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Zombies overrun campus in class exercise Senior wit:lS local NPR writing contest, reads essay on air


University of Rhode Island · Emergency Medical Services personnel, people in HAZMAT suits and a Charlestown police officer were among the people overseeing and aiding a pharmacy class exercise. The exercise, conducted by professor Jeffrey Bratberg' s Advance Infectious and Pulmonary Diseases class, simulated an outbreak of zombiism and its treatment at a "point of dispensing (POD). Bratberg added that he's "focused the last few years on [the class] by calling it Public Health Consequences of Infectious Diseases .." Bratberg said he likes to introduce a theme each year to the class-this year being outbreaks and zombies. The POD location of Continued on page ~


Rhode Island National Public . Radio has chosen an essay written by a gradpating University of Rhode Island senior for their "This I Believe - Rhode Island" radio series. ·. Every week, the station selects one essay of hundreds of applicants to read live on the radio. The selected essays reflect back on personal experiences that helped shaped peoples' opinions. The radio series is meant to act as both a · way for Rhode Islanders hear about different experiences other people have gone through, and share their beliefs with others. · In winner Jessica Briggs' essay, titled "Finding Your Voice," which aired on RI Teresa Kelly I Cigar NPR on Wednesday, April24, During yesterday's emergency response test for pharmacy stu- · she wrote about her struggles dents. security had to capture any loose zombies attempting to get with public ·speaking - and into the antivirus dispersal area.


how she "overcame [her] shyness." . Her essay was first drafted in a .': Gender and Women's Studies course titled "Women Writing Their -Lives," where the class ·was ~equired to draft a , hst of beliefs before selecting one that would act as th,e core .of their paper. Briggs said she chose to write about shyness becau..s e "it was a way for [her]' to analyze ' how [she] could push beyond [her] o~n boundaries." "I've always been really shy, and I've never been any good at public speaking," Briggs said. "I used this essay as a space for me to reflect on my problem: when it first began, why it persisted, and what I could do to solve it." Having her essay chosen meant a lot to Briggs. As an Continued on page 7

·-Graduating senior prepares to f ·M S holds spring fa.shion show speak at commencement ceremony BY AUDREY O'NEIL . Contributing News Reporter


McGunigal came to URI Students at the University as a biology major but during of Rhode Island displayed her freshman year, one of her .s A the student com- professor's convinced her to their original designs last mencement speaker for this become a classical studies night in the Memorial Union year's ceremony, University major, the study of languages Ballroom. The Fashion of Rhode Island student Mary and cultures of ancient Greece .McGunigal will allow her life and Rome. She decided to Merchandising Society (FMS) the Old to come full circle, demon- pair this major along with presented strating her dramatic growth pre-med, with hopes of Hollywood-themed spring fashion show to celebrate the from a shy freshman to a con- becoming a clinician. student designers and their fident senior. "[URJ is] is a great educa- personal styles. If asked four years ago, tion for a great value," she The main purpose of FMS McGunigal would \lave never said. is to create a community expected to be the student tq McGunigal said that her among students who have an bid graduating seniors. their involvement on campus has last farewell. But now, been key in her success. As interest in fashion. FMS discu()ses current issues in the McGunigal recognizes this president of the classics sociefashion industry and encourexperience as a once-in-a-life- ty, having been a teacher's ages each other in the importim~dopportunity that she just assistant, a research assistant tance of dress. It hosts two cou not pass up. . . and vice president of the fashion shows annually, one The Warwick native had National Society of Collegiate in the fall and one in the n<? intention of applying to be · Scholars,. McGunigal said she :· this year's commencement understands the student spring. All fashion shows are student run and offer memspeaker, but the night before bod . bers a chance to display their applications . ~ere due, ~he ~eing able to relate to stu- designs, model and help made the dec1s1on on a wh1m. d t t II M G · 1 f k h en s o we , c umga organize the production, A ew wee · s later, s e hopes her message of stuThe society presents a received the email notifying dents being motivated by fashion show every spring her that she had been chosen. passion and not limited by and recently had an Eco-fash''I'm grateful for the time really gets through to the ion show that featured opportunity to be able to give the address," she said. Continued on page 7

Today's forecast 56 °F Hold on to your hats!

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Teresa Kelly I Cigar

Kaleigh Guay models her design "Turquoise Lady'' during last night's Fashion Merchandising Society Old HollywOQd fashion show.

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Thinking about going to see the URI theatre · department's production of "Singin' in the Rain"? See page 6.

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WALK AND TALK Everyone's favorite weekly question

Name: Christian Perez Major: Biomedical Engineering ?: Graduating in August with a math minor. He's. till looking for an internship~ and def~rred graduation "to get my foot in the door for a job."

Name: Nick DeGouveia Major: Political Science/History/ International Relations ?: Working in New York City

Commencement speaker to offer graduates advice, inspiration BY FARAH CASALINI

News Editor

At the University · of Rhode Island's 126th commencement cerempny, human rights lawyer and. author Marlen Suyapa Bodden will be offering advice to graduating seniors that she w ishes she had received when she was a graduating senior. "I hope [students] take away some advice that they'd be able to put to use right away," Bodden said. Back in March, the university approached Bodden, asking her if she would be interested in giving the guest commencement speaker for the May 2012 · graduation. .W ith excitement, she accepted the offer, acknowledging it as a wonderful oppor~unity. "I hope that [the speech]

w ill be inspiring," she said. "I Street Journal' s best seller list, want to leave some .lasting she said she doesn't like to words of advice." define her success in life by She plans on discussing her job. While this point how students should go about won' t" be made in her speech, approaching life, how they Bodden strongly wishes stucan succeed in life, and how dents can grasp that one they can contribute to making shouldn' t be defined by their a difference in the world. profession. At the commencement "It's a b ig mistake to ceremony, Bodden will also define oneself by their profesbe awarded with a honorary sion," she said. "Don't think Doctorate of Law, something of yourself as just what you she said she declares as a do fo r a living." "rare treat." She jokingly told Bodden is currently an all her fri~nds and family that attorney with The Legal Aid they will now have to refer to Society in New York. She her as· Dr. Bodden. earned her undergraduate "I never thought I'd ,be from Tufts University and her awarded an honorary doctor- law ?egree from New York ate degree/' she said. University School of Law. Although Bodd~n has "I always thought one been a human rights attorney day I would be one of the in New York City for 25 years · people who fought for jusan.d has a novel that was tice," she said. named to the .Washington

Name: Doug Fuller Major: Turf Management ?: Second assistant superintendent in training at Eastman Country Club in New Hampshire.

