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It probably comes as no surprise that Pace University has one of


the largest internship placement programs of any college in the New York metropolitan area, but what may surprise you is exactly how those opportunities reach Pace students, whose career interests, studies, and schedules evolve in a New York minute.

full-time employment rate for undergraduates who used Career Services



eet Career Services. Charged with the daunting task of not only finding job and internship placements for Pace students, but also ensuring Setters are career and market ready before they graduate, the Career Services Department is combining new-school and old-school strategies to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s employment prospects. In recent years, Executive Director of Career Services Phyllis Mooney and her team have done everything from updating their digital recruitment platform to a cutting-edge program called Handshake and placed an emphasis on data-driven measurements, to teaching credit-bearing career preparation courses led by career counselors, to physically relocating satellite offices to heavily student-trafficked spaces on campus in order to engage students with their services and capture a full picture of the employment climate that Pace students are competing in—one that constantly shifts with emerging industries and programs available at Pace. “We actively use outcome data to define our goals and also to continually redefine our processes, because our process is dynamic; our employer development is dynamic; and it’s all dependent upon what’s going on in the economy and what’s going on with enrollment. We constantly change,” says Mooney. The ultimate goal? Take Pace students through Career Services programming, which includes resume reviews, interview workshops, and more, to get them “market ready” to land their dream jobs before the opportunities arise. Mooney compares student engagement with the department and becoming market ready to a timeless parental saying: “If you eat your vegetables, you’ll have a healthy and happy life.”

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| Leadership – Winter 2016

• Pace University

research, health care, and science institutes hired Pace students as interns in 2015

Career Services FALL 2015 STATS

+ 6,300 appointments made



3 internships are recommended before graduation


interview workshops

Leadership Report 2016, Pace Magazine