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CONTENT Welcome from Headmaster ....................................... 4

Year 3.......................................................................... 26

School Prayer; School Song ......................................... 5

Year 4.......................................................................... 28

Developments.............................................................. 6

Year 5.......................................................................... 30

Serviam ........................................................................ 7

Year 6.......................................................................... 32

Chaplain & Chaplaincy .............................................. 10

School Events ............................................................. 34

School Houses............................................................ 12

Performing Arts - Music.............................................42

Year 6 & Reception Buddies ......................................14

Performing Arts - Drama ...........................................44

Leaving ....................................................................... 16

Art .............................................................................. 46

Nursery....................................................................... 18

Sport ........................................................................... 50

Reception ................................................................... 20

Residential Trips ......................................................... 54

Year 1.......................................................................... 22

UPSPA ......................................................................... 58

Year 2.......................................................................... 24



URSULINE SCHOOLS IN ENGLAND Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School Brentwood, Essex

Ursuline High School Wimbledon, London

Ilford Ursuline Preparatory School Ilford, Essex

Ursuline College Westgate on Sea, Kent

Ursuline Academy Ilford, Essex St Angela’s Forest Gate, London St Ursula’s Greenwich, London



FROM THE HEADMASTER I hope the Ursuline charism is alive and well in our school today. Our school is one in which we seek to ensure that all our pupils are loved and believed in every day and place great emphasis on ‘Serviam’, in generous service to others. We seek to educate heart, mind and soul and hope our alumni will go on to make a difference in their families, their communities and in the world today. The founder of the Ursuline Order, St. Angela Merici, was born in 1474 on a farm near Desenzano del Garda, a small town on the south-western shore of Lake Garda in Italy. Angela and her sister, Giana, were orphaned when Angela was 15 years old. The two girls went to live with their uncle in the town of Salo, but when her uncle died, when Angela was 20 years old, she returned to her home in Desenzano, and lived with her brothers, on her own property. Angela had a vision that revealed to her that she was to found an association of young women who were to devote their lives to the religious training of young girls. This association was a success and she was invited to start another school in the neighbouring city of Brescia. According to legend, in 1524, while travelling to the Holy Land, Angela became suddenly blind when she was on the island of Crete. Despite this, she continued her journey to the Holy Land and was cured of her blindness on her return, while praying at the same place where she was struck with blindness a few weeks before. Pope Clement II, who had heard of her virtue and success with her school, invited her to remain in Rome. However, Angela disliked notoriety and soon returned to Brescia. On 25 November 1535, Angela gathered with 12 young women who had joined in her work in a small house in Brescia near the Church of St. Afra and together they committed themselves in the founding of the Company of St. Ursula, placed under the protection of the patroness of medieval universities. They were the first teaching order of women religious. Four years later the group had grown to 28. Angela taught her companions to be consecrated to God and dedicated to the service of their neighbour; but to remain in the world, teaching the girls of their own neighbourhood, and to practice a religious form of life in their own homes. The members wore no special habit and took no formal religious vows. Angela wrote a Rule of Life for the group, which specified the practice of celibacy, poverty and obedience in their own homes. The Ursulines opened orphanages and schools. On 18 March 1537, she was elected "Mother and Mistress" of the group. Pope Paul III approved the Rule she had written in 1544. When Angela died in Brescia on 27 January 1540, there were 24 communities of the Company of St. Ursula serving the Church through the region. Ursuline schools are now established throughout the world and there have been Ursuline schools in England for more than 150 years. Sayings from St. Angela Merici: ‘Consider the respects you owe your daughters (pupils), for the more you respect them, the more you will love them, and the more you love them the greater care you will have for them’. Introduction to the Counsels. ‘Be kind and tender with your children…..You will achieve more with gentleness and kindness, than by harsh and cutting rebukes…’ St Angela’s Second Counsel. ‘Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, esteeming each other, helping each other, bearing with each other….’ St Angela’s Last Counsel. Serviam G C McGrath Headmaster



SCHOOL PRAYER; SCHOOL SONG Ursuline Prep School Prayer Based on Saint Angela’s Last Council

Glorious God, let us remain in harmony, united together, all of one heart and one will. Let us be bound to one another by the bond of love, respecting each other, caring for each other and bearing with each other in Jesus Christ. If we try to be like this then, without doubt, the Lord God will be in our midst AMEN.

The School Song INSIEME by kind permission from composer Julia Vigue

I, I am one. I rise and shine like the sun. I seize the day, I lend a hand, I shine my light wherever I can. Just one flame casts out the darkness, I am one. Insieme, insieme, together. We’re moving the world, we’re making this day what it will be forever. My voice is one, loving and strong, But with you I become a song. Insieme, insieme, together. Peace begins inside of me and in my home and on my street, And in my community and in yours. Then peace can move across the land, across the oceans, yes it can, Where the waves go hand in hand, insieme. We are a joyful chorus, we are a mighty team. Step by step, day by day, we’re changing time. This is not a dream anymore, this is peace at our front door. Beginning now with you and me, insieme. Insieme, insieme, together. We’re moving the world, we’re making this day what it will be forever. My voice is one, loving and strong, But with you I become a song. Insieme, insieme, together.



DEVELOPMENTS 2017-2018 2017 - 2018 has been a year of much change for which staff, pupils and parents are thanked for making happen and embracing. The list below shows the progress made to date. We will continue to develop as we strive to ensure that this school, and every child within it, becomes the best that they can be.

INTRODUCED THIS YEAR: Art Exhibition Assessment Week in the Prep School Buddy System for Year 6 and Reception girls Catering Provision (from September 2018)

Independent Schools’ Examination Board 11+ Curriculum introduced New Minibus New Multi-sports surface on the playground (from September 2018) New Pre-Prep Mathematics Curriculum


