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A History of the College of Business Administration of the University of Rhode Island 1923-2012

1923-1992 by Richard Vangermeersch Professor of Accounting University of Rhode Island 1992-2012 by Brian Stack URI Graduate

DEDICATED TO Denny Callaghan Greg Lessne and Dick Sisco

Colleagues Who Left Us Way Before Their Tune

They are missed by all






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CENTENNIAL University of Rhode Island Office of the President

December 9, 1991 Dear Friends, Now nearly seventy years old, the College of Business Administration at the University of Rhode Island has a rich history of service to Rhode'Island and America. Today, our graduates lead this nation's finest business enterprises, large and small, from coast to coast. We are immensely proud of them. This . volume traces the development of the College and catalogues the contributions of its many students and faculty members. In an era of "creative destruction," when the old is incessantly driven out by the new, it is sometimes good to think about the roots from which we have come, about the gifts given by those who went before. In that sense, Dick Vangermeersch's book • teaches each of us a little more about ourselves and about the University of Rhode Island. We are all grateful to him for this wonderful book. I hope you enjoy his work.


Carlotti Administration Building, Kingston, RI 02881-0806 Phone: 401-792-2444 Fax: 401-792-7149 The University or Rhode Island is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer.

The University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rl 02881-0802 Office of the Dean, Sydney V. Stern College of Business Administration (401) 792-2337 Fax No. (401) 792-4312

November 20, 1991

Friend: I am honored to have the opportunity to participate in the publication of this volume of the history of the College of Business Administration. I am ever mindful of the rich tradition entrusted to my stewardship as dean. In my trave,ls about the state, the country, and, indeed, the world I am constantly reminded of the enormous reservoir of good will and respect enjoyed by the College. This wonderful legacy results from the contributions of many individuals over the almost 70 years since the College was founded in 1923. This volume is offered to alumni and friends to preserve for the future a sense of the College's distinguished past. It is upon this proud history that we base our hopes and aspirations for the future. Finally, let me note our debt of gratitude to our colleague Richard Vangermeersch for whom this project was, indeed, a labor of love.

The University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rl 02881路0801 Department of Management, College of Business Administration

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Dear CBA Alums, I'm sure you join me in congratulating Richard on creating this history of the College. He worked during my five years as Dean to gather material and most importantly, interview alums. He produced, as you know, the fist "volume" of the history from the beginning years to 1946. Now he has completed the next volume that brings the history to the 1992 graduating class. This has been a labor of love for Richard, but the costs of production have not been easy to come by. I want to thank alum Jack Temkin for his encouragement and help in soliciting- and contributing- funds for the first volume. Your support of a contribution to help defray expenses of this volume would be very welcome. Send them to the URI Foundation for the CBA History. Thanks- 路I know you will enjoy learning of the heritage of this fine school of which you are such a vital part.

,/}! ( 路,;







l '-

Lecturer in The Management of Technology Former Dean of the CBA 1985-1990

The University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rl 02881¡0802 Department of Marketing, College of Business Administration

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FAX (401) 792-4312 â&#x20AC;˘

November 25, 1991

Dear Friend: It is a privilege to have the opportunity to write a foreword to help introduce the history of the College of Business Administration, University of Rhode Island. Dick Vangermeersch has provided those interested in the College with an extremely valuable resource by recording vignettes offered by many of the College's distingulshed early graduates. The timing of this history, which is being published in 1992 to help honor the centennial of URI, is most fortuitous because the opportunity to record many of these interviews would have been lost forever within a few short years. Dick's background as a historian of note, and his numerous involvements with the College over a period spanning almost thirty years make him uniquely . qualified to gather and prepare this material. ¡ There. are many ways to measure the academic quality of a college of business administration, but none provides a better measure of success than the career accomplishments of its graduates. It is in this dimension where the College's light shines brightest. College of Business graduates include a disproportionate number of CEOs and CFO' s from the nations leading business enterprises. Dick has helped document these numerous leadership contributions, and I am very grateful for his effort. Sincerely,

Richard R. Weeks Professorof Marketing and Former Dean, College of Business Administration

PREFACE This project started when someone at an ad hoc College of Business Public Relations Committee meeting said that no one had any idea about the history of the College. Charlie Armstrong had called a meeting of this committee of myself, Dick Weeks, Bob Clagett, Dave Beretta, and Russ Koza to try to come up with ways to improve our image in Rhode Island. There were a number of reasons why I volunteered to research the history of the College. My major academic area is the history of accounting and accounting thought. I have also done a number of projects in "Celebration Accounting" for various accounting groups wanting to publicize their anniversaries. I have these further advantages for doing this project: (1) I am a of Rhode Island; (2) I was a graduate assistant in the College in the early 1960's; (3) I am an M.S. in Accounting graduate of URI in 1964; (4) I have been involved in URI Alumni activities with Athletic Booster Clubs and with the Alumni Association as Treasurer from 1981-83, as Faculty Senate Representative to the Alumni Board from 1986-89,andasarecipientoftheAlumniServiceAwardin1990;and(5)Ihavebeenafacultymember in the College since 1971. It didn 'ttake long for me to realize that 1992 would not only be the centennial of URI but also be the 65th anniversary of our first graduating class, the 50th anniversary of the reconstitution of the School of Business, and the 25th anniversary of the dedication of Ballentine Hall. These four celebrations would require some historical backdrop. The first publication from this historical research was a brief history of the College prepared as a part of the souvenir program of the URI Foundation Ball honoring both the College and Vin Sarni on June 3, 1989. The positive responses to the program encouraged me to do the booklet, "The College of Business Administration of the University of Rhode Island: Its Early Years, 1923-1946." The booklet was well received and this project is an outgrowth of it. The booklet was sent to about 350 of our graduates from those years. A number of these graduates commented on the booklet and these comments are included in this book. I have received excellent support from five former and current Deans of the College: Dick Weeks, Bob Clagett, Bob Comerford, Jane Stich, and Syd Stem. The first booklet was published partially through funding raised by Jack Temkin. Contributions were received from: Dennis Dallman, MBA '77; the MBA fund; the Providence Office of Price Waterhouse; Morris Satloff, B.S. '43; Timothy Sullivan, B.S. '72; Jack Temkin, B.S. '46; Richard Vangermeersch,M.S. '64; and Dick Weeks, Honorary Alumnus '87. Two of our early graduates, Harry Pratt and Mary Van Benschoten Stephens, also contributed to this project. Pat Lombardi of the URI Alumni Association helped me by recommending Ranny Holt and Howie Brightman for interviews and by providing addresses for our graduates from 1927 through 1946. Pat Weeden is thanked for providing memorabilia about her father, George Ballentine. My graduate assistant, Michael Baruch, and Maggie Ford of our Dean's Office are thanked for their logistical support. All through these publications, as well as through almost 20 years of otherprojects, Lois Pazienza, B.S. '71, has done a marvelous job in piecing together the many drafts and putting up with an hyperactive writer. Lois is the Secretary of the Accounting Department Laurie Bouthillier has been invaluable in getting the manuscript into its publishing format. Thanks Laurie. Kevin Logan and Dave Masyln of the URI Archives have been tremendously helpful to me as well. Thanks Kevin and Dave. Thanks also to Dick Gauthier, Pam Clayton and Sharon Berger of the URI Printing Services for their help in getting the book into publication. I hope you enjoy this book. Richard V angermeersch Kingston, RI October 1, 1991


TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Letter from Robert. L. Carothers Letter from Sydney V. Stern Letter from Bob Clagett Letter from Richard R. Weeks Preface Table of Contents Introduction The Early Years (1923-1946) Randolph C. Holt Howard S. Brightman Daniel Joseph Murray Harold Sternback and Anna Moskalyk Tucker Jack Temkin The Early Years â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Extended Margaret (Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor) Ackroyd Jim Murphy Jack C. Anhalt Ralph Ballinger Sam Barker John Christy Arthur Churchill Everett Duckworth Tom Falciglia Holly Farnum, Gene Fiske, and Ken M nroe Francis S. Goff Jr. Robert Hamilton Frederick P. Pelser Harry W. Pratt John Blackwell Smith Mary (Van Benschoten) Stephens The Ballentine Years (1946-1966) Ralph C. Potter Vincent A. Sarni Russ Hogg Frank Peter Morsilli H. Hamilton Reed, Jr. Bradford Reed Boss Robert L. Crandall James A. Hopkins Richard Vangermeersch The Ballentine Years (Memorabilia)

The Take Off Years (1966-1992) Alfred Joseph Verrecchia Doris M. Vigliotti George Smith Robert S. Russell Mark Stephen Cote Maureen Massiwer Gurghian Christine Callahan Dennis A. Cehelsky William F. Grantges Rochelle A. Bernier The Transformation Years (1992-2012) Brendan McCorry Alexander Couture Matt White Jill Cohen Elizabeth Demers Keith Moore Jessica Wolchok Pete Callahan Heung Wing (Tony) Chronology (1892-2012) B.S. Graduates (1926-2012) M.S. Graduates (1934-2012) MBA Graduates (1965-2012) Ph.D Graduates (1995-2012) Faculty (1923-2012) Administrators (1923-2012) Summation Appendix

INTRODUCfiON The majorthrustofthe book and its first section come from the many graduates of the College of Business Administration from 1927 through 1992 who participated by interviews or by letters and audio tapes sent to me. Hence, this history should be more interesting to our students than would be a more administratively oriented history. I hope that our current and past administrators will write their reflections and those could be added to a possible book in 1998 celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the College. I also hope the readers will write me their reflections so that these can be included in the 1998 book. In addition to interviews, I searched through URI Yearbooks, URI newspapers, URI catalogs, and other sources to provide a pictorial review as well. These items are shown after each interview and should provide some pleasant memories for you. Another important source was Herman F. Eschenbacher's, The University of Rhode Island: A Histozy of Land-Grant Education in Rhode Island. published in 1967. I urge you to read this book to give a broader background of the history of URI. The second section is a chronology of major events for the College. This provides a more administrative type setting in which to place the interviews and also gives a good picture of where we are today and how we got there. This section is divided into four parts: Prior to the Founding, 18921923; The Early Years, 1923-1946; The Ballentine Years, 1946-1966; and The Take-off Years, 1966-1992. The interviews are grouped by the last three time spans. It is important to note that the College did start from a good base as the "Prior to the Founding Years" included many businessoriented courses. The third section features the graduates of our programs through the years. The Commencement programs until1934 did not list graduates by College. In fact, M.S. graduates have never been listed by College. For those reasons, both the list of B.S. graduates from 1926 through 1933 and M.S. graduates were typed for this project. However, the graduation lists from the Commencement programs from 1934 were photocopied and presented in the format (or very close to it) in these programs. I hope that you will like the "more festive" presentation of our graduates. The next two sections list our faculty and our administrators through the years. The appendix includes a copy of the address of Dean A sa Knowles for the dedication of Ballentine Hall in 1967 and excerpts from the dedication program.

THE EARLY YEARS 1923-1946 Interviews with Six Members of the Graduating Classes from 1927 through 1946

Randolph C. Holt 1923-27 B.S. in Business Administration

In 1923, "The Bambino" captured his fifth home run crown in the newly opened Yankee Stadium. Coolidge replaced Harding. Hitler failed in his Beer Hall Putsch. Mussolini started his fascist dictatorship. The "Charleston" was first introduced. The A. C. Nielsen Company was founded, as was Time, and "Ranny" Holt entered Rhode Island State College in September. President Edwards announced a Business program at Rhode Island State and he hired Charles Lloyd Sweeting as Professor of Business Administration to carry out the program. "I first found out about the Business program in about October 1923. I was a freshman majoring in the General curriculum, when President Howard Edwards announced the program," Mr. Holt said. "The program was an experiment by Prexy Edwards to meet student and societal needs. I switched my major because I was convinced my family and I did not have the economic resources to pennit me to become a doctor. There was no financial help those days for students, except for a loan fund for seniors." The readers are probably interested in seeing what the first full curriculum looked like. It took three years for Mr. Holt to discover the required courses, as the program was given in three stages in the 1924, 1925, and 1926 catalogs. The 1926 catalog read as follows: First Term English!............... . English IX-Current Events History ill-Mod. European Bus. Ad. 1-Princ. of Bus. Modem Language.......... . Mil. Sci. and Tactics I, ll Phys. Tr................. First Term English XI-Bus. Eng.... . Chern. I-General... .... . Modem Language........ . Bus. Ad. illa-Acc...... Bus. Ad. VI-Bus. Law ... Mil. Sci. and Tactics IV Phys. Tr.............. .

Freshman Year Credits Second Term English!................ 3 History VI-U.S. History. 1 Bus. Ad. ITa-Economics.. 3 Modem Language.......... 4 Math. IV-Bus. Match..... 3 Mil. Sci. and Tactics I, ll 1 [1] Phys. Tr................. [1] Sophomore Year Credits 2 2 [1] 3 3 3 1

[1] [1)

Credits 3 3 3 3 2 1 [1] [1]

Second Term English Xlll-Bus. Eng. Chern. 1-General... ...... Modem Language.......... Bus. Ad. lllb-Acc....... Bus. Ad. VI-Bus. Law .... Mil. Sci and Tactics IV .. Phys. Tr....â&#x20AC;˘............

Credits 2 3 [1] 3 3 2

Second Term English V-Shakespeare... History IT-Civics ....... Bus. Ad. X-Transportation Bus. Ad. IVb-Corp. Acct.. Bus. Ad. Vlllb-Bus. Psych. Mil. Sci. and Tactics V.... or Zoo, X and Phys. Tr........

Credits 3 2 2 3 3

Second Term Bus. Ad. Xll-Bus. Man. Agl. Econ. IV-Marketing Bus. Ad. XIV-Salesmanship Bus. Ad. Vb-Cost Finding Mil. Sci. and Tactics VI or Elective and Phys. Tr.

Credits 3 3 3 2

1 [1] [1]

Junior Year First Term English IV-Mod. Essays .. Eng. ill-Debating ...... . Bus. Ad. IX-Insurance... Bus. Ad. IVa-Corp. Acct.. Bus. Ad. Villa-Bus. Psych Mil. Sci. and Tactics V.. or Zoo, X and Phys. Tr..... .

Credits 3 2 2 3 3

First Term Bus. Ad. llb-Adv. Ecn. Bus. Ad. XI-Advertising Bus. Ad. Va-Auditing Bus. Ad. XIII-Investments Mil. Sci. and Tactics VI or Elective and Phys. Tr.

Credits 3 3 3 3

} 3 (1]

} 3 [1]

Senior Year

3 (1]




Mr. Holt was very impressed with the program. He felt that he and the other students were well served by the rigor of the program. "It was very helpful in my business career, especially Statistics and Bookkeeping/Accounting," Mr. Holt noted. He was also greatly helped by his Psychology course and his professor, Reverend C. G. Beardsley, who was also the minister at the Kingston Congregational Church. He had been a prison chaplain at Sing-Sing prison and, hence, brought some real-life experience to the course. "My brother was studying Psychology at Yale and all he did was watch and talk about mice. At Rhode Island State, I was involved with studying people and I felt good about that," Mr. Holt noted. We are very fortunate that Mr. Holt was very friendly with both Professor (later Dean) Sweeting and President Edwards. "Professor Sweeting, who came to us from Syracuse University, was an iconoclast. He liked to shake-up the older faculty. For instance," Mr. Holt related, "crossword puzzles were just beginning to be popular. I was taking a business law course with Professor Sweeting and I had prepared a puzzle for business law terms. I showed it to him, and he asked me to revise it. I did, and he took it to a faculty meeting, at which he said, 'Here is my final exam in business law.' This shook-up the faculty." Another story about Sweeting, whose office was in the Science Building (later renamed Ranger), told by Mr. Holt was the Granite Buildings story. "Wh(m some of Professor Sweeting's friends from Syracuse were visiting our campus, he wanted to show how big it was. He showed them our granite buildings and then took them to the Peacedale Mill. 'Look at the big extension buildings of the College,' Sweeting told them." Sweeting held evening seminars on various topics. Attendance was helped by a large campus population and by the campus prohibition on autos. He also used to include in his Monday class a sort of "Show and Tell" period in which students could elaborate on their observations of some aspect of administration they saw during the weekend. Mr. Holt was very positive about Sweeting's abilities as an administrator and a teacher. The Business program was grafted onto the existing programs and resembled the Syracuse program. "He was the only business professor for the first two years. Other professors helped teach the courses in their specialties. For instance, Dean Adams, the Dean of Agriculture, taught Marketing to us and Professor Bills taught Business Math," Mr. Holt said. He related to me with a chuckle the math course in rapid calculation, using no machinery but mental gymnastics. He was especially fond of Professor Churchill in History, Professor Keaney in Physical Education, Professor Rockafellow in Business, and Professor Ireland in Accounting. Both Rockafellow and Ireland joined the faculty in 1926. It is interesting to note the interview Sweeting gave to The Beacon, the campus newspaper of the day, on September 20, 1923: Charles H. Sweeting of Savannah, New York, has been chosen to head the new course in Business Administration which is being established this year at Rhode Island State College. Professor Sweeting has taught in the College of Business Administration at Syracuse University since its organization in 1919. This course has now become one of the most important courses at Syracuse University, and has an enrollment of over twelve 'hundred. It was because of Professor Sweeting's close connection with the establishment of the Business Administration course that he was selected to organize the course at Kingston. Professor Sweeting received his A.B. degree at Harvard in 1914 and his A.M. from Syracuse in 1921 in the College of Business Administration. He now has his credits completed for a Ph.D. degree from Syracuse University. During the war he served as statistician in the United States Army. While at Syracuse, Professor Sweeting gave courses in Economics, Business Statistics and Business Cycles. Only freshman subjects in Business Administration will be given at the College this year, but the entire course as outlined by Professor Sweeting is similar to that of the Wharton School of Commerce and the Business Administration courses at Syracuse University and


at Chicago University. Provisions will be made in the studies of Marketing, Salesmanship, Corporation Finance, Analysis of Corporation Reports and Accounting to go as far as covered in these courses in larger schools. One also must chuckle at the Freshman Ru1es column in that same issue. Thou Shalt

1. Procure and wear at all times in the open air every day except Sunday or holidays in the township of South Kingstown and Narragansett, a blue cap, topped with a white button, 1 l/2 inches in diameter. 2. Uncover to all Professors, Instructors and Seniors. 3. Allow all ladies, upper class men and Sophomores, precedence in passing through all doors and entering student wagons. 4. Render at all times any assistance required by athletic managers or their assistants. Thou Shalt Not

5. Be seen on the campus or anywhere in the township of South Kingstown with any Co-ed. 6. Be outside of the village of Kingston after 10 p.m. except on Friday night. Mr. Holt had very favorable memories of President Edwards, as well. "Prexy Edwards was a very scholarly man who was known and liked by all the students. One of the stories told about him 路 was his taking of the first multiple choice test on campus. He was through half the test-all his answers were right-when the bell rang. He asked 'What was that?' He was told that it meant the time to take the test was over. He didn't like the time limit notion at all and this ended the multiple choice test experiment on cam,pus," Mr. Holt said with a smile. "Prexy Edwards also had a strong belief in a very sound general education background for all students." Mr. Holt sent me to our Archives Room for a copy of a speech, "Miasma," which he remembered Edwards giving. Lo and behold, Kevin Logan of the Archives Department of our Library found it for me in the Edwards' folders. "The speech was based on the importance of being goal directed," said Mr. Holt. "Miasma" was President Edwards' graduation address for the 1927 Commencement. Edwards first warned against the over-use of science. For science is swift and sure and strong only where it can weigh and measure. It deals in quantities. It is magnificent when it can apply balance and scale to the things that exist in time and space ... But coincident with that realm and interfused with it is another realm, in which torch and alembic cannot be used, nor can balance and scale be applied. That realm-the realm of human consciousness, the realm of humor, of beauty, of idealism, of aspiration; the realm of good and evil-that realm is the domain of wisdom; ... He was concerned about semi- and pseudo-scientists with no concern for morality. So, again, the doctrine of man's moral irresponsibility now so widely and loudly proclaimed is a miasmic poison threatening alike to individual success and to the continuance of social existence. Slogans like Be Yourself, Express Yourself, Live your own Life, are constantly heard, and in the mouths of many who use them the meaning wou1d seem to be "there is no such thing as responsibility to anything outside oneself. Seize what you can if you can get away with it..." Edwards said that self-control-the power that holds blind passion in leash and directs it to the accomplishment of worthy things-is life's great victory. With these thoughts in mind, it is easy to believe the goals that were stated in the 1924 Catalog description of the Business Administration course:


The College has committed itself to the task of providing a course of discipline and training which should give young men and women who propose to enter business: 1. A comprehension of the principles underlying the business economic organization of modem society. 2. A familiarity with approved business methods and practices. 3. The mastery of technique to the point of definite skill in a field of specialization. 4. The cultivation of habits of clear thinking. 5. An enrichment of life thru the broadening and liberalizing influence .o f cultural studies. These goals, undoubtedly those ofPresidentEdwards! are fine expressions of our goals today. Mr. Holt was asked about his career path. Actually, he had quite an interesting background before he graduated in 1927. He was a campus and regional reporter for The Proyjdence Journal for two years. "Ranny" has fond memories of the two summers he spent working at the old Beachwood Hotel at Narragansett Pier. After graduation he became an assistant to the Assistant Treasurer of a manufacturing firm in New Jersey for about two years. "I sensed that the economy was beginning to go sour before the October 1929 stock market crash. Bankruptcies and repossessions were rampant among our customers. I had the opportunity to join my brother in purchasing a funeral home in Woonsocket in late 1929. I remained there until I retired in 1982," Mr. Holt replied. "My fellow classmates were quite serious students. Remember only a handful of students went to college in those days. Most of the dropouts were caused by financial difficulty and not scholastic problems." Mr. Holt explained why he did not keep in contact with his classmates. "There were only 12 graduates in Business Administration in 1927 out of a total of 84 undergraduates who graduated. More importantly, the Great Depression scattered the graduates to wherever they could find any job possible." Mr. Holt continued to say that he and his fellow students were trained for management in about how general rather than for a particular business or for a particular type of firm. When the students ranked the Business major, he replied, "Engineering was first; Agriculture, second; General, third; and Business, fourth. However, potential employers held the Business program in high regard. You have to remember that most white-collar employees had a formal education that stopped at high school in those days. A college graduate in business was a rarity, and, hence, someone special." My colleagues (who met with Mr. Holt for lunch) and I would like to thank him for his time, energy, and friendship. We all enjoyed this meeting immensely. You have to be impressed with the good start the Business program had. There were a solid number of good and serious students from the beginning. The program was well thought out, well taught, and well received. It had a strong general education component. It also had the benefit of having two talented leaders in Charles Lloyd Sweeting and Howard Edwards. They made a difference. Mr. Holt's stressing of the long-lasting effects of the Great Depression was quite poignant. Anyone who looks at graduates from any program for the span of the late 20s through the very late 30s must realize the deeply disruptive effects the Great Depression had on the person, the class, and the school. Another point he raised were the serious economic constraints students had while attending Rhode Island State College. I had the image of a perpetual round ofGatsby-like events. Mr. Holt helped remind us that this was not .so, at least not at Rhode Island State.


HoLT, Providence, R. I.



zn A


Frnlu11an Football, Football S'!uad (2); Club (2), .luistant llfa1tagtr Glu Club(]). Ma11agrr Glu Club (4) ; J::ca111J171ist's Club (2, 3, 4) ; 0jfiurJ' Club (3 , 4 ); l.irult:llant (3, .J) ; Phi Drfta (3), E:ucutiru Committu (.J). Hehold yon visage! None other than our publicity man on the Pror:idtnu journal staff; ask Coach 1\:eaney a keenfur rht: write-ups. For a man, "Ranny" woman, as was evidenced in our G lee Club Alwa)•s on the job, that's "Ranny," no matrer whether it is business or pleasure-the pleasure side had a inRuence from his associate rep,>rter at Davis Hall. Well liked bv his classmates and all others with whom he has come in contact, "Pete" has sure done his hit at R. I. State. Goodluck, old topper, ma r you and "Porky" prosper in your future business underrakin!'>, a Ia restaurant, as first thought.



West Burington, R . I.

" .'\!...


" B,·acoll" (/ ), Campus Editor (2 ). ,l/anagi11g Editor (.1) , Editor·in·CI1id (4) ; }u11ior "Bt'aco11"; Ma11as:ing Editor GRIST (4); Football(/ ); Sagwnt 12. 3); .t!dj rttant (.{) ; Ojfiur/ Club (3, .J); Eco11nmi.rt'>. Club 1.?. 3 . .J): Track (/, 2 ); R.I . Dtbati11g Socitty (2 ); llorwr..- I .J i; Bla11kt't Tax Committu (.J); Rhodr lsla11d Rr pruntlati:·r lntucollt'giau lf'nfryan; M ilitary Ball Committu (4 ) . .\t last the town of West Barrington has justified its existence-it sent "AI" to R. I. State. During his four years' sojourn with us he has made himself useful and well liked. He has shown us his ability in Campus activities, principall)• journalistic hy his work with !J,.aco" and this GKIST, as is shown b,· the respective otlic.:s of Editor-in-Chief of the BracM; and EJiwr of the Gill ST. You find him busy at some acnncv. \\'di, "AI," 1927 wishes you·the hest ofluck when srep out into the cold, cruel world.

Heads of Courses



De.1n of Agriculture De01n of Men

De.1n of Business Administr.ltion

HOWARD EDWARDS . A. M. LL.D. President of Rhode Isl.1nd StOlte College



Corporal (I ) ( 2) : Sergeant ( 3) : Lieutenant ( 4) : Polygon ( 2) ( 3) . That 's 路路rae. " Since he bec01me one of us in the hll of 1922 he has been 01 typical go-getter Jnd h.1s shown us thOJt he WOJS one of the boys down here ' ' for a purpose ." \\'hen he decides to do something his thorough Jnd efficient methods of attack leaves no doubt Js to the outcome. Although registered 01 year and a half as Jn engineer. he was Jble. through his h.ud work . to gradua;e with his cl.1ss as the first Business AdministrJtion student from the college. " PJt. " with your sense of responsibilit y Jnd demonstrJted Jbility in the Jrmy to m.1ke your subordinJtes pull with you . we predict . unconditionally. J most successful cJrcer in wh.1tever line of endeJvor you may choose.



Z I1 A



Beacon Board (I) : Campus Editor Beacon ( 2) : Glee Cl1!b Quurli!l ( 1 )· ( 4) : So ph Hop Committee .(2) : Assistant Manager Glee Club ( 2) : Editor-in-Chief Junior Beacon (3) : Military Ball (3) : Manager Editor Beacon (3) : Junior Prom Committee (3) : Sergeant R 0 T C (3) : Editor-in-Chi"ef Beacon ( 4 ) : Editor-inChief of GRiST ( 4) : Manager Glee Club (3) ( 4 )': Blanket Tax Commit tP•' ( 4) : Chairman of Athletics' Student Council ( 4) : Military Ball Committee ( 4) : Captain R. 0 . T. C. ( 4): Vice President Masonic Club (3) ( 4) : Officers ' Club ( 4) : Soloist Glee Club (2) (3) (4) : Economists' Club (3): Membership Committee Masonic Club ( 4) : Speaker Committee Economists' Club ( 4) . "Don ," the same as Caesar. had ambition . and before long this ambition cropped out in Campus Activities. His long string of achievements. listed above. bears out these statements. In addition to the above he has been busy along other lines J.nd consequently was elected Major of the co-ed corps in his Senior year. On the ball · room floor he is above par and this . no doubt. accounts for his popularity with the fair sex. We have all wondered why he couldn't stay in the metropolis of Kingston over a week at a time. but no doubt when his secrets are announced in the future we will have had no cause for worry as "Don" is capable of picking the best on the market . His ability as a business man is second to none and it wouldn't surprise many of to see his name written in the "Hall of Fame" on this account. as he certainly has had a wealth of experience at our "Alma Mater:'' The best of luck, Don. old pal. on your trip through this stormy path of life.








Class Football (I): Varsity Football (2) (3) : Varsity Tmck (I) (2) ( 3) (4): Rope Pull (I): Beacon Board ( 2) (3) : Campus Editor of Beacon (3): Business Manager of R . I . Handbook (4); President Economist Society (3): Polyqon (3) (4): Scholastic Honors (3) ; Studtmt Council (4): R.I . Club ( 2) (3) (4}: Homecoming Day Committee (4) ; Interfraternity Council (4) : Masonic Club (4) . madames et messieurs. et rencontrez Messieur Gratton. un Gentilhomme. If the woman pays at least sh£ keeps the change in the form of fraternity pins. Say you not so. my gay Lothario? You. with the debonair manner and the pseudo seriousness of a future county magistrate. To think that you aspire to be a leader in the world of business administration! Neither the door of business success nor the door of political. success will ever be opened to you for your nationality is against you . Back to your tea. you jickey. and don't rush in where even Americans fear to tread. But now we lay aside all levity and give praise where praise belongs. Walt has surely made good and well he might, for a man with the pep of a sprinter and the pluck of a football player is bound to succeed. His active life here at college has engendered a great deal of sincere admiration and friendship among those who have come in contact with him and no one who ever met " Grat," even if but for a brief moment . co uld resist his charm and geniality. He has always been capable of adjusting his own views and _of accommodating himself to the customs and manners of others with such great facility and modesty that in the equation of his life the X can have but one meaning. namely, success. happiness. prosperity, and honor.

1 1

Howard S. Brightman 1928-32 B.S. in Business Administration Not only•was there a major administrative shift in 1927, but there also was a major programmatic shift then. Charles Sweeting resigned in 1927 and was replaced by Dr. Andrew J. Newman. In contrast to Sweeting's background, Newman's background was that of an economist. With this difference in background, it is not surprising that Newman made major changes in the program and in the designation Bus. Ad., which was changed to Econ.

FirstTenn English 1-Rhet. and Comp. History Vll-English History Econ. !-Economic Geography Econ. ITa-Econ. Hist. of Eng. French I or IT or Gennan I or Chemistry I Mil. Sci. and Tactics IT Phys. Train. First Term English ill-Debating History ill-Modem Europe Econ. ill-Accmmting Econ. IV-Princip1es ofEcon. French IT or ill or Gennan II or Physics Ia Mil. Sci. and Tactics IV Phys. Train

Freshman Year Credits* 3 3 2 3 3 2 (1] 1 (1] (1] Sophomore Year Credits* 2 3 3 3 3 2 [1]

(1] [1]

SecondTenn English IT-Types of Lit. History VI-American History Econ. !-Economic Geography Econ. III>-Econ. Hist. of U.S. French I or IT or German I or Chemistry IT Mil. Sci. and Tactics IT Phys. Train.

Credits* 3 3 2 3 3

SecondTenn English XIX-Exposition Gov. IT-American Government Econ. ill-Accmmting Econ. IV-Principles ofEcon. French II or ill or Gennan II or Physics lb Mil. Sci, and Tactics IV Phys. Train.

Credits* 2 3 3 3 3

SecondTenn English V-Shakespeare Econ. V-Money and Banking Econ. VI-Transportation Econ. VII-Business Law Psych. X-Psychology Mil. Sci. and Tactics V or Elective and Phys. Train.

Credits* 3 3 3 2 2

3 [1] 1 [ 1] [ 1]

2 (1]

1 [ 1] [ 1]

Junior Year First Term English IV-Modem Essays Econ. V-Money and Banking Econ. VI-Transportation Econ. VII-Business Law Psych. X-Psychology Mil. Sci. and Tactics V or Elective and Phys. Train.

Credits* 3 3 3 2 2 3 [1]

Senior Year First Tenn Second Tenn· Credits* Econ. IX-Public Finance Econ. IX-Public Finance 3 Econ. X-Labor and Employment Econ. X-Labor and Employment 3 Psych. XI-Ethics Psych. XI-Ethics 1 Econ. XIIa-Public Utilities · Econ. Xllb----Govemment and Indus. 3 Econ. Xill-Mod. Econ. Thought 3 Econ. Xill-Mod. Econ. Thought Mil. Sci. and Tactics VI Mil. Sci. and Tactics VI or or Elective and Phys. Train. 3 [1] Elective and Phys. Train.


3 [ 1]


3 3 3 3 3

3 [ 1]

Newman gave an interesting and informative interview in The Beacon on October 13, 1927. He stated: The accompanying statement of the course of study to be required of all students working for a degree in Business Administration will indicate to careful readers some change of emphasis in the work of the department. It will be observed that more time is to be devoted to those subjects commonly found in work of a department of economics in American colleges and less time to the so-called practical courses in business administration than in recent years. This change of emphasis in the department is in line with developments in this field witnessed on many other campuses in this country. This is a response to a feeling, now wide-spread and growing in intensity, that the first need of youth in preparation for a business career is education of a broad and scholarly type. There is no short-cut to manhood and character, those first two essentials of successful service in the business world. It is hoped that the new course of study adopted for the students in Business Administration may contribute substantially to the preparation of this group of youth for positions of responsibility and usefulness. I had the pleasure of spending two hours with Howard S. Brightman, '32, at his office and home in Scituate. Mr. Brightman wanted to major in Business and still be a part of a quiet and rural atmosphere of a four-year school. His brother had a chicken farm in Kingston, so Howie had some familiarity with the campus. Howard had always been interested and involved in sales, starting with selling peanuts house-to-house as a child. "I was neither very creative nor a scholar but I loved being out in the public," he said. Mr. Brightman was aware that the RISC Business course was in the beginning stages and not to be compared to the Wharton School, for instance. (That school had started its Business program in the 1880s). However, our program was both very basic and very good. He was fond of two professors. Howie mentioned Robert Rockafellow and Herman Churchill, known to students as "Turkey Neck." Mr. Brightman also thought highly ofDeanNewman, who was a "dry old guy with a folksy sort of a manner and very conscientious." Miss Helen E. Peck was an outstanding English teacher and also Dean of Women. Miss Mabel E. Dickson, who replaced Harry MacKay Ireland, taught a very simplified course in Elementary Accounting. Howie's remembrances of his fellow students were similar to Mr. Holt's. They were hardworking people, interested in getting an education. Howard was quite interested in Economics courses and Economic Theory, as taught by Professor Rockafellow. Mr. Brightman described his classmates as a "mixture of people not wanting to major in Engineering, because of its mathematical bent, and not wanting to major in the Sciences, because of lack of interest in them. Many of the students commuted to campus by train. The Business program was a general course and allowed one to go to College." Most of them had to "hustle" to meet the $1 ,000 fee for room and board for the year. There was no tuition in those days. Mr. Brightman was a president ofPhi Gamma Delta. "If you could get into a frat, you got the best place to live on campus. Frats were self-disciplined then and encouraged success in college." Since Prohibition led to expensive prices for drinks, very few students could imbibe with any frequency. Howard did reminisce about the Rathskeller-in Charlestown. My favorite story was how he cornered the blotter market. These blotters were desk -top sized and contained the varsity schedule, along with ads. Howard prepared 3 or 4 blotters each year and did quite well on the ad revenue. Howie also represented a tuxedo company and a jewelry company on campus. He told me of one student who bought candy and cigarettes in Providence and sold them in Kingston to help pay his term bill. With that type of background, it is no surprise that Mr. Brightman has been a great success in selling. He squeaked by during the Great Depression, starting out as an appliance salesman. He worked for Com Processing Co. for 40 years, the last two years as Vice President of Sales. He maintained his R.I. home and commuted those last two years on a Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon basis to Iowa. He became a commodity broker and still consults occasionally in that


function. He also has a Christmas tree fann in Scituate and was chosen, with his wife, as the Rhode Island TreeFannerofthe Year in 1988. Howie was chosen as Scituate Citizen of the Year in 1989. Good spow, Howie.


B<I> Edgewood, R. I.

Busineu AdmilZiitratiotz

Mgr. Basketball, 4; R. I. Club, 4; .-\d,-. Mgr. Beacon, 3; Bus. Mgr. Beacon, 4; Bus. Manager GRIST, 4; Student Council, 3, 4; Treas., 4.

ANDREW ]. NEWMAN, M.A., PH.D. Dean of Busi11ess Administration



.!\ E\\' MAN. :\LA .• PII.D. Profrssor of Economics and Dran of Rusincss Administration

Graduated State Normal School. Kirks\·ille,, 1908 ; Principal of 11issouri State School ior the lllind, St. Louis, 11o.. 1908-1910; A.B., Washington Uni\·ersity. St. Louis, 1910; :\LA., University oi :\lissouri, 1911; Principal of High School, Homer, La .. 1911-12; Principal of high schools in California. 1912-1916; Assistant in Economics and graduate: student. Stanford University, California. 1916-1917 ; Teacher of History and Economics in Lowe! High School, San Francisco, California, 191i-1919; Graduate Student. Universitv of California. 1917-1919 ; Appojnted Flood Fellow in Economics, University of California: 1919; Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Ka'nsas, 1919-19.21 ; Professor of Business Administration and Head of Department. Roanoke College. Salem, Va., 1921 -1922 ; Professor of Economics and Head of Department oi Economics, College of Commerce, Temple University, Philadelphia, 192.2-1923; Assistant Professor oi Economics, University oi :M aryland, 19231927 ; Graduate student, Johns Hopkins University, 1924- 192(} ; Ph.D .. johns Hopkins University, 1927; Professor of Economics and Dean oi Business Administration, Rhode Island State College, 1927.





.\dmiui,trati••ll "f:us/u·.:u,·d i11 ( lur //, ·u r/.c .. . (fuss .r J) ; !uuior l'n•m r.i); l; co i/111/IIS/s, /Jail Ccl!llll/11/c'{.' 13 J: Sof>/i /lor l//llll/!c' c' I .! J: l ·.rcslllrl!m /JaiiCfll<'f ( ourm i/1,·,· 1 I ;; Class /1 11 .1'/.·,·th 1111 ' 1, .!. J 1; I;rcslrmmr l1n1coll l?oard ; 1/o,·/.o, ·y 1 / , .!. Ji ; Torrri.< • l . .!1: ''''·'\ l•u/1 1/: !. J I: l'arsily Flo·;,·,·r !udyiu!l 'l'c 'll/11 , .! J; T ra.-1.· J I: (. llllllll<'llc'c' ;uc•tl lia/1 Co111111i11, ·,· • 3 1; . lrt t:di/ 1,,. 1;,.is/



A g-irl . surr.,mulcd hy a g-roup "i in;! iur :lt aitcrnuon lca 11r ui cerea pan 1111 nu!ncruus monies on:r. a larl;e s he has hecn pr .. milll.:llt in basketball. Elsa. For tour hockey, track. a11<l Truly 11nc ui the popular •Hl the El;a will ;!n:atl y hy :dl oi n,.


InA Ou:EY FLE:-.rrxr..

Z. T K A , <J> R. I. "loA" Business .\dministration l'r..shmau P!tn· : Phi ])c/fa II. 2. 3. -1 ); Trac!.- 121: .'>rcrrtarr aud Trrasurrr /,f Pau-Hcllorir 121: Class Basl,•rfha/1 (], 2. j, +;; T' arsify Basi.·r.t/1(11/ (3. -/); Class J>,·lmtiuy r:!. 3)_: Curtain 121: T'icr Prrsidrut Tau .·llrlw 1-l): Hnusr Prrsidrut I·JJ: Ecnuomists Cluh : £n111omist Ua/1 Committcr t"2); Drdicatinll P!tn". \Vho has never met Ida, the actress. debater, and athlete:' The girl with vim, vig-or. and \'itality, ready ior a good time or to help the other it:llo\\·. \\' hether she is playing the role oi a dashing debutante or earnestly lauding our foreign policy she is equally capable. \\'hen in the future we hear oi Ida. we knuw it will be among the i oremost business women.


O'CoNNOR-,-X 0,-


Providence, R. I. "PEGGY," "OKEY" Business Administration Dane .ll nsf for R. I. Jl nsf Brillicml W ()IIIII II AI nsf Lih·ls to Succeed. Presideut, Student Gm•rrmnrnt (4); Vice Prrsidcnf (3); Prrsidrnf Woman's Drlmtiny Society (4); Class Basket/mil ( 1. 2) ; Economist Ball Committee (3); Beacon Board (2, 3); T-'ice Prrsident Economist Club (3); House Prrsidrnt (3); Pla:r Cnursr (4). Clink. Clink, here comes "Peggy," the most active girl in our class, with her Phi Kappa Phi and Tau Kappa Alpha keys keeping time with her quick step. As president of the Student Government Association she has attained the highest position available to co-eds. She aspires to become a captain of Industry, and at the same time marry and raise at least five children. And we honestly believe she will succeed in doing it, and run for congress for ELIZABETH HAZEL MuNsTER, · ···,

X 0, <f> .l

Providence, R. I. Most Collegiate "Mt::-<STU," "BETTY'' Business Administration E:recutive Board, Phi Drlta (4); Vice Presid,·11t (4); Tennis Champion (1, 2, 3, 4); Eco11omist Club (2, 3, -1); Prrsident (4); Play Course (3, 4). ''Munster." (Bernhardt? ) The lodestar of our Thespians'. Versatile in her art to a surprising degree. she can play with equal skill Shakespeare's superbly winsome "\'iola,'' or his decrepit "nurse." "Betty" is artistic, yes, beautiiul. (see 1927 Grist), but not temperamental. She is a. born athlete. holding the title of women's tennis champion for four years. Her business ability is demonstrated by her able leadership oi the Economist Club during the past year. Yet. ;he has chosen to be a pedagogue, with the expectation oi blissiul domesticity lurking in the very ncar future. DA:-.TEL

ALOvsws O'Coi'\XOR. B <I>, T K .-\. Providence, R. I.

.\lost Lil.·cly to Succeed "OKrE."' "DAx," "D . A." Business ·Administration . Editor-i11 -Cirirf .1929 "Grist;" .\lwrayiuy Editor Beacon (I); -')_<'C_rrtary, Board ( 3. -1); Sports Editor ( 3 j; F raturc F..dctor (1); Srcrrtary- Trrasurrr T . K . .-l . ( 3. +J; Srcretan-T_reasurrr Dcbati11!J. Svcirty ( 3. 4) ; Varsity Dcl>ati11y ( 3 . .Jj; L a('tam. ( +_); Prrsrdc11t Studcut Forru11 ( -1 ); Po/y!/011 ( 3. +) ; .II. F. .. ( 3); F.cnuomist Clrrb ( 3. -1 ); Clrainua11 Puhlicit\' Committrr. (I); Coaclr Sof>lr. Debate Tt·11111 f 3 !; Suplr. T,., 11 ; 1 (!); !utcr-fnrtcnrity Clwmriouslrip Dd)(lte (.!!: Frcslww11 a 11 d Suf>lwuwn· Football Team ; Tnrc/..· (1. 2): (',rrsit\' Football .'i<[ltacl ( 2. 3); luuior Prom .\lusic Cou11uilfc,· ( 3); Toastmast,•r Beacon Bwllflll'f ( 3 ). Did . you ever hear the story nf Runald faunce's adn:ntures Ill South Africa:' I i not '' Dan'' will tell it to ,·ou or even one better. Story telling certainly shuulrl ha\·e been added to the above activities. Last, but nut least. "Di:lll" is the Carmine Canine king of Beta Phi. 17

Fifth Rnu·: H. L,\WTox. F. LF.F.. 1'. \\' IGGEXIIAt:SF.R. L. DEXTER. r.. IH'CK\\' OT!Til f-'nrtrl/r Rntt• : W . KELLEHER. :\1. DALX1CKI. H . TIIATCIIER . L. ROniXSOX . C. FL\IIF.IlTY Third Rm.1•: C. LYXX, H . C'RAGAX. w. :\!OKRAY . B. :\1:\YIIE\\', A. COXKLIX . P. m ·c;A LL Srcnrtd Rnn·: 11. HOCII:\tAx. D. o 'coxxmt. 1. FLE:\!lxG. :\1. o'coxxoR . E. x1F.nLOO:\I. :\1. Frnnl Rm.v:



Economist Club E. H .

:.r L':'\STER



r· icc-Preside II I

]oH:'\ CnAI':O.IAN .

Srcrctan Treasure-r



The business organization on the campus is the Economist Club. having aims similar to the technical societies. The club provides several lectures during the year by competent authorities.




Business Administration A X A Football (I) Baseball Squad ( 2) Track (I) Glee Club (I) ( +) Chm. Freshman Banquet Committee Chm. Sophomore Hop Committee Junior Prom Committee Beacon Board (I) (2) (3) (4) Sport Editor (3) (4) Polygon ( 3) ( 4), President ( 4) Economist Club (I) (2) (3) Representative to Inter-fraternity Conference at N.Y. (3)



Business Administration

Class Basketball (I) Varsity Basketball ( 3) Varsity Football (2) (3) (+),Captain (4) Class Football (I), Captain (I) Class Track (I) Varsity Track (2) (3) (4), Captain (4) R.I. Club (2)(3)(+), Vice-President (3), President(+) Stud<!nt Council (2) Officers' Club (3) (+) President lnter-fraternir;· Basketball Lc:ague ( +) Military Ball Committee (+)



AXA mt•idence, R. / .

Club, I, 2, 3,





A X A, <I> 6., <I> K <I>


Busineu .4 ti mi1:istrat ion Springfield, MaJJ. . Track 1 2 3, +; Fraternity Basket• ' ' ("1 1 Bas ket ba11 , I , ho11. ?. . ' -

Orrhl'•rro . 1. 7 .

F r nn




M 6., .1nth()ny, R.I.

Glee Club, I, 2, 4- ; Phi Delta, I , 2, 3, 3; Pres., 4.

. .·...



Bwiness .1tl ministration

R. I.

+; Trcas.,

Basketball, I , .2 ; Class Hockey, 1; JVby Dav, I ; Student Counctl, 2; Beacon, I, 2, 3 ; Cl;ss Beacon, I, 2, 3 ; Vigibnce Commicrce +· 4; Debating, I, +. ' '

.:.·.:: ·.- ;...





tl Bwiness .1 tlministratirm

. 1-'




PuTNAl\1 Busim:u

Lodi, N . J .

.1,/ miniser,;tiOII

Football, 2, 3, 4-; Tr;u:k, 1, 2; B.tscball , 3; R. I. ::'. C . Players, I , 2; Treas., 2.

Beacon, I, 2 ,· T rae.:, '· 1, 2 .




Daniel Joseph Murray 1931-35 B.S. in Business Administration By 1934 the emphasis of the new President, Raymond G. Bressler, who succeeded President Edwards in 1931, on more curriculum and more courses began to affect the Business program. For instance, courses were increased from about 250 to about 400 and, also, 17 distinct curriculums were offered by 1933, in contrast to eight in 1931 (Eschenbacher, p. 251). In effect, the 1934 program created an Accounting option in addition to the Economics program started by Andrew Newman. There were choices between: Econ. 14 Econ. 32

Advanced Accounting or Transportation

Econ. 15 Econ.33

Advanced Accounting or R. R. Rates and Reg.

Econ. 16 Econ. 34.

Cost Accounting or Public Expenditures

Econ. 17

Income Tax Accounting or American Taxation

Econ. 35

By 1935, students were offered a choice between the curriculum in Business Administration and a curriculum in Accounting. It is-worth examining the philosophy of President Bressler, who, like President Edwards, had a strong impact on the educational offerings of RISC. He wrote in his 1933 Report of the President of the College: For the present period the Rhode Island State College proposes to attempt an even keel in a stormy sea. It is not planning to change its course nor to take on any new freight It proposes to hold to its objectives-and these have been vocational in the main. It is a popular thing these days for educators, as reported by the public press, to extol cultural values and to point out that if we had not gone so far in science and technology we would not now be in this predicament. This attitude, it seems to me, is misleading. What is the good of scientific discovery unless there is an applied counterpart? There is no gainsaying scientific progress. Naturally, the human animal must devise ways and means of securing the benefits of his own discoveries. Rather than science and technology being to blame for the present confusion, culture should at least share the blame for its failure to adapt itself to a changed and more dynamic order of life. A study of the higher values oflife can in no way be inconsistent with the study of those things that will help a man make a little better living. In nature they are one; in an academic atmosphere they are sometimes separated. This world needs ringmasters to translate the high purposes of culture into the language of the street. If the colleges of the nation should dedicate part of their programs to this objective, the world might become a safer place in which to live. To say the least, it will be more noble for a college to face the problems that the millions face in a machine age, than to counsel and teach some Utopian simplicity which none except the very select and favored can adopt Dan Murray waited a year after his graduation from high school to apply to R.I. State. He was urged to apply by the manager, Dan Watson, of the Jamestown hardware store in which he worked. Watson had strong R.I. State contacts from his years in Wakefield. One of those contacts, Lucy Tucker, registered Dan Murray in the Business curriculum, which better fit his goal of Law School than did the Agriculture curriculum Watson had thought was a surer ticket for admission.


Dan Murray thought highly of the Business curriculum. The general nature of it was to his liking. He mentioned that two Science courses-one in Botany and one in Zoology-were required. This requirement was added in 1932, undoubtedly by President Bressler, as a result of the merger of the Division of Business Administration and the Division of Science into the Division of Science and Business Administration with John Barlow as Dean. He was also Vice-President of the College as well as a Professor of Zoology. Dan mentioned many of the same favorite professors thatRanny Holt and Howie Brightman did. Dan was quite fond of Andrew Newman, Mabel Dickson, and "Turkey Neck" Churchill. Dan made it quite clear that these professors were held in the highest esteem and that, for instance, "Turkey Neck" was really a "term of endearment." He was quite fond of his classmates and his fraternity brothers. He brought out his 1935 yearbook and referenced successful classmates as: Francis Goff, insurance; Arthur Hanley, President of Blue Cross of Rhode Island; Amy Janes, retailing; Clint Green (Greenberg), an international correspondent; Harold Soloveitzik,law; and Ruth Silverman, retailing. Dan considered the program in Business to be well on its way by the early 1930s within the College and considered that his Business classmates were no different than the non-Business students. Most of the classes were held in Lippitt, which also housed the Division of Business Administration. Dan's favorite experiences seemed to center on his involvements with the Debate Team and with the League of Nations Club. Professors Churchill and Dickson were involved with the League of Nations Club. George W. Brooks, a speech professor, was the very successful faculty adviser to the Debate Team. An example of the debate topics was the NRA (National Recovery Act, not the National Rifle Association). He related three signs he saw on the way to debate the NRA at the University of Maine. They were: Happy Days are here to stay; We are members of the NRA, BURMA SHAVE Debate was undoubtedly good training for Dan's legal ambitions, as he was admitted to the Law School at Georgetown and has had a very successful legal career.



Pro11t Row:

H. Prebludn, D . Carpenter, ::\lr. Brook!, I•. Lockwood, ::\I. Fncber

Suomi Row:

S. :-<emptzon, ::\f. ::\>IL>Cormick, E . St•nnlon

Third Rou-:

D . ::\lurr:.y, R . ::\l cCI"'ld, G. Ruest, 0 . Birt";stle

Tau Kappa Alpha is one of the oldest intercollegiate forensic organizations in the country. The Rhode Island State Chapter was organized in 1920." The pas(year, under the able leadership of Professor George W. Brooks, this Chapter has risen to great heights.


"Dan 1'

T K A,::; A E, <l>


R. I.

Business Administration

lulerfralemily Baskclb<Jll, z, ;, .+; 111/crfra/mzity Baseball, 1 , z, 3, 4; Debaliug, J, .J; Treasurer, -1; Pili D ella , 3, +; Busiuess Jl auagC'r, ,J; Forcigu .·lJTairs Club , z, ;, 4; Jl odcl League of ;\'atious Delegate, ], ,f; llouors , 3; J'igila uce Committee, z.



Pult'fllckct , R. I.


Busi11ns Ad mi11istratio11


Freshman Banquet Committee; Se::retary Class, 2; Class Basketball. 1, 2. 3. -+; Cbss Hockev, 1, 2, 3, -+; Junior Prom Committee; Vigilance Committee, -+; Class Base- . ball, 1, 2, 3; Intramural B;lsketball. -+; V;lrsity Basketball, 1, 2; R. I. S. C. Players. 1.



Cranston, R.I.

<I> :,\l ..l Business AJ ministratio11

Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain, 4; Basketball, 1; Baseball, 1; W res ding, 3; Class President, 3, 4; Student Council, 2, 3; Polygon, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, 4; Sachems, 4; Scabbard and Bbde, 3, 4; Captain, 4; National Scabbard and .Bbdc Convention, St. Louis, 3; R. 0. T. C., 3, 4; Sergeant, 3; Major, 4; R.I. Club, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 3; Officers Club, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; Member Soph Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee; Military Ball Committee, 4.


RoBERT RocKAFELLow, B.S. l11stwctor in Bminess Administration

B.S., Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, 1925; Instructor in Public Schools, 1921-1925; Appointed Instructor in Business Administration at Rhode Island State College, 1926.

MABEL ELSPETH DICKSON, B.S. Instructor in Business Ad minis/rat irm

B.S., School of Business, Columbia University, 1929; Accountant, 1919-1924; Secretary, Department of Education, Columbia, 1926; Accountant, Alumni Federation, Columbia University 1926-1929; Appointed Instructor at R. I. S. C. in Economics and Business Administration, 1929.



" Harriet"




Buseball, I, 2, Baseball, 4·

Glee Club, I, z; Frosh Beaco11; Soph Beaco11; Co-ed Beaco11, z; l11tramural Te1111is, z,· R. I. C<lmpus Club, 1 1 2 1 J, 4·




Business .-1 dminislrat-ion


Business Administratio-n

R. I.

" J ue "


-1,· R.I. Club,


3, -1; Honors, 3; C<lptain


:\ 1

.-. "Clint"



R. I.


" Jerry"


9 X, ctr K ··l>

R. I . S. C. P/(I}'CTS, I, 2, J, 4; -Publicity Director, J, 4,; Commencement Bull Committee,· Beacon, I , z, J, 4; .Vr:ws Editor, Frush Beaco11; Editor-ill-Chief, Supll and Ju·11ior Bcaco11,' N r:ws Editor,· Ed·itor-i11-Citief, Beaco11, -1; J{urt<Jgillg Editor Frosll Bible; Grist , .j; S<!clu·ms, 4· ·•.llost i !kely to succeed," "B·iggest Politiciu11 ."


R. I.

Business Administration

Football, 2, ;; .lludci Lca.gue of .V.ttions Delegllte, 2, J, 4; [lltt:Timtioll<tl Rcla.tiuns Club, 2, ;, .J," lntcrfratcmity Buseba/l, z , 3; Honors, 2, J , 4; Pili K<lpp(t Plti, -+·


Ointon Green,-78, dies; was wwn correspondent . WARWICK- Cllnton Green, 78, of 1139 Main Ave., a World War IT war correspondent and member of the foreign service for more than 20 years, died Tuesday at the Green· wood House Nursing Home. During his career as a journalist, Mr. Green was a reporter for sever· al news organizations, including the New York Times.. He covered several campaigns during World War IT, including the first mass bombing of Japan by B-29s in 1944. As a foreign service officer with the U.S. Information Agency, he served in Japan during the Allied OC· cupation and also in London and Mexico City. Mr. Green was born in Provi· dence, a son of the late Samuel and Clara (Salluck) Greenberg. He had Uved in East Greenwich before moving to Warwick four years ago. A 1935 graduate of the former Rhode Island State College, now the University of RhOde Island, 'Mr. Green was editor of the student newspaper, the Beacon, and the ' yearbook, the Grist. He received his postgraduate degree from the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. After graduating from the Uni· versity of Missouri, be worked for the Hyannis Standard Times, at that time owned by the New Bedford Standard Times. He later worked for the International News Service, DOW United Press International, serving in Hartford. Boston, New York. Detroit and Washington. During World War IT, Mr. Green was a war correspondent assigned · to the headquarters of General El· senhower in Algiers and reported on the fighting in North Africa. He lat· er was assigned to the invasion of Sldly and was then transferred to the Padflc fleet headquarters of Ad· miral Nlniitz at Pearl Harbor and covered the invasion of Saipan and Tinian. He then joined the New York Times in Honolulu, where he covered the Sept. 4, 1945, surrender aboard the Levy of the Japanese garrison that bad been holding Wake Island after 517 Americans IUI'relldered.

Mr. Green was one· of the few correspondents who was assigned to cover the departure and return of the first B-29s, which took off from Saipan and bombed Japan on Nov. 24,1944. He was commended by then-Sec· retary of the Navy Jaunes Forrestal for his outstanding performance as a Navy correspondent and also was commended by ·the commanding general of the New York 27th Divi· slon for his coverage of the invasion ofSaipan. At the end of the war, Mr. Green was a correspondent for the Times In Tokyo at the headquarters of General Douglas . MacArthur. He .was later sent to London to head the Times Wideworld Photos office for four years. He joined the foreign service when he was recruited by the U.S. Information Service, now the US. Information Agency, to bead its information branch during the occupation of Japan. Four years later, he was assigned to the London Embassy ·as an information officer and served there for five years. lie then returned to Washington to head the agency's publlcatioq division for three years. · As a member of the foreign ser· vice, Mr. Green also was the dlrec· tor of the regional service center in Mexico City, where he reproduced informational materials to be used by ·· Information Agency posts throughout Central America. Mr. Green leaves two nieces, Su· san Miller of Miami, Fla., and Janet Fradin of Providence; and a nepb· ew, Michael Saklad of Paris, France. He was the brother of the late Harry Greenberg and Ullian Saklad. The funeral service will be private. :•··- ·









B.S., A.M., Sc:.D.

A.B., A.M.

Drtm of School of Scimcc auJ Busiuru, a11.! Drau of Mr11

De11n of Women




Business Administration

Kingston, R. / .

Beacon, I. 2, 3, 4 ; Feature F ditor, 2 ; News Editor, 3; Editor-in-Chief. 4: Class Reacons, I, 2, 3, 4 ; Class Treasurer, 2. J : Inaugural Play, 2 ; Dele"ate Intercolle..,iate Press Conference, 4; Theta Beta, 2, J; Sach:ms, 4; Captaln Class Debating Team, 2 ; Secretary Student Fellowship, 2, J; Managing Editor of Grist, 4.




KASPER K. 4> K 4>. 4> ..l

J amestotm , R.


Business Administration

Honors. I. 2. 3, 4 ; Secretary Freshman Class : Hockey . I ; Hockey Manarer. 2 : Cheer Leader, I , 2. 3. 4 : Phi Delta . I. 2, 3. 4 : Secretary , 3 : Vice-President . 4 : Vi!!ilance Committee. 2 : Soph. Hop Committee : ) unior Prom Committee : May Pageant . I , 2 : Author an::i Director May Day . 2, J; Sachems. 4 ; Beacon . I. 2. J. 4: Co-e::i Editor . 3 : AsEditor. 4 : Mo::iel League of Nations. 4 : Grist; Pan-Hellenic Association, 3, 4; Chairman Pan-Hellenic Dance. 4.

Herman Churchill.


B .A. ,





" Bubbles"


R. I.

Busi11css .-1dminslralion

Juni01' Pr11m Cummillcc; Viu-Preside11t Portia Club; Tall Kappa .:1/plla .,J; .11a11ager Dcbati11g J, 4,· .ll auager Basketball, J, .J; Religious Collfcrcllce J; l11tematin11al Rclatious Club, 3, .J; Frnslz Bible, 4; .11 a11agilrg Editor Co-ed 3; Class Baseball, r, 2, J,' Bt•acoll J, 3; R. 1 . S . C. Jfa11ager Class Baseball, 2; Rifle Associatiou, J, 4; Track, r, 3; lllll'rcollcgialr Editor Beacon., J, 4; Beacon, I, 2, J, .;; Glee Club, .J; Jrnmcn's A. A., I, 2, 4; Exccutit·e Commil/ee, 4; .1/auaga aud Captai11 l'illage Baseball Team, 2; .1/odcl Ecmromic Collferci'Ce 2; JV. A, r. "Brst Xatured," ''Biggest Society Lady," ".\lost Origi11al," "Willicst."



:MARY VAN BENSCIIOTEN .:l Z, <I> .l, T K A, <f> K <I>


R. I.

Business Adminislratio11

Pili Delta, 2, J 1 4; Sachems, 4; T'arsity Hockey, :1 , 3; Class Hockey, 2, 3,· Intramural Hockey, 4; Class Basketball, z, 3; Varsity Debati11g, :!, Jj Tau Kappa Alpha, 3; lrztcmatioual Relations Club, 2 1 4,· Sopll Hop Commillee; Ju11ior Prom Committee,· Beacon, z; Fcatttre Editor, 3; !roman's Editor, 4; Editor Co-Ed Beacon, J,' J/ ode/ Ecouomic Cnlljerellce, z; H01zors, 2, J, 4; Co-Ed Editor; Grist; Pili Kappa Plzi, 4· ".11ost Versatile," "Biggest Politicia11," "Drag u:·illz Faculty."


Harold Sternbach 1937-41 B.S. in Accounting Anna Moskalyk Tucker 1937-41 B.S. in General Business Administration The only change from the preceding time period was the appointment of John Edward Candelet as the Head of the Department of Economics in 1936, as well as Comptroller of R. I. State College. His appointment as Head probably was in line with the switch of the theoretical approach of Andrew Newman to the more "hands on" approach of President Bressler. Harold Sternbach remembered Candelet as an exciting and top-notch lecturer in Elementary Economics. Like Dan Murray, Harold chose R.I. State because he wanted to be a lawyer and was very concerned about cost-there was no tuition charge in those days and things were a lot more expensive at Brown. Harold was sold on the school by Vinnie Petrarca-later the BursarofURI-and car pooled with him for the first year. Harold commuted by car the next two years and only lived on campus in his senior year as a fraternity brother. He stressed the very strong involvement of alumni members at the frat, which created a positive attitude. Harold was extremely impressed with the Business program. He remembered his Business Law professor, Dave Geffner, and his Economic Geography professor, Mabel Dickson. Miss Dickson had her class simulate a freighter trip around the world, buying and selling as you hit each port, for her final exam. This is certainly a fun way to realize the global nature of the world economy. Harold took a directed study course with Miss Dickson in his senior year on a statistical study of the school's infirmary. Harold had kind words about Professor Jones in the History of Civilization and Dan Thomas, also in History. Harold is still impressed with Thomas' "Identify and Give the Significance of... " questions. Harold also remembered the topic of his class essay in Jones' class, which was "Compare the Greek City States to the Egyptian City States." Harold also was fond of his Accounting teachers, Randall Tucker and Earle Ford. Harold, like the others interviewed, was very impressed with his classmates. He felt the Business students were considered good but not as prestigious as Engineering or Science majors. Since the Business students were less math-oriented and not involved in labs, they seemed to have more free time. Harold, as you may know, joined the faculty in Business in 1947 and retired in 1984 from the Department of Management Science. He received an M.S. degree from Columbia in 1947 and attended many different summer programs at various schools and countries through the years. He is very proud of his long affiliation, 1958-1972, with the URI Extension's Executive Development Program. Harold is remembered fondly by his students and his colleagues. I am especially fond of my long association with him, as well. Harold is truly a fine, fine person. Harold was at school when President Bressler ran into serious difficulties with "upstate" interests which felt threatened by a strong state college. Harold thought highly of Bressler as a very warm person. I asked him how he knew Bressler. It turns out that all students had to attend a mandatory weeki y convocation in which President Bressler gave a commentary on world events. The best attendance for the convocations came when Professor Brooks gave his yearly talk. The most interesting part of this interview was Harold's singing of his class song, which had to be sung during each convocation. The words were composed by Helen "Ma" Peck, Dean of Women. The words were: '41 '41; She's the finest class under the stin; She excels with Brawn and Brain; She's sure success to Gain. 31

'41 '41; When our college days are over and done; We'llloyal be to State; To our College Dean and Great.

Before interviewing Mrs. Anna Moskalyk Tucker, I analyzed the graduation lists from 1926 through 1943 to determine the number of women graduates. I had thought that there would have been almost no women graduates from the Business Administration program for those years but I was wrong. One of every six graduates was a woman. Table 1 Women Graduates in Business, 1926-1942 Year 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 Total

23 36 57 39 39


Total 1 12 16 17 17 16 17 15 24 45 44 31 45 64 47 52




Men 1 12 16 13 16 15 17

Women 0


0 0 4 1 1 0 4

21 36




3 8

'9 7



%Women 0% 0% 0% 23% 6% 6% 0% 27% 13% 20% 25% 26% 20% 11% 17% 25%



While the years from 1943 through 1948 were influenced by low enrollment of men students, there was a very big drop in the number of women students in Business in 1949. For example, in 1952, there were: 24 graduates in General Business Administration, all men; 8 graduates in Industrial Management, all men; 12 graduates in Insurance, all men; and 36 graduates in Marketing and Advertising, of which 3 were women. Hence, of 102 graduates, not counting the 5 women graduates in Secretarial Studies, only 3 were women. The Secretarial Studies Program was not started until 1943. Mrs. Tucker and I were unable to pinpoint any reasons for the seemingly (atleastto the writer) significant percentage of women graduates in that period of time. However, during the course of the interviews, some threads may have been pulled together. Mrs. Tucker was not sure what she wanted after high school. In fact, she took many courses in Physical Education and even tried to find a teaching position, but she did not have the courses needed for state certification. Her family, immigrants from the Ukraine, was a very small businessoriented family and this had some influence on her choice. She had never heard about the Business program until she applied to R.I. State College. One possible thread was personal involvement in a family-run business. It is not surprising that she ran the candy consignment in her sorority and sold clothes on consignment. Mrs. Tucker labeled this the entrepreneurial spirit, much like what Mr. Holt and Mr. Brightman said.


Another possible thread was Mrs. Tucker's involvement in varsity athletics-basketball and field hockey (she was captain of that team). She spoke very fondly of her basketball and field hockey coach, Josephine "Joey" Lees. The R.I. State field hockey team competed in short shorts, not in the bloomers of other schools, as "Joey" had nice legs. Mrs. Tucker credited "Joey" both with being a leadership role model and also with stressing high academic performanCe. "Joey" closely watched her players in their studies and had close ties with the Business program. Mrs. Tucker stressed the leadership role present in athletics. Other possible threads were involvement in women's athletics and a strong female role model. Mrs. Tucker felt the General Business and Economics background of her undergraduate degree laid the foundation for a lifetime of administrative success. While such a training for "preparation for living" was not evident to her then, she now sees this training was there. Mrs. Tucker spoke fondly of John Candelet, Randall Tucker, Robert Rockafellow, and Andrew Newman. She had the warmest praises for Mabel Dickson who was another female role model and a very easy person with whom to have a "woman to woman" conversation and for David Geffner, a professorofBusiness Law, by far and away Mrs. Tucker's favorite class. Anna's career path is one to note. She started as a secretary, without the required skills, to the British Ministry of War's staff at Quonset Point Naval Air Station. She worked many extra hours at no compensation to make up for shortage of secretarial skills. She then went to the U.S. Navy as a pass officer and then did another secretarial stint. In 1943, her roommate and a 1941 classmate from Business Administration, Hazel Joyce Robinson, received an appointment from the R.I. Department of Labor as a Field Investigator. Hazel did not want the job and Anna was allowed to step into the appointment. One month later, Anna informed Hazel of an opening as a Statistician in the same department. Hazel received that appointment. Anna worked her way up to being Supervisor of Field Investigators and then Administrator of the Division of Labor Standards. She replaced Margaret "Peg" O'Connor Ackroyd, a 1929 R.I. State Business graduate and a valued mentor for Anna, in that post Mrs. Tucker then became Director of Elderly Affairs early in the Garrahy years, 1977-1985. She was not reappointed when the governorship changed party hands. Mrs. Tucker's success was undoubtedly helped by a much less discriminatory employer, the State, rather than the private sector of that day, and a strong female mentor. For instance, Mrs. Ackroyd and Mrs. Tucker founded the State Advisory on Women in 1970. They were also very involved in the R.I. Chapter of the American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA), of which Anna served as its president. (Please see my subsequent interview with Mrs. Ackroyd.) Mrs. Tucker shared the feeling that Engineering was number one and that the Business program was a variety of general courses for "jocks." She showed great leadership in being the first woman candidate for the symbolic "Mayor of Kingston" election. She lost. but another woman won the next year. Anna was also a partofthe Bressler Committee, whichlobbied Governor Case on behalf of the beleaguered president ofR.I. State. She was most impressed with the success of her classmates and with R.I. State College.



ANNA ALicE )1os K .\L YK

Business A.tlmini.•trntion, Accounting

Bwineu ..J.tlministrntion. Go-nl'rnl



700 )lain Street. West Warwick

3 St·hool5treet.



n,uiJaess Administrution, Generul



16011\lain Street, Wesl Warwick

Blanclu· Richarrl Blancltt' Tiicharrl Blau<'he Ri l'kml



Anua Bl :111dll' Tii <"h a rrl Blauclw T: il' hartl .l/ m t !Jt•f" ''Hlal>l t• .


. .T ail!'


RHODE ISlAND STATE COllEGE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION All women students are members of the Women's Athletic Association, but only those participating in sports may be eligible for a sweater. The executive power of this group is vested in a council which consists of the officer of the organization, the sweaterwearers, and two representatives from each of the two lower classes. This council formulates the rules governing the award of trophies and sweaters. Requirements for a sweater are: two years on a varsity team, one year on a varsity team and two on a squad, or four years on a squad.

First Row: Thockeroy, Sch,>artz Second Row: Webster, Szymko,.路icz, Sonborn, H. Joyce, Nichols, Chase, 'X'illioms, J\1oskolyk




Business Administration


Business Ad m hris !ration


R. I.

Cransto11 High Scbool


Cross-C<Juncry I; Indoor Tuck I, 2; Trock !, 2, J; Intromurol Tuck I, 1, 3; Intromurol Cross-Country 1, 2, 3; Club BJnd I. 2; Ployers !, 1; Beocon !, 2; De::\foloy Club 1, 1, ;, Secretory 3; Aoro Club Foreign Rdotions Club

R. I.

Technical High School

Intumuul Boskctboll !, 2; Intromurol Deboting I: Pbyers L :. 3,

Tcchnici::an I, Tre.:uurcr .2, 3,

Bc:tcon 1, :!; Fresh ..

mon Beocon; Sophomore Beocon.

!, 1.


LouvAN ELISE LocK wooD Busi11rss Ad mi11istralio11 LAKE\vooo,

l, T K A R.I. James T.


High School

3. 4, Sccrct:1ry 4 :


J, 1:

R. I.

Rogers High School

Sochcms; Honors !, 2, 3, 4; Yorsity Deboting !, 1, 3, 4; Thcu Beta !, 1; Portio Club J, 4, Vice-President 4; Tou Koppo Alplu 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Beocon I, 1, 3, 4 ; Co-ed Beocon 1; Feoture Editor 3, 4; Assiscont Editor Bcocon, Sophomore Bcoc.o n ond Junior Beocon; Co-ed Ediwr Co-ed Bcocon I; l\'c"·s Editor Co-ed Bcocon 1; Assistont Editor Co-ed Beocon 3; Glee Club I. 1; Internotionol Rebcions Cl ub I, 2. 3. 4, Secretory 1: :\lode! Economic Conierencc I. >

Portio Club I, 1. 3, ond Treosurer 3. President 4; Tou Koppo Alpho, Secretary ond 4: Foreign Rebtions I.

Busi11ess Ad mhtislrafiiJI,

X A, <I> K 1>, T K A


1, 1 : Co-ed

1. : . .'\ssist:Jnt Editor:: Freshman Bc:tcnn I ; Sophcmore Beocon 1.

Pbycrs 1, 1,

4 .. Sccrct:lry : , Assist:lnt Director 3, 4 : Ruun o..:

Tobie 4: Rodio Club 4; Grist Boord mon Bible 4.


Feoturc Editor Frc•h-


R. WARD Busim•ss Admhtistratiotl




xo EDGE\\:'OOD,

R. I.


St. Xat•ier's Academy

Clm Field Hockey :; Cbss 1; Schobscic Honors 3; 'lt'om>n Commuter's Club I, 1, 3, 4, Sccret>ry 2, VicePresident 2nd President j; Sophomore Hop Committee 1; :\by D>y 2.



R. I.


East Prol'idl'ltcr High School

of S•chems; \'\'omen's Field Hockey 3, 4; \'\'omen 's 3, 4, C•rt>in 4; Women's Editor Ilc>con 4; Fe>turc Editor Be>con 3; 'It' omen's Editor Freshmen Bible 4 : Student Council 3; of 3; Cbss : . ),



Cbss Vice-President 4.





Business Admhtistmtion

Bmiuess Admittistration L K, <I> t. Soutb Kingstotlln High School

Business Administration


Taunton High School

Sachems; Assistant M•n•ger of 1, 2; Assist>nt M>nager 1, 2, B>seball 1, 2, 3; Pbyers I, 2, 3, 4, Assist>nt Business- Manager 2, Business Manager 3; Be>con I, 2, 3. 4, Circul>tion Manager Freshm•n and Sophomore Be>con, Business Manager Junior Be>con, Circubtion M•n•ger 2, Scn·ice M>n>ger 3, Advertising M>nager 3, Business Man>ger 4. Business Manager Freshmm Bible, Service M•n•ger Grist.

Sachems; Co-ed Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-C>pt>in 3, C>puin 4; Scholastic Honors I, 2, 3, 4; Phi Delu 2, 3, 4; M•y D>y I, 2; Class Secretary 4; lntern>tional Rcl>tions Club 4; Grist Board 4; Pan-Hellenic Association 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; Class Hockey 1; Class I, 2.




Prcsidmt A Z, T K E, A f <I>, f .E .:l, <I> K <I>; :tnd Bbde; Diplom:t, Shippensburg St:tte Teachers College, 1904; A.B., Valp:tr:tiso, 1908; M.A.,Wofford, 1910; Assist:lnt Professor of English :tnd Public Spe:tking, Tex:1s A. & M. College, 1910-15; Assist:tnt Director Public Discussion, University of Texas, 1915-16; Associ:tte Professor of Rural Sociology and Head of Rural Education, 1916-17; M.S., Wisconsin, 1919; Assistant Director of Vocational Agriculture for Tex:ts, 1917-18; B.S., Agricultur:tl Educ:1tion, Tex:1s A. &M. College,. 1918; Professor of Rural Sociology :tnd Director of Short Courses, Penn.' State, 1923-27; Graduate Student, Columbia, 1925-26 :1nd 1930; Deputy Secretary of Agriculture for Pennsylv:tnia, 1927-31; Director, Pennsylvania Farm Show, 1930-31; Appointed President, 1931; LL.D., Northeastern, 1932; Ed.D., R.I. College of Educ:ttion, 1932; Sc.D., R. I. College of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, 1933.

tLe '•·isi JOHN EDWARD CANDELET, 2nd B.S., M.A., M.B.A.

Comptroller and Associate Professor of Economics AT 0, il f M; B.S., Colby College, 1927; M.A., Colby, 1928; M.B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1929; Statistician, Industrial Trust Company, 1929-36; Instructor, American Institute of Banking, 1930-31; Instructor, Northe:1stern University, 1930; University Counselor, Northeastern University, 1931; Acting Assist:tnt Dean, Northe:1stern, 1933; Executive Committee, Administrative Council, Educational Committee, Curriculum Committee, Chairman Curriculum, Northe:1stern, 193 3-34; Appointed Comptroller and Associate Professor of Economics, Rhode Island State College, 1936; App.o inted Head of Department of Economics, Rhode Island State College, 19 3 6; Instructor in Economics, Rhode Island State College, Summer Session, 1934; Americ:m Economic Association, American AcademY of Politic:tl and Social Sciences, Ac:1demy of Politic:tl Science, Foreign Association.

\ E.\STwooo


Business Aclminislrnlion

Business Administration

ex Main Street


65 Fairmount .\venue




CJ ..... Clul, ! : CluJ. I : s.,acon I : Cmunt·rtC!'ntmt _ _Ball Commilto·., l : Glee Cluh J: R. I. CluJ. -I: lntcrn,tliun al CluJ. 3, 1: Honors 2 : :'>lanal!t•r Trao-k .uul Cro-s Cumtry .J : East Hall .-\ssociation I, !. 1, I. Pr.,;i.lf'nt 1: F .. Committee .J.


E . Society I. 2: Manager Frosh Football2. 3: Officers Club 3. 4: Cadet Captain Adjutant 4 : R. I. S. C RiHe Association I, 2. 3. 4; Rifle Team I. 2. 3, 4 : N . E. Hearst Trophy Cham· pion 3: Foreign Relations Club 3. 4: Aero Club 3, 4: l\1anager Wrestling Team 3. 4 : Intramural Basketball I. 2: Intramural Baseball I. 2: Intramural RiHe I. 2. 3, 4.




Business Admittislration

Business Administrution

54 Campbell Terrace


\\'arner Street

East Hall Association I . :!, J. Honors ::!. J . Bo·acon I. l . 3. -1 • .-\d.-c rtising :'-lanngcr -1 : Froslo B<·ncon C irl'ulatiuro :'-la rlil\IC <: Soplo Bt'acon :\d.-.. rtisin!! :'- lanaaer : .luro iur B Busin e>; :\ssod atc Boa rd : Grist .\ d, ·j·rli :o: in t! la na!!cr frosh Bible -1 : Chess Cluh l : Ploilosnpl ry :=:udcl y I. Vice Preoident : :'-lool .. l E conomics Confpn •nr ,. l . I : ln tt· rnaliona l Relations Cluh l. l. 1: lrulour Trao-k I : Trao-k I : Intra mura l

Ordoe>tra I . :!. 3 , -1 : Bu<ioot'" :'\ l.uoa!!c r 3, :'-Ia roii!.!<"' -1: Band I. :!. l . -1: :'-lay F es th·al I.::!, 3. -1 : E ost Hall :\,.>odation : :';ulio• E . \kCr<'ad y Srloular.loip 3: R in!! Cuuuuittec : (; ;IJ ,.·rt a nrl :::ulli.-;uo l'rooluc.tiun < I. :!. 3 : Ploil u,n ploy 3ur·i..ty

3 : H urours 1. -1 : Soplo 13C'a m n : lniC'rnatiooonl R " l. otion • Clulo -1: :'upl o J-l np C'oouuoitl t•e: Intra mural IJa ,.kC' tl oa ll I. l : Intra mural f).,,.,.J,,,IJ I . :!. -t : lnt rn rooural Trar k : lntrarroural C ru<· Country

Ba.kl'tbalf .l. l. -1: lntmmural Ba•o·h a ll .l. l. 1: lntra mrrr., l . D<"batina 2 .

I : Cnllo •!!•' D a net• Orclo.,stra 4.


Bmim·ss Ad m!11istratirm

A X A, <ll S:1chems

0Jk PJrk, Illinois

721 Bclleforte A venue

Football :\hnasor 2, 3, 4 ; R . I. Club J. 4: Frosh Beacon, :\hnaging Editor; Soph Boacon, Editor-in-Chief; Junior Editor 3; Beacon 4, .Managins Editor; Varsity Debating 2, 3; Model Delegate 3, 4; The Grist, Editor; Phi Delta I, :! , 3, 4; Soph Hor Committee; .Junior Prcm Committoe, General Treasurer; Honors I, 2: I. 2. 3; Scabbard and Blado 3, 4; i\'lilitary B•ll Committee _;, 4 ; Student Fellowship I ; International Relations Club I, :!, 3, 4 ; C!•ss Dn j, :\brshal : FacultY Ball Comm ittee ; Co-Chairman· M•yoralty C•mpaii n 4 . .


Business Ad ministration

<I> K <Il, ll A '.IJ, T K A, Sachems Shawomet R. f. S. C. Wr:onglers 3, 4 ; B:uketball Honors I ,

P a wtucket

Pla yers I. 2. 3, 4, Manager 2, Treasurer J, Gcnerll Man•ger 4; I , 2. J , 4 , Vice President 2, J. President 4 ; Tau Kapp• Alph a J , 4 ; Gmt 4; Aero_ Club l, 3; DeMo lay Club 2, 3, 4 ; 1; Junoor Prom C ommottoe J; Facult y Ball Commit toe 4 · 2. J, 4. '



B.S., B.L.I., M.A.

Hc·at! of Euglisb Deparlmmt and Associate Professor of Public Speaking

.E P, T K A; B.S., Dartmouth College, 1922; Instructor, Lake Forrest College. 1922-24; B.L.I., Emerson College of Oratory, 1927; Associate Professor of Public Speaking, College of William and Mary, 1927- 32; Graduate Student, Harvard University, 1932-33; Appointed Assistant Professor of Public Speaking, Rhode Island State College, 1934; Associate Professor of Public Speaking, 1936-38; Appointed Head of Engl:sh Deplrtment, 1938. {:j.



Visiting [llStructor in Busituss Law

LL.B .. Boston University; Appointed. Rhode Isbnd State College. 1937.


Business Aclrninislralion

AEIT 129 Lancaster Street


Transfer StuJo·nl from .-\lal><wm L'ni,·•·rsilv I. 1 : Foutlmll 3 : lnlramurul Ba,k.. thall 1. ·1: Intramural B;,.,.J,.,II J. -1: Intra· 111ural Pinl! Pont! 3. -1 : Hunors 3. 4.

EnwMm .Josr::PH ?vluali'IIY ilusirtc>ss Adminislrulion

'-11• Sadu·m!>

137' Savin I-lill Avenue.


FoHotl.,,ll I. :!. 1: Ba>t'l><tll I. :!. 1: Intramural lt,.k..tlo;oll 1. ':!. J. ·I : Swl.lmnl arul Bl;ult· .1. ·I. l ;t Lit·ttlt•n;nol ·1: , :\.·wm;ut ( ' In I, I, :!. 1. ·I. l'n·si<lt•nl :!. I: l'nkcmo 2. 1. ·I. \ in · l'n••i· olo•nl 1: 1<. I. ::;. C. l'layt·r.• :!. l. ·1. -'lau.o!!o•r ·I: Tn·a>uro-r nl ('las< ·I: ('(,.,;.,,., .. C'nno,,..,,.,.,,.. .. , /l,,/1 1: /l,,/1 ( ' 0 11111 .i(t 1•t•






Prout Com111ilk · :

I. CJ.. J, :!. 3. ·I.



Busi11ess AJmillislralioll Westerly

3 3 Chester A venu: Hockey 3, 4; 3, 4; Home

Rebtions Club 3; Sociology Club Club 4; Club 3, 4 ; 1, 1, J, 4; Tennis 1, !, J, 4 ; Women's Student Government Council 4; AssoPresident 4. ·


Business Administration

ex 94 Sefton Drive


Beacon 1, 2, l, 4, Circulation Manager 4 ; Business Manager, Frosh Bible; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Manager l; Orchestra 1, 4; Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4 ; Intramural Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Cross Country j, 4.


Bmincss A.!ministralion 95 Pidge Avenue


Hall Associuion I, 2, 3, 4; Relations Club 3: Frosh, Soph. Junior Beacons : R. I. College Pbyers 2, 3; Intramural !, 3: So ph Hop Committee ; Junior Prom Committee: Beacon I, ! , ;, 4 , Ad,·crtising Manager 4; Advertising Grist 4.


Business Administratio11

<I> !\l 1928 P:1wtucket Avenue


E:1st ProYidcnce

Beacon 1, !, 3, 4, Ne\\·s Editor 4 ; Phi Delta I. 2, 3, 4 ; Fr os h J uni or Bible, Editor-in-Chief 3; Class Tre>Surcr Prc:m Committee 3 ; Soph Hop Committee 1 : Track I, 2 ; 3, 4; Scabblrd •nd Bbdc 3. 4; \lilit•rr B•ll Grist 4; Committee 4; C!Jss Day 4.


Jack Temkin 1942-46 B.S. in General Business Administration The early 1940s were truly exciting times for Rhode Island State College, even though the low point of student enrollment of 363 was reached by 1944, the smallest number since 1920 (Eschenbacher, p. 299). A new president, Carl Woodward, was appointed in 1941. Woodward had held major administrative posts at Rutgers University and had "a more relevant educational background and a broader administrative experience than any of his predecessors" (Ibid., p. 295). Rhode Island State College was chosenasiteforthe Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP)(Ibid., p. 295). The School of Business Administration was founded on November 15, 1942, under the leadership of Dean Asa Knowles. The Department ofEconomics left the School of Science to form the new school. Knowles had also assumed the Directorship of the Division of Industrial Extension, which administered the defense courses and became the largest Engineer, Science, and Management War Training Program in New England [Ibid., 307]. When Federal funds were withdrawn, the Division of Industrial Extension became the General College Extension [Ibid.]. Three new majors were added in 1943. They were: Industrial Management; Marketing and Advertising; and Secretarial Science. In 1944, an Insurance major was added. By 1945 graduate courses in business and economics were established leading to the degree of Master of Science. Dean Knowles resigned in 1946 and was then replaced by Professor George Ballentine as Acting Dean. (Dean Knowles was the feature speaker at the dedication of Ballentine Hall in 1967. His speech is included in this book.) It is interesting to note the career of Dean Knowles. His employment background was in a data sheet sent to the writer by Northeastern University: Instructor and Assistant Professor, Industrial Management. Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. 1931-1935 Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering, and Head of department oflndustrial Engineering, Northeastern University, 1936-1939. Dean, College of Business Admitrlstration, and Director of Bureau of Business Research and Professor oflndustrial Administration, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1939-1942. Dean, School of Business Administration, and Director, Division of General College Extension and Professor Industrial Administration, University of Rhode Island, 1942-1946. President, Associated College of Upper New York, 1946-1948. Vice President, University Development Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1948-1951. President, The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, 1951-1958. President, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1959-1975. Chancellor, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1975-89. Jacob N. (Jack) Temkin was anxious to getaway from home in Providence and broke a family tradition by not going to Brown University. Jack chose the General Business Administration major, really an economics major, in order to prepare himself for entry into his family's wholesale tobacco and candy company. When that business ended in the early sixties, he became involved with the life insurance industry. He was quite active on campus in a fraternity, AEPi, and the Student Senate, serving as President of that body. He has kept close contacts with the members of his fraternity, his other classmates and with the University, achieving the coveted URI Alumni Association Ram Award in 1971. Jack showed me many items of college memorabilia and URI awards on his office wall. He spoke with most enthusiasm about the professors he knew at Rhode Island State College. Winfield Scott Briggs, an Accounting professor, was labeled as sweet, kind, generous, and as good-natured a human being Jack ever met. George Ballentine, an Industrial Management Professor, was loved by his students and brought his significant experiences with Firestone Rubber intohis courses. Robert Rockafellow, often-mentioned Professor of Economics, was a positive influence. Jack remembered


Dean Asa Knowles as accessible, genuinely loved, brilliant, and top-drawer. Knowles started with nothing and did a tremendous building job. President Woodward as a highly respected and stately gentleman who didn't want to hurt anyone. Jack, not unlike the previous interviewees, felt his-college and fraternity experiences taught him how to live with people. He was 4F during the War and made up for that by constant correspondence with his classmates who were in the military. Jack had kind words about many of his non-business professors and college administration: Bill Metz and Dan Thomas of History; Warren Smith, Lee Wilson, and Bob Sorlien ofEnglish; and Dean's Browning, Weldon, Quinn, and Morris. He was most impressed by Bob Sorlien's course in public speaking. The liberal arts course left him with a broad viewpoint. Jack was impressed with the athletic achievements ofRISC and its directors-Frank Keaney, Frederick Tootell, and Paul Cieurzo. During those days, the Rhode Island State College had yet to shed its "cow college" image upstate. Engineering was still ranked as the Number One major with the Business College not held in the same esteem as it has now attained. Jack thought his classmates in Business were not any different than the other students. All in all, Jack remains as enthusiastic about URI as he was about RISC. As the writer has been friendly with Jack since 1971, he has been struck by his boundless enthusiasm for URI. Thanks, Jack.

] .-\COB 3-+o

\\";1ybnJ .\ n:nul'.

RhoJ: lsianJ

AEJI and of :\!ph;! Ep;ilnn Pi; and of Student Senate; of Brandeis Club: president of Society for .-\d\'ancement of ment; Senior Polq.:on :\lanaging editor of GR1STETTE ; \V;Jr )lemuri;d Executii路e


Sl:HOOL OF BUSINESS Alll\iiNISTRATION AMERICAN business absorbs the great majority of all the college graduates in this country this year. The Business School offers two curricula- Accounting and Business Administration General. The Accounting Option prepares the student for specialized training and practice in the use of modern accounting methods. Many of the graduates of this curriculum go on to take a certificate as a Certified Public Accountant. Courses in Political Science, Foreign Trade, Marketing, Banking, Statistics, and others are offered to give the student a working as well as a practical knowledge of the many problems to be met in the world of business. Executive, managerial, employment, and operational problems are discussed and various types of solutions are offered and argued- pro and con.

FACULTY FRA!>CIS PITCHER Librarian and Professor of Bibliography, 1939, 1936 ; B.A., Amherst College, 1927 ; B.S., Columbia University, 1929 ; M.A., University of Michigan, 1933路 路 GEORGE ANDREW BALLEI'TINE, Assistant P!路ofessor of Economics in Business Management, 1941 ; A.B., Colgate University, I922; M .B.A., Harvard University, I924.

*GEORGE EDWARD BROOKS, Associate Professor of Public Speaking, I936, 1934 ; B.S., Dartmouth College, I922 ; B.L.I., Emerson College of Oratory, I927 ; M .A., College of William and Mary, 1930. WINFIELD S. BRIGGs, Assistant Professor of Accounting. *joHN EDWARD CANDELET, 2nd Associate Professor of Economics, I936 ; B.S., Colby College, I927;


M.A., Ibid., 1928 ; M.B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1929. . MABEL ELSPETH DICKSON, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1935, I 929 ; B.S., Columbia University, 1929; A.M., Ibid., 1934· PHILIP EARLE DouGLAss, Professor of Modern Languages, 1929 ; A.B., Harvard University, I 913; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1929. *DAVID GLASSNER GEFFNER, Visiting Instructor in Business Law, 1937; LL.B., Boston University, '930AIIIY MARGARET GILBERT, Dean of Women and Professor of History, 1941 ; A.B., Wilson College, 1915; M .A., University of Pennsylvania, 1919; Ph.D., Ibid., 1922 ; LL.D., Wilson College, 1939· CHARLES .\. HALL, Assistant in Industrial Extension, School of Business and Alumni Field Ser:retary. HERBERT HaFFORD, Assistant Professor of Journalism, 1934: Ph.B., Brown University, 1923R..\YM0:->0 H.\LLIDAY, Instructor of :viodern Languag!"s, 1936: A.B., Brown University, 1920: UniversitY of Gn·noblc, France, 1924 ; A.M., St. Anslcm"s College, 1932. joH:-> L. H.\RR, Instructor in History and Political Scienc!'. KE:->XETH K x iCKERBOCKER. Professor of English, 1938, 1934 : B.A. , Southern Methodist Univnsitv, 1925 : :vi.A., Ibid., 1927 ; Ph.D., Yale Unin·rsity, '93.3· •-\ :.< .\ S. K :x owi.Es , Profrssor of Industrial Administra tion , Dc·an of School of Business, Director of Industrial Extt·nsion. JoHx 0 . Instructor in Languagt·s. FR.\XCIS .-\:->GEL :vloxTI, Visiting Instructor in Busin .. ss Law, 1942 : Ph.B., Providence College, 1934 : LL.B., Harvard Univt>rsity School of Law, 1937· *Lt:o:-; GRIS\\'.\LD MILLIKE:->, Instructor in Economics, 1941 : B.S., Boston University, 1931 ; M .C.S., Ibid., 1938.

ANDREW jACKSON NEWMAN, Director of Placement Service and Lecturer in Public Finance, 1937, 1927; A.B., Washington University, 1910 ; A.B. in Ed., Missouri State Teachers College, 191 o; M.A., University of Missouri, 191 r ; Ph.D ., Joqns Hopkins University, 1927. DoNALD 0 . NYLANDER, Instructor in Accounting and Assistant to Comptroller. LuciLLE PALMER, Instructor in German, 1939 ; M .A., Brown University, 1933 ; Ph.D ., University of Illinois, 1938. GEORGE WARRE:-1 PHILLIPS, Assistant Professor of English, 1922, 1940 ; A.B., Princeton University, 1918 ; M.A., Brown University, 1938. tMARY ALICE REILLY, Instructor in English, 1938: B.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1931 ; M .A., Ibid., '936. RoBERT W . Sn.LLMAX, Instructor in English. RoBERT RoCKAFELLow, Associate Prof('ssor of Economics, 1934, 1926 ; B.A., Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, 1925; M ..-\., University of Pennsylvania, 1934· BRoOKS A. SA:->DERSON, Assistant Profe>sor of Accounting. DAXIEL HARRISO:-> THOMAS, Professor of History, 1940; A.B., University of Alabama, 1925 ; M.A., Ibid., 1927 ; Ph.D ., University of Pennsylvania, '934IRWIX M . ToBrx, Instructor in History and Political Science, 1942 . *RAxDALL V.' ILLIAM TucKER, Assistant-assistant Instructor in Economics, 19-:39, 1 93 7 ; B.B..-\., Northeastern U nivc:-rsity, 1938. LEE CRAWFORD WILsox, Assistant Prof<"ssor in English ; .-\.B., Drury Collt>gr, 192 7; M ..-\., Yale· University, 1930 : Ph.D., Ibid., 1937· MARTHA RoCKHOLD WRIGHT, P;lrt-timl" Instructor in English, 1939 : B.S., Miami Uniwrsity, 1921i. *On leave of :viiltary Service. tOn leave since September 1, 1942.



JAKOB DOH!\ DYKSTRA Kenyon Ave., Wakefield, R . I. Busi11css Administration, General

HOLLIS BERTR.\::\D 92 High Service Ave.,

PrO\路idrnc<'. R. I.

L\E Busi11css Admillistratioll, Gt'llcral

KE.!\'.!\'ETH EVERETTE MUNROE 9 Chapin Rd., Barrington. R . I. Bu.ri11cH Adnii11i.rtratiou. Gt'll rral


THE EARLY YEARS 1923-1946 Subsequent Interviews and Written Comments

Margaret (O'Connor) Ackroyd, '29 B.S. in Business Administration I spent a delightful afternoon with Peg and her sister at her sister's house in Cranston. Peg visits her sister for the summer and lives in Sarasota most of the year. Peg is very proud of the excellent education received at Hope High School. She was well grounded in the classics and emphasized she did not take courses in either typing or shorthand. Peg felt this was a "plus" because no one could make her into a secretary. Peg's father decided thatRISC would be a good place for her. Peg's mother had just died. Peg and her father traveled to Kingston for the first time and met with Lucy Tucker, Registrar and Secretary to the President. Miss Tucker enrolled Peg in Home Economics, as "all girls took that program." However, Peg's first class dealt with making a pin cushion and she then decided to try Business Administration. She was very impressed with the "solid, broad, and deep base of her background in business administration." There were some tough courses in chemistry, physics, and math. There were some great teachers: Andrew 路Newman, Robert Rockafellow, Helen Peck and George Philips-both in English. "Faculty members were teachers then. That was their major thrust and they were very good at it," Peg said. Peg enjoyed her four years on the small campus of that day. There were no cars, few distractions, and rigid rules, like a 7 p.m. curfew for coeds on weekdays. She was a member of Chi Omega. Peg sensed no discrimination in her classes, as the campus consisted of a close group of friends. "We really lived along the quadrangle." Peg met her husband, Fred Ackroyd, on campus and they were married in 1930. Fred had left school at fourteen and worked in the textile mills until his boss suggested he return to school. He attended the prep school at the YMCA and then started at RISC at 24, after a false start at Brown. Fred was quite a baseball player for Frank Keaney. Peg went to work for the New York Telephone Company in Syracuse and then moved back to Rhode Island as a statistician with the R.I. P.epartment of Labor. She was terminated during the Depression because she was a married woman. Peg then became the Executive Secretary for the National Consumer League in Rhode Island. This was a lobby group for liberal causes. Peg then returned to the R. I. Department of Labor, as she scored the highest in the Civil Service test for her position. She worked on a statistical study to establish a state minimum wage for the jewelry industry. As the New Deal had to work through the States to achieve minimum wages in each industry, Peg met Frances "Ma" Perkins-FOR's Secretary ofLabor-quite frequently. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York were the leaders in the minimum wage movement. "It was quite an exciting time," Peg stressed. Peg became Chief of the Rhode Island Division of Minimum Wage and Child Labor. Peg was very instrumental in the formation of the Commission on the Status of Women. She retired in 1970 to become a consultant for 10 years with the Bureau of International Labor Affairs of the U.S. Department of Labor. Peg received an honorary doctorate from URI and also took graduate courses at various schools. She is noted in Who's Who of American Women. Peg told me to tell women students in business to join such groups as The League of Women Voters, the American Association of University Women, and Business and Professional Women.


Jim Murphy '41 B.S. in Accounting While in Houston, I had the opportunity to meet with Jim Murphy in his office as an investment broker at She arson Lehman Brothers. Jim spoke warmly of his fond memories of R. I. State and his training from its business program. Jim said he learned responsibility, best expressed by this cardinal rule. "Don't tell a lie because then you never have to remember what you said, if questioned later," Jim said. "Investment brokers who don't practice this don't last very long in this business." This statement left a lasting impression on me, one that I'll be sure to relate to my students. I'm sure President Edwards would have been proud of Jim's ethics. Jim was heavily influenced in his decision to come toR. I. State by his brother, Tom, who graduated in 1931 in engineering and was a member of the Beta Phi fraternity. Jim's family had spent most of the 1920s in Newport. After graduating from Wellsley High School in Massachusetts, Jim was appointed first alternate to the U.S. Naval Academy. When the principal selection chose not to go, Jim was then chosen but he failed to pass the "color perception test." He then attended St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont for a year, as his father was working there. Jim then enrolled at R. I. State in September of 1937. Jim gave an interesting caricature of Professor Rockafellow saying "We have a quiz today." Both Rockafellow and John Candelet were remembered as fine teachers of economics. The Dean of Women, Helen Peck, taught him to love to read in the basic freshman English class. "I certainly had a great deal of respect for her," Jim related to me. He remembered Mabel Dickson as a very good teacher of statistics, a very tough course. A part-time instructor in accounting-Earle Ford-gave him rigorous training in how to read a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement. This training helped him throughout his career. Jim spoke of his fond memories of Coach Keaney and the first trip R. I. State made to the N.I.T. in New York in 1938. While Jim was living at Beta Phi, he "hopped tables" at the Watson House, then used as a dining room primarily for women students. Jim remembered his victory over AnnaMoskalykTuckerin the race forMayorofKingstonin 1939. Jim campaigned as "Honest Jim," although he bribed each voter with a free mint. He attributed his victory to strong support he received from the brothers of Beta Phi. "It was a prank but still great fun," he said. Without autos, all activities were arranged around the campus." Jim graduated in 1941 and was fortunate to get a job as a credit investigator for a retail credit agency. When Pearl Harbor was bombed on December?, 1941, he qui this job and enlisted in the U.S. Army. He trained in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as a weather observer for the Army Air Force and was sent to England as a plotter of weather information received from the French underground. He remembered meeting General James Dolittle there early one morning at work at Bomber Command. He then became trained as a weather forecaster in Chenaut Field, Illinois, and was assigned to Bombardier School in San Angelo, Texas. After separation from the service, he got a tip that Paine Webber Jackson Curtis was hiring apprentices for stock broker positions and he started with the firm in Boston in 1945. The apprentices did various jobs in the office in the morning and went to an intensive investment banking program at Boston University in the afternoon, as well as taking correspondence courses from the New York Institute ofFinance. Jim remembered the day after Labor Day in 1946, when the Dow Jones hit its then high of 212. At the end of 1946, Jim went to the Providence office as a broker for the economically troubled areas of North Providence, Pawtucket, and Woonsocket. When he read an ad in the Wall Street Journal in 1948 about a similar position in Houston with Shields and Company, he jumped at the opportunity. Jim commented on his good fortune to be there for the "Great Bull Runs of the 1950s." He has been very successful with the company through its many name changes. I visited with him on the "Triple Witching Day" of March 15, a day in which the stockmarket is usually extremely volatile as options are expiring. He certainly received many calls from his clients.


Class Da!J Exercises Class of 194-1 June 1, 1941

2:30 P. l\1.

Program Chairman

Harold W. Huland


Fr. Paul Lloud

Welcome Address

\Vall:on H. Scott, Jr.

Presentation of Class Gift to · Frederick S. JAMES OoNALDSON


Acceptance of Class Gift

Bll&i,.e:c.'f Atbu.iui.'tlrnti.tttt,


857 lleut·on Streel,


Dr. John Barlow Mu•s.

Presentation or Clas::; Gift to Advisor Norman S. Chase Acceptance of Class Gift to Advisor Dr. Edward Pcuse Class \Vill and Prophcou James D . . Nathan .M. Shippee

Class Ot·ati.on

Blanche M. Richurd

Farewell Address Address

C. Arnold

Ivy Planting

Maruare.l: H. Thucket·y Helen ll. Leon




S. McCnwd"!J

Jack C. Anhalt '32 Jack wrote that he enjoyed reading our booklet on 1923-46, The Early Years. He had fond memories of Coach Tootell and Professor Rockafellow. ''To sum it up, one would never go to his classes unprepared, or you would 'flunk' his weekly quizzes." Jack felt that ''The generation today would not like to awake some mornings with some snow on their books, hike to classes without boots, etc." Jack remained in Rhode Island through 1949, when he left to be an accountant with AllisChalmers for 20 years. He then worked in the Budget department of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for 11 years, where he received his M.S. degree. His last four years were spent in assisting the operation of a par 3 golf course for the County of Milwaukee. Jack retired in 1985 to Tucson, Arizona, where he is active in the URI Arizona Alumni Club. Ralph Ballinger, '36 In addition to a letter, Ralph sent me copies of two audio cassettes of his years at R.I.S.C. Unfortunately, one of them didn't survive a few seconds when I played it but the other one did.

Ralph returned to campus after graduation as a graduate assistant in economics for Professor Newman. Ralph remembered Newman had been a student of Thorstein Veblen, the author Theory of The Leisure Class. (I've met a number of people in accounting academics who either knew Veblen or studied with those who had studied with Veblen. From all of this, I have concluded Veblen must have been the most exciting professor of all time.) However, Professor Newman was not as dynamic as Veblen. As a result of this and the boring nature of Ralph's research project on local town financing, Ralph dropped out of the Master's program but he continued as a laboratory assistant to Miss Mabel Dickson in "watered down" courses in accounting and in statistics for Horne Ec. majors. Ralph remembers being paid a stipend of $300 a year with a free room at the University Oub. There is no question that Ralph considered his co-authoring, with Bob Macdonald, of the first Rhody Revue in 1937 as the highlight of his stay as a graduate student atR. I. State College. Professor Josephine Lees helped out with the dancing and Ralph's buddy, George Potter, was an actor in the production, ''This Year's Hisses." George had been involved in the infamous Spanish Civil War. Ralph sent me the score of the Revue. Its songs were: "Now That It's Spring"; "Sophomore Swing"; "Do I Love You?"; "Funny Face"; ''The Moon Was in Your Eyes"; "Gone With the Wind"; and "I'll Be An Angel." I've chosen "Gone with the Wind" for replication here. (Please refer to the end of this section.) Sam Barker, '42 Sam reminisced about the 1938 hurricane. "One thing I can remember well is the September day in 1938 when the hurricane struck Kingston. It was my freshman week and I was in the first session of Mabel Dickson's Statistics lab when the power went out and the school was closed down for the rest of the week. The James town Ferry landing had been washed out. To get home to Newport, we had to hitchhike around through Providence." John Christy, '38 ImetwithJohnoneFootballSaturdayin 1990, whenhewasvisitinghismother. John'scareer was in the military with the Army. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and was the Army Public Relations Officer for the Army-McCarthy hearings. John has very favorable memories of Coach Keaney. Arthur Churchill, '34 I had a very interesting exchange of letters with Arthur, who added that he "was a member of Tau Kappa Alpha (debating) and was a delegate to a Christian Student Conference at Deerfield, Massachusetts." Arthur's work experiences mirrored the Great Depression. "I worked with H. L. Mitchell, co-founder of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union. From 1948 to 1956, I was involved with 55

the Mid-South Office in Memphis, Tennessee, and ran the office during most of that time." Arthur enclosed a booklet describing a microfilm on the "Archives of the Rural Poor: Southern Tenant Farmers Union Papers, 1934-1970." Arthur is on the Board of the Association of Members and Friends, Historic Southern Tenant Farmers Union and also enclosed the program of the April 17-20, 1974 Meeting of the Organization of American Historians with H. L. Mitchell as a discussant on a paper. Everett Duckworth, '32 Everett wrote that, "With jobs not very plentiful in 1932, I went on to Columbia University where I received a Master's degree in Business, specializing in Personnel Administration and Industrial Relations. Before I entered the Army in World War II, I served as a Personnel Manager of a Brooklyn, New York firm. I retired from the Army as a Major in 1969 and from the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security as Chief of Counseling Services in 1974." Everett is now living in Port Charlotte, Florida. Tom Falciglia, '45 I found Tom's letter quite informative and would like to quote most of it "In a way, my association with the University is unique, because in addition to my own . memories, I was in a position to recount the experiences of many many alumni with whom I worked, in my twenty four years as Alumni Director at the University. Listening to the talk of their 'college days' added to the love and nostalgia I already felt for my Alma Mater." "In 1941, when I enrolled at the College, the School ofBusiness Administration was exactly where I wanted to be. It afforded me a latitude in curriculum choices that I could not enjoy in any other program which the College offered at that time. Four years of association with professors such as George Ballentine, 'Rocky,' George Brooks, Lee Wilson, Andrew Newman, Mabel Dickson, and others will never be forgotten because ofmany reasons." "World War II had just started for America. The approximately 1,100 students with whom we started in 1941 dwindled to 300 or so students in 1945. In spite of this, Frank Keaney and the Running Rams were gaining national attention. Acceleration of undergraduate programs made the four-year class definition indistinct. The fraternity and sorority systems were put on hpld. The Memorial Union was established in one of the fraternity houses. A radio station was organized in Edwards Hall. Government secretaries and ASTP units invaded the campus. There was a kind of uneasiness about college life, because of the war, which made attending class almost seem unreal." "Yet for those of us who were left on campus, attending class was the most stabilizing part of our lives. Carl Woodward presided, in a sober way, over a sober campus at that time in its history." Holly Farnum '42, Gene Fiske '41, and Ken Monroe '43 Holly Farnum, Gene Fiske, and Ken Munroe visited with me and Deans Jane Stich and Syd Stem on a sultry summer day. Holly, Gene, Ken, and I then continued our chat at lunch at the University Club, run by Bernie Barry '59 with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. Ken said he went to Washburn Hall and had expected to find my office there. Holly said "We ate and lived at Washburn. You had to go to the third floor to get to the faculty offices." Jane Stich '62 and '83 MBA, said that even 20 years after 1942 there was a feeling on campus that all students were part of one group. Holly then mentioned that there were a lot of women in accounting in his class. Since Holly and Gene both served for years as Assistant Deans of the URI College of Continuing Education, they were able to bring a "long-term insider's" view to the College of Business. Holly and Gene thought the College of Business was at the take-off stage and could become perceived by the Rhode Island public right up there with Oceanography and Engineering. Holly said, 'The College seems more professional and technical now. It was not hard to get into then." Ken agreed and stressed 56

there was a more casual approach then. Jane said we are more competitive for admission now. Holly compared his era to now and found a lesser reliance on math and statistics in the early era. Ken said he just drove to campus and was accepted by Lucy Tucker on the spot. Ken and Holly worked at Lippitt and Gene worked for the NY A (National Youth Administration). Holly then remembered his many pleasant and productive dealings with George Ballentine, as ,a faculty member and later as Dean of the College of Business. "George Ballentine became a dear friend and was very instrumental in my joining CCE from a similar job I was holding at Temple University," Holly reminisced. All three started to name very successful College of Business Graduates: Larry Nunes '43, a long-time state representative and later R. I. Director of Business Regulations; Dan Murray '35; Vartkes Harootunian '43 in food distribution; and Jake '43 of the Point Judith Fishermen's Cooperative. Holly, Gene, and Kenny then joined in lauding the teaching efforts of Mabel Dickson-"a very professional person,"-"Rocky"-"He made sure you were on the ball with his quizzes which you knew were coming when he said, 'Every other seat, please. "'-and Dave Geffner. Holly and Gene related how successful were the results of the long-term friendship and working relations through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s between John Hackett, from what is now CCE, and George Ballentine. Gene remembered the ESMWT effort. I asked the predictable question "What does that acronym mean?'' Gene responded the Engineering Science Management War Training Program, in which Ballentine and Hackett were very instrumental. (As an aside, I will urge that some effort should be made to contact and interview the students from that program for a booklet CCE is doing for its 50th year celebration in 1992.) Holly credited Dean Ballentine with pioneering Kingston campus credits for Extension courses, with starting in 1954 the first degree program at Extension, and for the 1961 start of the evening MBA program. By chance, I was meeting with the current Dean ofCCE, Walter Crocker, and a member of his staff, Gil Mongeau. Gil is preparing a history of CCE. Throughout the interview of College of Business students, you will note a number of them have had very positive dealings with CCE as students. These people are: myself, AI Verrecchia, Doris Vigliotti, and Christine Callahan. Francis S. Goff, Jr., '35 Fran spent 52 years with the insurance company which hired him as a college graduate in 1935. He wrote that "My career was enhanced by several courses, namely: Statistics with Mabel Dickson; Investments; and, strangely enough, Business English with George Phillips. Bob Rockafellow was also a major factor with his Money and Banking and Business Law courses." Robert Hamilton, '35 Bob wrote that" As a member of the Class of '35, I found Dan Murray's comments about that period to be very true. With the Depression so widespread, we all had to scramble to pay for books and tuition. There was much sharing and many skimpy meals. I was fortunate to get in a training class started by the N.E. Telegraph Company. Three professors: Rocky, Andy Newman, and Miss Dickson, all got us on our way." Frederick P. Peiser, '46 Fred wrote such a very descriptive letter that I'd like to include it verbatim. Fred also sent me a copy of his book, his citation from Governor Roberts, clippings from The Beacon, and a photo with President Woodward. Fred received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism during his captivity by the Chinese in the Korean Conflict. (Please see more on this at the end of this section.) "I enrolled in the School ofBusiness Administration in September of 1940, a period of worldwide instability. Before the end of my third semester, the United States was actively involved in World War II, and campus life for young males became increasingly chaotic. Suddenly classmates 57

would be drafted or called to active duty. Abruptly an instructor would appear in full uniform and announce to his class he was leaving for military service 'effective tomorrow.' No one knew who would teach the next class." "With the nation at war, summer school became mandatory, and in the summer of 1942 I enrolled in Money and Banking with Robert Rockafellow ("The ROCK") as instructor. After starting my sixth semester, I withdrew from the College on February 16, 1943, having joined the Army Air Corps Reserve. I reported for duty with fellow classmate Charles Whipple. Chuck and I would be Army buddies the rest of the year, and we would remain life-long friends. The following year I attended Aerial Navigation School, graduating in August. By fall I was headed for Italy, my base of operations from which I flew continual bomber missions over all of Central Europe. College never was like this!" "By late fall, 1945 I was back in the United States, expecting to go to the Pacific Theater when the War ended and I was released from Military Service. Immediately I reenrolled at URI for, I thought, two semesters and remaining graduation requirements including Public Finance, Economics of Labor, and Railroad Rates and Regulation. Dr. Andrew Newman taught all three courses; therefore on Wednesdays, when all three courses were given, I had Dr. Newman for three consecutive hours. Or, did he have me? Anyway, we got through the spring together and with a fall semester to complete, I wondered what to do all summer. My classmates were graduating in June." "Early in June I received notice to report to the Dean's Office where Dr. Browning informed me the Faculty had awarded me credit for studies I had completed in the Air Corps so I, too, would be graduating in June! The news came as such a surprise that I had to manipulate the deadline for cap and gowns, and instigate an immediate job search." "World conditions continued to be uneasy, however, and eventually I decided to pursue an Air Force career. In the worldwide and varied assignments that followed, I used every bit of education received at URI from the School of Business Administration as well as from the Reserve Officer Training Corps." ''The ROTC Unit honored me with a Regimental Parade when I returned from the Korean Conflict. Faculty from the School of Business Administration attended the event in addition to URI President Carl Woodward. Some of them also attended my homecoming parade and dinner in Wickford. My Air Force career had been interrupted by two years spent on the Manchurian border of Korea as a Prisoner ofW ar of the Chinese and mere survival was a miracle as 38 percent ofPOWs in Korea died in captivity. (My wife and I wrote a small bookaboutittitled: "FREEDOM BRIDGE"). In my weakened condition, survival of all the homecoming activities was a minor miracle, but they remain very special memories." "I retired from the Air Force in 1968 after almost 30 years of service and put my Business Administration education to work again in a second career operating a California Court School for Solano County. Retiring a second time in 1986 resulted in further travel with my wife, Marcia, and quality time with two sons and seven grandchildren. Currently, it is through service on State and County Commissions that I continue to draw on my educational background in a never-ending pattern." Harry W. Pratt, '33 Harry wrote a very nice letter. "In reference to your letter of June 15th, will state that from 1929 to 1933, during my enrollment in The School of Business Administration, I enjoyed my many courses with Dean Newman, Professors Rockafellow, Keaney, Dickson, Douglas, Dean Peck, plus many others too numerous to mention."


"Evidently your curriculum was highly rated by Graduate Schools at that time, as my roommate at S.A.E. was admitted to Harvard Business Graduate School, graduating to become a leader in the financial world, with Halsey-Stuart Bond Corporation. I believeR. I. State had a greater per capita of its graduates enter Harvard Graduate Schools to become Business, Medical, etc., graduates than many other undergraduate colleges." "As to my personal life during the above mentioned period, we had the 1929 Stock Crash, the passing of our President Dr. Howard Edwards, (I marched in his funeral procession from the College down to the Cemetery near the railroad station), the 1932 Olympic Games, which I attended in Los Angeles, in conjunction with the S.A.E. Convention held there, the construction of the S.A.E. House on College Road, plus the Bank Holiday under F.D.R., my being drafted after my 32nd year of age into the U.S. Army, serving almost two of my three years service in the European Theater as M/Sgt.-St. Major on the 184 GH." "I retired from active business in 1960-my 50th year of age, on the basis of my economic teaching that half a loaf is better than none, and left Warwick Neck, R.I. to spend 21 years, so far, in Naples, florida, approaching my soon to be 80th year." John Blackhall Smith, '32 John's letter also related the effects of the Great Depression. "When I graduated from high school in Springfield, Massachusetts, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to Middlebury of $7 5 a year, but even with that generous grant, I realized that I couldn't make it financially, so I wrote to a number of state colleges, and found the Rhode Island would accept me. I had two close friends in Springfield, Murdough and Westervelt, and when I told them about Rhody, they immediately applied and were accepted. The three of us took business, and landed up in Lamda Chi. Recently I ran across some old bills from the college, and in spite of tuition of $75 a year, I am positive that the four years cost me less than two thousand dollars." ''Two things stand out in my freshman year; the terribly muddy roads (I think the only paved section was from the gate to East Hall); and the firmness, no nonsense, with which President Edwards put down the frosh-soph confrontation." "I admired, enjoyed, and profited fro!fl every one of the staff of the business department. They were superb. But my inspiration was Helen Peck. I took all of her English courses, and it was she who steered me into a career in education." "Mabel Dickson taught all of the accounting offered in those days, and after suffering what I was certain were World War One surplus uniforms, I decided that the advance ROTC was not for me, and elected accounting. In my senior year, Mabel had us do a cost study of the operations of East Hall dining operation. It was so thorough that we counted every piece of silverware." ''To the best of my recollection, none of the business graduates had a job at the end of our senior years. I don't believe that any corporation came on campus to do interviewing; seems to me there was a depression. Two years after graduation one of our number was reported to be earning $2,000 a year, but that was never verified, and I never put much stock in it." "Rhody has prospered and blossomed over the years, and it is clear that the College of Business Administration has become known on the national scene. More is to come!'' Mary (VanBenschoten) Stephens, '35 Mary's letter also deserves to be included as is.


