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Official News Bulletin of Urology Society Of India-West Zone


CME-Female Urology Sholapur, 29th April Endourology-2012 Pune, 12th & 13th May African Summit Nairobi-Masaimara, 4th - 8th July WZ-USICON-2012 Lonavala, 13th - 16th September

Newsletter USI-West Zone Council Members COUNCIL President: Dr. Suresh Patankar <suresh_iou@yahoo.com> President Elect: Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni <sbkulkarni@gmail.com> Past President: Dr. Shailesh Shah <kidneyline@gmail.com> Secretary: Dr. Anil Bradoo <bradooa@gmail.com> Treasurer: Dr. Kandarp Parikh <pkandarp@hotmail.com> COUNCIL MEMBERS Dr. Vijay Raghoji <spr_raghoji@sancharnet.in> Dr. Bhalchandra Kashyapi <kashyapi1@gmail.com> Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar <ajaybhandarkar@hotmail.com> Dr. Ashish Patil <instituteofurology@gmail.com> EX OFFICIO MEMBERS Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar <htongaonkar@gmail.com> Dr. Anil Bradoo <bradooa@gmail.com>

Editorial Dear Friends, The year started with a big bang. Yes, the annual meeting of USI at Bangalore was superbly arranged . The organizing committee had indeed put their heart into the meeting. Organising a zonal chapter in contrast is not as demanding, although we as a team would never like to take anything for granted. We were overwhelmed with the response of all the delegates during WZUSICON – 2011, and we thought it best to let our members contribute to this report, rather than hear it from the organizing team. Dr. Devdutt Palnitkar and Dr. Anshu Sharma have put their thoughts together and given their frank views . Dr. Patankar’s suggestion of involving the zone officially in conducting operative camps has been received very well by our members. Both in Shirdi and in Goraj( near Vadodra) the camps have been an eye opener. While Dr. Patankar and his team gathered support from local organizers and various companies to ensure we were well equipped, Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar exposed our team to one of the most, modern. sophisticated hospitals with state of the art facilities, in a rural setting at Goraj. I must admit Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar did an excellent job. We are now well set for a roller coaster ride with a number of activities. Dr. Raghoji has compiled an excellent CME in Female Urology on 29 April at Sholapur and our President in coordination with Dr. Arun Jamkar, Vice chancellor MUHS is making preparations for a live operative and video workshop on Laparoscopy for Kidneys and Endourological management of BPH, at Pune. Come July, and we will be having The African Summit, a joint meeting with The Kenyan association of Urological Surgeons at Nairobi. This will be followed by a visit to the Game reserve at the world famous Masaimara. Please register soon and take this opportunity to join us for this African USI-WZ meeting. Early birds have an excellent offer…. especially for couples, so do grab this chance and make July… (it’s a peak season in Kenya ) memorable. Dr Gaurang Shah and his team from Mumbai Urology Society are preparing, to ensure that WZUSICON in September is going to be a great event. Please do register with him at the earliest and remember to send in your abstracts by 30 June. Hope to see you all as many times this year. Warm regards

www.usiwz.org 1

Dr. Anil Bradoo Email: bradooa@gmail.com Cell: 09820303774

Newsletter From the President’s Desk

Dear Friends, After taking the charge of Presidentship this is my first dialogue with you. We had a great conference at Goa. Jayesh and his team had done a great job. Kudos Kudchadkar's XI! Apart from great scientific activities, I appreciated two things in this conference. The Chief Minister inaugurated the conference, and though a seasoned politician, his talk was truly apolitical and appreciated by all. I hope all political leaders coming for such an event follow the steps of Mr. Digambar Kamat . Second and most important event of the conference was The Key Note address by Commander Dilip Donde ‘ALL AT SEA’. I again congratulate Commander Dilip Donde the first Indian to attempt sailing solo- round –the world. I have not heard such a beautiful talk! for many years. I indeed admire his courage and perseverance. His achievements was an inspiration to all of us. The programme ‘Know your Guru’ is really working very well. All of Urology that we know, we actually owe to our Gurus. This programme is a small appreciation of the debt we owe them. In September we had a great conference of Society D Internationale at Berlin. One of our Senior members, Dr. M. R. Desai has taken over the charge, of the prestigious President’s post. I congratulate Dr. Desai on behalf of the society. Apart from this we had a significant scientific contribution from our members. In fact, some of them were invited faculties, but I still feel we should work more to get better presentation in international meetings.

