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:RHODE ISLAND· DEFEATS UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE 20-18 t:OMES FROM BEH'INU TO CONQUER A FIGHTING BLUE TEAM AT DURHAM .No "F.rosh"-Soph . IDebatin·g.··Members Honors.Awarded :- [Kin~stonites. B~e. ak . F~~r~Year . . . d I SSUeS At A· SSeiD · b}Y Jmx by Wmnmg Game ·Away ASSigne .,. from Home; New Hampshire ROpe-PUII to Take Place This Year Fourteen candidates for varsity Monday Afternoonr Scores ~irst; To~nsend, SteDebatjng ,Team T,;y Out; Top. , . . . , . . i vens and Regah, Sub-HalfBeacon Representative Finds ic Is on "Censorship"

That Faculty Voted in Favor of a So ph-"Frosh" Organized Class Battle

Beta Phi and Stgma J(appa Wml back, Star Cups for H~ghest Scholastic ' --Standing; Other Awards j . Rhode . I~land State

Immediately following Assembly on Col!ege deMonday, Oct. 10 , a ·group, highly infeated New Hampshire at Durham by terested in forensic art, convened for I Honor.s Day was succesfull y held a score of 20-18. Although New If the students are banking on. see- preliminary preparation~ toward try - last Monday afternoo n at Assembly. Hampshire displ!LYed a much heavier ·lng a rope -pull this year, they will ing out for the Varsity Debating T he college orchestra mad e its debut line . Rhode Island showed a more •cherish their hopes in vain. Te am. Prof. Churcl;lill gave the fu-. in, playing the "Marche Ro;maine," open style of game, using end runs Investigation made by the "Beacon" ture p lans of the coming collegiate while the faculty entered in their at" and forward passes to good advan·bas brou ght. out the fact that it was debates with Maine and Con,n!)cticut. · tire of caps and gowns. tage . voted by. the faculty last fall to elim- Kenrie. th Wright addr.essed the. men . Following the invocation by the The game started off rather poorly inate the rope pull and to substitute 1 and told them Of the purp ose for Rev. Father Ryan of Wakefield, Prof. for Rhode Island when .Stevens' kick ·an o. rganiz. ed class battle. between the 1 having. the The topic for the William Anderson apuke on Honors was b.locke.d on his own 20-yiud line. ·"Frosh'' a nd Sophs. trial . de.b ate is :" Resolved, That ali 'Day, and wnat it mean~. N ew Hampshire was penalized twlc.e , When attempting to find tbe com- 1 censorship other than Federal be The n .e xt speaker wa.s. Dr. Harold bringing the ball back to Rhody's 'lllittee picked to de_c~_e w)th Coa.· ~:h _abo-:i~hed.:'_ ..~.ryout~ ~e. re . held last W. Browning, P r esident of Ph i Kappa 40-yal·d line, where Regali took the Keaney upon the five class· struggleslMu:nda;y -evemng 1l:'f '7 o"m6C~ - c- 1-:':'i, ..who o.&-t-h:!l.. f..dal'O>.<> .f''li;f~·"'n .l:u'!Jl ,t:••~ tJ ·h ..i.';•e.Je~J s.i-cl8- .()!; f.~·q.J~n~ . ·the "Beacon" failed . To dat~. it has So many 'm en had t u rned out that award given each year to the frater - r for a touchdown . It was a beautiful no t been found who comp ose t h is it was decided to split t he question nity attaining the h ig h est scholastic 1 run, by Regali, who was easily the committee, b u t p la ns have a lready into four issues and to a l]ow each standing. Th e cup was first won by J star of the New Hampshire team . l>een mad e to get to work immediately. . man to choose one. the Campus Club; Bet a Phi has had / Rhody kicked off a nd Pra y recovAccording to Coach Keaney, an afThe first issue was UJ?On Books, it for the last two years. Thi.s year ered on New Hampshire's 44 -yar.d ·ternoon is to be set aside for the an~ ~ne f~llow~ng debat~d upon that Beta Nu Epsilon a ttained the highest line. Here Rh ode Island started its ·<\lasses of 1930 and 1 9 31 to settle t heir 1 top1c. Aff1rmahve, Maunce Conn and mark, but was declared ineligible be- ( first march to the goal line, with ·differences. Five events are to be Henry Pannell; negative, Henr y Bar- cause it had insufficient ,members. 1 Stevens, Draghetti and Townsend al' sponsore d b efore the presence of all ney and Axel Stenhol;m. Dean Helen B. Peck spok e abo ut the ternating a t carrying the ball. Tl;ley :the students and l>rofessors. As long The seco nd issue pertained to Stage cup offered by Dr. and Mrs. H 'oward finally pushe d it over with Stevens .as the fu n is condu cted under organ- Productions and Art, including Edwards in memory of their daughter, carrying the ball on a tripl e pass. ized h, the program will be con- Drama, Mus.ical Comedies, Paintings, the late Mildred Edwards Spring. This New Hampshire was offside and Sculp t u re and Pictures. Those who cup was awarded to s~ 1·gma Kappa·, a Rhode Island was ahead 7 - 6. tinn ed to th e finish. T h e flag rush .is .said to be the principle ev ent of had thi.s topic were: Affirmative, sorority of wh ich the late Mildred Ed- · Early in the second period Rhod·e . Allen Ernst; negative, Francis Lee wards Sprl'ng was a m ember.. T·heta Island scored again on a march, using' :the afternoon. It looks n ow that g r eat ~ fun is in the making! and Hyman H~chma.n . . 1 Delta Omicron, like B eta N u Epsilon, descriptive double a n d triple passes The third 1ssue m clud·ed Mov1es 1 failed to win the award, for its mem - and also battering the New Ramp.and was taken by the following: Af- bership was below the required •mark. ! shire. tackles. Here again it was Ste.' \Continued on page 4) Nicholas Abbenante gave a piano vens who finally worked the ball solo entitled "Seremato' ' by Moszkow - I across the last chalk line t o put ski. Dr. Howard E dwar ds concluded Rhode Island ahead 13-6 . He knif ed the program with a short tall;: on spe- off tackle in good shap e to sc ore his cia! privileges to honor students, who s<'lcond touchdown of the g-ame. New ~Profs to Attend Lectures at were awarded certificates for last Hampshire was' again offside on the Providence While Students Class of 1931 Practices Yells to year's ·g ood ':"ork. / attempted kick and Rhode Island led Relax From Studies 14 Cheer Gridiron Teams, Whi'le -6 . More holidays are in sight! Rhode 1929 Discusses Caps Shortly a f t er this Walls again Island State College, with Other blocked Stevens' k ick and t he ball SJ,hvuls ~n th\e state, will suspend Members of the Freshman and rolled offside on Rhode Island's 30·elasses for three days next week, Oc- Junior classes held meetings last yard line. After a few unsuocessful tober 27, 28 and 29 . The thirtieth, week to get prepared for their comline plays Small threw 'a pass to W11falli ng on Sunday, will provide a ing year. Unacquainted with college Progressive Dinner Party a Fea- kinson, who rompe.d 20 yards fo:r · f ourth day of leisure ( ?) for t he cheers a nd songs, the "Frosh" were ture, Followed by Entertain- N ew Hampshire's second sc or e of 'Student body. assembled in Lippitt Hall to practice ment the game. Rogers missed the try for our teachers will be b lessed with the favorite cheers • of the college. field goal and the Wildcats were on . . The Ch i Omega formal rush party ·-only Sunday, the 30th as they are to G reat cSuccess was attamed at this . the short e nd o.f the 14-1 2 score. ' t• was held Tuesday evemng, October . . . atten d, on the other three days meet- convoca 10n a n d no doubt much help . . Later m t h1s penod Rhode Island ' . 'll b 1 t · th· 11 t th' s t lltn . It was m the form of a pro. . · ·Ings of the Rho de Island Institut e of Wl e · en m. e ye s a lS a ur. . . . , · / fa1led . to.. score . a. gam whe.. n Townse. nd day's game with C. C. N. Y. 1 gresslv. e dlnner pa.rty. The group was stopped on th e two -1'nch lr"ne. Instruction, state ass ociation of teachers, at Pr ovidence. The Junior class is very desirous, started from the Chapter rooms and The whistle sto le away a · ch'an ce of Subsequent to the three-day recess of wearing their caps, as is made ev- rode to Prof. !nee' s house. The first pushing it across. ident by their meeting of last Friday two courses were served there and Rhody jumped off to a flying sta . rt ··comes Armistice Day, the first Of the evening. President Wright made corsages of whit e carnatio n s were early in the second half a nd after several November h olidays. known the work done by the J unior given as favors. pushing New Hampshire back to t he Cap Committee and it is expected From Prof. !nee's the party pro- five-yard line Rogers dropped back Big Game! that some fine headwear will be gresse d to Prof. Barlow's. The main to kicl;: and f umbled a p oor p·ass "What did you hunt mostly while bought by the class. Unlike the Jun- course wae served here and then the from cen ter which was dropped on ·you were in the north woods?'' ior class of last year the girls will parrty moved 'on to Miss Tucker's behind tne goal by Galvin for Rhode " T he way back to camp."- Boots. 1 have the same style caps as the boys. CConunued on .t"age 3) ( ConUnued on page 6 ~