"I am really enjoying my copy of 'It's Early Years, 1923-1946,' though it's tough to be reminded (p. 25) that at one time I only had one chin! Is it a coincidence that my roommate for a year and a half at Kingston Inn, Eleanor Scanlon, and I are on the same page? We were buddies. But it looks as though we were Class of '34. We were class of'35. I believe Eleanor (Bubbles) was the first woman Mayor of kingston." "I spent my freshman year at Goucher College, Baltimore and transferred because of the depression. My brother owned the Kingston Inn, and I preferred co-education and the more casual life of Kingston than a campus-less life of a city college. The Bus. Ad. major with the choice of outside courses appealed to both my realistic and dreamy sides. Basic economics, organization and administrative training and thought helped lead to paid and volunteer executive positions and awards at local, state, national, and international levels. But I also enjoyed and profited from English, Philosophy, Psychology, Journalism and French courses. My senior year I even took two semesters of Home Ec. courses." "I enjoyed Economic Geography so much I hoped to get a Masters' in it, but earning a living, family, war and other activities put that on hold. In 1989, I decided tQ go for it at Florida Atlantic University near me, where I do some volunteer work in the Bus. Ad. School. Everything was fine, though a bit repetitive, until computers entered the program. What we used to do on graph paper, by statistics and by using your brain, is now punched in and voila! Computers and I do not find pleasure in each others company, so I shall remain Master-less." "'Rocky's' sprung-on-you tests kept us on our toes. To this day I can dig up bits of Business Law and Investments at surprising times. At an important time I relied on A Contract Signed Under Duress Is Not Valid! 'Rocky' and I went horse-back riding together through the fields of Kingston as long as the stable was there. The first thing I recall about Money and Banking was our textbooks became obsolete when the banks closed. I remember having to argue my father into buying CocaCola stock when we were having Investments. He lived to thank me." "I remember arguing against the St. Lawrence Seaway in Transportation class. Then I married someone who grew up on the St Lawrence. I live now in the middle of a main highway, a seaway, train tracks and an expanding airport. Mabel Dickson had us 'prove' and 'disprove' a point by statistics. To this day I don't trust politicians! Contrary to my classmate Dan Murray, we co-ed Bus Ads. and Science majors felt' different' from the Home Ecs. We were sure we had to work harder and had less free time." "A forerunner of my later life-events was my interest in World Affairs and International Relations. As did others quoted, I too thought highly of President Bressler, and we were on friendly terms. Fran Goff, Clint Green and I were 3 who went to his home for the delightful Senior-Faculty Sunday Dinner. We three were Bus. Ads. and GRIST & BEACON 'top-brass.' Besides Professor Robert Rockafellow, Dean Helen Peck (English), Mabel Dickson and Rev. MacCready are remembered respectfully and fondly. Rev. MacCready used to get some hot discussions (for those days!) going in his Ethics and Philosophy classes." "R.I.S.C. may have been a small college in a country town but all of us who accepted and utilized the fruits offered us have been most appreciative."



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Business Ad ministration

<I> K <I> R. I. East Prot ·it!cncr: Higb Scbool


Ec.Jicor Junior Be>con 3; Grist Boord 4; S.:hol.stic Honors I, 3, 4.

MrnnLt:Tor< CoTTRELL fiARK Ell

Businns Admini.rlrnlinrr , G r. nrrt:!' E

Bliss Mine Ro01d, Newport


Bnsi II<'SS Ad 111 i 11 is t rat ion :"- ,

S:tchcms, 0 X 51 S R..:scrvoir A venue


:lluJerator ot' Sachems 4; Ec.Jicur cri lle>.:on 4; EJicur oi l'reshm>n lie>.: on l; :llana);ing Ec.Jicur crf Sophomore Beacon CJthulic Forum • .1. -+; Treosurer Junior Unit 3; EJicur oi Gri..c; Chairman nf CIJss Day; .'vlilitary Bali Curnnriuce J. -1; Fl.:uit)' llali Cnnrmittcc 4; Chairnun Soph l·lnp; ChairmJn ui Junior Prom ; 1--"outb:all l. ). R. L Club; R. I. Plavcrs; lntr>rnural lhsebali J, Z, _;, 4; lmr:rrnur:rl ll.hketbali I, 2, ) , 4; . Business \;cr ui O pcrett.l ;; S.::rbb :rrd and i ,

C ommcnl:cmcnt U.dl C o mmittee

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Business Administration

Beacon, r, 2, 3, 4; Circu/a.tirm Ma.uagrr, 2; Ad11erlisiug ltf ana.gcr, 3,· Business Jl a11a.gcr, 4; Class Bcacous, 1 , 2, 3; 13usiucss lt!aua.gcr, Frcshmau Bible, 3; Business Grist, 4; Assistaut ltf Baseball, 3; Theta Beta , I , 2; Dcbati11g, I , 2; Iuterfratcmity Basketball, r; Cross-Country , r,· Sachems, 4·





R. l.

DrMoluy Clul• , r , cmit y Bcm:bull , 1 ,


Business A dministru.tion

3, 4; Studml Baud, I , 2 ; lutcrfra-



Proz;itfencr, R. J.

B usmcss · A d ministratiotT

Cross Country; Freshman Track; V :trsJtv· Track ' ·i ' 4.' V •rsJ.t\'. C ross C ountrv, 2, 4 ; DcMola y Club ; Fraternity Basket bail , 2, 3, 4.




AXA Spriug.fielr!, /11 ,;.r.r.

Bwi11c.r.â&#x20AC;˘ A tlmi 11 i.rtrat ir)/1

Basketball, 1 ; Student Council, 2; Soph. BcJcon; Trad, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4.




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·---:r-, ·t I



,L -




BEACON University of Rhode Island ,Vol. XLIX. No. 5.

Kinr•Lon, R.


28 , 1953

CAPT. PELSER, '46 GRAD, WILL BE HONORED BY PARADE NOV. 3 Captured by Korean Reds MISSIONS, 245 IN WAR II Captain Frederick P . Peiser, a ent at the Cirst University ot Rhode 1946 graduate ot the Uni'.·er:; ity of Island regimental review honormi! Rhode Island, will be


a recimenlaJ parade on the campus

an individual

1941 , The last

review held tly the campus ROTC

quadrangle November 3. C<lptain regiment !or a single person was Peiser. who w;.s captured by when the Congressional MedaJ ot Korean Reds in ol 1951, Honor was awarded to .1 Peace was a prisoner ot war U'Otil he Dale re-sident. was returned to A comcnittee of resident..; rrom by the Reds alter the _ __


c:;,. .. t ...


,i ulu'.·r ot tn ..•

,. . •,,,,.

.. t in



vice MedCfll as well 111 4! .'\ir !\ll"<f· al with two o•k lco.& r dusters, Cap· tain Pel.ser abo served in Wt.•rld War II. World 11 he P_articip:ated iu 245 combat mis.:nons as_ a navigator in the Medtterranc.-.n Theater of Qp erahon. C.aptaan PcJser, who was ol L.olt"nbda Chi tra!ernaty, was reco.IJed !tom tna4!lave duty to serve 10 Korea Both Unaventty and State o l Rhode Island oC!lCials will be P' l!s·






0 .,_..,.

c&J,npus pur:u.te at

c:dctJJ"ation held (or the returning POW on Scpt..:.mber 22. Colonel MJrsden offered a review to be held later in the year as it was felt that this would g 1ve lhe ROTC mot·e hme to better or· :anize their battalions. The university off1cfals cooperated wltb CalaMI · 10 arranging lhLt a



The re-g1mentaJ rt!view for CaPta1n PttLser, who 1s on convaJc-scent leave, wtiJ be by battalton.s




THE BALLENTINE YEARS 1946-1966 Interviews with Nine Members of the Graduating Classes from 1947 through 1966

Ralph C. Potter 1940-42, 1945-47 B.S. in Marketing and Advertising Ralph was a child of the Depression, during which no one in his family really expected to go to college, although his older brother had gone to R.I. State in the early 30s. Ralph's father was convinced that he should enroll Ralph in college, because of his entrepreneurial abilities shown "hustling" at the local boat yard. Mr. Potter drove him to Kingston to meet with Lucy Tucker who personally enrolled Ralph on the spot Ralph reminisced that he spent the first few months living in an unheated trailer over by the old water tower, which, in those days, seemed a long way through the woods off campus. When colder weather struck, he and his friends moved to Lambda Chi. It didn't take him more than a few weeks to discover the engineering curriculum was not for him and Ralph quickly switched to the business program in marketing and advertising. The early part of his college career ended after Pearl Harbor and resumed in September of 1945, when he was discharged after rehabilitation in a service hospital. He was not technically coming back to school under the G.I. Bill but was there under Public Law 16 fordisab1ed veterans. While he and his peer group were just a few years older chronologically, they were many years older experientially. ''This fact," Ralph said, "caused great difficulty for instructors who had to contend with 18 year olds and the more mature returning veterans, who sincerely wanted to get an education and use it right away." He had high praise and kind words for George Ballentine, Mabel Dickson, and Herbert Palmer, noting that these professors knew how to deal with the maturity level of veterans. Ballentine had become Acting Dean in 1946, when Asa Knowles resigned, and Dean in 1947. Ralph referred to a conflict he had with Brooks Sanderson in accounting about a classroom matter, in which Ralph felt Brooks had failed to come to grips with the maturity issue. After a long out-of-class discussion, they became good friends. Ralph felt that the tragic experience of World War II certainly was both a sober and a somber experience. ''The veterans helped tum R.I. State from a trade school to an educational with increased emphasis on hiring Ph.D.s," Ralph said. During our discussion he focused on three professors. One was Mabel Dickson, who did a masterful job with statistics-a key part of market research. Ralph has never forgotten how she, George Ballentine, and others helped him out when he arrived back on campus a few weeks late in 1945 and when he and his classmates had problems with courses. Milo Kimball offered Ralph some key insights in a money and banking course by showing him the usefulness of all sorts of percentages. Ralph learned a lifetime lesson of directing his clients into the distribution channel with the highest profit margin. Herb Palmer also inspired Ralph in marketing and advertising. Palmer had written the textbook for the advertising course. He also involved Ralph in a marketing research project on physical distribution by aluminum containers, which bypassed 4 or 5 points of physical distribution. This concept is now known as containerized shipment. Ralph learned that marketing is "the details of hands-on moving of the product or service through all the phases of business from conception to consumption." Palmer stressed the importance of "value added finance" in all of the stages of marketing. In fact, Ralph began to relate many of the 63 vertical expertise that Palmer had taught which made up all the elements of a marketing project. Ralph has been truly the consummate college leader. His leadership of the Veteran's Club yielded many positive changes on campus, not with noisy demonstrations, but with carefully worded petitions and with friendly negotiations amongst equals. His involvement with that group lessened when he got married in 1946. Ralph continued his athletic excellence-he waS an all-state hockey player at Cranston High School- and became R.I. State's first All-American in Sailing. He was chosen for the elite leadership honors group on campus, the Sachems. Ralph's business career was a great success, so much so he retired at age 55 in 1977. He started with the Alvin division of Gorham as an assistant advertising manager. He then switched to being a manufacturer's rep, before going with the R. W. Goff Advertising Agency. In 1952, he and Bill Repak founded Potter and Repak Advertising Agency, which later became Potter Hazlehurst in


1960. Ralph has received: the American Association of Advertising Agencies Professional Certificate in 1948; the American Marketing Association Letter of Achievement Award in 1958; and the Providence Junior Chamber of Commerce "Man of the Year Award" in 1961. Ralph's retirement from active management ofhis agency led to more opportunities to serve his alma mater. Ralph's lifetime involvement with the URI Sailing Club, the URI Foundationespecially its boat contribution program-, and our College of Business-serving in both its Business Advisory Board as president and its marketing classes as a lecturer--are legend. Ralph thanks both Dick Weeks and Clark Murdough for their getting him involved with the College. He has been honored in 1977 in the URI Athletic Hall of Fame for sailing, track, and being a distinguished alumnus. Ralph received the URI Alumni Ram Award also in 1977 for30 years of meritorious and distinguished service to URI. In 1979 he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Public Affairs from URI. Ralph addressed the graduates of the Graduate School that day. So, my young friends, take your new knowledge, your new education, your new degree, your new chosen profession, whatever it may be-scientist, engineer, artist, professor, oceanographer, businessman or advertising man-today, and every new today, and prove the political, social, economical and religious doomsayers wrong. Prove to them, that today it is a great big wonderful world. Do this by just simply living your life to the fullest every hour, each new day, as it comes in God's good grace. Well said, Ralph. I've had the honor of being with Ralph at College of Business, URI athletic, and URI alumni events for20 years. Ralph has served his College and his University in an exemplary fashion. Thanks.

RALPH CHANDLER POTTER Busine$$ Administration 1 East Court Plantations Park, Davisville, R. I. Sachems Student Senate 3, pres. 4; Yacht Club 2, pres. 3, 4; Veterans' Assoâ&#x20AC;˘ ciation 2, pres. 3; Wranglers 2, 3, sec..treas. 4; Phi Delta 2, 3; Grist, Advertising manager 4; Track 1, 2; Student Life Committee 3, 4; Union Committee 2; N. E. Intert'ollegiate Dinghy Champion l9l6.








liAJ.'OOG TATEOS HEDITSIAN Business Administration 242 New York Ave., Providence, R. I.


r: t-

2,, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Gmt Co·Busmess Manager 4; Phi Mu Delu .,.. pres. -&; social 4; R. I. Club 2, 3, pres. 4.




INTRODUCTION TO ADVERTISING ARTHUR JUDSON Head of the Department of Advertisi11g, College of Business Administration, University; Advertising !of 0.11ager of L. C. Smith& Corona Typewriters ,Inc. AND

HERBERT HALL PALMER Assoda.Je Professor of Business English and Advertising College of Business Administration. Syracuse UniTJersity





2, 3, 4; 3 vice• '




Herbert Harold Boden, Jr.

Business Administration, Marketing & Advertising 350 Greenville Avenue, Johnston, R. I.

Joan Crook

ERH Business Administration, Secretarial Science 420 West Avenue, Pawtucket, R. I.

William Anthony Curran .l A 'V

Business Administration, General 17 Kilburn Court, Newport, R.I.


Business Administration, Accounting



Daniel Robert Greenfield


James Sta££ord McGill

TKE Business Administration, General Corinna, Maine

John Sta££ord McGill

TKE Business Administration, General Corinna, Maine

Lloyd Richard Schofield AXA

Business Administration, Marketing & Advertising 104 Wellesley Avenue, North Providence, R. I.

Abner Schwartz A Eli

Business Administration, Marketing & Advertising 40 Comstock Avenue, Providence, R. I.


Vincent A. Sami 1945-49 B.S. in Accounting I've had the opportunity to meet with Vin a number of times through the years, when he has visited campus for various reasons. I've never met with him when I haven't enjoyed it or haven't learned something. Our meeting for this project was no different. Vin was from Cranston and commuted to Classical High School on the old street cars on a student pass. At Oassical, he was a center and a linebacker on the football team. Vin chose to attend R.I. State because of economic reasons and of the success that his older brother, Larry, had as a chemical engineering graduate. (In fact, Vin related that his wife, his younger brother, his sisters-inlaw, and his daughter all have degrees from URI.) He started out as a pre-med major but soon realized he couldn't do that and play football, so he switched to the School ofBusiness. Vin did play two years as a "running guard" at 182 pounds for Coach Paul Cieurzo, whom Vin admired greatly. Vin decided to be an accounting major when he received an 100% grade in an elementary accounting test in Brooks Sanderson's course. Vin had received the grade after a long three-day trip to play at the University of Maine. (There was still a train going from Boston to Bangor, and, possibly, Orono.) Vin had a great admiration forB rooks, who always handed out good, earthy advice as he was sitting awkwardly on top of the desk. "You only got a good grade from Brooks," Vin related, "if you earned it." By chance, I had purchased a 1949 Grist at some flea market and presented it to Vin. He immediately listed a number of his accounting classmates: Ken Duhamel; Jack Fradin; Milt Kilberg; Sal Miceli; Carl Pearson, John Pezzillo; and (now Judge) Vin Ragosta. They were top students, as were Frank D' Ambra in General Business, Jay Krasner in Marketing and Advertising, and Stan Wesolowski in Industrial Management. Vin remembered Professors Rockafellow, Wilson, Metz, and Sternbach. Vin was a founder of the Accounting Oub and a member ofR.O.T.C. 's Scabbard and Blade. 路 "Tilis was by far the largest graduating class up to that time," he said, "as this represented the first full crop of returning veterans." When I told Jack Fradin ofVin's visit, Jack said "Those were the Glory Years, because the returning veterans demanded an education and people like Vin and I felt forced to compete with them." Vin made the usual comment of accounting majors of that time that the accounting program was much more difficult than the othermajors in the School of Business. "We had a lot of accounting courses in a very tight curriculum. Our class sizes were about 10 to 12 in the junior and senior classes, which permitted a discussion-oriented, team-oriented classroom experience," Vin related. "I especially enjoyed Professor Sanderson's auditing course." Vin also told of his calculations of the cost of meals from his fraternity's kitchen. Vin summed up his education at R. I. State by saying the curriculum was more general and more people-oriented than now. "It is people and people-awareness that counts. We can always hire good technicians, but they too many times fail to attempt to relate to the people around them," he stressed. "People are never boring. This is especially true as the process of globalization takes place. We must try to understand the socio/political differences that are present in each country." Vin used the example of PPG joint ventures in Taiwan and in the Peoples' Republic of China. After graduating, Vinjoined his brother's small company as a cost accountant. He soon left for New York City, as his future wife had a good job with Colgate Palmolive. "There were no jobs in Rhode Island in 1949 and 1950," he said. Vin attended NYU's Graduate School in Business at night for two years, taking management and marketing courses. Vin found a cost accounting job after six months. He soon became a plant accountant. Because he got involved with production scheduling in the course of setting up an accounting system for government procurement of artillery shells, he received an offer from Crown Can in production control. This was a very diversified manufacturing company, and he learned something about each of the manufacturing processes from a production, inventory control, and,materials handling viewpoint After deciding not to locate to Birmingham, 81

Alabama, he left and soon joined Olin Matheson in production control with a promise to join its sales function. "Brooks Sanderson always said that strong experience in industrial accounting, production control, and sales would make you quite well trained fortop management," Vin stated. After success there, he moved to PPG as Vice President of Sales and is currently CEO and Chairman of the Board at that international company. The old saying, "Cream rises to the top," sums up my long-held impression of Vin Sarni. I doubt that many would disagree with that impression. ·

Vincent Anthony Sarni

B'.lf A

Accountins 308 Webster Ave., Cranston


. . Class of 1949



Frank D'Ambra, Jr.


Kenneth Russell Duhamel

Jacob Samuel Fradin

Milton Kilhcrg . T E c1>

Accounting llradlord

Accounting 77 Plenty St., Providence

13 Miner St., Provid .. nre


18GB llroad St., Cr.tuston

Julius Krasner


Butineu Administration 218 Gallatin St., ·PFOVidence

John Pezzillo



St., Providence



Salvatore Miceli

Accounting i3 Libeny St., Westerly

Vincent Anthony Ragosta



5U Sultou St.,


Carl William



Ill Bowen St., Ed'!ewood

Stanlcy Wcsolowski


134 Putnam St., Providence

Russ Hogg 1948-51 B.S. in Accounting I had met Russ a number of times during the times he had visited the campus as our Executivein-Residence, but I never had the opportunity to have a long conversation with him. Students and colleagues have always remarked on their enjoyable and informative meetings with Russ. I now can see why they have this feeling. It is no wonder why URI granted him an honorary doctorate in 1986. Russ graduated from Cranston High School in 1945 when he was not yet seventeen. As his uncle was a CPA and Russ had "counted tires and dresses" at year end, he had a bent towards accounting. He enrolled at Bryant College, but soon left for duty with the marines. He was released in late 1947 and was admitted by Dean George Ballentine in January 1948 as a second semester freshman. Russ had passed some final exams to get that status. Russ became a part of one of the two sections of accounting majors, who were almost all veterans and helped each other. Russ got married in his senior year and lived in Fort Kearney-the currentoceanographycampus. Hehadlittletimeforcampuslife,althoughhehadtriedoutforfootball in his sophomore year. Russ worked from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. four days a week at the Pinell Building at the State Institution Complex at Howard. This income, along with the G.I. Bill, allowed him to be self-sufficient and, hence, pay his own way through school. As you might expect, Russ concentrated on his courses in accounting, economics, and business law and little else academically. He remembered Brooks Sanderson as a good teacher who knew his stuff but was overbearing at times. Winfield Briggs and George Lees were also noted by Russ, who maintained a "B" average in Accounting. "We certainly were a very mature lot," Russ remembered of his classmates. Russ started his career as an accounting trainee at Seagrams in Baltimore. He was offered $42 a week withPric_e Waterhouse in Hartford versus $73 a week wi-th Seagrams in 1951. Accounting trainees had to do every job at the plant as part of the training program. He was there for three years, in which time he was enrolled in law school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m .. After three years, he felt he had limited mobility in the near future at Seagrams and took the FBI exams in accounting and in law. He started 1 1(2/ weeks after his exams and had a fascinating ten year career at the FBI. He was involved with such exciting events as the first Jimmy Hoffa trial and the Rudolph Abel espionage case. Again, he felt a limited career path at the GS-14 level and moved to American Airlines in 1961 as Chief Security Officer and General Auditor. He quickly became Assistant V. P. of Corporate Data SeiVices. Russ soon became involved with international operations from a "back room" viewpoint. Head hunters then attracted him to the American Express Credit Card division of American Express. In 1974, he took a year off to set up a team to assess the international operation of American Express. This led to being the General Manager of International and then General Manager of Operations. He then joined McMillan and was responsible for many of its diversified enterprises. In 1980, he became CEO at Mastercard and retired in 1989 to devote himself to "1/3 consulting, 1/3 charity, and 1/3 playing." Russ relates very well to our students. He certainly is a "down-to-earth, regular guy" and, as such, gains instant rapport with his audience. He is pleased with the recognition our students have given to him throughout the state. I urged Russ to transcribe the videotapes done on him by cable networks and put them together with his collection of speeches into a book. I liked his advice: "Use your accounting skills but don't be known as a bookkeeper" and "Don't shoot down every idea as lowering the 'bottom line.'"







UPTIMaa 7, 1987

lsi rtllt' : R . lig-oll(:. S. ThonlP·'""· R. Perkins . E. Shea . :\I. \\'al,h. \". Hoh. T. \L1je;111. C.. Kelly, 1'. Froehei-g-. R. :\lilot, L. Sulli1·:111. 211d l"fllt': C. To)e, .•\ . (;;rrdner .. \. Riug- . .'\. Hanson, · L. Perez. F. Spilccki, A. Sampson, I. llrusi, .J. (;rossonwnides, 1'. :\loore. II. Hollman. Jrd mil': R. :\lanuel, A. Ew):\'ilis. \\'. Dilorio. E . .J;III·orski . .J. Quinn . .J. Dickson. R. HO):\'):\' . .J. l'aclien , n. Dan.iels, D. Wig-ht, E. Mollm·, W. Chapman, 1.. Wood, :\. Sullh·an. :\lurphy, L. ;\nness, F. Enn1s. L. Gay .. Ugoue. -/til mw: \\. Haskell. C.. Rozak, J. Bouchard, .-\. Vargas, E. son, E. Hole, S. Rosen, H. Grist, J. Gifforcl. 1'. Donavan. R. Purvis. :\. Lorherfelcl, F. Harper, C. Sidcl.Jottom, .'\. :\'ightingalc, E. Gwizd01rski.


President . ........................... Francis J. Spelechi T'ia President .................... .-\nhnr F. Sampson, .Jr. ............................... Louis J. Perez Saretmy ................................ Trene S. Brusi ............................. Phillip E . .Moon: E.w:nttive Cmmn'l : ... ... ............ Burt Hanmn ./t111ior .. .. .... John G . Crossom;mi<les SnJ>ho11wr(' . ... ·..... . . Da,·id M. \ \ 7 ig-ht


The principles


This .-\nouming- Asmciation was formed in 1948 to enhance the posi Lion of the accounting- student during- his academic ycars and thereafter during his husincss life. be utilit.ccl to attain this

g-oal arc in the wnstitution as: supplementation or education. development of a placement division for graduating students. and the perpetuation of social actiYities. the n<:ophytic nature of the organization. a great deal lws been accomplished. This l1as been duc larg·eJy to 1 h(' ctrons of 1he of '-19. ';iO. and 1. Prc'l'll t plans indicate an acti\·e a1id utilitarian ruturc for the association.


SOCIETY for the ADVANCEMENT of MANAGEMENT The Society for the .-\dvancement of Management (known as S..-\ . .\I.) was on the Rhode Island State campus in 1945, and reactivated in ID48, under the direction and guidance of M is.s .\I abel Dickson. The organization has expanded to include the curricula of business administration, home economics, and industrial engineering.

The Society for the .-\dvancement of Man· agement is. the recognized national profes· sional society of management people in industry, commerce, education, and government. It is the purpose of this organization to acquaint the student with people in these fields of business, and keep them in comact with the latest information concerning employment, business and management. The programs otfered by S..·\. M. include speakers well known in all phases of business and industry.


President ............................ Donald Dumelow I' in: President ........................... Donald Barrv Secretary ........ ....... ..... ... ....... John E . .JohnsOI'l Treasurer ...... ......... .............. . Erwin Buntlege FACULTY ADVISOR Faculty Advisor . ................... Miss Mabel Dickson •

.. Deceased.

1st rmv:

J . :'>·larley, D. Barry, D. Dumelow, J. Johnson. E. Beanhage. Zml mw: 13. Stein, R. \\'. Ucnuclt, \V. L. l'arwn .



J. Duggan ,

ht Row: It Tucku, W . P•rks, F. P.Jton, J. Smith . ! nd Ro w: G . B•ll•ntin< , D. Thom•s. C. Fish, H . Gr•vu.


Grddudte work in dll Schools dt Rhode lsldnd

grddudte enrollment. Over 90 students were regis-

Stdte College is ddministered by the Committee

tered for pdrt or fulltime grddudte study in the

on Grddudte Studies, whose generdl policies dre

fdll of 1949.

executed by the Director of Grddudte Studies. The Director is responsible, ddministrdtively, directly to the President.

The dims of grddudte work vdry somewhdt primdrily becduse dn eFfort is mdde, within certdin limitdtions, to provide for the pdrticuldr needs of

Although Mdster's Degrees in courses hdve

edch student. The progrdms thus developed serve

been offered by some depdrtments in the College

dS d medns, not only of obtdining more detdiled

for mdny yedrs, the grddudte progrdm First expdnded

dcqudintdnce with brodder dspects of subject mdt-

rdpidly in the decdde beginning in 1930. The

ter, but disc of dffording opportunities for express-

recent growth of the grddudte student body is in

ing initidtive dnd resourcefulness in resed rch.

proportion to the rdpid incredse in the under-




Dedn of Women, 1946, 1942. B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1935; M.A., Columbid University, 1941.

Dedn of the School of Business Administrdtion dnd Professor of Economics, 1947, 1941. A.B., Colgdte University, 1922; M.B.A., Hdrvdrd University, 1948.






Dedn of Men, 194 7. B.S., MdSSdchusetts Stdte College, 1928; M.A., Columbid University, 1933, Ph.D., New York University, 1942.

Professor of Mdrketing dnd Advertising, 1948, 1942. B.A., Amherst College, 1907.

Nicholas E. Picchione .\ccountiurr

1!15 Llovd .- \vc ..

i\l i I ton P icrce

A E 11 :'>larkcting- & .-\dvenisinrr 1!)() \lodcna 路\\路c ..


Frank Peter Morsilli 1949-52 B.S. in General Business Administration Frank and I started our interview with some immediately gained rapport. He graduated from North Providence High School in 1949, and I did in 1957. His parents were immigrants from Italy and mine immigrated from Belgium. This interview was arranged as the result of my meeting Frank, who is Co-chairman of URI's Pacific-Basin Capital Markets Research Center, at the dedication of that Center on March 25, 1991. Frank applied to Brown, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Rhode Island State College. He was admitted to the latter two but could not get any scholarship money as he was just 0.3 points short of the 85 average needed to be admitted to the Rhode Island Honor Society. Since finances were a very important factor to Frank-like most of the graduates interviewed in this book-and he wanted to establish a life outside his home, Frank chose R.I. State. Frank then proceeded to retrieve his transcript-I've interviewed many people and no one has ever done that-and stressed that he attained 138 credits in seven semesters and one summer session. This allowed him to convince Dean of Men, John Quinn, to allow him to graduate unofficially in December 1952. Frank was then able to attend Naval Officer Candidates School. Frank was commissioned as an ensign and served as Surface Warfare Officer during the Korean War. He was discharged in 1957, although he spent the next 23 years in the Active Ready Reserve and retired with the rank of Captain with 28 years of naval service. Frank wanted to be in the School of Business Administration (and then in 1951, the College of Business Administration) right from the start of his college career. He reflected that in the 1950s school was seen as leading to a better way oflife. "School was the place to go and then do as quickly as you could. Y;ou could then get the best possible job." Since Frank was very interested in economics and in public administration, he became a General Business Major-really a business economics major. Frank felt that if he had taken a language, he could have graduated from the College of Arts and Science. Since Frank has subsequently been involved in learning foreign languages, especially German, it was interesting to note that point. Frank is quite a spokesperson for the European view of a true world economy. He certainly practices that view in his company, Dryvit Systems, Inc., of West Warwick, R.I. Frank joined a fraternity, SAE. 'This was the in thing to do in those days and I have no regrets about it," he said. He was very friendly with three other brothers who were business majors: Harold Gately, John Helfrich, and Francis Gencarelli. However, the Korean Conflict, or as Frank called it 'The Forgotten War," caused the same sort of dislocations that the Great Depression and World War II had on our previous graduates. Frank said he has always been impressed with his teachers and could remember all of them from grade one through college. His favorite professor at URI was Marvin Pittennan. The one story Frank related to me involved Marvin. "I was a typically dressed college student-t-shirt,jeans and white bucks--who sat in the back of the class, kept quiet, took and then typed copious notes, and crammed 路for exams. There were two guys and one girl who continually questioned Professor Pittennan who fmally stopped them one day by saying, 'Why don't you be like Morsilli in the back of the room. He's quiet and learns a great deal and gets an A in every course with me,' I left that class a mile high," Frank said. Frank was very fond of two dear friends, teachers, and colleagues of mine, George and Doris Lees. Frank and I certainly had another reason for rapport with our respect for the Lees. They lobbied Frank to be an accounting major and while he was good at accounting and realized the great foundation for business it provides, he decided on the GBA major. Frank had great respect for two history professors--Dan Thomas and Donald Tilton-and an English professor-Warren Smithwho also taught Frank a public speaking course. He also especially liked a Business Law professorWinfield Briggs from Accounting who also taught Business Law-and a statistics professor-Art Svensen. 91

' Frank entered the brick business in 1957 as a salesman and then owner of the company. In 1969, he founded Dryvit Systems, Inc. ('The word Dryyit is a combination of the Englishm and the French or Qyigg to introduce to North America the Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) the techniques he had learned in Germany from the founder of the system. Dryvit factories service the construction industry throughout the U.S., Canada, Korea, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. Frank presented me with a most impressive booklet "Millennia ill" describing his company and its products. Frank was recognized by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries International in March 1988 with its most prestigious Pinnacle Award for creating the Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems Industry. In June of 1990, he was presented the Harry L. Johnson Technical Excellence Award by the Construction Specifications Institute. He sold Dryvit in March 1990 to a venture capital group. Frank remains active with the company and our interview took place in his office.


I was very struck by the fact the Frank's father was a journeyman plasterer and Frank had taken the hawk and trowel to a new level. In fact, Frank revived that trade. Another interesting point was .how Frank got reinvolved with URI. Professors Ghon Rhee and Rosita Chang of our Finance Department read about Dryvit's factory in Korea and called Frank. This call led to Frank's involvement in the P ACAP Research Center. Frank was my 13th interviewee in this CBA history project. This interview certainly casts great doubt on the "unlucky number 13" syndrome. I'm glad Frank is now reinvolved with our College and hope that he can share his views of the world economy with our students and faculty.



··· --

.. .





• j. :


Mors illi, Fronlc 1'. S. A. E. 40 F•rncliff Av• .• Norflt l'roviduc• lvs. Ad.

Gofe/y, Harold F.

S. A. E. 187 Pork Av•., Edgewood

Ius. Ad.


Marketing Club To develop sound thinking and knowledge of marketing theory and conditions. Heflricll, John E. S. A. E. Shore ltd., Westerly Ius. Ad.

• •

Gencarelli, Francis A. S. A. E. 68 l'ierce St., Westerly Ius. Ad.

Aow J: M. Gross, Sec., P. Gordon, Pres., F. Weiner, Fac.. AG., J. Baxter, Vice•Pres., M. Seigel, A4 Frank. Row 2: S. Resnick, E. Poole, A. Wolf, M. Plvnick, I. Gollla, 1, Gerstenblatt.


Dean: George A. Barrentine Offering




instructions in theoretical and applied .•




....·- .. "-


.. :

and regulation of business institutions, the College of Business Administration has schools in: Accounting, Marketing and Advertising, Insurance, Economics, Industrial Management, Secretarial Sciences, General Administration.

Facts and Figures

Raw 1: M. Margan, C. Kaiser, R. Rockafellow, G. Ballantine, H. Palmar, A. Cussan, M. Fletcher. • Jlow 2: • R:aw 3: 0 .. Brown, D. Hayes, f. Wiener, I. Castles, H. Sternbach, R. Poulsen. W. Mundy, A- Swanson.

R. Meyer, M. Pitterman, D. Lees, H. Moulton, D. Conrad, G. Lees, H. Janes.


H. Milton Read, Jr. 1950-54

B.S. in Marlceting and Advertising Milt graduated from Coventry High School in 1950 and applied only to the then R.I. State College with the goals of (1) attending two years to meet the minimum college requirement to join flight school in the armed forces and (2) living on campus. His father had graduated from RISC in 1932. Milt remembered that he and two friends drove to Hope High School one Saturday morning to take the RISC entrance exam, a test prepared by the College and not the SAT national test of today. Only he passed the test of the three who were in the car. Milt had also decided he did not want to be an engineer nor did he want to teach school. The School of Business seemed like a good choice. "There was much more of a set curriculum those days than now. (Milt would know that because his four sons all attended URI and two of them, Steven in 1982 and Bradford in 1986, were business grads.) There were the compulsory two years in ROTC, two years of Physical Education-in which Coach Tootell watched your first freshman track trials to pick a sleeper for his track team-, and an English Composition class. The final was an essay in which two of three English teachers had to give you a passing grade. It was known as 'the Hurdle,"' Milt said. He also reminisced about Dean Quinn who told Milt's orientation group, ''Take a look at the person on your left and then your right. You won't see one of the two at graduation." Milt fiddled through the freshman year and was thinking about switching his major to Poli. Sci. with a minor in Economics. Marvin Pittennan, his freshman advisor, said that combination would only allow one to be a politician, a public servant, or a teacher. He suggested a major in Economics and a minor in Poli. Sci. Since Milt did not particularly care for Marvin's course in Economic Geography, he opted for the major in Marlceting and Advertisiag. Milt joined Phi Mu Delta in his sophomore year and was having too much fun to leave school to join flight school. (As an aside, Milt路never did learn to fly.) However, he commented on the fact that there were some G.I. Bill veterans who provided a steadying influence in the fraternity. He joined Advanced ROTC and was getting mentally set for duty in Korea during the Korean Conflict. Milt had nice words about many of his professors. He liked John Stitely in Poli. Sci. and received two "As" from him in freshman courses. Milt remembered George and Doris Lees as doing good jobs in Accounting I and II. Like many students, he reminisced about Professor Rockafellow's unannounced quizzes, especially at his 8 a.m. class. "Rocky expected us to read the Wall Street Journal so we had to do this or be caught unprepared for a quiz on Wednesdays," Milt told me. He thought highly of Harold Sternbach and another statistics professor, Harper Moulton, who gave True/ False and Relevant/Irrelevant type questions. Milt had Warren "Sexy" Smith for a literature course. Milt also wanted to note these professors: M. Sayre; E. McConnick; and Frank Weiner. He remembered Jake Jones' course in salesmenship taught in the Quonset Huts. Milt also remembered when RISC became URI because all freshman could throw away their beanies. Milt concluded there was more enthusiasm and school spirit then, as the school was much smaller. He remembered the noisy basketball crowds at Rodman Hall, the relocation to Keaney Gym, and the Friday night "Victory Dances" at the various fraternity houses before the Saturday football games. He also talked about how faculty advisors and chaperones were kept happy so that there was minimal supervision at frat parties. Milt met the girl of his dreams, Nancy-she still is-in his senior year and her sophomore year. With the end of the Korean Conflict in 1954, Milt's goal of flight school was imperiled by a shatp decline in the need for pilots. Milt was the Commander of URI's ROTC Infantry Battalion and a distinguished military student in that he was offered a regular Ann y commission. Graduates in 1954 were given a choice between: (1) the Air Force with a year to year and 1!1 wait for flight school; (2) the Navy with the fear of becoming an enlisted man if he flunkedoutofflightschool; (3) the Marines; or (4) the Anny. He took #4 and served his two years. He married Nancy in 1955 and returned to civilian life with a wife and child. He joined Household Finance Cotp. as an executive trainee in Chicago from 1956-58. Milt felt it was an excellent program, in which one started in collections for the first 6 months. "There was 95

a high fall-out rate in the program, especially in those first 6 months," he said, "and the current CEO ofHFC was in the class in front of me." Milt then went with HFC to St. Petersburg and then Baltimore. In late 1959, he wanted a job change and joined R.I. Hospital Trust and stayed with it until1983. Milt then joined Washington Trust Co. and is now a Vice President and the Manager of its Narragansett Office. Milt does regret the lack of time he had to get an MBA. He chose to remain in the Army Reserves and retired as a Bird Colonel after 20 years. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers. He remembered Howard Holt as one ofhis classmates and fraternity brothers and also a major in Marketing and Advertising. Howard is the nephew ofRanny Hoit, a member of our first graduating class and the first person interviewed for this project. Milt also noted Gus Ledwidge, a major in Industrial Management, who stayed in the service and retired as a Brigadier General, as being a close friend and fraternity brother, as well as Paul Wilson (Wilson's of Wickford).

I know Milt and Nancy from URI basketball-they sit in the next section--,from their son Steve-an excellent accounting major-,and from Milt's involvement with the URI Alumni Association. Milt was President of the Alumni Association for 1985-86 and served on the Board for five years in the 1980s, some overlapping with my service. Milt is one very dedicated and very hard working URI graduate with a very nice wife and family. Good show Milt and Nancy .

._.•..., ................. - ...

HOWARD R. HOLT Hue G. N. S16 S. Main St.

Business Administration Woonsocket, R. I.



Ft 1\


--. , .• ;.... .


.•.•;,:2-;>::, 1.

Phi Mu Delca Business Administration 27 Providence Sc. West Warwick, R. I.

AUGUSTINE LEDWIDGE Phi Mu Delta 43 5 Wa!coct Sc.


Business Administracio11 Pawtucket, R. I

Row 4: R. Norberg, N. Bradstreet, R. Anderson, L. Maxcy, J. Cranshaw, C. Limmer, P. Rioux, A. Helmus, B. Srein, B. Gilbert, J. Church, R. Guilbault. Row 3: R. Van Brocklyn, M. Chrisropher, W. Jenison, A. Richards, J. Wojcik, R. Shaw, S. Smith, E. Tetley, C. Griffin, J. Evans, J. Kelliher. Row 2: R. Carlson, P. Ingle, G. Ledwidge, P. Klanian-Vice-Pres., A. OwensAdvisor, J. \1irchell, Pres.; ]. Marble, Treas.; J. Hereld, Sec.; R. McDermocr, J. Silva. Row 1: M. Read, G. Morrison, R. Cunningham, R. Sangster, J. O'Donnell, H. Boghosian, R. Thomas, A. Saunders, W. Porrer, E. McEwen.

PHI MU DELTA Once again, Phi Mu attempts co make rhe campus life the gay pattern it should be. The bull sessions, rhe nightly pilgrimages co rhe Union, rhe fight against rhe weekend


muters, and an occJ.Sional night of study all go coward guiding us co our goal.


Row 3: G. Fugere, L Walde, R. Kehew, R. Wesr, L. Harriman, H. Henn, J. Short, R. Kane, K. Wheeler, W. Jenison. Row 2: F. Gracia, C. Johns ron, R. Steinberg, W. Lard, P. Klaman, M. Read, R. Dumais. Row 1: W. Earle, F. Oark, R. White,]. Griffin, D. Norron.


since irs reactiva-

tion in 1948 has expanded co include the curricula of business administration, home economics, and industrial engineering. This society is the recognized national professional society, and serves ro acquaint the stu路 dent with management in industry, commerce, education, and government.


• a"aw 1: H. llahner. Pac. Atf., H. Lo mas , J. Rantfall, Prea.., G. feeftey,. Sec., H. lentley, Treat. Corr- Sec., J. Woetf, f. Higham, H. frank .

Alpha Delta Sigma Notional Professional Advertising Fraternity With a purpose of bridging




advertising theory of the classroom ond practical experience.


Row 2: (. 'oole,

Bradford Reed Boss 1951-55 B.S. in Marketing and Advertising Brad had given much thought to his years at URI prior to our meeting and began with URI professors who had left a deep impression on him. Winfield Briggs was Brad's Elementary Accounting I teacher. Brad felt the same strong, positive feelings about him that my accounting colleagues who know Winnie and his students did. (Winnie Briggs died just before I came to URI in 1962 but many students spoke so highly of him then.) George Lees taught Brad in Elementary Accounting II and convinced him to try a double major, which did not last through Brad's sophomore course in Cost Accounting. Since Brad's first half of his business career stressed marketing and advertising but his second half stressed dealings with fmancial analysts, he wished he had spent more time academically with accounting. Brad is impressed with accounting as an aid to organizing and planning both in business and in personal life. Mrs. Doris Lees was his teacher in Business Communications and taught him the "you approach" for letter writing. "Mrs. Lees taught me never to start a paragraph with 'I.' The other person should always be brought into the letter," he reminisced. Brad was also deeply appreciative of the efforts Nancy Potter made in freshman English. 'The final exam was an essay in which there could be no misspellings or grammatical errors. You had to be perfect in these regards or you did not pass the course. There were seniors still taking the course," Brad said. This concern with english started, Brad remembers, with the tough training in english he had in junior high school. Since Brad reads many resumes from students, he wishes they had to clear the same hurdle. "In fact, Nancy Potter had to approve the speech-then called the Senior Oration-! gave to seniors and their parents the day before the graduation ceremonies in 1955," Brad remembered. Like many of my interviewees, Brad had the kindest words for Dean of Men Jack Quinn. "When I was a sophomore and on the Sailing Team-along with Bruce Loring, Dick Ratta, and Al LaPris_e-we were invited to ameetatthe University ofMichigan, which we won. Dean Quinn asked us how we planned to fmance the trip and then reached into his wallet and gave us $75 for the return trip. I've never forgotten that," Brad said. Brad said Dean Quinn ruled against him on the issue of a more formal status for the URI Hockey Club but did so in such a manner that Brad certainly lost no respect for him. Quinn later also served as Secretary of the Fifth Quarter Club. Dave Geffner was another one ofB rad' s favorite teachers. Brad (as I still do) admired Dave's classroom performance of"Let's take a set of facts. How would you rule on that Mr.... or Miss .... ?" Geffner would start his class with that. "We were certainly prepared each day and my friends and I would quiz each other so to be prepared," Brad noted. Dave later befriended Brad on a business law matter and told Brad on what issue the case would be settled. "He was right," Brad said. Brad had nice reminisces about two professors in his major, Marketing and Advertising. They were Herb Palmer and Larry Bretsch. "Professor Bretsch came to academics with a strong, successful career in advertising. He brought much credibility to the subject. He was very alive in class," Brad related. Brad graduated from Cranston High School in 1951 and chose URI largely because of his father's need to have some help in marketing and advertising at A. T. Cross and for cost reasons. "My father thought as a hockey player I was a good sailor and advised me not to attend Tilton Academy as a prep school and then go to the University of New Hampshire. I planned to play hockey at Tilton Academy to get ready for hockey at UNH," Brad told me. His father also had him talk to Art Hanleya RISC business graduate in was then head of Blue Cross. Mr. Hanley also urged him to go to URI, as did Ralph Potter, who was an advertising consultant to A. T. Cross and very involved with the URI Sailing program. (Please see the interview with Ralph.) Brad had quite an active four years at URI in sports. He was instrumental in starting a hockey club, in which he was relegated to the second line after three freshmen from Burriville High School joined URI. (Burri ville was the hockey high school in Rhode Island and even New England in those 101

days.) 路Brad played varsity tennis as well as being a member of the URI Sailing Club. In fact, he and Bruce Loring were picked to represent the USA in England in 1955, but Brad had to back out because he had been accepted in the Naval Officer's School. Brad had kind words for Coach Johnny Champman who was an assistant coach in football, the tennis coach, and helped out in hockey. While we were having breakfast, Brad discovered that I have been planning to take trips to the Peoples' Republic of China and the Soviet Union on my 91-92 sabbatical. Brad is on the board of directors of Bausch & Lomb which has a plant in China. He also related A.T. Cross' attempt to trade gold from the USSR for Cross pens. Brad also suggested that I read Magaziner and Patinkin's Silent War, which included a chapter on A.T. Cross' successes in exporting. Brad also mentioned that he has gotten to know Bill Turcotte, the head of the Management Department at the Naval War College. (Brad is a member of the Board of Advisors of theN aval War College.) Brad said Bill had taught part time for us. I told Brad of our attempt in the early 1970s to have a joint program with the Naval War College. I also said the Business College might well explore that avenue anew, as we now have a Ph.D. program. Brad left the Navy in 1958. He thoroughly enjoyed being a Supply Officer and stayed in the Naval ReseiVe, as he wanted to keep that career option open. He joined his father at A.T. Cross to help him in marketing and advertising. Brad became a Vice President and was elected to the Board in 1964. He became Vice President and Treasurer in 1967 and President in 1971. In 1979 Brad became Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He has seiVed two terms as President of the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association and also as Chairman of the Board. Brad received an Honorary Doctor of Commerce from URI in 1982 and an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from Roger Williams College in 1989. He has been elected to the URI Hall of Fame and the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame. His civic and professional involvements include membership on the Board of Directors of the American Business Conference, membership on the 路Board of Overseers of Plimoth Plantation, and Vice President of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I know Brad from his long-term involvement with URI football and its Fifth Quarter Oub. Brad was President of it for 15 years. "Mo Zarchen brought me back to URI and suggested that I get involved in the football booster club. I became very impressed with Bob Griffm, both as a football coach and as a person. I've always admired Bob's stressing of discipline and fairness, as well as his exciting style of football," Brad noted. "Our goal was to provide the difference in funding between the URI contribution and what it would take to run a first class football program." I guess that reference to "first class" tells a lot about Brad, his relationship to URI, and A.T. Cross.



BRADFORD R. BOSS Phi Gamma Delta 4 Osprey Court

Business Admin. Warwick, R. I.


BRUCE S. LORING Phi Gamma Delta Business Admin. 44 Ple-dsanc Sr. Wickford, R. I.

Commuter Stone Acres

Business Admin. Slocum, R. I.

RICHARD D. RA TT A Business Admin. Phi Delra Rumford, R. I. 47 Don Ave.










· . .-:· . . ' ··-:_.

·.."... ,:·, ·.--=. -===:-


r 'f' ·'".



!;... ·..:,.:..

•• • •


JUNE 11, 1955


PROGRAM Rev . John F. Daly William Tedeschi Richard Morris Miss Potter

Invocation Greetings Gift to the Advisor Response Gift to the University Response

\Hlliam Tedeschi Dr. Carl R. Woodward

Class Oration Farewell Address Ivy Address Planting of the Ivy Benediction

Bradford Boss Raymond Christopher Carolyn Sivak Robert VanBrocklyn Rev. Edmund W. Fetter


! '路

Dr. Nancy A. Potter

John F. Quinn Vice President for Student Affairs



• Row J: V. Lovett, a. lou, Trees •• R. Hockett, Captain, J . Chapman, foe.. Ad., D. Steere, Exec. Manager. • Row 2o I. Engle, C. Lyene, R. Wong, R.. 8urn&, 0. Slater, T. Rust, Sec.,. M. G•rfield, R. Waterman. • Row l: I. Mendes, H. Henft, f. DiPiro, R. Harris. R. Dumais, G. Lamb, J. Taber.


Row 2: W. Arnold, A. LaPrise, R. Hole, A. Dressler. Row 1: H. Whall, P. Gladue,. B. Boss, N. Turner.

INTERCOLLEGIATE DINGHY TEAM The spring of 1953 found Rhody in third place in New England, headed only by Harvard and M. I. T. The fall season started with the Vice Admiral Pine Trophy at Coast Guard. This event is sailed in Raven class sloops and has two teams - four top New England skippers sailing against four top sailors from the Middle Atlantic Association. It is best four out of seven series, and the New England team captured the trophy in four races to one. Brad Ross, skipper, and Ted Bowen, Bruce Loring of U.R.I., and Pete Heaton o1 Brown were one of the New England teams. There was not a major victory for the Rhody team this fall, but with a good performance in every meet there is much promise for the spring season. Next year has an even brighter outlook for the whole crew are underclassmen. The goal of the spring is to place in the top two berths in New England qualifying Rhode Island for the National Championship out in California. Led by Bruce Loring and Brad Ross, two skippers among the top ren of this area, and backed by Pete Manickas, Phil Gladue, Bill Arnold. and Freshmen Neil Turner and Hugh Whall, this could easily come true.


Row I: F. Toorell, F. Dr. P. Cieuno. Row 2: H. Muck.]. Chopmon, J. Guy, H. Kopp. Row 3: R. Cole, M. Williom•. W. Beck, C. Sloder. Row 4: T. Doheny, J. L. Wolton.

Jim Rodgers

Coaches and Staff The Universicy of Rhode Island has an athletic coaching staff of nine men plus an odministrative comingem of seven individuals. These are the people who give tO the university a fine spom repre· sentation :

Willi.nn M. H. B•d - Bill, whose son Bill is an Olympic ski champion, came to U.R.l 1934. He .graduated from Providence College in 1924 with a Ph.B. and from Boston Univenity in 1935 with an M.Ed. Bill is now head coach of Baseball. He also served as head coach of Football in past years and as coach of many other teams. Bill lives at 18 North Road in Kingston. John L Chttpm"" - John, who came to us in 1950, graduated from Dartmouth College in that year with an A.B. degree. John is heod coach of Tennis at U.R.I. and is the backfield coach in Footboll, in addition to his duties as a teacher. John lives at 1382 Kings· town Road in Kingston. Pttul F. Ci•urzo - Paul, who has been at Rhode Island since 1936, serves as the Assistant DireCtor of Health and Physico! Education for men at the university. He also is the intramural direcror for the school. Paul graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1931 with a B.S. degree and from Columbia University in 1939 with an M.A. degree. He lives at 94 South Road in Kingston. }ttd. G. Guy - Jack came to U.R.l. from Bucknell University where he was head coach of Basketball and assistant coach of Foor· ball. He now serves in the same capacities here at Rhode Island. Jack graduated from Ohio Northern University with a B.S. in 1937 and with an M.A. from Columbia University in 1948. He has pla)'ed professional basketball during his athletic career and served • hitch for Uncle Sam. He lives at 28 Little Rest Road in Kingston. Httrold W . Kopp - Hal has seen on and off service at Rhode Island. He originally arrived in Kingston as head coach of Football in 1950. After taking a leave-of-absence for Uncle Sam, Hal again resumed the Football wars. During his stay here at Rhody, he has seen four years of a tremendous upswing in Varsity Football. He was graduated from Western Maryland College in 1933 with a B.S. He lives at 12 Railroad Avenue in Peace Dale. Hnbns H. Mttac.t - Herb is a newcomer to the Rhody ranks as he came to us in 195 3. He served with Jack Guy at Bucknell on the coaching staff there, and since coming to Rhody has assumed the duties of Freshman Basketboll and Baseball coach, in addition to •n assistant's job in Football, besides teaching. Herb groduated from the Teachers College of Columbia Univenity where he re· ceived both his B.S. and M.A. in 1942 and 1946. He lives in Wickford, Rhode Island. C•rl V. Sladtr - Cor!, an Assistant Professor of Physical Educa· rion, come tO Rhody in 1952. He is a fine odvocate of the ptiysical

attributes and failures of the human body, aboot which he often in· mucts his pupils. Carl a camera-bug, taking many of Rhody's movies of athletic comests. Carl graduated as a B.S. from Springfield College in 1932 and an M.Ed. from Boston University in 1937. Fred D. Toore/1 - Fred is Rhody's immortal Olympic hammer thrower and head coach of many renowned track teams. ''Toor's" teams have set many new and astounding records during his stay of thirry years at Rhode Island. Fred is now Assistant Athletic Direc· tor of the university, in addition to his coaching duties. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1930 with an A.B. degree. He now re· • sides at North Road in Kingston. Malcolm M. Williams- Mal came tO Rhode Island in 1943 as a track coach. He has written many famous books on track and is considered as an authority in this field. Mal received his B.S. from Boston University in 1951 and his Ed.M. from the in 195;. He now lives on Avice Street in Nasragansett. Richard K. Col• - Dick is our trainer here at Rhody. The ath· letes cannot do without him as he applies healing techniques tOO. one and all. Dick came to us in 1946 as head trainer. He is a leader- , in many groups conneCted with his field. His home is at 7 Spencer • ! Circle in Wickford. -: Thomtts R. Doherrr- Tom is the Sporrs Publicity man for the university. He takes case of the sportS releases, information, and any news coming from in and around Keaney Gymnasium. Tom aJ. so takes many pictures; some of which have appeared in the 1955 Grist spom pages. Tom is active in the Ellcs Organization and is on the school committee of South Kingstown. He lives at 9 Liberty Street in Wakefield. Frm.t W. Kemey - For Frank, there isn't very much that one can write that hasn't already been written. Frank is the greatest coach in Rhody history and was at one time considered the best in the nation. He is now Athletic Director of the University; and of coune the Frank W. Keaney Gymnasium is named and dedicated in his honor. At presem Frank lives at 1411 KingStown Rd., in Kingston. }ames ]. Rodgers - Jim is the friend in need of the athletes. Wherever they go, they must rely upon Jim for their uniforms and equipment. Jim has been at U.R.l. for many years and knows the "ins and outs" of equipmem managemem. He lives at 54 Kenyon Avenue in Wokefield. }. Lnzer \1'1 ttlron - Les is the secretary to the Athletic Director at Keaney Gymnosium. In addition to this job, he also is the Univer· sit)' Adminisrrocive Officer. He resides at 7 Avice Street in Narra· gansetr.

:< -



and MARK PATINKIN 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111


路siLENT WAR lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


Inside the Global Business Battles Shaping America's Future




A. T. Cross: The Mighty Pen RoN AND BRAD Boss. Cross 's owners. will tell you how thev've built their product's value. First, they point to something almost unique in the world of manufacturing-a forever guarantee. If your Cross pen breaks fifty years after you buy it. Cross will fix it, even if it's been run over by a truck. Cross ends up fixing or replacing about 2 percent of all the pens it makes. at a cost of a bit over $1 million a year. They think they get a better return on that investment than from their most advanced factory equipment. . "I can't tell you the number of letters we get on this." says Ron Boss. president. "People saying. 'Thank goodness today someone still cares.路" It's curious who takes advantage of it. The Bosses have had pens mailed into their Rhode Island headquaners from the middle of China. the tip of Chile, and the hean of the Yukon. They've received broken pens from Teddy Kennedy. Bob Hope. Richard Nixon. and Henry Kissinger. all sent in by their personal secretaries. Then there's the engineering side of the formula: the product itself. At Cross. they talk of it as Dan Werbin talks of his Volvo, as Ernst Ehmann at Traub talks of his machines-a matter of the best engineering. Spend a day at Cross's factory and you'll hear them speak of quality almost as if it were a religion. For twenty years. Larry Farmer has been at the center of developing it. He joined Cross around the time Lawler did, the mid-1960's. He



' ·. . .

__ . ,,. ;·






.. ..


.. .





As50Ci3.tion was {o;m)d in ·I .--..;._, _;_:._ .. .......--· . ·'\_ t?e study •. of employment for graduattng memHers, and to pro.•\norller purpose ali sUi:.'. with' ihe uses mg:.l:aeh·year die name of an accounttng maJOr who'·over. ;f •• }• ha.S attained the highest average m>me ColidS!; . •

o. - ··


'j l

'!.,. • '•

o, laque

....... l

. . IIIII""



·-_. Row"·')·;- 07 A. j_ Arnold: Vice· Pres.r H. Amoritgj, R. McDonald, Pres., "} · E. Vallier, D. McGinnis, Treas., L. Dexter. . · .. ·. · · .... , . . Row· 2: W. Richmond, L.- Sug:srman, R. Yosinoff, M.. Wolfe, D .• Rtley, H. Chason, R. _Eke- ·, blad.,.J. S•. Torman, D. Makiri-, Dc;>r.r. .. . . · . ' :. Row 3_:- -}; Schnaaer;: };;Warshaw, H; Heanstem L. Gluckman, T. McConnell, .!<· .. 0. Gu1ds. l...ferabach. M. Maz•.- S A nJ,.lman. M; Manekofsky, A. LaPnse. .• _



Robert L. Crandall 1955-57 B.S. in Insurance In the process of setting up a time for a telephone interview, Bob wrote me," ... I have great affection for the University that both my parents and grandparents attended." Before I called him, I once again entered the URI Archives and found the 1936 Alumni Directory, which yielded the family infonnationonhis grandparents, Susan Elnora Kenyon, '08 and Fred Kenyon Crandall, '09. Fred was President ofhis class for four years and a member of the baseball, football, and track teams. Both were from South County and came from quite a long-standing tradition. I've enclosed a photo of our 1907 baseball team as an example of URI a long time ago, when the then Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts was very much South County oriented. The readers are urged to visit our Archives and thumb through the early yearbooks starting in 1898. They make quite interesting reading. 路

It is interesting to note that Fred Crandall joined the staff of the RISC Agricultural Experimental Station in about 1920, after a number of years as a potato farmer in Usquepaugh, and joined the professorial staff in 1932 as Assistant Research Professor of Agronomy, when he received his M.S. degree from RISC. Both he and Bob's father, Lloyd E. Crandall, received degrees in 1932. Bob's mother, Virginia Burns Beard Crandall, graduated in 1933. Bob transferred to URI from William and Mary to be closer to his fiance (now wife), who was attending the Roger Williams School of Nursing. Bob had very favorable memories of Cal Brainard of Insurance who was "quite a smart man." While Bob was listed in his yearbook as a general administration major, he considered himself to be an insurance major. Bob was President of the Insurance Association in 1957. He had numerous part-time jobs as a weekend cook at Phi Mu Delta, in a cafeteria, and as a packer of com meal at the Kenyon Com Meal Co. in Usequepaugh. When he visited his parents in Barrington-his father represented Phoenix Mutual Insurance Company in East Providence after World War II-, he clerked in a grocery store. After graduation, Bob served six months as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Anny. He spent another six months with John Hancock in Philadelphia. When he received a scholarship, Bob entered the Wharton School in 1960. Upon graduating in 1962, he joined Eastman Kodak as a regional credit representative. He spent 1962-66 with Hallmark Cards in the financial end of the business. From 1966 through 1972 he was at TWA and left as Vice President and Controller for a Senior Vice Presidency and Treasurer of Bloomingdale Brothers. He returned to the airline industry in 1973 with American Airlines and was appointed President in 1980 and President and Chainnan in 1985. Bob received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from URI in 1986. Bob richly deserves the success he has garnered for himself, his company, and his industry. I, along with the readers, appreciate the time Bob spent with me. Thanks.



Phi Mu Delta 4 Manning Drive

Gen. Bus. Admin. Barrington, R.. I.


low 1; _Tupper, R..; Dipme, H, Sec.. Cnnda.ll, ll, Pra.; Wrish<. T.; .MOftJ,H.


2: Andenoa, }.; KuDa,

michael, S.; TIWIIble. w lleDfrew, }.

The Insurance Association of the University of Rhode Island was formed during the Fall semester, 1950, to advance the study and knowledge of insurance at U.R..I., and ro enhance the position of the insurance student during his business career. < 路 The programs offered by the society. include speakers from various insurance concerns, and numerous field trips to visit large insurance organizations.




C.; "JlydiDJ, W .; GuacafiOD, ll.;


fred Kenyon Crandall


•• Blip ••


Kingitms, R. I.




Electrical. E ngi11eering

Footb;lll, I ; B:tskctball, I, 2; Tr:tck, I, 2, 3; Cross Country, J ; Debating, +; Pres., 4; E. E. J , +; Sec'y. c\. I. E. E., +; R. 0. T. C. Cad't. Li<!utenant, 4; Officers Club, J, +; Interfraternity Basketball, 3, +;.Polygon, 3. ·


Bnrrilrgton, R. 1.

l:K Homr Eronomics

Student Council, 3; M:ty Day, I, 2, 3; Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4.




How you·benefit·from overbooking · People often ask why American - and every other airline - accepts more reservations than it has seats. It's a good question. The answer is rooted in this fact While we do accept more reservations than we have seats. we very seldom have more customers who wish to travel than there are seats. Thus, while we frequently "overbook," we very seldom "deny boarding." Here's how it all fits together. Most passengers do not bother to cancel reservations when they change their travel plans. Other passengers make reservations on several flights, most of which will obviously go unclaimed. Airlines call these folks "no shows," and if we did ·nothing to compensate for the reservations they do not use, we would have to disappoint many customers by declining their requests for reservations - and then watch our flights take off with lots of empty seats. To solve this problem. we keep careful records of the numbers and pattern of "no shows." We then accept reservations equal to the number of actual seats plMs enough more to offset anticipated "no shows." In 1990 alone, overbooking allowed us to accept about four million reservation requests that we would have declined had we assumed that every reservation would be used. The key to success is developing as reliable a forecast as possible of the probable number of "no shows" so we can accept just the right total number of reservations. · No-show numbers and patterns vary widely - by market, by month. by day, even by time of day. Still, by using sophisticated forecasting techniques, we can predict the number of "no shows" quite accurately. Of course, no forecast can be right all the time. Inevitably, there are a few flights for which more passengers than expected appear at the gate. When that happens, we offer those with flexible schedules an opportunity to yield their seats voluntarily to make room for those who must stay on the flight. Each volunteer receives a confirmed seat on a later flight and a voucher good toward future travel on American Airlines. BY





The result? In 1990, American "denied boarding" involuntarily to fewer pa_ssengers than any other of the nation's twelve largest airlines. Last year we denied seats to only 1,332 people, or only about eighteen out of every one million passengers boarded. Here's how our record compared with that of other airlines in the third of 1990, which is the latest period for which data are available: Involuntarily denied boardings per 10,000 passengers in the third quarter _o f 1990 · 10.26


lo.43 lo.46










4.56 4.82


Sow ret: Dtpan'"'"' o{T.nnuponatio1f

Overbooking makes sense for everyone, customers and airlines alike. Without the revenue we get by filling seats "no shows" would otherwise leave empty, we would have no choice but to raise prices. Thus, "over· booking" helps us keep fares as low as possible. Even more important, it helps us use all the available seats effectively, thus allow· ing us to say "yes" rather than "no" when you call for a seat on the flight of your choice.

In the /iTSt issue of American Way each month, Amen·can Airlines CJzainnan Robert L Crandall examines issues of concern to our customeTS. If there is a subject you would like adliressed, please let us know. Write to Vantage Point. American Way magazine. PO. Box 619616. MD 5575. DFW Airpnrt, Texas 75261-9640.


lf. ((lass of 195 7


Phi Kappa Thea \0 Whelall Roa.d

Accounting Providence, R. I.

路-- . , ..

Headed {M Class


Tau Epsilon Phi Gen. Bus. Admin. 2\\ Rocfiambeau Ave. Providence, R. I:


Lambda Chi Alpha 72 Robinson St.

Accounting Wakefield, R. I.


James A. Hopkins 1958-62 B.S. in Insurance Jim and I were members of the URI Alumni Association Board during my tenn as Treasurer of the Association in 1981-83 and then again in 1988-89 when I was in my third year as the Faculty Representative and Jim was President-Elect Jim always impressed me with his very professional demeanor and devotion to URI, so he was a "natural" for an interview. We met at A. T. Cross's Distribution Center, an excellently designed facility in tenns of control, worker health and safety, and production flow. Jim had just been appointed on Monday of that week as Vice President of Distribution, so it was an especially nice time to be there. Jim was brought up in a family and in a neighborltood in Coventry in which the expectation was that you went to college. Jim's father, while not a college graduate, was "moving up the ladder" as a banker at Union Trust (now Aeet) and his mother was a physical education graduate of a college that later joined with Boston University. Jim related how the three families in his immediate neighborltood (the Hopkins, the Rileys, and the Reynolds) had children who all went to college, mostly to URI. Jim repeated a story he had once told me. "Professor Art Shennan from URI's Physical Education department would walk down the street and have kind words for each child in these families. An Shennan was (and still is) a great ambassador for URI and was one very big reason why we all considered URI," Jim said. Jim's sister Jane graduated from URI in 1958 and his brother Mark graduated from URI in 1967. In fact, Jim went to URI with Jack Riley and Paul Reynolds, and they all joined Sigma Nu. Jack was also in the College of Business. Jim applied to Dartmouth, Alfred University, Marietta College, and URI. Jim's parents told him that they could not afford Dartmouth. Jim and his parents liked Marietta, which they visited, but Jim chose URI. One major reason was its Insurance program, since Jim's father had left banking and became a co-owner of an insurance agency. 1be other factor was cost. Jim started taking insurance courses in his first year with Dick Soderberg, a sabbatical replacement for Cal Brainard. "Dick did a good job," Jim said, "but Cal Brainard was an incomparable teacher and person. He was a gentlemen, a classic teacher, highly structured, and very logical. He was teaching us for a career and was just finishing his book on auto insurance. We were using cases for his rough draft of the text. He and his wife invited the Insurance Association to their house. Cal cared and every insurance major still feels a strong affection for him." Jim had very nice words to say about a number of my colleagues. "Agnes Doody made me and Jack Riley argue on an impromptu basis in the first meeting of the course the supposition 'Better Red than Dead,' quite an assignment for a conservative Republican like me," he said. "Jack and I went to visit her in the hospital when Professor Doody had her hip operation. She did an excellent job in the speech course." Jim mentioned Dave Geffner in Business Law and Elton Rayack in Economics, who made the economics courses understandable and interesting for him-essentially a peopleoriented person rather than a numbers-oriented person. Jim had very positive feelings for Bob Meyer and Harold Sternbach in statistics. Jim, as President of Sigma Nu, had many dealings with John Quinn, the Dean ofMen, whom Jim remembers as a person with high and consistent standards. "Larry Bretsch cenainly was a dynamo in Marketing,'' Jim stated. Jim went to OCS after graduate and was a Coast Guard officer in Boston for three very pleasant years. From 1966 to 1974, he was with his father in an insurance company. I was dying to ask the question, "How did you go from insurance to production?" and finally asked it. Jim said that both functions for him were allied with customer service. "In insurance, I felt that I had no control overthemajorinsurancefinnwhenmycustomerappliedforaclaimjustwhenheneededmethemost. I wanted to be more involved with the complete package of customer service, so when Ronny Boss and Dick Walls-both sailing friends-of A. T. Cross offered a production manager's job to me, I left the insurance business," Jim reminisced. (As a side note, I have always been impressed with the concern for quality in products and workers at A. T. Cross. I can understand why Jim has found great job satisfaction there.) Jim has progressed from production planning to manufacturing planning to


production control to materials manager to production manager to V.P. of Production to V.P. of Distribution. Jim started his involvement with the Alumni Association as a agent at the urging ofJack . Riley. Jim was on the Alumni Board from 1981-84, President-Elect in 1988-89, President in 198990, and Immediate Past President in 1990-91. He has been the alumni representative on URI Search Committees for the Director of the Annual Fund, V.P. Business and Fmance, and Director of. Development. He is currently the Chainnan of the URI Centennial Committee. Just because run calls me and all other accountants '"Bean Counters" doesn't mean we don't recognize class when we see it. I must say that once Jim was with accounting concepts like "revenue" and "a balanced budget," he certainly was more of a "Bean Counter'' than me.


51 Hopkins Hill Rd. Liberal Am


RI Sigma Nu


Sophomore Guide; New Srudenr Week; Treasurer, Insurance Association; Srudent Sen路 ate; Standards Committee; Union Board of Directors; Vice-President, President, Sig路 maNu. Scholasric Average: 2.6


59 Hopkins Hill Rd. Coventry, RI Industrial Management Sigma Nu


55 Hopkins Hill Rd. Coventry, RI Insurance Sigma Nu


Row 1: John Chase, President; Janies Hopkins, Jean Fiddes, Secretary; Alexander Harry; Vice-President; Calvin Brainard, .Advisor. Row, 2: Ronald Gilcifsky, Philip Janvrin,


Larry Hofstetter, Roger Gagnon, Harold Ohsberg, Paul Syverson. Tony Narciso, Tom Soule.

INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Row 1 : Charles Crowninshield, ·Secreauy; Richard Renzi, VicePresidenr; Marvin Rosene, President; Dr. Lees, Advisor; Paul Cravinho, Treasurer; Daniel Brothis. Row 2: Charles McLeod,

. ,.

.··:2:. .,·

.... '




•. :

Daniel King, Anthony Whitcomb, Rod Simone, Ralph Perri, Alan Birkenfeld, Steve Bronstein. Row 3: Orian Archambault, Frank Albright, Knight Tutde, Ronald Fish.


l> n n




.-z Q


"'"'0 n


-0z -t


Every University -possesses it's share of both outstanding and inadequate members among its doctoral charter. One general observation is there are at least 10 superb instructors for which each institution is well-noted. The key to success, for any student, is to locate these professors and reap the bountiful rewards received through this instruction. In the 1950's Pennsylvania State University, an institution well noted for its supremacy in the speech communications field, carried a student who possessed the capabilities, enthusiam, intellect and motivation to become a leading figure in communications, similar to the Barbara Walters of 1980. Dr. Agnes Doody, (the student in question) , of our speech communications department, comically refers to the times in her scholastic career when she was absolutely certain that teaching was not the field for her. A mere fluke instigated Dr. Doody's first attempt at teaching; the rest is history. Some. 路--wlie're arnidstihe first semester of her education she caught the 'bug', and acknowledged teaching speech communications to be her forte in life. Born in Connecticut, Dr. Doody has general knowledge of New England. When a job opened here at URI, she saw the irresistable opportunity to take a newlyformed Speech Department and create a strong, dynamic and first-rate division. Taking hold of the-reigns Dr. Doody began to pursue this goal at full speed. Dr. Doody's skills and attitudes allowed a tremendous upsurge in the department's staff, presenting fulfillment of her goal. Her performances in class are unique and electric. Dr. Doody demands excellence of her student's speech performances. Somehow she miraculously tells you your speech was a failure without hurting your feelings. Not only are the classes dynamic, persuasive speaking lessons, they are abundent with current information pertanent in understanding today's world. Each class is bursting with energy and excitement For those who have not yet seen Dr. Doody in her astounding performances, and plan to remain at URI for at least two years, do not miss this opportunity to participate in one of the most fruitful experiences obtainable here at URI. by Liz Hahn


·r· .\



. . .· u' ....\;..



1 Knight Sr. Insurance

Warwick, Rl



64-:H 99th St. Forest Hills, NY General Business Alpha Epsilon Pi

18 Beachtree Rd. Rumford , Rl Marketing and Advertising Phi Gamma Delta

- ·t




East 34th St. Brooklyn, NY General Business


60 Farnum Pi:.e Esmond, Rl Marketing and Advertising Sigma Nu


309 Easr Pine Sr. Long Beach, NY Marketing and Advertising Alpha Epsilon Pi


11 7 Covington Dr.

Warwick, Rl Marketing and Advertisin)!

Theta Chi



11 Fordson Ave. Accounting

Cranston, RI Phi Mu Delta


150 Shore Rd . esr.erly. RI Insurance Sigma Alpha Epsilon


__ ........___ _

....... . •:

Independence Hall


. -:· .

college of business administration



Dean Georre A. Ballentine


Row 1: Fletcher, M.; Lees, D.; Smith, K.; Ballentine, G.; Dean; Brown, Olsen. W.; Paulis, R.; Row 2: Lurie, Wood, P.; Geffner, D.; Anderson, M.; Brius, W.; Brainard, C.; Rockafellow, R.; Rayack, E.: Gilliran, F.; Sierel, B.; Schurman. B.; Row 3: Lees, G.; Haller, Kaiser, C.; Farrand, Bowman. DeFulvio, E.; Sternbach, H.


RICHARD C. SISCO misquamicut. r.i.

77 crandall avenue accounting

pws:t!::m:eZ..l. *.EJ¥5 .•..4§1;

[- ·:";;r: .



FREDERICK W. WILSON 110 congress avenue business administration

providence, r.i. phi sigma kappa

ALDEN J. WYNKOOP 132 gainsville. drive accounting

CHARLES J. WOOLLEY 431 grotto avenue industrial


pawtucket, r. i. sigma chi

warwick, r.i.

f. I .

! .

1960 GRIST STAFF J. MINIATI Edi cor-iA-Chief


RONALD D. DENELLE General Business Administration Commuter N2 Blvd. 路Pawtucket, R. L

CHARLES]. DONOVAN General Business Administratio11 Theta Chi 345 Beach Ave. Warwick, R. I.


CHARLES H. DR ESS Accounting Tau Phi


Aa a newcomer at URI this year, I feel particularly indebted to the Class of 1959 for welcoming me so warmly to the campus and introducing me to the undergraduate life of the University. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you and through you learning the nature and temper of our student body as a whole. I regret not having become acquainted with each of you, becauae I shall always have a special affection for the Class of 1959- the first URI class to which I shall present diplomas. A freshman like myself is in a good position to evaluate what you who have been here longer now take for granted. I congratulate you on your choice of a college and on your successful completion of what I know were four rewarding years. The pages of this Grist reflect the many facets of your learning and living here- from the very informal hours in the Union and the residence halls to the time spent in classes, examinations, and library study. I trust that these years here have laid the foundation for much success and satisfaction in life.

One thought I would like to leave with you. Whatever you have gained of practical information, of training in thinking and in the ability to get the facts and analyze them, is of value only if you use these achievements for a worthy purpose and in a spirit of service. The world these days sadly needs not only educated people, but dedicated people who have set their goals far beyond personal gain and advancement. It's a challenging world ahead of you with peace and brotherhood not only a possibility to work toward, but a condition of survival. My hearty. good wishes to you. We will follow your careers with interest and pride and hope to welcome you back often to your alma mater. Francis H. Horn, President


BERNARD J. BARRY DR. LAWRENCE E. BRETSCH Dept. of Marketing and Advertising

Phi Mu Delta Marketinr; & Adverthinr; 31 Nowell Rd. Cranltoa. R. I.



Phi Gamma Delta General Busineu Administration :!3 Potter St. Nf!wport, R. I.

Si,;ma Alpha Epsilon .. Marketint; and AdvertJsmr; 3 Meadowbank Rd. Old Greenwich, Conn.

ALFRED C. BATEMAN, JR. Ind. Manar;ement Chi 120 Endicott Dr. Warwick, R. I.

ALMONTE Beta Psi Alpha 78 Oxford St.


-. Ml:rlcet. &...Advertising Providence, R. I.

ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Alpha Delta Sigma is a national professional advertising fraternity that includes 45 aaive undergraduate chapters, and also alumni chapters in the principal cities of extensive advertising aaivity. The undergraduate chapters are dedicated to "bridging the gap" between advertising theory and experience. Our chapter attempts to foster interest in the advertising profession, to provide an atmosphere in which the advertising neophyte can be introduced to the praaical problems in a dynamic field, and to instill in its members the high ethical standards that are needed in creative advertising. The principal projects of the fraternity is the composition of an advertising blotter. They also aa in an agency capacity in handling the advertising of the Puritan, the campus literary magazine.

ALPHA DELTA SIGMA On floor : Ponce, ] .;. Beauregard, K.; Krovicz, E.; Sprader, D. Seated : Wei!, W .; Gardiner, G., C?rr. Sec.; Greenstem, R., Rec. Sec.; Brersch, L E., Adv.; O'Brien, E., President; Holiord, H.; V1ce Pres.; Yeaw, .R.; Chambers, R. Duffek, J.; Patton, B.; .Donovan, C.; Bradley, P.; DeCesare, F.; Hamngton, L ; Kahn, L.; Lord, R.


Richard Vangenneersch 1962-64 M.S. in Accounting URI started its Master of Science Programs in business back in about 1932 and had its first graduate degree awarded to Leonard Herbert Russell in Economics in 1934. As one can see from the list of M.S. graduates in this book, there were never many students in these programs and the only program surviving is the M.S. in Accounting. Since a substantial number of students have graduated from this program and there will be a furthertake-offin the program due to the movementto 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA exam, I wanted to be sure to have at least one M.S. in Accounting graduate interviewed. For .better or worse, I chose myself and, hence, this is more autobiographical than interview-oriented. Most of our current M.S. students are either people changing their professions or accounting majors who feel they want some more seasoning. I probably fit into the latter. I had decided to be an accountant/CPA in high school, when I concluded that law school was beyond my and my parent's financial limits. I took two years of high school bookkeeping as electives in a college prep program at North Providence High School and both liked the courses and did extremely well in them. At that time, 1957, Bryant College still offered a two year degree program at quite a low tuition. (You should note that Bryant then had 22 week semesters, and students took 7 courses a semester in a rigorously controlled curriculum. Students were assigned to divisions of about 50 to 60 and everyone took the same courses at the same times. Hence, the two year program was quite fast-paced and very efficient.) I did quite well at Bryant and graduated in 1959-not exactly a boom time in the economy. I did eventually get two entry level jobs in public accounting and in industrial accounting in the next three years. I started taking night courses at URI Extension right away to "beef up" my academic credentials. In about four years in the evening and two summers, I took about 24 courses-12 of which led to a Liberal Arts Certificate from URI Extension. In 1962, I decided to spend some more time studying accounting and business subjects at the graduate level. URI had the degree I wanted along with the good PQssibility in those days of getting a graduate assistantship. I met with Brooks Sanderson at his home one evening and started a longtime friendship with him. Brooks offered an assistantship and I left my job in June of 1962 to start a very nice two years on campus. I always hope that our current M.S. students have as pleasant an experience as I had. My graduate assistantship duties brought me to know some truly marvelous people-George and Doris Lees, Porter Wood, Brooks Sanderson, and Bob Fell. I took four courses outside of my four accounting courses. Two of these courses were Economics with Elton Rayack and Rick Sabatino. One was a Business Law course with Dave Geffner and the other a Management course with Carl Kaiser. Bob Fell taught the four graduate accounting courses. I've met many bright people through the years but none as bright as Bob Fell. 路 I had the opportunity to study these courses in great depth and found that business subjects are just as interesting and demanding and rewarding as any of the many other fields I had studied. I enjoyed my classroom experiences as well. I chose to do my masters thesis on the comprehensive audit of the U.S. General Accounting Office. This led to my taking a job with GAO in Washington in 1964 and 1965. I was fortunate to pass the CPA exam in my first sitting in 1964. I left GAO to start a Ph.D. in Accounting at the University of Florida in 1965. After two years there, I taught at the University of Maine for four years. I received my Ph.D. in 1970 and went back to URI in 1971.

How does one compare this M.S. in Accounting program of today to that of almost 30 years ago, especially ifhe is involved with the program now and was its Director in 1976-77 and 1981-83? I guess the response has to be "Carefully." Our program now is much more prescribed then it was then. AACSB accreditation is a significant reason for that. Our faculty has more lengthy academic credentials than 30 years ago, but the program still retains its practical "on-the-job, CPA orientation" with a decided tinge of academics for those students with more a bent for that type of background. Certainly, however, it would be difficult to care any more for students than did my colleagues of 30 years ago. I hope we care just as much about them and their performances in class and on the job as 131

George, Doris, Bob, Brooks, and Porter did. I believe we do. While I can hardly be called an independent source, I believe our M.S. program is as well designed, well thought out, and well taught as any other program in this country. My colleagues .and I believe the tremendous successes of our graduates through the years prove this. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Porter Wood for rescuing the M.S. in Accounting program from the ash can in 1970. I am proud to be a graduate from it and involved in it for these last twenty years.

'.:路:路 ...". ,,

.. . Accounting Associaiton ...

1 - I . ro r.: Renzi, R., President; Levy, B., Vice President: Holbrook ll!lllurer; Archambault, ] ., Secrerary; Pearce, W., Kullberg, G., Godfrey:

T. Row 2 - I . ro r.: Komher, G., Cummings, K., Vangemeersch, R., Helm T., Fillh, R., Kampner, ]., Ballou, T., Goodwin, W., Newman, C., Fishman, H:


Alpha Delta Sigma ... as the National Professional Advertising Fraternity, Alpha Delta Sigma attempts to create interest in advertising as a profession. The beginner is introduced co all the various problems which may arise. The fraternity again this year put out the semester social calendars and blotters which were disuibuted during registration. As a special activity this year, they disuibuted the URI-RIC Referendum buttons

Row 1 - I. tor.: Swider, E., President; Greenstein,]., Vice President; Raisner, M., Secretary; Anes, R., Treasurer. Row 2 - I. co r. : Sadwin, L., Mignone, S., Bordas, R., Jordan, R., Botvin, M.

FREDRIC KAMIN 16-4 Rangeley Rd. Cranston, R.I. lluaineu Administration

ti': I



I 18 Ave. \ _ Tiverton, R.I. -- ' , --_··;:-._- ';·_ •_:: , l'tll.Slg- Delta <

·: •.,


ROBERT ROCKAFELLOW Department of Economics BROOKS A. SANDERSON Deparanent of Business Administration

AARON J. ALTON Department of Marketing and Advertising


CARL W. KAISER, Industrial Management





B.A.. Acct.

B.A., Acct.



There is only one insurance for a free mind , young man, and that is wisdom.


THE BALLENTINE YEARS 1946-1966 Memorabilia of George A. Ballentine, Graciously Lent by His Daughter, Professor Emeritus Patricia Weeden, '48



\./ -.









!. i


j I


-:-_. ··



The ben.rer should siKfl his name below OR directed . the passport in the r-;puct: pro-

He should also


,y· Beerer ' • forei&o a<ldrnt


__ ________ ......_

. --·--- ··

CAUTION This passport is a valuable document. Due care should be taken to see that it does not pass into the possession of an unauthorized person. If it is lost or destroyed the fact and circumstances of the loss should be immediately reported to the Passport Division, Department of State, or to the nearest


American Consulate, and to the local police author -

ities. New passport3 in such cases can be issued ooly after exhaustive inquiry . 1-1107

: ..


( I


Patricia Joyce Ballentine

xn Home Economics. Textiles North Ro,,d , 路


R I.

1 RESOLUTION Upon the Death of Dean Emeritus GEORGE ANDREW BALLENTINE Be it resolved: That the faculty of the University of Rhode Island hereby expresses its sorrow upon the loss of a devoted colleague, Dean Emeritus George Andrew Ballentine who passed away at Wakefield, Rhode Island, on March 21, 1968, at the age of 68 years, and voice its appreciation of his long and dedicated service to our University and the community and be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to Mrs. Ballentine whose unfailing loyalty and support contributed so much to his success. Dean Ballentine was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and after serving in the U.S. Army in 1918 went on to receive his B.A. degree from Colgate University in 1922, his M.B.A. degree from Harvard University in 1924 and later his Ph.D. degree from Columbia University in 1951. For a number of years, he was employed in industry, first with the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company during which time he spent more than 3 years in the British Malay and the Dutch East Indies and later the National Cash Register Company. He joined this Faculty in 1941 as an instructor, moving up through the professional ranks to become Dean of the College of Business Administration in 1947, in which capacity he served for 19 years. He a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi honorary societies, the American Marketing Association and the American Management Association. Although much of his time was consumed with administrative duties, he haa a sincere interest in teaching students which led him also to serve as Professor of Management. He brought to the classroom the experience of his years in the business environment as a representative of United States business in Southeast Asia. He faithfully served the University by bringing stability and insight to the deliberations of many important committees. A long time goal of his when the riew College of Business Administration Building was completed in 1967. In his honor, the building was named Ballentine Hall. His community service and interests included membership in the local Chamber of Commerce, and on the Kingston Free Library Board, as well as serving as both Deacon and Moderator of the Kingston Congregational Church. After retiring, he continued his interest in education by accepting the challenge of developing a Department of Business Administration at the University of the Virgin Islands. Adopted by the Faculty of the University of Rhode Island on 1-lay 16, 196 8 and entered into the permanent record of the University.



F. Don James Acting President


H. Perry Jeffries Faculty Secretary

THE TAKE OFF YEARS 1966-1992 Interviews with Eleven Members of the Graduating Classes from 1967.through 1992

- --

- - - 路- -路----



Alfred Joseph Verrecchia 1961-63, 64-67 B.S. in Accounting 1967-71 MBA As I left my office to drive to the Hasbro plant in Pawtucket, two of my colleagues said that they had never seen such a major organization in such an ordinary building. I told them I had a1 ways wanted to visit Hasbro but hadn't, and hence, didn't know what I would find. Once you are inside the building, you see a marvelously reconstructed office, cafeteria, and greeting space with its own "Main Street." There is a lot of sparkle there. Never judge the inside of a building by its facade. AI started his URI experience in 1961, as an above-average-but not great-graduate of Cranston High School (now Cranston East). He was not particularly interested in leaving the state and had some subtle parental pressure to go to college. URI seemed like a good alternative but his first major, biology, wasn't a good choice for him. "I just didn't want to spend my life looking attest tubes," AI said. He flunked out in 1963, got married, took a year off from school, returned in the fall of 1964 as an accounting major, and became a father in 1965. "I left a fraternity-oriented, fun-oriented guy and came back as a focused and mature individual," he summarized. "It wasn't how much you study but how focused you are when you study," AI advised me. AI chose Accounting as a major because of observing his mother keeping the books for his father's business. AI was immediately challenged by his intermediate accounting teacher in summer school, Bob Fell, and developed a lifelong interest in "practical management accounting." Since AI needed a job to support his family and Bob Fell was then a part-time public accountant for Hasbro' s external auditors, Bob said to check with him in September. By that time, Fell had become Controller at Hasbro and offered AI about 40 hours of work a week, fit around his classroom schedule. (As a side note, Bob Fell continued with his Ph.D. in Economic studies at Brown University and did get his degree, while he was at Hasbro.) AI believes he was a better accounting student because he could see the practicality of the theory he was taught in class. This was especially true when AI enrolled in our evening MBA program with a concentration in Finance. In fact, AI started his graduate program with courses taken in the last semester of his senior year. After graduation in 1967, he stayed at Hasbro and has been there, in various capacities, ever since. AI had kind words for the accounting faculty, which offered a wide variety of personalities and teaching styles. "Porter Wood was always an open, friendly, and warm person whom I liked a great deal," AI reminisced. Ted DiStefano and Jack Fradin, as well as Bob Fell, brought a great deal of practicality to the classroom. AI rated Dave Geffner as an outstanding teacher of business law. AI was also impressed then and now with such classmates as Dave Rooney, David Fine, and Ted Lodge.

AI started his evening MBA in the Extension Building in the Fall of 1967. AI thought the MBA program was a good program and still in the developmental stage. As you might have already guessed, AI believes that no one should enter the MBA program right out of college. He is not alone in holding that one or two years of work experience allows the MBA student to see the practicality of what he is learning. AI reminisced that the typical MBA course had 30 students--14 were engineers, 14 were accountants, and 2 were others. "It was a very serious and focused group. There was significant use made of the case method. Looking back at the program, I would like to have seen a heavier component of corporate governance in the MBA program. Having participated in the 'gogo' years of the 1980s, I have seen the need for such a focus first hand," AI said. He also felt that there was a need to spend more time on building managerial skills. ''There is a need to balance and blend the academic and the practical and, hence, some of the professors should be out there in the field," Al summarized. AI had some interesting advice for our undergraduate programs in accounting and business. Al is of the opinion that we must teach our accounting students to appreciate that they must both know

the business and know how it is run, so that they offer sound managerial advice and not just quote sterile accounting rules. "Students must learn to deal with investment bankers," he also said, "and 147

must learn to stress the importance ofliquidity and cash." AI then went through interesting examples on (1) hedging and FAS#52 and (2) tax carryforwards and managerial accounting infonnation. AI then mentioned the internal seminars on accounting and finance that he had his staff hold for Hasbro marketing executives. "They take a product right through from R&D to production to the market place. They need to know such topics as product costs, profitability, overhead and its application, budgets, profitability analysis, cost concepts, and make-or-buy," AI said. "They must understand the numbers," he concluded. I sense that AI' s seminars could make a good place for an academic study on seeing how accounting can be better taught AI 's career path at Hasbro illustrates the movement up through accounting and out into executive posts: 1965-66 1966-69 1969-70 1970-71 1971-74 1974-79 1980-82 1982-86 1989-89 1989-89 1989-90 1990-x-

Auditor Junior Accountant Staff Accountant Senior Accountant Controller Treasurer Vice President-Finance Senior V.P.-Finance and CFO Executive V.P. President-Hasbro Mfg. Services Co-Chief Operating Officer Chief Operating Officer-Domestic Toy Division

He currently serves as: Chainnan-Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital Director-Old Stone Corp. Director-Blackstone Valley Electric Co. Director-R.I. Higher Education Assistant Authority Director-R.I. S!Udent Loan Activity Board Member-RIPEC AI received an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration from Johnson and Wales University in May of 1991. AI was chosen URI "Accountant of the Year" in 1987. He chaired the Alumni Fund Drive in 1990 and was a member of fonner President Eddy's President's Club. I have always tried to be tolerant-not with always great success-with typical-aged college students who are searching around for some major to turn them on, so they can get focused. My interview with AI should help me to be more understanding. I've also tried hard to get students to see the managerial side of accounting issues but that is a hard nut to crack. Again, I'll think of Al's examples as good "practical" examples of class discussion. Thanks AI for your time.


-路路 ..;





Business Administration Accounting Bachelor of Arts

R. LoDGE Business Administration Accounting Bachelor of Science



Business Administration Accounting Bachelor of Science



:i ...


Business Administration Accounting Bachelor of Science

N. CARUSO Business Administration Economics Bachelor of Science



Business Administration Insurance Bachelor of Science



Do )Ve really want to overcome someday?


"'"- 路

I .. . . 路f

路, .

.. -


In the meeting of mind wifh mind we learn never to expect a satisfactory answer from 路others until we are courageous enough to ask ourselves the right questions. 150


Of pride, of protest patriotism, pettiness, and fresh paint.






Doris M. Vigliotti 1966-72 B.S. in Accounting While you would never believe it-Doris looks atleast 10 years younger than me-, we were high school classmates at North Providence High School and both graduated in 1957. In fact, we rode the same school bus from Johnston to North Providence High School. We were both surprised to meet each other again in 1971 at URI. Doris went to Katherine Gibbs in New York after high school and finished the secretarial program in one year. (It is important to note that women were only accepted in business as secretaries in those days.) Doris was married in 1958 and children came in.1959, 1960, and 1962. She became a single parent in 1965. Realizing her only way out of her economic situation was education, Doris enrolled in the URI Extension Division's Program in Womens Studies in 1966. "Tilis was an ideal program forme, as classes ran from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Without that program, I doubt I even would have started. I would go home to my family in the afternoon and do some waitressing in the evening," Doris said. "However, I fell asleep driving home one night and decided that I couldn't do all these things anymore. One of my close friends dragged me to the town welfare agency and forced me to apply. The town welfare official was very helpful and happy to note I had just a twoyear time frame on welfare. I had been too proud to apply. With that I was able to go full time on campus from 1970-72." Doris credited Professor Mickey Perlow with being very instrumental in -her choosing accounting as a major. She took the two course sequence in elementary accounting with Mickey at Extension and the two course sequence in intermediate accounting with him on campus. "He always had time to talk and encouraged me to be an accounting major," Doris said. Mickey's help fit well into the office and records work that Doris had done for her parents' motel. While she commuted to campus, Doris was very involved with Beta Alpha Psi programs. (Beta Alpha Psi is the Accounting Honors Fraternity.) Doris was very friendly with Marilyn Batsford then and has remained friendly with her. "We were the only two women accounting majors graduating in 1972," Doris recalled. Doris enjoyed her dealings with Brooks Sanderson, a course in American Literature at Extension, and the elementary QBA courses, which involved a business game setting based on operating models. Doris joined Arthur Young & Co., CPAs, in Providence in 1972. She was the only woman on its professional staff. While there was some pressure on her as a woman, she was mature enough to handle it. Doris became a CPA in 1974 and was an Audit Manger when she left in 1981. 路"Public Accounting was a nice experience forme, as it is a people-oriented profession and I like people," Doris told me. Doris became Controller at Narragansett Capital and remained there through 1991. Doris was President of the Rhode Island State Society of CPAs for 1987-88. She represented the State Society at the AICP A Centennial in September of 1987. She was President of the Providence Business and Professional Women's Oub in 1981-83 and was a member of the Town of Johnston Charter Review Commisssion in 1982-84. Doris has served as: (1) Corporator of Eastland Savings Bank (1985-88); (2) Director of the Justice Assistance Corporation (1988-89); (3) Financial Advisor arid member of Finance Council of the Holy Ghost Church, School and Day Care Center (1987present); (4) member of the URI Accounting Department's Alumni Advisory Board (1988-present); (5) Director and Treasurer of the American Automobile Association of South Central New England (1983-present); and (6) member of the Executive Committee of the Catholic Charity Fund. Doris never meant to be a trailblazer for women in accounting but clearly she has been. I certainly hope we would never return to the late 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s when women were not expected to major in the College ofBusiness, except in Business Education and in Secretarial Science. While having lunch with Pat Weeden (George Ballentine's daughter) and Patricia Helms of Textile Marketing, I talked about my interview with Doris and raised the question of why there were so few women in the College of Business during those years. They responded that society expected them to have four children, to stay home with them, and be a good mother and wife. Pat Weeden and Pat Helms went as far as to say it was a patriotic duty to have these goals. They both added that the 155

"career woman" of the 1920s, 1930s, and early 1940s, certainly was not the model for the late 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Congratulations Doris on your magnificent effort and success.


Roneld Osborne

Lois Pezienu Business Education

Delta Zeta

Bruce T. Schoelle


Pu siness Adm in istratoon Sigma Ch i

· ',)

·i • 4


Benjemin Schoen C:inonce

Marc Seifer

Pi Lambda Ph i


Paul A. Sepe Theta Delta Chi


"Utilization of Available Resources Unive,.ity students and faculty must seek. deeply• for


not only create confidence in our society but over time

underlying causes of the problems before us rether · than

there would be ample surplus resources available for most

be satisfied with a coincidence of unforlunate but

of our urgent social programs.

Although time and patience are essential, we no longer


Gredually, over the past decade a naw expanded con-

can justify this if used as a hedge to postpone solving our

c•pt of government has grown : A central government which

problems. An undemanding of tho enential priorities and

can promote " high level of economic grow:th and abolish

wise utilization of available resources ore paramount to

recessions but also assume responsibilities for the ameliora-

move closer to our American dream of an ideal democratic

lion or abolishment of most of the prening social ;Jis of


our society.

Marvin Pitterman

The Federal Government has commenced at least pilot projects attading poverly, hunger, pollution, racial imbalances, housing shorlage. urba" blight, transporlation deficiencies, poor education, ill health, problems of old age and of overpopulation.

These social problems for the most pari are not new, but the concept that they can and must 'be dealt wah by the Federal Government is novel. Oftentimes this results in campaign promise< by politiciano which are unreal and beyond the scope of any possible practicol performence. Far too many individuals have erroneoesly assumed that all that is needed to solve these problem$ & huge expenditures. We on look forward to an end of the Vietnam War and a sharp reduction in military expenditures. The hopes for Peace Dividends has already been spent tenfold over in the minds of advocates of a long list of social programs. To enlarge our Federal program requires shifting of resources from the private to the public sector. Psychological expec· tation,s of citi1ens are fundamental and very often are off. set by the measure of government monetary



A careful al\alysis and valuation of priorities for expenditures must be made. If vur Government adopts proper priorities and does not hide inappropriate defocits it could



Contemporary University Is a Failure Att itudes towards teaching and Ieeming are changing. Stu路

dents (or some of them) wont o university eaperience to be meoninqful whe" judqed by standards they would apply to activities other than conventionol college educational life : read-

inq oss;qnments. discussinq what they hove reod, and writinq popen anc: examinations. Because

theY .are

aware of unresolved

problems ranqinq from the路 Vietnam war to population pressure and pollution in Rhode Island. they feel that the counes need . to be chanqed. somehow or other. to

them applicable, in

a way the student con feel directly. to immediate social ond personal problems. Student porficipotion in determining curricula. and in selection and promotion of faculty, are intended, in port at least. to real ize this goal.

As someone who teaches required c:ounes almost exclusively.

I am sympathetic with the proposed chonqes. (I hod supposed that any university would qive any course for which there was

o suffocie.nt demand by students.) No one hos hod the illusion !hot possinq a coune necessarily meant that the student hod


more than satisfy a ritual enforced by the inevitable

discrimination. His efforh to reach a tolerable deqree of un· certainty constitute education .






to provide private enjoyment, for o variety of reo·

Unless we atomize our formal 1tructures. and return to some·

sons. and second, to create intellectual capital, which increases

thinq combining the personal relationships between teacher and

the student's productivity (and olso to qive him qrealer salis.

student of a medieval university with an apprenticeship system,

fecnon, in that he does his job well}-the present system has


serious drawbacks. Required courses or areas have an unduly

ation requirements and education, which is a wholly penonal

lerqe quote of uninterested students. Most classroom activity

matter. Within the riqid structure, the best that one can hope

foils to provide the apprenticeship that is the best professional

for is thet the instructor first mates the student dissatisfied with

lraininq. Students who ere socially conscious complain that ·con·

the stele of his understandinq so that he will initiate inquiry.

ventional courses and teachinq fail to involve them in the im- .

TheB the teacher may help the student pursue his quest. eother

mediate problems of society. One can think of a number of

by associating him directly with current investigation , where

diHe,.nt educational systems that would be better than the

srudent participation as a junior member of a team can sharpen

present one; the difficulty is that such innovations are more

his onalysis. or by quidinq him in independent problem-solvinq.

than the present system, which is of coune more

••pensive than what is perhaps the best educational process •.

will be continuous conflict between the university's gradu-

The major role of teachers is to convey the

of all. The most effective leaminq takes place when, for any

emotional connotations of the

reason at all. an individual becomes consumed with curiosity.

whether students impatient for more relevancy will

He may be tortured by his inability to communicate in a foreiqn lanquaqe, or unable to overcome some form of racial



portai\Ce of analytical methods of inquiry, no matter what the

Joel B. Dirlam Economics

problem. I doubt. however. this view.

There has been a marked change in student orientation in the past several years. The challenge to the faculty formerly was to stimulate, if not to provoke, the student to rather than to learn almost by rote, which habit he acquired before entering the University. Another problem was to limit the intrusion of extra curricular activities upon the time required for his studies. Today the student is more mature and more sophisticated caused perhaps, by the impact of fundamental changes of all kinds in our contemporary society which have thrust greater responsibilities upon him. He seems to regard the uni:versity as principally serving the practical function of getting the requisite education and degree as the key to economic development with scarcely any of the sentimental attachment to the university of his parents. While he is not cynical, he has fewer illusions of life than his predecessors. He is dimly aware of the uncomfortable and imperfect world in which he will live with its congestion, pollution and many daily irritations. Perhaps the greatest lasting contribution the faculty can make would be to convince him that while life is serious, it is not grim, that our institutions have been proved to be fundamentally workable and worthwhile and that a cultivated sense of humor can more often effectively alleviate problems than a Masters degree. David G. Geffner Prof. of Business Law



.... .



..I!•" I





,. l'



MICHAEL AARONSON : Inter Fraternity Council Booster's Club .. . Sachem 's Seminar ... Big Brother -community Action Projects . . . Lambda Chi AlphaChairman ... Cross Country-captain . . • Indoor Track ... Outdoor Track ... Omicron Delta Epsilon ... Dean's List . .. Who's Who.

Robert E. Drury Coventry, R.I. Accounting

dea n frederick amling college of business


thomas p. knight management bachelor of science

john c. lang accounting bachelor of science sigma chi

mark a. Iebron accounting bachelor of science alpha epsilon pi

kenneth s. lewis accounting bachelor of"science phi sigma delta

ralph a. malafronte business education bachelor of science chi phi

richard j. manson industrial management bachelor of science sigma pi

Ioreto o. marini production management bachelor of science phi kappa psi

daniel w. marvelle, jr. management bachelor of arts phi )!amma delta


john g. szymanski marketing management bachelor of arts tau epsilon phi

ben j. tedeschi management bachelor of science phi gamma delta

jacquelyn tesorero business education bachelor of science

alan r. tortolani management bachelor of arts phi gamma delta

michael p. valois insurance bachelor of science chi phi

donna I. vaughn business education bachelor of science

george wallace general administration bachelor of science

mark devlin walsh accounting bachelor of science theta chi

vernon bruce walter accounting bachelor of science tau epsilon phi

kenneth j. weber accounting bachelor of science

david g. zartarian insurance bachelor of science phi sigma kappa


,_ ·•I

f william f. mcdermott, jr. accounting bachelor of science

ambrose c. miller, jr. accounting bachelor of science lambda chi alpha

gleason a. moore business education bachelor of science

richard thomas nassa economics bachelor of science sigma alpha epsilon

robert e. o'brien management bachelor of science

james peskin economics bachelor of science

john _petrella, jr. accounting bachelor of science theta delta chi

gary steven piscione accounting bachelor of science


George Smith 1971-74 B.S. in Business Education 1974-75 M.S. in Business Education I biked to George's house in nearby West Passage to interview him on his experiences at URI. George represents a type of student from whom I can only remember great things in class-a retired naval officer. George had spent the majority of his naval career in the submarine force. From 1968 through 1970, he was assigned to Newport for his Deep Draft Command. This duty was a "surface one." As a part of his procedure, George interviewed every enlisted man who reported to his command, most of whom were young men just out of high school. Unlike the sailors in the submarine forces, who were highly educated and motivated enlisted people, the sailors George interviewed were far less happy. George discovered that they were unhappy because they believed they had not learned anything useful in high school and felt they didn't fit into the civilian work. force. While in the Boston Naval Shipyard, George interviewed some employment agencies to ascertain what entry-level jobs in business high school graduates could get. He was told by the staff of the employment agencies that high school graduates needed to have both business knowledge and skills. George then decided when he retired from the Navy to teach business subjects in high school, so that these students would have access to some entry-level jobs. George's last assignment was a staff position in Naples, Italy. His children wanted to return to the Middletown school system and URI had an ideal program for him in Business Education. The Newport Bridge had been completed and easy access to Kingston was assured so, at the age of 46, George took the SATs and was accepted at URI in August of 1971 (or, as the military say, Ol/08nl). George decided to do the entire undergraduate program and not apply for "life experiences" credits. George started like 路any other freshman. He remains very thankful to Everett Harris-then Assistant Dean in the College of Business--for his help in laying out a good program of study. George felt he was at the right age being young enough to mix with his classmates and old enough to offer them some sage advice. He felt he was not a threat to them at all. (George's experience is quite common for "older than average students." I have not found ihat this disparity in ages to be a negative factor but a very positive one. It is too bad that so many in our society view disparity in age as not only an inhibiting factor but as an impossible factor for organizations.) George then proceeded to get his URI file. Not only did he have his transcript as Frank Morsilli did, George had kept a copy of all his correspondence. He remembered Don Zeyl of Philosophy, Leila Cain of Psychology, and Nestor Caroselli of Botany as being outstanding teachers. He had fond memories of Brooks Sanderson, who locked the door when the class began so no late students could enter. Tom Vollmann and Carl Brainard did excellent jobs, as did the entire staff of the Business Education program-Kathleen Smith, Sue Strickland, Joe Oark, Tom Langford, and Clay Sink. "George Lees was a good example for me to follow in my classes. I liked to bring in real life examples and business executives to my classes," George said. George received the Julia Gross Miller Memorial Award from Professor Roy Poulsen for the highest grade point average of Business Education graduates in his class. After student teaching at Portsmouth High School, in which he stayed after his graduation date at URI so that he could see his classes to the end, George entered the M.S. in Business Education Program. He added Hilda Allred to his list of outstanding teachers. George also mentioned three more of his instructors in his graduate program. Al Alton did a fine job in Marketing, as did Dave Loudon in International Marketing Management. Bill Haller taught ECN 402, Urban Economics, in a very relaxed manner in which the class sat in a circle and talked about on findings from the readings. Professor Haller then interjected his thoughts on these comments. George did some voluntary research on the Merchant Marine for Professor Haller. This experience helped George write many grant proposals for Namagansett High School in the quest for computers. George was very proud of his joint research project with Darlene Pinkos of "Criteria for Screening Entry-Level Job Applicants and Business Education Programs Offered py Business/Industry" done .as part of BED


526A and BED 526B with Clay Sink. George remains in contact with his classmates at RffiEA and Delta Pi Epsilon meetings. George spent 11 years at Narragansett High School and loved it He was Teacher of the Year and had a yearbook dedicated to him. He retired in 1986 not because he was tired of teaching but because he had so many other things he wanted to do. He taught all the business courses offered at Narragansett High School but concentrated on Accounting I and II, Business Law. and Computer Applications in Accounting. George is active as a telephone volunteer for the URI Alumni Fund drive, is a member of the Fastbreak Club, works with the Special Olympics Program, and is.a volunteer in the Tax Counseling for Elderly Program. He says his Accounting and Finance courses at URI are a good foundation for his tax activities. I've known George for many years and occasionally appeared in his Accounting II class at Narragansett High School. George did a great job as a high school teacher of Accounting. on" to accounting by their We are finding that about 1/l of our current accounting majors are high school accounting teachers. I'm on good grounds to thank George on behalf of the URI community. Thanks.








R. Bruce Ferguson Ac:counting Charles W. Angeloro



Richard H. Halstead Accounting

Raymond W. Zawadski Jr. Marketing Management

Jerry Roscnband Ac:counting

Thomas M. Slater

Godron Woodbury Finance

Richard C. Zuromski Marketing Management

. 路.:.


Roben C. Zuromski Finance

Peter Zutty


RobertS. Russell 1971-75 B.S. in General Business Administration


Bob and I have been friends for years, as we both have been involved with the URI Fastbreak Club and various ba.sketball trips. However, we had never talked about academics and life. This interview, thus, provided an opportunity to see another side of Bob. Bob graduated with average grades from Hope High School in Providence in 1971. Bob stressed the importance of high school for the development of a person. ''There are four types of people," he said. ''They are: the hard worker; the guy who goes with the flow; the charmer; and the deal maker." I immediately asked Bob which of the four types he was. He said he was a charmer. While at Hope High School, Bob participated in an applied science program at nearby Brown University. Bob, who liked to avoid the risk of failure, decided the Ivy League was not the he wanted to be. "I was also sort of a homebody and had some of my friends enroll at URI. John Wills of URI's Special Program for Talent Development (SPTD) aggressively recruited me for the school. My guidance counselor in high school also pushed that program," Bob said. I asked him about SPTD. He said it helps to firm up basic skills, provides camaraderie with a strong support group, prepares one for campus living, and gave strong financial support. "It was like being at home," Bob stated, "and it is too bad that the same level of financial support is not present now due to the changed atmosphere to the funding of social programs." Bob had very nice words for SPTD's Leo DiMaio, a person with a great joy of giving, and his staff. As I have worked with Leo and his staff on occasion over the years, I'd like to join Bob in his assessment of Leo and his staff. Bob then raised the issue of the difficulties minorities are presently having getting into the College of Business with our minimum grade point average requirement for admission into our junior yearthe GPA has varied from 2.2 to 2.8 arid is about2.3 now. ''There should be aNobelPrize for a teacher who can move up SPTD students in the College of Business. These students need the help of great teachers who are great human beings," Bob emphasized. He believes that URI's new president, Robert Carothers, will help supply a system that will create this atmosphere. Our conversation then turned to why Bob thinks that role models of athletes and the rich are counter-productive for minorities. "Only one in countless thousands can make it, for instance, to the NBA or to the status of being rich. You need perseverance to have success--defined as being satisfied in what you do-and a healthy measure of good luck. It is too easyto give up if you only want to attain the level of Michael Jordan, for instance," Bob said. Bob chose the College of Business because he thought he would be a good businessman and had the goal of being self-employed. He chose the GBA major because of the same cautious approach already mentioned. While he was good at math, he had problems with statistics. Bob thought he would dislike accounting but found he had two marvelous helping and caring teachers, Doris Lees and Jack Fradin. (I concur.) Bob thought the world of Cal Brainard as a person who cared with incredible knowledge of his field. ''That is why I took so many insurance courses," he related to me. Bob had very kind words for Richard Travisano in sociology, Bob Hendle in plant science, and Dave Warren in political science. Bob lived in Ellery Hall for four years and had just a wonderful campus life. He remains very friendly with Randy Hughes, Jiggy Williamson, and Stanley Wright-all very good basketball players. Bob joined Ponderosa as a management trainee for a year and then held various jobs until 1979, when he founded a then small business, Rusco Steel Company. It started out as a distributor of steel products and now specializes in the fabrication and erection of concrete-reinforcing steel for the construction industry. Rusco has been involved with such projects as the Jamestown Bridge, Charlestown Tunnel, and the Bragga Bridge.



'• '""·- · · · - -- - - - - - .

Bob remains heavily involved in URI's Fastbreak Club as a member of its Executive Board, as well as being on the Board of the URI Athletic Association. He served on the board of the URI Alumni Association from 1988 to 1991 and is .now on its Nominating Committee. He is a trustee of the URI Foundation. He is also, most fittingly, on the board of SPrD. life

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I have. Talldng with Bob about academics and make it easier for me to justify just a little more time and effort with SPrD students.









0 N



Lorne Adrain Organizational Mgt.

Thomas Corcoran Finance

Joel Koss Accounting



Jill Birbin Business Adm .

Ronald Bernier Accounting

Doreen Corrente Business Adm.

Thornas Fish Accounting

Joseph Royal Organizational Mgt.


Robert Fournier Accounting

Richard A. Defusco Management Science

Mary Jane A. De fazi o Accounting

Mark Stephen Cruise 1977-81 B.S. in Finance and in Marketing 1982-84 MBA Mark was recruited by most oftheYankee Conference football teams after a successful senior year as middle linebacker at Brockton High School. "Football at Brockton High School is extremely competitive with 200 freshmen coming out for football. There are three freshmen teams, a sophomore team, and a junior varsity team. I certainly had plenty of playing experience by the time I started as a senior," Mark recalled. He was an All-Division player in his senior year and chose URI because he found its pleasant surroundings similar to the Cape and one of his English teachers spoke highly of the school. He gravitated to the Business College because his friends were majoring there and his . good luck. Mark was a double major as an undergraduate in both finance and marketing. He said he wanted to use both sides of his brain-the mathematical, number-oriented, and technical side (left side) in Finance and the creative and people side (right side) in Marketing. Mark could do this by selecting his electives to be all in one area. He was very fond of his Finance professors-Gordon Dash, Peter Koveos, and Rich DeFusco, who was an instructor in the college after he got his MBA for a couple of years. Mark also had kind words for Gene Johnson in Marketing and Norman Coates in Management. Mark was quite thankful for the freedom George Briden of Finance gave him to do a field study in an MBA class on the forecasting ofNew England Patriots' ticket sales. Mark was then trying out for the Patriots and this project allowed him to meet with the Patriot's executives. He put a dummy variable for Jim Plunkett into his model and found that Plunkett's presence was worth 8,000 tickets. This type of analysis allowed him to get a head start on later work for professional athletes. While Mark did not join a frat, he found the same level of friendship, team work, and camaraderie in football. Mark was a starter as an outside linebacker in his first three yeats and then as strong safety in his last year. The football team in those four years had a mixed bag of results. "It was not just a matterofW's andL's,"he said, "and I didgetNFL trials for the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots." He has certainly maintained a strong group of friends from those undergraduate days, most of whom he sees about once a month. They are: Joe McKeeman, Mike Durkin, Tony Johnson, Brian Freschi, and Steve Walsh. He enjoyed studying with Linda Ledbetter, then Assistant Alumni Director at URI, during their MBA days. Mark tried out with the Dallas Cowboys in 1981 as a defensive back. He wanted to try again in 1982 for another team and to train evenharderthanever. Hence, he took a job as an assistant football coach at URI in 1981-82. He tried out in 1982 for the Patriots and decided then he wou1dfocus on helping athletes on their finances. The best route to that, he thought, was an MBA in Finance at URI, where he was a graduate assistant in football for two years. Mark did an internship with Northwestern Mutual in 1984. He joined a consortium of financial advisors at Harbour Point in Providence, after being recruited by Kenny Knox, also a URI graduate and involved in both the athletic booster clubs and the Alumni Association. Mark is with Connecticut Mutual but he has the freedom to put together different packages for his clients, mostly athletes. Mark decided to concentrate on retired players first and once they got confidence in him, they would influence the younger players to go see him. He has also formed PRONET-a network of experts to help provide a complete set of services to athletes. Mark has just been elected a Trustee of the URI Foundation and has been involved in the URI Athletic Association. He is on the Executive Board of both the URI Fifth Quarter Club and the Ram Par Oub and has just been involved in establishing the URI Lettermen's Oub. I've known Mark since he was a good student of mine in the first part of elementary accounting in 1978. Mark was a nice guy then and still is. If I ever make the pro circuit in golf, I'll be sure to call Mark first for financial advice.


s. Cruise

George M . Durkin FiNnee

Anthony Johnson


Donna J. Paganucd Accounting

Barbara L. Pedroso



/'#:! '

George J . Bedard

_Bruce S. Gimbel

;\ ceotnrring



Cynthia J . Morton

Ri<;hard A.. Moser

Mâ&#x20AC;˘1rkcting Management

Marketing M;mugc:mc:nt



Cynthia A. Marcille

Andrew M. Nemtzow

Steven H. Spiro


Organ. Mgt. & lndu.f. Rei.


John Nelson, Finance 179


Thomas W . Beidleman Marketing Management

Estes A. Benson

Elizabeth Brannigan

David R. Dubinsky




J. Mose

Who's the man inside t!ehind the smile, under the curly top with all the brains and personality in the world? You've got it â&#x20AC;˘ Richard Sisco, the man we students voted to the top twelve favorite teachers of all six hundred in the University. This is a man who's dream is to create for URI a law school of its very own. That takes enthusiasm. And enthusiasm is the name of the game for Mr. Sisco. Some people consider accounting -and law to be very dry subjects. Yet Sisco allows a dull moment to sneak into any of his classes. Perhaps this is because he avoids preparing structured lectures. Instead, he just speaks on the subjects in front of the class as his thoughts flow spontaneously. Sisco divulged his magic formula: "I p'resent the material in two ways," he said. "First I give my students the material in theory. Then I give them the practical application." This, he is confident, is what makes the classes interesting, and what makes the material stick. Reading about a case in a text book is usually quite a different thing from seeing how it works in real life, he explamed. In a similar setup to the alcohol counseling and health advising centers available to students on campus now, Sisco has plans to add to these services a legal counseling center to aid students having trouble with the law. Sisco believes every student's education should be well rounded. His students are required to present case studies orally before the rest of the class. "This helps them gain the expertise of analyzing and presenting the material on their feet." Afterall, Sisco reasoned, what good is it to have knowledge of the case in your head if you can't let anyone know what it is? "At the end of the semester, my students will have learned to present themselves before their peers, and they may have even learned a little law at the same time." Sisco jested . â&#x20AC;˘ When asked how he felt about his teaching profession. he openly adm1tted. "I love every minute of it. You JUSt can 't put a price tag on the rewards." by Nancy Kutcher



- . ..-..,.., -


- . 路_ --= . -.

--.........,_ Beta Alpha Psi Accounting

dvertising Club is d . :nts additional e eslgned to give stu . . xposure co d . :penence with ad . . an practiCal vert1smg Th I b . 10nsible for com T 路 e c u IS re .R.I. calendar a!: and distributing the otter every year. his year they aIso sponso d orkshops ' and field tnps . to e re speakers ' ' the advertising field . xpose students


Investment Club is a partnership formed each year with the objective of providing members with opportunities to increase their exposure to common stocks and other investment vehicles. In addition to monitoring their own invest· ments and hearing speakers on stocks and options, club members spent a weekend in New York viewing the srock c:xc:hanges, visiting Argus Research, and investigating other less financial points of interest. The club completed its first full year of serving as as advisor in the: placement of Student Senate funds in the: money market. having substantially increased the: rate: of return realized· on these: monies.

Management Club is an organization open all business students with at least a sophomore standing. The: club's purpose is ro expose students to a business environment and to help prepare them for the: business world . Through club activities. the: members in. crease their knowled).:t: of supervisory. lead. ership. and management techniques. to

This year, functions included two guest speakers. a wur of Kenyon Piece Dye: Works. a Christmas parr y. and two softball games and picnics with the business faculty .


Management Club·. ·. · · .


