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Where can you find $1 coffee at the University of Rhode Island? Nowhere, right? Think again. Though its chain, for-profit counterparts like Dunkin' Donuts and Bagelz may be more well known to URI students, the 193 Coffeehouse does in fact offer $1 coffee, and a lot more too. The student-run, not-forprofit coffee lounge has been a student hangout spot since it began in 1994. Originally located on the ground floor of the Memorial Union, where RAM Computers is currently, the coffee spot has since moved to the end of the first floor of the union, tucked away in a corner complete with couches, board game, and a wide variety of beverages. "It's not really work, because it's not anything extremely difficult, but it's really a lot of fun," said sophomore employee Kyle DeMartino, who started working there this past September. "It's really the people who make it a good place to work."

The staff consists of 16 volunteers who work for a small stipend, about $20 per semester, for three hours per week, according to co-coordinator Elena Krajeski. Krajeski added that despite the lack of monetary incentive, the staff is at full capacity, and always receiving more applications. "I wish this could be a fulltime job, that would be great," DeMartino said. He added that even without pay, he would love to work more at 193 because of the "funky atmosphere and friendly staff." "It's a real community feel, a hangout place," Krajeski explained. "I don't have a living room, so this essentially acts as my living room when I'm at URI." Plenty of students seem to find the atmosphere welcoming as well, since various student groups elect to hold meetings and events at the shop. The 193 Coffeehouse also has its own events coordinator who organizes bimonthly open mike nights and concerts on weekends. "When we have a concert going on or an open mike ··--

-· --- ·- .

- --·- --- -





night, this place is pretty much packed," DeMartino said. Between the morning rush for coffee before class and these big events, the shop usually makes about $550 per week, whiCh is funneled back into the coffee shop for buying supplies and coffee, · according to Krajeski. Part of 193's "claim to fame" is its assortment of fair trade coffees and teas, which it purchases · from Equal Exchange, a Massachusettsbased fair trade supplier. Additionally, tips money is pooled together at tpe end of each month and designated for a staff activity, Krajeski explained. Krajeski added that one of her personal goals as co-coordinator is to get more professors and faculty to visit the coffeehouse. "I think they may think they're not welcome here, because it's mostly students who frequent 193," she said, "but they are definitely welcome and I would love to see more of them here interacting with students."


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The University of Rhode Island's Forensic Seminar Series continued yesterday with its latest lecture, "DNA/Forensic Biology." Supervisor of the Rhode Island Department of Health's Forensic Biology /DNA Lab Cara Lupino delivered the lecture in Pastore Hall. Attending were students from all forensic minors, including junior digital forensics minor Zach Wyman who explained, "the seminars gave me a broader view of forensics." The first part of the seminar discussed the role of the laboratory in DNA and forensic biology. This role is broken into five parts: recipient, or chain of custody, processing and preservation, analysis, interpretation and pres-


"' I



court. The second part discussed DNA in relation to forensic science. After a basic explanation of DNA, its structure and basic building blocks, Lupino moved on to STRs, or short tandem repeats. STRs are abundant within DNA strands and deteriorate slower than other structures, making them a prime tool for DNA testing and comparison. Lupino also discussed the method for extracting and testing DNA and the various machines used to process the extracts. URI has a close relationship with the state forensics lab. One facility of the state crime lab resides in Fogarty Hall and the other facility is located in Providence. The scope of the Forensic Seminar series ranges from investigative reporting, presented by

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Last night, sophomore Julia Schoellkopf held public forum during the Student Senate meetings, in which she . discussed the status of. genderneutral bathrooms on campus and why the University of Rhode Island should seek to have more of them in its buildings. In order to raise awareness about this issue, Schoellkopf is planning to host a protest and collect signatures in a petition in the 24-hour room in the library on Wednesday, April 18. Gender-neutral bathrooms, according to Schoellkopf, are, ideally, single stall restrooms a person of any gender can use. People who would benefit from these restrooms, Schoellkopf said, are disabled people who may have a caregiver of a different gender. For the same reasons, single parents who have a child who is a different gender than them would also benefit from the addition of more gender-neutral bathrooms. According to Schoellkopf, taking your child to the bathroom when you are a mother with a

son, or a father with a daughter, can be an "uncomfortable experience" for the child, parent, and the people in the restroom. One of the biggest reasons Schoellkopf is advocating for gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, however, is to be 'more inclusive toward transgender people. For transgender .people, using public restrooms can lead to them being harassed, either through "crude comments oi with violence." . "While I've been bringing this issue to light, I've talked to a few students on .campus who thought this issue wasn't a big deal," Schoellkopf said. "I've had some people tell me that transgender people could just use a bathroom that matches their gender. Even if they were to do that, they'd still face the threat of harassment and violence. No one should feel uncomfortable when using the bathroom." Schoellkopf also noted that there are students who may not identify as either male or female, who would be uncomfortable with using gendered bathrooms. There are also stuContinued on page 7


