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Editorial Dear Members, I am extremely happy to release the first issue of this year's Newsletters. Second issue will be in July / August & third in Oct./ Nov. I wish to announce inclusion of Dr. Jaydeep Date and Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar in the editorial team. Both of them have lot more new ideas & are ready to implement them. You will see their potential in subsequent issues. As our President has written in his message, the syndrome of “we need change” is spreading fast & we can't remain aloof from it. But the question is why should we change? The answer is simple ~ Change is life, change is liveliness, change is prosperity, change is flexibility, change is adjustments, change is thinking, change is modernizing and change is progress! If there was no change, there would be monotony. Only dead things don't change. So we must change, provided change is not just for sake of change. We must change for betterment. To begin with, we are changing the format of our Newsletter. I hope you have noticed it & liked it.

It is my humble request to all members to contribute for our newsletter. Simplest you can do is to send something, which you feel, is worth information to all our colleagues. It could be some achievement, some programme/event in your area, some medico-legal incidence, it could be anything. I also again request secretaries of city associations/clubs (like Mumbai Urological Society, Ahmedabad Urological Association, Pune Urology soc…etc) to send information about some events, academic activities or any other happenings in your areas. Even Urologists from smaller cities can also send such information. Please send your reactions, suggestions about this issue, or for that matter anything related to our zonal activities. We have ample space for this purpose. So don't hesitate. We are eagerly waiting for your feedback. I am thankful to Intas Pharmaceuticals for funding this Newsletter. Editors

Council Members Details West Zone details : President : Dr. S.W.Thatte President elect : Dr. Ajit Vaze Past President : Dr. Deepak Kirpekar Hon.Secretary : Dr. Ravindra Sabnis Hon.Treasurer : Dr. Umesh Oza

Mobile : 09820095112 Email: swthatte@vsnl.com Mobile : 09821023637 Email :avaze@hotmail.com Mobile : 09822022842 Email : deepakkirpekar@gmail.com Mobile : 09426422002 Email : rbsabnis@gmail.com Mobile : 09820058623 Email : uoza@bom3.vsnl.net.in

Council members : Dr. Jaydeep Date Dr. Hemant Pathak Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar Dr. Subodh Shivde

Mobile : 09822040813 Mobile : 09820364294 Mobile : 09820073911 Mobile : 09822217380

Ex officio members Dr. Makarand Khochikar Dr. Jaikishan Lalmalani

Mobile : 09822052731 Email : khochikar@gmail.com Mobile : 09820071046 Email : lalmalani@hotmail.com

Email : jaydeepdate@gmail.com Email : goodurologist@gmail.com Email : htongaonkar@gmail.com Email : shivdes@yahoo.co.in

Secretariat : Dr. Ravindra B. Sabnis Vice Chairman, Dept. Of Urology, Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Dr.Virendra Desai Road, NADIAD-387 001, Gujarat Tel.:0268 2520323 to 30, Fax : 0268 2520248, Mob.:9426422002, Email : rbsabnis@gmail.com 2 www.wz-usi.org

From the president’s scalpel

Dear Members, The new team of office bearers has taken the reins and made a beginning to bring forth new ideas and vision for the betterment of our fraternity and the society at large. I am extremely privileged to place my first thoughts after assuming the office of the President of the West Zone USI. It's your extraordinary faith in me that has given me this coveted office. My team's first News Letter is now in your hands. I am sure the “Change We Can“ syndrome is visible. The recently concluded annual meet at Indore was personification of 'good governance'. Our kudos to the entire TEAM INDORE, who made it grand and in style! They deserve it. We at WZ USI are proud of you all out there. Keep up the good work! Let me open my innings with something most important - our commitment towards the Society. It is certainly beyond any apprehensions. We need to see the big picture. Our noble profession speaks volumes when Patient Care gets a premium place in our ethical domain. The aspect of “PATIENT CARE” from Urological sub-speciality point , is an important facet of my tenure and I am determined to take dedicated measures and coordinated steps to make a sizeable contribution from all of us for the larger strata. They definitely need it, they await our attitude surpassing all other materialistic personal gains and seeking comprehensive, collective resolve towards uplifting Patient Care. In these context, first of the issues is building the correct strategy for investigations, obviously at affordable cost to the patient and then follow the guide lines suggested for the treatment. Secondly, I intend to organise UROCAMP for the underprivileged, those in our

hinterland, who are unable to get the best treatment. These camps shall be at places where basic infrastructure is available and request a team of members from our Zone to give their valuable time and support for performing operative procedures at these places. While looking at the needy , there is another important need of educating our 'Residents'. The peers need to handover the baton to the gen next ! The more we share our thoughts and practicing procedures with the next tier, the more shall we be assured of making a stronger decision making foundation. Someone has rightly said “ A teacher is progressively not required”. Ultimately, the Patients will benefit in a passive mode. Its time to get our esteemed visionaries to react. Let's resolve that West Zone becomes a Pioneer in this regard. We need standards to bring in efficacy in ideal Patient Care. I am aware that there are many such issues which are in your mind and awaiting a vent, I am intending to provide a platform on the web, to get your inputs and undertake a detailed discussion on those issues which are better than mine! As your President , I am always with you, moreover this will provide me an opportunity to know you all more intimately in the days ahead. Dr Sadanand W Thatte