Pre-Prep Prayer Services


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SERVIAM This school is animated by the spirit of Serviam - ‘I Will Serve.’ As an Ursuline school we strive to develop the qualities of kindness, compassion and tenderness within the school community and in the wider local community, nationally and worldwide. Serviam Award: We offer to everyone in our community the challenge of building up and living in a Catholic Christian community in which all members are equally valued and the full contribution of all is sought. The Serviam Award has been introduced. It is awarded to those girls who show kindness and consideration to others, and is the major award of the school Year 6 Prefects: To the girls in Year 6 we offer the particular challenge of leading the rest of the school by example through the posts of responsibility they hold. In the fullness of time we want them to make a difference in the world of their day, in generous service to others. This year the girls have been generous of spirit guiding, inspiring and assisting the younger members of the school in the playground, as buddies to Reception girls, taking on key tasks at the Parents’ Association’s main fundraising Christmas and Summer events, taking lead roles in readings at Mass, helping manage Nursery children on their Sports Day, and much more. We thank them for the difference they make. Fundraising: The school extends its ethos of Serviam to the wider local community, nationally and worldwide with each term having one main charitable focus, with the Michaelmas Term being a National charity, Lent Term a local charity. The Trinity Term is always raising awareness and funds for Ursuline Links. Each chosen charity sends a representative early in the term to a school assembly to talk about their charity and how the monies raised will help others. The list of charitable events this year have included: British Heart Foundation (BHF) The Michaelmas Term’s 2017 chosen national charity was the BHF. A ‘Skipathon Day’ collected just under £430. Several bags of clothing, toys and more were collected and delivered to the local BHF store during the BHF ‘Bag It Beat It’ campaign.

Age UK Merton The Lent Term’s local charity focus was Age UK Merton. At the end of the Michaelmas Term the Chamber Choir had sung at the Age UK Merton Christmas Lunch. In the Lent Term the fundraising day in school was themed ‘Back in Time’, and along with the Ensemble Concert door takings the school raised nearly £500.

Ursuline Links Our Trinity Term, Ursuline Links charity day was held on Ascot Ladies Day. Girls had created their own hats to the theme, ‘What does Ursuline mean to You?’ As important as the money raised, £172.90, was the thought the girls and staff put into their hats. The Ursuline ‘Serviam’ ethos shone through.



XXXXXXX SERVIAM Hosanna House and Children’s Pilgrimage Trust (HCPT) HCPT is a UK based charity which takes disabled and disadvantaged children and adults on pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, in Lourdes, France. An Easter Egg Raffle raised £158.60 to help children go on this event.

St. Raphael’s Hospice Chamber Choir Carol singing at Centre Court Shopping Centre raised over £340 and a Staff v Parents Netball Match over £540.00. Nearly £800 in total.

The Lunchbowl Network A charity set up locally in Wimbledon that helps feed and educate young children in Kibera. Through the RE Prefects’ ‘Find the Treasure’ event, the sale of Kibera Hearts and cake sales over £530 has been given to this charity this year.

Restless Development Four Year 6 girls ran the ‘Flight Centre Schools Triathlon’ and topped up their monies raised to over £540 with a Cake sale. Faith in Action A few girls organised a bake sale for this local homeless charity.


Ursuline High School girls continue the ethos of ‘Serviam’. As part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award service our Ursuline Prep girls enjoy the older girls’ help with one to one reading and at various after school clubs.


Save the Children The school joined in the national ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ collecting £2 off all girls and staff. Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Head of Music, Mrs Stanley, gave back to GOSH, where she had been treated as a child, running the GOSH 10 mile and raising £560.

MacMillan Cancer Research The French Café donate their takings on the national MacMillan Coffee Morning week, totalling £341.19.

Cancer Research UK Two girls raised just under £50 with a Sweets in a Jar challenge.

Moonwalk 2018 Our bursar, Mrs Anna Howell, walked the 26.2 miles in aid of cancer. To date her team of four have raised over £5,200 for cancer charities in various fundraising events.

Sports Relief Sport Relief bands were sold throughout this national charity focus. Brain Research UK In support of a parent running the London Marathon, UPSPA organised a cake sale and donated a week of French Café monies to add his sponsorships. URSULINE PREPARATORY SCHOOL WIMBLEDON • REVIEW MAGAZINE 2017 – 2018


CHAPLAIN AND CHAPLAINCY The nature of chaplaincy is to simply ‘be there’, especially for individuals who require additional support, comfort, space for reflection, a listening ear or someone to pray with. Mrs Groenen joined the school as our Chaplain in the Lent Term, and the new Chaplaincy Room was completed in time for the Trinity Term. On her appointment Mrs Groenen said, “... Our Ursuline Saint, St. Angela Merici, taught us to go out into the world to make a difference. I hope to bring love and spiritual guidance to the Ursuline community and nurture all to make a positive difference.” The Chaplaincy is honoured to have the guidance of prominent Ursuline Sisters and grateful for its strong links with the Sacred Heart Church, especially Canon John, Canon Elias, and Father Ted for their untiring support throughout the year in celebrating Masses, giving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and generally supporting the school. Some highlights of the Chaplaincy this year are: 1. Pupil Chaplains: A Chaplaincy Team of Year 6 girls was established in the Trinity Term, and the new Year 6 team for next year announced on our Day of Celebration in July. This term the Chaplaincy pupils have established and promoted a ‘Thought for the Week’, prepared a prayerful area in the ‘old school’ garden, complete with Prayer Tree, and supported Masses and religious occasions with readings and prayers.



2. Ursuline’s Insieme: Year 6 joined fellow Ursuline Schools for an inaugural ‘The Big Sing’ at St. Peter & St. Paul’s Church, Ilford. The day’s purpose was to encourage more young people to learn about, and appreciate Liturgy. Emma Miskelly, RE Perfect said, “The day left us feeling very happy and joyful. We had such a lovely day.” 3. Year 6 Retreat Day at Aylesford Friary, Kent: Year 6 girls and staff had a tour of the Friary with Friar Father Michael, were honoured to join the Community Mass in which Father Michael welcomed the girls, walking the Rosary Way and took time to chat and reflect on Ursuline Prep days and what lies ahead. “I enjoyed spending time with my friends and listening to the story of the Friars. It was good to have time to reflect.”

4. First Holy Communion: Year 3 is an important year for the Catholic liturgical journey. Canon John officiated a commemorative Mass for the whole school to celebrate Years’ 3 & 5 Eucharist. 5. Visits to Sacred Heart Church: Mrs Groenen has loved walking Reception, Years 1 and 2 girls to Sacred Heart Church to teach the girls more about the different occasions, the stained glass windows, the artefacts of the Church, and offer some prayer and reflection. URSULINE PREPARATORY SCHOOL WIMBLEDON • REVIEW MAGAZINE 2017 – 2018


SCHOOL HOUSES All pupils belong to one of our four School Houses - St. Cecilia, St. Catherine, St. Mary or St. Ursula, and come together for a number of House events during the year. Events include: 1. House Music Festival: In the Michaelmas Term girls from Year 2 to Year 6 performed solos in order to earn points for their House, and then every girl in school took part in the House Competition song, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Mr Steve Ridge, our adjudicator, was impressed with the girls’ enthusiasm and musicianship. The final marks were very close indeed, with St. Catherine’s House crowned winners.

