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VOL. XXIV. NO. 15.



Rhody Wins Two . Co-eds Start _ I Glee Club Opens . No Rifle Team More Court Tilts At Season___ ,atWarwick Th.1s-_ s_. eason. · _· ___ __Basketball _

Squad Shows Much Interest a s Concert to Be Presented Tomor. --~ · . Mrs. Keaney Anticipates a row Evening; Many New Capt. Carter R e veals .News That Successful Y ear Featur es on the Program This There Is ', L a~k of Funds to --year ~roperly Equxp the Space· P r o vVo·r eester Po·l ytooh received a s et Th e Co-e d Interclass_ b ask etba ll / __·___ Vlded fo r a Ran~·e :ba:ck this year in a rather sl o~ g.a~ e r~atc h es wer e st arte d last w ee k . 'T he Th e Gl ee Club has h eld re h earsals ----~ lle·r~ last W •ed.n esd·a y by a deiCJSJVe girls h ave put in h ours Df pra ctice 1 fo r the last few month s a n d t h e f irst Cont r a:·y t o the l)GWS it€m ·p ri nted cSCOI ·e D>f 29-16 . and under the capab le g'uidance o.f c once.r·t of th e s eason will b e ~iven last we ek, OUT 11J.lli ta r<y auth ori ties _ T h e ga~e st a r ted ~ff rath e·r sl~w- j th e ir p h ys.i ca l director, . Mrs .. Frank to morrow e~ening at t h e \Vai~wick repor t eh'at th e1;e w ill be n o r ifle Jy as ea ch. team .c onfmed its playing . year 1S . team at Kings to n t his y ear. T h l·s . l K eaney · · ' h ave sh own p ossibilities · - · of I--TCl. 1· o~ h Sc h oo) . Th e c 1u b t l11s ·t o d ef e nsive t actws. Both t eams re- ' 1 possessing ·_g ood m aterial. •rh e f i rst m.a, d e ·u.p of f orty m e m bers, of w h .i ch will be d u e en ti re ly to t he fact that s orte d t o Jo.n g s hots d ue to· th eir in - I of the m a t ch es w hi ch we~e the 'hll - but tim were m e m be,·s of last it w ill b e imp ossib le · to furn is h t he a bility to p enetrate their o ppone nts' I s eni or-Sop h omor e 'and t h e Juni o~~ yea r 's OTg\:mizatio n. n81cessary fac il ities for f iring on the .derfe nse. .· I "Frosh" we re held on T~esday aftThq club is f ortunate this yea r in n ew rang e in Hammo;nd .Ha'll. R ho·dY inc r,e ase d a lead at wiH j erno on o-f la st w eek in Lip'p itt H a ll. having su ch a large u m b el' of spe- 1 Captain Paul D . C'arte r ann oun ces ·until at half ti me th e sc or e r eached T he e el s were cord ia lly inv it ed to cialty p erfo r m ers . Charley Hall w ill t h a,t at least $ 200 is n eed ed t o pur• .2 0-7 · _ · · · . , witn ess these g a mes ; a n d it is h oped rend er a corn e t s ol o a n d P hil L y on chase s uc h a b so lute n ecessities as a I n t h e second half w .or.cester c.- :me thect they. w ill a p pear in large num .c will gi ve a r eadi ng . These are only a fl ood light and m atti ng ~1.aterial f or b ack stro:ng and m a n:'"ge.d to· hoi~ I bmT at a ll futu re contests. T hey, few of the p-ro minent n umbers , a 8 t he fl oor. I t w ould tak e anoth er $1,5·0 -R. I. to mne p omts whrle rt gar11e-rea wit h the ir deep cu ltured voices, we h'ave Ormo nd Gay p erform ing on to ·cover the exp e n se · of inst'alling· th e :th e same total. sho u ld b e . a ble to make. "whoop ee, " the. xylo phone a nd G eorge Sulkin " t ro ll ey system" f6r the target s; and Shortly af·t e r bh e S'econd h a lf Ma- eve n if they a :·e onl y exe1"Cising th eir prese n ti n g r's ·a _p:·ovrswn · · · · · which his H awaiian T r oupe. 'his ' of· . safety _.go.un broke t h rough for th _ e f il"st t a l- lungs, (':rheg'an g w 111 · b e th e re.-Ed. ) 1 " B ud " T en n a n t w ill be present wit h ·sho ul·d "''rd' nc. l Y b e ove.r 1O·ok ed- . Jy, closely foU owed b y Hurw itz. · , · T·,he . ·. varsity · . no t . far off j an ·erght-p . It \V I'II b e :t h e f'·1rs·t trme · are in eig ht 1.ece da n ce otches tra fo·r Rh ody t h en t o·Ol{ u p its stalling · . vears t.1'l a··t R. h-- o d.Y · ·h as b een with out . strat - ~ m t h e fut u rB . As yet the team h as not 1 dancmg a;fter the concert. · e~y, a n .cl had .Polytech b ew1ldere ~, been p icked, but Mrs . K e~nEly h as The club is b ette :· pr epare d this a r ifle team . It . s h ould be und erMago un . was r em ov ed on f~ uls, hrs certain pros pects in view . In ord€r to 1 year th a n it h as been in fo rmer 1 s t ood, · howev er, t hat it is b ett er to place bemg covered by ?onr~y.. The ca rry ou t their tra in in g m ore· st rictly j years and u ndo u b tedly t h is is du e to h ave n o terum a t a~l than t o t ry t o s~q_o.n~ t~~m .al~~ ~a~ a<;:t~on,.,;_; 0111 80 ' ~!- .. Miss .. Elizabet h. .. Stillm.aJJ. .. - .is ~to. ar- : he fac t _ thaLAJd en Eeterson a 11d use 'a p oorl y eqmp p ed ran ge on F lemrng, W m so·r . a nd P yk osz g ivin g ra nge a definite t'ab le in So uth . H al]. Mr. Anth ony have p~t tim ~ .and en- 1· w h icli th:te ·Is ~any i) o·s sible. ·cha n ce a goo d acc o u nt of t h emsel ves. , f or "varsity gi rl s," and a . speqia l l ergy into makin~ t h e Glee Clu b a ' of wou nd m g a srng l<e <.s tudent. The summ.a ry : r , . menu I.S t o be work ed out for th em . su ccess. o ' I -· re· .b ee n d<ecided by lt h as there.fo_ Rhode Island <29 ) \ Vor ce s tel' ( .1 6 ) I Oh---yes, . t his m ea n s business. and The Gl ee Club has bou~h t new I the m il i'ta: y d epart me nt that t h ere Worcester Tech and St. Ste phe ns Forced to A~cept Defeat in Fast Court Tilts Played Here