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....Words from Honorary Secretary sessions, we will continue with all popular programmes. So keep guessing who will be “Guru” unplugged this time & what will be theme of “mock trial”? Dear Members, This is first communication of this year & please accept my greetings from nadiad. I am sure memories of Solapur conference must be lingering in your mind. Congratulations to Dr. Raghoji & his team for putting up an excellent show. I am giving all the details of Solapur conf in this issue. We are in the beginning of a new year. So far we had 2 council meetings & all forthcoming activities for the year are discussed. The new team is fully geared up to execute the plan made for whole year. It is felt that West Zone USI, apart from teaching & academic activities, should also have social responsibilities towards the populations at large. Mr. President is keen to organize camps at different places for the benefit of underprivileged. He has already planned first such camp at Gondawale sometimes in June. We will have PG teaching activity of our own & in collaboration with USI. It is our pride that Dr. Umesh Oza is made in charge by USI to organize such activities. Shortly we are modifying our website & very soon you will see new vibrant, user friendly and an attractive website. Khajuraho is going to be our main activity of the year. We are planning the scientific contents against the backdrop of Khajuraho, but at the same time, maintaining the policy of “food for all”. We will have renowned foreign speaker participating in diff activities. While we are adding some more new innovative interactive

Lastly I wish to extend my sincere thanks & gratitude to all the members who have expressed their faith in me & given opportunity to serve as your secretary for another term. Last 2 yrs made me realize that west zone has such a magnificent pool multifaceted people who are experts not only in urology but in other fields as well, we have large no of people who have so many new ideas & are willing to put them into practice, we have people who are hardworking, sincere & ready to help each other a quality rare these days. It is heartening to realize potential, capabilities & enthusiasm of urologists practicing in peripheral cities & small towns. In spite of working against all odds, the outcome they are producing is amazing. At this juncture, I request all the members to participate in society's activity. Friends, every member of our zone is close to my heart. You can contact me any time & I will be at your s e r v i c e . We a r e working with the philosophy that every member is a ruler & we the council members are at your service. Dr. Ravindra Sabnis Hon. Secretary, USIWZ

4 www.wz-usi.org



18 WZUSICON SOLAPUR 18th Annual conference was organized during 14th to 16th N o v. 2 0 0 8 a t S o l p a u r. Registrations reached the figure of 350, which is good by any standard. The entire conference justified the theme “ Together for better Urocare”. The scientific programme inducted several new programmes like know your instruments, trouble shooting, meet the expert and talk show!

paper presentations. A total of 82 papers (Podium 24, Video- 18, Moderated poster 24 and Unmoderated poster 16) were presented. The organization of the conference was flawless. Food was good, arrangements were meticulous and banquet was lavish. Although people thought Solapur conf will be of low profile but Dr. Raghoji & his team proved everyone wrong. All delegates went back with lot of sweet memories & great satisfaction.

All these interactive sessions generated lot of interest & proved beneficial to all. Resident's debate has become integral part of conference. Both residents argued well & kept up the reputation. Panelists of Symposium on urinary diversions were experienced & could give lot of practical hints & take home messages. Video symposium on laparoscopic simple nephrectomy was also a great success as whole hall was jam packed till end. Live transmission on “TRUS how I do it” showed demonstration of various signs of TRUS in BPH, Ca P, EJD cyst. How and from where to take 12 core biopsy was also demonstrated with details. For third consecutive year mock trial has generated tremendous interest & has become most popular programme. V V Desai oration was delivered by Dr. Punjani and A N Gaikawad oration by Dr. Roy Chally. Consultants did great job in big fight debate. Androlgy session role of andrologists in IVF set up - was well conducted & was full of practical messages. No surprise that lot many gynacologists were in the hall specifically to attend this session. Pitfall of UDM was educative & interesting. Quiz as usual generated good interest. The historical & emotionally touching journey of a look back into the past decades of the “Guru” Dr. S.D.Bapat was an inspiration to every young Urologist in the audience. Symposium on GU Trauma was enlightening. Conf ended with well researched & equally well delivered session on “Great Discoveries in Urology”. Once again, we received excellent response for 5 www.wz-usi.org