Holiday ComeS . er.e N ·...ext Week "Frosh" and H .OrS Mee·.t Junl

Chi Omega Holds F·orma} Rush Party







20 ' 1927


THE BEACON Official Publication of


n ess, but neve rtheless the incessant ye lling and sho uting bacl{ and forth throug·h the corridors can b e a lto geth e r too eas ily hear d in the reci tation r-ooms .of Aggie B uilding. It is no t a t all pleasant to have one's EngIish or H i~tory mixed with a lesson in clo ~· mitory freedom of sp·ee ch. Nor is it for the instr uctors to compete with t h e East Hall Inmates for

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s erve d." Th e waiters h a ve thtlir as-· signed tables t his year; thus no m a t-· te r wheth er you are first or last t~ ­ ent er, you \viii get just as much to· eat. But, if yo u want the exercise toclevelop your appetite, go out a n d , re- · port to Coach Tootell. His curt commancl of "Fifteen laps around the· track" will put yo u in r eacliness to eat w ithout exercis ing for it in East

Notice: of ,Entry Acceptance for mailing at special rate postage provided for in Section 1103, Act th e a ttention 6f the c lass . Besides, H al l. 3, 1917 , Authorized J. a..nuary 1 .Sl_1ak. espeare an d NJapo 1e on T'·: m es h ave c h anged. of 13, October 1919. n eed no D uring theMember of the Eastern I nterco lleglate s u ggestive b ac kground to mak e them p ast three years that we have been' Published weekly by th e students of Newspaper Associatron interestii)g . here , it was the Freshmen who were· R. I. State College --------------ED -<_I_T_O_R ___I_N___C_H_IE-F--~---------How about it, students '? Can 't we th e Dinin g Hall offenders. E ver y week. h ave a little co -oper ation , and re- or so the Student Council wouldl Benjamin li'ine, '28 m ember that although we may not threaten dire p unishment unl ess the· Ma naging Editor Business Manager be ih class a t th. e t im e, othe r s are, little F reshi es would- b ecome civilize<t. Charles T . Miller, ' 28 Antonio A . Matarese, ;28 a nd the disturbance mig ht be a nnoy- and learn how to wa!t in line for the ASSOCIATE BOARD 1 ing to them. And then, occasiona lly, doors to open. Now, strange as it _may Arthur Z. Smith, '29 , Feature Wiliiam G. Mokray, '29, Campus Mildred \Vine, '29, Intercollegiat e espe,cially on 'Su\1days, some of our see m , . the wearers of the skull caps Daniel A . O' Connor, ' 29, Athleti cs Donald A. Bunce, '29 , Alumni families come clown to visit u s . Will are extrem ely placid, a nd really deMary A. K elley, '29, Co- ed the i mpression they r eceive from the serve to be com plimented. Perhaps the NEWS STAFF Abrah am Goldstein, '3 0 volley of loud vulgarity be a true upperclassmen might we ll p rofit by Edwin Olsson, ' 29 Frances Wright, '30 Horace 0 . Kreinick , '30 indication of Rh ode Island State Co l- takiJ1g a f ew lessons from the FreshHerbert A . Rosenfield, ' 3 0 Irvin H. Bornside, '30 Matthew E . Kearns, '30 iege life. ? A little inore thoug htful- m ~n _on Dining Hall Etiquette. 'l'hey James Armstrong, '·3-0 Margaret li'. O'Connor, '29 n ess, a little better c o-operation , and cei tamly n eed 1t. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT this harmf ul e lement ca n b e elim-1 . . , · . • , Allan Haskins, '29 ------------------·---Circulati on Manager ina ted . Let's try it, mates! ; A . Dea n Huriter, '29------------·····---Adv ertis!ng Manager Henry Armburst, ··29 _Subscrip tion Manager The od ore Markoff, '30 Martin P. McCue, '3 0 Benjamin Mayhew, '30 Coach Keaney's Booklet Plan~


New Season Ttcket System a Success

'The OrJen Forum Lon:g er Dances


Proves Successful at First Game; C. C. N.Y. Game Also. to Show New Books

To the Editor:

Notmanyyears ago college students who we1;e able t'o achieve success in their book studie s were considered to be of little yalue to the outside world. Emerson, in an address to a graduating class at his Alma Mater, felt it necessary to defend the learned scholars against biased public opinion. A true scholar was looked upon as a man of theory, an individual separated from the practical world, a v acant star gazer, little fitted for the tasks of this world. . Fortunately conditions have changed.. A Phi Kappa Phi man is now looked upon with respect. · Experience has shown that scholarsh i p and material success go hand in hand. But we have also 'e3:rned th at J t i ~ n 2 t book study al9ne ,that is the all-ihl~()rtant thing. Rather, we look for good character, good personali ty,, 2, person who can command the respect of his associates. And. accordance with this_ present day view, we are pleased to note the new changes recently made by the Honor Society. · It was not m any years ago, even at this college, that the student who became a member of Phi Kappa Phi was considered a "grind." The eligibility requirements were such that oftentimes this accusation was correct. Based solely on . s cholastic rating, with no consideration made for any other factor, a stud ent might meet the eighty-five per cent grade, yet be unworthy of belonging to this fine organi- ~ zation .