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CONTINUED Zombies From page 1 choice was the Ram's Den. 2 p.m., students at URI were able to line up an d be given a "situation" for when they entered the POD. "[The class has} two goals," Bratberg said. "[To] learn about different emerging infectious diseases and how they would cause problems and [to] work through all [of] the problems they would cause on many different levels." Bratberg said problems the students learn about range from contacting the media, dealing with ways people react and how· Rhode Island and the United States would react to a disease breakout, such as the Ebola virus. He said "all the different consequences, both medical and social" are considered in the class. Bratberg has been teaching at URI for 10 years, but it is only the eighth year he has been offering the elective course, which is offered only to pharmacy majors. Last year's class, whose theme was public health, fo cused on live television shows and public service announcements from the studio on campus. Bratberg said that class was required to interact "via text" to those watching their online television program ... Bratberg said Begii~ning ~t

Congratulations to the The Good 5 ¢ Cigar staff members who are graduating!. ·And to all URI students, faculty & staff, have a great summer!



T he conventional approach to spirituality instructs us to search for God and truth outside ourselves (exoteric), whereas the Light and Sound approach instructs us to search for God and truth within ourselves (esoteric). There is a vast difference between the two, of which greater numbers a~e growing increasingly aware. Sri Gary. Olsen Spiritual Leader of MasterPath

--Sri Gary Olsen


EXOTERIC APPROACH Searc~ ~or God i~ temple~ ~r scrip~ures ...... . . . . . ..... God, Born m lm~rfectJo~, forg1vmg of sm . .. . . .. . ... .. . .. . .... .. ..

Soul, and Spirit exist inside the body Born .in perfection, resolving of karma Only one mca~natlon ........ . . .. ........ . ..... . .. . . . ... Multiple incarnations E~tern~l worsh_IP ~f Samts . .. .. . . ........ ... .. .. Attaining your own Self and God Realization Mmd _1s the diSCiple ...... ................ . . . . . . . . . . . . .Soul is the disciple Morality, forced abstmence and d~mal ....... . .. ...... , ...• Moderation and balance in all things Hope of heavenly reward m afterlife ... ; .. ..... .. ...... . .. Heavenly state attained while living · Ascended Master . .. . ... , . . .. ..... ..... . . .. .. .. ... ·.. ... . . . ......... . ... Living Master AI~ s_incere.~k~rs

are cordial!~ invited to a introductory talk on the mysteries of the 01vme Sp1nt, g1ven by a longttme student of MasterPath (includes video presentation).

Sunday, May 6th - 1:00pm - 2:30 pm Crowne Plaza at the Crossings, Kingston Room 801 Gre.e nwich Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 1:00- 2:30pm Introductory Talk (includes video presentation)

To receive a free c~py of the b,ook Soul 's Divine Journey by Sri Gary Olsen, please v1s1t our webs 1te at or write to P.O. Box 9035, Temecula, CA 92589-9035 USA

approximately three years ago, he taught students who . won national public service announcement awards, stemming from his class. "I talk about lots of different things," Bratberg said. "Whether it's disaster pre~ paredness or [a] public h ealth theme. I'm really teaching population health." Students in the class were given separate roles, such as "Logistics," "Patient Security" and "Security Chief,'~ among others. These individuals were placed into teams of operations that helped the POD run smoothly. \ "Logistics ... acquire [ d] the cure and resupplie[d] the operation," Bratberg said. "Then I had two other teams. A screening team, [that] ·designed the forms to screen the patients for what they're supposed to get. And the security team, [that] was very active and understaffed today. We knew [that] would happen." Bratberg said the security team inadvertently mimicked the real security teams used, ·. in that it was understaffed. The security team was required to secure the perimeter of the POD and make sure no zombies made their way into the area. Had there been zombies, or in a real life situation other people, sneak in, there was the possibility of theft of the medicine, or the releasing of sensitive information. Fifthyear pharmacy major . Nicholas Leazer was the Resource Security Division Leader. His role was "to ensure the security of the vaccines as well as the sta'ff members and patients." · Understaffing was clear . because a handful of zombies were able to make it out of their holding areas and into the dispensing area. Some were even able to get a small sample of the cure. Bratberg said there were other positions, but the low number of students made it hard . to divide into different groupings. "Those are all actual positions that are in the statewide plan," Bratberg said. "They used the state template plan for a town to [have] this response and they modified it for the university and the number of students in the cl<iss." Colors were used in order to tell the differences in what type of medicine each person needed. "As pharmacists, we have to make sure individuals get the right medicine," Bratberg said. The medicine used was codenarned, for the sake of the experiment: "Zombivir" and "Gummivir," Sour Patch Kids and gummy bears, respectively. The first patient to enter

the screening area yelled, "Where's my medicine? 1 · ' All I want to do is get my medicine," he continued. At one point, he managed to get in the face of another patient and tell them "It's all a lie, it's designed to kill you." Another patient spoke of her concern over her lost child. Bratberg said one of his colleagues from the department of health' acted as a "Controller." "I worked with [the controller] to make different situations 's o that when [the · patients} walked in, th~y wouldn't say 'Hi,. I' m. a 21year~old healthy perso~,' and gone through," Bni.tberg\said. "Thes~ are actual sitUations~ We're not just trying' to create crazy situations for t,hem .that will rie-Jer happen, "we're trying to make it as real ·as ..pos,sible." · · Zombies were restrained by security, by way of pool noodles, and placed into a holding area. Some zombies made it out of their holding area and managed to bite some of the patients who had received the cure. Some patients returned to the screening ·desk complaining of pains resulting from the bites. · Bratberg said he "had no idea" of what type of ·response to get from the exercise. "The vagaries of a college campus and the locationwe've never had anything at this location before," Bratberg said. "Eight years ago we did a big exercise. We had 1600 students go through, probably one of the biggest in the country. But that was months and months of planning. Every single part of the university was involved." Bratberg approximates that 120 people made it out to yesterday's exercise. He said the press release was sent on Tuesday and that, in addition to Facebook and other forms of social media, helped lead to its success. Leazer agreed that it was a success. "I gained a greater appreciation for the people who do this kind of stuff for real," Leazer said. "There are a lot of complexities involved in something like this. And we only ran this for an hour and a half, whereas these kinds of things can go on for days in real life." Leazer added that if anything were to be done differently, it would be that he would advertise to more peo- . pie. "I really wanted to see how many people we could handle," Leazer said.