Minutes of AGM held at Solapur on 15 Nov 2008 1. President Dr. Kirpekar welcomed all the members for AGM. He congratulated Dr. Raghoji & his team for nice organization of the conference. He began the proceedings by stating that the entire council had been through very hard times throughout the last year. Instead of attending to routine academic activities and paying attention to organizing the same the entire team was engaged in legal issues raised by one of the members. He also mentioned that due to unforeseen circumstances both the intended scientific workshops planned to be held in Pune and Aurangabad did not materialize. Instead he was happy that two equally dynamic workshops were held in coordination with JPAC at Nadiad on PCNL and at Pune on Urethroplasty with great success. He informed the house that certain delicate issues are likely to be discussed. He would allow few members to make suitable comments on issues involving the West Zone and requested the members to maintain decorum and discipline in conducting the AGM. He also requested the house to patiently understand what was going on and make relevant comments pertaining to the West Zone USI only. He also requested all members not to speak amongst themselves but instead address everything to chair. He appealed to maintain the dignity & hoped for smooth AGM. He requested secretary to carry on proceeding as per the agenda. 2.Condolences : Hon. Secretary Dr.Sabnis informed the house about sad demise of our senior member Dr. G.H.Tilak. He gave brief information about his achievements & requested all members to observe 2 mins silence & pay condolences to grieved family. 3. Confirmation of minutes of Goa AGM : Hon. Secretary confirmed the minutes of AGM held at Goa. Dr. S. S. Joshi proposed to pass, seconded by Dr. Ajit Vaze. House unanimously passed the minutes 4. Secretary’s Report : Hon. Secretary presented secretary's annual report. He highlighted that this years newsletters were made in different format to make it reader friendly & attractive. He informed that many members liked the new format & wished to continue same format in future. Directory is being updated on regular basis & is placed on web site. He requested all members to send information about any change especially tel. no. immediately. He informed the house about various scientific activities of the year. Dr. Subodh Shivde, Dr. Bhalu Kashyapi, & Dr. Jaydeep Date organized P.G.teaching activity at Pune.. 42 students attended it. Live workshop was organized in co-ordination with JPAC Nadiad. Peter Alken - world-renowned name in PCNL was the course director. 14 surgeries were shown live. 116 delegates from diff parts of

country attended the workshop. Live operative workshop on urethroplasty was organized at Pune in coordination with Kulkarni Endorology institute. Dr. Barbagli - world-renowned name in urethroplasty was course director. 8 diff types of urthroplasty were shown live. 112 delegates from diff parts attended the workshop. 2 guest lectures were organized in coordination with IMA-MP during their annual conf at Gwalior. Hon. secretary at the end informed the house about the constant allegations & harassment made by lalmalani for last 2 years. He said that for every constructive work, objections were raised threatened to take legal actions. The language used by lalmalani was bad & shameful to reproduce. He informed the house that on 2 occasions he offered to resign but refrained due to support & insistence of all other council members. He thanked all the members for support & encouragement. Dr. Lalmalani wanted to raise the objections. The president told him that he would be given opportunity after treasurer's report. 5. Treasurer’s Report & Audited Account of Goa Conference : Dr. Umesh Oza, presented treasurer's report. He informed the house that all previous accounts are also audited. New bank account is opened with the new name of the society. He also informed that from pediatric Urology almost 2 lacs of profit was obtained & from Goa conf almost 11 lacs of profit was obtained. All the details of account were made available for members to go through. Part of this surplus will be transferred, as corpus & remaining amount will be kept of expenditure. He also informed the house that many matured FD's were traced & money recovered from them. Dr Lalmalani raised few objections to the report of the treasurer which mentioned that both the workshops in Nadiad and Pune were conducted with a clear understanding that the treasury of West Zone had no financial liabilities. West Zone was not asked to raise funds for these meetings or contribute financially and in return did not expect any financial returns . Dr Lalmalani said that why was the profits from these meetings not shared by the West Zone USI, as it had leant its name to the meetings. The President made it clear that there was clear understanding with the council that we wished to participate in these workshops in the interest of the members gaining from the experience of the esteemed faculty. Dr Lalmalani also objected to the manner in which, our Secretary had published the newsletters this year without taking any financial help from Sponsors. He felt that it was unacceptable that the society spends on the newsletter when sponsors could be pursued. Dr Umesh Oza clarified that not a single paisa has been used from the treasury for the newsletters. Dr Kirpekar 6


explained that due to an unsatisfactory experience the previous year with the sponsors way of dealing with the publication of the newsletters, the council had taken it upon itself to do this work on their own, and he was well aware of the reasons like other council members. He said that the council had agreed to let the Secretary control the publication of the newsletter and ensure that it was presented in time. Dr. Sabnis informed the house that he had already obtained sanctions from a sponsor for these issues from retrospective effect and that all expenses so far were borne by him in his personal capacity and the West Zone treasury had not been burdened at all. Dr Lalmalani kept on saying that this is not the way for secretary to conduct himself. President confirmed with the house that they had no objections to the matters concerning the newsletter. Dr. Yande proposed & Dr. Shobha Lal seconded to pass the treasurer's report. House agreed for the same 6. Letters to President : Dr Kirpekar informed the house that he had received a letter from the Past President Dr Mahesh Desai about the unprofessional conduct of Dr J.G.Lalmalani and his continuous attempts to malign his reputation and volley of allegations made to all and sundry. His appeal to ask the house if such unprofessional behavior from a fellow member, that too a council member was acceptable to the society. Dr Kirpekar asked Dr Mahesh Desai to make his comments in brief related to the letter he had written and his plea. Dr Mahesh Desai read his letter to the house. He informed the house that Dr Lalmalani continued to behave in an erratic and obscene manner by writing emails to many Urologists all over the world to malign him and tarnish his image. He had even gone to the extent of complaining to the income tax authorities, RTI authorities and the Police officers to harass him and take evasive action. He also read out letters by Dr. Ralph Clayman clearly stating that they were absolutely clear about the funds of the WCE meeting held in Mumbai and were completely satisfied with the accounts submitted. Despite such clarifications, Dr Lalmalani continues to make baseless allegations. . He requested the house to think carefully and decide whether such a member was working in the interest of society and society members. His very act of making wild allegations and claiming that Dr. Mahesh Desai is a fraud, a common thief and had embezzled vast amounts of funds when in office, despite having been given the necessary accounts and due explanations speaks of his intentions to harm him and bring him to disrepute. He gave various examples of how Dr Lalmalani had tried to attack him and abuse him .He made a plea to the President to consider his protest and think of the