Altho ugh this letter is addressed to th e editor,. it is my earne st and s incere This year Coach Keaney has instiw is h that it · reac h th e hands of the tutecl a · n ew system of admission t o· proper authorities. The subject of th e .van:ity games. E ach stu dent who. this letter will deal with the insl,lffi- has paid th e blanket t ax is p rovided cient amount of tim e which is regu- with ,a sma ll book of tickets covering la rly g iven over t o dances. If you can th e season's games. d aBce, th e n y ou will b e interested B efore this n ew plan, each s tud ent enough to read it, ancl if you can was ad mitt ed with out a ticket, and nonot clan-ce, th e n it is your im perative tho ro ugh check could have been made duty t o reacl it,_ as this l ~tter was writ- .of n·on-Rhode Island Co llege spect aten because of .th e cles·Ire to remedy !· tors . The Athletic Association can nowy our situation. anticipate quite a large retun1 f rom the At the present tim e, our Saturday varsity gam es. This will benefit our .JJight movi es a nd dances are our sole t eam s in t h e future t o a great extent. sou,rce of social div ersion. Th e other II T he book itself has a neat b lue covd ance s are few and far betwee n. It er and is of a convenient size. There is because of t h is f act that we see so are t w enty-five tickets in the b ooklet, man y poor dance r s in this college, ancll one for each game. St uden ts are cana lso exp lains why our co-eels dislike ti onecl to the fact th at a ticket is not. th e Saturd ay nig·ht affairs. transfe rabl e and not valid if detached This can all be r emedied if th e fol - from the book.


This fact was evidently apparent to the m e mbers of Phi lowing· suggest ion is carrie d out. First, Kappa P hi, as t he recent announcement made by this honorary the movies shoul d b egin a t 7:30 shar p, society shows an entirely new system of selecting undergaduates. thu s allowin g t hirty minutes more of No .longer is scholastic attainment to be the only factor in deter- dancing (for don't forget, "practice m. ining upon prospe. ctive candidates. · No longer will_ Phi Kappa Phi ·I m a k es per fect"). Secondly, th~ be the prize of a limited few, for beyond the reach of deservin dances should be continued until 11:30. students. For, when n ew elections are h e ld in th e futur e . no1 This will still a llow us to get plenty only will scholarship be considered, but t he character of th e' stu- of s lee p, for the next clay is sunday.

The first football game 011 ou r fi eld initiate d the students in t he art .of pinning thes e little colored slips in a conspicuous position for the watchful' eyes of our ticket takers. Remember, und ergradu ates, bring those bookS with you to the next gam e, for "igno rance of the law" m eans on e d olla r .

dent, his ability, and his l eadership as well. Th e o ld method of selecting undergr aduates has been discarded for a better, f airer s ystem: We have outgrown the point where study is considered to be the a ll-important i ss ue of our college life. Although we are in n o wa~ belittling the s tudent who is a good s c holar, yet we must admit that there are other pha ses of college that are .equally

Theta Delta Omicron Holds Rush Party



as important. Athletics, d e bating, dramatics, managerial leadershi~all tend to develop and train the student' s character and ability, the sam e as does book knowledge. Thus, the recognition of t hese extra-curriculum activ i ti es, togeth e r with schol arsh ip, as a bas is for Phi Kappa Phi membership, is a progressive step that is highly to be commende d. Without a doubt, this new policy will greatly enhance the value and honor of belonging to Phi Kappa Phi among the undergraduate students at this college. EAST HALL SPEAKS 'W hen t h is college was constructed some thirty years ago seve r al mistakes were made, as is q uite apparent to t h e present gene ration. Natura lly we 'are not prophets, n or can we hope to lo o}l: into the future and take ·care of ever y n ew contingency that may arise. One of these u nfores een m isju dgments lies in the building a rrangement. Or perhaps t h e stu dents were n ot as boisterous a few decades ago . At any r ate, if we were to plan our c ollege buildings 'again w e w ould

unhesitating ly make a few correct ions. Chief.· a mong them would be the removal of ·East Hall far into the background. As a building it do es not need any a pology~incl ee cl, it is every bit as imposing as a n y of the other co ll ege structures. But w hen it is used as a men 's dormitory the rest of the co llege must perfo ~ce suff:er. N ot through lack of facilities, however, but because of th e loucl-mouthedness of so me of the stucl·ents living there. Perhaps this is clUe to thoughtless -


If this is clone, th e price of ad mis sion ca n b e raised 10 cents, m aking a gran d total of 35 cents. This will allow the management to pay the orch estr a memb e rs enough t o m a i{ e it worth w h1 le to have a few r ehearsals

each week.

M . H. C. , '28.

I DINING HALL ETIQUETTE D inn er! Suppe r! My , w hat a hungry, r u shing mob piles up against t h e dining hall d oors. Stud ents crowd each other , pushing, m au ling, fig hting t h eir way to get into the h all first. Ofte n tim es it is th e g reatest of miracles that the doors do not break, or som '"- ribs not cr·ushecl. Such a ction wo uld be ludic r ous if it wasn' t fTaug· h t w~th · serious c onsequen ces. Then again, what will visitors think of us if they take the noon hour as a typical exa mpl e of our college life. A s t ranger might we ll think that h e was rtmongst t he starving Russians rather than in th e presence of well-bred co llege s tudents . ''A bu nch of r owdies" would perhaps b e a mild expression . Come on, students, let's grow up. It is not a case of " fi r st com e , fir st

On t h e even ing of Octobe r f ourteenth T heta De lta Omicron Soror ity h eld its formal rus·h party at Miss Grace Whaley 's home in Usqu epaugh. Th e g irls were e ntertained by musical ·s elections by Esth er Crandall, original songs conce rn ing the guests by AliceT odd and Ruth Lee, and a Rip Van. 1 ' ·wink le skit by Evelyn 'Wh itaker a nd Ida Flemi n g. A buff,e t s upper of lo bster and chicken rolls, Theta Delt su ndaes, cup. cakes, bon bons, and coffee was served. The table was decorated w ith rose can. dies, rose and green nut baskets a nd favors tied wi th th e Sorority co lors. Then followed musical selections and the party cam e to a close w ith Theta D elta Omicron songs. Napoleon said there was no such word as can't. Wonder if he evert ried to s cratch a match on a cak e o:f so ap ?-J;Jx.


