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Junior .9lrom fssue




KINGSTON, R., I., 'l'HURSDAY, MAY :10, 1928


[Phi Delta Gives Pykosz' Homer in Annual Track Day .Junior Prom Is "Capt. Applejac.k" Ninth Beats Bates To Surpass All . Most Ambitious Previous Events Hits for Circuit to Win Game; Ever Attempted 1

Once again, Prof. Hele·,, E .. PBCk '.. ta kes the responsibility of presenting JJra.ghetti Pi~ches Masterful . . . . a Ju nior \Veek . Play! And from a ll .ru "'Dok" Eisenberg Furnishes En- mors and indications, this yea r 's pro- 1 Ban ·· I Manager Keegan Predtcts Big thralling Music; Indications duction vYi!l surely a dd to the coach's I Day; New Cups Offered; PawRhode Island State Coll ege t eam dere putation. With such stars in the cast tucket Band to Play. Point to Gala Affair as Ian vVa lker. Louise Fowler, "Bet" feated B a t es College in a clos ely con"Tonight's th e night" . The class of ty" Kend a ll, and " Kitty" MacKay, tested game at Kingston last Tu esday j The Kin gs ton track will be the 1929 holds forth in Lippitt Hall this "Captain Applejac!{" by vValter Hack- by the narrow marg i n of on e run , the: sce ne of the 19th Annual Intete.chol·evening in the last Junior Prom whic h et t should equal m a ny performances fi n a l score being 3 to 2. Pykosz, heavy ) astic Track Meet on Saturd ay of this on the professional stage . "Benny" w ill ever be held in the old Gymna- Mayhew, th e " ho r rible pirat:e chief- hitting third basema n brok e up the ! week. Manager L esli e A. · Ke'egan is s ium. It is fitting th a t it should a l so tain" is a lso expected to keep the au- ga me in th ~ last h a lf of the ninth w ith planning a big tim e for all concerned. .. . . .. · . ·I A total of twenty -seve n schools have be the most pr€tentious dance of ifs dien~e in excitem ent fo.r the entire a homer a long the left field foul !me. I e nte red. thirteen in Cla ss "A" and

.k ind. The,mittee h as g one to ex- eve mng . Draghetti pitche d a masterful game f fourteen in Class "B". Two new s ilver ·Ceptio na l le ngths in the matte r of fa ~ll seat~ hae_ bee~ reser~e~l, in ~r- j allowi~g ~ut tlue: hits and but :o~ I cur)s, larger · than those of last year v ors and p rog!'ams. As fo r the music, de r to avord a '.ush m gettmg t~ Lrp-1 a mrsJud"ed fly Ill the. ~rst mmng I h a ve he en procured to become the prtt. I-Ia.I! on . trm .. .e, but neve rth. eless 1 sho uld h. ave helc1 th.e vrsrtors s.core-~ · permanent possession of the winning just li s te n to those Symphonians ! A ll . I . eve ryone s hould "et there eai!y m or- less. Chrc k., Bat es hurler w as mcked t eam in each class r espectively. The : 1 the musrc from B oston town, a~·~ ·-'~11 der not !o miss a single thrill. Busi-. lfor six hits, three of t hese off the bat two old cups w ill be presented to the 1 are the latest thermally treated l1Um- [' ness l'i~anager "n.icl~" _conklin .. re]~O~ts i ol' Pykosz. . .-- .-.. rhigJcrect - ;;coririg teams" among ·those bers. . 1 a raprd sale of trckets, but w,u ns 1 Bates scored m then· h a lf of the who have already won a leg o n them.. many not to for "•Yet that "tomorrow fi rst when w ith 0 n e out· .T urn , e r h't . I'llgh ... . The Jun10rs are pr oud of the fact ·1 t0 Bulkeley of New London wrll . class has never yet f a rled . . is t he nig ht! ' . ' . • '· that t h err m . , " This is Phi D elta's las t 1 1e ft ftle Jd a n c1 p ray mu ff e c1 c asca c1c1 e ns I be w atched· wrth Interest as 1t rs a • • fly t ° ce a ny of th er-r undertakings. Th e "Frosh" maJor appearance · · of the seaso n . 1 . 11.te.r · c 0 1e h't : . a 1ong. fl-~, t 0 1• n e w com er to the Krngston Interschol 0


· I



banqu et, the Sop h Hop, and the picnic o f last y~ar, a ll have enjoyed ua1preced e nted success. The class of 192 9 11as blazed a trail of s uccess a·cross the pages of the coll€ge history. It h a s s et a mark for other classes to sh•o ot at. Tonight's Pro·m is t he zenith of the brilliant career O<f the present Juniors a nd they are justly pr oud of the su ecess of the c ommittee in charge . T hey have clothed the p assin g of Lippitt Hall as a major dance center i n a pageantry of b€auty.





Ias tics. Brockton H igh School, last year's Class "A" w~nner, is expected Ito. have a strong team as well a. s. Tec11


, a nd Hop e of Providence . .T ech has 1 e ntered th e largest number of athletes with a total of thirty-nine, while Attle.boro's t eam numbers thirty -eight. '.rh·e two-mile event will be. omitted this year, but otherwise the meet will consist of the regulation track and fielc1 events to be run off und e r the I. C . A. A. A. A. rules. The meet will (Continued on page 7) .

Th e Cast ce nter whrch Pray miSJUdged, Turner Lush ____________________________ .Lawre nc e Dunn a nd Cascaclde~ scoring. Bates h ad Faire ____________Elizabeth Kendall [ eral opport~mues to. score bu t, !:eke.~ Mrs. Agatha vVhatcom b e the punch 111 the pmches .. Dra"hettr 1 __________________ Elizabeth Littlefield co ntinually was in th e hole du e to freAmbrose Applejohn _____________I a n '\Valke r j quent. passes. An na Valeska ________________ Loui se Fowler Rhode I sla nd had a n opportunity to !\Irs . Pengar·d ________________ Martha Humes score in th e first wh e n Dragh e tti sinHorace Pengarc\ __ ____ __ I-Ienry Pickersgill l g led with one out by Hurwitz and Ivan Borolsky ___________ ;____ E l~.onls Martin Stevens popp e d U~) to ~ ~d the inning. Palmer ________ , ___ __________ Ca thenn e Maci~ay . Rhod e Island scored tV\ rce rn t he se~De nne t__ _____________________ Arthur Kevorkran oncl to even the co unt. MacKenzre Joh~my Jaso n ________________ Roy , Henrikson 1 (C ontinued o n page 6) 1 '

---;_~- ~~l)i.,~ ~~ ~~. ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~.~~~<'if'~ .£j.,~ . -~~-~~-'-~~-~~~.~-=-:--:


~ ~


~ ~ ~






You Are Cordially Welcome


the Following





Rho Iota Kappa) Theta Chz~ Cf3heta Phi) Delta Alpha Psz~ Zeta Pi Alpha Lambda Chi cAlpha) Alp a Epsilon Pz~ Delta Sigma Epsilon Campus CLub) Phi Sigma



.~ ~


~ ~


~ ~ ~

~ ~


~ ~ ~




~ · . . ~ ,~-r,m;.~~~~~~m~~~~~~~~:":~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,~~u~

~ ~"!(9 ~"!(9 ~"!(9 ~"'!(;' ~~ ~"!(9 ~"!(9 ~~ ~~ ~"!(;' ~~ ~·~ ~"!(9 ~'-!\.9· ~~ ~~ ~er.:

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THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R. I., THURSDAY, __:M.:::::A:::Y-=--:1:.::0:.:. .,__:1.::..:92=-::8:.____ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _

we can't be wholly crit~~iz.ed, sinc.e w~ trust! cause of spinsterhood. · among educat~~· that the reporters have always aimea :to ):le r women, Sl:\;YS Dr. Kathar me Bement Davis.t Published weekly by the. s't1uient~~ ' of accurate. . · , . ' for ten years ?ecretar;y- of the New ~or!{; Rhode Island State College · We are concerned just now with the adop- Bureau of Socml Hygiene. ~he ~as JUSt Tcnns of Sul)scription [ tion of an OFFipAt scorer at all our fu-1 completed a .surve~ of t he s~tuatw!l, tb,e, One year in advance _______________________________________ $2 .00 I ture baseball games. We hope th~t Coac~ t result of _ which \~lp be pubhshe~ 1;; the Single copies ----------------------------------------------------.0 5 Keaney will name one scorer who will feel It Iforthcommg Harper-s, under the ttile, Why his duty to score the games with the man- ( They F~iled to Marry." . Subscribers wh o do not receive t h eir paper reg- ager of the vis~ting nine and to giye the re~ ,, \!'(omen, .are; no~ l~S§ _ attractiv~ bee:: use. of ularly are r equested to notify the Business Mansult to the variOUS newspaper scnbes after I their co.lleg·e ed.u0a;t'lon, Dr. Davis mamtams. ager. All con tributions must be s_ilpted.- · Author'A. 1 . ship will be withheld, i f requeste\11 · the game. We .are o~ten confronted with emphaticall y ~ ·: Dei:li,re ;f,_or . a career detened ~_:_------------\:--~·:...· -:---:--'----- the problem of selectmg one of two box only 2 per cent from, takmg husbands, she Nouce of Entry score accoun~.s-one crediting Rhode Island learned, while less.thl:t'n 1 per ·cent preferred 9 7 1 ~t~~~:dP~:t ~~~~-~~as~1~~~~~~: ~~ ~~e~n~e} t~ ~ with twelvf ·.hits, the other with ni_ne;. the 1"freedo~" to JJl-ar~iage,_ Mis~ Dav:is bases. Act of March 3, 1879. opponents With three, and then agam SIX. her fmdfngs on replies to questiOnnaires sent · · · The present State College correspondents to 1,200 college women. The returns wereArthur z. Smith, · 29 ____ __________ ~--- -- ____ ____ _________ Editor should not feel that we wish to hlitl ~tox;./es ~!lonymous , so that the ~ndividuals answerWilliam G. Mokray, '29 ___ __________ _______ Assist~nt Editor Iat th~m. llt. fact, the thre~ r~porters ar~ mg would not be restramed by embartass--



I 1

~~:~\:· 1~~~:i::.o: ~ ~~~:::::::-~::::::::~~~~;!~n~:U~;~~ . ~~~~~r: a~h!1~h;~r!e~\~~~~:~~~uct~tb~-~ m:~:mrer met the right man;'' was the an-

