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DAFI DANCE GROUP – Running pieces Woman's Aid | Premiered in Oct 2011 | link High Expectations | Premiered in Jun 2011 | link Out of 2nd Choice | Premiered in Mar 2011 | link Under the Carpet | premiered Nov 2009 | link Scratching the ends | Premiered in May 2007 | link

Woman's Aid Premiered in October 2011 Performing since then

Link: Choreography: Dafi Altabeb Dancers and creative collaborators: Hadar Younger-Harel, Stav Marin, Merav Dagan, Anat Yaffe, Michal Tishler, Maayan Gur, Lora Kirshenbaum Soundtrack: Flora (Liron Meshulam) Duration:23 Min Technical requirements: Black linoleum/white Linoleum Minimum stage dimensions: 9X9 Synopsis: Sometimes I think it's only me, that the same thought spins only in my head, that no one will understand it and certainly not resolve it. The moment I close my eyes and fall asleep is scary; it's frightening to say it but at the same time it's hard to keep it to myself. There are many others that feel that way, that want to believe they can lose control and others will be there for them.

7 pairs of strong hands 7 lionesses An invincible strength One for all and all for one Reviews: Altabeb's women, facing fear of the Lord, cling to each other – not in despair, but with the joy of discovery of the connection between them, enabled by him. In times in which religion could not be farther from Tel-Aviv cultural life, it is enchanting too see a dance piece so eloquent, successful in avoiding the oriental perspective, dresses and embroidery aside. There's honesty in Altabeb's creative work, reflecting authentic feminine power. This strength emanates from within the group, and is not contrary to the parties excluding it from the center, to the separate women's gallery. Therefore, these are strong women, defining themselves as one facing the other, and not vis-à -vis men. (Dana Shalev, 15.12.11)

High Expectations Premiered in June 2011 Performed in the Intimadance Festival, International Exposure and many other stages all over Israel

Link: Choreography: Dafi Altabeb Dancers and creative collaborators: Olivia Court–Mesa & Rosalind Noctor (2) Costumes: Rosalind Noctor Soundtrack: Maria Callas-Romeo YJulieta Je Veux Vive Dans Ce Reve Duration:15 Min Technical requirements: Black linoleum/white Linoleum Minimum stage dimensions: 8X8 Synopsis: Reach a peak , conquer it. Place a new step & then lift it up. Exhaust myself in order to feel

Reviews: Dafi Altabeb created a dance for two beautiful girls (Rosalind Noctor and Olivia court-Mesa) that jump, roll and wriggle virtuously on stage, toss their heads over again and outstretch their legs in impressing homogeneity. Maria Callas's sound track implying on high expectations, as is the name of the work, is really a very high bar that cannot be reached. The confession arrives in a form of an amusing and entertaining monolog in which one of the dancers' turns to the audience and shares with them her doubts as to understanding of dancing in general. Towards the end she kisses her dancing partner for a long time as if love and intimacy will prevail over the unique sublime art of Maria Callas. The small and human scream of one dancer as they both fall again to the floor is an admission to a certain incapacity; An interesting approach, straight forward and well done. In Dafi Altabeb's work – High Expectations, her co-dancers - Rosalind Noctor and Olivia Courte-Mesa danced to an aria sang by Maria Callas from Romeo and Juliette……..They passed through complex hedges, rolled on the floor their hair blowing in the passionate winds of creation that seemed as an inner competition between them. This is one of Altabeb's best works. (Ruth Eshel, Ha'Aretz, Gallery – July 2011)

Under the carpet Premiered in November 2009 Performed in Curtain up, International Exposure & many other stager all over Israel, invited to perform in China in 2010 & Brazil in 2012

Choreography: DAFI ALTABEB Dancers and creative collaborators: MERAV DAGAN, DAPHNA MERO, ANAT YAFFE, MICHAL TISHLER (4) Technical requirements: black linoleum floor, black back drop Duration: 25 min Minimum stage dimensions: 8 meters by 8 meters Synopsis: I enjoy looking from outside into flats where the lights are on, imagining what is happening inside. Four women expose nonverbal situations of life, inside various flats. Link: Reviews: "a piece that left an unsettling residue‌ a strong, powerful female cast. Interesting moves & images ...." (Ora Brafman, Jerusalem Post) "Kinesthetically complex demonstrating her composition abilities‌" (Ruth Eshel, Ha'aretz)