Rhody pic of the day

NBC 10 investigative reporter Jim Taricani, to explosives, presented by Mark Zabinski, criminalist at the Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory. All fall under the broad category of criminalistics. The program aims to provide a chance for students, faculty and the public to develop a better understanding of the methods used to solve and prevent crimes. The seminars are held every week on Wednesday and Friday from 3:30 P.M. to 5 P:M. in Pastore Hall room 124. Next week's lecture features Laurie Oglivie, a supervisor at the Rhode Island Department of Health forensic toxicology laboratory. All seminars are free and open to the public. - - --

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URI student requests more gender-neutral bathrooms

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Heath department supervisor talks role of DNA in forensic. biology


Thursday April 12, 2012

19 3 Coffeehouse offers cozy atmosphere, cheap drinks, live musical entertainment

• • t


~ \) \) \J \)\) \) \) \) \) \)

Miss the J. Cole concert last night? See page 3.

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Big K.R.I.T. bri11gs southern style to Rhode Isla·nd fans BY HENSLEY CARRASCO


Attendees of the first stop of the Campus Consciousness Tour (CCT) last night were able to get a taste of the south by way of the performers on-stage. Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in Fayetteville,. N.C., Jermaine Lamar "J. Cole" Cole and Meridian, Miss.'s Justin "Big K.R.I.T." Scott brought their own Southern styles with them while performing at The Ryan Center. Big K.R.I.T. said performing onstage at a college campus, as opposed to an inner-citY venue, causes for a~different atmosphere. '1t' s a little different," K.R.I. T. said. "[At a regular venue show] sometimes your own core fan base may come out. College is normally people that may or may not have heard of you [who] still come out because they want to have fun, which is still dope because you're still trying to gain a new fan base [and] gain new

supporters." K.R.I.T. said being able to go on a college campus tour with J. Cole gives him an opportunity to expose his music to new listeners, especially because his debut album "Live from the Underground" is schedUled to release June 5. K.R.I.T., who described himself as a "humble cat from Mis~issippi," said he wants to "take people to where I'm from" in his music. He said Mississippi has a strong hip-hop movement, but the lack of artists and repertoire, known to many as simply "A&R," in the state, much of the talent is never found, and often overlooked. "[My music] is organic, ·it's country, it's soulfuland it always is going to be like that," he said. K.R.I. T., which stands for "King Remembered in Time/' said he finds he's bringing truth to what his stage name stands for. "My name means that I shoUld

laden "Return of 4Eva," his latest project only features a guitarist and a saxophonist, lending nothing but the sounds of their instru~ ments. K.R.I.T. said he decided to leave out featured artists because it was a project to shine light on him personally. "There are. features via my dad," he said. "My dad talked on a record. I had a sound bite from my grandp1other. J' m featuring people via conversation [as] they woUld be in your daily life. You are truly the narrator of your life and that's what I was." The Campus Consciousness To~ a Reverb project, "aims to Hensley Carrasco I Cigar inspire and activate students in Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I. T. who opened for}. Cole at last an electric atmosphere while _night's first stop of the Campus Consciousness Tour. leaving a positive impact on each ~ tommunity the . .tour visits," always be challenging myself," live," K.R.I.T. said. according to . the .ccr. website. he said. He said because his·name The current project he has Since 2006, the CCT has beenyisincludes "in time," he will be out now, "4evaNaDay," a follow- iting college campuses nationremembered "in time." He said up to _last year's "Return Of wide promoting "greening elehis debut album will show his 4Eva;' is a conceptual mix tape growth to those who listen. telling the story of a day in Continued on page -7 "Striving to be a king is how I K.R.I.T.'s life. Unlike the feature-

'Titanic' in 30 engages, thrills first-time viewers BY MATI GOUDREAU

Entertainment Writer

As a film critic, there are many films that are considered "required viewing." While I will willingly watch anything, there have been many times where I put off watching various movies but eventually given in. For the most part, older classics such as

"Vertigo" and "Citizen Kane" held up very well for me upon first viewing, but other movies, such as "Gone with the Wind" and "Casablanca," I find overrat- ed. Although considerably younger in age, "Titanic" was always a movie I have avoided. I never had an exact reason, but the big turnoff was everyone

constantly talking about it like it was some kind of mystical fable. It looked far too long and I've never been a huge fan of epic romances or the latter career of director James Cameron. When I heard it was going to be. released in 3D, I decided to push bias aside and see the film. In all honesty, I was shocked at how much I both enjoyed it and

was emotionally invested. 3D sounded unnecessary because of its overuse but I actually think it was the strongest asset to my investment. I felt like I was actu~ ally there during the tragic and thoroughly long climax of the film. While the movie has a running time of more than three hours, it never slowed down due to the 3D. It may seem ridiculous