2. Nursery Sports Day: Nursery children were sporting their House colours and ready to compete to a packed gallery of parents. The children competed in six carousel activities: hurdles, beanbag & hoop toss, football kick, hat and bag relay race, cone slalom relay and tennis and bean bag relay, finishing with House sprints. Well run to Evie, St. Ursula House, for being the fastest runner. Congratulations to St. Ursula’s House for winning the Sports Day with 135 points. 3. Sports Day: Reception to Year 6 came together at Coombe Lane for Sports Day. It was a hot day, with nonstop action of a carousel of activities before moving to the athletics track for races from egg & spoon, skipping, running and relay races. Well done to the House Sports Day winners: Pre-Prep, St Cecilia’s; Prep, St. Mary’s; and overall Sports House Cup to St Mary’s.



4. Inter House Sport: All Houses compete for Inter-House Sports Cups throughout the year across netball, hockey, swimming, and this year football and cricket. Year 2 competed in the first Inter House Football Tournament, a first competitive football match for many of the girls. Well done to St. Mary’s team for winning the event. The girls are excited for more football as they enter Year 3 in September 2018. In Years 3 to 6 football replaced netball for the Lent Term. The girls improved their skills, and knowledge of the game and rules through the Inter House matches. Well done to St. Ursula’s House for winning the inaugural House Football Cup. Year 3 House Teams played for the House Cricket Cup. Well to St. Mary’s for winning on this first occasion of an new annual event. An Inter House swimming gala at the end of the year is a chance for the girls to show parents just how much their swimming has improved. Well done to St. Catherine’s House on winning the 2017-218 House Swimming Cup.

5. Pre Prep Activity Afternoon: Every term, Pre-Prep classes come together to enjoy House Activity Afternoon with their fellow House friends. This Trinity Term it was World Cup themed and included football skills, a World Cup quiz, dancing to the World Cup theme song and creating a World Cup decoration. 6. Reception Classes House Pot Plants: Reception classes had great fun creating House Colour Pots, examining and learning about different plants as they got their hands dirty. Mya said “We now have to water them to help them grow.” 7. House Points Everyday: House Points are awarded to girls from Reception to Year 6 on an everyday basis for good work, good effort and a good contribution to school life. There is a House Cup for most points accumulated. URSULINE PREPARATORY SCHOOL WIMBLEDON • REVIEW MAGAZINE 2017 – 2018


YEAR 6 & RECEPTION BUDDIES The Buddy System was introduced this year to enable Year 6 to provide guidance, support and companionship to girls in the Reception Classes. A strong bond develops. The girls in Year 6 gain from the joy of helping and supporting the Reception girls in their first year of formal schooling. The Reception girls benefit from their contact with the older girls and will look forward to making a difference to the younger pupils when their time comes in Year 6. The bond is developed with weekly visits by Year 6 girls to the Reception class to help, for example, with artwork projects, play games, and for the younger girls to show off their work to their buddies. In addition to these weekly visits, and seeking each other out in the morning playground time, various special events were held as follows: 1. Buddies Christmas gift exchange followed by Buddies Christmas Lunch in the Michaelmas Term. 2. Easter Egg Hunt in the Lent Term. 3. Picnic together in the Trinity Term, this year on Wimbledon Common.





DAY OF CELEBRATION The Trinity Term is full of mixed emotions as an academic year comes to an end with a desire to hold onto what is familiar, comforting and fun, conflicting with the excitement and readiness to move onwards to new classrooms, new form teachers, new responsibilities, a greater intensity of work and the residential trip or school production you have been aspiring to be part of. For our Year 6 Leavers ‘moving onwards’ is on a different level as they prepare to go from being the oldest members of a familiar, and much loved school, with secure friendships to being the new, youngest entrants of their Senior School, with few, or no familiar faces, new cultures, procedures, and a step up in their educational challenges. However, we know our Year 6 girls are entering this next chapter of their educational journey well equipped to embrace, and grow with their new challenges. This year was the school’s first ‘Day of Celebration’ where every child is noted and rewarded for his or her individuality, effort, achievement, hard work, or generosity of spirit across all walks of school life during the past year. Every Year 6 girl also received a Cup, rewarded for her unique talents whether in Academics, Music, Drama, Art, Serviam, Endeavour, or Sport. We thank everyone for everything they have given to the school in so many areas of school life. We proudly say farewell to our Year 6 girls and wish them all the best of luck, assuring them the door is always open to visit. We look forward to welcoming back the younger boys and girls as they move up the school. G C McGrath Headmaster





NURSERY The Nursery children have enjoyed the year learning through playing, inventing, constructing, climbing, imagining and more in the classroom and our outdoor learning area. A number of visitors and days out have enriched, and brought to life, our learning. The children enjoy going to the music room to sing and play an array of instruments, and love their PE sessions in the Hall and on the Astro Turf. These photos are only a small snapshot of our fun filled year. Highlights of the Nursery Year are: 1. Our Space topic was perfect timing this year with their interest and creativity fuelled with the ‘Super Moon’, Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, booster rockets being reused and a car in space. 2. To support their topic, ’People Who help Us’ our Nursery children had exciting and lovely visits from our local postman, firemen and police, and baked with the school cook, Miss Christina. 3. The annual visit from the St. Philip’s Special School, Chessington, pupils’ ‘Paws & Claws Club’ is always a heart-warming visit. The older children take great pride, and build huge confidence, through the interaction with the Nursery children. 4. A wonderful time was had by all at Ladyland Farm in Horley. The children explored the gardens, looked in the well, named the fruits and vegetables growing; fed pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and turkeys; stroked rabbits, chicks, a gorgeous duckling and a very bumpy tortoise; rode the tractor with Farmer Philip; crushed wheat into flour and played on hay bales, tractors, tyres and barrels. 5. Learning Nursery Rhymes and extending learning beyond the joy of reading our Nursery Rhymes is year long fun. 6. A new wooden play gym and Wendy house arrived for the Trinity Term and been well used during the warm, dry summer.