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EDITORIAL & OPINION Think Big As another year comes to a close at the University of Rhode Island, time is something that is on the minds of all students. The hours of sleep that 10-page papers cost them, the hours that will be spent in the library desperately cramming for finals, the hours ·. of procrastinating earlier in the semester that are now catching up with them. . . . For seniors, the time that is first and foremost m therr brams is the time remaining until graduation. As they count down their last papers, last classes and soon, last finals of their undergraduate careers, senior students are anxiously awaiting the day of commencement It seems some have concrete plans for after graduation, like graduate school or an entry-level job into ~eir chosen career field. Howeve~ numerous others are uncertam of what they will do with their lives after college. Of those students, many will return home to their parents and put in full-time hours at their current employment, and, perhaps, keep an eye on the classifieds for their dream job. There's nothing wrong with that Nevertheless, these young adults must remember to maintain that drive that they had in college. That desire to go somewhere, do something, be somebody is an invaluable asset to a person and it often gets lost in the shuffle once he or she reaches the "real world." It's okay to go home and work and save up money But graduates must not become complacent in this, settling for a job when they wanted a career, or living with Mom and Dad because it's easier than getting out on their own. Professors have impressed upon us from our first day of URI 10i freshman year to think big, and, while that mantra is heard so often around here that it can be easy to disregard, the sentiment is important. With the.constant threat of a difficult job market hanging over the heads of this generation, there are a few tools that .URI graduates have been given to make them stand out These tools are traits like creativity, imagination, drive, perseverance and confidence. We have had the privilege of attending a really wonderful university that has fostered these traits in the hopes of helping us achieve when we leave. This is not a far-fetched concept, as URI has turned out CNN correspondents, professional athletes, award-winning actors, governors and even the oceanographer who_ discovered the Titanic. These proud alumni were one~ standing where these graduating seniors stand- on the cusp 6£ beginning their ad~t lives- and they succeeded in doing great things because of therr refusal to settle for anything less. So, wher:t you leave this school, don't just think big. Be big. Be brave. Be bold. Be brilliant Whether you realize it or not, Rhody's taught you how.

{[be ~oob 5t ~i ar /;NFORMA~ION

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Fami.Ziar face thanks URI students for bringing happiness into her life To the Cigar, Dear (insert you, the reader's, name), I am writing to say "Thank you" for the joys and smiles you have brought to my heart and into my life. I want you to know what you have meant to me and how much I love and appreciate you. I could have never made it this far without you in my life. "Thank you." When the sun wasn't shining, "you" were. . I want you to know what for you and for putting such a meaning you have given my beautiful person in my life. life. Without "Him," there would "Thank you." never have been us.





lenfi! ; -Nanni

Graduating Cigar staffmember says goodbye to newspaper, ·sorority, URI BY FARAH CASALINI

News Editor

Thinking about what I was going to write in my final column was difficult. I didn't want to be cliche or corny; I didn't want to be boring; I didn't want to be preachy. But every idea I had fit ~nto one of those categories, and no solution seemed plausible. Truth is, I still don't know what to say. How am I supposed to convey my feelings about something that has been the centrality of my existence for four years? I can't, and I'm not going to try. All I can tell you, is that the past four years have been the hardest, happiest, most eyeopening and heart-wrenching times of my life. I know I don't have much to compare it tolet's be real, I'm only 21- but out of my 21 years, these past four are incomparable. I might try to top these years for the rest of my life, or they might fade into a distant memory, turning into "that time once." But that's the . beauty. I'm about to embark onto something I don't know. I have no idea what lies ahead of me. Of course I'm scared. But I'm also excited, anxious and curious. Most of all, I'm confident, and that's because of everyone I

have met here at URI. I've met people I will be glad to call my best friends for my entire life and I've met people I'm glad I'll never have to see again. But no matter who you are, you have made some sort of impact on my life, shaping me into the · woman I am today. · And for that, I thank you all. The Good 5 Cent Cigar played a huge part in my college career, where I have met more people and discovered more things than I ever would have otherwise. This newspaper has taught me the true meaning of stress, teamwork, creativity and stepping out of my comfort zqne, things some people can go their whole life without knowing. When I first came to the paper, I thought everyone was a nutcase. But now, I am so proud, and honored, to be a part of this kooky, wacky, interesting and amazing group of people. . Alpha Xi Delta also played a huge part in my growth, showing me what it means to work harder than ever before, and what it means to feel loved. I walk around this campus everyday, and I always see at least one smiling face that I am proud to call my sister. Some of my absolute best friendships sprouted because of the sorori-

ty, and I could never express how grateful I am for them. But most of all, I thank this campus for giving me the opportunity to thrive. I learned how to embrace rriy New York sass, and use it to my advantage. I learned that the best lessons are learned only when you are willing to take a leap. I learned that the world is at my disposal-! just have to reach onto my tippy-toes and grab hold of it. I learned that the shy ones usually have the most to say. I learned that the best friendships are the unexpected ones (like a random freshman roommate), and that you have to go tliTough a billion weeds before you can find a true flower. I thank URI for not only giving me all this utterly price- . less knbwledge, but also giving me the courage to want more. This university, its people, its professors have prepared me for the next chapter of my life, giving me the will and the skill to thrive. I've come a long way . since freshman year, and I'm confident I will only continue .. to improve. So thanks, URI, for not only helping me these past four years, but giving me the strength to help myself for the ·· rest of my life.

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'South Park' television series never fails to provoke laughter, controversy