During the Presidential tenure it is expected that we will introduce some new concepts. When I was president elect I introduced the idea of doing some charitable camps on the behalf of the society. Thankfully the whole council accepted this idea. We had a great activity at Shirdi which all participants enjoyed. In continuation a similar activity was organized by Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar at Goraj. This was a fabulously conducted camp, actively supported by many members. Another event which I want to share with you is a Surgical workshop being organized by West Zone in Pune. The peculiarity of this event is that for the first time we are jointly organizing it with the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences which is the apex body of Medical education in Maharashtra. It is a unique occasion where professional body like WZ USI is joining hands with an academic institute. I earnestly request all of you to participate in this workshop. On behalf of the organizing committee I will be glad to welcome you for a great scientific feast. For members looking for excitement roped in with a blend of academics, we will be happy to take you to Kenya in July 2012. This is an opportunity for members to accompany their family and have great fun. Every effort is being made to ensure that members will get value for their time spent with USI -WZ in Nairobi and Masaimara. I am looking forward to your enthusiastic participation in all these events to come. Dr. Suresh Patankar

USI-WZ Past Secretaries Dr. Madhav kamat



Dr. Mahesh Desai



Dr. Shirish Yande



Dr. Jagdish Kulkarni Mumbai


Dr. Shailesh Shah



Dr. Ravindra Sabnis




Newsletter Urology Camp-Shirdi, August 2011 and many others who provided various equipment. I am sure their co operation will continue for future programmes also. It is a matter of pride and deep satisfaction that west Zone USI treats such large number of patients all from rural area and economically weaker sections and actively contributed to reduce their pains. I am sure you all would continue to support me in future also in my endeavors to use our expertise and skills for such type of patients. The sole object of such efforts is to further raise esteem of our society in the eyes of public at large. You are kindly aware that West Zone of Urological Society of, India in association with Sai Baba Shirdi Sansthan conducted Urogical Surgical camp at shirdi from 20th August 2011 to 21't August 2011. Many members of our society volunteered to come forward and participate in the right from diagnostic stage to actual procedure. I am extremely glad to inform you that about 623 patients were examined in shorts span of two days out of these patients 72 patients were selected for immediate procedures. All these 72 patients who underwent surgeries have recovered well and many of them haven ow discharged also. It was a gigantic task for West Zone of USI which could be successfully completed due to whole hearted c o-operation and active support of 25 members. All these members' especially our Secretary Dr. Anil Bradoo contributed voluntarily with 100% charity basis to this camp. I am proud of all of them who have raised the fame of West Zone of USI I also owe a lot of thanks to the trustees and entire infrastructure. During this workshop lot of hi-tech surgeries were performed. These included HOLEP, Bipolar vaporization, rigid flexible ureteroscopies and PCNLS so on. These costly equipment were brought into Shirdi with the help of many organizations and companies. I would like to make special mention of ACE Multispeciality Hospital of Pune, Eagle Medical System of New Delhi (Mr, Subhash Bhasin) Lumenis of Mumbai (Mr. Sachln Shinde) Health Ware from Hyderabad (Mr. Ramnarayan and Mr. Devnani, Surgident from pune (Mr. Mukund Joshi), Status Medical System at Satara (Mr. Mahajan) 3

I would welcome any, suggestions from any members of our society to conduct such programmes in future. I place on record my sincere thanks to one and all, which directly or indirectly supported me in making this camp totally successful.