lI 1


'T rumb' ll lf G ·C oll's' n lf ~ W ins or lf 0 Fle·ming If Pyko·SQ; rf E pstein rf .Ackroy d c M8igoun Jg Conr oy J.g H urwitz rg T o·ta1s

0 0 0 0 0 0

5 1 2 1 2 1 0 0

4 0

~ I B.wbbits



the giris are sh owing bigge r a n d b ette r prom t h an. p revious years. 1 1 0 I Ast rf. T h ey a r e go m g· t o g rve a ll they' ve 2 1 5 0 . I go t ! . 0 1 1 0 1 Cunen r f 'T h. e te'a m is going to play Con 0 (Graham c 1 2 4 . 1 n_e ct w u. t h ere on Feb . 1 6 and m eet 1 1 IDe nnison lg 1 0 2 1 t h€m 111 a retu rn game 'at Sto rrs on 5 I W is e lg 0 1 1 Mar ch 1 2. Th e girls are fi lle d w ith 5 1Go.tton l'g. 0 0 0 j t h e spirit of victory. Never si n ce . 0I · I M rs . Keaney has b ee n in ch a rge of 8 I _ _ _ the g ir ls hav e they lost th e Connecti]f. ;

I Dowming

13 3 39


If ' ·


T otal!'

a n d this w ill h el p. ;0 mak e t h e co n certs more in teresting tha n 1 ever . A lthoug h the comp lete schedc u le has n ot been ann ounced, it is understo_od, ·fr om. a reli a b le s ou:·ce t h. a t the cl ub ''.'i ll visit most of the p laces wher e co n certs we r e g iv en last year, as the effo rts of th e o rganization h ave bee n a_vpreciated in th is state and Massachusetts. ----·- -· - ---- ---- -- --


Rh ody's clever.; bask etba ll



"cl s o ught t o h a v e a large ch eeri n g se ction a nd s h oul d back u p the "g'als." T h e score of last y ear's Pe m b r ok e game was very

be no teain t his year. It. seems quite I ike1y t h a t ' th e · .ra -nge _ w ill b e ' ready for u se d u ri ng .t he , season of 1 1_ 9_ 2 9 -1 9 30 . I n t he · meantim e severa l 1 of. our star · _ m 'arksm e n .at p res ent 1 I Will grad uate_, a nd t h ere _,vm_ be lit1 tle chance of oth -ers pract icing to I~ f ill the gap s . · · · .---. As t h is cannot be ·· othe·J;wise, the stu de nt body w ill h av e to a wait t he comp letion of thB tang·,e an d t hen 1

Assembly Hears R·ev,. BeardS}ey

6 16 1 cut ga m e . The

Re f e-ree~K·eJ~-· lihe r . -

I w ill

I m u sic,


______ _


decisively w o·n its six:th v ictory in as I close . many starts last Friday fro.m St.


Stephe n G of /N-ew Yo rk City, b y a .scor·e of 45 - 26 .. T h e g'am e was fast ( Continu e d o n page 3}


Village·Church· • Good SerVICeS Se~vices Use --·~--~

V esper

Movie Pro-

jectors; Machin e Available t o Orga n izatii.ons

- - --


Th e village ch ur ch has a d opt e d mod·ern m 'e th.ods of ",putting across" t h e story tt has t o t ell, in that n early every .Sund·ay at 4 p. m. i t !;'ives , at its Vesper Service, a f our- :·e el motio n ··picture which d ep i--c ts many of the 'Vital p :liths of life, s tories fr o m the Bible, conditions in the Biblica l la n d s .as th ey are today . Th e p rojector, a p.orta b le Cello Cin.em a Projector, h as been p ure h ased by those interes.te d in the community and is proving its v alue wh e n it ls ·noted that on Sunday mo r ning a r e1igious picture i.s s how n t o the School childre n a nd .this same f ilm :is again showed that afternoon in ( Continued on p age 3)


Frosh Defeat f Durfee 29-24· . i · '

Co-eds Hear a; . PlayatY. W. C. A.

Local Past or Advo cates Kings t on Proj ect; Seeks S ugg esti.o :ns





Revrre~d Cla ud e G. Beard s lee w a s the· pr incipa l s pea k er at l,as c M on clrty's

Miss Peck




wa t ch Ca pt. C art er a -nd l:Jis.aooist ants bu il d u p anoth er t eam of t he sam e ca'li~re as the t eam s o f form er years·.




