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Strategic Plan

David Yassky

Xiao-lei Wang, PhD

At Pace Law, our core mission is to prepare students for successful careers in law. Over the decades, this focus on student and alumni outcomes has helped produce leaders in every facet of the legal profession: partners at top law firms, judges, heads of government agencies, and corporate general counsels. We are adapting our program to ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s Pace Law students will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver value to their future clients. Our “path to practice” curriculum guides students into a professional concentration designed for a specific area of practice. Each concentration includes both classroom education and experiential learning, such as clinics and field placements. We also connect students with alumni. Our students learn both to “think like a lawyer,” and—crucially—to “act like a lawyer.” We believe this distinctive approach to legal education will keep Pace Law in the forefront of innovative legal education, and will keep our graduates in demand by employers and clients.

While all four Strategic Plan themes will have a profound impact on Pace in the next five years, I believe that the theme “A Community Dedicated to Excellence” will have the greatest effect on the University as a viable academic institution. Especially, I think that this theme’s strategic priority “Recruiting and retaining faculty committed to excellence in teaching and research” is critical to the future success of the University. A higher-education institution cannot excel without faculty members who are constantly pursuing and creating new knowledge. The content of a faculty’s teaching is closely linked to the quality of that faculty’s understanding of the field, which is often measured by that faculty’s active pursuing of scholarship in the field. Faculty is an important asset of a university, and a university’s investment in faculty is undoubtedly an investment in its future. Thus, actively recruiting and retaining excellent faculty with diverse backgrounds and cultivating their potential can most definitely ensure and maintain our University’s competitive edge.

Acting Dean, School of Education

Dean, Pace Law School

Neil Braun

Larry Chiagouris, PhD

Dean, Lubin School of Business

Professor of Marketing, Lubin School of Business

As a former CEO now in the role of dean of the Lubin School of Business, I believe that great student outcomes are the key to building Pace’s national and international reputation. As the world increasingly scrutinizes the value of higher education, the importance of demonstrable success in adult life after graduation will become even more relevant to the decisions about where and how much to invest in tuition for college and graduate school. The good news is that Pace is already well-positioned to pursue and execute on this strategy: Our faculty and staff are extremely focused on student development, career preparation is in the DNA of the University, our placement record is among the highest in the nation, the Pace Path will provide structure and resources to build upon the high-impact experiential learning activities already ubiquitous here, and various rankings affirm the tremendous relative value of a Pace education. Focusing our resources and efforts toward assuring ever-greater student outcomes in a fast-changing and increasingly competitive world will have the greatest impact on the University’s long-term vitality.

I strongly believe that “An Engaging and Transformational Student Experience,” one of the four themes, is critical to the future success of Pace University. There are many reasons that this emphasis will contribute to our continued evolution as a great University. First, students want to be changed when they first arrive at a college or university. They are seeking skills and also new friends and growth experiences. Pace University provides these elements of change that students are seeking. Most important, this is an age where social media accelerates the reputation of people and brands. Students who discover that they have been transformed at Pace University will share their experiences with others via social media, and the positive word-of-mouth about our University will spread and attract high-quality students, staff, and faculty, furthering our own transformation.

Harriet R. Feldman, PhD, RN, FAAN Dean, College of Health Professions

As someone involved in the development of the Strategic Plan, I find it difficult to pinpoint one theme that rises above all others in terms of future impact; all are integral. Perhaps the single most important aspect of the Strategic Plan aligns with our intended “outcomes.” Outcomes are not restricted to students, faculty, staff, the notion of excellence, or the vitality of our institution. The student experience is how we advance the foundation for student learning, preparing the next generation of leaders. Institutional vitality fosters our ability to provide the best environment, the advancement of pedagogies, and the development of science. Vitality encompasses a variety of inputs to build our culture. Dedication to excellence is visible in the outcomes we see for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The emphasis on student and alumni outcomes shows our commitment to providing the evidence that we are doing things “right.”

Pace University • Leadership – Winter 2016

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Leadership Report 2016, Pace Magazine