The members who attended the camp Dr. S. B. Patankar Dr. Anil Bradoo Dr. B. D. Kashyapi Dr. Subodh Shivde Dr. Nitin Gadgil Dr. Pankaj Maheshwari Dr. Ajit Vaze Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar Dr. Ketan Shukla Dr. Ashish Patil Dr. Deshpande Sanjay Dr. Vijay Raghoji Dr. Sandesh Surana

Dr. Santosh Palkar Dr. Rajesh Bhatt Dr. Rajan Patni Dr. Jaydeep Date Dr. Anand Joshi Dr. Satyajeet Purnpatre Dr. Shailesh Shah Dr. Sharad Sagade Dr. Choudhary Ranajit Dr. Dhaval Rasal Dr. Rishikesh Pandya - Dr. Suresh Patankar

AUA-IAUA (Chakraborty Fellow) Dr. Arvind Ganpule, Nadiad has received this fellowship for the year 2011-12. He intends to further develop his skills in Urologic Robotic Surgery by attending various centres in USA.

Newsletter Urology Camp-Vadodara, January 2012 Urological Camp organized by WZUSI and Lions clubs International in January, 2012.

The International Association of Lions Clubs, District 323 F1 and West Zone Urological Society of India, organized free â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mega Urological Operative Campâ&#x20AC;? at Muni Sewa Ashram, Goraj, Waghodia, Vadodara from 20-22 January, 2012. 89 advanced endoscopic and laser surgeries for all kinds of urinary ailments were done in 5 state-of-the- art operation theaters, round the clock for 3 consecutive days. All procedures were done totally free of cost to patients. 13 HOLEP/THULEP , 18 Bipolar TURP/Button Vaporization of Prostate, 16 PCNLs, 8 miniperc and 3 micropercs, 5 Flexible RIRS, 16 URS, 1 Urethroplasty etc. operative procedures were done.

Dr. Sriram Joshi, Dr. Percy Chibbar, Dr. Janak Desai Dr. Patankar, Dr. Anil Bradoo, Dr. Vaze, Dr. P. P. Rao, Dr. Sabnis, Dr. Samir Desai, Dr. Sujata Patwardhan, Dr. Shrenik Shah, Dr. Abhay Khandekar, Dr. Sanjay Nabar, Dr. Rajesh Bhatt, Dr. Nitin Gadgil, Dr. Ashwin Gabani, Dr. Kaushik Shah, Dr. Jignesh Ghevariya, Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar, Dr. Sandesh Surana participated actively in the camp.

Various lions clubs organized 7 diagnostic screening camps in rural areas of Vadodara District in first two weeks of January. More than 850 patients were examined /treated for urinary diseases at these camps. Poor patients who needed operative procedures were selected for final camp from 20/1/12, which was inaugurated by International Director Lion Narendra Bhandari in presence of many lion dignitaries of District and eminent doctors of WZUSI. Olympus, Karl-storz, Richard-Wolf and Eagle Medical System provided high-end equipment, free of cost for this camp. Each endoscopic surgery of Kidney stone/ Prostate related problems otherwise would cost not less than Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only) were offered free of cost to all patients leading to project cost of nearly Rs. 70 lakhs. Many philanthropic lions and others donated generously to support this unique service activity. Local media highlighted this activity with huge complements, which enhanced image building process for lions and doctors.

Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar 4

Newsletter CME-Female Urology, Sholapur

CME in Female Urology has been organised by Siddeshwar Urology Society in association with USIWest Zone., on Sunday 29 April, 2012 at Kamala Hall, Hotel Tripur Sundari, Solapur. The Scientific Committee has chosen an excellent Faculty to deliberate on important issues of relevant practical problems in UroGynecology. Lectures, Symposia and Panel discussions on Urinary Tract infections, Urological problems in Pregnancy, Overactive Bladder, Stress Urinary Incontinence, and Female GenitoUrinary injuries will be in focus during this meeting. For registrations kindly contact: Dr. Vithal Krishna, Organising Secretary +919822604007 or Dr. Vijay Raghoji, Organising Chairman +919822072142

