Peru Exporters Data

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Trading in Peru Peru is the largest export economies standing on the 52 nd rank. The neighboring boundaries of the country are Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. Peru is considered as the upper middle income country, as it stands on 39 th rank in the world GDP ranking. The major support system behind the growth of the country is export. Major export partner’s china, United States, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, and India and the major importers are China, Mexico, Brazil, and United States. Peru is tried to emerge the economy by making the foreign trade level high. The country economy majorly depends upon export business that’s why the free trade is open with the western countries. Since GDP slow down sharply in 2009, the economy has built on solid growth ground rules. Internal demand has been the main driver of growth as an overall improvement in assurance in the economy has boosted domestic consumption and investment. Moreover, the steady fiscal consolidation that led to a number of budget surpluses in the past decade has increased confidence in public finances and allowed for productive public expenditures. A period of relatively stable inflation and the progressive appreciation of the national currency, the sol, have helped the economy overcome periods of nominal volatility. Although the external sector’s contribution to economic growth has been diminishing, exports have remained strong. The main detraction from the external sector’s contribution to growth has stemmed from increasing imports, although capital goods imports have remained at healthy levels, which bodes well for the country’s productive capacity, economic growth and employment in the coming years.

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