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Shoot in Uruguay This tool aims to present location in Uruguay in the international audiovisual industry players. Through this website is also linked to the national audiovisual sector that wishes to export its services to producers and international projects. Also work with producers of media for specific presentations, relating to a particular project. The photographs discussed in this site are made in all cases as presenting any location, provided for a visual purpose. It means that their frames and perspectives are regularly sought by producers and directors who want to develop a visual project in Uruguay.

Why Uruguay ? Surprisingly dainty with a population of just 3.5 million, uruguay nonetheless manages to pack a great deal into a small area. beautiful cities, colonial towns, immaculate beaches and of course their national dish of juicy uruguayan steak. once visited by only very few, word has got out, and now uruguay has some flourishing internationally-renowned beach resorts offering ideal locations for overseas homes. Punta del este, 130km to the east of montevideo, ranks up there with south america’s premier holiday resorts attracting up to one million visitors each year and has been bestowed with numerous nicknames from ‘the pearl of the atlantic’ and ‘the hamptons of latin america’ to ‘the st tropez of uruguay’ and even ‘the ibiza of latin america’. sitting on a peninsula that reaches out into the ocean, separating the surf of the atlantic ocean from the calm waters of rio de la plata, punta del este is an area of outstanding natural beauty which offers all of the nightlife and all of the tranquillity that you desire. In the summer time punta del este’s 20 miles of sandy beach turn into a playground for beautiful people, wealthy south americans and a sprinkling of celebrities. this diverse country represents the best of all worlds. the capital city of montevideo is like an old-world european city with its kept buildings, fine restaurants, and international ambiance. then contrast that with punta del este, a world-class beach resort that has been the playground of rich europeans for years. in between you’ll find colonial cities, miles of rolling pampas where gauchos still manage their herds, and long stretches of near-empty beaches. the roads are good, too. the 210-mile stretch of coastline between the brazilian border and the uruguayan capital of montevideo is among the finest in south america, with endless white-sand beaches, lonely stretches of highway where the woods go right to the water, wildlife preserves, and dazzling resorts.

Shoot in Uruguay Uruguay is characterized by a great diversity of landscape, offering forests, deserts, jungle, oceanic beaches and a variety of architectural styles. we have permission to film in the most exotic places, using any means of transportation necessary.

In Uruguay it is possible to complete any film project. With its small territory (the size of switzerland), and reduced population size (3 million people) uruguay does not have any traffic problems; the largest distance crossing the country is approximately 450 km, lowering transportation costs and travel allowances for the crew. Uruguayans are extremely friendly, proud and welcoming people, open to the exterior world, very cultured, educated and love to share their traditions and heritage with visitors. We have a staff and crew of experienced professionals, with a wide knowledge of the region and a great repertoire of locations as well as a great ethnic diversity to fulfill the expectations of any casting. this allows us a wide scale of coverage. Casting The population of uruguay is characterized by its ethnic diversity. it constitutes a large majority of european descendants, but also counts an important quantity of afro-americans and asians. nevertheless, we have strategic alliances with casting companies in nearby countries, affording a complete range of casting choices. Locations It is a small country in which there is a wide choice of diverse locations conveniently close to each other. shooting permits are easy to obtain, usually in 24 to 48 hours. the stable climate, skies free of pollution and four clearly differentiated seasons make uruguay an ideal country to shoot any film project. An opposing climate to the northern hemisphere benefits shoots and allows us to film for longer hours in a work day. we can find, cold but extremely dry weather in july or sun on paradisiacal beaches and pristine lakes in january. the capital city of montevideo, also recognized as a small buenos aires, is one of the safest cities in the world. streets and main boulevards can be shut down to accommodate any size shoots. Know how we can count on producers and technical crews that have the knowledge and the international experience necessary for any project. also we can emphasize preferential agreements with production crews and local suppliers, which makes uruguay, an excellent solution to developing your film project.