·H ous e ,"

"A S ervant Which


C o - e ds

Sta rs a t G ua_rd, Whil_e · Assomhly .. H<J spoke on the pian t::> put pPac·tl~al t el.ig'ion into R h od" i n A dmit W a s t h e B est Yet T yler Tames E ight from . t he Foul L ine; Last Quarter In- tlle fnrm (I f a Co mmunity Hcll.Vk~ and elodiY e c<m r:;es in relig ion , a ll of Those w ho attended th e open terest ing - - - w hich w oul d ':;e financ e d b y pctvat·~ rri eet ihg ' Of Y . vV. C. A. last T h u rsd ay w e r e ext r em ely f o rtunate , an d Th e State Fresh man b a s ket ba ll s t.: b3cr i pt!or~·. H is talk ~ h owed that s u ch ,m c1e1· - w ill l o~1g rememb e r the meet ing. team w on thei r se co nd ·game of t h e se'ason last Saturday ·a-f t ernoon, d e - t a kings at :rmny o ther college.$ h rtve Dean H elen . E . .. Peck very kind ly r rovHI Ye ry su u ce essful, a n d t ba,< t o- co n sente d to r ead a p lay and chose feati ng ' Bra dfo r d D);lrfee Textile day .. thare ,_,;e t housands ·Of s tud en t s " A S<;l!:vant in th e Ho.u se ,: ' a n E n g Hig h Scho ol of F a ll R iver by the fee ling th e g oo d influe n ce · of such !ish pl:ayl w hi ch .com b ined humor score 29·-24 . a n d ' patho s, . Th e p lay b e ing -on e of pro j e e t:-. The "Frosh " sta rte d t h e scoring f iye acts, .Miss Peck w a s u11abl e t o when Greg or y sanlt a shot from t h e r ead it all in th e hour , but chose 1 side c ou r t on a pass from IV este rDE MOLA Y DANC E par ts from each act and ex·p la in ed velt. T h e f irst quar t e r w a s slow and the i nterve ning p o-rti ons as s h e pro De Molay Club Dance in H a m end e d 9 -2 in fav or -of t h e "Fr os h ." ceed ed. mond H a ll on February e ighth! T he visito rs sta rted the sec ond quarte r w ith a gre at de'a'l mo re !ig'ht and outsc ore d the " Frosh, " Friedman and Kaufmann m a king sever a l difficult shots from the side court. Th e s eco nd half ope n e d with t he " F 'r osh ''' .-p1a;ying ,e•rr.ati'c \b asketb a ll. With th:r~ minutes to p lay in th e third qu'ar t er Durfe e e vened the (Continu ed on page 3)

The music w ill be fur nished b y Bud Tenna n t's ten-piece orches tra and there will be entertainment by talent imported f r01U Boston. Ample refreslnnents a re promised'. Programs, $1.50 per couple. Last year's dance wllS unusuaUy enjoyable, and this year's is planned to be even better.

It was one of the most e n joyable ·m eetings , which h ave taken p lace th is y ea r and w a s well attende_d , I Sig m a Kappa g enBr pusly l en d ing th eir hou se for the occasion . The f acu lty . m emb e rJ3 . p r esent . in a dditi on I t o Miss Peck wer e : Miss Alida Be r ch, Miss ,H elen W eacve r , M iss Eliza b eth Stillma n .and Miss . Elizabeth Smart .


