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1192 Smith Lane • Bruceville, Texas 76630 • (254) 859-5411 •

GFC Dedicates Lake Jake On July 7 last summer, hundreds of members of the GFC community gathered together to dedicate Lake Jake, the beloved lake at camp. Lake Jake is named in memory of the friendship between Rabbi Lawrence “Jake” Jackofsky and David Toomim. Lake Jake is a favorite place for many campers and staff members. The Lake boasts the Mankoff Lakefront and has an inflatable slide, trampoline, blob, floating dock, jet skis, fishing boats and more. Campers come to the lake as a bunk and also during free time. Lake Jake, summer 2012

One of the distinguishing features of the lake is the Buddy Board, created in memory of the friendship between Rabbi Jake and David Toomim. Before anyone – truly anyone, campers and staff alike – can jump in the lake, they must put tags on the Buddy Board, signifying that they will have a buddy in the lake. While they are swimming, the buddies watch out for one another and keep each other safe. In addition to helping insure everyone’s safety at Lake Jake, the Buddy Board teaches about friendship and the importance of being and having a dependable friend. These are values that being at camp can instill, and it was an enduring quality of Rabbi Jake and David Toomim’s friendship. We dedicated Lake Jake by hanging a mezuzah on a beautiful sign at the top of the path to the Lake. Michelle Renfrow, the arts and crafts director last summer, created a mosaic to be the entrance to Lake Jake. The sign epitomizes the beauty of that transformative friendship and the hope of all of the friendships created at Lake Jake and at Greene Family Camp. Mosaic Sign, Entrance to “Lake Jake”

Wise Academy Eco-Village Dedicated at GFC In the summer of 2011, the Board of Directors at the Isaac Mayer Academy in Dallas, a Reform day school, voted to create the Wise Academy Eco-Village at Greene Family Camp. This vote demonstrated considerable vision for the creation of a new program and expansion of existing programs at GFC. The goal of the Wise Academy Eco-Village is the introduce and expose Jewish children and adults to the natural world and to the Jewish values that instruct us how to live morally with respect for the world around us. The Eco-Village program is a camp-wide program and encompasses activities in every unit. The Kibbutz unit is particularly focused on ecological living. The new Kibbutz village is sustainably constructed, and campers live in energy-efficient domes. Their Mercaz (dining room and program space) has a solar array on top, uses solar hot water, and has a system for campers to track their own energy usage. Last summer, campers built solar ovens, tended the Newberger Garden, and made the new buildings into a home. On July 7, the GFC community gathered together to dedicate the Wise Academy Eco-Village. The Isaac Mayer Wise Academy board came to camp to celebrate the occasion. During Shabbat morning services, everyone went out to the head of the new path to the Kibbutz unit, the center of the Eco-Village. Two huge logs stood as totems on either side of the path, with the words IM Wise Academy Eco-Village hand-carved into them. Across the top, the old sign for Kibbutz Machar (Kibbutz of Tomorrow) hung, connecting the past years of the Kibbutz program with its future. The mezuzah was hung to blessing, song and applause. The creation of the Wise Academy Eco-Village represents a powerful vision for camp programming and the effect that GFC can have on the lives of young people. By creating hands-on projects for campers to learn about the natural environment all through a Jewish lens, GFC harnesses the combination of its location, facilities, and staff. In just its inaugural summer, campers were deeply moved by all that they did and learned. As we prepare for Summer 2013 and beyond, we look forward to continuing and expanding the success of that initial summer.


