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Strong Academics At the heart of Pace’s academic values is a historic commitment to excellence in teaching, as manifested by small classes, an emphasis on skill development and critical thinking, and a strong foundation in the arts and sciences that enriches students intellectually and personally.


Academic experiences at Pace emphasize teaching from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Pace students study under some of the brightest minds in academia, as well as professionals who have risen to the top of their chosen fields. Our faculty’s commitment to intellectual discourse and research is surpassed only by their desire to help students realize their dreams.


The Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program enables faculty and students with similar interests to work together on a research project throughout the academic year. This program is uniquely designed to merge a student’s ambitions with the expertise and experience of an academic mentor. Students have opportunities to carry out graduate-level work during their undergraduate education. They publish research in national and international journals and present their work at conferences around the country and beyond.


At Pace, traditional classrooms combine with life-saving medical suites, space-age science labs, and virtual reality simulations. Students gain a solid grounding in the foundations of their chosen subject using the very latest in-class learning tools. Active Learning Classrooms and Specialized Learning Centers, including our state-of-the-art Communications Center, Clinical Education Labs, and Global Portfolio Analysis Center, provide students with the space and cutting-edge technology they need to make an impact in their fields.

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Pace Path Brochure  
Pace Path Brochure