RECEPTION Reception classes had a busy, exciting and successful year and have grown in confidence and maturity. Through classroom activities and free play the girls have worked with colours and patterns, improved their reading and maths skills, been creative artists, sang songs and performed a Nativity play, got messy cooking, and celebrated many seasonal, religious and national occasions. Authors, scientists and road safety experts have been welcome visitors, and trips to Cannizaro Park, London Zoo and Painshill Park have been great adventures. Some favourite topics covered included: 1. Transport and Around the World: Reception classes, Bumblebees and Ladybirds, have been on many journeys by foot, road, rail, sea, air, parachutes and a magic carpet, with adventures around the world exploring contrasting habitats, weather conditions, cultures, flags, food, animals and celebrations. They reflected on, ‘How to take care of our planet?’ The girls had many imaginative ideas. 2. Minibeasts: In the Trinity Term investigations focused on the world of minibeasts. Investigative labs were set up, an array of minibeasts were discovered across the school grounds and Painshill Park, magnifying glasses were used to identify real and pretend creatures. A highlight was watching our own caterpillars grow, pupate, emerge as glorious painted butterflies and releasing the butterflies into the ‘old school garden’.








Year 1’s topics of focus this year have been Homes & Houses, Famous Queens, Special People, Transport, Seasons and Botany, with outings adding great value to classroom learning. Highlights of Year 1’s outings: 1. Windsor Castle & Brooklands Museum: At Windsor Castle we were lucky enough to spot Prince Philip driving his carriage outside the gate, a rare sight, of which we were reminded when we saw similar carriages at Brooklands Museum, another venue of a great day out this year. Both visits inspired lots of role play and creativity back in class. 2. Southside House: A visit to Southside House, a local 17th Century, Grade II listed mansion that was home to Major Malcolm Munthe, a British spy, during the war was, as one girl said, “An adventure”. The children explored the historic rooms, loved the powder closet and the magnificent dining room with its huge chandelier and the beautiful private chapel. They were intrigued by the artefacts from the past, and had fun dressing up. 3. RHS Gardens, Wisley: In Lent Term the girls became keen meteorologists monitoring weather and temperature, and looking at the extremes of the early term snow and warmer days as Spring appeared. We closed that term creating beautiful Easter gardens to symbolise the Easter story. A good introduction to the Trinity Term Botany learning. The girls have been keen gardeners through the summer, and experienced the highs and lows of growing plants. A highlight of the topic was a wonderful summer’s day at RHS Gardens, Wisley, exploring plants from around the world in the glasshouses, and propagating from plant cuttings.







Some highlights of the year for Year were: 1. History of Wimbledon, Visits and Visitors: History of Wimbledon involved creating posters, using various maps to explore the area, a visit from Mr Tait (Year 2A’s teacher’s father) telling stories of Wimbledon over the past 70 years!, and outings to Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon Memorial Hall, and the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, known fondly to most as Wimbledon! 2. The Great Fire of London, including Freshwater Theatre: The girls immersed themselves in our History topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. There was a lot of role play in class and re-enacting The Great Fire with Freshwater Theatre Workshop where the girls re-enacted the events of The Great Fire, and learnt lots of historical and fire facts along the way. 3. The Polka Theatre and Snow Queen: A firm favourite English topic in the Lent Term was ‘Snow Queen’ which included a trip to the Polka Theatre, followed by some excellent, imaginative stories written in class. 4. Kew Gardens: Kew Gardens, on a beautiful English summer’s day, was a very special trip this year. The day was spent learning how plants in the desert adapt to the dry climate with little rainfall, and how plants in the rainforest adapt to having too much rain! The girls summed up some of the learnings; Holly, “My favourite fact is that a cactus stores water that looks like a gel.” Zoe, “I loved the carnivore plants that eat bugs!” Julia, “I loved the Temperate House, it was amazing!” Ginevra, “I found out that the vines crawl so they can reach the light.” Ruby, “My favourite thing was the Bee Hive because a light glowed, and there was music when the bees communicate with one another.”; Ayana, “I learnt about a plant called Taro that had hairs and form little drops of water.” 5. School Assemblies: Class 2C presented their ‘Ancient Greek’ learning to the school about life in Ancient Greece, the gods and goddesses and insightful and descriptive writing on the Theseus and the Minotaur story. Class 2A, in their school assembly, presented some fascinating facts about the climate, habitat, animals and explorers, including Captain Scott, of the Polar Region. 6. MFL: Two Modern Language highlights this year were an afternoon of games with teenage visitors from Ecolé Blanche de Castille, Nante France, and a Spanish Fiesta Day, with Year 6 serving ice creams.







Trips out and a visiting theatre group were a few of the highlights for Year 3 across the year: 1. London Zoo: As part of their geography topic, The Rainforest, the girls were ‘Rainforest Explorers’ for the day at London Zoo. They were taken to the rainforest enclosure to predict, then measure the temperature and humidity of the rainforest. There was an ‘I spy challenge’ to spot rainforest animals. Piranhas, tamarins, cockroaches, giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and a two-toed sloth hanging in a tree just above their heads were some of the successes. As well as being rainforest explorers, there was the chance to see many of the other animals at the zoo. A fun learning day was had by all! 2. Butser Farm: ‘The Celts’ was a favourite History Topic, and crossed into Design Technology in the making of Celtic Roundhouses. The girls had to use a variety of skills such as measuring, cutting and joining techniques in the construction of their roundhouses, which were then creatively filled with items that the Celts would have used inside their homes. A day trip to Butser Ancient Farm really brought classroom work to life. Butser Farm is a unique experimental archaeology site nestled into the rolling countryside of the South Downs National Park. The girls were taken back in time as they were shown ‘Celtic’ crops the farm grows and the rare breeds of animals. The girls were then set to wattling, jewellery making, chalk carving and Celtic excavation of iron tools. 3. Freshwater Theatre Workshop: The Freshwater Theatre workshop took the girls back to ‘Roman Days’. The girls were a fantastic audience, participating in Freshwater Theatre’s modern day ‘Roman Show’, where special guests the courageous Centurion Maximus, the fiercely powerful Queen Boudicca and the graceful Lady Livia were encountered. In the afternoon the girls enacted living life in the Iron Age, Celtic Britain with Queen Boudicca of Iceni, then put on their thinking caps to be Roman road-building engineers. The combination of History, Maths, Science and teamwork made for a day of great variety.