Comme_ncement 2012 is-Sunday, May 20th


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to include it for the rest of the film, but it works whenever there are dialogue scenes on the exterior of the boat or the awesome opening with the search for the sunken vessel. The opening montage instantly hooke_d me. Bill Paxton's expedition searching for the remnants of the ship is close to jaw dropping. The experience of seeing this on the big screen was enough, but the 3D ·placed it over the top. I honestly thought it was new footage Cameron shot for the re-release because it looked so excellent. I will say without a shadow of a doubt that this film utilized the best 3D post-production conversion since it pecame a tool in filmmaking .. Since I find it unnecessary to discuss what the film is about, let me say that the most talked about film romance since Vivien Leigh and Clark 'Gable lives up to the hype. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have incredible chemistry and all the love scenes between the two are genuin'e and touching. While the script is very melodramatic at points and even cliche, the two overcome it and make the romance seem eternal. I think it is the main reason why this film has so much nostalgia behind it and has many reruns on television. I certainly cannot bash the two per~ formances, but I wish the script offered a few more surprises aside from the typical misunderstandings and infamous ending. Speaking of problems, my biggest complaint with the film is the character of Cal; favorite character actresses and she shines here as the quirky rich wife of art industrialist. Gloria Continued on page 7

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J. Cole livens up the Ryan Center with, talent BY CONOR FAGAN Contributing Entertainment Writer

As I stood waiting with folded arms and an expression most grim on the sweatsoaked cement floor of the Thomas M. Ryan Center, a crippling wave of deja vu washed over me without warning. Pe.ering around cautiously at the scores of inebriated freshman overzealously documenting their night with amateur iPhone photography, it seemed like yesterday I arrived at this very same venue expecting to be wowed by the performance of a young, up-and-coming emcee named Kid Cudi, only to leave bitterly disappointed. I pondered as to whether or not Jay-Z's much lauded protege, J. Cole, could possibly live up to the substantial hype he's generated since the release of his first mix-tape in 2007 was cut dramatically when the rapper strode to center stage . Without a moment's hesitation or hint of gaudy introduction, Cole's first verse burst forth from the Ryan Center's boomin g sound system with an intensity that alerted me to the fact that I w as not in store for a traditional rap .c9.n9ert . , What little J. Cole lacked in lyrical fines se he more than made up for in sheer gregariousness. The rapper exuded the kind of raw energy that

remains conspicuously absent from most live hip-hop performances, and the crowd certainly reacted as such. The set list swung from one overproduced hit single to, the next before the band settled into an organic freestyle groove, followed by some deep cuts from "The Warm Up" about midway through the show. Cole barreled through live versions of chant-along standbys "Who Dat" and "Workout," but the emcee's seamless implementation of subtle, flowing alterations to his songs' lyrics won this listener over in the end. It saddens me to think that Cole's strict attention to poetic structure may well have been wasted on an audience too absorbed in the sampled soul beats and thundering hip-hop bass to interpret and acknowledge true talent. Another peculiar feature of the concert that set it apart from other rap shows were the instrumental breaks scattered throughout the set list. They ranged from th e brief and stunning displays of rhyth mic virtuosity of the Carissa Johnson I Cigar band's drummer to drawnout and arduous remixes of J Cole performed at the Ryan Center last night after opening act club hits from its D.f. Big K.R.I. T. ' · H9wever, it seems as if the undoubtedly influential has begun to take root in J. in the young rapper's lyrics. presence of Jay-Z, with his Cole's songwriting in a seem- "Lost Ones," a ballad contrudging monosyllabic flow ingly direct contrast to the cerning a pregnant teenage and materialist sensibilities, depth of profundity displayed couple that features a flutter-

ing piano section, would .feel more cohesive, and therefore more touching and deep, if it featured a lyrical rhythm that reflected the complexities of unexpected paternity rather than trite, computerized hooks ala Young M~ney. Nevertheless, I left the arena feeling satisfied with J. Cole's perfori:na,nce. He carries the lyrics· torch once borne by Dre, Nas and ·. Method Man. I hope . future hip-hop performers will follow his shiningly enthusiastic example.

Rhody pic of the day

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EDITORIAL & OPINION Sign with caution Yesterday, students at the University of Rhode Island were given free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream at the Cam~us Consciousness Tour Block Party. In exchange for the Ice cream, the providers neither wanted money, nor a moment of your time, they only wanted a signature. While no attem~t was made to hide the fact that that signature was for a petition to help overturn the 5-to-4 decision made by ~he Supreme Court in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case in 2010, you should be fully aware of what the issue you're signing your name to is, before yo~ si~. The Citizens United case led to a landmark ruhng m the Supreme Court that said that a federal law that banned_ ~or­ porations and labor unions from giving mo~ey to political candidates was unconstitutional. The Court smd that the law violated the First Amendment rights of corporations by not allowing them the ability to freely donate to a politic~~ candidate and participate in the political process. The decision has been an extremely controversial topic since it was handed down. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority of the opinion in the case stating, "If the .F~rst Amendment has any force, it prohibits Congress from fimng or jailing citizens, or associations of citizens, for simply engaging in political-speech." In February, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer, both of whom dissented in the split decision, said the decision needs to be revisited. The "Get the DOUGH Out" campaign aims to gain enough signatures on its petitions to overturn the decision. Their w ebsite,, says that the amount of money that has poured into politics has drowned out the voice of the people and that their "goal is to take b~ck American democracy, and over-rule the Supreme Court, with a Constitutional Amendment that will keep corporate money out of our elections." No matter what one's opinion on this controversial First Amendment issue is, know what you are signing your name for. If you had no knowledge of this case, and only wanted free Ben & Jerry's, at least learn from this experience and inform yourself before the next time you sign something for a freebee.