James T. Brunner Management

H. David Duxbury Mangement Science

Thomas M. Restivo Finance

Todd J. .Buckley lnswance

David J. Buckanavage

Elizabeth Hahn

Todd A.. Halleck Insurance

Stanley D. Rogers ol.iarketong Management

Robert .!._Rid-. -


Howard M. Dulude Mgmt. Inform. Systems

Albert C. Hoffmeister Marketing Management

Thomaâ&#x20AC;˘ C. Rogers Marketing Management

David A. Cote 1978-82 B.S. in Management Information Systems and in Production and Operations Management Dave graduated in 1982 in the midst of a severe recession. He "hit the pavement" and "pounded on corporate doors" and got a job teaching computer science at the Modern School of Business in Providence. As he was teaching students in their 30s and 40s and he was 22, he decided that there was a lot more he needed to know. "I was very nervous with the students but URI prepared me well with courses taken in the Computer Science Department and in the Business College, as well as my athletic background in swimming and water polo," Dave said. "I like to create things and find computer programming to be an excellent way to do so." After six months, he joined Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance Company as an actuarial programmer in Hartford. In 1983, he attended a party at URI (his girlfriend, now wife-Kim Dolecki-was a senior in pharmacy at the time) and learned about AT&T' s need for programmers. He joined AT&T a few weeks later in Newark, N.J., at an increase in salary of $10,000 and in a much more creative and team environment. "There was much more sharing at AT&T. The project leader is a mentor to the newer employees. Since AT&T wants to be sure the system works for the user, the project leader needs to be immersed in the business setting," Dave summarized. Dave found out that URI has a tremendous reputation in New Jersey. He contrasted that to the much more condescending attitude toward URI in Rhode Island. "AT&T is very impressed with what URI graduates can do," Dave stated. "I certainly was very successful competing with graduates with much higher GP As from other schools." Dave has remained competitive in swimming even now. He just competed in the National Masters in the 30-34 age bracket and is getting involved with Triathalons. Some of his swimming times are as good now as his college times. Dave learned the importance of teamwork and still remains friendly with his teammates from swimming and water polo. He is an active member of the URI Fastlane Oub and is involved with the swim team even now. He gives a Gipper speech before some meets. (I'd imagine he would be quite good). In fact, one of his speeches was recently featured in the student newspaper-the Good 5 Cent Cigar. Dave also made the point that his swimming is an excellent emotional outlet for him after a long and hard work day as a Tier 2 Technical Support specialist in world-wide data networking for both the Providence and Boston offices of AT&T. Dave enrolled in an MBA program in Finance at Seton Hall. He had four courses to go when he transferred back to Rhode Island in early 1989. "Bob Comerford, Director of the URI MBA program, was a tremendous help for me in establishing a paper trail between me, URI, and Seton Hall, so that I would be sure to graduate from Seton Hall with the four courses taken at URI," Dave stated. He took the upper-level graduate finance courses at URI. He ended up appreciating the rigorous demands and the grilling he received from Henry Oppenheimer in FIN 602-Advanced Financial Management-and the thoroughness of Akio Yusuhara in FIN 641-Advanced Financial Theory. Dave graduated from Cumberland High School in 1978 as an All-State Swimmer. He was recruited by many schools but picked URI because of the friendship shown by the swimming team. His father is Senior Vice President-Information Service with Commercial Union Insurance Co. and was interested in Dave acquiring a real skill like computer programming. Hence, his choice of his majors was no surprise. "I like hands-on experiences, both in programming and in manufacturing," Dave related. He has high words of praise for Charlie Armstrong in an advanced Management Science course and has remained in contact with Charlie working with him and URI to channel donations of computers from AT&T. In fact, right now he is working on a telephone project for registration which could net URI significant revenue. "Sim Narasimhan taught a real hands-on manufacturing course and Chai Kim put it all together in his MIS course," Dave told me. He also liked his Computer Science professors and teaching assistants. He liked the job Kent St. Pierre did in elementary accounting.


Dave believes each student should purchase a lap-top PC, as this is and ever will be more essential for work in the future. We debated the effect this would have on poorer students, as well as one ofmy pet peeves of the confusion ofthe word processing function with writing skills. (A person good in word processing is not necessarily learning the skills needed to be a good writer, according to me.) Dave and I found agreement on the point that .too many URI people bad-mouth the school. He was told at Seton Hall to keep negative comments about the school at the internal level for hopedfor improvements. "Bad-mouthing Seton Hall just lowers the value of my degree," he concluded. I agree. Dave also is of the opinion that this history project will be aPR-plus for URI and the College. I hope it will be too. Charlie Armstrong convened an ad-hoc PR Committee in about 1988 which led to the start of this history project He gave me Dave's name as a potential inteiViewee. Dave was in my ACC 202 class and I remembered him fairly well. When it came time for a graduate to represent the Management Science and Infonnation Systems Department, I certainly picked a winner in Dave.

Joseph D. Conley Accounting

David A. C:OC.


Robert B. Blâ&#x20AC;˘keley Accounting

David /1\. Appolonia Accounting






. •

•• • ·.; ••




' . .. .. ·: . . - .. . ... by Chris Breyan and Mike Allard SptNts editors ·.. . . -:, _· t. ; ·; :: .. : · •.

' . • <,




•' , ·



. (·;;



. . -. "


•. .


.. •


' ·. .




'"The student.athlete the best person· to deal with corporat.e_pressure. Everyone out tbcl:e wants your-a-t But you are Used to it you are an athleac," said David Cote M<mday nig!tt. _COre wasoneoffourfonner URI graduates at The a career

· Acadmuc Couseling ·far' .Student- Athletes

and Career ServiCes.

Marlc Cruise, who grew up playing sports .._



. "Tile s.tudentathlete ts the·-best .. .

. '

: ... ,

."':'•'. · . .., .·'


person. .;·. ... .. .... . ,-4.










: ·in · Brocktoa. MA. played fooaban here at URI. When be graduated,·Cniise tried out for . the Da1W Cowboys but waS cuL ..1 expected 10 make the team," he said... ; · · He en<led up comilig back 10 Rhody and attended gr8duate .school Dunng time, he was an' assistant: coach on the football team. ..1 did not know what I wanted

URI Was a cOmfort zone,".be added.

. -' ·

...,_;.,.,,.. ....... .. • '•

.. _

.out: .tbere· . yolr·-are · ._:_· · · ·

· :·. ..

. ..... ·. ' · . ::··· DaVI·d Co·te·

. . ,• .. •. . ... .·. ".

With most of the sears mthe audiiorium paneusts each tOld iheir stories.of :how 3thletiCs a .in . -· ·_. · · once a membei·of'IJie URI s·Wim He · said bemg an cilhit-ie can ·J:idp a peiSO:o c0m;. pete in businesS. Tho5ecompetitive.skills are learned on the field and can be transferred to . one's life·afrer sch004 he added. Cote also diScUSsed the Stress he haS ·to deal with e3ch day in his OCCUpation...Every time . you guys ·you .are under pressure." he said. "When you-are in real world, it gets intense too.".... :. ... , . :,. '. _:: · . To relieve stress, Cote jumps in the pool for a swim during his lunch bieaks. "'thers who · don't work out are still stressed from the day before," said Cote. · · ·

but failed this time .with the New England Patriots. "You have 10 move oo," he-said. ..1 · ·· did·notllQd.erS.taricHhit. You : _()nto a . . cru,tcb

. .Amap:topic:p(cnuse's

·speech waS teamwork. He said he ·haS to-make sme be Widi:. fellow employees 3t A lot of it comes back to what you did .: in switCh ·that 10..' a ·business environment:" :·;'· · .:· - He tied tbis into develop-- ··· 'ing the whole person concepL He said an on one . ..You have to be very·COilSIStent and . work with othei· people,• said-,CruiSC. He closed by saying athletes sh<Juld11:0' afraid 10· be.'nientori .Instead, they assist a

.can·.: wofk·

his work. ..


' filled, the




ro oojusL :: · .

.J ;


. ..

'v ,




. .







.. . , . ...

-- ..

._! -_ ...;


The ·Rhode Island .Swimmers 1981 and returned in were greeted with newly renovated pools. This, and a lot of Rhody psyche, jazzed the Rams to on awesome '81-'82 season, led by cap· tains Dave Cote, Doug Cote, and Tom Dwyer. The year was filled with many ex· citing individual performances. Fine efforts were turned in by freshman Scott Boudreau in the 200 hundred yard breaststroke, Dave Venerus in the diving, and veteran John Taffe in the 100 breast stroke . .In the most memorable race of the season, Taffe won the finals of the New England Championships in his specialty, and was voted "Most Jazzed Unit" by

the team for his victory. Rhody relied on Taffe's victory and good team depth to place eighth in a field of thirty-three schools in the New Englands, which were held at URI's own Tootell Center. A thrilling three point win over the University of Massachusetts was the highlight of the Rams dual meet season. The success of this season's team was realized through the innovative and dedicated coaching of Mick Wescott, Jeff Rosen, and Art Scolari, and through a new solidarity among the swimmers. Doug Cote

captain Dave Cote gasps for air as h< pulls out front in his heat of the individual medley. &&Doug, the other half of the Cote tandem , show: perfect form In the butterfly . &Steve Durham and "Most Jazzed Unit.'' Johr Taffee. show the look they sported at the Ne" Eng lands.



t,., .. 1··..



'ot:.iJ -· ·-






• •



Stephen A. Read Karen A . McKay



Steven C. Spirito


How•rd J . Spitz


Dominick langano and Simon Ostrov stopped in time, they 're waiting for the ball from the other team. Sheathelm concentrates on the .ball as Ken Abrams and Geza Henni Jr. watch from behind. 'YComirig at you is the pass from goalie John Williams.


Timothy W. Baker Accounting

Joan F. Adams Marketing

Stephen M. Burns Finance





- 1

Judith C. Callahan Marketing

Lori A. Carll Finance


Anthony D. Carlucci


Mark J. Dennen Accounting

Alexander L. Flores Business Administration

James R. Gulluscio Marketing

Stephen Paul DeSantos Science

Cheryl A. Fontaine Marketing

Robert E. Guyon Accounting


Gina Marie DeVecchis Accounting

Robert W. Forth Accounting

JaneS. Haberek Accounting

Richard A. Martin Marketing

Louise A. Martineau Management

Pat D. Matarese Accounting

' /


David A. Merrill Marketing

Reginald W. Mills, Jr. 路 MIS

Mary Jean Miniati Management

Richard B. Morrison MIS

Marilyn F. Morrow Management Science

Cameron Moyer Marketing


Susan Bartley


Jeffrey Ehrman

Theresa Marie Eoga


Meg A. Frost


Steven M. Kilguss



Andrew Kiza

Manaqement Information Systems

Andrew Koones

Christopher D. Smith




From left: Larry Whalen, Jeff Krupa , Professor Leistikow, Bill Tweed, Dean Sposato, Barbara Guise. from photo: Nancy Lazaros, Nancy Colby.

. M

.,. 0





c1 ub


The U.R.I. Finance and Investment Club is an organization formed to aid students in the exploration of investments and other areas of interest in finance. The club offers practical experience by enabling students to directly invest in financial markets. Students are given the路 opportunity to in. vest $100.00 of their own funds 路 a路stock portfolio and this is 路invested by the clubs decision. In addition, the club also offers a trip to New York and a trip to Boston and banking guest speakers.


From left, Sitting: Patrice P'Ovido, Mark Williams, Jacqueline Cowles, Pam WUmont. Standing, Beth St. Pierre, Dennis Roy, Sarah Porter. Missing: Beverly Chase, Jim Kiernan, Doug Caito. ..... ;

The Rhode ·Islarid Public rri..: ::,: ere s t R es e a r c h G r o :· (RIPIRG) ha$ been an· active ·. . ·--part of U .R.I. campus life since · :-1975.· Founded as part of the ., ·public interest movement in- . . spired by Ralph Nader, today .• RIPIRG is an . nonprofit, nonpartisan public .· interest organization _which · -conducts research educational ·. and. advocacy :the \ of. environmental ·' .0 ervation;-::. safe · energy, .. l:lealth ·· · .and safety, · consumer protec- · · ::._tion and . _and -· .. ... · · ... ·. ,., · RIPIRG' s Public Service In. -:temship Program is especially · to enhance the intern s understanding of a variety of public policy issues to ..' : ·. "han.ds on" expenence ..· research and ·advocacy,. or-::<.: lobbying; ·-media reJa.: ·: fions ·and other s1<ills effective .citiien ;i


.._ . . ·:.:·.,

·- · ... . '· ..


. . .,_,.

'· .. ·

Nancy Harrington Marketing

Andrea Huian Management

Debora Herchuk Accounting

Ellen McMurray Marketing

Kathleen Messer Marketing

Beth Meyerson Marketing

Peter Miniati lll Management

Colleen O'Donnell Accounting

Charles Ostrowski Marketing

Michael Overend Management Information Systems

Steven Paladino Accounting

Stephen Park Accounting

Sandra Paterno Finance

Nancy Pescherine Accounting

Stephen Perrerson Marketing


Maureen Massiwer Gurghigian 1986-88 Executive MBA I wanted to interview someone from our Executive MBA program, which was started in 1984 at our W. Alton Jones Campus. John Wish, who was the Director of the MBA program and Associate Deanfrom 1980-84,shouldbegivencreditforinitiatingtheExecutiveMBAprogram. ProfessorRick Scholl has directed that program starting with its first class in 1984 and also deserves much credit for its success. I asked Rick to suggest路some EMBA graduates. One of them was Maureen Massiwer, a good choice for me indeed as you shall see. Maureen graduated from Tolman High School in Pawtucket in 1971 and entered Brown University after graduation. She also was elected to the Pawtucket School Committee in that year, the first one in which eighteen year-olds could vote. Maureen served for ten years on the School Committee. Her first tenn was for six years. Herinvolvement on the School Committee led to broader political involvement which made it impossible to graduate from Brown by 1975. Maureen left school and began along association with Joe Garrahy, then Lt. GovernorofR.I., who ran for Governor in 1976. Maureen served on his campaign staff and progressed from a Planner in the Governor's Energy Office to a Policy Assistant for Education. She then became Director ofPolicy and then Chief of Staff during the transition period to get ready for the DiPrete administration. Maureen joined Reet Bank on February 4, 1985, as a Public Finance Representative, in which post she assisted cities, towns, colleges, and universities with tax-exempt bond issues. At that point, Maureen decided to strengthen her credentials. She did take a second look at Brown University and at some part-time programs at other institutions. She also noted an ad in the newspaper for the Executive MBA Program at URI. Maureen had also met Professor Bob Comerford in her job with.the Governor's Office and he had left a good impression with Maureen about URI. Maureen attended the EMBA open house and was very impressed with students from its first class. She mentioned Debbie Imondi as a graduate who really was impressive. "I could fit the EMBA program into my schedule at work, as the classes met on Fridays and Saturdays, even though we also did a lot of work in study groups on week nights," Maureen said. As she was just in a take-off period in her learning curve on the job, the EMBA courses fit right into her job. "While I had not quite finished my degree at Brown, my high GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) scores and good career background pennined me to enroll in the program," Maureen stated. "I found that the condensed time span allowed for a much better integration oflearning than I would have had ifl spread the program out over the four to six years it generally takes one to do a night-time MBA program," Maureen related to me. "We had a class of21 students with varied backgrounds as Engineers, CEOs, human resource specialists, and marketing executives. The ages in the class spanned from 27 to 62 with 40 being the median age. Everyone had lots of experience," Maureen summarized. The classes were held at theW. Alton Jones Campus, a truly beautiful rustic campus that I hope all of you have visited or plan to visit. Maureen said that the URI faculty was a fme one and there was a very good quality of interaction between the students themselves and with the faculty. "We participated in giving feedback to Rick about the program. I currently serve on the Advisory Board of the EMBA Program and have seen how students' suggestions get put into the program" she noted. Maureen was very impressed with Agnes Doody, who woke you up on Saturday mornings with her "Gangbusters" approach. Agnes taught both the communications portion of the required course in management skills and also an elective on negotiations. (Agnes spent her sabbatical at Harvard honing her skills in this area.) Spencer Martin did such a fine job in his accounting courses that he was asked to do an elective on the valuation of a business. "It was a seminar-type class with everyone participating. We were so happy with Spencer that we gave him a Certificate of Membership into the 'Accounting Hall of Fame,'" Maureen said. She also was fond of Bob Comerford, who taught the Policy course. "Rick Scholl did a very good job both in his course in Organization Theory and Behavior and as Director of the EMBA. He is a very responsive and sensitive individual," Maureen summarized. She also had kind words for Andy Laviano, Dave Beretta, Betsy Cooper, and Laura Beauvais. Maureen feels that the students got to know the faculty so well because of having dinner


with them on Fridays and breakfast with them on Saturdays. The faculty and the students were so close that the students presented a Joke Award to each professor in their program at their graduation party. Maureen is especially close to her study group in the EMBA program: Tom Mulligan, then Financial Editor of the Providence Journal-Bulletin and now with the L.A. Times; Steve Morris, Internal Auditor for Amtrol; Brian McCarthy, then in marketing with Brown & Sharpe and now President of Automation Software in Detroit; Ned Stewart, an engineer from NUSC (Naval Underwater Systems Center); and Richard Paynting, an Australian engineer now with Bose in Framingham. Her study group, some other of her classmates, and Agnes Doody attended Maureen's recent wedding. That is how close the class did become. "We continue to consult with each other and do a lot of networking on problems we face on the job," Maureen said. Maureen has had the same solid climb in her private-sectOr career, as she had in her governmental career. She was promoted to Assistant VP-Public Finance, then VP-Public Finance, and now Senior VP-Public Finance in Fleet-Norstar Securities. Maureen is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the National Honors Fraternity for AACSB Business Schools. She is also a member of the Executive Board of the URI Foundation. I was told by a number of my colleagues that Maureen was a bright and warm individual. She certainly is, and I hope you will have the opportunity to meet her.




MBA prograQ1luring executives •

Intensive URI courses challenge serious students By ERIN McCORMICK Joumai-Bullttln Statf Wrtler

In 1985, as Gov. J. Joseph Gar· rahy was retiring, hts chief of staff .. pondered what she should do Instead of aiming for new pohti· cal grounds such as the White House. Maureen Massiwer decided to go back to school. · Massiwer, who at 18 started her political career on the Pawtucket School Committee at • was once the youngest elected official in the Unit· ed States. But being a political junkie during your freshman year In college has its price. Massiwer said she spent more time pushing resolutions through the school committee than pushing books. "I did a lot of things In my 20s that most people do In their 40s." -Journal· Bulletin Photo by TIIOMAS D. STEVENS Massiwer said, "But then I didn't do CHALLENGED: Maureen Massiwer, an executive at Fleet a lot of the things most people do in their 20s. like get a master's degree National Bank, is participating in the University of Rhode in business Island's intensive MBA program for business leaders. So when she found herself lookIng for a joh !t 31! Massiwer saw an briefcase and three-piece suit In to 25 executives whose companJes opportunity to move into the private tow. are willing to sponsor them and give sector and do some catching up on her education. She landed a managethem Fridays of! for classes. Students in the program rarely ment job at Fleet National Bank and On Fridays, students migrate resemble the young starters in a within a year decided to return to from the various cities where they more traditional program. The proschool for her MBA. work to the university's West gram enrolls only prople already But Massiwer didn't want to put Greenwich campus. They spend the employed In upper-level manageher new career on hold. At the same afternoon and following day studyment, and often the students are old· time, she wanted an MBA program Ing accounting, management and er and more experienced than the that was intensive enough to chal· . other business topics, and their professors.. lenge a woman who was used to nights sleeping In campus dormitoMassiwer said many times people dealing with an annual state budget ries. would bring their "'ork experiences rapidly approaching $1 billion. Although Massiwer had only a into class discussions. often resultMassi\ver found the solution: the few miles to commute to the cam· Ing in the students becoming teach· Executive MBA Program at the Uni· pus, other students came from as far ers. versity of Rhode Island. away as Chicago every week. Benefits also showed in her work The program, established In 1983, Dr.Robert A. Comerford, director In the office. offers intensive weekend courses of the university's MBA program, While she was attending the for business executives who want to MBA program. Massiwer received remembers a traveling sales reprework full time and still get their two promotions. She now serves as scntive that who would fly in from MBAs in two years. and the is now vice president of Fleet's all over the country, rent a Every fall. the program enrolls 20 come rushing to the class with his public-finance department.



¥-"' ···- - ·


:/ f 1/iN r; v (.'TJ rvv

M......, '-TIN

1 ;v

... (







r--4-rtJ t




Christine Callahan 1986-89 B.S. in Accounting 1989-93 MBA Chris was a very good student of mine in Advanced Accounting. When Professor Diane Disney of the Management Department suggested her for an interview, I thought that to be a very good suggestion indeed. Chris' story is somewhat typical of returning students either in our undergraduate or graduate programs. Our M.S. in Accounting has been tremendously successful with women seeking either a career change or professional employment after their "family establishment years." Chris graduated from North High School in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1962 and took the route so many women did those days. "My father told me that women should get two more years of education. That was satisfactory since you would be getting married and having kids," she said. Chris went to Centenary College in New Jersey for two years taking liberal arts courses. '"There were very many schools like that in the early part of the 1960s but the turmoil of the late 1960s caused a social revolution, which made women less passive," she told me. "Times have changed. In the early 1960s, the ideal family had one working member. Now both parents are expected to work and need to do so," Chris stated. "It is interesting to work with younger women who do not understand what a struggle it was to get some semblance of equality. They take if for granted," she related. Chris decided to attend the University of Georgia in 1964 to major in Zoology. She was there two years but never felt at home. Since I had lived in Gainesville, Aorida, from 1965 through 1967, we began discussing those years in which segregation was just ending and integration was just beginning. Chris never attended the University ofAorida-University of Georgia football game in the Gator Bowl, dubbed '"The Biggest Cocktail Party in the World." (I'm glad I can't say that I missed this event.) Chris stayed unti11966 but did not graduate, as she lost credits in the transfer process. Chris then became an airline stewardess for United Airlines, at the time considered the be a "plum job" for women She was a stewardesson the first 747s. Chris was married in 1970 and stayed with United in its Boston operations for three years, while her husband attended law school. Chris then had two children and cared for them at home. She did some volunteer work and ran for School Committee in Middletown in 1982, because she was unhappy with the schools. She lost but was successful, just barely, in her run for Town Council in 1984. Chris ran for the R.I. House in 1986, won, and is now in her third tenn as a Republican member. Chris felt a strong economic security pressure to complete her education. She analyzed four schools-URI, Salve Regina, Roger Williams, and Southeastern Massachusetts University-from a financial perspective and from a course offering viewpoint. URI won hands down, especially since it held courses in various centers in the state. Chris took some Accounting courses at our Middletown center and was very happy with both the courses and the teachers-Johnny Chen, then at the Providence Office of Peat, Marwick and now at KMPG-PMM's office in Beijing, and Joe D' Adamo, an excellent one-year instructor for us and now at Providence College. (Since Zoology and Accounting both deal with classification, it is not surprising there would be a cross-transfer of interest and ability.) Chris had fond memories of Donna Rogers in Intermediate, Mark Higgins in Tax Accounting, and myself in Advanced. In the governmental accounting part of that course, I staged an in-class debate on "Could the State Have a Budget Surplus in the Face ofThe Cost Overruns on the Jamestown Bridge?" and had Chris debate as a stand-in for Governor DiPrete and Mark McGivney be Bruce Sundlun. Both did a great job in taking the same economic events and choosing a different accounting perspective on them. Her classmates first were not at ease with Chris but soon became quite friendly with her when classes started. She was friendly with three students who were also composed her MGT 410 group and now are with Price Waterhouse in Providence-Mark McGivney, Deb Pallasch, and Deb Peltier. Chris has kind words about Diane Disney's efforts in MGT 410. Chris also was friendly with Lo,u Goldman. She remains in contact with all of them.


Chris has worked for a small CPA finn during tax season and then became Controller of the R.I. Philhannonic. She immediately started a night-time MBA in Finance at URI and is currently about half way through it "It is difficult and different than the undergraduate degree but is worth doing," Chris summarized. Overall, Chris gave URI high marks and said that the state ofRhode Island needs to promote URI. On behalf of the College and URI, I'd like to give Chris the same "high marks" for her energy, intelligence, friendliness, and wit

ullahan Christine H. Accounting 661 Indian Ave. RI02NO

Me Givney Mark C. Accounting 54 Wabun RI 02908

路 Pallasch Deborah A. Accounting 33 East Tiverton RI 02878

Deborah A. Accounting S7 Clark Avenue Pawtucket RI02860

Matthews Owen M. Accounting 15 Park Avenue Westerly Rl 02891

Commencement speaker Anita L. DeFrantz and Student C M. Matthews ommencement speaker Owen


Sina 路 441 Ocean Parkway JC Brooklyn NY lUl&



Facts ... Name: American Production and Inventory Control Society History: URI boasts the first student chapter. founded in 1981 Background: APICS ·the American Production and Inventory Control Society is a thirty year-old professional society helping people in production· and inventory management and operations and resources management, to meet today's competitive chal · lenges. URI's production operations management graduates arc highly recruited by many large manufacturers. The success of and these students is a direct result of their outstanding accredited business school.

Identification: L· R (front row): Professor M. Ebrahimpour, D. Connor, President B. Rugo. C. Campanella. L. Bailey, Professor P. Mangiameli (back row) : D. Levitt. J. Santos, S. Leach. P. Peckham. C . Dottor

Purpose: This society serves these professionals by managing a constantly evolving body of production and inventory manage· ment knowledge and t<>.nslating it through " '' unmatched range of educational offerings.


Elena D. Bianco Accounting

Paul M. Caliento Business Administration and Accounting

Michael E. Griffin Management

Jamie M. Mignacca Marketing

Kathlten B. Hahn Finance


M. Cheslok Rnance

Suzanne Cole Management Information


John R. Callino Accounting

Stephen L Coates

Christine A. Connor Marketing

Denise C. Conway Accounting


Roger C. Dumont Marketing

Robert M. Estrella Management

Susan Euler Finance

Richard A. Ascher Marketing


Margo L Cook Rna nee

Frederick M. Law, Jr. Business Adm .

.Michael A. Laiter MIS

Louise M. Lee Accounting

Cecilia Si Finance

Kevin J. Sheh Marketing

Nancy J. Weaver Mgt.

Manuel J. Vales. IV Finance/Insurance


Dennis A. Cehelsky 1987-91 B.S. in Marketing Dennis had made a presentation to the College faculty on his class's project on strategic changes needed by the College. The class was the senior capstone case course, MGT 410. I thought Dennis had handled himself quite well and would be a good person for an interview. I was right: Dennis brought a student's perspective based on a detailed study of the last ten years of the College. Dennis was oriented towards URI because his step-father was an administrator in our Oceanography program. Early in our discussion, Dennis stressed that the tuition waiver he received for the first year was counter-productive from a motivational viewpoint "When you put your own money down on the table, you are much more motivated. You don'tmiss a class. You also learn to respect yourself." Dennis will graduate with no liabilities for school, as he held two relatively high paying jobs as a tennis teacher and as a head waiter. At the same time, he has maintained a 3.40 GPA and is involved with a number of honor societies. Dennis started as an engineering major, which was understandable given his step father's background. "But I didn't think like an engineer in tenns of hydraulics, pulleys, and angles. I tend to think more of people." He soon switched to Business and became a marketing major, somewhat influenced by his oldest brother. Right now he is doing an internship in selling seafood by telemarketing for a small company and is enjoying it mightily. "A small company allows you to touch all aspects of a business. It is the Real World," he said. After many years of trying to get accounting students to want to participate in all sorts of presentations, it was interesting to meet with a student who actually wanted to make presentations, whether on the job or in class. Dennis was very positive about the relatively small class size in the College which allowed time for presentation in class and allowed him to get to know such professors as Dick Weeks, Gene Johnson, and Sanjiv Dugal. Dick Weeks arranged for his internship and did a marvelous job in MK.T 409, the capstone case course in Marketing. "We learned to read fmancial statements, dissect, and present solutions." Gene Johnson has carved an expertise in telemarketing. Sanjiv Dugal in MGS 410 provided the opportunity for Dennis' class to draw up a strategic plan for our college and to have him present it a number of times. Dennis has some defmite ideas on how we can do a better job. He wants to see fewer parttime teachers, as it is difficult to meet with them. Dennis thinks our curriculum has not been significantly changed in the last decade and it should be more reflective of such skills as direct marketing tactics and managing in a high-tech environment. He wants us to raise our in-state image to the same level as our Phannacy and Engineering colleges. Dennis also feels that the professors do not bring their research into their classes. I told him that this was not necessarily true at the graduate level. I also told him maybe we should consider doing what professors at Cambridge and Oxford do, which is give lectures open to the community to discuss their research and expertise. Dennis is looking at an economic climate in the state much like the ones present in the Great Depression, the late 40s, and most of the 50s.. He feels that there are better opportunities in cities like Houston and Atlanta. After our discussion, I'm convinced Dennis will do well anywhere he goes, and I'm sure you'lljoin me in wishing him good luck.


AMA American Marketing Association



Ken Knox



William F. Grantges 1989-92 MBA I had met Bill a number of times in our Business and Economics Research Center and thought he would be a good person to interview. One very significant reason why is that I have considered the MBAs who held graduate assistantships in the Center to be bright, dedicated, hard working, and very successful in their careers. Bill is and will be no exception to this generalization. Another reason is that I think that myself and others who have not participated in the projects of the Centerneed to know more about it Bill's background is representative of why the United States has the best post secondary school system in the world. In our country education and the opportunities to do something with it are not ended by a national test given to eighth graders. In the U.S. it is possible for almost all people to participate in some sort of higher education at any age. (Pardon this soapboxing, but I believe we must recognize this national strength in these days when we and others are belittling the U.S. and when state-operated colleges and universities face severe cutbacks in their service potential to students.) Bill graduated from high school in New Jersey in 1977 and left home for studies in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. EE didn't appeal to Bill so he dropped out but stayed in the Midwest. He attended Indiana University from 1979-81, at which time he had a series of majorssociology, economics, computer science, etc. He still wasn't focused enough to have the success he wanted, so he started working as a technician at Hannon Motive in Indiana. He progressed to the rank of production engineer but had his career capped by his lack of a college degree. Bill then decided to take the, more common now than before, traumatic step to move back at age 28 with his parents and got a degree in industrial engineering at Trenton State College in 1 1/2 years of attendance. His next step was to get an MBA. He wanted to leave New Jersey and wanted to attend a school with an MBA that: ( 1) had an undergraduate degree program in engineering; (2) had a graduate degree program in engineering; (3) had AACSB accreditation; and (4) was in the Northeast with its mountains (at least in nearby New Hampshire) and water. Bill preferred URI to schools like Bentley College (ghastly expensive), Boston College, Boston University, and Rutgers. He met with Bob Comerford, who was the director of our MBA program, and was very impressed with him. "Bob Comerford has a legitimate concern for the MBA students and provided inspirational leadership for me, especially in my work with the MBA Social Committee," Bill said. He decided to attend URI with a good possibility of getting a graduate assistantship in either his second year or at the start of his second semester, in which he did get a ten-hour assistantship in the Research Center in Business and Economics and another one in the Management Science and Information Systems department. Bill is concerned that the 10 hour assistantship will not be available for the MGS Department in 9192, as that department will probably be saving its assistantships for its Ph.D. students. Since a tenhour assistantship cuts Bill's out-of-state tuition in half, as well as providing a salary, no wonder he is worried. Bill has just successfully run an MBA Dinner Dance Cruise, in which 90 participated. He has tried to reach out and get students and faculty to relate better. "My mother was a college professor in English, so I definitely do not have 'professor phobia'," he related to me. Bill chose to take all of the MBA background courses and not to specialize in the program, so that he would be exposed to more ideas. He is appreciative of the effort that Norm Coates made in his course in International Business. Bill also enjoyed a course with Dick Mojena. "Mojena is animated, has wonderful 'war stories,' and showed his concern for the class by joining it for a social get-together after class," Bill stated. Bill is very proud of his efforts at the Research Center. Al Della Bitta, the director, is "very competent, extremely fair, confident, gives instant answers, and has a dry sense of humor. Marie Garofano runs the office like a family and is a significant part of a wonderful and productive work atmosphere," Bill noted. He said the Center is probably the largest employer of students on campus


with a base of 30 callers and with about 90 other students involved during the year. There are two on-going yearly polls-{ I) the Consumer Confidence Poll and (2) the Energy Poll. Two or three other polls are conducted during the year. A recent one was a Seafood Survey. Bill is involved in training students in interview techniques, collects research data, enters it, studies the output, and assists in the writing of the program report. Bill feels that he has greatly improved his "one-on-one" skills with people. He also said that since he has a desk in the Center, he is able to be a focal point for coordinating MBAs and MBA programs. I'm sure you all will join me in thanking Bill for his time and wish him well after graduation.



Conducted by the Research Center in Business and Economics, The University of Rhode Island and The Hospital Trust National Bank

June 1991







It has been 20 years since the first edition of this book was written. Dr. Richard Vangermeersch highlighted the development of the College of Business Administration over a 70-year period. Since the first edition of this book the College has gone through many changes. Majors have been added, changed, expanded and dropped, Ballentine Hall has undergone complete reconstruction, the College’s organizational structure has changed significantly and the College has become more diverse. The new edition of this book updates the previous version in a few ways. The chronology section has been expanded to include the years since the first edition. The Faculty list has also been updated and re-organized. The Administrator list goes up to the year 2000, which is when Dean Mazze reformed the department structures to allow for better cooperation among specializations. To honors this switch the list ends with Mazze’s change. New to this edition are interviews with alumni who graduated after 1992. They highlight the great things that have been accomplished by CBA alumni. Interspersed throughout are some photographs that highlight some of the important aspects of the CBA. Although there are less photographs than the original iteration of this text the written interviews should fill in the details. There have also been significant changes to the College over the last 20 years. Majors in Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurial Management and Global Business were added along with an International Business Program to reflect changes in business, student and industry needs and to respond to globalization. Among the many expansions of the MBA program the College partnered with the College of Pharmacy to create a Pfizer MBA and partnered with the Graduate School of Oceanography for a “Blue MBA,” offering an MO in Oceanography along with an MBA. The MBA program will also being moving to Providence at the beginning of Fall 2013. Along with these changes the College continuously hosts Career Days, welcome picnics, awards ceremonies and other events that allow students to network with alumni and highlights student and faculty achievements. The College also continued to impress with its accreditation reviews. The school was reaccredited in 1993 and again in 2003 for its undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. programs. In 2008 the College became the first program in New England to earn a certification in transportation and logistics from the American Society of Transportation and Logistics. A focus on research and junior faculty has allowed the college to put forth meaningful research while continuing to help students find jobs after graduation. The College also reorganized its departments into areas, replacing chairs with area coordinators. This allowed for more flexibility and cooperation among the different departments in the college. The administrator list reflects this as it stops at 2005. Along with these academic changes came structural ones as well. Ballentine Hall was torn down to its steel frame and rebuilt. The Shareholder’s Campaign led a joint public and private venture that raised almost $11 million dollars for the construction of the new building. Ballentine Hall has become a home for students and now has state of the art computing facilitates, a stock trading room, student and faculty lounges and an executive conference room.

The last 20 years have contained some dramatic changes for the College that propelled it into the global era. Everyone who spoke of the College highly praised the work of the departments and the dedication of the faculty. That students remember professors, classes and projects over a decade after leaving the College demonstrates the strength of the business program at URI. These years have been transformative for the College, but have left it in a strong place. Strong leadership, forward thinking faculty and dedicated students are the driving forces behind these changes and will continue to be influential into the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my addition. I hope you this book brings you as much as fun as I had writing it. Brian Stack

Rochelle A. Bernier 1988-92 B.S. in Accounting Rochelle graduated from Immaculata High School in SomeJVille, New Jersey, in 1988. She thought she would go to a "southern school'' and inteiViewed schools in Virginia, D.C., and South Carolina. However, she found these schools to be too slow-paced for her. As her brother was a senior at Johnson & Wales, Rochelle decided to visit Providence College but found that PC was too much like her high school. URI came next in her process of elimination. Rochelle said it was our success 路in the 1988 NCAA tourney that brought URI to her attention. 'This shows the public relations effect of being in the Sweet Sixteen. 路 Rochelle had picked her major in her high school years as she did very well in accounting and her teacher in accounting, a friend of the family, gave her a role model. (There seems to be a growing number of accounting majors who have decided their major on the basis of a very satisfactory experience in high school accounting courses.) Rochelle lived in a donn for the first two years and then_ "moved down the line" to Eastward Look in Narragansett. While friendly with accounting majors in class, she found them to be too competitive about their accounting grades and has another set of friends for social events. Rochelle was very impressed with Debbie Rose in the two parts of elementary accounting. "Debbie projected a very good role model of a very successful female in accounting," Rochelle said. "Mark Higgins in Taxes was a very outgoing type of instructor," she stated. I asked her about the issue that Doris Vigliotti and Christine Callahan had raised about young women not appreciating the struggle womeh trailblazers had to make it in accounting and business. "I never was faced with the issue of not going to college. My mother, as a single parent, had been a constant reminder that I had to be fmancially independent I really feel no doors are shut to me because of my gender," Rochelle said. She then went on to raise the same dichotomy that Anne Moskalyk Tucker did about her female classmates of the late 1930s and early 1940s. "A woman accounting major has a very strong career outlook. Some of the women with other,less demanding, majors are already talking about marriage and children," Rochelle summarized. She regards marriage and children a long way off on her planning horizon. If she does so decide, she hopes to have her career so well developed that she can take off time for child rearing. Rochelle expects a career with one of the Big Six international public accounting companies (Arthur Andersen; Ernst & Young; Price Waterhouse; Deloitte & Touche; Coopers; and KPMG-PeatMarwick.) She looks forward to having money to spend and becoming a CPA. Rochelle is currently Vice President of Beta Alpha Psi, the National Honor Fraternity in Accounting, and is working with me on a debate topic for the October National debate in which she will represent our URI chapter. Beta Alpha Psi is a very significant plus for being an AACSB school (Assembly of American Collegiate Schools of Business), as ohly AACSB schools can have chapters. Beta Alpha Psi also has a national convention one or two days before the American Accounting Association in the same location, as well as having regional programs. Rochelle also works 20 hours a week during the school years as a payroll accountant in the URI Office of Residential Life and 40 hours a week in the summer at the same job. 'This job forces me to be organized and helps me to meet the cost of my education, a much more worrisome item to us now, than other women students had to face in the past," she said. (Interesting point.) While I meet with my accounting students individually in intennediate accounting, I never really ask the questions I did of Rochelle. There is no doubt that there needs to be a national dialogue between the "women trailblazers" and the "new women" to understand better each other's viewpoints. Thanks, Rochelle, for your helpful comments.


Brendan McCorry 1988-1992 B.S in Accounting Brendan just made the cutoff for this book and his insights are worthwhile. He came to URI knowing that he wanted to major in business because he had an uncle in the sales profession and he knew he had a similar personality. The College of Business’s reputation played a positive role in his decision, as did being so close to the beaches. Like many other alumni, Brendan did not know what specifically he wanted to do in Business, but a chance conversation helped him choose accounting. A three-minute conversation with a customer while working over winter break his freshman year set him on the path for accounting. In his spring semester Brendan officially declared accounting. He stayed on campus all 4 years starting off in Aldrich Hall and then moving into the Sigma Nu house, which was replaced in the early 2000s by the URI Foundation building. Like numerous other graduates Brendan was close with many of the students in his fraternity and spent a lot of his energy there. He recalled the big, yet seamless, change to President Carothers as well as the basketball team’s successes when he looked back at his years at URI. On a larger scale, he remembered that many factors outside the University played a role in his college experience. For example, when the governor shut down credit unions in 1991, Brendan remembered that his tuition money was locked up for a little while. This set the tone for the tough economy that followed. Through these tough times Brendan had a number of great professors who challenged him to succeed. He remembered Dr. Schwarzbach, Dr. Matoney, Dr. Boyle and Dr. Hickcox’s classes. These professors had interesting projects that took what was laid out in the textbook and helped students apply it in practice. Dr. Boyle has a reputation of trying to help students understand what it is like to have interactions with clients, both ones that go well and ones that go poorly. Brendan also recalled an income tax class with Dr. Matoney. He remembered needing to prepare a complicated individual tax return, which was very challenging for a 20 year old who never had to do that on his own. For Brendan, the accounting was rigorous and required a lot of time. He remembered grabbing an empty classroom in Washburn hall every night from Sunday through Thursday, studying from after dinner until midnight. This did not include the time spent on weekends for projects and papers. It took that level of investment to get good grades and be successful coming out of school because the curriculum was challenging and his professors had high expectations. The rigor of the accounting program laid a good foundation for Brendan and helped him to apply accounting to whatever job he was in. At URI he was able to secure two internships, one at a local accounting firm and another at HASBRO. These two internships helped him get in the door when full time interviews began in the fall of his Senior year. Internships have been a big focus of the College over the last few years; however, this was not the case in the early 90s. Despite this, the College was still able to identify internships and build relationships that gave opportunities to students in the College. These internships really helped him stand out during the interview process.

Getting into Ernst & Young was done through a combination of good grades in a tough curriculum and internship experience. Brendan also spoke very highly of the College’s ability to succeed even in a tough economy. Despite the economic turmoil of the fall of 1991, when he looked around Career Day Brendan saw all the Big 6 accounting firms as well as many regional and other nonaccounting firms. This showed the strength of the College in showcasing their talent to employers. The College has a very strong reputation as a developer of talent and this manifests itself clearly in the policies of Ernst and Young, where Brendan has worked since 1992 and has been a partner for 7 years. Ernst & Young recruits from a number of big schools in New England, but within this region, URI is known for generating topnotch talent. Graduates from the College are people who excel and overachieve. Like so many other alumni Brendan did not leave the College once he left the campus. For the last ten years he has been responsible for recruiting at URI for Ernst & Young. He has been involved with Public Accounting Night and interviews a number of students on campus each year for internships and full time employment. Brendan has also leant his time to give speeches to the University’s accounting societies. For a little more than five years, he has been the chair of the fundraising committee for the Accounting Advisory Board. The AAB works closely with Dean and accounting professors to give input and guidance for the program at URI. This past spring the AAB created the Accounting Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship which gives a scholarship for an outstanding student in accounting. Brendan really believes that URI and the College have something to be proud of, and looking at his record it would be hard to disagree. Right now Brendan works in the Boston office, focusing on biotechnology and technology clients. He serves clients of all sizes, from startup venture capital-backed companies to large multinational public companies. Brendan’s work with the College, and his success after graduation, are a testimony to what can be done with hard work and a CBA degree. I cannot think of a better graduate to start this section of the book.

Alexander Couture 1991-94 B.S in Finance Alex was the first person to respond to my requests for interviews and he did it with incredible excitement. He decided to attend URI the first time he stepped on campus and still speaks positively of his time at the College. His name is even engraved on the dedication plaque in Ballentine. He attributed majoring in Finance more to fate than any other factor. Having grown up with a father who as CFO of a global commodities trading firm he had always been immersed in business. Alex developed a love for law in high school but was advised against getting a pre-law degree. Instead Alex decided to major in Business. This would be a good decision as he realized that law school was just “not in the cards.” Alex fondly remembered his times at the Coast Guard House and Charlie O’s as well as his involvement as treasurer in his Fraternity. He recalled being a 19 year-old college student in charge of his fraternity’s quarter million dollar budget. This required not only making reports to numerous committees but also explaining to fraternity brothers the choices they had to make if they wanted large screen televisions. He recalled that a lot was going on during his four years on campus. He remembered the seriousness within the College of Business while working for accreditation and praised the hard work of the people who made it happen. Along with that the Memorial Union was renovated and ground broke for the Multicultural Center (MCC) on campus. Alex spoke highly of the Black Student Leadership Group that took over Taft Hall to voice their concerns about diversity on campus and was the driving force behind the construction of the MCC. Despite not taking classes for a number of years Alex could still recall some of his professors and classes. He first remembered Professor Laviano’s classes on business law. Alex still has the books in his bookshelf. He was appreciative of the way that Dr. Laviano made potentially boring classes interesting by using real life examples. One assignment involved analyzing and explaining the business implications of a contract that a band signed with the Student Entertainment Committee. Alex even received help from Dr. Laviano when he ran into minor legal trouble. This is the kind of close student/professor relationship spoken of by a number of faculty in the department. He also remembered Professor McLeavey’s classes as a senior. Though he did not take attendance he expected the students to learn all the material necessary for the exam. These expectations made him take responsibility for ensuring that he learned the material even if he missed class. Alex describes his career path as similar to the movie Forest Gump but has certainly seen success. Currently, he works for Google as the Global Lead for their Display Advertising Platform. He has also spoken at the Business School’s Career Day and tries to make it back to the University once a year for a basketball game.

Matt White 1995-1997 M.S in Accounting I was fortunate to meet with Matt White at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket. Matt was the only MS graduate I spoke to for the project but he is a great example of the success of the program. He graduated from Holy Cross in 1992 with a degree in economics. While at Holy Cross Matt spent his summers working with the Pawtucket Red Sox. He worked full time in the ticket office and then began working with the Team Accountant. He enjoyed the work but began looking to expand his opportunities and kickstart his career, and this is what led him to the MS Accounting program at URI. Matt had some good friends who were accounting undergraduates at URI he liked the flexibility the program offered, thinking that he would just take night classes while working for the PawSox. Although his undergraduate degree was in economics, he saw that the people he knew that were successful had done programs in accounting. He also knew that his work with PawSox was more accounting relating and he hoped to use what he learned in the program in his position. At the time the College had recently expanded to Providence and Matt intended to take night classes while continuing to work in Pawtucket. Immediately after entering the program, however, Matt realized he needed to go full time and left his job to pursue the MS degree. Between the difficult coursework and the hours required for his assistantship it was as if Matt was working a full time job. The assistantship allowed him to put hours in at the College’s office and let him get to know the professors. This assistantship let him work with people in the department and he remembered the positive atmosphere they always had. The professors always seemed excited about the program and were passionate about accounting as well as expanding the program. He recalled multiple conversations with Spencer Martin about an exchange program with students in Germany. This is telling as the College expanded to include an International Business Program as well as a strong global focus. Matt recalled some classes he took at URI. One of the most rigorous was an upper level theory course with Dr. Beckman. She asked them to read FASBs, pick one, and then write about the theory that the board used in making their decisions. She also asked them to defend the board’s opinion or argue for another solution. This class got into the nuts and bolts of how the board functioned, and forced him to think about how they had to incorporate different rules, regulations and philosophies for the changes in global businesses. Though this class was difficult it helped him see accounting in a different light. He also remembered an auditing class with Dr. Boyle that he described as very realistic. After graduation Matt spent some time at Arthur Anderson in Boston and recalled his first months as being exactly like his class with Dr. Boyle. Matt took the CPA exam the first time he was eligible and passed all four parts. He credited this to the preparation from the MS Accounting program. The program did not necessarily teach to the exam, but instead gave him a comprehensive knowledge he felt immersed “in all things accounting.” Despite being successful at Arthur Anderson Matt looked to go back to the PawSox. At a wedding in 1999 Matt mentioned to some of his former PawSox co-workers that he would like to come back, if they needed help after

their then recent expansion. In about a week Matt was back with the organization. Currently he is the CFO, but that only says some of what he does. Not only does he do billing and payroll, but he also helps with technology, team travel, and even helps pull the tarp over the field on rainy days. Like most College graduates Matt does a lot for his organization. He loves that he gets to work on everything, unlike the atmosphere he felt while working in an accounting firm. Matt has also stayed involved with the College after graduation. He is on the Accounting Advisory Board for the College of Business and the Finance Committee for the URI Foundation. This allows him to stay in touch with the College that means a lot to Matt. He mentioned being “blown away” by the new Ballentine building. He said he is “always indebted to everyone in that program” because they helped him get where he is today. Echoing other students Matt mentioned that if you were enthused about the program the people would do whatever they could to help you. My time with Matt really demonstrated the effect that the College’s professors have had on their students. Their dedication to URI went further than just the College of Business. Seeing professors talk about URI basketball and how much they love going to the games, or what is happening on campus showed Matt how invested they were in making the program the best it could be. He continually stressed the passion of the people in the program and is convinced that this dedication is one of the things that made the College stand out. Matt reflects what can be done with a CBA degree and also shows the personal side of the program. The College clearly looks out for its students and this has led to some great successes.

Jill Cohen 1994-1998 B.S in Marketing Jill had the chance to attend eight colleges when she graduated from high school and decided to choose URI. When she drove on to campus she felt the sense of community that has been praised by a number of alumni. URI also offered a number of opportunities outside of class that contributed to her well-rounded college experience. Like many business students she was engaged inside and outside the classroom. In her freshman year she played Field Hockey and joined Alpha Delta Pi. During her time at A-D-Pi she was a Panhellenic Delegate and she remembered seeing many of her classmates at fraternity and sorority events. She called the campus going dry as an “identity crisis” for URI. Because of URI’s ratings as a top party school they realized they needed to change their image. Banning alcohol on campus was one of many steps URI took to achieve that change. Jill spoke very highly of her study abroad experience in London. When she wanted to go overseas she had to plan the trip herself. She recalled the bureaucracy involved in the process and wished the College had been able to help her. It seems that the College has made some serious improvements in this respect. A number of students have studied abroad and the International Business program illustrates the College’s commitment to understanding global business. Though there is room for improvement the College has seriously improved in this respect. Once she began classes she immediately switched out of the Chemical Engineering and felt that business was a good place for her. Her father was a partner at Siemens and she grew up used to the business world. Jill noted that after the switch she was no longer the only woman in her classes. In her mind marketing was the “liberal arts major” of the College because it gave her a broad, real-world view of the business world. She did very well at URI and was a Rotary Scholar, winning for a paper she wrote about risk as an extra credit activity. She also appreciated the benefits that the College offered. She remembered when Robert Crandall, former CEO of American Airlines, came to speak. The College has continued to have a number of alumni and captains of industry speak at Career Day events and symposiums around campus. Many alumni remembered being inspired to achieve because of these speakers. Jill remembered that her classes were not incredibly difficult though very rewarding. She enjoyed having Management 401 run out of Providence because it removed students from the complacency of campus and put them in a new experience. The capstone forced her to combine everything she had learned. Before the time of Travelocity and Expedia, Jill designed a travel website. Though her professor was skeptical of the idea it seemed to fit Jill’s personality well. I imagine the website would have helped her with some of her study-abroad difficulties. She also remembered taking a course that was done entirely through instant messaging. At the time she could not believe that people would be instant messaging someone next to them instead of having a conversation but she sees the benefit of it now. She remembered Dr. Vangermeersch and described his classes as “firm yet fair.” She called him an excellent professor whose pop quizzes forced the students to learn the material.

Jill has also done a lot since she graduated from URI. She continues to be actively involved with the College and sits on the Dean’s Advisory Board. She worked with Dean Higgins student’s success in getting jobs at banks. She also continues to speak at Career Day events. After URI she was accepted to Columbia for an MBA. Though she deferred admission her acceptance is a testament to what CBA students can achieve. She remembered that going to a public school forced her to work harder than many of the students from Ivy League schools. This establishes a good work ethic in many of the College’s graduates. Though she would like to see more work on the student’s résumés she recognizes the tough competition that students face. Currently she works in Capital Markets, working on a team that does Capital Introductions. Like many students she said that a degree from the College is really what you make of it. She is a great example of what you can make out of a CBA degree.

Elizabeth Demers 2001-03 B.S in Finance 2003-04 MBA Elizabeth left Boston University and spent her junior and senior years at URI. She described her choice of Finance as “natural.” She had always been interested in math and wanted to work with her father who had always worked in business. Although she did not go into her father’s line of business, she did get her start in the world of finance, which led to Portfolio management. She began her career as a Portfolio Analyst at The Private Bank at Bank of America. She then moved into the role of Portfolio Manager in Providence, RI managing accounts for Private wealth clients. She recently made a career jump, taking a job as an Institutional Portfolio Strategist for U. S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management in Chicago, IL. Despite her recent move and travels, Elizabeth found the time to answer some of my questions. During her undergrad years at URI, Elizabeth was President of the Financial Engineering student organization and she continued to be involved during her MBA program. The club’s goals were “to provide members with educational and career enhancement opportunities to advance in the field of risk management and derivative instruments.” She remembered that the club was virtually non-existent when she got to URI and worked with Dr. Dash and another student to get the organization going. Elizabeth recalled one of the best experiences in being part of the club was travelling to Chicago to tour the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange with the club. This was an incredible learning experience for her and it ultimately paid off. Currently, she sits directly across the street from the Chicago Board of Trade and remembers fondly of the time she visited some ten years ago. Elizabeth went straight on to her MBA after her senior year. She decided that it was better to get the MBA out of the way instead of going directly into the workforce and then trying to go back to class. Her class was the first to sit in the MBA classroom in the newly built Ballentine Hall. She called with a laugh that obtaining her MBA was “the best year of my life that I would never want to repeat” because of the all-consuming nature of the MBA program. Like others, she spoke highly of the faculty in the College. Specifically, she remembered Dr. Gordon Dash’s classes. She described him as strict, engaging and extremely intelligent. She remembered him pushing her to be better as well as his helping with advising and career counseling. For Elizabeth, a degree of the College was beneficial because it provided her with a foot in the door. It gave her “structure, discipline and a sense of community.” Working as a Grad Assistant, staying after class and talking to professors helped her stay involved and gave her an informed perspective on how to get started volunteering and getting work in the real world. She learned that in order to succeed she needed to “work effectively with others, be present and in the moment and never stop learning.” She has continued on this path of learning and is now a CFA Level 2 Candidate.

Echoing other alumni, Elizabeth wrote that what you do after you get a degree â&#x20AC;&#x153;is entirely in your court.â&#x20AC;? The College offers an excellent foundation for future work but it is the job of each graduate to make the degree work for them. From Elizabeth and others it becomes clear that the College offers a skill set that allows all of their students to succeed in competitive environments.


Keith Moore 1971-74 B.S in Finance 1998-2004 Ph.D. in Business Administration Keith was a fun person to talk to for this project. He received his BS in the 1974 but came back to URI in pursuit of the Ph.D. because of the great experiences he had as an undergraduate. A degree in finance seemed like the natural choice for someone who had worked on the New York Stock Exchange over his summers and vacations before college. A large number of freshmen change their majors after they get to URI but Keith knew that this was the program for him. During his undergraduate he had met many lifelong friends and had some very excellent professors. Over the years he kept in touch with a number of people in the College so it made sense to come back to URI for doctoral work. Keith also enjoyed teaching at NYU after receiving his MBA so he knew that that a Ph.D. would be a good next step to continue teaching. After getting accepted for the Ph.D. program he worked with his major professor, Dr. Gene Lai. After Dr. Lai took a position at Washington State University, Keith worked with Dr. Henry Oppenheimer on a project entitled “The Effects of the Risk Arbitrage Process.” The program at URI was challenging for Keith. He says that he had extremely helpful professors and that “without their help I would not have been able to complete the program.” Despite an MBA from New York University, Keith recognized that the level of math needed for a Ph.D. far exceeded what he had been taught. Like most people who have gone through the College of Business Keith did not face this struggle alone. He hired previous Ph.D. students as tutors but also worked well with another student, Zhiyi Song. Zhiyi helped Keith with the difficult math and programming and Keith reciprocated with knowledge about practical experience. This symbiotic relationship allowed them both to succeed and shows the strengths of the College of Business community. Despite being overwhelmed with his coursework Keith was able to be involved in a number of ways around the College. He taught in Finance, teaching basic investment and beginning the Student Managed Investment Fund (RAM Fund). The Dean asked Keith to start the RAM Fund that allowed students that excelled in Finance to get real world experience for their coursework. Keith worked with a number of his previous students and challenged them to create a business plan and rules that would allow the fund to be run successfully. After they organized the RAM Fund they received $100,000 in funding from the Alumni Association that allowed this to be a reality. Most of the students who set up the Fund were in the first semester of the course that managed it and the Fund is still very successful today. Though working on an extra project was the last thing that he needed to do during the Ph.D., Keith said he was very lucky to have this opportunity. He believed that this allowed him to get a job at St. John’s University after graduation because St. John’s already had a student managed investment fund and Keith had experience with it. Keith also reformed the Financial Management Association, which was inactive when he got on campus. He remembered taking a busload of students to the NYSE for a

tour. They had lunch in the city and they stopped at UBS on their way back. There the students listened to speakers so that the students could hear about real life experiences in their field. His Ph.D program was focused in economics and econometrics and he had three required seminars in Finance that laid the groundwork for him. He took these courses with Dr. Lee, Dr. McLeavey and Dr. Oppenheimer. On top of the seminars he needed to complete a major research project which was a â&#x20AC;&#x153;tough taskâ&#x20AC;? to do in the timeframe. The Ph.D. program in the College was, and continues to be, very challenging but the students seem up to the task. Keith showed it is possible to balance difficult coursework with involvement in the College. Keith has also been involved with the College since graduation. He is still on Deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Advisory Board and tries to help out at Career day whenever possible. Just last October he did a day for the RAM Fund, continuing to be involved with the program he helped create. Keith has also worked with a number of Alumni to help students get internships. Keith has shown the excellent accomplishments that can be made with a degree from the College of Business and also demonstrates the commitment that alumni have to the College.


Jessica Wolchok 2005-09 B.S in Marketing Jessica came to URI as a Communications major but switched to marketing at Orientation, citing her creative and advertising interests as well as her interest in psychology. She was drawn to the University because of the Leadership minor, citing it as one of the things that set URI apart from her other choices. A number of alumni that I have talked to showed immense leadership experience at URI and beyond. It seems that the combination of leadership and a degree from the CBA has served graduates well. Jessica also cited the Centennial scholarship that gave financial support during her time at URI. After talking to a number of graduates it was no surprise that Jessica was involved with a lot on campus. She was a member of the Chi Omega Sorority for four years, Hillel, the Student Alumni Association, the American Marketing Association and she was a URI 101 instructor for three years. She reflected on her experiences with AMA and worked with Dead Boyd to build the club to 30 members. They even held an AMA marketing night where a number of companies came, including CVS. Jessica also remembered teaching a business section of URI 101. This allowed her to connect with other student and get close to them. In my discussion with Dean Boyd she noted that the URI 101 program allows upper class students to get leadership experience while creating a bond between upper and lower classmen in the College. Jessica was a great example of the success of that program. Jessica also worked on the Business Student Advisory Council where she helped with a number of events for the College. BSAC held events for students, like snacks and games during finals and Light the Night Walk while also giving advice to the Deans. Because the logistics major was new during her time on BSAC, Jessica remembered giving a lot of feedback about how the logistics courses fit into her program. There were a number of changes on campus that Jessica remembered as well. She remembered how when she got to URI they did not have many networking for Marketing majors, like they did with Accounting nights, so she was happy to see the URI Marketing night. She also remembered the integration of the Supply Chain courses into all the majors and in retrospect wishes she had taken more classes in it because it was interesting to her. Like others she recalled the College becoming a tight community as she worked her way through URI. As the courses became more difficult the community seemed to become closer, especially the URI 101 mentors. Her courses at URI also still stick out. Jessica remembered organizational behavior with Betsy Cooper. It was a fun course that did something new every class an she recalled that the psychology basis for the class allowed her to learn a lot about management but also a lot about herself. She remembered taking several difficult but rewarding courses with Ruby Dholakia. She recalled Dr. Dholakia being an influential instructor at URI, and it is not surprising given the history of marketing at URI. During the late 1970s and 1980s URI became a Center for macromarketing. In 1981, to further strengthen its excellence in macromarketing, the College attracted Nikhilesh and Ruby Dholakia to the faculty. Both had developed strong research reputations in the field and

continue to do so today. I was able to speak with both Ruby and Nik for this project and they each stressed the importance of research. Both continue to stay involved in numerous research organizations and continue to influence students on campus, sponsoring numerous events in their classrooms that lead students to award winning projects. Jessica has certainly been a successful graduate of College. From day one the College had helped her build her resume, through coursework and grades as well as through internships. While at URI she had an internship at Time Warner and it got her foot in the door. She continued to work at the internship over summer vacations and this allowed her to meld her coursework with experiential learning. She moved down to North Carolina but managed to land a job with Time Warner where she has worked for the last two and a half years. She still stays in a trust with a number of people from when she was at URI and made a brief trip to campus the last time she was in the area. Jessicaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s successes show what can be done with hard work, strong networking, and a degree from the College.

Pete Callahan 2005-2009 B.S in Entrepreneurial Management Pete was enthusiastic about this project and I was able to meet him in his office in Providence. Pete came to URI by chance. His guidance councilor recommended URI and Pete liked the campus more than the rest when he came for welcome day. His pride in the University continues today. On his desk in his office is a pin, openly displayed displayed, that says “URI Alumn and Proud of It.” Unlike most students who come through URI, Pete knew what he wanted to do when he got to the University and stuck with it. He worked at Smitty’s Ice Cream in Falmouth, Massachusetts as a kid, starting with scooping ice cream and moved up until he was running the store. Although Pete knew he did not want to go into ice cream professionally, he knew that he liked being in business and liked the management program at URI. During his time at URI the management major became Entrepreneurial Management and Pete was very happy about this change. URI became one of the only places where someone could major in Entrepreneurial Management and Pete found this to be a huge benefit. This new major helped set Pete apart from students in other management programs. Pete’s major was not the only thing that evolved while he was at URI. The Roger Williams Dining Hall closed and the new Hope Dining Hall opened up for students. As with many other CBA alumni Pete was heavily involved on campus. He believes that one of the best ways to get the most out of your college experience is to be involved, and Pete followed that belief. His URI 101 instructor was a member of the Student Alumni Association and Pete quickly became involved in that organization. He helped start Rhody Rally and changed the dynamic of the entire event. Like many other CBA students he was a member of the ZBT fraternity, worked as an RA and played multiple intermural sports. Being involved on campus helped Pete make the most of his college experience and he stressed the importance of involvement in getting the full experience of life at URI. He was also a member of the Business Student Advisory Council (BSAC). He described it as working with a group of altruistic students who were passionate about the College and proving the strength of CBA. The Deans asked about different classes and professors and were open to the student’s suggestions, but Pete also stressed the interpersonal side of BSAC. In learning to work with a group of talented students on different projects Pete learned what it was like to sit on a board, brainstorm ideas with a group of people, and navigate different personalities. All of the students I talked to who were involved in BSAC spoke well of the council and it seems to be one of the big strengths of CBA. His time in the classroom was just as beneficial. Pete recalled taking classes with Dr. Bob Comerford who helped students see the real life applications of what they had in their textbooks. Comerford’s passion for business encouraged other students to be equally as passionate. I was able to talk with Comerford for this project and that passion showed through. Not only does he clearly care about business and CBA, he also takes time to create close connections with his students. One of the most difficult classes for Pete was

Dr. Frank Budnick’s freshman business math course. Although the coursework was difficult Budnick showed a passion about business and math that still shines through today. Dr. Budnick mentioned to me that the classes and students have changed greatly over the years, and he has adopted his courses to fit the changing tide. This continual reworking for the benefit of student has clearly paid off. Pete also spoke highly of the new Passport program at CBA which helps students write resumes and learn the skills necessary to find a job. Pete stressed that the business professors had a good balance of theory and practical experience that made the courses worthwhile. Whether it was learning the basics of financial literacy, or creating a business plan Pete was challenged to succeed. These courses have also had benefits in the real world. Currently Pete works as a Financial Services Professional for NY Life and volunteers for SCORE. Not only does Pete help people gain financial literacy, something he thinks everyone going through any University should take a course in, he also helps people by looking over their business plans and offering advice. Like so many other CBA alumni what Pete learned in the classroom had a direct benefit to his professional career. He has also stayed very involved since leaving campus. Pete does not want to miss a Career Day and loves being able to give back to the College, even encouraging other alumni to do the same. Career Days are important to Pete because they affect real world networking skills, even if the student does not see it right away. Pete said “it’s about learning how to meet people and build relationships” and his dedication to them is clear. What you put in to CBA is what you get out, and Pete is an excellent example of what can be achieved with a CBA degree.

Heung Wing (Tony) 2008-2011 B.S. in Supply Chain Management Tony is the last alumni in this section of the book and is an excellent way to end this edition. He came to URI because it was in-state, allowing him to go home and help his family if needed, and because it offered enough financial aid. Tony started off in the class of 2012 but finished a semester early, even though he changed his major early on. Originally, Tony came in intending to go through the Accounting program, however after he attended one of the Supply Chain club meetings and talked to the professors he knew that this was the right major for him. The Supply Chain major is the newest to the College and has already seen huge successes, including awards for the Transportation Center at URI. Tony continued to be involved with the Supply Chain club throughout his time on campus. In his senior year he was elected President of the organization. Tony set up a LinkedIn group that allowed majors to stay in contact with alumni in the hopes of finding job and internship opportunities. Like many other alumni profiled in this book, Tony was a member of BSAC. He also spent time volunteering for the University Welcome Days that allowed him to talk with potential students, share his positive experiences in the College, and offer suggestions for how to prepare for your freshman year at URI. Welcome Days also allowed him to reflect on his own college experience and see his accomplishments during his time at URI. Outside of the College, Tony tried out many organizations, from fraternities to the Sailing Club and Outing Club. His diverse interests allowed him to experiment with different organizations on campus and he was proactive in whatever he joined. The College of Businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; community stood out to Tony. He really felt that, unlike other majors, CBA students really developed a close-nit community that made the College strong. One benefit of this tight community was the internship opportunities that were offered. Tony took advantage of those opportunities and made it clear that he was able to get the job he has now because of the internships he had while at URI. He had one that was online and one with the Natick Soldier System Center. There has been a big focus on internships over the last few years in CBA and that focus pays off. Not only are students able to find jobs in a tough economy, but also the experience learned through internships helps put the students ahead of others who do not have the real world experience to match their time in the classroom. Like other CBA alumni Tony thanked his professors for helping him succeed at URI. He recalled one course that broke the students into groups and had them present specific case studies to the whole class. This taught the students how to present, keep people engaged for an hour-long class period, and forced them to be knowledgeable about the topic they were presenting. Currently, Tony works for the Department of Defense in Natick, Mass as Foreign Military Sales Manager, putting what he learned through the Supply Chain major into practice. Tony combines the academic rigor, community involvement and passion for his work that sets the CBA apart from other colleges.

CHRONOLOGY 1892-2012

Chronology of Events College of Business Administration University of Rhode Island 1892-1992

PRIOR TO THE FOUNDING 1892-1923 *AY 92-93

B. B. Howard, L.L.B., was appointed Instructor in Bookkeeping, Penmanship and Business Law at a salary of$75 per month and board for the Winter term commencing January 1893. He was appointed by the first president, John H. Washburn. The University then was known as the Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, which had replaced the earlier Rhode Island State Agricultural School. The School had been formed in 1888. Business Courses given were: Bookkeeping and Business Law, 5 hours, in the freshman year of the Agricultural program; Political Economy and Science of Government, 4 hours in the first term of the Senior Year in the Mechanical program; and Political Economy, 4 hours, in the Second Term of the Senior Year in the Mechanical Program. AY93-94 B.B. 路Howard was not reappointed, nor was anyone else to fill the position of Instructor in Bookkeeping and Business Law. AY96-97 Courses added in Agriculture were: Farm Management and Farm Bookkeeping. The Political Economy part of the "Political Economy and Science of Government" was路 dropped from the title.

The Political Economy course was based on Walker's Briefer Course and Andrew's Institutes of Economics. The Farm Bookkeeping course was cross listed with Bookkeeping in the Mathematics Department. The course was required for all degree candidates. AY97-98 New courses added in Agriculture were: XIII Agricultural Economics, XV Farm Management, XVI Farm Accounts and Records, and XVII Farm Law.

The bookkeeping course was no longer cross listed with the Mathematics department. A new course, Mechanics XX Constructions and Estimates of Cost, was added and required of Agricultural students. This course was dropped four years later. AY 01-02 The Farm Bookkeeping course was dropped. AY 03-04 Kenyon L. Butterfield was appointed the second president of the University. AY 04-05 Mechanics XXVIl Industrial Economics was added and required for a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

*A Y is used to signify "Academic Year" 223

AY 06-07 An Agronomy major was added to Agriculture. The business courses were: VII Farm Management (advanced); and XIIC Farm Management and Accounts.

A new course was added to Mechanics, XXIV Contracts, Specifications and Business Law. This course was dropped three years later. The description of the Industrial Economics course路included: card records for timekeeping; stock; cost of manufacturing; and advertising and sales department. Howard Edwards was appointed the third president of the University. AY 08-09 The Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts became Rhode Island State College. AY 10-11 The Industrial Economics course was replaced by Wmb Management which was described as '"The economies of the shop and factory, cost keeping, efficiency in production." AY 14-15 A specific course in Accounting, XII Farm Accounting, was added to the Agronomy program as an elective.

Another course was added to Mechanics, XXVI Industrial Organization and Management. AY 16-17 The description for Mechanics XXVI became '"The organization of engineering industries and the laws and methods of business applying to them." The course was taught by Dean Royal Wales and required for seniors in both Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. AY 17-18 The title for Mechanics XXVI became "Business Organization and Management" AY 18-19 A new course was added in Agronomy, Agriculture XIII Marketing of Farm Products. AY 21-22 The basic American History course became History 1. Industrial History. "As now conducted, this course provides a rapid survey of industrial conditions in Europe, particularly in England, previous to the settlement of America, followed by a study of the development of social, economic, and industrial life in the United States down to the present time."

THE EARLY YEARS 1923-1946 AY 23-24 The Program in Business Administration was announced by President Howard Edwards in September of 1923.

Charles L. Sweeting was appointed to establish the business program. The Business and Engineering Extension was administered by Charles Lloyd Sweeting. There was a listing of the first two years' courses for the Business Administration Program.


The courses were: Principles of Business; Economics; Finance a, b: Accounting, a, b: Business Statistics; Industrial Management (Mech. Eng. :xxvn. AY 24-25 The three year program was included in the catalog.

Courses added were: Cost Accounting; Business Law; Marketing Problems; Business Psychology, a, b; Insurance; Transportation. AY 25-26 The four year program was listed in the catalog.

Courses added were: Advanced Economics; Corporation Accounting, a, b; Auditing; Business Management; Investments; Salesmanship; Business Cycle; Credits and Collections. AY 26-27 Charles L. Sweeting resigned his position. AY 27-28 His successor, Andrew J. Newman from the University of Maryland, promised to liberalize the program to keeping with what he understood to be a trend in the field.

The title of the program was changed from Business Administration to Economics. Economics and Business Administration became the new caption for the course listings in the catalog. Courses added were: Economic Geography; Economic History of England; Economic History of the United States; Public Finance; Labor, Public Utilities; Government and Industry; Modem Economic Thought; and Public Controls of Business. AY 28-29 The Business Administration title replaced the former title of Economics.

Economics and Government became the new caption for the course listings in the catalog. AY 30-31 The Business Administration title was changed to Economics and Government. AY 31-32 The curriculums in science and business were brought together into a "School of Science and Business Administration" under John Barlow, who also continued as Vice President. Andrew J. Newman still held the title of Dean of Business Administration, however, until1934.

Raymond G.

was appointed the fourth president of the University.

The curriculum in Business Administration became the new title of the program. Courses added were: Production Economics; Value and Distribution; Advanced Accounting, a,b; Income Tax Accounting, Statistics a, b; Railway Rates and Regulations; Public Expenditures and Debts; American Taxation; and Labor Problems. AY 32-33 Courses in the catalog were listed as Economics.


AY 33-34 There was a choice between a major in Accounting or a major in Business Administration.

A Foreign Exchange course was added. AY 34-35 Courses added were: Business Law, a, b, c; Accounting Systems; C.P.A. Problems; Labor Policies; Principles of International Trade and Economic Relations; International Finance; and Economic Research, a,b. AY 36-37 John E. Candelet was appointed chairman of the Department of Economics. AY 37-38 A new course added was Advanced Accounting Theory and Problems. AY 41-42 New courses added were: Advanced Marketing; Advanced Industrial Management; Business Policy, a,b; Purchasing and Materials Control; Business and Government; Early Economic Institutions; and Modem Economic Institutions.

Carl R. Woodward was appointed the fifth president of the University. AY 42-43 Prof. Candelet organized extension courses in business administration last year under a U.S. Office ofEducation in a program of Engineering, Science and Management. He was then granted a military leave.

The Division of Industrial Extension was authorized. The School of Science and Business was divided into the School of Science and the School of Business Administration on November 15, 1942. Asa Smallidge Knowles was appointed Dean of the School of Business Administration. He had been appointed Director of the Division of University Extension shortly before. He retained both posts. The Division of Industrial Extension started a yearly tax institute which continues today. Dean Knowles announced curriculums in: Accounting; General Administration; Industrial Management; Secretarial Science; and Marketing and Advertising. Courses listed under Business Administration were grouped as: Accounting; Law; Industrial Management; Secretarial Science; Marketing and Advertising; Economics; and Finance. Dean Knowles said that particular attention was devoted to conforming to the requirements of AACSB (American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business). AY 43-44 A curriculum in Insurance was announced.

A course in Business Communication was added. AY 44-45 An Insurance Education Program Advisory Committee of 15 members was established. AY 45-46 Dean Asa Knowles resigned and was replaced by Acting Dean George Ballentine.


THE BALLENTINE YEARS 1946-1966 AY 46-47 George Ballentine was appointed Dean. AY 47-48 Departments were created in: Accounting and Business Law; Industrial Management; Marketing and Advertising; and Economics. AY 48-49 There was a listing of credit courses in Industrial Management and Real Estate offered only at the Division of Industrial Extension. AY 50-51 Rhode Island State College became the University of Rhode Island on March 23, 1951. AY 51-52 Courses added were: Advanced Statistics; Individual Security Analyses; Statistics of Business Forecasting; and Statistics in Business Control and Planning. AY 52-53 The Curriculum in Business Education was added. AY 53-54 The Department of Industrial Management cooperated with the Division of Industrial Extension in the formulation of a certificate program in Industrial Management. AY 54-55 Two options were established within the Curriculum in Marketing and Advertising: (1) Marketing (2) Advertising. AY 55-56 A B.S. Degree Program in Business Administration was established at the RICE Building in Providence. AY 58-59 The First Business Alumni College was held on May 3, 1958, with about eighty alumni present.

Francis H. Hom was appointed sixth president of the University. AY 60-61 An Insurance Department was established.

An MBA Program was started in Providence. AY 62-63 The Department of Business Education and Secretarial Science was established. AY63-64 The first graduates from our MBA program in Providence received their degrees in June, 1964.

A Business Economics option was created in the General Administration Program.


AY 64-65 The Research Center in Business and Economics was approved.

The first issue of the Rhode Island Business Quarterly appeared in 1965 under the editorship of the Research Center. ' The Business Education and Secretarial Science Department was changed to Business Education and Office Administration Department. The Secretarial Science Curriculum was changed to the Office Administration Curriculum. The Department of Industrial Management was changed to the Department of Management. The Department of Marketing and Advertising was changed to the Department of Marketing Management.

In April15, 1965, Professor Joel Dirlam of the Economics Department gave the key testimony on the need for diversified reporting before the U.S. Senate's Subcommittee on Anti Trust and Monopoly. AY 65-66 The MBA Program was expanded to the Kingston Campus.

George Ballentine retires as Dean.

THE TAKE-OFF YEARS 1966-1992 AY66-67 Frederick Amling was named Dean. The Economics Department was transferred to the College of Arts and Sciences on July 1, 1967. This change required study to determine the effect on courses offered by the department and the impact on existing curriculums. A committee for admissions to the MBA Program was established to carry out the work of the MBA. on campus. The application for admission to the AACSB was completed and sent to the Executive Committee for approval. The M.S. in Business Education was added. A curriculum in Finance was created. The Department of Accounting and Business Law was changed to the Department of Accounting. The Department of Insurance was dropped. The Department of Finance and Insurance was formed. The Department of General Administration and Law was created. It lasted one year. Over 80 students were admitted to the campus MBA program since it began in June of 1967....The M.S. Program was de-emphasized until the MBA Program could be built to a significant enrollment. Balentine Hall was dedicated on June 3, 1967.


AY 68-69 The Department of Management voted to split into two new departments.

On May 10, 1969, we received AACSB status. The College of Business and the Extension Division were working to create a closer identity between themselves. More full-time staff from the Kingston campus will be teaching in the Extension. A Curriculum in Quantitative Business Analysis was added. An option in Distributive Education was added to the Business Education AY 69-70 Frederick Amling resigned as Dean and was replaced by Acting Dean Clark Murdough.

A chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was established. A charter was to be awarded at the annual meeting of the American Accounting Associates in August of 1970. A ChapterofBeta Gamma Sigma, the Honorary Scholarship Society sponsored through AACSB, was established with an initial membership of 38. Dean Designate Richard R. Weeks served as the installing officer for the installation of granting of the Chapter in April of 1970. The Department of Management changed its name to the Department of Organizational Management and Industrial Relations. AY 69-70 The Department of Management Science was created from the Department of Management.

Werner Baum became the seventh president of the University.

AY70-71 During PorterS. Wood's one year stint as Director of the MBA program, the M.S. in Accounting degree was reinstituted. Richard R. Weeks named Dean. We were reaccredited by AACSB in 1971. A new major in Production and Operations Management was approved for the Department of Management Science. Curriculums were offered in: accounting with possible emphasis on governmental, private, and public accounting; business education; business education with an option in distributive education; finance; general business administration; insurance; management science; marketing; marketing with an option in advertising; office administration, organizational management and industrial relations; and production and operations management

AY71-72 William L. Ryding was appointed as Director of the Management Development Program in February 1972. As of July 1, 1972, this position was discontinued due to lack of program support. AY 72-73 The behavioral laboratory has been completed.

In April 1973, the College of Business Administration received professional accreditation for its masters degree programs from the Accreditation Council of AACSB.


Curriculums were added in: (1) Urban Business and (2) Real Estate. The Graduate Student Advisory Committee reorganized into an autonomous student organization, the Graduate Business Coordinating Committee. AY 73-74 The last issue of the Rhode Island Business Quarterly was published in November 1973.

The New England Journal of Business and Economics was created. The Small Business Institute (SBI) began a program with the college. The Graduate Business Coordinating Committee (GBCQ received its first appropriation from the Graduate Student Association. The major activities began in the previous year were continued. Mr. Arthur F. Sampson, Jr., Director of the U.S. General Services Administration, was the guest speaker at the annual initiation banquet of Beta Gamma Sigma. Mr. Sampson was a URI business graduate. AY 74-75 The Advertising option was dropped from the Marketing program.

During the spring semester the Research Center initiated a Business and Economics Public Opinion Poll which continues to be co-sponsored by the College and Rhode Island Hospital Trust Bank. The College began publishing an alumni newsletter. The URI Alumni Association and CBA presented a Business Alumni College on Dec. 17, 1974. ;


Increased efforts to recruit quality undergraduate and graduate students were made. The Department of Business Education and Office Administration started to sponsor on campus a Rhode Island Business Leadership for 165 high school students. Frank Newman was appointed the eighth president of the University. AY75-76 The Business Advisory Council was formed on December 15, 1975. On May 28, 1976, Ralph C. Potter was elected its chairman.

After efforts to increase faculty resources, the College faculty voted to approve the Dean's proposal to limit enrollments at the upper level by strengthening the requirements for transfer from University College. After careful analysis, it was determined that the appropriate reduction could be made by requiring transfer students to have a 2.2 cumulative quality point average rather than the 2.0 ordinarily required. The Program in Business Education was approved by the National Association of Directors of Teacher Certification. The College announced that beginning in August of 1976 it will offer a series of management seminars. "Tall Ships--Rhode Island '76"' was a research project approved for funding through the auspices of the Research Center.


AY76-77 A visitation committee representing Delta Pi Epsilon, the National Honorary Professional Graduate Fraternity in Business Education, recommends approval ofthe URI chapter. Initiation will take place in the summer. A Business Associates Program was begun to raise external funds for the College. Through the efforts of Ralph Potter and Glenn Woodbury of the Development Office, the Business Associates Program had an excellent start. An inaugural meeting of a Graduate Business Alumni Association was held on May 9. Irving R. Levine, NBC's Washington-based economic affairs correspondent was the guest of honor. A Management Information System curriculum was added. In cooperation with the Department ofTextiles and Clothing, a new major in Marketing and Textiles was developed. 路 A Management Seminar Coordinator was appointed in September of 1976. During the 1977-78 year, the College will conduct Certificate of Management Programs in Cooperation with the Extension Division and the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce.

AY77-78 A business option in the Bachelor of General Studies degree was available at the College of Continuing Education. AY78-79 A 2.2 GPA was required before a student could enter the College. It was to be increased to 2.5 in the following year. The Executive-in-Residence Program was initiated at the College under the leadership of Professor Hilda Allred. The first two were: Herman A. C. Anderson and J. Albert Burgoyne. The College was a participant in the MBA Admission Forum, sponsored by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, in Boston on November 17-18. FIN 652, Advanced International Financial Management, was developed and approved. This course, when taken with MGT 655, International Business Management, and MKT 656, International Marketing Management, provides MBA students with an international business concentration. The Junior Achievement Associate Advisor Program, administered by Dr. Robert Comerford and the officers of the Management Club, completed its first year of successful operation. On October 12 and 13, CBA hosted the Sixth Annual New England Business and Economic Conference. The Conference represented the inaugural meeting of the New England Business & Economic Association. Dr. G. Geoffrey Booth of our Finance and Insurance Department was installed as the association's first President. The Third Annual Macro-Marketing Theory Seminar was hosted by CBA at the Whispering Pines Conference Center on the W. Alton Jones Campus. The Research Center in Business and Economics received grants of: $6,500 from the R. I. Dept. of Economic Development to conduct a manpower demand study; $4,000 from the Governor's Energy Office to conduct a study of attitudes and awareness of solar energy; and $15,000 from the Western Trade Adjustment Assistance Center to do jewelry-related research.

AY79-80 A 2. 8 GP A was required to be admitted into the College. This represented the highest GPA needed. 231

Royal Little was an Executive in Residence and funded, along with the Little Family Foundation, Junior Achievement Fellowships for Graduate Business Study. The Fourth Annual Macro-Marketing Conference was held at theW. Alton Jones Campus, attracting scholars from around the world. AY80-81 The URI Advertising Club won first place in New England for the fifth time in the last eight years. LemondS. Smith, pastPresidentofthe American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), came to the College on March 12, 1981, to confer the charter of the URI Student Chapter of APICS. The University added an Applied Mathematical Sciences Ph.D. The Management Science Department participated in the program. Reports were given under the heading "Student Activities" for the Advertising Club; APICS Student Chapter; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Pi Epsilon; the Financial Management Association; the Graduate Business Coordinating Committee; the Investment Club; the Management Club; and the Small Business Institute. Two new specialties were added to Business Education: Training Director and Administrative Management. CBA hosted the Fifth Annual Macromarketing Seminar. The R.I. Division of Job Development granted the Research Center in Business and Economics $49,700 to assess the usefulness of the CETA training program and to assist in developing a management-decision-making system. AY 81-82 During the 1981-82 academic year, all business administration programs offered by the College were reviewed by AACSB and were reaccredited. The RISE (Rhode Islanders Saving Energy) organization granted the Research Center $8,300 to assess Rhode Island residents' awareness, beliefs, and perceptions of RISE. AY 82-83 The following degree programs were dropped: Business Education; Distribution Education; Social Business/Secretarial; Training Director; Administrative Management; Real Estate; and Urban Business. The Management Development Programs effort ceased on a formal basis due to inadequate revenues being generated by the program. AY 82-83 On April24, 1983, the College dedicated the Dennis W. Callaghan Memorial Laboratory. Dennis was a faculty member in the Management Department, who had died on October4, 1982, in Christ Church, New Zealand, where he had been working on sabbatical leave. Governor Joseph Garrahy was the featured speaker and honored guest. The event received good coverage on radio and television. The Laboratory continues to be shared by the College and the Mathematics Department and provides valuable "hands-on" experiences for students. On May 2, 1983, a contract was signed with Bryant College establishing a SBDC (Small Business Development Center) at the College of Business. The SBDC is to be administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration under the Small Business Act of 1980. Sue Barker was appointed Manager of the URI SBDC office.


The faculty passed an Executive MBA program. AY 83-84

A faculty retreat on theW. Alton Jones Campus to discuss the Greenhouse Compact was held on December 17, 1983. The faculty approved an MBA specialization in International Business. The faculty voted to commence the Executive MBA Program July, 1984. This program has been successfully administered by Professor Richard W. Scholl. 路 In the fall of 1983,The New England Journal of Business & Economics was renamed The Northeast Journal of Business & Economics. The College retained sponsorship. AY 84-85

Edward D. Eddy was appointed the riinth president of the University. On October 29, 1984, there was a Business Forum sponsored by the College of Business Administration and Citizens Bank. The Forum consisted of a lecture by William Ouchi, author of Theory Z and The M-Form Society. 路 It was announced at the November 14, 1984, faculty meeting that the faculty voted to continue with the Ph.D. proposal. AY 84-85

The English Department assumed responsibility for teaching MGT 227 Business Communications, which became WRT 227. Richard R. Weeks resigned his deanship. AY 85-86

Robert P. Clagett was appointed Dean. The Champlin Foundation approved a $248,000 grant for CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) proposal. The Graduate Council approved the Ph.D. proposal. The next step was the New Program Committee. The CRSP Tapes were ordered by the Library. AY 86-87 Dean Clagett announced that the PPG Foundation granted a five-year, $150,000 grant to support the

development of an Institute of International Business. Norman Coates of our Management Department was very instrumental in this achievement. Senator Claiborne Pell announced that he added $300,000 to an education bill to help start a doctoral program in Business Administration at the University of Rhode Island. The request was part of the House Senate Conference agreement in the Higher Education Amendment of 1986. AY 87-88

Norman Coates announced that the Steering Committee of the Institute of International Business has proposed to give two PPG scholarships for students attending the New England Regional program in Grenoble, France. George F. Tannous received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with a major in Finance. He was the first business Ph.D. to graduate with a major in the College. 233

Dean Clagett announced that Ruby Dholakia has received funding from AT&T in the amount of $450,000 over the next three years. Also, Ghon Rhee and Rosita Chang presented a proposal and have received a $100,000 award to develop a database for the Taiwan Stock Exchange. They have also received inquiries regarding an international symposium to be held in Taipei on Pacific Rim Economic Focus, which would involve possible funding of $300,000. The Ph.,D. program had conditional approval from the Board of Governors. One representative from each department was selected to assist with planning for the program. The Institute oflnternational Business was approved by the Board of Governors. Nonnan Coates has remained its Director from its inception. AY 88-89 Thomas Policastro was appointed Manager of the URI SBDC.

The Management Science Department had its name changed to Management Science and Infonnation Systems. Ruby Dholakia submitted a proposal for a Research Institute for Telecommunications and Infonnation Marketing (RITIM). It passed the College faculty with an unanimous vote. It subsequently was approved at all levels in the approval process. Ruby was appointed Director of RITIM. The College approved the fonnation of The Center for Pacific Basin Capital Markets Research (P ACAP). It subsequently was approved at all levels in the approval process. Ghon Rhee and Rosita Chang continue to be Co-Directors of the Center. The Personnel major in the Management Department was changed to the Human Resource Management major. The faculty offered a resolution acknowledging the achievements of Robert L. Crandall (CEO and Chainnan of the Board of American Airlines), Bradford Boss (CEO and Chainnan of the Board of A. T. Cross), and Vincent A. Sarni (CEO and Chainnan of the Board ofPPG) for their recognition by Business Week as Top Executives in 1988. On March 29, 1989, Governor Edward D. DiPrete and President Edward D. Eddy announced that the largest private individual donation in the history of The University of Rhode Island, $1.25 million, had been made by Vincent A. Sarni. Mr. Sarni established, through the URI Foundation, an endowed professorship in international business in the College of Business Administration. Part of the funds will also be used to enhance a scholarship endowment already established by the Sarni family. The First Annual Pacific Basin Finance Conference was held on March 13-15, 1989, in Taipei. Keynote speakers included three Nobel Laureates: James Tobin, 1981; Franco Modigliani, 1985; and Merton H. Miller, 1990. This Conference was sponsored by PACAP. The URI Foundation Ball on June 3, 1989, honored the College of Business Administration. Vincent A. Sarni was our honored guest. Bob Comerford announced that $2,500 was raised from an MBA phonathon. The College faculty once again voted to support a Ph.D. program with majors in Finance, Management, and Management Science. Robert H. Clagett notified the College of his intention to retire as Dean. The Second Annual Pacific Basin Finance Conference was held in Bangkok on June 4-6, 1990. Nobel Laureates Modigliani and Miller were again keynote speakers. PACAP continued its sponsorship.


The Northeast Journal of Business and Economics was transferred to Fairfield University. AY 90-91 Sydney S. Stem was appointed Dean. Dean Stem announced a $10,000 gift from the Independent Insurance Agents of Rhode Island and a $15,000 grant to Ruby Dholakia from Bellcore. The URI SBDC was transferred to the College ofResource Development The College faculty voted to suspend admission for two years for the Management Science Program and the Production Operations Management Program. The faculty subsequently voted to drop the Human Resource Management Program and the Insurance Program. Senator Pell announced that the $300,000 grant for the doctoral Business Administration Program has passed in H.R. 527, the Education Appropriation Bill. This $300,000 amount had been a Pell provision authorized in the Higher Education Amendment of 1986. Professor Ruby Dholakia was one of the two Conference Chairs for the Third International Conference on Marketing and Development in New Delhi, India on January 4-7, 1991. Prime Minister Chandrashekhar was the inaugural speaker for the Conference. The Third Annual Pacific Basin Conference was held in Seoul on June 3-5, 1991 and sponsored PACAP. Professor Jeffrey Jarrett of the Management Science and Information Systems Department was honored as the College Research Professor for 91-92. Dean Stem created this designation to emphasize the importance of research. 路 It was announced that in 1991-92, the College of Business Administration and the URI Department ofLanguages will begin offering a five-yearprogram that awards a B.A. in a foreign language, a minor in business administration, and an MBA. The board ofPPG Industries Foundation approved a pledge of $150,000 for the period of 1992-1995 for our Institute of International Business. AY 91-92 Robert L. Carothers was appointed the tenth president of the University. The University has reserved two days on its Centennial Calendar for the college: June 3, 1992, the 25th Anniversary of the dedication of Ballentine Hall and June 20, 1992, the 65th Anniversary of our first graduating class. The 4th Annual Pacific Basin Conference will be held in Hong Kong on July 6-8. On October 28, the College co-sponsored a speech by Alan Greenspan, Chairlnan of the Federal Reserve Board, as a part of a conference on "Economic Problems and Prospects: A Concentrated Look at R.I.". The Conference was also sponsored by RISBDC and Senator John H. Chafee. The Marketing Department accepted Ph.D. students for 92-93.


AY 92/93 URI celebrated its Centennial Anniversary. RI Small Business Development Center hosted a number of lectures on different business and marketing strategies. Professors Chai Kim (Management) and John Grandin (German) received a $150,000 grant to develop curriculums encompassing foreign language and culture in the business program. Robert L. Crandall, president of American Airlines, spoke at the first annual URI College of Business CEO Forum. The College partnered with Brown Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s A. Alfred Taubman Center, the state Department of Economic Development and the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council to host a conference on tax policy, tax equity and the impact of federal tax changes on states. Admission to the Production and Operations Management program was suspended. The College of Business Administration Advisory Council was created. It consists of a number of alumni who help advise the college. AY 93/94 Jane Stitch awarded Administrative Excellence Award. Minority Development Committee created to attract more minority students to the College. They worked closely with the Talent Development Program to develop a shadowing program at Rhode Island high schools. The PACAP was renamed the Sandra Ann Morsilli Pacific-Basin Capital Markets (PACAP) Research Center in honor of the daughter of URI alumnus Francesco P. Morsilli. AY 94/95 Frank Budnick was appointed Interim Dean. The College was reaccredited by the AACSB. The Accounting Program also received accreditation at the undergraduate and graduate levels making CBA the first college in the Northeast to have both accreditations. College begins looking for funds to renovate Ballentine Hall. This was a nine-year process, which raised almost $11 million in public and private funds to make the College competitive and more modern.

AY 95/96 URI was designated an Urban Grant Institution. Established of Northwestern Mutual Life Matone Agency Leadership Scholarship that annually awards $500 to a student in CBA. The General Motors Marketing Internship awarded second place to a group of CBA students working under Ruby Dholakia. The students researched, designed, executed and analyzed their own on-campus event marketing event for the Pontiac Sunfire. AY 96/97 Four students participated in Braunschweig Exchange Program in Germany. They worked with business and language professors to increase collaboration between URI and international businesses. Public fundraising for the Ballentine Hall renovation project was secured through two higher education bond referenda. Assistant Professor of Management in CBA, Linda Randall received the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Her project was titled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Russian Defense Conversion: An Institutional Theory Approach.â&#x20AC;? A reformed General Minor for Non-Business Students implemented. This included a yearlong review process to make the major less complex and difficult to complete for non-business students. AY 97/98 The College began an evening MBA in Providence as well as a 22-month Executive MBA program. The Verrecchia-Hasbro Leadership Chair in Business was created from a $1 million donation. This allowed the Dean of CBA to have discretionary funds to fund projects within the College. A Breakfast Series began in Providence. This allowed faculty members were able to discuss their research with various businesses around Rhode Island. The Shareholders Plan, chaired by alumnus Richard Harrington, was created to raise private funds for Ballentine renovation project. AY 98/99 The College celebrated its 75th birthday! Edward Mazze was appointed Dean.

The Rhode Island Board of Governors approved a major in International Business. This program was developed to meet the challenges of an international career by achieving high proficiency in the language and culture of another country. It also required an internship and/or a study abroad program. Stu Westin (Management Science and Information Services) received the Teaching Excellence Award and Bruce Han (Management Science and Information) received Ph.D. student Excellence Award. The College began its annual Financial Services Symposium. Over eight years this symposium covered many aspects of the financial services industry and highlighted the contributions of colleges and universities to the financial services work force. AY 99/00 First Annual Business School Hall of Fame Ceremony. This was a chance for alumni to meet students and have their achievements recognized. The Transportation Center at URI was created. The Center worked closely with CBA on various programs including transportation and logistics certification. A Building Committee for the renovation of Ballentine hall was created. AY 00/01 Ground broke for Ballentine Hall reconstruction project. The building was dismantled to its original framework and then rebuilt. A number of faculty from the College created “The Impact 50” for the Providence Journal. This weeklong series highlighted 50 public companies headquartered in Rhode Island or that had a significant effect on the Rhode Island economy. AY 01/02 On September 11th, members of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda flew two airplanes into the NYC World Trade Center. The University lost five alumni in the attack, three of whom had degrees from the College. The CBA created a 32-page color magazine, Rhode Island Citizen dedicated to putting Rhode Island to work. The magazine was distributed as an insert in the Providence Journal. The URI Alumni Association donated $100,000 to establish the RAM Fund. A competitive process allowed 21 upper level business students to manage the fund while receiving three credits per semester for their work. Beyond just managing the fund, students also made “outstanding” presentations to the Alumni Association and people in industry about their proposals and results.

AY 02/03 PACAP partnered with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to give universities online access to the PACAP Database. AY 03/04 Ballentine Hall reopened on June 4th with new a brand new design, trading room and up to date technology. Honors Colloquium entitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Futures of Globalizationâ&#x20AC;? held during Fall Semester. Accounting Professor Judy Beckman was selected as an American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow for the 2004/2005 academic year. She was one of only 34 chosen from a national pool of candidates. In honor of Richard Vangermeersch, $160,000 was raised to create an Endowed Professorship in his name. This was the first endowed professorship for the College. AY 04/05 URI joined Global University 8 (GU8). This was a collaboration among top universities with an intention to foster cross-institution course offerings and cross-discipline research opportunities. The College began its annual fall picnic on the quad. This was an opportunity to welcome students back to the College and meet other faculty around campus. The College began having juniors and seniors teach sections of URI 101. This was a successful change it gave leadership experience to those who wanted it and created connections between freshman and upper level students. The College created a Business Track within the Honors Program. AY 05/06 Ben Navarro, CEO of Sherman Financial Group, funded a scholarship in honors of his father Frank. The scholarship was opened to Westerly and Chariho High School students who graduated in the top third of their class and were enrolled in the College. AY 06/07 Mark Higgins appointed Dean Named Chartered Financial Analysis Program Partner by the CFA Institute. URI was one of only 13 universities with this partnership. The International Business Program was created. This helped bring top students to the Co llege and reflected a global shift in business.

AY 07/08 Operations Management major was reorganized to become Supply Chain Management major. The Financial Services major was stopped. Admissions to Management Information Services major halted due to low enrollment. URI Named one of “Best 296 Business Schools” by The Princeton Review. This was an important objective measurement about the quality of the College. Allan W. Graham named first Richard Vangermeersch Endowed Professor. The Business School Newsletter moved on-line. Hasbro makes a $500,000 donation through the “Make A Difference” Campaign to establish Hasbro Scholars Fund for students pursuing business and engineering internships and studies in China. David and Deborah Buckanavage donated $50,000 to the Clay V. Sink College of Business Administration Internship Endowment to help offset the costs of internships for Business students. Donald H. DeHayes appointed Provost of Academic Affairs. AY 08/09 Tuition break offered to MBA students living within 25 miles of the MA boarder. The first Vangermeersch Endowed Lecture entitled “Reaching the Corporate Summit” was hosted in the University Library. The three-person panel consisted of members from the CBA Advisory Council. Faculty Senate approved a “Blue MBA” program between the College and the Graduate School of Oceanography. This allowed students to receive a Masters in Oceanography and an MBA. This program, focusing on climate change and business, was the first of its kind. The College was the first program in New England to earn a certification in transportation and logistics from the American Society of Transportation and Logistics. The PACAP-CEER Database was created to provide comprehensive coverage on China’s economy and capital markets. Accounting senior Sean Finneran participated in the Capism Challenge developed by Capism Management Simulations for students to develop management strategies. Finneran competed against 942 other teams and finished third in the world and was the top US participant.

AY 09/10 David M. Dooley appointed eleventh President of the University. Accreditation for the undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs is renewed by AACSB. The Accounting Program was rated in the Top 15 by Entrepreneur Magazine after surveys from over 19,000 business students across the nation. CBA graduate Richard J. Harrington donated $5 million to the University. This donation helped establish the Harrington School of Communications. AY 10/11 The College partnered with the College of Pharmacy for a golf tournament. They raised $3,000 to be distributed equally among three minority students. Three alumni spoke at the University on the causes of the economic crisis, its effect on regulation, and its impact on career opportunities in finance through the Vangermeersch Endowed Lecture Series. AY 11/12 In 10 years the RAM Fund portfolio had grown to $169,979. Eleven seniors presented their work to the Alumni Association Executive Board as well as members from Fidelity Investments, Washington Trust Bank, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. The Academy of Management gave the Distinguished Educator Award to Entrepreneurial Management and Law Professor Ken G. Smith. He was the first URI professor honored with this award. MBA Program restructured and moved to Providence full time. There was a lot of optimism about the move. Many faculty members saw this as potentially opening a large number of possibilities for the business school in the future.

B.S GRADUATES 1926-2012

B.S.$GRADUATES$ ! 1926! ! Alexander! Elwin! Paterson! ! 1927! ! Andrew!Robertson!Brown!! Christopher!Kendrick!Brown!! Joseph!Edward!Clegg! Romeo!Alfonso!De!Bucci! Donald!Hammond!Dennis!! Walter!Samuel!Gratton!! Albert!Littlefied!Hiller!! Randolph!Curtis!Holt!! Galen!Robinson!Kinney!! Donald!Rosslyn!Kinzie!! Casper!Milton!Sutton!! Alfred!Walter!Swanson! ! 1928! ! Halfdan!Andersen! Clinton!Lakey!Armstrong!! Henry!Moulton!Barney!! Frederick!Wilson!Brown!! Howard!Jerome!Canfield!! Maurice!Harold!Conn! Richard!Alan!Cordin! James!Donald! Henry!Archibald!Donnell! Laurence!William!Dring!! Frank!Davol!Easterbrooks!! Connie!Friedman! Robert!Jason!Hazard!! Hugh!Greer!Orr!! Robert!Nelson!Talbot!! Lionel!Miles!Warde! ! 1929! ! Richard!Wardwell!Conklin! Owen!Robert!Conroy!! Allen!Frederick!Ernst!! Ida!Olney!Fleming!

Elsa!Bertha!Gramelsbach! Hyman!Hochman! Kenneth!Hyland!MacKenzie!! William!George!Mokray!! Elizabeth!Hazel!Munster!! Delbert!Livingston!Nevins!! Margaret!Frances!O'Connor!! Lewis!Benjamin!Palmer!! Alden!Edward!Peterson!! Thomas!Francis!Power!! Harold!Finninger!Scott! Axel!Harry!Stenholm! Anthony!Carruthers!Thatcher! ! 1930! ! Frederick!Stephen!Ackroyd! Walter!William!Anderson!! Edmund!Dante!Cappucilli!! John!Walter!Chapman!! George!Irving!Cook! Henry!James!Cragan! Tibor!Martin!Farkas!! Harry!Zieroth!Lawton!! Francis!George!Lee! George!Lincoln!MacDonald!! Robert!Blackburn!Marshall!! Benjamin!Carlton!Mayhew,!Jr.!! Maurice!Thomas!Monahan!! Ellen!Lydia!Nyblom! Daniel!Aloysius!O'Connor!! Nathaniel!Falker!Tarbox! Philip!Joseph!Wiggenhauser! ! 1931! ! Martin!Joseph!Balnicki! Paul!Francis!Cieurzo,!Jr.!! Hyman!Myers!Cokin!! Donald!Keith!Davidson!! Lincoln!Appleton!Dexter!! Paul!Joseph!Dugall! William!Wallace!Ferns,!Jr.! John!George!Fielding!! Charles!Edward!Flaherty!! Veronica!Rose!Fogarty!!

Andrew!Frederick!Wm.! Hjelmstrom!! William!Kelleher!! William!Butler!Lloyd! George!Alexander!Ormiston!! Leonard!Herbert!Russell!! Harold!Hosbach!Steinle! ! 1932! ! Jack!Cecil!Anhalt! Jules!William!Blitz! Howard!Scovill!Brightman! Allie!Campopiano! Everett!Mitchell!Duckworth! Francis!Xavier!Fay!! Peter!Marinus!Galanti!! Charles!Andrew!Hall!! Kenneth!Gray!Laidlaw!! Clark!Freeman!Murdough!! Charles!Henning!Newman!! James!Aloysious!Parker!! John!Luther!Putnam!! Hennan!Milton!Read!! Leland!Howard!Smith! John!Blackball!Smith! Harold!Morton!Tabor! ! 1933! ! Cunis!Lee!Collison!! Edward!Joseph!Cox!! Howard!Ellsworth!Crouch!! Cornelius!Patrick!Curran!! Jessie!Melvin!Koppe! Lloyd!Slade!Luther! Frederick!Thorp!McAuslan,!Jr.!! Barbara!Madeline!Masterson!! Armas!Ferdinand!Nyblom!! Margaret!Mary!Eliza!Openshaw!! Harry!Woolley!Pratt! Elizabeth!Forbes!Rodger! Gabriel!Daniel!Russo! Barbara!Southwick!Spaulding! Thomas!Edward!Toole! !

1934! ! George!Howard!Broderick!! Arthur!Chester!Churchill!! Fred!Colagiovanni! Charles!Everett!Collins,!Jr.! Thomas!Lucien!Fortin!! Henry!Charles!Gagnon!! Edward!Geremia! Harry!Greaves! Frank!Allen!Hill,!Jr.!! Dorothy!Budella!Kasper!! Norman!Belmont!Kenyon! William!Victor!Lalli! Charles!John!Lloyd! Albert!Denison!MacKinnon!! Margaret!Jane!Newman!! Ruth!Carolyn!Newman!! Edward!Franco!Nigrelli!! Frank!Andrea!Racca! Austin!Wing!Sanborn!! Charles!Raymond!Simpson!! Leonard!Tamulevich,!Jr.!! Gaetano!John!Joseph!Torti!! Christ!Verros! Kenneth!Robinson!Wilde! ! 1935! ! Frank!Boutilier!Applin!! John!Renato!Baldoni!! Roy!David!Beittel,!Jr.! Merrill!Peckham!Budlong! John!Richards!Chenette!! Richard!Mowry!Colwell! Marcus!Edward!Cotter!! Matthew!John!Faerber!! Anthony!Figliolini!! James!Edward!Foley! Francis!Shubael!Goff,!Jr.!! Harriet!Etta!Goodman!! Clinton!Henry!Greenberg!! Joseph!Stanley!Gula!! Jaroslaw!Hallas! Robert!Appleby!Hamilton! John!Roberts!Hinchliffe!

Francis!Fowler!Hutchins,!Jr.!! Amy!Helga!Janes! Richard!Franklin!Kenyon! Francis!Joseph!King! John!Maloney!Martin! Ernest!Thomas!Michie! Bernard!Charles!Mullen,!Jr.!! Howard!Earl!Munroe,!Jr.! !Daniel!Joseph!Murray! Donald!Parmenter!! Paul!Piccirillo!! Francis!Leroy!Reed!! John!Roanowicz! Florence!Harriet!Santos! Eleanor!Claire!Scanlon!! Daniel!Talcott!Senior!! Robert!Augustus!Sherman!! Nora!Louise!Sheehan! Ruth!Ethel!Silverman!! Harold!Bernard!Soloveitzik!! George!Spink,!3rd! Gerhard!Svenson! Harry!Teitz,!Jr.! AlLert!Edward!Thornley,!Jr.!! Mary!Van!Benschoten! Frank!Anthony!Vargas,!Jr.! Constance!Hayward!Willis! Elizabeth!York! ! 1936! ! Mervin!Nathaniel!Bachman!! Ralph!Emery!Ballinger!! Frank!Rhodes!Budlong,!Jr.!! David!Joseph!Burke!! Richard!John!Coduri! James!Clement!Colton,!Jr.!! Robert!Midgley!Cosgrove!! Henry!Martin!Cruickshank!! Virginia!Rita!Davis! Norman!Myron!Fain! Sydney!Feldman! Andrew!James!Ferguson,!Jr.!! Eugenia!Mae!Fowkes! William!Victor!Garfield! Serafino!Joseph!Grande!

Arthur!Francis!Hanley! Margaret!Hall!Keenan! John!Immanuel!Laney,!Jr.!! Louvan!Elise!Lockwood! William!Gerard!Lynch!!! Karl!Hamilton!Lyon! John!Joseph!Mantenuto! Joseph!Markoff! John!Francis!Martin!! Peter!Joseph!Murray!! Virginia!Celia!Murray!! Shirley!Nemtzow! Edward!Charles!O'Donnell!! Abraham!Peisechow!! Florence!Dolores!Petteruti!! Gilbert!Joseph!Ruest!! Esther!Salomon! R.!Michael!Sammataro! John!Hallowell!Stowell!! Robert!Edward!Stringer!! Richard!Anthony!Taylor! Edwin!Berry!Tetlow! Charles!Fernando!Trumpetto!! Helen!Emma!Walkup!! Bernardine!Mary!Ward!! Mildred!Louise!Waters!! Frances!Elizabeth!Webster!! David!Efrem!Wells! Martin!Morton!Zisquit! ! 1937! ! Dorothy!Frances!Babcock!! George!LeRoy!Bell!! Herbert!Allen!Bonn!! Everett!Gordon!Brown! James!Wilson!Eastwood!! Dorothy!Gould! Leopold!Frederick!Hofinger!! Harry!Raymond!Jackson!路! John!Richardson!Kershaw! Maynard!David!Koplan! Sydney!Koret! Helen!Elizabeth!Lannon! !Beatrice!Christy!Lowry!! John!Rogers!MacKay!!

Lola!Matarese! John!Salvatore!Messina! Charles!Henry!Miller! Gerald!Arthur!Oster!! Louis!Vincent!Petrucci! George!Mundorff!Potter!! Sanford!Allan!Reback!! Jacob!Daniel!Robertshaw! Frank!Richards!Schofield! Dorothy!Edna!Shea! Ella!Soloveitzik! Jeremiah!Joseph!Sullivan! Claude!Edwin!Tanner,!Jr.!! Ralph!William!Toole! Henry!Edward!Turgeon! Joseph!Lawson!Watt! Virginia!Cornell!Whitman! ! 1938! ! Robert!Wiliam!Ahern! William!Arnold!Angell! Wheeler!Wightman!Arnold,!Jr.!! Lillie!Jane!Atkinson! Lyman!Rogers!Blake! Natalie!Dana!Brown!! William!Smith!Brownell!Edith!Caplin!! Francis!Dean!Carragher! John!James!Christy! Warren!Edward!Colburn!! Dana!Holdsworth!Conley!! Marjorie!Elain!Day!! Anthony!DiPetrillo! John!Vincent!Durkin! Louis!Abraham!Gordon! John!Thomas!Greene,!Jr.!! Alice!Elizabeth!Haley!! Frederick!Espy!Hardy! Wallace!Frank!Hastie!! Charles!Patrick!Henry,!Jr.!! Henry!James!Karison! William!Otterbein!Krohn! David!Joseph!Livingstone! William!McKenna,!Jr.! Robert!Morris!Macdonald,!Jr.!! Charles!Albert!Marseglia!!

Milton!Mitchell! Louis!Frank!Monte!! James!Louis!O'Hara!! Harry!Ernest!Pattee,!Jr.! Arthur!Ellsworth!Peckham,!Jr.!! Carlton!David!Phillips! Janet!Christine!Potter! Myles!Bailey!Preston! Frank!Ryan! John!Alden!Schofield! Vito!William!Scola! Leonard!Eckerman!Smith!! Helen!Marie!Stikeman!! Richard!Kenneth!Stuart!! Albert!Ernest!Taber! John!Taylor,!Jr.! Elinor!Constance!Williams! Frances!Madan!Woods! ! 1939! ! George!Kebbe!Anderson!! Henry!Carpenter!Bacon! Edward!Michael!Balkun!! Vincent!John!Balkun!! Albert!John!Ball! Robert!Alexander!Barrett,!Jr.!! James!Thornley!Belknap!! Edward!Francis!Boylan! Sally!Saunders!Brooks!! Charles!Vincent!Bruno,!Jr.! Francis!William!Burch!! William!Eugene!Butler!! Leon!Richard!Caprielian!! Robert!Drew!Cashman!! Louis!Chiaverini! Benjamin!Cianciarulo,!Jr.! Donald!Gamwell!Cobb!! J.!!Dudley!Crouchley!! Elliott!Edward!Dittelman!! Norman!Searll!Durfee! Gifford!Pritchard!Eastwood! Irving!Francis!Fay!! Edgar!Charles!Forest!! Henry!Eli!Garceau! John!Bernard!Gorman!

Norman!Francis!Gregory! Vincent!Victor!Grossi! Frank!Wilkinson!Hallett! Horace!Lawrence!Hollingworth! Herbert!Edward!Hopkins! Robert!William!Hyde! Norman!Dudley!Johnson! Lawrence!Clark!Larkin,!Jr.! Marti!Leonard!Looby!! Katherine!Theresa!Lowney!! William!James!Lynch,!Jr.!! George!Joseph!Lyons!! Matthew!Steven!Lysik!! Louise!Anne!McMahon!! James!Henry!Magee! Stuart!Almy!Manchester! Janice!Marie!Messer! Charlton!Gottlieb!Muenchinger! *Edward!Joseph!Murphy! Clarence!Anthony!Nigrelli! Mary!Honor!Nolan!! Richard!Randolph!Noss!! Ariadne!Panteleiff! David!Wilbur!Partington!! Margaret!Alice!Pearce!! Edward!Alexander!Peck!! John!Herman!Peterson!! Raymond!Joseph!Prior!! Alfred!Pullano! David!Grant!Reed! Daniel!Everett!Stoddard! Robert!Vernon!Sweet! Raymond!John!Thompson! Ellis!Lloyd!Titmas! Joseph!Jerome!Walthers! Harold!Allison!White!! Frederick!Wilson,!Jr.!! Taras!Zachadnyk!! Miles!Zisserson! !! 1940! ! Alfred!Anthony!Andreozzi!! Allen!Wade!Andrews!! Stanley!Ernest!Ballinger! Charles!Albert!Barnes!

Victor!Joseph!Bayha!! Kathleen!Teresa!Bennett!! Virginia!Frances!Bennett!! Joseph!James!Bianchi! Paul!Franklin!Bliss!! Morris!Joseph!Brosofsky!! Raymond!Chester!Bryant!! Janet!Chase! Albert!Peter!Ciccone! William!George!Clark! Ruth!Harriet!Cohen!! George!Edwar!Cuddy!! John!Edmund!Daley!! Vito!Julio!D'Ambra! Roderick!George!Darelius! Anthony!Ralph!DeMagistris!! Walter!Lewis!Eddy,!Jr.!! Dorothy!Arline!Edwards!! Eugene!Starkey!Fiske!! Charles!Vaughan!Glynn! Edmund!Vincent!Godowski!! Harrison!Morton!Gorton,!Jr.!! James!Alfred!Hodgson!! Sanford!Walter!Hollis! Melvin!Kelman! Joseph!Francis!Kirwin! Vernon!West!Loveitt!! Frank!Peter!McConnell!! Robert!Lee!Maguire!! Bettina!Josephine!Moretti!! Ruth!Lucille!Nichols!! William!Edward!O'Brien!! Francis!Anthony!Olean!! Frank!Clifton!Payne,!Jr.!! Margaret!Lyons!Peters!! Vincent!Andrew!Petrarca! Albert!Joseph!Reinhalter,!Jr.!! Raymond!Senecal! Charles!Wilfred!Sharkey! Herbert!Anderson!Smith,!Jr.!! John!Nelson!Terrell! William!Mason!Trafton,!Jr.!! Herbert!Field!Woodbury! ! ! !

1941! ! Helen!Janice!Abrams! Violet!Priscilla!Adamo! Sherman!Burt!Bailey! Eleanor!Frances!Barker! Maurice!Alexander!Belisle! Beatrice!Marian!Belofsky! Otis!Barnes!Brown! Ralph!Bucci! Albert!Armando!Buonanno!! James!Edward!Butler!! William!Francis!Callahan!! Henry!Edward!Capotosto!! Ethyl!Lenore!Chernick!! Barbara!Agnes!Clarke! Frederick!Sherman!Conley,!Jr.!! Patricia!Cathryn!Cummings!! Robert!Clayton!Dickens! Bertil!Lennart!Freeberg! Alfred!Louis!Gadrow! Robert!Homer!Gdineau! Mark!Rancourt!Gilbert! Virginia!Louise!Gilman! Herbert!Eastwood!Gosling,!Jr.!! Alfred!Israel!Green! Lawrence!Patrick!Harrigan! Winston!Snowden!Hey! William!Clinton!Higginbottom,!Jr.! Lloyd!Wright!Howard! Harold!Wilson!Hyland! Robert!Earl!Irons! Hazel!Cecelia!Joyce!! Martin!Joseph!Kaufman!! Marguerite!Moorhead!Kent!! Elmer!Paul!Ladouceur!! Herbert!John!Machon,!Jr.! Ralph!Hallam!Millspaugh,!Jr.! John!Vincent!Monissette!! Anna!Alice!Moskalyk! James!Donaldson!Murphy! Allan!John!Pansar! Gordon!Alexander!Pennoyer! Clinton!Andrew!Petersen!! Herbert!Douglas!Randall,!Jr.!! Robert!Francis!Scott,!Jr.!

Nathan!Mathewson!Shippee! Shirley!Rose!Stern!! Harold!Sternbach!! Robert!Gale!Strain! Harold!Benjamin!Werner!! Virginia!Elizabeth!Williams!! Joseph!Gates!Wilmarth!! Herbert!Andrew!Wisbey,!Jr.! ! 1942! ! Morris!Baram! Ilene!Jeanette!Barber! Samuel!Middleton!Cottrell!Barker! Wallace!Thurlow!Barnes! Gordon!Leonard!Belsey! Charles!Henry!Bergesson! Raymond!Hugh!Bliss! Beatrice!Ann!Cella!! Lloyd!Thomas!Conrad! Lyman!Northup!Cranston,!Jr.! Donald!Charles!D'Avanzo! James!Francis!Dean! Frank!Edward!Donilon,!Jr.! Isadore!Victor!Fine! Robert!William!Goodman!! Florence!Amv!Hornstein!! Arra!Joseph!Kechijian!! William!Edward!Kershaw!! Albert!Kopech! Irving!Kopech! Norman!George!McCullough! Joseph!Aloysius!McGarry! Josephine!Patricia!McMahon!! Harold!Caldwell!Peckham,!Jr.!! Edith!Muriel!Robinson! Walter!John!Arnold!Siravo!! David!Miller!Sisson!! Frederick!Chester!Tew!! Charles!Henry!Tingley!! William!Walcott!Toher!! Walter!Warren!!Wilson! ! ! ! !

1943!(January)! ! Edward!Pike!Allen! Howard!Mortimer!Bander! Raymond!Edward!Bayha! Donald!Elton!Brown! Robert!Means!Clarke!! Donald!Harvey!Cohen!! Muriel!Anna!Deziel!! Edwin!Perry!Dyer,!Jr.!! Jacob!John!Dykstra! Hollis!Bertrand!Farnum! Vartkes!Harootunian! Eleanor!Marie!Healey! Douglas!Powell!Hunter! William!Child!Kenney,!Jr.!! Earl!Raymond!Kenyon,!Jr.!! Benjamin!Lightman! Robert!Vincent!McCabe! Harriet!Jordan!McOscar!! Betty!Jean!Martin!! George!Wright!Martin!! James!Mataronas,!Jr.!! Madeline!Shirley!Miller! Kenneth!Everette!Munroe!! Arthur!Adams!Nelson,!Jr.!! Ralph!Dexter!Newell! Everett!Noorigian! Frank!Lawrence!Nunes! Anne!Dolores!Palow! John!David!Ronalds!Platt! Walter!Vito!Ruisi! Morris!Satlotf! William!Parrish!Smith,!Jr.!! Salvatore!Spinelli! Doris!Cynthia!Stern! James!William!Tingley,!Jr.! Thomas!Francis!Tully! John!Henry!Walsh,!Jr.! Lewis!Bellamy!White,!2nd! Ernest!Osmon!Wood! ! 1943!(September)! ! David!Allen! Philip!Christian!Berker!