consequences of these actions of a council member. Dr Lalmalani denied that he had ever used any derogatory remarks against Dr Mahesh Desai and had never called him a common thief. He also denied having ever called the police to harass him. He stated that Dr Mahesh Desai is the one responsible for all these repercussions as he had chosen to go to court against him in the first place Dr Lalmalani maintained that it was Dr Mahesh Desai who was responsible for the current state of affairs and he was on the right. Dr. A.G. Phadke, Senior Urologist brought it to the notice of the house that the behaviour of a single member of the society and his act of taking the council and thereby the society to court for any frivolous reasons cannot be acceptable. He reaffirmed that no one would wish to represent the society as a council member if he was taken to court every now and then. Differences in opinion are a part of any democratic society, however these differences should be sorted out in a dignified manner. He also maintained that a member had every right to voice his objections in the appropriate forum, in the annual general body meeting, but threatening the council and taking them to court is not a dignified way to address your problems. He recalled of instances in the past where if any wrongs were done against genuine individuals, the latter won by a thumping margin in the elections and thus always stood vindicated. He asked the house to take a very serious note of this behavior from a member and strongly consider a punishment to prevent such acts from recurring. Dr Shirish Yande, Past President said that it would be a good gesture on the part of Dr. Lalmalani to stop behaving in this manner and continue in his tirade against Dr. Mahesh Desai. He felt that both of them should bury their differences in the interest of the society. Dr Lalmalani got up and said that he was willing for a compromise in the presence of Seniors like Dr Ajit Phadke, if Dr Mahesh Desai would drop the court case against him. Dr Harshad Punjani Past President stated that one has to look at the root cause of this problem and felt Dr Lalmalani was not to be blamed alone for this mess. Dr Kirpekar asked, Dr Anil Bradoo to present in brief the council's view of the happenings in the last year. Dr Bradoo confirmed that it had become impossible for the council to conduct any activity properly during the last year due to the erratic and aggressive behavior of Dr. Lalmalani. He accepted that in fact the council was unable to concentrate in organizing academic activities. Almost all meetings were akin to warfare and Dr. Lalmalani was at loggerheads with most fellow council members and made the working almost impossible. He confirmed that on more than one 7


occasion, Dr Lalmalani had abused the Secretary and made baseless allegations against him .He had threatened the President that he would take him to court if the council meeting was allowed to proceed and discuss matters which condemn his [Lalmalani's] behaviour. He said that the atmosphere in the council was very gloomy and no one was happy with this attitude and behaviour of Dr. Lalmalani. He stated that in the view of the council, Dr. Lalmalani simply refused to accept any advice and suggestions made by the team. He continuously made allegations against members who did not agree with his viewpoint and refused to accept advice given by the majority. He repeatedly dared the President and challenged his decisions and criticized his actions. He declared that only the AGM could tell him what not to do and not the fellow members in the council, not even the President. The Council felt that this attitude from a council member was not in keeping with the position of responsibility and the GBM needs to decide whether such acts from an elected council member were acceptable. Dr. Kirpekar summarized the situation in brief and said that it was for the house to decide whether any action should be taken against this behaviour of a member. He said that if the AGM felt that these actions of Dr. Lalmalani were against the interests of the society, the AGM should spell out action to be taken, if any against such a member. He felt that as Dr.Lalmalani did not follow any advice from the council, it was left to the AGM; The Supreme body to decide whether any action should be taken .He felt that a secret ballot would help to make this clear decision. Dr. Lalmalani raised his opposition to this move and stated that, Dr. Sabnis had purposely taken a decision on his own to not invite him for the council meetings at Pune and Sholapur, under the pretext that he ceased to be a member of the West Zone as he was suspended by the USI. He stated that the West Zone had not issued him any show cause notice with regards accepting the suspension order from the USI. He declared as per the law he should have been informed in writing about this stand taken by the West Zone Council. He also believed that this was an arbitrary decision of the Secretary without consulting the rest of the council. He also alleged that the secretary had intentionally deleted his name as a council member from the newsletter without consulting the rest. He felt that the West Zone Council had no business accepting the suspension order served on him by the USI and thereby assuming that he ceased to be a member or a council member of the West Zone. Dr. Kirpekar explained to the house, that The West Zone USI office had received a letter from

