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO). I know she is eager to make a difference and will do well telling prospective Cadets all about the benefits and hard work required to become a Cadet in our Army ROTC program. I encourage you to stop by and say hello to 2LT Burke. Welcome to the team! As we reflect on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11, let us remember all of those who lost their lives, their families who mourn their loss, the brave Police, Fire and Rescue crews who tirelessly searched for survivors and those serving today in all branches of the military who continue to sacrifice bringing those responsible to justice. We will NEVER forget! I hope you all find this newsletter informative and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. All of us continue to look forward to hearing from USA Army ROTC Alumni and encourage you to pass along this newsletter. I look forward to developing more means of communication and appreciate all of your support. Please contact me anytime at with your thoughts or concerns. Thank you!

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Senior Military Instructor (SMI) – MSG Loche PROFESSIONALISM- A Cadet is measured by his or her ability to do their job successfully, tactfully, and professionally. Being a professional at everything you do will help you succeed in every aspect of your life. The definition of professionalism as by Merriam-Webster is the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or professional person. As a member of the Jaguar Battalion you are considered professionals. How you train, perform, and even hold yourself to the Army Values and Cadet Creed make you stand apart from other USA students. In any profession there are many attributes accompanied with professionalism. In the Jaguar Battalion, like all professional jobs, in order to be successful experience, communication, and moral ethics will help you succeed. Experience can help you to save time and effort. Learning from ones past mistakes and accomplishments can be very valuable in any situation. Being able to effectively communicate is key. Ethics is knowing the difference between right and wrong from good from bad, this is what being a professional is. Every single person’s morals and values of life are different. To me professionalism means to lead by example, to try your very best and give it your all no matter who is watching. As well as to put in the time and effort, to act on your best behavior and to get any task presented done giving one hundred percent. These are all traits of what professionalism means to me. No matter if you are a MS I, II, III, IV, or Completion Cadet being a professional within this unit is the standard we all should live by. Remember there is always someone watching you trying to decide if they want to emulate themselves after you, so be that professional.

Recruiting and Operations Officer (ROO’s) Corner Every year our program continues to grow with outstanding cadets. As the number of cadets in our program increases, Cadet Command’s numbers for new lieutenants stays roughly the same. This in turn makes the selection of cadets for contracting tough. The following criteria is what is looked at by our contracting board when developing the contracting OML: GPA: Cumulative of 3.1 or higher Academic Major APFT: 260 or above Extra Curricular Activities As we look at contracting a cadet, we take all of those into consideration. We are limited on the number of cadets that we can contract in a mission set. This means that not all cadets are guaranteed to contract. Cadets have to get in the program and prove they have the determination and drive to do what it takes to become an officer. Overall, the selection for contracting allows us to contract and commission quality officers.

Come see 2LT Burke About contracting and scholarships.. 251-460-1582 or 251-460-6341

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2nd Annual Alumni Golf Tournament Please join us for the 2nd Annual University of South Alabama (USA) Army ROTC Golf Tournament on 19 October 2012. We are extremely excited about organizing another outstanding event which will bring together USA ROTC Alumni, Cadets and supporters of our ROTC program from across the nation. We look forward to your support and seeing you all together in friendship, camaraderie and fun. The tournament will be held the day prior to South Alabama’s Homecoming football game. Our event will start at the Spring Hill College golf course with a four person scramble. The tournament entry fee will be $75.00 ($300.00 per team) which includes a lunch, range balls, door prizes and awards for the top placing foursome. Please make checks for the Golf Tournament payable to Army ROTC and mail to: USA Army ROTC ATTN: Golf Tournament 551 University Blvd N Room 124 Mobile, AL 36688 Please RSVP ASAP via email to Mr. Dirk Tyson at or call (251) 460-6341. We encourage you to submit the names of your foursome when you RSVP and will forward additional information upon receipt.

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2012 USA ROTC Freshmen Orientation and Mini-Camp The Jaguar Battalion kicked off the 2012 School Year with a Freshmen Orientation and Mini-Camp for incoming freshmen Cadets. This was a great opportunity for Cadets and parents to meet the Cadre and senior Cadets and tour the campus. During the 2012 Mini Camp the incoming freshmen class learned basics skills that they will need to be successful in the ROTC program. This year’s Mini-Camp was a 3 day event from 15-17 August prior to the first day of fall classes. It began with orientation briefings, filling out administrative paperwork, drawing equipment and dorm check-ins. During these events the MSIV’s et up stations for round robin training on D&C, Customs and Courtesy and uniform standards. On day two freshmen received their initial brief on the Army Physical Readiness Program (APRT) and conducted APRT with the Battalion. They also received more critical training from the MSIV Chain of command throughout the event. Day two culmination was tactical training using paintball guns. They were introduced to basic tactical concepts such as Individual Movement Techniques (IMT), Squad Movement Techniques, Cover and Concealment and Troop Leading Procedures. This was a great team building event for the freshmen and it really boosts their motivation. On day three, they received an orientation brief on Cadet Command’s new Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) program. This program offers Cadets incentives to gain cultural and/or language proficiency prior to commissioning through scholarships, study abroad opportunities and OCONUS deployments to over 46 nations as part of a team to provide humanitarian assistance. The Ranger Challenge team conducted demonstrations on such events as the one rope bridge. This was a good opportunity for the Rangers to recruit from the incoming freshmen class. We wrapped up with a pizza party and commissioning at LAIDLAW. This gave the freshmen an opportunity to see the end result of their hard work over the next four years. This was a great event for the Battalion and freshmen Cadets. We look forward to another a great year here in the Jaguar Battalion and look forward to great events coming up this semester.