GFC’s Greening Infrastructure With the inclusion of the Eco-Village, GFC has taken our greening efforts to a new level. The Eco-Village brings a facility and an environment that allows GFC to experiment with new technology and policy to work towards being more eco-friendly. Some features that the Eco-Village boasts are: A Solar Panel Array- During the heat of the day the solar panels on top of the roof of the Eco-Village dining hall, help cut the power load in half. One of the unique features is the monitoring device and software that accompanies the solar panels. By simply plugging in a computer, one can see real time how much power the Eco-Village is using, and how much power the solar panels are generating, real time. An aerobic septic system- This state-of-the-art septic system takes liquid that normally would sit in a septic tank and treats it to where it is usable for irrigation. Once the water has been treated it is then pumped to sprinkler heads where it helps to irrigate vegetation away from the Eco-Village. The domes- The domes, where the Kibbutz campers live on the Eco-Village, are much more energy efficient than a normal camp cabin. There is a monitor in the domes to let campers know real time and daily how much energy is being used by the dome. The Eco-Village also took advantage of existing greening technology that is already utilized on camp. Solar tubes are used in bathroom and kitchen in the Eco-village. Solar hot water heaters are also used on the Eco-Village. Programmatically, the Kibbutz campers took part in mud building, composting, and even took a trip to the Temple, TX landfill to learn about their impact on the environment. The Kibbutz campers also helped plan and took part in the all-camp program Earth Day which allowed them to share what they had learned with younger campers.

Choosing Judaism and Experiencing GFC By Anna Rajagopal Two years ago I was sitting in a chair reading a book. A book about a Jewish family and their customs. I remember reading about Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukah, and Shabbat; and I thought to myself, what if I could do this, celebrate these holidays, be a part of this? And that is what happened. And now I am a part of this wonderful community, that is loving and kind and that really cares. I can have a really bad week at school, and then I come to Religious school on Sunday, where my other classmates are fun, and happy (usually tired), but they are nice to me, they care about how I feel. Being Jewish to me, means friendship, and community. When I went to Greene Family Camp, I got something wonderful out of it, friends. Rachel Sukenik, Dena Levy, and others, that I may not see face-toface, (unless you count facetime), but they are some of my best friends. When the Rabbis, and congregants said that I would meet friends that I will know my whole life, I thought, “That seems kind of impossible, 3 weeks, and friends you will always know?” But they were right. Rachel Sukenik is my best friend, sometimes we celebrate Shabbat together, and sometimes she comes to religious school with me. But I hope or rather know, that we will always be best friends…. Ma Simcha l’lmod Torah Im Chaveirim; What a wonderful thing it is to study Torah with friends. 3

Profile: A Conversation with Joel ‘Jody’ Phillips Greene Family Camp has been a part of Jody’s life for many years. He began his tenure as a camper for nearly nine summers – beginning in 1977. Since then, he has been on staff and more recently he visited camp as part of our Artist in Residence program – a unique opportunity for a variety of artists in our community to visit camp and teach in our arts & crafts program. Jody has been an invaluable asset to the camp by lending his talents in design; he has designed all our posters, postcards, and ads over the past few years (not to mention the tshirts!), as well as guiding the campers in a variety of projects and murals on camp. We have also been fortunate enough to receive gifts of Apple computers and iPads from Jody for use in camp programs. These gifts have provided numerous opportunities to our journalism, photography, and media programs. More campers are able to participate, learning about and actually using the technology to produce videos, newspapers, yearbooks, and artwork. Jody has had a great impact on camp in recent years and we wanted to find out a bit more about camp’s impact on his life. Summer 1978

What is your best memory of camp? There are so many… from "chairs on tables" to my crazy avodah year. I ought to write a book. Saturday night bbqs and movies are the fondest memories. When I was younger I did break into the kitchen once (maybe two or three times) with a few other bunkmates and took some ice cream. Don’t tell Loui!). What about camp had the greatest influence on you as a camper and/or staff member? All the friends I have made over the years, learning about Judaism and Jewish traditions. David Labens, Bill Bronstein, Jan Rosen and Ted Alpert are among the many staff members that had the greatest influence. Is there a particular area in camp to which you feel most connected? The old courtyard area watching the sunsets. Why do you feel it is important to support GFC and Jewish camping? I gained so many wonderful friends over the years and learned so much. It’s important that others get to share and create those same special memories and values.

