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University of South Alabama ARMY ROTC January 2013

Jaguar Battalion

Volume 8 Issue 8

Commander’s Comments - LTC

“If Excellence is a Possibility, Then Good is Not Good Enough”

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1-2 2012 Joint Field Training Exercise (JFTX) 2012 Fall Battalion Field Training Exercise (FTX) Mentally Preparing For LDAC

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Clubs and Organizations

This month, our Cadre completed our bi-annual Contracting Order of Merit List (COML) board. We evaluated every Cadet’s previous performance (GPA, APFT, major, and extra-curricular activities while accessing leadership potential) to determine a prioritization for contracting. We have identified several outstanding MS I & II Cadets for contracting and nomination, for an exceptional few, for an on campus scholarship. We have limited contracting slots available for the start of the Fall 2013 semester. If you are a Cadet in the Jaguar Battalion and interested in contracting focus on academics (and achieving the highest CGPA you can) and work hard on your Physical Training and improving your APFT score. You can achieve your goal with dedication and hard work!


Fall 2012 Commissioning

Ranger Challenge 2013

Welcome to the start of an exciting and challenging Spring Semester here at the Jaguar Battalion! For thirteen of our Cadets, this will be their last semester here at the University of South Alabama, as they’re scheduled to graduate and Commission this May. If you’re in your freshman or sophomore year, when you see one of those Cadets at PT, Lab or around the ROTC building, I encourage you talk with them about their challenges (and how they overcame them), preparation for success at LDAC and how they excelled academically. Every Cadet in this program can succeed at becoming a commissioned officer…but you need dedication, commitment and determination to accomplish your goal! Check out the great article from a fellow Cadet on pg 6 for some excellent TTPs.

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Our Ranger Challenge team has been working hard for the past semester and will travel to Camp Blanding, FL from 24-27 JAN to compete in the 6th Army ROTC Brigade Ranger Challenge competition. We have a fantastic and well rounded team of extremely dedicated and motivated Cadets who I know will do well. Ranger Challenge is a tremendous way to get involved and learn a variety of additional skills which are proven to help you succeed not only at LDAC but later in your career as an Army officer. I look forward to a great weekend of competition and cheering on each of our Cadets!

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Commander’s Comments - LTC Nowak Cont. and knowing what you must accomplish to exceed (not just meet) the standard. Each Cadet must excel at the JFAX and at LDAC in order to progress to their MS IV year and Commission.

Our MS III Cadets (Juniors) have a Joint Field Assessment Exercise (JFAX) at Camp McCain, MS to look forward to in March. As most Cadets know, this is one of their final preparatory events before LDAC this summer…used to refine, hone and strengthen their skills in Land Navigation, Physical Fitness, Leadership and Situational Training Exercises (STXs). Teamwork is an important component to being successful at both the JFAX and LDAC. Good Leaders also know how to be good followers. I encourage all MS IIIs to go into this JFAX with a razor focus

Sometimes the road to Commissioning can seem a long, difficult and arduous one. I guarantee though there is no better feeling of accomplishment once you’ve met all of the requirements. We are proud to have Commissioned three of the Army’s newest Second Lieutenants this past December and wish 2LT Breitfelder, 2LT Derflinger and 2LT Valdes well as they depart to BOLC and start their Army careers. We wish you all the best and encourage you to keep in touch with our Army ROTC Alumni program here at South Alabama.

As I close this month, I want to encourage each of you to responsibly participate in and experience Mardi Gras here in Mobile, AL. We live in a great place which is filled with fun and exciting Mardi Gras events starting this month. Some of you have volunteered to work with various Mardi Gras organizations during their numerous parades and events. I know you will represent the Jaguar Battalion well. Study hard, maintain focus and continue the great work here in the Jaguar Battalion. I am proud of each and every one of you…


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2012 Joint Field Training Exercise (JFTX) On November 8-12 2012 the Jaguar Battalion conducted a Fall Joint Field Training Exercise (JFTX) with 12 schools in the local region. The annual JFTX is normally conducted in the Spring semester, but leadership in the Brigade felt that Cadets would benefit from two opportunities to work with Cadets and Cadre from schools throughout the Brigade to better prepare them for Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). We will participate in two such events during the 2012-2013 school year. This event was very well ran and provided the cadets with a lot of great training, in preparation for LDAC this summer. Cadets had an opportunity to conduct the APFT, Written Land Navigation, Day and Night Land Navigation, Troop Leading Procedures (TLPs) and Operations Orders (OPORD) classes, Patrol Base Operations, and Squad Tactical training. Cadets were very pleased with the training and evaluations that they received at the JFTX. A major sustain was the input from cadre and cadets from other schools. They were able to pick up different techniques to use in their toolkit for events that they were evaluated on.

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2012 Fall Battalion Field Training Exercise (FTX) On 16-18 November the MSI’s and MSII’s conducted the Fall FTX for the 2012 School Year. The FTX was a great event to further prepare the freshmen and sophomores to succeed in the ROTC program over the next few years. This was a two day training event at Camp Shelby, MS. These events are a culmination of what Cadets learn in the classroom and at lab throughout the semester. They are able to exercise their individual skills and work as a team to build stronger bonds that will last throughout their time in ROTC. The MSIV class is very integral to the ROTC program here at South and they plan and execute much of the training with the underclassmen. Cadets honed their Land Nav skills, executed the Leaders Reaction Course (LRC) and Engagement Skills Trainer (EST). This was a great event that allowed each Cadet to improve their individual performance and allow the Cadets to form tighter bonds with other cadets in the Battalion. The EST is a weapon simulator that allows Cadets the chance to handle a weapon and go through scenario based training to prepare them for firing on a live range. The Cadre at the EST walk the Cadets through weapon safety and essential training to be successful when they shoot on the range. It is a great tool for training and you get to see where your deficiencies are before firing on the range. Each Cadet came off the EST with more confidence in their marks-