:Students Welcome "Rhody" With Big Demonstratio·n

2o, 1927


t::. '

Bonfire Built and Students Snake Dance to Tones of Bell K in gston need not go anywhere in csearch of sch ool spirit. It is to be fo und r ight upon t h is cam p us! Prospect s for a sucecssful football oseason did not seem any too bright back in September, but things have -<:hanged for the better. T hough up cagainst odds in whipping together a winning club, Co\1-Ch Keaney has tried his u tmost to give this institution t h e ·b est he could. The remarkable win ·Qf "Little Rhody" against Lowell a fortnight ago was the signal for a wonderful year. The p layers have .grasped t he opportunity to commence · a win ning streak which no doubt might send the underg'raduates and alumni footba ll m ad . Just befot·e t h e te~m departed la&t Friday fOr its encounter with New Hampshire, Coach Keaney and his squad were given a rousing send-up that eclipsed even the farewell gi"ven to t h e basketeers before their Yale v ictory of la st winter. What success was derived from this last send-up need not be told, for probably New Hamp&h ire still feels the sting of its -defeat. W hen news of Rhody's sensational 2 0-18 v ictory was reecived last Sat ur- • -day evening, a huge bonfire was built upon the center of t he campus ·in less than a half hour .after th e glad tidings were spread. Freshmen ran to Davis Hall to peal t he bell which rang t hroughout the -demo nstration; the brig hter half . of the college- the co -eds-,:also pr_e~entc ed themselves a nd partook in the s nak e dance with the fellows. Al-


Chesterfidd smokers don't change with the traffic signals


p hons W. Ravenelle, po p ular repre-1 sentative' of Woonsocket and the hero

• .. but watch how other smokers a e changing to Chesterfield!

c·onn.· Elected

·short run. The "Frosh" on their fix'st Rogers Battles down lost five yards on a lateral pass. Messere then kicked fro m his 50Manager of Freshmen to a yard lin e to Rogers' 20-yard line, • I where the half was brought t o a Glee Club ScoreIess TIe close a.fte r two attempt s by Rogers


of th-e Freshman-Sophomore "bedsheet-flag " incident of two years ago, swept for th in the role of a cheerI l eader. His attempt p roved very suecesful and no doubt the students wan t Herbert Rosefield and Howard Roberts and Messere Share Punth im to conti.nue hi& good work at this Droitcour Assistants; SucSaturday's game. ing Honors with \S hea cessful Season Anticipated The cr isis of the football season is . The Rhode Island State Freshmen here this week. Rhody 'no doubt will Maurice Conn has been honored opened theit' season by being held to fight to the last against the co llege men of t he Empire State and- should with his election' as m anager of the a scoreless tie in 'a. game which was practically a 'punting duel. The i t score its third consecutive victory, College Glee Club, held during a meetFreshmen were weakened somewhat W orcester Tech, Coast Guard Acad- ing of last Mon day afternoon.. In the by th-e absence of Callahan a nd >emy, and Connecticut might just as same sessi on , Herbert Rosefield a nd Cieurzo from the 'lineup; but neverw ell 'make up their m inds now tha t Howard Droitcour we re n a med as- theless they show promise of deve lopt hey aren't going to beat Rhody. ing into a strong eleven before the And then what a s·eason, six vic - sistant managers. schedule is well under way. The winter program, as originally t ories out of eight ! outlined by the leaders of the loca l I The Freshmen kicked off and Man· s t ar t uel of Rogers was tackled before he organization, has failed to get tts CHI-0 HOLDS advanced many yards. The RogFORMAL RUSH PARTY due to the absence of either manager h'ad ers· team was held for three downs (Continued from pa ge 1 J or as-sistant. Prof. Anthony, the diand on the fourth Vult! threw a poor hom e, where t he next course was rector of the Glee Club, h as worked pass which went behind the Rogers t t ed hard to IJlace the club a'mongst the ·t h oServe d . F1 rom I~ ere e par Y re urn War!{ will be goal line, but was recovered by Shea, · to the chapter rooms for the last best in New England. who brought the ball to his 15-yard c ourse. started ·with Monday's rehearsal to lin e. The Freshmen then tried off A t the chapter rooms the Freshmen put acro ss some difficult pieces that tackle plays with Messere and Dunwere en tertaine d _b y a sketch ca lle d should surpass the success attained at phy doing most of the plunging, but "The Memoirs. of an Old Salt." Virgin_ last year's concerts. It is clearly reto no av' This was the first time ia Broome was the "Old Salt." The mem'bered that the Club sung unusuthat t he "Frosh" threatened their sailor's various sweethearts were por- ally well a t the intercollegiate con- opponents' goal. Rogers, after ret rayed by the Misses Kitty MacKay, cert in Boston, a performance that ceiving the ball, found t hey could Peggy O'Connor, Hope Griffith, Bidda won fourth pla.c e and unending praise. not gai n through the line, so punted ·Curtis, Annette Henshaw, Betty MunAs yet, it has not been .announced on their third down to Roberts, who ster, Thelma Carpenter, Marjorie May- just. what pieces will be tried, nor just ran the punt back just as the first h ew and Harriet Viall. what appearance will be made quarter ended. The Fresh•men received as favors thr oug nout the state, but the booking The second quarter began with lamp shades painted in cardinal and manager is working hard to make def- Rogers kicking on her third down s t raw. inite hookings with in the next month and the Freshmen .were penalized 15 T he following were present as pa- or The Glee Club ·awards gold yards for roughing the kicker. On t ronesses: Mrs. Ince, Mrs. Barlow, keys to all members of two year the next play Rogers resorted to an Mrs. Peppard, Mrs. Fellows a nd Mrs. s t a ndings, and shingles to those who aerial type of game, which was inhave. heen a memher . for one year. · tercepted by Roberts, who made a -Scott.