Summer/Avodah 1984

What motivates you to support camp at this time? Just my way of giving back for everything I gained while growing up at GFC. How has camp impacted your life today? I learned so much at GFC, people I became friends with and the things I learned helped shape me to who I am today, and I want that to continue. Thank you, Jody, for everything you have done. You have touched the lives of many campers and staff members, and have helped provide them a variety of opportunities to expand their camp experiences. 4

GFC Thanks Camp Chair Michael Solka and Welcomes Camp Chair Steve Donchin Like presidents of the USA, there have only been a limited number of Chair people of the Greene Family Camp. In 2012, we witnessed the passing of the GFC mantle. During this past summer’s dedication weekend we participated in the transition of leadership from Michael Solka, chairman, and Harry Levy, Vice-Chairman to Steve Donchin and Carol Margolis, respectively.

GFC thanks Michael Solka

Michael has been the chair of GFC’s camp committee for four years, following his term as vice-chair. Michael and Liz are the parents of two boys, Brian and Kevin, both GFC campers and staff members. Michael and Liz actually GFC thanks Michael Solka met as members of our staff, Michael having also been a camper for years before that. He comes from a real camp family, and his two bothers followed Michael into camp, onto the staff, and then provided the next generation of campers and staff for Greene. During Michael’s time as chairman, the camp had a burst of funding and building activity, continuing the tradition set by Michael Wolf and previous GFC chairmen. Harry Levy, from Beth-El of San Antonio, was vice-chair during Michael’s term and was a major part in the development and renovation of the camp. Harry’s wife, Mary, is the regional advisor for NFTY’s TexasOklahoma Region (NFTY-TOR) and has been a staff member and unit head at Greene. All of the Levy kids went to camp, as well, and Kelly is now in rabbinical school. Harry was scheduled to assume the role of GFC chairman, but was tapped for the chairmanship of the NAC, the reform movements international camping system. Not only will GFC get the benefit of his experience, but all 14 of our camps will have the opportunity to work with Harry. Steve Donchin is the new Camp Chairman. He’s from Temple B’nai Israel in Oklahoma City. Both of Steve and Susan’s kids will be returning this summer as staff members. In addition, their daughter Sammi is currently president of NFTY-TOR. Steve began his leadership role in his own synagogue and later became the president of the URJ Southwest Council, working with Rabbi Jake (z”l) and later Rabbi Brian Zimmerman. Steve wanted to move over to the camp side of the street and ascended to the chairmanship of GFC. Michael Solka passes GFC leadership to Steve Donchin

Carol Levine Margolis, like Michael Solka, began her GFC career as a young camper. And like Michael and Liz, Carol and her husband, Kevin, met at GFC. They are now the parents of two Greene Family Campers, hopefully future staff members. Carol has been on the Committee for a few years, and has specialized in our organizational structure and development efforts. Carol is a former VP with Mary Kay and is currently a management consultant, as well as being active in her synagogue, Temple Shalom of Dallas. Greene Family Camp has been blessed with generations of great leaders – Rabbis Sol Kaplan and Larry Jackofsky, Ed Greene, Davna Brook, Arnold Miller, and Michael Wolf. As the torch is passed we go l’dor vador – from generation to generation. 5

Friends of Camp Many thanks to all of those who became 2012 Friends of Camp. These donations will provide need-based camperships to enable Jewish children from Texas and Oklahoma to experience GFC magic, and will also help enhance the camp program this summer, as well as much-needed renovations in the Courtyard. Become a 2013 Friend of Camp by mailing your donation to GFC or by donating online at

