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The NYC Master Plan

Reimagining Lower Manhattan and educating the next generation of Pace students.



he University’s New York City Master Plan will be the realization of a visionary drive to redefine higher education and foster opportunity and innovation for students in Lower Manhattan. Through it, Pace is embracing the changing physical, financial, technological, and cultural landscape of downtown New York to position current and future generations of graduates for achievement and success not previously possible.

Once the province of Wall Street, Lower Manhattan is experiencing a corporate, residential, and cultural renaissance, backed by more than $30 billion in public and private investment. This unprecedented allocation for so small an area is bringing brand-new apartment towers, shopping and commercial centers, arts and performance spaces, and transit links that are transforming it into both a destination and a transportation hub connecting Manhattan to uptown, the outer boroughs, and northern New Jersey.

Illustration: Daniel Pelavin

Dozens of high-profile companies have joined this resurgence, making downtown New York much more than what had historically been home to city government and the New York Stock Exchange. Tech and creative entities, fashion houses, leaders in health care, and even nonprofits have steadily streamed into the southern tip of Manhattan, sparking a kaleidoscope of diversity and a surge in development to meet demand. Millions of square feet of new residential and commercial space that no one could have predicted even a decade ago, now require

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