RHODY Health and Fitness

BY SARAH MOSLEY Cigar Columnist

The advice has probably been pounded into your head for years-get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. For college students, this may seem almost impossible. With all of the work that gets piled up during the week and the crazy college weekends, who has time to sleep for seven hours? You may think it's unimportant to get that much sleep, but studies show that losing out on sleep can have detrimental effects to your health. Pulling a necessary all-nighter every once in a while won't kill you, but if you find yourself staying up in the late hours of the night regularly, it may be time to make some changes to your schedule. Below are some tips to get enough sleep so you can be your best, healthy self every day. -Stick schedule




Exercising every day can cut down on the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep. If you exercise for 3060 minutes in the morning or Hensley Carrasco I Editor-in-Chief Shawn Saiya I Managing Editor Farah Casalini I News Editor Nancy Lavin I News Editor Kimberly Delande I News Reporter Brianna Resto I News Reporter August King I Entertainment Editor Matthew Goudreau I Entertainment Writer Conor Simao I Entertainment Writer Mike Abelson I Sports Reporter Jon Shideler I Sports Reporter Nikita Duke I Sports Reporter Teresa Kelly I Photo Editor Carissa Johnson I Asst. Photo Editor Alex Bouthillier I Asst. Photo Editor Amy St. Amand I Asst.Photo Editor Mike Emilani I Production Manager Sarah Fitzpatrick 1Production Manager Theo Kontos 1Production Manager Amanda Blau I Business Manager Max Shanstrom I Ads Manager Elizabeth Hogan I Ads Sales Rep. Alison Gagnon I Ads Sales Rep. Susan Sancomb I Compositor

-Watch intake


on sleep. Try powering off your phone a·nd laptop when bedtime · comes around so y~u' re not too distracted to fall asleep. If you give yourself a time each night to shut off your devices, you may not be tempted to stay up all night on Facebook.


Drinking caffeine less than four hours before you go to bed can leave you lying wide-awake. Caffeine ups the production of a hormone that causes you to be alert and more energetic when you should be sleeping. Having caffeine in the morning and afternoon isn't a problem, but if you're downing a cup of coffee at 10 p.m . .every night to finish your homework, you might want to rethink your schedule. -Ditch your cell phone Looking at electronics, such as cell phones and television, late. at night can cause neck and back pain and keep your brain preoccupied when you should be concentrating

-Crack your window Studies show that if your room is around 65 degrees at night, your quality of sleep may improve. Turning down the heat or cracking a window can do just that. Adequate ventilation and air circulation is also important, so turning on a fan can help as well. A hot and stuffy room may disturb your sleep.



Getting enough sleep can help you feel less stressed, improve your memory and keep your energy up all day. It can also improve your ability to lose weight by regulating hormones that control your hunger, as well as many other positive effects. So try scheduling your week to include all your work and play-and a good night's sleep every night.

Persevere, it will pay off The Cigar is printed by TCI Press 21 lndustiral Court Seekonk, MA 02771

EDITORIAL POLICY All signed columns, commentaries; letters to the editor and cartoons do not necessarily reflect the position of the Cigar, but are the opinion of the individual author. The staff editorial is the ~ajority. . opinion of the Good 5¢ C1gar ed1tonal board. CORRECTION POLICY The Cigar will gladly print corrections if the error is brought to our attention within seven calendar days of publication.


The University of Rhode Island 50 Lower College Road Memorial Union 125 Kingston, Rl 02881 Editor I 401-874-4325 Reporters 1401 -874-2604

afternoon, you'll be more able to fall asleep quickly and get a good night's sleep. If you exercise late at night, try to leave at least 6 hours between exercising and going to bed. Your body needs that much time to wind down from th e exertion of a workout.

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In just less than two-anda-half weeks, classes will be ending for students at the University of Rhode Island. April 30, to be exact. For those of you reading this with your jaw hanging open, this is your warning. It may have come up fast, but exams are nearly upon us. Before exam time comes around, however, many of you have probably noted that project and paper season is about to kick into gear. Just when you want to enjoy the nicer weather, or maybe get an earlier start on studying for that killer exam, you are swamped with papers, projects and presentations. Happy spring, anyone? It is admittedly more than a bit unfortunate that profes-

sors tend to wait until those last few weeks before classes are over to make everything, or at least everythin g important, due. Sure you had the whole semester to work on it, but who can really sit down and write a 20-page paper a whole month before it's due? Precious few, and power to you if you can. Realistically, however, we need deadlines as motivation, and when those deadlines all fall within the same time frame, well, you're looking at a l~t of homework time, and probably at least a few allnighters. For those of you, especially seniors, ready to check out and just give a half-hearted attempt on the next three weeks of grueling assignments, hold up. Senioritis time is definitely here, but rememb.e r how hard you've

worked to maintain that dean's list-worthy GPA for four years? Even if you don't, your future employers will. So persevere. Stay organ"' ized, and try to keep on top of all assignments. Using your time well will certainly avoid at least a few of those potential all-nighters. Make a list of what you want to accomplish each day, and cross off items as you go. If nothing else, you'll be satisfied at striking one more thing off that overwhelmingly long checklist. Above all, remember it will pay off when you get that phone call from your dream job saying "we want you," be it in a few months or a few years. Stock up on red bull and printer money, and hunker down at the library. The beach will still be there even after you're done studying.