Samuel!Sampson!Culley,!Jr.!! Marcella!Harriet!Czubak! John!James!Doherty! Donald!Michael!Dwyer!! Robert!Richard!Gorham!! Mary!Moran!Gormley!! Mary!Rita!Harrington! Hrand!David!Hedison! !! ! Ralph!Claflin!Lewis! Edna!Earle!McLain! Mathew!Thomas!Marcello,!Jr.! Mitchell!Solomon!Moskovich! George!McDonald!Perry! ! 1944!(January)! ! Robert!Kenneth!Argentieri! Merton!Mayne!Duchesneau! Priscilla!Marion!Everson! Alice!Louise!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Gorman! Hilda!Irene!Orsini! Melvin!Burton!Safner! Hope!Elizabeth!Weeks! Helen!Louise!Westlake! ! 1944!(September)! ! Edgar!Arnold!Barwood! Carolyn!Curtis!Browning! Irene!Marie!Vock! ! 1945! ! Accounting:! Mary!Elizabeth!Farrell! Mary!Virginia!Gariepy! Ralph!Xavier!Nardone! ! Business!Administration!General:! Marilyn!Nan!Fogel! Dorothy!Crawford!Hanna! Jane!Leota!Winter! ! 1946!(February)!

! Bruce!Philip!Fogwell! Walter!Curtis!Imrie! Paula!Anne!McQuaid! Florence!Barbara!Saravo! ! 1946!(June)! ! Accounting:! Carl!William!Holmberg! Natalie!Eloise!Luther! Florence!Martha!Wallander! ! Business!Administration!General:! Lucille!Noemie!Bissonnette! Marilyn!Foster!Coombs! Janet!Edris!Datson! Frederick!Peter!Pelser! Romeo!Pisano! Jacob!Norman!Temkin! William!Edmund!Yates! ! Industrial!Management:! Herbert!Stanley!Galkin! ! 1947!(February)! ! Accounting:!! Robert!Harris!Aldrich! Vernon!Andrew!Harvey! Richard!Carpenter!Knight! ! Secretarial!Science:! Jacqueline!Rahuma!Myers! ! Business!Administration!General:! Elizabeth!Bosworth! Gilbert!Edward!Gelineau! Leif!Arnold!Gronneberg! Carmine!Joseph!Masi! Thomas!Philip!Roche! ! 1947!(June)! ! Accounting:! Donald!Francis!Cute!

Dorothy!Louise!Gray! Charmion!Perry! Herbert!Luna!Shulman! ! Business!Administration!General:! Donald!L.!Arcangel! Donald!Archer!Cohen! Murray!Gilbert!Cordin! Manoog!Tateos!Heditsian! Tudor!Jones,!Jr.! Richard!Hamilton!Possner! John!Anthony!Schroeder! Nicholas!Silvestri! Charles!William!Whipple! ! Industrial!Management:! Virgina!L.!Finch! John!Thomas!Flynn! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! George!William!Blease! Elizabeth!Lorraine!Kenney!Kenneth! Gordon!MacKenzie! Dorothy!Joan!Marshall! Ralph!Chandler!Potter! ! 1948!(February)! ! Accounting:!! Stanley!Watson!Arnold! John!James!Phipps! ! Business!Administration!General:! Dominick!John!Berardi! James!Vincent!Boyle! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Herbert!Harold!Boden,!Jr.! ! 1948!(June)! ! Accounting:! Wilfred!Hector!Anger! Charles!William!Dawson!! Danie!Robert!Greenfield!! Mildred!Eleanor!Heyman!!

William!Grover!Hunt!! Leon!Thomas!Nahigian! Anna!Louise!Petrarca! Carl!Henry!Rosati,!Jr.!! Richard!Michael!Scrdjenian!! James!George!Shola! Edward!Philip!Smith!! Joyce!Jane!Sutcliffe!! Leonard!Abbott!Waidman!! Arthur!S.!Waltzman! Philip!S.!Zalkind! ! Business!Administration!General:! Rene!Lionel!Blanchet!! G.!Leroy!Bradford,!Jr.! !John!Raymond!Collins! Charles!Oliver!Cressy,!Jr.! William!Anthony!Curran! John!Francis!Diffley,!Jr.!! James!Walter!Falciglia!! Gerald!Sumner!Goldstein! David!!!Sutherland!Goulding!! Clayton!Arthur!Kemp! James!Patrick!Kernan!! James!Stafford!McGill!! John!Stafford!McGill! Eugene!Francis!McSweeney,!Jr.! Warren!L.!Salter! Glenn!John!Wholey! Basil!G.!!Zahariades! ! Industrial!Management:! Robert!Arthur!Aronson! Gloria!Marion!DePastina! Alexander!Joseph!Rzepiela! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Sylvia!Jane!Bloom!! Burton!L.!Charren!! Paul!Potter!Dunham!! Saul!Samuel!Feinstein! Jerome!Harvey!Freiberg!! Claire!Shirley!Gornstein!! Chandler!Clarke!Henley,!Jr.!! Hope!June!Hochberg! William!Wright!Irvine!!

Elsa!May!Isenberg!! Charles!Samuel!Jones!! Howard!Perry!LaPidus!! Joseph!Antonio!Pacheco!! John!Henry!Paliotti!! Milton!Leonard!Rakusin!! Lloyd!Richard!Schofield! Secretarial!Studies:! Joan!Crook! Fay!Maragret!Hosch! Hope!Zelechivsky! ! 1949! ! Accounting:! Thomas!Morton!Curry,!Jr.! Kenneth!R.!Duhamel! Jacob!Samuel!Fradin!! William!Burger!Haack!! Thomas!Henry!Harvey! William!Hugh!Jackson! Milton!Kilberg! Robert!Ward!Lentilhon!! Salvator!D.!Miceli!! Albert!Edward!Miles!! Constance!A.!Molloy!! Elmer!Joseph!Parsons!! Carl!William!Pearson!! John!Pezzillo! Vincent!A.!F.!Ragosta! Vincent!Anthony!Sarni! August!Charles!Vancouyghen! ! Business!Administration!General:! Arlene!Beaver!Adams! Kenneth!Vincent!Adams! Raymond!William!Barry! Robert!Enoch!Bolton! Frank!D.!Boule! Harold!William!Browning,!Jr.! David!Louis!Cassick! Hilda!Mae!Chegwidden! Peter!A.!Curtin! Frank!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ambra,!Jr.! Robert!Harry!DeYoung! Robert!A.!Eley!

Irwin!Lloyd!Galkin! Raymond!Joseph!Gorman,!Jr.! George!Hanuschak! Joseph!William!Heffernan,!Jr.! Irving!August!Henry!! Warren!Eldridge!Hill!! Earl!Rhodes!Knight,!!Jr.!! Norman!A.!Laflamme! Francis!Cuming!!!Lathrop! J.!!Elvery!Lingard! John!Connery!McGreen! John!Joseph!McLaughlin!! John!Bernard!Mitsock!! Donald!Kenneth!Oakley!! John!Francis!Penkala!! Merrill!Lyman!Pierce!! Robert!Craig!Pitman!! Stephen!Martin!Quinn,!Jr.! Harold!Frederick!Schwenk,!Jr.!! Richard!William!Sharry! Robert!H.!Tiemann!! Royal!Thayer!Wales!! Winfield!H.!!White,!III! Robert!James!Wilson! Frederick!T.!!Worrell,!Jr.! ! Industrial!Management:! Ernest!Mason!Biggs! Matthew!Bozek! Forrest!G.!Brown,!Jr.! Robert!Grant!Cook!!! Conrad!S.!Darelius!! Howard!I.!Finn,!Jr.! Joseph!Anthony!Guido!! Robert!Michael!Hagan!! Nicholas!Jaswell! John!George!Kelly! William!Donald!Kramer! Charles!Edwin!Lewis,!Jr.!! William!Everett!Lundberg! Francis!Raymond!McElroy! Osca!Melzer! Richard!Winfield!Moore! Clarence!Frederick!Olds! Benjamin!Vincen!Peckham! Alvin!George!Reise,!Jr.!

Arthur!Henry!Shea!! Richard!Arthur!Soderberg! Earl!James!Sweeney! Stanley!Wesolowski! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Ernest!George!Ashton! Robert!Judson!Bainton! James!Barr! Irving!Bennan! Eugene!George!Blackler! Harold!L.!Bloom! John!Albert!Civic! Joseph!Curtis!Claflin!! Martin!Bertram!Cohen!! Charles!Cohn! Robert!Spencer!Colwell! Robert!Francis!Egan! Rosalea!Elowitz! Marvin!Geller! Kenneth!Clark!Goodwin! I.!Warren!Gorham,!Jr.!! Samuel!Miller!Hall! Carlos!Francis!Hill!! Robert!Arthur!Holmes!! Alan!Klein! Julius!Krasner! M.!Marguerite!Mansolillo! Esther!Carolyn!Marino! Raymond!Edward!Martel!! Peter!Joseph!McKone!! Marcia!Elizabeth!Moxham!! John!James!O'Gara! Ralph!Austin!Perry! Albert!Francis!Petrarca! Richard!Joseph!Reardon! Fred!Hirst!Schofield,!Jr.! Ernest!V.!Sherman! Erwin!Bernard!Summer! Winfield!C.!TenEyck! Maurice!Ralph!Tetreault! John!Oman!Thayer! Robert!William!Walker,!Jr.! William!Nathaniel!Warren! Paul!Thourot!Whitehead! Milton!Morton!Zalk!

! Secretarial!Studies:! Ruth!Ellen!Jenison! Mina!Helena!Koning! Dorothy!Isabel!Nolan! ! 1950! ! Accounting:! Lowell!Hill!Anness! Harold!Carl!Averill,!Jr! Paul!O.!Bernard! Paul!Earl!Bigney! Joseph!Oliver!Bouchard!! Alfred!Robert!Campbell!! Umberto!Capaldi!! Frederick!Cappello!! Joseph!Casale! William!E.!Chapman!! Louis!John!Conti,!Jr.!! Bartow!Vincent!Daniels!! Joseph!Departhy,!Jr.!! William!Anthony!DiIorio!! Pierce!James!Donovan! Raymond!Thomas!Dwyer! Andrew!Engilis! Frank!Robert!Ennis,!Jr.! James!Irving!Gifford,!Jr.!! Salvatore!George!Gilardi!! Harold!Lawton!Grist!! Eugene!Gwizdowski! Albert!James!Hanson! Franklin!Ward!Harper!! William!Haskell,!Jr.!! Edward!Lynwood!Hunter! Sam!Mayes!Johnson,!Jr.! Irving!Gerald!Kelman! Cyril!Ernest!Lavin! Marie!Madeline!McIntyre! Arnold!Nightinga.le! William!A.!Onne,!Jr.! John!Joseph!Padien,!Jr.! Frank!Carl!Panzarella! Paul!Marcel!Parent!! Earl!Melvin!Pearson!! Louis!J.!Perez!

Richard!Elliott!Perkins! Nicholas!Everett!Picchione! Albert!Porreca! Anthony!Rainone! Joseph!Ripa! Charles!William!Sidebottom! Ernest!Martin!Socha! John!Spagnolo! Francis!Joseph!Spilecki! Raymond!William!Stone! Antonio!Peter!Ugone! Raymond!Paul!Ugone! Austin!Anthony!Vargus! Margaret!Mary!Walsh! Earle!Melvin!Welch,!Jr.! Lester!Allen!Wells! Otis!Chase!Wyatt,!Jr.! ! General!Business!Administration:! Robert!M.!Albisch! Richard!Alfred!Benvenuti!! Eastwood!Howard!Boardman!! Albert!E.!Braggar,!Jr.! Paul!Edward!Brodeur! Hugh!Bosworth!Cameron!! Gordon!Watson!Champlin!! George!Weston!Conrad!! Francis!Joseph!Corcoran!! Norma!Nelly!Corey! Russell!James!Dayton,!Jr.! Edward!Giles!Estabrooks! Leonard!Robert!Euart! Richard!Atwood!Fairman! Edmund!Fazzi! Allan!Z.!Fine! Robert!Lindley!Gammell!! Robert!Bradford!Gates!! Stanley!J.!Grabiec! Albert!Hainesworth!Greer! Leo!John!Haczynski! John!Merrill!Hall,!Jr.!! Bradley!Herbert!Hankins!! Raymond!Hindle! Thomas!Edward!Keenan!! Archibald!Belmont!Kenyon,!Jr.!! Richard!Frank!Klein!

Clifton!Briggs!Leech,!Jr.! Walter!Edward!Uttle! Richard!Norman!Mastracchio! Morton!H.!Mayberg! Edmund!Borges!Mello! Walter!Anthony!Monahan! James!E.!!Needham! Ray!G.!Northup! J.!William!Reilly,!Jr.! Charles!Halbert!Richardson! Mary!Loretta!Roque! Robert!Allenby!Rowe!! Roland!Stanislas!Siembab!! Victor!Albert!Signorelli!! George!Simone,!Jr.! Robert!Knight!Smith! Robert!O.!Smith! Jeanne!Doris!Sundquist! Harold!O.!Whalley,!Jr.! Harry!Aram!Zartarian! ! Industrial!Management:! Michael!Joseph!Balzano! Donald!Francis!Barry! Walter!Joseph!Bennett! Edwin!Louis!Bentlage! Raymond!Theodore!Cleeland! Edwin!Emory!Cull,!Jr.! Joseph!James!Duggan! Donald!Joseph!Dumelow! Philip!John!Gilchrist! Frederick!W.!Horton,!Jr.! John!Edward!Johnson! Sumner!Samuel!Kestenman! Richard!Arthur!Knef! James!Joseph!Marley! William!T.!Morgan! Ray!R.!Nixon! Frank!Paul!Trumble! Frederick!C.!Wililam,!Jr.! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Wallace!Bernard!Anderson,!Jr.! Nicholas!Apostolou! Bertrand!Oscar!Audette! William!Thomas!Avison!

William!Rodney!Baldwin! Joseph!Arnold!Baptista! Walter!John!Basler! Georgo!Joseph!Bedard! Robert!Paul!Bolusky! Berton!Milledge!Bowser! Malcolm!E.!Bramble! Gilbert!Walter!Brown! Lionel!Lee!Brown! Richard!Robert!Campbell! George!Chalko! Frederic!Cottrell!Clarke,!Jr.! John!Francis!Cullinan! Ronald!Wallace!Daley! Richard!Jubel!DiTiberio!! Eugene!Gordon!Evans!! Mary!Louise!Falvey!! Donald!Raymond!Fay!! Kenneth!Charles!Gavitt! George!Asbury!Gilbert,!Jr.! Arthur!Howard!Gold,!Jr.!! Leon!Francis!Golembiewski!! Thomas!W.!Goodwin.!Jr.! Edward!James!Grady! Charles!Greenstein! Herbert!James!Elles!Hammond! Edward!John!Heyman!! Milton!Henry!Hinsch!! Joseph!Henry!Humphreys!! Russeell!R.!Hunt,!Jr.! Bertil!Alvan!Johnson! John!Kapowich! Henry!Joseph!Kelly,!Jr.! William!Francis!Kelly! Donald!W.!Kennedy! Norris!Edward!Kenyon! Barkev!Kibarian! !Edward!F.!LaRiviere!! Robert!John!Lawson! Edwin!Bryson!Lowe! Joseph!Henry!Lynch,!Jr.! James!Patrick!Martin!! William!Joseph!Marx!! H.!Kenneth!Midgley! Robert!Davison!Mitchell!! Vincent!Frank!Montecalvo!!

Donald!Gordon!Murphy! Richard!Sayles!Paster! Harry!Charles!Paulson! Milton!Pierce! Jerome!Leonard!Port!! William!Thomas!Ryan,!Jr.!! Herbert!E.!Sackett! Archer!Sacks! Jerome!Arthur!Salter!! Edmund!Thomas!Sarno!! Robert!Rudolph!Seaberg!! Alvin!Stallman! John!William!Staton,!Jr.! Leo!Francis!Sullivan! William!Bernard!Surprenant! Clifford!Francis!Tabor! Edward!Weiner! Douglas!Sinclair!Wilkinson! Robert!Marshall!Williams! Wendell!Joseph!Whaley! Joseph!A.!Young! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Jeanne!Elizabeth!Joy! Corinna!Lee!Palm! Harriet!Lee!Podrat! Dolores!Lucile!Saravo! Elva!Estelle!Sweet! Frances!Catherine!Welch! ! 1951! ! Accounting:! James!Henry!Beckett! Walter!Leonard!Bergman! Robert!Alfred!Brosseau! Chester!A.!Brownell,!Jr.! Robert!Alton!Browning! Irene!Sylvia!Brusi! John!Dickson,!Jr.!! Paul!Eugene!Froeberg!! Alfred!Walter!Gardner! John!George!Grossomanides! Burton!Joseph!Hoffman! Russell!E.!Hogg! Virginia!Hopewell!Holt!

Vincent!Thomas!lzzo! Edward!C.!Jaworski! William!Robert!Jones! Irwin!Morton!Lecht!! Arnold!Lorberfeld! Robert!James!Manuel! Charlotte!Frances!Mee! Robert!George!Mee!! Roald!Trygve!Meyer!! Raymond!Louis!Milot! Norman!Earl!Murphy,!Jr.!! Richard!Thomas!Purvit!! Arthur!A.!Ring,!Jr.! Sirnon!Rosen! Arthur!F.!Sampson,!Jr.! Kenneth!L.!Sloat! Arthur!Joseph!Sullivan,!Jr.!! Sidney!Hall!Thompson!! Charles!Anthony!Toye! !! General!Business!Administration:! Fred!Habib!Azar! Robert!Edward!Barry!! Robert!James!Beaton! Joseph!Vito!Calise! Helen!Marguerite!Canning! Allen!Byron!Carr! Norbert!Calixte!Coutu! Raymond!Joseph!Dalton! John!K.!Dean! Everett!Barns!Doll! Herbert!Lloyd!Emers! Robert!Marshall!Fleck! Harry!Hodgson,!Jr.! John!George!Hutchinson! Charles!Henry!Kernan! Aaron!Joseph!Keusch! Lucien!W.!Lacroix! C.!Chandler!Lawrence! William!Vincent!Maher,!Jr.! John!Murray!McCabe! Albert!Christopher!Pinheiro! Lewis!John!Pucci! John!Short!Remington! Kenneth!Kieva!Resnick! John!D.!Saillant!

Stanley!Sofro!! Merrill!Norman!Temkin! Charles!Eugene!Tumiski! Melvin!Wallick! Richard!Hazard!Wheeler! George!Paul!Winter! ! Industrial!Management:! George!Stanley!Abrahams!! Daniel!Day!Appleton!! Herbert!Swan!Bailey!! Donald!Joseph!Benvenuti!! Kachig!Boghossian! James!E.!Burke!! Charles!D.!Cassey!! Francis!X.!!Connerton! F.!Jere!Connor! Francis!Anthony!Currier! Rudolph!Anthony!Delpivo! Austin!Joseph!Dwyer! Aaron!Murray!Fox! Erwin!Joseph!Freedman! Philip!Davis!Ginsburg!! Herbert!Edward!Gratt!! Bernard!Jacobvitz! Joseph!Eason!Johnson,!Jr.! Robert!Wayne!Jordan! Howard!Charles!Lewis! Kenneth!Monroe!Morrison! John!A.!Moulton!! Harry!Herbert!Ness!! Walter!Joseph!Piekarski!! Robert!Clinton!Potter!! Marshall!Harold!Rakusin! Laureno!Rodrigues,!Jr.!! Frank!Thomas!Scarafile! ! Insurance:! George!Handler! Kenneth!R.!Hindle! Frederick!C.!Mortimer! Anthony!Augustus!Pusateri! Raymond!C.!Pykosz! Alton!William!Wiley! ! !

Marketing!and!Advertising:! John!M.!Ahlijanian!! Richard!Elliott!Anderson! Melvin!Clarence!Blazer! Joseph!Hagen!Blount,!Jr.! Mary!Louise!Bogetti! Daniel!Carr!Bolhouse! Robert!J.!Burgess! Anthony!Robert!Cabral! Stephen!Morton!Cohen! John!Anthony!Colavito! Marilyn!Mason!Cornell! Thomas!Frederick!Currey! Anna!Elizabeth!Ferreira! Stanley!Fine! Stig!Magnus!Franzen! Mitchell!Erwin!Geller! Robert!C.!Gilmore! Louis!Nathan!Greenberg! Leonard!Groeneveld! Morton!K.!Hamer! Melvin!Donald!Harriet! Richard!Carl!Johnson! Owen!Bruce!Kwasha!! Joseph!Spiegel!Ladow!! John!Norbert!!!Lavallee! Arthur!Harvey!Levin! Richard!Scott!Magown! Harold!Linwood!Manchester! Raymond!A.!!Mansolillo! David!Elwin!Matthews! Murray!S.!Miller! John!Peter!Mitchell!! Harry!Bennett!Moorhouse!! Marion!Moriuty! Joseph!G.!Oliveira!! Kenneth!B.!Parris,!Jr.! George!G.!Pinheiro! Edward!Potter!Remington! Peter!John!Ruisi! Gerald!Matthew!Sherlock! Norman!Salish! David!Marlow!Sopkin! Norman!Steadman!! Raymond!Laurie!Steen!! Arnold!Lester!Frank!Strauss!!

Irving!Harold!Sugerman!! Charles!Fred!Sullivan! Richard!Searcy!Sweet! Charles!A.!Taylor! Francis!James!Wilcox,!Jr.! Chester!Warren!Williams! Bruce!George!Zimmerman! Theodore!Leon!Zitserman! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Elizabeth!Colwell!Corry! Charlotte!Arnold!Evans! Elizabeth!Dorothy!McCarthy! Barbara!Ann!Skooglund! Carol!Coduri!Thomson! ! 1952! ! Accounting:! Rudolf!Louis!Bentalfe! Joseph!Alfred!Carano! James!Roy!Corr! Louis!Friedman! Lawrence!Clifford!Gay! Edward!James!Hole! Kenneth!Herold!Neal! Lester!Douglas!Nolan! Norman!Joseph!Rancourt! Lawrence!Charles!Sullican! David!Francis!Sweeney,!Jr.! Domenic!Testa! Hugo!Roland!Vigoroso! David!Maynard!Wight! Leonard!Thomas!Wood! Theodore!Zachadnyk! Robert!Arthur!Wilson! Robert!Zexter! Edwin!Joseph!Zubrisky! ! Industrial!Management:! Robert!Austin!Clark! Irvin!Donald!Drake! Arthur!Richard!Garmendia! Robert!Harry!Johnson! Jerome!James!Klaserner! George!Robert!Nazareth!

Charles!Frederick!Reid,!Jr.! Kenneth!Shutts!Talbot! ! Insurance:! Robert!Lee!Bender! Raymond!Arthur!Boffa! Richard!Edwin!Carpenter! Earle!Greenup! John!David!Guido! James!William!McColl! John!Walter!Olsen! Donald!Austin!Roche! Arnold!Aaron!Schaffer! Richard!Frank!Wetherbee! Gordon!Dean!Yeadon! Robert!Joseph!Zoglio! ! General!Business!Administration:! Maurice!Joseph!Applebaum! Richard!Berger! John!Francis!Boubin! Milton!Holmes!Chamberlain,!Jr.! Robert!Joseph!Chamberlain! Elmer!Vincent!Devolve,!Jr.! Edgar!William!Ellis! Irwin!Harry!Davis!Guterman! George!Perkins!Hubbard! Robert!Kalberer! Harold!Richard!Melkonian! Michael!Matthew!Mitsoek!! Joseph!Clemeut!Monti! Eric!Norman!Nelson! Laureuce!Stedman!Peckham,!Jr.! Anthony!I.!Rafanelli! Albert!Elliot!Sarkisian! Jeffery!Dallas!Taber! John!Gerard!Venditto! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Richard!Stoner!Abell!! Dean!Newton!Banfield!! Milton!Jay!Barad! John!Michael!Baxter!! Muriel!Brownridge!! Sanford!Stephen!Coheu!! George!Dewitt!Colwell!!

Robert!Wright!DeLarm!! John!Francis!Eldridge!! Herbert!Alan!Frank! Reginald!Edward!Gadrow,!Jr.!! Philip!Morris!Gordon! Morton!S.!Gross! Donald!Vincent!Guinan! Arthur!Norman!Hammarlund,!Jr.! Francis!Higham! Philip!Joseph!Hopp! William!David!Johns! Robert!Sturgis!Johnson!! Robert!Bon!Kudish!! Ramon!Michael!LeDoux!! Donald!McKenzie!Leys!! Betty!Ann!Loudenslager!! Kenneth!Joseph!O'Brien! Arthur!Joseph!Palmitessa!! Marvin!Pivnick! Everett!Henry!Poole!! Elizabeth!Ruth!Quanstrom! Daved!Edward!Rubien!! John!Walton!Schmid! Robert!Albert!Sciotti!! Roger!Keith!Shawcross!! Melvin!H.!Siegel! Donald!Marcello!Tincy!! Roy!Thomas!Wagner!! John!Mayhew!Wood,!Jr.! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Lucille!Anne!Cashman!! Norma!Ludmm! Theresa!Majeau!! Shirley!Ann!Mangini!! Virginia!Claire!Thompson! ! 1953! ! Accounting:!! John!Joseph!Bagdovitz!! Alexander!Francis!Falcone,!Jr.!! Harold!Francis!Gately,!Jr.! !Frederick!William!Hackey,!Jr.!! Gerald!Connor!Hanrahan!! Roman!Francis!Juszczyk!

Robert!John!Langevin!! John!Ernest!Manchester!! David!Carleton!Mellor! James!Pierson! Edward!Cahill!Reilly! E.!Donald!Stevens! Zenas!Edward!VanFleet,!Jr.! ! General!Business!Administration:! Harold!Earl!Adams,!Jr.!! John!Philip!Bauer,!Jr.!! David!Marvin!Broomfield!! Stephen!Milton!Brown!! Daniel!Chichuk! Winthrop!Rowley!Collins! Richard!Norcross!Cook! Thomas!Gartsu! Francis!Angelo!Gencarelli! Herbert!Gold! Ephraim!W.!S.!Graham,!Jr.! Ruth!Miner!Greer! John!Edwin!Helfrich! Joseph!Karszen! Barbara!Catherine!Kimm! Norman!Eugene!LaGueux! Robert!Edward!Lees! Richard!Earl!Malenfant! Eugene!Nicholas!Malgieri,!Jr.! Frank!Peter!Morsilli! Thomas!Joseph!Mountain! Marvin!Dean!Perry! Edwin!James!Quigley! Richard!Bishop!Redfern! James!Emerson!Roche! Daniel!Francis!Shea! Perry!Jay!Silverman! Daniel!Joseph!Smith! Arthur!Murray!Tingley! ! Industrial!Management:! Leon!Charles!Boghossian,!Jr.! Paris!Louis!Bump,!Jr.! Joseph!Woodrow!Cross!! William!deSilva,!Jr.! William!Richmond!Hutcheon,!Jr.! Joseph!Zendlovitz!

! Insurance:! Thomas!Francis!Boyd!! James!Robert!Cairns!! Edward!W.!Kishfy! Dominic!Robert!Pannone! Craig!Delano!Potter! Carl!William!Sorensen,!Jr.! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Robert!Hoar!Baggesen! Edward!Roger!Baud! Howard!Osborne!Bentley,!Jr.! Charles!LeRoy!Coggeshall,!Jr.! Fred!John!Congleton,!Jr.!! George!Edward!Feeney,!Jr.! Bennett!Phillips!Foster! John!Francis!Lennon! Holmes!Lomas,!II! Donald!Edson!Maymon! Herbert!John!Michel!! Robert!Edward!Mitchell!! Albert!Arthur!Narcisso!! Richard!Matthew!Nolan!! Hubert!Francis!Penney!! Arthur!Joseph!Plante!! John!Cutler!Randall!! Robert!Norman!Ravenell! John!Henry!Rozzi! Philip!James!Shaughnessy! Walter!Arnold!Slight,!Jr.!! Wesley!D.!Timmerman! John!Paul!Wilson! Allan!Mitchell!Wolf! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Lois!Rhoda!Andelman!! Norma!Miriam!Baram!! Patricia!Ann!Byrnes!! Joan!Regina!Hennessey! Ann!Hamilton!Lewis!! Eleanore!Louise!Murphy!! Carola!Esther!Reichelt!! Nancy!Jean!Reidy! Nancy!Gertrude!Thomson! !

1954! ! Accounting:! John!Pennell!Aborn!! William!T.!Battle!! Gary!Ronald!Bill! Abraham!Eugene!Block!! Diana!Therese!Cantwell!! Robert!Bennett!Chapman! !Filomena!Ann!Colagiovanni!! Edward!Peter!Finn,!Ill!! Harry!Fradin! Leon!Samuel!Golden!! Sanford!Theodore!Gottlieb!! Laurie!Stephan!Holtz!! Stanley!Horovitz! Leo!Francis!Jette! Gilbert!Myron!Levinson!! Harry!Robert!Matthews!! Albert!DeForrest!Nelson,!Jr.!! Guy!Eugene!Nolan! Donald!Jerome!Ornstein!! John!Baptist!Prata!! Lawrence!Rignanese!! Myron!Irving!Roth! Anthony!Francis!Sisco,!Jr.! Robert!Wells!Stearns! Mark!Joseph!Sullivan! Joseph!Vuono! Natale!Sylvester!Vuono! Herbert!Waltzman! William!Jenckes!Whitaker,!Jr.! ! General!Business!Administration:! John!Kenneth!Aldrich! Richard!Alling! Robert!Harry!Arabian! Leopold!A.!Boucher,!Jr.! Peter!Davis!Buckley! Frank!Chalmers!Carr! Mary!Jane!Carty! David!Walter!Costa! Walter!Joseph!Decota! Alvah!Arlington!Keene!Fowler,!Jr.! Joseph!Cleo!Jalbert,!Jr.! Frederick!Curtis!Johnston!

Peter!Klanian! Rollis!Alden!Kubiskey!! Fred!George!LaPiana!! William!Peckham!Lord!! Murray!Lewis!Lukatch!! James!Andrew!McCauley! Benjamin!Joseph!Mendes,!Jr.!! Harold!Francis!O'Brien! John!Bartholomew!Sheehan! Richard!Paul!Steinberg! Joseph!Francis!Sullivan! Peter!Thomas!Vieira! Edward!J.!Wojnar! D.!Ronald!Zexter! ! Industrial!Management:! John!Timothy!Cunningham!! Everett!Joseph!Hopkins!! Augustine!Thomas!l,edwidge,!Jr.! Charles!Dana!Limmer! Alan!Ross!Mair! Kenneth!Austin!Marshall! Thomas!Edwin!McHugh! Sol!Leon!Resnik! Charles!Henry!Sprague! ! Insurance:! Joseph!Ralph!Cipriano!! Richard!Clark!Henry!! Daniel!Francis!McDade!! James!Gerard!Murphy! Samuel!Maurice!Namath!! William!Henry!Shields,!III! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Daniel!Henry!Begonis!! Kenneth!Louis!Bertch!! Robert!David!Block!! Sumner!Bornstein!! Edward!Carter!Cohan!! Robert!Donald!Corry!! Edwin!John!Golden,!Jr.!! Albert!Anthony!Grills! Howard!Randolph!Holt! Melvin!Hyman! Alan!Lester!Levy!

Danid!Francis!Malvcy! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Pauline!Diane!Bregman!! Claire!Ann!Buchanan!! Nancy!Ada!Carpenter! Diana!Pamela!Evans! Frances!Sylvia!Gracia! ! 1955! ! Accounting:! Patrick!George!Finn! John!Anthony!Florio! John!Raymond!Kaczynski,!Jr.!! Albert!Joseph!LaPrise,!Jr.!! Bruce!Stetson!Loring! Robert!Joseph!MacDonald!! Donald!Theron!McGinniss!! William!Raymond!Richmond! Joel!Jack!Schnitzer!! Louis!Sugarman!! John!Robert!Taylor! Elizabeth!Ann!Vallier! ! Business!Education:! William!James!Osborne! ! General!Business!Administration:! Alexander!Anthony!Baird! Everitte!Gordon!Baird! Raymond!Hilton!Christopher,!Jr.!! Peter!James!Cofoni! Vincent!Joseph!Como! John!Edward!Crawford! James!Richard!Donovan! Raymond!Wesley!Engelhardt! Francesco!N.!Gallo! Robert!Stuart!Gruber! Howard!Richard!Haronian! Lawrence!Manning!Harriman,!Jr.! Lester!Hoffman! Robert!Hill!Horton! Frank!Judsn!Hurd! James!Everett!Marble,!Jr.! Johnee!Toshiaki!Matsumoto!

George!William!McCombe! Joseph!Dominic!McLaughlin,!Jr.! Richard!Harry!Michie! Jay!Gordon!Miller! Maurice!Barton!Newman! Anthony!Clinton!Perry! Anthony!V.!Simonetti,!Jr.! Alfred!Anthony!Sollitto! Alfred!Joseph!Tella! ! Industrial!Management:! Henry!Nelson!Collins!! Donald!Joseph!Costello! Robert!Stephen!Culligan! Raymond!Henry!Dumais! Harold!Herman!Henn,!Jr.! Frank!Walter!Jenison,!Jr.!! Edward!Martin!Lieblich!! Ronald!Iver!Magnuson!! Theodore!Nelson,!Jr.! Walter!Joseph!Reilly! Stuart!Paul!Smith! William!Joseph!Toohey! Russell!Willard!Vaughn!! Richard!Mervin!Wood! ! Insurance:! Harold!Edward!Cooke!Clark,!Jr.! James!Joseph!Macksoud! Edward!Joseph!Mitson! William!Joseph!Preston! Richard!David!Ratta! Charles!Francis!Sheehan! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Donald!Chester!Almy! Frances!M.!Bernstein!! Bradford!Reed!Boss!! Robert!West!Carlson!! Stanley!A.!Chorney! Richard!Hammond!Clarke,!Ill! Sidney!Cohen! William!Peterson!Considine!! Kenneth!Donald!Dellner!! John!Raymond!Evans!! Philip!Joseph!Gladue,!Jr.!!

Robert!Frank!Kimball!! Christos!Latos! James!Martin! Charles!Ernest!Morris,!Jr.!! Otis!C.!Oliver,!Jr.!! Norman!Howard!Oshrin! Joseph!Anthony!Pizzo!! Samuel!R.!Scott,!Jr.!! Robert!David!Smith,!Jr.! Frederick!Henry!Stein!! Richard!George!Strauss!! Edward!David!Tetley!! Richard!Bernier!Weekes! Lee!David!Zetlin! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Carolyn!Abby!Angell! Rosemarie!Sciotto! Barbara!Ann!Thompson! ! 1956! ! Accounting:! Helen!Delores!Amoriggi! John!Mason!Arnold! Robert!William!Cooper! Gerald!Morrill!Dorr! Donald!Earl!Dunning!! Joseph!Richard!Enos!! Jack!Frank!Greer! Edwin!Dennison!Kenyon,!Jr.!! Marvin!Manekofsky! Felix!Walter!Oziemblewski,!Jr.!! Donald!Arthur!Riley,!Jr.!! Stanley!Allen!Rundquist! Samuel!Leon!Torman! Gerald!Jay!Warshaw! Richard!Lewis!Yosinoff! ! Business!Education:! Sylvia!Mary!Antonelli! Charles!William!McDermott! Arlene!Millie!Moan! Marcus!Rand! ! !

General!Business!Administration:! Kazar!Apkarian! Eric!Anderson! Barbara!Elise!Boorujy! Vincent!Francis!Brassil!! Bruce!Martin!Carner!! Robert!George!Errico! Marian!Tyler!Kinne! Daniel!Francis!Mahoney,!Jr.!! Donald!Richard!Mason! John!Francis!Mathews! James!Walton!North! Earle!Frederick!Prout,!Jr.!! Douglas!Josiah!Richardson,!Jr.! Elizabeth!Ann!Schmidt! Kenneth!Robert!Tankoos! Earl!Marvin!Weissnun!! Stephen!Joseph!Wexler! ! Industrial!Management:! Paul!George!Corey! Ronald!Thomas!Corey! Harry!Dienstel!Crandall! Joseph!Arthur!Dubuque!! Edward!Angell!Dyer,!Jr.!! Walton!Horton!Earle!! David!Horner!Gulvin!! Richard!Francis!Kane! Richard!Edward!Kehew! Francis!Joseph!Krol!! Francis!VincentLingaitis!! Paul!J.!McGinley! John!Thomas!McLaughlin! Ralph!Eugene!Nacci! Daniel!Bernard!Norton!! Richard!Michael!Oster!! Joseph!Francis!Short! John!Anthony!Tyrell,!Jr.!! Edgar!Irving!Vatcher! John!Daniel!Wojcik! ! Insurance:! Robert!Thomas!Corbett! John!Gordon!Crankshaw! Arthur!William!Fagan! James!Herbert!Fitzmaurice!

Arthur!H.!Helmus! A.!Paul!St.!George,!Jr.!! Gerald!Howard!Sands! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Howard!Ernest!Alcorn!! Robert!Joseph!Avila!! Peter!John!Boiani! Henry!Z.!Brenner! Evan!Marshall!Brown! Jay!Howard!Burzon!! Donald!Daniel!DiSpirito!! Charles!Irving!Finklestein!! Gilbert!Gary!Gauch! Jean!A.!Gencarelli!! Michael!John!Hattub!! Audrey!Suzanne!Heller!! Carl!D.!Hirsch! George!Ernest!Mansfield!! Edward!Maurice!Markoff!! John!Anthony!Mazza,!Jr.!! Richard!John!Nordberg!! Russell!Gilbert!Pickthall!! David!Leon!Pollack! Clifford!Edwin!Rumsey,!Jr.! Burton!Leonard!Rosen! Sandra!Arlene!Salzman! Ronald!Merrick!Schack! Ernest!Rayinond!Simas! William!Alvord!Smith,!Jr.!! Carole!Hope!Smolen! Joan!Gabar!Temkin! Jerome!Edward!Travers! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Mary!Elizaebth!Borden! Ann!Veronica!Brickley! Linda!Isa!Haut! Joan!Kent! Sylvia!Ellen!Sundel! Ann!Mary!Winfield! ! 1957! ! Accounting:! Robert!Arthur!Adams!!

William!Robert!Baker!! Alan!David!Blitzer!! Richard!John!Briden!! Leroy!Lawrence!Brown!! Henry!Chason! Stuart!Robert!Dexter!! Robert!Franklin!Ekeblad!! Lewis!Edward!Fernbach! Joseph!Roy!Ferri! Leon!Stanley!Gluckman!! Sheldon!B.!Gornstein!! Orlando!Carmine!Guida!! Herbert!Morris!Heinstein!! Wallace!H.!MacDonald! Marcy!Richard!Mazer!! Thomas!Joseph!McConnell!! Robert!John!McNally!! Anthony!Morelli! Robert!Joseph!Novelli! Joel!David!Preblod! Lane!Roger!Rallis! Howard!Maxwell!Ray! Edmund!Stanley!Rumowicz! ShirleyiAnn!Sadick! Edwin!Samalin! Leslie!Arthur!Secular!! Joseph!Patrick!Serra!! Kevin!Wayne!Smith!! Richard!Alfred!Volpe!! Russell!Cooper!Wagner!! Bruce!Eddy!Wilson!! Milton!Alan!Wolfe! ! Business!Education:! Arthur!Bryce!Matteson! Nancy!G.!Norberg! William!Pinkham!Parmenter,!Jr.! Fred!John!Sharkey! James!Richard!Silva! James!Joseph!Trumble! ! General!Business!Administration:! Alan!David!Aiken! Howard!Lloyd!Andrews! Mitchell!Asadorian,!Jr.! Bruno!Beer!

Philip!Joseph!Beichert,!Jr.!! Paul!Felix!Benoit! Paul!Joseph!Butler! Frank!Caesar!Cambio,!Jr.! Donald!Leonard!Cavanaugh! Peter!DeMasi! Robert!Stuart!Downs! Hugh!Thomas!Drummond! Joseph!Epifanio!Gallucci! John!Giorndli,!Jr.! John!Harold!Griffin! William!Loring!Harrison! Erato!Haseotes! Duane!Brown!Heineck! Leslie!B.!Howard! Peter!Frederick!Kohlsaat! Robert!Carleton!Leuba! Ronald!Joseph!Maroz.zi! Raymond!Hugh!McDade! Edward!John!Pacheco! Lewis!Peter!Peckhem!! Edwin!Enos!Perry! John!Greaves!Rawlings!! Robert!Richard!Reidy!! Kenneth!Walter!Theroux! ! Industrial!Management:! Charles!Richard!Coristine! Robert!Durkin! George!Thomas!Fugere! Frederick!William!Gauch!! Edward!MacNeill!Hennigan!! Francis!George!Lee! Raymond!Boesch!Lombardi! Thomas!Richard!McCool!! Wilfred!Joseph!Michaud! Richard!Resnick! William!Lupton!Ryding! Kenneth!W.!Sullivan! Leslie!Franklin!Thompson,!Jr.! Leonard!Oliver!Walde,!Jr.! Donald!Edward!Walsh! Kenneth!Nichols!Wheeler,!Jr.! Kimber!Gadsby!Wheelock! Robert!Edward!White! Theodore!V.!Widyn,!Jr.!

Insurance:! Robert!L.!Crandall! Thomas!Peter!Daley! Raymond!C.!Emerson! Robert!Milton!Gustafson! Francis!Ellsworth!Kuntz,!Jr.!! Martin!R.!Schwan! Richard!Lewis!Smith! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! James!William!Carey! Donald!Almerindo!Costantino! Nicholas!Joseph!Craddock,!Jr.!! Carl!Henry!Foltz,!Jr.! Richard!Abn!Gammell! Ella!John!Giusti! Richard!Murray!Gourley! Robert!Wrynn!Hammarlund! Charles!Herbert!Hunt! Charles!Wesley!Johnson,!Jr.!! Alvin!Schneider! Richard!Evans!Schofield! Murry!Burton!Winkleman! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Mary!Turnbach!Carr! Jean!Frances!Chappel! Patricia!Miller!Lamb! Nancy!Elizabeth!Ross! ! 1958! ! Accounting:! Edward!Thomas!Baker,!Jr.!! Bernard!Almas!Brindamour!! James!Francis!Davey! Richard!Anthony!DeSimone! Herbert!Fine! Richard!F.!Finnegan!! Richard!Lyman!Hamblin! Ray!Grant!Hastings!! Stanley!H.!Hatch! Douglas!George!Hill!! James!William!Hixon!! Stephen!Louis!Hyman!! C.!Harvey!Karp!

Alexander!John!Kennedy,!Jr.!! Alfred!Joseph!Letourneau,!!Jr.!! Stephen!Lipka! Stephen!Jay!Mack!! George!Joseph!Martin!! Thomas!Williaht!McDonald!! Robert!Augwtus!Mello!! Edward!Paul!Monahan! Charles!Raphael!Moore,!Jr.! Richard!Dyer!Murray! Clemente!Paul!Sciola! Rose!Anna!Silver! Raymond!Charles!Unsworth! ! Business!Education:! Alfred!Paul!Alvarez! Donald!Herman!Anderson! Roger!Joseph!Fleet! Shirley!Ann!Johnson!! Harry!Edward!Lancaster!! Edward!Patrick!O'Brien!! Marianne!Virginia!Riley!! Esther!Joan!Smith!! Richard!Earle!Yeaw! ! General!Business!Administration:! Philip!Victor!Berge! Gordon!Edward!Bowen! Joseph!Philip!Bruno! Donald!James!Burke!! Wallace!Stuart!Camper! Richard!Correira! Robert!Charles!Dilorio!! Charles!James!Dowling,!!Jr.!! Thomas!John!Duggan! Richard!Edwin!Gammage! Harold!Eugene!Hammond,!Jr.! Peter!Gilmore!Hanna! Stephen!Francis!LaMond! Jarvis!Lee!Lancaster!! Howard!Everett!MacDuff,!Jr.! Robert!Randall!McLellan! Carolyn!Ann!Meier! Calvin!Peckham! Emil!Frederick!Petersen,!Jr.! Alan!Francis!Rourke!

Stephen!C.!Ryder! Frank!J.!Satchell,!Jr.!! John!Joseph!Sutton!! James!Edwin!Walker! ! Industrial!Management:! Paul!Salem!Boorujy! Edward!Randall!Brayton!.! George!John!Chelak! Louis!Charles!Fitzpatrick! William!Miller!Frantzen! Stewart!Graham!Hall! Robert!David!Klang! Arthur!George!Lemoi! Donald!Arthur!McCullough! John!D.!Murgo! William!Joseph!Nixon,!Jr.!! Samuel!William!Perelman!! Philip!George!Schlegel,!Jr.! ! Insurance:! George!Brown!Bolton! James!Francis!Brady!! Harold!Stuart!Carmichael!! Henry!Angelo!DiPrete!! Wayne!Barry!Gilbert!! Blaine!Eugene!Harold!!! Allan!Leach!Holmes! James!Eric!Lovegreen! Alan!David!Reffkin! John!Alfred!Renfrew! Joseph!Paul!Rynn!! Alan!Everett!Sayles!! John!B.!Tamke! William!Andrew!Trumble! Robert!Ben!Tupper! Thomas!Eugene!Wright! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Joseph!Daniel!Almonte! Stephen!Lester!Brookner! Louis!Gerard!Calitri!! David!Preston!Foster!! George!Putnam!Gardiner! William!Murray!Gates,!III! James!Edward!Gerlach,!Sr.!

Robert!Seth!Goodman! Robert!Leslie!Greenstein! Donald!S.!Hesketh! Ronald!Michael!Hey! Doris!Elaine!Jensen! Frank!Malcolm!Kamoroff! Donald!Karp! Carl!Edward!Lindquist! Peter!Alexander!Manickas,!Jr.! Stanley!Allen!Morgenstern! Linda!Susan!Shemin! Edward!Amodio!Turilli! Warren!Jay!Weil! Anne!Mary!Wenderoth! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Anne!Marie!Berube! Denise!Desmarais! Nancy!Jane!Place! Lillian!Rossi! ! 1959! ! Accounting:!! Donald!Richard!Allen! John!Biafore! Eugene!Lester!Bishop!! John!Joseph!Breen,!Jr.!! William!John!Cassidy! Alson!Alfred!Castonguay! Joseph!Leon!Coleman!! Robert!Joseph!DeSimone! Donald!Charles!Georgerian! Gordon!Miller!Hall,!Jr.! James!Everett!Harrison,!Jr.! Fredric!Roy!Hart! Normand!Joseph!B.!Langevin! Gordon!Gilman!Lyford! Armand!Eugene!Malo! Noah!Temkin!Saxe! Richard!Herbert!Scheffer!! Jonathan!Paul!Shapiro! Marjorie!Joanne!Siiro! James!Michael!Sullivan! Gerald!Edward!Thibodeau! Robert!Earl!Walsh!

Thomas!Edward!White! Kenneth!Lester!Williston,!Jr.! ! Business!Education:! Joan!Vincent!Feroce! Albert!Ferraro,!Jr.! Assunta!Angelina!Gallucci! Margaret!Helena!Gibbons! William!J.!Lawton,!Jr.!! Gordon!Michael!Palumbo!! Louis!Jules!Plasse! Raymond!Anthony!Wright,!Jr.! ! General!Business!Administration:! Andrew!Meikle!Brown,!Jr.!! James!Ralph!DiCarlo!! James!Vincent!Fay,!Jr.! Joseph!Francis!Fox! Eugene!Paul!Gibbons! Everard!J.!W.!Grain! Victor!Grasso! Peter!Henyon!Killheffer! Howard!Levine! Albert!Patrick!Lindemann,!Jr.! Robert!James!Mairs,!III! John!Bernard!McGarrahan,!Jr.! Robert!Daniel!Myers! Allen!Edward!O'Brien! Winifred!Barbara!O'Hara! Daniel!Jeremiah!Pendergast,!Jr.! Richard!Domenic!Pisaturo! Jerry!Barker!Plumb! James!Clifford!Sullivan! Walter!Louis!Richard! Harold!Fisher!Voorhees! Thomas!Paschal!Welch,!Jr.!! Robert!Gilbert!Wunsch! ! Industrial!Management:! Alfred!Clifford!Bateman,!Jr.! Harold!William!Breitenbecher! Walter!Linn!Burns! Aurel!A.!Bussiere! Robert!Joseph!Connolly! David!Victor!Despres! Frank!Andrew!Gaglione!

Stephen!Frederick!Gardella,!Jr.! Gordon!Goddard!Gilbert,!Jr.!! Robert!Reynolds!Head! Donald!Ward!Holmes!! Wallace!Nelson!MacLeod!! Anthony!Peter!Maiorisi!! Kenneth!Derby!Pettigrew!! Alvin!Duncan!Powell!! Albert!Richard,!Jr.! Randolph!Earl!Romano! Joseph!Salvatore!Santoro! Raymond!T.!Wrigley,!Jr.! ! Insurance:! Justus!Doane!Anderson,!III! Leonard!Robert!DiPrete! Robert!Thomas!Gallucci! Richard!I.!Haut! Donald!James!Hey! Gilbert!Majeau! Donald!Charles!Taylor! Bruce!Alan!Wilkie! Kenneth!Roy!Williams! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Richard!L.!Carreiro! Roger!Alfred!Chambers! John!Francis!Duffek! Richard!Cooke!Easterbrooks! Louis!Andrew!Harrington! Walter!D.!Jannell,!Jr.!! Edward!Krovitz! Frederick!Joseph!Lakeway!! Richard!Wallingford!Lord!! Richard!Walter!Reynolds! Burton!Aldrich!Steen! Richard!Brown!Walls! ! Secretarial!Studies! Carol!Ann!Carondo! Alexandra!Ann!Sardelli! Margaret!Theresa!Short! ! ! ! !

1960! ! Accounting:! Doris!Marion!Andrews! George!John!Best! Nancy!Wood!Carroll! Orville!Coy! Charles!A.!Davis!! Charles!Harold!Dress!! Robert!John!Federico! Warren!Joseph!Ferriter! Barry!Stephen!Gorman! Joseph!D.!Guglielmello,!Jr.! Ronald!John!Gulluscio! Louise!Rodman!Dunn!Hammann! Walter!Robert!Heisinger! Everett!Richard!Jackson! Theodore!Sidney!Kullberg! Robert!Clark!Marble! Peter!Joseph!Miniati,!Jr.! Edward!Joseph!Pascucci! Lewis!Steven!Pollack!! Jordan!Leonard!Richman!! Robert!Elliot!Rosenblatt! John!Peter!Trombino,!Jr.!! Charles!Ung! James!Henry!Vogel,!Jr.! John!Donald!Walsh! Anthony!Andrew!Zona! with%high%honors% ! Business!Education:! Janet!Gail!Baune! with%honors% Thomas!Ovila!Bouley! with%high%honors% John!Robert!Burton! Everett!Spencer!McDaniel!! Martha!Mary!Murphy!! Dorothy!Jean!Nardone! Anthony!Michael!Rocchio! Lawrence!Edmund!Wagner! ! General!Business!Administration:! Alan!Frederick!Atkinson! Sanford!E.!Beck!

Richard!Bailey!Carpenter! Frederick!Robert!DeCesaris! Ronald!Delphis!Denelle! Charles!James!Donovan! Donald!Edward!Duffy! Joseph!Barry!Fagan! Thomas!Henry!Farrell!! Gerald!Kevin!Farrington!! David!Elmer!Fishlock! Everitt!Leckie!Fullerton,!Jr.!! Manuel!Germano! Leo!Arthur!Gonya! Raymond!Mauric!Guilbault! James!Francis!Hill! Richard!Herbert!Kenyon! with%high%honors% William!S.!Kingson! Max!Jay!Loudenslager! Albert!Boone!Lyons! Edward!Richard!Mackie! Donald!Everett!Martens!! James!Thomas!McDonough!! Robert!Franklin!Novo! with%honors% Louis!Santelle! Philip!M.!Wexler! Walter!William!Wolslegel,!Jr.! ! Industrial!Management:! Anthony!Donald!Basilico! Alan!A.!Bistrick! Harold!W.!Caldwell! Gordon!Keith!Carlson! James!Owen!Cavanaugh! James!Raymond!Champlin! Luke!R.!!Conboy! Leslie!Barstow!Conklin! Andrew!James!Grimes! Russell!Francis!Hackett! Donald!Hardcastle! Anthony!Edward!Infantolino! with%%highest%%honors% Frank!Kuba! Robert!Joseph!Lackey! Richard!Albert!L'Europa! William!Charles!Mayville!

William!Edward!Mellom! Eugene!Patrick!O'Gull! Arthur!Robert!Richard!Russo! Edward!Michael!Sabella! with%honors% % Insurance:! Henry!Halfdan!Andersen! Henry!Nathaniel!Arnold,!Jr.! Richard!E.!Booth!! John!Henry!Capalbo!!! Richard!Peter!DeStefano!! Donald!Newhall!Feld!! Joseph!John!Giordano! G.!Paul!Jacome! Gerald!Ezra!Lubusky! Glenn!Andrew!MacCorkle! Harold!Alfred!Magnusson! Roger!Hart!Schonning! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Bernard!John!Barry!! Kenneth!Alvin!Beauregard!! Robert!Joseph!Carnevale!! William!David!Heagney! Howard!Harris!Irving!! Leonard!Morton!Kahn!! Harry!Alfious!Lewis,!Jr.! Robert!Lloyd!Mosher! Normand!G.!Plante! Gerald!Marshall!Ponce! Aldo!Robert!Sammartino! Stewart!Sherman! Arline!G.!Timlin! Clifton!Judson!Vandersip! John!Charles!Zartarian! ! Secretarial!Studies:! JoiAn!Plaistek! Donna!Ruth!Thompson! ! with%honors% Lucinda!Wilcox! ! ! ! !

1961! ! Accounting:! Sheldon!Sydney!Abrams!! S.!Michael!Appolonia!! Angelo!Isadore!Castelli! with%honors% Stephen!Owen!Coldwell!! Francis!Xavier!Correra!! John!Hubert!Ericson!! Robert!Fitta! William!Martin!Foley,!Jr.! Richard!Joseph!Fontaine!! Angelo!Michael!Geremia!! Michael!Gary!Hoffer!! Frank!Bernard!Horvitz!! Cecil!Robert!Johnson! with%honors% Donald!Lawrence!Lamb! Kenneth!Gordon!Mack! Frank!Mark! Gerald!Joseph!McGovern!! Edward!Franklin!Merdinger!! Ronald!George!Morgan! Linda!Peters!Nelson!! James!Traverse!Pacheco!! David!George!Perriello!! Joseph!Perry! Charles!Edward!Porcaro!! Robert!Arthur!Provost!! Arnold!S.!Ray,!Jr.!! Barbara!Gail!Sanders!! Richard!Cosmo!Sisco! James!Lewis!Sullivan! Gordon!Louis!Wallat! Alden!John!Wynkoop! ! Business!Education:! Thomas!Gerald!Harrington! Chester!M.!Irwin,!Jr.! Jacquelyn!Barker!Lewis! Rhoda!Estelle!Ostrow! Marie!Eizabeth!Rogers! % with%honors% % %

General!Business!Administration:! Marshall!Lewis!Ackerman!! Blair!Joseph!Barbieri!! Roland!Joseph!Bettez,!Jr.!! William!Frederick!Borhek! Philip!Joseph!Catanzaro,!Jr.!! John!Francis!Chimento!! Robert!Anthony!Drouin! John!Christian!Dusel! John!David!Follett! with%highest%honors% Peter!George!Fortin! Raymond!Anthony!Stephen!Goddard! Gerard!Kennedy!! Joseph!H.!Leylegian!! Robert!Edward!Liguori! Edward!James!McGlinchey,!Jr.!! Herbert!Stephen!Simmons! Neil!Howard!Thorp! Alvin!Nathan!Torgan! ! Industrial!Management:! Roy!Alexander!Bailey!! Richard!Leon!Breault! Kenneth!William!Brown! Rodney!Marcel!Brusini!! Clayton!Congdon!Cooley!! Richard!Cordeiro! Raymond!Christopher!Corry! Frank!James!Fagan! Richard!Fred!Geisler! John!Damon!Holme! Robert!Joseph!Keating! Milton!Francis!Lyons,!Jr.!! Harold!Stuart!McWay,!Jr.!! Melvin!Allan!Miller! Thomas!Stanley!Mojkowski! Charles!Adelbert!Northup,!Jr.! Robert!Roland!Prevost! Richard!Francis!Rail! Louis!Joseph!Soper! Chester!Irving!Staats! James!Burke!Thompson! Harold!Curtis!Tyrrell! Anthony!Hall!Vervena!! Robert!Alfred!Walker!!

Charles!John!Wooley! ! Insurance:! Anthony!Joseph!Castagnaro!! Damon!Anthony!DiPiro!! Thomas!H.!Douglas! Stewart!Fred!Dunkel! Bruce!Robert!Gavitt! with%honors% James!Alfred!Lepikko!! James!John!Prata!! Alfred!Joseph!Provost! Robert!Peter!Straut! Robert!Bruce!Williams,!III! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! John!MacDonald!Anderson!! Bruce!Nicholas!Anez!! Stephen!Barry!Broomfield!! Stephen!Anthony!Celona! Robert!Peter!Ciolfi! David!Michael!Como! Neil!L.!Corry! Michael!Kenneth!Diamond! Dominic!Paul!DiMauro!! Harold!Prescott!Fell!! Bernard!Finkel! Francis!Brady!Geary! Ernest!Arthur!Greenhalgh! James!Everett!Greer! Willa!Lauder! Brooke!Daniel!Lennon! Murray!Mayer! Richard!Brian!McClure! Barry!Douglas!Multer! John!Kevin!Mulvey! Roy!Alvin!Nelson! Robert!Paul!Paiva! Robert!Anthony!Parente!! Robert!Patrick!Ross!! Oliver!Joseph!Roy,!Jr.!! Edward!Sanders! Robert!Bradford!Smith! !Milton!Hedly!Steen!! Roger!Max!Steinhardt!! Dale!Anthony!Thayer!

Ronald!Maurice!Tillier! Anthony!Verdi!! Lawrence!James!Welch!!! Frederick!William!Wilson! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Carolyn!Cartier!Booth! Carol!Grace!Cooper!! Gail!Ann!Galanis!! Joan!Marie!Maggio!! BettyiJo!Sullivan! Barbara!Marie!Tangredi! ! 1962! ! Accounting:! Francis!Edward!Albright,!III!! Orian!Arthur!Archambault!! Albert!Bakelman! Alan!Charles!Birkenfeld!! Arnold!Howard!Brier!! Daniel!Thomas!Brothis!! Paul!Ernest!Cravinho! Charles!Eben!Crowninshield,!Jr.! Allan!Deutscher! Donn!Chandler!Drummond! Howard!Steven!Frank! Richard!Joseph!Iacobucci!! Donald!Calvin!Johnson!! with%high%honors% Lawrence!David!Kortick!! David!Bruckshaw!Lees!! Charles!E.!McLeod!! Ralph!Patsy!Perri,!Jr.! Herbert!Arnold!Ramsden,!Jr.! with%highest%%honors% August!Marvin!Rosene! Charles!Schwartzberg! Charles!Summers!Sewall,!II! John!Thomas!Sheridan! Rodney!Louis!Simone!! Elliott!Martin!Turk!! David!Joel!Weiner!! Michael!Weiss! Douglas!Erskine!Wells,!Jr.! with%high%%honors%

Stephen!Barry!Yarlas! ! Business!Education:! Ann!M.!Bertozzi! Emily!Fleury!Johnsen! Rona!Teresa!Pazieoza!! Richard!Arthur!Slade!! Bernard!Albert!Tattrie!! Doris!Ellen!Wise!! Stuart!Mitchell!Yarias!! John!Andrew!Yena! ! Genereal!Business!Administration:! Edwin!Tremain!Bradley,!Jr.! with%honors% Guido!Robert!Calicchia!!! Christopher!Catanzaro,!II! Richard!O.!Cox! Edward!Raymond!Czerwinski! Joseph!Francis!Farrell! with%high%honors% David!Kevorkian!Howard!! Lewis!Lauman!! Melvyn!Monzack! Kenneth!Charles!Munroe!! Charles!Edward!Nelson!! Robert!John!Pavia!! Frederick!Joseph!Perry! Michael!Douglas!Tracy,!Jr.! ! Industrial!Management:! Richard!Roland!Alix! Carl!Ramsden!Allen! James!Kevin!Barry! Elton!Hammond!Cohen!! Michael!Francis!Crowley!! John!Henry!Dailey,!Ill! Paul!Normand!Goudreau! Richard!Ernst!Guckel! John!Earl!Harding,!Jr.! Peter!H.!!LaVault! Ronald!James!Maclndoe! Robert!Edward!Maroney! Robert!Paul!Pazienza! John!Peter!Riley! Charles!Arthur!West!

Insurance:! Reginald!Frederick!Beers! John!Robert!Chase! Edward!Hugh!Cunningham,!Jr.! Robert!I.!Dougherty! Cameron!S.!Gardner,!Jr.! Richard!Hugh!Gleason! Steven!Hall! Alexander!Dean!Harry,!!Jr.! Leonard!Roy!Hathaway! James!I.!Hibbert! James!Allen!Hopkins! James!Frederick!Moriarty! Bruce!Clayton!Olson! Francis!Thomas!Rosene! Ronald!Lee!Stenhouse! Paul!Roland!Syverson! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Thomas!Francis!Black,!Ill!! Theron!Curtis!Brown!! Gerald!Cohen! Vangel!Leo!Custer! with%honors% John!Crocker!Eastman,!II! Barry!Emanuel! Stephen!Alfred!Flaxman!! David!Craig!Frazel!! Richard!Eugene!Gagnon!! James!Bunting!Gibbs,!Jr.! with%high%honors%% George!Henry!Hebert!! John!Patrick!Igoe!! Richard!Noel!Johnson!! Frank!Anthony!Palana! Arnold!William!Robinson! Robert!Henry!Schaller! Anja!Barbara!Birgitta!Schauman! Stephan!Fredric!Selig!! Bruce!Alan!Smith! Karl!Richard!Steimle! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Sarah!Oyer! ! !

1963! ! Accounting:! William!Thomas!Apgar! Joseph!Louis!G.!Archambault! Julien!Pierre!Ayotte! Thomas!Irving!Ballou! Ralph!Warren!Blacltmar! Norman!Pierce!Clark! Ronald!Lynn!Fish!! John!William!Gadsby!! Thomas!Leonard!Godfrey! George!Theodore!Helm,!Jr.!! Robert!Berryman!Holbrook!! John!David!Kampner! Lee!Edward!Karofsky! Daniel!James!King! Gary!W.!Kullberg! Victor!Michael!Landsberg! Kurt!Lawrence!Malmgren! Ralph!Blair!Mantecon! Robert!Francis!McKenna!! Charles!Alan!Newman!! Wyman!Joseph!Pearce!! Joseph!Henry!Porter,.!Jr.! John!Alfred!Poserina! Richard!John!Rembijas! Richard!Anthony!Renzi! Robert!Edward!Reuter! George!Henry!Rivard! Melvyn!Rodinsky! Lawrence!Rosman! Norman!Douglas!Tierney,!Jr.! Stuart!Knight!Tuttle,!Jr.!! Barbara!Ann!Upper!! Martin!Lee!Waitz!! Michael!Samuel!Weiss! ! Business!Education:! Donald!John!Conte!! Frederick!William!Corden!! Dorothy!F.!Donnelly!! Winters!Baker!Hames,!Jr.! distinction% Dorcas!Winona!LaPointe!! Paul!Henry!Magan!!

Patricia!Edith!McCarthy! Margery!Sue!Mesnikoff! John!Micheletti! Carol!Ann!Wrigle! ! General!Business!Administration:! Edward!Russell!Anderson!! Gerald!Conrad!Anderson! Vera!Bondorew! Wallace!Bentley!Broome! Gino!D.!Brusci! distinction% Lilian!Brule! Thomas!Daniel!Clarke! distinction% Louis!Barry!Cotton! Angelo!Noel!DeStefano! George!William!Donovan! Joseph!Albert!Faucher! Paul!Thomas!Faulkner! John!M.!Fraser! Riccardo!Paul!Gilardi! David!Lewis!Golden! Charles!Henry!Goyette,!Jr.! Peter!Aden!Grimm! Richard!Peter!Heskiss! Harold!Hitchen,!Jr.! high%distinction% Harry!James!Hoopis!! Carl!Everett!Johnson!! Kenneth!Charles!Johnson!! Kenneth!George!Kay! Zouvart!Olga!Khimatian! Ronald!Kirby! Stephen!Gerald!Linder! John!Stanley!Livingston! William!James!McCabe! Lawrence!Richard!Miniati! Catherine!Barbara!Moran! Barry!Gilman!Patton! Harold!Pavlow! Alan!Francis!Ryan! Stuart!Earl!Schachter! Alan!Zachary!Senter! distinction% Terence!Joseph!Sheridan!

Frank!Morton!Stevens,!Jr.! ! Industrial!Management:! Carl!Peter!Andren!! Kenneth!Howard!Andrews!! Robert!Edward!Ashodian! high%distinction% George!Thomas!Barnes! Robert!Joyal! Domenic!Michael!Nicolella! Pasquale!Joseph!Perri,!Jr.!! Eric!Truesdale!Philippi! George!Charles!Rainville!! Paul!Frederick!Romanelli!! Ronald!King!Smith! distinction% Stanley!Albert!Snitkin! Donald!Noyes!LarseniSorterup! David!Cook!Staley! Michael!Testa,!Jr.!! Daniel!Joseph!Walsh! ! Insurance:! Norman!Albert!Baglini! David!Albert!Barker! Roland!Thomas!Chiaradio! Charles!Francis!Egan!! Nathaniel!Tilden!Hammond!! Richard!Timothy!Maran! Efrain!Dominic!Medina!! Harold!Walter!Ohsberg,!Jr.!! David!Hillel!Port! Thomas!Fry!Soule,!Jr.! Nicholas!Richard!Trebisacci! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Robert!John!Andrews!! Robert!Martin!Anes! John!Leland!Cookinham,!III! Herbert!Robert!Epstein! Leon!Frank!Glasshoffer! Joel!Harvey!Greenstein! Joseph!Christopher!Kent,!Jr.! Gilbert!Edward!Lavallee! Edward!Nason!Levine! Robert!Joseph!Mooza!!

Leonard!Nemiroff! Diana!June!Pohlut!! Myron!Jacob!Raisner! Richard!A.!Santos!! Eric!Michael!Swider! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Frances!Beatrice!Anna!Adamski! Marilyn!R.!Borst! Stephanie!Marie!Delfausse! distinction% Claire!Paquin!Hebert! % highest%distinction% Barbara!Jean!Meyer! JoiAnn!Aust!Orr! ! 1964! ! Accounting:! Steven!Ronald!Abel! Michael!Azaria! distinction% Arthur!Stephen!Bobrow!! A.!!Judson!Burdick,!Jr.!! Michael!John!Campopiano!! Kevin!Joseph!Cummings!! Gerald!Francis!Deignan!! Anthony!Vincent!DeSpirito!! Robert!Michael!Ernstoff!! Alfred!Harvey!Fishman!! Louis!Edward!Frattarelli!! Henry!Gregory!Garcia!! Donald!George!Gervais!! Marc!Davis!Grossberg! high%distinction% Richard!Bruce!Holt!! John!Gordon!Inglis,!Jr.!! Fredric!Stuart!Kamin.! distinction% George!Michael!Kaplan! David!Gerald!Katz!! John!Gary!Kornher!! Joel!Michael!Kupferman!! Barry!Levy! Michael!Lichtenstein! Margaret!DeBartolo!Michailides!

Donald!Jay!Ostrick! Artemi!Oun! Ronald!J.!Rodrigues!! Robert!William!Rohrlich!! Joseph!Patrick!Ruggio!! Joseph!Manuel!Souza!! John!Thomas!Taylor!! Robert!Peter!Teolis! Anthony!Lee!Whitcomb! Paul!Zaroogian! ! Business!Education:! Richard!Cardinali!! Sybil!Breault!Cote!! Richard!Terrence!Cronin!! William!Francis!Devin! Dennis!Craig!Dillon,!Sr.!! Carmine!DiSanto,!Jr.!! Ervin!Gage!Forbes,!Jr.!! Anthony!V.!Iannucelli! Kenneth!L.!!Murray! Linda!L.!!Neumann! distinction% A.!!Edward!Pearson!! Albert!H.!Rainville!! John!A.!Tedesco!! Natalie!Ann!Trotter! ! General!Business!Administration:! Raymond!John!Acciardo!! Orlando!A.!Andreoni!! Robert!Joseph!Barone!! Steven!Ronald!Bronstein!! Joseph!Nicholas!Buffardi!! Evans!J.!Carter! Joseph!Vito!Castaldi! Russell!David!Cavanaugh!! Richard!Steven!Cohen!! Herbert!Linden!Dawley!! Dennis!Gilbert!Denelle!! John!Francis!Drummond! Marshall!Maurice!Gerstenblatt! Laurie!Anne!Goodwin! Paul!W.!Hansen! John!Thomas!Heelan,!Jr.!! Harold!Alan!Katersky!

John!Thomas!McCann!! Evelyn!D.!!Orsini!! Omar!Amin!Ouri!! Claire!L.!!Pelletier! Alan!Jay!Rich! Robert!Charles!Sala!! William!David!Schachter!! Jerry!Sunshine! ! Insurance:! William!Samuel!Coulter! Harry!Duncan!Creelman! Ronald!Joseph!Diani! John!F.!Doyle! Charles!Roy!Feinbloom! Jean!Louise!Fiddes! John!David!Francis!! Roger!Lionel!Gagnon! Ronald!Edward!Gilefsky! Harvey!Donald!Goodman! Lawrence!L.!!Hofstetter!! Charles!Joseph!Kelaghan!! Michael!George!Levine! William!Penn!Macomber,!ill! Anthony!John!Narciso,!Jr.!! Warren!Raymond!Proulx! Robert!O.!Rondeau!! Lambert!M.!Stuart!! Karl!Sudakoff! Peter!Robert!Teasdale! Peter!Tyson!VanDyke! William!C.!Voepel,!Jr.! ! Management:! Kenneth!Bernard! Peter!Ward!Dunn! Clifford!Joseph!Faltus! Victor!Joseph!Farmer!! Raymond!Paul!Gauthier!! William!Harry!Jackson!! Edward!E.!Johnson,!Jr.!! Thomas!Clark!Law!! Frederick!A.!Nolan,!Jr.!! Richard!Joseph!Reynolds!! Frederick!Guilford!Swift!! John!Edward!Tucker!!

Herbert!Metcalf!Tuttle! Paul!Peter!Zaloumis! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! Richard!R.!Bordas!! Bruce!Stephen!Bromley!! Edward!Thomas!Callahan!! Robert!J.!Codega! Howard!Wood!Cook,!Jr.!! Bruce!Henry!Dawson!! Robert!P.!DelVecchio! Benjamin!Anthony!DiMascolo! Paul!F.!Fitch,!Jr.!! Raymond!Leo!Frechette!! Kenneth!C.!Goldman!! Jeffrey!P.!Jacquart!! Philip!E.!!Janvrin,!Jr.!! Richard!W.!!Jordan! distinction% Richard!Leslie!Kanter!! Gary!L.!Kellman!! Robert!E.!Logan! Marie!Antoinette!Marino!! Robert!John!Marshall!! Raymond!Albert!Matteson!! Richard!Arthur!Mayoh!! John!Emmett!McCarthy!! Steven!Joseph!Mignone! William!Lewis!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brian,!III!! Richard!Kent!Papazian!! Lawrence!Bennett!Sadwin!! Douglas!H.!Scott,!Jr.!! Lawrence!Simonds! Michael!Lewis!Thaler!! James!Phillip!Vellane!! John!Henry!Wilson! ! Secretarial!Studies:!! Barbara!Jane!Carlson!! Lynne!Nadia!Gederman! Lucia!E.!Leonelli! Margaret!C.!Ryan!! Linda!Jane!Sisson!! Dorothy!Ann!Tangredi! ! !

1965! ! Accounting:! Harris!Leon!Berson! Stephen!Ronald!Bokser! Howard!William!Cowgill! John!Joseph!Curley! Claire!Ann!Denike! Roger!A.!Dupont! Robert!Joseph!Dziekiewicz! Louis!Leo!Fiore! Richard!Anthony!Furia! Peter!M.!Gaines! John!Joseph!Gormally!! Ralph!Joseph!Gonnella!! Paul!Horwitz! Craig!V.!Johansen!! Thomas!Charles!Jones!! Joyce!Kathryn!Kiefl! Gordon!Campbell!Lawrence!! Michael!David!Levinton!! Donald!Joseph!Melina! Peter!Leo!Paquin!! Lawrence!R.!Peltz!! Robert!Earl!Phillips! distinction% Paul!Richard!Read! William!Mitchell!Ripps! Anthony!Giuliano!!Ruscetta! John!Robert!Scattergood! Stanley!Schwartz! Earl!Joseph!Travers! Frank!Weston! Joan!Mabel!Woodman! ! Business!Education:! Kenneth!William!Andrew! Laura!Jean!Andrews!! Helen!Michael!Barnes! Stephen!Ernest!Brown! Beverly!Ann!Collins! Norman!Michael!Fucile! Edward!Frederick!Greeley! high%distinction% Joseph!Hirsch! James!Hudson!Pitman!Kelsey!

James!Wallace!Moody! Jerrilynne!Gale!Partlo! distinction% Joan!Dora!Plourde! J.!Kevin!Sullivan! Donald!Matthew!Szrom! Jacqueline!Ann!Toher! ! General!Business!Administration:! Henry!Joseph!Annotti,!Jr.!! Dennis!Allen!Bache! Matthew!Joseph!Chrostowski! David!Wright!Clarke,!Jr.! Mark!S.!Coran! Stanley!Charles!Cunningham! John!Edward!DeMichele! Pasco!N.!DcQuattro,!Jr.! Luther!Parker!Eidam! Edward!Jennings!Giblin! distinction%% Haward!Verner!Hallberg! Peter!Ladd!Hammar! Bruce!Walter!Hanover! Walter!Michael!Rudolph!Holewa! Michael!Joseph!Ileo! Herman!David!Jacquart! Daniel!Foster!Joy,!Ill! William!Robert!Kane! distinction% JeaniEllen!Dorsey!Koch! high%distinction% Ruben!E.!Krekorian!! Paul!Benton!Levitt!! Thomas!Joseph!Marino!! Richard!D.!McCaughey!! Paul!Richard!Miller!! Richard!P.!Mills! David!August!Mitchell! Albert!E.!Morin! James!Warner!O'Neill!! Richard!Henry!Santoro! Robert!Morse!Saywell,!Jr.! C.!William!Swanson! William!Sherwood!Thomas! Agenor!William!Wachta!! Richard!Zorabedian!

Insurance:! Francis!Ernest!Faubert! Robert!Leo!Ford! Richard!Anthony!Heelan! Stephen!Knight!Hess!! Alan!Edward!Johnston!! Robert!Edward!Langevin!! Robert!Emmett!Meadows!! Frank!Alan!Nightingale!!! Edgar!Thomas!Patterson,!Jr.!! Robert!Hanson!Rasch!! Stanley!Phillip!Schretter!! Arthur!Thomas!Ventura!! Alden!Lewis!Wilson! ! Management:! James!Joseph!Barton! Frank!Alan!Botelho!! Armand!William!Carriere!! John!Clarence!C.!Casabclla! Larry!Roger!Chute! Henry!Francis!DiGrado,! Robert!James!Fair! David!Russell!Harrison! Stephen!Metcalf!Hill! Robert!Edward!Hirst! distinction% Benet!Michael!Mainella! Ronald!A.!Mainelli! Albert!Thomas!Mangiamele! Bruce!David!Nelson!! Stanson!Gregg!Nimoroski!! James!Raymond!Ostrosky!! Daniel!Joseph!Piszcz!! Kenneth!H.!Przybyla,!Jr.!! Richard!A.!Roberto! Harold!Augustus!Robinson! Michael!J.!Ruzzo,!Jr.! Vincent!Fernando!Sabatini!! Richard!Elroy!Tibbetts!! James!Cosmo!Votta! ! Marketing!and!Advertising:! James!Richard!Considine!! Charles!Vincent!Easterbrooks! Barbara!Leslie!Frost!

distinction% James!Francis!Gammell!! Gregory!Stephen!Gutter!! Ronald!Clarke!Higginbottom!! James!Trotter!Hurst! Ronald!Lewis!Kart! Robert!Webb!Kenny,!Jr.!! Fridrik!William!Orcutt! Ronald!Barry!Rickey!! David!Kenneth!Sherman!! James!Paul!Taylor! ! Secretarial!Studies:! Mary!Elizabeth!Babcock!! MaryiAnn!Lee!Bartigian!! Sharon!Andrea!Bida!! Marion!Pauline!Costanza!! Margaret!Elizabeth!Flynn! Martha!Ellen!Johnson!! Barbara!MacDonald!Saabye!! Ruth!Helen!Schelp! ! 1966! ! Dennis!Herbert!Abbott! Robert!Steven!Abramson! Jeffrey!Albin! Elaine!Avis!Angel! Joseph!P.!B.!Audette! John!Kenneth!Balkus! Howard!Dana!Ballard! Joseph!R.!Battey,!Jr.! Richard!James!Bento! Gerald!Paul!Bernstein! Peter!Kittell!Bingham! high%distinction% James!D.!!Boyle! Kathleen!M.!Breen! William!W.!Bryant,!Jr.!! Robert!Charles!Butzier! William!Francis!Caci! Umberto!D.!Campanella! Michael!Bruce!J.!Campbell! Manuel!T.!Canario! Carl!L.!Carboni! John!Forrest!Charles,!Jr.!!

Lois!Irene!Charnick!! Joseph!Francis!Clark! Frederick!A.!Collingwood!! Donna!Ann!Compagnone!! Raymond!Domenic!Conforti! Jeffrey!Davis!Congdon! John!Michael!Corsini! Robert!James!Cote,!Sr.! Richard!William!Czerwinski! Lorraine!Gladys!D'Antuono! distinction% Roger!Paul!DeFelice! James!H.!DeLuca,!Jr.!! Phyllis!Ruth!Dickens!! Sharon!Mary!Dillon!! John!Alan!Dorcus!! Joseph!John!Dube!! Carmela!B.!Dufresne!! Susan!Linda!Duksta!! Daniel!Dye! Joseph!A.!Esposito! Arthur!Stephen!Fishman! Mary!Veronica!Friel! Albert!Edward!Gencarella,!Jr.!! Frank!A.!Gesmondi! Anthony!Joseph!Giunta!! Kenneth!Bradford!Goff,!Jr.!! Peter!L.!Goffin! Alfred!French!Goldstein!! Richard!Neil!Granat!! James!Henry!Green! Peter!Lawton!Greene! Calvin!A.!Gudmundson!! Angelo!Eugene!Guido!! David!William!Haddad!! Norma!Hench!Hagist!! Joseph!Bruce!Hallworth!! Joel!Dennis!Hanig! Brian!Robert!Jackson! Carl!Norman!Jacobson! Michael!David!Janvrin! Charles!Jerome!Jones,!Jr.! Jack!George!Kalaydjian! David!J.!F.!Kelley! Robert!Kinderlehrer! Faith!L.!Knerr!

Robert!W.!Knight! Michael!Paul!Kramer! Ronald!Jay!Kupferman!! Frederick!D.!!Larkin!! Mary!E.!Lemmis! Andrew!J.!Loughlin,!Jr.! George!W.!Low,!Jr.! Jeremiah!Joseph!Lynch!! James!Joseph!Lyons!! Edward!Michael!Marchetti!! Steven!J.!Marques! Richard!Arthur!Matson! Lucie!Mazmanian! Gerald!Mazor! George!Joseph!McCabe! Charles!D.!McGarry! Dennis!Charles!McGovern! Elmer!F.!!Miller! Nancy!Ray!Miller! Robert!O.!Nault! Vincent!Nave! Donald!George!Nevius! LeRoy!Everitt!Nordstrom,!Jr.!! Francis!M.!Oliveira! Kenneth!Otto!Olson! William!Robert!Onosko! Chesley!Oriel! Louis!J.!Othote,!Jr.!! John!Peter!Panagako!! Vincent!Thomas!Pantas! Kenneth!Lee!Parker!! Warren!Edward!Peck!! Antonio!Joseph!Pires!! AnneiLiis!Polak! Frank!B.!Polak! Jay!David!Polish!! Michael!A.!Prasso!! Frank!Bradford!Pride! Clinton!Edward!Ramsden,!Jr.! John!Joseph!Rapczak! Stanley!Richard!Reuter! Alfred!Joseph!Ricei,!Jr.!! Robert!Louis!Ricci!! Terry!Ward!Rickey! Joel!David!Robrish! John!G.!Romanoff,!Jr.!

Janet!Lorraine!Saccoccia! Stephen!Joel!Saft! Edmund!Charles!Sciarretta! Joseph!L.!Scotto!! Jack!Michael!Silver!! Robert!L.!Simmons! Howard!Michael!Smith!! David!Paul!Spielvogel!! Ann!Brandt!Spong!! William!C.!Stafford! Donna!Page!Steele! Edward!John!Sullivan!! Lewis!Ira!Treistman!! John!Joseph!Turano! Brian!George!Wallace! Lynn!R.!Watjen! Russell!Lees!Whitehead! Henry!Wainer!Winkleman! Vincent!Theodore!Wojcik!! Valentine!Joseph!Zanolle!! David!Edward!Zeilstra! Jean!McGreavy!Zeltner! ! 1967! ! Cynthia!Rae!Adams!! Robert!Bruce!Adams!! Edward!Owen!Adler!! Deborah!E.!Alexander! distinction% Steven!David!Arden! Edward!John!Atamian!! Alan!Atkinson,!Jr.!! Charles!A.!Aube! Arthur!Richard!Azevedo! Normand!Charles!Baillargeon! John!G.!Baker,!Jr.!! Donna!Elaine!Balzofiore!! Roland!Daniel!Benjamin!! Edgar!Leo!Bessette,!Jr.!! Armand!Albert!Bianco! Orban!Birol! Paul!Lewis!Brennan! Ruth!Ann!Brooks! Peter!Bulawka! Philipp!Harwood!Burroughs!

Richard!Wilbur!Callen,!Jr.!! Carl!Joseph!Capobianco!! Elaine!Caroselli! Michael!William!Carroll!! Frank!Nicholas!Caruso!! Maureen!Louise!Cellemme! Paul!Alexis!Chassey! Byron!Frederick!Chiaverini! Margaret!Brosemer!Christopher! Anthony!John!Cianci!! Robin!A.!Cochran! Jean!D.!!Colavecchio!! high%distinction%% David!Russell!Cole! Elliott!A.!Crocker,!Jr.!! Frederic!Charles!Crowley!! David!B.!Cyr! Thomas!J.!Dacey! Ira!Martin!Dansky!! Harvey!Gerald!Demmler! George!Michael!DeWalder! Anthony!deWardener! Susan!Jane!Diamond! Thomas!Robert!Doherty,!Jr.!! Robert!Patrick!Dunn! E.!!Richard!Durfee! Donald!Lloyd!Elliott! James!Harry!Erinakes!! David!Steven!Fine! David!A.!Forsythe,!Jr.!! Howard!I.!Freeman! Robert!H.!Gelineau,!Jr.! John!Ramon!Giglio! Richard!Steven!Glenzer! Stanley!M.!Golemo,!Jr.! Joseph!John!Graham!! Edward!Alan!Greene!! Walter!G.!Guffey! Russell!Ethan!!!Haber! William!Harry!Haggis! Donald!Hinckley!Hall! Earl!Edward!Handrigan! Preston!J.!Hare! Francis!Harrington! Margaret!Ann!Harrington! John!Melle!Hascup!

Valerie!Jean!Haynes! Paul!Roland!Holmes! George!Richard!Hovan! Denise!M.!Iannaccaro! Howard!Leonard!Indell! Janet!Edith!Jackson! E.!Stephen!Jesienowski! distinction% Ronald!Paul!Joseph! Donald!Nuttall!Kaull!! Larry!Alan!Kemelgor! Robert!Ladd!Kendrick! Eugene!Philip!Kessler! Patricia!Ann!Kinney! Arthur!Joel!Cibanoff! Thomas!Edward!Krohner! Carlton!Caddell!Laird! Thomas!Ide!Lamon! Ella!Ritchie!LaRiviere! Niles!Rodney!Larson! Barrie!J.!Lattman!! Raymond!G.!Laverdiere!! William!Whitelaw!Lawson,!Jr.!! David!Harvey!Leach! Charles!Leek! Robert!Steven!Levy! Edward!Robert!Lodge,!Jr.! distinction% Richard!Neil!Lowen! Robert!H.!!Lussier! Leslie!Wayne!MacPhee! Ronald!B.!Maggiacomo! James!M.!Mandell! Richard!Vincent!Marseglia! Augustus!F.!!Marsella! James!Earle!McClelland,!III! Sharon!Elizabeth!McConnell! Charles!E.!!McKenna! distinction% James!Meisenheimer!! Gerald!Alan!Miller!! Leonard!Richard!Minkin!! Bruce!Quinn!Morin! Mary!V.!Murphy! Yousef!Ibrahim!Nazzal! Robert!Shepherd!Nelson!

Dana!Alden!Neville! Peter!Joseph!O'Connell! A.!Wayne!Offiler! Stephen!Alan!Oster! Harold!T.!!Panciera,!Jr.! Elizabeth!Irene!Paterra! Robert!Neil!Perlow! William!John!Peterson,!Jr.! Vincent!John!Petrarca! Judith!Ann!Phillipp! Louis!Piccirilli! Paul!Vernon!Quigley! Richard!James!Ropp! Sanford!J.!Resnick! Keith!Langford!Risk! Francis!Frederick!Robbins! David!Arthur!Rooney! high%distinction% Steven!Alan!Ross! Edwin!Michael!Russell! Melvin!Schrieberg! Joseph!Robinson!Sherwood,!Jr.! George!James!Shippee! distinction% David!Irwin!Shorr! Bruce!Mark!Silverman! Raymond!Francis!Silvia! Emil!Charles!Slonina,!Jr.!! Steven!Philip!Sokol! Daniel!A.!Sullivan! Leo!H.!Tellier,!Jr.!! Ronald!Thomas!F.!Tortorella! Daniel!Ives!Tyler! David!C.!VanderPyl! Richard!Alan!VanHine! Alfred!Joseph!Verrecchia! Joseph!A.!Walton! Charles!David!Wilk! William!Theodore!Wolkowitz! Philip!Lewis!Yaeger! ! 1968! ! George!Patterson!Abbott!! Virginia!Eileen!Ahlstedt!! Robert!Christian!Allen!!

Russell!A.!Anderson,!Jr.!! Diane!Katherine!Andrews!! Peter!William!Babbitt! Lee!R.!Baker! Michael!Edward!Ball! Donna!Furness!Bell! Jeffrey!Bettan! Robert!Michael!Boyar! distinction% Michael!A.!Brand!! Phillip!David!Brown!!! Frederick!Joel!Buchsbaum!! Robert!Moore!Bushnell!! John!Brian!Carlos!!! Richard!Jeffrey!Casten! Robert!Philip!Ceprano! Aurello!Harry!Cesario!!! Everett!J.!Chamberlin!! Richard!William!Chorney!! Anthony!Joseph!Clancy!! Jack!Wade!Clark,!Jr.!! Dorothy!E.!Cobb! Donald!Robert!Colarulli! Marilyn!Gray!Cone! George!Lee!Coppit,!Jr.!! Alan!Corin! Hannibal!Falcon!Costa!! Richard!Allen!Costa!!! Andrew!Orner!Coutu! James!Paul!Curci,!Jr.!!! Louis!G.!DeBartolo!! Kenneth!Robert!Delisle! Richard!DeOrsey! Elward!Bruce!Deutsch! Catherine!Mary!Dick! Stephen!James!DiPrete!! Albert!E.!Domenico!! Bradley!George!Eirman!! Richard!Francis!Ewart!! Suzanne!B.!Farnworth! Neil!Richard!Feeley!! Gordon!Hedley!Ferrie!! Susan!Lieberman!Fine! Charles!L.!Fishman!! Stephen!Hyde!Frazel! Frances!Maggio!Gamble!!

Jane!Garbin!!! Allan!H.!Gelber! Elaine!Puntch!Gelineau! Alan!David!Gerstein!! Vincent!Michael!Giammatteo! Charles!William!Giannini! Daniel!Francis!Gillis! Charles!Edward!Gilmore! Richard!Michael!Goldsmith! Barry!L.!Guy! Paul!Edward!Hagerty! Irwin!Sheldon!Hand! Allan!Thornton!Hanscom! Marie!A.!Hardink! Stephen!Dabney!Healy! Robert!Francis!Hefner!! Robert!William!Hemmerle!! Jack!B.!Hodys!! Howard!Martin!Holstein! John!Drury!Hopkins!! William!Darrell!Horne!! Robert!L.!Hughes!! William!Harold!Janowski! Bradford!C.!Johnson! Lawrence!Larry!Johnson!! Jay!Alan!Kaiser! Christine!Andrews!Kaye! John!Francis!Keenan!!! Hope!Irene!Kerr!! Carolyn!Frances!Kiess!! David!Mark!Klein!! Chester!F.!!Klosek! Paull!Richard!Lane! John!Conklin!Lang! Roger!Earl!LeBeau! Mark!Allen!Lebron!! Elliott!Todd!Lew! Kenneth!Steven!Lewis! Charles!Wellington!Livingstone,!Jr.! Ralph!A.!Malafronte! Joseph!Nerone!Mancini,!Jr.!! Richard!James!Manson! Deborah!N.!!Margolies! Rudolph!S.!Marshall,!Jr.! Daniel!W.!Marvelle,!Jr.!! Joseph!W.!May!!

Flora!R.!McCaffrey! William!Francis!McDermott,!Jr.! Virginia!Frances!McElroy! Milton!Frank!McKenna!! Robert!Hanson!Millar!! Ambrose!Culver!Miller,!Jr.!! Michael!L.!Millman! Leonard!Richard!Minkin!! Merrill!Kirby!Moone! Gleason!Arthur!Moore!! Joseph!Michael!Murphy!! Richard!M.!Myerson!!! Ronald!E.!!Nelson! James!Richard!Norris!! Robert!Eugene!O'Brien! David!Raymond!O'Donnell! Raymond!Edmund!Joseph!Paolo! James!Peskin! Jobn!Petrella,!Jr.!! Gary!Steven!Piscione! distinction% % Edward!T.!!Potenza!! John!Patrick!Quigley!!! William!Vincent!Rafferty,!Jr.!!! John!Joseph!Rainone!! Raymond!Peter!Rainville!! Michael!Joseph!Recorvits!!! William!H.!Robert,!III!! Thomas!Carroll!Rodman,!III!! Paul!Anthony!Rogers! Florence!Keeher!Rowswell! Joseph!L.!C.!Ruisi,!Jr.! Diane!M.!Saabye! Charles!Spiro!Samaras! Dolores!Garzoli!Savage! Barton!Gerald!Sayles!! Robert!E.!Scheibenpflug!! Otto!A.!Sears! distinction% Arthur!Howard!Sheer!! Richard!John!Sherman!! Thomas!M.!Sherman! Charles!Barry!Sherwin!! Thomas!F.!Shevlin! Raymond!Joseph!Sicard,!Jr.!! Michael!J.!Signorelli,!Jr.!!

Paul!Burke!Silvia! Francis!R.!Simonini! Gail!E.!!Skaggs! John!Slonina,!Jr.!! Howard!Small! Gail!Elizabeth!Smith! distinction% Nancy!Shirlene!Smith!! Stephen!Turner!Smith! William!F.!Snyder! high%distinction% William!K.!Sonntag!! Robert!August!Steidel!! Barry!Howard!Steiner!! Barry!Robert!Steiner!!! Henrv!Strashnick!Kenneth!Striker! Nathan!Joel!Sudakoff! Paul!James!Sullivan!! John!Gregory!Szymanski!! Robert!Anthony!Taylor!! Jacquelyn!Tesorero! Paulette!J.!Thorpe!! Edward!M.!Tiernan!! Robert!B.!Tillinghast!! Michael!P.!Valois! James!Joseph!Voelker!! Frank!Thomas!Vollaro!! David!Michael!Walsh!! Mark!Devlin!Walsh!! Vernon!Bruce!Walter!! Gerard!G.!Warlop! Frederic!R.!Wasserspring! Kenneth!J.!Weber!! Ruth!Ann!Wenzel!!! Brian!R.!Westcott!! David!George!Zartarian!! ! 1969! ! Michael!David!Aaronson!! Glenn!Lawrence!Allen!! Rosemarie!Barbara!Andrade!! Richard!Thomas!Andrew!! Robert!L.!Armstrong!! Lionel!E.!Audet!!! Dennis!Paul!Avila!!!

Mark!J.!Azza!! Ronald!Wayne!Bader! John!Frank!Balducci!! John!Baldwin! Paul!Bandieri! distinction% Michael!A.!Barnett! James!Thomas!Beattie! Judith!Christine!Benham! high%distinction% Carl!Henry!Benker,!II!! Mitchell!Eric!Bentley!! David!Walker!Binns! Russell!Raymond!Blanchard! Jack!Bolnick! Michael!Neil!Botvin!! high%distinction% Peter!Thomas!Bouchard! David!Thomas!Boule!! distinction% John!Joseph!Bovi! Richard!Nelson!Brown!! Roy!Arthur!Brown! Thomas!Oark!Brown,!Jr.!! Anne!Bryson!Cameron!! Raymond!Anthony!Capece!! Dante!Louis!Caprara,!Jr.!! Louis!W.!Capuano! Kenneth!Bryan!Carlson! Richard!Michael!Carroll! Jonathan!H.!!Caswell! Howard!Roy!Catley,!Jr.! George!R.!Chambers! distinction% Thomas!J.!Chisholm!! Richard!Joseph!Cicchelli! Michael!Christopher!Coe! Gerald!P.!!Coletti!! David!Martin!Conte! Stephen!Michael!Cooper!! Harold!Alan!Cort!! Charles!Frank!Coupe!! Leslie!H.!Crandall! F.!Thomas!Currier! Jadwiga!Dabrowski!! Edward!Dacruz!!

Robert!John!Dahmer! Ronald!Howard!Dannecker! Donald!David!Dauphinee!! David!Atwood!Delano! Dominic!S.!Desnoyers! Donald!William!Despres! Gregory!William!DiMartino! Albert!DiPaolo! Phyllis!A.!Dompkowski! Stephen!L.!!Dreyfuss! Robert!Neil!Driscoll! Robert!Edward!Drury! highest%%distinction% Jerome!Edward!Erwin! Richard!Barry!Fain! Edward!Leonard!Fagan!! James!Frederick!Fagan! William!Alan!Famiglietti! Kathleen!Mae!Fedorko! Melvyn!Norman!Feinbloom! Gary!V.!Finck!! Robert!Raphael!Fischer! Jeffrey!N.!Fisher! Melvin!Allan!Fleischer! Joseph!George!Formicola,!Jr.! Charles!David!Gauvin! Donald!Raymond!Gauvin!! Elaine!Puntch!Gelineau!! John!W.!Geoghegan! Tohn!Martin!Ghering!! Ray!D.!Gilmore,!II! William!Thomas!Giordano!! Frank!Newth!Gladding!!! Gregory!Joseph!Glover!! Leslie!Bradford!Goff! Alfred!C.!Gomes!! Henry!Stephen!Gorenski! John!Edwards!Graham,!Jr.!! Curtis!Lindsay!Gray! Jess!Richard!Grossberg! distinction% John!Edward!Gulino!! Richard!Adrian!Hall!! David!Barnes!Hartley!! John!David!Harvey!! Robert!Francis!Heffernan!

Frank!E.!Henry! Eugene!Paul!Hennessey!! George!Alan!Hervey!!! Paul!Howard!Hobson,!Jr.!! Bonnie!L.!Holbrook!! Richard!Allen!Hone! Harry!Peter!Hoopis!! John!Richard!Hunt!! David!Louis!Iannucci!! George!Louis!Issa!! John!K.!Katibian! Kenneth!M.!Keene! Sinclair!Fuller!Kenney,!Jr.!! Irene!J.!Kesse! Donald!Hamilton!King!! Barry!Kenneth!Kleinman! Thomas!Peter!Knight!!! Stephan!Mark!Koteen!! Edward!A.!Krawczyk!! William!Wilbrod!Labonte!! Richard!A.!Lagasse! Paul!Richard!Lane! Jean!Dorothy!Larson! Ronald!George!Lee! Charles!George!Link!! William!Ralph!Lund!! Paul!Gerard!Lussier!! William!Allan!MacKinlay!! Bernard!David!Make!! Richard!Joseph!Maresca! William!Raymond!Marginson! Loreto!Orlando!Marini!! John!Robert!Marsella! distinction% W.!Albert!Martin! John!Emmett!McCarthy,!Jr.!! Ravmond!Patrick!McDermott!! Raiph!Frederick!McElroy,!Jr.!! Leon!Mintschenko! Harry!Ross!Mittleman!! William!Augustine!Moffitt!!! Edward!Brooks!Moore,!Jr.!! Alton!Howard!Mott! distinction% Gregory!James!Mott!! Donna!P.!Nardone!!

Mazen!Ibrahim!Nazzal!! Dennis!Paul!Nelson! Robert!Cooper!Nelson! Nancy!Regina!Newbury! Mark!Ross!O'Brien! Albert!Colson!Ormiston! Arthur!Vincent!Page! Michael!M.!!Palian!! David!Gordon!Parsons!! Michael!Angelo!Patalano! Sherry!Lee!Pecht! Joseph!Fulvio!Penza,!Jr.! John!Frank!Perini!!! Barry!Alan!Phillips!! John!David!Pierson!! John!J.!Polak! Steven!Michael!Polak! Marianne!Palma!Poljanic! Michael!Thomas!Rabasca! Richard!Raggio! Michael!Abraham!Ranftle!! William!Edward!Reed,!Jr.!! Douglas!Lee!Reinhart!! Edward!R.!Rendine! Frederick!Wallace!Reynolds,!III!! Paul!A.!Ricci! Gerald!Arthur!Richmond!! Heristal!Henri!Rigollet!! Donald!Bruce!Robinson!!! Donna!Vaughn!Robinson! Edward!F.!Rodak!! Francis!Emil!Ruhle!! Joseph!Charles!Russillo! Paul!Joseph!St.!Jean! Joseph!Coduri!Salimeno!! Jane!Ellen!Salonen!! Nicholas!Joseph!Santangini! Alan!Jan!Sarnoff!! Janis!Marie!Scorpio!! Bruce!Stephen!Sherman!! Richard!Allen!Silva!!! Robert!Richard!Simonini!! Alec!B.!Sinel! Randall!E.!Slade! James!Eugene!Smidt! Alan!Robert!Spachman!

Donald!Thomas!Stewart! Barry!Charles!Sullivan! Stephen!Jan!Svehlik! Edward!P.!Swanson! distinction% Audrey!Marie!Swiderski!! Raymond!Paul!Sylvestre!! Richard!William!Szumita!! Benjamin!Joseph!Tedeschi,!III!! Robert!Edward!Theroux! Linda!Bache!Thomas! Stephen!Paul!Tippe! Howard!Yale!Tolman!! Barry!Sherwood!Torman!! Alan!Richard!Tortolani!! William!Thompson!True! Jennifer!Theresa!Turano!! Robert!A.!Urciuoli!! George!Wallace!! Joanne!Elaine!Westberg!! Michael!Francis!Wilbur!! Elliot!David!Wilk! James!Emory!Wims! Robert!Arthur!Woods,!!Jr.!! Rene!Albert!Yates! Alan!Gregory!Zartarian! Thomas!W.!Zona! ! 1970! ! Bruce!E.!Ackerman!! Harvey!Martin!Adelberg!! Donald!A.!Alberico!! Norman!Alberigo! distinction% William!Drover!!!Allen! Lanny!Stephen!Altshuler! David!R.!Ambrose! Louis!Ernest!Andreano!! William!Joseph!Arnold!! John!A.!Baker,!Jr.!!! Edward!H.!Balfour! Brian!Carl!Balsofiore! George!Alan!Bargamian! John!Joseph!Barnes,!Jr.!! Steven!Eugene!Bartosiak!

William!C.!Basi!!! Robert!Michael!Bastow!! Harry!James!Bentley!! Dominick!Anthony!Berretto! Richard!Estabrook!Blake! Jonathan!Lincoln!Blaney!! Richard!Nelson!Blomstedt!!! Gregory!John!Bogdanich!! Patrick!Thomas!Brady!! Dale!Kevin!Brook! Victor!Roy!Brunelle! A.!Barton!Buffington! Conrad!Royal!Bums! Robert!Joseph!Caffrey! Raymond!Sumner!Caldwell! high%distinction% Joseph!Frank!Calise!! Ronald!John!Canzonieri! Joseph!Michael!Caprio! Wesley!Roy!Card! Constance!Eva!Cardillo! David!Gordon!Carr! James!Carroll!! John!Austin!Carroll! C.!Thomas!Carson! Chirstopher!Neil!Casciano! William!Francis!Casey,!Jr.! Joseph!Michael!Castaldi!! Raymond!J.!Cayer! Norman!Edward!Chamberlin! Elaine!Rae!Chase! David!Dennis!Chenevert!! Ronald!Cicerchia!! Fredertck!P.!Cimini! Alfred!Albert!Cipriano,!Jr.!! Rush!Spencer!Clark!II!! John!Edward!Clarkin,!Jr.!! Jeffrev!Gorbach!Cokin! John!Joseph!Coppa! Bruce!Agnes!Cullinane! high%distinction% William!Thomas!Curcio! Edward!E.!V.!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Agostino! Michael!Anthony!Damiano! Joseph!Pierre!Dandeneau,!Jr.!! Barbara!Daniels!!

Raymond!L!Dauplaise!! William!Lewis!Dean! Joseph!Richard!DeBlasi!! Carleen!Ann!DeLuca!! Donald!Stewart!DeNyse! David!Gary!DePalma! Robert!Anthony!DeVito! Maxwell!deWardener! Luigi!Michael!DiBari! William!Edward!Doherty! Edwin!Fairbanks!Dolbeare,!Jr.!! James!C.!Dollins! distinction% Richard!Domenicone!! Paul!Vincent!Eacuello!! Carl!Dana!Ekelund! Robert!Alfonse!Famiglietti! Barbara!Jean!Feyler!! Norman!Bruce!Fiedler!!! Harvey!Wade!Fine! Paul!L.!Fortin!! Casper!Henry!Frank!!! Georgina!Corbett!Fusaro!!! Herbert!Clark!Gaddis!! Andrew!Peter!Gagnon,!Jr.!!! Gail!Sophie!Ganosel! William!Harris!Gardner,!Jr.! Clifford!Mark!Garfinkel! Edward!Arnold!Gemma! Guy!A.!Girard! Ellen!Josephine!Gitto!! Richard!Giuliano!! Andres!D.!Gomez!!! William!Neil!Gordon!! Geoffrey!Laurence!Green!!! Geoffrey!Dana!Greene!! Richard!Edward!Greenhalgh! Robert!Steven!Hanley!! David!William!Hann!! David!Melvin!Harris! Howard!Franklyn!Hawkins! Alan!Stewart!Hayward!! Robert!Warren!Hazard!! Joseph!M.!Heller,!Jr.! William!Scott!Henderson! John!Arthur!Hess!!

Terry!P.!Hogg!! Dorothy!Holt! Ali!Honary! Albert!Sargent!Hoyle! Richard!Earl!Hufnagel!! Edward!Joseph!Hyman,!Jr.!! Joseph!Jeffrey!Infantolina!!! Gary!Stephen!Ivanson! Richard!Joseph!Jackson!! Steven!Ronald!Jacobs!! Richard!Leland!Jenkins! Lois!Fowler!Jennings! distinction% George!Anthony!Kane! Charles!Stanley!Karboski,!Jr.! Raymond!Kasperowic:l! high%distinction% Steven!Larry!Kaye! distinction% Arthur!Edward!Kechijiau! Daniel!Patrick!Keefe! Brian!Donald!Kerr! Herbert!Neil!Kessel! Barry!L.!Kleckner! Louis!Milton!Kreitzman! high%distinction% Rene!Arthur!Lamoureux!! Donald!Mario!Lavimoniere! Leo!Raymond!Lavoie! Janet!Lee! Richard!George!Lemay!! Jeffrey!N.!Levein! Harold!Michael!Lightman! Jeffrey!Stephen!Lipet!! Robert!Louis!Lombardi!!! Charles!Kevin!Long!! John!Francis!Lyons! Charles!Robert!MacDonald,!Jr.! John!N.!Macomber! Cecile!Sharon!Magnarella! Albert!Joseph!Martin,!Jr.!! Eugene!Francis!Martin!! Robert!Albert!Masi!! Raymond!Maurice!Mathieu!! Harold!John!Maturi! Henry!Gene!Maturi!

George!Arthur!Mavnard! distinction% David!A.!McCarthy!! Bruce!Campbell!McGunigle! Lois!E.!McInerney! James!Michael!McKenna!! James!Robert!McLaughlin!! William!Charles!McNiff!! Paul!Meierowitz!! Raymond!James!Mello! distinction% James!Henry!Messenger!! William!James!Metkiff! Ernest!Eugene!Michaud! Gerard!Arthur!Michaud!!! Weston!F.!Miller! John!Campbell!Moon!!! Arthur!Francis!Mullen! distinction% Hilding!Thomas!Munson!! Linda!Margaret!Najarian! Richard!Thomas!Nassa!! Carol!Ann!Neary! Douglas!Alan!Nordstrom! Paul!Evans!Norton! Frank!Joseph!Oliver,!Jr.! James!Joseph!O'Neill! Ronald!Ross!Osborne! M.!Joyce!Oseth! Roger!Dennis!Pact! Stephen!Joseph!Palmisciano! Robert!Paul!Palumbo!! Asahel!F.!Parmelee,!Jr.! Julie!Claire!Payne! Michael!A.!Pella! Ronald!DeSaules!Pephens! Thomas!Arnold!Pickering!! Charles!Champlain!Pierce!III!! Harold!Lister!Pierson! James!Carl!Pozzi! Santo!Michael!Presti!! Stephen!H.!Pritzker! Gerald!Armand!Provencher! Richard!Raymond!Quirk! Ralph!Frank!Racca!! Howard!Paul!Rackmil!!

Patrick!Raggio! Norman!A.!Rainey,!Jr.! John!A.!Rawcliffe!! Albert!Philip!Richman!! Glenn!David!Riedell!! Thomas!Hector!Rochefort! Gerald!William!Rodinsky!! Ronald!Bruce!Rosen!!! William!Charles!Rosenberg! Bruce!Elliot!Rotenberg! distinction% Marc!Alan!Rouslin!! David!B.!Rubenstein!! Bruce!C.!Russell!! James!Joseph!Salinger! John!Francis!Sartini!! Peter!Anthony!Savickas!! William!Reed!Sawyer!! Bruce!T.!Schoelle!! Benjamin!Robert!Schoen! Virginia!Bogue!!Schuttert!! Herbert!Schwartz! Gregory!George!Scown! Marc!Jeffrey!Seifer!! Paul!Anthony!Sepe!! Jean!Marie!Servidio!! Stuart!Michael!Sharf! Vincent!John!Sheehan! Thomas!Bourne!Sherman! Deborah!Beth!Silverman! Edward!Charles!Simon! Robert!Paul!Slack! Kenneth!Gordon!Smith,!Jr.! Leo!Michael!Smith! William!Joseph!Smith,!Jr.! Philip!Erwin!Sock! Jeffrey!Lee!Sommers! distinction% Anthony!Henriques!Sousa!! Ronald!S.!Spagnole!!! Anthony!Joseph!Squizzero!! Steven!Harold!Standish! Kenneth!Scott!Stearns! Michael!Andrew!Stecyk! David!Englund!Steele! Joyce!Weinreich!Steere!!

Donald!Thomas!Stewart!! Laurence!Aram!Tanner! Lee!Walter!Taylor! Martha!Caroline!Taylor!! Andrew!Nils!Thoresen! Ralph!G.!Travis! James!Joseph!Tyrrell,!Jr.!! Virginia!Lee!Vosburg!!! Robert!James!Walsh!!! Robert!Francis!Joseph!Ward!! Carl!Owen!Weaver! Margareta!Hurtig!White! high%distinction% Edward!James!Wiggins! high%distinction% Geraldine!Elizabeth!Wiitala!! Coval!Kenneth!Wild,!Jr.!! Donald!Paton!Wilkinson!! Frederick!Michael!Williams! distinction% Hugh!Allen!Williams! Paul!!!B.!!Williams! Robert!Arnold!Williamson! Wendy!Margaret!Willner! distinction% John!Andrew!Woodruff!!! Nathan!Richard!Wool! Gary!Mark!Yeadon!! Stuart!Ian!Zarchen!! Alan!Lawrence!Zell! ! 1971! ! Bryan!Tillinghast!Adriance,!Jr.!! Eugene!Natale!Aiello! Bryan!Kirby!Annable,!Jr.!!! Stephen!Nicholas!Aschettino!! Margaret!Lynne!Atwood!! David!W.!Barker! Barry!Mark!Barovick!! Richard!Francis!Barry!! Robert!Alan!Beaudoin!! John!Ferris!Berardo!! Myron!Ray!Bernstein!!! Armand!F.!Bessette! Robert!Joseph!Bessette!

Robert!Francis!Blake! James!Arthur!Blinzler!! Donald!Philip!Boas,!Jr.!! Domenic!Richard!Boragine!! Edward!Arthur!Bourne!II! distinction% Robert!D.!Bova!! Christopher!James!Boyle!! Helen!Lacerda!Bragger!!! Richard!Albert!Brillon!! Richard!Harold!Brooks!! Theodore!Austin!Brown! Wayne!Lee!Brown!! Vincent!Frank!Bucci!! Marilyn!A.!Buffington! high%distinction% Barry!E.!Burden! Michael!Francis!Burke! Joseph!Ernest!Camire!! Douglas!Ian!Campbell!! James!Michael!Campbell!! James!Jeffrey!Carpenter!! Edward!Francis!Cassidy!! Francis!Paul!Castrovillari! Richard!Raymond!Christensen! John!Holdsworth!Christopher! Curt!Martin!Cohen! Joseph!Robert!Colan!! Christine!Hethennan!Cook! David!Phillips!Cook! distinction% David!Edward!Coppolelli! Edward!J.!Costa!! Richard!N.!Crocker!! John!F.!Crook!!! Susan!Elena!Curlee! Robert!Anthony!Czekanski! Walter!John!Dandrow,!Jr.! Harold!S.!Dawson!! Robert!David!Dee! Arthur!Michael!Dejohn!!! Joseph!Micheal!DeLillo! Carl!DeLuca! James!Demicco,!Jr.!! Guenther!H.!DerManelian! Patricia!Dauksis!DiMartino!!

Robert!Angelo!DiMeo!! Joseph!P.!Dionne! Alfred!Carmine!DiPrete! Doris!Ann!DiPrete! distinction% Lincoln!Allen!Divali,!Jr.! Gary!James!Donadio! Brian!Thomas!Donnelly! William!Michael!Donnelly!! John!Joseph!Drapala! Stephan!Marc!Drucker! William!Gilbert!Dupre!! Henry!Charles!Duquette!! Joseph!Edward!Dyson!!! Jan!Paul!Eckhart! George!Hiram!Evans! Martha!Morrison!Fairtile!! William!Edward!Fallon! Philip!Fanara,!Jr.!! Angelo!Favaro!!! Harold!Fayerweather,!Jr.! Keith!Barry!Finck! Clades!Edward!Fogarty! Vernon!Chester!Follett! George!J.!Forte! Peter!Anthony!Forte! Steven!Paul!Friedman! Edward!L.!Frisella,!Jr.!! Frederick!Sidney!Gaschen,!Jr.!! Norman!E.!Gauvin! Sheryl!Ilene!Genser! Ronald!Michael!Goga!! Kenneth!I.!Goldblatt!! Richard!Green! Mark!Richard!Grey!! Ronald!Bradley!Griffin!! Philip!Matthew!Gruber! Robert!Tingley!Hamilton!! David!Nels!Hammerstrom!! Larry!Ezra!Hanan! William!Peter!Hanson! Bruce!Edward!Harrington! Stephen!Reed!Heard! John!E.!Heroux! Diane!E.!Herrmann! Richard!Keith!Heston!!

Kevin!Gerard!Hoag!! Duane!Hodgkinson!! Robert!Laurence!Holden!! Louise!Ann!Hollis! distinction% Douglas!Peter!Holmes!! Jonathan!Merrill!Holmes!! Peter!Mario!Holzinger!! Thomas!Allen!Howard!! William!James!Hunt! Frank!Ralph!Iannucci! Salvatore!F.!Impagliazzo! % distinction% Robert!F.!Ingham! James!K.!Jackson,!Jr.!!! Barry!Joseph!Jacobs! Richard!L.E.!Jocelyn! Arthur!Boyd!Jones,!Jr.! William!James!Jordan! Jerry!Virgil!Jorge! Perry!H.!Joesphson! Judith!Ann!Kaestner! Lawrence!Ian!Kahn! % distinction% Leslie!Jane!Kandel! Ronald!Zalman!Kaplan! Marek!Georgo!Keller! David!J.!Kenney! Dennis!James!Kipphut! Jeffrey!Lee!Kleinman! Jeffrey!Michael!Kneller! Kenneth!Edmund!Knox! Anne!Thelma!Koteen! Steven!A.!Kotler! Ronald!W.!Kresch! Virginia!Anne!Lacey! Albert!Theodore!LaFrance! distinction% Frank!Joseph!Lalli! Jane!Anne!Lanctot! Robert!Judson!Lang! Gaston!R.!Langlois! Dennis!Peter!LaPierre! Charles!Joseph!Lemoine! David!H.!Levison! John!Clifford!Lewis!

Rodney!Locke! Robert!Vincent!Lonardo! Randolph!Lowman! Anthony!Vincent!Lukasiewicz,!Jr.! Robert!James!MacAllister! Joseph!I.!Macomber! Drew!James!Magee! Lucille!Swider!Maggi! ! highest%distinction% Thomas!Anthony!Maguire,!Jr.! Ralph!Michael!Malafronte! Vincent!Mancini! Gregory!J.!Marcello! Stephen!Peter!Masuck! Paul!Vincent!Materia! David!Clay!McBrair! John!T.!McGannon! Richard!Daniel!McGowan,!Jr.! Alan!Hervey!McNally! Kenneth!Breed!Miner! John!Calvin!Miniclier,!Jr.! James!Patrick!Morris! Andrew!Michael!Morrone! Gerald!L.!Mosher! Roger!Fred!Muller! Gerald!James!Murphy! Patricia!Anne!Nadeau! Carol!Elizabeth!Najarian! Richard!Lee!Narcessian! Ralph!Irving!Nathan! Warren!Anthony!Negri,!Jr.! John!Brendan!Newman,!Jr.! Henry!Peter!Opiekun! Stephan!F.!Paparo! Robert!John!Papertsian! Chester!Henry!Paquette! Frank!Anthony!Parenti! Raymond!Francis!Parker,!Jr.! Irene!Regina!Partington! Kenneth!Paul!Pattie! Mary!Alexis!Pawlowski! Lois!Mary!Pazienza! Robert!Henry!Pease,!Jr.! Ronald!Conrad!Pellerin! Marcin!Martindale!Pelser,!Jr.! Alan!Richard!Perron!

Raymond!Ronald!Perry! Meredith!D.!Persson! Paul!R.!Picard! Anthony!Louis!Piccirillo! Roger!Albert!Pincince! William!F.!Plum! Jonathon!Robert!Potter! Edna!Simonne!Poulin! David!Scott!Prince! Ronald!Larsen!Rainer! Stephen!Guy!Ravo! Raymond!J.!Renzi! Roger!D.!Reynhout! Arthur!Ray!Richardson,!Jr.! Thomas!David!Riley! Carl!H.!Rosen! Steven!M.!Rubin! Paul!D.!Russell! Michael!Patrick!Saddow! John!E.!Salmon! Jo!Anna!Saylor! Nicky!Joseph!Scalera! Joseph!Paul!Scallin! Robert!Ellison!Schaffer! David!S.!Schneider! Donald!Richard!Schultz! Susan!Catherine!Schwarz! Richard!Albert!Scott! Roger!A.!Sheff! James!Thomas!Sherry! Allen!Meller!Shore! Arnold!Harris!Silverman! Jeffrey!Rhodes!Sisson! Anthony!John!Spaziano! Sandra!Legh!Spinney! Jerome!Frederick!Squillante! James!Peter!Stewart,!Jr.! Warren!Howard!Stewart! Robert!Stephan!Stramm! Donald!Paul!Sullican!! Thomas!Glenn!Tacey! Philip!Aldrich!Tanner! John!Ernest!Tarasevich! Antonio!Robert!Tavares! Cheryl!A.!Terry! Joel!Edward!Thomson!