- - fo~·e. · /l'he oldr &~ of!. gethi)g SP;lCeand not swer that accounted for mote than 28 per i_s .rast 'disappearing. ~nd I cent of the spinsters. As pro?f that col~ ~atthew Kearns, '30... ------------------------------------Sports the college IS receiving some fine pub!ICity.llege women do not lack attractiv~ness, Dr. H ope "\Villis, ' 3 (~..c:. :, ...'•---·-·-----·------------------------------Co-ed Nevertheless, as many box scores a1e ap- Davis announces that only one m twenty· Franc.!is wr~g~. t , '~0---.. ---. ------------------·----Intercolle.:i~.-.;: pearing as minds directing .the scoring ! defin.·.itely s.he had .· n.ever ha.d a. n offer· 0 ~~~~~~~ r~~~~~~~iiie~ ijj!J1~"~~~~~~~~~~~:~~~~~~~:~~~~~~~~~~:~~~~u~ni I of marriage, and th·a t more than a third ~ad II of been a g.ed or were · •. - . CONTlUBl!'TING BOARD fi flfi0V3 J0fl theeng. report. . . engaged at the time . . ,,

a mes

Armstro~=~?3~I~~~~--~~~~~-------------Ca~pus ' qlta1ity ' ui o~e~s







A.. J





· •


Mary Kelly, ' 29 Mildred Wine, '2 9 Donald Bunce, '29

Rhode Island State College is, as far as j Lack of social opportunities to meet men we are now able to determine, the first New was. to have been the lot of only a very NEWS s'i'AFF England College to stage a "Chemistry few. Reasons noted on the questionnaii·es. HYinan Coldn,· •31 Bee.:' This "Chem.istry Bee," scheduled for for not marrying. ir1:clude the foi!owing-: Robert Staples, '31 . . Thomas :Murphy, '31 Bert Lee, '31 , late in May, a distant relative to the old"In love with a man I could not marry,"· 31 Rufus Turner, '31 Ma rjorie Mayhew·, fashioned spelling bee, in which the COn- 9 per cent. "Never in love with any man,"· 1 p t · k '31 H a rriet Viall, '3 1 h h · ' 11' ·Francs a nc • · Bar·bar·a N ich ols, ·s t testants vied ot . er mf spe th mg 8 per cent. "Lack of opportunity to meet George Sulkin, ·:n · · with eac d d'ff tongue-twiStmg wor s, I ers rom . e men," 4.8 per cent. "Too shy- not attracBUSINESS STAFF spelling contest in that the contestants are tive to men," 2 per cent. "Never loved men Martiu P. McCue; '30 _______________Advertising Manager who asked and tnen I loved never asked,"· Benjamin Mayhew, '3 o.__,_, ______ Advertising . Mana~er to give formulae of various compounds. Lincoln De:x;ter, :a1. , . John Hammond, 31 The "Chern Bee" originated in 1925 at the 1.9 per cent. "Marriage never appealed to F red Sullaway, ' 31 University of West Virginia, where it was me," 1.6 per cent. ''Fear of child-bel'tring;" introduced by Professor C. Alfred Jacob- 2 per cent. son. It was immediately successful. in the Eighteen per cent of the women declared ··· · Southern colleg~s, an,~, as a result .of Its sue~ that they would not marry under any cir~ We are the Juniors. We.have been Fresh- ~ess, a book entitled ,!"- Pronou~cmg Chem-1 cumstances. Sixty-eight per cent of them men and :Sophomores and have experienced lcal. Form~~a Speller , ':"a~ wntten to .de- 1 regretted unequivocally their single state, th e pleasures and tasks of those two years. scn~e the Chern Bee m Its most detailed' and the remaining 14 per cent were undeUniortunately, we have not yet been Sen- finality. . . cided. iors) so we are unable to form a first hand ~sland State College, m stagmg -DUKE "CHRONICLE." opinion-of the sensations of the fourth year, t~b·I~ .cthemfls~ry co~testth, .asfisu mdefs thNe resEponbut of ,the three vears, the Junior is the s1 I,I .Y o . PIO?eermg IS e1 or ew ngbest. ' . lana mstitu~wns. A s!llall group ot m.en Last Monday the Polygon adopted a resBy this time we feel we know the col- an~ wome~. IS undertakmg to break rt e ~~I olution favoring the holding of Interschollege. We know how and where to borrow for the .la~gest colleges of the count y. C 1 astic Track Days of future years on some a tractor, four ' hundred feet of lamp cord, we do It· Not unless w~ get the whole- Saturday other than the one which is the ;;~ - polS 1· 'h W k w who is janitor of hearted s~pport of the entire student body. end of Juniol' Week. The obJ' ection to the a noor er. e no When this "Chern Bee" takes place be' · · atry particular class room and can thus get th . t .1 t t k ·t b t' t I present scheduled time IS that many fellows 0 a}·book carelessly left behind. Those of us ete, no necessa~r Y a e par u a go home and many . others have a Junior who ate nature lovers know the location least to help out With your prese_nce . . Help Prom girl who requires attention, so that of beautiful spots, and have found aba.n- Rhode Island to be a successful pwneer. very few students are free to act as t rack dohed apple orchards which ih season still! offic.ials and to talk high school lads into yield excellent fruit. The sport~men among comm~ t.o Rhode Island.State College. The u~ have discovered the best fishmg streams, authorities should consider the benefits of ~did have found the lair of the fox. This Sunday is Mothers' Day. Much has such a change. Our courses in study are now on concrete been written about mothers. Sentimental subjects for which the first two years have songs on the same subject are common. been a foundation. We have leal'ned how There is cert~inly no need for us to elabtd study, else we would not be hete. Al- orate on the theme of what we students owe At last we have found out why men wear ready we are thinking of our work after our mothers. graduation, and this is an incentive to betWe are all enjoying the pleasures of Jun- large watches and women small ones-they ter work. ior Week, temporarily our horizon extends like to have a big time.-SPRINGFIELD We Juniors are r;ising to the high pos{.:. no farther than Thirty Acre and Biscuit "STUDENT." By the time you have acquired wisdom t ions of extra-curricular activities. We are City, but do not forget the home folks. At everybody looks upon you as an old fooLbeginning to experience the thrill of pro- least write home. BOSTON "TRANSCRIPT." jects successfully carried out under our su--~-----,--The little boy who is tied to his mother's pervision. In short, we are Juniors. To the Editor: aprong string isn't with his mother much. I wish to express niy heartfelt thanks to -N. M. "ROUND-UP." the Junior Class and· members of East Hall Women never boast of their education. for the beautiful .fioral tributes for my dear Imagine one confessing she belonged to t he Our attention has been directed to the father which were so gratefully received. class of '98.-N. M. "ROUND-UP." RALPH CORNELL. scoring of recent baseball games of our varOne of the things that gave Louis XVI sity nine. Comparisons of box scores of a pain in the neck was the guilotine.-our games in both the New York a:nd ProvFURMER "HORNET." idence newspapers have clearly shown that She was only a wash-woman, but oh, what the two lists of hits and errors are as far According to Booth Tarkington, who has a line !-FURMER "HORNET." different as a cat and a canary. made a thorough study of women, he knows Four out of five do not have "it."-"SOUWhenever we scribes commit an error- less about them than any other living man, WESTER." incidentally, all articles are always printed but editors will never cease to write about In the spring a young man's fancy lightly with the understanding that every state- topics of which they know nothing, so we turns to what the sorority girls have been . ment is true- the students do not fail to suppose there is no objection of passing on criticize us severely. Most of our material, the findings of a very clever survey which thinking about all winter.-THE DAILY especially box scores and track meet sum- was held recently, and which was printed in NEBRASKIAN ." The reason that Rome wasn't built in a m'a ries, are taken from the columns of Prov- many of America's professional newspaday probably lies in the fact that Mussolini idertce newspapers. If errors appear in pers. wasn't there to direct the work.-MICH. such stories and we reprint them, surely Failure to meet the right man is the chief ''DAILY.'' ;28

Antonio Matarese,






Mother.s' Day

Pilfered Paragraphs

Publicity Work

College Girls and Marriage

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THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R. I., THURSDAY, MAY 10, 1928 ------------·


Junior Class ·' Board ~f Man~g~rs "Little Women" Holds Election Draws Crowd St~pports· Prexy - - - -·-_·· _ , .

! ·,

Resolution Is Adopted by the Board of Managers of the Rhode ·Island State College on April· 30; 1928

Campus in Spring Shadowy ·h ills in a smo ky veil of s om e d istan t forest fire- warm, footprinted eart h-a maze of gay gowns

Dramatic Cl~s Performs in Lip- I St~~e~t Co~ncil 'lV!em?ers, . G:~~~ pitt Hall· Vir_ o·inia BrMme Is I Board. . and :Sa1l Chairman • L' d "' ' Elected .\ ! '· ... 1 ' , . ·, • ' L ead mg a y • , .. . 1 . - -

--white moo nlight-air, fragrant with apple-blossoms intoxicating prom musi c--pastel evening fr ocks--a gold and s ilver· glitte"• of dancing feet. ----. . 1 President Kenneth vVright conduct- ardent eyes-yo-uth, in search of ro_Mrs . . Ro~. :r:awlings' dr~~atic ~lass eel an importan t m eeting of the Junpresented Lrttle \ Vomen . b-e fore a ior class last Thursda y evening, The rane e. --L. E. B . ~a.~acity cro:"'d in_ LipJ)1.' tt Hall last 1 Grist Board for 1929 was elected, to1 1 F 1'1 daY evenm.g .. Th t 0 f . e ac. n g ' many I gether w.ith the S tudent Coun cil memof t h e' cast showed the results of , hard b ers fo-r· next year and the chairman of itor-in-chieof of the Grist. Allen Ernst wor!{' an d excellent coaching._ Virginia the Commencement Ball committee. was chosen, business m anager , and . B r oome as "Jo" Fran·c 1·s Ben e as . Arthur Z. Smith, managing editilr. ' . ' .. _ ,, I Daniel O'C _ onnor, present ma.nagin_g ,'.'Amy' \ Betty Munster, ' a s Aunt Editor of the :Beacon was elected Ed Dona ld A. Bunce, k nown to ' many Mahh",, and George ' Slilklh .as "Mr. .. , . . . . , as a. "wow" a.t managing dances w as 1\~· ' d t o b e th e s h i n 1ng st ars IM ,m,.," .................. ~-----"-'"•-- -~ ....·....m• ranees .. ·B ene elected chairman o-f t h e 192& Coni.;. -,:,a'··r·"l" "1 seeme· I'

In view of .unjust aspersions recently cast on Di-. H.oward Edwards, Presid-e nt of the... ' Rhcitle Island State Col1ege a nd on the ad'ministration of the Ooll ege, for w hi ch · · this Board is res ponsible, it Is here b);- resolved by the Board Of Managers ot ' liie 'R hod.e I s" land State College: 1 . Th a t , aft~r reviewing the published accusations made against Preside nt Edwards, we find them baseless, apparentl.y malicio-us and made by certain misinf·orme d and misg uided persons }iavlng i1o responsibility fQ.r the in terests of the College ; we d e ny a n y mismanagement, incompetence, or lack of wise, devoted. · a nd effic ie nt serv-

the eye~s of the audi-ence . This class together Phi Del-ta are certainly g iving Kingston some high quality drama. The complete cast of'rac ter s follows: JO ----·--·-------------------------Virginia. Broome M:eg ______________________________ .Lillian B la.nding Beth _____._________________ _l\1argaret Macrae