Evans feels the-p~ower of superheroes in 'Avengers·

LOS ANGELES (AP) It ends on a high note as Chris Evans could feel the well, as the title comes into power of "The Avengers" full effect when his angel res- from the moment he stepped For the last 15 years, the urrects itself and finds a on set. animated creation of Trey match for him: a girl who sufReprising his role as Parker and Matt Stone has fers from extreme bad breath. Captain America, the 30-yearbeen a leader in the animation It's an episode I found causal- old actor joins Robert field. Sixteen seasons in and ly accessible for a non-fan, Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Chris still going strong, it seems but it's not as raunchy and Hemsworth's ·Thor, Jeremy that the media will always be over-the-top as die-hard fans Renner's Hawkeye, Scarlett chockfull of events and indihave 'come to expect. Johansson's Black Widow and viduals to parody. This particNow, the season pre- Samuel L. Jackson's N ick ular season has had a variety miere, entitled "Reverse Fury . in the long-awp.ited of topics, but the laughs have Cowgirl" is my personal Marvel superhero romp, in kept on coming. Seven favorite for what it parodies. theaters May 4. episodes in, it's obvious that Not only does it parody the Just seeing his co-stars in while it won't go down as the gender roles for the bath- their costumes was exciting, strongest season, it remains as room, but the over-the-top Evans said - especially on funny, and, dare I say, controand ridiculous post~9 I 11 the first day of shooting with versial, as ever. T.S.A. regulations at air- Downey and Hemsworth; This season has covered planes. fwas left in stitches at ''I'd never seen either one everything from the the end of the episode at the of them before in their outfits. Republican debates to airport, when both subjects Obviously I loved the 'Iron "Bradying" and even Kony come full circle and meet. Man' movies and I had just 2012. It's obvious they don't There actually wasn't a seen 'Thor' in the theater like care what others think, as bad episode this season, as a week prior, and I remember they certainly have displayed there are multiple instances in coming to set and seeing both that mentality since the very each episode where I caught of them suited up and just first episode. Last night's myself laughing. It seems , thinking, I think my initial episode, entitled "Cartman that "South Park'' hasn't lost thought was; 'God, I wish I Finds Love" is probably my its touch, and it seems that it could work with those guys,"' second favorite episode of the won't be losing it anytime he said. "And the immediate season, mostly for the simple soon. afterthought was, '(Expletive) I am! I am! I'm in a suit too! I can't believe this!' So that was ----- -------------a really nice geek moment for me." Downey, who already starred in two blockbuster "Iron Man" films, was like the leader of the pack, Evans said, establishing a warm NEW YORK (AP) -- In a sionately for the excitement Among other surprise feeling on set that fostered break from its usual filmed that live TV repr~sents, guests were Amy Poehler, camaraderie among the cast. "He's the reason these style, NBC's "30 Rock'' went reminding his colleagues of Jimmy Fallon and Fred ' movies are happening: If Iron live Thursday night with an historic live programs from Armisen. Man had not done well, obviepisode that was full of fun NBC's rich past. Thursday's episode was ously we would not be doing and, yes, very lively. · This paved . the way for the second such venture for "30 these movies," he said. "He's As promised, the setup for several wacky flashbacks, ·Rock," which aired live the like the matriarch. He's the the episode had boss Jack including the 1950s live sitcom first time in October 2010. As it . dad. If he would have come to Donaghy (Alec . Baldwin) "The Lovebirds," a spoof of did then, this half-hour was set with a different attitude or delivering the bad news that, "The Honeymooners." broadcast from NBC's Studio certain disposition, the fish as a cost-cutting measure, In the . black-and-white 8H - otherwise the home of "TGS," the fictitious show- sequence in a bare~bones "Saturday Night Live" - in could rot from the head within-a-show produced by . Brooklyn apartment, Baldwin front of a live studio audience. down. I can't say enough Liz Lemon (series star Tina assumed .the Jackie Gleason The initial performance -- about the guy. He's such an Fey), would henceforth be role, with Fey as the long-suf- telecast at 8:30 p.m. Eastern amazing man: His energy and filmed, not broadcast live. fering wife originally por- time - went smoothly, with his positivity and his friendli"From now on," he said, trayed by Audrey Meadows. no noticeable technical glitches ness and his charm, it just "you write and shoot the sea"You're a real cut-up," and one minor flubbed line. breeds allegiance, and as a son in two weeks, like 'Wheel sneered Baldwin in a sendup · The show was scheduled to be result everyone just fell in of Fortune' and Fox News." · of Gleason's · ranting Ralph repeated, live, three hours later line and it became a family Liz erupted in protest. Kramden. "In fact, one of these for viewers in the western U.S. right away, kind of thanks to "'TGS' has to be live or it days I'm gonna cut you up in t And, perhaps needless to him." Evans is a superhero star will lose all its excitement and pieces and feed you to the say,' by the end of the episode, in his own right. He debuted spontaneity," she declared. neighbor's dogs." . Jack Donaghy was won over to "That's the beauty of live TV: "It'd be the first time the importance of live Tv. Anything can happen!" you've taken me out for dinner "'TGS' is meant to be live," And at that moment, in years," replied the poker- he ·concluded. "To make it Kenneth the NBC Page {Jack faced Fey. more profitable, we'll just need McBrayer) entered Donaghy's In another flashback, to do more sponsored product office with Paul McCartney in Baldwin played a pickled par~ placements. Or I'll just pay you tow, telling him, "Here's a ody of Dean Martin from his all less." bathroom you can use ." 1960s variety series. Whereupon Paul McCartney d isappeared into And ''30 Rock" star Tracy McCartney reappeared on Donaghy's executive loo. Morgan appeared in a flash- stage, looking dazed. Anything indeed. back from a pioneering 1950s "I slipped and hit my head Liz was easily won over sitcom that featured African- in the bathroom," he said. once she realized that filming Americans- a spoof of "Amos "Who ami?" "TGS" would be quicker and 'n' Andy" with a burnt-cork"You're my boyfriend!" Liz easier. faced Jon Hamm as his black Lemon told him as she gleefulBut Kenneth argued pas- sidekick. ly led him away. BY MATT GOUDREAU Entertainment Writer

plot but constant jokes. In this episode, Cartman experiences affection for another student for the first time, but things don't pan out like you would expect in typical"South Park" fashion. He learns the girl, Nicole, has fallen for Token, and he also realizes that the girls in his grade are falling for his rival Kyle. To thwart this, he attempts to convince the school that both Token and Nicole should be together and that he and Kyle are a gay couple in an attempt to force all the girls away from him. The subplot of the story is also rather interesting. Cartman has a guardian angel he entitles "Cupid-Me," which acts as his matchmaker. The highlight of the episode was when Cartman bashes the angel with a baseball bat il;l infamous gratuity. The climax of the episode has a special guest appearance from country singer Brad Paisley, who promptly sings "I Swear" to Kyle alongside Cartman at a basketball game.

NB_C, '30 Rock' rocks out with hilarious, wacky live episode

his character in last summer's "Captain America: The First Avenger," which took in more than $368 million. But he was happy to share the task of saving the planet with his fellow Avengers this time around . . "With this movie; it's such a load lifte.d coming to set going, 'Look at all these Oscar nominees that I'm surrounded by/' he said. ''It's like a dream summer camp or , something.'' ·. Not so dreamy wa~ packing 20 pounds of muscle onto his naturally slender frame. Evans spent hours in the. gym and hour_~- 'JXlOre eating I protein - a routine manyof his co-stars followed to become. •' superhero-size. "It's such an uncomfortable feeling," said a slim and bearded Evans, looking noth~ ing like his character during a recent tour to promote the film. "When you get that big, your bones start aching in the mornings. All of a sudden, none of your suits fit. " Before production begins on the next Captain America film, Evans is taking on roles far from the comic-book world . .He recently finished shooting "The Iceman," in which he plays a hit man opposite Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder and James Franco. He was inspired to take the role because it's nothing like his Captain America character, which he played in two consecutive movies. "It was like a year of playing this goody-two-shoes, and I just said man, I just want to go 180 degrees. I want to find the most polar opposite role I can find," he said. "This guy's it." Next up for the actor is a film called "Snowpiercer," which he describes as ''a pret~ ty heavy drama with a sci-fi twist," starring Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris and Octavia Spencer. In October, Evans will be back in the gym -- and back on that high-protein diet - to prepare for his return to superhero status. The Captain America sequel starts shooti~g in January.