to complete forward passes. Both tea~s came on the field at the start of the second half with r:en ewed vigor and energy. Rogers kicked off and Roberts dropped t:he ball as he was t a ckled on his 35-yard line. It was recovered by Rogers, Trying to g'ain by line plunging, Rog-e rs found the "Frosh" line a stone wall. Res orting again to punting, Rogers kicke d f r om the 35-yard line, whiph was run back t o the very same place. By hitting the line Dunphy netted , a firs t down f or th e Fres h m en, w,h o t h en attempted a forward pa~s, which was intercepted by Shea. 'of Rogers. Rogers ag' resorted ;to p-u nting, and after an exchange ·of punt s gained possession of the ball on the "Frosh" 20 -yard line. On resumption of the third q uar• te r Roger s began a drive toward their op ponen ts' goal with· the result t~at on the fo u rth down t h ey lacked t hree inc h es for fir st down. The Freshmen t hen began t heir a tt'ack, secur ing three fi rst downs in a row. On the next play_ B u mpus was injured w hpe reaching for a forward, with the teresult t hat the only substitutions for· t he "Frosh" team were made, Armist ead for Bump us and Patrick for Sherman. Rogers lost the ball on lan ' intercepted t:o rw'a.rd, and Mess$re, kick e d for t he F reshmen, thus briyg-· ing t h e game to a close. For Rog.j:Jrff Shea p layed t he best gam e, while · ~or t h e "Frosh" · Messere, Roberts alnd Mergo appeared the best. (Continued on page fi)


Tau Kappa Alpha Sponsors Dance Armistice Night Deb~ters

to Send Delegate to Convention; New Hampshire Refuses lo Debate in Triangular Series

A t a meeting of Tau K appa A lp h a , t h e varsity debating soci ety , it w a s deci ded t o hold a danc e in L ippitt Hall ',o n A r mistice Night fro m 7 :3 0 'to 1 0 : 30. Th e purpose of t h e d a nce is t o raise m oney to se nd a del egate to th e Natio nal C onvention a t Sch e n e ctady, N . Y. 'l'h e committe e in c h a rge c on of H enry Barney , Kenneth s is t s Wrig h t and Benjamin F i n e . 'l'he p a t r o n s an d p atronesses a re Miss L u cy T ucker, Professor an d M r s . Herm an Chu rch ill a nd Profess or a n d M r s. J . W aite Ince . Th is y ear New H a m pshi r e has de cid e d n ot to enter into the triangular debate with Ma i ne and ' Rhode Island . At present, it h a s n ot b een dec ided wh o will tak e N e w Hamp shire's place , but it .will probab ly be either Clar k University o f '\Vo r ces t er <Jr Trinity o f H a rtford. The fi r s t of the d ual d ebates be tween Rhode Island a n d C o nnecticu t are t o take' p lace Novemb e r 28 •. ·\vhen a team w:u be sent t o s to n ·s a nd o ne w ill c o m e h ere from Storr s to debate <Jn "Censor sh ip of Art, B ooks, Plays and M o t i on Pictures."

C.C.N.Y.Game No w f or C . C. N. Y., boys! Two in a row a nd s till going strong. A survey of th e C . C. N . Y. t eam s hows

THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R.I., THURSDAY, OCT. 20, 1927 tha t while they defeated Upsala Satu rday, their outfit is not yet the smooth unit that can be called reliabie. F rantic backfield chan g es are be ing mad e . . And by th e loo ks of t h in gs they will need them when t he little old Rhode Island aggreg·ation trots ou t a g a inst th e m Saturday. T hat fo r ward passing avalanc h e d,e ve loped by th e coac h is w orking to p erf ectio n n o w , as New Hampshire One of th e m os t im portant factors D a niel Fitts and Alv in Anderson, found to h er cost. And as for the oth1 e r d e p a r t m ents o f th e g a me, well, in the welfare of a · co llege is its alum _ b o t h ex-' 2 9, are t a king· the Business t h ey both li terally and figurative ly ni. Among this grou p are found .o u r Adm inistration course a t Boston Uniran away with the ball. Some of the men wh o w ere unfortunate eno u gh t o b e o u t o f t he N e w Hampshire g ame thr ough inj u r i e s are back in s hap e

most loyal booste r s . News of gradu- ve rsi ty . ates should a lways be interesting a n d it is essential that we do not lose c onA r t Grover, ' 2 6, is a chemist in the tact with them. T hes e a re the reasoqs la b o ratories of the Nationa l India a,gain a nd a re in1patiently avvaiting for which this c o lumn is support ed b:~; R ubb et· C o ., at Brist ol, R. I. th e i r cha n ce at C ity Colleg e . the Beacon, but it c annot exist withR u sl'Jell A. Eck!O'ff, '27, has taken A s f or th e remainder of our s ched- out a ssistanc e fro m th e Student Bo dy. Bidwe ll' s plac e a s chemist for the u l e, Worc es t e r w as b e aten 21 - 6 by · the N ewpor t Tr~1ining Station, a team which o u r me n to ok to t he t u ne of 7 - 0 bef o re t he s e ason pro per b e gan.

'When you h ear from g r a duates, let the R h od e I s laml State Board of Health. Alumni Editor k now abo ut it, so that the rest of their R h o d e Island fri e nds vVilliam I<'. Doyl e, ex-'26, is now in can know how t hi nEs ar e ~Eoine: with Ne w Yorlc City '1-~lth · ~ ~ th e Cl11·1 c'l s R esThe C oast Gu a rd A cadem y re- Rhody's sons a n d d a u g hte r s in the ta u r ant Co. c ive d a 4 1} ·- 0 drubbing f ro rn Canis ius . "cold , cruel, wo rld ." A n d last b u t not le ast. Co nnecticut J . H . S pooner, JJ'., ' 24 , is bacterilo,; t 31- ~ 1 t o Springfield, Ira M acintos h , ' 26 , iG· now assistant o logist with th e State Board of H ealth, F rom t h e for eg,o,ing it w ou ld s eem dir,e ctor - of ath le tics at Lake Forest at 'rr enton, N . J. t h at a ll ha ~ not been a path of ros·es College, Lake, Fo r est , IlL f ot· oqr o ppon e J1 ts. A g"ainst t hem w e DEBA:TER.S ·. READY c <J.n pi t a t ea m which k no,Ys it can Joe Reid, ex -··29, is taking cou rses ( Contlnue:d· from page 1) win . 'l'he c oach knows it. Now le t us in commercial a rt a t Oh io State Uni g o cl o w n th e re Saturda 0• and tell versity. Joe has v ery good chances of f ir m a tive, Kenneth vVright and Lesthem i n no uncertain ton es that WE making the varsity wrestling team. 'te r Robinson; negative , John O l eson k n o w it , t oo! He w.ill p robab ly work out with the a nd Daniel O'Connor. Th e last issu€ . c]ealt w ith . Period135-p.ound class . ic a ls and was upheld b y th e followOUR OPPONENTS' F OOTBALL SCORES Don Kinzie, '26 , is lo.catecl with the ing : A1'firina,t ive, Forrest l<'r•arild'and 'l'urner & Seymo u r Mfg. Co. at Tor- and I;:en.iamin Ii'in e ; negative, Leon~ C . C . N. Y . beat Up s ala 8 0-0. rington, Conn., as a ssistant sales nu1nc a rd Russe ll. New po rt T•·aining Station beat ager. Worces ter 21-6. Canisius beat C oast Gu ar d AcadM. H. Bidwell, ' 25 , is a chem;s~ fo r emy 46-0. the State of Michiga n a nd is lo cated Springfield beat Connectic ut 31-21. at Lansin g, Mich.