'Mr. March ________________________ George Sulkln 'M r s. Mai'ch . ............-...... Barbara Thompson 'Prof. Baer_................. ________________ Carl Carls•o-n 'La urie_ .. ____ _________________________ Thomas Miner Jo•hn Brooke ..___________________Maurice Conn A unt March _____________ ,____ ,.. ,Betty Munster Mr. L awrence ___________ J -Iyma.n Hochman Hannah MulleL _____________..Lucy Hanley

mencem en t B'all. Following are t h e Senior members of the Student Council for next year: Creighton 'Magoun, Hem'y 'Ai'mbrust , vValla:ce MacLean, Ric-hard Conklin, Kenn eth MacKenzie, William 'rrumb~ll, T~eo,dore . Pykosz, and Herber~ Prckford. · · ·


ic e on · 1its'~pa'rt{ · atter long · asSt>clation with him we' resp~bt h1s g ood judgme n t, fai rn~ss ''and f<ordiful d i're.ctiori in ' fuatte rs <a t ' the Co llege ; we ea rnestly endo1;Se : 'his 'li:i·ms. and approve his acts perfo.rmec1J in the ·discharge of his dutle:s. _, ,. 1 2. 'i:ri1it, tv~· d~ not forget und el' the administrat:i.o.n o·f w hom as executive officer of the Board the CQllege in twenty years'· h is · r isen f r om a juni or coll ege gra d e to a ti-ueeollegiate stand1 ard; h as grow'n 'f rom t'23 to 536 st u delits, 'f:I:om' zs:' to ' 48 instructors ; has earned p ubli c respect m~d confidence and the sujlpo.rt of the Gen eral Assembly in substantial increase of ann'ua:l appropi·iaHo ns and the additio n of seven sp lendid buildings; all of whlbh indicates Dr. EdWard's · distinguished qualifications for· th e position he· ho-ld's;· -e vid(ntces a r espec t ·a.rtd · · c o-•operation o-f r'aculty and student bod·y" and c leri:rly r efu tes any charge of his unfitness or poor judgment. 3. That , Dr. Edward s, coming to us some twenty - two years ago w'lth rare s cholas•tic attai nm ents, acquired at ho-m e a n d abroad , with a wide and fi·uiiful ekperiei1ce in other colleges and with qi~tinction as an educator in the f'!o u th . a 11d West, has mo.t e than fulfilled the promise 6f his coming; h a.s '"' 011 our enduring esteem a.S '' a profound scholar , an o-rig·inal a nd vigo~o us thinker, a n inspiring 'teacher, a sagacious administr ator,' a forcefu l p ers·o na lity, a.ilc1 has served the e'du~a ­ tional, civic and ee onomic 'interest s of Il.h o:de Island 'with rare intelligence and unsurpassed ac hievements, in recognition: of whic h sig·nal honors have been conferred on him by several co ll egiate institutions a nd by state and national edu cational bodies . 4 . 'l'hat, w-~ affirn1 our confid enc~ !ll toe sterling worth of P resident Edwards and our faith in th e future prosp erity o•f the Co ll ege under his 6'Uidance.

Walter E . Ranger Pres)dent Zenas vV. Bliss Vice President Robert S. Burlingame C lerk and .Treasurer . Charles Estes Harry H . Lewis Mrs. L . Mowry Schlesinger . T ·h omas G. Mathewson


When Dad was a ~'Modem Youth""' :~








- .t..

. ..i






·. '.

:: - :;

r"" ~

Gl) fCfC~ES, Sfere?pticon lectures,

?J._J ·and the "gilded" youths with

·thefr horses ~nd ~arts; at nigh/the midnight< oil-, burning in student , ·: . lamps while the gas lights glared and .flickered across the cal:hpus- the gay nineties when Dad was in college seem primitive t6 us't6-day. Now it's sport road~ters, the movies, and radios. At night · the M AZDA lamp r~places the midnight oil in dormi'tory rooms, while mo4ern :


.l , ' 1L :,


- :


street lighting s~eds its f~ien~ly · gl~~ oyer the· campus. · Without electricity we would h~v~ ~ope of these improvements. To~day's 1parvel of electrical invention becomes to-morrow's · accepted utility. In . Jll~ com~ng years, by taking advantage of new '-1ses of c=leqficity you will . be able t~ . go so much ' farther that the "tearing t;wenties" will seem just as primitive . as the ''gay nineties": '




Scieittis:s ,in the research 'lqbofatdries of the Generai Electric Company k~ep G.B. l;acler in the jiel[~f electrical progress. •Ski/lea G· E engineers clevt!lop (!ach latest invention. The G-E factories carry out the engineers' designs with high-qualit'y material a~d lxp~t't"workmanshtp,



The Sophomor<a Class held a meet ing in the -large Chem . lecture r oom l ast Wednesday evening, and vote d t11at the president app oint a commit t ee to make arrfl:ngerrtents· for . a class picnic to -b e held so on. The memb ers of the com1nittee h a ve not been named as yet. '

... ,..




I c ·.o:MJ op d!J\ ' N •Y , ·-

SCH ENECTi\\ t n .'y f h..

'Nfi3' W


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___ P_oe_t_'s_C_o_r_n_er__________ Farewell to Lippitt


The Prom Girl

Dreams come true, 0 lovely . maid ! The closing strains of music die, Brigh•t in all your gold arrayed, The few last couples. saunter by, Elusive as . some· Fairy Sprite, Silence clescel1 ds . Alluring like unto the night. The lights blink out, and in the clark IVe hail the e! Sweet entrancing miss, I hear the whispered, low remark, A night of nights we'll lab el this, "The prom now ends.'' A p a in gnaws at a sinking heart, To think that soon you must depart. -H. C. "Tomahawk" "Farewell", this sentence seems to say. "You've h e lped tis w hile our -'time Sorry, Girls away Now, Millie would go to a party, 'Till almost da;wn." . V\Tith Dick or with Harry or Tom, That final pro m in Lippitt'.Hall, To escort a blind date, The last and gayest of them· all, She would not hesitate; Has come and gone. So Millie won't do for the Prom. The old succumb in Time's harsh race And yield to Youth their cherished p lace. It's so with all. Hammond Hall, its regime starts As glory of the prom c.'reparts From Lippitt Hall. H. C. K.

"No wond er he's a shiek-he's• got a clean title to his flivver." "Yeah, and a bunch of dirty sulntitles on it." -Ca lifornia Pelican.

Kitty is p retty and clever, And she'd be the lady for some, Ye-s K itty is fwir, · But she isn't quite there, When it comes to a femm e foT the Prom.

SENTIMENTS IN SEX Co-Eds They're pretty and sweet, Quite smart and petite. They've the spirit ofyouth, They're searc·hing for truth. Artd if you ar'e wise You'!Fsee in their eyes So wide and s.o bright They'll bring you delight.

ISince Freshman it's been mY ambition, ITo

ask lovely; Lucy. to come, But a Physics Condition, H a s thwarted ambition,


Eds They' ve a swagger incomparable, A style a ll of their own. The girls think they're adorable. If the truth just must be known. If yo u think they are conceited An outcast you will be, P r omise,· no·w, yo u won't repeat it? T h ey'r·e as nice as· t h ey can be. -''Jaspee''·

Alpha Epsilom P i, our newest frater- I don't th'i'nk I'Il go to the Prom. '--H. C. "1lo1nahawk'' nity, Better known to all of us as .dear old S~oquy B. N. E. Just as the moon winked one tired, LOST To a Loved One dreary eye, I · ---Theta C'hi com·es next .ln line, and 1 And soft-veiled shades cr· e pt !$lowly When I was a student, gay and free, (A Sonnet) "V\Tith its many Scotchmen; big 'cross the sky Oh.. how I dread to think what life· And life was a constant thrill, fine . j I thought of you! I be longed to a Swell Fraterniteewould beHow q.u ickly all my soul would filt And, of course, I belong to it still. Right next door is Zeta Pi, And wondere d why I thought. at such I And I bought m e a pin, bejewelled with fear These boys in everything ranlr high. an h our, If when I n eeded you, you were not. and sma1·t, \Vhen s u ddenly I saw .a drooping And it m e a lot of dough, near. Phi Sigma stands acro·ss the way, fl ower And I wore it .constantly., next to my. To see your face! Oh hope, it holds. "With boys whose hearts ru:e light and Rise 'nom the clew. f.or me, heart, gay. Like hope the lighthouse givBs the· Or only a bit below. And then I knew that what the moon n1an at sea .Away up on the vill~e street, had meant When on the ocean wil d, his ways II The Delta Sigma's one w ill greet. To that reclining rose with life 'half not clear, The have t h eir eternal way spent; 'Tis then he pl,eads for light the .And have left their indelible sign, The P. I. K's. on frate-rnity row, To me, so yo u. most, mY ·dear; But of course l a m meeting, from d a y .Are always busy with pick and hoe. -Holy Cross "Tomahawk" So h ear this song, I sing to you-my to day, p lea ! In Tbe Best of Colleges Fniternity Brothers of mine. Delta .Alpha next we view, Y ou k now those eyes of yours I. And they sometimes ask me about the 'With its joj1ly, fun-loving, musical I H e wore his college frat pin adore; Just sou t hward of his heart, Pin, crew. You know tha-t voice of yours ;J; ~ nd vowed that from that resting The B adge of my youth's devotion; trefUsure well .: I But where it h as gone (it's a perfe.ct A lone have made my lif e one goldep, The next house fl ies the Beta Phi place The pin should ne' er depart. .sin!) hour banner, Years p assed, a;nd still it wound him I haven't t he slig·htest notion. "V\Those memb ers are noted for their With Jove's light gleaming down upon Staunch and firm and pat, galla nt ma.nner. me more Weal'ing his college frat pin III Than tal,ents of mankind can eve!" In honor of his frf!;t . :! 'he law's decree a nd its firm intent The Campus Club stands way up north t e ll! T hese send good soldiers and track- One day two eyes beguiled him, 'which Brothers were bound to obey. Than you love's garden h as no sweetet" men forth. His high Weals tool{ chase, Proclaimed that a Pin could only be fl ow'r. They ooaxed the little frat pin lent -Duke "Chronicle" From its old abiding place. To it owner's Fiancee Last, but not least, on a road without And now they have a bungalow, And I kept that law to. the letter lamps, With a welnome on the mat; thereo f, Live the Lambd a Chi Alpha basketball Reflection And t he frat .pin's fastening baby For m ine was a loyal flame; champs, clothes That pin is held by a long-lost LoveIn honor of the frat . Sittin' here a nd thinkin' back, o'er! wish I remembered her name! Opposite Davis live the non frat, -Very Select. ·days that used to be; -The Beta .of Sigma Nu Athletic, students, but never high hat. Wishin' t o repeat 'em and alongin' just . Ode to a Necktie · to see Saie in Port Some may long for soothing touch Impromptu The old familiar faces and the contests· The Junior sai·d Of lavender, cream or mauve, ,that were fo.ught, To th,e fair co-ed, Framed twixt But the ti,es r wear must po.sses the N ot carin' to remember any lesoons. "I'.m like a ship at sea, Candles of sun set gold, glare that were t aug ht. Exams a r e near You sit Of a red hot kitchen stove. D r eamin', as the smoke curls up, of· And m ucoh I :fear Smiling, imperious and bold Junior Week that's here, That I'll unlucky be!" So give us a wild 'necktie, brother, .Awaitin' the arrival of one I hold; Poet's whims One with a cosmic urge quite dear, The fair co-ed Lurk in your deep dark eyes A tie that will .rear, and rip and tear Just thumbing memory's pages, as I Then softly said, Weird ch'arms When it sees mY old blue serge. . wait to add some more, "Drop troulbles fr~m thy mind, From your veil-like hair arise. .And lookin' fo·rward to the dance, th& Draw near my side, The books I read, and the life I lead w hile my spirits soar. When storms ra.g,e wide Witchi-ng lips 'Are sensib le, sane and mild A hopin' a;nd a knowin' that my joys. And anchorage you'll find.'' For a wild k iss pleads, I don't wear spats, and . I like calm hats will far surpass red But I want my necktie wild. Then like a child, T h e happ iest and fulle,st of all Ufe's . At w h ich to tell love's beads The Junior smiled, days gone past. So give us a wild tie, brother, And cast his anchor o'er So w h en the curtain falls upon the· Then why must you arush One with a lot of sin, The darkness fell, week-end's ptq, The symbol But all was well'Twill close the sweetest hours ot a.. A gaze Of Love's first flush? Th,e good shi·p hugged the shore! life oflt drab and gray. -G. I. in :McGill "Daily" -Duke "Chronicle" - Ex. .A. McC.