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Theatre department's 'Singin' in the Rain' an accessible, lovable adaptation of film BY MATT GOUDREAU Entertainment Writer

Although I don't consider myself a theatre scholar, I do have some experience watching several plays and have even done some stage work myself. Most shrug at theatre, but I find it one of the most engaging and watchable forms of entertainment. When I heard that the University of Rhode Island theatre department was performing "Singin' in the Rain," based off of the 1952 Gene Kelly classic, I jumped at the chance to go. After the performance was over, I was glad to say that I did not leave disappointed. For the sake of time, I don't feel it completely necessary to discuss the story or plot because there is so much more to discuss. First of all, the set and production rivals th e finest work on Broadway. It really seemed that the

designers and stagehands took the 1920s and '30s out of a time capsule and brought it to the forefront on stage. The attire and costumes, backdrops, and even the items on set including the lamps and curtains matched the times of the p lay. It really captured the essence of the time period in a way that even the film struggled. It did not feel dated in the slightest. When the title song began and the rain started to fall, I was impressed at how easily it transitioned in a way that wasn't cheesy or too over the top. Like any good musical, the selling point has to be the music. All the trademark songs from the film are present and the actors did an excellent job. It was great to see that they were not necessarily channeling the performances from the film, but did their own interpretations.

Not only was the singing spot-on, but the choreography and the dance work was second to none. I must say I really enjoyed the performances of every music number, specifically th e "Good Morning" song. I was left in awe at the dance work and the amount of practice that must have gone into the numbers. It was the ,most fun I' ve had watching a performance in a long time. I really admire how the department has chosen accessible plays for all ages, and "Singin ' in the Rain" is no different. There was no real profanity an d it's a great introduction. It seemed like everyone com~ pletely gave it their all, from the actors to the costume designers to the stage directors. URI has had a great season for the theatre department and what a way to cap it off.

Peter jackson unveils 'Hobbit' scenes LAS VEGAS (AP) - Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" is preparing to leave the shire. The director of the Oscarw inning "Lord .of the Rings" trilogy previewed 10 minutes of assorted footage Tuesday from his upcoming prequel. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, ". was filmed in New Zealand using more frames per second than the Hollywood standard . Jackson said in a video introduction that using 48 frames per second produces a smoother image. The movie could usher in a new era of filmmaking and require film houses across the globe to embrace digital technology. Jackson said the human eye no longer sees individual pictures urider the faster speed, but a steady stream of clear images. "The movement feels more real," Jackson said while introducing his film at the CinemaCon convention for theater owners on the Las Vegqs Strip. "It's much more gentle on the eyes." Indeed, the footage was vtvid, with grass blades, facial lines and soaring mountains appearing luminous and pronounced. The actors

looked almost touchable, as if they were performing live on stage. It's unclear what the final product w ill look like wh en it's rel eased in December. Jackson said he was still editing the movie and the shared footage included green screens that will eventually be used to add in scener:y, action or special effects. Other digital pioneers are making the same push for higher film speeds. "Avatar" creator James Cameron has promised to shoot the sequel to his science-fiction blockbuster at 48 or 60 frames a second. Jackson warned the new approach would take time to adjust to. Some bloggers agreed, quickly branding the footage released Tuesday as a failure in digital technology. The critics claimed the unfinished scenes looked like a low-budget TV show. British actor M,a rtin Freeman stars as Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit who acquires the evil ring that sets the action of "The Lord of the Rings" in motion. The footage . showed Baggins lost in Collum's cave. Andy Serkis' portr·a yal of the strange creature. known for

his "precious" obsession and speaking in the third person is just as disturbing as it was in the trilogy, with Baggins forced to appeal to Collum's love of games to survive. Ian McKellen, reprising the role of the wizard Gandalf, persuades Baggins to leave the shire and join him on his journey. The footage of the hobbit's hometown is stunning, with each color having almost a neon glow. There were other brief snippets of story. Orlando Bloom, as the elf Legolas, was shown with his character's flowing, blonde hair. McKellen toured an ancient tomb that he surmised once housed someone evil. Trolls engaged in battle. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is the first chapter in Jackson's twopart adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy classic. The two films were shot simultaneously in 3~D, with the second one, "The Hobbit: There and Back Again," due in theaters in December 2013. The final installment of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy swept the Academy Awards with 11 trophies, including best picture and director, in 2003.




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Thousands defy Norwegian mass murderer with song OSLO, Norway (AP) ~ They gathered by the tens of thousands in the drenching rain to face down terrorism with song. Drawnby a Facebook-organized protest, Norwegians flocked to public squares across the country Thursday and rallied against far-right fanatic Anders Behring Breivik, now on trial for a bomb~ and-shooting rampage that killed 77 people. . I .· They sang a Norwegian versian of a Pete Seeger tune that the confessed mass killer claims has been used to brainwash the country's youth into supporting immigration: Defiant singalongs of "Children of the Rainbow" were staged in Oslo and other major Norwegian cities, even as the ninth day of the trial went on with survivors of Breivik's attacks giving tearful testimony. In downtown Oslo alone, about 40,000 people raised their voices as Norwegian artist Lillebjoern Nilsen played the song, a Norwegian version of Seeger's "My Rainbow Race." They sang the Norwegian lyrics: "A sky full of stars, blue sea as far as you can see ''An earth where flowers grow, can yotl wish for more? "Together shall we live, every sister, brother · "Young children of the rainbow, a fertile land." Seeger's lyrics in the original version have a similar message of living together in harmony. In testimony last week, Breivik mentioned the tune as an example of how he believes "cultural MarX:ists" have infiltrated Norwegian schools and weakened its society. The crowd later marched to the Oslo courthouse, where they laid a carpet of red and white roses on the steps and the fence. Reached at home in Beacon, N.Y., the 92-year-old Seeger told The Associated Press he had heard about the mass gathering in a phone call from Nilsen. "I said, 'Oh that's wonderful,"' Seeger said. "It's a tremendous honor, really. One of the greatest honors a songwriter could have is to have a song of theirs sung in another country." The folk singer and his music have been central in many social justice issues from civil rights to the environment. He sang out against the Vietnam . War and more recently joined the Occupy Wall Street protest in Manhattan. Breivik has admitted to setting off a bomb July 22 outside the government headquarters that killed eight people, and then going on a shooting rampage at the Labor Party's annual youth camp on Utoya island, killing. 69 others, mostly teenagers. Shocked by Breivik's lack of

