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Delegation:​ United Arab Emirates Committee: I​ nternet related policies Delegate: U ​ riel Arellano Nava Topic: ​Identity theft on The internet

Good morning fellow delegates and honorable chair. On behalf of president Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the people of this nation. The delegation of United Arab Emirates is pleased to participate in this committee, Internet related policies in order to discuss the identity theft on the internet “The bad news is it is not going down;it's increasing” -Hassan AI Hais The phenomenon is becoming more prevalent than you think according to the Cyber Investigation Department at Dubai Police,cyber crimes increased from 588 in 2011 yo 1,419 in 2013. These crimes include personal information theft (especially photos) (money-related fraud,and blackmail or extortion,especially sextortion) The most common are: taking out loans or credit cards in your name and not paying off the debt, opening a bank account in your name and writing dud cheques, cloning your debit cards and cleaning out your account. What the delegation of United Arab Emirates is doing to prevent the identity theft is: strict penalties are imposed upon those found committing cyber crimes within the United Arab Emirates with fines up to DHs3 million -there’s little that can be done to prevent cyber crimes ​against ​the United Arab Emirates besides raising awareness and boosting the nation’s cyber security. Targeted attacks in the United Arab Emirates Web have increased by 400 per cent in 2014. Cyber threat is High largely due to the majority of the society being connected to the internet . ● The recommendations that the delegation of United Arab Emirates its giving is: Protect yourself by making sure that you shred all your documents with personal information before discarding them in the trash. ● Review your credit reports and bank statements regularly careful using public WIFI. Never make any online bank transactions when connection is not secure.

● Never respond to unsolicited requests for personal information by phone, E-Mail or online with promises that you might have won in a raffle and they’ll be sending your prize money. ● Stricter penalties and harsher fines.

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Urie lArellano Nava  
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