~=w~a:::~! ~~:zev::sa :ee;i~~


Page Five_

[L..-_T_bJ_~s_an_d_T_h_a_t__.jl Qeetings College scenes in most moving pictures ri dic ulou s to t hose who are of the campus. W e've se en only one pictur e, '"rh e Crad le Snatchers", wh ich showed a c ollege boy engaged in study ing. He was a lso g irl-shy, a characteristic by no m eans uncom• mo.n, the dQl!:ens of oth er c oll ege movles to the contrary notwithstanding.

The Platonist ]

AGGIE CLUB Mr. Melvin H . Brightman, C hief of the B urea u of Markets of Rhode Is-

land,, addressed t he Ag ricultural Club last week on the topic, "Marl{eting of Farm Produce". Th e s ubj ect of marketing was outlin ed from beginning to end sh ow ing t he numerous a n d varfed Carl Laemmle, Jr., co n tracted to. services w h ich must b e rendered in write a series of scenarios about a C t ff th e cu the transit of farm produce from pro11 0 1 co ege ·man, ar pu e xe - ducer to consumer. Mr. Brightman alt!on of ·his task, and was in E urope so told of the work that he was doing when it occurred to hl m that the time of h is contract was up i n a we e k . in the Bureau of Mark e ts, in trying He httd t o get t he stories to Calif or- t o establish standard grades f or each n ia by the co ntra ct date or forfe it hiS dil'ferent f arm product. He stated that P a y, so h e b egan. writing, and sent at present there app eared to be a fine future in marketi ng· as a prothe ·fr' ul't of· his labors by t rans-At~ !antic wire less to t h e pr oducer. fession . At the close of the address, "Chef" Hoxsie served refreshm ent s . Well, we have seen several of the - - -- ----picture'S, and taking into. consideraM• E • SOCIETY tion the fac t that Carl is a genui ne · c ollegian himself, w e c ould b elieve 'l' h e M . E. So c iety held its weekly that h eavy static forced a s leepy radio o p erator in New York to use his im - m eeting l!~riday afternoon in Lipp itt agination. Hall. After a sho r t business meeting-, Probably th e f ault w a s with studio re-write m en and di recto rs, bu t anyw a y the pictures are d istorted repre sentati ons . of college events. F ' rinstance, Hls · hero, who must have been an eight letter man by the end of his F reshman year , is shown as tak ing a hard practice cross -cou ntry r un on Thurs day, ;mak ing t he team o n trials on Friday, a n d ';v lnn ing t he big meet on Saturday.


Says .a we ll- known reli g io us a ut hority : "It is a disg r ace to the w orld of ed u catio n and a rank ins ult t o th e Creator thac the average in stitution of higher learning p a ys so lit" tie , if any, atte ntion to t he spiritual develop ment of the studen t body. One by one th e modern co llegians, p articuIarly the b udding scientists, drop from

She's an an,gel .. in truth , a demon in fiction; a won1an's the greatest of all contra. d icti on. She's afraid of a cockr·oach, she' ll scream at a mou se, bu t she'll tackle a husband as big a s a house. She'll tal{e him for better, she'll take him for worse, she'll l ' t h ' h d pe11 a d th en be his sp 1 · 18 ea 0 · n the r an ks of c hurc h-goers, a nd soon: rse and when he 1's well and can nu • · · · f orget co mpletely the Go d of their get out of bed, she' ll pick up a tea- f t h Sh a ll we allo w th is to conpo t and th'row at his head. She's a ers . tinue? Shall we not do somethi ng to faithful, deceiUful, keen-sighted and bring th em b ack to the fold , p roving blind; she's crafty, she's simple, she's t o them that the sc ie ntific hyp otheses: cruel, she's kind ; she'll li ft a man up, I' co n cern ing th e creation of t h e uni -· she'll cast a. man down; she'IJ m~ke, VBrf'e a re all wrong?" him he r he ro she'll make him her 'I ' The devo u t gentleman g·oes so fa r as clown. You fancy she's th is but you I d 't th . 't d II t o e re 1 e unrvers1 y an co ege find she is .that, for she' ll pla y like a . t'fi 'th tJ d t' kitten and bite like a cat. In the morn- I Scle n I c co urses Wl 1e pro uc Jon. h 't of the latest c rop of a theists, fatalists. in~ she wi ll, in th e evening s e won , 1 " . h d a nd ultra-ma t eria lis t s . Instead of ehand yo u' re a lways exp ectmg s e · oes ' couraging a return to the "fold," h e -but sl1.e don' t. . ro larl{ believe s, members of college facu lties ~ " News" encourag-e the opposite, fm·nishing: more p hilosophy, socie nce, and so om She-" This dining table goes back )for the nurturing of the near-atheisti.<l: to Louis XV." . . . . . 1 m ind s of studen ts. , . ~e~"Tha.t's n~th i~g . whole sit: I T h e th ~nl~ing- stude.nt, w ho studie!!l tm, room set ,oes bacl, to Sears t he co nflJctmg theones of c reation,. Roebuck on the fifteenth . genera lly will not accep t t h e st ory as -The Round-up. told in the book of Genesis. H e prefers


P rof. Edson Schock gave a very interesting talk on ship desig-n, and facts to be consider'e d in buying a sma ll boat. Among other things , h e exp lained just how an architect goes a bout to lay out the pl.ans for a boat "Did yo.u take a s hower?" .and how he designs th e various curves "No, i s there one m issing?" t h a t e nter into the s h ape of the hull. _ _ __ After ·the talk, h e answered qu estions " So_rry but you' ll h ave to go around that so tne of the students asJ{ ed him. to t he main gate." 1 Mr. Schock graduat ed from M . I. T . "Oh, but we're the Be rrys ." ----as a n aval architect and has spent "Lady, I don't ·care if you're the 1 Many co lleges r equi re a stud e nt to severn! years in this kind of work . eat's meow, y ou can't go through this p a ss a swi mming te st b efore he ean This w as the seeond of a series of gate." graduate. N o, we' r e n o t going t o rec- talks wh ich h e is giving- t o the M. E . - - ·-·-omme n d that s uch a requirement .be.. Have ypu heard of t h e__ geology a d de d to Rhody' s li st ~ "\Vhi c h , 've see ------stud e nt who bought his th'er1nometer by the press of a metropolitan a r ea in the winter beca u se t hey were lowCHEM SOCIETY at t h e head of N arraga nsett Bay, no w er then? includes Egg -crating 1 and 2. A r egular m eeting of the Chemical H e- " vVill you b e my li t tle dump1Ne do su ggest, however, t h at every Society was held last Thursday eve-




ling ?''

student b e required to pass a test in dan cing before he i ~ give n even a. s m ell of the coveted diploma, In s uch fashion do we a id the campaig11 f or b etter attendance at Saturday n ig h t d ances, N o, w e don't get any r ake -off on the gate r ece ipts.

ning in the small chemistry lecture She-"Yea, if you ' ll f urnish the room . Dr. Basil · Gilbert, who was dough." schedul e d to speak at this meeting was unable to do so b ecau se of con"I'm a little stiff f r om bowling," d itions b eyond his r;ontrol. It has been said a football player to his coach. arr a nged for him to address the so"I don't care w h ere you're from . Get cie t y at a la ter date . out. on. the field ," replied the coach . ·- - A com mitt ee was elected to lo ok i nProfessor-"I'm going to speak on We wo n d e r if it wouldn' t pay th e to the matter of holding a chemical college to get a. large modern motor compound naming contest. This con- liars to day. How m any of you have coach. Rhody has athletic. teams, test would be conducted in a manner r ead t he twenty-fifth chapter of the , glee cl ubs, and ·what- n ots who make similar to t hat of an old-fashi oned text?" Nearly every student x·a.ised his f req uent t6ps and could use it to ad- spelling bee. hand . vantage. The p r esent battle wag-on

used to carry d ay s tud ents and church ECONOMIST CLUB goers, bl\t is old a nd uncomfortable. It gets t h ere, though. And since a At a recent m eeting of the Econogoo d bus would cost many shekels, mist Club, the officers for the ensuing we w ill p robably have t o s ubmit to the year were elected. They are as fo llows: iaissez-faire doctrine. Leona rd Russell, Pres.; Elizabeth M u nster, Vice Pres.; Hyman Co kin, On ce in a while the - B eacon is Treas .. ; Veronic.a. Fogarty, Secy. H.arold quoted in other college pap ers. T h e Steinle and Louis Palmer w ere elected recent campaign conducted here for chairmen of the Membership and Enthe f u nd t o buy pop ular fiction maga- tertainment committees, respectively. zi n es h as been mentioned in several. Plans ate being made for a banquet The point w hich is st r essed is th e which is t o be -held at the end of the relative popularity a s i n dicated by the year in South Hall. Members of t h e vot e we t ook in a ssembly. By ·t h e Economist Club who have done meriw a.y , if by chance you h ave not )Jeen tor ious work for the organization will in t he library since the new periodi- r eceive gold keys at the end of the cals have been added, yo u should do year. so. Pretty girls on t he covers, for one th ing . E . E. SOCIETY We h eard o ne co-ed say she wished t h e Beac.on would print little per so nals. ·we would not mind d oing it, for it is easy to fill up s pace by inserting f resh rem arks ·concerning the affairs of others, but the net r esult might b e injured feelings and cruel laUghter.


the theory of organic evolutioh. to th at of specia l creation, since it answers m ore of h is q u estions than the other_ "Dr·ea dful !". says the reverend gentle•man. "Logical!" says t he P latonist .. 1 Why l r a in a scientific mind, develo ping: 1 in it t he power of logical reasoning. and expect it to accept theories it caii, regard only as weak hypotheses?· Woulc1 it be a ltogether in keepin g to de m a nd that a ny logically reasoning· p e rson accept the superstiti ous beliefs of the early Anglo -Saxo n s, as presenteO!.


in t h e poem Beowulf, or the p olyath eistic doctrines of Greek My th ology? '.fh e co rpl!sculat· theory of light was faithfu lly accepte d for many years by scienti sts. '.fhen a long came somebo ld ex p lorer of the unknown , whosuggested that lig ht was a phen omenon re su lting fro m certain e t herea! 1 vibrations. H is theory w as a h u ndr ed: tim es m ore logical than th e oth er; however well it may have ans w e r e d 1 1 certain long-standing questions, h e II was rid i.cul e d . Th e P la tonist wo uld lik e t o po int o u t that the greater p art of the av- co llege stude nt body is nott Professor-"Good! You are just t he c omposed of atheists , but of c h ur chgroup to who m I wish to speak. T her e g oe rs, in spite of the fact that there is no twenty-fifth chapter." are s ome hard -l;Jo il ed Darwinians in the gro u p . 'l'hey acc ept the scientific A young theologian named Tiddle, theori es of the Creation and r eject Refused to take his degree: "l!~or ", h e said, " ' T is b a d enough to ) f orcib ly the bo ok of Genesis : but they b elieve in the existence of an allbe Tiddle,, seeing Supreme Being, sovereign ot , Without being Tiddle, D . D . 1all, and worship .him regu larly, Some Cadet-"Did y ou fill .your date last few of them may e ntertain doubtful night ?" views of t h e life immortal, believing Another-"! :qope so. She ate every- that the life eterna l is not enjoyed by t h e p r esent living individual, but t h ing in sight." by t h e members of his posterity"Frosh"-" My uncle gave me a that t h e life eternal is simply t he perrazor before I came away." pet u ation of his species, therefore •. Fresh-"What are you · going to d o I"~ with it, put it in your hope chest?" The "Dance"?