Avodah - $5,000+ Bezalel Foundation Leo and Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation Kibbutz - $2,500+ Louis & Laura Barlow Melachim - $1,000+ Gay Block Loui and Sheila Dobin Steve & Susan Donchin Jewish Federation of Waco and Central Texas Henry & Helen Katz Howard & Gail Tobin Kohanim - $500+ Steven & Sylvia Brody Rabbis Kimberly Herzog Cohen and Michael Cohen Larry and Ronna Davis Lewis Frapart Diamond and Jim Freeberg Orna Gilat James and EstraGrant Dovey Hochberg Deborah Klein Phil and Jean Kolovson Melvin Lipsitz Rebecca and Jost Lunstroth Carol and Kevin Margolis Arnold and Yvonne Miller Rabbi Debra Robbins and Larry Robins Rodney and Cristie Schlosser Michael and Liz Solka Michael and Roberta Tucker Michael & CynthiaWolf Niviim - $250+ Stanford & Joan Alexander Rabbi Annie Belford Dr. Toni and Rabbi Barry Block Beverly and Malcolm Bonnheim Edward & Davna Brook Joseph & Karen Chesnick Joseph Cohen

Combined Jewish Appeal Congregation Beth Israel Emily Deakins David & Marian Feld Larry & Carol Fradkin Andrew Gamson Dennis & Bobbee Gerson Harvey & Sondra Gordon Ilene Greene Jerald & Trudi Herstein Kenny & Rachael Herz Madelyn Holzman Maurice & Charlotte Labens Michael & Randi Lender Frank & Eleanor Levy Eileen & David Lynn Brad & Jan Marion Scott and Alison Mellon Maurine Muntz Judi and Randy Ratner Michelle Renfrow Lois Rutman Irwin & Helen Salmanson Rabbi Samuel & Lynn Stahl Rabbi David Stern Temple Beth El Sisterhood Waste Management Dolores Wilkenfeld Bonim - $100+ Julie and Drew Alexander Rabbi Adam Allenberg Todd and Mary Arlan David & Susan Askanase Louis & Madlyn Barnett Bernard & Phyllis Berman Leonard & Nancy Berry Berne Black Harrison Bleiberg Gus & Dottie Block Bluebonnet Partners Family Trust Alan Bock Matthew Cassell Alison Cassorla Eileen Cersonsky


M.H. Cersonsky Martha Clark Joe & Marsha Cohen Scott and Allison Cohen Congregation Kol Ami Warren Cozby, Sr. Rachel and Doug Cullen Leonard & Elysse Englander Evan and Rachel Fetter Nancy Finfer Michael and Arlene Glazer Dale Godby Jeff Gold Marsha & John Greiner Marcia Grossfeld Barry & Susan Hertz Jacquelyn Hibbler Rebecca and Mark Holguin Jed Howard Rabbi Ken Kanter Jon & Lori Karp Ed & Doris Katten Jeff and Marsha Katz Rothpan Bob and Lisa Kaufman Harold & Ruth Kleinman Alan & Marjorie Kottler Jane and Cameron Larkin Stephen & Wendy Lieman Jan Luskey Sheldon Magid Marilyn McGee Rabbi Ralph & Ann Mecklenburger Gary Miller Michael Mittman Kate & Keith Newman David & Steffie Odle Ada Perwien Richard & Bette Pesikoff Richard & Stephanie Posner Providence Healthcare Network Joe & Alyson Ray Stefani Rozen Judith Samson Arnold and Susan Schaffer Herman & Rozelle Schultz Irwin & Myra Schussler Pathology Department Scott and White Healthcare Rabbi Ron and Jill Segal Seminole Hebrew Center

Sarah Shabot-Doctor and Todd Doctor Rabbi Charles Sherman James and Suzan Shinder Jewish Community North Sisterhood Gary & Shelley Solka Jack and Davie Lou Solka William & Sandra Spett Stanley & Marsha Stein Amy and Hank Strickland Temple Beth El Religious School Temple B'nai Israel Sisterhood Temple Emanuel Sisterhood Temple Shalom Sisterhood Temple Shalom Sisterhood of Dallas Lee and Gay Thompson Evan Tobin Max & Miriam Vernon Sylvia Villarreal Rabbi Roy & Linda Walter Robin Kosberg and Rabbi Mark Washofsky Ronald & Rae Weiss Debra and Ben Williams Additional Donations