B efore coming to co ll ege ' She t hought the end of a perfect day' was s unset. ,, N ow s he knows it's sunrise. -IP.


A b eautift'UI scene ·or the ' ).:)athdh a.t lcad.s ,to the athletic field. The ,lJridgc , has been g·one several years.


navis Hall as Seep. :from the Southweslt ' 'Dnl'ing a SulllDler Day

Emp kyees of the Agricu ltural Station collecting their seaso11al· crop; :·n s:eems ·th~ farrii.e1·s' hlid no ~rorrJes · ·" ovel' • 'their•l httrvest~

. ,,






- - - - -- - - ----- - --

Orchestra to Two College Sponsor Benefit Students Break Dance Tomorrow .Arm and Ankle The first be n efit da nce of the se'a son w ill b e h e l<'l tomorrow afternoon a t Lippitt Hall , wh ere the c o lle ge orchestr a will s·ponsor a dance t o incr e ase its treasury to


on its

inten ded progr'am for t he com·l ng s e ason . Jj)aoh yea:r the local club has suc cessf ully mat1'aged some b e-netit "e'VeTits that 'have w on the . supp ort of the students. 'l'he manager of the organizati on h as worked hatd to su p-p ly some ·Hne miJsic that is cettail~ ·to 'Win the f av or of those planni!1g t o b e prf>sent . Russell Wil'ltetis has a 12~·viece te'am which h op·e s to introl:luce some new so'n g hits of Broad•way . It is ·n •ot eli-~ vulged what numb·ers are to ·be pre sertte d, but Without do ubt the re is go ing to b e a snappy ti m e at L-ippitt 'tom·orrow evel'lirig : F r eshmen , to

.stitute lin esme n , was trying to break powerful or gani;oati on in t h e wor ld. up a play w h en thr ee other p~aye rs Prof. Barlow stresse d .the fa ct· hit him almost si•multaneously. Hie: , t h e reaso n for the immense gro w th arm s napp ed just below the shoulc1er was ·th e excellent tenets of the ord e r • as a result of this h ard spil. His right No a ssociation based upon b ig otry. shoulder .was a lso dislocated, b u t re- 1 r ace , or re ligious prejudice can s tan d Miss Gramelsbach Breaks Ankle plac e d up on t he field by Coac h Kean-~ th e test of time' . in Fall at Greenhouse; Catudal ey. Th e social comm ittee of the on;·anHas Double Fracture of Arm .H e will recover soo n but will not be ization is end eavori n g to lau nc h a in Football Drill able to play football until next year . winter program that would prove t o b e St ud e nts from the college ha_ve j the best. up on t h e c a mp u s_ this yea r . Miss Elsa Ch ·am elsbac h , '28, and Ar cheer ed both unfortun ates w it_h t hei·r P. lans are being considered to s ec,u re_ thur Catu dal , '30, ar e bot h confined in the South County H.ospitaJ at Wake- visits man y after noons and evenings principal sp eakers from aU corners .·0 f d uring the past ten d a ys. ·Ne w England to appear before t he fiel<'l as the res ult of acc idents ,during I c lub . Besid e ~ holding meetings with the past weelt . lodges of W a kefiel<'l and th e surro un d_ l\!Lss Gr-amelsbach is S\]ffering fro m ing co untry, the club intends t o s pona ser ious fr a ct m•e o f the ankle in 1 s or several smoke rs, and a banq tjet at w hi ch s ixte en bones wer·e brok e n , due th e e n d o f t h e sc h oo l year. to a fall in the college greenhouse., I - - - - - - -Last ·wedn e sday she went to the Instructive Talk Given on Won-~ ROGERS AND FRESHMEN green hou se , accompam e d by Miss Lo is derful History of OrganizaIN A SCORE.LESS TIE w·I 1cox, t o ge t some f1 owers f or th. e ;tion; Social ·Program _. in Store




.arIOW Prof • B I s k pea s on Masonry I I

Chi O·mega 1ush party . S h e did not (Contin u ed (ro m page 3) fin([ Mr \V:Jdon at th e gPeenh ouse, as P rof . Jo hn B .a r!ow was the speake r Freshmen · Hoger s she had expected, and so attempted at the first Masonic meeting o f the Bump u s, Armistead le ................ le · E'ollis ·1.· 1 · · E to_ e nler t he b uildin g. b y _ .m ean s of a year , he d ast F_nday even m g_. . . d. - Mergo It ---·--·--·--------------lt Amma r o u s () -srcle door . I n so domg., sh e stepped I ward Olsson presrded at t he sesswn m Dougal lg ....... ............................ lg ··T ietz p ledging t his into space, thus f al li ng· to th e cellar;. the a b.s enc e. of the president, Before Jone·str om c ......................... ______c V u 'l ti ·com memo r•ate th eir w oe lz, a r e claimed to have r e-quest ed 1 ·a· s. .a.· fa ll o_f about s ix feet . ..M is-s I1 the m__· e. m . b_e rs.<'l the lecture Q'f the ·_co.mo___t.·y ·.rg_------------·.···-·······'.t g L.-aw _ r e_·.rice. the fair m e mbers of their c lass "to be ·it __ . ""< ·W ilc ox nnmecllately r an .for help, be- 'meetmg, N a t h amel Tarb ox a n d Charles TatoJan ·rL .. -------···: ······---rt G . L'aWt o.n · there ," for ·now is the time to cele. .. , . lng so'On m et :b y the watchman, C lo udma n ·were initiate([ i.nto f u:J ·Sherman, Patrick r e .... ..... re D on ovan b rate together 'before the ·m u c h de · ·· . , 1 . . .. ._ .. j Char les Pray who ass is ted in remov- membership. Messer>e ( 0!S"pt. ) ..qb .................. qb S h ea spise<'l ing ·season ' l'fe-co m '" s too . . ' · · ·. . · . . . . . .· . ll'l·g Mrss Gr a me lsbach from the ·c ellat· An .mstructrve talk was g iven .by Dunphy rhb ................ ... , ..... rl:Ib Ohff(:lr_d fl'npe di e nt to dancing . I · .. . · . · · • . . .. . . .. of the gr.e enhouse. Prof. H. Lo m s Prof. Barl ow upon "Great Pha ses m 1 Roberts lh b ---"------ ---------------111.-b Manue l The or ehest ra h 'as progress ed -won . •. , . Ja c kso n h a p pene<'l t o b e passing ,n ear- the H isto r.y . of Americ an M a s o nry." Hudson_ f_b .._..... f b. 0 Sha une ssey _(~pt . }_. 'derf ully <lu ring its short ·existe nce of by , a na to o·k Miss .Grame_lsbach to the No doubt the mem bers heard o n e of Substrtubons. Rogers-Thenen f or thr~e yeats. G reat adva nce has been ·c ·a·r'd ho s pita l in his machine. th e best lectures in the history of the ulti, Whee l_er_· for A m ma_r _ouso , .:M: __c_ ~ show n 'in both playi n g· lnu. Sl , · l ocal or«·aniza tion. Phee fo r Manuel. Referee Bhss. ·g a i:rring m e mbership . A gol d k ey is At present Miss Gra m e lsbach is r e st~ · g com f or t a b ly, a Jtl1ough t h e mjure · 'l'h·e fir·st ·M·asonic Cl ub '"aS organ- Umpire-Thompk ins. Field J udge-a warded to .e a ch musician w h o ·has m d ,. ized in this country in . 1633 . Its de - Mokray . Linesmen-Carlson and been a member 'for t w o years. anlde is very pain ful. y e'ar its fi l'st b a nquet was h eld, a t Arth ur Catudal is r ecuperating fro m v e lop ment h as bee n on e of the g reat- l Gr'a_molini. Time-F our eight- m inute


I .