Raymond!Albert!Tomasso!!! distinction% William!Bentham!Upham!! Nicholas!Charles!Utter!! Rocco!Alfred!Vallande! Thomas!Charles!Varella!! James!Thomas!Wallwork!! Arthur!John!Watson! Richard!Edwin!Webb!! Bradley!James!Webster!! Richard!Alan!Weigert!! Eileen!Robin!Weiner! Richard!Lyle!Weiner!!! Edward!R.!Werbicki!! David!Arthur!Whaley! Fred!C.!White,!Jr.!! Robert!Earl!Williams!! Cooper!David!Winn!IV! distinction% Christopher!Martin!Wiseman!! Robert!Stephen!Wood! Robert!Edward!Wosencroft!! Nathalie!Grace!Yaghoobian! Purisimo!Libay!Yamzon! Louis!Michael!Yany! Gregory!James!Young!! Michael!John!Zurowski!! Robert!Neil!Zutty! distinction% ! 1972! ! Alan!Norman!Addison!! George!Henry!Aiken,!Jr.!! Mike!A.!Ainbindert!! Donald!A.!Ainsworth!! Jack!Leon!Akqulian!! Jeffrey!Howard!Allen! Rebecca!Jean!Allen!! Arthur!Richard!Andolfo! Neil!Craig!Arbor!! James!Dainel!Arundel!! Naseem!A.!Ayoub! Cheryl!Lynn!Bacheldert! William!Henry!Barbarow! Robert!Joseph!Barlow!!

Merle!Allison!Barrington!! Joseph!John!Bartkiewicz!! Marilvn!Whittaker!Batsford! Thomas!J.!Beatrice! Maureen!A.!Belisle! Penelope!Ann!Benson! Gerald!N.!Bertrand! Stephen!Albert!Blay,!Jr.!! William!Roy!Blinn,!Jr.! Vernon!Francis!Bliven! David!Russell!Boltont! distinction% Vincent!Gerald!Boraginet! Arthur!Octave!Bousquet! William!Paul!Brock! Fred!Irving!Buck,!Jr.!! Renee!Elizabeth!Bucklin!! Paul!Bullock! John!Richard!Burdettet! John!Allen!Burrillt! distinction% James!Barry!Buslik! Susan!Gail!Cafferty! Michael!P.!Cahalan! Robert!David!James!Calabro!! Nicholas!Anthony!Cangiano!! Mitchell!David!Cantor! Cosmo!A.!Capotosto! Paul!F.!Carney!II! Michael!Paul!Cavallaro! William!P.!Cherella! Vincent!A.!Chionchio! Alan!Irwin!Chorney! Christopher!Taft!Cobb!! Robert!Frederick!Cohen!! Kenneth!Cole! Brian!Nelson!Collings!! James!M.!Connery!! Thomas!Michael!Conway!! Stephen!A.!Cook! high%distinction% Philip!DeWitt!Cousineau! Robert!Edward!Coyne! Gary!Robert!Cramer! Brian!A.!Crete! Irene!Bromley!Cruickshank!

highest%distinction% Michael!Joseph!Cunningham! John!Francis!Curran,!Jr.! Wayne!Burton!Curtis!! Terranc!James!Daly!! Herbert!E.!Davis! Pasquale!DelliCarpini! David!Louis!DelNero! Wayne!Evans!Dempsey! Lance!DeForrest!Dickinson! John!Louis!DiToro!!! John!David!Dittmer!! Jerrold!Ned!Dorman!! Thompson!Essex!Drake! Warren!Thomas!Drake!! Stephen!Barry!Dresslert!! John!William!Early! Roger!Latham!Easterbrooks! Richard!Scott!Egginton! distinction% Gary!Francis!Eggleston! Theodore!Irving!Ellis!III!! Steven!Edward!Elterich!! Douglas!Frank!Entwistle! Ennio!Favaro! Daniel!J.!Fay! Raymond!Ferns! Jeffrey!Alan!Feroce! John!A.!Ferri! Edward!William!Fianst!! Barry!Harvey!Fine!! Michael!F.!Finn! Mark!Fischer! Warren!Fred!Fischer! Andrew!James!Fitzgerald! high%distinction% Richard!G.!Fleischert!! Edward!Ernest!Fremeau!! Ronald!Kent!Gagne!! Robert!Anthony!Galvanin! Clades!Frederick!Ganem!! Annen!Ronald!Garabedian!! Robert!Steven!Garfinkel! Richard!Paul!Gervais! Peter!S.!Giard! Nicholas!Gizzarelli,!Jr.!

Richard!Ernest!Godfroy! Daniel!Jeffrey!Goldstein! Robert!Joseph!Greene!! Robert!Wilfrid!Guindon!! George!Haley! Robert!William!Halstead!! John!Douglas!Hamilton!! Robert!Leslie!Hampton!! John!Christian!Hansen! James!O.!Harris! distinction% Russel!J.!Hart! Paul!Bens!Hartley! distinction% Laurence!Warren!Hausner!! Robert!Raymond!Hay! Robert!R.!Henry! Geogre!Frederick!Herrington! distinction% Alfred!C.!Hoffmann! William!Thomas!Hofmann! Robert!Menzies!Holbum,!Jr.! high%distinction% Kenneth!Holden! Carlton!Evans!Holm! George!Vincent!Houlker! Bernard!R.!Hughes! John!E.!Hutchinson! Thomas!Francis!Hynes! John!Frank!Izzi!! Edward!H.!Jacques!! Edwin!William!Johnson!! Michael!Burt!Katz! Arthur!W.!Keegant!! John!Joseph!Kelley!! Ronald!Hadland!Kilburn!! Terry!Lee!Knudsen!! Harvey!D.!Kohn! Alan!Robert!Koski!! Arthur!Ford!Kravetz!! Gene!Wayne!Kulzer! high%distinction% Daniel!Ronald!LaCroix! Ernest!Joseph!LaFrance,!Jr.! James!Francis!Lambert,!Jr.!!

Antoine!Leopold!Lameraner,!Jr.! Michael!P.!Lareau! Alfred!Joseph!Laudini! John!Bruce!Lavdar! John!Lawless!! Edward!D.!Lesser!! David!Scott!Libby! high%distinction% Richard!Joseph!Liguori! David!Arthur!Lippst! Joseph!Anthony!Lombardo,!Jr.! Wilbert!L.!Luetschwager! Peter!Allan!Lutze! George!Jerome!Lyons!III! Neil!Edward!Mahoney!! Mark!Thomas!Malikowski!! John!Rufus!Marshall! high%distinction% Spencer!Hamilton!Maynard! distinction% Kevin!F.!McBride!! Thomas!F.!McCabe!! Robert!Dale!McConnick! Robert!William!McDermott,!Jr.! Michael!Lankford!McGivern! Sally!Anne!McKechnie! John!J.!McKeon!! James!F.!Mclaughlin!! Francis!H.!McQuiggan!! Paul!Carr!McVay! James!Howard!Means!II! Armindo!B.!D.!Medeiros! Edward!Joseph!Melenkivitz! Beverly!M.!Messier! Thomas!Anthony!Mickunast!! Robert!Joseph!Mignon,!Jr.!! Marvin!Ray!Mitchell! Louis!James!Monari! Mark!James!Montgomery! Leo!Robert!Moretti! Raymond!P.!Moriarty! Michael!Gene!Morrison!! Michael!Mushaty!! Stephen!Mathew!Norcia! John!Joseph!Nugent!! Edward!John!O'Brien!

James!Louis!O'Hara,!Jr.! Charles!Frank!Oller! distinction% Donald!Adelard!Ouellette! Frank!R.!Papa! Robert!Alan!Pari! highest%distinction% Ronald!Alan!Parkinson! Raymond!Anthony!Pasquale! David!Alan!Patty! Robert!Douglas!Peacock! Joseph!Edward!Pellegrino,!Jr.! James!Francis!Perri!! Manuel!R.!Peters,!Jr.!! Walter!Crocker!Pew!III!! Robert!W.!Pilozzi! Mark!Pressman! Nicholas!Charles!Procaccini! distinction% Peter!Edward!Pront! high%distinction% John!Joseph!Reardon,!Jr.!! Charles!Robert!Reppucci!! Alan!Francis!Restivo! David!Middleton!Reynolds! Paul!Francis!Reynolds! Russell!Rezendes! John!A.!Ricci! Gerald!John!Ricciardo! Lesley!Steven!Rich! Robert!Derry!Richard! Curtis!L.!Richardson! Paul!Arthur!Richardson! John!Coughlan!Riley,!Jr.!! Juan!Paul!Robertson! highest%distinction% Jerome!Leonard!Roderick! Paul!Eric!Rollins! Amy!M.!Rosen! Andrew!Allen!Rounds! distinction% Richard!Raymond!Roy! Franklin!J.!Santos! Mitchell!I.!Sarnof! Kenneth!Paul!Sayles! Mitchell!Lee!Schiff!

Steven!David!Schindler! Matthew!Phillip!Schmelzer!! Saul!Jay!Schmelzer!! Kenneth!Barry!Schwartz! Stuart!A.!Schwartz! Peter!G.!Seavor! Thomas!Urigh!Seydewitz! Joseph!Gerald!Sharman! high%distinction% Patrick!Daniel!Shea!! James!Dale!Shramek!! Martin!Michael!Siminerio!! Diana!C.!Simmons! high%distinction% John!Adam!Sistare!! James!Ambrose!Smith!! Randall!A.!Smith! Joseph!Lee!Snow! Harry!Wayman!Sollars,!Jr.! Robert!Francis!Spillane! Donald!Joseph!Sposato! Alan!Jay!Stem! Kathleen!Celeste!Strong! John!Moore!Sullivan,!Jr.! Mark!Joseph!Sullivan! distinction% Timothy!James!Sullivan! Robert!Alan!Swanson!! Robert!Peter!Sylvia! Mark!John!Talbert!! Glenn!Aram!Tateosian!! Richard!B.!Tetelbaum!! Anthony!John!Thomas!! William!Russell!Todd!! William!Dennis!Turner! Thomas!John!Uhlig!! Frank!Louis!Vacca!! Richard!E.!Vacher!! Richard!Milton!Van!Gee! high%distinction% William!Joseph!Vano!! Richard!Peter!Verrier! Doris!M.!Vigliotti! high%distinction% Mary!R.!Vona! John!F.!Waddington!

Herman!Wallcock! John!Nicholas!White! Patricia!J.!Wilcox! high%distinction% Donna!Lee!Wilkie! Steven!Eric!Williamson! Stephen!Chamberlin!Wood! Geoffrey!Lord!Yeagley! Jane!Elizabeth!Zeitler! ! 1973! ! Joseph!E.!Adamo!! Thomas!Francis!Ahem!! Richard!Charles!Anderson! Robert!Randolph!Anderson! Joseph!Edward!Andrade! Kathleen!Cheryl!Andreadis! Charles!Walter!Angeloro!! Andrew!Lee!Anmuth!! Thomas!Evan!Archer!! George!G.!Asermely!! Alfred!William!Asprinio!! Nancy!Joy!Atwell! distinction% Joseph!Thomas!Baerlei!! John!Albert!Bahl! William!Ralph!Bailey!! Robert!Bellt! Richard!Lee!Benck! John!Albert!Bessette! William!Paul!Black! Harold!Vernon!Blanding,!!Jr.! Barry!W.!Blomstedt! Emile!Arthur!Bonneau,!Jr.!! Michael!Joseph!Bookataub!! Robert!Breslin! high%distinction% Alice!Brickach! John!Charles!Brickley!! Gary!Allen!Brierty!! Stanley!Howard!Brooks!! Dennis!Naylor!Brown!! Vanni!David!Buratti!! David!Cushing!Burr!! Robert!Stetson!Butler!

John!Francis!Byron,!Jr.! James!Frank!Cacciolat! Michael!Francis!Canole!! Vincent!Frank!Cerilli!! David!Ellis!Chase!! William!Nelson!Chester!! Francis!G.!Olicoinet! distinction% Ronald!Haig!Chopoorian! Dennis!Rudolph!Choquette! Richard!J.!Chretien!!! Allen!Hugo!Cicchitelli!! Carey!Wayne!Cobb!! Howard!Richard!Connor!!! Robert!Lloyd!Conrad!! Barry!Allan!Coomet!!! Robert!Carmen!Corio!! Edward!Francis!Corrigan!!! Alan!James!Cottat!! Michael!A.!Coutut! Mark!Blake!Cressy! Joseph!A.!Croce! Joseph!Henry!Crowley! high%distinction% Peter!Arthur!Curtist! Deborah!A.!Daly! Rodney!James!Dawson! Randzll!Scott!Deardorff! J.!Neal!DeHaven! Tames!Albert!DelBonis! Anthon!Joseph!Steven!Demby!! distinction! Grant!Race!Denniston!! William!David!Dexter!! Ronald!A.!DiBattista!! David!Anthony!DiPalma! Edward!Nishan!DiPetrillot!! William!George!diPretorot!! Thomas!Michael!Donahuet!! James!William!Dowling,!Jr.!! Laurence!A.!Doyle! Leo!Dennis!Dubuc! Kevin!P.!Egan! Ronald!Steven!Ellish! Steven!Anthony!Evangelista! Michael!William!Farrington!!

R.!Bruce!Ferguson! !Frederick!John!Ferrandi! Edward!H.!Field! James!P.!Fioret!! John!Thomas!Foley!! Charles!Joseph!Foti! Lawrence!Clinton!Franklin,!Jr.! Kenneth!Joseph!Fratantuono! Paul!W.!Frechette! John!Wyett!Freeman! Joseph!J.!Freitas,!Jr.!! Nicholas!John!Fuscot!! George!H.!Gardiner,!Jr.!! Raymond!Richard!Giannini!! Donald!D.!Gilmore! Robert!David!Giudici!! Bruce!Edward!Goff!! Wayne!Howard!Goodlin!! Robert!H.!Goodwin!! Robert!Gordon! Guido!Gosetti! Alfred!Fernandes!Gouveia! Peter!J.!Grady! Lee!Alan!Grebstein! Robert!Richard!Gregory,!Jr.! Albert!Daniel!Grenier!II! Charles!Noel!Gresko! James!A.!Haigh,!Jr.!! Donald!Vernon!Hale!! Richard!G.!Halstead!! high%distinction%% William!E.!Hannan! Richard!Joseph!Harrington! David!Hartley,!Jr.! Robert!Peter!Hawthorne! William!Thomas!Heaton! Henry!G.!Heroux,!Jr.! David!Graham!Hines!! William!Joseph!Histen!III!! Mark!Terry!Hoffer! David!Scott!Holmes!! Steven!Dean!Horowitz!! Edward!George!Horsfield! John!Thomas!Howard! Dinny!Huang! Michael!Murray!Hudson!!

Wade!Eugene!Hughes! Nancy!L.!Hurwitz! Michael!Joseph!Jalber! Richard!Laurence!Jenkins! Ralph!Jones! David!Anthony!Jordan! Francis!Joseph!Kaczynski! William!Robert!Kalander,!Jr.!! Joel!Hirsch!Kaminsky! Alan!D.!Kaplan! William!Neil!Kehoe!! Bogdan!Jerome!Keller!! James!Thomas!Kenny!! Constance!Elinor!Koley!! Annei!Marie!T.!Kirkutis! Arthur!Kirsch! Fred!W.!!Kolling!III! David!Korn! Jack!Lewis!Krasner! Robert!Krzakt!! Lawrence!Paul!Kubicki!!! Normand!Leo!Lambert,!Sr.!!! Robert!Paul!Landry!! Walter!S.!Lass! Douglas!Arthur!LeVasseur! Charles!Bruce!Levinson!! Mark!Bean!Lifland!! Robert!Harmon!Linder! Vincent!Joseph!Longo! Kenneth!Charles!Luba! distinction% Michael!Francis!!Lynch! high%distinction% Stephanie!Ann!Macaluso!! Francis!V.!Mahoney!! Thomas!Paul!Mainville! Michael!Edward!Maloney!! Armand!Mangiacapra! John!Alfred!Mangiante!! Kenneth!Louis!Maroun!! John!A.!Marshall! distinction% Samuel!S.!Marshall,!Jr.!! Richard!Louis!Marzilli!! Nicholas!Steven!Matarese! Robert!K.!Matteson!

Otto!H.!Maurer,!Jr.! Dean!Maxwell! John!Robert!McCabe!II!! Brian!Paul!McCaffrey! Darryl!Paul!McCaffrey! Donald!Charles!McCauley!! Bernard!Francis!McCormick,!Jr.! Deborah!Lynn!McCully! Vincent!Milton!McDowell,!Jr.! Henry!A.!McGinity! distinction% William!Louis!McMullen! Gary!R.!Melvin! Ronald!Angelo!Mercurio!! Charles!Philip!Michaud! Raymond!Edward!Moffitt,!Jr.! Richard!A.!Mendillo! Roger!Martins!Monteiro!! William!John!Moran,!Jr.! Wayne!Douglas!Morris!! Dennis!Moseff! Peter!F.!E.!Mullaney! Harriet!Toby!Nasberg! David!Crandall!Norton,!Jr.! William!Joseph!Nottage,!Jr.! Tames!Francis!O'Brien! Henrv!Michael!Orzechowski! Gay!Lee!Palazzo! Willhm!Henry!Parker! Robert!Patrick!Patalano! Dennis!James!Patelis!! Michael!Francis!Patterson!! Rodne!Henry!Payette!! Gary!L.!Pearson! distinction% Robert!Ernest!Pearson! John!R.!Peters! Robert!Anthony!Petrucelli! high%distinction% Wayne!Arthur!Phlllips! Paul!L.!Picone!! Richard!Arthur!Pike!! Doris!Esther!Plante! distinction% Robert!Joseph!Poirier!! Edward!William!Poyer!!

Daniel!J.!Price,!Jr.!! Anthony!Bower!Queern! Stephen!James!Quinn!! Mary!Elizabeth!Ragel! Val!Jeanne!Read! Edward!Eugene!Reynolds,!Jr.! Louis!Ried! David!Frank!Rizzuto! Tobias!Martin!Roberts! Stephen!Charles!!Robinson! Stuart!Alan!Robinson! Rebecca!Antoinetta!Rocha!! Lucien!Edmond!Rondeau!! Jerry!Rosenband! high%distinction% Matthew!Rosol,!Jr.!! Charles!Albert!!Rowbotham! Carol!A.!Rowey! Joseph!T.!Ruszenas! Michael!Anthony!St.!Angelo!III! Yoichiro!Sakata!! Joseph!Paul!Salerno!! George!N.!Salter! Michael!Peter!Scarduzio! William!Bradford!Schellentp! Robert!Michael!Schuster! Linda!Diane!Schuyler!! Paul!Peter!Sczerbinskit!! Wolfgang!Dieter!Seidel!! Paul!Sekula! Rosaline!Mary!Serpat! Subhash!Kantilal!Shaht! highest%distinction% Charles!Kenneth!Shallcross,!Jr.!! Nancy!Lou!Shallcross! Lawrence!Wendell!Shumate,!Jr.!! Alen!H.!Silver! Thomas!Michael!Slater! William!L.!Smith! Kenneth!D.!Snell!! Murray!Snow,!Jr.! Frances!RoseiAnn!Solitro! distinction% Leonard!Francis!Sormanti,!Jr.! Bruce!Colin!Soscia!! Kenneth!Armand!Spagnoli!!

Wayne!D.!Spencer! Allan!Dean!Spottst!! Kenneth!L.!Stafford!! Steven!Raymond!Stott!! Paul!Douglas!Straight!! James!F.!Sullivan!! Richard!Lee!Sullivan!! Bob!Swede! Robert!L.!Switkes! Dennis!Frank!Tabis! Albert!Bruce!Tanner! Milton!R.!Tarbox,!Jr.! Edward!P.!Tarczyk! Thomas!Neil!Tarzwell!! Josephine!Ann!Taylor!! Michael!Taylor! Joseph!Angelo!Terranova! Ronald!Thibaudeau! Robert!Alan!Thompson! Joseph!I.!Thurber!III!! Kenneth!M.!Tobert!! Linda!Ann!Tomao! Normand!Gerard!Tondreau!! Thomas!A.!Trainor! Michael!Edward!Tumer! Eduardo!Uruena!Martinez!! Astrid!Barbara!Vale! Robert!Francis!Valentine,!Jr.! high%distinction% Peter!Michael!Vieira! Anna!Veronica!Viti! Roland!P.!Vukic! Richard!Steven!Wallberg! Gail!Elizabeth!Waltz!! Barbara!S.!Wandyes! Thomas!Joseph!Wasko!! James!Tyler!Whitehead! Kurt!Russell!Wicks!! Lorise!Willis! Robert!R.!Wood! high%distinction% Gordon!Douglas!Woodbury! Barry!Leonard!Yeaw! Dale!E.!Young! Raymond!William!Zawadski,!Jr.! Richard!Charles!Zuromski!!

Robert!Charles!Zuromski! Peter!Allen!Zutty! high%distinction% !! 1974! ! John!Robert!Abbott,!Jr.!! Gordon!Edward!Anderson! Ernest!Anthony,!Jr.! Henry!G.!Antoni,!Jr.!! Susan!M.!Anyon!! Russell!Matthew!Arlia!! Richard!W.!Arnold! Raymond!Anthony!Arpin! Michael!Charles!Artesani! Vincent!Luke!Ascoli! Liane!Asselin! Normand!Edmond!Aucoin,!Jr.!! Thomas!Joseph!Baerlein! Anthony!Joseph!Bale! William!Geoffrey!Barber!! Richard!John!Barone!! James!William!Barrows! Joseph!Vincent!Bassi!! Ronald!R.!Beauregard!! John!David!Belisle!! George!Bennett,!Jr.!! Richard!Howard!Berry!! Albert!B.!Biastre,!Jr.! Jay!Stephen!Bilow! Bruce!Christopher!Blanc! Janet!Blumenthal! James!Michael!Bohl! Thomas!E.!Boling! Paul!Joseph!Boulanger,!Jr.!! Edmund!M.!Bowers! high%distinction% Jack!Allan!Bowser!! William!Allen!Boyle!! Gary!Lee!Brandfellner! William!Michael!Brennan! Leslie!Peter!Brigham! Keith!Stuart!Bush!! John!Francis!Cabral! Read!Anthonv!Calderone! Daniel!C.!Cailahan!

Joseph!Pasquale!Camera! John!Stanley!Cannity,!Jr.! Kieran!Michael!Cannon! George!Charles!Caras! David!George!Cardillo!! Ellen!Carmelich! Richard!Joseph!Carroll! distinction% Guy!B.!Carson! Susan!Mary!Carten! Bernard!Leo!Casey,!Jr.!! Thomas!Anthony!Castellucci!! Michael!William!Catanese! distinction% Steven!Henry!Chaffee! Edward!Francis!Chase,!Jr.!! Carl!C.!Chinigo! Steven!Charles!Chovit! Robut!Gerard!Clark! Thomas!Joseph!Clarke! James!T.!Clepper! Patrick!Ernest!Clifford!! Ann!Louise!Costello!! Joseph!Henry!Cote,!Jr.!! David!Lawton!Courcelle!! Dennis!John!Creamer! Jane!Michelle!Crisses!! Peter!James!Cronan!! Richard!L.!Croteau! Orlin!Eugene!Cunningham! Victor!John!D'Alfonso! Bernadette!Marie!DeAscentis! Louis!Anthony!DeFilippis,!Jr.! Armando!DeFusco! Sharon!Densky! Michael!Frank!DeSocio!! Walter!August!Dias!! Michael!Thomas!DiBiasio! high%distinction% Anthony!Cloud!DiGioia! Jack!E.!Dilorio! Henry!Hayward!Dinneen,!Jr.!! Richard!F.!Donatuti! Brett!W.!Douglass! Thomas!Joseph!Drury!! Michael!Edward!Duffy!!

Gary!Allen!Dworetz! distinction% Roderick!Henry!Echola!! Michael!Ronald!Eiger!! Sean!Thomas!Fagan!! Stephen!Kent!!Fannon! high%distinction% Kenneth!Robert!Fantel!! Eugene!William!Ferland!! Wendy!Pearsall!Field! distinction% Arthur!Francis!Fiorenzano! Robert!Edward!Flamand! Denise!Marie!Freda! distinction% Dennis!Charles!Gagne!! Gregory!Keith!Gamon!! Gary!Steven!Garafano! Teffrev!Robbins!Gardiner!! Raymond!Joseph!Gaude!! Henry!Joseph!Gauthier!! Edmond!Geore! high%distinction% David!Edgar!Giles! Eric!Stuart!Ginsburg! highest%distinction% Gary!Neal!Goldstein! Joseph!King!Gorman! Scott!C.!Gottlieb! high%distinction% John!Robert!Grady! Nnnnan!Jeffrey!Greenfield! Mark!John!Grillo! James!Jay!Grueb!! Richard!Ernest!Gruslin!! William!F.!Gudaitis! Kenneth!Richard!Hall!! Ronald!Robert!Hammersley!! Norbert!H.!Hanks,!Jr.! distinction% John!Gerrard!Harrington! William!N.!Harris! Harold!Jeffrey!Harrison!! Robert!Thomas!Hartman!! Daniel!Edward!Hass! Donald!Malcolm!Hawkinson!

Gary!Vernon!Hazard! Garard!Anthony!Herlihy!! Lewis!Edward!Herman! distinction% Ralph!Craig!Hewitt! Peter!H.!Hodosh! Charles!Phillip!Hollstein,!Jr.! Larry!William!Holm! Walter!Forester!Holmes!! Robert!Allen!Hovan!! Stephen!William!Howard! Brian!Francis!Hussey! Norman!Lawrence!Jacobs!! Stephen!Paul!Johnson!! Robert!Alvin!Jutras! Bruce!John!Kaercher! Stepan!Paul!Kanarian! Kathleen!Janet!Kane!! Maceo!Peter!Keller!! Charles!W.!Kennedy!! James!Richard!Kidd!! Kenneth!F.!King,!Jr.!! Michael!Jay!Klar! Michael!Francis!Krawczyk! Karl!Kunzmann! Neal!Frederick!Lackie! Donald!Paul!Lan,!!Jr.! highest%distinction% Lucien!Paul!LaRiviere!! Bryan!David!Lavers! Catherine!Ann!Lawson! Edward!A.!Leclerc! Deborah!Ann!Lee!! William!James!Lee! Leo!Rene!LeRoux!! Stuart!Edward!Lipkin!! Howard!M.!Lippman!! Howard!Alan!Litwack! Stephen!Morrison!Lombardi! Gary!David!Lonergan! Eileen!Boland!Long! Gary!William!Lynch! Donna!Lee!Maddalena! Felix!Henry!Maez,!Jr.!! Richard!I.!Makowsky! Robert!Paul!Maloney!

Donald!E.!Maragiolio! Theodore!George!Marchand! James!William!Marion! Donna!L.!Marsella! distinction% !John!Massenzio! Mark!V.!Mastrianni! Alfonso!Edward!Mastrostefano! Michael!Nicholas!Matone!! John!Munroe!Matthews! Maureen!Anne!McDade! Gerald!F.!McDonald,!Jr.!! Robert!Thomas!McKenna!! John!Francis!Mello! Thomas!John!Meyferth!! Guy!Lawrence!Minardi! William!Thomas!Montone! Keith!M.!Moore! highest%distinction% Richard!Winfield!Moore,!Jr.! Jerome!Jacques!Morelle! Ralph!L.!Moretti! Gary!Steven!Morse!! Arnold!Jay!Moses! Robert!Edward!Murphy! William!Michael!Murphy! Wesley!John!Murray! F.!A.!Wilhelm!Myrin,!II! Thomas!George!Nahigian!! Robert!Paul!Narcessian! Stephen!Weldon!Neal!! James!Charles!Noonan! Stephen!Wilfred!Normandin! Walter!W.!O'Hanian! Robert!Allen!Olive! John!Eugene!O'Neil! Steven!John!O'Neil! high%distinction% Michael!Joseph!Onofrio!! William!George!O'Reilly!! Robert!Ben!Ovaginian!! John!Martin!Parsons,!Jr.!! Dennis!James!Patelis!! Stephen!E.!Pearlman!! Edward!James!Pearson! distinction%

Christine!Evelyn!Peck! distinction% Robert!Bertrand!Pelletier! distinction% Robert!Manuel!Penachot! Patricia!Ann!Pericola! distinction% Robert!Joseph!Petisi!! Michael!Vincent!Petrarca! Philip!Picard! Richaro!Picone! Richard!Michael!Pietryski! Darlene!Anne!Pinkos! highest%distinction% Susan!Louise!Porth! Peter!Potemri! John!Joseph!Pyne,!Jr.!! Angelo!Louis!Questo! Thomas!Michael!Rallo!! Dean!S.!Rappaport! Leo!Daniel!Redmond,!III! R.!Douglas!Reynolds! Anthony!Nicholas!Ricci! Mark!Richman! Alan!Parker!Riendeau! distinction% Douglas!Blackwood!Robbie! Octavio!A.!Rodriguestt! highest%distinction% David!Daniel!Rosenberg! Arnie!Rosenthal! William!Taylor!Ross,!Jr.!! Eugene!Roussin!II! Robert!Remi!Roy! Peter!H.!Rozes! Jeffrey!G.!Saams!! Benedict!Vincent!Sabatini,!Jr.! Paul!Gilbert!Sandberg! Stephen!Santangelo! Daniel!Ralph!Sarro! Joseph!M.!Savino! Michael!Nicholas!Scampoli! Candace!Lynn!Schmitt!! Paul!David!Schneider!! Peter!Lewis!Schneider! Nancy!Marie!Rose!Schroeder!

high%distinction% Barry!Edward!Schwabe! distinction% Joseph!Albert!Servant!! Clarence!E.!Shavers!! Charles!C.!Shrader!! Joseph!Francis!Silva!! William!F.!Sincavage!! Edmond!Joseph!Sirois!! William!Merrill!Sisson! Richard!A.!Sloane! Kenneth!J.!Slowik! George!Townsend!Smith! highest%distinction% John!William!Smith! Patricia!J.!Smith! distinction% Victor!Smolan! Stafford!Charles!Soule!! Daniel!William!Sousa! Edmund!R.!Souza! Jeffrey!Herbert!Spencer! distinction% Ronald!Normand!St.!Sauveur! Angelo!Joseph!Susin! Richard!Thomas!Sweeney!! Stephen!G.!Tennien!! Sharon!Lynne!Theurer! Theodore!Voorhees!Tillinghast! Gary!E.!Tingley! Stephen!Anthony!Tisdell!! Edmund!Anthony!Travelyn,!Jr.! Robert!Lloyd!Tuthill,!Jr.! William!R.!Tutt! Charles!Edward!Vacca!! Garard!A.!Valiquette!! Louis!Wendell!Varella!! Steven!Edward!Vitale! Anthony!Francis!Vocatura!! James!A.!Vespia! Matthew!Louis!Vollucci,!Jr.! Dante!Anthony!Votolato!! D'Ann!N.!Vuono!! Dennis!James!Walker! Dennis!Roy!Talker,!Jr.! Stephen!Wardyga,!Jr.!!

David!Paul!Wasserman!! William!Joseph!Waterson!! Cora!Adelaide!Watkins! Robert!L.!Watkins!! Lamont!Joseph!Wells!! Francis!Timothy!Whalen!! Morton!White! William!Jeffrey!Whitfield! Roy!Kindig!Worman,!Jr.! Paul!James!Yeaton! Leith!Briggs!Young,!Jr.! Jenny!S.!Yu! distinction% !! 1975! ! George!Starr!Abell! Angelo!Michael!Acciardo!III! Anthony!James!Albanese! John!C.!Albanese! Hollis!Henry!Allen,!Jr.!! Donald!J.!Anderson!! Robert!J.!Andreoni! Paul!J.!Arbor! Hans!Assarian! Stephen!Richard!Aykroydt! John!Scott!Banta! John!Edward!Barrett! Mark!A.!Battistat! William!J.!Baxter,!Jr.! distinction% Philip!R.!!Beauchemint! James!H.!Beckwith!! Gary!David!Beisheim!! David!Michael!Blanchard! Raymond!Joseph!Bolster!!II! distinction% James!Alan!Botvin! distinction% Rene!Ernest!Boucher! Candice!Larene!Bowman!! Stephen!Craig!Boyce!! Antonio!Branco! Marsha!Wendy!Brandvein! Donald!Breen,!Jr.!! Frederick!P.!Brown!

Mark!Richard!Buckley! Jeffrey!Lloyd!Bursell!! Carole!A.!O.!Capalbo!! Carl!Robert!Cascio!! Jeffrey!David!Caswell!! Humphrey!Y.!Chin! John!Anthony!Cicerchia! Robert!Joseph!Claus! high%distinction% Lawrence!I.!!Cohen! highest%%distinction% John!F.!!Conley! Carol!Ann!Cote! Marc!Anthony!Cote!! MaryiJo!Dorothy!Croce!! Janet!Butler!Crook! Brian!J.!Curtin! Richard!Park!Darrow!! Richard!David! Stephen!Henry!DeAngelis!! Richard!A.!DeMerchant! Salvatore!Richard!DePasquale! Stephen!John!Dolecki! Frank!Anthony!Dorazio! Bradford!Jay!Duarte! Stephen!Raymond!Duchesne! Kenneth!Joseph!Dunphy! Donald!Norman!Dupuis! distinction% Andrew!Mark!Ellison! distinction% Steffanie!Todd!Faella! distinction% Anthony!Allan!Falcone! David!Gerard!Ferraresi! Joan!McMahon!Finizio!! William!Francis!Fiore,!Jr.!! Benjamin!West!Flanagan!III!! George!Tungsen!Fong! Alan!Robert!Friedman!! Edward!Robert!Galloway! Thomas!William!Gardner!! Dennis!John!Gaschen! Brian!J.!Gilgun! Paul!Ralph!Gilgun!! Lawrence!Joseph!Gomes!

David!Gordon! Vincent!Harold!Gradv! Elaine!F.!Grego! distinction% Gabriel!Gregorio! Mark!N.!Gulko! high%distinction% John!George!Haddad! Sidney!S.!Halsband! James!!!Thomas!Handy! Mary!Elizabeth!Harrington! distinction% Robert!William!Harris! Paul!Arthur!Hayes!! Peter!Jonathan!Hayhurst!! Neal!Chester!Henderson!! Robert!Algren!Henry!! John!Michael!Hill! John!Michael!Hogan! Peter!George!Hoopis! Richard!Peter!Hoopis!! Richard!Gerhard!Hopf! Kenneth!Joseph!Iavarone!! Francis!James!Januszewski! distinction% Carol!Ann!O'Hara!Jurczak! Jennifer!Jean!Jutras! distinction% Elaine!Goldfine!Kamin! Robert!Steven!Katkowski!! Thomas!Paul!Kearney!! Paul!Edward!Kiernan! Hugh!Joseph!Kiley,!Jr.!! Paul!Robert!Kjellman! high%distinction%% Alan!Joseph!Knoph!! Stephen!William!Koch!!! Pamela!Monk!Kopplin! Denni!R.!!Lacroix! Martin!Timothy!Lafferty! Daniel!Louis!Lambert! Laurence!Richard!Legault!! Thomas!J.!!Legoret! John!Vanderlip!Leonard,!Jr.! Steven!C.!Leveillet! Howard!Mark!Lippmant!

Benjamin!David!Lorello! highest%distinction% Stephen!Robert!Lucas! James!Conrad!Lutz! Joseph!Stephen!MacDonald! Angelo!Macera! James!Joseph!Malachowski! Leo!Frank!Manfred! Terry!Jean!Marcucci! Deborah!S.!Marshall!! John!Dennis!Martin! William!Francis!McArdle! Donald!Somers!McCann,!Jr.!! Arlene!Dianne!Medbury!! Pamela!R.!Mello! Manuel!J.!Mendes! Joseph!!John!Micek! Theodore!Roosevelt!Millard,!Jr.! Richard!Alan!Minot! Edward!F.!Mitchell!! Hurtis!Lex!Mitchner,!Jr.!! Cynthia!Ann!Mlyniec! distinction% Stephen!Michael!Molnar! Donald!Joseph!Montefusco!! John!Robert!Moran!! Philip!George!Moreau! distinction% Gary!F.!Morgan!! Robert!E.!Morini!! Robert!Jay!!Morrison! distinction% Michael!Steven!Mutty! high%distinction% Stephen!Jay!Nagan!! Ann!Elizabeth!Nally! Frank!Michael!Neri! Jacques!Rene!Nevcherlian! Eileen!S.!Newman! David!Waldren!Osborn! Karen!Ann!O'Sullivan! David!Joseph!Otocki!! Victor!Paglio,!Jr.!! Glenn!Steven!Palmer! Grant!Alexander!Palmer! Daniel!Joseph!Paolini!

Pamela!Amy!Papp! distinction% Brian!W.!Parmenter! Frederick!Budlong!Peircet! Heidi!R.!Perreault! David!G.!Perrottat! Ashok!Y.!Phansey! Walter!H.!!Pierce! Steven!F.!!Pitocchelli! Robert!Allen!Plantet! Thomas!Herbert!Plummer! Marilynne!Ann!Plunkett! Thomas!Edward!Polak!! William!George!Preston!! James!K.!Purcell!! Stephen!L.!Rafferty! Peter!Jay!Rakusin!! Brian!George!Ray!! Thomas!Joseph!Regan!! Gerald!Thomas!Renza! Alfred!J.!Rezendes! Ernest!Leonard!Rheaume! Susan!Hertzfeld!Rice! Karen!Ann!Richtarik! Charles!A.!Rivet! Richard!Joseph!Robida!! Dean!G.!Robinson!! Gerald!Martin!Roch!! Barbara!Joan!Rogers! Michael!Hathaway!Rohrer!! James!William!Roiter!! Dennis!Ernest!Rose! Lynn!Marsha!Ross!! Komes!G.!Rozest!! Stuart!H.!!Rubin!! Frank!Rubino! Robert!Steven!Russell! Mark!E.!Ryan! Janet!Lorraine!Sadlon! highest%distinction% Josephine!Salemi! Alan!C.!Salmanson!! Melanie!Cecilia!Sambor! distinction! Robert!John!Santost! Nicholas!J.!Sciotti!

Donald!Edward!Shea! Benjamin!Sherman! highest%distinction% Michael!Adam!Shichman! Robert!George!Shore! Edward!Joseph!Sigler! high%distinction% Kathie!Alane!!Siswick! high%distinction%% Robert!George!Slocum!! Ronald!!G.!Smiley! Christopher!Lee!Smith! distinction%% Curtis!M.!Smith! Herbert!L.!!Smith!! James!D.!Snyder!! Dennis!John!Stappas!! Robert!Marvin!Stein!! Larry!Sternbach! James!L.!Stewart! Michael!Stephen!Sugerman! Dana!Alan!Swanson! Eileen!Mar!Tarbell! highest%distinction% MaryAnn!Tata! Joseph!Manuel!Teixeira! Roger!Leo!Thibeault! Glenn!Edward!Tiberiis! James!Stuart!Tingley!! David!Frank!Vetelino!! Michael!A.!Vickers! Henry!C.!Volkman! Stanley!Jay!Wachtenheim! Phillip!J.!Walsh! TingiTing!Wang! David!James!Ward! Peter!Dale!Washburn!! Steven!Mark!Wasser!! Alan!Harold!Wasserman! Paul!Frederick!Watterson! Jeffrey!Mark!Watts! P.!Braden!Wier,!Jr.! Alice!K.!Wilson!! Frank!Xavier!Wolferseder! Stephen!!!M.!Zienowicz! Madeline!Aimee!Zimmermann!

distinction% ! 1976! ! Lorne!Allan!Adrain! Michael!Laurence!Albert!! David!C.!Anderson!! Raymond!Knight!Antonio! James!Philip!Apostolou!! Richard!S.!Applebaum! Paul!Emile!Arnoe! Daniel!A.!Askinas! James!Edward!Azzinaro,!Jr.! Joyce!Beverly!Bahoosh! Michael!Lee!Baker! Gloria!E.!Barnes! Elaine!Stergios!Barone! James!R.!Barry!! Richard!J.!Barry!! Peter!Barnett!Bazar! James!Joseph!Beaulieu!! Joseph!Louis!Berendes! Donald!L.!Bereron! Mark!S.!Bernadyn! Ronald!Lionel!Bernier! Joseph!A.!Bessacini!! Clement!Stanley!Beyda!! Jillian!Biribin! Roger!H.!Blake! Gary!Norman!Blier! Thomas!P.!Boffa! Jeffrey!Kachig!Boghossian! Karen!Elizabeth!Boldt! Donald!A.!Bowen,!Jr.!! Pamela!Albertson!Brand!! Daryl!A.!Breese! Laurel!Ann!Brown! Richard!Theodore!Burns! Michael!Peter!Calabro! Connie!Marie!Campbell! Frank!Dennis!Campbell! William!Stephen!Carev!! Felix!Anthony!Carlon!! Frank!Anthonv!Carnevale!! Anthony!Jospeh!Caromile! Diane!Caruso!

Steven!Louis!Cayouette! Kenneth!Harris!Chapman! Marc!Elman!Charren! Patricia!Denise!Chessare! Walter!K.!Christensen!! Patricia!Marie!Clark! Allan!David!Cohen!! Charles!M.!Cohen! Michael!Joseph!Collins! Richard!Coltrera! Ralph!Raymond!Coppola! Thomas!M.!Corcoran! Doreen!Marie!Corrente! Michael!T.!Craven!! Bruce!Seeley!Cronkite!! John!Patrick!Cudahy!! Richard!Alan!D'Alfonso!! Thomas!D'Angelo! Jeffrey!Neal!Davis! Rocco!Rudolph!DeAngelis! Holly!Elizabeth!DeCosta! Thomas!Francis!Deimantas! David!DeJesus,!Jr.!! Richard!Tames!DeSista!! Steven!Edward!DiBiasio!! Lincoln!Austin!Dietz!! Robert!Louis!DiGiacomo!! Dennis!J.!Dill! Steven!John!DiPalma! Peter!J.!Doran! Lawrence!B.!Dorr!! Michael!E.!Duggan! James!Michael!Eisenhardt! Peter!Gerard!Esposito! John!A.!Fargnoli! James!A.!Farnham! Joseph!Fernandes!!! Larry!Earle!Fish! Thomas!Earle!Fish! Leslie!Jay!Fishkin! Richard!Francis!Flamand!! Roger!L.!Fontaine,!Jr.!!! James!Carmine!Forte!! Raymond!Lee!Foster! Robert!Raymond!Fournier! Daniel!Edward!Frye!!

Thomas!Howard!Gardiner!! David!Anthony!Garofalo! Thomas!John!Gebing! Linda!Louise!Geremia! Robert!Ernest!Gingras!! Robert!Edward!Giordano! Robert!Winfield!Goff,!Jr.!! Ronald!T.!Goldberg! Bruce!Peter!Goldweitz! Susan!Gonzalez! Michael!Warren!Gorham! David!L.!Greenberg! Paul!A.!Greene! Thomas!James!Grennan!III!! Robert!Joseph!Hagan!! Patricia!Marie!Haid! George!Arthur!Halstead,!Jr.!! David!J.!Henderson! Tames!Vincent!Hill! Richard!Charles!Hodgson! Nancy!Jenks!Hoey! Barbara!Alice!Horne!! John!Frederick!Hummel!! David!E.!Hunt! Bette!J.!Jelicks! Stephen!Frederick!Jerman! Raymond!O.!Joubert!! Philip!Neal!Kanopkin!! Douglas!Ian!Kelsey! Joel!Eugene!Koss! Walter!Christian!Kowal!! Robert!Allen!Krangel!! Richard!Elliot!Kullback!! Jerome!Francis!Lacy,!Jr.!! James!Joseph!Laliberte!! Richard!Alan!Lan! Jerold!C.!Larsson!! Joseph!S.!Lawrence! Richard!Frederick!Learned! Paul!Vincent!LeBlanc! Albert!Edward!Lees!III! James!Joseph!Lepore! David!Russell!L'Heureux! Dennis!Joseph!Libucha! Laurie!Randles!Lockett!! Craig!C.!Lofton!!

Nicholas!A.!Lucia! John!A.!MacDonald! Karen!Kristine!MacMillan! Patricia!Ruth!Mania! John!Michael!Marchwicki! Charles!D.!Margeson! Robert!G.!Marrah! Robert!Joseph!Martinelli!! Nina!Marie!Martuccelli! Alan!C.!Masciarelli! Robert!Joseph!McGorty!! Richard!B.!McKenna!! Amy!Lynn!Melnikoff!! Dennis!Stephen!Mesko!! Martin!William!Minahan! Myron!Wayne!Mitchell! Joseph!Frank!Montaquila! David!Andrew!Mooradian! Sandra!Jean!Moran!! Wendy!Anne!Morgan! Donald!D.!Morse! Frances!Mary!Moskwa! Stanley!William!Mrozek! Kurt!LeRoy!Mumpton! Donald!Michael!Murano! Patricia!Ann!Murphy! Damon!David!Navarro!! Carol!L.!Neuman! George!Kristian!Nikola! Diana!Rose!Niles!! Susan!Mary!Noon!! Joanne!Marie!Noyes!! William!Douglas!Anna!Paoadakis! Robert!James!Paratore! Janice!M.!Paton! Kathleen!Marie!Paulina! Tames!J.!Pelletier! John!A.!Pelosi! Mary!James!Piepowski! Diane!Elaine!Pina! David!J.!Poirier! Barry!Steven!Pomp! Dorotha!Jean!Porth! Walter!Hayden!Powell! Gerald!Prezalar!! Steven!P.!Proulx!!

James!T.!Ouiszlev!! Steven!G.!Rahl!! Fernard!David!Rainer! Joseph!Edward!Reynolds! Thomas!C.!Ricci! David!William!Riley!! Frank!Robert!Robertson!! Arthur!Steven!Rosenberg! Joseph!Martin!Royal! Norman!John!Salem,!Jr.!! Gary!M.!Samuelson!! Scott!Sandstrom! Thomas!Gordon!Satterley! Michael!Robert!Saunders! Donald!Stephan!Schanck! Gary!Edward!Schneider! Tyler!Matthew!Schroeder! Andrea!Grace!Seelig!! Stephen!C.!Segerson!! Mary!Sekula! Ilene!A.!Semer! Lori!Marla!Shoneman! William!Henry!Shorey! Stuart!J.!Siegel!! William!L.!E.!Sinkler!! Clement!V.!Smith! John!James!Smith! David!R.!Solhaugt! Joseph!Christopher!Staskk! Stephen!Albert!Stracensky! Joseph!Anthony!Stroscio!! George!Paul!Sylvia!! Christopher!Paul!Tasca!! Darwin!Lee!Thomas! Karl!D.!Triplett! Peter!John!Troy! Richard!Victor!Turnbull! Joan!M.!Vacca! Lillian!Vieira! Gary!Laurence!Vilchick!! Stephen!Joseph!Walch! John!J.!Walker! Bruce!N.!Wallace! Dale!Howard!Wallick! Raymond!Leo!Walsh,!Jr.!! Bonnie!Lee!Weeden!

James!Geram!Welch!! Christopher!Wilkens!! Arthur!Eli!Winkleman!! Scott!J.!Wolf! Robert!Carl!Wood! John!Francis!Wunderlich! Tony!Khun!Teck!Yap! Paul!Edward!Yeager! Robert!Paul!Zilai! ! 1977! ! Gary!B.!Aasen! Barbara!Dee!Aibramson! John!F.!Ahem! David!Walter!Albert! William!Edward!Alexander,!Jr.!! Steven!Anthony!Allegretti! Joel!Altschuler! David!R.!Anderson! Meredith!Tempest!Andecson! Glenn!David!Ashton! Richard!P.!Atkins! Robert!Walter!Azarian! Ralph!James!Ballato! Robert!K.!Barber! L.!Paul!Barbera,!Jr.! Vincent!James!Barberio! Richard!Gregory!Baril! Daniel!Thomas!Barron! William!Stanley!Bartlett,!Jr.!Patricia! Jean!Bauer! Thomas!R.!Beauchene! John!Allan!Bellows! Mitchell!Joseph!Benbenek!! Michael!L.!Bennardo!! Douglas!C.!Bennet! Janice!Ann!Bennett!! David!Joseph!Benoit!! William!A.!Bertrand,!Jr.!! Virginia!Ann!Bessom!! Douglas!William!Bird!! Leo!Robert!Blanchette!! Russell!Bruce!Blank!! Amy!Robin!Blonder!! Mark!Owen!Boas!

Donna!Jean!Bouchard! William!John!Bowser! Mary!Winifred!Brennan! Henry!L.!Brown! Merrie!Lynn!Brucks! William!Norbert!Burke,!Jr.! Colin!James!Butler!! Gail!Dianne!Butler!! J.!Jeffrey!Calista! Robert!Thomas!Cannon,!Jr.! Thomas!George!Capetan! Carol!M.!Caprio! John!Michael!Carcieri!! Richard!Scott!Carduner!! Robert!A.!Carlson!! Barbara!Kay!Carrier!! Alan!William!Catri!! John!Robert!Charles!! Mark!Peter!Charron!! Michelle!L.!Chicoine! Stanley!Kwong!Chin!! James!A.!Chiott! Frank!Richard!Cometa! Gail!M.!Compagnone! John!David!Conforti! Thomas!R.!Conklin! John!F.!Correia! Marilyn!Jane!Cox! Robert!C.!Cressman,!Jr.!! Robert!Gordon!Crockett!! Terrance!Joseph!Crowley! Daniel!J.!Dean! Linda!Ann!DeAngelis!! MaryJane!Ann!DeFazio!! Michael!Stephen!DeFeo! Richard!Annand!DeFusco! Patricia!Ann!Degnan! Douglas!Robert!Delack!! Roland!DeNomme!! Donna!Marie!DeRestie! Joseph!Jeremiah!D'Errico,!Jr.!! Thomas!William!Devereaux,!Jr.! Michele!Caulfield!Devoe! Paul!Richard!DiCarlo! Paul!Thomas!DiChristofaro! Mark!Tyler!Divoll!

Thomas!Patrick!Donahue! John!F.!Doris! Susan!Drew! Perrie!Helen!Dunne! Kimerlie!Ann!Eaton!! Louis!Michael!Eliasof!! Harold!Steven!Evers! Thompson!Olaniran!Fadirepo! Edward!Martin!Farrell! Robert!Leo!Fay!!! Marc!Alan!Feinstein!! David!Jay!Felderman! Frank!Thomas!Ferrante,!Jr.!! Edward!P.!Field!III! David!John!Fish! Marla!Fishkow!! Robert!Jay!Fortin! Bruce!Alan!Friedman! David!Hopkins!Gallogly! Donald!Thomas!Garrigan! Peter!Francis!Garvey! Robert!Edward!Gauvin!! Susan!S.!Gilmore!! Claude!Joseph!Girard!! Wanda!Go! Larry!Eric!Goldstein! Marshall!Earl!Gratt! Cynthia!J.!Graves!! Denise!Elizabeth!Gray!! William!Harry!Greene! David!Alan!Grossman! Linda!Susan!Guglielmino!! Edward!John!Gulino! Ellen!Jane!Haber! Judith!S.!Hall! Patrick!James!Hannon! Katherine!Marie!Harrington! Nelson!Lee!Hawkins,!Jr.!! Rosemary!Hill! William!H.!Holmes!! Betty!Ellen!Houtsma! Maureen!Ann!Hughes! Alan!John!Hunter!! Richard!W.!Ingram!! Craig!Alan!Johns!! Cynthia!Mary!Judge!

Rowena!Kamn! Lawrence!Kaspin!! Allan!J.!Kaufman!! Peter!T.!Kavanaugh! Kevin!Michael!Keane!! Charles!Potter!Kelley!! Valerie!Jean!Kezirian! Jeffrey!Alan!Klepfisz! Irvin!H.!Kline! Michael!Leonard!Kohler! Mary!Jane!Kusiak! Marie!L.!LaCallade! Joseph!Anthony!Lalli,!Jr.!! Steven!Wayne!Laplante!! Charles!Joseph!Larocque!! Paul!Charles!Lee! Kenneth!W.!Legler! Michael!Littell! Jens!Erik!Ljungberg! David!A.!Lonardo! Alan!R.!Lord! Linda!Taylor!Lord!! Gerald!Peter!Lucibella!! Raymond!Dennis!Lynch!! Birt!A.!Lyttle! Robert!Kenneth!MacKenzie! James!Mohoney! Michael!Maiorino,!Jr.!! Robert!Eugene!Majewski!! William!F.!Maurer,!Jr.! Barbara!Jean!McCabe! Philip!James!McGill! Alice!Katherine!McGinty! Thomas!McHugh! Robert!Patrick!McKenna!! Terrence!John!McLoughlin!! Gordon!Charles!McNulty! Thomas!R.!McSparren!! Ronald!J.!Miceli! Peter!Michael!Moniz! James!Michael!Montmarquet! Carol!Lee!Moore! Daniel!L.!Morrissey! Michael!Mark!Morrow! Carlo!Mosetti! Janet!Carol!Moultrie!

Tom!Irving!Munroe! Anne!Theresa!Murray! Richard!F.!Nagele! Edward!Steven!Nagorsky! David!E.!Names! Stephen!Joseph!Napoli!! Richard!J.!Nebiolo!! Douglas!Edward!Opdyke! Richard!Jess!Ortiz! William!Harris!Padoll!! Charles!G.!Palian,!Jr.!! Michael!Joseph!Palmer!! Donald!M.!Panciera,!Jr.!! Keith!E.!Perron! Richard!Phelan! Mark!Christopher!Piccirillo!! Robert!Christopher!Pierce!! Paul!R.!Pisano! David!E.!Ploettner! James!Anthony!Pontarelli!! Gregory!Ward!Powers! William!Joseph!Provost!! John!Francis!Quinlan!! Michael!Owen!Read!! Leonard!Alan!Reinhart! Michael!Scott!Resnick!! Michael!Patrick!Reynolds! David!B.!Rhode! Brian!Edward!Richards! Steven!J.!Riley! Guy!Hughes!Rittmann! Maureen!D.!Roche! William!Philip!Rosenberg! Laurie!Beth!Rothstein! Michael!V.!Rozes! Humbert!John!Russo! Vincent!James!Saviano!III! Sherry!L.!Schecter! Jeri!S.!Schefts! Frederick!D.!Schiff! Robert!DeBear!Schlossberg! Andrew!David!Schneider! Frederic!Lawrence!Schneider! Bruce!Mitchell!Schulbaum! William!Donald!Schult! Karan!Lee!Scott!

Janice!Sue!Shallin!! Gerald!S.!Sherman!! David!Anthony!Sidla! William!Eugene!Simmons! Paul!Joseph!Simoneau! Nancy!Ellen!Sinunu! Ann!Eileen!Skudlarek! James!H.!Smith! Jeffrey!P.!Smith! Timothy!Patrick!Smith! Wayne!Allan!Smith! Charlene!Frances!Snow!! William!Patrick!Sousa,!Jr.!! Allen!Martin!Stanczyk!! Alan!Thomas!Steinhoff!! Pamela!Stern! Alan!Bruce!Stewart! Robert!Lewis!Stritzinger!! Thomas!Joseph!Sullivan,!Jr.!! Edward!John!Swierk!! Lawrence!Joseph!Sykora!! Kyle!Barnett!Tello! Ronald!Roger!Tetreault!! August!John!Thomas,!Jr.!! Charles!L.!Thomas,!Jr.! Laurie!Ann!Thomashower!! Debra!Ann!Tierney! Gary!W.!Tochterman! William!Alfred!Toegemann! Arthur!Peter!Tow!! Lunne!Ellen!Tow! Hope!T.!Trahan!! Gregory!Gerard!Troy! David!Michael!Urso! Gary!Paul!VanDyk! Kevin!T.!Vuono! Roy!Thomas!Wasmer,!Jr.!! Kimberley!Ann!Wallace! David!Shawn!Walsh!! Bruce!Aaron!Wasser! Sandra!Claire!Wasser! Glen!Harold!Weaver!! Jonathan!Alan!Weitzner!! Donald!Edward!Welesko!! William!James!Wenzel!! Jean!Leslie!Whatmough!!

Charles!C.!White! David!William!White! Scott!D.!White! Dieter!Karl!Wiegand! Wendy!Lynn!Wilbur! Eric!L.!!Willis! Donald!Robert!Winkle! Robin!Lee!Winston! Ronald!Joel!Yanku! Hal!Jeffrey!Zick! Michael!Zweir! ! 1978! ! Mark!M.!Adlerstein!! Joseph!J.!Altieri!! Robert!J.!Auerbach!! Robert!James!Sacco! Christine!Frances!Baggesen! David!Michael!Balsofiore! Mark!Alan!Barnabe!! William!N.!Beauchene!! George!Joseph!Bedard! David!L.!Berner! Stephen!Joseph!Bernard!! Stephen!Douglas!Bemstrom!! Bailey!Benjamin!Blanchette! Richard!S.!Block! Paul!Bottiglieri! Patricia!Muriel!Boucher! Denis!Henry!Boulanger! Robert!A.!Boulanger!! Richard!Allen!Boutilier!! Ronald!J.!Bowler!! Kathleen!Bowser! Mark!Daniel!Braunstein!! Charlotte!A.!Britland!! John!Joseph!Brough.!!Jr.!! Leslie!Ann!Buchbinder!! James!S.!!Buehler! Sheryl!Anne!Burch!! Steven!Paul!Butera!! Donna!Jill!Cagen! Michael!Steven!Caprio!! Donald!John!Carcieri!! Daniel!Joseph!Carey!!

Jill!Ann!Carr! Bruce!Robert!Carson!! Melanie!D.!Cassiere!! Edward!Oscar!Charpentier! Gregory!Steven!Church!! Michael!D.!Cirillo!! David!Lawrence!Coan! Mark!William!Coleman! Thomas!Neil!Collins! William!Michael!Colombino! Kevin!M.!Connelly! Brian!Francis!Cooper! Mary!Ann!J.!Coppa!! Antone!Cordeiro路!John!P.!Creamer! Robert!Leslie!Crowe! Ronald!Anthony!D'Agostino! Susan!W.!Daigler! James!J.!Daly! Nick!D'Angelo! Vincent!Defalco,!Jr.! Alfred!Anthony!Degregorio! Thomas!Alvin!Dewey! Gerard!Christopher!Dillman! Thomas!G.!Dramby! Ronald!Jay!Dubin!! Richard!Joseph!Dwyre!! Robert!David!Edwards!! Alan!Richard!Eliasof!! Susan!Taylor!Elving!! Mario!Rene!Elvir!! Howard!Jeffrey!Engle!! Neil!J.!!Feldman! James!D.!Ferrato! Robert!J.!!Ferri! Craig!A.!Field! Joseph!T.!Fiorenzano! Mark!Foglia! Karen!Lee!Foster! G.!Ernest!Fournier!Jr.! William!Bernard!Freidman! Michael!E.!Frost!! Patsy!Ann!Frost!! Paula!Elaine!Galldn! Richard!William!Gariepy! Michael!Kenneth!Geake!! Roberta!Lynn!Geddes!

Stanley!Howard!Geiger!! Amy!June!Gelin! Richard!Prime!Geoffroy! Mark!J.!Gillooly!! Bruce!S.!Gimbel! Richard!Ponton!Gingras!! Steven!Gary!Glickman!! John!Weeman!Gomez!! Terence!Peter!Gore! Robert!Edward!Gormley!! Gregory!F.!Goulette! Gary!Michael!Grandchamp! Gary!L.!Grande!! Alan!Robert!Green!! John!Edmund!Haden!! James!E.!Hagan! James!Edward!Hallene!! Cathy!Mae!Halvorson! Robert!Scott!Hardcastle!! Lisa!A.!Harrison! Peter!David!Hebert!! Jeanne!Marie!Herrmann! Debra!Ann!Hershman!! Stephen!Edward!Herzog!! Matthias!Yau!Pong!Ho!! Stephen!Frederick!Hoitt!! Edward!J.!Hole! Jack!L.!Hollander! Jeffrey!A.!Houle! Elizabeth!Hudson! Arthur!J.!Hurley!! Marcia!H.!Hutt!! Phyllis!Bowen!Hyde!! Mona!S.!Jacobs! Steven!Alvan!Johnson!! David!Sprague!Judd!! David!Eugene!Kalafarski!! Roy!Howard!Kalan! Diane!Lee!Kalfaian! Wayne!Lee!Kaplan! Edward!P.!Kasparian!! Steven!Mark!Kass!! Barry!Thomas!Kelley!! Gerard!Vincent!Kelley!! John!William!Kernan! Douglas!R.!Keslin!!

Robert!John!Kielbasa! Frederick!Jones!Kimball!! Daniel!Eugene!King!! Donna!Francine!Kosior! John!Joseph!Koziara! Joyce!Ellen!Kruzel! David!Michael!Kurtzer! Dean!D.!Latos! Graham!M.!Lau! Cheryl!Holbrook!Lawlor!! Thomas!Angelo!Leasca!! John!Thomas!LeBrun!! Edward!John!Lechak!! Francois!David!Lemire!! Joseph!A.!Loiselle! Mary!Denise!Lovatt! Robert!Edward!Lovejoy! Allan!L.!Lucas! Rita!Anne!Lussier! Richard!J.!Lutzel!! Bruce!A.!Makowsky!! Cynthia!Ann!Marcille! John!Arthur!Marginson!! Alan!Robert!Marsland!! Bradford!Vincent!Martin!! Richard!Maxfield! James!T.!McCormick! J.!Timothy!McCormick!! William!John!McGrath!! William!T.!McKenna!! Neil!P.!McNulty! Angelo!Menna! Janet!Marie!Miller!! John!Anthony!Miravel!! Richard!Michael!Mollicone!! Carey!Edward!Monahan!! Eric!David!Moody! Denise!M.!!Moran! Paul!M.!Moretti!! David!H.!Morrison! Cynthia!Jean!Morton!! Richard!A.!Moser! Michael!J.!Mulligan!! Roy!Joseph!Murphy!! Paul!Michael!Murray! James!Normand!Nadeau!!

Pamela!Jean!Neilsen! Nathan!Edward!Nelson!! Andrew!Morton!Nemtzow!! Robert!Joseph!Nesbitt!! Bruce!Edward!Newell! Frederick!James!Newton!III!! Peter!W.!Noll! Maxine!Therese!Noyes路! David!S.!Nuss! !! William!Martin!Nutini! David!T.!Nye! Neil!Peter!O'Brien!! Edward!P.!O'Keefe!! Laura!Lynn!Olson!! David!H.!Orabone! Kenneth!Robert!Orchard!! Richard!Mark!Owen!! Anthony!Ozello! Irene!Pasyanos! Normand!T.!Pepin! Michael!N.!Perry! Denis!Wayne!Pesante! Steven!George!Plotkin! Kimerly!Mary!Polak! Fulton!Joseph!Pontes!! Ellen!Mindy!Price!! Curtis!Mark!Prout!! William!Peter!Rafferty!! Felisa!Rahn! William!Michael!Rainone! Ried!S.!Redlich!! Gary!L.!!Reynolds!!! Margaret!M.!!Richards! John!Rene!Richtarik!!! William!B.!!Rodriguez!! Dennis!John!Rogers! Jan!C.!Rogers!! Jeffrey!Bruce!Rome!! Kimberly!Ann!Rose!! Myra!Leslie!Rosenblatt! Cynthia!Jean!Roslund! Craig!Francis!Rosse!! Anthony!Cosmo!Rossi!! John!Robert!Rotondi!! Thomas!J.!!Rowlett!

Janet!H.!Rudorfer! Lisa!Ann!Ruggieri! Ronald!Bruce!Russo!! Patricia!Anne!Saber!! Stephen!E.!St!Jean!! William!Joseph!Salhany!! Agnes!I.!Sanchez! Thomas!Martin!Sanderson! Susan!Ann!Santinelii! Steven!A.!Santopietro! Rene!J.!Sawyer! Allen!Richard!Sayles!! Jill!Susan!Schleider!! John!Robert!Scott! Cheryl!Lynn!Sebastianelli! Alan!H.!Senecal! William!Dennis!Shea! Joseph!William!Silveira,!Jr.!! Paul!Rocco!Simeone! Steven!Allan!Simonelli!! Michael!Anthony!Siravo!! Neal!Irwin!Slobin! Robert!P.!Smith! Jean!Marie!Soltysiak!! Carlo!William!Spinelli!! Steven!Howard!Spiro! Lee!A.!Sprague! Edward!V.!Stacey,!Jr.! Robert!Michael!Stedman!! Robert!Gerald!Stein!! Philip!D.!Steinberg! Leonard!William!Sullivan!! Sheryl!Wendy!Tahakjian!! Diane!Angela!Tanel! James!Peter!Tedeschi! Paul!V.!!Teixeira! Donald!D.!Theroux! Gary!S.!Thomas! Alice!Jane!Tillotson! Joy!Helene!Titzler!! Kathleen!Gayle!Townend!! Pamela!L.!Tucker!! Vanessa!Turco! Robert!Henry!Turner,!Jr.!! David!Joseph!Unterwald!! Thomas!G.!Vancisin!

Sharon!Mary!Vancouyghem!! G.!William!Van!Dusen! John!K.!Vars! Joan!A.!Verardo! Pamela!Jean!Vierling! Frank!Louis!Villari!! Joseph!Anthony!Vitale!! Carol!Ann!Vuono! Kenneth!L.!Waldron!! Wendell!Noah!Waybright!! Marcy!Ellen!Westerman!! Bruce!Karl!Whitehead!! Greg!Stewart!Whitehead! Craig!Morgan!Wilcox! James!E.!Wilgis! David!Allen!Willey! Daniel!J.!Wollman!! William!M.!Wong!! Ralph!E.!Wordell! Bernhard!Kjekstad!Young!III! Robert!Alan!Zagrodny!! Alfred!A.!Zannini!! Karen!Marie!Zervas! John!Durland!Zimmermann! Wilbert!Gregory!Zurliene! !! 1979! ! Robert!Gary!Abram! Patricia!Helen!Aldrich!! Charles!W.!Anderson!! Eric!Earl!Anderson!! Robert!Gerald!!!Anderson! Mark!Lawrence!Anderson! Margaret!Anselmo! Paul'!Brian!Aronin! Frank!Baldo!! Jose!Agostinho!Da!Silva!Baptista!! Peter!Barbera! Raymond!F.!Barlow!! Sandra!Jean!Barnes! Lisa!K.!Barrie! Lori!E.!Barrie! Elliot!Neil!Bauer! Thomas!Waller!Beidleman! Joseph!Bellucci!Jr.!!

John!Philipp!Bender! Estes!A.!Benson! Paul!Matthew!Bernard! Hal!Ian!Bernstein! Ronald!Bruce!Bernstein! George!Biscaha! Melissa!Blanev! Kenneth!C.!Borges! Ronald!A.!Borino! William!Louis!Bottis! Kathleen!A.!Bouchard! Francis!L.!Bousquet!! Elizabeth!Brannigan! Debra!H.!Brautman! Wayne!Alexander!Brockway!! Lorraine!S.!Brown! Steven!James!Brown! Janice!Marie!Burns!! Charlene!K.!Butler! Thomas!Calderiso! Joseph!Anthony!Capaldi! Alan!A.!Capilupi! Vincent!G.!Capizzano! Lisa!Cappucci! Steven!K.!Carduner! Ronald!Monro!Carmark! James!Anthony!Carter,!Jr.! James!Paul!Celico!! Alan!B.!Chaiken! John!Roy!Champlin! Rodman!Lewis!Champlin!III! Peter!Francis!Chapman! Lvnne!Anne!Chelkowski! William!F.!Clarke! William!Elton!Cloxton! Angelo!Anthony!Cofone! Kevin!F.!Collins! Jane!Marie!Contacessa! Daniel!G.!Corrigan! Christopher!Joseph!Courtney! Ernest!L.!Crivellone! Judy!Ann!Cummiskey! Keith!F.!Curry! Raymond!P.!Czekanski! Brian!R.!Davey! Jeffrey!J.!Davis!

Matthew!Charles!Davis!! Susan!M.!Dazza! Paul!Derdak! Philip!Maurice!Desautel! Robert!Carv!Diamond!! Walter!Alan!Dinges!! Stephen!Mark!DiPalma! Michael!Anthony!DiPrete!! Stephen!Richard!DiPrete!! Walter!S.!Doernberg!III! Sheila!Louise!Doherty! Dianne!Michele!Donnarumma!! Ivan!David!Doseff! Carol!Elizabeth!Dripp!! David!Robert!Dubinsky!! Jacques!F.!Dupre! Robert!Francis!Dziedzic!! Robert!Michael!Eichorn!! Bruce!Carlson!Ellefsen!! Margaret!M.!Ellis! Patricia!A.!Elmer! William!Augustus!Entwistle!Ill! Karen!S.!Estrin! Richard!G.!Euler! Elizabeth!Marv!Failla!! Gary!Joseph!Famiglietti!! Maryanne!E.!Farrell!! Richard!P.!Fay! Michael!D.!Felderman!! Susan!Helen!Fritz!! Chervl!J.!Gale! Joel!Andrew!Gallen! Barbara!A.!Gallucci!! Roland!Paul!Galvanin!! Scott!David!Ganson!! Marianne!Gattinella! Dennis!Gerard!Gaviola! John!Michael!Genoa!! Philip!B.!Gilmore! Karen!D.!Goffe! David!L.!Goldberg! David!Jay!Goldwasser! Michel!Pascal!Gollotto! Jane!Marie!Goodwin!! Susan!Louise!Gordon! John!Raphael!Gorga!

Reva!K.!Gould! MaryiEllen!Grala!! Keith!J.!Granirer! John!Gravel! Tod!Philip!Greenstein!! William!Thomas!Gregoritch!! Margaret!Louise!Greim! Paul!Joseph!Guerra! Peter!Niemiec!Guest! Alan!Scott!Guilder! Karen!Sue!Gurwitz!! Debra!Jo!Hammer!! William!J.!Hankee,!Jr.! Christopher!William!Harnish! Fran!Elisabeth!Harris! Richard!Thomas!Harrison! Anthony!Richard!Hart! Judith!Dale!Chappell!Harvey! Robert!P.!!Heaton!Jr.!! Thomas!Charles!Henderson! Lisa!Anne!Highland!! James!G.!Hoard!Jr.!! David!Perkins!Hobbs!! Karen!Elizabeth!Hodor!! Michael!Edward!Hogan! Robyn!Judith!Hohenemser!! Stephen!H.!Hopkins! Eleanor!F.!Horton! Robert!N.!Hunter! Dale!William!Hutchinson! Myrna!Lee!Huyck! William!Joseph!Iannucci! Thomas!V.!Imondi! Brian!Keith!Jeffery! Paul!C.!Jermain! Mary!Elizabeth!Jones! Leonard!David!Kamenetsky!! Joseph!P.!Kanzler! Alan!Stuart!Kape! Eman!Karas! Mark!Irwin!Karnes! Michael!P.!Kehew! Jeffrey!Gary!Kellermann! Rita!H.!Kessler! Michael!J.!Killoran! Robin!Ann!King!

Michael!Donald!Klein! Janet!Lynn!Koenig! Todd!E.!Kohn! Lisa!Korn! Paul!Edward!Lambert! Douglas!Alan!Landfield!! Jeanne!M.!Lapiana!! Michele!P.!Laprade!! Jane!A.!Larkin! Elizabeth!L.!Leonard! Thomas!James!Lepore!! Emily!S.!Levenson! Mark!Jay!Levin! Robert!Andrew!Lieberman! Fredric!Jay!Litzky! Kathleen!A.!Loftus! Martin!Peter!Logue! Debra!Lynn!Lowy! Rictor!Allen!Lundy!! Judith!A.!Lynch! Joseph!Guv!Maiorano!! Michael!J.!Malafronte! Lisa!Andrea!Manickas! Louis!J.!Manocchio! Michael!J.!Marchetti! Douglas!Ward!Marcille! Glenn!K.!Mark! Terri!Patricia!Mathews! Charles!Simpson!Mathis!III! Maurice!Allen!Mayben!Jr.! Brian!Kieth!Mazar! Thomas!J.!McArdle!! Paul!Sale!McBride!II!! Patricia!Joan!McCracken!! Brian!Francis!McDermott! John!W.!McDermott! Robert!William!McGirr! Gerard!McGonigle! Matthew!James!McGowan! Catherine!M.!McKenna! Edward!Joseph!McManus!! Paul!Francis!McManus!! Patricia!Ellen!Means!! Dennis!Paul!Meldonian!! Richard!Mellot! Denis!Gerard!Menard!

Mark!E.!Menard! Donna!Beth!Meyer! Robert!Alan!Meyer! Carol!A.!Miller! Suk!L.!Moon! Susan!Ann!Mooradian! Douglas!Thomas!Moore! Jean!FrancoisiCharles!Morelle! Thomas!Louis!Morelli! Thomas!J.!Moriarty!! Robert!T.!Morro!! David!Paul!Mulvey! Eileen!Rita!Murphy! Mary!Geraldine!Murray!! John!A.!Nardone!! Stephen!Alfred!Navarette!! Kenneth!F.!Navarro! John!Michael!Nelson! Deborah!Lynn!Neri! Kenneth!G.!!Nicastro! Margaret!Kallevig!Nordtomme! Barrie!Matthew!Norton,!Jr.! Russell!Paul!Norton!! Frederick!George!O'Connor!! Richard!A.!Olivier! George!Thomas!O'Neil!Ill! Stephen!Mark!Oronte!! Craig!O'Rourke!! Sandra!Jean!Ottilige!! Ender!A.!Ozsezen!! Wayne!Lee!Parker!! Todd!Wayne!Patrick! Donald!Robert!Peck! Roger!A.!Picard! M.!Susan!Pickering! Alice!Susan!Pitt!! Thomas!Joseph!Place!! Michael!H.!Polny!! Marie!Virginia!Proulx! Edward!J.!Putney! Kevin!David!Quinn! Allen!Keith!Ragel,!Jr.!! Albert!D.!Ranallo!! Thomas!Scott!Ranton!! Nathan!Joseph!Ray!! Paul!Bruce!Records!

AnnaMaria!V.!Recupero! Judith!M.!Regine! Peter!F.!Reilly! Edward!Anthony!Restivo!Jr.!! Frederick!David!Rice! Catherine!Ann!Rinaldi!! Bruce!Anthony!Rittle!! Thomas!J.!Robertson!! Valerie!Robertson!! Michael!J.!Rose! Mark!Alan!Rosenberg! Robert!Charles!Rosenberg! Joel!Martin!Rubin! John!Arthur!Russo!!! Eileen!Elizabeth!Ryan! Nicholas!Anthony!Saccoccia!! James!Bernard!Sadowski! Michael!J.!Salvo,!Jr.!! Clifford!Schechter! Mitchell!David!Schepps!! Thomas!A.!Schneider! Mark!David!Segal! Paul!Jeffrey!Shushtari! Stanley!Silverman! Anthony!Joseph!Silvestri,!Jr.!! John!Randal!Simoes! Dennis!Mathew!Sisto!! Kathleen!Malloy!Skiera!! Joseph!Slott! Philip!B.!Smiley! Jayne!Smith! Larry!William!Smith! Harry!S.!!Smyth! Richard!M.!Solomon! Brian!Michael!Sosner! Alan!Joseph!Soucy!! Antonio!Spino!! Anthony!Squadrito! Walter!S.!Stamp,!Jr.!! Lloyd!S.!Straus!! Charles!R.!Sugalski! Stephen!James!Sullivan!! Barry!Neal!Summer! Cesar!Lopes!Teixeira!!! George!Neil!Thayer! Michael!Themis!

Bruce!W.!Thomas! Joan!Tracey! Denise!C.!Tremblay! Holly!Lee!Trexler! Thomas!David!Tucci!! David!Michael!Umbarger!! Joseph!Valenti! Judith!Ann!Vanacore! Diana!Virginia!Varadian!! David!J.!Vecchiarino!! Antonio!Viscione,!Jr.!! Michael!Angelo!Viticonte!! William!John!Wahl! Sean!Francis!Walsh! John!J.!Ward! John!R.!Washlick! Timothy!Joseph!Watterson!! Audrey!Lorraine!Weber!! Bruce!Lester!Weisman! John!Philip!White! Ruth!C.!White! Stephen!Robert!Whitehead! Cyrus!B.!Whitney,!Jr.!! Nancy!Allison!Wrathall! Sandra!Lynn!Wright! William!Raymond!Yankee,!Jr.! Henry!Anthony!Zinno! ! 1980! ! Christine!A.!!Almeida! Stephen!James!Anderson!! Steven!M.!Angelone!! Frank!Elliott!Antin! Lewis!Justin!Antin! Scott!Marc!Arnel! Richard!Zakar!!Arzoomanian! Haig!S.!!Avedesian! Mark!Michael!Azzarello! Sidney!Marie!Bailey! Lawrence!Roy!Baker!! Michael!Thomas!Banahan!! Stephen!B.!Banahan! Carl!Allen!Barksdale! Brian!Lee!Barnhart! Christopher!A.!Bennett!

Lauren!Elizabeth!Bennett! Bruce!Arthur!Benoit! David!Steven!Berry!! William!R.!Bessette!! Leigh!Adrian!Besson! Kathryn!Diane!Bisack!! Randolph!G.!Blanton! John!Charles!Bloomfield!! Linda!Gail!Blumenthal! Edmond!Lawrence!BograniAcosta! Jerome!Paul!Bonomolo!Jr.!! Rosemary!L.!Booth! John!Gardnier!Borden! Benjamin!Anthony!Bottone! Tamara!J.!Bramble! Paul!David!Brickman! Diane!J.!Broadalski! Mary!Elizabeth!Brosseau!! James!Thomas!Mark!Brunne!! David!John!Buckanavage! Todd!J.!Buckley! Isam!A.!!Burai! John!August!Burhoe!! Karen!Marie!Burns!! Lisa!Lynn!Butterfield! William!Everard!Byrnes! Margaret!Ann!Caito! David!Michael!Campanella! David!Carroll! Kim!Olive!Cater! Anthony!Armand!Cattani! Said!ChaharbakhshiMotlagh! Neal!Chemakoff! Lynne!Meredith!Christopher! Steven!Michael!Cimalore! Deborah!A.!Ciolofi! Arlene!Frances!Clancy! Gail!Sandra!Clark!! Jeffrey!Walsh!Clarke!! Robert!Coccia! Bart!Alan!Cohen!! Audrey!Anne!Colan!! Paul!Thomas!Conley!! William!C.!Carr! Vincent!James!Corea,!Jr.! Gayl!Ann!Corwith!

David!J.!Crenca!!! William!David!Cunha!! Anne!Marie!Cuomo!! Robert!L.!Currier!Jr.! Nancy!Louise!Curtis!! Victoria!Irene!Dadekian! Mark!Scott!Daniels! John!W.!Davis! Susan!Patricia!Davis! Everett!Joseph!DeCarlo!! John!Anthonv!D'Elia!! Frank!Robert!DeLuca!! Margaret!Ann!Devereaux!! Lisa!Ann!DiCarlo! Andrea!G.!Dolinko! Robert!Anthonv!DonFrancesco! Mark!Christen!Donovan! Kevin!John!Davie! Jerome!Norman!Drummond,!Jr.! Suzanne!Duffy! Paul!Donald!Dugas!! Howard!M.!Dulude!! Hampton!David!Duxburv! Richard!Alan!Easton! Ricardo!Barquilla!Entenza! Diane!Ethel!Estes! Peter!Mathieu!Evangelista! David!J.!Fandetti! Amy!Lynn!Feldman! Deborah!A.!Feldman! Ronald!Bruce!Feldman!! Veronica!Ferraro!! Richard!Alan!Ferri! John!Finan! Helen!Allen!Fiske! Philip!Louis!Fitting! Michael!Andrew!Fitzgerald! Arthur!Thomas!Flanagan! Karen!Elizabeth!Fletcher! Daniel!E.!Fogarty! John!Robert!Forsyth! Peter!Joseph!Francese! Lorraine!Morrone!Friend! Mary!M.!Gallogly! John!Edward!Garrett! Steven!Edward!Gergel!

Kenneth!Gilkenson!Jr.!! Barbara!J.!Gillingham!! Edmund!R.!Gilmartin!! Lucille!Yvonne!Girard!! Nancy!R.!Graber! Lori!Graff! Rodney!W.!Graham! Kenneth!Raymond!Graveline! Kimberly!Anne!Gray!! Stephen!Mark!Gray!! Steven!Marc!Green! Sandra!Lee!Greene!! Rory!T.!Gribbin!! Howard!W.!Hall! Todd!Alexander!Halleck! Steven!B.!Hamblin! Keith!Thomas!Hansen! Peter!Thomas!Hanuschak! Michael!David!Hardiman! Scott!Clarkson!Healy! Charles!N.!Hirst! A.!Chad!Hoffmeister!III! Thomas!Holburn,!Jr.! David!H.!Hopfenberg!! Jeffrey!James!Ingram!! Richmond!Mark!Jeffrey! Joseph!M.!Jones!! Vincent!J.!Joyce!Jr.!! Dorilee!A.!Kaisen!! Jeffrey!Jay!Kaminsky!! Debra!Paula!Kaplan! Michael!Richard!Kaplan! Richard!Karoghlanian! Lisa!Joy!Kaye!! Laura!E.!Keefe! Edward!Joseph!Keegan! James!Michael!Kennedy! Steve!J.!Kerich! Kathleen!M.!Kimball! Nancy!Joan!King! Leslie!E.!Klafter!! Edward!S.!Krasner! Jeffrey!R.!Kreyssig!! David!L.!Krugman!! Lynn!Marie!Kruzel!! Cheryl!A.!Ladd!

Michael!H.!Laffey! Stephen!Michael!Lamb!! Joseph!Thomas!Lamountain!! Malorie!Ann!Lawton! Rayna!Beth!Lazaroff! Kevin!Michael!Leeman!! Linda!Sue!Lerf! Kathv!A.!Lescinsky! Cynthia!M.!Levesque! Monica!Lewis! Marc!Thomas!Librizzi! Christine!Ann!Lima! Daniel!James!Looney,!III! Marcia!Looney! Edith!Lutnick! MaryAnne!MacLean! James!V.!Maiorino! David!Wallace!Maisch!! James!K.!Mallinson! Muriel!Tina!Malone!! Stephen!Joseph!Marrier! Thomas!Robert!Marshall! Karen!Frances!Marx! John!Angelo!Mase! Eric!Robert!Matsen! Brian!Raymond!Maynard! Michael!Henry!McAlice! Timothy!Edward!McArdle! Patricia!Ann!McCabe! Helen!Leslie!McConaughey! Marjorie!Fay!McCourt! Helene!Ann!McGovern! James!Edward!McGwin,!Jr.! Patricia!Ann!McHugh! Joseph!P.!McNulty! Linda!Jean!McPhillips! Susan!Joy!Mello! Laura!M.!Mellor!! Eileen!Debra!Meltzer!! Mark!Francis!Merlino! Jane!Joslin!Milaschewski! Susan!Katherine!Mitchell! Jeffrey!Steven!Mogil!! Dean!J.!Mollo!! Richard!D.!Morelle! Mark!Anthony!Morrissey!

Richard!Roy!Morrissey! Daniel!James!Moser! Wallace!J.!Murray,!III! David!Joseph!Natale! Terri!Lynn!Nelson!! Patricia!Lori!O'Blenis!! Brian!Thomas!Odell!! Caren!S.!Ogintz! Mark!Thomas!O'Rourke! June!Marie!Ouimette! Rosemary!Pachini!! Susan!M.!Palazzo!! Andrew!Scott!Panaggio!! Beverly!Ann!Panas! Diane!M.!Parent! John!William!Paruch!! Robert!Brian!Peck! William!J.!Platz!Jr.! Matthew!Francis!Poirier!! Scott!K.!Polselli! Cheryl!Marie!Prior! Mark!Stephen!Powell! Regina!Powers! Elizabeth!A.!Provost! Patrick!James!Ramsier! JoiAnn!Ranaldi! Susan!Jean!Rayner! Thomas!Michael!Restivo! Robert!Joseph!Rick,!Jr.!! Edward!N.!Rickles! Stanley!David!Rogers! Thomas!Charles!Rogers! Melissa!Jane!Rose!! James!Pete!Rosenfield!! Amory!Leland!Ross!! Irene!L.!Roy! Pamela!Irene!Razes! Diane!R.!Ruettimann! Mario!Ruggeri! Ralph!Edward!Ruggieri! Michael!James!Russo!! Patricia!A.!Ruzzo!! Michael!A.!Ryan!! Linda!Marie!Sabatino! William!Louis!Saccoccio!! Stephen!Elliot!Sacks!!

Debra!J.!Santilli! Patricia!A.!Santilli!! Joanne!Saraphis! Robert!P.!Sargeson!! Mark!D.!Sayles! June!Keenan!Scalera! Patrick!Joseph!Scanlon! Steven!P.!Schroeder!! Peter!Edward!Schult!! Linda!Ann!Seaton! Abe!Sherman! Susan!Silva! Linda!Gail!Silverman!! Steven!C.!Silverman!! Laura!Champlin!Simoes!! William!Cameron!Sinton!! David!Michael!Sklarski!! Paul!Vincent!Skoczylas!! Kathleen!Ann!Smith! Lee!Richard!Spiegel!! Barbara!Anne!Spike!! Raymond!James!Sprague!! Craig!D.!Steeneck!! William!S.!Sullivan! John!Malcolm!Sweeney! Suzanne!Claire!Sweeney! John!Joseph!Taglienti!! Michael!John!Tamer!! Steven!Tartaglia! David!Jude!Terranova! Jane!A.!Trehy! Robert!John!Trotta! John!Austin!Vallis! William!Paul!Vanasse! Laura!J.!Varin! Richard!A.!Viall!Jr.! Kevin!Brian!Vitale! Edward!Thomas!Votta! Robert!Joseph!Vuono! Edward!Lawrence!Wadbrook! John!Joseph!Walsh!! David!A.!Warchol! Michael!David!Warden!! Christopher!Weaver!! Robert!Joseph!Weber! G.!!W.!Blunt!White,!II!!

Edward!C.!White! Paul!M.!Wilcox! Jeffrey!Allen!Williams! Stacy!K.!Williams! Donald!F.!Wright! Susan!A.!Yena! Mark!Carleton!Zacheis! John!Lawrence!Zambarano! Neil!G.!Zartarian! ! 1981! ! Wayne!D.!Aballo!! Alan!William!Abbey!! Lee!Malone!Aberle!! James!Louis!Abraham!! Kathleen!Ahem! Ann!Marie!Rose!Ajami!! Stephen!W.!Aldridge!! Mitchell!Matt!Aikins!! Nancy!A.!Anderson!! Bonnie!Marie!Arbige!! Salvatore!M.!Arlia!! Maryann!Avery! Jacob!Anthony!Azar!! Elaine!A.!Baeza! Sharon!Lynn!Baffoni! John!Anthony!Baggeroer!! Harry!Edward!Bankes,!Jr.!! Michelle!Lucille!Barbosa!! Timothy!Sterling!Barrow!! Jose!Luis!Batista! Brian!D.!Beaudoin! Richard!Michael!Beaupre! Barry!Bellavance! David!Allen!Benson! Suzannah!Marie!Berg!! David!Edward!Bernard!! Paul!R.!Bernard! John!R.!Bernardi! Kenneth!Russell!Birtwistle! Raymond!George!Boisse!! Benjamin!Anthony!Bottone!! Patricia!Ann!Bouffard! Robert!Alan!Bousquet!! Henry!T.!Brelsford!

Peter!Hammond!Brownell! Lida!May!Buchynsky!! Rebecca!Ann!Burna! Kenneth!J.!Burke!! Carol!J.!Cairone!! Karyn!D.!Calza! Stephen!J.!Cancillieri! Anthony!Joseph!Cannata!! Antoinette!Cannavaro!! Joseph!A.!Caramadre!! Susan!Elaine!Carpenter!! Diane!Marie!Carreiro!! David!Carroll! Peter!H.!Chafetz! Ellen!E.!Chapin!! Mathew!Chasanoff!! John!Cinque! Joseph!Patrick!Coffey! Michael!Frederick!Coffey!! Mark!Louis!Colombo! John!A.!Comery! Michael!F.!Conway! George!Asbury!Cooper,!Jr.!! Cynthia!Lynn!Costa! Hope!Beth!Covinsky! Jane!Redman!Coxe! John!Patrick!Crawford,!Jr.!! Robert!Winsor!Crossley!! Mark!Stephen!Cruise! Thomas!Michael!D'Amico!! Seraphin!J.!DaPonte!! Stephen!Allan!Davis!! Stephen!J.!Daylor! Michael!Joseph!DeGiulio!! Donald!Charles!DeGraff!! Lois!M.!DeStefano! Jeffrey!Paul!Devaney!! Brenda!Ann!DiSanto!! Mark!Donilon! Deborah!Ann!Donnell!! Kathleen!M.!Donovan!! Aida!M.!Duarte!! Kimberly!Anne!Duffy! George!Michael!Durkin,!Jr.! Michael!Dwyer! Eric!John!Eiffert!

Ross!Dale!Elmore! J.!Christopher!Fagas! Ralph!P.!Fargnoli,!Jr.! Stephen!Douglas!Ficarra! Sergi!Robert!Filonow,!Jr.! Linda!M.!Fiore! Robert!Edward!Flanagan,!Jr.!! Michael!Phillip!Fleck! Kevin!Maurice!Flynn! Michael!Thomas!Patrick!Flynn! Sharon!Morton!Fontaine!! Karl!Oscar!Forsander!! David!Michael!Fortin! Roland!A.!Fournier,!Jr.!! Donna!B.!Frageorgia!! Doris!Flora!Freeman!! Robert!W.!Fuller,!Jr.! John!Joseph!Gagnon,!Jr.!! Thomas!R.!Gainor! Peter!Holman!Gates! David!Gaynes! Shirley!Ann!Gencarella! Mary!Madeline!Gilligan! Barbara!J.!Gillingham! Barbara!R.!Gintz! Michael!Louis!Giuliani!! Steven!W.!Godfrey!! Marc!Edward!Goldstein! Raymond!Richard!Goppold! Thomas!A.!Goulart! Lisa!Mary!Grenier! Michael!R.!Grills! Janice!Marie!Gubelman!! Margaret!Guthrie! Elizabeth!Therese!Hahn! William!Bradford!Hall! Michael!J.!Halliday! Robert!Alan!Hamburger! Linda!Jeanne!Hammarlund! Ruth!E.!Hanks! David!George!Hanuschak! Kevin!J.!Hart! Scott!Lester!Harvey! Thomas!J.!Hayden!! Sally!Ann!Healy!! Thomas!John!Healy!

Cathleen!Marie!Heber!! David!P.!Heine! Sam!Hesketh,!Jr.!! Diane!Katherine!Hey! Mark!Thomas!Hitchings! Lida!Honary! Lana!J.!Hone! Lorraine!Aida!Miller!Horton! Edward!Raymond!Houde! Kenneth!Goodwin!Howells,!Jr.! James!Michael!Jacober! Russell!Joseph!Jeffrey! Michael!Brent!Jensen!! Donna!Beverly!Johnson!! Nathaniel!D.!Johnson!! Carrie!Ann!Karn! Debra!Kaufman! Jean!Marie!Kearney! Kevin!Joseph!Kelley! Donna!Marie!Keneally! James!C.!Kiraly! William!Maxfield!Kirby! Harvey!Alan!Klemer!! Walter!Steven!Koerting!! Kenneth!Michael!Kohlmorgen!! Mary!K.!Koreivo! Charles!Krajewski! Nancy!Anne!Krawiec! Eileen!Margaret!Kuchman!! Laurie!Ann!M.!Labrecque!! Leonard!Roland!Lagasse! Robert!J.!Lamountain! Randi!Sheri!Landesberg! Michele!Lang! Mark!E.!Lavigne! Garv!D.!Lavimoniere! Peter!Michael!Lavita! Lois!A.!Lepore! Debra!Cheryl!Levine! Charles!F.!Levy! Robert!Norman!Lindblad!!! John!Joseph!Long,!Jr.! John!Francis!Luciano! Thomas!A.!Lund! Dominick!Gaetano!Macchia! Bruce!S.!MacDonald!!

Susan!Marie!MacMillan!! Abigail!Susan!MacQuown! Susan!R.!Madden! Michael!James!Andrew!Mahoney! Howard!J.!Malzberg! Carlo!Michael!Marandola! Lynne!Marie!Marashio! John!Eric!Martin! Kathryn!Marie!Martin!! Linda!E.!!Martin!! Vincent!Martinelli!! David!M.!Mason! Scott!Wayne!Masterson! David!Wayne!Matteson! Nancy!L.!McCann! James!Joseph!McDonnell!! Lois!S.!McGann! TerryiAnne!Mclntosh! Tod!Jamieson!McKenna! Mindy!B.!Mermelstein!! David!M.!Mernick!! Anne!Maitland!Meyer!! Arthur!G.!!Meyer!! Carolyn!Jean!Miller! Steven!A.!Moore! Christopher!Vincent!Moylan! Leo!Joseph!Murphy! Louis!George!Murphy,!Jr.!! Paul!Daniel!Murphy! Steven!Michael!Muscatelli! Frank!Nakrasz,!Jr.! Debra!Jean!Nelson!! Gunther!Neumann!! Douglas!C.!Newberg!! Gary!James!Niederauer!! Adam!Sinclair!Nisbet!! Jeffrey!John!Nyman!! Jennifer!Marie!Obenauer!! Paul!A.!O'Brien! Sheila!M.!O'Connell!! Steven!Charles!Olson! Austin!Paul!O'Malley,!Jr.! Leslie!J.!O'Neil! Christopher!Crane!O'Neill! Kevin!D.!O'Shea!! George!A.!Ouellette!!

Michael!M.!Pacheco!! Donna!Jean!Paganucci! Paul!Joseph!Panaroni!! Barbara!L.!Pedroso! Raymond!Norman!Pelletier! Susan!Pereira! Michael!David!Petit! Michael!Anthony!Pezzullo! Kirk!Edward!Pickell! Joseph!S.!Piotti!! Edmund!A.!Pires!! Leslie!Anne!Pita!! Eileen!Marie!Place! Steven!Michael!Plante! Michael!Reed!Plume!! Michael!Lindsev!Preiss!! Patricia!A.!Prio! James!A.!Procaccini!! Diana!Lynn!Pucino! Maria!Elvira!Rathbun!! Stuart!Everett!Rayner!! Albano!J.!Rebelo! Mark!William!Renner! Stephen!James!Reynolds! Jeffrey!Alan!Richard! John!Kurt!Rieth! Michael!Howard!Roemer! Edward!W.!Rogers,!Jr.!! Richard!J.!Rosati!! Deborah!J.!Rowles! Paul!R.!Roy! Michelle!Ellen!Rubinstein! James!Michael!Salisbury! Deborah!Jane!Salland!! David!Santangelo!! Richard!Francis!Santos! Melanie!Anne!Saumur! Dale!Robin!Scharlat! John!Thomas!Sellechio! David!S.!Sennett! David!Scott!Shanker! Michael!Shepp! Sandra!Mitchell!Sherrer! Karen!M.!Shore! Holly!E.!Sickley! Christina!Martha!Simeone!

Peter!T.!Sirois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cynthia!Ann!Sisto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nancy!G.!Slater!!!!!! Bruce!Edward!Smith! Craig!S.!Smith! Perry!Clinton!Smith! Jon!Stephen!Solis! Kevin!Alan!Spendley! Lynne!Ann!Spiegel!! Sharon.!Ann!Steiger!! Valerie!Rose!Strafaci! Kevin!Michael!Sullivan! David!A.!Sutcliffe! Michael!S.!Szynkarski!! Leonard!James!Tatem!! Lisa!Tepfer! Richard!L.!Theilig!! Debra!Ellen!Thornhill! Deborah!A.!Toth!! Anne!Marie!Troast! Philip!W.!Trumbull,!Jr.! William!H.!Tuttle,!III! Jane!Elizabeth!Vaicunas! Raymond!Anthony!Vaicunas! Pamela!Jean!Valaitis! Kathleen!Elizabeth!Valenstein! Christine!Ramella!Varadian!! Donald!Joseph!Vasta! Claire!E.!Vesey! Kevin!Lee!Villeneuve!! Dorothy!Christine!Wahl! Michael!A.!Walsh!! Stephen!Lowry!Walsh!! Thomas!Adams!Walsh!! Diane!Marie!Ward! Nancy!S.!Weber!! Kathleen!Helen!Weibel!! David!Matthew!Westerman!! Jane!Marvel!Wheeler! Wendy!Beth!Wiener! Rochelle!Ellen!Winkler! Charles!Howard!Wood!! Mark!Stephen!Wuilleumier!! Ayisat!Folashade!Yusuff!! Walter!Gary!Zalman! Jodi!B.!!Zuckerman!

! 1982! ! Karen!Anne!Abbott!! Joseph!M.!Abusamra! Charles!Arthur!Adamopoulos!! Joseph!A.!Adams! Paul!Richard!Alexander! William!Lothrop!Allen,!II!! Marlo!Richard!Andreozzi! David!E.!Annese! Alan!Atkinson,!III! David!Mark!Appolonia! Mark!R.!August! Donalda!Mary!Azzinaro! Tamara!Susan!Babich! Eric!B.!Baggesen! John!Rand!Baggesen!! Michael!Balzano,!III! Ronald!Edward!Barlow!! Liane!S.!Barmakian! Ruth!A.!Barrington!! David!Arthur!Basok!! Ann!B.!Battlitls! Stacey!Ellen!Baurmash! Kathryn!A.!Beichert!! John!Thomas!Bell!! Michael!F.!Benevides! Andrew!David!Bernstein! Emllyanne!Michelle!Bishop! Robert!Borden!Blakeley! Edward!P.!Bonetti! Wllliam!Theodore!Brady! Melinda!Louise!Brennan! Mark!Vincent!Briggs! Delano!J.!Brooks!! Hugh!Warner!Brown!! Ellen!L.!Browning! Judith!K.!Buckler! Carol!Regina!Burchill!! Laura!Beth!Burns! Kelelgh!A.!Caffrey! Michael!R.!Calonne! Salvatore!B.!Capaldo!! Joanne!Dee!Capetan!! Joseph!E.!Cardello!!

Kevin!Patrick!Carley!! Edward!P.!Carlin!! Laurie!Beth!Carlsen! Mary!Frances!Carmody! Leah!A.!March!Carnevale! Claire!Mary!Caron! Christopher!James!Carter! Sheree!Ann!Carter!! Jeffrey!Paul!Cascione! Daniel!Carl!Cataldo!! Robert!A.!Chamberland!! Daniel!Joseph!Chapman!! Norman!F.!Chartier!! Arthur!E.!Chatfield! Barry!Jay!Chipman! Mary!Elizabeth!Chmlelowlec! Lisa!A.!Chrisslnger! Lawrence!Anthony!Ciccarelli,!Jr.!! Carol!Ann!Clancy! Robert!J.!Clark!! Edmund!John!Clavette!! Michael!J.!Cofone! John!J.!Colozzl!!! Gerard!F.!Conforti!! Joseph!Daniel!Conley! Alfredo!Turldo!Conte!! Chris!E.!Conti! Terry!Louise!Contrino! Christopher!B.!Cooney!! Albert!Henry!Cooper!! Mark!A.!Corsetti! David!A.!Cote! Douglas!E.!Cote! Karen!Covello! Brian!James!Corvese!! Virginia!M.!Craig! Thomas!P.!Craven!! Patrick!E.!Creamer!! Gerald!S.!Creighton! Thomas!Anthony!Crivellone! Claire!Marte!Crosson! Scott!Thomas!Cunningham! Teresa!Anne!Cuomo! Anne!Marie!Daley! Carrie!Ann!Davis! Jeffrey!William!Davis!

Robert!J.!Delaney! Susan!M.!DeMaio! Brian!Anthony!DiGregorio! Darrell!Martin!Diniz! Richard!Thomas!Dinobile!! Richard!Randle!DiSesa!! Joseph!T.!Donnelly! Mark!Kevin!Dorcus! Gregory!John!Driscoll! Jennifer!Marie!Dunn!! Michael!Durnlak,!Jr.!! Joyce!Ann!Durosko! James!Francis!Dwyer!! Thomas!Joseph!Dwyer!! Arlene!M.!Early! Andrew!R.!Ehrilch!! Stephen!John!Eley!! Steven!Bruce!Ellasof!! Diane!A.!Elliott! John!P.!Ellis!! Andrew!J.!Ellsweig!! Robert!Grosvenor!Ely,!Ill!! Monica!A.!Emmerich! James!Harold!Enstall! Kayla!Beth!Ente!! Diann!Fagundes! Laura!Antoinette!Falcone! Michael!Justin!Fanning! Steven!John!Ferrandi! Nicholas!William!Ferrigno,!Jr.!! Jodi!Lee!Fournier! Michael!L.!Frankovich! Brian!Freschi! William!J.!Gager!! Karen!J.!Gagliano! Edward!James!Gemma!! Larry!T.!Gemma! Leonard!Paul!Gemma! Christopher!Patrick!Giblin! Susan!Marte!Glatz! David!Allen!Gobeille! Debra!Ann!Goldblatt! Robert!E.!Goldman! Jeffrey!S.!Goodale! John!Webster!Goodwin! Heather!Ann!Gordon!

Robert!L.!Gordon! Alfred!Lawrence!Grant,!III! Carla!Lyn!Grant! George!Alden!Greer!! Jose!E.!Grullon!! William!G.!Grzeblen!! Karen!L.!Guay!! Janice!L.!Gustafson!! Michael!David!Haas! Linda!Jeanne!Hammarlund! Michael!Louts!Hanna! Paul!Joseph!Harrington! Susan!Gall!Harris! Mark!Thomas!Haskins! Lisa!Joan!Haufe! George!B.!Hayek,!III! David!J.!Hazian! John!Patrick!Healey! Laurie!E.!Hearne! Kimberly!Ann!Heath! Diane!Lynn!Helstosky! Robert!Gray!Henderson!! Paul!Vincent!Herchen! Ellen!Robin!Herman! Nell!David!Hesketh!! Louise!Durso!Hilliard!! John!Gregory!Hines! Peter!Thomas!Hoey!! Christopher!J.!Holm!! Harold!Michael!Horvat!! Robin!E.!Hussey! Joseph!Iaciofano,!Jr.!! Anna!L.!Iaconetti! Kathy!F.!Ingham! Danny!Steven!Johnson!! John!Anthony!Johnson!! Susan!Reitz!Johnson!! Mary!Jane!Jolda!! Allyson!Lee!Jones! Robert!N.!Jones!! Stanley!A.!Jones,!Jr.!! Troy!E.!Jones! Jonathan!Victor!Kalander! Michael!Joseph!Kasmtcski!! Patricia!Jeanne!Kearns! Carol!M.!Keith!

Thomas!J.!Keller,!Jr.! Bernadette!Kelly! Dawn!A.!Kerry! Mark!Alfred!Kershaw! Janice!A.!Keys! Johanna!Azniv!Kibarian!! Chester!Andrew!Kirby!! Richard!Chester!Kirk! Marc!E.!Kitz! Denise!F.!Klein! Richard!John!Klenkel,!Jr.!! David!John!LaFreniere!! Katherine!Ruth!Landauer!! Alan!Drayton!Lanz! Susan!Marie!Leveillee! Glenn!D.!Levine! Barbara!Ellen!Lewitter! Leon!L'Heureux,!III! Paul!John!Licata!! David!C.!Liguori!! Peter!B.!Lima! Denise!Annette!Lockaby! Deborah!Ann!Lombardi!! George!Robert!Loxton! Anne!Marie!Ludovici! Ronna!Lynne!Lupovitz! Ernest!Thomas!Lustenring!! Ann!Elizabeth!MacFarlane!! Brian!MacWhorter! Susan!E.!Maher! Mark!Herbert!Matnelli! David!Mallard! Holly!Cynthia!Marchetti! Anthony!Marinaro! Paul!D.!Marston! James!Francis!Martin!! David!Albert!Martone! Lorraine!A.!Marzilli!! Sherian!Mathews! Mary!Jeanne!McBride!! Francis!Joseph!McCabe!! Cynthia!Ann!McCarthy!! Dennis!Edward!McCarthy! James!Edward!McCarthy!! Kevin!Patrick!McCarthy!! Brian!Joseph!McElroy!!

Donna!M.!McEnery! David!S.!McGinniss! Kevin!Michael!McGowan! Karen!Ann!McKay! Joe!W.!McKeeman! Paul!Stephen!McNulty! Michael!William!Medeiros! James!G.!Metstertch!! William!Douglas!Mencer! Joseph!Raymond!Mercurio,!Jr.!! Denise!Rose!Messler! C.!Marissa!Meyers! Paula!Ann!Micheletti!! Robert!Andrew!Migden! George!P.!Mihailides,!Jr.! Megan!J.!Mihara!! Dana!Keith!Millar!! Michael!Calihan!Miller!! Diane!Elizabeth!Miner!! Lisa!Marte!Mohan! Debra!Ann!Montz!! Roberta!J.!Moretti!! Ronald!Robert!Morin!! Paul!Raffi!Mouradjian! Rosemary!Wanjiku!Mungat!! Kevin!Laurence!Murphy,!Jr.!! Lisa!A.!Murphy! William!James!Mycroft!! Robert!Thomas!Nangle!! Edmund!F.!Navarro!! Kathleen!A.!Nealon! Raymond!Nekrasz!! Sandra!Lee!Newett! Michele!Hope!Newman!! John!Clinton!Nickell!! Barbara!Ann!Nolan!! John!T.!O'Connell! Ilene!Sandi!Ogintz! Frances!O'Keefe! William!B.!Osteen,!Jr.! Teresa!Joan!Paglione!! Paula!Marie!Palmieri! Arlene!M.!Paul! Joanne!Marie!Pellicano! Dean!Alphonsus!Penkethman! Lori!J.!Penso!

Paul!Angelo!Peters!! John!Eric!Peterson!! Michael!Robert!Pfeiffer! Dennis!Bristol!Phelps!! Debbie!Lyn!Phillips!! Roger!Eric!Pierson!! Joseph!Patrick!Pirrello!! Michele!Plympton!! Kathryn!A.!Polak! Kimberly!J.!Pollock! Brooks!S.!Porter!! Maryanne!Pratt! Linda!Jean!Przygocki!! Georgia!Nikolaos!Psikakos!! Gary!Paul!Puctno! Denise!Marte!Puleo! Jean!Lee!Purvis! Christopher!R.!Quinn! Rachel!Racine! Colleen!A.!Raftery! Stephen!Alan!Read!! Lew!J.!Regini! Lynne!M.!Rego!! Jeffrey!Alan!Ricci! John!Richard!Robidoux! Holly!L.!Robinson!! Jacki!S.!Roche! Tonda!Raye!Roe! Kathleen!Gail!Rogers! Miriam!B.!Ross!! Paul!S.!Rush!! Eric!Salander!! Laurie!E.!Sands! Christine!Anne!Santoro! Robert!Joseph!Savino!! Gerald!W.!Schaffert! Abby!Lee!Schwartz! Patricia!Ann!Seguin! Steven!Lewis!Silber! Pamela!Anne!Silvestri! Ellen!Elizabeth!Simon! Elizabeth!H.!Skinkle! Nell!Allen!Sklaroff!! Anne!M.!Smith!! Michael!E.!Smith!! Timothy!Mark!Smith!

Kristin!A.!Sornberger! Sheri!Pam!Sosner! Steven!Carl!Spirito!! Howard!Jeffrey!Spitz!! Kathleen!Marie!St.!John!! Debra!Jean!Starbranch!! Donna!Gail!Steiger! Shari!E.!Stein! Juliana!Steven! Jane!Stewart! Andrew!George!Stockel! John!E.!Straight!! Russell!James!Straight!! Laurie!S.!Strumpf! Susan!Veronica!Sullivan! Richard!Perry!Summer! John!E.!Sundberg! Mark!S.!Sutton! Matthew!Tarsevich! John!J.!Tardif! Michael!Lucas!Thoman! B.!Scott!Thomas! Timothy!Edwin!Thorp! Christopher!Ronald!Topping! Beth!Mindy!Tractenberg! Robert!Gerard!Trebisacci! Elizabeth!Jean!Trehy! John!Tudino! Philip!Hobson!Utter! Joyce!M.!ValentineiKenney! John!L.!Villano! Gail!Ann!Vittimberga! Michael!Stephen!Walker! William!John!Wardyga! Wendy!Lee!Warner! Susan!Jean!Warnock! Maureen!Ann!Welch! Kevin!James!Westerberg! Julie!Anna!White! Judith!Marie!Wilcox! Kenneth!Lee!Wilcox! William!Clifford!Wilcox! Panela!Ann!Wolf! Sheila!A.!Woolfall! Andrea!Lee!Yorston! Michael!T.!Zarloff!

Douglas!Marc!Zove! ! 1983! ! Jayne!Alison!Abajlan! Jeanne!Marie!Abruscato! Joan!Frances!Adams!! Milan!Earl!Adams,!III! Edmund!E.!Ackerson,!Jr.!! David!Paul!Alessandro!! Kenneth!David!Almeida!! Marilyn!Jean!Anderson!! Elyse!F.!Arnel! David!Francis!Arnold!! Andrew!Robert!Arruda! Elizabeth!Anne!Arruda! Juliet!Ann!Arsenault!! Alan!Matthew!Atwood!! Francis!Joseph!Baird!! Timothy!William!Baker!! Mary!Ann!Ball! James!Michael!Bamford! Ralph!J.!Barbieri!! Nancy!Anne!Barlow!!! Deborah!Lynn!Barnes!! Keith!Hale!Batchelder!! Paul!Joseph!Battista! Lauren!Elizabeth!Beattie!! Owen!Thomas!Bebeau!! Frank!N.!Benson,!Jr.! Robert!Thomas!Bernard! Steven!Mark!Bessette! Steven!Rowley!Bessette!! Laura!Bianchini! Frederick!Charles!Biastre! William!Evan!!Blabe! Edward!Michael!Boardman! Stephen!Joseph!Boezi! Cameron!T.!Booth!! Anthony!August!Botelho!! Elisio!Mario!Botelho! Keb!Hanson!Brackenbury! Christine!Brady! Lvynn!Marie!Bnimande! Thomas!H.!Brayman! Lorraine!M.!Breault!

Douglas!Alan!Brill!! Stephen!E.!Broman!! Lucinda!Bronico! Nancy!Elizabeth!Brydon! Gary!H.!Bucci! Stephen!M.!Burns.!Jr.! Marshall!C.!Byrd! Jane!P.!Caizzi! Judith!Connole!Callahan! Robert!J.!Cancillieri! Paula!M.!Carbone! Raymond!Anthony!Cardinale! Timothy!Sean!Carley! Lori!A.!Carn! Anthony!O.!Carlucci!! Ronald!Joseph!Carreiro!! Raymond!Lawrence!Carson!! Andre!L.!Casault! Kathleen!Case! Kimberly!Lee!Casey! Joy!G.!Caslowitz!! Michele!Helene!Cates! Sandra!Jeanne!Charpentier! Mark!Steven!Chaves! Diane!B.!Christiansen! Nancy!E.!Citron!! Deborah!Ann!Clark!! Charlotte!J.!Clifford!! Frank!H.!Colucci!! Gerard!G.!Conforti! Kimberly!Elizabeth!Conklin! Matthew!Thomas!Conway! Peter!D.!Conway!! William!Anthony!Cook! Barbara!Pauline!Cooper! Brenda!Lynn!Cooper!! Patrick!Coristine!! Patricia!Irene!Corrado!! David!Barry!Cotter! Gail!Armstrong!Cournoyer! William!H.!Coutu! Ward!E.!Crossman! Chris!William!Cruickshank! Edward!Francis!Cunha,!Jr.!! Thomas!Mark!D'Abrosca!! Anthony!Joseph!Damiani!!

Ronald!Paul!D'Amico! Mary!A.!D'Annunzio!! David!M.!D'Antuono!! Mark!A.!Davis! Scott!James!Davis!! David!Murray!Dean!!! Richard!Edwin!DeBlois! Mark!S.!DeChambeau!! Wendy!L.!Deitler! Joseph!S.!DelPrete!! Wendy!A.!DeMagistris! Paul!C.!DeMasi! Stephen!Paul!DeSanto! Gloria!A.!Deutsch! Gina!Marie!DeVecchis! David!Frank!DiDonato!! Lori!Lynn!Doliber! Stacey!A.!Donegan! Lisa!Ann!DonFrancesco!! Brenda!Marie!Donnelly!! Janet!Roberta!Dowling!! Linda!Marie!Durakis!! Steven!J.!Durand! John!Robert!Durgee!! Philip!J.!Durosko,!Jr.! Andrea!M.!Dymsza! Louis!Frank!Edelblut! Greg!O.!Elffert! Mark!T.!Eldridge!! Kenneth!Albert!Elmer!! Richard!Frank!Ernst!! Christine!Ann!Evans!! Warren!Durham!Eve!! Debra!Jean!Fagan! Angela!FederowicziKilgallon! John!E.!Ferdinand! Joan!K.!Fetter! Susan!L.!Fiedler!! Barbara!Anne!Fikslin!! Scott!E.!Findeisen!! Susan!Kathlyn!Finley!! John!V.!Fishel! Anne!Marie!Fitzgerald! Alexander!Leocadio!Flores!! Cheryl!A.!Fontaine! Robert!William!Forth!!

J.!Bruce!Fox!! Michael!Robert!Fox!! George!Raymond!Francis!! Carol!Ann!Fritz! Joseph!E.!Gallucci,!Jr.! Mary!Louise!Galoski! Edward!Charles!Gendron! Sharon!L.!Germani! Robert!W.!Gershkoff! Peter!J.!Gill! Kevin!Morgan!Gilligan! Patricia!Ann!Gingras! Michael!B.!Gorriaran!! Matthew!R.!Grainger!! Louis!Groccia,!Jr.!! Nancy!E.!Granstrom!! Marena!Allee!Grove! James!Roland!Gullusclo,!Jr.! Robert!Eugene!Guyon,!Jr.! Jane!Stephanie!Haberek! Jacqueline!Jean!Haggerty! Samuel!Elias!Hanna,!Jr.! Jeffrey!Earle!Harper! Thomas!Joseph!Harrington! Thomas!Leete!Harris! Jay!C.!Hart!! Amy!S.!Hauser!! Deirdre!Healey! Christine!Ann!Hendrick! Geza!Michael!Henni! Martin!Christian!Hering!! Gregory!James!Holbrook!! Diane!Lyn!Hopper! Sarah!Alpert!Horowitz!! William!Dennis!Hughes!! Donna!Jean!Hulton!! Wendy!Marie!Isidoro! Peter!Albert!Jacavone,!Jr.!! Gail!Robin!Jackson!! Michalene!Anne!Johnson! Richard!W.!Johnson! Diane!Elaine!Jones! Mark!Alan!Jones! Joseph!H.!Kabulis,!Jr.! Richard!Thomas!Kalunian!! Caryn!Barbara!Kangos!!

Debra!Jane!Katz! Peter!L.!Kazarian!! Patricia!Ann!Keane!!! Michael!John!Kerr!! Michael!G.!Kesellca!! Robert!D.!Kiefer! Timothy!J.!Kindregan!! Gregory!McLeod!Knowles!! Russell!Allen!Kratoville!! Stephen!C.!Krawczyk!! Debra!A.!Kressu! Janet!Kupcewicz!! Charles!Alan!Lambert! Karen!A.!Laskey!! Denise!Marie!Lavoie!! Barbara!Ann!Leduc! Steven!John!Lee! Pamela!Ann!Lempner!! Eric!W.!Leslie! Scott!Wayne!Levin! David!F.!Lewis! Lee!Ann!Lima! Christopher!J.!Linderson! Michael!John!Lindley! Wendy!Jane!Lomas!! Laurie!Jean!Lowe! William!F.!Lucey,!III!! Eric!P.!Lundbohm!! Michael!Guy!Macchia!! Michael!Macedonia!! Gregory!Scott!Maida!! James!Michael!Manni!! Steven!Michael!Manni!! Frank!S.!Mansella! Kevin!Albert!Mansfield! Susan!Ann!Marino!! Linda!C.!Marsocci!! Richard!Austin!Martin!! Louise!A.!Martineau! Pat!D.!Matarese! Sharon!Marie!McCarthy! Margaret!E.!McGonagle! Patricia!Ellen!McIntyre! James!R.!McLaughlin! Ruth!Margaret!Medeiros! Barry!Paul!Meltzer!