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man;;e~~- are handicap ped event here at Kingston. Significant, also,. r estrictions laid down by the Faculty Iis the fact t~at scarcely a single one of I Comm it t ee on Athletics. these posters IS drawn by a member of the Pub lish ed w eekly by the stude nts o f Rhode I sland State Colk'ge As J. G. A. R. seems to think that we organization sponsoring the particular af-have a n especially p oor basketball sched- f air. Far more usual is it for the artist t oTerms of Subscription ule this year I shall try to enlighten him be one who does t he work as a good tu~n . One year in advance------ --------- ------------------------$2 · 00 as to why such is t h e case. 9ur basketba ll _ Even though . s~ch work may exemplify 05 ~~!1_~ - c_:>p~s------------_:::~ =:-::-_-~-_--:-::----·:·-::::~:----:.::.:... ' team is only allowed five tnps awa y ~rom trl!-e coll~ge spm t, _I f eel that the app!oSubscribers who do not receive th eir ?aper reg- home each year. Of these five one IS to pnate thn;g to d o 1~ to s~ow appreciatiOn ularly are req ueste d_ to not:fy the_ Busmess Man- Brown and the other to Connecticut. We to our "amateur a r tists," In a mor~ or lessa~e r All con tnbutrons must be signed. Author. .· . · b th bl" b f ·'-h II ship . will be withheld, if requested. · ecause , ey pu IC way 'Y means o t. e co ege p~per .. 1 are gomg to Ma me this year played us down here last year. We are Jm. 30 Notice of Entr y going to Boston to play Northeastern beEntered as second-class matter Octob er !l, 1917, at cause we have a "home-and-home" agreethe Post Office at Kingston, R. I. , under the Act ment with them. We are going ·i:o N ew of March 3, 1 8 7 9 . ·- ---- ------- -- · London . t o play th·;:) Coa"lt Guard Academy Tuesday afternoon, while going by East Ar-thur z . smhh, ' 29 ______ ____ __ __ ___ __________________ _______ Editor because we gave ·(her:1 our word last year Ra11, I heard the Student Band practising-. Daniel A. O'Connor, '29- _______ _____ Managing Editor that w.e woiil d play them Oll th eir h omP I believe that they have developed into a William G. Mokray, '29 _____ ___ __________ Assistant Editor court this year. 8.), our five "away-fr om. Allan R. Haskins, '29 ______________ _____ Business Manager home" games al'l~ accounted for in an easy unit worthy of merit . Why can't they be given permission t o· ASSOCIATE BOARD manner. This year we could ha ve played give a · concert? They p,lay both classical James Armstrong, •so ___________________________________ campus Yale at New Haven, Dartmouth :tt H a nMatthow Kearns, ' 30 ____ __ __________________________________ Sports over, Springfield College at Springfi e~d, a nd popular numbers and I believe all whoHop€ wm:s, ' 30 ________________ __ __________________ __ ____ _______ co-ed Holy Cross at Worcester, etc., but our :fiVe heard the concert would enjoy it. Frances Wright, '30 ___ ____ _______ ____________ _Intercollegiate l d I Sophomore Horace Kreinick, '30 ____________________________________ Feature game away from home had a rea Y :>een Andrew McCarville, ' 2 9 ________ _________________________ Alumni signed up , and the Facu.lty Committee on coNTRIBUTING BOARD Athletics will not sanction more than five Mary Kelly, ' 29 Mildred Wine, '2 9 games away from home. Donald Bunce. '2 9 I wond er if the writer of t h e article Some of the R.I. Club Seniors hope that NEWS STAFF knows that Coach Keaney went up to Harthe sweaters will be given out sometime Rob ert Staples, '31 ~~~i~~=· ;!~yhew, ' iHJ I vard to see their coach to try to arrange before graduation. Reall y, on e can't wear Thomas· Murphy, ' 31 Fiar·ri'et Viall, . 30 of Basket- aforesaid gar m ent whi,le selling lamp 1a game, and t h at the Manager Francis Patrick, '31 t' ll I George Sulkin ' 31 Barbara Nichols. '30 ball has Written to prac lCa Y ever y CO - shades in the F ive & Ten, or concocting Hyman cokin. '31 Robert Sherman, ' 31 'lege in New England trying to a rrange soda s, or whatever it is the college man Paul Dugall, ' 31 Chester Lynn, '3 1 games to be played at Kingston, and that Muriel Fletcher, '3 1 Richard Cole, ' 3 1 we had two of our best games cancelled does after m atric ul at ion. this (J'l~ar after the contracts had been Madeline Pressoir, ·:n There is one individu al residing in BUSINESS STAFF l d St· M'lC h ae l' S C9 ll ege. Martin P. McCue, '30 ____________ Advertising Manag-er signed- Drexe an South Hall who is willing to be pet ted by Benjamin Mayh ew, ' 30 _________ Advertising Manager You ask why we play sailor teams. Here every m an who comes a long! ! 'Tis the Lincoln Dexter, ' 31 John Hammond, ' 31 are the r easons. Do you know that each black and white cat whose domain is the Fred Sullaway, ' 31 Ralph A. Farr ow, 31 sport is a llowed so much money each year culinary dep artment. and is required to keep within the stipuWe see only what we know.- Goethe. lated amount, and this amount is not very large. Sailor teams only ask for a small guarantee. About a month ago a sailor team played us in basketball and asked Since there will be no Beacon for three for no guarantee whatsoever. Also, play- weeks this will be for more t han seven • The need of the college ironing out the i~g sailor t eams at the start of the sea~on days. ' Sunday morning church bus defects be- gives the. coach a chance to see what kmd Jan. 25,1927-Memorial books for the late Dr. May are distributed . comes more apparent each week The sit- of _ma~tnal he has. How much do yo~ uation has become so acute that unfavor- thmk 1t costs us to run a ba~ketball game. Jan. 26, 1928-Does a co-ed cry this evening to 1 a . m. because she hasn't able comment is being voiced even by those Do you know that gate receipts at m?s~ of our football game_s _are ?not even sufficient a bid to the Military? who do not use the transportation. The history of the present monopoly to _pay_ for the officiaJs. How much do you IJan. 27, 1927-Coach Keaney uses stratthmk It costs to eqmp our football squad egy in inj ecting the second team may be told in three sentences : for a. season? When you know the answer after the Varsity is unable to fa1. The college formerly ran two trucks thorn the Upsala attack, Rhody each Sunday, the capacity of each being to questions li~e the abo_ve, then you will know why we mclude sailor teams on our finally winning, 33-23. filled at ten cents per head. Jan. 28, 1927-Roderick dresses as a girl 2. A local taxi company last spring re- schedul~s. I don t see how you can refer to the. U. and Joie Reid as "her beau" at placed one and the fare was advanced to S. Coast Guard Academy as a "sailor the Campus Club Theta Chi fifteen cents. party 3. This year their small yellow bus runs team." Perhaps you don't know, J. G. A. R. alone, and besides being unmercilf'ully that this ~c_hool is on a par with the Un~ted Jan. 29, 1926_:_Bill Whalen catches the Sta-t es Military Academy and the Umted I sick Willis G_ifford eating cheese crowded, demands a charge of 20 cents. States Naval Academy. _ Also, the Coast sandwiches cooked upon his toastCommencing last week, church services Guard Academy game has always been at Wakefield are held at 9:30 and 10:30 a. m. There seems no reason why the com- one of the best games on our basketball Jan. 30, ef927-H. Morton Miller swipes the "Black Pirate" sign from in pany could not run the bus for both serv- schedule as any upperclassmen can tell you. front of the Wakefield Opera ices to re.lieve the congestion, or the colAs to playing Clark University in foot~ Hottse. lege use its truck. ball, let me whisper in your ear, J. G. A. R. Jan. 31, 1928-Ah,-The Military Ba,ll! The students would appreciate news Feb. 1, 1927-The State Police fruitlessly from the college office concerning this that Clark has no football team. Now, J. G. A. R., if you can arrange a comb the campus for the "Black bus vroposition. ba_sketball g_ame to be played at Kingston Pirate" sign. - - -- - - this year with Vermont, Amherst, Bates, Feb. 2, 19~6-The Jugo-:Slav instrumentM. ~· T., Tufts, Upsala, Harvard,. Ya.le, ahsts make a h 1t on the Lecture Sprmgfield,. etc, Coach Keaney will ?e Association bill. pleased t? sign the contracts. Also, he Will Feb. 3, 1927-Hail to that "flaming youth" of necessity have to fire me, because I have of the Randolph-Macon debating been asleep _on the job, and give my job to team. ' you. Go to 1t! Arrange some games! Feb. 4, 1926-A blizzard. Traffic is tied-up John W. Heubergen everywh er e. To the Editor of The Beacon: Manager of Basketball. Feb. 5, 1927-Members of the Glee Club The following is a reply to the article hold a concert in Lippitt! in the January 11th Beacon on Var sity Feb. 6, 1926-Eureka! Mail for the first Schedules signed by J. G. A. R. time in three days. First Jet me say that I agree with J. G. Feb. 7, 1926-Tom McCormick is ruined ! Fully realizing the fact that the Editor A. R. that Rhode Island's Varsity SchedHe spends his first week-end in ules are not all that they could be. How- of The Beacon g ets very little in the way Kingston, taking two co-eds upon ever, in tl:l e article the ·blame for these of r eward for his labors, it comes to my a sleigh-ride. poor schedules seems to be placed on t he mind that t here is another sma.ll and se- Feb. 8-9-10-11, 1927-The campus is managers of the different va rsity teams, lect gr oup on the ca mpus who employ their hushed in deep study over these for the statement is made " Think it over , natural t a lent a long with many hour s of mid-year exams. Managers." If J. G. A. R. k new what he work with even less reward in view th an Feb. 12, 1927-Henry Shaw publicly diswas talking abou t he would never have an edit or. plays his victrola invention, but The g roup includes those students who made that · statement, f or t he manager of it works eight times out of a varsity team has no say at all as t o what prepare the fine posters and illustrations twenty-three. teams we shall play. The ma nager is t he which so often adorn our bulletin boards, Feb. 13, 1927-0ur parents hang up the person who writes the letters and does the announcing the coming of some big social "Welcome Home" sign.