I f irst Ia

At .r>enods. Whfeh tim e thes·e awar ds w ete c on1poun d fracture of the upper est in American frate·n 1alism . ma<'le. From the p r esent outl oo k it rig ht arm r e ceived during football pre sent, there are ·several t h ou s-and Horseback r id ing- has been a d ded t ~ s eems t hat the oi'ch estra shoul><:I have I. practice o f Oct ober 11. Catuclal, one l odges and more than three milli on the wo men' s physica l ed ucation c u r ria ve ey su ccessful _y : a r . . _ I ~~ o ac h Kea ney's h a ed . working s u_~~ members ; it is t he la rgest and m _ost culum at Ohio St ate U niversit y.




~ - · ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~~~ ~--~~~~~ -~~~~~~-~

/~,~~~~~:v;;~~~~~::v;;~~~~~m~~~~~~~~~~~~~n~:p:;,j;.,~ ~

m m ~ ~ ~

~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f~:?f.!ri::l[,i::?f~:?f,blf~:?f~:?f~:?f~;f~:?f~:?f~.j!f~ ~



~ ~ ffl


~ ~

m ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~. ~







YOU'LL SURELY WANT TO SEE THEM They are original style creations for young men.


custom made clothes, from seleCted imported woolens the kind of clothes that have never before been available ready to wear.



~~ m ~ ~


~ ~

~ ~

~ ~ ~

Tailored with all the skill and care of

K.enned' y s


*~ * •.



m~~ ffl


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m .'.·. ~m~ ; ~· fi"'


~'l!;;lf'l!;;lf'l!;;lfn'll::;lf'll:Jf Westminster and Dorrance Streets-Providence 'l!;;lf'l!;;lf'l!;;lf'l!;;lf'l!;;lf'l!;;lf~




ffl . ~· ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



. bly .c.Utt erS IRHODY OVERCOMES . IB F. L d .· AUenson Lectures ASSeiD NEW HAMPSHIRE, 20-18 • Ine ea S To Write Essays · In Cross-Country To Ee E. Society Try-outs .Here On Rectifiers AbLsen·tt ees o' tof_M_d_ on ay Aft ernoon · · · · W •t 2 OOO W d Local Senior Speaks .Upon Newly ·oeve'loped Rectifiers; Club Has Meetings Every Friday

_____ __ Allens~n, . senior E.

Jam es 4~nt, the Oct-~ber 16th ·C. branch of of E lectrical

E. stup rincipal speake r at the meeting of the R. I. S. t h e American Institute Engineers. He gave a

·s umm a ry of the theory, construction, .ait<l o peration of the copper oxide lead rectifi ers which, though on ly v ery re·Ce n tly developed, . are actively c o mpeting . xvith the orthodox mechim i cal, ·eleCtrolytic and mercury arc rectifiers , .· ; .. ' ' ,. The g-eneral p ublic knows of this · device as a . ~adio battery 9llarger, engi,n,f,\lrs know it to have innumerable us,~s. The device is merely a pile of .alt ernately place d lead and copper .pla.tes , the latter are oxide coated on o~: side. Current will pass only on e way t hrough this pile. Its adva ntages .a re · cheapness, compactness, rug ged-

ICuntJnuerJ fr om pa ge 1 J Island's final s c ore. Stevens failed to kic lc the goal and New Hampshire was on the · tail e nd of a 20-12 score.,

Thecemureess, ''T.henlme po'rtanc. eorof I Scholarship" . Late in _____ Ham pshire


1 r you know what' s good for you,

the third period New sLatted on a march w hich ended similar to ' the first one , with




Pur posely absenting one's. self froin Conroy (Capt.) lg ................ lg Wright assemblies is a serious offense which Lozank c ............ c Wittergreen (Capt.) 'rh e E. E. Society meets every Fri. . . . 1 • · :s·mnc h'1 I may justify diSmissal or suspenswn of Walker rg~ ................ ____ ________ rg ·day at 10 o'clo c k in t he l ect u r e roo•m the offender. In case you don't know, Davidson rt.. _______ _.. ________ ____________ rt Walls ·in t h e baseemnt of Lippitt H a lL Ev- yet, wh,ere the assemblies are held, Magoun re ______ , ________________ ., .......... re Roy e~·yon e is welcome. T ownsen d q b ---------------------------- qb s m all come to Lippitt Hall n ext Monday..


. o· .T c Band T'he .H. orne R . "' . • • • Practicing Hard I , Economi·cs Club Bandmaster Holland Ha.Vl·ng· Young Musicians P· repare f or Busy Year

'l'he Home Economics Club held its monthly meeting last Monday night with a record number !n attendance.

'l'he mee t ing 'The R . 0 . T . C . Ban d has not been the· IJres1"de11t · ' ~~n on the field .y et this year, but it This meeting . · ., ()tl,n be heard practicing zealously ev- terest, a.s Dr.


Tuesday .and Thursday in Tilast :H~lL T h i s year 's band has t he au pearance of b ein g much better t han .. thiit of the pre ceding years. Every ·in~n seem s inte reste d and is. s triving to c ontribute h is .shar e towards mak ing it a snappy out fit. Last 'l'uesday the me n h ad in structions in marching uhde r· the tutela ge of Sergeant P r i me . Many new pie ces h ave been adde d to the r epertoire of the band by Bandmaster Holland. Rhody ought t o b e p r o u d of her b an d, fo r it compa r e s on equal p ar with m a ny belong-ing- to nnteh larger colleges.

Browning King & Co. Westminster & Eddy Streets Providence, It. I.

"'orrect St yles for College Men ·Olothlng - Haberdashery • H a ts

Don't Forget

Wakefield Diner Main St.


