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A comprehensive e-waste recycling program protects your company from unnecessary complications and costs while improving your business and the environment. With locations across the nation and a history of ethical and responsible business practices, Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC (URT) offers an unparalleled suite of leading-edge, integrated e-waste services. End-of-Life Destruction. Your security and safety is our priority. URT recycles all equipment to its individual commodity components and separates all hazardous materials onsite to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. We offer compliance documentation to eliminate the liability associated with the hazards of electronics. All equipment is handled safely to protect our customers, our employees and our environment. Glass-to-Glass Recycling. URT's state-of-the art, automated de-manufacturing and recycling system provides an effective, economical solution for recycling obsolete monitors and televisions into new cathode ray tube glass (CRT). Using a glass-to-glass recycling process that is the preferred method of recycling by state and federal agencies, we sort by type and chemistry to produce furnace-ready cullet. All protocols meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, safely processing the glass with no exposure to the environment. The processed, clean glass is reused for its original purpose, eliminating customer liability associated with managing hazardous materials. Asset Management. URT can help you maximize the return on your IT investment by capturing the remaining value of your assets. Our trained experts seek the highest value available for your equipment and share the true worth of obsolete electronics submitted for refurbishing. We identify equipment that can be refurbished, harvest valuable component parts, and then use our in-depth knowledge of the secondary market to turn your obsolete electronics into revenue. This is accomplished while adhering to the strictest data security protocols in the business to eliminate risk and protect your investment. Retailer Electronic Returns. URT’s retailer recalls and returns program is specifically designed for retailers seeking a safe and reliable way to handle product recalls and consumer returns. Our extensive knowledge of retail operations ensures our customers the most dependable and efficient program in the nation. From secure shipments to product tracking and disposal our program provides convenient, comprehensive recycling that improves effeciency and simplifies your business.

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URT OFFERS: • Scalable, integrated e-waste services • Proven data security • Secure end-to-end chain of custody • Nationwide transportation services • Full indemnity against risk • $5 million in pollution liablility insurance • Detailed tracking and reporting • Certificates of Compliance • Experienced asset management • Direct-ship programs to conveniently manage retailer recalls and returns • Responsive and attentive customer service

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With locations across the nation and a history of ethical and responsible business practices, Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC (URT) of...