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Summer 2012 Commissioning On 17 August 2012 the Jaguar conducted it’s Summer Commissioning Ceremony. We had 4 well deserving Cadets who were commissioned as 2LT’s in the United State Army. These Cadets have done a great job and represented the Battalion well. We wish them the best of luck in the future.

Harrison Bullock branched Nurse Corps. He will report to her Basic Officer’s Leadership Course in Ft. Sam Houston.

Jonathan Pressley branched Military Police. He will report to The Military Police Basic Officer’s Leadership Course at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

Dustin Roberts branched Field Artillery. He will report to her Basic Officer’s Leadership Course in Ft. Sill, OK.

Kendal Taylor is awaiting his branch assignment. .

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University of South Alabama 50th Anniversary The University of South Alabama will celebrate its 50th Anniversary throughout this academic year. Events include:

Shelby Hall Dedication: Sunday, Sept. 9, 3 p.m.

Arts and History Day at USA: a celebration of the arts and Old Mobile history, Sunday, Oct. 14, from 2-5 p.m., featuring the grand opening of new displays at USA's Archaeology Museum

Homecoming Weekend 2012: Oct. 1820

Dedication of the new murals at Moulton Tower and Alumni Plaza: Friday, Oct. 19 at 5:30 p.m.

USA Holiday Concert: Thursday, Dec. 6, 6 p.m., Mitchell Center

Distinguished Alumni and Service Awards Gala: March 7, 2013, 6 p.m.

50th Anniversary Celebration, Friday evening, May 3, 2013 Spring Commencement, May 11, 2013, 2 p.m.

For more information on events visit

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Clubs and Organizations Ranger Challenge: Team Captain CDT Sneddon The Ranger Challenge team is comprised of cadets in each MS level, who are preparing for a Brigade wide Ranger Challenge Competition. In total, USAs Ranger Challenge team will face off against 46 other schools in 10 different events for 24 hours straight. The events include Night Land Navigation, Rappelling, Hand Grenade Assault Course (HGAC), Zodiac Challenge, Weapons Disassembly and Reassembly, Stress Shoot, 15K Ruck march, Trauma Lane, IED Lane, One Rope Bridge, Radio Communication Challenge, and a Commanders Challenge. The cadets are hard at work with a rigorous 5 day a week physical training program that includes Friday morning ruck marches before Battalion APRT. Three days a week the team meets in the afternoon to practice each individual event in preparation for competition. Over the next 4 months cadets will train in each event until proficient for competition. Included in the training, will be an overnight field training exercise to Blakeley State Park to train in a similar fashion to competition. The culminating event is the actual competition held at Camp Blanding, FL from 25-27 January 2013.

Color Guard : Club President CDT Houser Color Guard practice will be held every Thursday at 1600. Upcoming events we will be working include: Sep 29 USA Football vs Troy October 20th USA vs Florida Atlantic University (Homecoming) November 3rd USA Football vs Florida International November 17th USA Football vs Middle Tennessee We will also participate in a Volleyball game in September and the 9/11 ceremony during the Fall. For any questions, or to participate in the Color Guard, contact CDT Houser at: Cell: 205-401-1945 Email:

Scabbard and Blade: Club President CDT Allen Scabbard and Blade is a joint service honor society that unites cadets and midshipmen from over the nation in military excellence. The Society strives to better these cadets and midshipmen as future officers and to strengthen the joint service relationship through service to the community and leadership opportunities. Be on the look out for upcoming events and meetings. If you would like to join Scabbard and Blade, talk with the Club President or go through your cadet chain of command.

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Clubs and Organizations Cont. Jaguar Intramural Sports: Club President Cadet Gill Cell: (251) 213-5358 School Email:

Sports Offered Flag Football Co-Rec Soccer Male Basketball Co-Rec Basketball Short-man Basketball Softball Disc Golf Dodgeball

Schedule for Soccer is TBD Football begins in October Army ROTC vs Air Force ROTC flag football game scheduled tentatively for November.

Jaguar Joggers: Club President: CDT Richardson The Jaguar Joggers is a South club focused on promoting and encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle by running. We provide support to students who desire to improve their cardiovascular fitness. We also strive to raise awareness of Jaguar Joggers through participation in local area races. We have 8 races planned this school year and we have just completed one race on Nov. 9, 2012 where 15 members participated in and helped to raise money for Mobile Fire Fighters. Anyone who attends the University of South Alabama can be an active member in this club and we welcome everyone to become a member. Jaguar Joggers is a great organization to be apart of because we pay for everything ... you can get free t-shirts and other various items! It is never too late for you to join our club.

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