A farmer came to town to insert .an obituary notice. " How much do you charge?" he L ast Friday's Electr ical Engineering ask'ed. " A dollar an inch," was t he r eply. Society meeting w a s devoted to elec" Migod ! He was six feet tall!" tions. As a result, the men who will assurri e contro l n ext year are Stacey "Frosh"-Any good seats left? W. Nichols, president , Frank CaulTicket lady-U 21. fie ld, vice-president, and Arthur Z. "Frosh"-No. I'm not, but if its Smith, secretary-treasurer. D ues will that k ind of a show I don't want to be fifty cents per year. see it anyway,


-Be,g yOiur p ardon NJnth?!?'" Thank y·ou, b ut I'm only here for th$ ·off In¥ footYou dance d ivinely--'CTash, bangMla:V ,·lhaVIe the next~Pa:rdon meIsn't t h is ours?--l8orry!-Thank you, -Gosh, :h\~'s ~Wiful! -Pardojn mef-. Not dawncing---Wonder If she'll r e-fuse m e a n u .m ber- Pardon--'Chaos: -+Sorry-Thump~Wasn't it wonderful ?-I had such a gorgeous time?! 'C:

-H. C. "Tomahawk''·

fage Six . i



Bro~ Frqsh 'feam I R~o~! WWs . Downs State, 96-39 1 . .


The .ji-n x_ which the Bro w n Freshmen hav e succeeded i n establish in ~ . ..

• .•




"'' 1

:lfludsoll !!~-;~~

Second Game I ln.. . Two . Days . p· 1 ·


·· •·


·. ·,

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!- ~~ r~~c~

. -M h H't· t . 'N ' th s POI'IS Ir L-ast D. ue·1 ee t- ·0 f s. eason I . er ID . In . · N -H't G · L tt' · F' Id Marked bv Work of Talbot · o .. 1 arne, e ten . te s · _. ~ _-'~-~ . " . . . : .









~-[H_o_l! Cr~~s_ ~. ~~f~~ts


t·emarns suspended before th~ i PY,~?,~Z. J!j_~~ 4-p?J~~f tio~~f; State Freshmen be.'~~use 1 lfur~!~~ -JIJ,~~ f~ye ~ut J"ty~ 1 .Well 1 . T~ : ~ast and evenly bala;pced . tr~ck, of then' fa ilure to d efeat what IS b e-l _ . . . : Art Hudson fol'lner Attleboro star ; team- of. Hol); Cross forc(ld th e · Rbode d ' t ' b..,. · t . . " ·., ' --Ina onesidedeontesta:tTechField ' . 11eve o e , he b.e st Frosh trac k !. . ·· . . . .. . . . .. . , , .. .·. ' nartowly missed enterin~ the Kin 0~ston Island State tr[lc k sters to accept their . h . . . ' . I vVorcester, Jast Wednesd ay Rliode Is. "' . '· ' T~ . . .... ' . ' ' )." .• ' t t at ·. B.5rown h ·t· as fever. produced. ..· . Sfate .. , . College . . .·· nm. . .e·..S\vamped .· ' ,Wor. . hall·o·f fame_ la_·s t saturday at Kingston 1 s"'c ond _s etb.a •c" o.f• the. seaso_ n...Prio .r Nea__t!m Tnt _,. · . ., . ··, .,. .. 1 . • • , • • . . • ,• • • ·• • .• , • • ! o WI s a numg tha act the h . · I. _, .... ~·· ,,,. , , , . .. _. . .. . . when he :held Pawtucket H igh to a 1to the meet 1t w a s generally conced·· "F !"·" . t . . fi . ,, . . - caster I olytec h 11 to 2. It w'a s a heavy · 1 • • tli' t"' t' '· ., · .. . ·· · · ' · " ... 'J ro~n p u up a game g,1t and ca:me 1 ., · ' . . , . . . . .. . . .. .. . .. srng le 'hit This hit came fro•m the bat 1 e~ a . h e Ho1y Cross team would . ,, '" . · ·th · ·fi · . · · · " :d . h1ttmg gfleme With Rnode Isiancl. c r ash· . . '·"!·. ·'"· .. .' .. . . .. ; .. _. . ._. th · roug,, w'Ith ree rs<ts, s ix :;eco-11 s . . . .: , . . . . · . .... , .•. _. . . . ..• . o:f vVeatherspoon, pinch hitter,. batting 1: have an ttm e 1n colJ.ectmg the· fi · t h' .·· 11hg out 18 h1ts, many of tliem being . . ., ·· '· ,. . '-''''·.t' _. ., ·, , ·• ... . '' · ,. • · '·i an d ve ' ~crds. , ,. • ~ ,. _ .· . . . ..• .. ,.. ... , for Sutcliffe in the niJJth. 'l'he final [ 1aur_e 1s_ of v,·e ury. , b ut_1t w _a s soon d s• - . h . . R· 'l fof. ext ra bruses Pykosz h1t h1s secontl · ' · . .· · .,, .v ··· ... · . . ·-· , . • ·_. · ,, t ._. · p au 1 .0 1eu rzo was t e ou.tstandmg . . . . . . ,. . ·.··· ._, .. . .. , .· .. ,. _ .... •_.. . . .· ... [ scoT~. wa_ s_. ·:R,. I. State Fteshman 4 Paw- ~ cov~~e~ 'that the.· K1~gstom~ns cou1d T.• perfiOrme d, securi-ng firstlii, in the i h~n1 ~.1 m tw,o ~~~s be s~~e g~ttmg f~ur i tu'cJ;:et o: . ... .. . . · . . glVe ll\em 1 plehty 'of '~ drn:p~titiOii': · · ' h t . -'"' d i . , . . 1d t -11 ..., tt·· .. · l l'iits m II t1:'1ps to tl'ie prate. Hilrw1tz 1 ,.0. ·· . · '" · ,1., ·•· · , . .,. . x.:· ~· <' · ''1: ~ . , s o . an _.. "' scus, 1nc en a y se 1ng a ' . . . . , . . . . . . . . . , .. .. ' t Only two O·ther Pawtucket batters aptam Thl!'rot 1u_rnis u ed ·· ms· e ... 'm. . , F• ·I • ' d f ·· th· '·d " . I1ar(l hitting· first sacker, cracked 5 ! · 'th ' ; · .)J. ,..,_, : b' · · . >~.!' ·'• ' u. ' ,.,_;., nev._ r e srmen reco:r or e . I_S'cus , _ .. . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . re·<tChed first, one 011 an infield error I WI a rst_ 1 11 tHe r oa u _.Jum_v, a_ s_.,c·. h . f f t :t _ ]juig!.es mas many times at bat. 1 . . d'···· "" . ? ... ·. ., _ t • · · :r·· -. '·th . WI a s p1n o 107 ee 2 1nc es. . 0 s er . . . . . . ,.. . . , . _ . , and the ·other . on a fre e triJ). sutc llffe, on m tne 2 ~ 0 ._a nd a thn d . m th_e 0 0 , Ackroyd sta.rtmg h1s first game 1 • · ·h ·I· • ...-.~ · • · · u " , .. . ' • ' l und was ru n n er up fo.r sco ring: h onors . . .. .. . . . . ... . . . . 1Pawtuck et pitcher, was touch ed f or 1 w 1 e .or u ce acqutn~d a first. m the . fi b ' P itched f o ur llllllrl gs and fann e d fiv e . I l ·-J ·' ' . .. .. . r ' . , . . ' .• . " ne tt mg a · rst i-n the . road Jump and .· . . . . . . [l~ven hi tis, but was very eftlecl.i,ve ! hamm e r, and h..howles a third. . . He a ll owed but four h1ts and except l • ·1 ,.. · h. 1·· ' · ·• ., · ·· ·· ' a t'hird m the p·ote vault, The 440 a nd , .· . . , . . . .. _ . . 1 with men 011 bases. She "Frosh" had , T e pole va u1t resulted m a . fou r for a slight m rsp lay on h1s own part I 1 ' . . .. 'b i. .. · ~ ·• · · • .,,. . hal f . 1111 1e were the m ost exciting track . , .. .. . ... . . ·. .· . opportunities to· score i n n early every man t1e etwee n Cook, Dro1tco u r , ''' ould have h e fd 1 tlie T ech team .scor-e~ · · · · · · j · ·"' .. . · · • · · events. Jll-.S the runners were -fairly -well . .. . . . . , .. , . . . , j inning but lacked the punc.h in the Richardson, a n d Amero of H. C., at 1 b u nql;l;E!l!'\ ! at the In the former l e~s. Drag·hettJ who r·eheved Ackroy<l [ pi nche s · 1 10 ' feet 'I · inches. T h e closest event of Knight ft njshed second, closely fol- p~tc·~ed tw~ innings atlo";ing but ~ne : The ~reshmen brok e in t o the win the ·i neet prove d to be the h alf m i'te . t h1t. ·Hurwitz flnlshed the ' fray and I · . . · . 1 . . . . · . . . . , . ·1.owed: .b M h is teammate S tra1gh , w 1u 1e column i n the third on Lettieri's walk where ' Kiely, MoLean, a nd Murpby limited the vvo.rc ester team ·t:o two · ·1 . · · · . . · . . . in the l a,tter event Tu t tle was the only . . .. . .. . . . a steal and K e ife r's double who wen t 1we r e all b1)nche d a t the fimsh . In •the· ~tat.e man that p laced. The weight Juts m the last thr ee mn mg~. . i t o 'thi rd 011 " ·ild ·throw ' arid scored 144:(} Rand©l was·· nosed ·o ut of first bY' b M d Rhod·e Islan d · scored twiCe m the ]1J.8ll, .B R.fll!fl US, .G a. pury, ..uPgo an . . ·_ . . _· d sort's s_acri_fice fly.· The_ "Frosh'_' I Ma_her , a s was Ham _ met_t m the. 2. m_ 1l e . 0 ·n j:!J'u ..., . 'h first on Dra.ghettl's tnrrl-e•, a ..smgle b Y .. .. . . . . l'j~e~r.~,o, ,; ve.,Ijf'()r'r:!'e d , well, w _h l 1e 't e ·. · . . . . . . score d o-nce agai n in the fifth and i Oth er outstandmg R . I. men wet e. 1 Dring, F oster, Ho wes, Lenz, Johnson, other track men who sh qwed u p well Hurwitz , who advanced on Stevens' in- eioJrth . wh en Pykosz si.n "Lettieri · ~ere C?-mpa_ n ella, Col e, :Lynn, and Fe r- field out and. s-cored . ·.. . a nd Kelfet· played good ball Partndge, and An d e rso.n. . g le.d s harply to Jeft. . . ris, : , , · •· · · · ' for the y ea rlings . O'Halloran stood out I Th e s umm arieS. \Vorcester evened th e . co u nt in the for th e Pawtu cket aggregation. , 880-yard _run~VIr on_ by K_ il ey,. · H;. •G.,;.· ' .'. • l j-· ~eeon,cl . OJ)- t a clou):lle to le-ft, a single, 1 sec ond , ·Mc Lean,. R. I.; third , Murphy, a n erro,r by Ackroy.d .a nd another binThe sc-o re: R. I .. : Freshincn H . C. Time. 2 .minutes .3 4.-5 seconds, gle. '!'his ended, the scoring ·for the a):J . h r po a e 2.20:-yard hurdles~\Vo n, d ead · heat, ' :I· vVorcesteriteS'. Lettieri, 2b 3 i 2 2 5 o Rafte·ry and Splail1e, H . C . ; thir.d , Fos-, Rhode I slan d bro ke into the run K HlCe r, ss 2 1 1 3 3 1 ter, R: I. T'ime 27 3-5 seco n ds. bn •:April 27 the Freshmen · t r ack scoring· . again in -: the thit .d f .O t t w o R •oberts, c f ------ ----·--- 4 1 0 1. 0 0 co unters and added mote i.n the Hudson, p , __ _ __ , __ ___ ___ _ 3 1 Q 0 4 0 220-y ard d ash--,Won by Quinn, l:I, team ha d lit tle difficulty in subdu in g 3 3 0 0 1 0 fourth a nd sco t'ed o nce irt· th•e 6th and D s; If _, __ c _______ , _ _ , C .; secpn!'l. 'l'albot. R . L; thi rd, T iet··, theh: first · oppone·n ts of the year, W estB ra.dshaw .. lb . ------- · 4 1 0 10 0 1 n ey, H . c. Time 22 seconds. erly· Hi'gll, by an overwheh:ning defeat seventh ·and ·ended · by scoring twice Coombs., rf 1 1 {) 0 0 ormiston, c ___ ________ 4 0 0 6 0 0 Pol e vault~Ti e, Coo ke, Droit:cour of 9 6"39 . Cieurzo broke the ;Fresh m en in th e eighth. Fr ee d'i11a:n, 3b '------- 3 1 o 2 1 1 a nd Richardso-n, R . L, a11d Amero, H . tflcords. for . the 12 lb .. shot •with a This was t h e seco·nd victory in two C . H eigh t 10 fee t 7 inches, heave of 43 fe e t 5 inches, and fo r the days for th e R h ode Island team and High jump--Won by McDonald, H . · , 'l' otals 29 7 4 27 13 d iscus. w ith 105 feet 5 inches. the ·rourth " in fiv e g ames. The team Pawtucket C. , h eight 6 feet 1 1-8 inches; second Qst.erlun d was the highest. sco rer of seemed to' reg·a in its batting eye which ab h r po a e Lerz and Johnson, tied, 6 feet. Vs in ch ., the mee t w i th a total of 15 points, f ol- was ' 'm 'i ssing in . the Bates game. K eo ugh, ss 4 0 0 1 3 0 Broad jump-\Von by Talbot, R. I. ; 1 2 0 3 lowed by Wilcox of Westerly a nd / The score: Shea, 3b ---- -- -·-------- 3 0 0 distance 2 2 feet 9 liz inc hes ; s~cond, Cieurz;o a nd Lynn of R . I., each of i Rhode Island B ama.n ian, rf ------- --- 3 o 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 Fahfreda, H. C. , 1 9 f ee t 11 inches ; who m collect.ed.10 points fo1· his team. II · ab h r po a e I•' Murphy, l'e tcher, If cf ·----------__ _., ____,__ 3 0 0 2 0 {) third, And e rson , R. I., 19 fee t 7 1h The sum m anes: 1 Draghetti, cf , p ________ 5 2 1 5 0 0 Mc Ciug, 2b 3 0 0 2 3 0 inc h es. One-J.n ile r un-Won l:ly }Vilcox (W);! Hurwitz, 1b, p -----·· · 5 5 5 6 1 l O'Ha llol'an, l'b ________ 3 0 0 10 0 0 2 Mile r u n - "Non by Bremen, H. ~ .; second .. Pic)i er~ill; third , Jameson. I Stevens, ss ---------------- 4 2 2 3 4 0 Rustigan, c ----------- 3 0 0 5 0 Time 5. 45. [MacKenzie, c -------- 5 2 0 6 1 0 Sutcliffe, p __ __ ________ 2 0 0 0 3 0 sec ond , Bean e , H. C.; t h ird , Dring, R . 440~yard r un-Won by Straigh t : 1 Pyltal>z; 3b -~-------- --·-- 5 4 1 3 1 0 :weatb:ers'poon __ ____ __ 1. 1. 0 0 0 '0 I. Ti me 4 minutes' 35 3 - 5 seconds. 0 0 ci ·k . .d . To"'~IT&e n:d, lf ------- 5 0 0 0 0 0 : *'' T a -rl-ow _______,__ ______ 1 o 0 440-y ard r un- \Von by Mah er, H.. secon. , mght; th1r , Staples. T une Szuli~k, rf ··:·---·--.. 4 1 0 0 0 0 c .; s eco nd, Randall, R. I.; third, Du'r 51 1 -5. . W1ggmha user, 1·f ____ 1 0 0 0 0 0 i Tc tals ?9 1 0 2 4 11 kin, H. C. Time 51 3- _5 seconds. dash-Wo n by Lynn ; Ernst, · 2b ----· ··-------· 3 0 1 3 1 0 ' 120-yard high hurdles-Won by Cos-ond , Green (W); third, H ei1rickson . ' Turla , 2b ---------------- J 0 o ~ ~ ~ l;l· .In.In.in_,_zy_s_____ _____ _ ol. : 03 04 ·15 G 7 8 9 Tirne '1 1 seconds. j A cktoyd; p ------------ 2 2 1 • o o 11 0-4 te llo , H. C. ; second, lVIcDoriald, H. G.; Higli h ur dles-Won by Ca mpan e l- ,l" laherty, cf. 2 · 0 0. 1 0 0 i , S to-len bases-Le ttieri 2, Ro-b-erts, third, Howes, R. I. ' Time 16 . 2 _5 sec- . - - . - - ' K eifer . Two-base hits-Bradshaw, Kella; seco n d , Pendl eton ; ~hird, ' Cole . Tota ls 42 18 11 27 8 21 fe1'.' boub!e _play-Lettieri to Keif er to onds. 1 00-yard dash-Dead heat, 'Dal ey Time 22. 2. 'Vorcester Tech Bra ds haw: Shea (unassisted). B ase on ·' · a b 'h · r po a e 1 bans-Huds on 1 , Sutcliffe 5, Passed and Quinn , H. C'. ; th ird, Talbot, R , I. Ca rson 'l'wo - m ile run-Won by ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I balls-Hudson 1, Sutcliffe 5. Passed Time 10 1-5 seconds. (W); s econd , Tuttle; third, M in er, C oe , cf --· -------- ---· --O''Grad y , ss -------·--·· bas e-Rhode . Island 6, P awtu cket 3. Two-mile run-I'V on by Fitzpatrick, (W) . Time 11.23.4. 1 0 4 0 0 d 880 -yard r un-Won by Wl!cox ·( \V); Hansen, lf o 8 o o Uwlpir.e-""'c· '' "'" L ou•ghlin. H . C.; second, Hammet, I'-• . I . J th' · Ir . , 1 4 L eam er, lb -----·•----''Batte·d for S u _tcliffe in ninth. second; F erris; third, Shawn . Time Tainter, 3b ____________ 4 1 1 2 2 0 ..... Batt d ' f Sh . . th Casson. Time 9 minutes 59 2-5 seconds, 2.14.1. Ro.binson, p ___ .. ___ _,. .. 3 0 0 1 2 0 ... ... . e or ea. m mn · Putting shot-\Vo·n by Marks, H. C .; still