Natalie & Brett Barth Lauren Bernick Deborah Bishop Joel Brown Congregation Beth Israel, Austin, TX Congregation Emanu El Stephen Corwin Mr. and Mrs.Cubbage Donnie and Abby Cutler Rabbi Dan Danson & Julie Luks Danson Steve & Suzie Daum Rabbi Ben and Lisa David Steve Fisch Rabbi Alan and Lori Freedman Debra Goldstein Phares Martin & Ellen Grabois Charles and Jan Hart Debbie Herskovitz J.M. Householder Donald Karchmer

Megan Kilchrist Danny Kleiman Laurie Kleiman David and Valerie Klein Marlee Klein Sally and Marvin Kranz Linda Leavell Harry & Mary Levy Corbet C. Locke, III, D.D.S. Michael and Amy Mellen Lynne and Karl Nisoff David & Nina Packman Pathology Department at Scott & White Hospital Jodi and Trent Roberts Jeffrey & Jennifer Ross Shelley and Robert Schweitzer Lois Segal Judy and Steve Sherry Ross Shipp Darrell Slette Lawrence & Renee Stern Frances and Ned Stolarski Lisa Stone URJ Camp Coleman Lauren and Scott Vines Brian and Mimi Zimmerman George Zuckerman Please note: We have made every effort to ensure that all individuals are correctly recognized in the report. If you have found an error, please contact GFC at so we can correct it quickly.


Capital Campaign Donations

Vicki Shiller

GFC has experienced tremendous physical growth over the past two years, and it is all possible because of you, the extended GFC family. Truly, the generosity of the entire community enables GFC to build state-of-the-art facilities and ensure its relevancy to a new generation of campers. In 2012, GFC worked on the following capital projects: beautifying camp grounds, planting an orchard, renovating the zoo, working on the Lake Jake infrastructure and the Mankoff Lakefront, the new Kibbutz unit on the Wise Academy Eco-Village. Many thanks to all who have supported the capital campaign over the past few years; none of this would be possible without you. Thank you to all those who generously donated to the capital campaign in 2012: 2012 Summer Admin Staff

Sherry Barton Katherine Bauer Amy and Marc Biesman Barry Block Jason Buchman Shelly Buchman Loui and Sheila Dobin Sandy & Carol Dochen David Donchin Leonard & Elysse Englander Cory Fendel Nancy Finfer Alan and Lori Freedman Andrew Gamson Michael and Arlene Glazer Wayne and Jennifer Goldberg David & Candy Goldstein Marcia Grossfeld Harold Grinspoon Foundation Jess Huchital Phil and Jean Kolovson Rabbi David Komerofsky Livingston and Saranne Kosberg Allyn & Susan Kramer Michael & Randi Lender Harry & Mary Levy Mankoff Family Foundation Carol and Kevin Margolis Brad & Jan Marion Michael Mittman Dolores Neustadt Allen & Diane Plotkin Richard and Stephanie Posner Steve Sachs Sid and Debbie Scheinberg

Shirley and David Toomim Foundation Gary & Shelley Solka Michael and Liz Solka Rabbi Seth & Margot Stander Temple B'nai Israel Sisterhood Temple Shalom Brotherhood Francene Van Os Larry Weinstein Rabbi Kenneth and Amy Weiss Michael & Cynthia Wolf Rabbi Brian and Mimi Zimmerman Please note: We have made every effort to ensure that all individuals are correctly recognized in the report. If you have found an error, please contact GFC at so we can correct it quickly.