the office of the USI, CONFIRMING A SUSPENSION ORDER SERVED on Dr. Lalmalani. As per the constitution Of West Zone USI, any member who ceases to be a member of the USI automatically ceases to be a member of the West Zone as well. As such there was no point in having a council meeting to challenge this decision of the USI. Dr. Kirpekar said that we have simply followed the advice of our Parent BODY, the USI. Dr. Lalmalani pleaded to the President that he should not consider taking the opinion of the house with regards action to be taken against him, as it was bad in law. He should be first served a showcause notice in advance and given an opportunity to present his case. He stated that he would be compelled to go to court against the society if this secret ballot to punish him was conducted. Dr Kirpekar reaffirmed that if the house felt so, they could vote against the motion and it would only be fair to accept the final verdict. He also reassured Dr. Lalmalani that there was every chance that a two third majority to take action against him may not occur and will be acceptable to all. Dr. Lalmalani repeatedly pleaded that such a precedent would not augur well for the future and requested the President to stop taking such a step. Dr. Vinit Shah felt that both Dr Lalmalani and Dr Mahesh Desai should bury their differences and requested the President not to take such an action, which is unprecedented. Dr Punjani was joined by Dr. Shobha Lal in pointing out that the AGM should not take decisions on terminating membership in haste. Dr Lalmalani, once again asked the President to use his discretion to reconsider this decision. The President felt that he simply wanted the AGM to guide the council to take some decision to put an end to this turmoil the society was facing for a year. Finally the house agreed to caste their vote by a secret ballot and the vote was conducted. Dr. S.W.Thatte with the help from Dr.Khochikar & Dr.Mulawkar organized for the secret ballot. 7. Discussion on usage of title by the council members : Dr. Kirpekar said that a legal opinion from a lawyer friend is taken. All the titles & positions written on a letterhead are legal & unobjectionable. However if a letter is written & if title is written below then it amounts to an official letter in that capacity. He also said to AGM, that this was the view of the council. AGM also agreed. Dr Kirpekar emphasized, that this use of the title applied to all council members including the President and Secretary. 8. Applications for New Membership : Secretary informed that the council verified all applications & found correct for the categories to which they had applied. House unanimously approved their membership. 9. Khajuraho Conference Symposium topic : 8


House unanimously agreed the council proposal to keep topic related to sexual health. Ruin shah was requested to suggest a topic. He said that he would think over it & inform Secretary later. House agreed for that. 10. Presentation for Khajuraho WZUSICON 2009 : Dr. Singhal, Organising secretary, gave a power point presentation of Khajuraho conf. He informed that it is going to be residential conf. with attractive all inclusive packages.He requested all the members to come in large no. 11.Proposal of venue for 20th WZUSICON in 2010 : Secretary informed that application has come from valsad surgical society for conducting conference at Daman in yr 2010. Dr. Sumit Mhaskar was requested to give presentation. House unanimously agreed for the venue. 12. Proposal of Venue for USICON in 2013 : Dr. Shirish Yande also gave presentation about the Pune as a venue for USICON 2013. House

unanimously agreed for the venue & informed the secretary to forward this to USI office. 13. Announcement of Election Results : Results were announced by Dr. S.W.Thatte. Following were the vacancies filled up President elect Dr. Ajit Vaze Hon. Secretary Dr. R.B.Sabnis Hon. Treasurer Dr. Umesh Oza Council Members Dr. Subodh Shivde, Dr. Hemant Pathak, Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar House congratulated everyone with big applause. 14. Result of Secret Ballot pertaining to Lalmalani's issue : As there was not 2/3 majority obtained, president declared that this matter would not be pursued. 15. Meeting ended with vote of thanks from President.

AND THE WINNERS ARE......... Podium Prize First Attar Mohammad Ismail LTMMC, Sion Hospital, Mumbai “Simultaneous bladder & vaginal reconstruction in complicated vesicovaginal fistula using ileum.” Second Sharma G.R Chitale Clinic Pvt. Ltd, Solapur “Stepwise Approach to achieve a Normal Meatus in Tubularized Incised Plate Urethroplasty”. Video Prizes First Yuvaraja TB Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai “Video Endoscopic Inguinal Lymphadenectomy (VEIL): Our initial experience” Second 2 winners Shivde Subodh Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Erendawane,Pune, Mamta Hospital,Mumbai,Excel Urology Centre,Mumbai “A Novel Polymer to prevent Backmigration of Ureteric stones during Intrcorporeal Lithotripsy”. Jain V. Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad “ Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty : How we do it!” Poster Prizes First Yuvaraja TB Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai “Outcomes after Laparoscopic Partial Cystectomy and Bilateral Pelvic Lymph Adenectomy in Urachal Adenocarcinoma of Bladder.” Second Kurien A . Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad “Booster ESWL: A Comparative Study with Delayed Re-treatment” Eagle Traveling Fellowship First - Dr. Mahavir Deshmane Second - Dr. Mohamad Ismail MIUC Scholarship