Year 4 had an action packed year, with many trips to bring to life classroom work. A few favourites were: 1. The Weald & Downland Living Museum: To support the History topic on Anglo Saxons Year 4 spent a day at the Weald & Downland Living Museum and brought life as an Anglo Saxon to life as the girls were shown Anglo Saxon customs, discovered dwellings, including a rescued rural buildings dating back 950 years, dressed up as Anglo Saxons and had a go at spinning and weaving wool. A peek at what school life was like several decades ago made everyone all the more grateful for modern education standards. 2. Wimbledon Bookfest: Wimbledon Bookfest is an annual event. This year the girls visited the Big Tent for a lecture by author Jennifer Bell who has penned The Uncommoners. After her lecture the girls conducted a short interview before receiving a signed copy of The Uncommoners first volume, and having a class photo. 3. Sky Studios: The girls enjoyed a visit to Sky Studios at Osterley. Inspired by their ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the studios the girls worked in groups, learning how to structure a news report and communicate their ideas to an audience. Using the latest green screen and software technology each group directed, filmed and edited their section of the report on ‘Plastic Pollution on the World’s Oceans’, a topic they had been working on in class. Throughout the day the girls demonstrated their creativity, as well as their collaboration and communication skills, to produce and present an impressive report. A truly motivational day.







Year 5 had a very busy year. Some of the highlights are as follows: 1. Wimbledon BookFest: Year 5, along with Year 6, visited Wimbledon BookFest, a festival of arts and culture. Having been set the task of reading Gill Lewis’s book, ‘The Sky Dancer’ over the summer holidays, the girls were rewarded with an informative talk from Gill Lewis on how she researched and wrote the book. Gill Lewis has a lifelong love of animals which led to her becoming a vet, and later an author, basing her stories on animals and their relationships with humans. Every girl felt special when they met Ms Lewis to receive a signed copy of her latest book. 2. Hampton Court Palace: Year 5’s visit to Hampton Court Palace supported their History topic on Tudor History. The girls attended a workshop entitled ‘Opening up the World: navigation and discovery in the 15th and 16th Centuries’ where they learnt about the impact discovery and exploration had on the country as a whole during the 15th and 16th centuries. They studied a Tudor world map and handled examples of objects discovered and brought back to England during this period. They learnt, through role-play, about the explorations of Sir Walter Raleigh on his mission to find El Dorado, and the journey of Sir Hugh Willoughby and his Chief Officer, Richard Chancellor. In the afternoon, the girls looked round the kitchens at the palace and the apartments of Henry VIII during his reign as King of England. 3. Guildford Museum: Year 5 had a truly Victorian experience at the Guildford Museum. In a specially recreated Victorian classroom, dressed in Victorian costume, the girls enjoyed workshops that included an English lesson, recitation, a physical drill lesson, art, and needlework, followed by an opportunity to play with a number of genuine Victorian toys including a Zoe trope, Jacobs Ladder, skittles and an exquisite dolls house. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their visit and we would have loved to have been able to stay for longer! Sofia said “I would love to go there again!’ Other comments included; Emma, “…the best part of the day for me was when we did our handwriting practice. We were given beautiful pens that people used in the olden times”, Eleanor, “I really enjoyed being a Victorian schoolchild! It was an amazing experience”. 4. RHS Gardens, Wisley: Year 5 had a fabulous day at RHS Gardens,Wisley, which started with a talk on pollination and plant growth, followed by a walk around the beautiful gardens investigating seeds, seed dispersal, pods, buds, flowers and fruits and different types of plants and habitats. The girls enjoyed coming in from the cold into the Wisley greenhouses to create plant pots from newspaper before planting seeds. A very hands-on and informative day out.







To be a member of the top year in any school is a huge opportunity for personal growth and development. This year new opportunities have been created to enhance that growth and development: 1. Uniform: The Year 6 girls look different with a unique Prefect cardigan that demarcates them from the rest of the school. These were proudly received from Sister Dorothy at a school assembly. 2. Formal Occasions: To help the girls to grow in maturity, and to experience the conventions of more formal occasions the Year 6 girls were hosted for Christmas Dinner and Year 6 Leavers’ Dinners. 3. Buddy System: A new buddy system with Reception girls added a more personal responsibility, and an opportunity to inspire and care for younger members of the school. 4. Retreat Day: Prefect outings and a Year 6 Retreat Day gave opportunities to be together, and be thankful for all that comes their way. 5. Final Assembly: The Year 6’s celebrated their Senior School successes with a ‘Moving On’ assembly to the rest of the school and parents. At its core, the presentation was an opportunity for the girls to reflect, and recognise their own successes, and how they had strived, and achieved, to be the best they can be. The assembly showcased the seventeen different destinations schools our girls will move to in September 2018.



Year 6 Christmas Dinner This wonderful evening summed up by this letter from Year 6, Emma Millesky. “On Monday when we came to school we were very excited, because finally the day of our Christmas dinner had arrived; we had been looking forward to it for weeks! After the long wait and build up to the night, once it had finally arrived we were practically jumping for joy. As soon as we entered the hall we were in awe to find rows of beautiful fairy lights and big long fancy tables. On each table were beautiful red candles surrounded by fresh flowers and holly leaves and a Santa hat on the back of our chairs, little boxes of chocolates and Christmas crackers. When we started eating, the food was delicious. It included: turkey, carrots, parsnips, peas, gammon, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and rich gorgeous gravy. We had marvellous mustard and cranberry sauce to go with our dinner. For dessert we had delicious gooey chocolate brownies with blocks of Cornish vanilla ice cream(if you were lucky you got extra ones!). Whilst digging in to our wonderful pudding, the raffle for presents began. There were a variety of different presents: useful ones, fun ones, big ones and small ones. As every gift was handed out Mr McGrath gave a humorous running commentary. The day seemed to go on forever, nevertheless the dinner was over in a flash! The night was definitely one to remember and one to cherish with all the other special memories that have taken place in this school during our time here. We would like to especially thank Mr McGrath and the UPSPA, staff and parents, Mrs. Smith, Barry, Miss McCarthy for all their help preparing for making this amazing, unforgettable night and Father Ted who sang our unique Ursuline song with us. It was one amazing night and we will never forget it!” URSULINE PREPARATORY SCHOOL WIMBLEDON • REVIEW MAGAZINE 2017 – 2018


SCHOOL EVENTS It was a busy and inspiring year with a lot of new workshops introduced to extend and challenge classroom learning. A glimpse at a few: 1. Science in Whizz Bang: In September the whole school was treated to a day with the ‘Mad Science’ staff. Professor Whizz started the day with an entertaining assembly during which he talked the school through the three essential elements needed for fire to burn: oxygen, heat and fuel. Each year group took part in a fun and informative workshop linked to their science topics. Years 1, 3 and 4 learned about taste and how different areas of the tongue detect different tastes such as sweet, salty and bitter. Nursery, Reception and Year 2 did a ‘mad mixtures’ workshop to complement their topics on materials. Year 5 learned all about flight. Year 6 experienced electricity! It was a brilliant day for pupils, and staff. The children thoroughly enjoyed their workshops and were inspired scientists by the end of the day! Thank you ‘Whizz Bang’ professors.