Endourology-2012, Pune

Live Operative Workshop Renal Surgery - Laparoscopy Prostate Surgery - Bipolar and Lasers 12th and 13th May 2012 This summer, USI-WZ in association with Pune Urology Society, Ace Hospitals and Research centre and Persistent Systems ltd has organised an Operative and a Video workshop on Laparoscopic applications for the Kidney and Endourological options for BPH. Dr. Suresh Patankar, Organising Secretary has chosen an excellent venue for this operative workshop- Devang Mehta auditorium based at Persistent Systems , Pune. Operations performed at Ace Hospital by a talented team of Experts will be transmitted live to this venue. Dr. A. V. Jamkar, Vice Chancellor, MUHS is the Chairman for workshop. Various techniques with the use of different tools will be demonstrated both for Laparoscopy for Kidney and Endourology for BPH. Video presentations by members and panel discussion by experts will showcase all modalities of Surgery for Kidneys and Prostate

Dr. Vijay Raghoji 5

Members are requested to block Sat 12th & Sunday 13th May for this event, at Pune. Registrations can be confirmed with Dr. Dhaval Rasal 09422362218

Newsletter Training in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Over the last decade and a half it is apparent that Minimal access Surgery has been gaining ground rapidly. No wonder you hear of so many workshops and training centres taking a lead to spread Minimal Access Surgery in India. It was indeed very encouraging to learn about the development of A Special Center: CEMAST (Centre of Excellence in Minimal Access Surgery) in Mumbai. The centre is spearheaded by Prof. Tehemton E Udwadia, who is the Chairman of CEMAST. When asked what makes this centre,different from any other center elsewhere?, Dr Udwadia said… ”Yes, this center is different and would be better than any other center for the following reasons 1. The Ethos of the Center: This is a stand alone center, a totally autonomous body run by Surgeons for Surgeons. It is not connected to any Hospital, any University or any organization. 2. Faculty: The entire faculty comprises of mature, skilled, Minimal access Surgeons who are much more than technically brilliant and have an unquenchable passion for teaching. Each one believes in the Halstedin

School of teaching where the teacher has a one to one bond with the student, not just during the course, but in perpetuity. 3. Diversity: This center covers every MAS speciality and will have courses in Gen Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Pediatric Surgery to start with and grow into Orthopedic, ENT, VATS. Each speciality will hav basic courses, advanced courses and advanced procedure based courses. Each course will stress on the Fundamentals of Surgical Skills. 4. MAS is Team Surgery: CEMAST will have courses by Speciality Faculty in MAS Anesthesia, MAS Bioengineering, MAS Nursing, MAS Sterilisation, MAS O. R. Staff and Recovery Room Staff. 5. Rural Surgery: A Special faculty drawn from Rural Surgeons who actually practice MAS in rural India will help train rural Surgeons to perform MAS with safety and expertise under their work conditions. 6. Alumni Concept: Every student of this center will have an ongoing bonding and contact with CEMAST and thy will remain the CEMAST alumni over time.” Six courses in Endourology and Laparoscopy in Urology have been planned for this academic year. 6

Newsletter When my Amplatz sheath got lost in the chest . . . .!! Recently I was asked to demonstrate a supracostal access for PCNL during the ‘Pune Urofest’. My patient had a dilated system with a large upper ureteric calculus at the level of L4 vertebra (figure1). Although the stone was a bit low for antegrade URS, but I never imagined that I would have the grave misfortune of facing the most unusual complication during this ‘demonstration’. It is said ‘if anything can go wrong, it would, especially during the workshop’ Fig. 1

Fig. 2

the amplatz sheath found. Threaded the ureteroscope through the amplatz sheath in the kidney, placed a guide wire. Small victory... Skin incision was enlarged and then by the side of the ureteroscope under fluoroscope, two straight artery forceps were pushed inside and the sheath grasped under fluoroscopy. Amplatz sheath pulled out. Fortunately the further procedure went uneventful. DJ stent, nephrostomy tube and a chest drain placed (figure 2). Post operative course was uneventful. Post operative chest radiograph showed normal expansion of lungs. This problem could have been avoided if we had anticipated that Amplatz sheath could fall short. I tried to review the literature regarding the options for PCNL when the Amplatz sheath falls short. The following options are described. • Long amplatz sheaths are available. They would need a long cysto-nephroscope or a ureteroscope.

