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Exceptional Workmanship. Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC (URT) is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fluorescent lamp recycling systems. Our systems have set a new standard for simplicity, safety and recycling efficiency. Every model is fully computerized to provide turnkey start up and ongoing operational safeguards. At URT, we offer a full range of recycling systems for all types of lamps including: • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) • High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HIDs) • Shatter Resistant Lamps MODEL LSS1 The development of the LSS1 marks the beginning of a new era of efficiency in the lamp processing industry. This reliable workhorse can process over 4,000 lamps per hour with virtually no fugitive emissions. MODEL 2000B The Model 2000B is a compact version of the LSS1, providing customers with a cost effective solution for less volume-intensive lamp recycling needs. With all the efficiencies and safeguards of the LSS1, the Model 2000B will continuously process over 2,000 lamps per hour.

URT OFFERS: • Ergonomically designed, selfcontained, computer-controlled systems • Quality and durability to ensure maximum throughput efficiency and safety • Negative pressure system to collect all fugitive emissions produced during processing • Multiple lamp processing capabilities, including straight, circular and U-shaped fluorescent, HID, high pressure sodium, metal halide, bulbs and lamps • Lower capital investment than other systems with similar specifications

Built to Last. URT’s fluorescent lamp systems are built with the best available components. Our systems are simple to use and will operate without interruption. Should a problem ever occur, the self-contained computer controls will easily diagnose the issue, allowing for quick resolution. Custom Options. All systems are designed with your operation and plant configuration in mind. Each system can be custom designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Options are provided to process all types of lamps including CFLs, HIDs and shatter resistant lamps. Personal Service and Support. URT has an extraordinary history of servicing the equipment we sell. Our experienced technical staff will ensure the proper installation and startup of your new fluorescent lamp recycling system. Our quality service professionals know our systems thoroughly and can provide answers to any inquiry you may have. You can count on URT’s responsiveness to your needs, from comprehensive training to ongoing support. As the manufacturer, we carry all necessary wear and replacement parts to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

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 CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2008

 CERTIFIED ISO 14001:2004


Lamp Recycling Equipment Sales Sheet  

Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC (URT) is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fluorescent lamp recycling systems.

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