. . .. .. .. . . R unmng t r ue to form and L1 ue to pre dictions , Capt . . Ben Fine race d

Cross~Coun~ry ~r:.=

1"F'rosh" (and a ll oth e r s , too), don't cut I Regali again :arrying ball across hom e first in the assembli es. It's bad prac tice! This Rhode Islands goal. This ended the outs held over _th~ lone. c_our ~e ~u has been preached and re - preached at scoring of the g a me, for N e w Hamp- day, _o c t. 14 . :"his IS th~ third ) ear of 1 assemblies, at Frat house s and on the shir e missed the try for point. Varsity I.'Unnmg for Fme and the campus, but in spite of all advice that In the fi n al period the New H amp- thir d time he has won the tryouts. Starting with a paclr of abo u t 85 has be e n handed around , a number of shire Mentor sent in a horde of subm e n, inclu ding both Varsity and students purposely abs ented them- s titutes in an attempt to c rush the Freshmen, F ine set a . good J;J'ace all selves from Mond ay 's assemb ly. Prob-~ weakening Rhode Island team . Afte1~ th~ w a y and · was never pressed or ably th ey were testing- the validity of making five first downs in succession passe d . The time of the race was certain ~tatement s mad e by faculty New Ham pshire tried a forward 24:22, on ly a minute a;b ove Drin g's member s-at any rate, they now stand which was inte rcepted b y Magoun, 1·ecord a n d a few se·conds above .Bob tearfully before a c.erta!n bulletin in who ran 70 yards for a touchdown. Strong 's long held ~ecord. Aggie Hall which displays their names However, the score was not allowed,. L a rry Dring, following Capt. Fine as Rhode Island was detected holc1and penalty. by about 20 yards, fin ished second This time the transgre ssors are re- ing, but Rhody he ld the ball until with th e time of 24:28, and "Pickles" quired to pen a two thousand-word th e final whistle . Hamme t finished third, followi ng them e, the t itle of which m ust be, The lineup: D r in g over the fini~h line b y about ' 'The, . Importance of Bcholarship ." llthooelsland New Hampshire 450 y a rds, h is time being 24:58 . The N. ext time the penalty may be even G. alvin le _______ ________ . ________ ________ .... le Kels. e t t f' · h e IIersey nex men o Ims '':er : c· , worse . Gannon lL.. --------·------------------ 1t Farland fourth ; Pykoz , fifth ; Bean, sixth;

lles s , silent operation, and long life.



F armer B . es-"f "F<ros h" ·H arner .


was c a lled to order by Evel y 11 I Fiopl' I· ns · -'· ·· ~ · · was one of special inEmma Curtis Tucker,

well known t .e acher and lecturer, was the spe a ker of th e evening. She told about t he way that the peop le in the different countries whic h she visite d prepare d an~ serve d their meal s. This w a s of great interest to all present. "Say, what's Iimburger comp osed of ? " "It a in' t composed. It's posed."

cheese decom -

"Am 1 des eendecl from a monk ey,

Szulik, seventh; Anderson, e)ghth ; A rms tr ong, n inth; Glover, tenth. Th e e leven t h man , Farmer, was the first F resh man to finish. Farmer h as bee n doing very good work during


the la st two weeks of training- and Ste vens lh--.-~ .. ------------C--- ~------- ----- 1 h Shay I ran t he r ace without any ex ertion Draghetti rh ................ .... rh Winkler I whatever, finishing- the race 'With Slavitsky fb ......... --------------~ .... fb Regali p l enty of p e p left. In f'act, after he

Score by periods: 1 2 3 4 Rhode Island 7 7 6 0-20 ·. New H'ampshire 6 6 6 0-18 'l'.ouchdowns: New HampshireRegali 2 Wilkinson (forward pas~) . Rhode Island. -Stevens 2, Galvm. Po ints after touchdown-Rhode Is• land, Stevens, H. . I. , awarded point. Substitutions New Hampshire: Flynn for Kelse, Rogers for Shay, .Rathb un for Walls, Prolin o for Reg-'ali, \Vilkinson for ·winkler, Reynolds for Sma ll, W ·estoski for Roy, O'Leary for Wittergreen, Wittergreen 'for Biordie, Grenier for Reynolc1s, Lucinski fo r Wilkinson, Rice for Lovinski. Rhode I sland: Pray for Mago un, Mag oun for Slavitsky, Crag an for Pray, M cCue for Davidson. Referee-J. J . Hallahan . Umpire I<'. W. Lewis. F i eld Judge-E . W. Ireland . Linesm a n-E. F'. Sherlock. 'rime of perio ds-13 minutes .

crossed the line he gave his name t o the r e c or der and then ran bacl( home up the. hill to get dressed. It was I· Farmer's fi r st Varsity race, and had he been l ess cautious he no do u bt wo u ld h a ve finished way .UP with .t he fi rs t fe w Varsity men. The Fresh men f in ished in the following· order : Farm e r, f irst; H'athaway, second;, Pic ketskill, third; Tuttle, fourth; Ferre s, f ifth; Griges, sixth ; Whitford, sevent h ; K n ight, eighth; Hammon d, ninth; B radshaw, tenth . Coach T ootell was satisfied w i th the showing of both the. Varsity and the F r es hmen, and is again looking f orward f or a banner year . The first a n d o n ly h ome cross-country meet will be h e ld next Frid'ay, Oct. 21st, whe n the Brown hill-and -dalers will invade Kingston for their annual battle. This meet will be a double h eader , as bot h the Varsity and the Freshma n teams will compet e. I





M:a? "

''I d a r e s a y , btt t I' rn not



u re.

n e ver met any of y our f'ather's ple.''- Harvard Lampoon.



;'"'unnmluummnrtunnnmmumumttmmunmmtmtmmmttuum•mmmmum•mmmumtlltlllimmmmtunmttlnttllnmmmmtmunumtttnttmumummmmutmtm 1nmunm•mmmum•J.1


r··-·. -.. ·-··-;;~~~~-;-. .-.. -.. -.,.

! 1




I::~;;.;;::~~: II +











dOHS rfl.LVIDrfl'I'IOO '1'1V S:tiSV:>I'1d .11


HOWARD EDWARDS, President l>


IIUIIIIIIIIIIIUINtlllllllliiHIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIruiiiiiiiiiiiUUIIIItllllllltliiiiiiiiiiiiHtllllffflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltiiiiiiCIIIIIUIIICIIIDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUJIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU~~~!!!!!! j n+,. ~~II!I(IIIII I I I I I1I I IIII MIIIIIIHI 8I Ifl ll lll11 11illllll ll lllllllllll llll lllntflllUI IIIIIII IIIIfll llllllll/llllllllllll l lllliiiiii)II IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIU11111n'llllhiiiiiM IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII II 0 111111 fll ll lll11111111illllllll111111 11 111 111)11 111ftl ll lll l fllli



Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Ci vii, Electrical, 1\f echanical), Home Economics Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High School Work Expenses for Year, estimated at $400 For further information, address The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

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