2. Robotics Workshop: All girls, from Reception to Year 6,were inspired by a Robotic Workshop. They learnt how to code, programme, schedule, sequence, refresh and much more. There were squeals of delight, thumbs up and shouts of “Did it!”. Thanks to Gareth and Ian from Hi Impact for a great couple of days.



SCHOOL EVENTS 3. STEM Workshop: Years 1 to 6 welcomed Mr Jeremy King, a Chartered Civil Engineer, for a couple of days of lively, fun and intense creativity, problem solving, challenges and inspiring our future generation of STEM women. The workshops posed real-life problems with practical and applied learning experiences, logical thinking and creativity, and important work life skills such as teamwork and communication. Year 1: Moving Pictures/Person: The girls used ‘Sliders and Levers’ to make a moving Picture/Person. Each girl worked independently and was thrilled to keep their innovation. Year 2: K’nex Wind Up Vehicles: The girls used wheels (free and fixed) and axles to make a vehicle that was wound up by pulling backwards.

Year 3: Photo Frames: The girls turned a ‘2D shape into a 3D product’ using scrap paper in a STIXX machine, metal wires and potato starch to make a 3D Photo Frame.



Year 4 Torches: The girls created different types of switches including a clamp, a pressure switch, made with aluminium or copper, a clothes peg made with aluminium or copper, a single or double paper fastener, paper clip and a turn reversing switch. The girls chose one of those switches to control a torch they themselves made. Some who finished in good time looked at ways of concentrating the light output. Year 5 STIXX Shelters: As part of ‘Frame Structures’ girls worked in teams of six to design, then construct, a shelter large enough for the whole team to get into, all out of newspaper.

Year 6 Electronic Control: Covering ‘More Complex Switches’ the girls worked in pairs using a pressure switch, a slide switch, then an Electronic Controller to make a pre-made buggy perform 12 different tasks.



SCHOOL EVENTS World Book Day 2018: An established and favourite, occasion is World Book Day, which certainly inspires reading and writing. The teachers inspired all the children on Monday’s Assembly reading extracts from a favourite book. Despite the Beast from the East hitting hard on Thursday 1st March a sterling effort was made by all to dress up on as characters and ideas from books. From the Cat in the Hat, Anne of Green Gables to the Queen of Hearts everyone looked fantastic. There was shared reading with the Prep girls reading with the Pre-Prep younger girls. Adam Guillain, after a postponed author day, delighted children from Nursery up to Year 6 with storytelling, interactive and creative workshops to develop their storytelling skills in a kinaesthetic and visual manner. All the children were thrilled to receive their own signed copy of one of Adam’s books, a happy reminder of a fabulous and memorable day.





SCHOOL EVENTS 5. Life Bus: All Ursuline Prep children spent time in the The Life Education Bus, with age appropriate sessions learning about their bodies, and making safe and healthy choices.

6. A Royal Wedding Celebrated: To mark the occasion of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle the children learnt about the Royal Family, made Union Jacks and crowns, designed wedding dresses, ate a ‘Royal‘ cupcake and took home a bookmark souvenir of the occasion.



7. Chinese New Year: Prep children were very colourful for their Chinese Workshop Day, and immersed themselves in Chinese culture, language and food.



PERFORMING ARTS - MUSIC Music plays a major part in the life of our school from curriculum lessons, private music lessons across an array of instruments, djembe drum club, choirs, concerts and musical trips in to London. Performing Throughout the year there are a number of concerts, assemblies and performances. The main events this year have been: 1. The Ensemble Concert, a gathering of Pre-Prep Choir, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Djembe Drum Club, Recorder Club and Hand Chime Club. 2. Prep Orchestra and Soloists Concert. 3. An inaugural Pre-Prep Soloists Concert. 4. Choirs singing at the Carol Service & Day of Celebration. Head of Music, Mrs Stanley, comments, “Our school orchestra brings children together in an exciting and dynamic way and the girls love performing with their peers. Performances encourage the discipline of practice, mutual support, teamwork; they build confidence and create fond and happy school memories for the children, and for us as their teachers and mentors. Solo opportunities give confidence, and for the younger girls hearing those children ahead of them inspires them to keep practising in order to work at an even higher level. Well done to all the performers.”



Musical Adventures Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful concert at the Barbican where The London Symphony Orchestra treated the girls to a special interactive performance of Saint-Saëms Carnival. Year 4’s Barbican trip was to listen, sing and dance along with the London Symphony Orchestra as they performed Leonard Bernstein’s hit musical West Side Story. After this Year 4 headed to The Luke’s, Old Street, where they took part in a Balinese Gamelan workshop, with the day ending with Year 4 performing a gamelan concert to their teachers and parents that accompanied the trip. Years 5 & 6 took part in the Young Voices largest concert tour to date with over 150,000 children taking part across the week. Ursuline Prep Years 5 & 6, with their teachers and parents, joined thousands and sung their hearts out on the Tuesday performances.



PERFORMING ARTS - DRAMA Nursery & Reception: In the Michaelmas Term, Nursery and Reception children perform a Nativity. In the Trinity Term. Nursery boys and girls sing songs from topics they had covered over the year. Reception girls performed ‘Hats Off’, an “Out of the Ark” musical production. The girls delivered a funny tongue in cheek performance with great singing and dancing, while telling the story of the changing seasons through the eyes of ‘Apple’, the pony. Years 1 & 2 Production, delighted audiences with ‘Prickly Hay’, a new nativity musical with a fun hoedown flavour.