GMC & JJ Hosp, Mumbai LTMMC, Mumbai

Dr. Arvind Ganpule

Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad 9


good quality papers are coming from India. So I see lot of progress over the years. Q: You invented PCNL's in '80 how did you get idea that kidney can be approached in this fashion from behind? Recently Dr. Arthur Smith visited Nadiad. Dr. Arthur Smith is a name every urologist all over the world is aware of. He is the one how pioneered several endouorlogy procedures like P C N L , P e r cutaneous treatment o f T C C , Endopyelotomy..etc He is presently Professor & Chairman at Long Island Jewish medical centre USA. He is founder president of Endourology Society & uneder his leadership the society has grown all across the globe. Aptly he is called as father of Endourology. I had opportunity to talk to him & these are some of the excerpts from his informal interview. Q : When did you visit India first? Which places have you visited so far? A: First time I came to India in 1985 & since then many times. I have visited Goa, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Bengalore & many more places. I have been to several places for sight seeing. Khajuraho is most incredible place. I have not seen such excellent graffiti & carving anywhere in the world. Apart from other places, Jaipur fascinated me most what a marvelous city! Q: What progress do see in India over last 25 yrs in urology & otherwise? A: India has made tremendous progress apart from infrastructure & economics of the country, if I have to talk of urology - yes there are several places India has progressed too far & is almost at par with world leaders. Indian Urologists are adopting advance technology. They are seen in several conferences across the world. Presentations have improved. Previously FU used to be poor but now you have good follow up & record keeping is improved in effect, several

Well I did not invent PCNL but yes I was involved from the beginning in the innovation & modification of this procedure. How we perceived this idea, I have a story to tell you. I had pt whose reimplantation was done & had Ca prostate involving ureter resulting in fistula. We did nephrostomy & put stent from above remember that times there were no stents what we have today It was Gibben's stent & the leak stopped. Anothet pt was with ileal conduit who had lower ureteric stone. We did nehrostomy & passed wire accorss caught hold of wire tied baskets to it & removed the stone. Apart from this those days we used to do lot of chemolysis from nephrostomy & all these things gave idea why not to remove stone in this manner. We were developing instruments - Alken grop was developing serial dilating instruments & I was associated with Amplatz. We were dilating like filliform & followeres. You will be surprised to know, our first sheath was of 54 F size. Then we settled down to 34 F as our target was to remove 1 cm stone. Q: Did you encounter complications, problems of PCNL in the beginning? Did you feel like giving up anytime? Yes in the beginning we had problems but I never felt like giving up. In fact Perc was so fascinating that more & more procedures were planned like tackling tumour, removing fungal ball, PUJ obst, instillation of chemical agents ‌etc. Once we did enough number then there was no looking back. Q: You have started Endourology as speciality How do you see the scenario of endourology 25 yrs back & today? 10


Endourology has been through a wonderful progression. We defined it to be closed controlled manipulation of urinary tract so we included even laparoscopy & all other procedures. Technology keeps advancing & now it is robotics & tomorrow it will be something else. It is ongoing dynamic progress. Q: How do you see role of India in Endourology conferences? I n d i a n representation is increasing rapidly over years & we encourage this change. Our policy has always been to accept more & more papers from diff parts of world. When more people participate they see other's work, they see how experts analyze & present their material, this encourages them to improve when they present next time. So yes many country's participation is increasing. That is how Endourology society is going around whole world. Q: What is the future of Endourology? Well future is always is unknown. We have seen transition from open surgery, to minimal invasive surgery to no surgery. ESWL was with that intention but we have realized that it is not the end. But certainly robotics is going to be the future. It may not be cost effective today but is just the matter of time when newer & cheaper robots will come & to my mind, 5 yrs down the line manual laparoscopy will disappear. Q: What is your advise for doing more research & more original work? In India, there is abundant clinical material. You have to have proper database, proper FU, accurate records & systematic analysis. If you are talking of basic research then it is totally different. For that you need to have close cooperation with basic science people. You need to spend huge amount of money & quite often there are no returns. Animal experiments especially if it needs animal survival it is hugely

expensive. So research unit is very hard to establish. Q: What are your other hobbies? How do you spend free time? Work is my hobby but yes I like to listen music. I enjoy reading. Whenever I am free, I spend time with my family & grand children. Q: what your ambitions at this stage of life? Is there anything more you wish to achieve? My ambition is to e s ta b l i s h m o r e endourology societies in different parts of world. Presently I am working hard to establish Russian Endourology society. Once society is established, word spreads & then more & more people join it & that is how society grows. I am just able to convince Olympus to support Journal Endouorlogy in Russia & now it is being circulated to 200 urologists there. J enourol is now translated even in chineas & lot many people in China are benefited. I am also planning to come out with 3rd edition of Smith's text book of Endouorlogy. So I like to keep working. Q: How did you come to medicine? Did you have ambition to become doctor since childhood? Not exactly. But after my schooling I was in Israel for 1-year course. That time my father wrote to me that you have to do medicine. I said I don't know what I am going to do. Then my room partner also said nothing doing you are doing medicine & I said OK. That is how I became a doctor. Q: If you are given a chance of rebirth, what will you do? Well, I am happy what I am & what I have done so far. But yes, if get such chance, I would spend more time & do more research in basic science & thereby contribute more to the mankind. Thank you sir, it was wonderful talking to you. 11