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CAMPUS Left: Photo by Lauren Trod singer of the Pete Kilpatrick Band peras students line up for ice cream for Ben Jerry's "Get th.e DOUGH Out" Campaign.

Photo by Teresa Kelly -""''"ll'" candy in grape, blue raspberry, and ~~llst1rcn.rberrv were given out.

Below: Photo by Teresa Kelly Students dig into an open air ice chest filled with ice cream at the make your own sundae station of the Block Party yesterday in front of the Memorial Union. Bottom Left: Photo by Teresa Kelly Students were able to make their own flavor of Sno Kones from a variety offered at the Block Party yesterday in front of the Memorial Union.


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~ TheraPEDTM "Pamper, Stretch & Refresh Feet" #400816, $9.99 S RP

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1.800.633.4243 Ext: 0


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NATION & WORLD Hannity contacted by shooter in Trayvon Martin case · NEW YORK (AP) ~ Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity has become the second cable news host whose involvement in the Trayvon Martin shooting case has gone beyond merely talking about it on the air. Hannity acknowledged having a conversation with a man he believed to be George Zimmerman, who shot and killed the black Florida teenager Feb. 26 in a case that has ignited racial tensions. Zimmerman's former lawyers, in quitting the case Tuesday, noted that their client had talked to Hannity more recently than with them. Hannity, who last week interviewed Zimmerman's father on Fox, said there has been a "rush to judgment" about the shooter. Over on MSNBC, Al Sharpt<;m has participated in marches and demonstrations in support of Martin while continuing to discuss the case on his evening talk show. There have been stark differ~ -~-----~--·----- -




ences in the attention and focus on the case at the two networks. Zimmerman was arrested and charged with seconddegree murder on Wednesday. He turned himself in and arrived at jail in Sanford, Fla., where the shooting took place. Cable networks ramped up their coverage to make note of the news. Hannity's involvement in the case came to light Tuesday at a news conference held by Zimmerman's former lawyers, Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner. Hannity, who said on his show Tuesday night that he's been pursuing a Zimmerman interview fcir weeks, said he was contacted Monday by a. man he believes was Zimmerman. "He rea.c hed out to me, we spoke on the phone about his case and I agreed hot to report on the contents of that conversation," Hannity said. On his ra.dio show Monday, Hannity said he had

confirmed that Zimmerman During the interview, was a mentor to minority chil- Zimmerman's father said he dren. "Now, if you were had never heard ·his son utter racist, I don't think you'd be a a racial slur and, prompted by mentor to minority children," · Hannity, recalled a time when he said. his son helped. a black homeWith Uhrig and Son.n er less man. present, Hannity lastweek on Hannity also. devoted a Fox interviewed portion of his show Tuesday Zimmerman's father, Robert. to discussing a report that the Robert Zimmerma'n 's face New Black Panther Party had was concealed during the put a bounty on George interview. Zimmerman's head. During the interview, there was no progress to Hannity told Zimmerman report Wednesday on that "I would argue there has Hannity's attem,pt to get a been a rush to judgment." He .George Zimrherman inter- . cited statements made by view, according to Fox. . Cable news networks had political and civil rights leaders about the shooting being sharply different appetites for racially motivated - George the case, according to Zimmerman's ·father is white research by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. and his mother Hispanic and mentioned President Frbm March 19 to 28, MSNBC Barack Obama's comment - where the prime-time hosts that if he had a son, he would are liberal - the network likely look like Trayvon. devoted 49 percent of its on· Zimmerman's father said air time to the Martin story. he agreed. "I just believe it's During the s~me period at very sad that so many people Fox, where the prime-time are net telling the truth for hosts are conservative, 15 percent 6£ the news hole was their own agenda," he said.

spent on the case. It was 40 percent at CNN. On March 26, for example,· MSNBC carried 14 minutes of a mid-afternoon news conference by Martin's parents live and uninterrupted by commercials, the project said. CNN aired' the news conference for a . little more than five minutes. Fox didn't mention the story at all in that hour, the, Excell~nce Project reported. , · The topics that drew the most attention about the case on MSNBC conderned gun control and · Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, the project said. On Fox, {he most time spent was on · Martin's background and 1statements in · ~defense of Zhnmerman. With Zimmetman's arrest on Wednesday, Fox aired a lengthy live segment of a news conference held by the defendant's new lawyer shortly after 7 p.m. ET. At the same time, MSNBC showed Sharpton interviewing Martin's parents.