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THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R. I., THURSDAY, JAN . 24, 1929 ----- -~- - --- --- -- --- ---- ---- ~

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Exp. Sta. Member Has Operation

..__M_e_e_tin_g_s_---~l ~-- The Idler

Nelson F. Waters Operated on at Newport H0113pital; Had Been Suffering With Appendicitis

E. E. Sodety E mulati ng th e t ree - c limbin g pr o~ clivities of a · 1monkey, A. Z. 'Smith, Senior E . E., h ad prepared an an t e nn'a for the wir€less receiver us ed to s u pp le m -ent his talk on " Th e Radio ·S pe ctr um" at the meeting of th e E l ectri cal E ngi neering Society last Wednesday mo rn ing in Bliss Hall. T he talk d escrib ed. the var iou s kind s of transmitting statio n s .•u si n g the wave lengths fr om te n meters t o twenty t housan d ·meters a nd t he · p to r ece ive1· brought in one class, shi sb o r e transmissions. S ome o·f th€ sigin'als in ter ce pte d wore expla ine d . P ic tu res of m arine r adio a p parat u s

---Nelson F . Wate rs , w h o is e nrolled at th e Expe rim e nt Station as assi st a nt in Animal Breed ing an d Path ol ogy, has been su ffe ri ng from ap penclicitis f or the l ast wee k. He under we nt an o pe ration 'at th e N ewpo rt Naval T rai ning H ospital Jan. 1 6. H is con-cliti o n was so s eriou s th at physicia ns say t ha t th e op eration was very di fficu I t to pe r f·orm . II ~ o wever, it was su'8 ce~sfur:y perform ed, and h e is g'ai nin g in health eac h d ay . Mr. "Wiate ~ s. who is a ls o S'l.lp eri n-

t e ncl ent of t he Exp erim ent Sta ti on and ship life w ere p asse;] around. Po ultry Pla nt, li ves a t Chickenville . M. E . Socie ty He h as a w if e a nd th r ee children. Mr . Waters is a gra duate of ConM r. Ch arl es T ee d was th e princ ip a l necticut St a te Co llege an d is n ow sp eak er at t he meeting of th e M ewo rking for his m aster's <'lng re e. chanica ! Engine€-ring .Society We dIt had bee n r um o: eel about the n es clay, J'an . 16 . '.rh e sub ject of hi s campus that Mr. W aters had s u e - t a lk was "S t e am Tur bines and '.rh e ir c umb ecl, lYut th is fal se re po rt wa.s A pp licati on in M odern P ow er d u e t o the death of a "-Mr . Waters" P l a nts ." H e gave a very v iv id t a l k , in Pr ovid ence. exemplifying his statements with - -- - -- - lantern s li des. Mr . T eed la id special VARSITY GAME emphasis u p on t he ad v'a ntag es and - -- d isad van tages of the impulse and (C o ntin u ed f rom page 1) imp ul se - rea c tion t m·bines. th rougho ut, pa!"tic u larly during the Another la ntern s lid e talk was 0pe nin.g minut es whe n th e p ace set give n by Charles Pray on t h e subby Rhody was abo·u t t h e sna·p · j ec t of belt conveyers. H € gave ilE-Ver se2 n here. l ustrations of diffe rent types of belts So on af·ter th e o-p e ning whi srtle, the s u ch as l eather a nd cable.

Page Three

- ~-


-~~ Many


See m s a s though th e "Frosh" are try ing to keep u p with th€· varsHy in J),re&etving a C'lean sh eeJt of victori es for this s eason. Th€y show prett y pass work ev en if th eir s ho ts are so·metim es off an-d t h ey'r€ i n c lin€-d to pUe up the fouls. )3ut they1re only "l~osh ," after a ll, a·n d t h at co:v·er.s a m-ultibul!la of .s,l n~. .AJfte.T 1 se e-ing them play a co up !€ of gam es w e'r e n o-t so do•wncast ov·er the f a ct I·t h a t we lose s o m a ny vars ity m en this y ear th rough gradua t i on . But, talking of t he varsity, _d id you ever se,e such pretty s hots 111 your lif e as W€re xhi b iteod l ast Fr-i day 'by "Alec" a nd Ma.goun? To·o· b-ad theo co-ntest was marred by so many fouls, but we suppose th at we a ll m us-t have our off days and ce-r tainly someone w as o·ff that nigh t . We we r e g lad to hea r, ho.wever, that " H or.sie" only suff·ered a slig ht sprain 80 thrut h e'll b e a bl e to p la y when the next game comes aro u nd. F or the p a~ t w eek o ur slmtes hav,e be e n collecting rust in th e c lo.set while- we w a-llow through ten feet o·f mud . F landers' Fi€ld.s may he famo-us for th eir mud but we're w illing to m atch i t w ith t h e K ingston vari ety fo r sticking qualHies an d general "goo p yness." - --Fr om th e wo-rri ed fro-w ns and