remorse, Norwegians by and large have decided the best way to confront him is by demonstrating their commitment to everything he loathes. Instead of raging against the gunman, they have manifested their support for tolerance and democracy. "We pave a quiet majority that som~times gets a bit too quiet," said Shoaib Sultan of The Norwegian Centre against Racism. However, (h e said it was important to "demonstrate tolerance." Eskil Pedersen, the• head of ··the Labor' Party's youth wing, ,told the umbrt;lla-hol?ing crowd . ·· in Oslo that Thirrsday s song held special significanc.~ for,his group. "We aren't here because of him, but because of each other," Pedersen said. Breivik's defense lawyer Geir Lippestad said his client was awate of the singalong protests. "He has registered that there is something going on outside this place, but he has obviously not seen it with his own eyes," Lippestad told public broadcaster NRK at the courthouse. In court, people who survived Breivik's car bomb testified emotionally as he listened without expression. Anne .Helene Lund, 24, who was just 7 meters (23 feet) from the explosion, lay in a coma for a month. When she woke up, she had lost her memory, unable to remember even the names of her parents. "I studied political science for three years. Now I have to relearn social studies at the junior high school level," she testified. Her father, Jan Henrik Lund, fought back tears as he described seeing his daughter with lifethreatening brain injuries. . "It was like experiencing the worst and the best in the same moment," he said. "It was fantastic that she was alive, horrible that she was as injured as she was.'' Breivik says he was targeting the governing Labor Party, which he claims has betrayed·the country by opening its borders to Muslim immigrants. He coldly described the attacks in gruesome detail last week Since he has admitted his · actions, Breivik's mental state is the key issue for the trial to resolve. If found guilty and sane, Breivik would face 21 years in prison, although he can be held longer if deemed a danger to society. If declared insane, he would be committed to compulsory psychiatric care. Breivik said Wednesday that being declared insane would be the worst thing that could happen to him because it would "delegitimize" his views.

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House for rent, Eastward Look. 5 bed/3 bath home for 2012-13. Furnished/parking. $525/month per student. No smokFrom page l ing/no pets. Beautiful home! Call 401English major, Briggs, who 556-4590 or 401 -949-4919 has "always wanted to be a South Kingstown- 4 bedroom Cape. 12 mins to campus, plenty of parking. writer," saw this as a signal $1100/month plus utilities. Sept. '12- that her writing has May '13, ca11401-263-1995 improved over the course of Narragansett: Academic year rental her academic career at URI. available. 3 bed, 2 bath. Furnished, garage. Large yard. $1200/month. She also expressed that she Available academic year 20 12-2013. was surprised to hear that her Landmark Realty Group 401-789-3 100 essay had been chosen, con3 BR, dishwasher, washer/dryer, off- sidering "all [of] the essays street parking. $900/month. Call Barry they must receive each at 401-728-6418 Kingston, 2 bed apt + 4 bed house. week." Scarborough, 2 bed duplex· + 3 bed "It was the first time I've house. No pets. 401-789-6580, mswojs- ever submitted anything, so I · was a little nervous to read it 3 or 4 Bedroom house for rent in .Sand Hill Cove. Fully Furnished, all ameni- out loud/ ' Briggs said. "It's ties, great neighborhood and location. kind of funny, since my essay 40 1-595-2885 was about learning to speak Cute !-bedroom cottage for rent Fully out in public, but I couldn' t furnished in a nice quiet neighborhood. help but think, 'Oh my god, 401 -595-2885 1 roommate wanted. Your own bed/j:mth it'S going to be heard by so in Harbor Village at the Commons, apt many people.'" next to pool/gym, available May 25 or Briggs, who is also a Sept. $650/month plus utilities. Gender and Women's Studies croth199 minor, said she was grateful 6 bed new Eastward Acad. '12-'13. 15 Greene Lane ( 67707), for the opportunities given to 43 Glendale Road her by professor Jody ( at ion- Lisberger, d irector of the genrental/p3 03174). Email mjvercillo@hot- der and women's studies or call 91 7-270-2185 gram and Briggs'- professor. Bonnet Shores, 4 bed 2 bath, furnished, renovated, washer dryer. Available now, According to Briggs, it was year round, summer, winter $1 500- Lisberger ' s desire to see her $1800/month. 401 -529-3201 excel that pushed her to work 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 full kitchen 2012- harder at her writing. 2013 school year rental available in "J ody was a really big Eastward Look. Fully furnished. See for more info + pies. help," said Briggs. "She really Email 401 - helped me go beyond what I 241-7347 thought I was capable of Narragansett'· Pier,' ·. Scarborough, · - doiri g ~ S"he ··artd ' my ···other Eastward Look, Bonnet Shores Rentals. women's studies professors Academic '12-'13, Summer '12. 1-6 Bedrooms, $500-$2400 offers accepted have been essential through 4 o 1 - 7 8 2 _ 3 9 o o this whole process. I would say they've acted as mentors Eastward Look North, Extra-Large 4 to me." Since she is graduating Bedroom/2.5 Bath, $2100/month nicely furnished, includes recycling + cleaning. Mature students wanted. this May, Briggs plans to start #379941 , email working shortly after she leaves URI. A North Kingstown native, Briggs p lans to remain in Rhode Island post-gradt1.atioh, but hopes to "move and see other places in the future." She also has plans to eventually go on to graduate school for either creative writing or education. "URI has given me so many opportunities," Briggs said. "I'll miss the structure of this community w hen'l'm gone." 1

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Need a date Graduating . From page 1 this weekend? gr.aduating class. Her biggest Place an ad in the Cigar today! 874-2914

fear, she said, is not about giving the speech, but how students will react. "I' m more nervous about

how my message will b e received," she said. McGunigal said she has found her experience at URI to be extremely positive and experimental, leaving her able to broaden her horizons. "My experience allowed for a lot of growth," she said . -·------------------------

Fashion From page 1 designs made of recycled materials. The general members of FMS give ideas of . fashion they would like to see, and then the board makes a fina l, anonymous vote. For yesterday's fashion show, the members of FMS focu sed their designs on Old Hollywood with a mixture of their own personal fashio n style. Collections included edgy, mod and Coachellainspired outfits. Senior and FMS president, Kelsey McGinty has been involved with the group since her freshman year and has always had an interest in design and fashion. "From the time I was little I have always been a creative person and I knew that w hen I came to URI I wanted to do fashion," McGinty said. "So becoming part of the Fashion Merchandising Society was just a n atural thing for me to do and for the first time in my life I was able to find other people who had the same interest in_ fashion and vogue like me" . McGinty has participated in five fashion shows at URI and . the Styl~ Week Providence Fashion Show. Participating for the last time in the spring fashion show, McGinty presented her own original "The Take Off" collection. Her collection consisted of dark colors, and fo cused on the hard, edgy style that she favors. After she graduates, McGinty hopes to continue her interest by following a more creative approach to fashion . She hopes to become a personal stylist and hopes that FMS continues to build a community. ' "It's a beautiful forum of creative, fun people who get to come together once a week for an hour and look at blogs and talk about the latest runways," McGinty said. "I think it is just a really cool community of interesting people".