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Red Hot O.ili Peppers putting best foot forward . LOS ANGELES (AP) for him to go in, as well as joined the Chili Peppers in Anthony Kiedis had a dream John Frusciante, of · course, 2009 for their side project, The the other night. who gave us so much and did Insects. The 49-year-old frontman some serious (expletive) rockKiedis said the .band of the Red Hot Chili Peppers ing .." plans to play a few songs at imagined that he was p laying But the guitarist whose Saturday's ceremony, and at this year's Rock and Rock melq}iies powered songs like . they will be joined by former Hall of Fame induction cere- "Under the Bridge " and Chili Peppers drummers Jack mony, and the band's on- "Californication" is not Irons and Cliff Martinez for "a expected to be a part of the three-drummer jam session." again, off~again guitarist John Frusciante was sitting in the festivities in Cleveland, He also teased that the Chili front row. where the Rock Hall is based. Peppers would rock out with Kiedis is quick to note A spokesman for Frusciante, several of this year's other that this vision won't become who left the Chili Peppers for honorees for a funkadelic a reality when the 29-year-old a second time in 2009, didn't mash-up. group is actually inducted return messages seeking com"It's funny/ said Ki~dis. ment, but Kiedis and Flea do "People have asked me, 'Did Saturday. "No," Kiedis said in a not anticipate he will be there, · you ever think you would be hushed tone during a break and a rep for the ceremony inducted into the Rock and from rehearsing at SIR says he is not scheduled to Roll Hall of Fame?' It's a . funny question because the Studios last month. "That was attend. just a dream." Nonetheless, the group answer is, 'Of course not.' ,;I can't speak for will still be in good company. · When we started, we thoug~t (Frusciante), but I think it's The Chili Peppers are set maybe in periods of 24 hours kinda like an ex-girlfriend to be inducted alongside Los at a time. The most we would vi be," added 49-year-old Angeles rockers Guns N' ever think is a week at a time: bassist Flea. Roses, New York hip-hop trio 'Oh, we have a gig next The cu.rrent line-up of Beastie Boys, Scottish folk Thursday. We should write a Flea, Kiedis, drummer Chad icon Donovan and British song."' Mixing layers of funk, Smith ~nd guitarist Josh rock group The Sjllall Klinghoffer will be honored Faces/The Faces, which fea- punk, heavy metal, rap and along with past bandmates tured Rod Stewart and traditional pop over a founlike late founding member Rolling Stones guitarist dation of rock, the Chili Hillel Slovak, the original Ronnie Wood. Other honorees Peppers have managed to · Chili Peppers guitarist who will include late singer-song- achieve a consistent level of died of a drug overdose in writer Laura Nyro and blues mainstream success since their formation in 1983, sell1988, and Frusciante, who mastermind Freddie King. replaced Slovak and recorded Flea likened the induction ing more than 83 million five albums during his fluid class of 2012 to a family albums and winning seven tenure with the group. reunion: He grew up in LA Grammys, all while maintain"We .wouldn't be here around Steven Adler and ing their rebellious - though without (Slovak) because we Slash of Guns N ' Roses; on the sometimes unhealthy - senwouldn't have started with- East Coast, the Beastie Boys sibilities. The hall of fame ·honor out him," said Flea. "For him followed a similarly daring to be honored and recognized trajectory at the same time as comes at a time when the is a beautiful thing for us, not the Chili ·Peppers; and Wood group is literally getting back that we don't honor and love has served as a father figure up on its feet. The North him every day, but I feel great to the ·group._ Wood even American leg of the tour in

support of their lOth studio album, "I'm With You," had to be postponed earlier this year when Kiedis needed surgery on his foot, which was' reinjured in St. Barts during a game of "toilet tag," a rollicking variation on the childhood classic.

Jlliode Island

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Blood Drive Dates Tuesday, April 1Oth Wednesday, April11 th Thursda · 12th Al l drives will be held from 11 am · 6pm in the Memorial Union Atriums

Sponsored by: The Cfea.ringhouse for Volunteers and the URI Panhellenic Council

FREE PIZZA courtesy of ~t-•MJ.~~

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CLASSIFIEDS · Help wanted Looking for an energetic student for a short-term marketing project. Part-time flexible hours. Need to start immediately and end May l Oth. Good pay. 508494-8905

living 1 roommate wanted. Your own bed/bath in Harbor Village at the Commons, apt next to pool/gym, available May 25 or Sept. $650/month plus utilities. croth199 l 6 Bed New Eastward Acad. 12-13 15 Greene Lane ( 67707) 43 Glendale Rd ( www .h o me awa y .c om /vac ation rental/p303174) Email or Call 91 7-270-2185 Bonnet Shores, 4 bed 2 bath, furnished, renovated, washer dryer, available now, year round, summer, winter $15001800/month 401 -529-3201 4 Bedroom 2 bath 2 full kitchen 20122013 school year rental available in Eastward Look. Fully furnished. See vrbo.corn/291403 fo{ more info +pies. Email bethbrownll 401 241-7347 $900/mo Bonnet Shores 2 BR academic year Sept 1 to May 24th fully furnished Utilities incl. 401 -515-4650 NARRAGANSETT 2 Bedroom house near Charlie O's. Sept. 2012 to May 2013. $700 per month. No pets. Parking. Maple Ave. 401c789-7441 Narragansett Pier, Scarborough, Eastward Look, .Bonnet Shores Rentals. Academic 12-13, . summer 12. 1-6 Bedrooms, $500-2400 offers accepted 40 1 - 7 8 2 - 3 9 0 0 Large selection of well-maintained homes for rent. No application fees! Call now for 2012-2013 . 401-789-0666 or South Kingstown- 4 bedroom cape. 12 mins. to campus, plenty of parking. $11 00/month plus utilities. Sep 12- May 13, call401-263-1995 Eastward LookNorth,-Extra-large 4 bed. roorn/2.5 bath, $2100/month nicely furnished, includes recycling + cleaning. Mature students wanted. #379941 email

