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TurboTax is one of the most popular income tax support software packages. This package was first developed in mid-1980s by Michael A. Chipman of Chipsoft Company. In 1993 Chipsoft was acquired by Intuit and changed their name to Intuit consumer tax group. A Mac version of TurboTax is also available. MachinTax, the Mac version of TurboTax was developed by soft view.

Different versions of TurboTax are also available including TurboTax deluxe, TurboTax Premier etc. TurboTax provides support for federal income tax returns and also it features state income tax returns. It is designed with full details and step by

step guide for filing income tax returns. The users can easily file their income tax return by following those steps. It also provides several new services to it’s users. Under which they also provide additional support to its users by auditing the selfprepared income tax returns of the taxpayers. They normally release their new versions usually at the end f the tax years, depending on the revision of forms and approval by IRS. Each taxpayer has individual login credential for using this software. And in the personalized tax portal they can get detailed help related to their income tax returns. Also, they can get extra benefit of audit defence by the software company. They also insist their taxpayers to call in their helpline number for any kind of account recovery or customer service help.

Products and Services:Turbo Tax offers the following services to its customersDonate Charity Sold Stock Sold Rental Property Return-Free Filing Repositioning Of Versions Fraudulent Return Claims

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