Legacy Circle Greene Family Camp is proud to celebrate the founding members of the GFC Legacy Circle for Living Judaism. The Legacy Circle’s goal is to enable the Camp’s vibrant future. In 2012, 18 people became members of the Legacy Circle. Thank you all for your leadership in making GFC’s future a reality. The Legacy co-chairs are Rebecca Lunstroth and Michael Wolf, who are leading an effort to ensure GFC’s future for generations to come. The Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy honored GFC’s success in the Legacy program with a $1,000 grant in 2012. The Legacy Circle continues to grow. If you would like to participate in this meaningful endeavor, contact Rebecca at or Michael at

GFC Legacy Circle Anonymous (10) David L. Berkman Rabbi Alan Berlin Rabbi Barry H.D. Block Rabbis Ana Bonnheim & Asher Knight Scott Braswell Marsha Cohen Jessica Dangott Suzie & Steve Daum Sheila & Louis Dobin Jonathan Dobin Zachary Dobin Susan & Steve Donchin Matthew Feinberg Jim & Diamond Freeberg Andrew Gamson Michael & Arlene Glazer Mrs. Edward C. Greene Harold Grinspoon Marcia Grossfeld Trudi Klein & Jerry Herstein Brian Hertz Scott G. Hertz Lori & Jon Karp Debi Klein Jean & Phil Kolovson Kayce Lee Kuntz Harry & Mary Levy Shirley and Jim Lavine Sharon Linzer Rebecca Lunstroth Jan Luskey Carol & Kevin Margolis Brad & Janet Marion Hayley McAllister Rabbi Andrew M. Paley Beth & David Perl Joel "Jody" Phillips Alyson & Joe Ray

Michelle L. Tucker-Renfrow Rabbi Debra Robbins & Larry Robins Jennifer & Jeffrey Ross Stefani Rozen Rabbi Jeremy & Rachel Schneider Sara Lea Seery Brian Solka Jack and Davie Lou Solka Liz & Michael Solka Shelley & Gary Solka Rachel Stevens Phyllis & Phil Stoup Jessi Swann Rabbi Joshua S. Taub Francene & Seymour Van Os Lauren & Scott Vines Norman Weiss Cynthia & Michael Wolf 2012 KI TOV SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT DONORS Burton and Rosalind Anes Jerald & Trudi Herstein Deborah Klein Michael and Liz Solka Jack and Davie Lou Solka 2012 IN KIND DONATIONS Jon & Lori Karp Lisa Levitus Rebecca and Jost Lunstroth Joel “Jody” Phillips Judy and Hal Sommer Bill & Dorothy Swann Please note: We have made every effort to ensure that all individuals are correctly recognized in the report. If you have found an error, please contact GFC at so we can correct it quickly.


Thank you to our wonderful Faculty Each summer, rabbis, cantors, educators, and youth directors come to GFC to create relationships with campers and staff, to participate in an on-camp think tank on ever-improving GFC’s summer programs, and on behalf of their congregations which support GFC’s mission. These individuals came to camp for a week and worked often from 7:30am until after 10pm, interacting with every age group. They taught, swam, played sports, engaged in visual and performing arts activities, helped tend the garden, told bedtime stories, led t’fillah, supported staff and campers, and much more. Through their efforts both prior to and during camp, the faculty create much of the fun, informal Jewish learning that happens at GFC. They brainstorm at a winter meeting, write programs, and work long days. Rabbi Barry Block, GFC’s rabbinic advisor, and his assistant Iris Berman-Smith (Temple Beth El, San Antonio) spent countless hours recruiting and scheduling faculty. Rabbi Debra Robbins (Temple Emanu-El, Dallas) devoted many hours to coordinating all program writing and faculty assignments. Their leadership laid the groundwork for a successful and smooth summer. A huge todah rabbah (thank you) to this tireless group who help to create the fun and warmth of GFC.