'i' .. ;. ··· ·'· · · · · ·' · ·•··•·






I. .

.. . .


.. .

; ' . .··




'· ·




T:r~~Ji M~et







220 -yard dash- Won b y Lynn ; sec - Perry, 2b -- -----.3 1 4 2 0 Marino , c .... :._:_ 1 0 0 1 1 0 F'rohovitch, r·f --- ----· 2 1: 0 0 0 0 'l'aylor, c ____ _____ _______ 2 0 0 o: 0 0 Gra h am, p -~--- ---,---- 1 0 o' 0 {) 0 De nniso n, cf ___ __ ___ 1 0 0 0 0 0 --- -- · 'l'Ota1s 36 · 7 .2 2'1 9 1 h<J> ury; l:ci r d . lVlie kl e (vV) · Dist ance Stole n bases-Perry, 'l'owns'end 2, 43.5. (;'~ : ·;; rt'l' ord) P y twsz 2., Stevens, Hurwit z. T w o-base H.amm er-\Von by Bu mpus; s econd , I hits~Draghetti, Hm'Witz. Three-ba·se ,Ga~ou_l:'y ; third; Imperato~·e: Distance hits-Dragh etti. Home r un-Pyk osz. B<t.Se on balls-Ac kroy d 1 ; Draghetti :121 •!' •• 2," Hurwitz. ·Passe·d. ball-MacKenzie . Discus-vVon by Cieurz.o ; sec ond; Left on bas es.:..:...Rho-de I sland 3, Wo r "Gaboury ; third, Galliher. Dist a n ce cester 5. U mpire--James. ..

BATES GAME -· - : - ,.,. . . . . '

(Continued f rom page l) started the fireworks by hitting to centei' fi~ld, Pykosz got his first hit of the game and both advanced on Townse i1d' s sacrifice, ·S maJ!' t hrew wildly to first · oii. Hie play and M acKenzie scored. :)?ykosz scored 9n Ern st's sac-~. 6. rifice fly to rig-ht field ending the scorRunn~ng B1·o~d, JumP-::Won PY Os- ing U~1ti~ tl~e :tJ.intl:I when Pykosz drove :t.erlund.;. second, Miekle . CW')_; thil·d, out a homer f.or the winning tally. Rhuland, left field fo1: Bat e~, was Cole. D ist ance l9.5




ond , Knig-h t ; third, Staple s. 'l'im e 25s. . . Lo w -h ur<Hes-Won by Intas ; sec ond, G!·een (\Y); third, Cole. T im e 2 .9 seconds. · Sho t~Won by Cieurzo; seco n d ; Ga-





105.5. . J!!;v~}n-Won by Ge1·vasini, . (W); s.<a?P~(\ 11 N):a roune (W) ; third,, Gab o~ry . ])ista~ce .. 12 9. . Hig):; Jump-Won ):>y Osterlu nd; sec.o n,d, _·:tied _ p e.twee.n Pendleto n a,nd Bradsh<tW• Heig ht 5.4. . . .... Pol~ }i~ ~lt--:-Won ):JY; Oste~lun(!;, sec ·'()nd, Bg_~iner: .third, .. Capalb\J:· Hei!j·ht


th e s tar of th e opposing team while 41 .f eet 314 inches; second, Sw~ eny, H.· 1;,yl,osz ·on ;the ' offensive and MacKen- c ., 40 feet; third, Bove, I:I. C. , · 38 feet • ·· .' · · · · · · 1 z1e on: · the defe nsive ·were the mam- llllz inches . s ta:vs --roi· ·Rhody. Hammer throw-Won by Bruce, R. The score: I., 152 feet 3 inch e s; se cond , Genovese, Rhode l sland H. c., 1 26 feet; third , Knowles, ·R . I ., · ab 'li r po a e 120 ' ·· J;>ray, pf ---------------- 3 0 0 1 0 2 feet. Dra.g hetti, p -~. --------- 4 1 0 0 3 0 ! Javelin thr;ow-\Von by Carringt on; Hur>vitz, 1b ________·__ __ 4 0 0 10 1 0 H. C., 179 feet ; se corid, Partridge, ·:R. Stevens,; ' ss ----------- 4 0 0 3 3 0 I. , 167 feet 8 · inche s; thit'd, F r•ahzo n l, MacKenzie; c -------- 4 1 1 4 4 0 ·r:r. C., 143 feet 8 il1ches. . D 3 2 2 4 1 ~~- Y:1wsz, 3b -,-----'---- 4 . . .. · · . T o v.,·nsend, If ____________ 3. o o 1 o o Discus th row-I'Von by Sweemoy, H. Szlilic k, · rf' -----------~ Z 0 ·o · 2 0 0 C. 11 6 feet 2 ·inches; sec oi1d,' Mark s, Errist, •2b .: __ , .. _____cc: 2 · l' '0 3 0 0 H. C ., 115 feet;. third, Fra.i,goni, l'I. ·c., li'la hert y, cf ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 109 f e et 6 inc hes .