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we're lucky for that, since the LGBTQ Center is there. But not every building or dorm can advocate so strongly." From page I Bruce Hamilton, director of dents who are intersex who the Student Involvement and might also have issues with the Center for Student using a restroom that is genLeadership, said that while dered. The safest solution to all there are some difficulties with of these various issues, installing gender-neutral bathSchoellkopf said, is to create rooms in certain buildings, it is more safe spaces on campus, in "not something that is hard to the form of gender-neutral do." bathrooms, where everyone "It' s ridiculous to hear peocan feel included. ple tell you it can't be done," According to Schoellkopf, Hamilton said. "There's a gena committee from the LGBTQ der-neutral bathroom l.n Center met with administr(!.[Memorial Union], for one. It tion to propose that more genwas not a huge cost for us [to der-neutral bathrooms were install], but we felt it was a created on campus. They cited very important thing for us to that 37 buildings have a gendo." · der-neutral bathroom out of For Schoellkopf, being able the 150 buildings in the to advocate for · more gender University of Rhode Island. neutral bathrooms on campus · These numbers, according to holds personal significance to Schoellkopf, are ~'inexcusable." her. Schoellkopf, who has "There are over 100 buildworked with special needs ings on campus that don't have children in the past, ha~ seen a gender-neutral bathroom," how people With disabilities Schoellkopf said. "Having only cannot often access public 37 isn't enough. According to places. To her, bringing this the Transgender Law and issue to light is a great way ·to Policy Institute, the best prachelp "bring about change in tice for a university is to have [herJ campus community." at least one in each building. ''During my time at URI, That's my goal and that's the I've noticed that LGBTQ issues LGBTQ Center's goal, but and problems that people with we're still struggling with disabilities face are often overadministration." looked," ·Schoellkopf said. Senator Brian Sit also high"Everyone deserves the right lighted the fact that the LGBTQ to be included in public Center, last year, held a com-· places." mittee that attempted to map out all of the locations of genIn other news: der-neutral bathrooms on campus. The biggest example of TonightD, members of the how easily more gender-neuStudent Senate will go to tral bathrooms coUld be creatPresident booley's house · to ed, according to Sit, is in the discuss various issues on ·camlibrary's 24-hour room. The pus. gendered bathrooms there have just a toilet and a sink, and there is "no reason why it couldn't be changed to genderneutral." "The situation has improved over the years," 'Sit said. "Adams Hall has a gender-neutral bathroom, and



You may be eligible to participate in a research study at Butler Hospita l. Partic ipation is completely confidential and you will receive compensation for all interviews.



Big IZ.R .I.T

-Titanic .

From page 2

From page 2

ments" and is run with the intention on "hav[ing] a minimal environmental footprint." K.R.I.T. said he is a fan of J. Cole's music and when he was asked to join him on the tour, K.R.I. T. told him he woUld join. When asked what he woUld have majored in, had he been in college and not rapping, K.R.I.T. answered, without hesitation, "architecture. "I really love drawing," he said. "I love designing . ,things and being creative. 'Drafting would be the second thing only because most architects design the craziest [things] ever. I like to think big, I want to design a building that's on a ball and doesn't fall off." In order to achieve such a task, K.R.I.T. said stUdents shoUld keep their priorities in line. He said students shoUldn't waste the time they have now by sitting around. He stressed students shoUld do well in school. "Keep your grades up," he said. "Focus on doing your best now because it will pay off later. It's easy to slack now. If you execute on what's in front of you [and] make sure you handle all of your business now it'll pay off and be easier· to maneuver throughout life [and] your career. "Follow your dreams. If something is meant for you, it'll definitely happen."

Stuart does some inspiring work as an older Rose and small bit actors such as Bernard Hill and loan Gruffard provide emotion and screen presence. A strength of Cameron is getting good performances out of everyone and this . cer!allly applies to "Titarric." Another strong aspect of the film is James Horner's '; score, which conveys emotion to compensate for the occas.ionally clunky · dialogue. I'm not a Celine Dian: fim, but I really like the title · song of the film. To conclude, I wish I had Rot put off seeing this· film for so many ye·ars. When it was finished, I wanted to sef it again. I'm slill not a huge Cameron fan, but this film certainly d~s increase my respect for him, and the 3D version is very much worth your money in theaters.