In the Lent Term Years 3 & 4 delighted their fellow pupils and families with one of Craig Hawes’ funniest musical comedies, ‘Once Upon a Crime.’ In the Trinity Term Years 5 & 6 took their fellow pupils and parents into a fun-filled, humorous, fantasy adventure, as they performed John Houghton’s ‘Hagbane’s Doom,’ adapted by Starshine Music for school productions. The stage was a brilliant array of colourful characters, the girls timed their lines to perfection achieving much audience laughter, and the music and dancing was full of jingling, swirling, glitter effects for supernatural moments.



ART Celebrating creativity and artistic talent throughout Ursuline Prep by Mr Osborn “We have had a very busy year developing our skills and techniques, from drawing, the cornerstone on which we build all our other ideas, painting and collage to wire sculpture and weaving. We use a wide range of media; oil pastels, charcoal, pen and wash, acrylic paint, collage, chalk pastel, wax crayons, sharpies, and watercolours. We work in 2D and 3D with papier-mâché, clay, wire, plaster bandage, and cardboard. We explore work by artists from different times and places such as Hokusai, Vasily Kandinsky, Bridget Riley, Andy Warhol, and Hundertwasser, and we start to use different tools and materials like collage, papier-mâché and oil pastels. It really helps us to communicate through art effectively. A Year 6 trip to the Tate Modern this year inspired David Hockney drawings and 3D ‘wearable hats’. Art has been important throughout history all over the world. It is important the we reflect that in our studies. Our Art curriculum often works alongside other subject areas like English, History and Maths; for example, our Tudor Rose designs, Viking Shields, and our Bridget Riley OP Art. The girls are brilliantly creative and constantly impress with their ability to express their lovely ideas. It was a delight to present the girls’ work at our inaugural Art Exhibition in July, a first of many to come.”

Y1 Circle inspired by Vaily Kandinsky.

Y1 Art is in the Heart 46

Y1 Circle inspired by Vaily Kandinsky


Y2 Hundertwasser Paintings

Y2 Hundertwasser Paintings

Y2 Hundertwasser Paintings

Y3 Franz Marc Expressionist Faces

Y3 Watercolour, pen wash.




Y4 Indian Weave

Y4 Viking Shields

Y5 Paint Tubes 48

Y4 Indian Weave

Y5 Picasso’s Weeping Woman

Y5 Tudor Art to support History


Y5 Picasso’s Weeping Woman

Y6 Life Drawing in pencil

Y6 post Tate Modern visit

Y6 post Tate Modern visit task to create wearable cardboard box scultpures

Y6 Tate Modern Visit



SPORT The Sports Department this year has welcomed Mrs Nangle and Mr Ventom to the PE staff. Mr Ventom was recruited to support the introduction of football and cricket to the sports’ timetable. We all were grateful for the new PE staff kit, and now look, as well as feel, a great team. The arrival of a second minibus has made transport to sport fixtures a lot easier, and enabled us to field more teams often fielding A to C teams. Other developments include the introduction of Games Colours for girls in Year 6 for their commitment to sport, both in training and fixtures, and their positive sporting conduct at all times. Well done to all Year 6 girls who received colours this year. Netball: Netball is the main Michaelmas Term sport and girls in all Prep years, Years 3 to 6, enjoyed matches. Congratulations to the U8, U9 & U11 teams on their silver medals won in Invitational Tournaments, and to the U10’s A & B teams for winning Gold at the Dover House School Netball Tournament. Hockey: Hockey fixtures dominate the Lent Term and much fun, a lot of learning, and success has been had on the pitch. Congratulations to the U10 A team for their Silver Medal at the Unicorn Invitational Hockey Tournament.



Football: Football has been well received by the girls and the older girls have competed in some friendly fixtures against local schools. The girls improved their skills and knowledge of the game and rules, through the Inter House matches. For Prep, Years 3 to 6, the Inter House Lent Term netball was replaced with football and Year 2 competed in the first Inter House Football Tournament, a first competitive football match for many of the girls. Cricket: The introduction of Cricket to the girls sporting curriculum has been an outstanding success, and weekly fixtures, in addition to games sessions, have seen the girls improve in leaps and bounds! The school has linked with Old Wimbledonians Cricket Club (OWCC) where we host our cricket sessions. A few of our girls are enjoying extracurricular cricket in the OWCC Colts section. A trip for Years 5 & 6 to the Oval T20 Vitality Blast fixture was an incredible atmosphere and truly inspiring.



SPORT Cross Country: The school entered teams of five girls from Years 3 to 6 in the Wimbledon Common Prep Schools’ annual cross country team relay. The event is always well attended - 13 schools this year. Ursuline Prep took 20 runners. Well done to all girls who ran and gave their best effort, and special congratulations to the Year 6 team for coming overall fourth place. Athletics: Athletics is taught at Donhead Sports Ground, and the girls enjoy competing in events such as the Athletics Meets at Wimbledon Park Athletics Track against local schools. U8’s, U9’s and U11’s teams compete in an afternoon of field and track events held in a competitive but fun environment. In the Trinity Term five Year 6 girls represented Ursuline Prep at the National CISC Athletics Championships hosted by St.George’s College, Weybridge. The girls competed with real determination and were marvellous ambassadors for Ursuline Prep. There were many successes in a big field of competitors. n big field of competitors; Sienna 4th in long jump and 100m; Sophia 4th in high jump; Elena 2nd long jump. As a team the girls achieved 3rd in the 4 x 100m relay. A hot, exhausting afternoon. Well done girls. Swimming: Years 1 & 2 swim each week, with swim certificates for achievements awarded every week at assembly, finishing the term with an Inter House swimming gala supported by parents. Well done to St. Catherine’s House for winning the Swim Cup this year. Extracurricular Sport: There are numerous opportunities to develop core curriculum sports, and learn other sports, in a range of sporting clubs, including rounders, golf, sailing and martial art.





RESIDENTIAL TRIPS Year 3 Juniper Hall: The girls showed how sensible and independent they had become during their three day stay at Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre, Dorking. The centre focuses on an environmental education offering opportunities to discover, explore and understand the environment and its needs and how to protect its diversity and beauty for future generations. The girls enjoyed the outdoor classroom of Juniper Hall’s grounds and combined their environmental learning with a focus on how to work effectively as a team, problem solving and resilience. Highlights included: eating the tasty treasure at the end of the compass led treasure hunt; hiding small mammal traps, catching a woodmouse and releasing it back into its environment; cooking, then savouring, marshmallows by the campfire, and a peaceful evening watercolour painting on Box Hill. It was heart warming to see the girls look out for each other, show kindness, always being prepared to help each other at every moment. Fabulous team work!