John!Leonard!Mendonca! John!B.!Merlino,!Jr.!! David!Addison!Merrill! William!E.!Metivier,!III! Eric!R.!Meza! Reginald!William!Mills,!Jr.! Mary!Jean!Miniati! Mark!F.!Monahan!! Lynn!A.!Monteleone! Tim!Mooney! Richard!Blaine!Morrison! Marilyn!F.!Morrow!! Charles!A.!Morton!! Michael!Russell!Mowery!! Cameron!Stephen!Moyer!! Frederick!C.!Mulleady!! Paul!Scott!Muma! Richard!L.!Munroe! John!P.!Murray! JoAnn!Mary!Mushtnski! Regina!Elizabeth!Napoli!! Stephen!E.!Nazareth!! David!E.!Nerney! Judith!Ann!Nocera! Robert!Lee!Nolan! Robert!Augustus!Nunes!! Edward!John!Oesterle!! Barry!Scott!Ordway!! Richard!Edward!Otis! Orlando!Pacheco!! Michael!John!Panciera!! John!P.!Paquin! Thomas!Michael!Paredes! John!Lorenzo!Parente! Marian!D.!Parker!! Marybeth!Parrilla!! Joseph!S.!Pearlman!! Lowell!C.!Peck!! Judith!Ann!Peduzzi!! Maria!C.!Petrone!! Nicolas!P.!Philippou!! Matthew!W.!Pierson! Jodi!Lynn!Pollock!!! Mary!Elizabeth!Quinn!! Jacqueline!Ann!Ramos!! Barbara!A.!Rannenberg!!

Lisa!Jean!Recine! Dorothy!Margaret!Regan! David!Nelson!Reid!! Karen!A.!Risttgian!! Peter!B.!Rizzo! Linda!J.M.!Rodriguez! Thomas!Andrew!Rose!! Sandra!J.!Rosenbloom!! Steven!Carl!Roth!! James!Alan!Rothschild! John!Andrew!Rougas! Gayle!Loreen!Hardy!Rutstein! Nancy!Ann!Ryan! Philip!G.!Rynn! Kenneth!James!Saccoccia! Anthony!J.!Santagati! Joann!Marie!Santos! Robert!Edward!Savage!! Kenneth!A.!Schnack!! Frank!George!Schott!! Mary!L.!Sevigny! Joseph!Charles!Shaker,!II!! Robert!Edward!Shannon! Thomas!Frederick!Sheehan!! Bethany!R.!Sherman! Patti!L.!Silver! Colleen!Mary!Simard!! Richard!Joseph!Siravo!! Cheryl!Eileen!Slutzky!! Nancy!Smith! Richard!S.!Solomon! Stephen!Gerard!Soscia!! Jeanne!M.!Spagnolo!! Richard!Donald!Spaziano! Debra!Ann!Squtcciarini! Robert!Peter!Squizzero.!Jr.! David!Peter!Starrett! Paul!Richard!Sternburg! Anthony!Stowe!! George!L.!Strayer,!Jr.!! Karen!Elizabeth!Sullivan!! Debra!Ellen!Sweet!! Pamela!Ruth!Swift! Lorrie!Ann!Taylor!! Jacqueline!Louise!Tellier!! RoseMarie!Thompson!

Susan!Patricia!Tiersch! Glenn!E.!Tobin! Mark!William!Tobin!! Karen!A.!Toomey!! Robert!L.!Toth!! Jeffrey!L.!Troy! Karen!M.!Tuohey! James!David!Turley!! Peter!J.!Velleco,!III!! Cynthia!A.!Vinacco!! Kathleen!Lynn!Vlaha!! Barbara!G.!Webb! Elizabeth!Mead!Webber! Wendy!Marie!Weber!! Frank!A.!Welle! Rhonda!L.!Weinman! Michael!J.!Weinstein!! Douglas!A.!Whyte! Virginia!B.!Wilhelmy! Kim!Ann!Wilk! Brian!Manuel!Wilson! Rory!C.!Wilson! John!Robert!Winters! Nancy!Lynn!Wong!! Carysusan!Yacoblan!! Ronda!Amy!Ziner! ! ! 1984! ! Thomas!S.!Ackerson!! Ruth!M.!Aldrich!! Cathy!Ann!Alfiero! Carolyn!Jeanne!Algiere! Donnamarie!Allen!! Amy!Elizabeth!Alton!! Diane!M.!Amaral! James!Christopher!Amato! Suzanne!Tina!Atanasoff!! Audree!Lani!Auxford!! John!A.!Averill! Bonnie!Lyn!Bailey! John!William!Baringer,!Jr.!! Susan!Maureen!Bartley!! Richard!H.!Baylis,!Jr.!! Sharon!Ann!Bazor!!

Stephen!A.!Beatrice! Kelly!Ann!Beauchemin! John!A.!Beebe! Lisa!Marie!Bellucci! Paul!Richard!Bender! Gregg!Blatt! Lise!Layne!Bosman!! Leslie!P.!Brayman!! Jeremy!Adam!Brenner!! Doreen!Brindley! Paul!W.!Brosseau! Jeffrey!Gordon!Brown! Deborah!Catherine!Buckley! James!Michael!Burton! Cheryl!A.!Byrne! Christine!Anne!Byrne!! Wendy!Legh!Cady!! Debra!Ann!Cairone! Paula!Janet!Calitri! Tara!Canetta! John!James!Cannata! Lisa!E.!Canter! Ellen!P.!Cantrellt!! Keny!A.!Casey!! John!F.!Catanese!! Kit!Ying!Chak! John!Richard!Chatowsky!! John!Edward!Clays!! Patrick!J.!Oays! Kathleen!Patricia!Coffey!! Dean!Harlen!Cohen!! Jason!Wayne!Cohenour! Michael!Patrick!Connolly! Christopher!Charles!Connor! Paul!Harry!Conway! Salvatore!Joseph!Corio,!Jr.!! Theresa!Marie!Corr! Teresa!Lee!Correia!! Timothy!J.!Cotter!! Stephanie!Marie!Cruz!! Anne!Louise!Cullen! Christine!Curtin!! Thomas!John!Danho!! Stephen!Marc!Danuszar!! Gary!Kenneth!Davidson!! Jay!Alan!Davis!

Michael!Gerard!DePanfilis! Leo!Walter!DeRouin,!Jr.!! Diane!Marie!DeRuggiero!! Debra!Ann!DeLuca! Paul!David!Delvecchio! Mark!J.!Dennen! Scott!Robert!Derouin!! David!V.!DiBenedetto!! Janene!Patrice!Dickey!! Dominic!P.!Didonatom!! Maureen!E.!Dillon!! Matthew!Joseph!DiSano!! Andrew!Wilfred!Donkin!! Paul!J.!Donohue! William!Keith!Dore! Kevin!J.!Dowd! William!Edward!Drury! Richard!Robert!Dumais! Jeffrey!Ehrman! Patricia!I.!Encinas!! Theresa!Marie!Eoga!! Michael!Paul!Evan!! William!Keith!Fain! Eric!Douglas!Falk!! Elizabeth!Mae!Fancher! Michael!Joseph!Farrell!! Kenneth!R.!Ferri! Deborah!M.!Ferro!! Ann!Y.!Fieler!! Lilley!Elizabeth!Mary!Fitzpatrick! Anthony!Joseph!Freitas!! Jonathan!Christi!Frost!! Valerie!Irene!Fuchs! Richard!Jay!Fuhrman!! Richard!L.!Gagnon!! Denise!E.!Garde! JodieiLee!Gartsu! Michael!A.!Gemma! William!Frederick!Gingerella,!Jr.!! Neil!Stephen!Glass! Wendy!Marie!Gocha! Bernard!Andrew!Goldberg! Todd!S.!Goldstein! Karen!D.!Golick! Glenn!J.!Grenier! Jeffrey!John!Griglack!!

Edward!William!Grim,!II!! Michelle!Marie!Guertin! Christopher!Steven!Guglietti!! Elaine!G.!Haher! Gregg!David!Hall! Kim!L.!Hay! Anne!Marie!Hayes!! Donna!Kaye!Heath!! Lee!W.!Hessberger! Deborah!Lee!Hinchliffe! Patricia!Ann!Hussey! Thomas!John!Iacobucci!! Marie!Annette!Jacques!! Jill!Beth!Javurek! Timothy!Michael!Jermain! Denes!Paul!John! Janet!Lynn!Johnson! Violeta!Josevska! Eugene!P.!Kachele!! Mitra!Karbassi!! Linda!Ann!Kay!! Peter!Lee!Kazarian! Malcolm!Aharon!Kdonian! James!Kevin!Keane! Alan!Jay!Kellman! James!A.!Kern! Burney!August!Kieke,!Jr.! Steven!Mark!Kilguss! Janet!Elizabeth!Kincaid!! Andrew!Stanley!Kiza!! Andrew!Charles!Koines!! Howard!Lee!Konicov!! Vera!Lynn!Kourkoutas!! Frank!James!Kovar! Marianne!Catherine!Kowalsky! Peter!Bruce!Kroeker! Deena!J.!Kuebler!! Charles!A.!Ladas!! Claudine!Mary!Landfield!! Robert!Paul!Laudone! Laurie!Ann!Lautenschlager!! Alice!Pimenta!Lavimoniere!! Robin!Janice!Leather! Hwe!Kyung!Lee! Janet!R.!Lee!! Joy!A.!Lemay!!

Andrew!Ross!Lerner! Debora!L.!Lescault! Scott!W.!Levin! Mark!Lewis! Sara!Sirvart!Leylegian!! Colby!Dodge!Lundgren! Jane!Marie!MacDonald!! Michael!Joseph!Mallon!! Lorama!B.!Malone! Lori!Ann!Manchester!! John!V.!Marchisello!! Carol!Marie!Markert! Dino!Robert!Marsocci! !Ann!Marie!Martinelli!! Sharon!Masters!! Russell!J.!Matuszek!! Patricia!A.!McAvinn! Melanie!Margaret!McCabe!! Nancy!Beth!McConaghy!! Diane!Elise!McGannon!! James!Stephen!McLellan! Walter!Raymond!Mercier! Jeffrey!J.!Messier! Thomas!G.!Messier! Corinne!Marie!Micciche!! Andrew!David!Miller! Steven!M.!Miller! Paul!Stephen!Minich! Christine!Huling!Moniz! Randall!B.!Moor! Jocelyn!L.!Moore! Joseph!George!Morin!! Mark!Albert!Mormando! Daniel!J.!Morrill! Deborah!Lynne!Mueller! Karen!Lynn!Murphy! Peter!J.!Murphy! Lynne!Marie!Murray!! John!Francis!Muto! Paul!Myerson!! Vethanayaki!Narasimhan!! Benjamin!Willliuns!! Navarro!Jutta!Neumann! Karen!Elizabeth!Noonan!! John!Roderick!Oakley!! John!A.!O'Connell,!III!

Karen!Elliott!O'Connor!! Lori!Antoinette!Olean!! Karen!F.!O'Neil! Edward!Collins!O'Rourke! John!Christopher!Pagac!! Robert!John!Paganucci!! Frances!Mary!Pappadia!! Brian!Robert!Pare! Karen!M.!Parrella! Michael!Joseph!Paruta! Morris!Pataky! Barbara!Louise!Peck! Gregory!R.!Pellicano! Theodore!E.!Petit,!Jr.!! Norma!Lynne!Pierce!! Lauri!Ann!Pietruszka! Linda!Sue!Pizzano!! Jayne!Elizabeth!Pooler! Kristine!J.!Powers! Gary!A.!Preiss! Richard!Arthur!Proulx! David!Michael!Racano! Michelle!A.!Rafferty! Mary!Beth!Rahill! Lawrence!Anthony!Rail! Jane!Frances!Ranieri! Margaret!M.!Rawley! Judith!N.!Regan! Christine!Ann!Regnier!! Mark!David!Resnick!! Judith!Ann!Richtarik!! Deborah!Anne!Rieger!! Michael!E.!Riley! Robert!F.!Rinaldi! Diane!Thibault!Riordan! Mark!Howard!Robinson! Kathleen!Anne!Rogers! Denise!Claire!Rondeau!! Kevin!Eric!Rosenthal! Lisa!J.!Santamaria! Robert!H.!Schiffman! Richard!Werner!Schmid! Jeanne!M.!Schroeder! Maria!Leard!Servadio! Susan!E.!Shaffer! Susan!Cecelia!Skelly!

Karin!Liu!Skoog! Kim!Marie!Sloat! Christopher!David!Smith! Dean!Arthur!Smith! Judith!E.!Snarksy! Joseph!Matthew!Souza! NancyiSue!Staebner! Claudia!Karen!Stein! Gregory!Nelson!Sundberg! Robin!A.!Swansburg! Jeanette!Andrea!Szymona!! Elizabeth!Anne!Talbot!! Heather!Mary!Tamer! Richard!D.!Tammaro! Nancy!Lynne!Thompson! Martha!E.!Tisdell!! Madeline!Toste!! Robert!S.!Treglia! Jennifer!B.!Trevisiol! Theodore!C.!Vinski!! Janice!Karen!Ward! Linda!McCutcheon!Watt! Jane!Collins!Weatherby! Mark!Aan!Welesko!! Sandra!Lee!Wheeler! Keith!Robert!Wiarda! Jeffrey!Scott!Willinger!! Robert!Charles!Wilson!! Brian!R.!Wood! Francisco!Jose!Gomes!Xavier! Karyn!Lynn!Zettlemoyer! Arthur!Zieky! Bonnie!Lynn!Zimmerman! ! 1985! ! Ellen!Sue!Aarons! Robin!L.!Abjornson!! Stephen!David!Adamowicz!! Lincoln!Douglas!Almond!! Lynn!M.!Altieri! Gary!Thomas!Amato!! Claudia!V.!Anderson!! David!Keith!Anderson!! Patricia!Jean!Aneiros! John!M.!Anthony!!

Barbara!Ann!Bagdonas! John!William!Baringer,!Jr.!! Krista!A.!Barmakian! Ann!T.!Barnes! Robert!Douglas!Bayer! Gail!Ann!Beardsley! Douglas!Howard!Beckerman! James!A.!Benson! Lisa!Hayes!Billings! Janice!Blake! Jamie!Ericson!Blanks! Amy!P.!Blume! John!D.!Boelter! David!Joseph!Boiani,!Jr.!! Celeste!Marie!Boisclair!! Steven!Michael!Botwick! Janice!Mary!Bourassa!! Blair!Ann!Brennan! Marc!L.!Brocker! Mark!J.!Brockwell!! Ellen!Jean!Brown!! Glenn!Alan!Buesing! Marisa!Jean!Buonanni!! Raymond!Ralph!Buono!! Mary!T.!Byrne! Anthony!Nicholas!Calitri!! Michael!Patrick!Callahan!! Christopher!Thomas!Cawley!! Bruce!Andrew!Charleson!! Richard!Kenneth!Cloutier!! Douglas!Allen!Cobb! George!Richard!Cobleigh!! Lauri!Ann!Cody! Nancy!C.!Colby! Daniel!J.!Collett!! Michael!Vincent!Collins! Sharon!Marie!Contillo!! Mark!Cookson! Jon!A.!Cornelison!! Jill!Ann!Craddock!! Tracie!A.!Cummins! Cindy!Marie!Cummiskey!! Gerald!William!Curtis!! Peter!W.!Cusick! Susan!Eve!Cutler! Kerry!M.!Daley!!

Beth!R.!Danels!! Jeffrey!S.!Davidson! Shari!Lynn!Davidson! Connie!J.!FrenchiDean! Robyn!Lynn!DeCesare!! Richard!Charles!Dee!! Paul!Rockwell!DeFanti! Barbara!L.!DeGraphenried!! Robert!Glenn!DeOrsey!! Debra!M.!Desimone!! Sandra!Hines!Detrick!! Daphne!Faraclas!Deuel! David!G.!Deuel.!Jr.!! Basil!Charles!Dibsie! Lisa!A.!DiPronio!!! Harold!Robert!Dixon!! Richard!Eric!Dorkin!! Glenn!A.!Dowding!! Patricia!Marie!Dowling!! Cheryl!Ann!Driscoll! Rayfield!Michael!Drowne!!! Deborah!oJy!Dubois! Lisa!Marie!Dupelle! Karen!L.!Egermeier! Lisa!Anne!Even! Daniel!Jerome!Faria! Kristin!Reeves!Favro! Christophe!Eaton!Fay! Gary!J.!Fay! Arthur!Francis!Feeney! Kimberly!Sue!Fiske! Jeanne!M.!Fitzgerald!! John!A.!Folloni!! Margaret!Ann!Frost!! Matthew!Dionne!Fuller!! Joseph!Edward!Gately!! Lynne!Marie!Genga!! Marc!Andre!Giguere!! Jennifer!Lynne!Gillen!! James!Scott!Gladney!! Jeffrey!Jay!Goldstein!! Michael!P.!Goshdigian!! Armin!Albert!Graf!! Lauren!Marcel!Graves!! Steven!Alan!Greenberg!! Terence!R.!Greene!

Mary!Elizabeth!Greenwell!Keith! Michael!Guilbault!! Barbara!Kyle!Guise!! Carolyn!M.!Hales! Kristen!M.!Hallbach! Anthony!William!Hamel!! Deborah!A.!Hannan!! Christopher!James!Hannon!! Karen!Sue!Hanoian!! Sally!Elizabeth!Hardiman! Nancy!Clare!Harrington!! Thomas!P.!Harrington,!Jr.!! Kathy!E.!Hazard! Andrea!L.!Hazian! Debora!A.!Herchuk!! William!Eric!Hess! John!Daniel!Hickey! Michael!Howard!Hockstat! Charles!J.!Hogan!! Kathleen!Ann!Holland!! Stanley!Joseph!Homenick!! Deborah!Anne!Hopkins!! Douglas!K.!Hopper,!Jr.!! Jacqueline!Denise!Horn!! Graham!B.!Horton,!Jr.!! Brenda!Micheli!Infantolino!! Mark!David!Jagel! Thomas!Richard!Janis!! Linnea!Ethel!Jensen! Marc!T.!Jones! Melanie!Lorraine!Jones!! Joan!Marie!Junkmann!! Nancy!M.!Keating! William!Frederick!Kelly!! Charles!Ernest!Kenahan!! Barbara!Sigrid!Kienhofer!! William!Lewis!King!III!! Lynda!Marie!Kirschbaum!! Jeffrey!Neal!Krupa!! Jacqueline!Anne!Kubilus!! Donna!Ann!Kulas!! Francis!J.!Kulik,!Jr.! AnniMarie!Elizabeth!Lagoy!! Victoria!Ann!Lamoureux!! Lawrence!LaPorta! Guy!Edward!Lasorsa!!

Mark!R.!Leach!! Joanne!Leahy! John!Edward!Leath!! Donald!C.!Legere!! Christopher!Kevin!Leonard!! Tammy!Lynn!Lepikko! Sara!Lisa!Levy! Lauren!Lombardi! Andrew!Curtis!Mackenzie!! Amy!Karen!Mackolin!! Monique!Donia!Mandeville!! Ronald!I.!Marshall,!Jr.! Richard!Paul!Martin! Jeffrey!Michael!Marwell! Ernest!J.!Matias! Dawn!M.!McBride! Alexandra!Helen!McCabe!! Karen!Rose!McGuillicuddy! John!Gregory!McGowan! MaryiEllen!Hazel!McMahon! Ellen!Marie!McMurray! Abraham!Gessesse!Medhin! Maria!G.!Menna! Kathleen!J.!Messer!! Carolyn!Beth!Messer! Richard!L.!Meyers! Beth!Ann!Meyerson! Richard!Millman! Peter!Joseph!Miniati!III! Jane!Frances!Mohan! Susan!Gina!Montoleone! Patricia!Ann!Moore! Michael!G.!Morhardt! Kenneth!Anthony!Morris!! Earl!Joseph!Morrison!III! Stephen!Walter!Muddiman!! John!Patrick!Mulready!! KerryiLynne!Murray!! George!Albert!Nedder! Maureen!Sue!Neira! Stephen!Gerard!Nelson! Erin!M.!O'Brien! Sandra!Marie!O'Brien! Michael!M.!Occhi!! Nancy!O'Connell!! Colleen!E.!O'Donnell!!

Charles!Scott!Ostrowski!! Michael!James!Overend!! Steven!W.!Paladino!! Anna!Louise!Paldino!! Sandra!Paterno! Susan!VerValen!Peck! Peter!J.!Pendergast! Irvin!Orlando!Perez! Nancy!Kathleen!Pescherine!! Stephen!Lee!Peterson!! Kenneth!William!Petzold! Judith!L.!Plante!! Cheryl!Dawn!Pokraka!! Richard!Stirling!Pollock!! Jon!M.!Portaluppi! Ann!Elizabeth!Price! Lisa!Elizabeth!Puglia! Lisa!Marie!Pullano! John!Thomas!Quinn!! Ryan!Thomas!Quinn!! Sharon!Marie!Quintana!! Anthony!M.!Rainone!! Paula!Jo!Rauschl! Robert!Anthony!Rebussini! Laurie!J.!Recio!! Christopher!A.!Rheaume!! Cynthia!M.!Rich! Andrea!Rittenhouse!! Peter!A.!Roberts!! Stacey!P.!Roberts! Allred!James!Rockwell!! Cheryl!Anne!Rose!! Leslie!Elaine!Rose! Carl!Anders!Roth! David!Michael!Rudzinsky!! Michael!Francis!Sabatino!! George!K.!Saccoccio!! Simon!Haikal!Saliba! Michael!A.!Salvadore,!Jr.!! Brian!E.!Sanderson!! Miriam!H.!Sandgren! Suzanne!Sarnie! Rebecca!Satter! Matthew!John!Satkowski! Robin!L.!Scantlebury! Sarah!Lynn!Sceery!

Lewis!John!Schatten! Stephen!Carl!Schonning! Elizabeth!Paula!Schwartz! Joseph!E.!Sharpe! Ann!Marie!Shoemaker! Patricia!Anne!Silvestre! Stephen!Matthew!Skenyon!! David!William!Smith!II!! Lawson!R.!Smith! Lucy!M.!Smith! Deborah!Ruth!Soloway! Robin!Denice!Soper!! Cathy!Ann!Sposato! Michele!Pauline!St.!Germain!!! Patricia!Ann!St.!John! Mark!A.!Stalder! Jeffrey!I.!Stark!! Russell!N.!Stein!! Kimberly!Ann!Stott!! David!N.!Sullivan! Timothy!James!Surridge! Michelle!A.!Sylvestre!! Debra!Lynn!Takian!! William!A.!Teed!II! Kathy!A.!Teixeira!! Amy!Pamela!Tesser!! David!R.!Thibodeau!! Stacie!Faye!Timmons! Lynn!Marie!Ann!Timpano! Edward!F.!Tolan! Paul!M.!Tomasura!III! Kenneth!C.!Trinque! Dennis!B.!Turano! Brian.!David!Turner!! Edward!A.!Valliere!II!! Anthony!F.!Varrecchione,!Jr.!! Linda!Ellen!Vaughan! Jodi!Jean!Vickary!! David!M.!Vocatura!! Sonia!F.!Votoras! Lisa!Ann!Wahrenburg!! William!John!Walker!! Patricia!Walsh! Jeffrey!D.!Ward! Erik!Christopher!Warner! Allen!Rodney!Waters!

James!G.!Weir!! Lawrence!A.!Whalen!! Lori!Alane!Whidden.! Claudia!Brackley!Whittle! Richard!G.!WinthropiOney! Allred!F.!Wirth! Janet!Witte! Keith!P.!Worthley! David!Hamblin!Wright!! Paul!Menas!Yekhtikian!! Suk!Yi!Yu! Andrew!P.!Zavosk! Vasiliki!Bellsis!Zervoudis! Laura!A.!Zodda! ! 1986! ! Dana!Gay!Abowitt!! Heather!A.!Aman!! Susan!M.!Amerio! Erica!Z.!Anderheggen!! Dawn!Gale!Anderson!! James!C.!Andoscia,!Jr.!! Brian!D.!Armstrong!! John!Vincent!Atanasoff!! Laura!A.!Aubin! Stacey!E.!Aubin!! Kimberly!Ann!August!! Robert!William!Azzolino!! Sandra!M.!Babey! Cheryl!R.!Banick! Stephen!Mark!Bannon! Katherine!Barcan! Maha!Barsoom! Brian!Battey! Daniel!R.!Beaudette!! Richard!Philip!Beaulieu,!Jr.!! Thomas!Harold!Belcher!! John!A.!Benoit! Susan!L.!Bergeron! John!Henry!Blaskowski!! Denise!E.!Block!! Michelle!Mary!Boisvert!! Barry!C.!Booth! Guerino!Box,!Jr.!! Catherine!A.!Bricker!!

Michael!J.!Brogan!! Melissa!F.!Browning!! Deborah!A.!Bruzzio! Aileen!Mary!Burke! Paul!J.!Byrnes! John!Albert!Cacchiotti,!Jr.!! Thomas!Michael!Cain! Maria!Virginia!Caliri! Irene!C.!Caminer! John!P.!Capalbo!! Michelle!Ann!Caron! Deborah!J.!Casey! Karen!Dianne!Chambers! Peter!L.!Chan! Trudy!M.!Chandler! David!K.!Charpentier!! James!Paul!Charpentier!! Kevin!A.!Chaves! Jeffrey!Charles!Chenard!! Kathleen!M.!Cheslok! Susan!Rene!Chevalier!! John!R.!Cillino! Brenda!D.!Clark! Robert!T.!Clark! David!Luther!Cloxton!! Stephen!L.!Coates!! Linda!Marie!Coelho!! Cynthia!A.!Cohen!! Susanne!Cole!! Christine!A.!Connor! Henry!J.!Connors,!Jr.! Denise!C.!Conway! Margo!Lynn!Cook! Elizabeth!L.!Costa!! Timothy!J.!Coughlin,!Jr.!! Gilbert!F.!Cote! Eric!Louis!Croce! Maria!Coulter!Croce! Kathleen!Marie!Croston!! Lisa!Marie!Cunha! John!E.!Curzake,!Jr.!! Laura!J.!Cusumano!! Mary!K.!Daly!! Roxanne!D'Ambolo!! Elizabeth!N.!Deal! Maria!Margaret!DeBartolo!!

Marina!DeBenedetto! David!John!Deighan! Michael!Edward!Deslauriers! Christopher!Destremps! Kimberly!Sue!Deveau! Richard!W.!Devoe,!Jr.!! Robert!E.!Dietter! Monica!L.!DiFazio! Anthony!J.!DiMaggio!! Patricia!A.!DiPippo!! Frank!M.!Di!Raimo!! Charles!S.!Doherty!! Holly!J.!Donohue!! Julianne!Dorney! Robert!Bruce!Douglas!! Michael!Leo!Dube!! Paul!H.!Dudzinski!! Mary!Ellen!Duffek!! Randall!E.!Dugan!! Francis!Duggan! Roger!Carl!DuMont! Andrew!Duxbury! John!T.!Edge! Herbert!H.!Entwistle! Robert!Michael!Estrella! James!Frederic!Ethier! Ulrike!Bellmann!Ethier!! Susan!Elizabeth!Euler!! Antoine!Basim!Faraj!! Matthew!M.!Farnum!! David!John!Fawcett! Robert!M.!Fellman!! Joseph!P.!Ferrucci!! Steven!M.!Fiedler!! Jeffrey!P.!Fink! Richard!Alan!Fischer!! Jeannine!M.!Fitzgerald!! Kevin!P.!Fitzgerald! Timothy!D.!Fitzpatrick,!Jr.!! Charles!A.!Flynn! William!Joseph!Fortier! David!Freitas! Gerald!M.!Freitas! Sanford!Lowell!Friedman! Terry!A.!Gagnon! Shiela!Marie!Gallogly!

Alfred!C.!Hardiner,!Jr.! Kenneth!Robert!Gauvin!! Eileen!H.!Gebbia!! Carolyn!Marie!Gingras!! Kayla!I.!Golden! Eric!Goldfarb! Jean!L.!Gombeyski!! Lianne!Byrd!Goodwin!! Arlene!E.!Gould!! Kellyanne!Gravel!! Bruce!Evan!Grohman!! Robert!C.!Gruetzke!! Kimberly!J.!Guthy!! Kristin!L.!Haas! Linda!J.!Haley!! Dorothy!Marie!Hall!! Beth!A.!Halvajian! Karen!Lynn!Hamilton! Leslie!J.!Harabedian!! James!F.!Hardman! Daniel!Francis!Harrington! Kristen!Harrower! LeAnn!Elizabeth!Hartman!! Gerard!T.!Hartmann!! Margaret!Hegarty! Gregory!N.!Heil! Sheryl!L.!Heller! Patricia!M.!Herron! Brian!Joseph!Hogan!! Howard!F.!Hopper!! Timothy!J.!Hotchkiss!! Diane!L.!Hull! Douglas!Andrew!Huskins!! Timothy!Andrew!Hynes!! Michael!A.!Iemma! Brenda!Marie!Jacques! Jeffrey!M.!James!! Terrance!David!Jann! Laura!A.!Johnson!! Jonathan!Mark!Jones!! Maria!Karahalios! John!M.!Kelly!! Haruo!Kinoshita!! Kathryn!Kopoian!! Eric!Paul!Kroepfl! Peter!A.!Kurmin!!

David!L.!Laliberte!! Heidi!J.!Langslet! Carl!George!Lauro,!Jr.!! Nancy!A.!Lazaros!! Christopher!D.!Leahey!! Michael!A.!LeBeau!! Susan!J.!!Lebkuecher!! Michael!Bryan!LePage! Andrew!G.!Leventhal!! Laura!Beth!Levine! Daniel!Paul!Levitre!! Dana!G.!Lichtenstein! Thomas!Edward!Lisi,!Jr.!! Peter!Livingston! !Erica!Chesley!Logcher! Paul!R.!Loiselle! Julia!Wickford!Londergan! Patricia!Ellen!Lowrey! Olga!Lundgaard! Richard!Christopher!Luzzi!! Thomas!Heron!Lynch!! Corinne!A.!Lynn! Mary!E.!Lynn! Colleen!Ann!Lyons! Janice!L.!MacDonald! Kim!Macdonald! Guy!F.!Magnano!! William!K.!Mallinson!! Kimberly!Ann!Mancini!! Monique!Donia!Mandeville! Stephen!A.!Manfredi! Lisa!Marie!Marmarotf! Leo!K.!Marshall!! Mary!Rose!Martin! Patrice!A.!Martin! David!P.!Marzilli! Robert!Ralph!Mastriani,!Jr.!! William!Ames!Mauran!! Carole!R.!McDermott!! Patrick!J.!McDonald!! William!F.!McDonough!! Brian!James!McGinnis!! Gwyn!Diann!Mehringer!! Dawn!Lorraine!Mellen!! James!A.!Melvin! Gary!A.!Mentesana!

John!Alexander!Campbell!Menzies! Debra!Susan!Miller! Eileen!M.!Milner! William!P.!Mitchell! Anne!D.!Mizzi!! Mary!K.!Montalbano! Glenn!F.!Morin! Linda!D.!Muller! Susan!E.!Murphy! Gail!Elizabeth!Murvine! Michael.!A.!Muto! Robert!James!Nagel!! David!Philip!Nault!! Amy!Leonard!Neeld!! Kristian!Nergaard!! James!P.!Nunnery!! John!J.!O'Connor!IV! Ronald!Stephen!Ohsberg!! Kenneth!Oliveira! Susan!Frances!O'Neil! J.!Scott!O'Rourke! Carol!Anne!Ouimette!! Priscilla!Ann!Pappadia!! Stephen!M.!Park! Marc!Gerard!Paruta! Laura!Lynn!Paspalas!! Hope!M.!Patnaude!! Stephanie!Joy!Patron! Donald!E.!Payette,!Jr.!! Maria!Peloquin! Joseph!Raymond!Pelosi! Paul!A.!Pereira!! Robert!E.!Piacitelli!! Carolyn!Jeanne!Powers!! Jeffrey!George!Prasinos!!! Martin!Edward!Pratt! John!Nikolaos!Helen!Psikakos! Lisa!E.!Puglia! Nancy!Jane!Puleo! Susan!Marie!Quintiliani!! John!R.!Raiche! Michael!Raspallo! Brian!R.!Ratte! Bradford!B.!Read! Maria!Budajir!Redondo! John!P.!Rego!!

Cynthia!J.!Reid!! Patrice!Lynn!Reid!! Robert!T.!Reilly!! Suzanne!V.!Reilly!! Thomas!F.!Reis! Scott!M.!Riemer!! Mary!Ellen!Rigney! Timothy!L.!Robertson! Regina!L.!Rochira! JoiAnne!Maria!Rodrigues! Diane!M.!Rossi! JoAnn!M.!Rosi!! Maureen!F.!Rotondo!! Scott!A.!Royley! John!Ruggeri,!Jr.!! Tracy!Leigh!Russell! Lisa!M.!Sabra! Diane!M.!St.!Laurent! Carol!Anne!Salacain!! Brian!R.!Salisbury!! Lisa!M.!Sauer! Eric!F.!Scheer!! Alison!B.!Shafto!! Glenn!Shearer! Paul!Roger!Sherman! Mehul!K.!Sheth! Michael!W.!Shields路! David!Jeffrey!Sigel! MaryiJoe!Sisco!! Eric!L.!Slader! Paula!Jane!Snyder! Patricia!A.!Socci! Lisa!Marie!Sorrentino! Francine!Sousa!! Lauren!Dunn!Spinelli!! Dean!James!Sposato!! David!P.!Stamp! Barbara!A.!Stanton! Christopher!Price!Steers! Mary!Patricia!Storti!! Paul!D.!Stringfellow!! Jacqueline!Sullivan!! Kelley!A.!Sullivan!! Jennifer!L.!Sutherland! Kok!Chin!Tan!! Harry!H.!Taraksian!!

Edward!Paul!Tarbox!!! Russell!Steven!Taylor!! Donna!Marie!Tetreault!! Christine!A.!Theroux!! Cynthia!C.!Thoman!! Amy!L.!Tomanio!! Patricia!E.!Tracy! Steven!Harold!Trust! Carolyn!A.!Tuzes! David!W.!Unsworth,!Jr.!! Wendy!Jane!Van!Hom!! James!E.!Varano! Regina!Marie!Varone!! David!Alan!Velleco!! Thomas!A.!Verdi!! Paul!Richard!Vigeant!! Luanne!Viticonte! Frances!Ann!Vorbach! Gisela!C.!Voss! Christopher!S.!Walits! Richard!Earl!Waugh,!Jr.!! Todd!S.!Weissman!! Elizabeth!Westrich!! Susan!Jayne!Wiener! William!M.!Wilcox路! Sandra!Jeanne!Wilkinson! David!L.!Wilson! Jon!D.!Winthrop!! Christopher!S.!Woods!! James!Xiarhos! Lynne!Margaret!Yardley! Michael!E.!Yaseen! Gregory!D.!Yashura!! Rita!C.!Yeretsian!! Richard!Marc!Zirlen!! ! 1987! ! Michael!Joseph!Ahern!! James!Steven!Allenson!! Robert!Paul!Amorese!! David!Paul!Antieau!! Monica!H.!Awde! Anne!D.!Ayars! Roger!William!Ayotte!! Lisa!Ann!Bacco!!

Elizabeth!A.!Bade! Christine!L.!Bailey!! Lisa!M.!Barron! Victor!Barros,!Jr.!! Paul!A.!Bastin! Mary!E.!Bauer! Zina!Lorraine!Beasley! Kathryn!Anne!Beck!! Helen!M.!Bedard!! Dona!M.!Benoit! Belmira!Marie!Bernardo! Richard!Joel!Bernstein!! Stacy!A.!Bettez! David!P.!Bianco! Elena!Diane!Bianco!! Gregory!E.!Bishop!! Howard!Scott!Blustein! Brian!D.!Boland! David!J.!Boland! Tina!Marie!Bonanno! Michael!William!Botelho! Julie!E.!Bourcier!! Angela!J.!Box! Aram!H.!Boyajian! Kevin!Richard!Brennan! Robert!Michael!Brierley! Lori!Bronikowski! Eric!Christopher!Brown! John!Francis!Burbine! Kevin!P.!Butera! James!William!Cain! Paul!Michael!Caliento! John!A.!Calise! Carol!Lynn!Campanella! Heather!Lea!Campbell! John!J.!Campbell,!Jr.!! Stephen!J.!Carll!! Sheilarae!Carpentier!! Andrew!John!Carrier! Ronald!Rocco!Catanzaro! Dean!R.!Chase! Alan!Douglas!Chopy!! Lisa!Marie!Cillino! Beth!Anne!Clarke! Bonnie!Edith!Clauson! Susan!L.!Clune!!

Joseph!D.!Cohen! Peter!D.!Compton!! Candace!C.!Cone! Robert!H.!Cone,!Jr.! John!K.!Connaughton!! Diane!M.!Connor! Janine!G.!Contillo! Lisa!M.!Cordeiro!! Theresa!Correia!! Jean!M.!Cotta!! Linda!C.!Cotta!! Steven!Paul!Cotta!! James!F.!Cotter! Mary!Ellen!Cullinan! Thomas!William!Curry! Kimberly!Ann!Dail! Martha!E.!Davis!! Thomas!E.!Day! Bart!T.!de!Bont! Lisa!Maria!DeCristofaro! Ulana!Maria!Decyk! Gail!Marie!Deines! Kristine!L.!DeKeulenaere! Paul!Darius!Dhunjishaw!! Anthony!Joseph!DiBiasio!! Dawn!L.!Diehl! Frank!Salvatore!DiTommaso! Ronald!G.!Dobson! Lisa!A.!Dolloff! John!J.!D'Onofrio! Tena!Marie!Dowd!! Christopher!J.!Doyle!! Beth!Carol!Dressler! Todd!John!Drywa!! Ellen!S.!DuPree!! Timothy!J.!Duffy!! Glenn!Patrick!Dunne! Joanne!Farrell! Patricia!E.!Fay! Richard!A.!Federman! Elizabeth!T.!Fehn! Helene!J.!Feldman! James!Russell!Fernstrom,!Jr.! Josephine!Lynne!Fetzer!! David!William!Fischer! Marc!R.!Fischer!

Rachel!M.!Fleming!! Thomas!P.!Foley!III!! Timothy!P.!Follett!! William!H.!Ford! Leo!D.!Fortier! Sherry!Ann!Fournier! Sammy!S.!Fricano! Dawn!M.!Ganguzza! Robert!Christopher!Gaughran! Matthew!T.!Genest!! Victoria!Michelle!Gilmore!! Marti!J.!Ginn! Ronald!E.!Gothberg! Brian!R.!Grabek! William!Lawrence!Graham!III! Patricia!Kelly!Greene! Albert!H.!Greer,!Jr.!! Michael!Edward!Griffin! Roger!F.!Grover! Wayne!A.!Grover!! John!F.!Hagan!! Kathleen!B.!Hahn!! John!D.!Hall! David!K.!Hansen!! Michael!B.!Hansen! Diane!Joan!Hasting! Lori!Jean!Hathaway! Deirdre!Marie!Hayes!! Mark!R.!Healy!! Andrew!Henn,!Jr.!! Kristen!Lee!Hodgkins! Walter!Raynor!Hollis!III!! B.!Jan!Holt! Richard!M.!Homan,!Jr.! Celia!Carolina!Howland! Syed!I.!Husain! Richard!Michael!Jablonski!! Dennis!R.!Johnston! Mary!Evelyn!Kabulis! David!R.!Kaufman!! Matthew!S.!Kavenev!! Jennifer!Elizabeth!Kay!! Julie!A.!Kennedy!! Debra!E.!Kieke!! Valerie!A.!Kirincich!! Lori!Ellen!M.!Knop!Susan!C.!Knop!

Daniel!F.!Kochman! Bonnie!Lynne!Koole! Svetlana!Kozyreff!! John!C.!Kringle!! Marc!M.!Lacroix! Robert!A.!Langanke,!Jr.!! Mark!A.!Lange! Kaisa!Mari!Larrauri! Julie!E.!Lasalle! Donna!Jeanne!Laskey!! Stephen!G.!Latham!! Carla!Anne!Laurino! John!Stephen!Leach!! Debra!Lynn!Leduc!! James!George!Leduc!! David!Roth!Lefkowitz!! Elizabeth!Ann!Lema!! Robert!Leonhard,!Jr.!! David!Alan!Levitt!! Maria!A.!Librio!! Anthony!A.!Lucci!! Joanne!Ludovici! Joseph!Kenneth!Lumb,!Jr.路! David!G.!Lynch! AnnMarie!MacDonald!! Stephen!James!MacDonald!! Kimberly!Ann!Macinnes!! Michael!B.!Major! Patricia!F.!Maloney!! Craig!R.!Mandevilie!! David!T.!Manfredi!! Renee!Alicia!Marchand! Paul!A.!Marchetti! Jeffrey!R.!Marshall!! Anthony!Marsiglia!! Patricia!A.!Martin!! Patrick!James!Martin!! Timothy!S.!Martin!! Julie!A.!Marzilli! Glen!P.!Mattera! Lisa!Dianne!McAulay!! Thomas!James!Mccarty!! John!D.!McGuinness!! Carolyn!Marie!McGrath!! Mary!D.!Mercurio! Jamie!M.!Mignacca!

Laura!Hammett!Miller!! Thomas!P.!Milligan!! Bryan!J.!Mitchell! David!T.!Mitchell! Mark!A.!Moniz! Veronica!A.!Moretti!! Danielle!Morrissey!! Michael!Joseph!Morrissey!! Margaret!Muller! Edmund!M.!Murphy!! James!J.!Murphy,!Jr.!! John!D.!Murphy!! Kristen!Ann!Murray!! Mark!James!Muzaca!! Gina!T.!Nardone!! Daniel!A.!Nash!! Phillip!Robert!Nason!! Mark!A.!Needham!! Kevin!Karl!Nelson!! Birger!Nesteby!! Theresa!C.!Nigro! Lisa!Gail!Nitzberg! Gerard!Noel! Daniel!Joseph!O'Brien!! Thomas!E.!O'Brien!! Susan!Mary!Occhi!! Robert!Michael!Oldham!! Kenneth!Oliveira! William!P.!Olson! Robert!L.!Palmer! Judith!Lynn!Palumbo!! Terrell!E.!Parker!! Jeffrey!S.!Parsons! Therese!Marie!Paruta! Jeffrey!Bruce!Pattison! Michelle!Marie!Payne! Linda!J.!Peiczarka! Robert!Edmond!Pelletier,!Jr.! Linda!Marie!Perron! Michael!James!Perry! Mary!L.!Peterson! Thomas!Stephen!Piano! Oberto!A.!Pietersz! Daniel!Vincent!Pinch!III! Kimberley!A.!Pine! Antonio!Ponvert!III!

Lynn!Korleen!Post! Cheryl!Lynn!Powell!! Michele!A.!Powers!! James!Tisdell!Prigmore! Konstantinos!N.!Helen!Psikakos! Karen!M.!Puleo! Debra!Ann!Quinn! Michael!James!Quinn!! Joseph!R.!Rainone! Douglas!T.!Rand!! William!J.!Reilly!! Ralph!S.!Richter,!Jr.! Brett!Allen!Riley!! Suzanne!M.!Rixon! Christopher!J.!Robertson! Timothy!L.!Robertson! George!E.!Rocchio!! Lisa!Marie!Roda!! Paul!G.!Roe! Stephanie!Jane!Rolstad! Gregory!John!Rosa!! Ross!B.!Rosen! Linda!Marie!Routhier! Mary!E.!Roy! Lori!Michelle!Rubinrott! Brett!Stephen!Ruga!! Darren!J.!Ruschman! Debra!J.!Russeth!! Michael!S.!Saalfrank!! Jeffrey!Gil!Santos!! Daniel!Sarshalom! James!Frederick!Savage,!Jr.! Holly!Eve!Schenkman!! Mark!Douglas!Schlosky!! Eric!Anthony!Schmitt! Steven!S.!Schooley! Raphe!Antonio!Sciota! Susan!E.!Scott!! John!T.!Serfass!! Nancy!R.!Serio!! Matthew!Joseph!Serpa!! William!L.!Shaughnessy,!Jr.!! Kenneth!Shaw!III! Mary!Lizabeth!Siddell! Richard!Joseph!Silva!! Richard!Allen!Sisco!!

Laurie!Ann!Siva!! Debra!Ellen!Skene! Kathryn!Marion!Slingland! Michele!Marie!Sloan! Kimberly!Ann!Smith!! Cheryl!Ann!Spaziano!! Lori!A.!Spaziaro!! Michael!C.!Sprague!! Jane!B.!Sproul! Carole!A.!Squizzero!! Paul!E.!Squizzero!! Sandra!A.!St.!Pierre!! Timothy!N.!Staley! Raymond!F.!Stetkiewicz!! Thomas!P.!Streicher!! George!Paul!Sylvia! Michael!Patrick!Tally! Eunice!Mary!Tarantino!! Stefani!G.!Tashjian!! David!A.!Theriault!! Laura!A.!Thibodeau! R.!Harold!Thomas,!Jr.!! Ron!Ventenilla!Torio!! Barbara!Townsend!! James!Walter!Trant,!Jr.!! Claudia!J.!Trapassi!! Marisa!A.!Valzovano!! Garry!Scott!Vincent!! Robert!J.!Vogl! Stuart!C.!Waack! Karin!Suzanne!Waldman! Karen!E.!Wallin! Kristen!Marie!Walsh!! Martin!Joseph!Walsh!! Lynn!C.!Weissenborn!! Stacey!R.!West! Wendy!Ann!Westphal!! Andrea!Marshall!Williams!! David!R.!Williams! Keith!J.!Williams! Raymond!M.!Williams! Edward!J.!Wilson.!Jr.! William!M.!!Wilson,!Jr.!! Mark!C.!Woods! Donna!L.!Wyatt!! Andrew!H.!Ziegele!

Jonathan!Charles!Ziner! John!C.!Zodda! ! 1988! ! Beth!M.!Acciaioli! Elaine!Maria!Adamedes! Mark!R.!Adiletta! Alicia!D.!Adler! Timothy!Charles!Adler! Laura!M.!Ali! David!William!Allaire! Sharon!L.!Almonte! Jeffrey!N.!Alonzo!! Robert!James!Alvine!! Brenda!R.!Anderson!! Judy!L.!Anderson!! Sharon!Lee!Archer!! Judy!M.!Armaniaco!! Mariann!Armstrong! Brigitte!Simone!Aubois! Michael!T.!Avotins! Sandra!M.!Bassarab! Gerard!J.!Beauchemin,!Jr.! David!E.!Belle! Evan!Brett!Berner! Glenn!R.!Bernston!! Evan!B.!Berube!! Spencer!W.!Bessette!! Lars!Birkeland! Leslie!Ann!Blamires! Fitzroy!Frederick!Bonterre! Jeffrey!H.!Brandes!! Anne!K.!Brown! Thomas!M.!Buchanan!! Daniel!J.!Buckley! Christopher!M.!Burke! Mary!Virginia!Cain! DanaiLyn!Cambareri! Karen!Elizabeth!Cameron!! Kimberlee!Ann!Cappello!! Christopher!J.!Caramanico!! Susan!Carducci! Thomas!Patrick!Carey!! Erin!Michaela!Carlos!! Christopher!Michael!Casey!!

Michael!D.!Casey! Kenneth!A.!Chapman! Bethany!L.!Chartier!! Gerald!F.!Chase!! Laurence!R.!Chasin!! Jennifer!McClure!Clapp!! Duval!A.!Clear! John!M.!Clearey!! Ann!Marie!Cloutier!! Wendy!S.!Cohen!! Joseph!A.!Collins!! Kerry!A.!Condon!! Angela!Jean!Conlon! Kevin!Michael!Conway! Ralph!Walter!Cook!IV!! Gary!A.!Cooper!! Joanne!Corbani! Silvia!A.!Cordeiro! David!J.!Corr!! Christa!Cotter! Michael!Christakis!Counnas! Gregory!W.!Cournoyer! James!C.!Cournoyer! Thomas!Chichester!Crawford! Karen!Ann!Crowley! Stephen!B.!Cuomo! William!F.!Cuomo! Christopher!John!Dacey! John!E.!Dale! Donna!R.!D'Alise! Louis!Edward!D'Amico!III! Maria!R.!Daras! Timothy!Christopher!Davis! Neil!S.!Day! Mieke!J.!deBont! Patrick!Charles!Dedham! Cheryl!Ann!Delekta!! David!John!DeRouin!! Maureen!F.!Devitt!! Andrew!C.!Dieffenbach!! Anthony!DiPaola! Richard!J.!Dixon! Robert!Francis!Donfield! Corado!Antonio!Dottor,!Jr.!! Gail!Marie!Dowd! Deborah!E.!Dowdell!

Douglas!Charles!Dreyer,!Jr.!! Scott!W.!Duckworth! Donald!James!Duncan!! Gary!Michael!Duquette! Patrick!A.!Dwyer! Mary!J.!Dyer! Dana!J.!Dyrness! Douglas!Micheal!Edwards! Jill!Audrey!Egeland!! Frederick!J.!Elkins!! Vernon!L.!Elliott!! David!A.!Erickson!! Beth!A.!Faria! Lee!Mark!Fassler! Frank!William!Fedorko,!Jr.! Elizabeth!A.!Ferreira! Joy!Fidelibus!! Steven!Matthew!Fiedler!! Jill!Marie!Fike! Ann!S.!Fiorenzano! Iris!L.!Flannery! William!Joseph!Florio!! Michael!G.!Floru! John!D.!Fontenault! Gretchen!Foss!! Linda!M.!Frank!! Christopher!L.!Franklin!! Christopher!P.!Furlotte!! Kristi!Nicole!Furrer!! David!J.!Furtado! Jeffrey!P.!Gagnon!! Paul!T.!Gagnon!! Theresa!A.!Gallagher! Deborah!Lynn!Galloway!! Kenneth!Gerald!Gambone!! John!Michael!Gautreaux! James!P.!Geiger!! Jennifer!J.!Glendon!! Stanley!R.!Glick! Evan!Drew!Goldenberg!! JoAnn!M.!Goodmaster!! Wendy!L.!Goodwin! James!William!Joseph!Gormley!! Jeffrey!P.!Goulart! Laura!Greer! Roger!Stuart!Grotyohann!!

Susan!Nicole!Guillemette!! Michele!M.!Guyon! Richard!J.!Hageney! James!Raymond!Harrington!III! Douglas!E.!Hasting! Geoffrey!Hausmann! Elizabeth!Heffernan! Roland!G.!Hellwig! Jeanne!Marie!Helm! David!Alan!Hennen! Alfred!Joseph!Herman,!Jr.!! Alan!J.!Herrick! Anne!M.!Hickey! Tad!Hollworth! Harriet!J.!Holmes! Valerie!A.!Holmes! Bethany!Marie!Holt! Kathleen!Hook!! Lawrence!Ray!Huhn!! John!D.!!Ivers! Robert!Treat!Jacobson!! Barbara!Jean!Jenkins! Cynthia!E.!Johnson!! Kristen!Lee!Johnson!! Alexander!B.!Jourdan! Aileen!B.!Kane! Sean!Patrick!Kelly! Edward!M.!Kennedy! Robert!A.!Kerr! Toua!Nhia!Doua!Khang!! Ashraf!A.!Khondker!! Karolyn!M.!Klinger!! Kenneth!Michael!Kurtz!! William!P.!LaChance!! Fiona!Jean!LaFountain! Michael!Anthony!DeCosta!Laiter! Michelle!Ann!Landi! Lynn!Ann!Lanzel! Georgette!Ann!LaPorte!! Frederick!Masom!Law!! Chris!W.!Layton! Robert!M.!Leach! Steven!D.!Leahy!! Rachelle!Marie!Leathers! David!C.!Leduc! Louise!M.!Lee!!

William!R.!Lee! Karen!H.!Leonard!! Anthony!Lewis!! Sondra!Libucha! Beth!E.!Limberger! Shirley!J!.!Linden! Alan!J.!!Lindquist! Melissa!Marie!Loomis! Gregory!M.!Loparto!! Jennifer!Alaine!Lowe!! Richard!A.!Lyons! Jon!Peter!Lysik! Ervin!B.!!Lyskawa! Donald!MacArthur! Joseph!P.!Maceda!Ill! Thomas!Edward!Mahoney!! Michael!A.!Mannarelli!! Donna!M.!Manni! Anthony!P.!Marmo! Peter!Anthony!Martino!III! Donna!E.!McAlice! Patrick!Bruce!McAssey! Robert!Thomas!!! Timothy!J.!McCormick! Joanne!M.!McEvoy!! Helen!Victoria!McGuire!! Christine!M.!McKenna!! Andrea!T.!Medici!! Elizabeth!Ann!Melo!! Colette!Jeanne!Menard! James!Wright!Messere!! Michelle!Denise!Metcalf!! John!J.!Meyer! Bruce!C.!Micale! Randy!Michael!Miller! David!George!Minassian! Michelle!Marie!Mislick! Jonathan!Eric!Mitchell!! JoAnnP.!Mollo! Michael!Peter!Monast! Michael!A.!Monti!III!! Kerri!A.!Montminy!! James!W.!Moody,!Jr.!! John!H.!Moran!! Sherry!Ann!Morris!! Todd!D.!Mosher!

Frederik!Wilhelm!Mowinckel! Joel!Evan!Mueller! Robby!R.!Muliawan! John!J.!Murphy!! Matthew!E.!Murphy!! Scott!Thomas!Murphy!! Brian!Joseph!Murray!! Michael!Napolitano!! Thomas!G.!Napolitano!! Todd!D.!Neill! Thomas!Warren!Nelson! Thomas!A.!Nolan!! Andrew!Edward!Nota!! Holly!Marie!Nyman!! Marjorie!L.!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Dowd! Edward!Albert!Onofrio!! Todd!Mitchell!Oster! David!W.!Ostrander!! Stephen!P.!Padula! John!A.!Pagliarini,!Jr.! Anna!Helene!Paiewonsky! Robert!M!.!Paolini! Lisa!K.!Paolino! Terry!Lee!Pearson! Edward!Craig!Peffer! Kevin!P.!Pelletier! Anne!Marie!Pereira! Michael!P.!!Perri! George!A.!Peters! Keri!Lynn!Peters!! David!M.!Petrocchi!! Christina!Pezzullo! Louis!John!Pezzullo,!Jr.!! Kingngeune!K.!Phanthavong! Gregory!Alan!Pizzutt! Jeffrey!B.!Pomroy! Gregory!R.!Porter! Douglas!A.!Prangley! Mary!P.!Prior!! Karl!P.!Provost!! Erik!Przybyla! Mark!Garret!Quillen! David!R.!Ramsey,!Jr.!! John!R.!Rapoza!! Stephen!Paul!Ravenell! John!Eugene!Raymond!!

George!J.!Reynolds!! John!E.!Rinaldi! Eileen!Susan!Ring! Timothy!M.!Rishton! Lee!Ann!Roberts!! Gregory!John!Robidoux!! Daniel!J.!Rocha! Mark!Thomas!Roder! Jeffrey!G.!Roe! Joseph!William!Rofrano!! Leslie!N.!Rosenstock!! Craig!Steven!Ross! Peter!Raymond!Rossi,!Jr.!! David!Rubenstein!! William!Edward!Rush!! Mark!S.!!Russo! Karen!Jean!Saccoccia!! Beth!A.!Salisbury!! David!A.!!Santini! Lewis!Jean!Sawyer,!Jr.!! Michael!S.!Scarborough!! Christopher!Louis!Scotti!! Thomas!J.!Serpa! Steven!A.!Shatz! Kevin!Joseph!Shea! Mary!Louise!Sheehan! Lisa!Marie!Shevlin!! Leon!Shnayder!! Maria!E.!Silveira!! Diane!M.!Silvestri!! Marla!L.!Simon! Tod!E.!Sirmalis! Sten!Skare! Brian!Robert!Smith!! D'Anne!M.!Smith! Donald!Morse!Smith!III! William!J.!Smith! Julie!R.!Snyder!! Marie!V.!Sorvik! David!D.!St.!Jean! Edward!D.!St.!Michel! Scott!A.!Stallwood! John!Peter!Stamatakos! Brian!Patrick!Steere! G.!Scott!Steeves,!Jr.!! Carolyn!A.!Stoehr!

Steven!W.!Stone! Krista!L.!Sullivan!! Eric!D.!Swanholm! Steven!M.!Swanson! Robert!E.!Sweeney! Ellen!Lee!Sweet!! Scott!Steven!Szaro!! Burt!Yasuo!Takesue! Robert!Jerome!Tamburro! Ellen!L.!Teig! Alan!E.!Tennett!! Kristine!M.!Tennett!! Edward!C.!Thaute! Dorothy!Rita!Thomas!! Mark!E.!Thompson!! John!T.!Thornell!! Patricia!Ann!Thornton!! Janine!L.!Thorpe!! Richard!A.!Tozzoli!! Glenn!L.!Underwood! Manuel!Jacintha!Vales!IV!! Steven!M.!Velardi! William!T.!Vesey! John!R.!Vitale! Barry!Jon!Waldman! Wendy!Carol!Waller! Scott!A.!Walz! Kevin!J.!Watkinson! Nancy!Jeanne!Weaver!! Marianne!B.!Whalen!! Deborah!Jean!White!! Stephen!J.!White!! Thomas!Jude!White!! Patricia!A.!Wilkens!! Michael!David!Wilson!! John!M.!Witkos! Neil!E.!Woisard! Gregory!S.!Wolf! Azita!Zamani! Natalie!Marie!Zodda! Michael!David!Zone!! Karen!F.!!Zuecher! !! 1989! ! Alan!Arthur!Ackroyd!!

Anthony!Jacob!Adams!II!! Christine!Marie!Affa!! Karen!A.!Ahern! Yvonne!Marie!Ainslie!! Claire!Patricia!Aldrich! Kimberlee!A.!Aldrich! Christine!Catherine!Allaire!! Stephen!Joseph!Almagno!! James!Thomas!Almonte!! Dina!Luree!Amadril! Steven!R.!Amerio! Frances!C.!Ames!! Lisa!R.!Andersen!! Gregory!Neil!Anderson!! Keith!Allen!Anderson!! Kelly!Anne!Anderson!! Kenneth!Scott!Anderson!! Joseph!Anthony!Araujo!! Michael!James!Arlia! Scott!Joseph!Asadorian! Carl!Joseph!Asprinio!! Mary!Lyon!Badgley!! Keith!R.!Ballard! Kevin!Michael!Barry! Eric!J.!Baskin! Walter!Edwin!Bayer,!Jr.! Erin!Ann!Beagan! Keith!J.!Beardsley!! Sara!M.!Beauchamp!! Jennifer!Joy!Bellisle!! Arthur!G.!Belval! Lori!Jean!Benson!! Evan!Ross!Berube! Christopher!C.!Bicho!! Michael!John!Biliouris!! Marcia!Macleod!Blake!! Dexter!A.!Blandin! Paul!H.!Boghosian! Andrea!Boivin! Lisa!A.!Bonitati! Nancy!Jayne!Bostwick! France!Mary!Boyd! Daniel!P.!Brennan!! Deborah!E.!Briggs!! Shawn!Joseph!Brown!! Mark!W.!Brungs!

Lisa!L.!Bucci! Linda!S.!Burns! Donna!J.!Byrne! Christine!H.!Callahan! Elizabeth!A.!Candon! David!Anthonv!Caputo! William!J.!Carello! Michele!Caretti! C.!Scott!Carlisle! Jeffrey!A.!Carr!! Mary!E.!Carr!! Richard!B.!Carroll! Catherine!Elizabeth!Carswell! Scott!J.!Carter!! Susan!Ann!Castor!! Joseph!R.!Caswell! Corrin!Marie!Champlin! Lisa!M.!Childress! Lisa!M.!Chretien! Paul!Joseph!Christos! Keith!P.!Cinami!! Robert!James!Civetti! Steven!David!Claypool! Adam!B.!Coe! David!Joseph!Coia! Patricia!Marie!Collins! Jennifer!Lynn!Combee!! Douglas!S.!Commette! Christopher!C.!Connell!! Cathy!Marie!Connor!! Doris!Anne!Connor! Robert!D.!Costa! Corin!C.!Costalas!! Thomas!Paul!Crawford!! Theresa!A.!Crockett! Todd!D.!Cronson! Nancy!K.!Croston!! William!E.!Culton,!Jr.!! Michael!P.!Cummins!! Karen!M.!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Alessio!! Thomas!A.!Day! Joseph!M.!DeAntonis! Adrien!Edmond!Deberghes,!Jr.!! Dana!Ann!DeCesaris! David!Michael!Degidio! Jose!Manuel!DeLaTorre!III!

Deborah!Susan!Dellolio!! Robin!Lynn!Deming!! Gary!J.!Denis! Lisa!Marie!Deragon! John!James!DeRuosi! Marc!Joseph!Deslauriers! Timothy!Joseph!DeVincke! Diana!Michelle!Devine! John!Dias!III! John!Peter!DiBartolo,!Jr.! Justine!Marie!DiFrisco!! Michael!A.!DiMarco!! Stephen!E.!DiPadua! Paul!J.!DiSanto! Richard!J.!Dixont! Todd!W.!Dixon! Erin!DohertyiEmit! Raymond!Christopher!Doll!! Kevin!J.!Donalds! Mark!Robert!Donaldson! Terrence!P.!Donohue! Julie!Lynn!Eldridge! Jason!H.!Evanchik!! Nancy!A.!Evans! Donna!Marie!Faria!! Andrew!B.!Feinberg! Jacqueline!Miriam!Feirouz! Marc!Lawrence!Feldman! Peter!S.!Fennelly! Robert!Marsh!Fenstermacher! Maryann!E.!Ferri! Thomas!D.!Fiore!! Donna!Marie!Flint!! Wayne!H.!Folkart! James!R.!Fortier!! Virginia!M.!Fox! Joni!L.!Gaines! Ann!Marie!Galasso!! Lisa!Ann!Gamberdell!! Jean!Marie!Garabedian!! Mark!S.!Gaunya! Nancy!Marie!Gennari!! David!Gustav!George!! James!E.!Gervais! Paul!R.!Giguere! Andrew!David!Gillis!

Claire!Elaine!Giordano! Evan!D.!Goldenberg! Louis!P.!Goldmann! Wilson!L.!Gomes!! Valerie!J.!Gorman!! Gregory!Allen!Gould!! Cheryl!Lynn!Gouveia!! Michael!Peter!Gulino!! Bradford!Gordon!Hadley!!! Kimberly!A.!Hahn!! Richard!Walter!Hall!! Richard!A.!Hamilton,!Jr.! Sally!A.!Hanley! Craig!Thomas!Harrington!! Lynne!M.!Harrington! Glenn!R.!Harris! Robert!J.!Hartig!! Thomas!M.!Harvey!! Douglas!D.!Hawkins!! George!William!Hehner! Jonathan!P.!Hickey!! Michael!J.!Hickey! Stephen!Robert!Hiebner! Laura!Ann!Hill! Nicole!Suzanne!Hines! Tina!Teresa!Hogue!! Barry!M.!Holden!! Christopher!D.!Holstein!! Lynn!Carole!Holzer!! Kathleen!Hook! Anna!M.!Horvath! Lisa!A.!Houde! Robert!Kevin!Houlihan! Judy!Ann!Howard! Melissa!D.!Igo!! Clifford!John!Jackson!! Keith!R.!Jacobson!! Dean!R.!Janssen!! Steven!M.!Jedson! Erik!Carl!Johansen! Jill!T.!Johnson! Bennie!Jones! Lawrence!E.!Kaminsky! Alexander!P.!Karoly!! Robert!Jay!Kauffman!! Ross!L.!Kauffman!

James!Thomas!Kearney!! Christina!Marie!Kenney!! Michael!Patrick!Keogh!! Paul!M.!Kerrigan! Brian!J.!Kerwin! Lisa!Baker!Kilgore!! Lance!Frank!Klima! Steven!H.!Knopf! Charles!J.!Koehler!! Paul!H.!Kohlsaat! Karen!Lynn!Kreimeier! Richard!A.!Labontet! Mary!Elizabeth!Labrecque! Rebecca!H.!Landau! Andrea!Jeanne!Landry!! Christopher!M.!LaPlante!! Louis!Paul!Larisa! Andrea!Laurence!! David!M.!Lavallee! Robert!Lester!LeBlanc!! Brian!J.!Lee! Sherri!Ann!Lee! Joseph!Charles!Lefebvre,!Jr.! Jeffrey!Allen!Leibowitz! Edward!Leite,!Jr.! Patrick!S.!Lenihan! Ryan!D.!LePage! Denise!C.!L'Etoile! Kimberly!Ann!Leverone! Susan!Marie!Lewis!! Jeffrey!Stuart!Light! Paul!A.!Lind! LoiPing!Esther!Ling! Susanne!M.!Listro! Mark!Andrew!Livingston! Lynne!Marie!Lombardi!! John!Vincent!Long!III! Edward!H.!Longo! Michael!Cyril!Lopez! Wendy!A.!Lowden!! Keith!Joseph!Lussier! Tracey!A.!Lynch!! David!L.!Macca! Paul!A.!Maccini!! Thomas!A.!Madden! Eileen!Mary!Magee!!

Barbara!A.!Mahon!! Gina!G.!Mainella! Frank!A.!Maiorana!! Michael!Joseph!Maita! AnniMarie!Manchester! Kristin!Lynn!Mancini!! Kristen!P.!Manfredi!! Karen!Ann!Manning! John!Louis!Marino!! Maureen!Mulroe!Martin! Antonio!R.!Matarese! Owen!M.!Mathews!! Marc!Richard!Mathieu!!! David!William!Matthews! Judith!D.!McAndrews!! Douglas!R.!McEwen! Mark!C.!McGivney! John!J.!McGloin!III! Jill!K.!McGuire! Christine!M.!McKenna!! Thomas!S.!McKenna!! Danielle!Marie!McMullen!! Mark!T.!McNally! Evan!McNulty! James!A.!Medeiros! Emil!B.!Megrdichian!! Vanessa!Gay!Mellott! Jennifer!Reed!Miller! Janie!S.!Miller! William!Allen!Miller! William!F.!Miller!! Barry!M.!Misbin! Denise!Marie!Moniz! Sharon!Lynne!Montague!! Antonio!S.!Montecalvo! Michael!Spencer!Moonan!! Michael!J.!Morris! Joseph!Motta!III!! Gordon!J.!Moulton! Michael!J.!Mullaney! George!L.!Muniz!! Katherine!S.!Murphy!! Michael!D.!Nadeau!! Constance!L.!Neal! Richard!L.!Nicholas! William!Evans!Norton!

John!F.!Nunes,!Jr.! Christine!O'Brien!! Kimberly!A.!O'Donnell! Jill!M.!Oliveira! Ronald!Raymond!O'Rourke! Renee!Michelle!Ostiguy!! Donald!C.!Palazini! Robert!James!Palermo! Deborah!A.!Pallasch! Todd!A.!Palmer! Christopher!P.!Pantani! Paul!Anthony!Pappadia! Daniel!James!Patton! Robert!A.!Peacock! Jane!Pedro! Deborah!A.!Peltier! Nancy!Jean!Peltier! Sedrick!Perry!! Michael!S.!Petrarca!! Demetrios!P.!Petrou! Dat!Tan!Phan! Thomas!A.!Piasczyk! Jeffrey!P.!Picchione! Carl!Anthony!Picemo,!Jr.!! Jeffrey!Paul!Pineault!! Michael!Anthony!Pirolli!! Kendra!Suzanne!Pitas! Mary!Elizabeth!Plante! Kerrin!L.!Pollock! Kyle!C.!Pond! Heather!E.!Powell!! Bradley!Robert!Prehn! David!Joseph!Ragosta!! John!M.!Rainaldi! Elaine!L.!Rei! Brian!M.!Rennie! John!R.!Restivo! Sean!Patrick!Riley! Deborah!Ann!Riordan! Judith!H.!Roberts!! Beth!A.!Robinson! David!Parks!Robinson!! George!Rodrigues! Lynn!Maria!Rossit! Jeanette!L.!Ruhle! Paul!Joseph!Rusinak!

Thomas!M.!Saari!! Thomas!Sacchetti! Augustine!J.!Saccoccio! Seyit!Sanli! Ghobad!Sarlak! David!G.!Sayour!! Seth!E.!Schartner!! Stephen!E.!Schwab! Raymond!Charles!Searles,!Jr.! Brian!P.!Shea! John!Christopher!Shelhart! Sarah!H.!Sherman! Sun!He!Ann!Sherwood! Leon!V.!Shnayder! Marc!Louis!Simonini!! Barry!Andrew!Simpson!! Lisa!Anne!Smith!! Stephen!L.!Smith!! Anthony!F.!Sola,!Jr.!! Joseph!Anthony!Solis! James!A.!Solomon! Eric!N.!Spindler! Paul!John!Stasiukevicius!! James!Sebastian!Stawski!! Sonia!M.!Stingo! James!Winter!Stone,!Jr.! John!S.!Stone!! Kristin!Shea!Stone!! David!S.!Stonely!! Ronald!Scott!Storch! Richard!Harrison!Streisfeld! Robert!F.!Stubbs! George!Timothy!Sullivan! Jean!M.!Sullivan! Timothy!Matthew!Sullivan! Gina!L.!Tammelleo! John!C.!Tanner!! James!M.!Tarrant!! Robert!R.!Tartaglia!! Joseph!M.!Tighe! Robert!F.!Tighe! Tamara!J.!Tkacz! Peter!P.!Tran! Michele!A.!Uhrin! William!Peters!Ulmschneider!! Tamara!A.!Usher!!

Christopher!J.!Varrecchione! Monte!Leonard!Vieselmeyer!! Michael!Viol! Alan!B.!Waltzman! Deborah!Ann!Wasil!! Kristen!Diane!Weber!! Michad!J.!Weglinski! Mark!David!Weidenfeller! Mark!Weiderman! Jason!Weinstein! Geri!Elyse!Weiss! Jan!P.!West! Stephen!Philip!Wilbur! Patricia!A.!Wilkens! Edward!Wirth! Erich!W.!Wysocki!! Carlton!G.!Young!! Alfredo!D.!Zagaroli,!Jr.! ! 1990! ! Mark!R.!Alarie!! Victoria!L.!Aldrich!! Khalid!Nemeh!AliFanek!! Ronald!Paul!Algieri! Rui!F.!Almeida!! Joseph!M.!Almonte!! Peter!James!Alofsin! Mark!F.!Amerantes!! Eric!Paul!Andreozzi!! Scott!Todd!Arruda!! Peter!W.!Asprinio!! Ellen!R.!Austin! Philip!Edward!Babine! Paul!Bailey!! William!John!Bakke!! Lawrence!John!Balkus,!Jr.!! Jonathan!David!Barnett!! Greg!Philip!Barton! Robert!S.!Batista!! James!A.!Beach!! Jean!A.!Berard!! Daris!Allan!Berg! Carlos!A.!Betancur!! Darice!Lynn!Bochniak!! Karen!Lynn!Bolster!!

Tina!M.!Borges!! Donna!Lee!Botelho!! Richard!A.!Boudreau,!Jr.!! James!A.!Brady! Roger!David!Bragg!! William!J.!Brayman,!Jr.! Keith!R.!Brennan!! Catherine!C.!Briggs!! Stephen!Eric!Brooks!! David!C.!Brousseau!! Stuart!Douglas!Brown! Mark!S.!Bruni! Donald!M.!Bubar! Kara!Lyn!Buckley! James!J.!Bush! Lori!Jean!Caduto!! Kerry!A.!Cannella!! Donna!M.!Capoverde!! Michael!J.!Cardi!! Richard!A.!Caruolo!! Stephen!John!Cataldo!! Suzanne!Willis!Caterson! Shanna!KitiShan!Chak!! Mark!S.!Chaufty!! Tracy!Lynn!Cheshire!! Jeffrey!Peter!Chimside! Diane!Christine!Christensen!! Christopher!D.!Coccio! Kathy!Amanda!Cofone!!! Kevin!M.!Colbert! Joseph!Thomas!Conaty,!Jr.! Peter!Chapin!Conover!! Tricia!L.!Conway!! Joseph!B.!Cooper,!Jr.!! Christopher!S.!Corsini! Bruce!M.!Coski!! David!J.!Coutu! Hillary!Dawn!Cramer! Joseph!Michael!Creighton! Michelle!A.!Cunniff!!! William!P.!D'Albora! James!S.!D'Ambra! John!Patrick!D'Amico!! Scott!Joseph!Davenport! Robert!A.!Davis!!! Michelle!A.!Deane!!

Carol!Ann!DellaSelva!! Andrew!James!Deluski!! Lisa!M.!Dennis! Susan!Elizabeth!DeSisto! Craig!A.!Devoe! Tracy!Lynn!deWardener!! Kimberley!Lynne!DiGiacobbe!! Ronald!Joseph!Doire! Christine!Marie!Donatone! Peter!Charles!Donnelly! Gary!M.!Doster! Victor!Duarte! Stephanie!Anne!Ducharme! Lee!A.!Duckworth!! Eric!T.!Dugan! Marion!Frances!Dunn!! Valerie!A.!Eastman!! Michael!J.!Egli! William!Harold!Eigen!III!! Nicole!M.!Fagan!! Katherine!Irene!Fallace!! Anthony!J.!Ferranti!! Jacquelyn!A.!Ferri!! Kathleen!Grace!Fey! Brett!William!Finnegan!! Christofaro!C.!Fiore!! Charles!M.!Fisher!! Donna!M.!Flint! Susan!Martins!Fonte!! Antonio!Martins!Fortes!! Mary!Rose!Franco!! James!A.!Fraser!! Scott!D.!Freidus! Daniel!J.!Frydenlund! Dale!R.!Fryer! Peter!W.!Fuvich! Pamela!Lynn!Gai! Frank!A.!Gammino!III!! Mark!Paul!Gardner!! Cheryl!Lynn!Gempp!! Paul!H.!Ghilani!! Linda!Jane!Gilbertie!! Matthew!R.!Gilson!! Ronald!Marcel!Girard!! Robert!Daniel!Gold!! Robert!C.!Golden!

Ricardo!R.!Grave!de!Peralta!! Michele!S.!Gregorchik!! Eric!Grodziski!! Naomi!B.!Guay! Edward!G.!Gull! Deborah!Ann!Gustafson! Denise!M.!Harrington! Cynthia!Gail!Harrison! Michelle!M.!Healy!! Nancy!Jane!Healy!! Kimberly!Ann!Hennessey!!! Mitchell!Adam!Herman!!! Paul!G.!Heslin! Jennifer!Mary!Higgins! Charles!K.!Hill! Raymond!G.!Hippeli!! Mark!Carlton!Hoffman! Barrv!M.!Holden!! Allan!L.!Holmes! John!Francis!Homan!! Robert!E.!Hoot!! Debra!J.!Horowitz!! Michael!S.!Huling! Bruce!T.!Humphrey!! Krista!M.!Iacono!! Ioannis!V.!Iliopoulos!! Lara!Christine!Jackl! Kim!Jakobsons! Beth!Anne!Johnson! David!M.!Jones! Stacey!L.!Judge!! Jennifer!Lynn!Kall! David!Everett!Kamps!! Spyros!Kanellopoulos!! David!B.!Kaufman!! Christine!E.!Keinard! Paula!Jean!Kelley!! James!M.!Kennedy! Kevin!J.!Kennedy! Murshed!A.!Khondker!! Kambiz!Khosrowshahi!! YongiChan!Kim!! Gregory!D.!Kirby!! Kenneth!B.!Knox! Kris!S.!Kopka!!! Doreen!Kreidler!!

Richard!Eric!Kudish!!! Michael!J.!Kunde! Amy!B.!Lachmann! Daniel!Carrington!LaCorbiniere! Roland!Rov!Lambert!! Faith!A.!Limberti!! Gerard!Albert!Langlais!! Michael!R.!Lapointe!! Gregg!Eric!Larson!! David!M.!Lavallee!! Kelly!Lynn!Lawrence!! Peter!Andrew!Lawton!! Thomas!M.!Leddy!! Pauline!PuiiLing!Lee!! Michael!Paul!Lemay!! Deanna!R.!Lembo!! Michael!J.!Lepizzera!! Lori!A.!L'Europa!! Jed!Liebman! Donna!Louise!Lindstrom!! Lois!Ann!Linne!!! Karen!L.!Littman!! Peter!Livingston!! Michael!J.!Logue! Peter!G.!Loiselle! Jennifer!A.!Low!! Edward!H.!Luecke!! Deborah!Louise!Lynch!! Jason!Scott!Maceda!! Carl!M.!Mackey! Kristen!Ann!Magnelli!! Gregory!James!Maguire!! Lisa!L.!Martin!! Robert!Bernard!Marzilli,!Jr.! Anthony!Mattielk,!Jr.! Mark!C.!Mazmanian!! George!F.!McAulifie! Margaret!A.!McDermott!! Joseph!McGoldnck! Robert!M.!!McGovern! Lori!M.!McKellar! Kristine!M.!McLaughlan!! James!L!McManus!! Alexander!P.!Meland! Scott!Borges!Melo!! Richard!Scott!Menzer!!

Richard!Cyphers!Merz!! Andrew!P.!Meservy! Neal!W.!Messier! John!Micheletti,!Jr.!! Steven!C.!Miles!! Christopher!Paul!Mitchell!!! Shirley!Mojkowski! Christina!Mondello! Michael!J.!Moniz! Todd!Anthony!Montanaro! Elizabeth!A.!Morelli!! Jeffrey!Paul!Moroni!! Lisa!M.!Morra!!! Kerry!A.!Murphy!! Stephen!F.!Murphy!! Tamara!Lee!Murray!! Scott!Alan!Myer!! Edward!T.!Mylod! Henry!Joseph!Nardone!III! Peter!Francis!Nejes! James!A.!Newcomb!! John!Paul!Nicosia,!Jr.!! Terri!Ann!Noonan!! Lynn!Louise!Oblinger! John!T.!O'Flaherty! Stephen!P.!O'Loughlin!! Jennifer!Ann!Olson!! Joulien!A.!Osko!! John!P.!Pace,!Jr.!! Daniel!Joseph!Pacheco! Ajay!Pande! Linda!J.!Parker! Danielle!Francesca!Partenope! Sharon!Lee!Pavia!! Michael!J.!Pawlish!! Clifton!M.!Peasley!! Roger!Paul!Pelissier!! Kenneth!Lee!Pelletier!! Marlo!Joy!Peluso! James!E.!Pennoyer!Ill! Carolyn!M.!Perrone!! Janet!Marie!Perry! Joy!Marie!Pesce! Rita!Pezzullo! Abby!E.!Pitman! Michael!Francis!Pizzuti!

Paul!E.!Plourd!! James!J.!Poland!Ill!! Michael!J.!Pawlish! Philip!A.!Popovici!! Sandra!Anne!Portaluppi! Jeffrey!C.!Potter!! Marco!Protano! Francesco!V.!Pulito!! Kevin!James!Quinn!! Stacey!Eileen!Quintiliani! Rebecca!Susan!Rafaelian! Colleen!Marie!Raftery! Robert!G.!Ramos!! Kimberly!L!Raphalian!! Christie!A.!Reilly! David!E.!Resare! Linda!Marie!Ricci! Steven!Anthony!Ricci! Steven!Anthony!Riccitelli! Gary!B.!Rifkin! Paul!W.!Riley! Mark!Thomas!Risso! Gina!Marie!Ritarossi!! Michael!Albert!Rocchio!! Jodi!Lynn!Rodrigues! Paul!W.!Roever! Paul!William!Romano!! Jill!Robin!Rosenberg! Alix!Beth!Rosenthal!! Alan!Rubin! Kevin!B.!Russell! Edwin!James!Ryan! April!A.!St.!Jean!! Carolyn!J.!St.!Michel!! Dennis!J.!Salisbury,!Jr.!! Toni!Lynn!Salvador! Charles!A.!Samos,!Jr.!! Jerome!J.!Santa!! Maria!Marjory!C.!Sawyer! Paul!M.!Schmieder!! Shelly!K!Schuttert! Kenneth!M.!Scigulinsky! Martha!Ellen!Scott! Susan!Marie!Scott!! Edward!Paul!Sees,!Jr.!! Anne!Marie!Shaljian!

Sarah!H.!Sherman! Lori!J.!Siciliano!! Stuart!D.!Silfen!! Howard!J.!Silverman! Lauri!Lynn!Silverstein! Patrick!Jon!Silvia!! Ana!C.!Simoes!! Mergin!Sina!! Carri!Robin!Singer! David!Michael!Singer! Bethany!J.!Skiffington! Lori!A.!Skrensky! Joel!C.!Smith!! Risa!L!Smith!! Anna!T.!Solomon!! Tracy!Ann!Sorrell! Armand!C.!Spaziano!! Michael!Christopher!Spaziano!! Carol!L.!Spickler! Paula!A.!Spirito! Thomas!Joseph!Spisak! Glenn!M.!Starses!! Valdis!Karlis!Stiebris! Christine!Lee!Sullivan!! James!D.!Sullivan!! Linda!A.!Swider!! Christopher!Tambos!! Nhep!Tan! No!Oat!Tan! Peter!G.!Tardif!! Eric!M.!Taylor!! Kristy!A.!Teixeira! Susan!Kathleen!Terlisner! Kathy!Lynn!Tewey! Steven!Kenneth!Thompson!! James!P.!Tieman! Jeanne!Marie!Tierney!! Marisa!Lyn!Toro! Mark!D.!Truglio! Kent!R.!!Tunnicliffe! Ellyn!Beth!Turner! Jodi!Tveter! Louis!F.!Vastano,!Jr.! Karen!Marie!Vieira! Neil!F.!Wainland! John!James!Walker!

Marl!R.!Wall! Janet!I.!Walsh! Kathryn!Gates!Walsh!! Kimberly!A.!Watson!! David!Gregg!Weisser! Todd!Alan!Widlitz! Alison!Elizabeth!Williams!! Robert!H.!Wirth! Renee!Lyn!Woliver! Urs!P.!Wueger!! Elisabeth!Anne!Wybraniec! Michael!Evan!Yaseen! Michele!T.!Yorke! B.!Thomas!Younkin!III! David!Michael!Zelenak! Mark!W.!Zimmer! Brett!G.!Zola! David!J.!Zuliani! ! 1991! ! Nicholas!J.!Abisi!! James!H.!Aceto!! Patricia!M.!Afonso!! William!Alexander!! Ronald!Scott!Allard!! Daniel!B.!Allen!! Laurie!A.!Allen! Thomas!Joseph!Amann!! Daniel!Joseph!Anderson! Scott!H.!Andrews! John!B.!Antaya! John!B.!Anton! Suzanne!Mary!Apgar! Linda!Susan!Asali! John!W.!Auber! Paul!Aubin! Monique!Nicole!Auger! James!Steven!Backner! Henry!I.!Ade!Balogun!! Brian!Banner! Danielle!Lynn!Bean! Robert!Edward!Bean!II! Dianne!Elizabeth!Becan! Stephen!D.!Beckler!! Daniel!P.!Belcher!!

Michael!Allyn!Bell! Robert!E.!Bellows,!Jr.!! Dawn!Marie!Berry! Matthew!Joel!Biliouris! Katherine!E.!Bixler! Brian!Lee!Boardman!! Ava!Andrea!Boczko!! Stacy!M.!Boland! Michele!Vanessa!Boornazian! Brian!D.!Boucher! Michael!J.!Bourbon!! Brenda!Doreen!Bousquet!! Tracey!Lee!Bratz! Gail!Ann!Brennan! Marlo!J.!Brooks! Cheryl!Ann!Brophy! Jill!Renee!Brown!t! Arthur!William!Buisson,!Jr.!! Daniel!Cameron!Burgess! Nancy!Calcagni! Ann!M.Canavan! James!Scott!Capobianco! Mark!Christopher!Carey! Christopher!Brian!Carney! Michael!J.!Carolla! Aron!Neal!Carpenter! Claude!Raymond!Carroll!! Thomas!W.!Casey!! Dennis!Alan!Cehelsky!!! Sanjive!Chadha! Robert!C.!Chan!! Christopher!A.!Chapin!! Anthony!C.!Chatowsky! Jonathan!R.!Check!! Andrew!J.!Chevalier! Michael!N.!Chugranis!! Anne!Elizabeth!Churchill!! Brian!P.!Clement! Thomas!M.!Coate!! Barnet!Scott!Cohen!! Randy!L.!Cohen!! Rosemary!Ann!Coia! Debra!Jean!Cole! Stephen!Albert!Conde!! Harry!V.!Condon.!Jr.! Nadine!A.!Conway!

Donna!M.!Cosgrove!! Edward!Warner!Crane!! Colin!D.!Cree! Michael!A.!Croce!III!! John!A.!Cronin!! Laura!Ellen!Cronin!! Robert!Charles!Crowley!! Wendy!S.!O'Abate! Maryann!B.!DaSilva!! Christopher!Scott!Davies! James!William!Daw,!Jr.! Michael!Joseph!DeCilio! Charles!D.!DeCristofaro! David!R.!Dekker!!! Michael!Vincent!DeLeo!! Andrew!Thomas!Della!! Bella!Ronald!A.!DeMartino! Gerald!Douglas!DeWitt!! Frank!Joseph!DiCostanzo!! Lisa!R.!Dilorio!! Mark!William!Doherty! Sean!Patrick!Donahue! Elizabeth!Donovan! Hugh!Patrick!Drumm!III! Kimberly!A.!Dugas! Kevin!E.!Earley!! Walter!Joseph!Ermanski!IV! Thomas!R.!Evans! Stephen!M.!Farrelly!! Shiely!Lourdes!Feria!! Tyrone!A.!Ferrara!! Alisa!L.!Ferraro!! Jeffrey!Ferreira!! James!A.!Fette! Joseph!E.!Fians!! Robin!E.!Fiore!! Michael!Caine!Fisher! Jennifer!Lynn!Fletcher!! Kimberly!Ann!Flood!! Jessica!Anne!Flores!! Gregory!Raymond!Foland!! Calvin!Richard!Ford!III! Ellen!Nancy!Ford! Jerold!Scott!Freed! Johnluca!Frenzilli! Ronald!L.!Fritchley!!

Robert!Milton!Frost!II!! Steven!Paul!Furtado! Jeffrey!Robert!Gaffin! Adrienne!Arline!Gallo!! Rocco!Gallo! Michelle!Lynn!Geary!! Margaret!N.!Gencarella! Paul!Joseph!Gennari! Lise!Anne!M.!Germain! Rania!Y.!Ghanem! David!E.!Glauner! Raymond!Kenneth!Gomes,!Jr.!! Nora!J.!Goraj! Robert!D.!Gosselin! Jarrod!Scott!Greenspan! Theodore!Maximilian!Groesbeck! Rod!Marlon!Gusman! Robert!George!Hadley,!Jr.! Jon!Joseph!Halliwell! Jeffrey!R.!Hamel! Laural!Elizabeth!Hampton! Laurie!A.!Handy!!! Steven!P.!Handy! David!L.!Hanna.!Jr.!t! Susan!Elizabeth!Hansen! Howard!M.!Harding! Deborah!E.!Hargey!! Eric!J.!Hartman!! Gavin!L.!Hausman!! Joseph!A.!Healy! Tracy!Henry!! Brian!K.!Hewitt! KianiTiong!Ho! Renee!Marie!Hogenmiller! Rosemary!Holiday!! Steven!E.!Holmberg!! Stacie!Lynn!Holowachuk! Christine!L.!Huber!! Curt!Donovan!Hulst!! Kevin!Hurteau! Cynthia!Anne!Huttman! Steven!A.!Iemma! Shafiq!Z.!J.!Ebrahim!! Debbie!J.!Jannetti!! Edward!R.!Jarbeau!! Jennifer!L.!Jarka!

Edward!Walter!Johnson! Heather!E.!Johnson!! Robert!J.!Johnson!! Shana!A.!Johnson!! Jessica!Ann!Joly! David!M.!Jones! Patrick!G.!Jones! Edward!Peter!Jordan! Donna!Courtenay!Karp! Cathleen!Kearney!! Kirsten!A.!Keegan! Jeffrey!Edward!David!Keselman! Yun!Wan!Kim! Kerry!Elizabeth!King! Shane!Robert!Kirkland!! David!M.!Kirpas!! Darren!R.!Klein! Susan!A.!Klimik! John!F.!Kober!III! Alan!Krouk! Tou!Doua!Kue! Jonathan!L.!Lahn!! Steven!W.!Langanke!! Cecilie!Helene!Langerud!! Susan!Elizabeth!Laraway! Maura!Irene!Larkin!! John!P.!Larochelle! Sanae!Elahmadi!Laroussi!! Kellie!A.!Lawton! Kathy!Jean!LeBlanc! Ann!Tricia!Leeney!!! Karen!Ann!Lemay!! Brendan!Joseph!Leonard! Franklin!D.!Leoni,!Jr.!! Gayle!Levine! Christopher!J.!Liguori! Tony!I.!Lowe! Lori!Anne!Lo!Presti! Robert!Philip!Loveland! John!Christian!Lucas!! Michael!J.!Lucas.!Jr.!! Christine!M.!Ludington!! Michelle!Ann!Lumnah!! Gary!Jonathan!Lutender!! Joanna!E.!Luzzi! Beth!Marie!MAdaio!

Christopher!L.!Magner! Cathy!L.!Maine! Shaun!A.!Malay!! Frank!John!Manetta,!Jr.! Michael!James!Mangiafico! Angelo!Marchese! Claire!Beatrice!Marcille!! Deborah!Ann!Mars!! Emile!F.!Martineau! Michael!A.!Martinucci!! David!J.!Martirano!! Laura!Jane!Marton!! Loren!F.!Masog! Lori!MasoniRyan!! Michele!L.!Mathieu! Douglas!Darrell!May!! Holly!Marie!Maynard!! Nancy!Gayle!Mayne!! Brian!Thomas!McEntee!! Brian!Michael!McEwen!! Colleen!J.!McHugh!! William!Charles!McLaughlin! Deborah!Ann!McMann!! Shaun!M.!McMorrow!! Erin!C.!McQuade! Dianne!Megrdichian! Sandra!J.!Meunier!! Timothy!Michaud! Evandro!Carbonell!Missagia! Meghan!Frances!Moore! Roberta!F.!Moore! Robert!James!Morse!! Charles!P.!Morvillo! Stephanie!H.!Moss! Christopher!W.!Mossey! Paal!Christian!Mowinckel!! Jonathan!Peter!Mueller! Luis!Fernando!Munoz!! Robert!J.!Myhre! James!Lee!Nastri!! Elizabeth!Marie!Nees!! Neerja!Nehra! Ann!Katherine!Nelson! Christopher!R.!Nelson!! Lisa!A.!Newman!! Richard!W.!Nicholson!!

Erin!Delia!O'Brien! Seamus!Michael!O'Connell! Christine!Michele!O'Rourke!! Valerie!Papson! David!Vincent!Pamoff! David!S.!Pattek!! Matthew!J.!Pechulis!! Robert!J.!Perrone! Allison!K.!Perry! Darina!Phivilay! Thomas!Michael!Pietrogallo! Lori!A.!Pino! Brian!C.!Plante! Ronald!J.!Poisson,!Jr.! Paul!Jorge!Ponte!! Raymond!Bryant!Porter! Bradford!J.!Preston!! Martha!K.!Pulito! Paul!John!Pusyka,!Jr.!! Robert!E.!Rainville! Kristin!M.!Reed! Steven!M.!Reed!! Kristin!E.!Reeve!! Andrew!L.!Reid! Karen!Anne!Riccitelli! Susan!M.!Ritter! Paul!C.!Rivera! Luis!Carlos!Rodrigues! Gianni!Romeo! Nicholas!J.!Rosato,!Jr.! Linda!M.!Rossi! Timothy!J.!Rozansky! Edward!Francis!Rush,!Jr.! Andrew!L.!Russell!! Tiziana!Russo!! Richard!R.!Rzehak!! Carl!John!Salvo!! Scott!Robert!Sammut! Michelle!Marie!Santello!! Salvatore!Savastano,!Jr.!! Edana!Michele!Savin!! Eric!W.!Scantlebury! Giovanni!Schiappa!! April!Renee!Schloth! Joshua!E.!Schoen! Brendon!B.!Scott!!

Rhonda!Ann!Seabury!! Glenn!A.!Seepes!! Marc!A.!Seigel! Joseph!John!Sena,!Jr.!! Aaron!Matthew!Sender!! Sherrie!L.!Sharp! AnneMarie!Shaughnessy! Scott!M.!Shelton!!! Shannon!M.!Shields!! Timothy!Andrew!Shuler! Gordon!H.!Sigman!III! Jill!H.!Silver! Todd!J.!Simonds! Scott!A.!Slowik!! Sean!K.!Smith!! William!A.!Smith!III! Donald!J.!Solomon! James!Edward!Spaight!! J.!Conrad!Spugnardi!! Craig!Matthew!Stamer! Paul!Edward!Steinhilber!! Jerome!Todd!Steinwager!! Laura!Ann!Strasser! Paul!J.!Sullivan! Kathleen!M.!Szamowicz! Lori!Ann!Takesian! Chievlan!Tan! Antoinette!Patricia!Tedeschi! Gerald!E.!Terceiro!!! Elizabeth!Anne!Thompson!! Richard!Kenneth!Tiffany,!Jr.! George!A.!Tollefson!! Gary!Michael!Tourony!! Cori!L.!Trenholme! William!J.!Trezvant!! Zeth!Danielle!Trout!! Stephanie!Laura!Troy!! Oliver!R.!Tutt! T.!Connor!Usowski!! Lisa!Ann!Valentine!!! Elizabeth!J.!Very! Richard!Joseph!Vigliotti!! Donna!Marie!Villanova!! Robert!Joseph!Warren!! Gregory!Scott!Watkins!! Daniel!J.!Webb!t!

Matthew!James!Welch! Andrea!Jeanne!Whitney! Brett!A.!Whitney!! Lara!A.!Wicklem!! Kellie!A.!Wilkins!! Robert!J.!Williams!! Cynthia!M.!Wilson! Stephanie!A.!Winfield! Kerri!Ann!Winthrop!! Christopher!J.!Wolfe!! Scott!A.!Zenack! Robert!Stephen!Zuliani! ! 1992! ! Karen!Leigh!Abrahamson! Kevin!G.!Adams!! Sergei!Akimtsev!! Stacy!A.!Alesandro! Scott!Michael!Amaral!! John!Giovanni!Arena!! Robert!J.!Ascoli!! Amy!J.!Astoreca! Jodi!Lynn!Auerbach! Christine!Ayres! Thomas!O.!Banks!! Lori!A.!Baronian!! Darin!D.!Batchelder! Alan!William!Battaglini!! Christopher!A.!Beaulieu!! Brian!D.!Bednarski!! Jennifer!E.!Belanger! Kera!Lyn!Belcher!! Sharon!Nagle!Belisle!! Sharlene!Elizabeth!Bell!! William!A.!Belloll,!Jr.!! Richard!W.!Bennett!! Sharon!Berko!! Rochelle!A.!Bernier!! Shayne!F.!Bernstein!! Michael!A.!Blcho!! Jonathan!C.!Blair! James!Michael!Borges! Keith!J.!Bousquet!! Derek!J.!Bradley!! Christine!E.!Brannan!!

Bonnie!S.!Brayton!! Anissa!D.!Bromley!! Andrew!B.!Brynes!! Michael!J.!Burns!! Thomas!E.!Caban! Tara!Anne!Campofranco!! Rhonda!J.!Capobianco! John!Cappo!III! Paul!D.!Cardarelli! MaryiStarr!Carpenter!! Harry!K.!Carr,!Jr.!! Laurie!Anne!Carroll!! Nancy!M.!Carroll! Jane!Marie!Casasanta! Christopher!T.!Cashman! Christopher!A.!Cassara! Jeffrey!Dean!Cataldo! Bouphavady!Chanthavong!! May!W.!Chau! Lisa!Ann!Chevian! Michael!F.!Ciardella! Kerry!A.!Clark! Peter!James!Clark! Lori!A.!Clune! Kimberly!Ann!Coccio! John!L.!Coggeshall! David!Robert!Comerford!! Galen!Tucker!Conte! Joseph!Anthony!Corrente! Denise!Marie!Corson! Todd!Edward!Anthony!Costa! Pamela!M.!Cottle! Philip!Louis!D'Ambra! Heather!Susan!Daniels! Michael!Anthony!Daniels! Timothy!R.!D'Arcy! Laura!Jean!Daube! Brian!Anthony!Davis! Philip!Anthony!DeFalco! Richard!M.!DelPonte,!Jr.! Stephen!Edward!DelSordo! John!T.!DeNoncour!!! Julie!DiBello! Daniel!Carlton!Dickerman! Mitchell!S.!Dickman! Ronald!M.!DiFabio!

Thomas!DiMasi! Joseph!A.!Dintino! Tarkan!Dogan! James!E.!Dares! Jonathan!Mogens!Douglas! Brian!J.!Duckworth!! Gary!Walter!Duncan! Kevin!Raymond!Dunphy,!Jr.! Karen!Patricia!Eastman! Christine!Rae!Edwards! Natalie!A.!Egelhoff! AnnMarie!L.!Esposito! Natalie!Lynn!Eunis!! Richard!Anthony!Falvo! Susan!Carole!Faulkner! Ronald!B.!Fein!! Cory!Seth!Figman! Christopher!J.!Fiore! Kevin!Charles!Floody! Paul!Louis!Fontaine! Antonietta!Lisa!Fontana! Rinaldo!C.!Forcellati! William!Joseph!Ford!III! Andrew!S.!Foti! Joseph!E.!Fournier! Michelle!Denise!Frazier! Ilana!Beth!Frieder! Gary!S.!Friedman! Warren!David!Furst! Susan!M.!Gaffney! Michael!V.!Gann!! Neil!Joseph!Garceau! Brenda!J.!Gauthier! Nancy!Marie!Gencarelli! Michelle!A.!Gendreau! Stephen!Anthony!Genuario! Michael!Joseph!Georgio! Christopher!David!Giarla! Edmanuel!Gil! Jay!Harris!Goldfarb! Matthew!A.!Goldzweig! Jessica!M.!Gomes! Christopher!Richard!Goslin! Kurt!R.!Gottzandt! David!H.!Gove! Andrea!Greeley!!

Kelly!S.!Greene! Tara!R.!Greene! Amy!J.!Greenstein! Daniel!M.!Gronwald! Joseph!A.!Guglielmo! Lori!Lynn!Hammett! Karen!Jean!Hanley! Amy!Jean!Harper! James!P.!Harper! Kimberly!Ann!Hart! Douglas!P.!Hauser! Scott!R.!Henry! Paul!R.!Hobson! Jennifer!L.!Holst! Donald!C.!Horne! Daniel!J.!Hughes,!Jr.! John!P.!Hutton! Jason!Thomas!Izzo! Amy!Jo!Johnson! Darren!K.!jones! Barbara!Lynn!Jorve! Kenneth!B.!Kacani! Michael!Richard!Kalinoski! Deena!Beth!Kaplan! Sean!Patrick!Keenan! Jill!E.!Kelley! Inku!Khan! Lynne!Ann!Kibbe! Leslie!Elmast!Killerjian! John!J.!Klumbach! Mark!Adrian!Knott! Mark!Douglas!Kortick!! Andrea!Kramer! Simone!Renee!Kroll! Jennifer!Ellen!Kruse! Abdulkadir!Kucukonder! Debra!L.!Kuras! Andrew!T.!Labant!! Sheila!Katz!Lacheen!!! George!Ladas!! Gregory!J.!E.!Ladas! Kamaldeen!Olasan!Larnbo! Stephen!Roger!Lwallee! Thomas!J.!Lavelle,!Jr.! Keith!P.!Lavery! Susanne!Elizabeth!Lavoie!

Brian!James!Lee! Jeffrey!Peter!Lehoullier! Gregory!L.!Leonard! Edward!Keen!Wah!Leung! Corina!K.!Livanos! Jonathan!M.!Loiselle! Mark!J.!Lomastro! Karen!Lorenzo! Robert!Raymond!Lysak! Keith!A.!MacFarlane! Elizabeth!J.!Magee! David!john!Magnone! Jason!Drew!Mandler! Joseph!Alexander!Mansour,!Jr.! David!M.!Mard! Jon!Patrick!Martin! Christopher!Louis!Masino! Christine!Fay!Matthews! Peter!M.!Mauro! Brendan!Eric!McCorry! Patricia!J.!McGair! Jennifer!E.!McGee!! Kimberly!A.!McKenna! Matthew!Royce!McLennan! Mark!Edward!McManus! James!H.!McReynolds!! Scott!F.!Medeiros!! Kenneth!Melendez! Bernice!M.!Mellen!! James!Roland!Messier!! Michele!L.!Micciche!! Steven!Paul!Michaud! Jennifer!Marie!Milanese! Cheryl!Ann!Milson!! Michael!C.!Montero!! Elizabeth!Joan!Monty!! Dawn!Mary!Moran!! Donna!Lynn!Morelli!! Derek!C.!Moscarelli!! Siu!L.!Moy! Jerry!J.!Munoz! Eric!E.!Munz! Elizabeth!M.!Murphy!! Anthony!A.!Norato! David!W.!Norman!! Deborah!L.!Nuttall!

Scott!Christopher!Oatley!! Jill!N.!O'Donnell! Paul!Jason!Padula!! Carol!Ann!Patin!! William!R.!Pattie! James!Russell!Pennington! Antonella!Pesare!! Michelle!R.!Phelan!! George!L.!Porter!IV!! Christian!Colin!Potter!! Tamera!Nicola!Potts!! Heather!Ann!Pouliot!! Betsy!I.!Propper! Robert!A.!Raffa!! Elcy!Idalina!Ramos!! Cheryl!A.!Rand! Robert!William!Recchia!! Michael!Francis!Reed!! Noreen!Marie!Reilly! John!A.!Renfrew,!Jr.!! Lynne!Marie!Roberts!! Michael!J.!Rokicki!! Betsy!Ann!Rosa!! William!J.!Roy! Domenic!Joseph!Russo!! Jennifer!Sabasteanski!! Melissa!R.!Salvucci!! Crisinda!Kay!Sandefur!! Sandra!M.!Santos! TamiiLynn!Santucci!! Laura!A.!Schreyer! Monika!D.!Schulman!! Robert!J.!Sclama! Heidi!Lynn!Secord!! Neil!A.!Seitchik!! Amy!Tricia!Sibal!! Maria!N.!Siciliano!! Claudine!M.!Sliva! Michael!David!Silva! Amber!Marie!Simonson! Holly!A.!Sisco!! Carrie!Lynne!Small!! Margaret!Ellen!Smith!! Raymond!E.!Snow! Matthew!B.!Sommer! Mia!Elizabeth!Spadaro!!

Mark!E.!Spalght!! Anne!Marie!Spatola! George!W.!Steere,!Jr.!! Cristen!T.!Stephenson!! Rebecca!Suzanne!Stone!! Richard!Hebert!Strout! Michael!R.!Stuard!! Kerry!A!Sumner!! Rana!I.!Sweidan! Candice!Genine!Taylor!! Julie!Marie!Tefft!! Wendi!A.!Terino!! Gregory!R.!Thomas!! Sharon!Thorsland!! Karey!Lee!Tibbetts!! Kevin!J.!Twomey! Joseph!John!Verbaro!III! Keith!J.!Verrier!! Jeffrey!Carl!Vitale!! Karen!L.!Vowinkel! Kimberly!Anne!Wagner! Sarah!Ellen!Watson!! LynniMarie!Weber!! Christine!Weiner!! Stacey!Jill!Wernick!! Scot!P.!West! Denise!B.!Whelan! Robert!Armstrong!Whelan!! Gaelen!Christine!Whitesell!! James!Robert!Whitney!! Kristi!M.!Whyte! Tamara!Beth!Williams!! Susan!R.!Witten!! Kathleen!M.!Wolf!! Tomer!M.!Yuzary!! Nicole!D.!Zaccaria!! Kimberly!A.!Zielinski! ! 1993! ! Dana!M.!Addink! Sherri!A.!Aharonian! John!Joseph!Albanese! Jon!R.!Almeida! John!T.!Andruchow! Barbara!M.!Arel!

John!Givoanni!Arena! Jaime!Beth!Arnold! Rosanne!M.!Baboian! Amy!Bruce!Bachman! Alexandra!D.!Banoub! Kim!Barootjian! Dina!Lee!Barrack! Mary!F.!Barsoom! David!Baskin!! Tracy!C.!Beckmann! Catherine!M.!Belcher! Deborah!Coleen!Berlin! Rochelle!Anne!Bernier! Keith!H,!Bernstein! Michael!A.!Beshar! Adam!Lee!Bierstein! Michael!C.!Boardman! Ruby!RenĂŠe!Bolduc! James!Patrick!Bolen! Brooke!Noel!Bondur! Michael!H.!Botelho! Scot!Robert!Bourdreau! Jeffrey!T.!Bromley! Aron!Bronstein! Michael!J.!Buensuceso! Craig!F.!Bumpus! Kennth!H.!Buschhorn! Peter!C.!Caban! Jennifer!Ann!Callender! RenĂŠe!Corinne!Capron! Nancy!Marie!Carroll!! Jennifer!L.!Casavant! Margaret!A.!Caster! Gina!Marie!Ceprano! Tunc!M.!Cerrahoglu! Stacie!Ann!Cerza! Paul!Chabot! David!Leo!Joseph!Charon! May!Wah!Chau! Denise!A.!Cheng! Anne!Elizabeth!Choquette! Daniel!R.!Chretien! Eric!John!Christensen! Heather!Noel!Chumley! Amy!HoiiPing!Chun! Jeffrey!Louis!Clark!

Lori!Ann!Clune! Carrie!M.!Clymer!! Christine!R.!Coché! Frank!C.!Coelho! Ronald!Anthony!Colantonio! Colleen!Noel!Commerford! Sharon!Lynn!Conti! Brian!Scott!Cook! Michael!A.!Correia! Denise!Marie!Corson! Cynthia!Anne!Costa! Brian!J.!Cotsonas! Michelle!A.!Cournoyer! Christine!Ann!Cox! Peter!James!Dacey! Rose!M.!D’Addato! Matthew!Tyler!Dancik! Steven!Michael!D’Antuono! Matilda!V.!DeBarros! Giovanni!DeCaro! Deborah!Ann!Degnan! Marianela!DelValle! Ronald!E.!DelValle! Maria!Elizabeth!DeNuccio! Maria!Grace!DePiro! LeeAnn!DiFilippo! Tad!K.!Dionne! John!R.!Dire! Kevin!J.!DiSpirito! Thomas!W.!Dobbing! Betsey!A.!Donaluk! Edward!Robert!Doughty!III! Rodger!B.!Dowdell!III! Kimberly!A.!DuBord! Jennifer!C.!Duffie! Keith!Michael!Dulude! Gregory!James!DuMont! Anne!Nicole!Dursi! Jennifer!Lynn!Dutra! Paul!W.!Dwyer! Cynthia!S.!Eckert! Stacey!Ann!Esdale! Derek!J.!Essery! Christine!Marie!Fairclough! Melissa!A.!Faucher! Silvia!Christina!Ferreira!

Noel!Christen!Fisco! Rosita!Mary!Flynn! John!H.!Forman!III! Gregory!Francois!Fournier! Scott!J.!Franklin! Christopher!G.!Froio! Gwen!D.!Fuller! Stephen!Charles!Gagnon! Steven!David!Gavitt! Louis!Angelo!Gencarelli,!Jr.! Phillip!Eugene!Genereux! Patrick!Michael!Gengarella! Meredith!Susan!Gershen! Dawn!Elizabeth!Gibbons! Robert!James!Giordano! Cheryl!W.!Given! Wendy!Ann!Gomes! Michele!Marie!Gomez! Christopher!Edward!Graham! Andrea!Rene!Gray! Edward!Rea!Greenwood! Thomas!Angelo!Gregorio! Anthony!W.!Gudas! Judith!I.!Halben! Matthew!J.!Hamilton! Jennifer!Lee!Hapanowicz! John!Robert!Harrington!! Pia!L.!Harrington! David!F.!Hart! James!C.!Harvie! Thomas!Jerome!Haut! Timothy!I.!Helmbrecht! Nancy!Lee!Hevert! David!D.!Hill! Jeffrey!Ronald!Hilst! Lisa!A.!Hodgson! Kenneth!J.!Holden! Steven!W.!Holland!! Patrick!J.!Hughes! Raymond!Anthony!Imperato! Alexander!G.!Ivanov! Mark!Kazimierz!Jakubiak! Lisa!M.!James! Michael!F.!Jenne! Becky!C.!Johnson! Chad!P.!Jonson!

Christina!Lee!Johnson! Bonnie!J.!Joslin! Michael!Patrick!Kelly! Scott!P.!Kirton! Robert!John!Kisilywicz! Kevin!G.!Koch! Craig!Jonathan!Koehler! Miriam!J.!Konz! Bryan!Scott!Koshers! Doreen!M.!Kramer! Peter!C.!Kuper,!Jr.! Lisa!Mara!Kuzminsky! Kimberly!Lynn!Langer! Kristin!Renee!Lankford! Lorrie!A.!Lasky! George!E.!Leduc!III! Kevin!J.!Leffert! Mario!Antonio!Lemme! Stephen!P.!Levesque! Patricia!Allyson!Levine! David!S.!Licciardi! Li!Lin! Matthew!P.!Listro! Mom!Lo! James!Michael!Locks! John!D.!MacDonald!III! Sheri!L.!Machung! Andrew!Simon!MacKay! Haynes!Jason!Mal! Michael!A.!Manzi! William!Francis!Martin! Michael!Robert!Martone! Kimberly!Ann!Matics! Daniel!Paul!McCabe! Treva!J.!McElroy! Sean!Joseph!McMahon! Maureen!A.!McNamara! Pamela!A.!Meloni! Karen!Ann!Messemer! Stephen!John!Messina! Melina!Metalios! Lisa!Ann!Metcalf! Brian!C.!Miley! Christine!Suzanne!Millick! Scott!D.!Mills! Cheryl!Ann!Milson!

Ali!C.!Mirian! Carlos!Carbonell!Missagia! Jor!Edward!Molchan!II! Jeffrey!S.!Monaghen! Richard!Angelo!Mondillo! Joel!N.!Monteiro! Danielle!Morale! Peter!George!Morris! Joseph!Christin!Moulton! Christopher!John!Mumau! Anne!Marie!Murray! Jean!P.!Murray! Andrés!Naranjo! Dennis!L.!Ng! John!M.!Nowak! Lee!Anne!Obenauer! Dale!Nelson!Ohsberg! Joseph!Patrick!O’Keefe! !Kristin!Lauren!Olbrys! Erin!Lynn!O’Neill! Mari!Claire!O’Sullivan! Kevin!Arthur!Pannone! Michael!J.!Papineau! Raymond!Parente! Stina!Grace!Parsons! David!Bartlett!Patten! Henry!J.!Peloquin,!Jr! Charles!D.!Perrett! Alan!E.!Perry! Michael!F.!Peterson! Daniel!W.!Pezzullo! Rhonda!Jean!Pilozzi! Kerry!Ann!Poirier! Lauren!M.!Polakoski! Amy!J.!Porco! Dhirana!Prasasvinitchai! Glenn!D.!Prettitore! Bethany!Jane!Raffa! Robin!Marie!Rawson! Susan!L.!Reynolds! Nina!Ricci! Brian!Joseph!Riggs! Susan!N.!Risso! Derek!P.!Robbins! Debra!Helene!Roos! Eric!D.!Ross!

Troy!K.!Saharic! Laurie!Ann!St.!Laurent! Tricia!Lynn!St.!Laurent! Michael!C.!Salvator! Glenn!J.!Sandagata! Adam!Brett!Sands! Janice!Ellen!Scarinizi! Gail!Lynn!Schlecht! Steven!J.!Sebolt! Michele!S.!Sheehy! Jason!I.!Sheller! Keith!Allen!Sherman! Mark!E.!Shumilla! David!P.!Sikora! Jody!Elizabeth!Silver! Scott!Jason!Silvers! Michael!Brian!Sitt! Kristen!Lynn!Slovak! Eliza!W.!Smith! Raymond!E.!Snow! Ingvild!Sonju! Pegin!R.!Sortor! Alexandria!Maria!Spada! Penelope!Cleo!Spiratos! Cynthia!Marie!Stahl! Mark!W.!Sternat! Thomas!W.!Stevens! Shawn!W.!Stone! Scott!Paul!Stoughton! David!M.!Sullivan! Kathleen!F.!Sullivan! Susan!N.!Swartz! Kerry!Elizabeth!Sweeney! Andrew!Mark!Taubman! Kathryn!Ann!Thompson! Alexander!Trento!II! Kerri!L.!Turgeon! Matthew!J.!Turner! Jennifer!L.!Upham! Erica!L.!Valentine! Angela!F.!Vieira! Dennis!Joseph!Voda! Howard!E.!Wahl,!Jr.! Jennifer!A.!Wall! Joseph!Allen!Ward!III! William!C.!Warrell,!Jr.!

Laura!J.!Weber! Adam!C.!Weissman! Carrie!Elizabeth!Weller! Denise!Ann!Wenzl! Scott!Richard!Westgate! Katherine!Anne!Wigfield! Kathleen!Jane!Wilcox! Michael!David!Wrobel! Richard!A.!Wulforst,!Jr.! Mary!WynneiWynter! Tomer!M.!Yuzary! Lynda!Jean!Zenofsky! Arthur!A.!Zompa! ! 1994! ! Barbara!J.!Abbenante! Angela!M.!Abernathy! Sakirudeen!A.!Adecimpe! Charles!Josepg!Alini! Sherri!Lynn!Allan! Jason!Edward!Amato! Ryan!Paul!Ambrifi! Adrianne!Hope!Amoruso! Kevin!David!Anderson! Michael!Christopher!Anderson! Amirul!Rafik!Anwar!Taufeek! Kevin!A.!Apgar! Elizabeth!Ann!Armstrong! Michael!C!Artesani,!Jr.! Robert!F.!Asher! Jana!L.!Baker! Mariam!Haji!Bakl! Jennifer!Lynn!Baldyga! Janice!L.!Barnes! Mark!E.!Belcak! Amy!Marie!Bennett! Mark!Joseph!Berkenkopf! Martin!Henry!Berube! Suzanne!Marie!Blaise! James!Michael!Blaszewicz,!Jr.! Rebecca!Anne!Bozzelli! Brian!Christopher!Bradley!! Kevin!Thomas!Brannan! Danielle!L.!Brightman! Geral!R.!Brothers!

Patricia!M.!Brown! James!P.!Buratti! Kristen!D.!Calabrese! James!M.!Campbell! Stefanie!K.!Camwell! Paul!Bennett!Canfield! Nancy!Jeanna!Carosella! Daniel!J.!Carroll! Steven!F.!Carcalho! Nancy!Marie!Cataldo! Thomas!B.!Chisholm! Russell!Hunter!Ciollo! Julier!Ann!Alexis!Clapp! Steven!Andrew!Cobb! Lisa!Corin!Comesky! Colleen!Noel!Commerford! Renee!M.!Conlee! Elisa!Gay!Conti! John!James!Conway!II! Neil!Benjamin!Coplan! Andrea!Correia! Kevin!Richard!Corriveau! Philomena!F.!Couto! Patrick!J.!Cullagh! Christopher!C.!Cusumano! Jason!E.!Dahlin! Jeannine!M.!David! Angelo!S.!DeBartolo! Anthony!C.!DeCostre! Jeffrey!Michael!Delmore! James!J.!DeLorenzo! Daria!A.!DePaolis! TJ!Christopher!Desalvo! Adam!C.!Diaz! Barbara!J.!DioniJudd! Michael!R.!DiScuillo! Sean!D.!Donegan! Marissa!M.!Dores! Philip!Samuel!Dorian!! Abdessamad!Dribina! Stephen!Mark!Duncan! Mark!Daniel!Entwistle! Manuel!B.!Faraj! Duana!C.!Fauth,!Jr.! Jodi!Paige!Feldman! David!M.!Ferreira!

Thomas!W.!Fiore! Richard!E.!Flanagan! Karen!T.!Ford! Kristina!M.!Foster! Robert!Rene!Fournier,!Jr.! Marc!V.!Fratepietro! KerriiAnn!Frazier! Stephen!A.!Fremer! Jason!R.!Gagnon! Fred!A.!L.!Galipeau!III! James!Cameron!Gallagher! Donna!M.!Gamache! Sharon!Lousie!Gardner! Monica!Jean!Garnes! Michelle!Francine!Gibson! Carla!Jean!Gilbert! Sara!Marguerite!Gill! Matthew!L.!Giordano! Joshua!D.!Giuliano! Christopher!C.!Glendon! Chistopher!J.!Gnall! Eduardo!A.!Gomez! Christpher!E.!Graham! Jason!S.!Graves! Jodi!Robyn!Greenberg! Colleen!Teresa!Greene! RObbi!William!Greene! Hal!A.!Greenspan! Gina!Marie!Greer! Jamie!D.!Hadfield! Michael!A.!Haigh! Zubin!K!Hankim! William!F.!Harrigan! Stephen!John!Harrison! Khalida!Shajaratuddur!Harun! Kelly!B.!Hazell! Jennifer!Lynn!Heller! Beth!C.!Heyser! John!C.!Hickey! Dana!Michelle!Hills! Kim!Ilyse!Hirsch! Jonas!A.!Hirshfield! Bernard!Nils!Holst!III! Russell!F.!Hunter! Jennifer!R.!Iamarone! Barry!S.!Ipp!