193 From page I Upcoming events at the 193 Coffeehouse include Occupy URI meetings this week and next, and a movie night tonight. There will also be a memorial poetry reading for Erica Knowles, a URI student who was killed in a car crash in February, on April 24. 193 Coffeehouse is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to10 p.m.

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SPORTS Men's baseball team wins two games in past two days BY JONATHAN SHIDELER Sports Staff Reporter

The University of Rhode Island baseball team played two mid-week games and were victorious in both their efforts. The team has now won eight of its last 10 games and has an overall record of 18-14. On Tuesday the Rams traveled to Hamden, Conn.,to face Quinnipiac University in an afternoon game. Sophomore Liam O'Sullivan picked up his third win of the season on the mound and had a clean slate in the run column through five innings, giving He went a total of 6.1 innings; he up six hits, allowing one run, and hitting a batter en route to the victory. Senior Jeff Cammans led the way for the Rams offensively going 4-5. Threes were wild for Cammans, he had three doubles, drove in three runs and swiped three bags. After the Rhody offense put up five runs in the first two innings, O'Sullivan and the team coasted. In the top of the ninth the Rams tacked on three more runs to put the · score at 8-1. Freshman Brendan Doonan and junior Matt Young made things interesting for the Rams as they nearly let Quinnipiac back in the game. Doonan sat down two batters in the eighth, but couldn' t get an out in the ninth. Young struggled to get an out himself as the two combined for two thirds of an inning which they gave up five runs on five walks. Junior Mike Bradstreet came into the game in the top of the ninth with the bases

gave its starting pitcher, this time sophomore Kevin Lee, an early lead to pitch with a sit scored eight runs through the first three innings. "Getting our pitchers the lead is huge." Foster said "Although they didn't pitch with the lead how we like them to, having the lead lets us put pressure on the base paths and force the 'other team to make mistakes." In the bottom of the second junior Kevin Stenhouse reached on an error, which plated the Rams first run of the game. Senior Dan Haverstick followed that up . with a two run double. ·The Rams got the bottom of the third off to a nice start. Cammans, senior Milan Adams, and sophomore Pat Jeff Roy hits a single at Wednesday's game against Bryant University. . Quinn all singled to load the bases with no outs. Junior Pat Fortunato (4-5 with a double) and Stenhouse both singled to drive in a run each. The Rams added three more runs that inning to come to a grand total of five and give themselves an eight-run advantage. Freshman Ty Sterner got the win as he threw 2.1 innings and allowed one run to score. Junior Bobby Dean followed him with two strong shutout innings striking out two along the way. Sophomore utility man Joe Landi ended the game in the ninth inning to give the Rams the win by the final score of Alex Bouthillier I Cigar 10-3. This weekend the team Milan Adams awaits the pitch at Wednesday's game against Bryant University travels to St. Bonaventure University in hopes of "It's nice knowing we can get those groundball outs improving upon their 6-3 loaded to get his team out of Atlantic-10 Conference hot water. He got the final go to Mike," head coach Jim when we n eed them." record, which is currently The following day the three outs to give his team an Foster said "His stuff has 8-6 victory and pick up his downward movement so it's Rams faced Bryant University good for. seventh save of the season. good to have him corrie in and at home. Again the offense

URI men's football team making progress in spring practice, strategizing. on new recruits BY MIKE ABELSON Sports Staff Reporter

With the weather getting warmer and the trees starting to bloom it's time for spring football. The University of Rhode Island football team is midway through its spring practice and head coach Joe Trainer is happy with the team's progress so far. "We're on point with where we are in the first two weeks," Trainer said. "We're making progress. I don't think we'll be 'as young as some people expect us to be [on the field]." The team graduated nearly a third of its starters from last season, but Trainer said he isn't worried.

"A lot of those seniors last year were first year starters," Trainer said. "It's not like we're losing a million snaps." While some of the graduating seniors were only oneyear starters, Trainer and his staff will have to work to find replacements for defensive line stalwarts Willie McGinnis and Matt Rae. The duo combined for 88 starts during their careers. Trainer also said that the Rams will need to find some replacements on the offensive line. "I think the key to our success next year is being able to find· two guys to replace the inside tackles and how quickly can some of those offensive linemen come along," Trainer

said. Arguably the most important player returning for the Rams will be Ayo Isijola. Isijola missed all of last season with an injury and took a redshirt year. Isijola had 455 yards in 2010 and, combined with returning tailbacks Travis Hurd and Deontray Johnson, should give the Rams offense a new, more physical look. Trainer said that he is excited to have Isijola back but that the team is working with him conservatively as he returns to game action. As important as spring practice is, Trainer and the Rams are limited to only 15 practices and the intrasquad game on April 28.

"The goal is to evaluate players," Trainer said. "At the end of spring you have one of three conversations with each player. You're where you need to be at this juncture of the career and we think we can win a championship with you. The second conversation is you made major improvement from the end of the season to now, and now you have to make the same improvement before August. The third conversation, is the hard conversation it's that your role is not going to be much different than it was a year ago." The football team will be hosting a bone marrow drive April 26 on the quad from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.