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Mentally Preparing For LDAC As the fall semester comes to a close and the spring semester looms over Christmas break the idea of the Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC) still seems distant. However, MSIII’s will soon find how quickly spring fades to summer and LDAC hits each and every one of them like a freight train. Cadets spend three years preparing for LDAC, a course designed to test individuals in their leadership skills in garrison and in the field. Three years of physical training, field operations, leadership, studies, customs, and courtesies boils down to a final evaluation from LDAD; an evaluation that when coupled with a cumulative GPA drastically alters a Cadets future career options. Most Cadets take ROTC one week at a time, accomplishing what is expected of them at a steady pace. Most Cadets begrudgingly attend their Wednesday lab and count down the minutes until it is over. Most Cadets groan when they see Land Navigation (LN) on their course schedule. Most Cadets ease through their first three years and then….LDAC strikes. Every Cadet’s heart rate sky rockets during their first evaluation, their hands shake, their voices crack, and their palms sweat. Every Cadet wishes they had taken LN training a touch more serious, attending more PT, and done push-ups on their own time. Every Cadet feels like a deer in the headlights when their double stacked take no crap NCO pulls out a blue card, the type of blue card evaluation that directly affects their future. To all the MSI’s, MSII’s, and MSIII’s: take ROTC serious. Cadre at LDAC do not look for the Cadet with the highest ranking family member or the Cadet with the most toy Soldiers or magnets in their TMK, they look for a leader. LDAC Cadre recognizes the potential positions each and every Cadet will hold. They understand ultimately lives will be in the hands of the Cadets they are evaluating. They look for the Cadet they would trust to follow into battle.

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Fall 2012 Commissioning On 14 December the Jaguar conducted it’s Fall Commissioning Ceremony. We had 3 well deserving Cadets who were commissioned as 2LT’s in the United State Army.

These Cadets have done a great job and represented the Battalion well. We wish them the best of luck in the future. From Left to right: William Breitfelder is awaiting his branch. Tanner Derflinger branched Military Police. He will report to The Military Police Basic Officer’s Leadership Course at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. Laury Valdes branched Adjutant General . She will report to her Basic Officer’s Leadership Course at Fort Jackson, SC.

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Ranger Challenge 2013 The Ranger Challenge team recently competed in a Brigade wide Competition at Camp Blanding, FL from 25-27 January 2013. USAs Ranger Challenge team competed against 38 other schools in 9 different events over a two day period. In preparation for the competition the cadets participated in a rigorous 5 day a week physical training program that included Friday morning ruck marches. The team met three days a week in the afternoon to practice each individual event in preparation for competition. The cadets were trained in each event until they were proficient. Included in the training, was an overnight field training exercise to Blakeley State Park to train in a similar fashion for the competition. On day 1 of the competition, the cadets completed a written land nav test and day land nav course where they were given 15 points with different values, the team decided on a Course of Action on how to complete the course earning the most points. Once they completed land nav they moved to a reflexive range where they had to zero their individual weapon. They were given a set of targets of different sizes with different point values. They were given 90 rounds to divide up between the team. They developed a plan to engage the targets with the allotted rounds to get the most points possible. On day 2, the cadets competed in a 12 mile road march with 6 events along the route. The events included a Hand Grenade Assault Course (HGAC), Zodiac Challenge, Trauma Lane, One Rope Bridge, Obstacle Course, and a Commanders Challenge. Each event was designed to test the cadets physical and problem solving ability. Each lane was developed to allow the cadets to develop a course of action to complete the mission. The more sound their initial plan, they had faster times and less physical demand were put on the team. Overall, South’s Ranger Challenge team did very well. They pushed through the event as a team and pushed each other to give it their all. They will start preparing for next year’s competition in the upcoming weeks, and we look forward to new cadets joining the team.

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Clubs and Organizations Ranger Challenge: Team Captain CDT Sneddon Calling all cadets to come out and join the Ranger Challenge team this year. This is a great opportunity to meet other Cadets and learn valuable skills that will aid you in your performance at LDAC and as an Officer in the U.S. Army.

Color Guard : Club President CDT Houser Color Guard practice will be held every Thursday at 1600. Upcoming events we will be working include: For any questions, or to participate in the Color Guard, contact CDT Houser at: Cell: 205-401-1945 Email:

Scabbard and Blade: Club President CDT Allen Scabbard and Blade is a joint service honor society that unites cadets and midshipmen from over the nation in military excellence. The Society strives to better these cadets and midshipmen as future officers and to strengthen the joint service relationship through service to the community and leadership opportunities. Be on the look out for upcoming events and meetings. If you would like to join Scabbard and Blade, talk with the Club President or go through your cadet chain of command.

Jaguar Joggers: Club President: CDT Little The Jaguar Joggers is a South club focused on promoting and encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle by running. We provide support to students who desire to improve their cardiovascular fitness. We also strive to raise awareness of Jaguar Joggers through participation in local area races. We have 8 races planned this school year. Anyone who attends the University of South Alabama can be an active member in this club and we welcome everyone to become a member. Jaguar Joggers is a great organization to be apart of because we pay for everything ... you can get free t-shirts and other various items! It is never too late for you to join our club.

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Clubs and Organizations Cont. Jaguar Intramural Sports: Club President Cadet Gill Cell: (251) 213-5358 School Email:

Sports Offered Flag Football Co-Rec Soccer Male Basketball Co-Rec Basketball Short-man Basketball Softball Disc Golf Dodgeball

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