pucke r ed foreheads we j u e t knvw th at finals a r a. almo-st he.r€ . The Fr·eshm·e n take them esp ecial ly seri weh ome team had. su cce e-d e•cl in ou s ly but we'll ad mit , that to th e cou nting f o.r sev€ n points agai nst one rest of us they are no joke. Now's "FROSH" GAME for the N ew Yorkers , h owev-er , th e th e tim e fo,r the masses t o fall sick vi ~it oTS o.pened u p with a po-werfu l !Continued !rom page 1) with the flu so that t his institution offense and tied the scor e. seven all. sc.ore, 16 ~1 6 . .O' Brien of the "l<'ro sh" will h ave to b 2 closed for a couple The gam -e was f·ea-tured,lt dr o pp ed a s ho't from und er th e bas- of we€kS, a;t l east. P utting off t h € by ·spurts o-f-- fi ne·- t Nl;m-wo,r k, --a nd- it - . ·· ~ - -~ .- . k e t to p ut the "Frosh" a h€ad·. K aruf- clay of .€ vll, so to- $peak. seemed as t houg h a ll of the R hody mann of Du r f€e then s hot a q uic1r aggr€gation found their shooting b asket, and just before the quarter No,t eno ugh took our hint that their cy&---e:ver y man in th€ star ting lineup ende·d C t·ancl a ll sank a doubl e count- pres€n ce wo-u ld be appreciruted in the a;cc ou nting fo·r at least two f iel-d goais. er to put th e " Frosh" in the l€ac1 cheer-ing sectio n of th e co - ed int€rCoach R'\ean e.y in&ert €d m any OJf once more, 26 _'1 8 . class basketball gam es·. -8-oone-w he-r ~ his r·e·se-rve s who showe-d up very well. Wales pl'ay e-d the best for the on these pages y-o'l.l 'll fi~ d a nic e art'Ep.p-ie" again took th e scoring I Freshm-e-n, his defensive w o.rk and icle on the same su bj ect so· we won't ho-nors with 11 po-ints, .AJckroy-d . bem . g the best. Fri edman go ln · t o· d € t al'' Is. E' noug h· t o say tha t . . and 1p assing Trumbull being c lose. b e'hmd wallh 9 [ starred for D u rf ee. Ty er had a fie1d th-e co - eel · g th el'r · d a r-n c1€S t · s are -c1o m 1 and 8 points, r espectlvely, ' fo ul line, dropping €ight w ith the aid of Mrs. Kean€y to g1et Ricciardi was the bright light in clay at the into fighting tr im to h an d Connecticut tries. the visiting m achine, off-ering som·e another d·ef e·a,t. Ev-e ry lit'tl-e cheer The s umma ry : excell ent offensi ve as well as defenh e lps, so do your bit! Freshmen (29) _ ___ siv€ playing and accounting Pts. G. F. A noth er Ly-ceum past and gon e, po in te fo.r h is t eam . 2 with the usual attenda;nce, appla u se, 0 T he s ummary: Fay If --~ ~~------ .. -~--~--- 1 0 6 etc . Why shouldn't Rhode Island (45 ) St. Stephens (26 ) Gregory If -~--~---~--~-- 3 everybody go 2 when free things, o·r a t lea-s t things 0 G F p G F p O 'B ri e n If ----~~~------· 1 0 that D ad p ays for, are so f€W and 0 T.rumb'll If 4 0 8 I Fussca.s If 1 1 3 Goff rf ~ .. ~----·---O-~------ 0 0 0 b e-tween. N ow don' t you bhink :K:earns -l f 1 0 2 I Go.od lf 1 0 2 West€rvelt rf ~~-~-- ---- (} 0 Epsrt-ein rf 4 3 11 I Ric' ia':cla rf 4 1 9 Murdaugh c --~--~--.. .. 0• 0 that it w ould be a profitabl-e s chem e 0 Pyko;>;s rf 0 0 0 I Huess r f 0 0 0 Crand·a ll c --~~ .. ....... '2 4 to c.h a r .g-e Satu r d'a y ni-ght dan c e-s on 0 3 2 8 Blitz c ~~--· -~---------- -- -- 0 Osrt'Iun-d r f 0 0 0 I K€ene c 0 th e . term bill? But yo u notice that 1 Ackroyd c 4 1 9 l tSierzel c 0 '1 .1 Wal es 1-g -~---~--~~~-~-- --- 1 3 W€ d on ' t mention to wh o-m t he Winsor c 0 1 9 I Burbank lg 0 0 0 Tyler rg ....____ .. __ ______ 2 8 12 would go . An uto pian p lan, to s ay the M agoun lg 3 1 7 1Si:m:mons lg 0 0 0 l east. 219 Conroy lg 0 0 0 1 L eml ey r g 1 1 3 Totals ~~ __ ~--- .. o.-~- 1 0 9 Wishing you a U the lu c·k in th-e Szulick rg 0 (I Ol Dur.fee (24) Pts•. world in your f inal.s . Hurwitmrg 2 3 71 F. G. - The Idler. Fl-eming rg 0 0 Ol 2 6 Go·Jden If , , ....... -.~-- 2

