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What is the Pace Path? The Pace Path is an individualized, four-year program designed to help students make their college experience more purposeful and to teach a broad range of soft skills—problem solving, decision making, leadership, teamwork, adaptability, time management, and communication—essential for fulfilling careers and lives.

The four pillars of the Pace Path include: 1

Customized four-year plan


Strong academics


Real-world experiences and internships


Dedicated mentors and advisers

At the end of four years, students are prepared for a future full of possibilities. They will have the subject expertise to apply to their chosen career or graduate education, as well as the personal attributes and emotional intelligence needed to succeed both professionally and personally.

• Goal Setting

• Review Goals

• UNV101

• Advising

• Academics

• Academics

• Career Services

• Career Services

• Real-World Experiences

• Mentoring

• Real-World Experiences

Team-Based Activities (clubs, sports, competitions, etc.) Community Service

Internships Team-Based Activities (clubs, sports, competitions, etc.) Community Service

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Pace Path Brochure  
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