Rabbi Adam Allenberg, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX Rabbi Keren Alpert, Bloomfield Hills, MI Rabbi Barry Block, Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, TX Steve Buchalter, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX Ben Chaidell, Institute of Southern Jewish Life, Jackson, MS Rabbi Holly Cohn, Temple Beth El, Odessa, TX Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, Congregation Beth Israel, Colleyville, TX Steve Daum, Emery/Weiner School, Houston, TX Kelly Finkel, Temple Beth Shalom, Austin, TX Rabbi Steve Fisch, Temple Beth El Binah, Dallas, TX Rabbi Steve Folberg, Congregation Beth Israel, Austin, TX Rabbi Alan Freedman, Temple Beth Shalom, Austin, TX Abby Gostein, Temple Beth Shalom, Austin, TX Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss, Congregation Emanu El, Houston, TX Brian Hertz, Houston, TX Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX Maya Kadosh, Israel Consulate, Houston, TX Rabbi Samantha Kahn, Congregation Emanu El, Houston, TX Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Dallas, TX Rabbi Neal Katz, Congregaton Beth El, Tyler, TX Marsha Katz Rothpan, West Hills, CA David Klein, Frisco, TX Valerie Klein, Adat Chaverim, Plano, TX Rabbi Asher Knight, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX Jean Kolovson, San Antonio, TX Rabbi Ken Kanter, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, OH Rabbi David Komerofsky, Texas Hillel, Austin, TX Nathan Lang, God in the Box, Los Angeles, CA Jennifer Lorch, Temple Israel, Tulsa, OK Marna Meyer, Congregation Emanu El, Houston, TX

Rabbi Mark Miller, Congregation Beth Israel, Houston, TX Laura Mizes, MAZON Debbie Niederman, Hebrew Union College, Dallas, TX Rabbi Andrew Paley, Temple Shalom, Dallas, TX Rabbi Amy Ross, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX Rabbi Adrienne Scott, Congregation Beth Israel, Houston, TX Cantor Kari Siegel-Eglash, Temple Israel, Tulsa, OK Rabbi David Stern, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX Rachel Stern, Institute of Southern Jewish Life, San Antonio, TX Toba Strauss, New York, NY Rabbi Joshua Taub, Temple Emanuel, Beaumont, TX Rabbi Kenny Weiss, Houston Hillel, Houston, TX Rabbi Brian Zimmerman, Union for Reform Judaism, Dallas, TX Please note: We have made every effort to ensure that all individuals are correctly recognized in the report. If you have found an error, please contact GFC at so we can correct it quickly.


Thanks to the GFC Medical Crew Every summer, we are cared for, not only by the counselors and other support staff, but by an entire team of medical professionals, many of whom are also parents or grandparents of our campers and members of our congregations. We are thrilled that they can take the time to join us. We join you in thanking them for their service. Nurses & Med Staff Kristie Davenport, RN Avery Herman, RN Bertta Herstein, RN Suzie Howard, RN Jean Hubert, RN Jason James, RN Laurie James, RN Heidi Levenson, RN Lisa Levitus, RN Doris Linton, RN Larry and Don Barr-Meyer Alyson Ray, CMA Ashley Swartz, RN

Doctors Dr. Jeff Berkowitz Dr. TracyElliott Dr. SanderGothard Dr. GaryLemack Dr. AmyMiddleman Dr. Leslie Pidgeon Dr. Eric Rothenberg Dr. Jonatha Sheinberg Dr. Adam Weinstein Dr. David Weisoly

Artists-in-Residence Expand Visual Arts Program A big thank you to the 2012 artists-in-residence to brought their talents to GFC over the summer. These artists focused on teaching Melachim campers, but they shared their talents throughout the camp community. Thank you all for enhancing the visual arts program! Suzie Daum Michael Duke Shirley Lavine

Amanda Levermann Joel "Jody" Phillips Kathi Sandler 11

Loui Dobin Camp Director Stefani Rozen Senior Assistant Camp Director Rabbi Ana Bonnheim Associate Camp Director Scott Braswell Assistant Camp Director Steve Donchin Camp Committee Chair Carol Margolis Camp Committee Vice Chair Rabbi Brian Zimmerman URJ Southern District Regional Rabbi Rabbi Barry H.D. Block SWARR Regional Rabbinic Advisor Mary Levy NFTY-TOR Regional Advisor

ne greeCAMP URJ


1192 Smith Lane Bruceville, TX 76630 254-859-5411 •

2012 Annual Report  

The annual report for the 2012 year at URJ Greene Family Camp