Wilson Jg ~-~--~~-----~~~-


Bi.rch, Li.brarian, AnLates t Sets of New Books n~J-ur~ces

There hav-e be en m any new bo<o•ks added to our ltbraxy, a m o-ng them being "Revolt in the De<:•e rt, " by T . E . Lawrenc e·, "Per.;;onal Reco ll ectiO'!lB .of Jo an of A r c," b y Ma•rk Twain and "'Th e Life of J .oh·n Bright," by George .:VI. Trev e lyan. " 'vVh ither Mankind," a pano-rama of I m o•d·e r-n civildzrution and e-dirted by C h arl-es A. B€ard i s a very u nique • l\1an'.' ·' of ou·-r· n'ote,d wr-.l·,t.ers. have 1· bo-oJr. ' articles i n this boo-k . Hend-r ick Wil!em van Lo on one of the worl-d's great writers h as wrlt t-e-n an article • . "A . . conermng ne1ent and Med•la.e-val : Civil izations" in this book. Others



h ave

co ntr ibute d to " "Whither are, H ow·ard L€e MaBain, Julius K! 2dn, E mil Ludwig, George A . Do rsey, Jam e.s H. RobinDo-n, JI(Jh n Davey , Ca rl V&n Dor€n, ~'wiS :Miimfor-d, H ave l-o ck Ellis , Sidn~y a-nd _B ea trice W -ebb, Stua,rt Chase-, Eve•rett D . Martin, and Bertrand Russell. The wo rld of 19:29 A. D ., . wo-ul-d I soom an incre dibl e dre•am---<perhaps 1 a ni-ght·tna1·,e- t o th1e world of 2,9 A. D. , or ev-e n of 18 29 A. D. What kind of w or l d is it? W h at are the gains and l osses of t he li"f'e it offers as compar-e d with th ose ' of o-ther civilizati ons th e ea rth has kno-wn? Ar e the aerop lan e, the m -ocl,e rn new· service, the in t·ricate web o·f busln€&S bas e d on tract ors, rails a nd f-actory 1 Mankind"


whe el-s, the ce ntra l h eating system, the magic con trol of dis€ase-are t h ecc. making robusts of . m€n and wo-men or demi ~.g·o·cls? Dr. Beard an d his co.Uo·boratons a;t tempt to a n swer such questio_n s . 'l'_hey h ave m a d e a book imm€nsely s tjmulating in po-int o-f view, startung in m any o,f its co n clusions, which will h e l p mo•dern ·read€rs t·o kno-w what ki nd of €Xistence they are leading, ' a n d where it may be taking t h em. - - - - - - --

LAUGHT'ER I 1 In this old world of t ro uble It's h ard t o laugh, I k n ow, But don't go bent up d ouble Becau se of 'all your woe . II A little bit of lam g hte r Will often c ure the blues, And you' ll f eel much ·better after You 've sat d own a nd read the ne ws. III Just think of a ll the ple asant t h ings You 've h a d a ll through yo ur life, And be j ust like the lark wh o sings No matter w h at's th e strife. IV And as yo u're walking on the street T o all men g iv€ a g reeting, And wh en things seem to spe ll d e:::cat. Just l a ugh and take your beating.


4 VILLAGE CHURCH Su cce ss will n eve r come to one 0 - - -W ho gi:ve s up w h€n defeated, 10 (Continued from Page l ) It co mes to him who l aughs in fun 0 0 Castle Hall, on the .r oad to Peace Dale, When a tough old j o·b 's completed. 0 fo r the benefi-t of th e colored chi!0 VI 4 dren }V'hO conduct a Sunday Schoo l 2 there at that time. A 4 o'clock the 'Cau se a littl e bit o.f laughter m ach ine is again used at the Vesper Is what 'm akes this world go ' r ound,. 9 6 2,4 . .__ So keep on la ughing after Umpire: Trum- -service •V:r oj ectinrg ia d •iffiewen t fi'Irm The noise r esounds,. Time : Four 1-0- and t h is film is in turn shown that -H. F. D . evening to the colored c hurc h a;t Cas -

2 K a ufm'ann rf 'l1otaJ.s 18 9 4•5 'J:Iotals 10 6 26 McCall-um rf ~~ -- ---~~- 0 R e fere,e~Keilihe r. Tim e 20- m inute Friedman c ~----~-- --- 3


New Books Now in Library

0 0 4 ·0 0 0

"Now, Willie, if yo u won't tell about N ovic lg .. ----~~ ~-~- -- --~see ing me kiss your sister in the dark, T eran rg --~----~ -~-~--~~~ I' ll give yo u a quarter." T otals ~~ -~ ~-~~----~~-~ "Nothing doing, Mister. All the R fe E s t e'1n boys in this bl oc k are in a u nion, e- re-e: P · b ll T ' T t II and fifty cents is th e reg ular rat e ." u · · !mer: o·o e · m inute quarters. He (in l etter from Italy to home) : I'm enjoying l'<'l orence immensely. Modern Girl (phoning ho m e a t 3 Sh e (in reply from home): You a. m.): ·" Dvn' t worry a bout me, Mothcan stay in Europe; I'm having ,a e r. I'm all right; I'm in jail." great time w ith Oscar. She : "Why, your hair is comin g "Do y ou know h ow to m a ke a out." peach c ord ial? " He : "Can you rec ommend anything "S ure , se nd h er a box of can d y ." to keep it in." -Sun Dial. S he : "Sure, a cigar box. "

tle Hall. At intervals during _the we·ek various ed u catio n al p ic tures are shown j t

Farmer : -;-'We've j ust- gone

rue k



ar~m~ng .



at the school house on ,t he North Road Sweet Young Thing : "You can't for the benefit of the pupils attend- fo·ol me. Yo u d,o n't raise trucks. ing.

They come f rom f&ctori€s." proj-ector may be hired for a n ominal s um by any g roup .o.f students "Quick, B-o•b, a w iJ.d eat's run a t the co llege, who m ig ht have occa- into the 'iwus~ with your wif-e !" sion to use it, by seeing Rev. Claude "W€ll, h e 'Il j ust hav-e to get out Beardsley. the best way he can ." 1 Thi~

Page Four


At a Basketball Game


tf yo u can s hut you1; eyes when a ll a bout yo u , Trim and s hap e ly ankles may be seen; don't fall f or som•e yo ung, girlie's pout, y{)u Need an operation on your b ean .