This hat, produced for our Trinity Term Ursuline Links’ Charity Day to the theme, ‘What does Ursuline mean to you?’, sums up just how much our girls love this trip to Juniper Hall.

Y4 Hindleap Warren: Year 4 girls spent a very busy three days at Hindleap Warren, a dedicated residential centre set in 300 acres of private woodland in the Ashdown Forest, Sussex. The girls threw themselves into the three days, all joining in all the activities with enthusiasm, displaying commendable determination, perseverance and fortitude, surviving weather conditions that at times felt more like December than May. The teachers said of the girls, “We felt extremely proud of the girls’ resilience, positive attitudes towards unfamiliar challenges and great teamwork.” Here are some quotes “I felt really proud of myself when I almost reached the top of the climbing tower.” Tess “The best things about Hindleap Warren were walking in the forest, sharing a bedroom with my friends and the staff at the Centre who helped us with the activities, especially the zip-wire!” Scarlet “I will always remember how my friends and I worked together as a team in the activities.” Mia “My biggest challenge was to climb up the ladder to get to the zip wire but my friends helped me by cheering!” Cristina “I learned how to overcome challenges from the support of my friends.” Catherine “Archery was harder than I thought. There are so many things you have to get right.” Ella “I enjoyed working as a team especially when we had to find our way out in the woods during orienteering.” Evie



RESIDENTIAL TRIPS Year 5 Swanage: Year 5 enjoyed the best of English weather, blues skies and sun, wind and showers, warmth and cold, for their few days in Swanage, Dorset. Through it all they have had great adventures along the Jurassic Coast, with a touch of classroom time with a talk from palaeontologist Simon Penn about his work and discoveries on the Jurassic coast and in Morocco. The session included seeing a 140 million year old crocodile head and an ichthyosaur! A 8km walk along the coast tested their stamina, with a stop to reflect looking out at sea beyond Old Harry Rocks. Wind speeds were recorded on Peveril Point, a lot was learnt about the formation of caves, arches, stacks, stumps and more, an adventure was had down into a Smugglers Cave to read extracts from Rudyard Kipling works, and time on the beach was used to observe and measure longshore drift. The early evening in Swanage to draw Victorian buildings was a quieter activity! A memorable trip with all the girls showing great adventurous spirit.



Year 6 France: On arriving on French soil it was direct from the Eurotunnel to the Dunkirk Dynamo Museum where the girls were immersed in the Second World War. It was lovely to then walk on the beach enjoying a toe dip in the sea. The second day was spent at the primary school, École Primaire Jean Levisse at Cucq, where the girls helped the French children with their English and vice versa. The afternoon was spent at the L’Escargotière du Choquel snail farm discovering the process behind one of the country’s most popular dishes, snails. The next ‘animal’ visit was to a farm, in the cold and wind rather than sun, where the girls watched the cows being milked, participated in making some butter and appreciated the delicious homemade ice-cream. A trip to Etaples Military Cemetery with its vast expanse of memorials at Etaples British Military Cemetery was very reflective. Food and culture were popular on the trip with cooking and eating crepes at the Creperie ‘Pain Show. in Boulogne Old Town; making bread in wood burning ovens,and twisting croissants under the beady eye of the strict boulanger, and a time in le Touquet markets to buy presents, souvenirs and traditional foods. The trip was rounded off by a delicious meal in Le Brasserie des Sports where the girls were able to say in French what they would like to eat – bravo les filles! Quotes from the trip; to finish just one quote - Aislinn summed it up for all, “Best class trip ever!”



UPSPA UPSPA is the Parents’ Association for Ursuline Prep School. It plays a hugely important part in the life of the school and there were many highlights this year. 1. Registered Charity: This year UPSPA was recognised as an independent charity and has been entered onto the Register for Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1176056. 2. New Minibus: Thank you to UPSPA for their support in the purchase of a second minibus, a huge help in adding value to our trips and sports fixtures. 3. Piano: A second piano donated by UPSPA has enabled more girls to have individual piano lessons, and for peripatetic staff to accompany their pupils on other instruments no matter which Practice Room they are in.

4. Christmas Fair & Summer Fun Day: The two main school fundraising events for UPSPA are the Christmas Fair and Summer Fun Day, and fabulous occasions that bring the school and local community together.



5. French Café. French Café is a hugely important community event every Friday morning. It brings the school community parents, children and staff - together over a hot drink and croissants. We are hugely grateful to those who organise this weekly cafe, and to Year 6 who took over from parents as servers at the French Café in the Trinity Term. 6. French Café New Cup Design: French Café New Cup Design: In the Trinity Term French Café went green with reuse able cups only. Congratulations to Mia in Year 4 for the winning cup design.

7. Quiz Night: A superbly well organised event summed up by one participant very well, “It was a fun night, an occasion with lots of laughter. I thought the variety in the quiz from the handouts on the table, the engineering challenge, true & false and ten subject related questions worked well. Andrew did an incredible job as our Quiz Master and everyone had a great time.” 8. Summer Party ‘Get your Sparkle On’: The school hall was a silver haven, guests looked fabulous, the food was delicious and the company was gregarious! While the evening was ultimately intended to be a social evening with limited focus on fundraising, the event managed to raise an incredible £1,500 which will be put towards the new Astroturf. 9. Drop & Go Rota: The Drop & Go system allows the children to be dropped off safely on the ever busy Downs. We are grateful, as always,to the volunteer parents who run this service. This year UPSPA has raised over £17,000 for the school through their hard work. In addition, through cake sales, donations from French Café and other activities, a total of £2,271 has been donated to charities close to the heart of our community: British Heart Foundation, Macmillan, Faith in Action, Brain Research Trust, Age UK Merton and Sports Relief to name but a few. URSULINE PREPARATORY SCHOOL WIMBLEDON • REVIEW MAGAZINE 2017 – 2018


Ursuline Preparatory School 18 The Downs, Wimbledon, London SW20 8HR Tel: 020 8947 0859 • Email: M  @UrsulinePrep @Ursuline_Prep

Ursuline Prep School Insieme Review Magazine 2017-2018  

Yearly review of the Ursuline group of Prep Schools in the UK.

Ursuline Prep School Insieme Review Magazine 2017-2018  

Yearly review of the Ursuline group of Prep Schools in the UK.