The procedure started well. Ureteric catheter could be placed with difficulty by the side of the calculus. I made a supra 11th rib mid calyx puncture, hit the kidney at the right place in the first try. Dilatations went as per plan. Went in with a nephroscope, went down the upper Ureter. It was then that the problem started. In my attempt to push my nephroscope inside to reach the calculus I failed to realize that my assistant was no longer holding the Amplatz sheath tight. In trying to pull out a small clot, I realized that the guide wire was ‘safely’ out and the sheath was no longer visible. The first instinct was to probe the skin puncture with the little finger but to my horror I found that this manoeuvre had pushed the sheath further in. I suddenly realized that I was in a deep s..t in an alien surrounding without my regular backups. My assistants had panicked. Took a few deep breaths, picked up a ureteroscope and probed the lost tract; amplatz sheath not found. Next I direct the ureteroscope towards the outer end of the amplatz sheath (which was now deep inside) with the help of biplane fluoroscopy. Luckily (for the patient & me) 7

• Three long sutures can be placed through the amplatz sheath and then the sheath be permitted to go inside. At the end the sheath can be pulled out with the help of the sutures. The precaution is to have a three point fixation with a long & strong suture. Flimsy suture material can break. The drawback of this technique is the sutures would spoil the amplatz sheath. • Skin and fat deep incision can be taken by the side of the amplatz sheath. This could give 1 to 2 additional inches in an obese patient. • Amplatz sheath in an amplatz sheath technique. Place a 28 Fr amplatz sheath inside a 30 Fr amplatz sheath. The outer sheath is held with few sutures and the inner sheath can help maintaining the system a low pressure irrigation system. This technique could be used in supracostal access as this would prevent intra-thoracic fluid leak. Even though I suffered the tribulation of this unusual problem in a workshop setting, I enjoyed the way we could come out of it. A lot of lessons were learnt. •

During PCNL you need a non-thinking but a dedicated assistant. If he is told to hold the amplatz sheath he does that and nothing else. If needed he fights your inward push.

Newsletter • Safety guide wire is a good idea, especially during the workshops and demonstrations. • Keep cool, even difficult endourologic difficulties can be managed endourologically. • Remember, Amplatz sheaths can fall short during antegrade URS and in obese patients. I sincerely thank Dr Naresh Rao & Dr Milind Bapat; my friends who helped me salvage this situation.

Dr. Pankaj Maheshwari

USI-WZ in Guiness Book The only indian urologists to be included in the Guinness Book of World records. All the three Urologists belong to the USI-West Zone chapter

Dr. Hemendra Shah Record details: Vilas Ghuge (India) had a kidney stone removed from his left kidney on 18 February 2004 by Dr. Hemendra Shah (India) at R. G. Stone Urological Research Institute, Mumbai, India, which measured at its widest point 13 cm (5.11 in).

Dr. Ashish Rawandale-Patil

Dr. Rajendra Punjabi

Record details: The most kidney stones removed from a patient is 172,155, which were removed from Dhanraj Wadile by Dr Ashish Rawandale (India) at the Institute of Urology, Dhule, Maharastra, India on 8 December 2009

Record details: The largest prostate gland removed from a human was 650 grams (22.93 oz) and was removed by urologist Dr. Rajendra Punjabi (India) at Robert's Nursing Home, Indore, India on 15 march 2010 8

Newsletter 21st Annual Conference USI-WZ, 15th - 18th Sept. 2011, Goa My stay at Goa was beyond expectations & imaginations. The lovely ambience, fabulous weather & the hospitable environment along with the prompt services of a courteous staff, sumptuous food to satiate our gastronomic desires and excellent informative scientific sessions satiating our mental inquisitiveness were the hallmarks of this conference; giving us value for our money & making our stay pleasurable & memorable.

