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big a hit as had been Thursday night in the Pub with New York comedian Randy Levin, who drew the largest crowd the Pub had seen all year. Friday featured Weekend '85

Spring anticipated.

was as

It started off

carnival in the afternoon which offered a variety of to see and do, including a juggler, a tatoo artist, old-time photos, and a band. Later in the evening, a



video dance party, "Metro to Go", proved to be highly successful. In spite of the rain, which moved it from the Union patio into the Rams Den, a capacity crowd turned out to dance to the hottest videos. Finally it was Saturday, the day everyone had been waiting for. The day dawned clear and sunny, much to everyone's The annual One-Ton Sundae drew a long line

delight. of people

Steve's Ice eager to indulge in delicious Cream. The 25e donation collected from each person event of main The was sent to help fight world hunger. the day, the concert at Meade Stadium, began at 1:00, with Barrence Whitfield and the Savages opening the show. Comedian Tommy Koenig followed with im itations of various rock stars, and led into the main attraction, Los Lobos. They came out singing their hit "How Will the Wolves Survive" and by the end of their set they had the crowd up and dancing. B. Willie Smith, a Rhode Island band, played songs from their three finish to another successful a albums, and





Weekend at URI.



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