WZUSICON2009 Dear Members The annual conference of west zone will take place at Khajuraho bet 19th to 22 Nov. 2009. The venue was selected with lot of thinking & aim is to offer you the best. Most of our plans are finalized & I request you to take benefit of that. This will be a residential conference & the package will start from 12 noon on Thursday (19 Nov) to Sunday noon (22 Nov). In the whole year, November is the best season to visit Khajuraho. We had to negotiate very hard with hotel management to get attractive rates, that too in Nov. We could succeed - partly because of global recession & thanks to special efforts of Dr. Chaubey & Dr. Singhal & all that benefit is being passed to delegates. We have come out with most attractive all-inclusive packages - visit to Panna National park, light & sound show, guided temple tours, 3 theme dinners-a real value for money. This is the place one must come with spouse & special discounted rates are offered to couples. Scientific programme is the back bone of any conf & special planning is done to give you best covering most subspecialties. Timings of sessions are planned in such a way that in spite of sight seeing tours, academic activities are not compromised. Experienced speakers from the zone will do justice to that job while renowned foreign faculty will be icing on the cake. Approach to Khajuraho is by multiple ways. The nearest stations on main line are Jhansi & Satna. Pick up is arranged from these stations. Khajuraho has international airport. There are 2 flights daily from Delhi to Khajuraho, which reach at around 1 pm. To these flights there are connecting flights coming from Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Pune. There are no direct non-stop flights to khajuraho from anywhere else. You have to come via Delhi. Most economic way to reach Khajuraho is via train to Jhansi. Delegates around Nagpur, Bhusawal, Manmad, nasik can catch convenient train to Jhansi. There are direct trains from Mumbai to Jhansi as well. Other alternate route can be via Bhopal. You can reach Bhopal either by flight or train. There are direct early morning flights from Ahmedabad & Mumbai to Bhopal from there you can catch train to Jhansi(4 hrs). From Jhansi you will be picked up. There are plenty of trains bet Bhopal & Jhansi. You can book them well in advance. Thus by selecting one of these means, it is easy to reach Khajuraho. If you have any query, please contact Dr. Brajesh Singhal (09425116890 or brajeshsinghal@yahoo.com) he will tell you most ideal way to reach from your hometown. So friends, make a note in your diary, plan your vacation & come in large number to Khajuraho. Organizing committee is eagerly waiting to welcome you. Come in large no & enjoy our hospitality. Dr.Ravindra Sabnis Hon.Secretary, USIWZ Registration fee Structure: Please register at earliest to avoid last moment disappointment. At present very few rooms are available at Hotel Clark. Even Hotel Radisson is getting full. Because of heavy rush we have added Hotel Ramada Inn with same package. So hurry up & send registration immediately. Delegate category Advanced Late Spot (up to 31st Aug.’09)

(1st Sept.’09 onwards)

Residential delegate Clarke Individual Couple

13000 23000

15000 27000

Residential delegate Radisson Individual Couple

14000 24000

16000 27000

Residential delegate Ramada Khajuraho (Holiday Inn) Individual Couple

14000 24000

16000 27000

Non Residential Reg./ PG




12 www.wz-usi.org

Child < 6 yrs free, Child bet 6-12 yrs (sharing with parents no extra bed) Rs. 4000/-, Child >12 yrs (Sharing with parents no extra bed) Rs. 5000/The WZUSICON2009 package includes the congress Registration Fee + Scientific Session + Hotel Accommodation for 3 nights + Airport pick-ups and drops + To and Fro Transport from and Satna and Jhansi railway station +Welcome drink + All meals for the Duration of the congress + Free and unlimited use of the Health Club and Fitness Center + All Complimentary sight seeing tour (Guided tour of temples, Panna tiger reserve safari, light and sound show etc). Breakfast is included in package and will be provided in respective hotels only. Important guidelines: 1. This is an in house conference. Avoid travel to and fro and relax after the sessions. 2.The accommodation is on twin sharing basis. The rooms would be allotted on first come first serve basis. Limited rooms are available. So please register early. In case you wish to be accommodated with your friend, it would be preferable to send two registration forms together. Or else a special request may be sent to the secretary. 3.Special accompanying persons package (couple package) has been arranged at Clarke Khajuraho and Radisson Jass(Five Star Category. Package starts from 12 noon on Thursday 19 November'2009 to 12 noon on Sunday 22 November. If necessary Ramada Khajuraho will be included as third official Hotel. 4.The rates are inclusive of breakfast at respective hotels and all taxes. There will be no breakfast at venue of conference. Non residential delegates are requested to have their breakfast at their respective place of stay. 5. All guided tours to temple and safari for Panna national park will start from official conference hotels only. Non residential delegates who wish to join these tours and safari will have to pay additional charge for the tour & will also have to make their own arrangements for transport to these hotels at given time in morning 6. An exclusive exotic night with sensational music and exquisite dinner at Radisson on Friday the 20th of November and Jungle theme dinner on Saturday the 21st November is part of the package. 7. The spot registration is non residential & by cash only. 8. Kindly refer to travel tips for various transport arrangements from Jhansi, Bhopal & Satna. Mode of Payment (by Demand draft or Online) ŸPayments should be made in Demand Drafts or at par cheques. All Demand Drafts should be drawn in favor of "WZUSICON 2009" payable at Gwalior. ŸRegistration fee is not transferable. ŸSBI bank customers can make online payment to WZUSICON 2009 SBI bank account no:30597079181 ŸDirect Bank Registration : You can deposit local cheque at any SBI branch in your city. Please draw cheque in the name “ WZUSICON 2009” A/c : 30597079181. ŸPlease send e-mail to brajeshsinghal@yahoo.com about your payment. ŸYou can register for the conference by sending a mail to brajeshsinghal@yahoo.com with all the details. This should be followed by regular registration along with demand draft WITHIN SEVEN DAYS. Fill up the forms provided in the circular or take a printout of the registration form from conference website. Conference Secretariate : Dr.Brajesh Singhal - Org. Secretary WZUSICON 2009 Navjeevan Hospital Opp.Madhav Dispensary, Hospital Road, Gwalior-474001 Ph.+91 751 4060902, Fax : +91 751 2621477 Cell: +91 9425116890, +91 9977256890 E-mail : brajeshsinghal@yahoo.com www.wzusicon2009.org 13 www.wz-usi.org