As I sat to gather the other day, All the things that I may recall, The memories Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d wish to cherish, All that happened in the year now gone. As I sat to wonder & ponder, the first thing that crossed my mind were the Goan beaches & delicious munches. Ah ! the beauty , the ecstasy, the enchanting memoriesâ&#x20AC;Ś. All came in a flash & I was forced to feel the pleasure Even the thought of a vacation is exhilarating & when it was to happen at the Holiday Inn on the Mobor beach in South Goa, it was like a dream come true. All these years I had been attending conferences as an accompanying person with my husband but this WZ-USICON was special. I was to get a chance to present a paper in the prize paper section. Being a Radiologist, getting a stage with the Urologists, was in itself an achievement and a moment of pride for me. We decided to go there as a family, with my in-laws & my daughter to enjoy at the Goan shores of clean, powder- fine, sandy beaches, lined with palm trees & warm clear water. Goa was to be my second experience. In 2003 West Zone USICON I made a lot of friends and this WZUSICON 2011 became a spot of re-union, recall & rejoice. I met many of them. We sat to recall all that we did then, tried to catch up the 8 years in between & rejoiced with the Forefront Live Band and the other entertaining evenings arranged by the organizing committee helping us to not just maintain relations in life but to maintain life in those relations. 9

A well planned & managed schedule for the spouses & kids, have always been an attractive package. No Matter how old we grow, there is always a child in us wanting to enjoy. My In-laws & daughter thoroughly ventured their days choosing between what was up the organizers sleeve & what they had personally planned for Goa. A thoughtful request to the organizers is to let the husbands spare one morning with their dear ones. Especially at such scenic venues it wrong to keep our best companions engrossed with scientific sessions. So why not help resolve the dilemma to choose! Give a well earned morning session to the wife & instead have an evening scientific session to compensate. As I reminiscence the memories of this conference, receiving the acceptance letter for presenting the paper was the first moment of joy. The second moment came when I stood on the same stage as my husband to speak on topic I had worked for long now. I thought that would be an end, but the gala banquet had the greatest of all moments, the best I could have hoped for , the one I would rate as my lifetime achievement(till date), the one I would cherish even when I would rock in my rocking chair. It was when the official announcement of prize papers was done & they rated me first on the list. I did not realize what it meant then but as greetings & congratulations flew in from friends, from near & dear ones & even from those I did not know the feeling sunk in & I was overjoyed. Dr Anshu Sharma

Dr. Anshu Sharma is Consulting Radiologist and wife of Dr. Gyanendra Sharma, Consultant Urologist, Sholapur. She received The Best prized paper award for her presentation at WZ-USICON, Goa 6

Newsletter My Take On the WZUSICON 2011 at GOA Kudos to Kudchadkar and his eleven (the men in blue, and also red) for the wonderful arrangements during WZUSICON 2011. Was it the enchanting venue with the sea shore for a backdrop, or the exquisite cuisine, or the well planned scientific program, that had delegates spell bound? Well, the jury is still out on this. This was probably the fifth WZUSICON in Goa. But there were many firsts! The largest number of delegates for a WZUSICON (510) attending with their families, the largest number of delegates from other zones , and the largest number of international faculty(3). And, the maximum number of sponsored delegates so far for a WZUSICON! The conference bags were for once, usable! The first evening talk on solo circumnavigation of earth in a sailboat by Naval Commander Donde was inspiring. Forget the children, even the seniors queued up for a snap and signature opportunity! This set the tone for this conference that broke many records! Equally enthralling, the next evening, were performances of the Vaishnavi group from Goa with Avanti Patel of SRGMP Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tl champs fame. But the numbers by our own Anita Bapat Patel, Anil Bradoo, Nabar and Rohini Badve were the ones that drew the maximum applause!

This conference saw lesser number of papers on laparoscopy, or was I imagining? The symposium on hurdles in laparoscopy had an innovative beginning with a skit by Anup Ramani and others and a good take home message. Posters as usual were well prepared. The food all through the days of the conference was superb. We were literally spoiled for choice at every meal. The best though was the Fish Tandoori! I still drool at the memory! The venue as I said earlier was a key to the success of the conference. The idyllic setting, the sea shore, the swimming pool lit in a shimmering blue at night, the service and the rooms were unforgettable. Overall, as our national treasurer Madhu said, West Zone conferences are the best of all the zonal conferences! I agree with him wholeheartedly. WZUSICON has become a brand now. And this conference, with the joint efforts of Shailesh Shah, Anil Bradoo, Jayesh Kudchadkar and their teams has added to the brand value tremendously!