31 Bates ab


Smail, 3b ------'----~---Cascadden,, rf ...., .. __ Cole, ss -~------------P-a!J::\:l:er, · c·· ------·-·---Pooler, ·1 b ________ ____ lVIarston, c.f _....... ---.. Chick, p ---------------To tals


4 3 3 2· 4 0 3· l 1 0


3 27


31--------------'-----'-Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

e Rhode Island ____ o 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-3 ~ ~ ~ IBate;s ---------------- 2 0 0 0 ~ 0 0 ? 0 \2 o 0 o 1 1 Stol.e n bases--. . P..r a y, E rnst, :P.· a1l1ler.1 1. 1 0 o Two-base bit-.M ars to n. Home -runo o 3 . 4 o Pyko sz. S truck ou t b y :pragh'etti, 2; 0 o 2 o 0 by Ghiclt, 2. Bas e on balls o ff Draghetti




po a


9 ·0



4: 0 0. 0 2 2 24* 8


0 6; off Chick 1 : Left on b ase~i3 ates 'l ; Rblp de ~1a n d-5 . trmp ires -Dev ron 0 a nd Finnell. *None ou t wh en winning run was 3 scored.


Page Seven


Track -Tea1n in Seniors, 1\i~vies --~State Glee Club· lligb Schools -Intercollegiates Feature Assembly I Presents Program · To Compete in Chern. Contest Make First Appearance At Riverpoint Team Has Excellent Chance of in Caps and Gowns; "40,000 I 1


Winning Meet; Talbot and Bruce Expected to Score Heavily

New Silver Trophy Offered to. Miles with . Lindbergh" Shown Entertainment Well Rece·i ved; Winner by Israel Kapl~m . Numbers Included in Specialty on Screen Program T h e F'lfth Annu al Chemistry CO·n -

Several features marked the assen~Last Friday e~ening the Glee Club . bly hour of last Monday, April thirtig,a ve its c oncert in River Point at the : eth . The c lass of '2 8, proud Seniors, Paw tuxet Valley Masonic building, The ; so lemnly arrayed in their caps and e1~tedainment was very well rec~ived ! gowns, entered L ·i p pitt Hall in an imb y the audience that filled the hall, I posing procession headed by Dr . Eda.nd many favorable co m ments were ; ward s . ' hea.rd .after the performance. In adters. last year~flnd also Lenz and I Dr. Edwards spo.){e of his app reciaI dition to the regular program of the .Johnson, prom ising sopho more high ·. tion of the confidence the student body • 11 H · · I G lee Club ense mble, several specialties J umpers as we as owes w 11o Is j :::::ts evinced, in him. It is problematical . . good in the h igh hur d les. [ which of t he two incidents made a were given between double numbers. In the meet last year R'hode Island · . . . Among thes·e were a novelty quartet · ·· ' · ·· · de·eper 1mpress10n upon the mmds of 1 • • fin ishe·d sec ond with 29 points t 0 . I which harmo.mzed "Romona" and . ' • the undergraduate student body. Both " . , Northeastern and Unio n Co lle~e of .. . · Among My Souve mrs ; a dowble "' : undoubtedly Will stir t he stud ent body . " · Schenectady who were tied for fus·t . quarr·tet sang Sweet and L ow" and ' . ·. · to greater et't'orts, and Jo.yalty to the w ith 34 point.s. It is e x•p ected this year I o· ""Tis Morn"; a banjo solo by vVen· , co le,e. b t hat we will do even b ette·r, for the' · d e 11 Ta or; and a Violin and piano t e am is a little better balanced. A third feature of the hour was the number by Tibor Farkas and Nicholas The trials will be held in the morn- : s howing' of a now famo us motion p ic- Abbenante. . . '' h th fi b . 1 ture, "40,000 miles with Lindbergh". The Double Quar·tet consisted of m g at 10 a. m. , wH . e na1s e1ng, r un off in the afternoo n. 'The teams 1 This picture is a more or less com- Droitcour, Conklin, Patrick, Cook, enter·ed in the m eet include Wor- , plete resume of the doings of Col. Almbeldt, FerTis., Sulloway, and Peter. . ·j C harles E. Lindbero·h startin o· with his d th N lt Q t t f I cester Poly tech nw, Mass. Agg ies, 'Tufts, . . " ' "' son, an e ove Y uar e· o ·, rons, . . 1 decisio·n to leav e college for aviation 'r b p p Vermont Xor·th eastern . Norwich T'rln1 a or, owe 11 , and · eterson, '''I'tl' ·. • R hode Island Sta te College track team jo urneys. to Woreeste.r Saturday t o c:.ompe t e in th·e A nn uaJ Easte!I'n Int ercoll egil.cte s at Tech F iel d, vVo•reester Polytechnic Institute. The team of 22 men in c ludes T a Lbot, Br uce, Dring, Ha mm ett, R a n dall- st rong point-get-


' test f;r the stude~ts of all Rho de I s ,·high. sehool s and preparatory · s c hool s, will be held in Sci ence Hall at 8:30 a. m., the morning o f t he Inters c holastic 'Track M·eet . This c on test, und e r the directi on . o:t Prof. Josep·h W. Ince, will take the us .:. · 1 f f h d d · t . ua. orm o. un :r<? questwns . O• be a nswe r·e d in on e hour·. Pawtucket. j:ligh scJJool took permanent po~se ss~()D o f a silver trophy last year, l:) ut. Isr a el Kaplan of th e c lass pf.. :). ~20 paS given a new troP):lY. to become th~permane nt property of the high school· · · · . · ' who has the hi,·hest team score f or:· ~ t h r ee years in successi on. It will b~1

!la nd

c a lled t he vVilliams tro p hy. A poly-· phase s lid e r11le will be given to the • highe s t individual score; books on dif-· fere nt phases of chemistry will be ofc· fered for the members of the winning: t eam; a nd ap propriate souven irs wiH: ... b e p r esent ed to each stude~f' takin.i:

ity, Sp[·;ng>fieM College, Conn~cticut an d subsequent incidents of his very i George Fielding as accompanist. Aggies, and R hode Island State Col- I eventf~l lite. T'l~e pict m:e portl:ays the After the p rrogram, a very enjoylege. I takeoff an d arrivals, With their fren- able dance took place until twelve ZiC'd we1 8omes, at different cities that o'clock. ·· 1 I Co l. Lindbet'gh h as visited, a nd his TRACK DAY : ea.rly trai-ning in a flying cit·cus, and

in t:he contest. The fo llowing schools have entered' t eams in the contest: Bur<l'ilville, Cum.,. ber land, Rogers, North King's town. S ou th Kingstown, Ptovidelice · Technical, LaSalle Academy, Pawtucket.

(Co ntinue d page 1) ; at K€li :V Field, '.Pexas. In connection star t p romptly a t t e n o'clock and fin- ' with hi s trans -Atlantic flight, the sta;rt

a nd Westerly.



is h at ed on noo n. year

one The me d a l s Will be awardt he campus la ter in the atterOne of the new f eatur'e s . th!s will b e the P awt u c ket }ligh

from San Dieg·o, the trip across the continent, th e takeoff from Mitchell ' Fiel(l, L. I., and h is arrival and re : ce ption in Paris, are depicted. His reI


Sc h oo l B and , whic h will play on the, tUi'i1 t o the 1Tnited States with stops a thlet ic field du ring the m eet arid . on at Belg ium , and l<:lngland are also ,.. h f the. . e a mpus i.n the afternoo n . . s . ow n, .o 11 ow·ed by various views of 1 J\1anager Keeg an -asks Tor · the', su·p·· -· histon.r._QL!his,..c_otmtry arid a ·detailed p ort o f the stud e n t body in putting· · ;cccount of his ' 'Goo d \Vii!" flig·ht t'o over his program . The co llege w ill go ' th~e L ati n-American countries. It was 1;,o quite a bit of exp ense in trying to e mphasized that despite l:he nia,ny e n t e r tain prospective f r eshmen; the hono,r·s that have b ee n heaped upon fa c ult y will be I'equ ired to help run h is h.ead, Col. Lh1clbergh is now just the tra ck meet; a nd it is only fair as unassuming and unspoiled as the t h a t t h e student s h elp I out as far as h e starte.d his career. This is somepossib l e both d uri ng t he track meet in thing for a ll to• rem ember, ponde1·, the inorning, and i n en t ertaining· th e a,nd apply in our own live s . bigh s c h ool students in t h e a fternoon and evening. Follow ing is a list of schools who h ave e n tere d teams a n d also a list of officials : Class "A"--Ciassical,. Coni____ · · 1 T h · ..., , ·d H f p 0 mercm • ec m ca.s a n ope rov- Hundred and Twenty-five Attend idence; Bu lkeley of New London; Rog.. "Frosh" Event in East Hall ers of Newport; Brockton ; East _ ___ _ Greenwich, LaSalle Academy, Cra n'l'he Class of 19 31 held their annual ston, Pawtucket, E ast Providence, and Banquet in East Hall last Saturday Woo n socket. Class "B"-De LaSalle of eve ning. President Eric Osterlund New p ort, Barringto n . B urrillvill e , made the announcement of Capt. Stonington,, Attleboro, Westerly, S·t. Claud e G . Hammond's election to th e Raphael, South Kingstown, North office of Class Advisor. Capt. HamK ingstown, Cumberla nd, Warwick, monel the·r eupon mad·e a sho r t West Wa 1· wic~, B r istol , and Hopkin- of accep tance and a ppreciation of the ton. honor. Dr. Edwards then sp oke, reOfficials-Manager, L. A. Keegan; minding the class that they were still Doctor, H. B. Po tter; R eferee, C . G . freshmen. Kenneth Wright, President Beardslee; Field Marshall, C. G. Ham- of the Junior Class, congratulated t he mond; Clerlt uf Course, F. W. Keaney; "freshies" on the good showing of the Starter, F. W . Keaney; Head Field class during the past months and .Ju i'lge , M. H. Tyler ; Asst . Field Judge, wished the best of luck in the future . J . Stanton; Field .Judges, J . C. Wei- Fred Tootell presented numero us sets

Freshman Class HoldS Banquet

din, F. K. Crandall, P. D . Carter, E. P. Christopher, H . M. Emery, J. Barl ow and J. B . Smith; J u dges at the Fin i s h, S. H. Webster, C. E . Wilden, A. Friel, J . lVI. Prime, Jc E . L a dd; T im·ers, R. L . wares,, H. W. Browning and W . Anderson; Head Measurer, C . P. Hart ; Head Scorer, W . .J.; Inspectors, E. Blaney, B. E. Gilbert, and E. W. Hoo d ; Prog rams, N. C . Tompkins . · -- - -- · - "I'd like to know what Vilma was ·doing last night a t one o'clock." " Lett's rusk the street cleaner; he has all the l ates t d irt." -"Springfield Student.

of num erals to those who earned them in cro;:;s-country, football and basketball. Appr oximately one hundred a nd twe nty-five members of 1 931 attended. The hall was appropriat e ly decorated in green and white. The committe e arranging the banquet included, W'illiam Kelleher, chairman, Genevieve Fogarty, Muriel Fletcher, Thayer Chase, and Hilton Roberts. Henry Pickersgill perfo rmed the dutie!l o f t oastmast·et. "I am wedded to lny art." "J.~pp are11itly a secret marriage. " -The Franklin