Happenings in the Zone Recently 2 Mega events took place in our Zone. Here are the brief Reports. 1. USICON - Indore : The 42nd Annual Conference of the Urology Society of India was held at Indore from the 22nd to the 25th January 2009. The event was a great success with appx 900 registrations. The highlight of the conference was an excellent international and national f a c u l t y. M e m o r a b l e a n d educative orations were delivered by Dr Arthur Smith, Dr Preminger, Dr John Fitzpatrick and others. The scientific quality and the co-ordination were well appreciated. The venue of Sayaji hotel and the quality of food left long-lasting cherishable memories. The event was efficiently managed by the Uro-Nephro Society of Indore. 2. Master class in Female Urology - Mumbai Mumbai Urology Society with the help of FOGSI, Jaslok Hospital and under the aegis of USI organized this event bet 20-22 March. Dr Ajit Vaze was ably assisted by the entire council of MUS in conducting this event. More than 400 delegates participated.

Foreign faculty were Dr Shlomo Raz, Dr Victor Nitti, Dr. Gopal Badlani, Dr. Ajay Rane, Dr Alexandra Stankiewicz, & Dr. Hemal. Total 17 surgeries were shown live, comprising of standard surgeries for SUI, failed SIU, VVF, cystocele, rectocele & prolapse. Burning issues related with overactive bladder were discussed at length with great enthusiasm. Apart from these, several lectures, symposia, debates, practical tips & take home messages made entire audience spell bound. This master class covered almost every aspect of female urology & everyone appreciated efforts taken by MUS 14 www.wz-usi.org

Anouncements 1) Abstract submission Person who is going to present paper has to be a member (or applied for membership) of WZUSI. There will be 3 categories of papers. Podium, Video & Poster (Moderated or unmoderated). Last date for abstract submission is 31st July. If it works out, we are planning to have abstract submission (by uploading) through the website. You will get all detail information shortly or contact rbsabnis@gmail.com At the time of abstract submission you have to submit full CD of your presentation for all categories. In short this means that your full presentation must be ready at the time of abstract submission. Your paper will be judged by reviewing both abstract & CD. 2) Those who wish to participate in various programmes, scientific activities , debates, symposium please write to secretary. We always encourage participation by newer members provided merit & quality are not compromised 3) Still lot of members our zone are qualified but are associate members. Unless you become full member of USI you can't become full member or west zone. So check you status on web site or the envelope of this newsletter. If you are associate member please contact secretary either on phone or e mail. 4) Easiest way to check your details The address label on this envelope, apart from address also contains your category full/assoc., mobile no, e mail id, birth day. Please check whether this information is correct. If something is missing that means we do not have that information. Please send corrections / missing details to secretary's office.

Forthcoming west zone programmes: Ÿ Video workshop on “operative techniques in Urology”. There are several operations in Urology & operative technique of each is different. Many urologists & especially PG's do not get opportunity to see different operative techniques. With this background we thought of this novel concept wherein edited video of an operation technique (either endoscopic or open) will be shown. There will be discussion on technique why it is done in that particular way, tricks of trade, pros & cons of technique…etc. In this manner, we are planning to show different operative techniques. Workshop will be held on 1st & 2nd August at Pune. Very shortly you will hear from Dr. Jaydeep Date (09822040813, jaydeepdate@gmail.com) & Dr. Subodh Shivde (09822217380 shivdes@yahoo.co.in) about all details. We are quite sure that this practical oriented video workshop will be helpful to everyone. ŸZonal teaching programme West zone in association with USI will have teaching programmes for PG students in first week of October at Mumbai. This will include different modules lectures, interactive sessions, & mock exam. We are expecting even foreign faculty to participate. This compact PG teaching activity will be very helpful to all PG's especially those who are appearing for exams. ŸCME on Andrology Chattisgadh Urology association in collaboration with west zone USI is planning to have 1 day CME on Andrology at Raipur In June. This is for the first time west zone is planning academic activity in Chattisgadh. You will shortly listen from them. For any details please contact Dr. Ajay Parashar (09425502713 drajayp@yahoo.in) ŸUrology Camp West zone USI in collaboration with local NGO has organized 1 day free diagnostic & operative camp at Gondawale in June end. Any member interested in participating, please contact Dr.S.W.Thatte ( 09820095112 swthatte@vsnl.com) 15 www.wz-usi.org

16 www.wz-usi.org

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