Dr. Devdatt Palnitkar Vibes and Jibesâ&#x20AC;Ś Ms. Avanti Patel

The scientific program was finalized after a lot of thinking and planning by both Shailesh and Anil. But then, could we please avoid a small or a medium or a big fight on RIRS Vs PCNL, and KTP Vs Holmium Laser Vs TUR P the next time around and introduce some new fights? The podium session which I attended had many contenders for the top slot. Most papers were thought provoking. But when the last paper came up for presentation I could count all of 8 people in the hall, all the previous presenters having left already! 7

The best 2nd floor corner rooms with sea view balconies were reserved for the elite, while the hoi polloi had to trudge through slush and accumulated rain water to reach their far off rooms in C D and E blocks. Just kidding, man. These are after all perks of the job done so well!



Keynote address Commander Dilip Donde- The Real Hero

United we stand Inauguration ceremony

The Best Poster Dr. Samir Desai Urology Gold Medal Dr. Umesh Oza


Know your Guru Dr. Madhav Kamat


The Super Six Past Presidents of USI from West Zone

Raising the toast Dr. Jayesh Kudchadkar & his organising team

Hilarious symposium Dr. Anup Ramani The best instruction Dr. Peter Rehder

The best oration Dr. Theo de Reijke


Newsletter African Summit- Nairobi & Masaimara, 4th - 8th July 2012

Mara Keekorok Lodge , Masaimara Programme • Day 1 - Joint meeting USI-WZ & KAUS-Nairobi • Day 2 - Lake Naivasha • Day 3 - Masaimara • Day 4 - Masaimara • Day 5 - Local flight Masaimara - Nairobi & return to Mumbai Package includes • Airfare in economy class • Accommodation during the safari on full board basis • Ground transportation in FIFTEEN safari tour vans • Game drives as per the itinerary • Meals as per itinerary • Park entrance fees • Transport on private basis • Services of an English speaking driver/guide • Meet-and-greet services Package excludes • Entrance fee to Masai Villages (US $20 per adult & US $10 per child) - optional • Visa fees (US$ 50.00 per Indian passport holder). • Incidental tips/gratuities to hotels/lodge staff • Any expenses of personal nature i.e. tobacco, porter age, laundry etc.








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Early Registration

Late Registration

Before 30/04/2012 Before 31/05/2012

Delegate ` 70,000 (single sharing)

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` 1,36,000

Congratulations from USI-WZ USI-WZ is proud of Dr. Mahesh Desai for the acheivements during 2011-2012

Ÿ He became the President of SIU Ÿ He became the President Elect of the Endourology Society Ÿ He is to be honored with St Paul’s Medal by the BAUS Ÿ He is to be honored by Citation by the AUA Ÿ He was given Honorary Membership by the Nepal Association of Urological Surgeons. Ÿ He is to be given Honorary Membership by the Australia and New Zealand Urological Association

Newsletter WZ-USICON, 13th - 16th Sept 2012

Announcements Members interested in doing clinical research and participating in Trials / Studies with appropriate Ethics committee approval can write to USI-WZ office for grant of funds to aid them . Applications with the details should be sent by 30 April. Members can send their suggestions for the scientific programme for WZUSICON 2012. Please ensure your suggestions reach us by 30 April. Members are encouraged to send in their contributions for the newsletter. Original articles, not necessarily scientific will be considered for a suitable prize at the end of the year.

Last date for Scientific Abstracts - 30 June 2012 Contact: Dr. Anil Bradoo Mobile: +9198203 03774 Email: ambradoo@gmail.com

Mini PNL Versus RIRS Dr Ulhas Sathye bending the rules to create the fight of the century WZ-USICON-2011, Goa 14

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USIWZ Newsletter 2012 April  

USIWZ Newsletter 2012 April