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Texas man executed for role in robbery-shooting HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) during the holdup and initiatA Texas man condemned ed the abductions. They drove for a robbery in which three to a remote area about 10 miles people were shot, one fatally, away in Cherokee County, Adams ordered apologized to a woman who where survived the 2002 attack and Vandever arid one woman to family m embers of the slain get inside the car trunk and man before receiving a lethal then raped the other woman. injection Thursday. Testimony also s4owed he Beunl<a Adams said he forced all three to kneel-as they was a stupid kid in a man's were shot. Vandever was fatally body at the time of the crime, which started at a convenie~ce wounded. The women were store southeast of Dallas and kicked and shot again before ended in a remote area several Cobb and Adams, believing they were d ead, fled. Both miles away. "Everything that hap- women were alive, however, pened that night was wrong," and one was able to run to a Adams, 29, said, as he stared house to s~mmon help! : "He asked for forgiven,~ss at the death chamber ceiling, never looking at the people and I forgive him, but he had who gathered· to watch his to pay the consequences," said final moments. "If I could take one of the women, Nikki it back, I would .... I messed up Ansley, referring to Adams and can't take that back." after witnessing his execution. His death was carried out She survived being raped and less than three hours ·after the shot but continues to suffer U.S. Supreme Court rejected a painful injuries from the gun last-day appeal to· postpone blast. the execution, the fifth this The Associated Press usually does not identify victims year in Texas. Adams' attorneys had of rape, but Ansley h as pubasked the nation' s highest licly acknowledged it and court to halt the lethal injec- agreed to be interviewed. Now a nurse, she said tion, review his case and let him pursue appeals claiming standing a · few feet from he had deficient legal help at Adams and watching the his trial and during earlier drugs take his life was contrary to her instincts to want to stages of his appeals. He won a reprieve from a aid others. "I help people in surgery," federal district judge earlier this week, but the Texas attor- · she said. "Standing in there, it ney general's office appealed was a feeling that I didn't want the ruling, and the 5th U.S. to help him." Her mother, Melinda Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the death warrant Ansley, said Adams' apology could never erase the damage Wednesday. Adams expressed love to he caused. his family Thursday and asked "It's not going to fix the those witnessing his execution hole in her back," she said, to avoid letting any hate they referring to her daughter's had for him consume them. wound from the shooting. "I really hate things turned Donald Vandever, the out the way they did," he said. father of the slain man, said "For everybody involved, I Adams' execution "doesn't don't think any good came out really change anything." , of it." . "As far as I'm concerned, it He took about a dozen ~as way too easy on him}' he breaths, then started to said. Adams and Cobb were wheeze and snore. Eventually, he became still. He was pro- arrested several hours after nounced dead at 6;25 p .m. the crime, about 25 miles to COT, nine minutes after the the north in Jacksonville. was identifiable lethal drugs began to flow into Adams because he had slipped off his his body. , Adams and another man ma~k after one of the 'Yomen we~e sent to death row for the said she thought she ·knew slaying of Kenneth Vandever, him. ~ 37, who was in a convenience Cobb, who was 18 at the store on Sept. 2, 2002, in Rusk, time of the holdup, was conabout 115 miles southeast of victed and sentenced to die in Dallas, when· two men wear- a separate trial eight months ing masks walked in. The men before Adams, who was 19 at announced a holdup; one of the time of the crime. Evidence them was carrying a shotgun. tied the two to a string of robAfter robbing the store, beries that happened around Adams and Richard Cobb, the same time. Cobb does not yet have an both from East Texas, drove off with the two female clerks and .execution date set. At Adams' Vandever in a car belonging to trial, Adams was portrayed as Cobb's follower. The two had one of the women. Testimony at Adams' trial met as ninth-graders at a boot showed he gave the orders camp.

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SPORTS Sophomore basehall player proves Bruins need to bid their starting valuable in multiple positions goaltender farewell, play young backup ingly at third b~se before blooming into a utility player this season. In the world of baseball, '!I just started pitching specialization is the way of this year," Landi said. "Coach the world. Relief pitchers told me to work on coming throw to only one or two bat- from down low, so I worked ters, and defensive replace- on that and now it seems that ments come in for only an I'm out there almost every inning or two. weekend it seems. Wherever All of this specialization coach wants me, that's where makes Rhode Island's Joe I go. I just fJ:"Y to get the job Landi an enigma. The sopho- done at every position. more from Smithfield, RI has Coming out of high done everything for the Rams school, Landi was recruited this year. by URI and Marist College in His 14 starts have been upstate New York. He said he spread around third base, chose to stay home and play right field and left field. He for a perennial New England has 10 hits and seven runs power. batted in. Landi also has a "I wanted · to stay close," 3.07 earned run average in Landi said. "I didn't want to 14.2 innings of work out of the go too far, and it's a great probullpen. gram here." Landi does it all, and Foster said that players Rhode Island coach Jim Foster like Landi, who can play mulsaid having a player like tiple positions, are a commodLandi has helped his squad ity at the professional level. this season. "At the big league level, "It's important," Foster that utility position is a true said of Landi's versatility. position, and guys get paid "He's a left-handed hitter, he for it," Foster said. "They get can run the bases, · he plays paid to catch, play first, play third, he can play the outfield, some outfield, give a team he can pitch. He's very valu- quality: at-bats. It's a legitiable. mate position." "Believe it or not he was With two-plus seasons recruited mostly as a hitter," remammg, and numerous he added. "He swung the bat positions he could play, Landi really well in high school. We said that he only wants one thought he'd end up being a thing: ·a spot in the starting third baseman, but he's nine. turned into many other things "Hopefully I can get a for us." starting job; that's always the Landi played four years at goal of mine," Landi said. Smithfield High School, and "Who knows, if I keep prowas named to the All-State gressing the way I'm going team in 2010. Last season as a hopefully I can make it to the freshman Landi played . sparnext level." BY MIKE ABELSON