Out of 2nd Choice Premiered in March 2011 Performing on many stages all over Israel, invited to Brazil in 2012

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb Dancer and creative collaborator : Rosalind Noctor (1) Technical requirements: Black linoleum, large quantity of fresh cut grass Duration: 21 min Minimum stage dimensions: 6X7 Link: Synopsis: Choosing to know, Choosing to question, Choosing to see beyond the Black, Choosing to strive and get farther, Choosing to say goodbye to a few apprehensions, Choosing the whole, Choosing to accept what is, Choosing to see the most and not what isn't, Choosing because of the age and not in spite of it, Choosing Israel and wanting to fly high at the same time.

Reviews: "Dafi's work – Out of Second Choice is performed by the dancer Rosalind Noctor that soon proved to be an outstanding choice. Noctor appears to be a talented and fascinating performer captivating the stage with her personality and flair…… Noctor has the gift of looking childlike and embody a naive face, innocent and free of self-awareness and with a twinkle of the eye turn and have a seducing Lolita appearance. She impersonates a flicker personality and like a chameleon, quickly moves from one situation to another when not only the look changes but the entire body status… (Ora Brafman – Dancetalk – March 2011)

Scratching the ends Premiered in May 2007 Performed in several Festival in Israel, won "best choreography" in the Almada dance platform in Portugal, participated in the No Ballet competition in Germany & another competition in Hannover – Germany

Choreography: DAFI ALTABEB Dancers and creative collaborators: Gili Hartal, Shuli Enosh, Dafi Altabeb (3) Soundtrack: GOLAN TOHAR Costumes: ROMI KISSILOV Lighting design: URI RUBINSTEIN Duration: 15 min Technical requirements: Black linoleum Minimum stage dimensions: 7 meters by 7 meters Synopsis: When childhood memories float in the background and leave their mark on adolescence – Innocence and evil join together. Once a stroke, once a strike. Photographer: NINI MOSHE Link:

Reviews: "The dance was precise, powerful and stirring, in the course of which Altabeb explores the depths of emotion and psyche. The three dancers complement each other and give a moving performance. The stage design comprises a chair and paper tatters that continue to be torn and collected by one of the dancers throughout the dance. This design lends the performance a real sense of pushing boundaries – scratching the ends. An excellent creation warmly recommended." (Tel Aviv City, Lihi Niv, August 09) "…….characterized with exceptional choreographic skills usually characteristic of more experienced artists…..……Dafi Altabeb is a choreographer born into postmodern dancing… …….in her dance there is no trace of the usual genre struggle with mainstream modern dance ………..the struggle to be freed from the conservative style has led to the creation a notable personal style……rapid emotional transitions are one of the characteristics distinguishing dance from theatre; Altabeb demonstrates a deep understanding of this medium…… Her good choreographic abilities are made apparent through the tight structure of the dance and through the collective movement, passing from unison to contact to lifts, diversifying into a trio of various personal movements…." (Time Out, Gal Alster, January 08) "Dafi Altabeb belongs to a generation of young choreographers who inspire curiosity and hope…. In "Scratching the ends", the best of her pieces, a dancer sits on a chair, at the front of the stage…. various combinations of their bodies creating architectural structures, intensifying the pleasure of capture." (Ruth Eshel, January 2008, Haaretz, Gallery culture supplement)

"…the dance looks formulated and complete. The execution conveys the confidence of the dancers in the quality of their work… to her credit, the dance seems to have stemmed from a natural process and it flows…." (Ruth Eshel, August 2009, Haaretz, Gallery culture supplement)

Photographers: Nini Moshe & Gadi Dagon

DAFI DANCE GROUP Running Pieces 2012 English  

DAFI DANCE GROUP Running Pieces 2012 English

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