If yo u

An<d every creaburt~ the world aro und Doth tr uly seek t o outdo m e In p'aying homage unto thee, While I in mute enchantment dwe ll Serenel y blessed beneath thy spell. - P . A. L.


If yo u prefer such foolish antics,

As watching the gam·e , j ust as it's done Instead of mee·ting co -·ed's snappy glances, Y ou 're good; but H--! You d·on' t have any fun .

You're, my boy, the we11-known ·e at's pajamas, And-What is mote, my sonyou are a dunce. G. F. Me.

_ _ __

wo-m en




THE LYRIC They ar~ ru n ning great stuff up there! Pictures the First Ilalf and Vaudeville Fri. and Sat.


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Apply at the Colleg·e Shop Tli lll ljjilllll !ll l!i /llll/lll illl ll l!!ill!l !jll!lll!l!li!llilll l!l!i ll

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Williams & Co . JEWELERS Dorrance Street at Weybosset, Providence Special DiscoUI•t to R. I . Students and Faculty

I. IiAPLAN, . '20, Mgr.

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Born of th e flesh; a ,mo rtal being I go t hro u g h each day's chaos seeing In eac h pretty flow er thy face l<'ramed in nature's ,flo ral lac e, As t he gentle breezes breathe on me 1' hey speak to me alone. of the e. Th e birds adore th ee . All day long 'l'h ey sere nade th ~e with their so n g. 'I'he rabbit, f ox, th e deer, the houn d


Generally spe'aking, generally speaking.

in tl1e State.

Let's Go to Westerly Tonight and take in either

Three Nicely Furnished Rooms

Prof. Everett Hood of the Business A dministrati~n Department was force·d t o remain in bed early last w eek ·due to a cold. He has since returned ot his lectures a.fter a speedy recovery.


Catalogues for the

To a Co-ed

PROF. EMERY Herbert Emery, professor of zoology and geology , was confi ned to the South Coun ty H os'pital fo r a few days last wee lc with a very severe attack o:f the grip. It i s reported that he is much better and will prob ably take up his classes s om·e time during this week:

Tile largest

III. She: likes jokes. Iinows when t o be serious! (this is esse ntial) MUST be democratic !

If you can see b at'e knees and look but onc·e,

Prof. Frank H. Bills was recently


Five feet two, eyes of blue. II. :Her: poise is vivacious a n d cheerfru l, face is not red, a nd n either's her hair (it's g.oJd en). " T wo eyes of blu e come smi lin' thru at you."

If yo u can turn away fr<on1 red-hot Mamas ;

;lionored by he ing elected president of the University of New Hampshire A lumni Association· -of Rhod e Island. He was vice ,president last year. Cl.'here are t hir ty members, among whom ar•e Prof. Ladd, Pr of. Emery, Mr . and Frie r, and Mr . Wa.ldo Ad a ms of the experiment station. Mr. Bills graduated fro m New H a mpshi re in 19{0 as a n E. E. and has been at Rhody ever sine€. He -is a past pres!dent of the Rhode Island Math Teacher 's Association.

The R. L. James Book Co.


If you can see those blondes and still ignore thean, When you know they'd lik·e to be r ight on your lap, If you can keep yo ur eyes upon the p layers, then Candidly, my boy; you are a s'ap,


Al\'Y BOOKS IN PRINT and a g r eat majority of BOORS OUT OF PRINT can be o b tained at lowest prices fron1

taxi work at a reasonable figure. Can be seen at CarrolL. Walker's 12 Brinley Street, Newport, R.I.


LEARN THE PIANO IN TEN LESSONS TENOR-BANJO OR MANDOLIN IN FIVE LESSONS W i tho u t n e rve-racking, h eartbre'aking scales _a nd exercises. You a r e taught to pl-ay by note in regul ar professio n a l c hord s t y le. In your very first lesson you w ill be abl E> to play a p·op u lar number by note. Send For It On Approval ·'l'he "Hallmark ·Self-Instructor, " is th e titl e of this method. Eight y ears wer e required to p erfect this great work. The entire oo urse with n e·cessary ex'am'ination s h eets, is bound in o·ne volume. The first less on is unsealed which the student may examine and be h is o·w n "JUDGE and J URY." T h e later part of . the "Hallm ark Se lf-•Instructo r" is sealed. Upon the stu de11t returning any_ copy of the "Hallmark Self-Instruct or" with the seal unb r ok.en, we will refund i n f ull all money paid. This amazing Self-Instructor will b e sent anywh ere. You do n.ot . need · to send any money. When you .rec·eive this new method 'of teaching ' m u sic deposit w ith the pos tman th e i sum o·f te n do llars. If you a re not ! entirely satis.fted, the nioney w ill bE> I re turned in fu ll, upon written request. 1 The publis hers are anxious ro pLa-ce this ''Self-Instructor" in thE> hands of mus i c ].overs all over the c-o untry, and is in a position to make an attractive proposition to ag<mtJs. · Send fo r your copy today . Address The ' 'HaJI!Jmarlr ·.SeLf-·InstrUic·t or," :Station G, Po st Office Box 111, New York, N.

--------=-=·=-=·:·:·:·:·~J:::====================~-~~~=~~-::~~~~~-=-=-==-~~~~-!_· w • .


:m::m::m::m::m::m::m::m::m::m::rll::m::m::m::m::m::ur::m::m::m::ur::m::m::m::m::m::m:=m::m::m :::m::m::m:m::m::m::m::ur::m::m::m::m: m::m::m::m::•n=m=m=m=m=m=m=

i 1M ~


',iij :iii

~ @

w ru ffi




m m Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering m (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics m m Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High School Work Expenses for Year, estimated at $400 m m •



For further information, address The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

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