Sports Reporter

Contributing Sports Reporter

Tim Thomas is 38 years old, making him one of the oldest goaltenders in the league. This fact alone brings rise to a number of questions regarding the newly finished 2012 Boston Bruins ·hockey season. Tuukka Rask is not only one of the best backup goaltenders in the jeague, but he is among the best overall goaltenders. Several teams would rather play the Bruins young stud than to play their starting goaltender. With that said, not dealing Tim Thomas during the season was one of the -leading factors in the Bruins' disappointing first-round collapse. Thomas was simply kept for the wrong reasons - and was evaluated in an inappropriate way. In his first year starting at quarterback, Tom Brady led his team in unprecedented fashion. The following year, the Patriots didn't make the playoffs - causing people to ask if Brady was a "One-year wonder." However, the Bruins' aging Thomas managed to play well enough when it mattered most last year, allowing his team ·to flaunt rings. Where was this with him when Thomas came down to earth this year? We must remember the history Thomas has had 'with the. Bruins - and not all of it was sparkling. In fact, Thomas barely took the net in

The Bruins lost this year the playoff run preceding the 2011 championship season - to the seventh seed only to watch his backup· Washington Capitals, losing Rask blow a 3-0 series lead to three of their. four games at · Philly. The years prior home - significant, for the weren't very good either- but Capitals tallied one of the you won't hear NESN talk worst road records in the about them. Let us not forget NHL. What did the Bruins -that Thomas is not "Mr. Game la{:k, though7 . , Seven." The Bruins 2008 sea~ The Bruins didn't have a son came to an end when they stud goal scorer ,this year. lost to Mon~real in game· David Krejci unqerachieved, seven of the second round, . Tyler Seguin looked his age while their 2009 season ·came and Milan ,Lucie was, 011ce to an end after seven games again, nowhere to be found . against Carolina in the second Nathan Horton was this round. Both seasons came to Bruins goal scorer last year, an end by a puck passing ~winning game seven with a Thomas. Simply put, two single shot .in over time months of great hockey last against Montreal - -but was spring saved Thomas' career. unable to play in recent memBut ·folks, he's still 38 - ory, for he suffered his second and this year he .looked it. concussion in two years. If With Rask hurt during the not for that shot, though, the final stretch of the regular entire Bruins organization season this year, Thomas might have looked far differplayed an unnecessary stretch ent this year " head coach of 13 straight games in goal, Claud Julien, among others, which probably accounts for had a lot of thanking to do for his lackluster play in this still having a job. year's playoff series, where It's time to play the kid, he was outplayed · by who is growing far too tired American Hockey League of riding the bench. He's your goaltender _Braden Holtby. future, and losing him to keep Did Thomas underachieve a rapidly aging goaltender, this ye<~.r, · qr p.lay O,Il. hill fl!=!ild '1110 haP. qne miraculpus run, · last year? I .think the answer is simply foolish. is quite obvious, and I, thereSo lets bid adieu to fore, think that the Bruins Timmy Tank. While he broke should have moved him this hearts of Bruins fans with his year when they could. lackluster performances Coming off of one of the best against Montreal and performances in NHL history, Carolina, leading to his Thomas' stock was as high as benching of the 2010 playoffs, it was going to be. The Bruins he erased our memory with lacked in certain areas, and his all-world performance last trading Thomas would only year. All good things must end. have worked to bring in .highend talent to fill gaping holes.

• • Youkilis hits slam, Red ·Sox tag Humber 1n 10-3 w1n CHICAGO (AP) - Philip Humber followed up the best day of his career with one of his worst. Kevin Youkilis hit a grand slam, Jarrod Saltalamacchia homered twice and the Boston Red Sox roughed up Humber in a 10-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Thursday night. Youkilis, mired in an earlyseason slump, hit his second career slam into the rigllt-field bullpen during a five-run third inning against Humber, who was making his first start since pitching a perfect game in a 4-0 victory at Seattie on Saturday. "I got a 'lot of pitches up over the plate,'; Humber said. "To a team like that, they make you pay for it." It didn't take long for Humber (1-1) to falter. He walked leadoff batter Mike Aviles in the first, snapping his streak of 29 straight batters retired. One out later, the right-

hander allowed a single to Dustin Pedroia, a dribbler up the third-base line that was the . first hit off Humber since Nick Markakis' one-out double for Baltimore in the fifth inning of the Orioles' 10-4 victory at Chicago on April16. "We had our reports on watching Phil," Youkilis rsaid. "He's a guy who's going to throw strikes and go at you. You have to be ready to hit." Humber was tagged for a career-high nine runs and eight hits in five innings. The nine earned runs he allowed after his perfect game were a record, topping the eight given up by Jim "Catfish" Hunter after his perfecto for Oakland in 1968. "This game will humble you, man," Humber said. "It will make you feel good one day and make you feel real bad the next. You've got to take every game as its own game." Johnny Vander . Meer remains the only major league pitcher to throw consecutive

no-hitters, accomplishing the feat in 1938 with Cincinnati. · It's been a hectic week for Humber, who did a segment on David Letterman's show among many media-related appearances this week. Also, his wife Kristan is expecting the couple's first child in the next couple of weeks. "I stayed with my normal routine," Humber said. "I did my best to eliminate the distractions. I felt like I was focused on the game. "I don't think anything that happened Saturday affected tonight," he added. "It was just a bad day. I'll just chalk it up to one of those days and hopefully next time will be better." The resurgent Red Sox have scored 34 runs in winning their last four games, a streak coming on the heels of a fivegame skid. "The offense is playing extremely well," Boston manager Bobby Valentine said. "A combined effort, no one trying


to do too much. That's good offense. That's playing baseball the right way." Adrian Gonzalez followed Pedroia's hit with an RBI double, and David Ortiz added a run-scoring single to give the Red Sox a 2-0 lead. . After throwing just 96 pitches to complete his masterpiece, Humber . twice needed more than 30 pitches to get through an inning. He threw 92 pitches over the first four innings. Saltalamacchia followed Youkilis' slam with a home run just inside the right-field foul pole; He added a two-run shot in the fifth off Humber, his fourth homer of the season. Humber allowed three walks and three homers. His ERA rose from 0.63 to 4.66. Youkilis singled and scored in the fifth and added an infield single in the eighth. His three hits, two runs and four RBis were an encouraging sign for a hitter that entered the game

batting just .204. The grand slam was his second homer of the season and just his second over his last 28 games dating to Aug. 14, 2011. ''I'm having better at-bats and doing little things here and there," Youkilis said. "I look at it as a long season, and you're going to go through stuff. Hopefully the bad at-bats are a thing of the past." Boston starter Felix Doubront ·(1-0) wasn't sharp but picked up his first big league win since Aug. 10, 2010. He allowed five hits and three walks, threw a wild pitch and hit. a batter .with a pitch, but limited the White Sox to three ru:ns in six innings. Junichi Tazawa tossed three scoreless innings for his first major league save. Chicago's Dayan Viciedo broke out of a 1-for-16 slump with two hits, including a leadoff homer in the fourth. All three of his RBis this season have come on solo homers.