Joseph!A.!Jannicelli,!Jr.!! Marni!J.!Joy! Brian!M.!Judge! Andrew!J.!Kassick! John!Tennant!Kaull! Scott!T.!Keenan! Sean!P.!Keenan! Christopher!J.!Kelly! William!E.!Kelly! Kevin!M.!Kennedy! Kecia!Ann!Kershaw! Nam!G.!Kim! Rita!Kiriaki! Audrey!F.!Kirschenbaum! Andrew!W.!Kittelson! William!R.!Kleinfelder! Robert!Klopman! Scott!Adrian!Knott! Triandafilia!Rose!Koletsos! JoAnn!Kowaleski! Hans!R.!Kresinski! Ku!Ibrahim!Ku!Mohamad! Michael!Kurze! Robert!John!Kisilywicz! Kevin!G.!Koch! Craig!Jonathan!Koegler! Miriam!J.!Konz! Bryan!Scott!Koshers! Doreen!M.!Kramer! Peter!C.!Kuper,!Jr.! Lisa!Mara!Kuzminsky! Kimberly!Lynn!Langer! Kristin!Renee!Lankford! Lorrie!A.!Lasky! George!E.!Leduc!III! Kevin!J.!Leffert! Mario!Antonio!Lemme! Stpehen!P.!Levesque! Patricia!Allyson!Levine! David!S.!Licciardi! Li!Lin! Matthew!P.!Listro! Mom!Lo! James!Michael!Locks! John!D.!MacDonald!III! Sheri!L.!Machung!

Andrew!Simon!MacKay! Haynes!Jason!Mai! Michael!A.!Manzi! Williwa!Francis!Martin! Michael!Robert!Martone! Kimberly!Ann!Matics! Daniel!Paul!McCabe! Treva!J.!McElroy! Sean!Jospeh!McMahon! Maureen!A.!McNamara! Pamela!A.!Meloni! Karen!Ann!Messemer! Stephen!John!Messina! Melina!Metalios! Lisa!Ann!Metcalf! Brian!C.!Miley! Christine!Suzanne!Millick! Scott!D.!Mills! Cheryl!Ann!Milson! Ali!C.!Mirian!! Carlos!Carbonell!Missagia! Jor!Edward!Molchan!II! Jeffrey!S.!Monaghen! Richard!Angelo!Mondillo! Joel!N.!Moneteiro! Danielle!Morale! Peter!George!Morris! Joseph!Christian!Moulton! Christopher!John!Mumau! Anne!Marie!Murray! Jean!P.!Murray! Andrés!Naranjo! Dennis!L.!Ng! John!M.!Nowak! Lee!Anner!Obernauer! Dale!Nelson!Ohsberg! Joseph!Patrick!O’Keefe!! Kristin!Lauren!Olbrys! Erin!Lynn!O’Neill! Mari!Claire!O’Sullivan! Kevin!Arthur!Pannone! Michael!J.!Papineau! Raymond!Parente! Stina!Grace!Parsons! David!Bartlett!Patten! Jenry!J!Peloquin,!Jr.!

Charles!D.!Perrett! Alan!E.!Perry! Michael!F.!Peterson! Daniel!W.!Pezzullo! Rhonda!Jean!Pilozzi! Kerry!Ann!Poirier! Lauren!M.!Polakoski! Amy!J.!Porco! Dhirana!Prasasvinitchai! Glenn!D.!Prettitore! Bethany!Jane!Raffa! Robin!Marie!Rawson! Susan!L.!Reynolds! Nina!Ricci! Brian!Jospeh!Riggs! Susan!N.!Risso! Derek!P.!Robbins! Debra!Helene!Roos! Eric!D.!Ross! Troy!K.!Saharic! Laurie!Ann!St.!Laurent! Tricia!Lyn!St.!Laurent! Michael!C.!Salvator! Glenn!J.!Sandagata! Adam!Brett!Sands! Janice!Ellen!Scarinzi! Gail!Lynn!Schlecht! Steven!J.!Sebolt! Michele!S.!Sheehy! Jason!I.!Sheller! Keith!Allen!Sherman! Mark!E.!Shumilla! David!O.!Sikora! Jody!Elizabeth!Silber! Scott!Jason!Silve! Michael!Brian!Sitt! Kristen!Lynn!Slovak! Eliza!W.!Smith! Raymond!E.!Snow! Ingvild!Sonju! Pegin!R.!Sortor! Alexandria!Maria!Spada! Penelope!Cleo!Spiratos! Cynthia!Marie!Stahl! Mark!W.!Sternat! Thomas!W.!Stevers!

Shawn!W.!Stone! Scott!Paul!Stoughton! David!M.!Sullivan! Kathleen!F.!Sullivan! Susan!N.!Swartz! Kerry!Elizabeth!Sweeney! Andew!Mark!Taubman! Kathryn!Ann!Thompson! Alexander!Trento!II! Kerri!L.!Turgeon! MatthrewJ.!Turner! Jennifer!L.!Upham! Erica!L.!Valentine! Angela!F.!Vleira! Dennis!Joseph!Voda! Howard!E.!Wahl,!Jr.! Jennifer!A.!Wall! Jospeh!Allen!Ward!III! William!C.!Warrell,!Jr.! Laura!J.!Weber! Adam!C.Weissman! Carrie!Elizabeth!Weller! Denise!Ann!Wenzi! Scott!Richard!Westgate! Katherine!Anne!Wigfield! Kathleen!Jane!Wilcoz! Michael!David!Wrobel! Richard!A.!Wulforst,!Jr.! Mary!WynneiWynter! Tomer!M.!Yuzary! Lynda!Jean!Zenofsky! Arthur!A.!Zompa! ! 1995! ! Christopher!J.!Abate! Jacqueline!Abramo! Suraya!Jasmin!Adnan! Ronnell!Justin!Agatep! Troy!Jon!Ahart! Nina!M.!Amaral! Eric!W.!Anderson! Robert!P.!Andromalos! Eric!C.!Angell! Amy!Beth!Annarino! Daniel!J.!Antal!

James!A.!Atamian! David!J.!Ayer! Michael!Paul!Baligian! Carla!Aureliana!Borbosa! Charles!C.!Barcellona! Scott!J.!Barnas! Sarah!Weare!Bartlett! Luke!A.!Bearer! Joshua!G.!Berch! William!James!Berenbroick! Robert!A.!Bergmann! Pamela!J.!Bernardi! Richard!A.!Berthelot! Christopher!J.!Boffie! Micahel!J.!Boone! Jennifer!Gail!Bornstein! Heather!Braun! Christine!Elizabeth!Bregoli! Lesli!Marie!Brodbeck! Gerald!Richard!Brothers! Keith!William!Bruneau! Nicole!Marie!Bruno! Matthew!James!Bucci! Beth!A.!Byers! Erik!G.!Cady! Jennifer!E.!Capozza! Michele!M.!Carey! Deborah!Ann!Carlisle! David!E.!Carlson! Daniel!T.!Carr! Paul!Wakefield!Carter! Michael!J.!Chamberlain! James!F.!Chan! Debby!Lynn!Chu! Alisha!Ellen!Cipriano! Seth!R.!Cohen! Scott!Anthony!Colantonio! Russell!William!Compton! John!James!Conway!III! Michael!Coppola! John!D.!Cote! Stephen!B.!Cotter,!Jr.! Alexander!J.!Couture! James!Harold!Craig! Pamela!J.!Creavy! Theodore!D.!Criscuolo!

Ernest!Cutter!III! Bethany!Lynn!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ambra! Robert!B.!Davis! Gerald!James!Day! Leo!J.!Decker! Tanya!Marie!Delfino! Elizabeth!Ann!DellaTorre! Laura!L.!DeMartini! Michael!James!DeVita! Mary!E.!DiChristofaro! Tara!B.!Dickison! Americo!DiGiacomo! Stephen!DiPrete! Daniel!Maximillian!Dischel! Brian!Harvey!Distefano! Robert!Naoki!DObbing! William!Charles!Dolan! Bryan!Michael!Donnelly! William!Donzeiser!IV! Jason!F.!Doyle! Abdessamad!Dribina! Mark!D.!Driscoll! Marie!RenĂŠe!Dufresne! Philip!J.!Dupras!III! William!H.!Eibel,!Jr.! Nedret!Erbozkurt! Joe!Emmanuelle!Estrella! Dana!M.!Eulie! Michael!John!Eustic! Antonio!Augusto!Ferreira! Heather!Nicole!Festa! Allison!E.!Field! Beth!A.!Flanders! Derek!Fournier! Richard!L.!Galasso! Jane!Marie!Gauthier! Paul!Donald!Gencarelli! Wayne!M.!Gentile! Michelle!Francine!Gibson! Jonathon!Eric!Goby! Lisa!Christine!Golde! Kenneth!E.!Goodreau! Sean!E.!Gorman! Alexis!M.!Gorriaran! Robbi!William!Greene! Martha!Haboark!

Michael!John!Harrington! James!E.!Harris! Eileen!M.!Hayes! Danielle!Hebert! Kara!Elise!Hegre! Jeffrey!Richard!Herrmann! John!Charles!Hickey! Bryan!J.!Hogan! Gail!M.!Hopkins! Brian!K.!Hunte! Carmine!Felice!Intrieri! Khurram!Jehangir! Eric!C.!Johnson! Sean!Cady!Johnson! Caren!B.!Josephson! Matthew!G.!Keenan! Alexandra!Lynn!Keiles! Linda!M.!Kelly! Charles!Benjamin!King! Bassam!Georgo!Kiriaki! Richard!G.!Koestner! David!J.!Komlosy! James!D.!Kosin! Jamie!J.!Kuzman! Alicia!M.!Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Heureux! Elizabeth!Lin!LaDuke! Eric!J.!Lalime! Beth!S.!Last! Jennifer!Linn!Leahey! Andrew!Todd!Leibman! Stacy!L.!Leibman! Jennifer!Brien!Lencses! Paul!H.!LeRoy,!Jr.! Brian!S.!Leschinski! Keith!Robert!Lester! Brian!Douglas!Levine! Jessica!Anne!Lewis!! Lawrence!J.!Libenson! Michael!Jospeh!Linacre! Michael!N.!Litman! Coley!Michael!Lockward! Michael!D.!Lopes! Scott!A.!Lorimer! Daniel!C.!Lutz! Michael!R.!MacFarlane! Helmi!Eda!Mahmood!

Lynn!A.!Mahoney! Maria!Marcella! Bradley!Andrew!Markin! Corey!M.!Marpet! Christopher!Jean!Masse! Jennifer!Anne!Mattson! Brian!Todd!Mayer! Angela!R.!MAzza! Edwrd!W.!McCarthy,!Jr.! John!Robert!McConville! Lara!Ann!McEvily! Michael!P.!McGuire! Rebecca!Jean!McKenna! Douglass!Edward!McLaughlin! Heather!L.!McLeod! Patrick!Sarasfield!McMahon!IV! Glen!R.!Mello! Genia!Meloro! Stephen!E.!Messere! Keith!A.!Micelo! Brian!M.!Mitchell! Nora!Mohamad! Azizul!Rahman!Mohd!Ghazali! Nancy!Elizabeth!Monroe! Aron!Martin!Monty! Julie!J.!Moore! Sara!L.!Morano! Peter!George!Morris! Ian!R.!Morrison! Tanya!Ellen!Murray! Alec!Micahel!Newman! Benracchanna!B.N.J.!Nguon! Michael!P.!Oakes! Kristen!Elizabeth!Ohsberg! Mary!Karen!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Toole! Maria!DeLourdes!Palomares! Lisa!Ann!Panicucci! David!E.!Payette! Rattanak!Peang! Christopher!S.!Pearson! John!Thomas!Perda! Tata!Marie!Perna! Dean!Thomas!Perrone! Julie!Lynn!Petrie! Leonard!Albert!Petruska! Derek!J.!Pettinato!

Perry!L.!Phaneuf! Christopher!Joseph!Piti! Christopher!P.!Pizzuti! Todd!E.!Poquette! Mary!W.!Prezioso! Matthew!Joseph!Rameaka! Michael!Jason!Rapaport! Leana!Rapoport! Jennifer!Nicole!Ravo! Marianne!Pacheco!Raymo! Jeremy!M.!Reed! David!Eric!Regina! Philip!H.!Reicherz! Karen!Anne!Richard! Amy!C.!Robillard! Marybeth!Rooney! Benjamin!Adam!Rosenbaum! Leonard!Rossicone,!Jr.! Troy!Edward!Rothmann! Tracy!Ann!SAnocki! Michael!G.!Sawyer! Paige!Elizabeth!Schaller! Brian!Christopher!Schattle! Steven!J.!Scheibenpflug! Bryan!D.!Schenck! William!T.!Schneider! Corey!A.!Schwartz! Amy!Elizabeth!St.!Angelo! Brian!Del!St.!Jean! Michael!William!St.!Pierre! Lisa!Ann!Seabourne! Lynn!M.!Seabury! Krisitn!Leah!Shaffer! Patrick!Joseph!Shanley! John!H.!Shannon,!Jr.! Wayne!J.!Shao! Kelly!Marie!Sheehan! Marc!D.!Sherman! Todd!N.!Siebens! Barry!J.!Silva! Aram!Jospeh!Smith! Ricardo!Antonio!Smith! Stacy!Marie!Smith! Jennifer!Lynn!Snyder! Scott!Stephen!Snyder! Sandra!V.!Sokoll!

Henry!R.!Soluk,!Jr.! Marc!Daniel!Sommer! Ronald!P.!Sousa,!Jr.! Lucille!A.!Sprague! Matthew!William!Stein! Jon!Roberty!Stephenson,!Jr.! Melissa!A.!Stoehr! Daniel!A.!Sullican! Janet!Sweeney! Shakeeb!Hasan!Syed! Kathryn!Leigh!Szydlo! Kathryn!H.!Terranova! Catherine!Concentta!Thyne! Frank!J.!Tillinghast! HErnan!Torres! Hedi!K.!Trabelsi! Tracey!A.!Trabucco! James!Desmond!Treanor!! Frank!T.!Troy! Nathan!J.!Vadeboncoeur! Patricia!A.!Vanasse! Ryan!M.!Vigneault! Mary!Ann!Washburn! Brian!Christopher!Watkins! Joann!Lynn!Wendelschaefer! Jack!Scott!Whalen! Aaron!G.!Whitt! Brad!K.!Wilkinson! Kyle!L.!Williams! Robyn!Amy!Witten!! David!J.!Wioknoris! Woldu!A.!Woldu! Yanna!Wong! George!S.!Xiarhos! Aidan!Tucker!Yeaw! Sloan!D.!Yoselowitz! Norliza!Zainal!Abidin! Zarina!Intan!Zakaria! Kinga!M.!Zapotoczny! ! 1996! ! Eileen!Frances!Abbatematteo! Allison!Lee!Adams! Suzana!Ahmad! Laurie!A.!Allam!

Azura!Aman! Betty!M.!Amaro! Kristen!L.!Anderson! James!Patrick!Anglim! Terence!W.!Ashworth! Jesse!R.!Baker! Brian!A.!Batlard! Jeffrey!J.!Bellin!! Roulazena!V.!Venekos! Gloria!J.!Berard! Michael!J.!Berard!Jr.! Todd!G.!Berman! Stephen!M.!Bernard! Robert!Jay!Bookbinder! Lois!L.!Booth! Robert!E.!Boyaval!III! Nicole!Lynn!Brancati! Derek!J.!Breau! Amy!M.!Brennan! Eric!John!Bridge! David!Raymond!Brindle!Jr.! Trillmon!P.!Brown! Nicole!Marie!Bruno! David!Alain!Burk! Aubrey!Gordon!Butler!III! Derek!Calabro! Vanessa!J.!Chappel! Kristin!M.!Chappell! Jennifer!Anne!Charnley! Adam!Chiaino! Lauren!Cody! Stephen!F.!Cole! Sarah!E.!Collins! Michael!R.!Conte! Diana!M.!Cordasco! Kerri!Ann!Correta! Christopher!Costa! Richard!M.!Costantino! Joseph!E.!Cote!Jr.! Dara!Rae!Courtemanche! Melanie!Diaue!Crowe! Aracely!Cuevas! Morgan!E.!Curran! Louis!D’Agostino! Lea!M.!D’Arezzo! Todd!Steven!Darrow!

Andrea!Michelle!David! Michael!DeBernardis! Libardo!A.!DeLaTorre! Jennifer!L.!DelMastro! Kevin!Richard!DeOrsey! Robert!M.!DeSalvo! Brian!M.!DiBenedetto! Thomas!Michael!DiBiasio! Melissa!V.!DiMatteo! Metthew!Redvers!DiMenna! Robert!Allan!DiStefano!Jr.! David!M.!Einhorn! Wayne!B.!Elpus! Susan!Abigail!Emerson! Jennifer!A.!Ernst! Jeffrey!A.!Esposito! Andrew!Essam! Jason!G.!Fagans! Jonathoan!Michael!Ferman! Sharon!Marie!Fernandes! Antoinette!Monica!Ferrara! Stacey!L.!Ferriner! Gregory!Paul!Ferro! Heather!N.!Festa! Carolee!Ann!Fink! Anne!Marie!Flahery! Louis!Allen!Freda! Kristen!Marie!Fry! Krista!Suzanne!Giordano! Robert!Giovanniello! Scott!R.!Glasser! Alain!Mathew!Gonzalez! Sean!D.!Gordon! Brian!Patrick!Gormly! Bekki!Reneé!Gredinger! Stephen!T.!Guertin! Rosa!Guido! Daniel!C.!Halsey! Mohd!Ariff!Hamid! Brian!Douglas!Hampton! Jennifer!Ann!Harrington! Richard!Doster!Head! Beth!H.!Hermelee! Jeffrey!J.!Hersh! Jen!E.!Hirst! Jason!P.!Hogan!

Robert!Alan!Hopkins! Sarah!Beth!Horn! Amy!Elizabeth!Horton! Brian!D.!Hubert! Christina!M.!Humbert! Brian!K.!Hunte! Beth!Nancy!Iacobucci! Peter!Jonathan!Ilberg! Michael!David!Isaacman! Aaron!Stephen!Itchkawich! Kristen!Ann!Jarbeau! Mark!J.!Jastive! Shamsul!Zahuri!Johari! Bart!P.!Jordan! Kenneth!A.!Kalnietis! Colleen!B.!Kammerer! Kiriaki!Sofia!KarousosiAndronialos! Danielle!Marisa!Kennedy! James!F.!Kenney! Bassam!George!Kiriaki! Daniel!E.!Kment! David!J.!Konkle! Cynthia!L.!Koza! Jesse!M.!Kramer! Kevin!Robert!Kranzler! Kenneth!A.!Krupa! Skye!Kubow! Fred!T.!Lanzoni! Kristen!A.!Laus! Vicky!L.!Lefebvre! Dustin!P.!Lema! David!A.!LePage! Darren!J.!Lew! Steven!J.!Liebermensch! Kevin!Scott!Lind! Robert!Allan!Lippolis! Brian!L.!Lombardi! Adrienne!D.!Lore! Michael!Lortos! Kevin!Robert!Luchette! Carl!Daniel!Macdonald! Judah!Malin! Patrick!M.!Markey! Sherril!C.!Martin! Thomas!J.!MArtucci! Nicole!Marie!Masse!

Brian!John!McCaughey! Tracey!Collyn!McClarren! Michael!James!McGourty! John!P.!McHugh! Paul!Joseph!Mendes! Michael!Patrick!Mernick! Jennifer!Lynn!Metro! Theresa!M.!Miles! Stella!A.!Moden! Iswanudin!Mohd!Ismail! Everett!Anthony!Mollo! Sara!Jean!Moore! Milan!William!Moscaritolo! Kathy!Lynn!Naylor! Manicone!Nhativong! Melissa!Anna!Nievling! Thomas!Andrew!Nocilla! Steven!William!Noonan! Robert!F.!Nottage! Tyler!Christian!Nowell! Daniel!E.!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connell! Susan!Alice!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Dell! Erik!Jospeh!Pacific! Angela!D.!Page! Christopher!James!Palieri! Patricia!A.!Parker! Kelli!S.!Parsons! Rattanak!K.!Peang! Candida!R.!Perez! Vincent!B.!Phan! Vanhmany!La!Phanthavong! Latsamy!Phomsouvandara! Kimberly!L.!Picciolo! Theresa!M.!Pierson! Stavey!A.!Porpora! Barbara!A.!Preskar! Michael!D.!Pusakones! Karen!Kristine!Rameika! Vongkot!Rasombath! Philip!J.!Reafan! Stamatios!Revis! Keith!Robert!Robillard! Laura!K.!Roinos! Susan!A.!Rose! Stephanie!M.!Roth! Justin!Robert!Ruel!

Jonathan!Lee!Ruttgers! Andrew!V.!Sabol! James!Christopher!Sack! Mindy!Sue!Schoenmann! Ted!J.!Sebolsky! Adriane!G.!Seery! Brian!John!Seiler! Patrick!Jospeph!Shanley! Brenda!Lee!Shotwell! Russel!Lee!Sieger! Gergory!M.!Silva!! Kristen!Ariel!Sisson! Robin!Michele!Skuncik! Angela!Wildes!Smith! Dayna!M.!Smith! Eleesa!Lee!Smith! Tracey!Sue!Smith! Fausto!Speranza! Mary!L.!Stanley! Jeremiah!D.!Stone! Kathleen!Ann!Struble! Stefanie!Sulpizi! Mark!W.!Swistak!Jr.! Stephen!D.!Sylvia! Shawna!Nicole!Tanner! Coryne!Adele!Tasca! Viengkhek!Thepngone! James!Andrew!Thornberg! Jonathan!D.!Tobbitts! Frank!J.!Tillingbast! Christopher!Michael!Tonkovic! Carla!H.!Torossian! Lisa!Trambukis! Nina!L.!Tremblay! Jonathan!Lee!Ucran! Jason!Gilbert!Valentine! Melissa!S.!Viera!III! David!Richard!Violette! Nunziato!J.!Vuono! Alexander!M.!Waddell! Jennifer!S.!Waidler! Gregory!Patrick!Walsh! Edward!K.!Wenzl!Jr.! Jessica!Anne!West! Katherine!Peabody!Whitehead! Beata!Wojciulewicz!

Woldu!Asfaha!Woldu! Jonathan!D.!Wolk! Richard!A.!Wulforst!Jr.!! True!Xiong! Anisah!Rafida!Yaacob! Mohd!Nizaar!Yahya! KaiiPeng!J.!Yang! Jayme!Michelle!Yarger! Andrew!A.!Young! Zakiah! Zainal!Abidin! Razman!Azrai!Zainudin! Eric!J.!Zarski! Eric!Alan!Zarner! ! 1997! ! Eileen!F.!Abbatematteo!! Azhar!Abdul!Aziz!! Khairul!Nizam!Abdul!Halim!! Achmad!Tarmizi!Abdullah!Sani! Charles!R.!Adams! Tara!Agneta!Zulhaidi!Ahmad!! Kristen!Joy!Albanese!! Azura!Aman! Nathan!Allan!Amoruso! Michael!Andersen!!! Leif!N.!Anderson! Dekkers!Anthony!! Stanislav!E.!Antons!! Jose!C.!Auoyo! Mitzi!Mariela!Ayala!! Frank!Anthony!Banta! Robert!H.!Beese! Lori!L.!Benedetto!! Noelle!J.!Bisaillon! Mahmoudy!M.!Boukhreiss! Shawn!T.!Brady!! Michael!T.!Briggs!! Robert!R.!Buonanno!! Joseph!E.!Cannon! Wen!Yu!Cao! William!Capron! Angelina!Caracciolo! Meegan!Elvira!Cascella!! John!R!Casey!

Ryan!P.!Casey! Joseph!Francesco!Celico!! John!Chalmers!(posthumous)!! Gregg!R.!Chasan!! Robert!Chicione! Jae!Y.!Chong! Derek!R.!Cicchitelli!! Tracey!K.!Cimini!! Francine!Marie!Cinque!! Gregory!Clark! Joseph!Michael!Confessore!! Adam!Sean!Cook! Derek!Stephen!Coppola!! Jenna!N.!Corsini!! Stephen!P.!Cote! Marcel!R.!Coullard! Steven!J.!Cournoyer!! Timothy!J.!Davis!! Albert!DeBenedictis!! Libardo!A.!De!La!Torre!! Michael!Z.!De!Lemos! Jolene!E.!DelMastro! Scott!De!Monte!!! Kevin!R.!De!Orsey!! Ronald!Anthony!DeThomas!Jr.! Deborah!L.!Dickerman!! Christopher!M.!DiGirolamo!!! Joseph!J.!Di!Marzlo! Louis!DiNola! Thomas!S.!Dolan!Jr.!! Heather!Lyn!Dorsch!! Brian!Joseph!Draczynski!! Katherine!L.!Drechsler!! Steven!Jeffrey!Dreyfuss!! Jason!B.!Duckworth!! Christopher!R.!Oufty!! Adam!N.!Falcone! Mark!S.!Fantasia! Windy!L.!Hno! Dawn!Marie!Fleury! Raymond!Todd!Fournier!! Michelle!Lee!Gagne!! Robert!W.!Ganim!! Scott!Michael!Gannon!! Karen!Garcia!! John!S.!Garipay!!

Seth!G.!Garthee! John!Robert!Gatta!Jr.!! Teresa!Lynn!Gervelis!! Michael!J.!Giarratano! Rosalie!W.!GilbertiPiecuch!! Denise!Lynne!Giorgianni!! Sean!M.!Goggin! Jeffrey!M.!Goldklang!! Caryn!Gorcznski!! Susan!E.!Haeberle!!! Christopher!Paul!Harris!! Christopher!James!Hill!! Daniel!T.!Hill! Nancy!Jane!Hitchcock!! Jason!A.!Houle!! Cole!J.!Hunt! Bunseun!Huy! Brad!Jason!Hyman! Douglas!Iannuccilli! Frank!Jacinto! Janene!Mara!Jaeger! Jospeh!A.!Jannicello! Manish!D.!Jariwala! Mark!Jay!Jastive! Shamsul!Zahuri!Johari! Alvin!Johnson! Jessica!Hutchinson!Jones! James!R.!Justice! Azrina!Kamaruddin! Kiriaki!Sofia!KarousosiAndromalos! Keith!A.!Kaszyk! Tara!Ann!Kearney! Patrick!James!Kelley! Tracey!Lynn!Kessler! Benjamin!A.!Kezmarsky! Daniel!J.!King! John!Kosiba! Mitchell!L.!Krzyzek!Jr.! Jamey!Lagor! Gerard!Paul!Landry! Keith!R.!Leduc! Kel!Xieng!Lei! Ketih!S.!Levitt! Rachel!Sharon!Lewis! Jeremy!M.!Lobo! Pamela!Heather!Lutrin!

Mark!A.!Maciel! Andrew!John!Magnus! Dylan!Mann! James!G.!Marini! Laura!Landino!Mastracchio! Michelle!Marie!Matczuk! David!M.!Matile! Keith!Mattes! Kevin!P.!Mazza! Joshua!M.!McNally! Jeffrey!M.!Meslow! Michael!Andrew!Miller! Traci!Ann!Miller! Douglas!H.!Minasian! Jessica!K.!Mitchell! Stella!A.!Moden! Maznida!Mohamad! Claudia!A.!Mojkowski! Francis!E.!Moore! Michael!Randall!Moore! Mark!P.!Morrone! Sanjoy!Mukherjee! John!Edmond!Mullane! Karen!Murad! Dennis!L.!Neri!! Robert!A.!Nickerson! Robert!F.!Nottage! Blythe!A.!Nyquist! Christopher!Oliver! Kara!Alaine!Orlouski! Melissa!Kate!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Shea! Brian!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Toole! Jamie!Lynn!Ozure! Robert!A.!Pacitti! Mandy!A.!Paige! Maria!Palomares! Sra!B.!Pategas! Douglas!H.!Payette! Linda!Marie!Pearson! Greig!P.!Peleccione! Roxanne!Marie!Pettiway! Kenneth!T.!Pezanowski! Scott!E.!Phillips! Kara!L.!Pitocchelli! Stephen!G.!Poirier! Cameron!H.!Pooler!

Karen!Denise!Pratt! John!J.!Quinn! Lina!Mara!Ramirez! Jonathan!Pilip!Randall! Staci!Alisa!Recchia! Bernadetter!Love!Reyes! Brenda!Elizabeth!Riel! Bradley!J.!Righi! Scott!M.!Rollins! Francis!Scott!Romano! Paula!Lyn!Rooney! James!Christopher!Sack! Nicole!M.!Sarault! Jessica!Lyn!Sauchik! Tracy!L.!Senecal! Rebecca!E.!Serio! Jamie!Lynn!Sfugaras! Thomas!N.!Sheeran!! Krisitn!Shelley! Peter!H.!Sherman! Douglas!A.!Smigel! Simon!Smith! Walter!A.!Smith!IV! David!R.!Spence! Fabio!Spino! Mary!L.!Stanley! Gregory!Matthrew!Szrom! Coryne!Adele!Tasca! Tristen!M.!Taylor!! Carla!H.!Torossian! Hedi!K.!Trabelsi! Christopher!Domenic!Troiani! Mark!D.!Trottier! Paul!George!Tsimikas! Brian!Stephen!Turnao! Linda!M.!Vetovis! Amy!Lynne!Viau! Richard!Viera!III! Jennifer!Lynn!Vollmer! Christopher!William!Wehrle! Jeffrey!Rogers!Wellen! William!Louis!West!Jr.!! Pamela!L.!Wetmoe! Daniel!John!Whelan! Christopher!Jon!White! Todd!William!Wichelhaus!

Donacan!J.!Wilcox! Michael!Edward!Wilkes! Jeffrey!A.!Wilkinson! Brian!Winman! Ann!M.!Winn! Michael!D.!Wishnowsky! Beata!Wojciulewicz! Jonathan!D.!Wolk! Robert!T.!Wndolowski! Paul!Andrew!Worthley! True!Xiong! Anisah!Rafidah!Yaacob! Marc!Yost! Zakiah!ZainaliAbidin! Lisa!Lee!Zompa! ! 1998! Ahmad!Razi!Abd!Rahim! Jimmy!Aiello! Francesco!P.!Alfieri! Derek!M.!Amey! Anthony!Gregory!Antorino! James!J.!Argenti! Christopher!Michael!Armstong! Vilayvanh!Arounlangsy! Gloria!Maria!Arteaga! Ceyda!D.!Ataman! Frank!A.!Augurusa! Adalgiza!Baex! Yuriah!D.!Bailey! Jennifer!M.!Bala! Rebecca!K.!Bancroft! Joshua!Michael!Baris! Stephen!T.!Barnabe! Lori!A.!Barney! David!D.!Barr! Jill!K.!Barrette! Anthony!T.!Bateman! Bryan!D.!Berdy! Christopher!T.!Bergeron! Stephen!M.!Bernard! Dawn!M.!Biron! Jaime!L.!Blankenhorm! Stacey!J.!Blinn! Michael!J.!Bonollo! Mary!E.!Bottella!

Meghan!Elizabeth!Boucher! Patrick!J.!Bouthillier! David!J.!Bowen! Jennifer!Anne!Bowes! Stephen!Braconi! Christopher!E.!Breault! Adam!C.!Brust!Jill!Buckley! Michael!J.!Budziszek! Meggan!Bugara! Edmond!H!Burdon! Melissa!E.!Burton! Michael!C.!Callahan! Kristen!L.!Carroll! Ryan!Kevin!Carstens! Scott!P.!Carter! Mary!Johanna!Casey! Ryan!P.!Casey! Susan!M.!Casey! William!H.!Champlin! Christopher!F.!Chatelie! Phuong!K.!Chau! Chai!Mee!Chen! Kimberly!Clayton! Daniel!T.!Clemence! Kelly!D.!Clickner! Jaime!L.!Coelho! Stephen!R.!Cofone! Kristen!A.!Coleman! Benjamin!T.!Coll! Jacob!L.!Cooney! Gina!V.!Corpus! Christian!Lawrence!Coughlan! Jessica!Nicole!Craven! Michael!Crowe! Jose!M.!Cruz! Edmund!N.!Cucca! James!M.!Damato! Trisha!Lynn!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ambra!! Lucience!Darosa! Andrew!Douglas!David! Arturo!L.!David! Joshua!E.!Davis! Michael!J.!De!Santis! Chris!D.!Dessart! Jason!Matthew!Dessert! John!J.!Dietz!

Amanda!Nicole!Dinucci! Kyle!M.!Doody! Jessica!Lauren!Edelman! Charles!M.!Elliott! Jorge!O.!Elorza! Jeff!D.!Emerson! Craig!C.!Enteado! Jason!A.!Falso! Keith!Jospeh!Farrelly! Matthew!Robert!Fenton! Cynthia!A.!Finocchi! John!K.!Fiyod! Magdalene!C.!Ford! Stephanie!A.!Fortin! Alex!J.!Frawler! Kimberly!A.!Freemer! Michelle!L.!Friedman! Lauren!Fusco! Brian!Thomas!Gabelman! Michael!Gabriele! Lawrence!C.!Gallo!Jr.! Shari!M.!Gelberg! George!Thomas!Gencarello! Kathryn!A.!Gennari! Meghan!Eileen!Gerghty! Kathleen!Joanne!Gibbs! Scott!R.!Glasser!Matthew!G.!Goetz! Kelly!J.!Goggin! Sean!M.!Goggin! Brian!Joseph!Gomes! Michael!Goodman! David!Kenneth!Goodwin! Bradlee!Benton!Graves!III! Kevin!Grenker! Brian!J.!Grieser! Virginia!M.!Guadagnino! Ian!Guarino! Jennifer!Lee!Gulino! Jesse!S.!Gurevich! David!L.!Hafner! William!J.!Haskins! Ryan!T.!Hathaway! Dena!L.!Hattub! Jonathan!M.!Heroux! Kristen!B.!Hilburger! Ian!Scott!Hochhauser!

Daniel!Lawrence!Hoffenberg! Christine!H.!Hosey! Joshua!C.!Howland! Stefan!A.!Hunter! Kevin!M.!Hylander! Inurina!Ibrahim! Heatber!Incalcatera! Louis!F.!Intrieri! Suriana!Ismail! Matthew!J.!Izzo! Frank!Jacinto! Anthony!Douglas!Jackvony! James!A.!Jenkins! Amanda!S.!Johnson! John!E.!Jordan! Brian!M.!Joyce! Jennifer!Kalapos! Debra!B.!Kantor! Zuraini!Kasim! Shalem!V.!Kauger! Tara!E.!Keeler! Adam!S.!Kessner! Mary!F.!King! Robert!S.!Kolpin! Anthony!J.!Konasavage! Lisa!A.!Kroll! Peter!M.!Kuc! John!M.!Kucukkaya! Christopher!R.!Kumar! Jordan!Kurtzman! John!La!Corte! Jason!R.!Lague! Timothy!J.!Lang! Kevin!F.!Lanzilli! Anthony!V.!Latronica! Mie!Y.!Lau! Peter!H.!Laurello! Keith!Eric!Laurito! Lien!K.!Le! Jamie!P.!Leach! Li!Y.!Lei! Scott!A.!Leonard! Kyle!J.!Le!Page! Michelle!Liguori! Matthew!T.!Lippy! Matthew!S.!Lipson!

Monika!K.!Lohmus! Laetitia!D.!Louit! Michael!A.!Lourenco! Vilay!Luanglath! Katherine!Elaine!Luchka! Jonathan!A.!Lurgio! Jospeh!M.!Luszcz! Matthew!M.!Lynch! Neil!Lynch! Lena!B.!Makovetski! Anthony!J.!Mallardi! Gregory!V.!Malmborg! Michelle!Mancini! Igor!V,!Marroquin! Christopher!R.!Martin! Seth!B.!Martin! Tory!D.!Marzetta! Razif!Mazlan! Loredana!M.!Mazzucco! Janine!A.!Mc!Cabe! Thomas!A.!Mc!Cormick! Paul!J.!Mc!Devitt! Melissa!M.!McElroy! Katherine!A.!McGuire! Jill!Tanner!Meleski! Kevin!E.!Mignatti! Karen!Michelle!Miller! Michael!A.!Miller! Thomas!S.!Miller!! Darcey!L.!Mitchell! Michael!R.!Moore! Megan!E.!Morrissey! Roseth!Mot! Adam!S.!Naftalin! Michael!R.!Neary! Thomas!W.!Noel!Jr.! Scott!T.!Norris! Kevin!William!Oates! Patrick!J.!Oldfield! James!Kirk!Olick!Jr.! Siti!Faizah!Omar! Melissa!A.!Ormonde! Sandy!A.!Owen! Robert!A.!Pacitti! Stephanie!M.!Pagano! Damon!J.!Palagi!

Jeffrey!William!Pallotta! Angela!E.!Parr! Jagruti!H.!Patel! Kerry!L.!Patesel! Kevin!T.!Patti! Linda!M.!Pearson! Diana!Pennisi! Danae!R.!Petes! Christopher!F.!Pickett! Stephen!F.!Pierangelo! Kimberly!A.!Plander! Daoroung!D.!Pongvongkeo! Jonathan!N.!Ponte! Bianca!E.!Potenza! David!R.!Powers! Aderito!J.!Quaresma! Azmi!Ramlee! Jonathan!P.!Randall! Brendan!D.!Reardon! Carlos.!A.!Restrepo! Paulina!K.!Reves! Matthew!P.!Reynolds! Pamela!J.!Rizzuto! Kevin!Patrick!Rodin! Stephen!J.!Rogers! Christopher!P.!Sanderson! Maridith!A.!Santoro! Susan!Savard! Robert!Anthony!Scalera!III! Michael!F.!Sefchek! Jennifer!L.!Shapiro! Craig!W.!Shea! Justin!W.!Shemeley! Franca!E.!Siano! Derek!M.!Slovak! Melinda!M.!Smith! Kyle!E.!Sommer! Neil!J.!Sormanti! Christy!T.!Staffopoulos! Karrie!L.!Stanley! Scott!I.!Steinberg! Daniel!J.!Sullivan!! Edward!G.!Sullivan!! Phoungeun!N.!Thepngone! Thaip!T.!Theul! Thomas!P.!Thomaidis!

Kevin!Tieu! Wilbur!E.!Tolhurst!Jr.! Andrew!N.!Trivento! Cristopher!D.!Troiani! Susan!G.!Ursillo! Lewis!P.!Valenti! Charles!K.!Van!Bricklin! Jennifer!A.!Verri! Thomas!W.!Vignali! Domenic!Vincenzo! Laura!J.!Volpe! Erin!E.!Walsh! Jennifer!E.!Walsh! Karen!A.!Walsh! Hui!Wang! Christopher!J.!Waters! Susan!Elizabeth!Watt! Jeffrey!M.!Weaver!! Jeffrey!R.!Weinstein! Tracy!Lee!Wiest! Peter!J.!Wikander! Lori!A.!Wilcox! Kerri!N.!Wilkinson! Christopher!R.!Williston! Jeffrey!L.!Winco! Lewis!M.!Wolosky! Ryan!Wolstencroft! Rebecca!A.!Wood! John!F.!Woodard! Lori!R.!Wuzzardo! Ronny!E.!Ziegler! Todd!J.!Zilberbrand! ! 1999! ! WhitneyiNoel!Marciano!Abato! Nor!Azita!Abdul!Rahman! Peter!Thomas!Accardo! Charles!R.!Adams!! Alyson!C.!Adkins! Diane!M.!Almahayni! Gary!S.!Alpert! David!O.!Arigbabu! Christopher!Michael!Armstrong! Kritsy!Kathleen!Armstrong! Vilayvanh!Arounlangsy!

Christopher!Hunter!Atlee! Martin!Edward!Auslander! Jennifer!E.!Bailey! Kevin!Michael!Baker! David!W.!Batchelder! Courtney!A.!Bayha! Jared!G.!Beck! Winston!N.!Bedell! Jennifer!R.!Bell! Lorenzo!Benedetti! Kristen!Beth!Benoit! John!C.!Berthiaume! Bruce!A.!Bishop!Jr.! Ryan!R.!Blais! David!A.!Blasejewski! Brian!A.!Bliss! Christopher!Y.!Blythe! Shane!Eric!Brackett! Nichole!A.!Brodeur! Benjamin!W.!Brzek! Jennifer!Anne!Burdlick! Brian!Philip!Burke! Drew!P.!Canniff! Joseph!E.!Cannon! Tony!R.!Capobianco! Allison!K.!Carlisle! Brian!J.!Carroll! Kristen!Leigh!Carroll! Justin!Regan!Carron! Dustin!Kyle!Caruso! Susan!M.!Casey! Jacob!C.!Cayer! Rebecca!Lily!Celico! Karen!H.!Charette! David!C.!Chatham! Melanie!J.!Chaves! Angelo!L.!Claglia! Michael!Smith!Cleary! Dianna!Cleveland! Janet!A.!Colantuono! Jessica!L.!Colberg! Charles!M.!Comegys! Eileen!M.!Connelly! Jacqueline!L.!Connor! Edmund!N.!Cucca! Kendra!A.!Dahlin!

Louis!A.!D’Alessio! Courtney!Jean!Danner! Joshua!E.!Davis! Timothy!John!Davis! Michele!Elaine!Deffenbaugh! Gabirel!P.!De!Francesco! Brian!J.!Delaney! Jennifer!R.!De!Oliveira! Todd!R.!Dermanouelian! Monia!L.!De!Tora! Danielle!F.!Devin! Charlene!Marie!DiLibero! Jeremy!Matthew!Doak! Thomas!J.!Dolan!Jr.! Viatka!Drocic! Raymond!C.!Dufault! Willim!M.!Dunphy! Christine!M.!Durand! Dariusz!Dziadkiewicz! Jason!R.!Elkas! Jorge!O.!Elorza! Sharon!Marie!Engert! Sarah!E.!English! Anthony!E.!Enlow! Craig!C.!Enteado! Valentine!R.!Erb!II! Vanessa!Y.!Escobar! Sara!J.!Faria! James!C.!Farrell! Keith!Joseph!Farrelly! Randi!Paige!Feldman! Makala!L.!Fields! Cynthia!A.!Finocchi! Kenneth!J.!Fish!Jr.! Edmund!P.!Fitzgibbon! Heather!Allison!Formica! Jason!Michael!Leck! David!A.!LePAge! Michael!E.!Letzring! Timothy!M.!Libby! Daniel!J.!Lisker! Alexander!G.!Lizarazo! Laetitia!D.!Louit! Kevin!M.!Low! John!A.!Macedonio!Jr.! Bryon!D.!Main!

Anthony!Paul!Manto! Christopher!Henry!Marcello! Timothy!H.!Mason! Jennifer!L.!Matoney! Raswanizam!Mat!Rashid! Heather!Ann!Mauskapf! John!J.!McConaghy! Joshua!P.!McCurdy! Kerri!Lynn!McGee! Matthew!S.!McGraw! Anglea!L.!McHenry! Stephen!W.!Medeiros! Charles!E.!Melino!Jr.! Alexander!R.!Mendez! Jerry!N.!Meola! Joshua!V.!Miller! Nina!L.!Misantone! Anuj!P.!Mody! Anne!C.!Montanaro! Cheryl!L.!Moretti! Keith!P.!Morgan! Walter!A.!Morgan! Hidayah!Muhamad! Erin!C.!Murphy! Jospeh!Thomas!Najmowicz! Careen!Nakhleh! Elizabeth!R.!Napier! Johnna!T.!NArciso! Jaime!Roges!Nash! Brian!P.!Nelson! Ryan!M.!Noce! Stephen!Norris! Michael!Patrick!O’Hagan! Liam!T.!O’Niel! Luke!E.!O’Reilly! Blanca!Themis!Ortiz! Eric!T.!Ouhrabka! Christopher!J.!Pane! Robert!B.!Parsons! Michael!J.!Pascoe! Chad!Errickson!Pastorius! Mehul!K.!Ptel! Arthur!J.!Paterson! Sarah!Pelletier! Stephen!J.!Pelletier! Stephen!R.!Peloquin!

Debra!L.!Perretta! Melissa!A.!Peterson! Brian!Scott!Pike! Jeremiah!J.!Plante! Jennifer!A.!Polito! Michele!Heather!Pollack! Richard!J.!Post! Christopher!J.!Powers! Keith!M.!Prymak! Denise!Crete!Purro! Aderito!J.!Quaresma! Christi!Racaniello! Jessica!L.!Raffield! Keith!W.!Raleigh! Michael!M.!Raposa! Matthew!J.!Redfern! Jill!C.!Resinger! Gregory!A.!Rhoads! Melissa!M.!Ricoardo! Shannon!Kelly!Robertus! Catherine!Lisa!Rogers! Jodi!A.!Rosati! Erica!Faith!Rosen! Daniel!A.!Russo! Chad!E.!Rustici! Jason!Edward!Sabotka! Karen!A.!Saccoccia! Kelsy!Salado! Juan!C.!Samayoa! Losner!Sarrasin! Jill!Catherine!Sartini! Bradley!Robert!Schultz! KeriiLyn!Schweitzer! Christina!M.!Scirica! Giuseppe!Scirocco! Suzanne!M.!Scott! Michael!F.!Sefchek! Henrik!Sejrbo! Melissa!S.!Senerchia! Marissa!L.!Shaffer! John!G.!Shaw!II! Michael!L.!Shuhy! Muhammad!Z.!Siddiqi! Sueanna!H.!Sikorski! Amy!Slavin! James!P.!Smith!

Dara!Ilene!Sokoloff! Neil!J.!Sormanti! Margaret!A.!Spatcher! Lina!Speranza! Kevin!P.!Sprague! Stacy!L.!Stanek! Ryan!J.!Steel! Lindsay!Erica!K.!Suckno! Diane!Marie!Suennen! Samuel!W.!Suh! Daniel!J.!Sullivan! John!E.!SUrretter!Jr.! Andrew!D.!Swnason! Cara!A.!Sysun! Erik!Kristofer!Szyluk! Marsha!L.!Tayagui! James!A.!Taylor!Jr.! Manuel!D.!Teixeira! David!E.!Tenbrook! Steven!P.!Thacker! Phoungeun!N.!Thepngone! Brian!J.!Thihodeau! Maria!Y.!Torres! Sarah!E.!Tuzinski! Michelle!W.!VanHouten! Lillian!Enid!Vazquez! Matthew!VErruto! Miguel!Ramon!Viera! Fabio!L.!Vuono! Erin!E.!Walsh! Sarah!J.!Wasel! Jeffrey!M.!Weaver! Eric!L.!Weiner! Joshua!M.!Werchadlo! Alyson!L.!Whitcher! Kelly!L.!Whitman! Ryan!J.!Wicks! Dara!A.!Willenbrock! Richard!T.!Williams!Jr.! Walter!J.!Winter!Jr.! Ryan!Wolstencroft! Vilaysack!Xayasane! Diane!Marie!York! Joy!M.!Younkin! Kelly!L.!Ziegenfuss! Marijean!Lee!Zwarycz!

! 2000! ! Christopher!Abate! Jae!Hee!Ahn! Carlos!M.!Alfaia! David!A.!Allenson! Leonidas!Amarant! Michelle!A.!Andrews! Michael!R.!Antonoccio! James!M.!Aschwanden! Todd!W.!Barker! Samuel!Joseph!Baron! Suzanne!K.!Barsi! Courntey!A.!Bates! Jeffrey!F.!Bazar! Holly!Ann!Becker! Gene!P.!Begin! John!L.!Belermann!II! Jennifer!D.!Bejbl! Jennifer!R.!Bell! Dante!T.!Benedetti! Lee!P.!Bernstein! Jason!Ronald!Bettez! Justin!T.!Blanchard! Jeremy!Blatt! Edouard!A.!Blitstein! Matthew!J.!Block! Chrstine!Y.!Blythe! Rhicard!David!Bossbalg! Sandra!E.!Botelho! Zelia!M.!Botelho! Kristen!M.!Bourque! Kelly!E.!Boyle! James!Elliott!Brawner! Micahel!N.!Brown! Richard!DeeniFrancis!Bruce! Jon!T.!Buonaccorsi! Brian!W.!Burke! Stacey!L.!Burns! Arthur!R.!Butts!IV! Christopher!M.!Cabral! Jill!ALissa!Campagnone! Joseph!Robert!Congelosi! Lisa!M.!Cantagallo! Jill!Ann!Carlson!

Jonathan!R.!Carosi! Rayeann!B.!Celico!! Timothy!A.!Cellar! Cara!M.!Champa! Jason!E.!Chamsarian! Cynthia!A.!Clancy! Christopher!G.!Cleland! Benjamin!J.!Cogna! Jacqueline!L.!Connor! Clark!J!Convery! Lara!R.!Correla! Karyn!M.!Corridan! Matthew!R.!Cotter! John!Martin!Counts!Jr.! Roxanne!Couto! Kathryn!M.!Cowan! Jessica!Nicole!Craven! Lisa!E.!Croteau! Danielle!S.!Crugnale! Morgan!E.!Curran! Amanda!D.!Currier! Allison!L.!Cykert! Alcindo!L.!DaCruz! Brian!T.!Danusis! Jeffrey!R.!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Arcy! Timothy!James!Davis! Tiffany!Day! Gabriel!P.!De!Francesco! James!Michael!De!Guillo! Tracey!Anna!DeLomba! Jennifer!L.!DeMarco! Allan!M.!Dennis! Jessie!L.!DeNuccio! Keving!R.!De!Pina! Shaye!Mary!Desgroseilliers! Michael!N.!Desjardins! Nicholas!S.!DiBenedetto! Peter!J.!Dickerman! Stephen!Louis!Diluro! Charlene!Marie!DiLibero! Christian!T.!DiMare! Rebecca!Ann!Colcotti! Andrew!Thomas!Donahue! Michael!Ryan!Drobish! Elijah!S.!Dubin! Kevin!B.!Duckworth!

Gerard!O.!Duquette!Jr.! Emily!C.!Dwyer! William!Jarrett!Ehler! Kelsey!P.!Engel! Paul!M.!Evans! Paula!Bento!Field! Ricahrd!J.!Fleming! Nicole!T.!Flores! Jennifer!M.!Flori! Keith!D.!Fogg! Robert!J.!Foster! Jill!Paige!Friedenburg! Jeffrey!Frizzel! Manuel!Francis!Galdola! Delfina!Zenaida!Lima!Ganeto! Gina!Melissa!Garcia! Alisha!L.!Gardiner! David!R.!Gardiner! Jeremy!P.!Garzoli! James!J.!Gauch! Eugene!Gentile! Ian!S.!Gerrior! Kevin!M.!Gill! Michael!H.!Goldberg! Nicole!L.!Gordon! Tricia!Marie!Gordon! Jennifer!F.!Gorman! Cornelius!O.!Granai!IV! Jonathan!J.!Green! Jonathan!W.!Greene! Michael!J.!Grzybowski! Eric!Daly!Gundersen! Kristina!M.!Haas! Richard!S.!Harrigan! Sean!D.!Harrop! William!G.!Hauf!IV! Michael!P.!Healy! Conrad!M.!Hibbert! Thomas!J.!Hicks! Michelle!L.!Hoxsie! Cory!R.!Hutchinson! Michael!P.!Hynes! David!Micahel!Iden! Joseph!D.!Jackson! Katherine!Charlene!Jarest! Bradford!M.!Johnson!IV!

Martin!C.!Johnsson! Joven!Kabrick! Jessica!F.!Kalapos! Ania!G.!Kamieniecki! Jeremy!Seth!Kane! Jaosn!C.!Karmelek! Bobby!J.!Kayrouz! Scott!L.!Kilman! Scott!James!Kirkpatrick! Michael!R.!Kment! Brandon!J.!Koch! KaliroiiHelen!V.!Konstantinides! Philip!J.!Koski! Raymond!S.!Kung! Shane!Brian!LaBar! Jason!R.!Lau! James!M.!Lavan! Robert!W.!Lavigne! Melissa!S.!Leard! Nicole!Frances!Lehoullier! Jamie!L.!Leiman! Sandra!L.!Leonard! Kevin!Paul!Leroux! Megan!A.!Letz! Kristina!F.!Lifors! Mary!Elizabeth!Lincoln! David!M.!!Lops! Chad!A.!Love! Harold!J.!Luchka! Roby!Luna! Francesca!Luzzi! John!A.!Macedonio!Jr.! Michelle!E.!Macomb! Luke!A.!Magnus! Alounsavang!Mahathirash! Nathan!R.!Maine! Jason!M.!Mancuso! Lisa!Ann!Manzolillo! Savoun!Maong! Donald!W.!Marsar! Jonathan!J.!Marsis! Timothy!S.!Marston! David!R.!Martin! Sean!Robert!Martin! Todd!A.!Martin! Stefanie!E.!McCabe!

Lee!M.!McCarty! Jesse!M.!McCormick! Brian!S.!McDonnell! James!F.!McDonough!III! Owen!P.!McGovern!III! Eileen!M.!McKinney! Jeffrey!E.!McWilliams! Neil!A.!Merin! Michael!Victor!Miller! Kenneth!R.!Mitchell!Jr.! Ronald!Paul!Mones!Jr.! James!Morantus! Paul!F.!Mosley! Roseth!Mot! Preston!L.!Murphy! Brain!B.!Neill! Jennifer!L.!Nelson! Brady!R.!Noel! Douglas!S!Ogilvie! Michael!Louis!Howard!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Koomian! William!M.!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill! Cheryl!E.!Orciuch! Stephanie!E.!Ossick! Drake!Karl!Paben! Kevin!Palevsky! Sanjay!J.!Patel! Stephen!E.!Patterson! David!S.!PAvone! Jorge!M.!Payne! Phirak!K!Peang! Matthew!J.!Pecoraro! Christopher!A.!Peel! Joshua!H.!Peikon! Stephen!J.!Pelletier! Elisvanel!Perez! Marc!Anthony!Perna! Matthew!M.!Perotti! Vanhmany!Phanthavong! Nelson!S.!Pires! Michael!D.!Poole! Gregory!J.!Possemato! Andrew!C.!Powell! Nicole!G.!Powers! Laura!M.!Poznanski! Desire!Preira! Ben!Prum!

Karen!Lynne!Rainer! Dianna!L.!Rainone! Altagracia!Y.!Reynoso! Stephen!D.!Ricci! Thomas!A.!Robinson! James!R.!Robison! Madalena!G.!Rodrigues! Kimberly!S.!Rogers!Liguori! Kendra!L.!Rowan! Brian!J.!Ruhl! Brian!P.!Russell! Patrick!C.!Saillant! James!D.!Salinetti! Michael!M.!Salvatore! Michaele!T.!Schanne! Cheryl!S.!Schwartz! Dustin!R.!Sears! Jacqueline!L.!Sexton! Paul!Shieh! Kathryn!A.!Short! Eric!A.!Sicular! Amy!R.!Sidor! April!J.!Siewer! Brian!L.!Silver! Dennis!M.!Silvia! Stacy!L.!Sinel! Jennifer!L.!Sisto! Phiraoat!Siv! Jospeh!R.!Smith! Michael!Z.!Sobol! Abimbola!Abosede!Sobola! Gregory!N.!Solas! Bethany!L.!Solomon!! Sirina!Souvorivong! Joshua!M.!Spector! Bethany!Kate!Spooner! Iwona!Stega! Rachel!N.!St.!Germain! Gail!J.!St.!Martin! Heidi!Ann!Strazdes! Loubnen!K.!Sukkar! Kevin!W.!Sullivan! Katherine!E.!Szymanski! Tristen!Tallett! Nelson!C.!Tavares! Andrew!P.!Terminesi!

Brian!J.!Thibodeau! Bradford!H.!Thompson! Yuberki!A.!Torres! Jennifer!Marie!Tortoriello! Gary!William!Trapani! Maria!E.!Triantafilos! Alyson!S.!Trocina! Theo!Jose!M.!Tupaz! David!J.!Turmel! Jacqueline!M.!Tuthill! Peter!Valentine! Andrea!Vallette! Thomas!M.!Vekakis! Catherin!M.!Veth! Lynne!M.!Volk! Matthew!C.!Walker! Laura!Carolyn!Weaver! Jessica!A.!Weigert! Greg!B.!West! Jonathan!J.!Wicks! Anna!Laura!Wilkinson! Gene!W.!Willis!! Jeffrey!D.!Winter! Jason!H.!Woerz! Matthew!A.!Wojciechowski! Robert!Matthew!Woodward! Joy!M.!Younkin! Jason!Mark!Zegans! Jie!Zhou! Samantha!M.!Zigmont! Amy!Beth!Zweighaft! ! 2001! ! Salvatore!Alessio! David!A.!Allenson! Joseph!M.!Altimari! Justine!M.!Alves! Brian!C.!Anderson! Bryan!E.!Anderson! Sonia!C.!Andrade! Jonathan!M.!Arthur! John!G.!Auth! Meredith!A.!Bailey! Michelle!Lynn!Barbre! Jordan!M.!Bardach!

Ryan!M.!Barker! John!Raymond!Barrett!Jr.!! Jonathan!T.!Barrett! Carey!J.!Bartholomew! Karen!S.!Beattie! Alfred!F.!Becuore! Renee!L.!Berube! Jenny!Rae!Bickford! Brooke!L.!Biernacki! Rebecca!L.!Bilodeau! Graham!W.!Bissett! Massimiliano!S.!Bivona! Donald!Lousid!Black!Jr.! Julie!M.!Bliven! Jill!Danielle!Blonski! Leslie!C.!Blum! Chad!M.!Boudjouk! Kerrie!J.!Bourski! Brandon!DeShawn!Bradshaw! Chard!W.!Brayman! Scott!M.!Brenner! Adam!H.!Brickman! Andrew!A.!Britell! Kerri!J.!Brousseau! Andrew!Laurence!Brown! Daniel!T.!Bryda! Matthew!James!Buckley!! Johnathan!Louis!Burrus! Kristy!L.!Bussey! Peter!J.!Bryon! Roy!Cabrera! Marcus!A.!Cacchillo! Bobby!L.!Cahoon! Kristina!B.!Callaghan!(posthumous)! Joseph!M.!Campione! Joseph!A.!Carnevale! Charles!L.!Carney! James!W.!Carr! Sara!E.!Casaw! James!M.!Cates! Frank!Celico! Michael!Chang! Anne!Chau! Brett!E.!Christensen! Jason!E.!Christopher! Richard!H.!Coelho!

Anthony!J.!Colabelli! Sara!E.!Collins! Bradley!W.!Comb! Michael!R.!Conte! Michael!V.!Conte! Christopher!J.!Core! Robert!M.!Cormier! Isabel!Maria!Costa! Bryan!J.!Cournoyer! Nicholas!P.!Courtney! Helder!L.!Coutinho! Stephen!J.!Craft! Beth!A.!Crawford! Thomas!W.!Cree! Raisa!Cuello! John!A.!Daccurso! Sarah!Denise!Dagilis! Tuoc!B.!Dao! Jonathan!Edwayd!Davis!Jr.! Mark!D.!Decker!! Louis!DeFilippo! Regina!N.!De!Flora! Frank!R.!DeGarcia! Michael!De!Lauro! Leah!S.!Del!Barone! Jennifer!Lynn!DeMarco! Steven!DeMoura! Timothy!M.!Denny! Jessie!L.!De!Nuccio! MIkki!Jennifer!DePalma! Jessica!L.!Deratzian! Michael!R.!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Errico! Stephen!Louis!Diluro! Eric!R.!Dimbleby! Daniel!F.!Dion! Robert!J.!Dobosz! Chad!H.!Doria! Phaysonh!Douangsavanh! Brian!C.!Doyle! Thomas!John!Doyle! Brian!James!Dwyre! Melynda!Blake!Egenberg! Stephen!J.!Elias! Ramone!V.!Ellils! Michael!E.!Elmer! Lisa!A.!Fagnant!

Razan!L.!Fakhouri! Joshua!L.!Fein! Lauren!M.!Feldsher! Jill!Marisa!Felton! Zena!L.!Fernandes! Robert!R.!Ferreira! Christopher!M.!Ferretti! Nicole!A.!Fugrelli! Sean!M.!Filkins! Stephen!M.!Finelli! Frank!Cameron!Fischer! Michael!E.!Fitzgerald!Jr.! Ryan!L.!Fitzmorris! Eryn!Courtney!Flynn! William!L.!Foerderer! David!R.!Fomen! Melanie!Aloha!Pinder!Foreman! Nocholas!M.!Fomen! Nicholas!M!Forman! Jeffrey!M.!Gaccione! Rodney!A.!Gamble! Delfina!Zenaida!Lima!Ganeto! Jon!P.!Garon! Sallene!L.!Gartland! Douglas!Benjamin!Geller! David!P.!Gentole! Bryan!E.!Giancarlo! Joshua!D.!Gingras! Derek!R.!Giuffrida! Todd!A.!Godfrey! Jules!Christian!Godin! Seth!P.!Goldberg! Joshua!R.!Goodelman! Devon!W.!Goodwin! Garrett!M.!Gorenski! Heather!Dawn!GraffiMills! Jason!Lawrence!Graveline! Jonathan!J.!Green! Chad!M.!Greene! Jonathan!W.!Greene! Evan!Guarino! Toby!B.!Guidry! James!M.!Haggerty! Todd!C.!Harper!! Craig!Arnold!Hartman!Jr.! Elizabeth!W.!Hawkins!

Ryan!A.!Hays! John!F.!Healy!Jr.! Brian!D.!Heinselman! Vuthea!Hem! Jason!R.!Heroux! Charles!W.!Hesson! Conrad!M.!Hibbert! Wesley!C.!Hickox! Melissa!A.!Hohider! Kristen!E.!Holden! Kristopher!P.!Hornsleth! David!L.!Husband! Scott!C.!Iamarone! David!Michael!Iden! Anthony!J.!Italiano! Timothy!Jancosko! Alisa!Sanders!Jankowitz! Todd!S.!Jarem! Michael!S.!Jilling! AmyiElizabeth!M.!Johnson! Hether!N.!Johnston! Kristofer!T.!Jones! Jacob!Jessie!Judge! David!Benjamin!Kaletski! Peter!E.!Kalutkiewicz! Boern!Kan! Mathhew!J.!Kanaczel! Habib!J.!Kayrouz! Tessa!Hurdis!Kelley! Jennifer!L.!Kennison! Kathleen!M.!King! Joey!Scott!Kipnis! Corey!Lynne!Klecha! Anne!E.!Klimuszka! Christine!M.!Koepff! Rhett!A.!Kooper! Felicia!N.!Labariole! Jessica!L.!Laferriere! Jennifer!L.!Lake! Jennifer!A.!Lalliberte! Angell!A.!Lantigua! Joshua!S.!Lehman! Jan!Mathias!Lesemann! Aaron!M.!Lewis! Youa!Lo! Gregory!T.!Lopez!

Jessica!Lopez! Ane!M.!Lorenc! Patrick!W.!Loveless! Deirdre!Dymphna!Lyman! Catherine!M!Madden! Nimith!Mak! Jacques!R.!Manachi! Keith!M.!Manvillw! Svoun!Maong! Raymond!P.!Marchak! Anna!Marie!Theofanis!Markos! Erin!A.!MArtlandiKile! Anthony!P.!Marusic! Mark!A.!Mastrofrancesco! Nicholas!Alexander!Mazares! Kathleen!M.!McAloon! Paul!Robert!McKenney! Jeffery!McWilliams! Lindsey!Maureen!Megrew! Cherilani!K.!Melson! Maliss!Men! Kristen!G.!Meyer! Ryan!P.!Miley! Scott!A.!Miller!! Jeffrey!R.!Mittelberg! Douglas!M.!Mittelsteadt! David!R.!Mongeau! Arthur!W.!Monroe! Walter!S.!Monroe! John!Michael!Montagano! Suzanne!V.!Montuori! Thomas!E.!Moore! Shawn!Morales! Michael!J.!Morris! Jeffrey!Muehlberg! Matthew!J.!Murray! Brian!M.!Neart! Christina!M.!Neil! Alexander!L.!Nerlson! Eric!R.!Newman! John!B.Newsome! Silaphone!Nhongvongsouth! Tick!Nirandone! Arcadio!Ocasio!Jr.! Edward!J.!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Donnell!IV! Michael!Louis!Howard!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Koomian!

Jason!V.!Onorato! Mark!R.!Padien! Christopher!M.!Paquin! Shandra!L.!Parenteau! Jon!A.!Pareseault! Jason!A.!Parmalee! Stephen!D.!Parsons! Jennifer!L.!Pasch! Christopher!M.!Passaretti! Erika!A.!Patykewich! Henry!Albert!Payette!! Jorge!M.!Payne! LainaiMarie!Pedro! Joshua!H.!Pelkon! Alex!Pentegov! Christopher!P.!Pepe! Rhea!D.!Perdikakis! Roy!Fredrick!William!Persson!III! Chittasa!Phathepvongsa! Elizabeth!M.!Phelan! Sameth!Phin! Kristopher!J.!Pilles! Maria!L.!Pina! Yahaira!Placencia! David!Bryan!Plante! Khouanmeauang!Pongvongkea! Kevin!R.!Porpora! Jonathan!Lane!Porter! Michael!K.!Potter! Sarah!J.!Principe! Kenneth!N.!Printz!! Carter!Wintrhop!Quigley! Julie!M.!Raimondi! Azmi!Ramlee! Daymon!Rashad!Ray! Ryan!M.!Reddy! Samuel!I.!Reich! Scott!Reiff!! Sevasty!N.!Revis! Altagracia!Reynoso! Derek!A.!Rezendes! Joshua!L.!Riley! Anja!Rittling! Jessica!B.!Ritzcovan! Anthony!P.!Roberti! Brian!P.!Rocco!

Marcia!J.!Rodrigues! Miladys!Melissa!Rogers! Jason!E.!Rose! Sandra!L.!Roy! Kelly!Ann!Russo! Mark!Sanita! Summer!Lane!Sarajian! Shannah!Cate!Saunders! David!R.!Schulze! Cheryl!Susan!Schwartz! Jennifer!A.!Sears! Sokha!Sen! Brian!P.!Shaheen! James!P.!Shearn! Randall!Shore! Richard!William!Siedel!Jr.! Jonathan!G.!Simblist! Michael!J.!Sisson! Kevin!B.!Smith! Andrea!K.!Soderstrom! Kate!M.!Solomito! Bethany!L.!Solomon! Koko!Sou! Lauren!Elizabeth!Sousa! Jaclyn!Suzanne!SPiekermann! Sanra!Mercure!steeves! Cori!Steudel! JasonM.!Storti!Timothy!C.!Stand! William!Joseph!Streiter! Kevin!W.!Sullivan! Richard!A.!Suls! Chien!Chien!Sun! Sythuok!Taing! Jasmin!TakhtiShahi! Kosal!Tan! Evan!C.!Testa! Danielle!Juliette!Thiry! Justin!T.!Thompson! William!L.!Thomspon!V! Benjamin!C.!Tickner!! Jennifer!A.!Torres!! Dorothy!D.!Tran! Joseph!A.!Temblay! Nolberto!R.Valdez! Matthew!T.!Vanasse! Darren!S.!Vasa!

Thomas!Michael!Vekakis! Debra!L.!Veloso! Jeremy!W.!Veyera! Rachel!B.!Veyerea! Luis!R.!Vicioso! Elizabeth!A.!Vienne!! John!P.!Virgilio! Melissa!E.!Vollmer! Andrew!W.!Wafula! Amanda!L.!Wallace! Daniel!J.!Walso! Kenneth!W.!Walsh! Michael!R.!Wessels! Cyril!M.!Willenbrock! Amy!L.!Winthrop! Emily!A.!Woodcock! Michael!Kenneth!Wotonoff! Matthew!W.!Wright! Nydia!Xiong! MingiShan!Yang! Scott!R.!Young! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ M.S.$GRADUATES$ $ 1934!! ! Leonard!Herbert!Russell,!Economics! ! 1937!! ! Richard!Mowry!Colwell,!Economics! ! 1939!! ! Eugenia!Mae!Fowkes,!Economics! ! 1940!! ! Richard!Kenneth!Stuart,!Economics! ! 1941!! ! Frederick!Wilson,!Jr.,!Economics! ! 1947!! ! Loring!Moore!Thompson,!Economics! ! 1948!! ! Otis!Barnes!Brown,!Economics! ! 1951!! ! Robert!Grant!Cook,!Industrial! Management! ! 1953! ! John!George!Hutchinson,!Industrial! Management! Vincent!Thomas!Izzo,!Accounting!

Michael!Peter!Szwed,!Industrial! Management! ! 1955!! ! Salvatore!George!Gilardi,!Accounting! Emine!Mediha!Ulgen,!Accounting! ! 1956!! ! Edward!James!Cox,!Jr.,!Marketing!and! Advertising! ! 1958!! ! Josephine!Anna!DelVecchio,! Accounting! ! 1959! ! William!James!Simeone,!Industrial! Management! ! 1960!! ! Stanley!H.!Hatch,!Accounting! Philip!Jagolinzer,!Accounting! Edmund!Webster!Kittredge,! Accounting! David!Allan!Martin,!Economics! Joseph!Barnes!Munro,!Jr.,!Industrial! Management! Joseph!John!Parrilla,!Accounting! Melvin!H.!Siegel,!Marketing!and! Advertising! Norman!Steadman,!Industrial! Management! ! 1961!! ! Jean!Pierre!Aubert,!Marketing!and! Advertising!! Duane!C.!Brown,!Marketing!and! Advertising!Vincent!Leo!Lombardi,! Industrial!Management! !

1962!! ! Indra!Doraiswamy,!Industrial! Management! Donald!Robert!Fraser,!Economics! Robert!Matthew!Lynch,!Marketing!and! Advertising! ! 1963!! ! Jun!Tanaka,!Industrial!Management! !! 1964!! ! Webster!Goodwin,!Jr.,!Accounting! Carolyn!Steere!Hurdis,!Economics! Robert!Joseph!Marcello,!Industrial! Management! Richard!Gustave!Jerome! Vangermeersch,!Accounting! ! 1965!! ! Robert!Joseph!Auclair,!Industrial! Management! Frederick!Carrington!Dawson,! Marketing!&!Advertising! Joseph!Samuel!Dwyer,!Industrial! Management!! James!Patrick!Finglas,!Industrial! Management!! Garwin!D.!Hardisty,!Industrial! Management!! Thornton!Niblack!McClure,!Industrial! Management!! Maurice!E.!Messier,!Jr.,!Economics! Paul!Frederick!Romanelli,!Accounting! ! 1966!! ! Odene!Assiouty,!Management! John!Thomas!Beagan,!Management! Tony!YunNan!Chien,!Management! William!Landrie!Feeley,!Management! Harold!Prescott!Fell,!Marketing! Management!

Mark!Stewart!Klein,!Management! Elwin!E.!Linden,!Management! Henry!Hassan!Makhlouf,!Management! Morris!Robert!Perlow,!Accounting! Elizabeth!Latham!Phillips,!Economics! Andres!A.!San!Agustin,!Jr.,!Marketing! Management! Joseph!Alfred!Sullivan,!Accounting! ! 1967!! ! Charles!Samuel!Craig,!Marketing! Management! Stephen!Anthony!Ganone,! Management! Victor!John!Grasso,!Management! Walied!Jalah!Mamlouk,!Accounting! Spencer!John!Martin,!Accounting! Melvin!Saul!Taplin,!Marketing! Management! Gerald!R.!Visgilio,!Management! Joanne!YuaniHuei!Wang,!Economics! ! 1968!! ! Bruce!N.!Anez,!Management! Ralphael!A.!Antrop,!Accounting! Joseph!Francis!Clark,!Business! Education! Joseph!John!Dube,!Management! Melvin!Sidney!Fink,!Marketing! Janarthana!Guruswamy,!Management! Steven!Robert!Hartley,!Marketing! Management! Michael!J.!Ileo,!Economics! Robert!Kinderlehrer,!Management! John!Joseph!Rapczak,!Economics! Roger!Keith!Shawcross,!Marketing! Management! Allen!F.!Swann,!Business!Education! ! 1969! ! James!Kevin!Barry,!Management! George!Joseph!Benevento,!Accounting!

Richard!Stevens!Bishop,!Marketing! Management! Eleanor!I.!Ping!Chang,!Accounting! Uri!Cohen,!Management! Warren!R.!Corin,!Marketing! Management! Albert!Joseph!Gambardella,!Business! Education!Ronald!Michael!Joaquim,! Marketing!Management!! Jay!Sung!Kim,!Management! Anthony!C.!Lisa,!Business!Education! David!Bernard!Monaghan,!Jr.,! Management!! Richard!Voughan!Newcombe!II,! Accounting!! Richard!John!Zuromski,!Business! Education! ! 1970!! ! Robert!E.!Armstrong,!Business! Education! Harold!Whitney!Carpenter,!Jr.,! Marketing!Management! James!Henry!DeLuca,!Jr.,!Business! Education!! Carimine!DiSanto,!Jr.,!Business! Education!! Robert!William!Ferry,!Business! Education!! Mary!Veronica!Friel,!Business! Education!! Marie!Ann!Hardink,!Business! Education! Susan!Duksta!Howe,!Business! Education! Anthony!V.!lannucelli,!Business! Education!! Raymond!Thomas!Joyce,!Jr.,!Business! Education!! Dennis!Robert!Lima,!Business! Education! Lucy!Donna!Lough,!Business! Education!! Joseph!P.!Mathews,!Marketing! Management!!

Sharyn!Sue!Monroe,!Business! Education! Ara!D.!Nalbandian,!Management! Robert!Neil!Perlow,!Business! Education!!! Carol!Sorensen!Randall,!Business! Education!! Elaine!Angel!Ruggiero,!Business! Education!! Solomon!Anthony!Solomon,!!Business! Education!! Susan!Mary!Strickland,!Business! Education!! Norman!D.!Tierney,!Jr.,!Accounting! ! 1971!! ! George!Anton!Berg,!Management! Edward!Francis!Brodeur,!Accounting! Albert!Louis!Conti,!Business!Education! Ruby!Ann!Hutnak,!Business!Education! Assunta!Gallucci!Pouliot,!Business! Education! Eugene!Robert!Primeau,!Marketing! Management!! Constance!P.!Rainone,!Business! Education!! Maureen!Theresa!Sullivan,!Business! Education!! Elias!Wakeem,!Management! !! ! 1972!! ! Laura!Jean!Andrews,!Business! Education!! Sharon!Anne!Anthony,!Business! Education!! Arthur!Taylor!Biake,!Business! Education!! Ronald!F.!Crane,!Business!Education! Louis!Domenick!Fabrizio,!Business! Education!! Gleason!Arthur!Moore,!Business! Education!Wyman!Joseph!Pearce,! Accounting!

Alan!Hugh!Ryder,!Accounting! Janet!Szydlo!Saccoccia,!Business! Education!! Alice!F.!Carnevale!Sharkey,!Business! Education!! James!E.!Sullivan,!Business!Education! Pauline!Webster!Tucker,!Business! Education! Eileen!Robin!Weiner,!Business! Education! ! 1973!! ! Robert!Everett!Allcock,!Jr.,!Business! Education!! Merle!Allison!Barrington,!Business! Education!! Anthony!Paul!DelGrande,!Accounting! Ann!M.!Del!Piano,!Business!Education! David!Edwin!Dredge,!Accounting! Jane!M.!Gershkoff,!Business!Education! Kevin!Gerard!Hoag,!Accounting! YiiJiun!Margaret!Hsin,!Accounting! Bradford!Craig!Johnson,!Accounting! Jerry!Virgil!Jorge,!Accounting! William!James!Madigan,!Jr.,! Accounting! John!Brendan!Newman,!Jr.,!Business! Education! Richard!Francis!Saccoccia,!Accounting! James!Arthur!Schweikart,!Accounting! Anthony!H.!Sousa,!Business!Education! ChiaoiShuen!Daisy!Tan,!Accounting! James!F.!Towers,!Business!Education! ! 1974!! ! Gary!Richmond!Bower,!Accounting! Maxwell!de!Wardener,!Business!! Education!Lawrence!Dutko,!! Accounting! Jan!Paul!Eckhart,!Business!Education! Frances!Maggio!Gamble,!Business! Education! Edward!Arnold!Gemma,!Accounting! William!E.!Hartley,!Accounting!

Frank!E.!Henry,!Jr.,!Business!Education! John!Nicholas!Macomber,!Business! Education! Ronald!A.!McKenna,!Business!! Education!John!Micheletti,!Business!! Education!Edmund!M.!Oles,!Business!! Education!Frank!B.!Pride,!Business! Education!! Anthony!Power!Queem,!Accounting!! Joseph!Rezendes,!II,!Accounting! George!Ruggiero,!Jr.,!Business!! Education!! Richard!Arthur!Schilhavy,!Accounting!! Kenneth!Barry!Schwartz,!Accounting!! Miles!Michael!Shanley,!Accounting!! Clementina!Syrett,!Business!Education!! Mary!R.!Vona,!Business!Education! Evelyn!Nyman!Wrubelski,!Business! Education! Polly!TzuiYun!Yang,!Accounting! ! 1975!! ! Maureen!Amend,!Business!Education! Allen!Frederick!Ashbacker,!Business! Education! Richard!L.!Benck,!Accounting! Caryl!A.!Bingham,!Business!Education! Susan!Marie!Ceppetelli,!Business! Education!! Glenah!H.!Cooke,!Business!Education! Donna!E.!Cullinane,!Business! Education! Louis!Anthony!D'Abrosca,!Business! Education! Ronald!A.!DiBattista,!Business! Education!! Alan!Louis!Goldsmith,!Business! Education!Kenneth!M.!Gould,! Accounting! William!D.!Home,!Business!Education! George!Carle!Ladino,!Accounting! Darryl!Paul!McCaffrey,!Business! Education!!

Jean!M.!McDanal,!Business!Education! Barbara!J.!McIntosh,!Business! Education! F.!A.!Wilhelm!Myrin,!II,!Accounting! Dorothy!Namerow,!Business! Education!! William!H.!Parker,!Business!Education!! Carol!A.!Rowey,!Business!Education! Louis!Rocco!Simeone,!Business! Education!! Bernice!W.!Sminkey,!Business! Education!! George!Townsend!Smith,!Business! Education!! Joyce!Steere,!Business!Education! David!Lambert!Terry,!Accounting! Robert!Glenn!Walker,!Business! Education! Geraldine!E.!Wiitale,!Business! Education! ! 1976!! ! Richard!S.!Bachelder,!Accounting! Kenneth!W.!Bedard,!Business! Education!Gary!Grant!Brownell,! Accounting! Jane!Michelle!Crisses,!Accounting! Ronald!Joseph!Fasula,!Business! Education! Judith!Estelle!Fitzpatrick,!Accounting! Regina!L.!Haffner,!Accounting! Carole!Ann!Hamel,!Business!Education! Dennis!J.!Harrington,!Business! Education!! John!David!Harvey,!Business! Education!! Geoffrey!Victor!Hopper,!Accounting!! Frances!E.!Kenny,!Business!Education! Betty!Louise!Nash,!Business!Education! Ronald!C.!Pellerin,!Business!Education!! Darlene!Anne!Pinkos,!Business! Education!! Stephen!Francis!Raab,!Accounting! Dianna!Rose!Savoie,!Business! Education!!

Walter!Clark!Shutak,!Accounting!! Kenneth!R.!Smith,!Accounting! Rita!Leveille!Sweeney,!Business! Education! William!A.!Woolley,!Accounting! ! 1977!! ! Agnes!Delisle!Blake,!Business! Education! Arthur!A.!Carrellas,!Jr.,!Accounting! Margaret!Angela!Chiaradio,!Business! Education! Joan!Carol!Pease!Collard,!Accounting! Robert!Carroll!Creaney,!Business! Education! Ellen!C.!Dudascik,!Business!Education!! John!Douglas!Hamilton,!Accounting!! Hope!T.!Hurd,!Business!Education! Jill!Arens!McAbee,!Accounting! Kathleen!Marie!Perri,!Business! Education!! Claudette!St!Jean,!Business!Education!! Debra!Heath!Sands,!Business! Education!! Mary!E.!Schilhavy,!Accounting! Richard!Steven!Szrom,!Accounting! Joan!I.!Temkin,!Accounting! Marilyn!Sylvestre!Weston,!Accounting! Natalie!Grace!Yaghoobian,!Business! Education! ! 1978! ! John!Joseph!Abraham,!Accounting! Mark!Edward!Crevier,!Accounting!! Steven!A.!Evangelista,!Accounting!! Thomas!Woodbury!Hall,!Accounting!! Robert!R.!Hay,!Business!Education!! Emma!L.!Lake,!Business!Education! Ann!Elizabeth!Nally,!Business! Education!! Virginia!E.!Nardone,!Business! Education!! Theodore!Panagiotis,!Business! Education!!

Stephen!C.!Patrick,!Accounting! Mark!Edward!Ryan,!Accounting! Joseph!Albert!Servant,!Business! Education!! Joseph!G.!Shannan,!Business! Education!! Carlton!Christopher!Small,!Accounting!! Herbert!L.!Smith,!Accounting! Stanley!H.!Tragar,!Accounting!! John!Joseph!Truslow,!Accounting!! Lewis!Wessel,!Accounting! Serna!A.!Williams,!Accounting! ! 1979!! ! Claude!de!Grandpre!Brunelle,! Accounting!! Jeanne!Casey!DiPrete,!Business! Education!! William!F.!Greene,!Accounting! David!Hiatt,!Accounting! Tehfah!James!Ho,!Accounting! Michael!Anthony!Krzystofik,! Accounting! Leo!Ladefian,!Accounting! Brian!McCaffrey,!Business!Education! Yvonne!M.!Neuren,!Accounting!! Scott!Sandstrom,!Accounting!! Gregory!Russell!Weller,!Accounting! ! 1980!! ! Marilyn!M.!Baker,!Business!Education! Holly!Cramer,!Accounting!! John!Dando,!Accounting!! Debra!A.!DeLeo,!Accounting! Joan!McMahon!Finizio,!Business! Education! Kathleen!Ann!Kusinitz,!Accounting!! Chian!Homg!Ling,!Accounting! Kevin!M.!McCarthy,!Accounting! Russell!Wayne,!Olver,!Jr.,!Accounting! Gail!Sharon!0'Rourke,!Business! Education!! Marilynne!PlunkettiSoscia,!Business! Education!!

Deborah!Irene!Rose,!Accounting! Paul!F.!Solecki,!Accounting! ! ! 1981!! ! Edward!Albert!Ajootian,!Accounting! Leonard!Joel!Appel,!Accounting! William!Thomas!Brady,!Business! Education! Jed!Cohen,!Accounting! Michael!E,!Colavecchio,!Accounting! Robert!C.!Counts,!Accounting! Theo!Carlson!Duncan,!Accounting! James!Farrell,!Accounting! William!J.!Aynn.!Accounting! Roger!Morse!Freeman,!Jr.,!Accounting!! Jean!Mears!Gordon,!Business! Education!! Ruth!Jarrett,!Accounting! Suresh!Kamrah,!Accounting! Lilyne!Marie!Kelley,!Accounting! Deborah!Ann!Knapp,!Accounting! Joseph!Anthony!Lagana,!Accounting! Linda!B.!Lucas,!Business!Education!! Jeanne!Estelle!Mandeville,!Accounting! Robert!Leavenworth!Mastin,!Jr.,! Accounting! Marty!Lee!Pereira,!Accounting! Heidi!R.!Perreault,!Business!Education!! Steven!George!Plotkin,!Accounting!! John!S.!Pope,!Accounting! Lance!H.!Rapoport,!Accounting! Michael!P.!Riordan,!Accounting! Joanne!Canario!Testa,!Business! Education! ! 1982!! ! Meredith!Tempest!Anderson,! Accounting! Christopher!W.!Bacon,!Accounting! Alice!Elizabeth!Barreca,!Accounting!! Chris!E.!Bjornson,!Accounting! Doreen!M.!Corrente,!Business! Education!

Gale!Ann!DeSpirito,!Accounting!! Thomas!William!Dion,!Accounting!! Joseph!P.!Fargnoli,!Accounting!! Debra!Feller,!Accounting!路! Marguerite!Mary!Giroux,!Business! Education!! Jean!Mears!Gordon,!Business! Education!! Charles!W.!Hahn,!Accounting! Martha!Sue!Higgins,!Business! Education! Elizabeth!Hudson,!Accounting! Lois!A.!Marsie,!Accounting! Frederick!Arthur!Mathews,! Accounting! Ann!L.!McGarry,!Accounting!! Susan!E.!McKinnon,!Accounting!! David!L.!Root,!Accounting! ! 1983!! ! Robert!Kenneth!Barber,!Accounting!! Johnny!ChihiHong!Chen,!Accounting!! James!F.!Cotter,!Accounting! Joanne!C.!Hochheimer,!Accounting! Margo!A.!Hurley,!Accounting! Fred!W.!Kolling,!III,!Accounting! Edward!Francis!Luciano,!Business! Education!! Patricia!Molina,!Accounting! Stephen!John!Perrone,!Accounting! Patricia!Cronen!Pollin,!Business! Education! Nita!Shah,!Accounting! Jane!Margaret!Stewart,!Accounting!! Glenn!Wesley!Stinson,!Accounting!! Sandra!Jean!Thalhauser,!Accounting!! Marjorie!Ellen!Thompson,!Accounting! Bernice!W.!Whitaker,!Business! Education! ! 1984!! ! Bonnie!L.!Baker,!Accounting! Joseph!J.!Daly,!Accounting!

Maureen!E.!DeCiantis,!Business! Education! Robert!E.!DeVema,!Accounting!! Peter!E.!D'Orsi,!Jr.,!Accounting!! Ira!J.!Gardner,!Accounting! Linda!Norris!Goodwin,!Business! Education! Charles!F.!Hickox,!III,!Accounting! !! 1985!! ! David!P.!Cunningham,!Accounting!! Kathleen!E.!Darcy,!Accounting!Paul!G.! DeLeo,!Accounting! Victoria!Schall!Escalera,!Accounting! Sharyn!Elizabeth!Fuller,!Business! Education! Kent!Wood!Gladding,!Accounting!! Paul!Thomas!Harley,!Accounting!! Craig!R.!Leighton,!Accounting! Regi!George!Mathews,!Accounting! William!D.!Spoehr,!Accounting! ! 1986!! Lucia!M.!Arruda,!Accounting! Julie!Canis!Atayi,!Accounting! Patricia!Kulis!Beauchemin,!Accounting! Paul!Gardner!Casey,!Accounting!! Bonnie!L.!Erickson,!Accounting!! Joan!Barrett!Fuller,!Accounting!! Lionel!Robert!Harnois,!Accounting!! Arun!Kumar,!Accounting! Dorothy!Rose!Latina,!Accounting!! Robin!Ann!Belko!Mason,!Accounting!! Shirley!W.!McMechen,!Business! Education!! Emerson!D.!McNeil,!Accounting! Kevin!D.!Quinn,!Business!Education! John!Steven!Ribezzo,!Accounting! Jeffrey!P.!Roberts,!Accounting! Rebecca!Rightnour!Sattel,!Accounting! Marion!Warson,!Accounting! Yang!Yu,!Accounting! ! 1987!! !

Jennifer!M.!Bowen,!Accounting!! Terry!D.!Call,!Accounting!! Bonnie!M.!Costello,!Accounting!! Diane!J.!Dilorio,!Accounting!! SheueiChing!Hong,!Accounting!! Robert!G.!Jones,!Jr.,!Accounting! Peggy!Apgar!Larson,!Accounting! James!A.!Mignone,!Accounting!! Catherine!Hoxsie!Murphy,!Accounting!! Nancy!M.!Records,!Accounting! Eric!L.!Stader,!Accounting! Theresa!Ann!Vinacco,!Accounting!! Kathryn!Wilkicki,!Accounting! Chris.tine!M.!Winslow,!Accounting! ! 1988!! ! Deena!Mary!Candelmo,!Accounting!! Jeffrey!Allen!Fox,!Accounting!! Christopher!Daniel!Leahey,!! Accounting!! Beverly!S.!Lopes,!Accounting! Patricia!Kathleen!Moody,!Accounting! Diane!M.!Reamsnyder,!Accounting! Jane!Ellen!Simeral,!Accounting! Deborah!SpidleiGrassley,!Accounting! Deborah!Joy!Yorke,!Accounting! ! 1989!! ! Jonathan!L.!Blaney,!Accounting!! HaeiKyung!Chi,!Accounting!! Donna!J.!Clabots,!Accounting! Gail!Angela!Gencarella,!Accounting!! Margaret!Anne!Gray,!Accounting!! Susan!E.!LaPanne,!Accounting!! Marylu!Notarianni,!Accounting! S.!G.!Ramesh,!Accounting!! Eric!Salander,!Accounting!! Ming!Onn!Shih,!Accounting!! Linda!D.!Zou,!Accounting! ! 1990!! ! Kelly!A.!Britton,!Accounting!! Roben!Francis!Fox,!Accounting!!

Jane!D.!Grenier,!Accounting! Jamie!Margaret!Mignacca,!Accounting! Nitin!C.!Pandit,!Accounting!! Kyung!A.!Park,!Accounting!! Robena!E.!Roberts,!Accounting!! Kirsten!Lynn!Rounds,!Accounting!! Mahesh!M.!Shah,!Accounting!! Celcilia!KitiMui!Si,!Accounting!! David!Joseph!Whare,!Accounting!! Lori!L.!Whitecar,!Accounting! ! 1991!! ! Susan!Dyer!Anderson,!Accounting! Michael!Gerald!Baruch,!Accounting! Judith!Ann!Branscum,!Accounting! Sandy!C.!Cutting,!Accounting! Linda!M.!Czerkiewicz,!Accounting!! John!Dias,!III,!Accounting!! Caroleen!Frey,!Accounting! Jacob!J.!John,!Accounting! Kam!Fui!Lau,!Accounting! LoiPing!Esther!Ling,!Accounting!! MiiHyang!Park,!Accounting!! Allison!M.!Posk,!Accounting!! Diane!B.!Resnick,!Accounting! !! 1992!! ! Trudy!M.!Chandler,!Accounting!! SuhiJen!Chen!Lay,!Accounting! Timothy!Donovan,!Accounting!! Melbourne!Clarke!Fisher,!Accounting!! Peter!Hinchiu!Fung,!Accounting!! Susan!Beth!Goguen,!Accounting! Kam!Yung!Lan,!Accounting!! Michelle!M.!Lewis,!Accounting!! Sharon!Marie!Mathews,!Accounting!! Marc!Richard!Mathieu,!Accounting!! Carolann!McNeish! William!Patrick!Mitchell,!Accounting! Kim!Allen!Norman,!Accounting!! Wendy!Sue!Seaberg,!Accounting! ! 1993!! !

Craig!M.!Barth,!Accounting!! Joanne!M.!Bilotta,!Accounting!! Ka!Sing!Cheung,!Accounting!! Steven!Elder,!Accounting!! David!J.!Furtado,!Accounting! Margaret!N.!Gencarella,!Accounting! Deepak!A.!Jain,!Accounting!! Timothy!J.!Kramer,!Accounting!! William!F.!LaPolla,!Accounting!! Deanna!R.!Lembo,!Accounting! !Grace!E.!Murphy,!Accounting!! Rosemarie!S.!Norcross,!Accounting!! Paula!A.!Raposa,!Accounting! Daniel!J.!Urso,!Accounting! ! 1994!! ! Ashwin!G.!Amladi,!Accounting!! Sharon!N.!Belisle,!Accounting!! Harry!K.!Carr,!Jr.,!Accounting!! Robert!D.!Edgar,!Accounting!! Betsy!C.!Enos,!Accounting!! Richard!A.!Falvo,!Accounting!! Bredna!E.!Forsyth,!Accounting!! Gail!Goodness,!Accounting!! Bonnie!J.!Hatch,!Accounting! Mary!A.!HewittiHowe,!Accounting! Donald!S.!Horowitz,!Accounting!! Kevin!Lehoullier,!Accounting! Peter!S.!McCormick,!Accounting! Kristpher!T.!Murphy,!Accounting! Samuel!Neusner,!Accounting! Samuel!A.!Ponniah,!Accounting!! Kurt!J.!Schnaubelt,!Accounting!! Michael!R.!Stuard,!Accounting!! Xiao!G.!Wang,!Accounting!! Catherine!Woo,!Accounting!! Richard!M.!Zirlen,!Accounting! ! 1995!! ! Ashwin!G.!Amladi,!Accounting!! Catherine!M.!Belcher,!Accounting!! Ann!L.!Boisvert,!Accounting!! Deborah!A.!Carlisle,!Accounting!! Julanita!Chaiprapal,!Accounting!!

Peter!Lei!Chang,!Accounting!! Stephen!J.!Griffin,!Accounting!! Yanwn!Gu,!Accounting! Pamela!L.!Hagy,!Accounting!! Patricia!A.!Henry,!Accounting!! Michael!B.!Holmes,!Accounting!! Yun!Wan!Kim,!Accounting! John!D.!McGuinness,!Accounting!! Vanessa!A.!Parrilla,!Accounting!! Brenda!J.!Peiczarka,!Accounting!! Charles!A.!Pier,!Accounting!! Samuel!A.!Ponniah,!Accounting!! Kazuko!Rinesmith,!Accounting!! Leslie!A.!Ryan,!Accounting! Tod!F.!Short,!Accounting!! Gordon!O.!White,!Accounting!! Carole!L.!Wiseheart,!Accounting!! Joanna!H.!Zhang,!Accounting! ! 1996!! ! Deborah!A.!Carlisle,!Accounting!! Julanita!Chaiprapal,!Accounting! James!Dunn,!Accounting!! William!B.!Feld,!Accounting!! Xiaobin!Gu,!Accounting! Michael!B.!Holmes,!Accounting!! Christopher!Liguori,!Accounting!! Alfred!A.!Maybach,!Jr.,!Accounting! Azim!R.!Mazagonwalla,!Accounting! Robert!C.!McGowan,!Accounting!! Roberta!I.!Newell,!Accounting!! Brenda!J.!Peiczarka,!Accounting!! Eugene!L.!Pouliot,!Accounting! Diane!M.!Savage,!Accounting! David!J.!Stoti,!Accounting! ! 1997!! ! Tina!M.!Bonanno,!Accounting! Jie!Cheng,!Accounting! Nancy!Giusti,!Accounting! Warren!F.!Halstead!II,!Accounting!! Bonnie!S.!Maybach,!Accounting!! Nancy!J.!Murphy,!Accounting!! Eugene!L.!Pouliot,!Accounting!!

Matthew!G.!Sollars,!Accounting!! Andrew!J.!White,!Accounting!! Matthew!D.!White,!Accounting! Christine!H.!Yap,!Accounting! Xiao!Hong!Ying,!Accounting! ! ! 1998!! ! Daniel!P.!Brenton,!Accounting!! Joseph!E.!Cote,!Jr.,!Accounting!! Shirley!A.!Freitas,!Accounting!! Lynne!M.!Genga,!Accounting!! Christine!Hahn,!Accounting!! Joann!Kowaleski,!Accounting! !Linghui!Li,!Accounting! Shurenska!B.!Maduro,!Accounting!! David!J.!Manney,!Accounting! Stacy!A.!Pozucek,!Accounting!! Margaret!W.!Sayer,!Accounting!! Hongtao!Sun,!Accounting! Xiao!Hong!Ying,!Accounting! ! 1999!! ! Taylor!M.!Fairman,!Accounting!! Shirley!A.!Freitas,!Accounting!! Yong!Wang,!Accounting! ! 2000!! ! Margaret!A.!Caster,!Accounting!! Eileen!M.!Hayes,!Accounting!! James!F.!Hill,!Accounting!! Robert!J.!Johnson,!Accounting!! Jordan!D.!Kanter,!Accounting!! Michael!R.!Kumar,!Accounting! Lena!B.!Makovetski,!Accounting!! Devika!D.!Ramadhar,!Accounting!! Juli!A.!Roach,!Accounting! Ellen!K.!Rodehorst,!Accounting!! Sara!A.!Schmid,!Accounting!! Nichole!A.!Valois,!Accounting! !! 2001!! !

Michael!A.!Brock,!Accounting! Susie!Dias,!Accounting! Jong!Ho!Hwang,!Accounting!! Anthony!J.!Infantino,!Accounting!! Jordan!D.!Kanter,!Accounting!! Charles!E.!Lane,!Accounting!! Katherine!E.!Szymanski,!Accounting!! Laura!J.!Traiforos,!Accounting! ! 2002!! ! Shandra!L.!Parenteau,!Accounting! Anja!Rittling,!Accounting! Li!Xu,!Accounting! ! 2003!! ! Stephen!Adamowicz,!Accounting!! Heather!N.!Bell,!Accounting!! Cheryl!M.!Bolton,!Accounting!! Christine!L.!Bowers,!Accounting!! David!J.!Hanson,!Accounting!! Zhenhong!Hu,!Accounting!! Colleen!M.!Lewis,!Accounting!! Keke!Lu,!Accounting! Maria!T.!Markos,!Accounting! Judith!M.!Smith,!Accounting! ! 2004!! ! Thomas!Alberg,!Accounting!! Peter!Benevides,!Accounting!! Patrick!J.!Brouillette,!Accounting!! Juan!Cao,!Accounting! David!R.!Cartwright,!Accounting!! Elizabeth!Chapian,!Accounting!! Colleen!M.!Dlhopolsky,!Accounting!! David!Hanson,!Accounting! Li!Peng!He,!Accounting!! Christopher!J.!Hornby,!Accounting!! Margaret!Kirschner,!Accounting!! Jessica!S.!Lavin,!Accounting!! Weihua!Li,!Accounting! Sylvia!Magnose,!Accounting!! Kimberly!M.!Medeiros,!Accounting!! Andrew!D.!Nelson,!Accounting!!

Gregory!R.!Parisi,!Accounting!! Stephen!Perreault,!Accounting!! Michael!A.!Ruggiero,!Accounting! Ashley!N.!Satti,!Accounting! Brian!J.!Turcotte,!Accounting!! James!Wainberg,!Accounting!! Adam!L.!Weisel,!Accounting!! Xiaoyun!Zhang,!Accounting! ! 2005!! ! Leah!J.!Albertini,!Accounting!! Anurag!Awasthi,!Accounting!! Andrew!J.!Bicknell,!Accounting!! Patrick!J.!Brouillette,!Accounting!! William!J.!Capron,!Accounting!! Elizabeth!B.!Chapian,!Accounting!! Mary!K.!De!Marco,!Accounting!! Tricia!J.!Fiore,!Accounting! Weihua!Li,!Accounting! Jason!W.!Lillibridge,!Accounting! Sylvia!Magnose,!Accounting! Anna!Maria!T.!Markos,!Accounting!! Carol!A.!Melino,!Accounting!! Melissa!Perez,!Accounting! Rachel!C.!Poirier,!Accounting!! Peter!A.!Schavone,!Accounting!! Lisa!N.!Stein,!Accounting!! Shuman!Wang,!Accounting!! Ling!Zhang,!Accounting! ! 2006!! ! Anna!Maria!Arsenis,!Accounting!! Jeffrey!Bennet,!Accounting!! Andrew!Bicknell,!Accounting!! HsinYi!Chang,!Accounting! Rubia!Doan,!Accounting!! Lital!Herskovits,!Accounting! Carolyn!Hicks,!Accounting!! Michael!Koczan,!Accounting!! Jenna!Lewis,!Accounting! Jonathan!McLaughlin,!Accounting! Benjamin!Nilsestuen,!Accounting!! Scott!Oliveira,!Accounting! Nazik!Panosyan,!Accounting!!

Michael!Saunders,!Accounting!! John!Sobczak,!Accounting!! Weixiang!Yang,!Accounting!! Xiaoyun!Zhao,!Accounting! ! 2007!! ! Alexis!A.!Alexakos,!Accounting! Jennifer!A.!Baptisa,!Accounting! Charles!P.!Berkeley,!Accounting!! Kerry!J.!Budnick,!Accounting!! Mark!J.!Christina,!Accounting!! David!J.!Coop,!Accounting!! Jennifer!Lynn!Dean,!Accounting!! Nicole!M.!Di!Lungo,!Accounting!! David!J.!Fecteau,!Accounting!! Jason!D.!Flaxington,!Accounting!! Cory!J.!Gardiner,!Accounting!! Sean!B.!Garrison,!Accounting!! Michelle!L.!Gouveia,!Accounting!! Lital!Herskovits,!Accounting!! Jennifer!G.!Huntley,!Accounting!! Edgar!Leighton!IV,!Accounting! YiiChing!Liao,!Accounting!! YuiJin!Lin,!Accounting!! William!J.!Loring,!Accounting! Guy!M.!Mackechnie,!Accounting! Leah!A.!Morelle,!Accounting! Nnenna!O.!OkekeiEzigbo,!Accounting!! Matthew!K.!Petterson,!Accounting!! Meghan!E.!Reardon,!Accounting!! Andrew!R.!Reindl,!Accounting!! Katerina!D.!Reynolds,!Accounting!! Kimberly!I.!Shute,!Accounting! Charles!K.!Walker,!Accounting! Shan!Wu,!Accounting! Hui!Zeng,!Accounting! ! 2008!! ! Andrea!M.!Bernier,!Accounting!! Amy!S.!Castaldo,!Accounting!! Kyle!D.!Flynn,!Accounting!! Emily!A.!Gardiner,!Accounting!! Jaclyn!L.!Grossi,!Accounting! Timothy!Joseph!Hoch,!Accounting!

!Daniel!K.!Levasseur,!Accounting!! Christopher!R.!Medeiros,!Accounting!! Andrea!S.!Mosher,!Accounting! Peter!O'Connell,!Accounting!! Narda!L.!Pinkham,!Accounting!! Savita!G.!Potty,!Accounting!! Michael!J.!Reardon,!Accounting!! Jose!C.!Sousa,!Accounting! Ashley!L.!Summerly,!Accounting! Oanh!Thi!Kim!Tran,!Accounting! Hannah!D.!Vinhateiro,!Accounting! Christina!A.!Wiese,!Accounting! ! 2009!! ! Desmond!A.!Adewusi,!Accounting!! Jennifer!Marie!Amaral,!Accounting!! Zachary!R.!Babcock,!Accounting!! Stephanie!M.!Berg,!Accounting!! Nicholas!J.!Borges,!Accounting!! Jason!M.!Da!Ponte,!Accounting!! Corey!A.!Farley,!Accounting!! Deanna!M.!Kelly,!Accounting! Luke!E.!Kopf,!Accounting!! Shawn!R.!Lavallee,!Accounting!! Yi!Lu,!Accounting! Melanie!R.!Rheaume,!Accounting!! Kimberly!A.!Ryone,!Accounting!! Hongwen!Sun,!Accounting!! Michelle!A.!Sychtysz,!Accounting!! Elaine!L.!Walker,!Accounting!! Carrie!R.!Webb,!Accounting!! Victoria!Wu,!Accounting! ! 2010!! ! Desmond!A.!Adewusi,!Accounting!! Kimberly!A.!Boudreau,!Accounting!! Eric!D.!Dumford,!Accounting!! Nathan!T.!Field,!Accounting!! Heather!J.!Fugate,!Accounting!! Rebecca!J.!Gard,!Accounting! Dean!M.!Gardiner,!Accounting!! Courtenay!Michele!Harms,!Accounting!! Sarah!Highland,!Accounting! Deanna!M.!Kelly,!Accounting!!

Chien!Ya!Joyce!Lam,!Accounting!! Zhiqiu!Long,!Accounting! Erica!E.!Massey,!Accounting!! Priscilla!C.!Medeiros,!Accounting!! Mohammad!A.!Pagganwala,! Accounting!! Ashley!M.!Paiva,!Accounting! Regina!M.!Palombo,!Accounting!! Michael!T.!Paz,!Accounting!! Francheska!Pimentel,!Accounting!! Diego!A.!Rodriguez,!Accounting!! Wei!Xu,!Accounting! Hui!Yang,!Accounting! Peiru!Zheng,!Accounting! !! 2011!! ! Joseph!Baxter,!Accounting!! Jeffrey!E.!Beckwith,!Accounting!! John!R.!Brownell,!Accounting!! Justin!A.!Brzoza,!Accounting!! Jessica!C.!Burnett,!Accounting!! Benjamin!J.!Delaney,!Accounting!! Kimberly!R.!DelSanto,!Accounting!! Brandon!J.!Dugan,!Accounting!! Zackary!M.!Fentross,!Accounting!! Christopher!A.!Gloria,!Accounting!! Jessica!Kindelan,!Accounting!! Nicole!P.!Lee,!Accounting! Michelle!L.!Murphy,!Accounting!! Daniel!Ouma!Musula,!Accounting!! Ashley!M.!Paiva,!Accounting!! Michael!A.!Pezzullo!II,!Accounting!! Hai!L.!Phan,!Accounting! Melissa!B.!Simandl,!Accounting!! Ethan!C.!Sterling,!Accounting!! Kailee!D.!Tetrault,!Accounting!! Erica!L.!Thayer,!Accounting! Joseph!R.!Trambowicz,!Accounting!! Kimberly!A.!Wyman,!Accounting!! Wei!Xu,!Accounting! Hui!Yang,!Accounting! Tatiana!Zhitkovich,!Accounting!! Michael!J.!Abney,!Accounting!! Vanessa!Azar,!Accounting! !

2012!! ! Mark!S.!Barone,!Accounting! Ryan!W.!Bell,!Accounting! Gina!A.!Bessacini,!Accounting!! Jessica!L.!Bogosian,!Accounting!! Nathan!F.!Chartier,!Accounting!! Jason!A.!Cohenford,!Accounting!! Brenden!D.!Cologna,!Accounting!! Joseph!W.!Dauksis,!Accounting!! James!M.!Dimond,!Accounting!! Kyle!P.!Dolan,!Accounting!! Matthew!Dwyer,!Accounting!! Charissa!M.!Filion,!Accounting!! Savannah!N.!Haney,!Accounting!! Allison!LeBlanc,!Accounting!! Emily!E.!Leighton,!Accounting! Jason!S.!Madwed,!Accounting! Eileen!Marran,!Accounting! KrystaiLyn!Martinelli,!Accounting!! Courtney!A.!Medeiros,!Accounting!! Kehinde!O.!Omisore,!Accounting!! Andrew!M.!Pallozzi,!Accounting!! Dale!Roland!Pelletier,!Accounting!! Pedro!D.!Pereira,!Accounting!! Aaron!Carl!Russo,!Accounting!! Brett!A.!Russo,!Accounting!! Timothy!B.!Scannell,!Accounting!! Shaemus!Shepard,!Accounting!! Lana!Dautovic!Smith,!Accounting! Christopher!A.!Vacca,!Accounting!! Anita!L.!Yuen,!Accounting! Yue!Zhao,!Accounting! ! MBA$GRADUATES$ ! 1965! ! Thomas!C.!Adamedes! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1958! Vincent!L.!Alsfeld! A.B.!!Brown!University,!1956! Robert!Thomas!Amiss! B.A.!Tufts!University,!1954! Myrtle!Ann!Barry!

B.S.!Bryant!College,!1960! Leo!Dominique!Blais! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1959! Edward!Joseph!Coady! B.S.!Providence!College,!1951! Anthony!J.!De!Berardis! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1956! Joseph!Arthur!Dolan! ASEE!Northeastern!University,! 1956! BBA!Northeastern!University,!1959! Michael!F.!Filippelli! B.S.!!Providence!College,!1954! Russell!S.!Fox! B.S.!!University!of!Louisville,!1950! Russell!Frederick!Geisser! B.S.!!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1951! H.!William!Koster,!Jr.! B.A.!!Middlebury!College,!1959!! A.!!Robert!LaBarre! B.S.!!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1959! William!S.!McDade! B.S.!!Merrimack!College,!1958! Sean!Michael!McWeeney! B.S.!!DePaul!University,!1961! Frederick!M.!Moorhouse,!Jr.! A.B.!Colby!College,!1956! William!Hayes!O'Neill! A.!B.!!Providence!College,!1953! C.!!Richard!Ortoleva! B.S.!!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1938! Michael!John!Rooney! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1960! Raymond!J.!Sousa! B.S.!!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1960! John!Anthony!Scungio! B.S.!!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1959! Anthony!V.!Simonetti!

B.!S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1954! James!M.!Sullivan! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1959! Peter!Joseph!Sutherland! A.B.!!University!of!Notre!Dame,! 1955! Jeffrey!D.!Taber! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1952! ! 1966! !! Anthony!Donald!Basilico! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1960! Gordon!E.!Bowen! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1958! Gino!D.!Brusci! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1963! Richard!F.!Burke!! B.S.!College!of!the!Holy!Cross,!1951! Francis!R.!Dietz! B.S.!Providence!College,!1961! Francis!James!Dowiot! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1958! Janice!Thompson!Drew! A.B.!!University!of!New!Hampshire,! 1957! Don!Fielding!Goodwin! A.B.!!Brown!University,!1958! Charles!M.!Gorman! B.S.!!Massachusetts!Institute!of! Technology,!1956! Peter!Revell!Groome! B.S.!Northeastern!University,!1955! M.S.!Northeastern!University,!1961! Cornelius!Q.!Hack! B.S.!Delft!&!Nymegen,!Holland,! 1952! Harold!Hitchen,!Jr.!

B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1963! Paul!Balcom!Howland! A.B.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1952! Robert!L.!Hunt,!Jr.! B.S.!!Providence!College,!1959! William!Hugh!Jackson! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1949! Robert!Charles!Januska! B.S.!University!of!Connecticut,!1963! Ralph!E.!Jenkins! B.B.A.!University!of!Massachusetts,! 1958! Philip!H.!LaFrance! B.S.!Boston!University,!1951! MaryiEstelle!McSweeney! B.S.!!Bryant!College,!1950! Edward!Joseph!Muldowney! B.S.!Brown!University,!1959! Martin!T.!O'Brien! B.S.!Providence!College,!1959! Paul!Bernard!O'Neill! B.S.!Boston!College,!1951! Billy!Livingston!Patten! B.S.!!University!of!Kentucky,!1943! Richard!Edward!Ponton!! A.B.!Providence!College,!1959! Joseph!G.!Rego! B.S.!Providence!College,!1959! James!Edward!Riordan! B.S.!Providence!College,!1959! Arnold!William!Robinson! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1962! Vincent!Louis!Sardelli! B.S.!Providence!College,!1948! Lester!Paul!Slater,!Jr.! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1961! John!F.!Toomey! B.S.!College!of!the!Holy!Cross,!1946! James!McQuesten!Twaddle! B.S.!University!of!New!Hampshire,! 1958! !

1967! ! Paul!L.!Broughton! B.S.!Boston!College,!1959! David!G.!Carreau! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1963! Francis!John!Cinami! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1961! George!Thomton!Cooper! B.S.!Oklahoma!State!University,! 1950! Ralph!DeFusco! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1949! Henry!J.!Desautel,!Jr.! B.S.!Northeastern!University,!1963! Leo!H.!Fox! B.S.!Providence!College,!1960! Stephen!F.!Gardella! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1959! Robert!R.!Head! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1959! Benjamin!Franklin!Hehn,!III!! A.B.!Cornell!University,!1961! William!T.!Hughes! B.B.A.!Clarkson!College!of! Technology,!1956! John!J.!Hutchinson! B.S.!Boston!University,!1949! Stariley!John!Jakobiak,!Jr.! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1961! AramJohnson! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1962! Arthur!Bruno!Joyal! B.S.!!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1958! John!Patrick!Kane,!Jr.! B.S.!Providence!College,!1959! Kenneth!E.!Karspeck! B.B.A.!Pace!College,!1959! Edward!H.!Lipson! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1948! George!Hazlitt!Long! A.B.!Colgate!University,!1932!

!Henry!James!McCabe! B.M.E.!Clarkson!College!of! Technology,!1938! Charles!R.!Morrill! A.B.!Siena!College,!1959! David!B.!Murphy! B.S.!Babson!Institute,!1960! Joseph!Paul!Murphy! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1958! Burnett!!!W.!!Norton! B.S.!!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1951! LL.B.!Boston!University,!1957! LL.M.!Boston!University,!1961! David!R.!Pepin,!Jr.! B.S.!Providence!College,!1958! Henry!Anthony!Peterson! Ed.!B.!Rhode!Island!College,!1942! Charles!A.!Phillips! B.S.!University!of!Connecticut,!1956! Martin!H.!Powers! B.S.!Stonehill!College,!1955! Ronald!F.!Robinson! B.S.!University!of!Connecticut,!1962! Normand!L.!Roussel! B.S.!University!of!Hartford,!1962! Gustave!Joseph!Scannapieco! B.S.!Providence!College,!1960! Francis!X.!Urrico,!Jr.! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1951! Herbert!Allen!Wade! B.S.!U.S.!Naval!Academy,!1961! Richard!E.!Viall! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1960! Paul!Francis!Wilson! B.S.!Southeastern!Massachusetts! Technological!Institute,!1961! Helen!W.!!Worden! A.B.!Pembroke!College,!1951! ! 1968! ! John!J.!Accinno!

B.S.!Providence!College,!1946! Clifford!A.!Bodge! B.S.!Northeastern!University,!1958! John!Joseph!Breen,!Jr.! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1959! Timothy!P.!Cartwright! B.S.!Bryant!College!1961! Edward!Thomas!Clegg! B.A.!Providence!College,!1952! James!Joseph!Cullen! B.S.!Stevens!Institute!of! Technology,!1948! Blanche!Joan!Deckey! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1963! Robert!Gordon!Estes! B.S.!Roanoke!College,!1948! Ronald!Fortin! B.S.!Providence!College,!1958! Louis!Edward!Frattarelli! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1964! John!Joseph!Gormally! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1965! Henry!F.!Goveia! B.S.!Southeastern!Massachusetts! Technological!Institute,!1959! Craig!Bennett!Haines,!Jr.! B.A.!Dartmouth!College,!1958.! Charles!E.!Hayes! B.S.!Yale!University,!1961! William!Keenan! B.S.!Providence!College,!1952! John!J.!Kelley,!Jr.! B.S.!Stonehill!College,!1964! J.!Gary!Kornher! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1964! George!L.!Landry! B.S.!Lowell!Technological!Institute,! 1956! Howard!A.!London! B.S.!Providence!College,!1964! Thomas!J.!Loughran! B.S.!Providence!College,!1950!

Robert!E.!McLay! B.S.!Tufts!University!1961! William!Russell!McLeod,!Jr.! B.S.!Worcester!Polytechnic! Institute,!1958! Roger!E.!Peloquin! B.S.!Northwestern!University,!1963! Donald!M.!Pillsbury,!Jr.! B.S.!Trinity!College,!1957! Robert!C.!Porter! B.S.!University!of!Massachusetts,! 1958! John!Ricottilli,!Jr.! B.S.!Providence!College,!1954! Roger!Louis!Roussell! B.S.!Northeastern!University,!1959! Charles!Gaines!Thomason! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1964! Louis!James!Titus! B.S.!Northeastern!University,!1963! Wheaton!Carr!Vaughan! B.A.!Yale!University,!1960! Bradford!Hamilton!Viall! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1954! John!Alexander!Wallace! A.B.!Brown!University,!1954! W.!Donald!Wilson! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1950! John!A.!Yena! B.S.!University!of!Rhode!Island,! 1962! Michael!A.!Zwolinski! B.S.!Bryant!College,!1953! ! 1969! ! D.!Richard!Allen!! Julien!Pierre!Ayotte!! Norman!Albert!Baglini!! Harold!James!Balhouse!! Richard!Arthur!Belanger!! Leo!Joseph!Berard!! Robert!Patrick!Blessing!

Marianne!Hart!Bradshaw! John!A.!Braun! Rodney!M.!Brusini! Stephen!Anthony!Carbine! Kenneth!Anthony!Conti! Gerald!Andrew!Corrao! Ole!Christian!Danielsen!! Ernest!Warren!DeMers!! Jeffrey!William!Dress!! Alfonse!Richard!Famiglietti!! Frank!Stewart!Hale,!II!! David!Jon!Hjerpe! Robert!Walter!Hoag! Joseph!Charles!Hobaica!! Robert!Berryman!Holbrook!! Robert!Henry!Ise!! Robert!W.!MacArthur! Robert!Joseph!MacDonald! Herbert!Gunther!Marouschek! Peter!H.!!Monsarrat! Louis!Montanaro! Robert!Shepherd!Nelson! Herbet!Theodore!Palmer,!Jr.!! David!Louis!Pellett! David!Joseph!Reynolds! Joseph!A.!Sajewicz! Robert!Campbell!Sanderson,!Jr.! Norman!Clifford!Shorrock! Jack!Michael!Silver!! Howard!Michael!Smith!! Lawrence!Meredith!Soule,!Jr.!! Joseph!J.!!Vuono! John!F.!Wetherell! Francis!H.!!Zenie! ! 1970! ! Joseph!W.!Accetta!! Carl!Peter!Andren!! Joseph!Manin!Berkow!! Henry!Joseph!Boulanger!! Marc!Sanders!Davis! Russell!P.!!Ferrara!! Lawrence!John!!!Geraghty,!Jr.!! Bernard!J.!Haberek! Robert!Joseph!Hession!!