Jr. Varsity Beats w'este.r}Y_In• Traek ·r· ·av·ern Hall c·Iu·b..·· Capalbo Was High Scorer iRthe T0 H. ld M• · . t { Meet, While Maurice Conn Se. 0 . IUS re·: ..

cured Four Seco·n d Pla:ees

- - ~For the . second time. in . as many weeks Wes terly High receiv(ld ,its second. de.f\'l_a_t a1 the hands of Rhode Island State Track 'ieai~1s, th1s:~ 1fi.ri'ie · by t he Junior Varsity w ho co llecte d a total of 109% points to · ·westerly's



Capalbo was the highest scorer of t h e meet takin g firsts in the running broad jump , the pole vault, the shot, and a second in the high j ump . Godreau and Powell each secured nrsts in two events, the former in the 220 and 4 40 rund the latter in the High and L ow. hurcUoo. Mauriee Conn established a unique record for himself by gaining four second places. Other men who proved the ir mettle ' were Higginson, Scott, Moran, Beane, Magoun, IV. Smith, Glover, and Sperl. Pearson achieved fame by hanging the hammer alo·ft in a tree . 1'he summary: I High hurdles-Won by Powell ( R . I.) ; second, Scott (R. I.) . T ime 21. 100 -yard dash-vYon by Higginson (R. I.); second, Conn (R. I.); third, Greene (W. ) . Tim~ 10.3 . 2-mile--'Won by Armstrong (R. I.) ; second, Garter (W. ); third, tie Kent (R. I.), F u saro (W. ) . Time 11.5 , 880-Won by Miner, (W.) ; second, Mitchell (W.); third, Glover (R. I.) .

Live]y Program fol{e 'Giv¢'ii"'in: Library Hall The Tavern Hall C lub of :Kingsto11:> will p resent a Minstr€'1 Show In Library Hal l on \Vednesd a.y · evening, May· sixteenth · at eight o.'elock. The program wlN in elude a ·<eh.arus ·of twenty-

five n1al e voices, unusual Jok·.es 1 teature novelty and specialty number's, a nd late song hits. There w ill be a. few rese r·v ed seats at seV'Gnt y five cent.s. "per" for those who wish to come late ,. but the majority of se.a ts will sell a t the tlwt rate of fifty cents. Prominent professo rs on th e camp us, ,~.nd a,ls o villagers who have ap peared on the 1 professional stage will take i ~"art in th h e s ow. All s t udents a;re urged to come and try t o pick out theit· fa,vorit e '' prof" fro m amo·ng the "liigh~colored" gent lem·en. The sam·e pro,gram is ·b ooked for Richmond on the night of l\f::ty thirty with free dancing in order afterward.• vasini (W.). 135 ft .

Hig h jump-Won by Sc ott (R. I.)~ sec ond, N. Capalbo (R. I.); third, S . Capalbo (W) . 5 feet . Pole vault-Tie f or first between Scott a n d Capalbo (R. I.); third , Bonner (W.). 9 feet 6 inches. Broad jump-Won by Capalbo CR• Time 21.4 1-5. I.); second, Conn (R.I.) ; third, 220-Won by Godreau (R.I.) ; s ec- gelia (R.I.). 18 feet % inch . ond, Conn (R. I.); third, Higginson Mile-Won by Bean (R. I.); se.cona~. (R.I.). Time 25 1 _5 . w . F . Smith (R. I.); third, Tolson (Ft.. 440-Won by Godreau (R.I.); sec- I.) . Time 5:18. ond, H. Magoun (R. I.); th ird, P r esTimer-->Mayhew. Starter-Ma cLean;. tin! (R. I.) . T ime 59 . 2 . Scorers-Johnson, Brown a nd Clark~.


Low hurdles-Won by Powell (R. second, Conn (R. ' I.) ; third; "She married in hope that her shirt Greene (W. ) . Time 2 9 2 _5 . . would come in." " Yeh !" Shot put-Won b y Capalbo (R. I.); "And all she got was a raft of kids.'" second, Slavitl:'!>:y (R. I.) ; thi:rd, Scott -N. M . "Roundup" · (R. I.) . Time 39.3. "My g irl always goes to be d in he1;r Hammer-Won by Moran (R. I .); second, Pearson (R. · I.) ; third, S p erl working clothes." ''Howzat ?' ' (R. I.) . 11 7.9%. Javelin-\Von by Burnett (R. I. ); "She's an artiSit's model." -McGill "Daily"· sec ond, Matarese (R. I.); third, GeoI.);

Page Eight


Local R. 0. T. C. Chi Omega Has Delta Zeta Feeds Grist·Out Hungry Youths May Breakfast Awaits Inspection In Two Weeks Wind and R.ain Force Lambda Majors Barrett and Perrine Will Open Kitchen Maintained from Four to Eight in May BreakBetas to Forego Pleasures of Inspect on May 23-24 fast; Men Vote Affair Success Biscuit City; Chapter Room The a nnual official inspection of the 'rhe usual deep silence whieh reigns Serves Instead.

Accord ing - to present indications, t.he 19 28 Grist will be ready for p ub lication about M ay t wentieth. Bus!riess Manager A nto ni o Matarese a n-

C:h i Omega's plans for thei r May ::~ e~~l:~ t~· t~~~t P::c:·M:y ~:~:tyi~ in Davis Hall betwe·en the hours of nounces t.hat th e a-dvertising section is comple te, an d that a t otal of $800 breakfast an annual event at Biscuit seco.nd a nd twenty-third . MaJ' or R . four a nd eight a. m. , was rudely shatworth of "ads" have bee11 obtained due City, Wei'e rudely upset by adverse H . BarTett and Major H. J'. . Perrne, tered last Tuesday morning by the to the efforts of Leonard Duckworth, w .eather. Instead of the fair mot•ning both\ or the U. S. Infantry, have been c lattering O•f pans and lcettles, sizzling of frying bacon and rattling· of dishes Henry Barney, I an v\ralker and Raythat they were anticipa.ting, they appointed inspecto•rs by the Co·mmand, - EL breakfast vvas in the making-- mond Stevens. :found rain and a chill wind. But in ing Ofll.ICer 0 ,f the First Corps Area. ~ 9 and what a b 'r eakfast! Mrs. Peppard's 'I'he 1 28 edition is r e))orted as one spite of th is disapp ointment, J)art of May t wenty -second w ill be taken up sew ing Lab. was changed from a place of th'e best ever published. It has been the o rigina} plans were carried o ut. with practical work in the field, and b ea utified with an estimated $500 The o. h a.11 ter rooms in the hous. e .were t·lleor·e tt' c·.~~ l "'OI'l' will come on the of domesti c learning into a trim cafe . " ~ worth of art b'e sides the numerous quickly c onverted into a &ubstitute Bis - following day. I 1\Thite Cl'e p e pap·er cbvered the tables, cuts of clubs, societies, campus groups cult. CitY, and the dozens of eggs and ,. . . . . . _ .. which were deco·rated with daffodils, For tho last thre e years, Rhode .Is- a.nd the forsythia in the windows add- and individuals. poun ds of bacon sizzled in the pan · h Up to now, orders fo r the Grist have land has been one of the dtstinguis ed . eel a touch of real spring and ·cheerful in the fireplaoe. Singing was in o t·der colleges or New England, and if ap - ! co lor· . co me in rather slowly. It is stressed petween th.e courses, and ·there was peara n ces on the drill field do not lie that eve ryone buy his copy immediategood fun all the time . The f ollowing · ' · . · - ,. P.rc.mptly at five o'clo c lr- the first we will make it four straight. c ustomer arrived (a man a. t that!) and ly, so that he will have his .copy, since w. ere . present as guests of the Chi 0 Captains Dougherty a nd Maloy, Ad- )Jr·on oun.ced the br·eakfast the best he only a limited nu mber Will be printgi:r ls: Mrs. L illian Peppard, Mrs . J'ohn · .Jutant and mxecutive, respectively, of! had eaten this year . In the next three ed. Barlow, M iss Elizabeth Smart, lVIt-s. the 385th Infantry, were present at the h th h tt d ht ----------------. 1 out's · e mel'\l'Y c a er an 1aug • er Committee, Mary C hase ; Sec re t ary, A . L. Curtis, and the Misses Catherine Battalion review and parade last of girls announced to the world that Muriel Fletcher ; Advisory Committee, a nd Barbara Ince. ·Miss Hope G r ifllth Thursday . 'l'hey were both favorably m e re rain couldn't keep college c<>-eds Miss Peck, Miss T ucket• and Miss had charge of th e affair. impressed with .<>ur local "Arlny". from eating, a nd even the faculty Whittemore. bravecl ·the storm to partake of the At the Pr·om be , of necessity, impprted from the bacon, eggs a nd coffee. Co-ed-"I coul d die waltzing." "big. c~ty". When th e last guest had departed, Almost all of the "P rofs" and wives a nd the co·mmittee checked up on the Unfortunate-"]]]xcuse me while I will be asked to chap.ero n e these so- co mments, the most repeated one was : speak to the orchestra leader." Every Ftaternity on Campus 1I cials, · ·. asid e from the fratre "I wish you'd have a breakfast like - "Parnassian" Planning T)\ack Day Dance in facultate who are no doubt e),.'J)ect- this every rnorning."




Open House Dances Scheduled


With music ~d dancing on all sides ! eel to a.ttencl. one will not know to which music to da nce. Every fr{l,ternity on the c a mpus is prepared for the annu al spring ho•use dan-ce, and as these are open house dan ces, there ·will no doubt be ~ <g-reat deal of wandering fr:om dance to d'a n,ce, but we ·S incerely ho pe these "wanderers" are oapable of finding their w a y ho m e, bac.k to the original starting .p lace (we concede. a point i11 fa.vor of t he engineers). S•everal of the fratern ity houses are co.nduct ing tea dances on Frid a y. Mu.. ic and m us~cian:s at a premium, and a vast number of orchestras will +~-- M - l-tl!f-M ft -1111- MM -Ilii- MM - M.-MI·- -1 +

1 t i ii

l j




Cleattilzg - Pressin,g Repairing Suits Made to Order

1 j


l. f '





- - - -- · - --

Th e Despe.ctive house committee men ·have all com·pleted th e ir pwgrams, and coupl e d with the u s u a l freshman labor, th e ir e ndeav ot·s .should no.t b e o.verlool<ecl in the chaos, etc ., which has be•come a part of every gathering. In all ·. probahillty, th e d ecorations for the respective houses will be patriotic and w ill in.clude the fratern ity colors in t h e decot·ation scheme. - -- - - - - - -

WOMEN DEBATER.S ELECT '.rhe 'Nomen's Debate Council

Y• W• C. A.. 'T he Youn g \Vom•en's Christian Assoc iation held its new e l ec tion of officers last weelc Those who were electeel are: Preside nt.. Lois vV!lcox; Vicei Pres., Ruth Lee; T reasurer, Alice i Gladding; Chairman of Publicity Committee, Veronica Fogarty; Chairman of l<'inance Committee, Harriet Viall; Chairman of World Fellowship Committee, Bertha Lee; Chairman Social


their a nnual elections l ast Wednesday. :\IJ]argarle1:J F. O' Connor was chosen p .residen t . Virg-inia May, who· debated on the FPesh man t ea m, was chosen as Secretary. Each class has yet to elect a member to· the council.

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