Robert!Edward!Hirst!! Jerome!E.!Horowitz! Bruce!M.!Johnson! Paul!Richard!Kotch,!Jr.!! Raymond!G.!!Laverdiere!! Robert!Dick!Menko!! Stuart!K.!!Mills! Bruce!Munro!! Richard!Pannone!! Gregory!H.!Parker! Norman!M.!Peckham! Stanley!Richard!Reuter! William!James!Ryan! Cyril!Allan!Ryding!! Robert!Welsh!Taylor! ! 1971! ! John!A.!!Baker,!Jr.!! John!Frank!Balducci!! Onno!Frank!Boswinkel! Michael!Neil!!!Botvin!! Paul!Converse!Bowden! Fred!!!Richard!Burden!! Edward!Joseph!Callahan!! Peter!Burlingham!Ceppi!! Anthony!John!Cianci! Harry!Edward!Dorsey,!Jr.! Albert!Edward!Gencarella,!Jr.!! John!Edwards!Graham,!Jr.!! Joseph!Wilson!Henrick!! Robert!William!Jakober!! Werner!Georg!Konig! Phillip!A.!!Kramer!! Willem!Jan!Kuil! W.!Alben!Martin! Joseph!William!May! Salvatore!Pella!! Raymond!Edwin!Pesola!! Paul!A.!!Ricci!!! Alban!Frederick!Saunders! Alan!Robert!Spachman!! Hope!Malmgren!Spunzo!! Robert!J.!Stout! Walter!Brooklyn!Sturgeon,!Jr.!! Edward!John!Sullivan!!

Ralph!William!Swift!! Michael!Testa,!Jr.!! Roeland!vanPraag! Wharton!Parker!Whitaker!! ! ! ! 1972! ! Leon!Richard!Audette! David!C.!Baker! Leo!Paul!Bandieri!! Ernest!Emil!Bernier! Richard!Walter!Bixby!! Richard!Allen!Brandt! David!Thomas!Clarke! Stanley!H.!Clinton! Edward!Thomas!Conley! John!Carl!Del!Bonis! Raymond!Donat!Deslauriers! Leonard!Anthony!DiLorenzo!! John!Albert!Fargnoli,!Jr.! Gregory!G.!Field! Ernest!Gagnon! Joseph!Graham!Glynn! Leonard!Greenhalgh!! Simon!P.!Grondin! Donald!O.!Gustavson!! Arturo!Gutierrez! Klaus!Otto!Haberich! Donald!Hall! Duncan!Nathaniel!Ingraham! Frank!Roland!Junier!III! John!K.!Katibian!! George!Edward!Kelley! Albert!Theodore!Lafrance!! Rene!A.!Lamoureux! Raymond!Bradley!Larter!! William!Robert!Lawry!! Frank!Daniel!Marcou!! Charles!Edwin!McKenna! William!Augustine!Moffitt! Gerard!L.!Moran! F.!Gerard!Nault! John!R.!Nixon! Mark!Ross!O'Brien!

Harry!Richard!Omdorff! Stanton!D.!Ose! Peter!Leo!Paquin! Peter!Kenneth!Piascik!! Charles!Warren!Pigeon!! Richard!Alan!Plotkin! James!Edward!Riley!! Vincent!P.!Santaniello! Joseph!Robert!Schachner!! Donald!Ray!Shaghalian! Bradford!Owens!Snow!! Harvey!M.!Snyder! Tead!Samuel!Sosnowski! Leo!W.!Spaight! Linda!Diane!Tucker! Joseph!Valentine!Vaupotic!! Alfred!Joseph!Verretthia!! David!G.!Ward! Joseph!A.!Warner!! Paul!Robert!White!! Virgil!L.!Woods! Thomas!Eland!Wyattt! ! !1973! ! Andre!Vahan!Ajemian! Donald!Everett!Allison,!Jr.!! James!Paul!Anderson! Normand!Charles!Baillargeon! Peter!Anthony!Bassi! A.!Barton!Buffington! Frank!Capecci! Shrinivas!Narayan!Chary! David!Phillips!Cook! Gregory!Kirk!Doan! James!Theodore!Dobrowolski! Keith!B.!Finck! John!J.!Gager,!Jr.!!! Vincent!James!Geoffroy! Gregory!J.!Glover! John!E.!Harding!! David!Melvin!Harris!! Phillip!Hashway!! Richard!J.!Hayes! Raymond!W.!Iannetta! Donald!Howard!Jepson!

Charles!Clifford!Kalasinsky!! Thomas!Peter!Knight!! Richard!H.!Koziara! Richard!Jean!Lavallee! Donald!Mario!Lavimoniere! Richard!Donald!Legault! Joseph!Francis!Mador!! Raymond!Maurice!Mathieu! Thomas!Ryan!McDonald!! Robert!Raymond!MeNerney! Bernard!Edward!McTaggart,!Jr.! Armindo!B.!Medeiros!! Edmund!Raymond!Milott!! Olman!Chaves!Montoya! Robert!Hartwell!Moore! Douglas!Alan!Nordstrom! Charles!Acheson!O'Malley! William!Louis!Palmisciano! Jerry!Lee!Way!Paquin!! Brian!M.!Philbin!! Thomas!R.!Pomaski! John!Francis!Procykt! Michael!Russo! Glenn!James!Secrest! Kenneth!Gordon!Smith! E.!Martin!Stutchfield!! Benjamin!J.!Tedeschit! Gerald!R.!Votta! ! 1974! ! Jack!David!Abadi!! John!Charles!Andrews!! Karl!Benzer! John!J.!Bournnel! James!Patrick!Bowman!! Patrick!Lee!Burke! Alan!Stuart!Cruickshank! Robert!John!Dahmert! Richard!P.!Davis! Robert!Anthony!DeVito! Steven!Edward!Elterich! Francis!Ernest!Faubert! Dennis!Austin!Fenerty! John!Anthony!Giordano! Charles!Ralph!Greene,!Jr.!

Edward!Alan!Greene! J.!Bruce!Hallworth! Robert!Steven!Hanley!! John!Christian!Hansen!! Paul!B.!Hartley!! Laurence!W.!Hausner! John!B.!Humphreys,!Jr.! Richard!Laurence!Jenkins! Richard!E.!Koestner! Charles!Joseph!Lemoine,!Jr.!! Kenneth!Luke!MacNaught! Douglas!Walter!Materne!! George!Spero!Nonis!! Donald!Guy!Norris!! Francis!John!O'Connell!! Charles!Frank!Oller! Robert!A.!Pari! William!Henry!Riley,!Jr.! David!Marks!Robinson! Francis!Hugh!Smith,!Jr.! George!Raymond!Smith,!Jr.! Kirk!Harold!Stephens! Stephen!Storin! Cory!Nicholas!Strupp! Paul!Kevin!Sugrue!! Thomas!John!Uhligt! Charles!George!Whitley,!Jr.! Robert!Alfred!Wilbur,!Jr.! Frederick!Michael!Williams!! Thomas!Ford!Wilson! John!Michael!Zeb! ! 1975! ! Vikas!Bery! Pierce!Francis!Connair! Robert!Lloyd!Conrad! Peter!H.!Cressy! Joseph!Henry!Crowley!! Paul!Michael!DePace!! Morgan!Donahue! Gopal!Krishna!Dujari! Roger!L.!Easterbrooks! Stephen!John!Fletcher! Marvin!Augustus!Franklin! James!G.!Gilchrist!

Robert!Rosario!Giordano! Joseph!King!Gorman!! John!Thomas!Greaney!! Peter!Charles!Grygotis! William!P.!Herlihy! !Joseph!Sanders!Hohman! Michael!Joseph!Holland!! Egbert!Sylvester!Hood!! William!Russell!James! John!Edward!Keenan! Glenn!Thomas!Kelly!! Ronald!Frederick!Kensicki! Lowell!Harold!Klosky! Vipin!Kumar! Michael!H.!Lareau! Robert!James!Lathrop! Alexander!Miller!Lindsay! Richard!James!Manson! John!J.!Marazzo!! John!A.!Marshall!! Robert!K.!McDonald! James!McMahon! Robert!Tyler!McMahon! Sharon!L.!!McPherson! Nasser!S.!Mecklai! Lawrence!A.!Natale! Robert!Paul!Palumbo! Michael!J.!Piasecki! Ronald!Richard!Renzi! Douglas!Blackwood!Robbie! Peter!E.!Robinson!! Octavio!A.!!Rodrigues!! Francis!Emil!Ruhle!! Subhash!Kantilal!Shah!! Paul!F.!Solecki! Andrea!K.!Tarbox! William!Frank!Tillotson! Raymond!Albert!Tomasso! William!Benjamin!Waring! ! 1976! ! Stella!M.!Brown!! John!Francis!Cabral!! Denise!Carroll! Janette!Molendijk!Choudry!

Eunhae!Chung! Dallas!Tim!DeFee! Salvatore!Thomas!DiMascio! Thqmas!M.!Duff,!Jr.!! Stephanie!Ann!Falvey!! Daniel!Alan!Feingold!! Edwin!Henry!Gless! Randall!Alan!Glickman!! Philip!L.!Greene!! Richard!James!Jurczak! Christian!W.!Ivory! Keith!Alexander!Kirkman! Peter!K.!Manko! Tonia!M.!Marcaccio! Jesse!Andrew!Merwin! Luc!Rafael!Michel! William!Joseph!Northup! Robert!E.!O'Brien!! Abilio!William!Pires!! Arthur!Rebsamen! J.!Ralph!Reynolds! Christopher!Albert!Robinson! Ronald!L.!Smith! Daniel!A.!Sullivan! Richard!E.!Vacher!! William!F.!Valentine!! Philip!Gregory!Walker! !! 1977! ! Thomas!Michael!Allan!! Sanjib!Kumar!Bera!! Donald!Breen! Christine!E.!Brown! William!Joseph!Carraher! Francis!G.!Chicoine! Carol!Ann!Cote! Richard!L.!Courcy! David!G.!Cram! James!Vincent!Criscione! Thomas!Francis!Cummings! Daniel!Anthony!Czemicki! Dennis!Martin!Dallman!! Nancy!Jayne!DelPrete!! Stephen!J.!Dolecki! Thomas!Michael!Donahue!!

John!Austin!Donnelly!! Peter!William!Dudak!! Richard!P.!Eidler! John!Charles!Eisenhuth! Lee!E.!Elliott! Warren!Steven!Feld!! William!F.!Fish!! James!Kyle!Gardner! Robert!Way!Glanville! George!Hachey! John!Robert!Hammett!! Richard!George!Hartley!! Donald!L.!Hodgman!! John!E.!Hopkins! William!Kantrowitz!! David!Wright!Kelsey!! Peter!F.!Kim! Faith!Ellen!Lamprey! Samuel!A.!Lazieh!! Gary!D.!Lonergan!! Peter!E.!Matthews!! Bert!Steven!Max!! James!A.!McClurg! Owen!Charles!McDermott! Paul!Elliot!Moody! Paul!P.!Moran! Robert!Jay!Morrison! Thomas!J.!Murphy! Michael!J.!Murray! Ravindra!Vasant!Nagarkar! Robert!L.!Nelson! Eric!Hampton!Nickerson! Edward!Fintan!O'Hara! Charles!E.!Olander!! Todd!Brooks!Owsiey!! Carla!Virginia!Palm!! Asahel!F.!Parmelee!! Peter!J.!Rakusin! Ernest!Leonard!Rheaume!! Edward!N.!Saccoccia!! Frederick!Allen!Sandri!! Stephen!John!Saucier!! Todd!G.!Schneider! Arne!H.!Sheets! WeniMing!Shen! Jeffrey!Alim!Strauss!

Nickolas!Travlos! Richard!Carleton!Walker!! Norman!James!Ward!! Marilyn!Whittaker!! Copper!David!Winn! ! ! 1978! ! Elaine!Stergios!Barone! Bruce!A.!Barros! Harold!Benjamin!Belson! Thomas!A.!Bruzzese! Candace!Forman!Byers! Dennis!A.!Casey! Robert!Wayne!Castle!! Peter!B.!Coleman!! Roger!L.!Coutu! James!Desmond!Crane!! Michael!Thomas!Craven!! Ronald!Paul!Dale! George!William!Davidson! David!DeJesus! Steven!Demby! Robert!Louis!DiGiacomo! Diane!Marie!Disney! Wayne!William!Dove! Robert!Sturgis!Dozier!! Richard!G.!Drolet!! Timothy!J.!Dwyer! George!Tungsen!Fong! R.!Alan!Fortier! Alton!D.!Fryer! John!Michael!Georges!! Peter!Stephen!Giard!! Robert!Edward!Giordano!! Alan!Hugh!Goldschein!! Geoffrey!Allan!Gordon!! Charles!N.!Gresko! James!Edward!King!! James!R.!Lavoie!! James!K.!Marshall!! Jerilyn!F.!Mearns! Chandrasekhar!Mohanty! John!Joseph!Morris! Richard!F.!Nagele!

William!Douglas!Palmisciano! Anna!Papadakis! Kathleen!Marie!Paulina! David!E.!Ploettner! Harry!M.!Reichenberg! Arthur!Ray!Richardson!! James!Nelson!Sanund!! Randall!E.!Slade! H.!Lawrence!Singband!! William!Patrick!Sousa!! Paul!D.!Straight! Gustav!Szabo! Janice!Ellen!Taylor! Ezekiel!Remi!Wande! Joseph!N.!Wroblewski! Diane!Lyn!Young! Younis!Zubchevich! ! !1979! ! Janice!Louise!Adler!! John!D.!Alexander!! Lucy!Hicks!Anderson! Hisao!Aoyama! Donna!Marie!Arnold! Jillanne!Biribin!! Margie!Smith!Brown!! Anthony!Joseph!Capuano!! Anthony!S.!Caraccia! Annette!Laura!Samuels!Cass!! Nicholas!Wade!Cerjanec!! Karen!E.!Cousins! Daniel!D.!Crouse! Daniel!Joseph!Dean!! Richard!A.!Defusco!! Paul!T.!DiCristofaro! Cynthia!Ann!DiGiacomo! Bradford!J.!Duarte!! Frederick!William!Faerber!! Matthew!Joseph!Flaherty!! John!W.!Freeman! John!C.!Greenwood! Dean!R.!Halper! Linda!Maureen!Hemphill! Mary!Jukes!Howard! Thomas!Niles!Howe!

Liana!Mary!Ioffredo!! Peter!Hamilton!Jacobson!! Andrew!N.!Jeffrey! John!Joseph!Jessey! Robert!W.!Kidd! Edward!G.!Kierklo!! Robert!Joseph!Lamarre!! Paul!Richard!Lane! Bunmi!Latunde! Alfred!Joseph!Laudini! Lois!Lembo! Hans!R.!Maheshwari! Bonnie!Cheryl!Mandel!! Kenneth!A.!Martell!! Catherine!Scott!McKinney!! John!G.!Mingle! Patrick!Donald!Neiler!! Constance!M.!Pacheco!! Edmund!Carmine!Pastore!! Antonio!Raffaele!Patrizio!! Joseph!Poltorak! Robert!J.!Potter! Harold!Austin!Records! Neil!David!Rodin! Earle!F.!Rosse!! Edward!A.!Rudegeair!! Barbara!T.!Ruud!! Richard!W.!Shineman! Andrea!Jeanne!Simoneau! Leo!D.!Sloan! Stanley!Leslie!Wescott! Henry!C.!Volkman! ! 1980! ! Malcolm!C.!Ainslie! Jamil!Akhtar! Stephen!R.!Aykroyd! Thomas!Joseph!Baerlein! Mark!Alan!Barnabe! John!M.!Beagan! Stephen!Gary!Belt! Janice!Ann!Bennett! John!Henry!Briggs! Peter!Leo!Brindamour! William!B.!Brinson!

William!P.!Brock! John!Evans!Burgess! Richard!Scott!Carduner! Dale!B.!Carson! Rita!J.!Cheng! Shelton!Cheng! Juan!C.!Delacruz!! Alan!J.!deLeeuwerk!! Richard!J.!Delsesto! Demetris!V.!Demetrakakis! Linwood!E.!Doane!! Walter!E.!Edge! Kristina!Anne!Felbeck! John!F.!Gormley! Brian!Stanley!Greenberg! Janet!Kathryn!Halligan! David!B.!Henderson! Richard!Heinz!Hubli! Robin!T.!Johnson! James!D.!Jones!! Jeffrey!B.!Kenny!! Robert!J.!Kielbasa! Ronald!H.!Lataille! David!Armand!Lepore! Freeman!Lee!Lofton! Nicole!Francine!Mandeville! George!E.!Maurice!! Nancy!Noble!McCann! David!T.!Moore! Paul!Michael!Moretti! John!A.!Mulligan! Maureen!Glacken!Newbury!! Robert!Carlton!Persson! Beatrice!Keturah!Phillips!! Ronald!A.!Pikul! Walter!Hayden!Powell! Mojdeh!Ramezani! Mary!Wims!Roth! William!Joseph!Salhany!! Rene!J.!Sawyer! Robert!K.!Scherner! Gilbert!Edwawrd!Schumacher! Colleen!Elizabeth!Smith! Steven!H.!Spiro! Joseph!B.!Stanley! Dennis!Brendan!Sullivan!

James!J.!Swanson! Mary!Doris!Tafuri! Ronald!William!Tremper! Matthew!L.!Vollucci! William!Tyler!White! ! ! 1981! ! Malcolm!C.!Ainslie!! Andrew!J.!Anderson!! Joseph!Bellucci! David!Edward!Bicho! Dante!E.!Boffi,!Jr.! George!B.!Borkow!! Kathleen!Bowser!! Elizabeth!Brannigan!! William!B.!Brinson!! Paul!Raymond!Carroll!! Brian!Joseph!Casey! Massoud!ChaharbakhshiMotlagh! Joseph!Francis!Cordo!! Linwood!E.!Doane,!Jr.!! Michael!John!Dooris!! Steven!B.!Dresser!! William!A.!Farrell!! Richard!Henry!Federico!! Mary!Ann!Feipel! Leo!William!Fleury,!Jr.!! Kevin!C.!Flynn! David!Michael!Gagne! Arleen!Frances!Golick!! John!E.!Haden! Christopher!Paul!Hankins!! John!T.!Harlow! Richard!Thomas!Harrison! John!A.!Henehan! Matthias!Y.!Ho! Carol!Susan!Holzman! Michael!Joseph!Iannoli,!Jr.!! Robin!T.!Johnson! Marsha!Kaufman! Jeffrey!Blair!Kenney!! Robin!Ann!King! Subhash!Shambhu!Kuvelker!! David!Armand!Lepore!!

Cheuklun!Terence!Lo! Carol!A.!Lynch! Michael!Francis!McNally!! Judy!A.!Montgomery!Marilyn!Angela! Murphy! Kevin!Michael!O'Connor!! Lloyd!G.!O'Daniel!! Frances!Ullian!Ogle!! Joseph!Pacheco! Susan!Eiss!Pariseau! Dilip!A.!Patil! Denis!Wayne!Pesante!! Barbara!Mary!Roberts!! David!Schwartzman!! Harold!Alexander!Seidler!! Rajesh!S.!Sikka! Stephen!Howard!Ross!Sirota!! Mary!Eleanor!Johnson!Stemfels! Stephen!James!Sullivan! James!Spencer!Wimbish! Martha!W.!Zuck! ! 1982! ! David!J.!Aldrich!!! John!J.!Bailey,!Jr.! Deborah!Baker! Russell!Joseph!Bogdan! Richard!Hector!Brousseau! Alan!William!Catri!! Said!Chaharbakhsh!! Edward!O.!Charpentier!! Daniel!G.!Corrigan!! Clarence!Cottman!III!! Carolyn!Marte!Dale!! Arthur!Frank!diNatale!! Donald!P.!Doyle! Robert!John!Eldridge! Mary!Katherine!Ellis!! Richard!Allen!Engstrom!! Nell!Evans! Ronald!Bruce!Feldman! Norman!R.!Ferry!! Gall!A.!Fisher!! William!J.!Foster! Charles!Greene!Frank!

Cheryl!A.!Frechette!! James!Francis!Gendron!! Anti!Kumar!Gupta! Richard!Withington!Halladay! Richard!Francis!Hawkins! David!George!Johnson! Susan!M.!Keaveney!! Richard!H.!Kon!! Robert!S.!Kops! Linda!Lee!Kruysman! Sunil!Kumar! Kevin!Del!Lacy! Albert!E.!Lees! Rene!A.!Lefebvre! Cynthia!Ann!Leslie! Chris!M.!Littleton! Bernadette!B.!Marshall! Jeanne!Crewes!Moore! Davi!Lyn!Morse! Debra!Jean!Nelson! Henry!M.!Orzechowski! Anjali!Pargal! David!M.!Pereira!! Vincent!Dents!Plourde! Ranga!Pujari! Jon!Christopher!Ricketson! Brenda!B.!Roberts! James!L.!Robinson! Vicki!Lynn!Hammer!Rosenkrantz! Gail!E.!Rudginsky!! Allen!Richard!Sayles!! Muriel!Tina!Schroeder!! John!Paul!Sheerar!! Edward!Joel!Smith!! Gary!Newell!Smith!! John!Dennis!Sullivan!! Carol!A.!Sweeney! Joseph!Charles!Urcluolt! Carol!Ann!Vetlleux! James!Howard!VerGow! Joyce!L.!Walker! Lorraine!Rose!Waslenchuk! Linda!Ellen!Winters! Terry!Neil!Young! ! 1983!

! Joan!Kathryn!Anthony!! Paula!J.!Bannister!! Bruce!Robert!Barrett!! Philip!Dean!Barrett! Thomas!Edward!Beattie! Anthony!F.!Bisceglio.Jr.!! Katherine!Eliot!Bockoven! Michael!G.!Brisson!! Robin!A.!Bums!! Mary!P.!Condon! William!Joseph!Counihan!III! James!M.!Curran! Curt!Michael!D'Aguanno! Debra!Beverly!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Aguanno! Normand!M.!Demers!! Louis!Mario!DiOrio!! Richard!R.!Dorval!! Keith!H.!Erskine! Carol!Ann!Ethier! John!M.!Fay! Sharon!Morton!Fontaine! Richard!Allen!Fortin! Allyson!Blair!Fraile! Charlotte!Anne!Frye! Edward!Crawford!Gibbon! Carol!Myra!Goergen! M.!Philip!Guba! Clifford!Wheatley!Hamm,!Jr.! Jo!Murphy!Haraf! Mary!Catherine!Hardy! Paul!Thomas!Harley! Bruce!Edward!Harrington! Mark!William!Harrison! John!T.!Hogan!! Bradford!S.!Howe!! Barbara!Jean!Janson! Susan!Stopper!Johnston! Nina!M.!Kajiji!! Cynthia!L.!Leverich!! Timothy!Joseph!Logan!! Mary!Anne!MacLean!! Francesco!Paolo!Marfia!! Timothy!Francis!Marino!! Edward!James!Martin!! Philip!J.!Martino!

John!James!McGarry,!Jr.! Paul!John!McKenna! William!T.!McKenna!! Robert!S.!McKillop!! Dennis!S.!Mesko!! Elaine!R.!Mtllard! Rochelle!Marie!Mouradian! Raymond!Muscat!! Bruce!Edward!Nead!! Shayne!David!O'Neill,!Sr.! John!Dennis!Parenti!! Jean!E.!Pennacchia!! Angela!M.!Placitelli!! Barbara!B.!Powers! Roland!W.!Pugsley!! Arthur!George!Reichert!! Sharon!Johnson!Remillard!! Barbara!K.!Ruble! David!Joseph.!Sameiro!! Elizabeth!Holden!Slener! John!R.!Simoes! Cheryl!C.!Small! Jane!O'Connell!Stich!! Stuart!B.!Stringer!! Marlon!Rick!Sykes! Christina!Marie!Terminelle!! Cornelius!Bryan!Tonet!! Kathleen!Margaret!Trier!! Gary!James!Tunnicliffe! Jane!Elizabeth!Vaicunas!! Judith!Viggiano! Davina!Africk!Villeneuve! Matthew!L.!Volluccl! Daniel!S.!Waintroob! Alexander!Wasilov! Sandra!H.!Wexler! Raymond!Zimmerman! ! 1984! ! Douglas!Morgan!Adams! Jaime!F.!Aguero!! Gary!W.!Anderson!! Lisa!G.!Andrews!! Randall!D.!Baker!! Joseph!Vincent!Bassi!

Hannah!BelliLombardo! Stephen!A.!Bonugni!! Laurel!L.!Bowerman!! Charlotte!Ann!Britland!! William!Keith!Burlingame!! Carolyn!L.!Cheyne!! Barbara!S.!Cohen! Mark!S.!Cruise! Maryanne!P.!Cunningham! Joseph!J.!Daly! Stephen!Alan!DeCastro! JaniGunna!Eurell! PeriOlof!Eurell! Karl!Heinrich!Foerster! Thomas!James!Fontanella!! Richard!Francis!Heffernan!! Thomas!Hogg! Debra!Hurwitz!! William!Albin!Johnson!! David!Michael!Kristick! AnneiMarie!Therese!Kirkutis! E.!Paul!Larrat!! Jane!M.!Lavoie!! Linda!Leadbitter!! Gerry!M.!Maher!! Beverly!J.!Mattera! Robert!L.!McCracken! Donald!Michael!Murano! Jagdish!Narasimhan!! Deborah!Ruth!Nickless!! Daniel!Occelli! John!A.!Rawcliffe! Lynelle!J.!Reney!! David!Keith!Ricciardi!! Teresa!G.!Ritter! Brian!Paul!Russell! Scott!Michael!Sanborn! Mary!A.!Seth! Angela!M.!Stanziano! Melinda!Burri!Terceiro!! David!Alan!Tweedy!! Daniel!Ives!Tyler! Jerry!G.!!Vieira! Ralph!Leonard!Volk! Marion!Warson! John!Andrew!Zedella!

! 1985! ! Bradley!Ward!Behrman!! Richard!A.!Bell! Rosemary!L.!Booth!! Maureen!Hanrahan!Brown!! Lynn!A.!Budlong! Cheryl!A.!Cicione!! Thomas!M.!Criscione!! Stephen!H.!Crolius!! Mark!William!Delaney! Reid!William!Downie! Steven!Mark!Elliott!! Bonnie!L.!Erickson!! Melbourne!C.!Fisher! Rolando!Domenic!Florenz!! Michael!L.!Greenblatt!! Nancy!J.!Gregory! Vivek!Gupta! Janice!Hall! George!Edward!Harley!III! Steven!Michael!Harnois! John!T.!Hird! Karen!Elizabeth!Hodor! William!J.!Iannucci!! Annette!Buntin!Jackson!! Hoyoon!Jang! Deborah!A.!Johnson!! James!Gustave!Kalb!! Arun!K.!Karna!! Gulshan!Kumar! Karen!C.!LaChapelle! Karen!Letizi!LaPointe! Ronald!Francis!LeComte! Alan!David!Lury! Mary!Katherine!Lyons! Mary!Josephine!McDonough!! Cynthia!Johnson!Menge!! James!Brewton!Millard! Curtis!W.!Miller! Ellen!D.!Miller! Edward!Warren!Moses! Hans!Mueller! Magda!Paes!Mueller!! Onita!R.!Munshi!!

Christopher!O.!Nichols!! Maureen!A.!O'Donnell!! Stephen!J.!Paquette!! Judith!N.!Regan!! Kathleen!Richards! Mark!Howard!Robinson! Brian!Rock! Bonnie!M.!Saccucci! Thomas!S.!Santos! Donald!Stephen!Schanck!! Timothy!Michael!Schofield!! Christine!D.!Tarasevich!! Louise!H.!Thorson! Marco!A.!Urbano! Janet!M.!VaccaiLaBoeuf! Elizabeth!Van!Hof!! Debra!L.!Whalley!! John!F.!Willis!III! John!S.!Wilson! Brian!R.!Wood!! Nancy!Louise!Zeppa!!! Patricia!Botelho!Zinno! !! 1986! ! Antonio!Daniel!Aguiar! Sarah!T.!Algie! Brian!R.!Allen! Stephen!D.!Anderson! Allen!R.!Archer! Mule!M.!Azzarello! Marie!Tinsley!Barylick! Thomas!E.!Bateman! Thomas!W.!Beidleman! Maurice!R.!Bell! Laura!J.!Berger! Thomas!Edward!Billups! Vincent!P.!Bobba! Lee!Francis!Bonaldi! David!Harry!Boyd! Thomas!Henry!Brennan!III! Fred!Irving!Buck,!Jr.!! Eric!B.!Carlson!! Mitchell!J.!Cohen! Robert!Milne!Counihan! John!S.!Davia!

Philip!J.!Davis! Patricia!Johnston!Dean!! Anthony!Joseph!DiBella!! Peter!C.!Dorsey! Richard!Alan!Duvernay! Gary!Ellal! Roberto!Enrique!Fasquelle! Ellen!M.!Ferrante! William!Louis!Ferrigno,!Jr.!! Gerald!Warner!Gaumer!! Harold!Bruce!Goodall! John!J.!Greichen! Jay!C.!Hart! Thodur!M.!Hemashree!! Lauri!A.!Henderson!! Sam!Hesketh,!Jr.! Deborah!Ann!Imondi!! David!M.!Johns! Vasudevan!Krishnamurthy! George!Martin!Leber,!Jr.! Paul!Joseph!Levesque! David!A.!Lonardo!! Barbara!Jean!Lucas! Patrick!H.!Lyons! Rose!Marie!Majeika! Sally!Hollopeter!Marinaccio! Patricia!Jackson!Marks!! George!F.!McKenzie! Christine!H.!Medici! Osei!Assibey!Mensah! Povi!Y.!Mikem! James!R.!Miller! Michael!J.!Miller!! Linda!Marie!Moroni!! Denise!A.!Patnode! Anthony!Peter!Pencek!! Carol!Grinnell!Picard!! Elizabeth!W.!Priestly! Richard!F.!Ray! Leslie!Anne!Reid! Joseph!Rocchio!! Harry!Roggero!! James!E.!Ross!! Leon!Julius!Rubin! Susan!J.!Saccoccia!! Kim!Helen!SalisburyiKeith!

Jose!Luis!Suarez!! Rohit!Thukral! Philip!W.!Trumbull!! Marilyn!A.!Vacca!! Maurice!C.!Vandal! Gregory!David!Vickowski! Donald!Lee!Webb! Martha!S.!Winslow! Diana!L.!Young! Daphne!Yu! Rosemary!Sullivan!Zins! ! 1987! ! Dawn!Yvonne!Agnello!! Raja!Azimah!Ainuddin! Dina!Helene!Arjoumandi!! Eric!Bruce!Baggesen! George!A.!Bain! Carl!Edward!Balsam!! Janice!Beaucage!! Gregory!T.!Beckham! David!Steven!Berry! Paul!O.!Boghossian! Robert!R.!Boucher!! Stephan!Boyens! Dana!L.!Burleson!! Ronald!M.!Carmark!! David!Carrellas! Chatpetch!Chayangarm!! Suthipong!Chirathivat!! Luis!M.!Coelho! Richard!M.!Conti! Daniel!Robert!Conway! Gregory!J.!Curnow! Melannie!Adelaide!Dames! Scott!Fitzgerald!Denelle! Deborah!Oiprete!Dennehy!! Anthony!Charles!Desmarais!! Joyce!Eva!Devine! Scott!Payne!Oyer! George!Alfred!Easley! Richard!Burke!Egan,!Jr.! Patricia!Croff!Evangelista! Debra!Jean!Fagin! Paul!A.!Fecteau!

Jeffrey!P.!Feinberg! Lisa!Donnelly!Fournier! Myrna!Lee!Gagnon! Ann!Murray!Ganung! John!M.!Gerstenlauer! Paul!Gerard!Huber!! Kevin!C.!Hughes! Matthew!W.!Humphrey! Johanna!Ingrid!Hvitfelt!! Arleen!Rose!Kennedy!! Barbara!Sigrid!Kienhofer!! Georgette!G.!Kiriaki! Thomas!J.!Kush!! Paul!Langhammer! Alice!Pimenta!Lavimoniere! Gary!D.!!Lavimoniere! Raymond!J.!!Lavoie! Choong!C.!Lee! Mary!H.!Lee! Michael!John!Lefoley! Mark!A.!Lohsen! Judith!Machlin! David!A.!Marolda! Anthony!A.!Mastrostefano! Agustin!Medina! Anne!M.!Mercer! Michael!M.!Meyers! Glenis!Olive!Milled! Cobind!Sunder!Mirchandani! Laura!Elizabeth!NeeceiBaltaro! Jude!M.!Nuzum! Mary!Jane!Palm!! Kyung!A.!Park! Kimberly!Jay!Pekalski! Thomas!James!Petrarca! Amit!Rastogi! Roger!Wellington!Read! Sue!Wilson!Reeves! James!V.!Rose!! Michael!James!Rose! Ann!E.!Ruhoii! Jon!Carl!Samuelson!! Joanie!Alice!Schlitter!! Ralph!Paul!Scozzafava! Philip!Shea! Amit!Narain!Sinha!

Otto!Spanke! Joseph!Andrew!Spata! Bruce!C.!Spear! Bernadette!J.!Spicola! Richard!A.!Spinella! Susan!L.!Strakosch! Eric!V.!Swanson! Roger!David!Tow! John!Uhoch! Erwin!W.!Vahlsing.!Jr.! Jacqueline!J.!Ventura!! Cynthia!V.!L.!Ward! !! 1988! ! Bradley!M.!Alton! Abu!R.!Bakr!! Nandini!Bose! Vincent!Bouffard!! Carrie!R.!Brill! Robert!Warren!Byrne! Steven!M.!Cabral! Carl!Anthony!Caldeira! Ian!David!Campbell! Girija!Chebium! Mark!Louis!Colombo!! Raymond!Vincent!Corona!! Nancy!E.!Cotter! Patrick!Pierre!Frederick!Coulombe! Claudia!Elizabeth!Czmus!! Veneranda!A.!DaSilva! Vincent!Armand!DiPalma!! Arthur!Russell!Dragoo!! Edward!H.!Dyer!III! William!J.!Ennis! Brenda!B.!Evans! Mark!Alan!Furcolo! Deborah!Marie!Ferrette! Lee!Joseph!Gadoury! Deborah!Anna!Giertz! Brian!Walter!Guimond!! Mahim!Gupta! Pamela!A.!Hale! Mary!Ellen!K.!Hardy!! Elisabeth!M.!Head!! Peter!Pentley!Hux!

Marilyn!T.!Kaplan!! Betty!R.!Kinder! Lori!A.!Leyden! Harsha!Lohitt!! Ian!W.!MacKayt!! Margaret!Anne!Magill!! Rita!M.!Marcoux! J.!P.!Marinari! Michael!Alfred!Marianit! Maureen!E.!Massiwer!! Brian!S.!McCarthy!! Eugene!J.!McPeake! Catherine!Parsons!Millman!! Stephen!Richard!Morris!! Thomas!S.!Mulligan! Donna!R.!Nardone! Janet!Nayman! Axel!Runar!Palmason! Marc!A.!Paulhus! Catherine!A.!Payne! Richard!J.!Paynting! Brian!Joseph!Pelletier! Catherine!Ann!Pelnik! Ralph!Joseph!Perfetto,!Jr.! Jean!Anne!Plocica! Louise!Ann!Poirier! Sharon!M.!Potenza!! Joan!Lorraine!Potter! Theresa!Roberts!Prescott! Brenda!I.!Pukas! John!Joseph!Pyne!! Christopher!J.!Roth! Kathleen!Marie!Ryan! Alfred!Michael!Santoro!! Debora!West!Shapiro!! Paul!F.!Shea! William!Dennis!Shea! John!Todd!Shoop!! Herbert!Joseph!Sirois!! Michael!C.!Start! Ned!F.!Stewart!III!! Dean!Gary!Stockwell!! Russell!J.!Supersano! Stephen!M.!Teixeira!! Donna!Sprague!Urso!! Barbara!A.!Wallingford!!

Brigham!W.!White! ! 1989! ! Louis!Amoriggi! Maria!Luiza!Azancott!! Patricia!C.!Bancroftt!! Betty!L.!Barlow! Tarun!Biseshwar!Bhargava! Alexander!W.!Bobiak! John!D.!Boelter! John!W.!Booker!! Roy!L.!Bouvier!! Anthony!P.!Cabral!! Janice!P.!Cataldo! Gerianne!Chapman! John!R.!Chatowsky! Kathy!J.!Cirella! Robert!T.!Clark! Robert!Patrick!Clarke!! Hugh!M.!Collard! John!William!Daly! Debra!Ann!Daviau! Laurence!J.!Davies! Paul!R.!DeFanti! Michael!John!Delmonico! Susan!DiFilippo! Randall!E.!Dugan! Robert!Kevin!Dyer!! Daniel!L.!Fioramonti! James!Nickel!Friedman! Dorothy!A.!Gardiner! Craig!Michael!Goodwin! William!Stephen!Gorgone! Laurel!Reardon!Goulet!! Roger!Edmond!Goulet!! Vivek!K.!Hazari! Keith!B.!Hermiz! Carlisle!H.!Hiers! Robert!Higgins! Kathy!Anne!Huettel!! Linnea!Gail!Johnson! Gregory!B.!Jones!! Govindrat!Kamath! Robert!John!Kerr! Timothy!J.!Kisley!

Michael!Edmund!Laliberte! Kam!Fui!Lau!! Alexander!Lazaroff!! MinYing!R.!Leung!! Harald!Lone,!Jr.! Coleman!deNeufville!Mackay! Kenneth!Mackenzie!IV! Daniel!A.!Madden! Anthony!Maione! Suzanne!Marie!Marchand! James!F.!S.!Masen!! Daniel!S.!McGarvey!! William!K.!McGinnis!! Richard!C.!Mitchell! William!Patrick!Mitchell! Kenneth!A.!Morris!! Michael!L.!Mowins!! Elizabeth!B.!Moylan! David!Sullivan!Nelson!! Sandra!S.!Owens! Nitin!C.!Pandit! Marianne!Panzini!! Maria!Christina!Parker! Patricia!Chase!Kaufman! William!C.!Keach! Barbara!F.!Laffoley! Diane!Jolicoeur!Lafrenaye!! Colleen!McConaghy! Anne!McGrath! Margaret!A.!McGrath!! David!Charles!Morrell! Dorothy!Veronica!Oliver!! Elsie!P.!Oltedale! Patricia!Mary!Padula!! Richard!J.!Payette!! Lizbeth!M.!Petrucci! Judith!K.!Porter! Constance!D.!Roe!! Pamela!L.!Rowland!! Panit!Satyasai! Bonnie!Davidson!Shapland! Alessandra!J.!Stancin! Elaine!Stano! Sandra!J.!Stone!! William!C.!Thaver! Ronald!vanGermert!!

Nancy!C.!Wovkonish! !! 1999! ! Michael!Samuel!Abbood! Helen!Adams! Jane!Arsenault! Kenton!Charles!Baker! Marjorie!Lynne!Ball! Dominique!L.!Beaulieu! Kenneth!J.!Beck! Sheri!Izes!Becker! Clifford!W.!Bennett!! Terence!M.!Blaney!! Mary!Rita!Brady! Ralph!M.!Burke!! Thomas!L.!Byers!! Joseph!Michael!Campagna!! Robert!K.!Carter! Maryann!H.!Casciano! Anthony!Joseph!Castellone! Melissa!J.!Chammas!! Yungtang!Chiou!! Brannan!W.!Chisolm! Dean!P.!Clarke!! Donna!M.!Corrieri!! Crist!H.!Costa!! Lant!W.!Cotten! Richard!A.!D'Alfonso! Sebastian!Paul!DeAngelis! Efren!D.!DeJesus! Corsino!Delgado!! Allan!Mark!Deutsch!! Joseph!E.!Devine! Gary!C.!Fabbri!! William!R.!Ferland!! Linda!Fernandes!! Michael!R.!Fernando!! Barbara!K.!Ferris!! Kathleen!Anne!Fitzgerald! Curtis!Paul!Fritsch! Joan!O.!Gardner! Mary!Jane!A.!Gesmondi! Mila!Ghosh! Linda!M.!Giovine! Alan!M.!Goldman!

Greg!Howard!Goodman! Larry!E.!Gray! Joseph!John!Hall! Camille!C.!Hamel! David!James!Hanson! Stephanie!Louise!Hopkinson! Sarah!A.!Horowitz! John!G.!Humble! Frederick!B.!Hussey! Richmond!Mark!Jeffrey!! Courtland!R.!LaVallee!! Donald!A.!LaVallee! Joseph!J.!Loberti! Geoffrey!C.!Loynd! Robert!A.!Marcantonio! James!M.!Martin! Spiros!H.!Martzoukos! Quenton!S.!Masters! John!P.!McDonnell!! John!J.!McDougall!! Michael!G.!McGinty! Mary!Ellen!Mirecki! Nawfal!A.!Moghnieh!! Arnold!J.!Moses!! Nancy!L.!Mulholland!! John!J.!Mulvena! Elizabeth!Ann!Munger!! Yuji!Nakahira! Hallie!S.!Nelson!! Nancy!Nigohosian!! Kevin!M.!Pagliarini! Qiang!Peng!! Michael!J.!Perda!! Robert!M.!Phillips!! Sonya!L.!Pitman!! Thomas!E.!Potter!! Yogesh!Saini! Francisco!San!Miguel!! Vikram!A.!Saran!! Mary!A.!Shalkowski! Ellen!Brown!Shanos! Ian!Philip!Shepherd! Martha!M.!Simoneau!! Andrew!G.!Skehan!! Wendall!E.!Smith!! Michael!Joseph!Solomon!!

Lesley!J.!Squillante! P.!Srinivasaraghavan! Michael!Staulo! Vangala!Subrahmanyeshwar! Guillermo!Luis!Tello! Aaron!R.!Tessitore! JoAnn!Vandenberg!! Matthew!J.!Ventura!! Peter!D.!Ward!! Donald!A.!Wise! Stephen!M.!Wood! Joseph!M.!Yagey! Paul!M.!Yekhtikian! ! 1991! ! Scott!J.!Asadorian! Rick!Baccus! Michael!James!Bishop! Elizabeth!Ann!Boyle! Wentworth!D.!Boynton!! Eric!Gilbert!Browne!! Lauren!H.!Carson! Michael!T.!Casey! William!Twining!Castle,!Jr.! Ka!Sing!Cheung!! Diane!C.!Christensen!! Jeffrey!C.!Cleary! Jill!Ann!Craddock! Michael!J.!Cummings! William!Gregory!Dean!! Daniel!Joseph!DeNuccio!! Michael!A.!Desmarais! Phyllis!R.!Dickens!! Robert!Dickson,!Jr.!! Robert!B.!Douglas!! Mary!T.!Flynn! Surendra!Kanhaivalal!Gadodia! Catherine!A.!Giguere!! Myles!P.!Gilbert!! Vincent!J.!Giordano! Jeffrey!P.!Goulart!! Mark!Edward!Goulart!! William!B.!Hall! Michael!Patrick!Hannon! Jeffrey!L.!Heiser!!

Victoria!M.!Hittinger! Syed!Irfan!Husain!! Julie!T.!Jacques!! Cheryl!L.!Jones!! William!W.!Kain! David!Eugene!Kalafarski! Jin!W.!Kim! Steven!Richard!Krening! Varadarajan!Krishnamachari!! Candy!Bianco!Krozier!! Bharat!J.!Kulkarni!!! Ravisankar!Lakshmikanthan! Jason!Andrew!Lambert! Susan!E.!Little!! JoiAnn!Luongo!!! Edward!J.!Mack! Mary!D.!Magee! Brian!R.!Mandirola!! James!Frederick!Masa! Judith!Eileen!McFadden! James!Michael!McGinn! Ramesh!J.!Menon! Joanne!J.!Mercer! John!Paul!Merritt! William!J.!Meyer! Charles!F.!Moran! Christopher!J.!Morin!! Jyotsna!Nath!! Andrew!Edward!Nota! Andrew!John!Nunes! John!Philip!Panzica! Gary!Robert!Parente!! Steven!Charles!Petrarca!! Peter!W.!Phillips! Christopher!O.!Placco!! Jeffrey!S.!Plouffe! Isabella!R.!Porter! Mary!G.!Quinlan! Wallace!L.!Rande!! Abhijeet!V.!Rane!! Kenneth!R.!Rosbottom!! Douglas!Rossi! James!Andrew!Scannell! Sheri!Cole!Stevens!! SuhiYing!Suhng!! Deepak!N.!Swamy!!

Robert!J.!Tallman!! Cheryl!T.!Thomas!! Paul!Thomas! Haiping!Philip!Tsai! Paul!Louis!Verdile! David!J.!Wallace!! John!R.!Wesnofske! Barbara!Eagen!Wright! John!William!Wright! ! 1992! ! Russell!J.!Abgrab!! John!L.!Addessi!! Peter!N.!Adiletta!! Javed!Ahmed! Christine!Alterio! Majid!Amani! Seema!Arora!! Michael!A.!Ashton!!! Margaret!Rose!Balch!! John!James!Barkley!! Robert!S.!Bazan! Scott!A.!Bernhard! Janet!Marie!Bihb! William!L.!Boffi!! Leigh!H.!Brown! Robert!K.!Brown!! Richard!Brush!! Gregory!Butterfield! Catherine!Pereira!Catudal! Gautam!Chitnis!! Jeanne!Marie!Coelho! William!D.!Coen! Patrice!Evelyn!Cooper! Robert!J.!Cowie! Elizabeth!Faith!Cullinen! Margaret!Mary!D'Aversa! Jeffrey!W.!Davis! Sean!M.!Davis! Sarah!Carole!DeCrescenzo! Jane!Craig!De!Giacomo! Lynne!L.!DeValerio! Christopher!Peter!Devine! Dennis!M.!diBattista! David!DiCarlo!

Mark!William!Diluglio! Peter!Kevin!Domalavage! Daniel!Guillaume!Driessen!! Joan!Homan!Dufresne! M.!Turgut!Ebrem!! Richard!W.!Ekstrand! Sean!M.!Foley! Ernest!P.!Giordflno! Ernes路!Andrew!Girod!! James!Matthew!Gutkowski! Paul!S.!Haas! Debra!A.!Ham!! Deborah!J.!Harrop! P.!Jonathan!Heroux! Ronald!W.!Holman!! Marjorie!E.!Kazin! Michael!J.!Kelly! Sherr!!Dawn!Kettle!! Sandeep!Khanna!! Joan!M.!Kinniburgh! Donald!Joseph!Knize!! Timothy].!Kramer! Ganapathy!Krishnamurthy! Glenn!David!Levine! Ronald!A.!Lizotte!! Gary!John!Mackenzie!Lochhead! Marianne!Long! David!Losiewicz! Nancy!E.!Hood!MacLeod! Maureen!Patricia!Marcucci! Patricia!Ann!Martin!! Azim!R.!Mazagonwalla! Thomas!Bruce!McCaleb!! John!Patrick!McCarthy! Thomas!J.!Mccarty! Renay!L.!McLeish! James!B.!Melvin! Pauline!Marie!Monfette!! Patricia!E.!Moore! Drew!Alan!Murphy! Daniel!A.!Nash! Stephen!Gerard!Nelson! W.!Mark!Nicholson! David!Paul!Nordquist! Norman!C.!Nye,!Jr.! Danny!A.!Nygaard!

Joseph!Michael!Orsi!! Paul!A.!Pereira! David!Dean!Peterson! Vincent!E.!Petruccillo! Julia!E.!Pierson! Samuel!A.!Ponniah! !Edward!Charles!Poyer! Steven!A.!Rakltt! Michael!Rieser!! Hector!R.!Rodriguez! Robert!I.!Rozell!II! Mark!Thomas!Russell! Kenneth!James!Saccoccia!! Jatin!S.!Sanghvi!! Louis!R!Schmitt! MingiChu!Huang!Shen! Joseph!Anthony!Solis! Glenn!Richard!Stumpenhagen!! Maureen!Taraborelli! Alfred!Tedesco!III! William!A.!Thayer! Brian!C.!Trapani! Thomas!P.!Valenti! Gina!Vecchio! Louis!M.!Venezia! Snezana!Vukina! Bonnie!L.!Waddicor!! Steven!C.!Washburn! Dale!Edward!Whipple!! David!John!Williams! Phatchara!Eileen!Wongnimitkul!!! Douglas!Robert!Woodard! Shaochi!Xu! Jeffrey!Steven!Zajac!! Hong!Zhang! ! 1993! ! Mustapha!Abisourour! James!M.!Archetto! Greg!P.!Barton! Jeffery!Barton! Jdhey!Beauman! Karl!T.!Beckett! Shawn!Bennettu!! Craig!Blanchard!!

David!A.!Boisvert! Marie!A.!BouvieriNewman! Carl!W.!Bradshaw!! Jill!C.!Bradfute! Michael!S.!!Brier!! Maria!Caliri! Robert!Chambers! George!W.!Cherry!! Richard!Clark! Elizabeth!Corsini! Laura!J.!Coupal!! Stephen!Craddock!! Anne!L.!Cullen! James!Dalton! Michael!J.!DeCristofaro! James!E.!Devine! Andrew!Dieffenbach! Karen!L.!Dilauro! Mark!C.!Donovan! Seth!J.!Dorfman! Michelle!Drapeau! Michael!Duffy! George!Durgin! William!E.!Dziura!! Anthony!Fandetti! Blaine!R.!Flores!! Lorraine!C.!Foehri!! Ernest!Friule! Kyle!A.!Gerlitz!! Kathy!J.!Gooch! Maria!Grammas! Debra!J.!Granger!! William!F.!Grantges! Stephen!P.!Griffin!! Sunil!Harpalaniu!! Stephen!K.!Haiiison!! John!P.!Hirschler!! Steven!Hodges! Dean!M.!Huff! Roger!A.!Jannetta!! Deepak!A.!Jain! Peter!Johnson! Lauren!B.!KellyiDavis! Cheryl!A.!Ladd!! Abhay!Laijawala! Barnes!Lam!

Miclnel!Lattari!! Thomas!E.!Lehan!! Thomas!K.!Longest!! Jeffrey!P.!Lortz!! Robert!Lupo! Richard!Manoogian! Susan!Martin! John!Matuszek! Paul!H.!McGunagle!! Ellen!McPherson!! Robert!Milas! Vinay!Mohota! Jon!Moody! Brian!Moore!! Deirdre!Morrison! Danielle!MorrisseyiWuci! Gregory!A.!Muilenburg!! Michele!Nicholson! Daniel!O'Sullivan!! Matthew!Paknis! Dennis!L.!Parente! Tracey!A.!Parker! Sandra!Parrillo! Carol!Perry! Sheila!Pollock! Vasileios!Poulakas! Simon!Pritikin! Jane!K.!Pusch! Roger!K.!Ray!! Stephen!Renehan! Kazuko!Rinesmith!! Paul!Ruggieri!! Rupendra!Simlot! Deborah!Smith! Claire!Smolenski! James!Stevenson! Christopher!Stlepock! Susan!Sylvia! George!Taggart! Myca!EngiKee!Tan!! Peter!Tardif! Kathleen!Thornton! Maureen!VanGyzen! William!Varden! Paul!T.!Vigneant!! David!J.!Wilson!!

Diana!Wolfenden!! Linda!Woulfe!! Thomas!G.!Wright!! David!J.!Zarbatany! ! ! ! 1994! ! Richard!Angeli!! Monica!Awde! Carol!A.!Balerna! Carol!Barnabe! Jacqueline!Barry! R.!Jeffrey!Bartlett!!! James!Birkett! Raynna!Bowlby!! Nancy!J.!Brant!! Michael!S.!Brier!! Jeffrey!Broadhead!! Efrem!Bromberg! John!B.!Burd! Roger!A.!Cabral! Kathy!Campbell!! Steven!Charves! Paul!J.!Choquette!! William!L.!Coblentz!! Stephen!Conroy! David!Cordeiro!!! Joseph!A.!Coupal!!! Russell!Davis!! Stacie!Davitt! David!J.!Delano!! Cheryl!Delekta!! Doris!H.!Duarte!! Edward!P.!Dunn!! Thomas!Fay!! Mojie!W.!Franklin!! James!A.!Gadol! Ernest!L.!Gaines!! Gloria!Gaito! David!Gasper!! David!Goodrich!! Kenneth!Grant! Sarah!Greeley!! Xiaobin!Gu!

Elaine!Hardman!! Georgia!M.!Harrigan! Lynne!M.!Harrington!! William!J.!Hollman!! Lorraine!A.!Horton!! Mary!E.!Hoskins!! Kimberly!Hughes!! Sharon!Hussey! Patrice!Jones!! Trevor!M.!KellyiBissonnet!! Raymond!J.!Keough! Cindy!Lebo! Adam!C.!Livsey! Paul!R.!Loiselle! Michael!R.!Lopez! Paul!G.!Loranger! Robert!MacArthur!! James!J.!McAssey!! Francis!V.!McLean!! JoAnn!Melot! Ruth!E.!Miller!! James!A.!Mirabile!! Karen!Mollohan!! Glenn!F.!Morin!! John!D.!Murphy!! Barbara!Muzenl!! Gilbert!Myette!! Donna!L.!Paine!! William!Pearson!!! Linda!J.!Peiczarka! Wayne!D.!Pelland! Gerald!Pesch!! Heidi!Pierce! Robert!Pjojlan!! James!Pontarelli!! Deborah!Proffitt!! John!Pryor! Scott!J.!Quaratella! Anne!D.!Quigley!! Joseph!P.!Reilly!! John!J.!Rizzot!! Robert!R.!Ross!! John!J.!Schibler!! Anne!M.!Sebastian! Julia!Seigel!! Brian!Smith!!

Timothy!D.!Smith!! Joseph!Sousa!! Thomas!Sweeney! Mark!A.!Taricco!! John!Tedder! Barbara!WilneriKleln! Christopher!P.!Wood!! Mary!Woodhouse!! Timothy!Woydk!!! Alfredo!Zagaroli! !! 1995! ! Gary!M.!Akens! Cheryl!M.!Aldrich! John!R.!Anderson! John!M.!Avallone! Rosa!C.!Bartolini! John!A.!Beauchaine! Christen!A.!Beaulieu! William!A.!Birtcher! Wayne!P.!Brisson! Daniel!J.!Bungert! Jeffrey!R.!Buyak! Erin!C.!Call! Christine!H.!Callahan! Anthony!A.!Caputi,!Jr.! Laurie!Y.!Carter! Paul!K.!Carter! Richard!G.!Congdon! Robert!A.!Cooper!III! Curtis!F.!Corl! Paula!J.!DeGasparre! Adrienne!R.!DiMeo! Sean!P.!Donahue! James!F.!Donelly! Alan!J.!Doyle! Christopher!J.!Elliot! Kimberly!A.!Fidler! Gregory!Fornier! Gregory!P.!Fowler! Joseph!P.!Giorgio! Walter!T.!Golembewski! Nino!M.!Granatiero! Linda!M.!Gustafson! Christopher!B.!Hagerty!

Neset!Hikmet! Devin!D.!Householder! Mark!A.!Hughes! Scott!T.!Hunzeker! Micheal!A.!Jordan! Ellen!L.!Kaloostian! Drew!C.!Keane! Kristen!A.!Keane! Randolph!G.!Kelly! Cynthia!R.!Keniston! Debra!E.!Kieke! Robert!F.!Landsfield! Arthur!D.!Larson! Melissa!J.!Lavey! Leonard!A.!Lawrence! Carol!B.!Leduc! Dean!D.!Libutti! John!D.!McGinley! Heather!K.!McGregor! Robert!A.!McKay!! Kristine!M.!Miller! Aïda!R.!Mirante! George!C.!Moore,!Jr.! Michael!E.!Murphy! Keith!E.!Novek! Ronald!S.!Ohsbert! Stephen!P.!O’Loughlin! William!P.!Olsen! Mark!R.!O’Neill! Stephen!J.!O’Neill! John!E.!Page! Donald!C.!Palazini! Steven!L.!Perrotta! Robert!J.!Person! Jennifer!L.!Phenner! Joe!Pilozzi! E.!Brooke!Prendergasi! David!J.!RObillard! Alfred!J.!Rockwell! Dana!E.!Rozycki! Donna!J.!Ryan! Anthony!J.!Scolpino! Lynn!Robert!Snell! Robin!D.!Soper! Elizabeth!A.!Sousa! Nicholas!J.!Stahl!

Gordon!S.!Stern! Christine!R.!Stevens! Douglas!J.!Stewart! Nancy!L.!Thompson! John!E.!Tierney! Susan!M.!Tolbert! Ken!K.!Tsang! Michael!A.!Veégh! David!S.!Vogel! Mark!R.!Watermand! Daniel!S.!Weyandt! Donna!S.!!Wieters! Mark!C.!Wilson! Michael!S.!Zarzycki! Fioravante!Zuena! ! 1996! ! Robert!K.!Antczak! Eric!Carper! JiuniShiu!Chen!! Catherine!Chenot!! Eric!J.!Christensen!! Kimberly!A.!Cipriano!! John!E.!Clarkin!!! Margaret!E.!Colgan!! Christine!M.!Connolly!! William!M.!Corcoran!! Martin!R.!Costa!! Clifford!M.!Curtis!! Denise!A.!Davis!! Gordan!E.!Evans! Daniel!J.!!Faria! Patrick!J.!Fay!! Veronica!Ferraro! Harkua!M.!Goldberg! Michelle!M.!Gordon! Susan!Hamlett! Raghunath!Hanumara! Mark!T.!Haskins! David!C.!Hurley! Paresh!V.!Kitchloo!! Timothy!G.!Kosta!! Martin!Laub! Philip!E.!Leinhos!! Daniel!G.!Little!!

Linda!A.!Loiselle!! Timothy!J.!Lynch!! Joseph!E.!Masterson! Robert!Q.!Masterson! Monica!L!Mattscheck! James!M.!McCormick!! Mary!Ellen!McGrath! Mia!M.!McHale!! Brian!T.!McKeon! Patrick!F.!McMullen!! Michale!A.!Milano! Charles!R.!!Miller! Anthony!J.!Montalbano! Julie!A.!Morgan! Mark!P.!Moynihan! Julie!B.!Notarantonio!! John!A.!O'Connell!! Michele!A.!O'Malley! Patricia!A.!Palermo!! Peter!J.!Petrone!! John!M.!Regan!Jr.! Barbara!A.!Reid! Lawrence!J.!Riccitelli!! April!A.!St.!Jean!! Michael!E!Schnack!! Frank!j.!Serio! Victoria!A.!Settle!! Lucy!I.!Shelby!! Robert!P.!Sherman! Eric!Soderberg! Russell!C.!Struble!Jr.! Colleen!M.!Sullivan!! James!R.!Tisch! John!P.!Tullai!! Sandra!Wahnon! Eric!R.!Watne! Thatchaporn!Yongkittikul! ! 1997! ! Rebecca!E.!Armitage!! Joseph!S.!Balcom!! Kimberly!A.!Barnes!! Mary!E.!Beretta!! William!B.!Charron!! Kevin!A.!Chaves!

Min!Chen!! Hyunsoo!Choi!! Christopher!C.!Cobb!! Catherine!Coffey!! Kerry!A.!Coleman!! William!C.!Corr!! Richard!E.!Cota!! Catherine!M.!CurtiniMlller! Kara!B.!Curtis! Diego!A.!d'Angelo! Anthony!V.!DeSpirito!! Carl!A.!Dunham! Roy!C.!Elswick!! Nancy!J.!Ferrara!! Joseph!Fischer!! John!J.!Forelli! Michael!P.!Forster!! Stephen!M.!Fowler!! Mark!D.!Frankel!! Edward!G.!Gernat! George!B.!Gllmer!! Joshua!D.!Giuliano! Dennis!A.!Goulet!! Christopher!Graham! Rogers!Griffith! Rene!T.!Guerzon! Howard!Hague! William!Hardin! Kevin!A.!Heffernan!! Christine!Horwath!! Brian!E.!Houts!! Timothy!P.!Hughes! Christopher!E.!Humphrey!! Johannes!Husin! John!T.!Kazunas! Jill!A.!Kenik! John!J.!Kennedy!! Joseph!M.!Lavin! David!W.!Lewis!! Linda!A.!Loiselle!! Patrick!V.!McCann! Azizul!R.!Mohd!Ghazali! Andrew!T.!Monaghan!! David!B.!Murphy!! John!P.!Murphy! Sherri!L.!Newton!!

Alvin!A.!Owens!! Christine!A.!Ratcliff! Michael!D.!Reed!! Joseph!P.!Reilly!! Julie!Anne!Ryan!! Jean!Santos! Susan!E.!Scott!! Lucy!L.!Shelby! Barry!R.!Sherman! John!Silva! John!J.!Skreenock!! Michael!Sprague!! Donald!J.!Terrill!! James!R.!Tisch! Jennifer!A.!Tzamos! Karl!M.!Waldman!! Erika!Walker!! Dean!T.!Walsh!! Terry!Ward! Robin!D.!Wessman! Jin!Zhou! ! 1998! ! John!C.!Ayers! Vijay!S.!Balasubramanian!! Matthew!T.!Bard!! Nathan!L.!Barrington!! Sarah!W.!Bartlett!! Andrew!T.!Basso! Scott!E.!Beliveau! Christopher!J.!Blouin!! Jie!Cheng! Richard!Cohen!! Matthew!j.!Conlon!! Ernest!Correia! Michael!L.!Corvese!! Carole!M.!Cotter!! Christian!H.!Cowan!! Cheryl!L.!Crivellone!! Kerri!E.!Dacey!! Jill!A.!De!Leo! Sean!D.!Donegan!! Robert!B.!Duffy!! Colleen!M.!Flsawahi! Richard!J.!Feldman!

Robert!D.!Gentry!! George!B.!Gilmer!! Michelle!C.!Girasole!! Pamela!A.!Gray!! James!C.!Haught! Michelle!L.!Herr!! John!C.!Holloway!! Shama!Kajiji!! KuangiTa!Ko! Stephan!La!Flamme! Dirk!Larisch!! David!N.!Laudati!! Jason!Lavelle!! Michelle!M.!Light!! Michael!W.!Lillie! Stephen!M.!Maceroni! Steven!T.!Malone! Sean!P.!McKenna! Andrew!D.!Mole!! Joseph!M.!Monti! Julie!J.!Moore! Rebecca!A.!Moore!! Patrick!T.!Moynihan!! Miguel!Muzzio! John!W.!Patton! Ruth!A.!Rankin! Eugene!R.!Robertson!! Daniel!J.!Rocha!! Stephen!E.!Russell! Ismail!Sila!! Daniel!G.!Stec!! Michael!D.!Sullivan! Patrick!B.!Taglavore!! Bernadette!A.!Taylor! Richard!J.!Thornton! Mary!E.!Tolfa!! Marie!Twomey! William!P.!Ulmschneider!! Nicholas!C.!Utter! David!R.!Violette!! James!P.!Waters+! David!j.!Woodward! Thomas!D.!Yeomans! ! 1999! !

Karen!L.!Abrahamson! Adam!S.!Barker! Jeffrey!E.!Beatty! Christopher!C.!Benevides! Natalie!E.!Benkovich! Barry!K.!Blatt! Kimberly!Bond! Julie!A.!Brodsky! Mary!E,!Callanan! Suzanne!M.!Carvalho! Edward!J.!Charbonneau! Linda!A.!Chatman! Ann!S.!Cibelli! Toni!D.!Collier! Paul!D.!Collins! Peter!C.!Conover! Armindo!R.!Costa! Anne!M.!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Alessio! Denise!A.!Davis! Lisa!M.!Dennis! Mark!C.!Dietrich! Duane!C.!Fauth! Kevin!J.!Fitta! Barry!J.!Foster! Carolyn!S.!Fuchs! Claire!M.!Gadrow! Verne!B.!Gifford! Edward!G.!Groden! Thomas!J.!Gryk! John!M.!Haller! Joseph!M.!Hancock! William!E.!Hayden! Mark!J.!House! Ben!ShaoiChiun!Hung! Manish!D.!Jariwala! Daniel!J.!Justynski! Dennis!J.!Kelly! Marc!L.!Lamson! Susan!Medici! Leland!R.!Merrill! Anita!E.!Miller! ! Thomas!R.!Moenning! Daniel!S.!Mumbauer! Dean!A.!Muriano! Colin!T.!Murphy!

Tamer!I.!Nawar! Michelle!M.!Norton! Carol!B.!Overdeep! Richard!D.!Panzarella! JungiAe!Peng! Ruth!A.!Rankin! Joseph!J.!Ranone! Scott!M.!Rotondo! Joseph!C.!Schrader! Kathleen!M.!Shaw! KimiRenee!Silva! Andrew!Skokowski! Alfred!D.!Steinman! Michael!D.!Sullivan! Hongtao!Sun! Laurie!A.!Taber! Joshua!R.!Tapley! Robert!W.!Thomas! Thomas!G.!Tibbs! Darlene!A.!Towne! John!Travers! Mark!Vincent! Hong!Wang! Roger!H.!Ward! Ann!M.!Winn! Daniel!Yohanners! !! ! 2000! ! William!J.!Ash! Jerry!Bernardini! Thomas!E.!Boriso! Bridget!M.!Bouchard! Patrick!J.!Bouthhillier! Doreen!B.!Burgers! Dominic!L.!Carusi! Julie!M.!Casey! Hang!Chen! Stephen!O.!Chenard! Ian!R.!Clemmey! Brent!L.!Cogswell! Melissa!E.!Cohen! Michelle!A.!Colucci! John!J.!Conroy!III! Gordon!S.!Craig!III!

Laura!L.!DeMartini! Patricia!C.!Donovan! Neil!J.!DuBois! David!W.!Ferdinand! Frank!J.!Ferendo! Paul!F.!Fioravanti! Donald!J.!Fish! Peter!A.!Furfari! Thoams!J.!Gallagher! George!D.!Ganoung! Jennifer!R.!Ganoung! Bryan!O.!Gaudet! Heather!Godsey! Paul!R!.Gomez! Gregory!A.!Gould! Peter!W.!Haar! Wallace!T.!Harrison! John!M.!Hroncich! Stefan!A.!Hunter! Jonh!Ho!Hwang! Akimore!Ikeda! Wayne!A.!Jang! Jenifer!H.!Jordan! Shama!Kajiji! Richard!P.!Kanaczet! Timo!Kehr! Paul!R.!Kelley! Kelly!Kolenda! William!H.!Lapointe! William!H.!Lauder! Ya!Hui!Liao! Jill!A.!Long! Edward!! T.!Lopes,!Jr.! Tobias!Luehrig! James!Mack! Vishai!James!Makker! Gerald!R.!Maloney! Scott!M.!Mandelsohn! Matthew!E.!Matchand! George!W.!Markhand! David!R.!Marquis! Christine!Mattos! Susan!A.!McCann! Robin!McKensie! Robert!A.!Mercer,!Jr.!

Joseph!T.!Murphy! Kelly!J.!Owens! Sheetal!Patel! Yann!Pecha! Frank!A.!Pietrusiewicz! Timothy!J.!Pigott! Mary!E.!Plante! David!S.!Porter! Andree!J.!Rathemacher! Timothy!C.!Regan! Edward!Rishmany! Heriberto!Rodiriguez! Camilla!Ronna! Kandice!L.!Salomone! Everett!A.!Santos! Matthew!P.!Schambers,!Jr.! Patrick!O.!Shea! Edward!G.!Simonetti! Shawn!M.!Smith! Julie!R.!Snyder! Frederick!F.!Stafford! Kimberly!Stewart! Riccardo!J.!Sticca! James!M.!Surprenant! Robert!J.!Tamburro! Linda!Tisch! Earle!W.!Truesdell! Christopher!G.!Wall! Cynthia!B.!Wheeler! ! 2001! ! Marvin!Albney! Tammi!Agostonho! Joseph!J.!Bernier! John!Bonsante! Christina!Brandes! Allan!J.!Benman! Nicholas!Carafa! Jospeh!A.!Casali! Matthew!E.!Cedor! Kei!Cheung! Robert!A.!Connerny! Jenna!Corsini! Sean!N.!Cronin! Raymond!Damaso!

David!Exter! Bruce!W.!Fairchild! Joseph!D.!Femino! Jeffrey!D.!Ferland! Michelle!L.!Fortin! Jennifer!Frank! Suzanne!M.!Gamelin! Kent!A.!Gates,!Jr.! Thomas!Giuliano!Jr.! Terrence!D.!Gray! Kathryn!L.!Gross! Kevin!P.!Hamilton! Loni!Hooper! John!Hughes! Michelle!L.!Jaccodine! Amber!Jancola! Christian!D.!Jedson! Benjamin!A.!Jordan! Karl!Kazarian! Nancy!L.!Koczera! Peter!Kohler! Thomas!Kupec! Michael!J.!Leonard! Eike!Liekweg! Hector!M.!Lopez! Michael!LoRUsso! Joseph!E.!Lotterhos! Jason!S.!MAceda! Markis!Mansour! George!Maris! Christine!Mattos! Thomas!G.!Maynard! Colin!L.!McGrath! Peter!Nadeau! Linda!Natale! Kelly!R.!Nimmer! Jochen!Noerrenberg! Stephen!Nonis! Richard!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien!III! Jason!Oliver! Stephanie!E.!Osmani! Thomas!Pascarella! Arthur!Passa! Kenneth!L.!Pelletier! Timothy!A.!Phillips!! Angela!Ramos!

Alan!Reilly!Jr.! Ronald!R.!Rossi! Kandice!L.!Salomone! Marion!H.!Selby! Jeffrey!R.!Stotler! Timothy!Sullivan! Stina!Tjelflaat! Jared!Tucjer! Michael!E.!Valley! Monica!R.!Van!Deventer! Kristen!L.!Verduchi! Gary!S.!Ward! Christopher!A.!Wilks! Arne!Wolter! Hans!Yeboah! ! 2002! ! Fritz!H.!Albrecht! Rovert!F.!Baarson! Ronald!Babineau! Myra!L.!Bailer! Judith!A.!Barlow! Gretchen!E.!Bingle! Christiane!Birkholz! James!J.!Blanchette! Lawrence!W.!Brand,!Jr.! David!S.!Brennan! Michael!J.!Budziszek! Nina!C.!Cardoso! Jeffrey!P.!Cascione! Robert!R.!Chartrand!Jr.! Domenic!M.!Coletta! Kathy!S.!Connors! Thomas!H.!Cousineau! Kevin!M.!Dehner! Tobe!C.!Deutschmann! Jessica!L.!Dioguardi! Mark!Duffy! Chandrasekaran!Duraiswany! Tatian!Y.!Elisseeva! Heath!E.!Epaloose! Brian!R.!Felice! Martha!E.!Ferris! John!V.!Flockhart! Jeffrey!M.!Ford!

Thomas!J.!Gaddis! Ronald!N.!Gagnon! Corey!J.!Gannon! Birget!Girshick! Harikrishna!Gopalakrisna! Joseph!K.!Griddin! Lachman!Harripersad! Curtis!H.!HIckle! Sven!Hirsekorn! Reuben!W.!Horace,!Sr.! Eoin!M.!Howlett! Susan!L.!Hoye! Amy!V.!Hubertus! RObebrt!N.!Hughes! Charles!W.!Humphrey! John!T.!Jackman! Zachary!O.!Jackson! Melissa!L.!Jendzejec! Jennifer!Kalapos! Brian!A.!Kanervike! Shaun!T.!Kavanagh! Condice!L.!Kornacki! Steven!C.!Lamothe! William!R.!Lebeau! Michael!E.!Letzring! Scott!Levine! Dang!Khoa!Lieu! Arthur!Lubeniewski! Kathy!A.!Lyford! Michael!H.!Maciocio! Michael!S.!!Mancuso! David!J.!Matarese! Charles!T.!McCann! John!J.!McLaughlin! Paul!R.!Metcalf! Joseph!T.!Najmowicz! Julie!A.!Newsham! Odayappan!Odayappan! Adenwunmi!T.!Opaneye! Cheryl!E.!Orciuch! Craig!L.!Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rourke!II! Kelly!L.!Page! Christopher!A.!Paolo! Brenda!L.!Petrone! David!A.!Pisano! Mary!E.!Puglia!

Christine!Rancourt! Cheryl!A.!Rapp! Louis!A.!Reid! Eric!D.!Ross! Miguel!SancheziHartwein! Zack!G.!Sharpe! Thomas!P.!Shrot! Allison!M.!SHunney! Brian!G.!Standley! AnneiKatrin!Stiefel! Bruce!Stoeckel! Michael!A.!Tedeschi! Kelly!L.!Thomas! Janiece!L.!Upham! Meredith!H.!Westner! James!R.!Wylly! Vincent!A.!Yevoli!Jr.! Stephen!J.!Zbyszewski! Eric!Zorner! ! 2003! ! Alishah!Afdasta!! Salvatore!F.!Alessio!! Damon!K.!Amaral!! Gregory!N.!Arnold!! Daniel!P.!Barger!! Philip!J.!Barner! Christopher!R.!Bolduc! Katherine!A.!Caputo! John!N.!Chirico!Jr.!! YaiYun!Chuang!! Catherine!L.!Collins!! Billy!E.!Cox! Meredith!A.!Curfman!! Roger!K.!Denison!! Debra!V.!Dorn! Mazence!DrevoniBalas! Khaled!A.!Elsaid!! Dennis!L.!Farrell!! Christoph!M.!Frank!! James!C.!Gallagher!! Nicholas!Garret!! Michael!T.!Glier!! Wayne!J.!Goveia!! Kenneth!R.!Graf!

Paul!Hansen! Keith!E.!Harrington!! Charles!H.!Kirk!! Sushma!P.!Kitchloo!! Michael!Kolakowski! Noah!J.!Komnick!! Thomas!D.!Kowalski! Matthew!T.!Landman!! Gunnar!Lange! Christopher!J.!Langford!! Leonard!M.!Lyon! Charles!T.!McCann! MaryiAnn!McCurry!! MaryiBeth!Michaud!! Edward!F.!O'Rourke!! Donald!Osley!! Markus!Parth! Roxanne!M.!Pettiway! Paul!J.!Ponte! Robinson!H.!Quiroz! William!Rafferty! Tara!L.!Reiff! Michael!O.!Riggs! Steven!M.!Rotternberg! Kathleen!B.!Rusley! Beata!Russon! Richard!C.!Sasse! Amy!E.!Serpliss! John!J.!Sirois! John!M.!Skutnik! Ulf!Streuer! Katy!A.!Tetreault! Kara!E.!Therlault! John!B.!Trevor! Paul!G.!Tsimikas! John!G.!Tunison! Gregory!M.!Tyler! Steven!M.!Violette!! Markus!Volmer! Cristhop!von!Hugo! Dave!P.!Weaver! Collin!T.!Wedel! Chrstine!E.!Zina! ! 2004! !

John!R.!Audett! Jason!Basesemann! Joseph!Back!III! Mark!A.!Berry! Michael!J.!Biedronski! Carl!M.!Blahnik! Daniel!L.!Blumenschein! Thomas!Bonsaint! Kevin!P.!Braga! Heinz!Bruns! Robert!J.!Byron! Alexander!J.!Caracuzzo! Bjorn!Carlsson! Curtis!Carlsten! Thomas!M.!Carrazzo! Kevin!Casey! Jaime!E.!Chamorro! Ping!Chen! Mark!D.!Cieplinski! Bryan!Clairmont! Peter!H.!Clark! Nico!Clift! Kristen!M.!Cole! Donna!M.!ConcaiWoelfelt! Timothy!J.!Conley! Erica!Conners! Cara!Cormier! Robert!Costello! Randall!N.!Cote! Donald!J.!Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ambrosio! Edward!DaCosta! Elizabeth!Demers! Jennifer!Doherty! HOlger!Donath! James!D.!Drake! Susan!A.!Elliott! David!H.!Eubank! Rickson!E.!Evangelista! Gerald!H.!Fargo!Jr.! Lynn!Farrell! Marc!A.!Ferreira! John!J.!Forcino! Darren!R.!Genstil! Steven!J.!Giguere! David!Giroux! David!Glasscock!

Laigh!Glassman! Brian!Goffe! Lars!Gonschorek! James!M.!Hagerty! Li!Peng!He! Holly!D.!Hoyt! Shomari!Husband! Alexander!Jankowski! Kristin!E.!Jarvis! Joseph!Jussila! Amy!Kauppila! Thomas!King! Charles!H.!Kirk! Anne!E.!Klimuszka! Daniel!Koehler! Alene!Lawrence! Franklin!D.!Leoni!Jr.! Mark!Liersch! Manuel!D.!Linhares! Peter!R.!Littler! Kelly!Lloyd! Michelle!M.!Lombardo! Qinqin!Ma! Gregor!Maguth! Elodie!Marteau! Lisa!L.!Martin! Malcolm!McKeag! David!J.!Miller! Michael!R.!Miller! Andreas!Mitschke! Joy!M.!Molak! William!Montanaro! Charles!P.!Mosher! Erick!C.!Nordan! Nnenna!OkekeiEzigbo! Alan!J.!Pape! Bernard!L.!Patterson! James!S.!Peltier! Christopher!Pigott! Dianna!S.!Poissant! Daniel!Prescott! Karen!A.!Quattrucci! Edward!Quinn! Renee!Raposo! David!E.!Regine! Jonathan!Reuss!

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Jeremy!C.!Anderson! Catherine!B.!Aragao! Katrin!Avenhaus! E.!Allen!Avery!! Jason!S.!Baesemann! Ingcild!Bakke! Jospeh!J.!Barry! Scott!E.!Battersby! MarcoM.!Becker! Charles!G.!Beltz! Amber!J.!Bouchard! Kevin!Casey! Jason!T.!Cheshire! Thomas!C.!Chestna!III! Sean!S.!Coen! Bryan!C.!Cook! Kounandi!Stephane!Coulibaly! Nicholas!D.!Cristofori! Romain!Dusan! David!J.!Eastman! Luis!R.!Eliza! Lynn!M.!Farrell!! Leigh!Glassman! Robert!T.!Gordon! Brendan!A.!Hames! Ryan!Harvey! MarieiLaure!Holler! Henk!A.!Horstmann! Christie!L.!Jones! Adam!B.!Juda! Neil!A.!Krueger! Deborah!P.!Lafen! Patrick!Lahyani! Julio!Lara! Justin!A.!Lemery! Nicole!C.!Lent! Michael!R.!Machado! Richard!T.!Manglona! Antonio!Marinucci! Viviane!R.!Martins! James!E.!McCurdy! Nadav!H.!Mer! Matthew!M.!Miler! Gerald!Jospeh!Nangle! Dean!W.!Naylor! William!J.!Norris!

Cody!L.!Ochs! Nnenna!O.!OkekeiEzigbo! James!K.!Olick! Kjellrun!Janetter!Olson! Edgar!Ortiz! Jose!M.!Paganessi! Dattatreya!Panse! Sattanathan!Ponnuswamy! Phillippa!J.!Rachliffe! Mark!A.!Recio! Stephan!Rehder! Michelle!S.!Rhodes! Steven!V.!Rhodes! Catherine!Robey! Sheri!L.!Santos! Robert!A.!Scheding! Rena!Sheehan! Daniel!J.!Smith! Leslie!B.!Smith! Sandra!V.!Sokoll! Nicole!E.!Spino! Annelisa!Steinkrauss! John!P.!Virgilio! Robert!A.!Zeuge! ! 2006! ! Lisa!Aldrich!! Louis!Amadio! Meganne!Atkins! Suzanne!Badet!! Ryan!Bakert! Brett!Bell! Marcus!Bennett! Julie!Bixby! Steffen!Blase! Kenneth!Block! Yuyan!Bradyt! Erica!Conners! Matthew!DeAngelis! Jon!Dilorio! Alison!DiPippo!! Jon!Egan! Keith!Elflein! Jennifer!Fitzgerald! Nyekeh!Forkpa!

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! ! 2007! ! Gomathi!Anandan! Philip!Michael!Antonelli! Bala!S.!Appikatla!! David!W.!Ashley!! Carolyn!R.!Beaudry!! Georg!Becker! Brendan!Coogan!Beer!!! Kerrie!L.!Bennett!! Marcus!S.!Bennett! Kenneth!R.!Block!! Zahra!M.!Boukhreiss!! Sindhu!Chhabra! John!L.!Cook! Gregory!Couturier!! Michael!J.!Davis!! Casey!K.!Delcour!! Andrea!L.!Di!Masi! Patrick!G.!Durney!! Henrik!Arne!Emmert!! Lindsay!E.!Fish! Frank!V.!Francis!! Joshua!C.!Fredley!! Raveena!C.!Girdhari!! Sebastian!Hermann!Grobe!! Amber!M.!Halteman!! Amanda!Rae!Hanawayi!Corrente!! Todd!Michael!Harris! Jan!Heuchert! Ryan!H.!jones!! Tim!Kearns!! Philip!E.!Koight!! Korrie!Elizabeth!LaBrie! Christopher!A.!Lacasse! James!D.!Laing! Bo!E.!Lindstrand!! Cynthia!E.!Lithgow! Joseph!M.!Looney! Scott!Charles!Mackes! Matthew!W.!Mahr!! Matthew!T.!Marin!! Ronald!Michael!Metcho!! Dominic!P.!Moccia!

Tracy!E.!Newell!! Christopher!J.!Nolan!! Matthew!J.!Oldmixon! Mark!S.!Oliver! Sarah!Ann!Overton! Rafael!J.!PAstana! Kevin!J.!Pearce! Jeffrey!S.!Potter! Kannyka!Pouk! Cecile!Poyet! Tanya!Roberts! Christopher!T.!Sanford! Marc!D.!Santos! Paul!Schubert! Sebastian!Schulz! Leah!M.!Semonelli! Iryna!SLecczkiewicz! Meghan!E.!Smith! Maria!Solis! Ernest!Sonyl! Adamson!E.!Streit! Jason!Nicholas!Titone! John!J.!Vecli! Jospeh!R.!Winthrop! Corissa!S.!Wylie! Monica!Elena!Zamfir! ! 2008! ! Khaled!Alabdulghafour! Jodi!M.!Aubin! Markus!Biewalk! Robert!M.!Blain! Zahra!M.!Boukhreiss! Laura!D.!Brown! Brennan!O.!Burke! John!B.!Conlin! John!L.!Cook! Joao!Cruz! Mathew!De!Costa! Lindsay!T.!Delmenico! Gregory!D.!DiBlasi! Samuel!Donabedian! Brian!E.!Dungey! Thorsten!Fink! Kelly!L.!Fogarty!

Jeffrey!Fox! David!P.!Gentile! Edward!Charles!Giardina! Savanand!P.!Girdhari! Roger!J.!Grissom! John!Michael!Grube! Cheryl!L.!Gwaltney! Brian!M.!Hennessey! Dexter!Hoag! Marina!Jankowski! Faith!R.!Kaplan! Katerina!A.!Karmokolias! Michael!L.!Kendra! Janine!Kumskt! Nicole!K.!Laprise! Ryan!J.!Litwin! Peter!J!Lombardo! Alan!Malafronte! Matthrew!T.!Marin! Chantal!J.!Martin! Steven!J.!Masterson! Kelly!E.!McGuinnessiSlocum! Brian!Patrick!Morris! Benjamin!Munzel! Gerome!F.!Muriel! Kenyon!P.!Murphy! Kendra!A.!Nicastro! Nikki!Perkinds! William!A.!Pikul! Frank!J.!Quinn! Marie!L.!Roberts! William!J.!ROff! Matthew!A.!Rogovitz! Brian!Russolino! Christopher!V.!Sao! Janne!Schilling! Leah!M.!Semonelli! Petya!Atanasova!Triolo! John!J.!Vecoli! ! !2009! ! Thomas!H.!Achterberg! Khaled!Alabdulghafour! Donald!Anderson! Michelle!Armsby!

Laura!L.!Audette!! Chelsea!T.!Baker!! Mark!P.!Baldwin!! Nadia!A.!Barbosa! Regina!A.!BertoldiiBraga! Carl!E.!Bever!! Max!L.!Bialick!! Frank!Boschi! Zahra!M.!Boukhreiss!! Christina!H.!Bowes! Bryan!W.!Briggs!! Candace!R.!Brodeur!! Richard!E.!Brown!! Kathleen!A.!Chien!! Dasaratha!Rao!Chillale!! Yevgenya!Chityan!! Kelly!J.!Colgan! Lauretta!Ann!Converse!! Stephen!L.!Corey! Nicholas!G.!Courniotes!! Patrick!A.!Craft! Scott!B.!Dickson!! Weidong!Ding!! Anthony!DiTullio! Clemens!Uwe!Dressel! Robert!M.!Fagan!! Christopher!P.!Fava!!! Daniel!A.!Ferry!! Paulo!R.!Furtado!!! Angel!GarciaiManso! Matthew!Gavitt! Lisa!Gheringhelli!!! Ingrid!Gliottone! Elizabeth!Grayeck!! Maximilian!Hausdorf!! Erica!A.!Hautala!! Sarah!W.!Heard!!! Brian!M.!Hennessey!! Carissa!A.!Hill!! !! Dexter!Hoag!! Yuhung!Hsu!! Lauren!Jasiello! Beverly!A.!Johnson!! Jeffrey!S.!Koplik!! Daniel!P.!Labrador!

Navin!S.!Lao!! Valerie!Ann!Leduc!!! Ian!T.!Lyckland!! Andrew!C.!Madden! Stephen!F.!Manzo! Matthew!T.!Marin! Adam!McGovern! John!T.!Messere!! Andrew!H.!Montone! Melissa!S.!Mooradian!! Kelly!A.!Morris!! Shane!A.!Moynihan! Diana!K.!Mulak! Dhiraj!Nahar! Joseph!A.!O'Donnell!! AdebowaleO.!Olayanju! Stacia!C.!Paquet!! Carlene!A.!Parrillo!! Nikki!Perkins!! Matthew!G.!Pickering!! Andrew!M.!Raucci!! Jimena!G.!Resto!! Matthew!A.!Rogovitz!!! Brian!Russolino!! Justin!Sadler! Lucille!Rios!Saunders! Elske!Friederike!Schulze!! Colin!Daniel!Shaw!!! James!D.!Sherrod! Elyse!S.!Silverbook!! Andrew!P.!Stephens!! Isaac!J.!Sullivan!! Timothy!Sullivan!! Stephen!P.!Theroux!! Stephanie!L.!Travison! Matthias!Tschech!! Caroline!Amaral!Varteresian! Gema!Vinuales! William!G.!Walsh!! ! 2010! ! Thomas!H.!Achterberg! Khaled!Alabdulghafour!! Nayda!G.!Anaya!! Donald!Anderson!

Lisnel!Arias!! Michelle!Armsby!! Jon!C.!Bell!! Christina!H.!Berardi!! Debra!W.!Berrett!! Joseph!A.!Bertoldi!! Max!L.!Blalick!! Danato!Borelli!! Matthew!R.!Boucher! Michael!R.!Bucci!! Dash!R.!Chillale!! Yevgenya!Chityan!! Angela!L.!Cidade!! Lauretta!Ann!Converso!! Stephen!L.!Corey!! Weldong!Ding!! Clemons!Uwe!Dressel!! William!K.!Durfee! Seth!C.!DwyeriFrazier!! Christopher!P.!Fava! Paulo!R.!Furtado!! Angel!GarciaiManse!! Leroy!Gardner!III! Matthew!Gavitt!! Usa!Gheringhelll!! Daniel!William!Giddens!! Ingrid!Gliottone!! Mario!L.!Grande! Elizabeth!Grayeck!! Jonathan!T.!Griffee!! Kathleen!E.!Gula!! Craig!Hall! Maximilian!Hausdorf!! Sarah!W.!Heard!! Matthew!P.!Holbrook!! Catherine!Kplkpira!! Daniel!P.!Labrador!! Valerie!Ann!Leduc!! Daniel!R.!Lefkowitz!! Joseph!P.!Libutti!! Jeffrey!F.!Little! Haifeng!Liu! Ian!T.!Lyckland!! Andrew!C.!Madden!! Nicole!Mainville!! Stephen!F.!Manzo!

Kevin!K.!Martins!! Wajih!N.!Mazloum!! Andrew!H.!Montone!! Christopher!V.!Moore!! Kelly!A.!Morris!! Shane!A.!Moynihan!! Sanjay!Kumar!Mupparapu!! Brian!J.!Musiak!! Christopher!A.!Napa!! Nicholas!S.!Nightingale!! Joseph!A.!O'Donnell! Adebowale!O.!Olayanju!! Kellle!K.!Phelan!! Matthew!G.!Pickering!! Catherine!Anne!Raposa!! Andrew!M.!Raucci!! Simon!A.!Rhyner!! Wayne!Russo! Lucille!Rios!Saunders!! Elske!Friederike!Schulze! Clifford!C.!Seran!! Colin!Daniel!Shaw!! Michele!M.!Silveira!! Hillary!A.!Stevens!! Isaac!J.!Sullivan!! Sarah!M.!Sylvia!! Christopher!M.!Thompson!! Matthias!Tschech!! Caroline!Varteresian!! Michael!C.!Veloso!! Gema!Vinuales! William!G.!Walsh!! Dennis!Jeremiah!Wayland!! ! 2011! ! Usnel!Arias!! Malte!Bergmann!!! Ilona!Berman!! Dennis!Boba!! Derek!W.!Bootie! Jonathan!A.!Brito!! Kenneth!J.!Burke! Judy!Kok!Ying!Chong!! Angela!L.!Cidade!! Christine!Cordeiro!!

Vincenzo!Cordone! Matthew!J.!Coyne!! Christopher!J.!Dacey!! Rebecca!L.!Davis!! Jiang!Du!! Kristopher!P.!Evon! Eamonn!J.!Fanning!! Ruth!A.!Fisher!! Cynthia!L.!Gallow!! Stephanie!E.!Garcia!! Rionda!M.!Geraldes! Carrie!Anne!Gill!! Ashley!Flizabeth!Gingerella! Kathleen!E.!Gula!! John!V.!Hanson!! Erik!Alexander!Hoy! Steven!J.!Humphrey!!! Alexandra!Jacobs! Vesela!H.!Karachorova!! Kelly!E.!Keegan!! Evan!J.!Kent!! Aidan!Kilcoyne!! Erica!L.!Kirwan!! Valerie!Ann!Leduc!! Justin!T.!Lesak!! James!Levy!! Agnieszka!Lorenc!! Diane!J.!Maciejewski!! James!O.!Maher!IV! Mathieu!Joseph!Major! Lauren!T.!Marchbanks!! Daniel!J.!Marshall!! Wajih!N.!Mazloum!! Shane!S.!McCann!! Erin!R.!McCluskey!!! Kevin!Medeiros!! Christina!E.!Miller! Christopher!V.!Moore!! Krystal!L.!Muise!! Colin!Mulcahey!! Bonnie!A.!Noble! Philip!R.!Notardonato! Jason!W.!O'Neil!! Christina!A.!O'Reilly!! Robert!I.!Pesik!! Abraham!Pinales!!

Chris!W.!Ratcliffe! Arne!Reiss!! Nathan!S.!Reynolds!! Matthew!J.!Rhodes!! Adam!A!Rosa!! Brian!Rosso! Lisa!A.!Sarubbi!! Thomas!Friedrich!Schubert!! Ashley!J.!Sgambato!! Stephanie!A.!Sharkey!! Steven!C.!Surrette! Andrea!M.!Tomasso!! Charlotte!M.!Toolan!! Jacob!R.!Varleresian!! Michael!C.!Veloso!! Bryan!J.!Waltz!! William!L.!Young!! ! 2012! ! Tilmar!Ackermann! Syama!Adhibhatta!! John!B.!Araujo!! Jonathan!Bain! David!A!Blackman! Jonathan!Bradner! Toni!Brauer! Ian!B.!Cameron!! Michael!Cancilfiere!! Bryan!S.!Card!! Maureen!A.!Chaplan!! Raffi!Chapian!! Beth!M.!Chianese!! Regina!J.!Costa!! Lisa!A.!Cosla! Matthew!R.!Cupka!! Lisa!M.!Deroy!! Hector!Derreza!! Gina!Francesca!Di!Grandi! Abbey!Druken!! Clare!D.!Evans!! Joseph!C.!Fetter! Sean!B.!Finneran!! Eric!J.!Flath! Patrick!T.!Gallagher!! Matthew!Garand!!

James!G.!Garcia!! Keith!G.!Gilligan!! Timothy!R.!Gleason!! Jenny!Hagenah!! Beth!L.!Hamilton!! Patrtck!B.!Hartnett!! Samuel!L.!Hawkes!! Marc!Hawxhurst!! Kyle!D.!Hedges!! Juan!R.!Hernandez! Jan!C.!Hiller!! Raymond!C.!Hudon!! Seth!J.!Jones! Erin!E.!Knight!! Elisa!C.!Ko!! Jeffrey!J.!Krauss!! Justin!G.!Larson!! Monica!A.!Leandre!! Allison!E.!Leblanc!! Andrea!L.!Lynch! Alexandra!M.!Mancini!! Patrick!K.!Martin!! Philip!E.!Masquelette!! Ryan!S.!McCarthy!! Christopher!J.!McGiveney!!! Joseph!T.!McNulty!! Jonathan!S.!Mogul!! Katherine!Faith!Mogul!! Sidney!L.!Norwitz!! John!D.!Olerio!! Kristopher!G.!Ouellette!! Anna!J.!Pawlicka! Sid!Petersen!! Andrew!D.!PinkeyiDrobnis!!! Elizabeth!M.!Ponte!! Rebecca!T.!Quintal! Arjun!Singh!Ranawat!! Mark!R.!Rauckhorst!! Christopher!Cabell!Riely!! John!P.!Rooney!! Jason!J.!Rouslin!! Ujjayanee!Roy!! Paul!J.!Salcone!! Sean!M.!Schachte!! Jan!Julius!Schmidt!! Florian!Joachim!Juergen!

SchmidtiSkipiol!! Jacqueline!Schnabel!! Paul!A.!Sefcsik!! Megan!Snowberger!! Meghan!K.!Steinhaus!! Dina!Stolyarova!! Vu!C.!Su! Kimberly!Taber!! Anthony!Tanner! Stanley!P.!Tencza!! Mark!N.!Thornton!! Mark!A.!Torok!! Sumit!Tuteja!! Morgan!J.!Tysor!! Nathaly!VasqueziRulz! Sonya!A.!Wilson! Evan!K.!Wujcik!! !

Ph.D. GRADUATES 1995-2012

PhD Graduates Business Administration 1995 Nancy H. Leonard - "Group Cognitive Style and Decision" Major Professor: Richard Scholl 1996 Jonathan A. Matheny - "A Model of Culture-Based Identity and Action" Major Professor: Laura Beauvais Matthew H. Roy - "Cognitive Adaptability for Communicative Performance" Major Professor: Sanjiv Dugal David Allen West - "Neural Networks in the Decision Sciences" Major Professor: Paul Mangiameli 1997 M. Fazilah Abdul Samad - "A Study of Politically-Affiliated Groups in Malaysia" Major Professor: Rosita Chang John E. Barbuto - "A Predictive Model of Leaders' Behaviors" Major Professor: Richard Scholl Timothy Blair Greenlee - "Communications to Influence Risky Behavior" Major Professor: Carol Surprenant Kenneth A. Kim - "Large Shareholders of Japanese Banks" Major Professor: S. Ghon Rhee Kellyann B. Kowalski - "The Buffer Effect of Social Support on Work-Family Conflict" Major Professor: Laura Beauvais Darryl Brent Lanoue - "Mexican Industrial Groups" Major Professor: Norman Coates Chi-Jeng Wang - "Bid-Ask Spread in the Taiwan Stock Market" Major Professor: S. Ghon Rhee 1998 Adel Al-Weqaiyan - "Values and Cross-National Satisfaction" Major Professor: Carol Surprenant Susan M. Bosco - "The Effect of Developmental Process on the Cognitive Complexity of Major Professor: Elizabeth Cooper Stereotypes" David R. Fortin - "The Impact of Interactivity on Advertising Effectiveness in the New Major Professor: Ruby Roy Dholakia Media" Piman Limpaphayom - "Three Essays on Asian Capital Markets" Major Professor: Gene Lai Paschalina Ziamou - "Effect of Newness on Technological Innovations on Individiuals' Major Professor: Nikhilesh Dholakia Judgments of Value" 1999 Soon Huat Chan - "Essay on Financial 'Circuit Breaker' Mechanism" Major Professor: S. Ghon Rhee James M. Curran - "Technology-Based Customer Interfaces" Major Professor: Carol Surprenant John T. O'Connell - "Employee Motivation and Work Behaviors"

Major Professor: Richard Scholl John W. O'Neill - "Interorganizational Macroculture" Major Professor: Laura Beauvais Jennifer A. Swanson - "Sports and Organizations" Major Professor: Craig Overton 2000 John J. Beliveau - "Resolution of Intrapersonal Conflict" Major Professor: Richard Scholl S. Bruce Han - "The Effects of ISO 9000 Registration Effort" Major Professor: Shaw Chen Nset Hikmet - "Information Technology in Health Care" Major Professor: Maling Ebrahimpour Kam Fui Lau - "Quantifying Algorithm for Scheduling" Major Professor: Victor Fay-Wolfe 2001 Wentworth D. Boynton - "Rebalancing and Delisting Influences" Major Professor: Henry Oppenheimer Peruvemba S. Jaya - "The New Global Worker" Major Professor: Linda Randall Shih-Ching Jeng - "Efficiency in the Financial Services Industry" Major Professor: Gene Lai Gary Kayakachoian - "On Agency Costs and Firms' Decisions" Major Professor: Henry Oppenheimer Chunlin Liu - "Market Making in Dealership Markets" Major Professor: Gene Lai Valentin H. Pashtenko - "Overcoming Imbedded Impediments to Change" Major Professor: George deLodzia Christopher J. Roethlein - "Quality and Strategy Within Supply Chains" Major Professor: Paul Mangiameli 2002 Samuel K. Bonsu - "Consumer Behavior in Asante Death Rituals" Major Professor: Nikhilesh Dholakia Matthew Eriksen - "Electronic Fishbowl: A Community of Enquiry" Major Professor: Sanjiv Dugal Mamduh M. Hanafi - "Essay on Foreign and Domestic Investors" Major Professor: S. Ghon Rhee Chih-Jou Hsieh - "The Performance of Singapore IPO's" Major Professor: Yul Lee Elizabeth F. Purinton - "Marketing Channel Partnership Survival" Major Professor: Deborah Rosen Detlev Zwick - "Individual Investing as Consumption" Major Professor: Nikhilesh Dholakia

2003 Kuan-Pin Chiang - "Information Search in Web-based Marketplace" Major Professor: Ruby Roy Dholakia Nir B. Kshetri - "Globalization of Innovations Major Professor: "Nikhilesh Dholakia Matthew G. Paldy - "Complexity Theory and Task Structure" Major Professor: Clay Sink Xia Pan - "SPC: Multivariate High Moment Quality and Risk" Major Professor: Jeffrey Jarrett Sirapat Polwitoon - "Essays on US.-Based Global Government Bond Fund" Major Professor: Yul Lee Sean F. Reid - "Three Tests of the Leleand's Alternative Model" Major Professor: Henry Oppenheimer Ismail Sila - "An Empirical Investigation of Best Practices" Major Professor: Maling Ebrahimpour Zhiyi Song - "Information Content of Distribution Policy" Major Professor: Gene Lai Kenneth J. Sousa - "Factors Influencing the Adoption of Electronic Business" Major Professor: Maling Ebrahimpour 2004 Joung Hae Bang Major Professor: Nikhilesh Dholakia David E. Desplaces - "Multi-Level Study of Individual Readiness" Major Professor: Laura Beauvais Kathleen Mallon - "Engaging the Body in Decision-Making" Major Professor: Sanjiv Dugal Keith M. Moore - "The Effects of the Risk Arbitrage Process" Major Professor: Henry Oppenheimer Patricia A. Norberg - "The Value of Personal Information" Major Professor: Ruby Roy Dholakia Henry T. Ulrich - "Determinants of Realized Strategy" Major Professor: Richard Scholl Miao Zhao Major Professor: Ruby Roy Dholakia 2005 Xuanjuan Chen - "Stock Selection and Agency Problem of Mutual Funds" Major Professor: Shaw Chen Jeffrey S. Plouffe - "The Development of a Fuzzy Logic Method" Major Professor: Jeffrey Jarrett 2006 Christy Ashley - "Emotional Commitment to Brands" Major Professor: Sajeev Varki Eric Kyper - "Information Critertion" Major Professor: Scott Llyod

2007 Jason Oliver - "Adoption of Green Products" Major Professor: Deborah Rosen Catherine Pastille - "Personal Energy Management Styles" Major Professor: Richard Scholl 2008 Syagnik Banerjee - "Consumer Ubiquity" Major Professor: Ruby Roy Dholakia Roger Holland Blake - "Success Factors for Information Systems" Major Professor: Paul Mangiameli Mark M. Lennon - "Factors in Development of Mobile Commerce" Major Professor: Paul Mangiameli 2009 Timucin Ozcan - "Consumer Responses to Stock-outs" Major Professor: Sajeev Varki Ting Zhang - "Pension Underfunding and Market Efficiency" Major Professor: Tong Yu 2010 Adriana Marie Boveda - "Use of Social Networks in Co-Creation" Major Professor: Ruby Roy Dholakia Kyung Woo Kang - "Knowledge Intention in Virtual Community" Major Professor: Seung Kyoon Shin John J. Schibler - "Social Capital of Decision-Making Groups" Major Professor: Richard Scholl Zhenzhen Sun "Investors' Holding and Trading Activities" Major Professor: Shaw Chen 2011 Kathleen R. Ferris Costa - "Ewom Via Mavens, Buzz Agents and Followers" Major Professor: Ruby Roy Dholakia Ralph J. Perfetto - "Efficacy of Online Price Promotions" Major Professor: Albert Della Bitta Caroline C. Wilcox - "Social Media Existence and Identity" Major Professor: Nikhilesh Dholakia

FACULTY 1923-2012

Ageloff, Roy MGS 1972-2004 Algie, Sarah FIN 1986-1986 Allen, William R. MGT 1973-1982 Allred, Hilda BUS ED, MGT 1974-1982 Alton, Aaron John MKT 1961-1988 Amling, Frederick FIN 1966-1969 Ammerman, Howard Kendall ECN 1956-1958 Anderson, Henry MGT 1949-1950 Andren, Carl P. MGT 1970-1971 Angelini, James P. ACC 1986-1988 Armstrong, Charles P. MGS 1971-2004 Arnold, Stanley Watson ACC 1947-1948 Ballentine, George Andrew MGT, MKT 1941-1966 Beardslee, Claude Gillette Business Psychology 1925-1927 Beattie, Thomas MGT 1987-1989 Beaulieu, James ACC 1985-1986 Beausoleil, Nancy Irene MGS 1986-1986 Beauvais, Laura MGT 1984-X Beckman, Judy ACC 1992-X Beretta , David MGT 1982-1990 Bird, Francis A. ACC 1968-1972 Blackerby, James FIN, 1988-1988

Blanthorne-Thomas, Cynthia ACC 2007-X Blount, Marcia ACC 1983-1984 Bockoven, Katherine MGT 1982-1985 Booth, G. Geoffrey FIN 1970-1981 Borenstein, Bolbina ECN 1963-1965 Bosland, Chelsie FIN 1969-1970 Bowman, Beverly Hasbrook MKT 1954-1979 Bowser, Kathleen MGS 1981-X Boyle, Edmund J. ACC 1988-X Bracken, Robert M. ACC 1976 - 1980 Brainard, Calvin H. INS 1953-1980 Brandon, Charles H. ACC 1973-1979 Bretsch, Lawrence Everett MKT 1953-1961 Briden, George FIN 1982-1986 Briggs, Winfield Scott ACC 1942-1961 Brown, George FIN 1974-1979 Brown, Otis Barnes ECN 1946-1967 Brown, Robert FIN 1976-1977 Brown, Stella M. MGT 1976-1978 Brownell, Rita MKT 1989-1990 Budnick, Frank S. MGS 1971-X Bunker , Phillip Edward Business Administration 1925-1926

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Taylor, Scott R. ENT 2007-X Thompson, Loring Moore ECN 1946-1947 Townsend, Horace ECN 1938-1940 Tucker, Randall William ACC 1937-1942 Turcotte, William MGT 1974-1975 Twaddle, Roy SCM 1999-X Urbano, Marco MGS 1985-1986 Vangermeersch, Richard ACC 1971-2004 Varki, Sajeev 2007 Venkatesan, M. MKT 1988-2007 Veprek, Jaromir MGS 1970-1971 Vollmann, Thomas E. MGS 1971-1974 Waring, William B. INS 1976-1977 Watts, John Gaydon ECN 1957-1958 Weeks, Richard R. MKT 1970-1992 Weigle , Charles MGT 1973-1974 Weiner , Eileen BUS ED 1975-1976 Westin, Stuart A. MGS 1983-X Wey, Kwo-Dong FIN 1989-1989 Wheeler, Anthony R. MGT 2008-X Wiener, Frank George MKT 1949-1981 Wiley, Cynthia J. MGS 1985-1986 Wilkicki, Katherine ACC 1988-1989

Wilson Jr., Frederick ACC 1946-1947 Wilson, James MGT 1974-1975 Wish, John MKT 1980-1984 Wood, Porter Shelley ACC 1955-1982 Woodson, Jon BUS ED, MGT 1980-1985 Wu, Su-Hsiu FIN 2003-X Xu, Yan FIN 2008-X Xue, Yajiong MGS 2004-2007 Yarlas, Stuart INS 1981-1982 Yasuhara, Akio FIN 1988-1994 Yu, Tong FIN 2001-X Zartler, Robert L. MGS 1971-1978 Zhu, Xing-Yuan MGS 1982-1982 Zotos, George MKT 1980-1981 ECN = Economics FIN = Finance MKT = Marketing MGT = Management BUS ED = Business Education ACC = Accounting SCM = Supply Chain Marketing ENT = Entrepreneurial Management


ADMINISTRATORS DEANS Charles Lloyd Sweeting Andrew Jackson Newman John Edward Candelet, 2d. Asa Smallidge Knowles George Andrew Ballentine Frederic Amling Clark F. Murdough Richard R. Weeks Eugene M. Johnson Robert P. Clagett Sydney S. Stern Frank S. Budnick Edward M. Mazze Mark M. Higgins

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The College of Business Administration and URI have provided a very good education at a reasonable cost to many, many graduates. These interviews have shown our faculty and administrators to be caring people. We certainly have numerous successful graduates. We all have good reason to be proud of the College and be happy to participate in the events in 1992 for the Centennial of URI, the 65th anniversary of our first graduating class, the 50th anniversary of the reconstitution of the College, and the 25th anniversary of the dedication of Ballentine Hall. My colleagues and I hope you will join us in keeping the College as successful as it has been in the past.


APPENDIX Speech of Asa S. Knowles at the Dedication of Ballentine Hall, June 3, 1967 and Excerpts from the Dedication Program


OLDEST OF THE ARTS, NEWEST OF THE PROFESSIONS An address by Or. Asa S. Knowles President, Northeastern University

It is a distinct pleasure for me to be with you today in order to participate in these Dedication Ceremonies. As a former member of the University of Rhode Island faculty, and the first Dean of the School of Business Administration, I have always maintained an active interest in the educational affairs of this campus. As a longtime friend of George Ballentine, I am especially pleased to be asked to take part in ceremonies designed to honor his many years of service to the University as a whole and to the College of Business Administration in particular. The dedication of this new building is further tangible evidence of the. permanency of the business curriculum on the American college campus. In retrospect, it seems difficult to realize that . this bond between business and education is less than 100 years old. When the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania,the nation's first business school -was established in 1881, America was still politically, ecoi'IOmicalfy and educationally very yount. Ours was a simple agricultural economy, ten western states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) had yet to be admitted to the union, and only 3.8% of the population attended high school. During the late 1800's and early 1900's, the 路 United States underwent vast changes. In terms of business and education, it was the era during which Americans witnessed the birth of the Industrial Revolution and the comprehensive high school. Both. developments were necessary before business and higher education could meet. The marriage of business and higher education was slow to win acceptance. Higher education was not professionally oriented. The traditional fields of law, medicine, and theology afforded the only exceptions. Business education was of the apprenticeship tradition, and this, together with the profit-oriented nature of the business curriculum, made it difficult for Schools of Business to be accepted in the academic realm. Gradually, however, business and higher education came to realize their need for one another. As a result, a pattern emerged in which the development of business schools paralleled the development of the nation 1 3 economy. Thirty Schools of Business were established between 1881 and American involvement in World War I. Economically speaking, this was a period when American industry was discovering national markets and wartime business was high. From 1917 to 1928, the creation of 46 Schools of Business accompanied the development of the assembly I ine and the problems of mass production. As would be expected, the Stock Market crash of 1929 temporarily stunted the growth of business education, but problems of labor relations and increased government control of business kept the growth of business schools assured. The aftermath of World War II ushered in growing complexities in the business and industrial scene with the result that Schools of Business likewise reached new levels of sophistication . During this era, mathematical methodology become the cornerstone of business and business education.


-2"In recent years, the pattern established by business and higher education, i.e., that of colleges and universities assuming responsibility for the education of professional manpower, has been extended to virtually every field of advanced knowledge. Music, art, recreation, nursing, pharmacy and a host of allied medical fields, for example, are now the educational obligation of the university community. This break with tradition is now being adopted by the European universities as well, in spite of their many years as the stronghold of the straight liberal arts education. America•s greatest contribution to the development of higher education has been her insistence that the practical application of education be an integral part of advanced learning. Our colleges of business administration are an outstanding example of the efficacy of this philosophy." For years, Europeans have been imitating American business practices. Now American business schools are establishing their counterparts in many foreign countries. In addition, business leaders Qf,foreign nations are attending Advanced Management Centers in this country. In addition to providing the basic education for ousinessmen of the future, our colleges also have been developing· highly specialized graduate programs in areas of critical manpower shortages such as accounting and actuarial science. New specializations, for which new programs will have to be developed, are already on the horizon, and the development of these new programs will necessitate an even closer working partnership between universities and the business community. In regard, business education has never been divorced from its traditional apprenticeship system of learning. Good textbooks in pioneering areas of special ization. are few and far between. Education must sti II call upon the leaders of the business community to counsel future executives in the practical realities of the business world. Nowadays tbis is done thrQugh seminars, advanced management programs, case studies and most recently, the game of simulation. In short, the business school that to instruct with textbooks alone, is failing to keep abreast of the times. But what of the future of American business education? In the past, the development of business education has paralleled the development of the economy. In the future, it must lead this economy. Men must be educated to solve problems as yet unknown. Had this been done in the past, American businessmen would not now be confronted with the resolution of problems of water pollution, air pollution, and the ¢onservation of natural resources. It is all well and good that we are now beginning to discuss these problems in undergraudate and graduate curricula, but society cannot wait for the present student generation to graduate before understanding is applied to these great problems. Like the Sorcerer 1 s Apprentice, business is racing against a destructive momentum of its own making. Hour by hour, minute by minute, industrial production is polluting the natural resources needed not only for the present, but even more desperately for the future. lnaddition, vast areas of great significance to the business community are still being ignored, for the most part, by our colleges of business administration. We have not even organized the courses, let alone enrolled the students for study in some of the most problematic areas of today's standards of I iving.


-3The field of transportation has become so significant as to warrant a Presidential Cabinet position. But where are the transportation departments in our colleges of business administration? By and large, they do not exist. Our nation is faced with an acute shortage of manpower in the realm of healthcare administration. The population explosion, greater longevity, growth in research and development, the expansion of private and group health Insurance and the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid have placed a staggering burden on our healthcare administrators. And where are the colleges of bu9ness administration offering curricula in health offering curricula in health and hospital administration? By and large, they do not yet exist. ¡ Every major city in America is involved in urban renewal, and yet, theâ&#x20AC;˘re are very few business schools offering curricula in redevelopment and city planning. Real estate courses have been neglected at a time when land acquisitions are of great consequence in urban and suburban .development. Our affluent society is heavily tourist-oriented, and yet how many business schools offer programs in hotel management? There are Nny career opportunities developing in the area of-public admi,nistra .. tion of government and regulatory agencies, and yet, few degree programs have been devised to prepare young people for this challenging endeavor. ,..The conventional business curricula of marketing, management and accounting constitute insufficient preparation for the young businessman of tomorrow. Business schools have asked for and have subsequently received the responsibility of preparing and educating the professional manpower for the business community. If you nation is to remain strong, and our economy buoyant, our business schools must be prepared to enlarge the scope of their pedagogic thinking to include these vital new areas of business activity."

On the international scene, the problem is equally compel I ing. The world is shrinking in the face of modern developments in transportation and communication. As a result, the tiniest spark of political unrest in a nation half way around the world, creates a commotion on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In this light, knowledge of the politics, the tribal customs, the religious heritage, the geographical environment, the cultural mores, the inherent prejedices, the languages become and dialects, and the national aspirations of every nation on this the legitimate responsibility of the educated businessman. I think it not to suggest that the conduct of the American businessm. may, in the long run, be of greater influence in the development of international goodwill than the endeavors of all the diplomats and politicians combined. To say that there is, therefore, a need for greater emphasis on the humanities in the business curriculum is not a requirement of the future, it is a description of the present. To say that future businessmen must be alert to the abuse of manpower and natural resourcoes is not a requirement of the future, it is a description of the present.




.. .

-4Today 1 s business student must look farther than the eye can see into the problem-riddled realm of population explosion, acute world food shortages, the creative use of leisure, and in the midst of It all, the preservation of human dignity. Will American business answer this challenge by helping mankind to fiJi Its leisure hours with constructive activity or Idle gadgetry? Will the ability of American business to engage in mass manipulation through the conrnunications media result in the enhancement or the destruction of human individuality? The answer may be found in the recitation of an old Indian legend: 11 ln a village in India_, there was an old man who seemed to know the answer to every question. A group of young men set out to confuse him. One of the youths was to hide a bird behind his back, and ask the old man whether the bird was alive or dead. If he said it was alive, the youth would kill _it; if he said it was dead, the youth would let it fly. So they came to the old man and asked: "What does he have in his hands? 11 11A bird, 11 the old man answered. 11 15 it alive or dead?" And the old men answered: 11 lt is in your hands; it is in your hands."

The appropriateness of this story may be amplified by my reciting a few statistics relative to our current population. I am sure you are all well aware of the fact that we are now at the point where young people, age 25 and under, nearly outnumber their elders. Statistics relative to U.S. population increases for the decade 1965-1975 indicate that there will be a 35% increase in the number of !8-24 year olds and a 39% increase in the number of 2S-34 year olds.

There will be an 8% decrease, however, In the number of 35-44 year olds and this is the age group customarily holding positions of upper-level management. As a result, a management gap wi11 develop. In order to fi11 thi9 gap, young businessmen will have to assume positions of responsibility at a very early age. This fact will be further guaranteed by the increased use of electronic aids for the accomplishment of mechanical and routine duties. Our colleges of business must recognize this and prepare our students for the awesome responsibilities awaiting them. The University of Rhode Island Js to be congratulated for the erection of this fine new facility. At the conclusion of these ceremonies, its physical dedication will have been accomplished. But as .for its intellectual dedication, of this I must turn to you and say, "It is in your hands."


Honorâ&#x20AC;˘ry Degree Doctor of Business Administration

Asa S. Knowles President of Northeastern University

The Buildins Committee Aaron j. Alton Chairman , Muriel G. Fletcher, Clark F. Murdaugh, Roy G. Poulsen, Harold Sternbach, and Porter S. Wood. The

Commillee David G. Geffner Chairman , PorterS. Wood Co-Chairman , Frederick Aml ing, Muriel G. Fletcher, Charles A. Hall , Clark F. Murdaugh, and Harold Sternbach




COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNE 3, 1967, AT 10:30 AM Frederick Amling Dean, College of Business Administration

The Reverend John Hall Episcopal Chaplain Francis H. Horn President of the University


George A. Ballentine Dean Emeritus of the College of Business Administration


The Honorable John H. Chafee Governor of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations George W. Kelsey Chairman, Board of Trustees of State Colleges

Address Conferring of Honoruy Degree Benediction



Asa S. Knowles President, Northeastern University President Francis H. Horn The Reverend Raymond F. Collins Catholic Chaplain for


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When George A. Ballentine came to the University of Rhode Island (then Rhode Island State College) in Septem ber, 1941 , as an instructor in the Industrial Management Department, the School of Business Administration was housed in a few scattered classrooms and offices in Washburn, Green, and East Halls, and the business faculty numbered less than ten. When he retired in 1.966, the. student enrollment in the College of Business had climbed to nearly 1,000; the faculty numbered 40, and the new building destined to be the home of the College was well under way. These changes were due in no small measure to the leadership provided by George Ballent10e. Named Acting Dean in 1946, he was made Dean of the College in 194 7, and Dean Emeritus upon his retirement in 1966. To have served as an academic dean for 20 years is an accomplishment in itself ; to have done this and won the respect and loyalty of students, faculty, and the academic community is a measure of the character and personality of George Ballentine. Despite his heavy administrative duties, his keen interest in teaching led him to serve as Professor of Management. He brought to the classroom the experience of his years .in the business environment as a representative of United States business interests in Indonesia and other areas of Southeast Asia. His role as a business educator is continuing, since after his retirement from this University he accepted a position as chairman of the Business Department in the College of the Virgin Islands. In appreciation of his quarter century of service to the University as teacher and administrator, the beautiful new College of Business Administration building has been named Ballentine Hall.



History of the University of Rhode Island College of Business Administration  
History of the University of Rhode Island College of Business Administration